“A Moment of Love” ~ Part 3


“Hhmmm.. Silverman Finance. I knew that you had resigned but not that it was Silverman. Anyways, there’s nothing to be sad about it. Whatever happens, happens for good nd I am sure that you are having this capability in your to get placed in the company far better than Silverman. You see, you never know there’s something best stored for you in the next moment.” Geet looked at him in awe as he spoke, amazed at his positive outlook towards everything but what touched her heart was that he didn’t pitied her or anything like others but had unknowingly taken her out from her own negative world where everything seemed to be wrong but now everything seems to be so right. Was it due to his effect on her, she thought as she really felt herself falling hard for this guy. She can happily fall for him, in deep love nd never to recover if he would be this generous for rest of her lyf.


“Nice Car.” She said in order to give a break to her thoughts that seemed to forget their actual route after meeting him.


“Thanks. A few perks when you are born a little rich.” He said disdainfully as if this compliment doesn’t affect him a bit which too Geet by surprise as she thought that usually every guy loves his car to be praised nd flaunt to others.


“Don’t say that, you seem to be doing well. Manager of the Elan, that’s good isn’t it?” Geet said as she looked at him amazed.


“Well I own that place.” Now that comes as a biggest shock for her for not even in her wildest dream she could think of that coming. She’s been spending tym with the owner of the Elan who had chosen her out of all the hot nd beautiful girls nd super models who must be running behind him but still he’s spending his precious tym with her, a Girl who is emotionally wrecked at this moment. Was it really happening in real or is that she’s dreaming everything nd once she’ll open her eyes she’ll find herself in that mess again, she thought as she looked at him wide eyed still not believing on what he has just said.




“Well, I hope I haven’t given you a heart attack out of shock. And by the way you can close that mouth of yours before any fly gets into your mouth” Maan said as he chuckled with his last line making Geet to close down her mouth instantly feeling embarrassed.


“That’s… That’s really strange. I mean you being the owner… I mean then why are you acting chauffeur to drunken guest like me? I mean…” She couldn’t comprehend a proper statement that could depict all the questions running in her mind. Now the car suddenly seemed in place. There would be a few more like this in his garage, she thought and smiled on her own thought.


“Well tonight is the 31st night bash so I thought to give my people a break. And moreover, it doesn’t hurt to have a beautiful girl by your side on a breakfast table, does it?” He said as he looked into her eyes while raising his brows making her cheeks to get red and hot and she sank in her seat as if wishing to melt away in the seat and become one of the seat cushions.


“Probably Yes, Thank you.” She said all flushed while looking everywhere but him making Maan to chuckle on her nervousness. She knows she was falling for him and that too falling hard and strangely she was glad at the fact. I mean who don’t want to fall for the rich handsome guy like him.


“So where would you like to have your breakfast Geet?” Maan initiated the conversation I order to remove the awkwardness between them making Geet to bring back from her dreamland.


“Wherever you want to.” She said as she shrugged her shoulders making Maan to take a deep breath.


“Hhmmm… I’ll make it easier for you. I will drive past a few eating places and you choose the one you like. As simple as that. ok.” Maan suggested and Geet nodded her head in approval agreeing to whatever he said. Hell! She’ll agree even if he asks her to jump from the moving car, though she wished he didn’t ask something like that.


“That one” Maan was yet to drive along the first eating joint when he heard Geet shrieked in excitement making him to stop the car instantly.


“Which one?” Maan asked as if to confirm what he understood was right making Geet to look other way in embarrassment as if it was a mistake.


“Nothing.” She mumbled still not able to meet his eyes thinking what he would think of her


“Oh! You mean that?” Maan asked once again as he looked at the direction where she had pointed.


“Umm.. Yes… but it is no compulsion… I mean…” Before she could complete her sentence she found Maan already driving towards that place making her to get shock to her wits. It was actually a small roadside Dhaba across the road where all four of them i.e. Geet, Meera, Yash and Vicky used to come after office and that’s the reason Geet was this much excited had seen when she had seen that but she had never expected Maan to go to that place. Why a rich Man like him would dine at that roadside Dhaba when he can dine any other luxurious restaurant, she wondered clueless but as usual had no answer like other questions.




