“Destined To Be” ~ Part 39

Part 39:

Lost in each other’s eyes they stood like that only in the center of the floor as of trying to convey their feelings through their eyes without even caring about the world around them as for them they both are each other’s world. Unconsciously Maan’s one hand cradled Geet’s face before he tucked away the loose strand of her hair beneath her hair caressing the sensitive spot behind her ear in the process making her gasp inaudibly as she clutched his shoulders tight in order to save herself from falling for she could feel her knees turning into jelly just with his look and soft touches. So lost they were in each other’s eyes that none of them realizes the painful look on certain someone’s face who was looking other side in order to hide the pain of his bleeding heart neither they could realize the danger lurking towards them which was nearing them by each passing second.






Loud voices of Omkara and Annie broke their trance thus bringing them back to the real world and Maan looked above only to realize the large chandelier was just an inch away and is about to fall on them and next what everyone witnessed was the loud crashing sound of the chandelier as they close their eyes while blocking it with their hands in order to save themselves from the shattering glasses of the chandelier as it finally fall down with a loud crash.


 “MAAN SIR!!!” It was Adi’s voice that made everyone open their eyes and what they saw was enough to take away their lives as they followed Adi’s gaze who was looking at the sight in front with utmost horror.




“Aaahhh!” She winced in pain as the burning sensation of tincture hits the wound on her skin thus making her cringe a bit but soon relaxed when she felt someone blowing a warm breath on her wound in order to reduce the burning sensation of the tincture unknown of the effect it’s having on the person in subject.


“I am sorry Geet. Zyada dard ho raha hai.” She heard his voice laced with concern and care for her thus making her smile as she shook her head in denial while he resumed his task of  cleaning her wound leaving her to admire lovingly the person sitting in front who is the sole reason of her existence.


She can’t even imagine her life without him. When just the mere thought of something happening to him is enough to take away her life, then she don’t even want to imagine what would have happened if she haven’t pushed him on time and let that chandelier fall on him. Though that’s a different thing that she herself got hurt in the process, but then that doesn’t matter to her either. She can lay her life for him if there comes a time then this injury is nothing for her. That moment when that chandelier was about to fall on him, still gives her goose bumps as she recalled what happened few minutes back in the hall.









Loud voices of Omkara and Annie broke their trance thus bringing them back to the real world and Maan looked above only to realize the large chandelier was just an inch away and is about to fall on them and next what everyone witnessed was the loud crashing sound of the chandelier as they close their eyes while blocking it with their hands in order to save themselves from the shattering glasses of the chandelier as it finally fall down with a loud crash.


 “MAAN SIR!!!” It was Adi’s voice that made everyone open their eyes and what they saw was enough to take away their lives as they followed Adi’s gaze who was looking at the sight in front with utmost horror.


All of them instantly rushed towards the spot only to find Geet and Maan lying a bit away from the place where chandelier has been fallen down with Geet on top of Maan as she covered Maan like a shield whose arms were wrapped around her protectively. It was so sudden that both of them didn’t understand and when they did the chandelier was already just mere inches away from them. Had it not been Annie and Omkara who had shouted at time then probably they both wouldn’t have noticed it either and next moment what Maan had felt was been dragged away and it was when he fell on floor he realized that it was Geet who had dragged him aside and now laying on top of him holding him protectively.


It didn’t came as a surprise to him that she had saved him yet again as whenever he faced any such situation it is her only who saves him like this then be it a day back while facing that gruesome accident or a month back when he was lying on that hospital bed or be it today. It is always either her or her love who brings him back from the clutches of death all safe and sound. They were surely “Destined to Be” like everyone says probably that’s why after everything happened with them they are still together and will always be no matter what, he thought as he wrapped his arms around her petite form protectively as f trying to shield her from every harm that she has taken in her way due to him.


“Geet, Jiju! Are you both fine?” It was Savera’s voice who had broke their trance and they realized that everyone has been gathered around them as they helped pick both of them to pick up from the floor.


“Maan Beta, Geet you both are fine right?” Dadimaa asked yet again once both Maan and Geet get up from the floor with the help of other family members.


“We are fine Dadimaa. Thanks to Geet we both got saved in a nick of time.” Maan assured everyone who were in the state of panic after seeing such a horrible accident.


“Kya hua hai yaha pe? Ye Chandelier kaise gir gaya?” Everyone heard NT’s voice who came to the hall running after listening to the shattering sound.


“Where were you NT? You are with us only right then where had you gone all of a sudden?” Dev questioned back instead of replying as he squinted his gaze at her thus making her nervous.


Wo… I got an important call and since music was going on over here so I went aside to attend it and suddenly I heard a loud sound so I just ended the call and came here.” Nayantara though was nervous with Dev’s questioning gaze in hers but still managed to explain her side of story. Dev though was not convinced as he shared a knowing look with Omkara who gestured him to be quiet right now due to the presence of other family members.


“But how come this chandelier fall down all of a sudden. I mean it was perfect till few minutes back.” Vidyut raised his doubts making others frown.


May be someone purposefully tried to tampered with it.” Dev’s gaze was fixed at NT who was looking everywhere but him.


“Guys! Calm down. It was just an accident. May be the string got loose accidently. Don’t make a mole out of hill. Both me and Geet are fine so just end this discussion.”


“But Bro…”


“Enough Dev. No more discussion on this. I’ll ask servants to see how did the string got loose like this ok.” Maan interrupted Dev in between to which he just nodded his head in positive but made a note of not leaving this matter so easily.


Geet beta, your hand is bleeding.” Dadimaa’s voice diverted everyone’s attention towards Geet only to find wound on Geet’s hand which was bleeding. Guess she got hurt while saving Maan which went unnoticed till now.


“Geet yeh… Tumne mujhe bataya kyu nahi abhi tak. Dekho kitna Khoon nikal raha hai. Nakul! Nakul! Bring the First Aid Kit fast.” Maan got panicked seeing his Geet hurt like this while Geet who was till now unaware of her injury looked at him in awe seeing him like this.

“Maan, Aap Geet ko apne Room me le jaiye. Yaha abhi bhi glass pieces pade hue hai. Hum Nakul ko wahi bhejte hai.” Dadimaa suggested and Maan instantly picked Geet in her arms before moving towards their room in spite of Geet continuously saying that she is absolutely fine and can walk on her own but Maan being Maan hear none and gave her a glare which was enough to shut her mouth as she looked sideways pouting which made Maan smile on her antics as they both made their way towards their room leaving all the family members behind smiling except one who was looking sideways in order to hide the pain of his burning heart.

                ~~~~~~~******Back to Present*****~~~~~~~~


Ye kya pagalpan tha Geet? Tumhe itni chot lagi aur tumhe ehsaas tak nahi hua? Thank God it was just a cut and glass pieces had not pierced inside the skin. And also thank Dadimaa who had noticed this wound on your hand otherwise you would have successfully hidden it from all.”Maan’s voice broke her trance and she looked back at him in admiration only to find him bandaging her wound with utmost care as id she is a glass doll who will break with a mere jerk and her lips curved into a bright smile as this thought crossed her mind while looking at him with all the love she had for him.

What? Now why are you smiling like this? Had I cracked some joke over here?” Maan knotted his brows as he raises his head after bandaging her hand to look at her only to find her smiling brightly at him to which she just nodded her head in denial still smiling. This girl is crazy, he thought as he shake his head on her antic before hitting his head with hers playfully


Tum Bilkul Pagal ho Geet. Pata hai na tumhe ye baat. Aur kya zarurat thi tumhe waha wo stunt karne ki? Main sambhal leta na sab kuch. I mean mujhe pata hai you were trying to save both of us but still Agar tumhe zyada chot lag jati to? Agar wo chandelier tumhare upar… Agar tumhe kuch ho jata to? Agar…”


Aur agar apko kuch ho jata to?” Geet’s words stopped Maan’s ranting in mid and he looked at her only to find her looking at him with some emotions which was way too intense to be explained in words and it just left him tongue-tied.


“Geet.” It was all he was able to utter as he looked deep into her hazels which was already looking back at him all lost on him and before he could understand anything he found her keeping her palm on his cheek as she cradled her face from one side while her thumb caressed his stubble filled cheek gently giving him an unknown pleasure.


“Aap soch bhi kaise sakte hain Maan ki aap ko khatre me dekh ke main chup chap khadi rahoongi. Kaise soch sakte hai Maan ke upar koi musibat aaye aur ye Geet apne bare me soch ke khud ko bacha le. Kaise soch sakte hai aap ki aap ko kuch ho jaye aur main uske baad khushi se reh paungi. Mere hote hue main apko kisi bhi musibat me nahi padne doongi Maan. Kisi bhi khatre ko Aap tak pahuchne se pehle mujh se ho kar guzarna padega. Yamraj bhi saamne kyun na ho aap ko chhoone se pehle usse Geet naam ki deewar ko paar  karna hoga. Mere jeete ji main aap par kabhi koi aanch bhi nahi aane doongi aur agar iske liye mujhe apni jaan bhi deni pade to main wo bhi kar jaungi par aap ko kuch nahi hone doongi. Main mar jaungi lekin aap ko kuch…” She couldn’t complete her sentence as she felt her lips sealing with of Maan’s as he chewed the words that she was about to utter.

Geet closed her eyes when she felt his lips moving over hers but for a change she felt a certain urgency in that kiss which was never there before. A certain kind of aggression and complaint whch she never experienced before. It was as if he was trying to make himself believe of something unknown of the fact that it is the impact of her words that had brought fear inside his heart; Fear of losing her, fear of his life without her. He don’t need that life where she is not with him and as this thought crossed his mind he increased the pressure as he bites her lips harshly thus making her gasp and giving her the entry into the sweet nectar of her mouth.


It would be wrong to say that Geet didn’t understand what is going though him as she knows each and every breath of his and hence she knows what feeling he is going through now with the intensity of his kiss and hence she caressed his back while kissing him back thus making his tense muscles flex in response while he continued kissing her. No sooner it was when she felt his heart and mind relaxing owing to the soothing touch of hers which was taking away all his fears and insecurities and as a result his kiss turned soft and full of love as he sucked her petals gently while his tongue played with hers, as they danced on their own rhythms.


They broke apart for a second to catch their breath when Maan once again captured her lips onto a soul-searing kiss pouring out all his love and care for her while she too responded back with same fervor as she caressed his rough cheek in order to take away all the remaining fear and insecurity from him. They kissed each other for what seem to be like eternity when he felt her gasping for air and he gently broke apart after giving a one last peck on her rosy lips before resting his forehead on hers panting heavily in order to catch his breath.


 “Aaj Keh diya, Aaj ke baad dobara kabhi ye mat kehna Geet warna pata nahi main kya kar jaunga. Tumhe andaza bhi nahi hai ki tum kya mayne rakhti ho mere liye. Main tumhe nahi kho sakta Geet kisi bhi keemat pe nahi. I won’t let anything happen to you ever because I just can’t afford to lose you. Never ever.”  His words came out as a mere whisper as he hugged her tight keeping his head on top of hers and Geet just hugged him back with a smile on her face.


“I won’t let anything happen to you ever Maan. No matter what I have to do for that.” Her words though were just a whisper but loud enough for Maan to hear and as a result he hugged her tighter if possible as if someone will take her away from him if he will loosen his hold on her.




“Mere jeete ji main aap par kabhi koi aanch bhi nahi aane doongi aur agar iske liye agar mujhe apni jaan bhi deni pade to main wo bhi kar jaungi par aap ko kuch nahi hone doongi.”


“I won’t let anything happen to you ever Maan. No matter what I have to do for that.”


Her words from that day echoed in his memory as he looked at the lifeless body of his life, his love, his Geet in his arms drenched in her own blood, the person who loved him beyond the level of insanity. He hugged her tight as a heart wrenching cry erupted his throat when he realized that she has indeed proven her words right with her act. The death which was meant for him she has taken that on herself but as she promised she didn’t let anything happen to him. His shoulders shook in an uncontrollable cry as he hugged her tighter as if trying to transfer his life into her if possible.


Heavens pour out for him as if they too were crying for his loss while he just sat over there hugging her tighter. Why? Why did she loved him so much that she didn’t cared about her own life? Why did she loved him this much that she had embraced the death which was actually coming for him but as she promised she stood in front of him like a shield while he could do nothing, nothing at all. Why he is the always the one to be the unlucky one in love; First Sameera and now Geet. He wasn’t able to save Sameera and he wasn’t able to save Geet either from the clutches of his cruel fate. Then why the hell is he still alive if he is cursed to lose the persons he loves the most, he thought as million cries shook his entire self while he sat there drenching in rain still holding her lifeless body in his arms.


Ek Pal ki Zindagi de di


Ek Dil ki Duniya


Bas Itni Mohabbat hai


“GEET!!!!!!”A loud howl escaped his lips before breaking into numerous as her words from her diary echoed in his brain making him realize the extent of his love for her which probably will not be there anymore for him to experience.




About a week back:


“Now do you still need any proof Omkara? Now still you will say that it’s just my imagination and nothing else. After seeing all the proofs and especially witnessing today’s accident you still feel that my doubt is wrong.” Dev throwed his hands in air in frustration as he looked at Omkara who was sitting calmly in study sipping his coffee thinking something deeply.


“Now why are you thinking so much Omkara? I am telling you that my doubt is correct. It’s high time to bring the culprit n front of everyone.” Dev knotted his brows at Omkara who was still sitting as calmly as sea thus increasing Dev’s confusion.


“Relax Dev! You know during our training what we were taught; that often what we see is not true. Truth is hidden under wraps of lie and we need to read between the lines to find that truth. And here in this case, I need to do the same.” Omkara gets up from his sitting position as he goes near Dev before putting his hand on his shoulders.


I can’t believe this Om. Even after witnessing everything…


“After witnessing everything only I am saying this.” Omkara interrupted Dev in between who was looking at him as if he had grown two heads.


“Look! I know it’s really hard for you to understand it but try to understand what I am saying. I agree that today’s incident was nowhere an accident but a planned act and I also know that the person is very close and in fact someone from the family only but that doesn’t mean that the person is the one you are doubting or should I say of you are being confirmed. Dev, this is my forte and hence I can judge the criminals better than you all.” Omkara put forward his point but Dev was still not convinced fully.


“I know it’s difficult for you to believe me okay let’s do one thing, Give me just 12 Hours to analyze everything and I promise that if your doubt is correct then I myself will bring the culprit on front of the whole family. Just 12 Hours is all I ask.” Dev nodded in agreement as somewhere he is getting convinced about what Omkara is saying before they both discussed on some points regarding Maan’s case.




He looked at the delicate design of the anklet in his hand which Adi has just given to him after he picked it up from the jewelry shop on Maan’s behalf since Maan was not allowed to go out of the house. His finger ran on its delicate design before he turned it back and stared at their names being carved together: “Maan ki Geet”. An instant smile crept on his M-shaped lips as he caressed the phrase with his long fingers while he gaze their names written together lovingly. It sounds so perfect as if it was meant to be like this only.


“Main intezar nahi kar sakta us pal ka Geet jab main is Payal se tumhe humesha-humesha ke liye apne Pyar ki dor me baandh loonga. 3 din baad jab main tumse apni dil ki baat keh ke tumhe ye payal apne haatho se pehnaunga to tum humesha ki tarah sharmaogi aur sharmate hue tum aur bhi zyada khoobsurat lagogi.” His lips curved into a shy smile as he imagined her reaction hen he’ll make her wear this anklet from his own hands.


The way her toes will curl in pleasute when he’ll kiss those soft delicate ankles of her after making her wear these anklets, the way she’ll blush, the way she’ll look into his eyes with her love filled gaze when he’ll confess his love for her and the way she’ll absorb herself in his arms when he’ll make her his in all senses; just by imagining these things has filled up her heart with so much joy and pleasure that he don’t understand how is he going to control himself for 3 days when here he is all aroused just by thinking of her.


A side of him just wanted to forget all his plans and confess to her right now in order to love and devour her endlessly but another logical side of him chided him for being so desperate. After all it is his Geet he was talking about and he has to do everything special for the girl who had filled his life with love and happiness. It will be her special day and he’ll make it more special by giving her this happiness because at the end of the day she deserves it. She had waited enough, they have waited enough and now it’s time for both of them to end all their waits and become one for forever, he thought as he kissed that anklet where her name is written lingering his lips on it for a longer time before shaking his head on his own act.


“What have you done to me Geet? You had changed me so much that now it is impossible for me to think a life without you. Yeh faasle bas kuch hi palon ke hai Geet, 3 din baad humare beech me koi dooriyan koi faasle nahi rahenge. Because after 3 days we’ll become husband and wife in all senses. I’ll make you mine with all my love and desire for you. Just 3 more days Geet and then there will be love and only love between us. I love you Geet. I Love you so much.” He whispered as ehe looked at Geet’s photo after picking it up from the side table before kissing those luscious lips in her photo imagining her to be in real, which in turn made him blush as he hits his head playfully before keeping the photo down and moving towards the cupboard to keep the Anklet and Ring safely into the drawer, waiting eagerly for the day when he’ll make her wear these 2.




Savitri Devi was pacing in her room lost in her thoughts. It seems that events happening from the past few days had affected her too, though that’s a different thing that she has kept her worries to her own self. But whatever is happening from past few days and especially in past two days has really forced her to think in that direction. People says that when continuously bad things happen in our life then automatically our thoughts started wandering in negative directions, same is the case with Savitri Devi. Whatever is happening from past few days has gave her a nagging feeling of something not right. She don’t want to believe in such things but still her instincts were saying that a very big storm is making its way towards their lives which will only bring destruction and unhappiness in their lives and this she can’t let happen.


“Dadimaa, is everything okay? You seem to be worried?” Savitri Devi’s trance was broken hearing Dev’s voice who has came to talk something important to her but seeing her so disturbed got worried.


“Yes Dev, I am fine. It’s just that whatever is happening from past few days is just making me worried. I mean first Maan’s accident at Noida site and then his accident last day and today’s incident. If Geet wouldn’t have been there then I don’t even want to think what would have happened and Geet herself has got injured. Aisa lag raha hai jaise ki Humare baccho ko kisi ki buri nazar lag gayi hai.” Savitri Devi let out a deep breath as she sat down on the bed worried while Dev who very well knows the reason behind these accidents remained quiet as he knows that it is not good for Dadimaa’s health moreover Omkara too had asked for 12 hours so he decided to wait instead of reveling everything to Savitri Devi, he thought as he sat beside Savitri Devi holding her hand.

Dadimaa, relax. Stop worrying so much. Everything is going to be fine. And these are just mere accidents and most importantly Bro and Geet are absolutely fine so don’t think too much ok or else you’ll get ill.”Savitri Devi just nodded her head in understanding when something strikes her mind.


“Dev, Hum Humare Guruji ke waha jaana jaate hai. Tell Driver to get the car ready.” Dev was shocked to hear Dadimaa. Though he knows that her life is not at risk yet given the circumstances he don’t want to take any chances.

Dadimaa, Aise achanak. I mean Aap ki Tabiyat bhi kharaab hai, Aap baad me chale jana.” He tried to reason with her though that’s a different thing that his reason was nowhere satisfying enough.


“Hum Bilkul Theek hai Dev. Aur Hum isi waqt Guruji ke paas jana chahte hai. Pata nahi kyun par humara Mann bahut Ghabra raha hai. Hum nahi chahte ki humare baccho pe koi musibat aaye. Hum ek baar ja kar unse mil aaye to humein Tasalli ho jayegi.” Savitri Devi was as stubborn as her grandsons but still Dev don’t want to risk her safety with so much danger lurking around.


“Wo sab Theek hai Dadimaa par aap janti hai na ki Bro in sab cheezon pe vishwas nahi karte. Sameera Bhabhi ki death ke baad se unka vishwas Bhagwan pe ya Bhagwan se related kisi bhi cheez pe khatam ho gaya hai. Wo Taveez jo Geet le kar aayi thi Dargah se use bhi unhone bas Geet ki khushi ke liye pehna hua hai warna vishwas to unhe us par bhi nahi hai. Agar Bro ko pata chala ki Aap unke liye Guruji ke paas gayi hai wo bhi un Guruji ke paas jinhone ye kaha tha ki Bro aur Sameera Bhabhi ka saath Saat Janmon ka hai, ki un dono ko koi alag nahi kar sakta and they are match made in heaven, Dadimaa Bro Bahut naraz ho jayenge.” Dev tried to make her understand but it all went in vain as Savitri Devi was nowhere to listen.


“Aap bhool rahe hai Dev ki usi Taveez ki wajah se Maan Do baar marte marte bache hai Aur waise bhi Hum wo sab kuch nahi jaante. Hum abhi Guruji ke paas ja rahe hai matlab ja rahe hai. Aap Driver se boliye Gaadi nikalne ko. Aur waise bhi kuch baatein hai jinse ab tak sab anjaan hai.” Savitri Devi though has said the last line to herself but Dev’s ears were sharp enough to hear that line but before he could ask anything Savitri Devi moved out of the room leaving Dev behind confused.


Dadimaa is hiding something, but what?” He thought as he looked at the retreating figure of Savitri Devi before he moved out to call the driver and doing necessary arrangements for her safety.




“Tumhe Ek baar ki baat samajh nahi Aati? Kitni baar kaha hai ki humein yun Baar baar phone mat kiya karo.” NT gritted her teeth as she talk over the phone only to hear a laughter from other side.


“NT Madam what to do? I was missing you so much. You know na how much I Love you.” NT fumed in anger seeing the audacity of the person who is just her mere pawn.


“Bakwaas band karo apni aur yeh batao Ab kyu phone kiya tumne?” And once again she heard his laughter thus adding fuel to her anger.


“Wahi Purani kahaani NT Madam. I need money. Wo kya hai na ki Police se bhagte bhagte mera sara paisa kharch ho jata hai to badi problem ho hai uske baad aur musibat me to apne hi yaad aate hai, hai na NT Madam.” He chuckled on the phone while NT just clenched her fist in anger.


Ek Phooti kaudi nahi denge ab hum tumhe. Pehle hi bahut paise le chuke ho tum wo bhi aise kaam ke jo tumse theek tarah hua hi nahi. Ab tumhe ek paisa nahi milega.” Her voice was menacing while her eyes were red in anger as she spoke over the phone.


Tch.. Fir wahi baat NT Madam. Aap baar baar mujhe ek hi kaam karne pe majboor kyun karti hai. Chakiye ab agar aap yahi chahti hai to yahi sahi. Ab Aap mujhe Paise nahi de rahi hai to main Dev Sahab se le loonga. I am sure wo mujhe mana nahi karenge. Aakhir bahut bada dil hai unka.” Her anger reached another level when she realized that he is yet again blackmailing her by Dev’s name and all she wanted at that moment to kill this person with her bare hands as she throwed the vase she was holding on the floor.


“Ruko, Tum Dev se kuch nahi kahoge. Theek hai hum aaj raat hi tumhara full and final settlement kar denge uske baad tum dobara kabhi Humein pareshan nahi karoge samjhe tum.” The person on the other side grinned as he finally saw his demands getting met.


“Pakka, Aai shapath mera matlab hai wo kya bolte hai aap log angrezi me.. haan,, Mother Promise iske baad apko koi pareshani nahi hogi.” NT Smirked listening to his statement telling him that she will message him the address of the place where they will meet.


Aaj Raat ke baad tum humein to kya kisi ko bhi pareshan nahi kar payoge kyunki aaj raat ke baad tum zinda hi nahi bachoge. Bahut badi galti kari humne jo tumhe ab tak zinda rakha aur use bhi badi galti ki tumne humein blackmail kar ke. To Abu ski saza to tumhein milegi hi. Tumhari maut ke saath ye raaz bhi wahi dafan ho jayega, humesha ke liye.” NT laughed hysterically as she caressed her pistol before messaging the person the address of the place.




The calm and serene atmosphere of the Aashram gave a soothing effect to Dadimaa’s restless heart up to great extent yet that nagging feeling was still there and she knows that unless she will meet with Guruji this restlessness will be there. She greeted the disciples of Guruji on the way before going towards the room where he is meditating. She took a deep breath before sitting in front of him while he was still in his meditation. He is not any ordinary Guruji nor having beard or wearing orange clothes like people usually assume him to be in fact he is a great scholar and had even given lectures in abroad on divinity and spirituality. Savitri Devi has great respect for him as has a great knowledge and he never predict anything wrong. No matter what Maan says or think about him, she still believes him and for that belief only she is here today.


“Aao Savitri. Mujhe pata tha tum Aaogi. Dadimaa was surprised to see him recognizing her presence even when his eyes were closed but then she smiled when she realized that his meditation power is strong enough to recognize her. She greeted him once he opened his eyes after his meditation to which he just nodded smilingly.


“Kuch uljhan me lag rahi ho Savitri. Kya Baat hai?” Savitri Devi face fell off when she heard him asking this question after they finished with exchanging pleasantries.


“You know everything Guruji (And she told every happening in Maan and Geet’s life till today’s morning incident). And not only Maan, Geet too have been in danger many times while saving Maan. Aisa lagta hai jaise Humare baccho ko buri nazar lag gayi hai kisi ki. Pehle hi in dono ne apne rishte me kayi pareshaniya jheli hai. Aap to jante hai na ki Maan aur Geet ki shaadi kin haalaton me hui thi. Uski wajah se kafi samay tak dono me dooriyan rahi hai aur ab jab sab cheezein theek ho rahi hai, humare baccho ki zindagi me khushiyan aa rahi hai to ye sare haadse. Humara mann bahut ghabra raha hai Guruji. Aisa lag raha hai jaise koi bahut bada toofan aane wala hai Humare baccho ki zindagi me. Hum un dono ko toota hua nahi dekh sakte. Please give me some solution. Hum kuch bhi karne ko taiyar hain lekin Hume apne ghar aur apne baccho ki zindagi me khushiyan aur sukoon chahiye.” Dadimaa’s voice turned helpless in the end as she forwarded Maan’s and Geet’s Kundli towards Guruji who took it smilingly before going through it and dong some calculations in his fingers after which he remained pause for a long time.


Kya hua Guruji. Aap Chup kyun hai. Koi sankat hai kya humare bacchon par. Agar aisa hai to hum kuch bhi karne ko taiyar hai, koi bhi upay, koi bhi Pooja. Bas humare bacchon pe koi musibat nahi aani chahiye”Dadimaa who was worried seeing Guruji’s expression asked in desperation.


“Tum Niyati (Destiny) se lad nahi sakti Savitri. Koi bhi nahi lad sakta. Tumhari Bahu Sameera ne koshish ki thi Kismat se ladne ki aur Anjaam tum janti hi ho. Unki kismet me jo likha hai wo ho kar rahega aur use koi nahi badal sakta. Aur jaisa main dekh pa raha hoon to unki kismet ek naya mod lene wali hai.” Guruji’s words confused Dadimaa further as she couldn’t understand the meaning behind his words.


“Aap kya kehna chahte hai Guruji. Humare Bacchon ki zindagi me koi musibat aane wali hai?”


“Musibat aa chuki hai Savitri. Ateet ka koi Panna fir se palat ke aaya hai in dono ki zindagi me. In dono ki zindagi bahut bade toofan se guzarne wali hai. Aane wale 10 din bahut bhaari hai in dono ke liye aur inke rishtey ke liye bhi. Kuch bhi ho sakta hai. Ek zindagi bhi ja sakti hai is toofan me par wo zindagi kiski hogi ye main nahi keh sakta. Waqt aane pe sabko khud hi pata chal jayega.” Guruji’s words scared Savitri Devi as she looked at him in horror.


“Ye Aap kya keh rahe hai Guruji? Humare Baccho ki zindagi me sankat? Kisi ki zindagi ja sakti hai? Hum humare bacchon ko kisi takleef me nahi dekh sakte. Koi to Upay (Solution) hoga na iska. Kuch to aisa hoga jisse Hum humare Bacchon ko is musibat se bacha sake. Koi Pooja, ya kuch bhi.” Savitri Devi asked in desperation while Guruji just smiled.


Un dono ka saath hi un dono ka Raksha Kawach (Safety Guard) hai Savitri. Jab tak wo dono saath hai koi bhi taakat unhe alag nahi kar sakti. Geet ke hote hue na Maan pe koi musibat aa sakti hai aur na hi Maan ke hote hue Geet ko kuch ho sakta hai. Par haan un dono ke liye aur unke rishtey ke liye ye Pariksha ki ghadi hai. Bahut utar Chadhav aayenge unki zindagi me in 10 dino me. Agar wo dono is toofan ko jhel  gaye to fir kabhi koi taakat unhe nuksan nahi pahucha sakti aur agar nahi jhel paye to…” Guruji Left her sentence in the end incomplete but Savitri Devi was intelligent enough to know what he meant to say.


Tum Chinta mat karo Savitri aur Bhagwan pe bharosa rakho. Mujhe Vishwas hai ki ye dono poori himmat ke sath is toofan ka saamna karenge. Inka rishta hi in dono ki raksha karega. Maa Durga sab theek karengi.” Savitri Devi just noddd her head slowly while her mind was stil lingering on one sentence. “A Life will go away?” But the main question is “Whose?”“Geet’s or “Maan’s” or “someone else’.”




NT reached at the scheduled time on the address where she and that person has decided to meet. She parked her car at a distance before getting down and checking her pistol in the purse. Once sure everything is in its place she moved towards the place where that man was waiting for her with a evil plan in her mind. All she had in her mind at that time was to finish this chapter once and for all and with this determination she moved near the person after she spotted him standing at a distance.


“So you are here? Himmat kaise hui tumhari, humein, Nayantara Khurana ko blackmail karne ki.She spoke in anger looking at him who was still standing with his back towards her in the dark.


“Tumhe kya laga ki hum darr gaye hai tumse aur tumhari dhamkiyon se isliye yaha aaye hai? Nahi, hum tumhe yaha tumhari aukat dikhane aaye hai. Bahut badi galti kar di hai tumne humein blackmail kar ke aur ab tum apni usi galti ki saza bhugtoge.” She pointed her pistol towards him only to find him flinching a bit which made her smirk seeing him in fear.


Kya hua? Darr gaye? Kash ye darr tumhe Humein blackmail karne se pehle lagta. Par Afsos it’s too late now. Galti ki hai to saza to milegi hi na. Marne se pehle koi Aakhri khwaish ho to bata do. Wo kya hai na ki Nayantara Khurana ka Dil bahut bada hai. Tumhari Aakhri Khwaish zaroor poori karegi.” She still didn’t get any response from him but this time finds his body shaking in fearthus making her smirk her wider.


“Chalo Tum mat batao hum hi tumhe apni Aakhri Khwaish bata dete hai. Hum tumhe Maarte waqt tumhari aankhon me Apne liye Darr dekhna chahte hai taki tum kisi bhi jaman me humein Blackmail karne ki koshish na karo. So turn and face your death like a brave. Aur waise bhi Nayantara ko Peeche se vaar karna acha nahi lagta. TURN AROUND!!!” She shouted last line in anger while her eyes were reflecting pure rage and next moment she found him turning so that his face was facing hers and her eyes went wide in shock and horror as she came face to face with the person she was least expecting at this hour.


“Dev? Aap?” She whispered in horror as moon light fell on Dev thus reveling his face to her but what scared her more was the expression of hatred and anger on his face thus making her realize that her doom is finally here and next moment she found herself surrounded by Omkara and his men who were pointing their guns at her.


Drop your weapon NT. You are trapped now.” Omkara commanded as he pointed his Gun towards her head thus making NT to lose her hold on her pistol.


Dev… Aap yahan… Kaise… Mera matlab… wo Aadmi. Wo phone Aap ne kiya tha?” Probably for the first time Dev has seen fear on NT’s face and it made him both happy and sad at the same time; Happy because he was able to caught her red-handed and sad because somewhere he wanted himself to be proved wrong.


“Kyun? Hairan ho mujhe dekh kar NT? Oh haan tum to yaha us Aadmi ko expect kar rahi thi jo tumhare har jurm ka saathi hai? Jiske saath mil kar tumne Baar baar mere Bro ki jaan lene ki koshish kari. Kyun kiya tumne aisa NT? KYUN???” He shouted in anger thus making NT jump in fear with his demeanor.


Ye Aap kya Keh rahe hai Dev? Maan Veerji ki Jaan? Humne? Humne aisa kuch nahi kiya hai.” NT was confused with the allegations Dev was putting on her thus adding fuel to Dev’s fear.


“Jhoot mat bolo. Aur kitna Jhoot bologi Nayantara. Mujhe pata hai tum mere parivar ko pasand nahi karti. Bro aur Geet se nafrat karti ho par main nahi jaanta tha ki tumhari ye nafrat itni badi hai kit um mere Bhai ki jaan lene par aa jaogi. Kya bigada tha meri family ne tumhara? Kya bigada tha Bro aur Geet ne tumhara NT? Kya kami rakhi gayi hai tumhare liye NT ki tum is giri hui harkat pe utar aayi. Mujhe is baat pe bhi sharam aa rahi hai ki maine tumse pyaar kiya, ki tum meri wife ho.” Dev’s words were confusing her as well as piervcing her heart as no matter how much bad she is yet she had always loved Dev.


“Dev Humara yakeen kijiye. Humne aisa kuch nahi kiya hai. Hum maante hai aap jo kuch bhi keh rahe hai wo sach hai. Hum maante hai ki hum Maan Veerji aur Geet ko pasand nahi karte par uske liye hum Maan Veerji ki jaan nahi le sakte, Maan Veerji to kya hum kisi ki bhi jaan nahi le sakte. Humara Vishwas kijiye.” She literally pleaded while her eyes clouded in tears and for once Dev wanted to believe her but then reminded of her betrayal he thought otherwise.


“Vishwas karu? Us insan ka vishwas karu jisne humesha meri family ka bura hi socha hai? Aur kya kaha tumne, ki tumne ye sab kuch nahi kiya. To fir tum yaha kya kar rahi ho? Kyun aayi thi us insan se milne jo tumhe blackmail kar raha tha itne dino se. Jise tum baar baar paise deti thi mere bro pe attack karane ke liye. Batao NT, kya main Jhoot bol raha hoon?” NT shaked her head in denial not knowing how to defend herself.


“To tumhare according main galat hoon? Tumne Noida wali site pe Bro pe attack nahi karwaya, Tumne hospital me Ventilator ka plug nahi nikalwaya aur na hi tumne Bro ko expired medicines dene ki koshish kari, Tumne kal Bro ka wo gruesome accident na hi karwaya aur na hi aaj chandelier girane me tumhara koi haath tha. Yahi kehna chahti ho tum. Hai na?” Nt nodded her head in acceptance making Dev angrier.


“Fir Jhoot. Jhoot pe jhoot bolti ja rahi ho tum? Maine khud suna hai tumhe us Aadmi se baat karte hue phone pe jab wo tumhe blackmail kar raha tha paiso ke liye. Tumhare Accounts check kiye hai jaha har baar transaction usi din kea as paas hua hai jab Bro pe attack hota tha aur haan maine khud tumhari call records bhi ckeck ki hai jaha Attack ke samay tum us aadmi se baat karti thi. Aur Aaj subah Chandelier girne se kuch minute pehle hi tum waha se chali gayi thi. Kya itne Proofs kaafi nahi hai NT ye saabit karne ke liye ki culprit koi aur nahi balki tum hi ho.” NT was shocked listening to Dev’s words. She never thought that Dev will dug so deeper into her secrets.


“Dev, hum jaante hai ki is waqt hum jo bhi kahenge aap ko wo jhoot hi lagega par hum sach keh rahe hai ki humne Maan Veerji ki jaan lene ki koshish kabhi bhi nahi ki. Hum maante hai ki humne is Aadmi ko paise diye hai aur ye humein blackmail kar raha tha par humne ise paise Maan Veerji pe attack karne ke liye nahi diye the. Ye aap ki Noida wali site ka Union Leader tha aur un dino hum Maan Veerji ke against the kyunki unhone Geet ki wajah se humein Dhamki di thi aur humein isi baat ka gussa tha. To humne socha ki kyun na hum kuch aisa karein jisse Maan Singh Khurana ki reputation pe chot pahuche. Aur bas isiliye humne Noida construction site pe wo problems karayi and I had made sure that Media covers that. Bas Dev humne bas itna hi kiya hai. Iske alawa humne aur kuch nahi kiya.” Nt tried her best to clear the misunderstanding that Dev was having but he was no where to belive her.


“Acha, To fir tum us Aadmi ki blackmailing se itna darr kyu gayi thi? Kyun baar baar use paise deti thi aur wo phone calls.” Dev probed further while NT just don’t know how to explain herself.


“Kyunki Maan Veerji ke accident ke baad hum darr gaye the. Humein laga ki us blast ka ilzaam bhi hum par hi aa jayega aur wo Union leader humein baar baar darata tha ki wo Apko sab bata dega Noida site ke bare me aur humein laga ki aap Noida site me hue blast ka bhi doshi bhi humein hi manenge isiliye hum uski demands poori karte rahe. Aur Aaj bhi subah usi ka call aaya tha jab wo chandelier gira. Ye sirf co-incidence hai ki us Aadmi ka call tabhi aata tha jab Maan Veerji pe attack hota tha. Dev humara vishwas kijiye humne Maan Veerji pe attack nahi karwaye. Humne unki jaan lene ki koshish nahi ki. Haan Aaj hum us Aadmi ki jaan lene zaroor aaye the kyunki hum thak gaye the uski blackmailing se par humne kisi aur ki jaan lene ki koshish kabhi bhi nahi ki.” NT cleared all the air between them while Dev was still far from believing her any word.


“You know what NT, story achi hai. But unfortunately mujhe pasand nahi aayi. I am sure you’ll think of a better story when you’ll rot in jail. Omkara, Take her away and throw her into the jail. I don’t even want to see her face ever in my life.” Dev commanded Omkara who just nodded in acceptance before signaling a lady constable to handcuff her.


Leave me. Dev, Dev please believe me. Hum sach keh rahe hai. Humne Kuch bhi nahi kiya hai. Humne Maan Veerji ki jaan lene ki koshish nahi ki. Please believe me.” NT tried to jerk of her hand as the lady constable handcuffs her but her words fell on the deaf ears as Dev was nowhere budging from his decision. Just then he felt his mobile ringing and he took it out from his pocket only to find Adi’s name flashing on it. He instantly picked up the call without realizing that it has been on he speaker mode.


Dev Sir, Where are you? Please come to the mansion fast.” Dev heard Adi’s panicked voice from other side making his brows knit in confusion.


Adi, I am with Omkara. You remember our plan right? So I am executing it in the final stage only. But why are you sounding so tensed.” Dev asked and Omkara who was about to take NT towards jeep stopped listebing to their conversation.


“Sir, Aap aur Omkara Sir Please jald se jald KM aa jayiye. Maan Sir pe fir se ek attack hua hai. Yaha sab ghabraye hue hai. Please come to KM as soon as possible.” Dev’s eyes widen in shock listening to the piece of information by Adi while he looked at Nayantara in surprise.


“Dekha Dev Aapne. Hum to yaha Aap ke saamne khade hue hai. To fir waha Maan Veerji pe kisne attack kiya?” NT’s words made Dev tongue tied as he looked at Nt and then at Omkara who was as shocked as him not understanding the sudden turn of events.

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“Yours Valentine” ~ Reposted


They were 5 friends- Yash, Vicky, Ved, Salil nd Maan!  For the world they were just 5 individuals who are friends but for them they were 5 fingers of a hand which were inseparable and can join together to become a fist to fight against any odd circumstances. “Panch Shakti”that’s the name given to their group by their favorite professor and Principal Mr. Singh who considers them as a five elements of nature i.e. Water, Air, Soil, Sky and Fire. And it was indeed correct as like the nature is incomplete without any one of its element in the same way they are incomplete without each other. Well we are not here to discuss about their friendship or to know about their Friendship tales. We are here to know about the love story of that one person who is the muse of this story and around whom this story revolves. Maan, Maan Singh Khurana! That’s his name.


Amongst all the 5 friends Maan was the only one who comes from the poor background and a small town name Hoshiarpur. His father was a small grade clerk in Ved’s father office who was a collector of the town. His income was really low with which he use to somehow take care of his small family that includes him, his wife and his only son Maan yet his dream was big and that dream was to see Maan being an IAS officer. His relatives use to laugh at him, mock him by saying that he’s dreaming too big but Mr. Khurana had full faith on his son and he knows that his son will definitely make him proud one day hence he use to work hard day and night to give his son proper education.


Maan as per his name was really the pride of his parents. He had never given any chance to let down his parents. Since childhood he had only one goal and that was to fulfill the dream that his father has seen for him. He was excel in all fields since childhood be it sports or studies or any other activities and that’s the reason he had completed his basic studies through scholarship. It was a big day both for him and his father when Maan got admission in one of the best college in Delhi for his higher studies. Due to his excellent records his fees was also minimal but living in a big city like Delhi was not a joke especially for a person like Maan who was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth and has gone through many hardships, many taunts to reach at this stage.


For a moment Maan was hesitant to pursue his higher education from Delhi knowing their financial condition and it was then Ved nd his father came as a guiding light and after much persuasion they finally make him agree to go to Delhi saying that Mr. Khurana had already maintained some funds for his higher education and hence he don’t have to worry. Ved was already in Delhi after his father had got promotion and co-incidentally got admission in the same college as Maan’s hence Mr. Khurana had no worry regarding Maan being alone in the big city like Delhi for he knows that being studying together for most of the years together Maan and Ved were more like Brothers. Ved’s father has seen the spark in Maan’s eyes, A Passion, A Fire to become something in life hence he don’t want any kind of hurdle in his way therefore he himself has arranged for the best hostel for Maan, owned by his brother where his nephew and Ved were also accommodated nd that’s how Maan met Salil, Ved’s cousin along with Yash and Vicky who were Salil’s childhood friends and now all 5 of them are Bestest friends along with being roomies and classmates.


It didn’t took Maan long to adjust with Delhi life and he was actually enjoying it but still he didn’t forget for what he is here. As the time passes Maan made a mark in his college to with his excellence, intelligence and breathtaking looks and he became favorite of all the professors especially of Mr. Singh and a heartthrob among girls but he never paid any attention to anyone of them because his one and only goal is to fulfill his Father’s dream and he don’t want any distraction in that. if any girl use to propose him for friendship or relationship by being over smart or shy then he just use to smile and very calmly refuse to them making sure not to hurt their feelings saying that he respects their feelings and will always be there if they need his genuine help but apart from that he can’t do any commitment as he had already committed to his dreams. At times his friends use to tease him also calling him Gay’ but he never took it on heart because he knows that his destination is far different from all this and he just can’t get distracted in any way. And with this high spirit he had not only successfully completed his first two year in the college but also has topped in the whole college getting a subject of praises and appreciation from everyone and at that very moment Maan visualized his destination loud and clear without any hurdle.


It was one fine day when all the seniors were enjoying ragging the juniors after the college reopened after vacations but Maan even after being a senior also was sitting aside in cafeteria with his group. He never believed in this ragging thing for he knows how these seniors use to humiliate you in the name of ragging and he definitely don’t want to be a part of it hence he was just enjoying his time with his friends while all are busy in the ragging fiasco. It was just Salil who was over excited to witness this Ragging scenes or in other words to woo any junior girl by saving her from being ragged becoming her knight in shining armor hence he heads towards the crowd on the pretext of going to library to get some random book issued while the remaining 4 of them just shakes their heads on his useless excuse knowing very well which book he has to get issued and continued with their conversation.


At the same time a black SUV stopped in the college premises drawing everyone’s attention including the seniors who looked at that black SUV curiously. Not that it was a first time when any expensive car was stopped in the college premises but what caught their attention was the sight of 4 girls getting down from the car. All were beautiful in their own way especially the one who got down from the driver’s seat wearing a skinny jeans and halter neck top with attitude and self-confidence oozing out from her personality as she moved inside the college with her friends while rotating the key ring on her index finger. Her milky white skin exposing from top make every guy crazy as she walked pass them swaying away her long hairs. Her pear shaped face was complimented perfectly with her deep big hazels, soft chubby cheeks, cute button nose, full luscious lips as delicate as rose petals and soft flawless skin reflecting her innocence. She looked at her side and smirked as she found almost all the boys ogling at her curvaceous figure, something of which she’s use to now and that’s what make her proud of herself as she made her way through the corridors with her friends.


“Wow! 4 freshers nd that too girls. It’s going to be fun.” Rahul, one of the senior spoke over smartly as he eyed them especially that particular girl who had drawn everyone’s attention.


“Geet, I am scared” Kakul, one of the amongst 4 gals spoke with nervousness while all the other rolled their eyes listening to the same sentence umpteenth time.


“Uffo Kakul! Why are you so scared? Geet had said Na that nothing is gonna happen so now stop being a nervous wreck. Look at Geet, how confidently she’s walking.” Meera, another girl said making Kakul pout and Geet smile while shaking her head.


“I don’t understand why are you guys are making such an issue of this ragging thing. I mean it’s so much fun being ragged especially by any handsome guy.” Pari, the fourth one said dreamily making Kakul to whack her arm hard to bring her out from her dreamland as all of them headed towards the office to get their schedule while conversing with each other.


“Excuse me, you freshers come here.” Rahul called out as he saw four of them walking pass him and others making all of them to halt in their steps.


Geet turned around swiftly waving back her soft silky hairs with a jerk in the process and walked confidently towards Rahul and his group followed by her friends. And it was then when Maan saw her first glimpse making him to forget even a blink for a while. He has been literally dragged by Salil towards the main hall area to witness the new sight of the college that was creating a buzz in whole college followed by his friends.


“Don’t you gals have manners about how to greet your seniors instead of walking past them” Rahul spoke making a hard face in order to scare them but he didn’t knew that it was Geet Handa, he’s been dealing with who can turn down any situation.


“Now what are you looking behind me? No one is going to help you baby.” Rahul said as he furrowed his brows when he saw Geet searching something behind him.


Searching for some sort of Long tail at your back that could differentiate you from being human nd called out your title of “senior” loud nd clear. You know like Langoors are differentiated from Monkeys.” Every single student in the hall burst out in the laughter as they heard Geet’s words including Maan who just looked other side smiling. Well it was much needed for the dumb headed person like Rahul who was standing all embarrassed due to Geet’s remark, Maan thought as he looked forward to witness the whole scene.


“And as for your second remark then let me tell you that Geet Handa is not a damsel in distress that she needs some knight in shining armor to save her. I am capable enough of taking care of myself.” Geet said as she looked directly into Rahul’s eyes with her each nd every word oozing her confidence.


“Don’t you have manners of how to talk to your seniors?” One of the girls from Rahul’s gang spoke with an attitude making Geet to smirk before looking at her.


“You know what this is the problem of you species called “seniors”. You guys consider yourself as Gods but unfortunately you are not. And in order to hide your own loopholes you guys show your fake power to other so that no one can witness your loopholes.” Geet’s words made everyone confused as they tried to understand the meaning of her words.


“Excuse me Miss! Will you tell me what kind of loopholes you are exactly talking about?” Rahul said as he couldn’t understand what she’s trying to say.


“Tch Tch Tch! You don’t know about your own loopholes and you are trying to take advantage of my loopholes so that I become a subject of laugh and you can feel proud of your fake power.”


Will you just tell me what kind of loopholes I am actually having instead of talking in riddles?” Rahul said highly irritated with the turn of events.


“Who am I to tell you that? Go and introspect yourself first and you’ll know that. And anyways the nervousness on your face is saying that you already knew. So if you don’t want me to insult you more in front if the whole college by talking about it then just move your butt off from front of me and next time talk to me only when you have enough balls to confess your loop holes.” Geet’s words made everyone speechless as they just stood gaping at her while she turned nd made her way towards the office walking past Maan who was looking at her admiringly due to her courage and her taking stand for herself with a soft smile playing on his M-shaped lips.




This small incident has become the talk of the college as everyone seems to discuss the same thing including the professors too. At one side where they were laughing at Rahul’s dumbness at the same time they were admiring Geet’s self-confidence. Maan’s friends were no exception either as whole day they had talked about her only even after the college got over but the topic of Geet didn’t. Where Ved, Yash and Vicky were praising for her guts Salil was going ga ga over her beauty and Maan well he haven’t said anything instead was just thinking to how to reach the city library before it gets closed when Ved offered him lift as he too was going towards that area only and Maan just nodded in agreement as he knew that he’ll be late if he’ll opt for Auto or cab. Hence he stood over there waiting for Yash and Ved who had gone to take their bikes.


“Excuse me!” Maan heard a soft yet angry voice of a girl from behind as soon as Ved nd Yash left and turned around only to meet a pair of deep hazels looking at him angrily.


“Yes, any problem.” Maan said softly as he recognized her as the same girl who is the talk of whole college.


“Are you a senior in this college?” Geet asked with her hazels spitting fire that could burn the person in front of her.


“Ya, I just completed my first two years and promoted to 3rd year and…” Maan said not understanding why she ask so only to be interrupted by Geet.


I am not interested in knowing about your educational qualifications. I just want to know with whose permission you had punctured the tire of my car.” Geet asked as she pointed towards the flat tire of the car of which Maan had no idea as he looked at Geet confused but then he noticed Rahul and his gang standing at a distance away from them smirking at the scene in front his sharp senses instantly grasped what could have happened.


It was Rahul’s way to take revenge on both him and Geet as he had refused to help Rahul in the plan that he had made to teach Geet a lesson in fact he had supported Geet’s guts of taking a stand for herself instead of doing those humiliating acts and this was what had irked Rahul and hence he wanted Maan to be humiliated by Geet in the same way like she had humiliated him this morning.


“Listen Miss, I don’t know who told about my involvement in all this but I seriously have no idea about all this. Someone has used my name to poison your mind. I guess it’s the work of those seniors only whom you had humiliated this morning.” Maan said calmly as he tried to clear the misunderstanding she’s having for him


“And as far as I know you are also a senior right? Just because I had insulted your fellow friends who had no respect anyways either and made a mockery of you seniors, you guys will do such a cheap thing. What a shameless and spineless creature you are?” Geet said arrogantly as she refused to believe his words. Just then Ved and Yash too came there and they tried to intervene but Maan gestured them to be quiet.


“Listen miss, you are crossing your limit now. I am not the one who could do such cheap tricks to take revenge on anyone. You can ask about me from the whole college and anyways I don’t even have enough time too for planning revenge on a dumb headed girl like you.” Maan was on the verge of losing his patience. He was not the one to talk this rudely with a girl but then this girl is hell bent in making him irritated.


Excuse me! How dare you say that?” Geet said as she looked at Maan angrily on his audacity of talking to her like this. No one has ever talk to her in this tone and here this mere guy is talking to her so meanly.


“You heard me right. You called me a spineless creature but in reality you are one such a brainless, arrogant and snob girl who keeps the world over her head, who thinks that she’s the queen of this whole world and people will dance on her tunes. Well if you think of something of this sort then I suggest you to have a reality check as you really need that.” Maan’s each word were just adding fuel to Geet’s anger and next she just raised her hand to slap him hard but it was stopped by Maan in the mid.


Don’t! Don’t even think of doing this. I am not your servant or your pet who’ll bear your tantrums. I am a fire that can burn your entire being if you’ll try to play with it.” Maan’s each and every word reflected his dominance and anger while his hold on Geet’s wrist gets tightened by every passing second as she tries to free her hand from his grip but it was too strong for her. Kakul, Meera and Pari came forward to help Geet but they were blocked by Salil, Ved, Yash and Vicky who stood in front of them like a shield.


“And now since you had blamed me of something which I have not done, then why don’t I commit it now to prove you right.” Maan said as he smirked before signaling his friends and next what the whole college has witnessed was all the remaining 3 tyres getting punctured as well by Maan’s friends. Poor stepny too couldn’t able to be escaped by the devils as it became the victim of their anger.


“This was your answer. From now onwards always remember this moment before falsely accusing anyone as not always everyone is a spineless creature to bear your tantrums.” Maan whispered dangerously as he jerked her hand away harshly making her to look at him angrily feeling humiliated.


“What’s happening over here?” Everyone heard a familiar voice and as they turned to look at the direction they found their Principal Mr. Singh looking at them suspiciously.


“Uncle, this guy has misbehaved with me and he and his friends had punctured all the tires of my car too.” Geet complained as soon as Mr. Singh approached towards them making everyone shock with the revelation of her calling their principal as Uncle.


“Geet, how many times should I tell you that I am your principal in college so call me Sir.” Mr. Singh said in a hush voice as he looked around only to find all students staring at him.


“And secondly, I think there’s some sort of Misunderstanding as Maan is a bright student and he can never do anything of this sort neither he misbehaves with anyone. There must be a reason for it. Maan beta, you tell what’s the matter?” Mr. Singh said as he patted Maan’s shoulder encouraging him to speak and Maan narrated the whole incidence to him.


“Oho! All the 4 tyres are sleeping peacefully.” Mr. Singh joked as he glanced all the flat tyres.


And 5th one inside the trunk of the car.” Someone from the crowd remarked to which no one had paid attention.


Uncle… I mean Sir, he had held my wrist so harshly that I got hurt… see…” Geet whined as she showed her wrist to Mr. Singh that had the imprint of Maan’s fingers.


“Oh! Such deep marks. After all he’s an inter-collegiate Boxing champion. Poor guy must have forgotten that there’s a difference between a Girl’s wrist and punching bag. Maan, next time hold it gently ok.” Mr. Singh’s words made Maan and Geet to look at him in astonishment as if he had grown two heads.


“Sir” Both said at the same time.


“O c’mon beta. These things happen in college. If now you guys won’t play pranks then will it be after coming to my age. Now c’mon forget everything and patch up. You guys have to spend your next coming days in the same college.”


Maan and Geet though hated the very fact of becoming friends but one thing that was common between them was their respect for Mr. Singh and hence for their sake they both shakes their hands while introducing themselves to each other. Kakul, Pari and Meera too introduced themselves half-heartedly to Maan and his friends who were grinning ear to ear while introducing themselves. Later Mr. Singh offered the girls to drop back home and asked his driver to take care of Geet’s car and get it back home. Having no other option Geet got agreed and headed towards Mr. Singh’s car but not before giving an angry glare to Maan who reciprocated in the same manner before she got inside the car.




That evening instead of Mr. Singh’s driver it was Maan who had got fixed Geet’s car and took it back home much to His friends’ surprise who questioned him too for his this act to which Maan just said that it was them who did mistake by puncturing all the remaining tyres though whatever the reason is yet they need to act rational instead of behaving so immaturely and hence he was just fulfilling his moral duty as he think it to be right. Everyone gaped at him as if he was an alien. No doubt they had respected Maan for his generosity but this was way too much as they were afraid of someone taking the advantage of the simplicity of their best friend. Salil had even teased also that Maan had fallen in Love with Geet to which Maan just shrugged it off that he’s just using his Good for nothing Brain unnecessarily and it was nothing like that. He was just doing it as due to him Geet and her friends can be in trouble if Mr. Singh was not there to drop them as Delhi was not safe for girls and hence he was just fixing his mistake. None of his friends got convinced with his reasoning especially Ved who knows his friend too well but then decided to keep quiet for the time being and let Maan being open up to him himself.


After a whole hour of Drive they reached to Geet’s house and their eyes widen in surprise when they read the name plate saying “Mohinder Handa, Commissioner of Police.” But Maan was all the time calm as he knew that he hasn’t done anything wrong. He told the guard about their provision of coming there who let them in after recognizing Geet’s car and confirming with Mohinder. Mohinder Handa was a commissioner of Delhi Police and a very respectful person of the society but at the same time he was very kind and noble from heart unlike his only Daughter Geet. He has been already told by Mr. Singh about what happened in the college hence he instantly recognized Maan as soon as he made his way inside the hall. Geet was not at home at that time and it was indeed good as Maan was not interested for any kind of one on one fight yet again. Mohinder had an instant liking for this young boy who was so honest in confessing his mistake and apologizing him for his and his friends’ mistake though he was not actually in fault. He had already heard a lot about him from Mr. Singh and no wonder he was so ga ga over his this Favorite student but what touched Mohinder’s heart was his simplicity and his gesture of touching his feet to seek his blessing that reflects his good morals and upbringing.


Mohinder just shrugged off the matter when Maan apologized for his and his friends behavior with Geet saying that such things happen between youngsters and he knows his daughter a little too well hence he knew that she had definitely rubbed his wrong side that lead to this shocking Maan’s friends who were not expecting such generosity from him. Mohinder wanted them to stay for dinner but Maan politely refused saying that they need to reach hostel soon but then he couldn’t refused to his continuous insistence of their driver dropping them back to hostel and hence he just agreed though reluctantly just to make the man before him happy who was so kind to him and his friends. Mohinder keeps on looking at the retreating figure of Maan until he disappears from his eyes and he knew that this guy has something in him which will make him to reach at the peak of success and probably can tame his wild and shrewd daughter too.



Days went by and so did months and everyone’s life get back to normal. Maan, Geet and their friends, all got involved in their studies. There were many occasions after that incident when Maan and Geet came face to face but didn’t speak to each other except the formal Hi-Hello. Geet came to know from her Dad that it was Maan who brought her car back after getting it fixed but her Ego was too big to thank him for his generosity for she feels that he had just fixed his mistake but still on her father’s insistence she said a cold thanks to him next day in the college to which he replied in the same manner and since that day it was just normal Hi-Hello between them whenever they came across each other. Same was the case between Maan’s and Geet’s friends who doesn’t feel it necessary either to mingle with each other.


It was one such day when Geet and her friends came back home from college for group study for the preparation of their upcoming semesters. But an expression of Shock and surprise covered their faces as soon as they opened their respective books and all the four looked at each other before looking back at the object of attention in their books. The page was covered with fresh rose petals whose aroma was so mesmerizing that anyone can drown in the world of ecstasy but what caught their attention was a piece of colored paper stuck with a Red Rose. All their eyes widens in shock as they read the contents of that letter that reads… “I Love you…Yours Valentine” in the most beautiful handwriting they had ever seen. All four of them were dazed for some moment as they read the content of the letter again and again before Pari and Meera broke the moment of daze by sharing their concern about who can be this Valentine Guy’ and how come they have not noticed when he kept this letter in their books of which Geet and Kakul were equally clueless. First they thought that it can be some sort of prank by someone but then Geet’s heart was not ready to take it as a prank by someone and she herself was unaware about the reason.


“What I think is that this letter is for Geet?” Kakul spoke making all 3 confused with her statement and especially Geet.


“And why you exactly think so Kakul? I mean these letters are found in all of us books so it can be for any one of us Na?


“See Geet, we all know that amongst all of us you are the most beautiful girl and have the looks to die for. Moreover these books were issued by you only from library so may be someone has kept it in these books thinking it to be yours.” Kakul said as a matter of fact and Geet just rolled over her eyes seeing no head and tail on her reasoning.


“That makes no sense Kakul and moreover when I had issued these books then there was nothing of this sort until I gave it to you all and since this letter is in all our books so it can be for any of us Na.” Geet reasoned while Pari and Meera gave their consent but still the reason for their worry is same who is this guy and most importantly how would they know that whose Valentine will he be.


“I have got an Idea. See this letter was found in all of us books na then we all will search for him by our own ways and who’ll find him first he’ll be that person’s Valentine.” Geet said chirpily while leaning on the cushions at the back.


“Geet I don’t think that this idea is nice. I mean what if I first and that letter was actually for anyone else from you 3 then? Just be logical Yaar.” Kakul reasoned making Meera and Pari thoughtful but Geet was stuck on her ground


“Baby this he should have thought before writing this letter without writing the name of the girl to whom this letter belongs. Now since he hasn’t written any name then this is the only way. So now it’s fixed that whoever will find him first, he’ll be that person’s valentine and now I don’t want any discussions on it.” Geet said with a tone of finality and Kakul just gave up knowing very well that she can’t win in any argument from her.




Next day when Geet opened her text book in the class to tick down the important notes said by professor, she once again found a letter in the mid of her book in the same way like she has found a day before i.e. covered with fresh Rose petals along with a Red Rose stuck to it. she instantly close the book feeling butterflies running in the pit of her stomach as she clutched the edge of her desk tight to control her erratic heartbeats and ragged breathings in the anticipation of what would be written in the letter this time. She couldn’t able to concentrate on a single word said by professor for her mind was at the thing inside the book. To her luck at that very time the bell rang and professor went out of the class. Geet too rushed outside after informing Kakul, Pari and Meera to come with her towards the garden area.


All 3 girls were surprised to see yet another letter after reaching to Garden Area and that too just in Geet’s book and not in any one of them this time. Meera probe her to read the letter and with shivering hands and thudding heart Geet opened the letter only to find it addressed to her this time with the same beautiful handwriting.




My Love is not a commodity or your favorite chocolate that you can share it among your friends. This is something that I have for you, just for you and will always be. I thought you would understand it by yourself. I thought that you’ll know it by yourself but never mind. But just want to say that please don’t insult my pure Love by making it a thing to be shared between your friends.


Yours Valentine.”


One by one all 3 of them read the letter and then looked at Geet who was still sitting dazed with his words. Someone loves her and that too so much that he knows what she’s thinking or going to do while she was unaware of this till now. Unwillingly her heart missed million beats as she felt a strange feeling creeping her heart which is still alien to her. Unknown to herself, a red hue crept on her cheek while she felt her stomach churning with some unknown sensation that she never felt before as she registered his words in the letter. But who is he? And he’s not coming before her, she thought as she looked around herself to see if she can spot anyone stalking her but to her dismay she found none. It was when Meera shrugged her shoulders her reverie was broken and she just moved back to her class without saying anything to anyone leaving all the 3 behind confused.


And since that day it was a tale of everyday. Everyday Geet use to found a letter in her text book in the same way that depicts the depth his love for her, making her feel so special with his words, with his poems. She felt like a princess and probably she indeed was Princess of his heart whose identity is still a mystery for her. He hasn’t disclosed his name to her yet and she just use to see “Yours Valentine” at the bottom of the letter. She tried really hard to search him, any clue, any sign, anything that could lead her to him but Every time when she think that she’s close to reach him all that she gets was disappointment as she failed terribly at the last moment. It was as if he’s a thin air that always revolves around her but whenever she tries to reach him she found him nowhere in the sight. This happen for whole 3 months and everyday Geet found a new letter and now her patience gave up as she feel this dire need to know who is this guy who loves her so much but still the question is How? And then one day…


“What the hell are you saying? How can that be possible?” Kakul panicked as she said after getting the biggest shock from Geet this morning


“What can I do yaar? Papa has decided all this. I was as shocked as you are. He said that, that guy is some IAS officer and is coming to see me after 2 days and I guess everything else has been already fixed between our families and it’s just a formality. I too don’t want all this so early but I have no solid excuse to refuse this proposal.”Geet said as she sat on bed helplessly.


You have Geet. You can say to Uncle that you love someone else.”Meera suggested as she sat beside her and Pari too consented with her.