Vicky and Yash quietly went inside Geet’s bedroom just like Kids do when they had done any mischief only to find Meera was sitting there upset with tears continuously flowing down her eyes. Both sat on either side of her not knowing what to say or how to comfort her. They all are at fault but didn’t know what to do to rectify their mistakes or to turn back the time but in real they could do nothing instead of just mulling over the loss of those moments they had lost in their stupid Egos and misunderstanding. It’s true that they cannot bring back that tym but they can at least try to bring back the person they had lost and who had bind them together.  Both Vicky and Yash looked at each other as if asking to each other who is going to break the silence first but none had courage to speak anything. Finally it was Yash who decided to break the silence.


“Meera, I know I… in fact we all had wronged Geet in some way or other and you are right it was all due to my baseless ego and I can’t do anything to undo that. I know I rather we all had to behave maturely at that time but we didn’t and the most insensitive one was me. I had been insensitive at the time of Vicky’s and Pari’s relationship also. You were right at that time also it was my Ego only but thanks to Geet I was lucky to not lose my friend and again I did the same. But Meera I want a chance just one chance to rectify everything. I want to bring that happiness back, that spark back which was between all of us. Just forgive me and give that one chance Meera and I promise that I’ll make everything all right. I’ll bring back my old sister, your best friend, Our Geet back. Just one chance, Meer. Please.” Yash rather pleaded as he held Meera’s hand asking for forgiveness who was just looking ahead. How can she forgive him and most importantly who is she to forgive him when she’s also the one who had hurted Geet though unknowingly but she did then by which right she can forgive Yash.


“I am no one to forgive you Yash because we all are culprits. I, You, Vicky we all are culprits of Geet and only she had this right to forgive not only you but to all of us and she’s not here. You have to earn her forgiveness not mine, we all have to.” Meera replied still looking ahead making Yash to bow down his head in guilt. She was right they all are culprits and hence only Geet had right to forgive not only him but to all of them.


“Meera, you are right. It was my fault too. I was the one who said trash about her… to her… and I am too equally culprit of hers. And I was wrong with Pari too. I should have waited till Yash and Pari would have sorted things out between them.” Vicky spoke with equal guilt and regret that they all were feeling at that moment.


“No Vicky, I was wrong with that. I should have acted more maturely. I took that a little too far. I should have given you your space. Sorry for that but at that time I felt that you were ignoring me, your best friend for her but I know now that I was wrong.” Yash said as he stood up from his place and stand in front of Vicky.


“I didn’t knew what was the matter between both of you at that tym Yash and to be honest I was so into her that I literally forgot about you guys; you, Meera and even Geet. I don’t even remember that when was the last time I talked to her so I can’t blame you if you had felt like that. I am sorry Yash.”Vicky said as he took a deep sigh while Meera was looking at both of them feeling happy that they are opening up to each other as she knows that though Geet had sorted out things between them but still there was somewhere a crack in their relationship but guess that crack was healing now.


“I am sorry too Vicky. I screwed it up. I am sorry for whatever I said about you and Pari.” Yash said as he kept a hand on Vicky’s shoulder.


“It’s okay Yash, I incited you to do so.”


“Still it was me who crossed the line.”


“But I made you to do so.”


“But I crossed the line first.”


“What you did was understandable.”


“No Dude, it was silly.”


“What I did was silly.”


“I am sorry.”


“I am sorry too.” And they both hugged each other like a true brothers feeling happy that their relationship got saved from drowning down while Meera just broke out in a smile and then burst out in laughter making Yash and Vicky to look at her in amazement as if she had lost her mind.