“And when he’ll ask me his name then what should I say. I can’t even tell the name of anyone of you 3 as I am a girl and unfortunately you all 3 too.” Geet said as she held her head between her hands feeling so confused.


“But still how can you say yes to Uncle? You know it every well that how much that Valentine guy loves you and I can see that in your eyes too. Then Why?” Kakul said as she shrugged Geet’s shoulders while Meera and Pari were shocked to see her outburst


“Then you tell me what should I say to Dad, that Dad I am sorry I can’t marry anyone because some “Yours Valentine” named guy loves me a lot who didn’t even have courage to even write his true name then forget about coming before me. If he’s behaving like a coward then what is my fault in all this. If he have the slightest of courage then why can’t he come in front of me and say that he loves me, if he loves me this much then why he’s always a mystery to me, why he always vanishes in thin air whenever I try to reach him or is that just like his name his Love is also fake and he’s just playing along thinking me to be as a summer fling. Tell me do you have any answer?” Geet yelled back and Kakul just looked down having no answer of her questions.


“Anyways, he just have 2 days with him. If he didn’t come before me and confess his love then I have to marry the guy that Dad has chosen for me even if I don’t want to. Let’s see if his true Love as he use to claim has more power or his cowardness.” Geet said as she wiped away her tears harshly before slumping back into the bed feeling frustrated and irritated with everything.


That evening when Geet came back home from college all grumpy and irritated she once again found a letter in one of her book and she instantly opened it to read its contents with a thudding heart.




Neither I am coward nor my Love is fake. I don’t have any proof but trust me on this that I never tried to flirt with you. My Love for you is as pure as your heart. I was not coming before you till now because I want our meeting, our confession to be special on a special day i.e. Valentine’s Day but now I can’t wait for that day anymore as what is the use of waiting to make my confession special on that special day if my Geet won’t be with me for she thinks me as a coward and my love to be fake. I can’t lose you due to this perception of yours especially after knowing that someone is going to take you away from me. You are mine Geet, only mine and I can’t let you go away from me ever. You want to meet me Na then I promise that I’ll meet you tomorrow itself in the Garden of our college near the fountain holding a Red rose, waiting for you just for you.


Yours Valentine”


Geet read the whole letter again and again and a deep sigh escaped her lips as she clutched the letter close to her heart. Finally her wait is going to end and she’s going to meet him tomorrow. Who is he? How does he look? Can it be possible that she knows him but couldn’t able to recognize him as her valentine, she thought as she just laid on her bed all excited still holding his letter. O god! She’s feeling so jittery and nervous all at the same time due to anticipation of what will happen after meeting him. She just can’t wait till next day now.


“I am dyeing to meet that person who loves me so irrecoverably.” She thought as she smiled shyly before keeping that letter safe with his other letter in the side drawer waiting for next day to arrive soon.




Whole of the college stood shocked as the loud sound of slap echoed in the air drawing everyone’s attention towards the two persons standing near the fountain, one with the immense anger in her eyes while the other shattered with his head hung low seeing his most beautiful and cherished dream breaking into million pieces like this. Geet’s friends were equally shocked first with the revelation of the person and then what followed after that. Most shocked one was Kakul who was witnessing everything with teary eyes.


“That’s what you deserve Mr. Maan Singh Khurana for this act of yours. How dare you? How dare you to even think of me let alone sending those letters to me? What have you thought that I’ll run in your arms once I’ll meet you? Well, if you think of anything of this sort then it was your biggest mistake to think of any such thing like that as I am Geet, Geet Handa and Geet Handa choose everything as per her class and status and you thought that I’ll choose you. At least you should have seen that where you stand in life, where you belong, what your status is before even dreaming about me. You think that I’ll fall in Love with you… I won’t even appoint People like you even as my servant and you think I’ll choose you as my mate. At least you should have realize the difference between you and me before having such thoughts. Apni Aukat Bhool Gaye ho shayad Isiliye tumne Geet Handa ke baare me aise Sapne Dekhne ki Himmat Kari.” Geet’s voice throwed venom with utmost hatred while Maan said nothing but just stood over there dumbfounded watching the scattered pieces of his broken heart.


“Bas Kar Geet. It’s enough now. Do you even realizing what you are saying.” Kakul said agonized as she turned Geet towards her to make her look at her


Why? Are you feeling bad Kakul? But why? As far as I know that you are my friend then why are you feeling bad for him? Or is it that you are feeling bad because all your hard work of all these months went in vain.” Geet said as she looked straight into her eyes while looked at her shocked with the revelation


What? You thought that I wouldn’t be able to know that it’s you whom he had appointed for conveying his letters. I knew it on the second day itself as I had seen you keeping the letter in my book but I decided to play along so that I can bring him in front of me and that’s the reason I lied about that IAS guy so that you can convey that to him and he can come in front.” Kakul was still under shock due to revelation and so were Meera and Pari who are double shocked with so much happening at once.


“And you Mr. Maan Singh Khurana get this thing straight in your head that I was, am and will never be in Love with a man like you. Till now whatever you get to know about my feelings and behavior for you or should I say that Yours Valentine’ guy from Kakul was all a facade as I was just playing along so that I can know about the actual person behind this mystery man. The story that you had started or has thought to be started, I am finishing that right over here and now don’t even cross my path in future.” These were the words that Maan had heard before Geet leaves from there. Kakul looked at Maan tear-eyed and rushed away from there not able to see him so motionless. One by one everyone left leaving him alone but he just stood over there all numb as Geet’s words replayed again and again in his mind. Even heavens pour out from him crying for the mockery of his love that was made as he still stood over there drenching in rain. It was then Ved and his other friends came to the spot who came to know about all the happenings by some student as they all were in their class and took their dear friend away from there who was still quiet and blank.




“How can you do that Geet especially to that person who loves you so much? How can you make the mockery of his love like this?” Kakul asked Geet as she stopped Geet in the deserted corridor.


Because that’s what he deserves. And by the way why you are questioning me because of him? Why was he so important to you that you were ready to deceive your own best friend? Tell me Kakul, who is he to you? Why you are so concerned for him?” Geet asked the same questions that were buzzing in her mind since the time she came to know About Kakul’s involvement.


“Because I Love him!! I Love him a lot!!” Kakul said it aloud as she fell on her knees feeling dejected shocking everyone.


“It’s true! I had fallen in love with him the day I first saw him but couldn’t able to say it to him except just looking at him from far stealing his glances without his knowledge and then one day I muster enough courage and told him about my feelings. For the first few minutes he was shocked and numb and then he told me that he had never seen me in that way and that he loves someone else. I was jealous and broken initially as I was losing my first and only Love but then when he told me that it’s you for whom he had fallen in first sight itself but always masked his love for you with his cold behavior, then I don’t know whether I should be happy for you being so lucky or sad at my loss. But then Love taught us to be happy in your Lover’s happiness and Maan’s happiness was in you Geet and that’s the reason I decided to help him because he would never be able to tell it himself to you because this is for the first time when he has fallen for anyone otherwise Every time it was just reverse and hence he feared for the rejection (Kakul said and then looked back at Geet who was standing all dazed). Now you tell me Geet, what wrong I did if I want my best friend to get best in her life? What wrong I did if I want the person whom I love get his Love? What wrong I did by becoming a medium of communication between you two? Geet, Maan loves you a lot and trust me you won’t get anyone better than him. Girls use to run after him crazily but that crazy Guy is crazy about you. Please don’t do this to him. Forget your entire ego and accept his Love. Please Geet.” Kakul pleaded as she cupped her face making her understand while Meera and Pari too consented with teary eyes.


“I know what I have to do now.” Geet said all expressionless while others couldn’t guess what’s running in her mind.


And then next day a team of police officers came into the college and instantly arrested Maan after enquiring about him on the fake charges of supplying drugs to college students. His friends and Mr. Singh tried a lot to stop the arrest stating that Maan is not at all like that but the policemen were firm on their ground saying that they had proofs and had got orders from higher officials and eventually taken Maan with them. It was a shocking moment for whole of the college as none had thought of Maan to be like that while Mr. Singh was all broken due to not able to help his favorite student and Maan’s friends were trying their best to release Maan on bail. Geet’s friends looked at her who seems to otherwise calm and they instantly knew that it’s all because of her and their anger knew no bound then especially of Kakul’s who just dragged Geet aside and slapped her hard for the very first time in her life while Geet looked at her stunned.


“Galti Maan se bhi hui thi aur Mujhse bhi. We both had forgotten that you are Geet Handa who is nothing but an arrogant and snob girl who can never care about anyone’s feelings, a rich spoil brat. The person who loves you more than his life today you got him arrested on fake charges just because he has committed a big mistake of loving you. Wasn’t all that had you said to him or did to him was enough that you have to stoop this low to punish him. But you know what he deserves this punishment for loving an insensitive and immature girl like you. But Geet Maan’s parents have not done any mistake then why are you punishing them for no fault of theirs. His father has worked hard day and night just to see his son to reach at the peak of success, his mother use to pray every moment for her son’s safety and when they’ll come to know what their son is going through just because he had fallen in love with a wrong girl then they’ll die Geet, they won’t be able to survive. And the reason for their death will be you only you Geet. And mark my words Geet that if anything will happen to Maan and his family, then I swear I’ll forget that you are my best friend.”Kakul said and left from there without giving a second glance to Geet followed by Pari and Meera who were equally angry from Geet leaving her behind alone to realize the extent of her mistake.


That night when Geet asked her Dad to release Maan then he out rightly refused stating that law is not his personal property that he can play with it according to him whenever he wants. He was not in the favor of getting Maan arrested either owing to his principles and morals if Geet hadn’t attempted to kill herself and Mohinder can’t see his only daughter taking away her life no matter if her demand is irrational but he had to agree with a heavy heart but then today again her daughter’s mood has changed and she’s asking him to release Maan and he just can’t misuse his power of being a commissioner due to her daughter’s mood swings. But then after lots of pestering and Geet admitting that she loves Maan due to her Dad’s only condition to release Maan, Mohinder called the officers to release Maan without any trouble or interrogation.


Geet though had admitted that she loves Maan unwillingly due to the condition put forward by Mohinder but then she couldn’t help with the blush that formed on her cheeks while her toes curled in shyness while doing so but then she shrugged it off thinking that it is due to admitting something like this before her Dad and anyways right now the feeling of relief is too much to feel anything else. May be she had acted very much irrational in her anger and ego. Probably it was her anger of knowing Maan to be that guy out of all people for she was expecting anyone but him had made her behave so insensitively and hence She had decided that when Maan will come to college next day then she’ll apologize to him for all the trouble he had went through due to her and will ask him to move forward in his life and with this thought she just closed her eyes slipping into deep slumber waiting for the next day to arrive.


But thing didn’t go as per planned by her as when she reached college that day the first thing she saw was her friends but as soon as they saw her they just moved ahead without even glancing at her. Next she met with Maan’s friends and her eyes instantly searched for Maan but before she could ask them about him they too moved away from there but not before giving her a look of hatred. She though felt odd but then she knows that she deserves it as she did commit a mistake no matter for whatsoever reason and she was sure that once Maan will come then everything will be fine. But then why he didn’t came yet. He never gets late but then she thought maybe he needs some rest after all the trauma he had went through last day. She was walking lost in her thoughts when she bumped into Mr. Singh who was going through corridors.


“Congratulations Beta and Thanks a lot.” Mr. Singh said with a smile after getting greeted by her and Geet smiled thinking that it may be because he came to know of Maan’s release but his next set of words had thrown her in the deep pool guilt and regret.


“For ruining the career and life of an honest, innocent and excellent boy like Maan. I had always complaint to God that why I don’t have a daughter like you but now I thank him for not giving me a daughter like you.” Mr. Singh said and moved towards his office hiding away his tears leaving Geet behind all numb and motionless. She couldn’t stayed over there even for a minute more and just ran back to her home.




But how’s that possible? Maan has been released last night only.”Mohinder said as soon as Geet told him about Maan’s absence and everyone’s behavior.


“But then why he didn’t came to college today and why everyone is saying that I ruined his life.” Geet asked as tears brimmed in her hazels due to everyone’s indifference


“You still haven’t understood Beta. Maan was an honest and self-esteemed man who may be not rich like you but his character, his honesty meant everything to him and you had tainted his character by imposing false accusations just because of your ego. Now do you still think that he’ll be able to face this world after such humiliation knowing that now everyone will look at him disgusted? So what if he had not committed any crime but this world will see him as a criminal only. You had committed a big sin beta and the worst part is that somewhere I too has been involved in this sin of yours. I just wish that I haven’t pampered you this much after Rano’s demise then you haven’t ruin the career and life of an innocent” Mohinder said before leaving for him room leaving Geet behind all broken and to fall deep into the pit of guilt and regret.

(P.S. Pls Listen to this Song… I am so in love with itEmbarrassed



Aajaaa… teriyaan duavaan lagiyaan
Rab to main aj vi ladiyaannn…
Aajaaa… teriyaan duavaan lagiyaan
Rab to main aj vi ladiyaannn…




That night she couldn’t able to sleep at all as whenever she closes her eyes, Maan’s broken and numb face use to come in front of her eyes making her restless. She just couldn’t understand what’s happening to her as she felt this dire need to see him and asking him if he’s ok. She had hurted many people before too and she never felt regretted for it except for her friends and Dad but then she was regretting a big time for Maan and she herself is unaware for it. She don’t know why but she want him to be here with her and tell him that she was a big time fool to behave this insensitively but as much as she wished she knows that her wish couldn’t come true as she was sure that Maan would never wish to even see her face now and the mere thought had slit her heart into thousand pieces as she moved towards kitchen to have some water to calm herself for she can feel her eyes burning with those unshed tears.


Saadi gali aaja sanu chaahan waliye
Saadi gali aaja sanu chaahan waliye..
Saadi gali aaja sanu chaahan waliye
Tenu hoo..kah maarda firaan


She was about to touch the rim of the glass to her lips when she felt a hand snaking around her waist making her breath to hitch and she just closed her eyes when she found him tucking her close to his hard form such that her exposed back from her nighty was touching his taut chest. Somewhere she knew that it’s him only and for that she doesn’t have to look back. Don’t know why but she could sense his aroma and recognize his touch and her thoughts come true when she found him twirling her around with a jerk still keeping her close to him looking at her with deep intense eyes before twirling her sideways and again bringing her back making her back to touch his taut chest as he nuzzled in her neck giving her butterfly kisses making her feel ticklish.


Saadi gali aaja sanu chaahan waliye
Saadi gali aaja sanu chaahan waliye..
Saadi gali aaja sanu chaahan waliye
Tenu hoo..kah maarda firaan


She moaned in pleasure as Maan moved up his fingers over her bare arm before caressing he exposed part of her cleavage while his lips were kissing her nape while Geet just leaned her head back on his shoulders closing her eyes giving him more access before he puts all her weight on his hand and twirled her around and then gently puts her down eliciting a throaty moan from her as she felt his hot breath on her neck while he was dropping her down making her to feel thousand butterflies dancing in her stomach and strangely she was liking this proximity between them as if they were meant to be like this forever as Maan twirled and swirled her passionately.


Ikk waari aaja door jaan waliye
Ekk waari aaja door jaan waliye
Tenu hookah maarda firaan
Tenu hookah maarda firaan
Ho.. tenu hooo..kaaah maarda firaan…


Next she found herself lying on the kitchen counter and his hands moving up her body from toe to her face over the flimsy material of her nighty making her to close her eyes in pleasure as he placed open mouthed kisses over her neck and exposed part of her shoulders making her to arch her back but before she could hold him in her arms a loud sound of shattering of glass made her to open her eyes and she saw herself standing at the same place while Glass has just slipped from her hands due to her being lost in such erotic dreams with Maan. She clutched her heart tight as she breathed heavily when realized what she was hallucinating but why and why only him? She doesn’t have any feelings for him right then why? Is she falling for him?




It’s been a month now and Maan haven’t showed up in the college yet. No one knows where he is not even his friends as they all were searching him every place possible when they come to know that he haven’t returned back to Hoshiarpur but they couldn’t found any trace of him. It was one such day when Geet went to cafeteria and saw hers and Maan’s friends sitting together and talking. They all had become quite close after that incident. She goes to them to spend some time as everyone has avoided her in this one month like a plaque and especially to know if there’s any news of Maan’s whereabouts. But as soon as she greeted them, everyone left from there on the pretext of this thing or other making her realize that no one wants to talk to her after what she did and due to her one mistake she was left all alone, she thought and ran towards a deserted corridor crying bitterly.


Lagdi tu kyun door da khwaaab..
Lagdi tu kyun door da khwaaab

Just then she was crying bitterly while resting her back to one of the wall she found someone wiping away her tears and as she opened her eyes she found Maan wiping away her tears gently while nodding his head in no gesturing “Don’t cry” with a soft smile playing on his M-shaped lips while she just looked at him in awe.


Akkhiyaan cho wag bayaan
Dil main lagana tere naaal
Dil main lagana tere naaal


And before she could understand anything she found him kissing her both eyes one by one sucking away the tears after placing a oft kiss on her forehead comforting her with the warmth of his Love letting her know that she’s not alone for he’s always there with her before moving towards her full luscious lips. Geet felt his hot breath burning the softness of her lips and she parted them on her own accord in the anticipation of what coming next.


Rooh nu vasaaja seene laaann waaliye
Ikk waari aaja door jaan waliye
Tenu hookah maarda firaan
Tenu hookah maarda firaan
Ho.. tenu hooo..kaaah maarda firaan…


But then nothing happened as she instantly opened her eyes when she felt his warmth missing only to find her all alone in the deserted corridor with no Maan around and she just ran away from there crazily trying to search Maan everywhere ignoring the weird looks everyone is giving her and at last she sat near the same fountain where she had once insulted him all dejected and failed. She could see her image of slapping him and making mockery of his Love making her to disgust herself even more and as a result she hits her hand hard on the wall of the fountain with which she had slapped him making it to bleed, punishing it for its sin by giving it pain but that pain was nothing in front of the pain that she was feeling in her heart due to her guilt of ruining his life and regret of losing the person who loves her so much just due to her baseless ego which could do nothing to heal her pain now.




O… o… o…

She sat between the pool of letters in her balcony that she had treasured till now admiring them with all her heart. His letters, her most priceless possession that she has been reading daily in this past 8 months making her to fall for him more and more. A smile formed on her lips as she remembered their first meet where they had fought like a fourth graders and then the series of these letters that were the best thing happened to her and she had ruined everything with her own hands


Chitthiyaan to mitthi teri yaad aayi
Aaya ni sajna mera..
Kattiyaan jo rattaan tene bhul paayi
Dil vich basna tera..

She clutched one of the letter close to her heart as a lone tear escaped her eyes realizing what she has lost. She had lost the number of counts when she had read these letters and missed him wishing him to be close to her. Yes she had came into the terms that she’s deeply in Love with him probably she was always but it was just she who was blinded by her ego and anger to not able to see through it, she thought as she looked at the roses and the petals in one the box which were dried by now but her Love for him haven’t as it just increased by every passing second with the only wish to see him again. She knows that he’s not here with her yet she could feel him around her just like she use to feel him in these past 8 months for he’s present in her heart beating with every heartbeat of hers



Rab tenu baniya khair chaahan waliye
Ikk waari aaja door jaan waliye
Tenu hookah maarda firaan


She closed her eyes when she felt his thumb wiping away that lone tear before placing a soft yet deep kiss on the soft flesh of her palm making her to smile as she looked at him while caressing his hairs while he laid keeping his head in her lap looking at her with his deep intense and passionate eyes that had love for her just for her.


Tenu hookah maarda firaan
Ho.. tenu hooo..kaaah maarda firaan…




Saadi gali aaja sanu…

Saadi gali aaja sanu…

Saadi gali aaja…


And next she found him scooping her in his arms and before she could know anything she felt the soft mattress beneath her making her realize that she’s on her bed and she just smiled seeing him laying beside her after tucking them with duvet before kissing her forehead and then both her eyes making them close before moving towards her jaw line trailing soft yet sensuous kisses moving towards the sensitive spot beneath her ear licking it with his tongue.


I Love you Maan.” Geet whispered as he gently bites the soft flesh of her neck before licking it to sooth the pain.


“I Love you too Geet. I Love you too.” She heard his hoarse whisper and felt him keeping his rough lips on her soft ones with her closed eyes. He didn’t kissed neither moved but just placed them above hers giving her the warmth of his Love and making her drown in the world of blissful dreams of being them together happily yet again.




“I don’t want to meet anyone.” Geet said as she looked other side avoiding the questioning gaze of her father who had brought yet another alliance for her.


“This is the umpteenth time I am listening to same sentence and you can’t get excused Every time. It’s final now, you are meeting that guy.” Mohinder said with a tone of finality. After that incident of 1 1/2 yrs before he had become a bit strict regarding Geet and hence she now don’t have enough courage to make her father to make her agree on her terms like before yet she can never think of someone taking Maan’s place in her heart and life. She knew that he’ll be back once he’ll punish her enough for her sin. More than her love she had trust on his love and hence she keeps on rejecting every proposal.


“I don’t want to marry anyone as I wanted to complete my studies first.”


“I am not asking you to marry him tomorrow itself. I just want you to meet that guy, that’s it. And anyways you are already in your third year and he has to go for his IAS training so if everything will get fine then both of you can get engaged today itself and once he’ll finish his training and you your studies then you both will get married.”Mohinder said as a matter of fact while Geet just looked at him shocked, he had already fixed everything and didn’t even cared to ask her.


“But Dad…”


“I don’t want any more argument on this Geet as it won’t change my decision. Now go back to your room and get ready. I had invited them for lunch today and it’s already 11 am. I have asked Kakul, Meera and Pari to come and help you. Though they don’t want to come but after my insistence they agreed. They can be here any moment. Now Go.”Mohinder said in a stern voice while Geet just nodded meekly before going back to her room.


Tears that were threatening to fall out from her eyes finally made their ways out as soon as Geet came to her room. No she can’t meet anyone, can’t marry anyone because she belongs only to the person whom she had lost due to her own stupidity yet can’t think of anyone but him and can wait for him forever but she can’t let anyone else claim her. She would die before she has to be called anyone else’ than Maan.


“You are mine Geet, only mine and I can’t let you go away from me ever.”


His words from his last letter rang in her mind as she closed her eyes and fresh tears spilled out from her eyes feeling so helpless. She tried really hard to search him in these 18 months but every time all she got is disappointment. In fact Salil has even shut the door hard on her face when she had gone to his hostel to ask him if he knew anything about Maan. Suddenly everything started to feel so empty and meaningless without him. She had lost her Love, she had lost her friends and she had lost the sense of pride that her father once use to have on her and all this due to that stupid ego of hers that lead her to nowhere. Every second without him in these 18 months was not less than a punishment for her and she knows that she deserves it for making the mockery of his pure Love while falling deeply and deeply in love with her. What an irony, when he was in front of her then he couldn’t understand his feelings and now he has gone far away from her then she had realized what she has lost but Alas! It was too late.


Kakul, Meera and Pari came to her place after a while and their heart cried seeing her in pain thus washing away all the anger of these 18 months and as a result they instantly hugged her to comfort her. Geet cried hugging Kakul begging her to bring Maan or to take her to him and Kakul just closed her eyes in helplessness as she could do nothing to sooth the pain of her best friend. They reached downstairs with a heavy heart after composing themselves and helping Geet to get ready. Geet saw a middle-aged couple conversing with her father as she greeted them. They seemed to be very nice and kind from heart as they talked to her once she sat near them. Their simplicity instantly reminded her of Maan and her heart cried even more in helplessness but she could do nothing, nothing at all. Later she was told by her Dad that the guy who had come to see her is waiting in the Garden area for her and hence she has to meet him there only. He gestured Geet’s friends to take her to him who just nodded their head and took Geet towards the garden area and then left after asking her to be strong and tell him clearly.


Geet scanned throughout the Garden area to see the guy who came to see her but to her surprise she found him nowhere. Her brows furrowed in confusion as she couldn’t understand where that guy could vanish when her Dad has told her that he has been waiting for her over here. She was looking for him around her when something on the Tea-table caught her attention and she moved forward only to see a piece of colored paper peeping through the pages of Diary. She immediately picked up the diary to open it and her eyes widened in shock as she found a letter in the same way Maan use to send to her i.e. stuck with a Red Rose and covered with fresh Rose Petals. For few moments she couldn’t fathom whether it’s a dream or reality but then the feel of paper in her hand made her realize that it’s a reality and she immediately opened the letter with her trembling fingers and thudding heart as soon as the realization dawn upon her.


“I could never get my mind off you,

I wonder if you’d mind if I’d make you my own,

And never let you go,

Hug you tight,

Treat you right,

Act all polite,

Take you on a date,

Making sure I am never late

Kiss you on your lips,

Talk about our kids,

Make you feel like a princess,

Living in a castle,

By just only loving you I am so blessed,

Hope by claiming you for forever I can be the best,

My only desire is to hold you tight,

Feeling the thudding of your heart against mine,

Now tell me my Princess,

Will you be mine?

Holding my hand in this journey of life my Love,

Will you be my Valentine???


Yours Valentine”


“Maan” she muttered in astonishment as she read the letter again and again with her wide eyes not able to believe whether she was dreaming or this letter was actually here. How come that be possible after so many months getting this letter again in the same manner and most importantly how did it reached over here, million thought raced her mind as she felt her heart thudding loud in her rib cage while her hands held the letter tight as if she was fearing it as her mere hallucination yet again.


“You haven’t given your answer yet, Geet.” she heard a familiar voice touching her ear drums breaking the trail of her thoughts. She could never forget this husky and baritone voice of his no matter how many months or years passed by not seeing him or hearing him for this only voice has been etched all over her heart and mind .


Tears welled up her eyes as she raise her head to look at the source of voice and there he stood in front of her in flesh and bones looking at her ever so lovingly, same Love which he have for her before and which she failed to realize then but to her surprise it was still there without even faltering a bit even after such a grave mistake of her ruining his life. And next she found herself running in his embrace hugging him tightly as if he’ll vanish once again in thin air and him wrapping his arms tight around her petite form cocooning her in his embrace close to his heart. She cried in his embrace as she muttered “I am Sorry” countless times but this time out of sheer happiness of him coming back to her while he just keeps on rubbing her back to calm her down hiding his face in the crook of her neck inhaling her sweet aroma.


They pulled out from hug after what seems like an eternity with Maan still keeping her in his embrace close to him as she caress his face lovingly while smiling amidst her tears trying to make herself believe of his presence, Maan’s hand instantly reached to cradle her face and wiping the trail of those salty water before placing a soft yet deep kiss on his forehead making her believe on the fact that he’s indeed there with her and it’s not just her dream before pulling her back into his embrace.


“You haven’t given me my answer yet Geet? Will you be my Valentine for whole of my life?” Maan asked after a while making Geet to pull out from his embrace and looked at him awed. How can he still love her in the same way like he did before probably even more than before even after her doing so wrong with him?


“How can you still love me so much Maan?” Geet asked as fresh tears brimmed in her eyes finding nothing but only Love for her just for her in his deep honeyed eyes. She had expected to see hatred, disgust in them for her like she had seen in the eyes of everyone but his orbs only reflected nothing but his pure Love for her.


Because I do. I just can’t stop loving you even if I want to. I tried to not think about you but couldn’t get my mind off you even for a second. I tried to hate you as much as I can but at the end I eventually ended up falling more and more in Love with you. Geet, do you think of me worthy enough to let me hold your hand and walk in this journey of life together crossing each hurdle, each difficulty with our Love? Do you think of me worthy enough for you to let me love you, pamper you and treat you like a princess of my heart? Do you think of me worthy enough to let me grow old with you? Do you think…”


His next set of words remain unsaid as Geet instantly sealed his lips with hers stopping him to say further. How dare he think that he’s not worthy enough for her? If someone is unworthy then It’s she who probably doesn’t deserve a gem like him owing to the mistake she had committed and here he’s asking if he’s worthy enough or her. How can his Love be still so selfless and unconditional, she thought as she sucked his upper lip pouring out all the love she has for him.


It took some time to Maan to realize what actually is happening. His princess is kissing him, O God! It’s their first kiss and as soon as he realized this fact he just wrapped his arm around her waist pulling her closer as he reciprocated the kiss in the same fervor. His other hand angled her face as he deepened the kiss before nipping her lips gently gaining an entry into the sweet crevices of her mouth pouring out his endless love for her. They kissed each other like there is no tomorrow forgetting the world around them as their virgin lips moved against each other in a perfect sync sucking, nibbling and kissing each other passionately. They finally broke out after what seems like an eternity when they felt the dire need to take breath before touching their foreheads together in order to calm down their ragged breathing.


“Don’t ever say that you are not worthy enough for me or else I’ll kill you. Your place in my heart is much above than my God Maan. If someone is unworthy then it’s me. Will you make me worthy enough for you by making me a part of your life Maan?” Geet looked at Maan with her expected hazels to which he just simply pecked her lips softly giving her his answer.


Got your answer? You are much more worthy for me and my Love Geet than I can ever ask for? Now never say that again. Whatever happened was our past and what will come will be our future and I don’t want to spoil the blissful moment of our future by mulling over our past. So right now from this moment I want us to forget everything and start a fresh. You’ll do that na Geet, for me?” Maan’s answer made Geet speechless as she looked at him with all the love she’s having for him seeing the depth of his love that had so easily freed her from her every guilt. Kakul was indeed right she is indeed a lucky one to have him in her life, she thought as she nodded her head in acceptance.


“I Love you Geet. I Love you a lot” Maan hoarsely whispered in his baritone voice as he looked deep into her hazels that were already looking at him with so much Love.


“I Love you too Maan. I Love you a lot.” She replied as she submitted herself in his embrace while he just held her close to him feeling the happiest man of this earth.


A loud sound of clapping and hooting broke the moment of blissful confession of these 2 love birds and as they looked at the direction they found their family and their friends and Mr. Singh standing with smiling faces adoring this lovely couple but what made Geet embarrass was the fact that they probably would have witnessed them kissing especially the elders and all she want at that moment is mother earth to swallow her for being seen in such position by their elders. But then something stuck Geet’s brain and she instantly looks at Maan and then back to her Dad who was smiling widely. And as she puts two and two together she understood everything that Maan is the guy who came to see her and what kind of Drama is her Dad doing till now.


“I know what’s running in your mind Geet. Well I’ll cut the long story in short. I found Maan after whole 2 months since that incident only to find him working as a mechanic in a small village nearby. Since Ved had already told me that Maan haven’t been back to Hoshiarpur and I know that he wouldn’t either, for he can’t let down his parents and that made my work easier. It took me lots of time to convince him to come back with me and finally he did just to fulfill his Father’s dream but I could see how broken and shattered he was for his eyes reflected his pain clearly hence I ask Mr. Singh to keep him at his home and with the help of some of my contacts I arranged everything by which Maan could complete his education and everything that could lead him to fulfill his dream. Here I had seen true remorse in your eyes too but I want you to realize the depth of your feelings and extent of the damage you had done so that you won’t repeat the same mistake again. And finally Maan’s determination and hard work showed its result and he had topped in his IAS examinations and rest you can comprehend yourself. And ya one more thing Maan’s name is all cleared from every criminal record hence there’s no need to worry about it. And ya in all this there’s someone apart from Mr. Singh who helped me a lot and that is “Panch Shakti” means Maan’s own friends who stood by him like his strength giving him support at his toughest time.” Mohinder’s last sentence made all the girls to look at the guys surprised and anger was visible in everyone’s face for hiding such fact from them even after being quiet close to them especially of Kakul’s who haven’t expected Ved to hide this from her for they really became very close to each other in these one and a half year, as she looked at him angrily while he just mouthed a sorry nervously.


“Umm… Guys what could we do? Mohinder Uncle has emotionally blackmailed us to be quiet. Ab who can refuse the order of Commissioner of Police. Abey bolo na tum log.” Ved said as he nudged his friends to speak in defense while smiling nervously who supported his statement and finally after lots of Roothna manana girls let go the matter as the moment of happiness was too much to think of any other thing.


“Waise Geet, along with Maan we all are waiting for your answer. Ab Bol bhi Do Warna my niece is all ready to marry him right now and here. If you have any dilemma then I can ask her.” Mr. Singh teased making everyone giggle and Geet to look at him pouting with cute anger. But then everything went silent as they saw Maan bending on his knees before taking Geet’s hand in his making her to look at him dazed.


Ms. Geet Handa, I Maan Singh Khurana, in the presence of all these people, is proposing you to marry me and make me a part of your life. Will you give me this Privilege to own you and make you my Valentine officially for rest of my life? Will you be mine?” Maan’s words stirred new emotions in Geet’s heart making her to fall for him even more as her lips broke into the widest smile while she nodded her head in yes.


“Forever I’ll be yours and only yours. But I have one condition.” Geet’s words made Maan and others confused as they looked at her furrowing their brows.


“You have to promise me that you’ll always be just my Valentine?”Maan’s lips curved into smile as he let out the breath that he has been holding till now.


“Today, tomorrow, forever and in every birth I promise that I’ll be only Yours Valentine’.Maan said as he slipped the ring into her finger marking her as his possession before filling her in his embrace amidst the huge round of clapping and whistling leaving everyone to witness the re-union of these two souls.




So this was the story of Maan and his only Love Geet who finally got together after a long period of separation. They both got married after Maan finished his training and Geet her studies and then with each passing day their Love for each other increased just more and more while their nights were filled with passion and madness for each other. Maan had finally convince their parents to stay with them in Delhi and Geet was so delighted to get the love of two fathers and one mother. Those bitter memories that were once the part of their lives now seem to be vanish somewhere long back for it has been replaced by all the loving and blissful memories created by Maan and Geet. And then an year later an Angel came into their lives and Maaneet named them as Seher’ who honored them to cherish the beautiful feeling of becoming parents and then after 4 years of Seher’s birth Geet gave birth to another Boy and they gladly named him as Garv’ and their family got complete.


Ved and Kakul too got married 2 years after Maaneet’s marriage. Probably Kakul had finally found her match in Ved and both are just perfect for each other and now is a Proud parent of one boy. After lots of hook ups and break ups Yash and Meera too got married and guess what they were still fighting even after having 3 kids and soon Pari and Vicky too got married though that’s a different thing that Pari still use to have crush on other guys.


And Salil… Wo Bechara is still searching for his Ms. Perfect in every girl but still no luck. Even after being an owner of such a big and successful advertising agency he haven’t got his soul-mate yet but still he never stops trying approaching every girl. Everyone has mark their names in their respective fields and are successful in their own ways. Some less and some more but still that couldn’t come in the way of the Bond they shared with each other and they were sure that it won’t change even in the future too..


Maan and Geet are celebrating their 12th Marriage anniversary and they are still madly in Love with each other just like they were before. It’s not that haven’t faced any difficulties or differences or ups and downs, they did but they crossed everything with their Love and understanding and are leading a blissful life. Maan still use to express his Love by writing Letters and Geet just use to fall more and more for him with his way to express his Love especially his way of still addressing himself at the end of Letter as “Yours Valentine.” 

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“Destined To Be” ~ Part 38


                                                            Part 38:


Satiating himself from tasting the warm and soft skin of her neck he raises his head up only to find her breathing ragged, face flushed and her lips parted in anticipation and in next moment he was claiming her rosy lips quenching both of their thirst forgetting all the pain and trauma that they both went through those moments. Geet clutched his hairs hard gasping out loud when she felt Maan biting her lips thus giving him the needed entry as he explored the sweet nectar of her mouth. There was no hurrying or urgency in the kiss as he took all his sweet time to relish the beauty lying beneath him which belongs to him, only him whom he want to give all the solace and peace of this world. He didn’t even realize when his actions for calming her down lead into this or where is it leaning further as everything happened on its own accord    


But more than calming her down, he needs peace and solace for his own self which he knows that he’ll get in her embrace only. Only he knows what he had faced during those moments when death was just inches away and then only her face came in front of her eyes making him to fight his death. At that very moment he realize that his life his nothing without her. If she is his weakness then she is his strength too and that very strength gave him courage to fight back the Danger and come to his life, his Geet. And that was the very moment when he realize he can’t wait for longer to letting this beautiful woman know about his feelings for her. After facing death from so near he realized one thing that there is no special moment to confess his feelings in fact that moment itself will be very special when he’ll tell her about his feelings; doesn’t matter if it will be on her Birthday or today at this very moment but he won’t delay any longer and as the realization dawn upon him he broke the kiss leaving both of them for gasping for air before he placed his forehead on hers breathing heavily. Geet opened her eyes after a while only to meet his dark ones looking at hers in anticipation and before she could ask or say anything he pecked her lips yet again before looking back at her once again and finally uttering the words which he wanted to utter from long and which she wanted to hear form so long


“Geet Main Tumse…”




“Do you think he is going to hang us upside down by the way he is looking at both of us?” Dev whispered to Adi who was as afraid him looking at the man sitting in front of him looking at both of them with murderous glare along with him sat another person who too was looking at both of them but with a sly smile on his face.


“I told you that it’s not a nice idea to hide this thing from him. Now we both are dead.”Adi whispered back as he gulped down the saliva looking at the angry eyes of the person which were capable of burning his entire being.


“Umm Bro we can explain.” It was Dev who finally gathered courage to speak seeing murderous glare of Maan as he sat with his leg crossed over other looking at both of with no-nonsense attitude.


Hhhmmm. Explain.” His words short and crisp made whatever courage Dev and Adi to gather to flew away from the window making them to gulp down their words in their throat.


Relax Maan. You are scaring out the poor souls now.Person sitting beside Maan left out a chuckle as he tried to calm down his anger which was now seems to be at seventh peak right now.


“Relax? You are asking me to relax Omkara? How can I relax when I know that these two are hiding something big from me and now not telling me even after me asking them numerous times? How can I relax after knowing that they had contacted you for something related to me and didn’t even care to let me know about it? What do you expect me to do then? Give them bravery award for their courage and intelligence” Maan blasted in anger looking at both Dev and Adi who were sitting with their head hung low as if they were some mischievous student who were now getting scolded by the teacher for their mischief.


Now speak up will you both? And don’t even dare to tell me a story now. I know there is something big you both are hiding and today’s accident is related to that only.  Now spit it out what it is or else.” Maan gritted his teeth as he tried to advance towards them in anger. Had it not been Omkara holding him back then they both would have been probably thrashed badly by now.


“Bro, trust me it’s nothing. I had called Omkara because I was getting some extortion call off late regarding you so I was tensed and hence called Omkara to look over this matter. That’s it.” Dev tried to sound as confident as he can while Adi just shook his head in disappointment as he knows that Dev was still not telling whole truth to Maan.


“And today’s accident? What will you say about that?” Maan looked at both of them with his scrutinizing gaze with his hands crossed over his chest.


Wo.. Bro you remember you were talking to me while driving at that time you told me about your break failure so I just traced your location and reached at the spot. You can’t even imagine bro what went through me seeing that condition of your car and when Inspector told me that you are… I can’t even tell you how I felt at that time. I too would have been dead at that very moment seeing your belongings all tattered in pieces if not that little boy came to our rescue.” Dev recalled that horrible moment where he felt he had lost his brother forever.




“No, no this can’t happen. Bro can’t leave us like that. He can’t leave his Geet like that. What will I say to Geet? He can’t die, No. BRO!!!!!” A loud howl escaped his throat as he cried bitterly on the fact that his brother, his idol has left him for forever.


“Hey! You little boy. What are you doing over here? Can’t you see an investigation is going on over here? Go, go from here. Go to your home.”Dev heard someone chiding a little boy from police team but didn’t found it important to turn and look at him for right now the pain that he was feeling was too much to think of something else.


“Sir But…”


“Look Boy, An accident has happened over here and we are investigating it. This is not a place to play so go back to your home.”The Investigating Officer tries to make that little boy understand calmly who was trying very hard to say something but was being refrain from saying anything every time he tried to say.


“Sir, I am not here to play. I am here to ask for your help. I saw someone near the bushes that side and he seems to be injured. I couldn’t saw his face but I know he is alive because he is murmuring something. Something likeGeet”or I don’t know.” Dev’s ears shot up when he listened to the words of that little boy and in no time he was in front of that boy who doesn’t seems to be less than an angel for him right now.


“Wh… What… What did you said? You… You saw my Bro. Where… Where did you saw him? How is he?” With all the emotions choking into his heart it was getting difficult for Dev to even form a proper sentence. Little Boy as if understanding his emotions quickly pointed towards the direction where he saw the person which was a bit far from the place where they were at present and Dev instantly rushed towards the place with that little boy with police officers following behind.


Dev felt all his prayers being heard when he reached the spot only to realize that the person about whom that little boy was talking about is none other than his brother, his idol Maan who has been declared dead just a few minutes back and who was now in front of him lying unconscious but at least safe and sound.


“Geet… Geet… I’ll not lose… I’ll come back to you… Geet… I love you… Geet” All of them heard him mumbling in his sub conscious state and tears feel down from Dev’s eyes when he realized that even in this state all he thinks about is his Geet.


“Bro… Bro open your eyes. Talk to me Bro. Nothing will happen to you. Please open your eyes.” Dev sprinkled some water on his face which was given by that little boy and Maan opened his eyes only for a second before closing them again and falling deep into unconsciousness thus alarming Dev.


Dev along with help of other police officers instantly carried Maan towards his car making sure to not to be noticed by the media as it will just delay them further before informing Adi about everything and asking him to reach hospital as soon as possible. Adi who was already on his way to the accident spot instantly turned back his car towards the hospital in order to make all the necessary arrangement before Dev reaches there. Dev turned to look at that little boy who was towing behind him all this while after adjusting Maan in the back seat only to find him worried for his brother and a small smile crept on his lips when that little boy asked his permission to accompany them to the hospital.


Thank you child. Thank you for your help. You had no idea what a big favor you had done on me. But now you should go home. I’ll manage from here. Thank you once again. Here take this as a token of gratitude from my side.” Dev took out a bundle of notes from his wallet before forwarding it towards him but he was amazed when that little boy refused to take even a single penny from him.


“No Sir, I don’t need money. Your brother had already given me a lot when he bought flowers from me today. I am happy that I am at least able to pay back to him in any manner. He is a very nice and kind-hearted person. Please take care of him. I’ll pray too for his safety too.” Dev was amazed seeing the honesty of the little boy who was not less than an angel for him at this moment. Guess that’s why people say that children are the form of God. He tried to give money to him once again but that little boy was adamant on his place.


“Ok, I won’t force you. Here take my card. And I promise that from now onwards I’ll take care of all your study and also of your siblings if you have any. Study hard and make your parents proud of you. And Call me without any hesitation whenever you need anything.” Dev caressed the head of that boy before getting back into the car and rushing towards the hospital leaving that little boy behind smiling.




The white paint of the walls, pale white curtains and the beeping sound of machines were the first thing that Maan had noticed when he had opened his eyes after whole 3 hours of being unconsciousness. He blinked his eyes couple of times to adjust with the surroundings as he tried to sit on the hospital Bed while holding his head only to realize it being bandaged. He looked around himself only to find himself in the hospital room and it took him sometime to register all the happenings of the time before his accident and his eyes restlessly searched for the person who was the sole reason of his existence but to his dismay he couldn’t found her anywhere. His heart badly wanted to have just a glimpse of her just to be assured that everything is fine and he is still alive and as this thought crossed his mind he gather all his strength to get down from the bed and go to the person who is the only one who can calm down his restless heart.


“Bro.” His attempt halted in between when he heard a familiar voice and he looked up only to find Dev standing at the door step looking at him with teary eyes but that tears are not of sadness but of relief of finding his brother safe and sound.


Bro.. Bro you are fine. Gosh! I can’t tell you how much scared I was. Thank God you are fine. Please never ever do that to us again Bro.”Dev cried as he hugged Maan tight expressing his vulnerable condition.


I am fine Dev. But how come you are here? And where are others?”Maan looked behind Dev to find any other person of the family or rather say to find the person who is the reason for his existence, his Geet.


“Bro, No one knows about your accident except me and Adi. I haven’t informed anyone back at home. You know Dadimaa right she won’t be able to take it and also Geet so I preferred not to inform them. And anyways I had talked to Doctor and he has said that we can take you home now itself so I didn’t find the need to inform them.” Dev revelation made Maan shocked as he didn’t expect this stupidity from Dev.


Are you out of your mind Dev. You haven’t told anyone about it yet. You know media will only hype this matter and god forbid if anyone at home saw this news then won’t it affect them then. How can you be this stupid Dev?” Maan ran his hand through his hair in frustration only to wince in pain due his injuries.


“Bro! Bro please relax. You are injured. And I am sorry in all this chaos this thing didn’t came into my mind. I am really sorry Bro. We are leaving in few minutes anyways. Let’s just pray that no one at home had seen that news. By the way Bro, you had given your car has came back from servicing 3 days back only right, then how come it got out of order this soon.” Dev raised his doubts which were bothering him from long.


“I don’t know Dev. And I feel this is not just an accident but a well-planned incident. Otherwise you only tell how come the car which was perfectly fine few hours back when I went to the jewelry shop can get out of order all of a sudden and that too this much that it can cost me my life. It was not less than a last moment miracle for me that I was successful in getting out of the car or else… (He don’t want to think on those lines). It is a well planned act Dev” Maan’s words made Dev thoughtful as he realized that whatever Maan was saying is right. It is indeed a well planned act and he had this intuition that it is linked it with all the previous attempts made on Maan’s life but how to tell this to Maan was the only thought running in his mind.


“Dev, are you hiding something from me?” Maan’s words broke his trance and he looked up at him only to find Maan looking at him with his scrutinizing gaze thus making him nervous.


Ummm.. No Bro what would I hide? Ummm.. I will just go to the doctor and ask him to start with your discharge procedure.” Dev turned to leave in order to avoid Maan’s scrutinizing gaze and it was enough for Maan to suspect Dev of hiding something but he knows this is not the right place for the confrontation.


“Dev wait!” Dev halted in his steps hearing Maan’s intimidated and turned to look at him scared. Last thing he wanted at this moment was any type of confrontation.


“I can’t go home like this. I mean everyone will get worried if they get to know about this horrible accident. So we have to think of a plan. Call Adi.” Dev nodded his head in agreement before going out to call Adi.


“Hello! It’s me. I need your help. Can you please come to KM at earliest possible?” Dev made a call to someone and sighed in relief realizing that now his work of finding the real culprit behind Maan’s accident will get easier before he went in search of Adi and once Adi met with Maan and Dev they together plan out the fake accident thing so that none of the family members get worried for it.


           ~~~~~~~*********Back to Present*********~~~~~~~~~


“So you called Omkara from the hospital?” Maan’s words brought everyone back in the present and Dev looked at Adi before nodding in acceptance.


Why do I feel Dev that you still haven’t told me the whole truth. I can accept that extortion call thing, as it is common in business world but this gruesome accident; this can’t be a part of the extortion, can it?” Maan was still not able to believe completely about what Dev has said making both Adi and Dev look at each other nervously.


“I am here for that only Maan. Don’t worry, I am personally investigating everything and I am sure whatever the reality behind this accident is, it will definitely come out. But as of now I think you should go and rest. I don’t think I had to remind you that you had just escaped a horrible accident and very much injured. This much stress is not good for you. You go to your room and have rest. I’ll take it from here.” Omkara suggested as he put a hand on Maan’s shoulder making Dev and Adi to sigh in relief.


“No, I am not going to listen anything. Think about Geet Bhabhi. Don’t you think she too needs you right now? So you go to her and also have rest. I’ll see to this matter.” Omkara interrupted when Maan opened his mouth to refuse thus leaving no room for the argument and hence he just nodded his head in understanding before leaving the room with the help of Adi.


So you told everything to Maan. Now tell me the truth.” Dev was shocked at Omkara’s words as he spoke as soon as Maan left the room.


Nah… Don’t even think of denying. Let me tell you that I am not ACP just for the namesake. I can clearly differentiate between truth and a story. And if you forgot then let me remind you that you are the one who had asked me to come KM as soon as possible and for this thing I am sure that you’ll not call me this urgent if the matter is only related to extortion. So c’mon, spill the beans now. And trust me I won’t say anything to Maan. But Dev, you have to tell me the whole truth.”  The otherwise witty and fun loving Omkara was serious and Dev could sense that and hence he narrated everything right from the commotion happened at the Noida Construction site to Maan’s accident to multiple attempts made in hospital on Maan’s life to when they find out about it and what followed after that to what happened till today’s accident making Omkara thoughtful.


Why haven’t you told me about all this before Dev? You know how much dangerous it can get for Maan. Anyways, I am here now and I’ll take care of everything. You don’t worry.” Omkara patted Dev’s shoulders as he gave an assuring smile making Dev to sigh in relief.


“Thanks Omkara. I can’t trust anyone on this matter than you. Thanks for coming on such a short notice.” Dev hugged Omkara in happiness as he felt a heavy burden been lifted off from his shoulders now with Omkara’s presence.


Hey, don’t be so senti yaar. We are family friends after all and do you know the meaning of family friend; A friend who is more than a family. So don’t be so formal with me. Now tell me what you and that nerdy fellow have found out till now.” Dev smile faded listening to Omkara’s question and he forwarded some papers towards Omkara about what he and Adi found out till now.


“You sure about it? I mean it can be a misunderstanding too.” Omkara asked shocked as he couldn’t believe of what he is seeing.


“I wish it was a misunderstanding Omkara but unfortunately it is not. I had cross checked each and everything and everything is pointing towards same direction. And as you can see, the history of transactions, it was made on the dates near to the attempts made on Bro’s life. In fact, the last call has been made to this number just few seconds before Bros accident. All of this can’t be a co-incidence Omkara.” Dev ran a frustrated hand in his hair as he clenched his teeth in order to control his anger making Omkara thoughtful.


You don’t worry Dev. As I said I am here now and I’ll take care of everything. And I’ll take care of this thing too. So you just go and relax. I’ll think of something and then will discuss with you and that nerdy fellow, I mean Adi. And As of now let me cross-check everything myself.” Dev just hummed in response before leaving the room giving Omkara the much needed privacy for his investigation.


“Hhhmmm. Everything looks simple yet it seems complicated. Why am I having this feeling that things are not like it seems. Something is missing. I have to delve deep into this matter before coming into any conclusion.” Omkara rubbed his stubble thinking as he looked at the papers in his hand closely to find that missing piece of puzzle which is there is front and still it’s missing.




Do listen to this song… It’s a Love Mashup by Armaan Malik… Follow the link if you are unable to view over here



Tu aati hai seene mein
Jab jab saansein bharta hoon
Tere dil ki galiyon se
Main har roz guzarta hoon

Hawaa ke jaise chalti hai tu
Main ret jaisi udta hoon
Kaun tujhe yun pyar karega
Jaise main karta hoon



The pale and tired face of the person he loves the most is the first thing that Maan had noticed as soon as he reached his room making his lips curved into smile as he looked at her sleeping form. She was still in the same position and in same state where he had left her when they were interrupted in their confession. The only difference is that, the eyes which were looking at him at that moment with all the love of this world along with the anticipation of his confession were now closed and the girl whom he is admiring lovingly is now travelling into the world of her dreams. Guess she drifted into sleep while waiting for him, he thought as he sat beside her on the bed admiring her.


He very gently caressed her hairs with his long fingers easing away the tense lines formed on her forehead making her relax as she turned in her sleep holding his hand in hers tightly as if afraid to let him go thus making his heart swelled in love and admiration for her. His fingers slightly caressed her soft cheeks that still had dry marks of her tears before his lips replaced his fingers as he gave feather light kisses on her skin expressing his love for her. He still can’t believe his luck which has gifted him a girl like Geet who loves him so insanely. Can he get anymore lucky, he thought as he looked at her serene face so beautiful and so close to him and he can never get tired of it.


He chuckled slightly when he recalled her annoyed face when they were interrupted by Nakul who had knocked the door to inform him about Omkara’s visit right at the time he was going to confess his love for her. Well, feelings were mutual as he too was equally annoyed with the interruption. He was on the verge of confessing his feelings for her when Nakul has interrupted and it took every ounce of him to break that moment and attend the intruder. But now if he give it a thought then that moment did give a insight of her heart loud and clear. The anticipation in her eyes filled with love which was later replaced by irritation told him that she too is waiting for that moment as eagerly as him.


Ho ho…


Mujhse zyada mere jaisa
Koi hai toh hai tu
Phir na jaane dil mera kyun
Tujhko na de sakun..


May be this is not the right time to confess and that’s why they were interrupted. May be God too wanted him to make that moment special for the person who is special to him and not in the heat of any moment. And he will make that moment real special for her, for them. That day will be a memorable day for her as well as for him, the day when there won’t be any distance between them in any form. Where she will be his in every sense and he will be hers in every sense. No matter in what circumstances they would have got married but today’s truth is that Maan and Geet are inseparable souls or in other words they are just name of two bodies in one soul. Nothing can separate them, absolutely nothing. May be that’s why even after so many hurdles they are still together, he thought as he leaned closer to her almost touching his lips with hers only to feel her soft and heavy breathings on his face thus provoking his desires to another level.


His eyes scanned her closed ones and all he felt at that moment is this sudden urge in him to look in those eyes that are always shining in love for him. He wanted to wake her up right then and there so that he can see her heart through her eyes but remembering her drained out condition he thought otherwise. And anyways, this distance is just the matter of like what 4 days only and after that His Geet will be all his to love and cherish, he thought as he tucked away he loose strand of her hair that was coming on her face thus disturbing her sleep and his view respectively.


Kuch toh hai jo dil ghabraaye
Kuch toh hai jo saans na aaye
Kuch toh hai jo hum honthon se
Kehte kehte keh naa paaye


Hey aaye aha aaha…


“Geet, it’s your love only that use to bring me back from death every time I face it. You are my biggest strength as well as biggest weakness and I just can’t afford to lose you. You are a blessing bestowed on me by that almighty Geet and I promise that I’ll cherish and protect you always. You are mine, only mine and will remain mine only not only in this lifetime but in every lifetime. I know you might be annoyed as we were interrupted in our blissful moment but I promise you Geet that I’ll make that moment very special for you, so much special that you won’t forget that day ever in your life. And as of now the words that were left incomplete at that time I’ll complete it now. I Love you Geet, I love you so much. Thanks for coming into my life.”Maan whispered as he looked at her serene face before leaning forward and pressing his lips on her forehead for a moment longer than needed and before moving to give a soft peck on her lips as if sealing his promise only to find her lips curving into a slight smile, thus making him wonder is she awake?


But then her still closed eyes and heavy breathings gave him prove of her still sleeping and realization dawned upon him that she can feel his love even in her deep sleep. His lips curved into a wide smile while his heart swelled in pride and love for her with this realization as he gently laid down beside her facing her making sure not to put pressure on his injuries. His eyes keeps on looking at her face while his thumb caresses the back of her palm of her hand which was holding his as his other hand keeps on caressing her face with love until he felt his eyes dropping down out of tiredness and effect of the medicines and he too gave up to his sleep travelling to the world of dreams with his life, his love, his Geet.




She pouted cutely as she looked at the face of her husband who seems to be the most relaxed person of this earth as he sat on the couch reading the newspaper. Due to Dadimaa’s strict order no one is allowed to go to the office today. Maan was anyways on leave but even Adi and Dev has to stay back in the home today thanks to the incidence happened a day before. But that was not the reason for her annoyance; in fact she was more than happy to see him at home. Reason of her annoyance is the non-chalant behavior of her husband who is behaving like nothing happened.


Did he so easily forgot that he was about to tell her something last night when they were ummm… close and were interrupted by Nakul, she thought as she looked at him once again before sighing heavily and looking other side. Her cheeks turned into darkest shade of red when she recalled her close moments with Maan last night. She could still feel his lips lingering on her skin and her eyes closed on her own accord as she relived that moment with Maan yet again thus making her blush even more.


But what was that that he wanted to say at that moment, Geet thought as she once again looked at Maan who was still engrossed in reading the newspaper. The question was running continuously in her mind since the time she had found herself in his arms after waking up in the morning. She didn’t even realized last night when he came back into the room neither did she knew how he was sleeping holding her so protectively and so close to her but for one thing she was sure that her heart is having an unknown peace right now as if it got something for which he had desired for so long, but why is that so as Maan had still not said anything to her or did he, she thought confused and then smacked her head on her own stupid thoughts. Of course, she got what she desired and that is Maan being safe and fine. What else she wants but then she did want something and that something is just to hear about his love for her from his lips but again is it really needed to know now, Didn’t his actions and his words last night has said it all loud and clear that now she needed to hear it in words from him. No she didn’t need it. She knows she loves him, she knows he loves her then why there is any need for words. She is happy, he is happy, they are happy and that’s what is important. When she has waited till now then she can wait for her entire lifetime for him to make her as his in all senses, she thought as finally the clouds of impatience and restlessness vanished away from her heart and a certain peace settled in it thus making her smile brightly unknown of the fact that someone is looking at her each and every gesture very keenly and intensely.


Maan though was reading newspaper but his all concentration was on Geet only and he actually find it hard to control his laugh when he saw her making those cute faces while looking at him and he would be a greatest fool if he don’t know why is she doing that. He knows she is expecting him complete those incomplete words from last night and him not doing that is the reason for Madam’s pouting and cribbing but then he too have some better plans for that and she has to wait for it. It was anyways a matter if 3 days only, he thought as he peeped at her through the newspaper only to find her blushing this time and then smiling brightly thus making him wonder what could be the reason behind her sudden change of mood but then whatever it is he loved to see that smile and blush on her face and he’ll make sure that it will remain on her face forever, he thought as he keeps on looking at her beautiful and serene face for god knows how long until he heard a noise from another side of the living room.


“What the hell is your problem? Can’t you see and walk? You had spoiled my whole dress by spilling this juice on me.”Both Maan and Geet heard a noise and it didn’t took them time to realize who that voice belongs to. It was Annie for sure but for a change she was not shouting on Vicky but on someone else.


“Not Again.” Maan murmured under his breath when he noticed that the person on whom Annie is shouting is none other then Omkara. Well it has been always been like this with the duo. God knows which enmity they had brought forward from their previous birth which they are carrying forward till now.


“Well, I do have eyes Miss I-am-so-smart. It’s you who was walking like blind,” Omkara spat back at her and Maan just shake his head listening to their childish fights while Geet was looking at the duo all confused as first she didn’t recognize Omkara second she don’t know why Annie is being so rue to him and third why Maan is not saying anything to both of them.


“Oh ya. That’s why you had collided with me right? I just don’t understand why the hell you come to our mansion whenever you had any work in Delhi. Why can’t you just stay in some hotel.” Annie was all irritated first because if his presence and second because of him spoiling her dress.


“Well because this house belongs to me too you dumb head. But then it’s not your problem. You have this manufacturing defect since your birth.” Om spat back making Annie to open her mouth wide seeing his audacity.


What did you just say? I had manufacturing defect and you.. you called me dumb head. How dare you? And anyways I may be a dumb head but I am still far better than you. At least I don’t follow men’s fashion trends just like you had grown your hair like girls. I am sure many people would have got shocked when they would have seen you with your girlfriend when you were facing their backs. After all it’s still very rare in India to see two girls in romantic relationship.” Maan muffled his laughter listening to Annie’s sarcasm while poor Geet is getting more and more confused seeing the argument of the duo.


This is my style statement did you get that? And anyways whom am I talking to; a girl who use to get crush even on the petrol pump guy. At least my girlfriends has better taste than you and they find me hot and handsome and of course attractive.” Omkara flipped her long hairs backwards with his hands boasting about his looks and rubbing the wrong side of Annie respectively.


You… how dare you?” She lunged towards him to hit him when stopped by Maan’s loud voice thu halting her in mid.


“Enough both of you. Now I don’t want to listen a single word from both of you.” Maan interrupted walking towards both of them followed by Geet who still looked at everything clueless.


“Bhai you don’t know what he has said to me.” Annie whined while Vicky and Dev who came over there hearing the commotion muffled their laughter.


“I heard what he said Annie and also saw everything so stop being childish. You both are grown-ups so behave like that. It’s not necessary to behave like 5th graders every time you both met.” Vicky laughed out loud hearing Maan’s statement making Annie angrier and she left from there stomping her foot leaving others behind laughing and Geet worried.


“Bhabhi relax! It’s a usual treat for us. They both are Tom and Jerry of this house. They fight like sworn enemies but later patch up also. What you saw is nothing compared to what we all had already witnessed.” Vicky’s words broke Geet’s trance who was till now looking at the direction of Annie went.


Geet, I know you are getting confused. Let me end all your confusions. He is Omkara, Omkara Oberoi, our family friend. You haven’t met him till now because he use to be out of Delhi due to his busy schedule. After all being an ACP is not an easy task right. He came to Delhi last night only due to some of his case so I insisted him to stay at KM itself and since you were asleep by the time he came that’s why you couldn’t meet him.” Maan introduced Omkara to Geet clearing all her confusions and making her smile sweetly at Omkara.


“Hi Bhabhi! I am so please to meet you. Sorry I couldn’t attend both of yours wedding but I brought a gift for you. Here” Om forwarded a gift wrap box towards Geet who was first apprehensive to take that at first but when Maan signaled her and seeing Omkara’s expectant face she took it with a smile.


It’s really beautiful Omkara. But I can’t take such an expensive gift.” Geet’s eyes widens seeing an expensive and delicate bracelet in the box which was one of its kind and she looked at Maan for support who to her surprise was standing quiet rather was smiling at her.


C’mon Bhabhi you can’t expect anything less for a sweet and lovely girl like you. And anyways I was meeting you for the first time so I had to bring something for you. Please I insist. Wouldn’t you have taken it if your brother was gifting you? Think of me as your brother. Please keep it.” Geet couldn’t refuse seeing Omkara’s earnest request but was still apprehensive taking such an expensive gift.


“Keep it Geet. He’s requesting a lot.” Maan too supported Om thus made Geet left with no choice.


“Haan Geet le lo. Waise bhi is kanjoos ke paas se bade mushkil se gift nikalte hai.” There they go again, all thought as they rolled their eyes listening to Annie’s statement as she once again entered into living room standing near Geet.


[Yes Geet, Keep it. Anyways it’s very rare to get a gift from a miser like him]


“Ya you are right. It’s very rare to get a gift from me because only special people get a gift from me just like Geet Bhabhi. And you are just jealous that you haven’t got a single candy from me as a gift.”Annie’s nose flared in anger listening to Omkara’s statement and was ready to pounce on him had it not been Maan interfering their Tom and Jerry fight.


Anyways I am not here to argue with a dumb head like you. I just came here to remind you all that we have to do lot of preparations for the party going to be held 2 days later and since  Dadimaa had given me this responsibility so I want you all to gather in the hall within 10 minutes. And ya uninvited guests can come too. I don’t mind doing some charity. Geet you come with me.” Annie smirked at Om as she took Geet away leaving others to shake their heads at their usual banter but it was only Geet who had probably noticed Omkara to smile warmly at Annie as she turned to leave but that is just for a nanosecond as his expression soon changes into a non chalant one thus making Geet wonder whether she imagined seeing Om like that but then she shrugged off the thought and went away with Annie leaving others to join them later.




The hall of KM was not looking less than a fish market as everyone of them were giving their own ideas for the party. Omkara and Annie were as usual bantering continuously while rejecting each other’s idea and Vicky as usual was best in giving his stupid ideas earning a smack from Savera. Maan just rolled over his eyes at them and continued his favorite task that is watching his beloved Geet who was sitting between the crazy peoples all helpless and clueless for she couldn’t understand whose side she should take.


But ignoring all the plight of his beloved wife Maan was busy in admiring her innocent beauty unblinkingly taking in her each and every antic. He was hardly paying any attention to what’s happening around him for all his concentration was on his wife. It was as if his eyes were meant to see only her, his mind is meant to think only about her and his heart is meant to beat only for her. Never ever have he thought that there will come a time like this when he will become so lost in her that he will forget all his surroundings.


All he wanted at that moment was to whisk her away somewhere far from everyone where there is only him and her and their love and where he can love her endlessly without any barrier and restrictions. Gosh! How he is going to control himself for 3 more days when each second is equivalent to a century for him. But he will because he had to make every moment special for him. These bunch of crazy peoples can plan whatever they want but he was sure that what he is planning for her will beat everything as his gift will be the best and the memorable one for her and he just can’t wait for that moment when they will be one in all sense, he thought as he keeps on looking at his love who was now looking at Annie with her eyes wide open thus making him fall for her more as he looked at her smiling.


“Hain na Maan Bhai. I am right na.” Annie’s voice broke his trance and he looked at her then back at Geet only to find her looking back at him as if asking for his approval for something but for what, he thought as he looked at her back with his brows furrowed in confusion.


“Maan Bhai, tell na. I am right na.” Annie asked yet again and Maan shrugged off all his confusions and focused his attention back at Annie.


“Huh… Ya you are right. We should do that.” Maan agreed with Annie in order to save himself from the teasing session from his siblings unknown of the fact that he was in for the bigger teasing session now.


Yay… Maan Bhai agreed. Now there will be a romantic dance number of Maan Bhai and Geet in party.” Both Maan and Geet’s eyes widens in shock listening to Annie’s words. Maan’s because he never expected Annie to ask his opinion on this and Geet’s because she never expected Maan to be agree on this.


“Dance?” Maan asked astonished looking at Annie shockingly making others to muffle their laughter.


Ya Bhai Dance. You agreed na just now. Anyways leave all that. Party is after 3 days and there are lots of preparations. And Maan Bhai you should start preparing from now itself. Let’s do one thing show us a demo right now.” Now it was another shock for both Maan and Geet as they both looked each other surprisingly.


As if the previous shock was enough for them Annie had bombarded one more bomb on them by asking them to dance right now in front of all so that she can see how much more improvement they need and before anyone of them can refuse or understand what’s happening they both found themselves in the center of the hall with the table and sofas shifted to make some space for them as the other members of the family get prepared to watch their performance like a perfect audience.


“Annie listen to me. It’s really not necessary.” Maan tried to convince Annie in order to stop that stupid act of hers though that’s a different thing that a part of him was dying to take her in his arms.


“Ya Annie it’s really not needed. I mean even Maan is unwell. We can do this later.” Geet too supported Maan looking everywhere but him for she knows that she’ll definitely do something stupid of she’ll remain close to him.


“O stop it both of you. Stop behaving like a newly-wed. Also you both are not dancing for the first time so stop feeling shy. And I am not asking you to dance all day. Just a little bit ok. Vicky, play the music or else they both will argue like this only whole day.Annie left them with no room for argument as she instructed Vicky to play the music Maan or Geet can change their mind.


Hey aaye aha aaha…




A soft music flowed in the room and the lights dimmed off as if synchronizing perfectly with the music and Maan looked at Geet who was already lost in him before holding her hands gently in his and pulling her slightly towards him in a soft jerk thus making her to hold his shoulders as he placed his both hands on her waist before swaying to the music.


Geet looked into his dark orbs only to find it looking back at her with the same intensity which she finds every time he looks at her and it took her just a nanosecond to lost in those dark orbs like always.


Meri nazar ka safar
Tujhpe hi aake ruke



Maan twirled her around softly keeping his eyes still locked with hers before bringing her back to where she belongs and that is his arms while Geet just followed like a doll as always for all her senses gets drugged whenever he is this close to her making her to forget all her surroundings.


Maan’s condition was not led either for her innocent face, those golden hazels and her intoxicating scent was driving him crazy thus bringing her closer in the pretext of dance step. Somewhere the lyrics suited perfect to his current situation and it just added more fuel to his flames of desire; Desire to feel her, desire to love her without any inhibitions.


Kehne ko baaki hai kya
Kehna tha jo keh chuke

Meri nigaahein hain
Teri nigahon pe
Tujhe khabar kya be-khabar


He so much wanted to shout out loud to the world that this innocent beauty belongs to him and no one else, that he is the proud owner of her beautiful heart where only he resides, that this girl in his arms has taken his heart just with her simplicity and selfless love. But he also knows that he doesn’t need to shout it out to the whole world as it already knows. He just has to say this to that one person who is the sole reason of his existence.


But does he need to say it to her too. Isn’t it evident in his eyes, in his actions? Probably yes, after all every girl desires to hear those three golden words of love. But do they really need to say those words now when they both know it very well what they both mean to each other. Words were never needed between them as their eyes always do the needful. And those eyes had already confessed to each other what their lips were not able to do till now.


She probably had no idea how deeply he feels for her, so deep that he can lay even his life for her happily and won’t even wince and he knows that she’ll do the same for he had witnessed it from his own eyes. Probably now the time has came when he let her know what place she holds in his life. Probably now the time has came when he gives words to those feelings which are now erupting like a volcano inside his heart and give her all that love and happiness that she deserves.




Uhmmm Hhmmm Hhhmmm…


Maan lifted her up in the air as the this thought came into his mind before twirling her around as if trying to bath her in his shower of love while Geet was too lost in his scent and touch to realize what she is doing or how everyone present around them were gaping at them with smile on their faces as all she could feel and see is Maan and is love and like it happens every time the world around her tend to cease actually for both of them as Maan’s condition was not less than Geet’s either as he gently put her down on the floor with her body rubbing his thus making her gasp with the sudden feel of desire, same desire that was felt by him too and which is soon going to get its destination.


Lost in each other’s eyes they stood like that only in the center of the floor as of trying to convey their feelings through their eyes without even caring about the world around them as for them they both are each other’s world. Unconsciously Maan’s one hand cradled Geet’s face before he tucked away the loose strand of her hair beneath her hair caressing the sensitive spot behind her ear in the process making her gasp inaudibly as she clutched his shoulders tight in order to save herself from falling for she could feel her knees turning into jelly just with his look and soft touches. So lost they were in each other’s eyes that none of them realizes the painful look on certain someone’s face who was looking other side in order to hide the pain of his bleeding heart neither they could realize the danger lurking towards them which was nearing them by each passing second.






Loud voices of Omkara and Annie broke their trance thus bringing them back to the real world and Maan looked above only to realize the large chandelier was just an inch away and is about to fall on them and next what everyone witnessed was the loud crashing sound of the chandelier as they close their eyes while blocking it with their hands in order to save themselves from the shattering glasses of the chandelier as it finally fall down with a loud crash.


“MAAN SIR!!!” It was Adi’s voice that made everyone open their eyes and what they saw was enough to take away their lives as they followed Adi’s gaze who was looking at the sight in front with utmost horror.



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“Destined To Be” ~ Part 37

                                                                  Part 36:

“I don’t think the driver would have survived. No one can survive after such a fatal accident. It’s not possible that he would have survived.”And that was enough for Dev to lose the last thread of his patience as he held the collar of the person who was according to him was just speaking nonsense while looking at him angrily.


“Just shut that nonsense of yours. My Bro is fine. Nothing will happen to him. Did you get that? My Bro is absolutely fine.” His eyes were spitting fire as he clutched the neck of the person who was saying about Maan being dead tight. If not for the Maan’s bodyguards who had pulled him away with great difficulty then that man would be dead by now.


“Excuse me what’s happening over here?” A police officer enquired after coming over there when he saw the commotion at the accident spot.


Officer I am Dev Singh Khurana. That Car… that car belongs to my brother Maan Singh Khurana. Where is he? He is fine right? Please speak up. Please say that he is fine.” Dev was turning frantic b every passing second. It was as if he’ll turn mad if he won’t see Maan another minute.


“Oh! Come with me.”The officer motioned him to come with him to the place where the Car was burning and Dev felt like earth slipping beneath him once he saw the condition of the car yet he was not ready to believe that anything can happen to his brother.


“As you can see that car is badly damaged and hence there are very least chances of him to survive almost nil. Moreover we haven’t found his body too, guess it shredded due to explosion but still we are searching. All we found over here is just this Wallet and handkerchief and broken pieces of this cell phone. Are these of your brother’s?”The police officers showed him the things that he had found and Dev just thumped on the ground when he realized that all the things belongs to Maan.


No, no this can’t happen. Bro can’t leave us like that. He can’t leave his Geet like that. What will I say to Geet? He can’t die, No. BRO!!!!!”A loud howl escaped his throat as he cried bitterly on the fact that his brother, his idol has left him for forever.




It was a family time in the Khurana Mansion as everyone was present in the hall with Dadimaa watching Annie and Savera bickering with Vicky while watching the news on the television simultaneously. She shakes her head on the childishness of her grandchildren who were arguing over useless issue but then she shrugged it off realizing that this is the only time where they can live their live carefree because once the responsibility will fall on their shoulder then they won’t be able to live this carefree and hence she didn’t intervene in their stupid and continued watching the scene in front while chuckling.


However when her gaze falls on Geet she found her looking lost somewhere in her own world paying least attention to the argument happening in the front of her. It was as if she was just present over their physically and mentally she was somewhere else which was indeed true as Geet was really not present over their mentally as all her heart and mind was with only one person and that one person is Maan and only Maan. Be it would any other day then she would have blushed just with the thought of Maan’s name but this time the feeling different as this time the feeling was not of romantic type but something different. No matter how hard she tried but she couldn’t push back that nagging feeling of something being wrong no utterly wrong and her heart was saying that this feeling relates to Maan yet she couldn’t do anything rather than just sitting in the hall and waiting for Maan.


Annie and Savera tried many times to gain her attention and include her in their talks and so did Vicky but she felt nothing as her mind was just wandering over that nagging feeling and well being of her Maan. Again and again her eyes were going towards door waiting for that one person who is the sole reason for her existence. At that moment all she wanted was any miracle to happen and Maan appear right in front of her eyes and she just hug him tight making her heart believe that her Maan is all safe and sound and all the nagging feeling that she is feeling is just baseless and just the figment of her thought but to her dismay nothing of this sort has happened and she was left with waiting for him eagerly with bated breath as if her entire existence depends upon his just one glimpse.


But Dadimaa was not the only one who was noticing Geet’s lost state there was someone else also in the room who was witnessing the same and that someone was Vidyut who was continuously watching Geet being lost somewhere in her own thoughts but couldn’t understand why she was so last. Was it because of the confrontation he had with her few hours back, he thought as he continued watching Geet who was still lost somewhere oblivious of someone’s gaze on her. He knows that Geet will consider whatever he has said to her but didn’t knew that she’ll thought so deeply on that that she’ll be oblivious to the whole world. Ya he did apologize to her and wanted her to consider his apology so that a burden can be lifted off from his heart but still he didn’t want her to be so lost as that forlorn look on her face didn’t suit her and no matter if he can’t have her in his life, no matter if she has chosen Maan over him yet he can’t see her so worried and tense no matter whatever the reason is. But did he had any right now to go to her and comfort her with his words, telling her that everything will be fine and she don’t have to worry for anything, he wonders as looked at Geet who eyes were still stuck on the door waiting anxiously for someone.


Geet, what happen my child? You seem to be lost somewhere. Is everything fine? Are you not feeling well?” Dadimaa’s voice laced with concern broke the trail of Geet’s thoughts and she looked at her only to find her looking at her concerned.


“No Dadimaa nothing is wrong. Everything is fine.” She faked a smile before answering to her not wanting to make her worry unnecessarily. If she is worried for no reason then it doesn’t mean that she make other worry too, Geet thought as she tries her best to make her fake smile a convincing one but then who was she fooling. She is trying to fool the lady who is been holding experience of twice or may be thrice of her age.


Don’t try to lie to me Geet. I can easily see the worry lines on your face. Tell me what’s bothering you.” Dadimaa coaxed Geet forcing her to open up making her to look everywhere but her.


“Dadimaa, wo Maan.. I mean he went away… and…” She tried to formulate some sensible sentence not sure how to covey the elderly lady about what’s bothering her when she herself is not sure that whether whatever she is thinking is right or just the fragment of her imagination.


I understood. You were worrying about Maan going like this for meeting without telling anyone, right?” Geet nods her head hesitantly making Savitri Devi to smile at her innocent expression.


Geet, don’t worry like this dear. You know Maan right? You know right that when it comes to work then he don’t listen to anyone and anyways this is not the first time when he had gone like this without telling anyone. So stop worrying my child. Maan will be back soon.”Savitri Devi tried her best to assure Geet but then nothing can assure her restless heart other than Maan’s presence but still for the sake of her Dadimaa she forced the smile on her face.


Acha I’ll do one thing when Maan will come then I’ll pull his ears hard and scold him for making my daughter worried like this, ok.”Dadimaa joked and that did the trick as Geet gave a genuine smile after long making Savitri Devi to sigh in relief seeing the glow back on her face.


Now if my daughter is happy then can I get a cup of her special ginger tea? And ya this will also give you chance to prepare Maan’s favorite dinner too. What say?” Savitri Devi winked playfully at her last sentence making Geet to blush and Savitri Devi mentally patted herself for successful effort of distracting Geet from whatever was worrying her.


“Abhi layi.” Geet rushed to kitchen all blushing leaving Dadimaa behind shaking her head feeling happy to find her chirpy daughter-in-law back before resuming back her task of watching news where some debate on a political issue was taking place.


“We regret to stop this bulletin for this breaking news.” The voice of the reporter in the TV caught everyone’s attention in the room as they turned their attention towards TV unknown of the fact that this very news will change their lives.


“There is a news about a fatal accident happened at xyz road in Delhi. Seems like the car went out of control, resulting it to hit into another vehicle and there is a news of non-survival of the driver of the car. If sources are to be believed then this car belongs to a famous Businessman Maan Singh Khurana. Apparently, it is Mr. Khurana only who was driving the car.  We are trying to get in touch with his brother Dev Singh Khurana who is said to be present at the accident site or the inspector investigating the case but not being able to get in touch with anyone of them. Now we are taking you straightaway to the accident site where one of our reporter is already present. Mr. Ravi, what is the exact situation at present over there?” The visual in the TV shifted from Reporter’s desk to the accident spot where one of the reporter of the news channel is already present to cover the story while everyone in KM was watching the news in horror including Vidyut.


“Garima, as you can see behind me the Car has been turned into ashes and it is expected too due to the way it has been blasted. Bataya ja raha hai that the car was too much in speed to get controlled and hence collided with the truck coming from opposite direction. We had a word with the truck driver too who is also very much injured and according to him the driver of the car or should I say Mr. Khurana was driving in very high speed and couldn’t control the car even after listening to horn of the truck many times. Though it’s difficult to say at this moment that whether it is an accident or a pre-planned murder and everything can be cleared only after the official statement of the investigating officer. As you can see the condition of the car it is very much clear that anyone driving the car in this situation can’t be survived. However, we are still waiting for an official statement from Mr. Dev Singh Khurana who seems to be out of reach at this moment but right now all we can conclude is that Mr. Khurana is no more and if this is true then business world has lost one of its gems. We are conversing with the people present I the accident spot and…”  The rest of the words of the reporter faded in the oblivion as the earth slipped beneath everyone’s feet in the KM as they tried to register everything shown in the TV.


Their eyes widens in horror as they looked at the condition of the car shown in the TV that’s clearly justifying the reporter’s words. Dadimaa almost fainted as she fell on the sofa clutching her heart after listening and watching the view in the TV and Vicky and Vidyut instantly rushed to her to hold her and calm her down. Even NT was horrified at the moment as she rushed to kitchen to bring the glass of water for Savitri Devi. Vicky and Vidyut rubbed her hands which were turning cold by every passing minute comforting her with their words about telling her that Maan is alright.


“Dev… Call Dev… I want to talk to him.” She said between her labored breath and Annie instantly dialed Dev’s number which was coming unreachable.


“Dadimaa. Everything will be fine. Please calm down. I’ll call Adi right now and enquire him about the truth. I am sure that Maan is perfectly fine. Please don’t panic like this.” Vidyut tried her best to comfort her with his words while the reporter in the background continuously telling about how grave the accident is and how there is no chance that Maan can be survived increasing the misery of the people present in KM but before anyone can switch off the TV they all heard the shattering sound of something and they turned to looked at the source only to find Geet standing with the horror on her face while the cup in her hand was shattered into pieces. The look on her face clearly said that she heard and saw everything that is been shown in TV as she stood rooted on her place looking at the flashes of Maan’s car burning into ashes with reporter’s words continuously ringing in her ears.


“Geet. Annie and Savera shouted in unison in horror when she saw Geet fainting and instantly rushed towards her to hold her from falling along with NT who came over there with the glass of water.


The sight at KM was really very much depressing at the moment as no one could understand whom to calm down first; Dadimaa or Geet as both their conditions are worse at the moment. Vicky instantly sprinkled some water on her face before moving her towards the sofa while Vidyut held Dadimaa to stop her from collapsing. Annie rubbed her hands with NT and Savera rubbing her forehead and feet continuously as Geet tried to gain some consciousness while Vidyut and Vicky tend to Savitri Devi. Nakul who witnessed everything instantly switched off the TV so that it doesn’t disturb anyone anymore with the news. They could hear the phone of the landline ringing but none could attend it and neither they want to as they know that it must be either from the reporters for confirmation of the news or from the friends and relatives who must have watched the news.


“Maan.. My Maan…” All heard Geet blabbering continuously as she started to gain consciousness bringing tears to everyone’s eyes.


“MAAN!!!!!” She shrieked out loud as soon as she gained consciousness sitting on the sofa before bursting into heart wrenching cry as she registered everything in her mind and the way she cried can even bring tears in the eyes of gods residing in the heaven then people in the KM are just mere human beings. But can her heart wrenching cries can be heard by gods and turn back the turn of events, everyone wonders.


Geet, please calm down. See even Dadimaa is also not well. Please at least you stay strong, Maan Jiju will be fine. Trust me.” Savera tried her best to console her best friend who is crying uncontrollably while her condition getting worse by every passing minute even Dadimaa’s condition was not well yet somewhere her sane mind asking her to calm down as she has to take care of the younger ones who are getting frantic especially of Geet’s whose life seems to be drained out of her.


“I have to go to Maan. Nothing will happen to him if I’ll be with him. That Baba in the Dargah has said this to me. I’ll save him.” She instantly got up from the sofa as if she reminded of something before rushing towards the door as if she is been reminded of something shocking everyone present in the living room including Dadimaa who too tried to stop Geet in her meek voice and before anyone could understand anything they found her running towards the entrance door.


Her condition seems to be not less than that of an insane person right now who had no sense of right or wrong. And anyways whenever it comes to Maan her condition is always like this. There is only one thing running in her mind right now and that is to reach to Maan. Don’t know that whether it is the effect of the words of that Baba in the Dargah or her belief on her vows of marriage but somewhere she had this belief that if she’ll be with Maan then he’ll be fine. And with this belief she almost ran towards entrance door ignoring all the calls from Annie, Vicky, NT and others for right now her whole concentration is to reach to Maan. It was finally Vidyut who had held her hard before she can cross the door much to Geet’s protest.


Stop it Geet. Come in your senses. You’ll gain nothing by behaving insane like this. Stop behaving like this. Can’t you see Dadimaa’s condition? Can’t you see how she is holding herself for your sake? Your behaving like this won’t change the reality about Maan. So stop behaving insane like this. Vidyut shakes Geet hard so that she can come into her sense but probably he did the biggest mistake of his life as next what everyone witnessed was Geet slapping Vidyut hard after pushing him away shocking everyone present in the room.


How Dare you say anything like that for my Maan? How dare you to think that he’ll not come back? I know you want to separate him from me that’s why you are stopping me to go to him. But I won’t let you get succeed in your plan. You can’t separate me from him did you get that? I’ll bring him back and will prove you wrong and when he’ll come back your all plans will be failed. You won’t be able to do anything did you get that, You won’t be able to do anything.” Others couldn’t understand the head and tail of the words that Geet has said but seeing her eyes spitting fire and her condition more of like a possessed person they kept mum and thought of Geet’s outburst as the result of Maan’s news on TV.


It was only Savera who understood Geet’s condition and meaning behind her words but she knows that this is not the right time to explain others about this as right now whole family is under a very big grief. Both Dadimaa and Geet are in their worst of condition and more worse is Geet’s who is not behaving less than that of a possessed person and hence she knows that it’s only their responsibility to hold these two from breaking down. But before she or anyone could say or do anything they once again found Geet running towards door yet again ignoring every call by her or other member of the family. Vidyut was too much in shock to stop her this time due to after effect of the slap even though he wanted to.


Geet had lost all the sense of right and wrong as she runs towards the entrance door ignoring every call only to get collided by a strong frame causing her to stumble backwards and she felt her life coming back to her as she looked at the person in front of her with whom she collided. Even the other family members couldn’t believe their eyes looking at the person standing at the entrance door. And next moment what everyone witnessed was the union of two souls with the smile on their faces as Geet hugged the person tight in her small frame as if her life dependent on him and it was indeed true as the person in her embrace was none other than the reason of her living, source of her breath and the very reason of her existence, her life, her Maan.


Tears escaped from her eyes and this time out of sheer happiness seeing him all safe and fine in her arms. So lost she was in him that she didn’t even noticed when Maan had wrapped his arms around her protectively neither did she cared about other people looking at them as all that matters to her at that moment was that her Maan is all safe and sound in her arms. She pulled back after a while still being in his arms to look at him who was still standing in his embrace in flesh and bones with some bandages on his head and hand looking at her with smile on his face. Geet cradled his cheek caressing it as if trying to make herself believe that he is all safe and fine and nothing has happen to him while her continuously shed tears to convey what she is feeling right now for she was too choked to express her feelings in words while her lips were smiling. As if understanding her thoughts Maan placed his hand over hers assuring her of his presence letting her know that he is all fine and nothing has happened to him.


Maan was both and shocked to notice her disheveled state when she had collided to him and before he could understand anything he found her hugging him tight as if he’ll vanish in thin air. And then he felt her tears soaking his shirt and it took him no time to register what she is going through as the way she had held onto him, the way her eyes shedding tears has said it all to him and his arms on his own accord wrapped around hers protectively making her believe of his presence while his lips curved into a satisfied and contented smile feeling so blessed to have someone like her for whom his presence matter this much. He felt her pulling away from him after a while and hence he loosened his hold but didn’t left her from his hold as he looked at her face closely which was smiling amidst tears and he knows that these tears are not of sadness but of her happiness of seeing him all safe and sound. He placed his palm on hers before gently pressing it assuring her for his safety when he found her cradling his face before caressing it. And in next moment he hugged her yet again in his embrace thanking God umpteenth time for blessing him with his life and more with a soul mate like her.


Aap Theek ho. Mujhe pata tha ki apko kuch nahi ho sakta. Aap bilkul theek ho.” He heard her soft almost inaudible voice in his ears which was more to make herself belief and as a result he hugged her tighter to make her sure that she is right.


[You are fine. I know nothing can happen to you. You are perfectly fine.]


Main Theek hoon Geet. Bilkul Theek. Tum Shant ho jayo. I am perfectly fine.” Maan pulled her apart gently before cupping her face and wiping off her tears nodding his head gesturing “Don’t Cry” but who is going to calm that heart which was on the verge of stop beating few minutes back.


[I am fine Geet. Perfectly fine. You please calm down. I am perfectly fine]


Time would have stood still for these two souls if not it was Vicky and other members of the family including Vidyut interrupting their moment all asking about the happenings of the event and the gruesome incident but Maan before answering anyone went to Dadimaa who condition was not well and he knows that only his presence can calm her down. And he was indeed right as when Savitri Devi saw her favorite Grandson back all safe and fine her lost spirit has started coming back to her. She caressed his face before kissing on his forehead just in order to make her weak heart believe of his presence while her eyes shed countless tears.


Dadimaa, I am fine. You please stop crying. Aap apki sehat kharab kar lengi aise. See your Maan is all perfect and fine. Please calm down.”Maan tried his best to calm her down with his while hugging her sideways before making her drink some water which was given to him by Savera.


“But Maan Bhai in the news they are saying… I mean your car… I don’t know…” Vicky tried to make some sensible sentence in order to ask Maan about him escaping sich a horrible accident without making it look weird and scary.


“I’ll tell you Vicky.” It was Dev’s voice that grabbed everyone’s attention joined others with Adi following behind with some bandage on his head and arm.


“Actually Bro has not been driving. I mean ya it is Bro’s car only and the news they showed is also right but it was not Bro who has been harmed.” Dev’s statement confused all further as they couldn’t understand if Maan was not driving the car then who was driving and most important how come Maan is injured then.


“I am not getting you Dev. You are saying that media was correct and also that it was Maan’s car but how come Maan is not driving.” Vidyut asked the question which was there in the mind of others too as they waited for Dev to continue.


“Vidyut Bhai I understand what you are trying to say and I am explaining that only. Actually when Bro and Adi were coming back from the meeting then they were tricked and stopped by some robbers in the way. Our bodyguards’ car has been broke down in middle hence they were not with them. They tried to snatch Bro’s belongings and when Bro refused then they started fighting. Even though Bro gave a tough time to them but then they were around 4-5 and here there are just Adi and Bro and hence they overpowered them. But before they can harm Bro and Adi more our Bodyguards came on time and captivated them but one of them managed to run away from Bro’s car and hence met with an accident in the way due to over speeding. Since it was Bro’s car so everyone assumed it to be Bro. As soon as Bodyguards informed me I rushed to the hospital where they both were taken for bandage. And as we have to complete all the formalities it took us some time. But now everything is fine, even the media has been informed about the same so now there is no news of something like that.” Dev looked at Maan after finishing his story who just blinked in assurance and understanding feeling grateful to Dev for handling the situation well or else everyone in the house would have got scared if he told them the truth especially Geet and Dadimaa. It’s better if the truth would between just three of them, he thought as he nodded his head to Adi and Dev who blinked back in assurance of understanding everything. But all this commotion was not missed by Vidyut who instantly sensed something fishy but choose to remain mum at the moment.


Chalo whatever happened has happened. It’s good that you are fine Maan and nothing of that sort happen to you as they were showing in the news. But you are still very much injured so go and take rest in your room. I’ll send Nakul with Turmeric milk. And Adi you too stay here for tonight. I can’t let you go home in this condition. I’ll send turmeric milk for you too and don’t even dare to argue now.” Dadimaa said rather ordered after regaining her composure while Maan just chuckled looking other side seeing the fearful face of Adi who has to drink Turmeric milk for no fault of his as all three of them knows that Adi’s injuries were fake in order to convince everyone about their story.


“Geet, Take Maan to his room and you also take some rest. These few minutes has drained the life out of you. I’ll send of yours dinner to your room itself.” Dadimaa words forced Maan to look at Geet who was already looking back at him only to realize that Dadimaa has right as Geet indeed in a very bad condition and he just nodded in response before getting up but then stumbled a bit feeling a sharp pain in his leg.


Geet was instantly by his side before anyone else could help him holding him by his shoulder making him to look at her who just smiled slightly back at him yet that smile couldn’t hide that shiny layer of tears in her hazel eyes which were threatening to fall any second seeing him at this condition. Maan just held her hand which was wrapped around his shoulder and pressed it lightly assuring her that he is fine before they moved towards stairs to reach their room leaving all the members behind smiling looking at their bond. Even though they both were silent yet everyone could see the love present between them that automatically brought smile on their faces before everyone dispersed to their respective rooms to give their mind and heart some rest after such a traumatic incidence but for a change Vidyut’s mind was not in the scene in front but somewhere else. He don’t know why but he was continuously feeling that something was amiss in the story that Dev was telling but couldn’t point out what.


“Why am I feeling that Dev is not saying truth and there is something more to this? I have to confront Dev regarding this but not now. He thought as he decide to confront Dev and Adi regarding the whole situation at the correct time before going back to his room keeping in mind to talk to Dev as soon as hell get chance.




Maan’s eyes were continuously watching Geet as she helped him to change his shirt and he swear he heard her flinch a bit seeing his injuries even though if it was covered with bandage and a drop of tear fall down from her eyes followed by many others as she saw the bandage getting red in blood before she removed it gently and looked at the wounds. Her fingers shivered as she put the cotton on his wound on forehead making him to flinch a bit and she instantly looked at him like a scared kitten thinking that she had hurt him but then continued her task when saw him blinking his eyes in assurance.


Each wound on his body was like a thorn for Geet which was piercing her heart and soul making her to heart to bleed in pain. Even though she tried to hold back her tears yet couldn’t help them to falling down. Only she knows what she had went through at those few minutes listening the news of his… She don’t even want to think on those lines that were continuously been flashed in the medias. She felt like she’ll die at that very moment when she saw the news yet somewhere her heart has that belief that her Maan is fine and nothing has happened to him and Babaji has proved her belief right by giving her Maan back to her. She don’t even know what she would have done without him when just these small wounds on his body is unbearable to her. Probably she too would have died with him. There is no meaning of her life without him for she loves him insanely.


She didn’t know for how long she has been crying until Maan cradled her face from one side and wiped away the tears that were continuously flowing like water from her eyes. He knows what she would have gone through in those minutes. When she can’t bear these small wounds on his body then how she would have bear his… No he doesn’t want to think about that but then it was truth too. He had faced his just inches away from him but it was her Love that didn’t let him to drop the weapons and gave him courage to fight back till the end and come back to the person for whom he means the world. Geet felt alive with his touch and looked at his dark orbs which were looking back at her with so much intensity that she felt like drowning into them. Even in the dim light of the room they both can read each other’s eyes clearly which were filled with love and only love for each other.


Geet, please stay.” Maan rather pleaded holding her hand when he saw her Geet getting up from the bed after she was done with his bandage and Maan knows that she was hurt due to him as he knows that he was at fault by not listening to her and going out and now only he have to make amends, he thought before he gently pulled her towards him and she like a weightless feather fell almost on his lap yet didn’t looked at him.


“Geet, I know you are hurt because of me. You asked me to not go outside yet I had gone. Probably all this would have been avoided if I would have listened to you. Please forgive me.” He lifted her chin up so that she can look into his eyes and as soon as his words hits her ears she read the misery in his eyes as he uttered those words she hugged him tight crying her heart out letting go all that pain and trauma that she had faced in those few minutes of her life. She would have definitely gone insane if he wouldn’t have appeared in front of her that moment and as the memory of that moment came into her mind her cries grew louder while Maan could do nothing rather than hugging her and rubbing her back to calm her down.


“Mujhe Apse koi baat nahi karni, kuch nahi sunna. Aap bahut bure ho, Bahut bure. Kabhi nahi sunte meri. Humesha apne mann ki karte ho. Apko koi fark nahi padta main kya chahti hoon, kya feel karti hoon. Agar apko kuch ho jata to? Ek baar bhi apne mere bare me nahi socha. But Aap kyu sochoge mere bare me? Apko kya fark padta hai? Apko jante bhi hai how I felt when I saw that news on television? Apko pata hai main kitna Darr gayi thi?  Do you know how I am feeling now seeing you in this condition? Nahi how would you know and also why would you care? You don’t care about me at all? Not at all?” Her last words came out as a mere whisper as she sobbed continuously in his embrace complaining like a kid and Maan just hugged her tighter listening to her complaints which he knows was actually not complaints but her fear and pain that she had gone through during those moments but then he can’t see her like this too hence he gently pulled her away before cupping her face and wiping away her tears.


[I don’t want to talk to you neither want to hear anything. You are bad very bad. Never listens to me. Always do what you feel like. You don’t care what I want, what I feel. What if anything would have happened to you? You didn’t thought about me once. But why will you think about me? Why do you care? Do you even know how I felt when I saw that news on television? You know how much scared I got?  Do you know how I am feeling now seeing you in this condition? No, how would you know and also why would you care? You don’t care about me at all? Not at all?”]


“Geet please, I know I am wrong and you are free to give me any punishment. Koi bhi saza de do par ye mat kaho ki main tumhari parwah nahi karta. Agar Dadimaa k baad main kisi ki sabse zyada parwah karta hoon to wo tum ho Geet. I care for you sweetheart, I really do. Please forgive me. Please.” His words came out as a mere whisper as he looked at her and Geet couldn’t miss the plead in his voice nor did she missed the endearment he used for her probably for the first time and in next moment she flung her arms around him sobbing hugging him tight yet again making Maan to wrap his arms around her petite frame pressing her closer to him if possible as he rubbed her back to calm her down which he knows is not easy to do for she is too sensitive when it comes to him but then when did he do anything easy, he thought as he smiled slightly before pulling her a bit apart.


[Geet please, I know I am wrong and you are free to give me any punishment. Give me any punishment but don’t say that I don’t care for you. If after Dadimaa I care for anyone then it’s you Geet. I care for you sweetheart, I really do. Please forgive me. Please]


Geet looked into his eyes deep when she felt the mattress beneath her making her realize that Maan had laid her down on their bed and before she could say or understand anything she found him hovering over her gently before cradling her face from one side and looking into her hazels deep. Maan knows that nothing can calm her down other than his touch and love and he is going to do exactly that. He knows that if he has to remove this pain and fear from her heart then he has to show her what she really means to him and hence he was doing that only.


Geet closed her eyes when she felt Maan pressing his lips on her forehead murmuring “I am sorry” and a lone tear escaped her eyes which was sucked by Maan as he kissed the corner of her eye murmuring I am really very sorry” before kissing the other one and murmuring Please forgive me. Geet’s hands travelled all the way from her side to his biceps before encircling around his neck making sure not to hurt his injuries while Maan continued to placed sweet kisses all over her face murmuring sweet nothing and he knows his touch and his words are doing desired effect on her as her closed eyes, her ragged breathing and her fast beating heart was telling everything to him.


He gently removed her Duppatta away from her body throwing it somewhere on the floor leaving her soft and warm skin all exposed for his eyes before he lowered down his head placing soft kisses at the area that he had just exposed. He knows what he is doing at that moment and he don’t feel even a bit of regret of what he is doing because he knows that only he had this right to touch her and feel her in this way. And as the realization dawn upon he his action intensified as his soft kisses replaced by the passionate one as he bites the soft skin of her neck before licking at the spot to sooth the pain as he marked her with his love making her moan his name with pleasure.


Satiating himself from tasting the warm and soft skin of her neck he raises his head up only to find her breathing ragged, face flushed and her lips parted in anticipation and in next moment he was claiming her rosy lips quenching both of their thirst forgetting all the pain and trauma that they both went through those moments. Geet clutched his hairs hard gasping out loud when she felt Maan biting her lips thus giving him the needed entry as he explored the sweet nectar of her mouth. There was no hurrying or urgency in the kiss as he took all his sweet time to relish the beauty lying beneath him which belongs to him, only him whom he want to give all the solace and peace of this world. He didn’t even realize when his actions for calming her down lead into this or where is it leaning further as everything happened on its own accord     


But more than calming her down he needs peace and solace for his own self which he knows that he’ll get in her embrace only. Only he knows what he had faced during those moments when death was just inches away and then only her face came in front of her eyes making him to fight his death. At that very moment he realize that his life his nothing without her. If she is his weakness then she is his strength too and that very strength gave him courage to fight back the Danger and come to his life, his Geet. And that was the very moment when he realize he can’t wait for longer to letting this beautiful woman know about his feelings for her. After facing death from so near he realized one thing that there is no special moment to confess his feelings in fact that moment itself will be very special when he’ll tell her about his feelings; doesn’t matter if it will be on her Birthday or today at this very moment but he won’t delay any longer and as the realization dawn upon him he broke the kiss leaving both of them for gasping for air before he placed his forehead on hers breathing heavily. Geet opened her eyes after a while only to meet his dark ones looking at hers in anticipation and before she could ask or say anything he pecked her lips yet again before looking back at her once again and finally uttering the words which he wanted to utter from long and which she wanted to hear form so long


“Geet Main Tumse…”


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“Destined To Be” ~ Part 36

                                                               Part 36:

She slowly opened her eyes and a gasp escaped her lips when she saw Maan’s image forming on the mirror as he stood right behind her looking at her with intently with his dark eyes thus making her to go all red. She just keeps on looking at him unblinkingly as he advanced towards her with calculative steps all the while looking at her with his piercing gaze. Geet closed her eyes when she felt him wrapping his arm around her petite waist before tucking her closer to him and her lips parted on their own accord in anticipation as she waited for him to express his love yet again feeling her in every way possible that would drown her in his world of love and passion.


She opened her eyes after a while when she didn’t felt his touch for a long time only to find herself standing all alone with no Maan around. She looked around herself to see if he’s hiding somewhere but he was nowhere to be seen. It was then it dawned on her that he was not here with her on the first place itself. And as the realization dawned upon her she hits her head playfully while a red color crept up all over her neck and face as she hides her face between her palms feeling shy to even look at her own self after all the thoughts running in her mind. Gosh! She has crossed all the limits of craziness in her Maan’s love, she thought as she thumped on the bed while clutching her heart that was beating so erratically that it was not in her control anymore.


“I found my love Di. He loves me. He loves me a lot. My Love will win Di; my Love will win very soon. I am so happy Di, I am so so so so Happy. You are also happy Na Di. I know you are happy too. I love him so so much. I Love you Maan. I love you a lot.” Geet whispered as she clutched Sameera’s pic close to her heart after picking it up from the side table while she smile amidst her tears, tears that were flowing out of happiness and tears that she don’t want to stop this time. She had got the love of the person of which she was craving for so long and now she don’t need anything else, anything at all, she thought as she wished to God to keep this happiness of hers intact and no evil eye should eye him, their happiness or their love.




“You shouldn’t have hid such a big thing from him, Dev sir” Adi showed his concern when he came to know that Dev still haven’t told anything to Maan. They both were in Dev’s cabin discussing about the recent attacks on Maan.


I know Adi, I know. I know that I shouldn’t have hide it from Bro. I should have told him everything. But then I couldn’t. Bro was so happy after god knows how long. He was smiling and was so contended and I just can’t ruin everything by telling him about all this.” Dev let out an exasperated sigh as he rub his face with his palms feeling so helpless.


“But you can’t hide it from him either. It’s about his life. God forbid if anything wrong happens or if he went through any attack once again or even worst if someone else from family is in danger then what will happen and who will be responsible?” Adi showed his concern even though he was bit irritated as he was still not in favor of hiding it from Maan about the danger on his life.


“Yes, you are right Adi. I need to tell this to Bro. It’s about his safety. But at the same time I am concerned about his happiness too. You know Adi when I had gone to him regarding this matter, the happiness I had seen on his face, the glow which was there on his face, the smile that was adorning his lips; it’s been ages since I had seen him like this and I didn’t have enough courage to wipe off that smile from his face by telling him about all this.” Dev expressed his helplessness while Adi could understand his dilemma very well. It’s true that it’s been ages since anyone had seen Maan this happy as he is being happy now-a-days.


“I understand sir what you are trying to say. But we can’t ignore the threat lingering over Maan Sir’s life also. Hence we had to do something.” Adi kept a comforting hand on Dev’s shoulder understanding his plight.


“You are right. We have to do something. But before that we need to find out who is behind all this then only we’ll able to save Bro. And you don’t worry Adi. I’ll tell about all this to Bro too but not now. Bro is busy in planning special surprise for Geet’s birthday and I don’t want to ruin his happiness.” Dev said with a determination to find the culprit soon while Adi just gave an understanding nod.


“Adi, I want you to keep an eye on someone. I want the detail of each and every activity that person does.” Dev said after a while as he reminds of something making Adi to gasp both in shock and surprise as he heard the name of the person.




“Ok Sir. Your ring will get ready by tomorrow. Anything else, I can do for you?” The man on the sales counter of the jewelry asked Maan who was here to alter the ring so that it fits Geet’s finger.


“No thank you so much. Give me a call when it’s done. I’ll pick it up myself. No need to send anyone for the delivery. I want to surprise my wife.” Maan instructed to make sure that his surprise won’t get spoiled.


He don’t want any mistakes or any kind of flaws in his plan and that’s the reason he himself is planning everything rather than assigning Vicky or Adi for it. He chuckled slightly when he remembers how he had sneaked out quietly out like a teenager from his own house so that Geet won’t notice him going because knowing her he knows that if she noticed him going out then she would have definitely not allow it in the first place for she still thinks that he is not well and will definitely make a big issue of it and then will literally ground him at home for several weeks. Not that he mind doing that for he could spend more and more time with her but right now his priority is something else and for that he had to sneak out from his own home like a thief and he knows that he had already invited a great trouble for himself as he knows that he is in for great grilling session from his beloved wife Geet who must be in her super angry mode as he had given her many reasons for that; First he had not told her about him going out from house and Second he’s been continuously cutting her calls and then sending her message that he’s busy in an important meeting.


But then he also knows how to melt her anger too. Just some sweet words, hug or may be a kiss and some not so innocent touches and she’ll melt in his arms like an ice-cream, he thought as a smile crept on his sculptured lips when he remembers how much she gets affected with his single touch and the very fact had made him proud on the fact that he’s the only one who can make her feel this way and no one else. The only thought of her has filled his heart with utmost love and desire for her; Desire to take her away from everyone to some other world where there is just him and her and love her endlessly. The mere thought of loving her endlessly to his heart content had made him all hard and aroused for her. Gosh! How is he going to wait for 4 more days, how is he going to control himself till 4 more days when each and every fiber of his body wants to make her his, When his entire being wants to melt in her such that no one could differentiate that from where one ends and other starts, so much that even death couldn’t make them apart. He smiled at his own thought while shaking his head shrugging off all the erotic thoughts of his for his own wife as he moved towards exit to head home when something on the display counter held his attention thus halting his steps at once before moving towards the object of his attention to have a close look at it.


As he neared it, he found a very beautiful pair of delicate Anklets on the display. It was a beautiful piece of art made of platinum and studded with big diamonds. It had a connecting chain also that was connected till toe thus making it a very rare and beautiful both at the same time. And it instantly reminds him of Geet. How beautiful and perfect will it look in those beautiful and delicate ankle of hers was the only thought running in his mind as he caressed the anklets with his fingers. The desire to make her wear these anklets from his own hands was so much that he himself didn’t realize when he had started day-dreaming about the moment where he will put these anklets on her delicate ankle with his own hands before caressing and kissing the soft and warm skin of hers making her toes to curl in pleasure.


“How can I help you sir?” His trance was broken when a lady who seems to be working over there called out for his attention thus bringing him back into the real world.


“Actually I want to buy this Anklet for my wife. I want to gift it to her on our first night.” He almost blushed like a teenager at the last sentence while the lady gave him a knowing smile.


 “Sure Sir. Please come this way. I’ll show you the Anklet.”She guided him towards her counter before explaining him about the specialty of the Anklet, its unique style, It’s rare style and how it’s being the perfect Gift for his wife on their first night but Maan was hardly paying any attention to her description for all his senses were busy admiring the Anklet in his hands imagining how beautiful will it look on Geet’s delicate ankles.


“You want me to write something inside this Anklet. I mean we can inscribe some words in the back of the Anklet. You know something special for someone special.” She showed him the place where the words can be written after she finished telling Maan about the specialty of the Anklet.


Maan Ki Geet. Words left from his mouth even before he can think and a smile crept on his face when he realized what he has just said which was true anyways. She is his, only his, Both his heart and mind screamed at the same time while he just shakes his head realizing that finally his heart and mind agreed at the same time on the same thing.


“That’s really sweet. So when is the marriage?” Maan was amused at the enthusiasm of the sales lady at first but then smiled realizing that it was just a part of her job.


“Actually we are already married for about 9 1/2 months but we… ummm we haven’t…” Maan fumbled with the words not sure how to explain his situation while the sales lady though was first confused but then smiled knowingly understanding his condition.


It’s ok sir. I understand. Your anklet will be ready by tomorrow. Shall I deliver it to your address or you are going to pick it up yourself?”She asked once she write the words in a piece of paper that Maan wants to imprint on the anklet making sure that she had written all the spellings correct.


“No need to deliver. I am coming to this shop tomorrow anyways so I’ll pick it up myself. Thanks for your assistance” He thanked her genuinely with a smile before turning towards exit to leave.


“Your wife is really very lucky Sir that she got such a loving husband like you. You really love her a lot.” Maan smiled when he heard her words before turning towards her.


“No, it’s me who is lucky to get a loving wife like her as she loves me more than I love her.” He said with a contended smile before heading towards exit leaving the sales lady behind smiling and genuinely wishing that he and his wife lives happily forever.




“Sir please take some flowers, your wife will get happy.” A small flower boy approached Maan with bunch of roses as soon as he came out of the shop making Maan smile at his innocence.


“Just 20 Rs. a rose sir. Please take it. My mother is very ill. This money will help me in her treatment. Please buy some flowers sir.” He pleaded yet again to which Maan just kneeled down in front of him.


“How much will it cost if I take all the flowers.” He asked as he ruffled his hair while the boy started counting on his small fingers cutely making Maan to chuckle at his antics. His innocence and cuteness reminded him of Geet.


“Here take this and give me all the flowers.” He gave bundle of notes to him after taking out from his wallet while the small boy looked at him shocked.


So much of money? But sir this is too much.” He couldn’t believed his eyes seeing so much of notes in front of him.


It’s ok keep it. Your mother is ill right? It will help her in her treatment. Also I’ll send a Doctor to your home and if there is any elder in your home apart from your mother then I’ll try to give him a job in my factory too. Here take my card and if you ever need anything just call me.” Little boy looked at him with gratitude as he took the card and money while Maan just smiled.


“Thank you Sir. You are really very nice. You have a very big heart. May God always keep you and your wife happy. May you have a very very long life. Thank you.” Little boy thanked and wished him with all his heart while Maan just smiled before taking away his address and flowers from him and heading towards his car leaving that small boy behind smiling and wishing for his well-being.




“Yes he’s coming out of the shop.” Someone said on the phone as he watched Maan coming out from the jewelry shop from far.


“Don’t worry everything has been set according to plan. No one has seen me not even his guards. It’ll look like an accident only. “ He said after hearing the person from the other side.


“Relax! This time he won’t be able to survive. Just keep my reward ready. This ride will be the last ride of Maan Singh Khurana’s life.” He said before cutting the call as he smirked when he watched Maan getting inside the car on the driver’s seat to head towards home where his Geet must be waiting for him.


“Your time is over Maan Singh Khurana. Enjoy this last ride of your life.”He said laughing hysterically as he watched Maan drove off his car from the parking unknown of the danger lurking over his life.




“Hadd hoti hai har cheez ki. Ek to bina bataye chale gaye aur ab phone bhi nahi utha rahe. Jab dekho tab apni manmaani. As if I don’t even exist in this house. Aisa bhi kya important kaam aa gaya ki is tarah bina bataye chale gaye and not even picking his phone. Inhe pata hai ki inki tabiyat abhi tak poori tarah se theek nhi hui hai and he still needs rest but nahi ye to Amitabh Bacchan hai na, “Mard ko kabhi Dard nahi hota”. He knows how much I worry for him but no he doesn’t care. Pata hai na ki Geet to maan hi jayegi to karo jo mann me aata hai. Theek hai karne do inhe inke mann ki ab main bhi inse baat nahi karoongi. Kuch bhi ho jaye, wo chahe kuch bhi kare par main inse koi baat nahi karoongi, Haan” Geet continuously blabbered to herself as she cuts the vegetables in the kitchen angrily and thumping the utensils on the slab taking out her anger on the poor non-living things.


[There is a limit of everything. First he went without saying anything and now he is not picking up his call. Always do what he feels like. As if I don’t even exist in this house. What kind of important work he is having that he had gone without even telling me and not even picking his phone. He knows it very well that he’s still not well completely and he still needs rest but no he’s like Amitabh Bacchan, “A man never feels pain”. He knows how much I worry for him but no he doesn’t care. Actually he knows it very well that Geet gets pacify easily so just do whatever you want. Fine let him do whatever he wants, now even I’ll also no talk to him. No matter what happens but I’ll not talk to him. Yes”]


Totally irritated with Maan’s behavior she vowed to herself that she won’t talk to Maan no matter what he say or does. As if she won’t melt in his arms once he’ll touch her, look into her eyes deep, love her and kiss her, her heart mocked at her making her blush but soon that blush was replaced by anger as she told her heart to just Shut up for she’s not going to give any chance to Maan this time no matter what he does. Determining this to herself she continued to work while blabbering to herself and that’s how Vidyut saw her who came into Kitchen to take water but then he stopped in his tracks when he spotted Geet in the kitchen.


Oh ummm Sorry. Didn’t knew you were here. I just came here to take water. It’s ok. I’ll come later.” He mumbled his apology not looking directly at Geet before turning to leave making Geet to get both shock and surprise at his behavior as during all these months he had never failed to taunt her on how she had betrayed him or about her relationship with Maan or him trying to convince her to leave Maan but him not saying anything and just turning to leave is something which is not digestible to her and to see then she is noticing this change from quiet sometime since the Time of Maan’s accident to be precise. What had caused this sudden change in him, she thought as she watched him turning to leave.


“Wait!” Vidyut who was about to reach on the door stopped dead in his tracks when he heard Geet’s voice and turned to look at her confusingly not understanding why did she asked him to wait.


Wo… You can have water. I had some work in my room anyways so I was going there only.  You don’t have to remain thirsty just because I am here.” Geet looked everywhere but him as she uttered these words before walking past him to go towards the kitchen door wanting to leave as soon as possible as even though Vidyut had stopped misbehaving with her or saying anything to her yet she is not comfortable in his presence and his sudden change in behavior had confused her further.


“Geet.” She stopped in her tracks when she heard him beckoning him but she didn’t turn to look at him not sure why had he stopped her. May be to say something bitter to her regarding her relationship with Maan, May be he still haven’t changed yet and it was she who was just thinking that he had changed, she thought still having her back towards him when she felt him coming and standing behind her though at a considerable distance.


“I am Sorry Geet.” Geet who was expecting anything but this turned to look at him in both shock and surprise only to find him looking at the ground with his head hung in guilt and shame.


“I am Sorry Geet. I am sorry for everything, for every word I said to you in all these months, for my every try to break yours and Maan’s relation, for my every wrong behavior with you all these months. I know all this words and my apology will seem meaningless to you and you were not going to believe it either and neither I am expecting you to do understand, for the mistakes I had done were not worth of forgiving. I had accused you for marrying Maan because of money without even listening to your side of story and if that was not enough then even after knowing the truth I tried to separate you from Maan sometime by my actions and sometime by my words. I tried continuously to convince you to leave Maan and come with me and I truly feel ashamed of my words now. I even tried to do those things which I shouldn’t. I myself couldn’t believe how low had I stoop in order to just satisfy my stupid ego. But it was not just ego Geet. I truly loved you a lot, since the day I first saw you. No, I am not professing my love like other times (He immediately said when he saw shocked expression on Geet’s face who was till now looking other side listening to him) it was just I am telling you what made me to act insensitive towards you. It’s not easy Geet to see the person whom you love the most loving someone else especially in my case where I had always lost everything that I had loved and hence I didn’t want to lose you and want to get you anyhow, by hook or by crook. When I first saw you and Maan together when I came back then I felt like all my insides burning, the place that I always wanted to be mine I saw Maan standing at that place while I could do nothing but to watch my life going away in front of me helplessly and I that vain I did everything I can to bring you back in my life without even caring the fact that you can’t get someone’s love forcefully. I know I was wrong no very much wrong but seeing you with Maan every time, seeing the love in your eyes for him that I always wanted to see for myself; something burned inside me making me feel suffocated and in that vain I ended up doing those insensitive acts which I guess made you to hate me to the extent that you don’t want to even breath in my vicinity.” Vidyut words filled with remorse made Geet to soften her expressions as she tried to understand his side of story.


“Why are you telling me all this now?” She asked the question which was bugging her mind once she registered his words.


Because I realized that I held no place in your life and heart, probably I never had and whatever little place I had in your in your life as your friend that too I had lost because of my stupidity which I will regret all my life. I realized what Maan means to you when he was at hospital at the time of his accident and during the course of time after that I had finally able to make myself accept the fact that there is no place for anyone between you and Maan. I had finally accepted my defeat in front of my fate. Guess you and Maan are truly made for each other, you both are truly “Destined to be” probably that’s why you never felt for me the way I felt for you. I know whatever I said to you it won’t make any difference to what I had already done but still I wanted to apologize for everything. As I said before, I don’t expect you to forgive me as my mistakes are truly unforgivable but there was a burden in my heart which I wanted to remove before I go back by apologizing you. You don’t have to bear my torturing presence for long Geet as I won’t be here from next week and probably will never come back again in yours and Maan’s life. I know you can never forgive me as it is really hard for you but still try to forgive me if you can.” That were the last words that Geet had heard before him leaving the kitchen without even drinking water leaving her behind to contemplate in his words all confused.




Maan was all the way smiling as he made his way towards his home. He looked at the bunch of roses of all colors lying in the passenger seat and the only face that came into his mind was of Geet. He could actually imagine her smiling and blushing face when he’ll gift these roses to him and his heart did a flip flop with the mere thought of this. Oh! He so wish to reach home to his Geet as soon as possible so that he can pacify her anger and see her smiling face. If possible then he can just fly to his Geet.


He tune in to the radio and his fingers started tapping on the steering wheel as it played a romantic song making him to remind yet again of Geet. At that moment he felt like a teenager who is madly in love with someone. Guess it’s all his Geet’s effect. She had changed him so much and to his surprise he is loving this change in him. All he wanted at that moment was to hug her tight expressing his love for her thanking her for all the happiness and colors that she had brought in his life with her presence. He could have lost in the thought of his Geet for forever if he haven’t heard the shrilling sound of his cell phone thus breaking his trance only to make him realize that it’s Dev on other side    


“Bro where are you? Why had you gone outside without telling anyone? You know how much Geet was worried when she had called me? And you even lie to her that you had to attend some important meeting. Because of your even I had to lie to her. By the way what was that which was so important that you had sneaked out like this without even taking the driver? You know right that you are not fully well then why this carelessness Bro?” Maan heard tirade of questions from Dev as soon as he picked up the call making him to shake his head in disbelief while smiling slightly on his concern guess Geet had made everyone around her like her only, he thought as he sighed heavily before answering to Dev.


“Hello Bro are you there?” Why are you not saying anything?” Maan who had just opened his mouth to answer his question stopped when he heard Dev yet again even before he was able to answer him back making him to roll over his eyes.


“Yes Dev I am definitely here and I’ll only be able to say anything if you’ll let me speak.” Dev shut his mouth with Maan’s stern voice waiting for him to continue.


“Ok so first thing first. I am on my way to home currently at xyz road. I had not told anyone because there is something really important that I want to do for Geet’s birthday and for that I can’t trust anyone so I myself came to do that. And don’t worry about Geet I know how to pacify her. And please don’t worry about my health Dev I am fine now. Hope now it clears all your questions.” Maan smirked as he patiently answered each of his questions making Dev to sigh in relief hearing him sound all right. Of course he knows about his visit to jewelry shop for the guards he had appointed for him had told him everything and he realizes that he would have gone there to take some gift for Geet yet with the danger lurking around him every second had made him scared for his well-being and hence he immediately called him just to make sure that he is fine.


“Sorry Bro. Actually Geet had called me and she sounds worried and you were not taking her calls either so I just got worried.” Dev explained after taking a sigh in relief though that’s a different thing that he was still having that nagging feeling somewhere in his mind about something not being right.


“It’s ok Dev. I understand and don’t worry I am already halfway towards home and will be reaching soon. And…” Maan couldn’t complete rest of his words as he felt something unusual in his car as he tries to slow down his speed but all in vain and worry started to cloud Dev’s mind yet again which seems to be disappeared a bit when he heard Maan all safe and sound.


“What happen Bro? Is everything alright?” He asked out of concern when he heard the screeching sound of car as if it zoomed out by passing cars.


“Don’t know Dev but my car seems to be out of control. I am unable to apply brakes.” Maan said as he struggled with his car while Dev’s ears shot up listening to his words but before he could ask anything further Maan disconnected the call saying that he’ll talk later.


Where the hell are you guys right now? Didn’t I asked you to be with Bro?” Dev barked on the phone as he made his call to one of the bodyguards who were following Maan without his knowledge as soon as his call with Maan got disconnected.


“Sir we were following him only but then our car broke down all of a sudden in the middle of the road. We are trying to fix that only.” The bodyguard replied immediately scared of Dev’s anger.


“Just cut the crap and do anything but reach to him as soon as possible. His life is in danger.” He cuts the call after barking the orders yet his heart was not at peace.


He can’t trust these bodyguards to save his brother not after realizing in what big trouble his brother is in and he is clever enough to understand that there is no coincidence between Maan’s car getting out of control and Car of the bodyguards being broken down. Someone is watching his every move and hence he or she had made sure that those bodyguards would never be near Maan when the attack was made. But right now it’s not the time to contemplate in these thoughts as right now he has to save Maan and hence he immediately rushed outside office to go towards the location where Maan has said to be at last texting Adi on the way to let him know about the situation.




Maan tries to control his car which seems to get out of control all of a sudden. He don’t understand what happened all of a sudden as he clearly remembers that his car was perfectly fine when he had gone to that jewelry shop then what had happened all of a sudden that now it’s not getting in control. He tried to apply the brakes even the hand brake too but nothing worked out. He dodged many vehicles coming to his way as he tries to control his car which seems to sway like a snake. Not sure to what to do he turned his car over to the deserted road in order to avoid any harm to the people on the way.


He could feel his cell phone ringing but he couldn’t able to attend the call for he was too busy in controlling his car. His forehead started to precipitate with sweat as he realized in what danger he is in and the only name that came into his mind was of his Geet. What will happen to her if anything happens to him? What if he couldn’t survive this accident then how will his Geet be able to cope up with the loss? What if she too… No his heart screamed out loud shooing away all the negative thoughts. Nothing will happen neither to him nor to his Geet. He will survive, he has to save himself, he thought as he took a sharp turn at the turning point missing to hit the tree by an inch.


He was contemplating only how to save himself when he saw a truck coming towards him from opposite side. He rotated the steering in order to avoid getting hit by the truck but to his surprise that not only his breaks but his Steering wheel is also not working now as if it has been freeze. He tried many times to apply brake, hand brake or even to turn the car to other side but all went in vain. Horror filled his eyes when he saw the Truck approaching towards him was just few centimeters away and unknown o himself his eyes burned in tears when he realized that probably this is the end. Now he won’t be able to escape. He won’t be able to see his family again; He won’t be able to see his Geet again. Geet, the name itself brought tears in his eyes when he realized that probably his love story will remain incomplete and he’ll never be able to see his Geet, never be able to tell her how much he loves her. He closed his eyes and the only face that came in front of his eyes was of Geet’s smiling face and her eyes filled with love and tears escaped his eyes when he realized that he’s not going to see that beautiful smiling face again in this life.


“I love you Geet.” He muttered with all his heart as he closed his when he saw the truck was now just a hair inches away from him thus accepting his fate, may be in next life they will be together. and next what all has heard was the loud banging sound of the collision of truck with Maan’s car making it to fly high in air before it stumbled down the cliff and the sound of explosion filled all the directions of the atmosphere.


A smirk came on the lips of the person who was watching every commotion from far through his binoculars and as soon as he heard the sound of explosion he realizes that the show is over and now it’s time for the award ceremony. He took out his cell to call someone and waited till the call was picked from the other side.


“Plan successful. Maan Singh Khurana’s car has been now shredded into pieces along with his body parts. The blast was so loud that I am sure that not even his hair will be found out by anyone then forget about his body. There is no chance that he can survive. Maan Singh Khurana is finally dead. Keep my reward ready.” He said before he disconnected the call and giving the sinister laugh as he look at the remainants of fire at a distance burning the body of not only the car but the person inside the car too thanking his luck for hitting the jackpot this time as he knows that he’s in for the great reward from his boss.




Something is not right, both her heart and mind were continuously screaming as she sat in her room. Was it because of Vidyut’s words or is something bad going to happen, was the only thought that was running in Geet’s mind from quite a sometime. Her heart was not at peace especially after her little confrontation with Vidyut. She don’t know whether it’s Vidyut’s sudden change of heart that was disturbing her or there is some other reason but whatever the reason is she was feeling restless in her heart and she knows that it is just not because of her confrontation with Vidyut then what can be the reason. Maan, is Maan in some sort of danger? Her heart has almost stopped beating as this thought crossed her mind.


She immediately clutched Maan’s photo close to her heart as if trying to make her heart understand that Maan is fine and nothing has happened to him but no matter how hard she tries to do so the restlessness in her heart didn’t seem to subside a bit. Her confrontation with Vidyut seem to have taken a back seat in her mind for right now her heart and mind both were just engrossed in one name and that name is Maan. She has to talk to him just to make her heart believe that he is fine and nothing is wrong with him. Thinking this she immediately searched for her cell phone before dialing Maan’s number frantically.


It ringed one time, two times, five times yet he didn’t picked up his call. Her heart was getting restless every passing minute. It seems like it will stop beating any minute if she wouldn’t be able to talk to him right now. Even after trying so many times Maan haven’t picked up the call instead his phone now became not reachable. Fear ripped her heat as unknown to her own self tears started to gather in her eyes. Even after convincing her heart for so many times that Maan must be safe and nothing is wrong with him and he must be busy with his meeting that’s why she is not able to reach him, but even after her countless effort she couldn’t able to convince her heart. She even tried to reach Dev too just in case to know if he knew about Maan but even he didn’t picked up the call. Seeing her last hope dyeing like this she just thumped on the bed throwing her cell phone aside clutching Maan’s photo close to her heart as if trying to shield him with all the bad omens.


“Babaji please let my fears be baseless. I don’t know why but I am not getting any good feeling. I am feeling like Maan is in some sort of danger. Please let it be the figment of my imaginations. Please let my Maan be safe. I won’t be able to live without him. Please keep him safe. Please.” She prayed to almighty as she stood in front of her Babaji’s portrait begging him to keep her Maan safe as she lit the Diya in front of the portrait but to her horror the light of the Diya started flickering thus making the base of her fear of something wrong happening to Maan strong and she immediately covered the light with her palms avoiding any bad omen in Maan’s life.


“Please Babaji keep my Maan safe. Maan please come back soon to me. I am very much scared. Please be safe and come back. Please.” She muttered as she tried to fight back both her tears and fears clutching Maan’s photo tight to her heart praying to God for his well being.




Crowd started gathering at the accident spot with people continuously murmuring among themselves about the seriousness of the accident and how fateful is it to meet such destiny. Even police was there to investigate the accident and had sealed the area for their investigation and that’s how Dev found everyone when he reached the accident spot along with Maan’s bodyguards by tracing Maan’s car through GPS and the sight in front of them is enough to take away his life. The burning car is now turning into ashes while there was no trace of Maan’s body.


“Such a severe accident. Never saw such a horrible accident in my life.” Dev heard someone from crowd.


“Seems like either the car was out of control or the driver was too drunk to notice where he was heading.” Someone else said.


“I don’t think the driver would have survived. No one can survive after such a fatal accident. It’s not possible that he would have survived.”And that was enough for Dev to lose the last thread of his patience as he held the collar of the person who was according to him was just speaking nonsense while looking at him angrily.


“Just shut that nonsense of yours. My Bro is fine. Nothing will happen to him. Did you get that? My Bro is absolutely fine.”His eyes were spitting fire as he clutched the neck of the person who was saying about Maan being dead tight. If not for the Maan’s bodyguards who had pulled him away with great difficulty then that man would be dead by now.


“Excuse me what’s happening over here?” A police officer enquired after coming over there when he saw the commotion at the accident spot.


“Officer I am Dev Singh Khurana. That Car… that car belongs to my brother Maan Singh Khurana. Where is he? He is fine right? Please speak up. Please say that he is fine.” Dev was turning frantic b every passing second. It was as if he’ll turn mad if he won’t see Maan another minute.


“Oh! Come with me.” The officer motioned him to come with him to the place where the Car was burning and Dev felt like earth slipping beneath him once he saw the condition of the car yet he was not ready to believe that anything can happen to his brother.


“As you can see that car is badly damaged and hence there are very least chances of him to survive almost nil. Moreover we haven’t found his body too, guess it shredded due to explosion but still we are searching. All we found near the spot was just this Wallet and handkerchief and broken pieces of this cell phone. Are these of your brother’s?” The police officers showed him the things that he had found and Dev just thumped on the ground when he realized that all the things belongs to Maan.


“No, no this can’t happen. Bro can’t leave us like that. He can’t leave his Geet like that. What will I say to Geet? He can’t die, No. BRO!!!!!”A loud howl escaped his throat as he cried bitterly on the fact that his brother, his idol has left him for forever.


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“Mitra” ~ Part 11

Part 11:


“Love… Love is not everything in life Maan. There are many other things which are more important than Love. Sometimes the person whom we love the most only makes us all alone. So you see there is no guarantee in love. And anyways Pyaar ka kya hai wo to kabhi bhi ho jayega. So it doesn’t matter if I love him or not Dev loves me a lot and it’s a saying na that you should be with the one who loves rather than being with someone whom you love. So I am doing the same. Maybe slowly and gradually I’ll also fall in love with him.” Geet said last line almost to convince her own self but she knows that she was just fooling herself as she can’t love anyone other than Maan.


It’s her helplessness that she’s still with Dev. First, because he is her father’s choice and it’s his last wish to see her settled with Dev and second, to save whatever little she was left with and she knows that she can’t expect any miracle that she can get out of all this mess hence it’s better to accept whatever is coming in her ways. Her all dreams had died long back and she dared not to dream anything after that for she knows that it will remain just a dream.


“Do You Love someone else Laddoo?” Maan asked with a bated breath as he tries to register Geet’s words which were clearly depicting that she has been disappointed in love once but who was that person and why did Geet didn’t tell him about it, he thought as he looked at Geet who looked at him shocked only to find him looking at her anxiously as if trying to find the answer in her eyes and this very fact made Geet more nervous.


Why did he ask that? Did she said too much? Did she said something which she was not suppose to? Or did Maan got the hint of something? What if he came to know the truth that the person with whom she’s in love is he himself? No she can’t let this happen. But then Maan’s question has caught her off-guard and she don’t know how to run away from his question and she knows that she won’t be able to run for long. By looking into Maan’s eyes she can say that he’s searching for his answers desperately but will she be able to give the answer to his question and most importantly will he be able to bear the truth.




Maan sat over there with bated breath waiting impatiently for Geet who has gone aside to take some call. He still couldn’t get off his mind away from the confrontation they had few seconds ago where he was almost on the verge of knowing the name of the person who had disappointed his Laddoo in love. Yes, she did was in love with someone while he was unaware of the fact till now. But who was that guy? Was he someone from their school or someone from their college or someone whom Geet met between these 6 years? But then Geet said that Dev was her father’s choice therefore there is very least chance of Geet loving someone in these 6 years as knowing her father he knows that he would have never gone against Geet’s wish but then this chance was also there that Geet may have been disappointed in love before that, yes it’s possible. But whatever it is Geet should have told him even if she would have met that guy in these 6 years. The fact that Geet had hid something of this sort has really pinched his heart a lot. His Laddoo never hides anything from him. Then why she didn’t told him such a big thing.


His mind was wandering everywhere to each and every person possible with whom Geet was in love with but he couldn’t able to point out who that person could be. Was this the reason that she use to keep herself aloof during those days when they both were in college or is that why she left like this all of a sudden without telling anything to anyone, he thought as he remembered Geet being so reserved when they were in last year of their college and then her leaving all of a sudden. But still the question is that why she didn’t told him if something of this sort have happened with her. Ya he was in relationship with Sameera at that time and was giving good amount of his time to her but that doesn’t mean that he wouldn’t have helped her if she would have told him about all this as his Laddoo is always his first priority and nothing is more important for him than her. He would have made the life of that person living hell who had dared to hurt his Laddoo. But again even after trying hard he couldn’t memorize the person with whom Geet could be in relationship for Geet never mingled much even with any other girl of their college then forget about mingling with any guy, then who could be that person, he thought as he recalled their conversation few seconds back.


“Do You Love someone else Laddoo?” Maan asked with a bated breath as he tries to register Geet’s words which were clearly depicting that she has been disappointed in love once but who was that person and why did Geet didn’t tell him about it, he thought as he looked at Geet who looked at him shocked as she looked everywhere but him.


“Please don’t lie to me Laddoo. I can read it in your eyes. So tell me the truth. You swear of our friendship. Tell me do you love someone else?” His voice was getting anxious by every passing minute and so did the raising of his heartbeats but along with that he felt the increment in Geet’s nervousness too. Somewhere he was hoping to be Geet’s answer in negative too.


“Yes” She whispered slowly as she looked down as if hiding herself from his piercing gaze unknown of the condition Maan is going through. He can’t bear the fact of Geet loving anyone else and he still don’t understand it why. May be because he had never seen Geet with anyone else apart from him; or may be because Geet was hurt because of that guy. He don’t know what’s exact bothering him; Geet being in a relationship with someone and not telling him about it or her being hurt due to that love.


“Do I know him?” He asked yet again as he felt the lump in his throat. He clenched his fist tight under the table for he don’t know if he’ll able to bear the fact that the person who was in Geet’s life is known to him yet he was unknown of the fact while his mind keeps on wandering at every possible person.


But somewhere he was wishing Geet’s answer to be in negative this time because if it will be in positive then he don’t know how will he react. Hence he just sat over there with bated breath anxiously waiting for Geet’s answer wishing it to be negative again and again. But all his fears came true when Geet nodded her head in positive while still looking down.


“Who is he?” Geet’s head shot up listening to his question and Maan could see the nervousness on her face loud and clear but this time it was mixed with some fear. But what and most importantly whom is she fearing from? But keeping all that aside why is he feeling this empty feeling inside his heart.


“Laddoo, I asked who is he?” He asked yet again and he was sure that he felt Geet fidgeting in her seat as if trying to run away from his question


Just as he was waiting for her to answer they both heard a loud shrill of Geet’s cell phone’s ringtone much to his frustration as he was just one step away from knowing the name of that person and he felt like throwing that phone somewhere which had interrupted in the wrong time. Geet immediately excused herself before taking the call leaving Maan over there to ponder over everything till now.


So now here he is sitting still waiting for Geet to come who seems to be on call for what felt like an eternity. Each and every passing minute seems to be like ages to him. Geet’s reply to his question was still ringing in his mind making him to restless even more. She said that he knows that person then who is that guy? If he knew that person then it means that Geet haven’t fallen in love with anyone in these 6 years. Then that person is either from their school or from their college but again the question is that with whom? She was always with him be it in their school or in college then who could be that person with whom Geet was in relationship while he was unaware. So many questions was swarming in his mind and he felt like his head bursting with so many mysteries at the same time. If possible then he would have broken the fork he was holding into pieces for he was holding it so hard.


Even he didn’t knew why he was feeling this restless. I mean if Geet was in love with someone else then why he is not feeling nice. May be because Geet had been hurt by that person but he knows he was just fooling his heart which was telling some other tale which he wanted to ignore for now. Because right now there are already so many things in his plate; he had to know about Dev’s true face, he had to know about what happened in life of Handa’s in these 6 years, He had to know about Geet’s mysterious behavior around him. And as if all these things were not enough then now he came to know about Geet loving someone else of which he don’t have any idea till now neither he knows that person. So many things, so many questions and still there are no answers. He felt like pulling out his hairs after being surrounded with so many mysteries and questions and he knows that the only person who can give answer to all his questions is Geet herself who is still in the call with God knows whom.


Geet couldn’t thank Meera enough who had called right on time or else she herself don’t know what would have happened. The way Maan was interrogating her had made her nervous but more than nervous it made her scared; scared of what Maan might have came to know that he was asking such questions from her but more than that she was scared about what would have happened if Meera wouldn’t have called on time. She knows that she wouldn’t have been able to lie to him for she was under the oath of their friendship and by no chance she can lie after that no matter what. She still couldn’t get over from the affect of Maan’s question on her. But what she couldn’t understand the reason behind his this interrogation.


What had happened all of a sudden that he’s been asking all these questions from her? Did he got hint of something or is that he got to know something? She couldn’t forget Maan’s expression when he had asked her if she loves someone else. It was something that she had never witnessed before. It was as if he was fighting a battle within. But what shocked her more was the way he was desperate to know about the person she loved. She swore that she had seen a kind of rage in his eyes when he came to know about loving someone else and worse he knows that person. But along with that she saw a certain pain in those eyes, as if he was going to lose something very precious. She can’t name the emotion that she had seen in his eyes but she knows that it is something very deep and is just for her.


But apart from all this she couldn’t understand why is he so concerned for her that too now. Wasn’t he the one who had asked her to deal with her problems herself, Wasn’t he the one who had asked her to get out from his life, Wasn’t he the one who had held her responsible for his heartbreak and most importantly wasn’t he the one who also think of her as a curse in everyone’s life. Then what had changed in these 6 years that he’s so concerned for her that he’s ready to go to any extent. But most importantly what change could it make now? Her life has already been bounded with Dev and by no way she can run away from it then why Maan is hell bent in making everything difficult. Why can’t he understand that now nothing can be done? And what difference would it make to him if she’s happy or not, or if she was in love with someone else or not? Does it change anything; No it won’t. It will just create more complications for everyone. Hence it’s better if things would have been left just like the way they are or else she won’t be able to stop the storm that will come after that and will ruin everything that she was left with.


She has to do something so that Maan won’t get to know the truth but right now the question is that how she’ll dodge from the question that Maan is asking to her right now. She’s been purposely delaying to go over there where they were seated so that she can buy sometime but she knows that it’s all useless as neither could she stand over here all day nor Maan would forget that question so easily. Hence she had to face him but again the question is that how and what would she say to him. She can’t lie to him and truth she can’t say. She don’t know why but she could sense the feel of upcoming storm on its way. She had this strong feeling that very big storm is on its way or should she say has already entered in their lives and she knows that by the time it will pass everything will be changed and will not be like before and that’s what she feared the most. But nevertheless she has to face this storm anyhow as she has no escape from it. So after taking a deep breath and composing herself she walked towards the place where they were seated when she bumped into something or rather someone making her to lose her balance but thankfully she saved herself by holding the nearby chair.


“I am so sorry. I….” She stopped in mid when she looked at the person whom she collided with looking at her with her smile on her face and Geet’s eyes widens in realization as she recognized the person in front of her.


“Deeps” Geet said in surprise when she felt her hugging her tight. Of course she has not expected to meet her so sudden like this.


“OMG Geet! How are you? I can’t believe that I am meeting you after so long. You have changed so much, but see I recognized you even then.” Deeps aka Deepali said all in excitement still hugging so tight while Geet looked around only to find everyone looking at them amusingly while she gave a nervous smile feeling awkward.


“I am fine Deeps. And I’ll be more fine if you’ll stop crushing me like this.” Deeps bit out her tongue when she realized that she’s probably crushing her too hard and she instantly pulled out from hug making Geet to sigh in relief.


“O Geet! I am so happy to see you. You had almost lost touch after school. But thank god I found you here. But what you are doing in Mumbai? And why didn’t you met me if you are here? Oh! How will you have met me you didn’t knew that I was here in Mumbai. Actually I settled in Mumbai 2 years back after my marriage. Speaking of marriage, what about you? Have you got married or not? And if married then with whom? OMG! We have to catch up with so many things. Why are you not speaking? Say something na.” Geet looked at her chatter box friend unbelievingly who was not even taking a pause before bombarding with so many questions.


“Relax Deeps! I’ll only be able to speak if you’ll let me. How about you taking a breath first.” Geet tries to relax her over-excited friend who just pouted cutely before smiling brightly.


“Sorry, wo actually I saw you after so many years so just got a little bit excited. Anyways, how are you and how come you are in Mumbai.”Deeps asked after controlling her excitement a bit while Geet just raised her brows on her connotation ‘little’.


“Geet” both Deeps and Geet heard a voice before Geet could reply and her eyes went wide as she saw the person approaching towards them who is none other than Maan and then there were two different reactions. Where Deeps was happy to see him after so long, Geet was again back to her nervous mode for she knows that Maan will again ask her the same question from which she was running till now.


When it took too long for Geet to come then Maan decided to see himself to see where she is been and why is it taking so long for her to finish the call. His instincts were saying that Geet was purposefully avoiding him. He clearly remembers her nervous face when he had asked her about the person she loves. The way she was looking everywhere but him, the way she was sweating even with AC on, and most importantly the way she sighed in relief when that phone call came was enough for him to believe that she is purposefully avoiding his question and hence taking as much time as she can but he was also not from the one who forgets things so easily especially then when things are concerned with his Laddoo. Hence after waiting for what seems like an eternity he decided to see himself. He scanned through the whole restaurant when he finally saw her but her back was towards him so he decided to go to her. And as he neared her he saw her talking to some girl who seems familiar to him but still he couldn’t recognize her. So now here he is standing with Geet while looking at the girl whom she was talking confusingly who was giving her so bright smile god knows why but what shocked him more was when she hugged him so tight making him to lose his balance while Geet just shakes her head knowing very well what Maan must be feeling for she too felt the same few minutes back.


“OMG Maan! I can’t believe that I am meeting you too. I can’t believe my luck today. I am meeting my two friends at the same day that too in Mumbai.” Deeps was still hugging him tight much to Maan’s awkwardness for first he still didn’t recognize her and second they were now being centre of attraction as everyone was looking at them as if they were aliens from other planet.


“How nice” Maan smiled awkwardly as he somehow pulled out from hug still trying to recognize her.


“Tu to bahut bada aadmi ban gaya yaar. Never thought when we were in school that you’ll achieve so much in your life. In every news channel, in every newspaper and in every magazine it’s you and only you. The great Maan Singh Khurana huh” Deeps replied as she pulled out from hug while Maan still try hard to recognize her especially after when she said that they were in school. Geet chuckled lightly as she could clearly say by seeing Maan’s expressions that he was unable to recognize Deeps, well not his fault as for Maan she was just another classmate and not more than that.


“Maan she is Deeps aka Deepali. We were together in class XI and XII remember.” realization dawn upon Maan as he finally recognized her and looked at Deeps, who looked a bit disappointed for she never expected Maan to not recognize her.


“Of course. Sorry actually I saw you after so many years so was just ummm you know surprised.” Geet suppressed her laugh when she saw Maan struggling with words in order to make Deeps feel better but nevertheless it brought smile back on Deeps’s lips.


“Arey it’s ok yaar. After all we are friends. But I am really happy to see you both, that too together.” Both Maan and Geet smiled listening to her but what she said next was something that was not expected by any of them


“You know I always knew that you both will be together as a couple one day. After all you both complement each other so much. Even in school you both were inseparable. Even a blind person could see the sparks between you two. I always knew that there’s something between you two and see today my assumptions were all right. Oh! I am so happy for you both.” Deeps’s words were making Geet uncomfortable for she feared of Maan’s reaction and most importantly she feared of what if Maan connects all this things to the question he had asked her the he’ll come to know the truth that she has been hiding all these years from. Maan on the other hand was feeling an unknown contentment and happiness in his heart and he still don’t know why but all he knows that he’s feeling an immense happiness when Deeps mistaken them as a couple and he didn’t find it important also to correct her which was so unusual for him.


“So tell me Geet, what should I call you now? Should I call you Miss Handa or Mrs. Khurana or would be Mrs. Khurana.” Deeps winked as she spoke mischievously looking at both of them who were looking at each other. After all who doesn’t want to tease their friends?


“Call her would be Mrs. Chopra.” All heard a voice from behind before Geet could say anything in defense making Maan and Geet to instantly turn around only to see Dev approaching towards. Geet’s eyes went wide when she saw him and she could clearly say that he had heard the last part of their conversation as she saw him tightening his fist in order to control his anger. Maan on the other hand was just cursing Dev and his wrong timing. Why he always has to appear at a wrong place at wrong timing, he thought as he tries hard to control his anger while Deeps was looking at him confused because she never saw him with Geet before and hence couldn’t recognize him.


“Call her would be Mrs. Chopra as Geet is my fiancé and soon going to be my wife.” Dev said yet again as he neared them totally ignoring Maan and looking at Deeps.


“Geet, won’t you introduce me to your friend.” Dev held Geet’s waist tight in order to show his right in her to all and especially to Maan who was looking other side seething in anger. Of course he didn’t like the way Dev was holding his Laddoo. By now he was sure of one thing and that is he can’t share his Laddoo with Dev and not only Dev, he can’t share her with anyone. Even though he don’t want to accept the reason that his heart was continuously telling but at least he agreed on the fact that he can’t share Geet with anyone.


“Dev, she is Deepali my school friend and Deeps she is Dev, my fiancé and would be husband” She said last line slowly and looked at Maan who was looking other side with his eyes closed and fist tightened in anger. He really hates it whenever Geet addresses Dev as he would be husband and vice-versa. All this commotion was not missed by Deeps who was looking to and fro from Maan to Geet and finally at Dev.


She may not be as close to Geet as Maan and for Maan she hardly exists but still she could clearly see the longing of Geet for Maan and Maan for Geet in their eyes. The way Geet was looking at Maan and the way Maan had tighten his fist when Dev had addressed Geet as his would be wife, had said to her loud and clear that things are not like the way it seems to be. Even a blind person could see the love between them which was missing between Dev and Geet then why Geet is marrying Dev and not Maan. Did they still not realized that they are made for each other or is there any other reason, she thought as she looked at the trio and then decided to confront the Geet regarding the same but she knows that this is not the right time to talk about all this. And moreover she don’t even know that what’s happening in their lives hence she has to wait till she can talk either to Geet or Maan regarding this.


“Oh! Hi Dev! Sorry, actually I met Maan and Geet after long, almost 10 years to be precise, so was not knowing what’s happening in their lives and seeing them together I mistaken them as a couple. So really sorry. Hope you didn’t mind.” Deeps though has a big mouth and was a chatter box, speaking without thinking anything but at the same time she’s mature enough to handle any situation just like she knows how to keep her curiosity to herself right now as she looked at Dev with a small smile.


“It’s ok. No problem but you should also understand that things are always not what it looks. Hope you are not going to repeat the same mistake again with anyone in future.” Dev though said with a smile but Deeps could really make out arrogance in those words and hence she was sure now that Geet can’t choose anyone like him on her own will there is definitely some other reason due to which she had to be with Dev.


Even Maan didn’t like the way he was talking to Deeps and his hatred for him grows ten folds as no matter how much possessive he is for Geet but still it didn’t give him right to talk to any girl rudely but just for the sake of Geet he kept quiet for now otherwise all he wanted at that moment was to punch Dev hard which anyways he wants to do all the time. Geet on the other hand was trying hard to suppress the pain that she was feeling both in her heart and her body. In her heart because of seeing Maan’s pained face and in her body because of Dev’s tight grip on her waist.


“Anyways Geet I got to go now my husband must be waiting for me outside but it’s good that I met you guys over here. Actually today is my wedding anniversary so there’s a small party at my home. So I would like to invite all of you. Please do come.” Deeps said when she realized that her husband must be waiting for her but talking to Geet is also important that too as soon as possible hence she came up with the idea of inviting them. Even though she didn’t want to invite Dev but then she can’t ignore him too as he was standing with Geet only hence she had to invite him too.


“Umm Deeps thanks for invitation but we don’t think we could make it. Actually Dev has to go out of town for some work so we………” Geet made an excuse because she really don’t want to go to the party with Dev and Maan being at same place especially not after her little confrontation with Maan today. As knowing both of them she was sure that by the end of the party something disastrous will definitely happen which she definitely don’t want.


“We will come.” Maan interrupted Geet in between who looked at him shocked which Maan choose to ignore as he looked straight at Deeps


“C’mon Laddoo, Deeps is our old friend and it’s her wedding anniversary so don’t you think we should go. I mean it’s Mr. Chopra who is going out of town; me and you are still here so at least we can attend the party. I am sure Mr. Chopra won’t mind either, Would you Mr. Chopra?” Now that is Maan Singh Khurana who knows how to get situation in his favor. He knows that Geet is purposefully avoiding coming in the party and somewhere he knows the reason too but still he did this because he need to talk to Geet anyhow and he knows that he can do that in the party only with no Dev around.


“Of course not Mr. Khurana. I mean why would I mind. Geet, baby you should go. It’s your friend’s party. Don’t spoil your plan because of me. And Mr. Khurana will also be there so even I would be assured that you’ll be fine.” Dev’s sugar coated words had confused Geet at first. Dev being so nice and moreover he leaving her alone with Maan was something which was not digestible for her but then she felt the tightening of Dev’s grip on her waist making her wincing in pain thus making her realize that it was all just a facade and Dev was just pretending in front of Deeps and Maan like always and all she could feel at that moment for Dev is just Disgust and hate and nothing else for being so hypocrite.


“So, it’s all decided then. You both are coming to my party. Ok Geet, I’ll text you the address of the venue. And you kindly forward it to Maan. I got to go now. See you both in the party.” Deeps said before leaving after hugging Geet and taking her phone number leaving Maan, Geet and Dev behind.


“So Mr. Khurana, we met again. You know sometimes I feel that we have an old connection between us. Koi bahut purana rishta hai humara. That’s why we always meet that too at unusual time and at unusual place.” Dev said as soon as Deeps went out of sight still keeping Geet in his arms while Maan just smirked knowingly


“Don’t know about old connection Mr. Chopra but at times I feel that you are stalking us. Otherwise how come you are always there whenever me and Laddoo met.” Maan though had a smile on his face but his voice has complete displeasure in it clearly stating that he was not liking Dev’s presence at all but then a thing called civilized person and just for the sake of that only Maan was bearing Dev’s presence while Geet was just mute spectator of everything.


“I really like your sense of humor Mr. Khurana. But what to do when your fiancé is so beautiful then you have to take care of the fact that no one can steal her from you.” Dev retorted back though with a smile but Maan could sense his threat in those words.


“It’s all about trust Mr. Chopra. If you trust the person you love enough then you don’t have to worry for anything as then you know that, that person will take care of everything.” Maan’s eyes were on Geet as he said the last line who was still mum while looking down.


For one thing Maan was sure that there is a big reason behind Geet being with Dev apart from his being her father’s choice but whatever that reason is, he is going to know that soon and then he’ll deal with Dev in his own way. He promised himself that if he’ll get even a tiny miny evidence also against Dev then he’ll make sure that he’ll make his life living hell and of course will wipe his very existence not only from Geet’s life but also from this earth. But for that he had to wait for the right time which he knows is going to come very soon.


“Well I guess our debate will go on like this only and seriously as much I would love to have debate with you but I am having shortage of time and as you had heard already, I have to leave out of town for business purpose so I hope you don’t mind if we take your leave now as you see I must be needing my fiancé to help me in packing.” Dev cut short the discussion while Geet snapped up her head to look at Dev in surprise.


She had only lied to Deeps and even Dev knows that then why is he pretending like this in front of Maan, she thought as she looked at Dev questioningly who said or did nothing but pulled her closer to himself as of showing Maan his authority on her and Geet knows this is the indication of another unpleasant conversation between him and her. Maan didn’t want Geet to go like this especially then when he had so many unanswered questions but then he had no other option than to let her go with heavy heart as even Geet didn’t protested or had asked Dev to let her stay.


Once again he keeps on looking at her retreating figure as she moved towards exit with Dev while looking back at him every now and then as if asking him to stop her and once again he found the same longing, same emotion and same helplessness in her eyes that he had seen that day at lake side when she was going with Dev and he felt each and every cell of his body shivered as he noticed the intensity of those emotions. Once again he felt something breaking in his heart seeing her going away with Dev but this time with more intensity. He could feel like his life is slipping away from his hand like sand and he could do nothing but to watch it helplessly. The heaviness in his heart was getting too much, so much that he felt like getting suffocated in the pressure of these emotions making it difficult for him to even breathe properly.


All he felt at that moment was like thousand knives piercing his heart making it to bleed. He once again felt like losing something very precious and that too for forever but only difference this time that it had hit him hard with more intensity than before so much that he felt like dyeing right then and there. His eyes remained fixed at the door from where she just exited as if wanting her to come and run into his arms where he could hide her forever from this whole world so that no one can snatch her away from him. But nothing of that sort happened instead he was still standing at same place where Geet left him few minutes back looking somewhere in the oblivion. Something is changing no something has already changed that too without his own knowledge and he dared to call that change as ‘Love’.


He felt his heart dancing in joy with the mere mention of word ‘Love’ but his mind is still in denial mode and he once again found himself stuck in the battle between his heart and mind and he don’t know whom to choose. But he knows that he had to choose that too soon or else he’ll lose everything but before that he needs to find all those answers which are still hidden to him. No matter if Geet tells him anything or not, he’s Maan Singh Khurana and he’ll go in the depth of everything himself, then be it knowing about Dev or about Geet’s life in these 6 years or about the name of the person Geet loves. He’ll get to know everything even if he had to out of his way also he thought as he took a deep sigh before going towards exit when he felt his cell phone ringing thus making him halting in his steps as the call was from his assistant Adi, whom he had appointed to investigate everything and a smile crept up on sculptured lips as he realized that finally he’s getting the answer to all his questions. But before he could pick up the call he felt something or rather someone bumping into him thus causing him to lose his balance resulting into falling down of his cell phone.


“Oh, I am so sorry. My mind was somewhere else. Wait let me pick it up for you.” Maan heard the person with whom he just bumped apologized as he bend down to pick his cell phone making his brows frown in confusion as he felt not only the voice but the face of the person also familiar.


“Brij Veerji” Maan muttered as finally the realization dawn upon him when Brij gave him his phone and the expression on Brij’s face turned soft when he too recognizes him.


“Maan you here? I never thought that I’ll meet you after so many years. I am so glad to see you. How are you?” Brij hugged him tight as he expressed his happiness while Maan was just numb as his mind was somewhere else. Brij is in Mumbai then why did Geet didn’t told him, maybe she herself was unaware about it, he thought as he tries to reason his heart.


“I am fine Brij Veerji. How are you? And how come you are in Mumbai? Geet didn’t told me that you were here.” Maan asked as Brij pulled out from hug and expressions on Brij’s face were not the one that he had expected as he found his face getting dull and sad.


“Ya, actually Geet didn’t know that I am here. I came to Mumbai for some business purpose. In fact, it’s been long since I had last talked to her. Anyways, you tell how’s everything going on in your life. I see you became a big businessman. And I am actually very happy to see that.” Brij immediately covered his sad face with his smile but Maan could sense that there is something which is not right. How come he is saying that he haven’t talked with Geet from long when Geet herself has said to him that she’s been in constant touch with Brij. O god! Not again, one more mystery, he thought as he tries to comprehend everything.


“But isn’t Geet is in constant touch with you? I thought that you were trying to manage Uncle’s business to take it out from crisis. And Rano Maa how is she? She is in Hoshiarpur only right, with you all?” Maan’s every question was making Brij more and more confused as he was really not getting what he is saying as if he’s speaking in some alien language.


“Hold on Maan! What you are saying? I am not getting even a word said by you. Who told you all this?” Now it was Maan’s turn to get confused as he was not able to understand why Brij is saying like this.


“Maan I guess you are in some sort of misunderstanding as there’s nothing of this sort like you are saying. I mean ya I wanted to manage Chachaji’s business after his death to take it out from crisis but then Geet didn’t let me do that as she said that Dev will take care of it. She even accused us for trying to take over Chachaji’s business for our own selfish motive. I tried to make her understand a lot and we even had a big argument also over that after which she had broken all ties with us. And Rano Chachi, she is not staying with us. After Chachaji’s death her mental condition was not very fine. I tried to convince Geet a lot to let Chachi stay with us, we’ll take care of her but she said that she’s capable of taking care of her mother. I don’t understand what has went wrong with her since that Dev came into her life. Can you believe it that she had broken all ties from us? It’s been years since I had talked to her. I really miss her but I guess she didn’t.” Brij sighed as he felt the corner of his eyes burning unknown of the effect his words were causing to Maan who felt like earth slipping beneath his feet.


Brij’s words were creating havoc inside him as he tries to make sense of everything. Instead of getting solved he felt like getting entangled more and more into this mystery. The fact that Geet had lied to him all this while was making him angry and hurt both at the same time. He couldn’t understand that why Geet had lied to him about everything. What could be the reason behind this? Brij got a call from one of his client hence he left but not before telling Maan that he’ll catch up with his some other time. But Maan could hear none as he just stood over there numb trying to absorb each and every thing.


The information that he got now was something that he haven’t expected even in his wildest dreams. Neither about Handa’s business nor about Rano’s condition. But what was making him more mad was the fact that Geet had hid all this from him all this while. Forget about hiding she had out rightly lied to him whenever he had asked her about her business or about Rano. Why did she lied to him? He knows his Laddoo can never lie to him then what could be the reason behind her lying to him. What was that thing that is still hidden from him which has made her Laddoo like this, he thought as he felt like his head bursting with so many questions.


He needed to talk to Geet that too as soon as possible as it’s only her who can give all the answers to his questions and this time he won’t let her run away neither he’ll let anyone come between their confrontation, be it Dev or anyone else, he thought as he promised himself to dig out the truth at any cost. He could have stand over there forever if he wouldn’t have heard the ringing of his cell phone thus halting his thoughts in process and as he looked at the caller id only he found name of his assistant “Adi” flashing over it once again and his tensed face was replaced by a victorious smirk when he realized that finally the time has came when he is going to untangle all the strings of this tangling mystery.


“There’s a good news sir.” Maan heard Adi speaking from the other side and he just stood over there listening to his every word with thudding heart and great concentration.

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“Lyf Starts Where it Ends” ~ Part 18

Part 18:

“No Dev actually I have been keeping busy from quiet a long tym hence I haven’t checked it. But no worries I’ll just check it right now.” Maan said as he opened his Laptop yet again to login to his mail ID after Dev cuts the call asking him to revert back as soon as possible after seeing the mail. He was about to enter his Password to login when he was disturbed by yet another call making him to smile widely as it’s his princess call Afterall.


“Hey Princess, still awake?” Maan asked as soon as picked up the call keeping his laptop aside


“Ya wo na Mum….. I mean I want to hear a story from you. I am not feeling Shleepy” Seher tactfully changed her sentence after Geet gestured her to not to tell Maan that she too wanted to listen to his story. Yes the mother Daughter duo were together today to listen story from Maan.


“Acha, so my Baby wanted to listen story. Fine I’ll just tell a nice story to my princess.” Maan said before he began to recite a bedtime story unknown of the fact that this tym along with Seher someone else is also listening to his story with a smile on her face feeling so lost in his words nd voice.


And as of Maan well there’s no need to say that he was so lost in telling his princess the story that he had absolutely forgot that Dev had asked her to check his mail neither did he had realized that along with Seher there’s someone else also on the other side. If he would have known then probably he would be jumping around in happiness. No sooner it was that Maan heard the heavy breathings of Seher making him realize that his Princess has slept peacefully.


“Good night Princess. Love you.” Maan said softly as he pressed a kiss to the phone giving his princess a good night kiss unknown of the fact that his this gesture had made someone’s heart flutter as she felt a dark colour crept on her cheek with his gesture as if it was her to whom he had said nd did this, she thought she smiled shyly whacking her head playfully on her own shy thoughts before slipping into a deep slumber along with her daughter feeling so happy nd peaceful all of a sudden.




“Are you out of your mind Meera? How can you even think of anything of this sort?” Dev blasted out as soon as he heard Meera. He had just came from office all tired when Meera told him about her not so intelligent idea


“Then what should I do? You guys are still not able to find him. Even police can’t able to do anything. And even Maan Bhai haven’t replied to your mail yet. What if he reaches to Geet and her child? No, I can’t let that happen. That’s why I myself going to London to see that they are safe.” Meera said with a tone of finality while Dev just wanted to bang his head somewhere. Can’t she understand that she is 4 months pregnant and hence not allowed to take this much stress.


“Meera, don’t be so stupid. And what do you think that we are sitting idle. I am trying to track him by all means I can even police are doing their work but you have to keep patience. Hhhmmm” Dev tried to make frantic Meera understand who seems to be not in mood to understand anything.


“I don’t know and I don’t care what you guys are doing. I am going to London and it’s final. Why don’t you understand that Geet needs me? She is still unaware about the danger lingering on her and her child’s life. I can’t leave her alone like this and hence I am going. I’ll save my best friend no matter if you allow me or not or if you come with me or not.” Meera almost burst into tears feeling so helpless at this moment while Dev just let out a deep sigh as he pinched the bridge of his nose. He felt guilty for blasting at her like this especially then when he knows what Geet means to her and her pregnancy hormones are making it worst for her to think anything form sane mind.


“Meera, I respect your emotions and trust me I understand what you are feeling too. But you have to also understand it that it is not as simple as you are saying. Ok for once I agree also to send you to London then what after that? That day you asked me to not to say anything to Bro on call as you were afraid that ‘he’ must be tracing our call then you only think that wouldn’t it be possible that he would follow you to London too. You yourself had asked to Geet when she was leaving from India to never come back again to India neither she would contact anyone of us just for the sake of her safety and now you are forgetting your own words and probably this will definitely put Geet in danger. Meera, I know what Geet means to you and trust me I too am worried for Geet and her child’s safety but at the same time I am worried for yours and our baby’s safety too. I just can’t put both of yours life in danger too nor would I want Geet’s life in danger with this move of yours. You just need to keep patience. I am sure we’ll definitely figure out some other way and if not then I promise that I myself will take you to London to Geet. But till then please keep your calm.” Dev’s words did desired effect on Meera as she thought carefully on Dev’s words only to realize that he’s right and maybe it’s she who is going too frantic.


“I guess you are right. I am sorry to behave like this Dev. Please forgive me.” Fresh tears brimmed in her eyes as she hugged Dev sideways still feeling too emotional.


“It’s ok Meera, I understand. Don’t worry everything will be fine. Trust me.” Meera closed her eyes as Dev’s words gave her the needed assurance while Dev just ran his fingers in her hairs soothing her tension but he himself was in big tension as he knows that Meera is not wrong either as there is danger lingering on everyone’s head and he had to do something fast or else everything will be ruined, he thought as he closed his letting out a deep sigh thinking of some way to get out from this situation.




She looked at the watch on the wall all dressed in a beautiful dress and then at the door and then pouted cutely taking out her lower lip in disappointment cribbing something to her own self tapping her foot anxiously on floor and that’s how Geet found her daughter as she was reading a magazine on a nearby couch and a soft chuckle escaped her lips when she realized the reason of this behavior of her daughter. Her Mishter Khulana is late than his usual time thus giving her enough reason to get angry on him. It still amazed Geet to see how deeply they both are bonded with each other but what amazed her more was the fact that slowly and gradually she herself was getting attached to him as unknown to her own knowledge she too was waiting for him as eagerly as Seher was doing. She still remember her conversation with Maan that day where she had offered him her friendship and how easily he had accepted it freed her from her guilt by forgiving her too. And it’s been 5 days since then and he never made her feel like she had ever uttered those hurtful words to him at all. It was as if that day when she has said those awful words to him don’t exist in his life at all.


Can someone really be this good in this selfish world? Was he real or some incarnation of God on earth who knows to give nothing but love and happiness? Is she really this much lucky to have a person like him in her life when all she got from everyone was just hurt and betrayal, she thought as unknown to herself a smile adorned her face thinking of him; a smile which came straight from her heart and a smile which she never thought will adorned her face ever. He really knows some magic as her daughter use to say as if he did not then she wouldn’t be smiling like this right now.


She looked at her daughter who was still cribbing to herself as her Mishter Khulana has still didn’t came and she couldn’t help but wonder about the game of destiny neither she could figure out that where all this was leading to. She still remembers the images of her dream no her forbidden dream loud and clear. She still remembers how Seher has addressed him as her father and how relief had washed through her face when she saw that it was Maan whom Seher has addressed her father and not Kuldeep. That day she had cried a lot as she felt her this dream forbidden but today don’t know why she didn’t felt the same dream as a forbidden one and reason is still unknown to herself. At the back of her mind she knows that she can’t feel like this for him, she still remember her flaws and imperfections; yet she can’t help herself from feeling these unknown emotions in her heart which she never felt for anyone before. She thought that after befriending Maan these unknown feelings that keeps on spreading all over her heart like a creeper will fade way but that didn’t happen and instead it’s getting stronger every passing day.


But did she really had this right to feel anything of this sort for anyone and especially for Maan who is as perfect as God residing in heaven, she thought as she took a deep sigh when she realized that she won’t get any answer of her restlessness like always and hence it’s better to leave everything on her destiny just like she has decided. She could have lost in her thoughts forever if she haven’t heard the doorbell ringing and a smile instantly crept up on her face when she realized who could be at door but more than her she found her daughter happy who first squealed in happiness but then instantly pouted in anger as she looked at other side while crossing her arms across her chest with a huff face much to Geet’s confusion who just shakes her head on her daughter’s antics before going to open the door.


“How is Seher’s mood? She is fine right? Is she angry from me?” Geet heard tirade of questions from Maan as soon as she opened the door and before she could even answer him she found him entering inside without even bothering to greet her making Geet to chuckle lightly at his actions. Sometimes she really wonder who is the real kid among two; Maan or Seher, she thought as she moved inside after closing to door only to find Maan standing in the hall with a frown.


“Where is Seher?” Maan asked when he didn’t find Seher in hall and that’s when Geet noticed Seher’s absence from hall and she just bit her cheeks hard to stop her laughter when she realized her daughter’s anger and the efforts that Maan have to take to manofy her.


“Maybe sulking in room.” Geet tried hard to control her laughter that was so desperate to come out from her throat first seeing Maan’s perplexed face and then his eyes getting wide with realization and at last slapping his forehead when he realized that how much Seher must be angry on him.


“Is she really very angry on me?” Maan asked as he looked at her expectantly while Geet just shrugged her shoulders as if telling him the obvious making Maan to slump down in the couch letting out a deep sigh cupping his cheeks while Geet sat beside him totally loving to see this side of her boss.


“I had promised her to take her out for surprise but got held up in meeting and got late. Now she must be very angry on me right.” Maan let out a deep breath as he looked at Geet who in return just smiled at him.


“It’s ok Maan Sir. I understand and I am sure Seher will understand it too. And anyways she can’t remain angry from her Mishter Khulana from long. And I had heard that Seher’s Mishter Khulana is a magician and I am sure that he must be knowing the magic to pacify Seher too.”Geet stated as a matter of fact making Maan to smile but then his eyes widens as something hits his brain as soon his gaze falls on magazine on the couch and he immediately rushed out of the house telling Geet that he’ll be back in 10 minutes and before Geet could even ask him as of where he is going, he is already out of her sight leaving Geet behind shaking her head at him.




Chocolates. No Response

Candies. No Response

Ice-Cream. No Response

Flowers. No Response

Doll. Still no response.

Teddy Bear. Again no response


Geet chuckled hard when she saw Maan having hard tome in manofying her daughter who seems to be in no mood to give up. Maan came back from god knows where he has gone within half an hour and all she could see in his hands when he came back was Balloons, Chocolates, Teddy Bear, Flowers, and god knows what not and since then he was forwarding each and every thing to Seher who seems to be in no mood to give up as she continued with her sulking session as she sat with her arms across her chest making a huff face. Even though Geet could say that Seher was dying to have all the items given by Maan as she looked at each item with a corner of her eyes while trying hard to fight away with the temptation to have them but still she had to maintain her Jhoota Gussa at her Mishter Khulana. Geet choose not to intrude in the manao Session between Seher and Mishter Khulana for she knows that she’s really not needed over there as it is the moment just between Seher and her Mishter Khulana and hence not only she but no one is needed between them therefore she just sat on the chair nearby while looking at the scene in front of her with utmost interest as if watching her favorite movie. She almost laughed out loud when she saw Seher bursting the balloon that Maan had forwarded to her and like this one of his more attempt went down in drain making Maan to pout cutely as he sat beside Seher after letting out a deep sigh.


“Hhhmmm seems my princess is really angry on me.” He said his familiar line which always seems to manofy his princess but guess this time his princess is in no mood to give up.


“Ok so it means whatever happen she won’t look at me.” He smirked when he saw Seher looking at him with the corner of her eyes but still maintained her Jhoota gussa.


“Chalo she looked at me also but I know she won’t smile at any cost.” A smile tugged at the corner of his lips when he saw Seher smiling even though it was a small one but Maan was sure that soon all the anger of his little angel will melt down like an ice-cream.


“Acha Chalo she smiled at me also but I know that she won’t hug me at any cost.” Maan smiled victoriously as he knows that very soon his princess will hug him like always but then it was Seher he was dealing with who always did the unexpected as instead of hugging him she hugged the teddy that was beside her which was actually given by Maan making Maan to sigh in failure. He knows by now that with Seher he must expect always the unexpected.


“Teddy, inshe keh do ki mujhe inshe baat nahi kalni na hi inke gifts chahiye. He bloke his plomishe and alsho he came late and didn’t take me out for Shulplishe and… and… he didn’t told me alsho that I am looking beautiful in my new flock aul… aul…. Mujhe yaad nahi aa laha aul kya but I am angry flom him.” Seher twisted her lips as she said this while hugging her teddy and Maan looked at Geet for some help who just shrugged her shoulders as if asking him to deal himself.


[Teddy, tell him that I don’t want to talk to him nor do I want his gifts. He broke his promise and also he came late and didn’t take me out for surprise and… and… he didn’t told me also that I am looking beautiful in my new frock and… and…. I don’t remember what else but I am angry form him.]


“Hhhmmm maine to bahut sari mistakes kar di. That means my princess won’t talk to me at all. Chalo then koi baat nahi. The surprise Gift that I had brought for her, I’ll give that to Abby and Sally. I am sure they will hug me and kiss me after that and also will talk to me.” Maan played his final card as he smirked inwardly when he saw Seher’s expression changing with his every word.


“Shulplishe!!!!” She said excitedly as she turned to look at him while smiling widely and Maan just nodded his head innocently in confirmation.


“Ya, but since you are not talking to me then I’ll give that surprise gift to Abby and Sally. In fact I’ll go and gift them just now Kyun, theek Hai na Geet?” Maan said playfully as now it’s his turn to take revenge from his Angel while Geet to nodded her in acceptance plying along with him much to her daughter’s annoyance.


“Luko!!!!” Seher called out loud when she saw Maan getting up from bed forgetting all her Jhoota Gussa on him making Maan to smirk in victory.




“Why will you give Shulplishe gift to Abby and Sally? Aap to mele Mishter Khulana ho na aul mele liye laye ho shulplishe gift. Then why are you giving it to Abby and Sally. Aap kishi ko mela gift nahi doge.”Seher pouted cutely as she sat on his lap putting his arms around his neck possessively making Maan to smile wide as he realized that finally his Angel has left all her anger even Geet was surprised to see the possessiveness of Seher for Maan but then she knows that she can’t expect anything better from the duo.


“Ya I am your Mishter Khulana. But you are to not talking to me na and also you are angry from me to I’ll gift it to Abby and Sally. Aap ko Aap ka Gussa chodhne ki zarurat nahi hai as I had done so many mistakes na.” Maan though made a serious face as he said this but from inside he was laughing and dancing in victory when he saw Seher narrowing his eyes at him pouting cutely. Even Geet couldn’t help herself from chuckling as she saw the scene in front of him.


“Who said I am angry from you? See I am not at all angry from you.”Maan chuckled as Seher hugged him showing that she is not at all angry while Geet’s jaw dropped open seeing the nautanki of her daughter.


“But just now you said to Teddy na that you don’t want to talk to me nor do you want my gifts and also you are angry from me.” Now it has irritating Seher. Can’t he understand that she is not angry from him, she thought as she was afraid to lose her surprise gift to Abby and Sally.


“To Kya main apne Mishter Khulana se mazak bhi nahi kal sakti. I was just joking.” Seher flattered her eye lashes cutely as she looked at Maan hoping that he agree that she was just joking.


[So Can’t I joke with my Mishter Khulana. I was just joking]


“Nautanki” Geet muttered under her breath as she saw the duo. Really, it was difficult to say at this moment that who is the real kid.


“Pakka na. Otherwise I don’t have any problem in giving it to Abby and Sally.” Maan could clearly say that Seher is getting irritated by every passing second for he could see her cute nose flaring in anger now.


“Aap shachi me mele se zyada zid karte ho. Maine bola na that I am not angry from you. But ab agal aapne mela gift Abby aul Sally ko dene ki baat ki to main gusshha ho jayungi.” Seher once again crossed her arms across her chest as she twisted her lips making Maan to chuckle.

[You are really more stubborn than me. I said na that i am not angry from you. But now if you will one more time about giving my gift to Abby and Sally then definitely i will get angry]

“Ale Mela Baby. Don’t worry princess I’ll not give your gift to anyone. After all I am your Mishter Khulana right.” Maan kissed her soft cheeks as he hugged her from behind making Seher to smile brightly as she turned and hugged him back.


A lone tear escaped from Geet’s eyes out of sheer happiness as she saw the duo. They looked so perfect with each other just like father-daughter. Yes once again the same thought crossed her mind that always crawled in her mind whenever she use to see both of them and that is “if only Maan was the father of Seher.” Well he never behaves less than her father. He had always fulfilled his duties for Seher like a true father even though when he is actually not. What kind of relation is this that the 3 of them share? It has no name, no recognition yet it seems so perfect. If anyone sees it from outside then they will definitely consider them as happy family but the truth is that they are not. But still everything seems so perfect and right as if they all are meant to be like this. But are they really meant to be like this, she thought as she felt herself entangling in the web of these unnamed emotions yet again. So many questions were still swarming in her mind of which she still had no answers yet she couldn’t help herself from getting lost in the pool of these emotions of whose realization is yet to dawn upon her.


“Mumma come. Mishter Khulana is going to show me my shulplishe.”Seher’s chirpy voice broke the trail of her thoughts and she looked at them only to find them getting down from bed and moving towards hall literally dragging Maan along with her making Geet to shrug off all the thoughts and following the duo towards the hall.




“Mishter Khulana, can I open my eyes now please.” Seher asked the nth time as she was tired of closing her eyes now by keeping her hands on them.


“Bas one more minute princess.” She heard him and pout cutely while tapping her foot anxiously on floor. Even Geet was waiting eagerly for the surprise gift that Maan had brought for Seher.


“Seher, no cheating.” Maan said when he saw Seher peeping from between her fingers to which she just twisted her lips making Maan to smile at her antics.


“Ok now you can open your eyes.” Maan said as he sat beside her and Seher excitedly open her eyes only to find a basket on her lap. She looked at Maan confusingly to which he just gestured to open it. Confusingly she opened the basket only to find two tiny eyes blinking at her innocently making a cooing sound.


“Wow. Ye kitna cute hai. Ye mele liye hai Mishter Khulana?” Seher squealed in happiness as she took out the tiny creature from inside the basket only to find a cute Labrador Puppy looking at her innocently.


[Wow. He’s so cute. Is it for me Mishter Khulana?]


“Of course Princess. Ye cute sa puppy meri cute si princess ke liye hai. You use to get bore at home right so I brought this cute little companion for you. Now you can play with him all day.” Maan helped her to hold the puppy in Seher’s small hands which were caressing the soft fur of puppy excitedly.


“Ye kitna shoft hai and kitna small bhi. Aul dekho ye mujhe kitne pyaal she dekh laha hai. Mumma come and see how cute he is.” Seher beckoned Geet who was watching puppy from far and


[How soft he is and how small too. And see how he is looking at me so lovingly. Mumma come and see how cute he is.]


“No Seher, it’s ok. I am fine over here. You play with him.” Geet smiled nervously seeing puppy and Maan instantly understood that she’s scared of dogs.


“Geet he won’t bite you. Come and see yourself.” Maan literally dragged her towards the place where they were sitting so that she can too touch the puppy.


“No Maan Sir its fine. I am ok.” She literally pleaded as she looked at the small puppy who was now making a cooing sound looking at Geet.


“Geet touch him. He won’t do anything.” Maan said yet again as he tried to pull Geet’s hand towards the puppy only to be pulled again by her.


“Maan Sir, I can’t touch him. I am scared of dogs. Please” Geet literally pleaded as she tried to convince Maan who seems to be hell bent in making her mingle with this small puppy. Even Seher was probing her again and again to hold the small puppy.


“Geet, Apne Darr ka samna karo. Jab tak apne darr ko khud pe haavi hone dogi ye tumhe aise hi darata rahega. So C’mon face your fear and let it vanish from your life.” Maan though said a simple sentence and that too in a completely different context but it had a different and deep effect on Geet’s heart as she looked at Maan trying to comprehend the hidden meaning behind his sentence that was seeping all through her heart and mind.


[Geet, face your fears. Till the time you’ll let your fear overcome you, it will scare you like this only. So C’mon face your fear and let it vanish from your life.]


“Geet, hold this and trust me it won’t hurt you.” Maan said as he kept the puppy in her lap and made her caress his soft fur by holding her hand unknown of the affect his actions and his words are doing to her. After sometime Maan left her hand when he saw that there is no fear on Geet’s face only to find her lost in that puppy as she caressed it like a small baby with a smile on her face.


Maan was right she has to face her fears or else it’ll keep on scaring her always. How simple his words are yet it has so deep meaning to it and it did the desired effect on her like always. What was in this man that she always does something which she thought that she’ll never do? Just like caressing this small puppy. Unknown to herself his word and actions always shows her the right path, as if he is her guiding light. Of course, he is. He is her guardian Angel who had came in her and her daughter’s life to make it beautiful, who is taking her out from the darkness in which she was residing till now. True, their relation has no name, no recognition, maybe for society it seems to be illicit too but then why does it feels so pure and divine. Why everything seems so right when it is all wrong, this question always lingers in her mind and yet there is no answer for it instead of getting drown in the oceans of these unknown and unnamed emotions.


“Mumma, mujhe do na. Mele ko bhi khelna hai ishke sath.” Seher’s voice broke the trail of her thoughts and she smiled at her as she gently placed the puppy back on her lap while smiling faintly at her.


[Mummy give it to me too. I too want to play with him]


“Mishter Khulana, Ye kitna cute hai. Hum ishka name kya lakhenge.”Seher said as she holds up the puppy and gently rubs her face into his fur while Maan was all in aww seeing the cute antic of his princess.


[Mishter Khulana, he is too cute. What will we call him?]


“Why don’t you suggest any good name for him?” Maan said as he ruffled her hairs while Seher went on the thinking mode tapping her cute finger on her chin.


“Hum ishko Shnoofy bulaye.” Her eyes widens in excitement as she came up with the best name while Maan showed his thumbs up gesturing that he liked the name. Even our little puppy who is now named as Snoofy licked Seher’s cheeks wiggling his little tail in happiness as if liking his name making Seher ticklish.


[Should we call him Snoofy?]


“Hehehe… Mishter Khulana he is tickling me.” Seher said between her laughs while little Snoofy keeps on licking her like an ice-cream.


“Baby, he likes you and he likes the name you gave to him so he is showing the love like this. He can’t speak na so have to understand his gestures.” Maan made her understand as he pulled Seher on his lap along with Snoofy kissing her soft cheeks.


“Oh Shnoofy, Seher loves you too. I plomishe I’ll always love you and take care of you. I Love you.” Seher once again rubs her cheeks on his soft fur hugging her softly while little Snoofy cooed in happiness as he rubs his small paws on Seher’s dress showing his happiness.


“And Seher don’t love me?” Maan made a sad face as he looked at Seher and even Geet couldn’t help herself from smiling at this cute antic of Maan.


“Seher loves you too Mishter Khulana. Thank you so much for this shulplishe. Aap world ke besht Mishter Khulana ho. I Love you.” Seher said as she turned and hugged Maan with little Snoofy in her hands who also licked on Maan’s chest above his shirt showing his love for him while wiggling his little tail.


“Mishter Khulana loves his princess too. And I am not world’s best. My Seher is world’s best. I’ll always keep my baby happy. I promise.” Maan muttered as he softly kissed on the top of her head feeling contended. For some reasons Geet felt this moment so perfect such that she quietly took the photo of this picture perfect moment in her cell phone savoring this moment for forever as she looked at the scene in front of her smiling.




It was later in the day when Seher was playing with Snoofy in the hall telling him each and everything of her house, her Mishter Khulana, Her Mumma, her school and what not while Little Snoofy was trying to comprehend everything in his small mind. It’s been around 2 hours since Maan had brought Snoofy and since then Seher was all lost in playing with him. She had even fed him milk also with baby bottle from her own hands. Maan was watching all this standing from far with a smile playing on his lips. His princess is so happy and it gave immense happiness to him too. He always feels contended whenever he sees smile on the face of his princess and Geet due to him. He would lay his life if it costs the happiness of these two angels of his life.


He so wanted to complete this incomplete family; A family where he’ll be known as Geet’s husband and Seher will call him ‘Papa’, that’s what he had dreamt of since the day this cute little angel has stepped in his life. He wished he could make Geet understand how he longed to be a part of this family officially but he knows that it’s not easy for Geet too and hence he decided to keep on waiting for that day when he’ll officially be a part of this family officially and Seher will call him Papa instead of Mishter Khulana. He don’t know whether this dream of his will ever come true or not but he knows that he’ll always take care of his two angels like this only for whole of his life for his life is just devoted to these two only, he thought as he chuckled softly when he saw Seher tickling little Snoofy who was now barking softly in happiness licking ad rubbing his paws on Seher’s dress.


He could have stood over there forever watching his little princess, if he haven’t felt a tap on his shoulders thus breaking the trail of his thoughts and he turned to look only to find Geet standing with the Mug of his black coffee. He smiled as he took the mug from her and his gaze once again turns back to where his princess is playing. Geet followed his gaze only to find him looking at Seher and then her gaze turned back to him who seems to be so contended at this moment as if he had achieved everything in his life. She had never seen him this happy and contended before not even then when he had cracked any of his biggest deals. Does really Seher and her happiness means this much to her, she thought as she keeps on looking at him admiringly who still seems to be oblivious of her gaze.


She knows he is perfect in everything be it work or anything else and seeing his care and concern for her daughter and for herself she can say that he is perfect as a family man too. She could say that he would be a best son and best brother but along with that she is very much sure that he will prove to be a best father and best husband too. That girl would be the luckiest girl in this world who will get him as a life partner. If only he would have came into his life few years before than probably everything would be different. The thought crossed her mind like a whirlwind and she immediately shrugged off that thought. What was she even thinking? How can she even think of anything of such sort? Had she forgotten her reality? Ha she forgotten that she is nothing but a battered and ragged doll who can never adorn anyone’s home? But then why she always feels like everything is different when she is with Maan. Why she feels like she is special to him? Why does it happen every time that without her own knowledge she start to see her future with him? Can she really feel those emotions which are forbidden for her, she thought as she keeps on looking at him still lost in the pool of her own thoughts.


“Maan Sir.” She called out to him after a while making Maan to tear away his gaze from Seher and look at her.


“Can I ask you something?” Maan though was confused at first listening to her as somewhere he was scared as of what if she’ll question him about why is he doing all this for Seher but then he smiled at her gesturing her to continue.


“Why haven’t you got married yet?” His smile started fading as he heard Geet’s question and he instantly looked other side as if avoiding her questioning gaze. Why is she asking such question, was the only thought that was running in his mind right now.


“Why are you asking this question Geet?” He questioned back instead of answering making Geet to look down feeling embarrassed for asking such a personal question to him. She herself don’t know what came over her that she had asked such personal question from him.


“Just like that sir. It’s ok if you don’t want to answer.” She said looking everywhere but him still feeling so embarrass to ask such a question from him while Maan just took a deep sigh before answering her.


“Nothing like that Geet. Actually I haven’t got anyone with whom I can see myself spending whole life.” His reply only made Geet confuse as she looked at him confusingly. How on earth a person like him haven’t got anyone with whom he can spend his whole life.


“I know what you are thinking Geet; this only right that how come I haven’t got anyone with whom I can spend my whole life even after being what media quotes me, ya “Eligible Bachelor in town”, then how can I be still single. Geet, it’s not that girls didn’t came into my life but all are after my money and status. Everyone loved Maan Singh Khurana who had immense name, fame, and wealth but no one tried to know Maan who needs nothing but love and companionship from his life partner, for whom this name, fame and wealth doesn’t matter, what matters is the happiness and well-being of his loved ones. So you see I haven’t found that ‘someone special’ who knows me just as Maan and not Maan Singh Khurana.” Geet smiled faintly as she hard his answer which was true anyways. She herself had seen girls swooning over him but he never glanced back to them guess this is the only reason. The person who is standing in front of her was not Maan Singh Khurana but just Maan.


“I wish you find that ‘someone special’ soon sir.” Geet said after a while with a smile as she turned to go back to kitchen to keep empty coffee mug of Maan.


“I guess I found my ‘someone special’ Geet.” Maan’s words made her stop dead in her tracks as it took her sometime to register his words and as soon as he registered she turned to look at Maan almost shocked only to find Maan standing right behind her boring his intense eyes into her questioning hazels.


“Yes Geet, I finally found someone who knows me and understand me as Maan and not Maan Singh Khurana, who loves me just the way I am. With whom I always find my true happiness, by spending time with whom I find that inner peace which no one has given me till now. She had made her special place not only in my heart but in my life too. You know she is the most beautiful girl in this world. She can turn even a stone into wax with her love. She is perfect in the way she is. She is so pure and good at heart just like an angel who had entered into the darkness of my life and illuminated it with the light of her presence. She’s the one whose smile made my day and whose pain slits my heart into million pieces. She’s the one with whom I had seen my future and she’s the one with whom I want to spend my whole life with in fact I want to dedicate my whole life to her. I love her too much to lose her. She’s my only love and will remains one, no matter what. And I’ll never leave her side and will do anything for her happiness even if I have to lay my life also for her happiness, I won’t hesitate in that for she was too precious for me. She’s my guiding light and I’ll always be by her side no matter what. She may not love me back but I can never stop loving her. She may have thousands reasons with her to push me away but I just have one reason with me to not to go away from her life and that is that I Love her. Whether she likes it or not but I’ll keep on loving her like this. Whether she wants it or not but I’ll not leave her side. She’s mine, only mine and will always remain one whether she likes it or not.” Geet was too dazed in his words to understand how close they are standing or how their eyes are lost in each other when he was saying those words. She don’t know what should she say or do at this moment for she was too lost to think or do anything.


He just professed his feelings but she knows that it’s not for her but for someone else yet she felt that these words are for her. It is for her, her heart screamed that to her but her mind retorted back by saying that it’s not for her. How can it be for a girl like her who is nothing but a battered and broken doll? That girl must be lucky for whom he has these feelings and she knows that she’s definitely not the one. She knows that she had no right to dream like this for she had lost them long back. Yet she wished for once just for once these words, these feelings of his for her. She looked into his dark orbs one into another only to find truth and honesty in those words and feelings behind them and to say that she was feeling pained would be an understatement for she felt like her heart slitting when she realized that these are not for her but for someone else. She felt an unknown emotion stirring in her heart ummm… maybe jealousy when she realized that these words are for someone else. Yet her traitor heart was not ready to believe that these feelings are for someone else and not her especially not after the way his dark orbs were lost in her hazels, his face so close to hers and his breath fanning her face and she herself don’t know why a lone tear escaped her eyes feeling so hopeless and helpless both at the same time with this fight between her heart and mind.


“Tum poochogi nahi Geet ki wo kaun hai?” Maan almost whispered after a while as he keeps on looking into her hazels who seems to be so lost in him yet he could feel her struggle, her fight with her own self. He himself don’t know what he was doing or saying for he was too lost in the moment and their proximity and Geet just nodded her head in denial for she knows that she probably won’t be able to hear the name of that girl and she just turned back to go so that she can escape this moment but then she couldn’t when she felt Maan stopping her by holding her wrist.


[Won’t you ask who is she Geet?]


“You really don’t want to know her name Geet?” Maan asked yet again as he came close to her from behind making Geet to close her eyes when she felt his hot breath fanning her neck and she yet again in denial because by now she was sure that she won’t be able to listen the name of that lucky girl which is unfortunately not her and hell she herself don’t know the reason behind it as she gulped down the lump that formed in her throat.


“Ek baar to sun lo Geet ki wo kaun hai” He whispered into her ears still holding her wrist while Geet was finding it difficult to even stand straight then forget about thinking anything.


[Just listen once Geet who is she?]


“Please Maan Sir. I don’t want to listen.” She literally pleaded as she tries to fight back the tears that were threatening to fall down.


“But I want to tell her name Geet. And her name is…….” He didn’t seem to be in mood to give up making it even more difficult for Geet as she clenched her fist tight while closing her eyes not able to bear the ache of her heart of whose reason she herself don’t know. Maan took a deep sigh before he continued further as he looked at her from back almost boring her eyes into her back.


“And her name is……..”

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