“I am sorry… but it looks so husband-wife type. I mean now will you guys kiss now as it looks so… it’s my mistake honey… No its mine… no its mine sweetheart…!” She tried to say between her fits of laughter trying her best to control her laugh but couldn’t and once again burst into laughter while rolling over making Vicky and Yash to join too in her laughter parade as they understood her joke. First time during all these chaos there was genuine smile on all their faces which somewhere got lost between their egos and misunderstandings but thankfully before their friendship get drown in the sea of this ego and misunderstandings.




“Arey Maan Bhaiya Kya loge aaj?” A boy of 14 came to their table as soon as they settled down making Geet to look at him shock. This man since the time she met didn’t fail to shock her a bit.


” Chotu Aaj tera special le aa. Bahut tym ho gaya nahi khaya.” Maan ordered as he ruffled the boy’s hair making him to smile widely before running away while saying “Abhi laya”. Maan smiled at his childishness and turned to look at Geet only to find her gaping at him with mouth open making Maan to shake his head.


“Not my first tym over here. You see, every other eating joint in the city has competition. So I like this place.” Maan said as a matter of fact while shrugging his shoulders but Geet was still gaping him shocked. He can’t be real, she was sure now. It’s all being too good and perfect. She’s definitely seeing a dream and when she’ll open her eyes all these things will be vanished. She still would have been in her thought process if Maan haven’t clicked his fingers in front of her eyes thus bringing her out from her thoughts only to find Maan looking at her with his raised brows as if asking what’s wrong.


“Are you real?” Before she could know question shoots out from her mouth making Maan to laugh out loudly which was soon joined by her laughter who was feeling so stupid to ask such question.


“Yes, I am 100% real and I am sure if not before but this time I had definitely given you a heart attack.” Maan said between his fit of laughter and for the first time Geet had admired his carefree laugh. How much handsome he looks with that smile on his face but then he looks handsome in all ways, she thought and then mentally whacked herself for her own thought. They were still on their Laughter riot when Chotu comes back with their orders thus causing them to sober down.


“Now that’s the real food. Isn’t it?” Maan said as he looked at the order; Hot Laccha Paranthas, with buckets full of Dal Makhani and Shahi Paneer making Geet to smile too. She doesn’t know if it’s a coincidence or pre-planned but the order is her favorite but whatever it is she is loving it. In fact she is loving each and every happening after last night since the tym she has met him, she thought as she looked at Maan who was relishing his food like a small child. Within minutes all the containers were empty and the plated were licked clean as if they were starving from ages.


“Ab bas, I need my bed and a warm quilt and doze off! Brilliant start to a great day. Isn’t it?” Maan said as he stretched his arms out relaxing his muscles while Chotu cleaned their table.


“True” Geet said with a tinge of sadness in her voice which Maan was quick to catch. Sadness that she won’t be able to spend more time with him and sadness that she again had to go back to her gloomy house and gloomy life after spending such beautiful moments with him.


“Unless, of course… Ms. Geet has some other plans.” He said as he leant forward with his last line making Geet’s breath to struck in her throat as she looked at his eyes which were looking at her to melt down.  She can feel her heart thumping loud in her chest nd she is sure that Maan too had heard it.


“Other Plans? No, not at all.” She finally able to say after finding back her lost voice and kind of sighed when she found Maan leaning back on his seat but still looking at her smiling.


“You had a long day and you really need to sleep. Thank you for this but I really can’t take more of your time.” Geet said though non-chalantly but deep in her heart she wished that he don’t agree to her statement as she really wanted to spend as much time as she can with him.


“You are not taking my time. I am willfully offering you mine! So… Shall we?”Maan thrust out his hand to pull her out of her chair after he paid the bill giving Geet no time to protest.


“Maan, I think I need to go now.” Geet tried once again as she knows that as much as she wants to spend more and more time with him but she can’t be selfish to take his more time when all he needs to take rest.


“Why? Somebody waiting?” Maan asked as he raised up his one brow while giving her his killing smirk.


“No, but…”


“Then just shut up and let’s go. Want to catch a movie?” Maan suggested as they made their way towards the car.


“I don’t know… Ummm… New York?” she said as she shrugged her shoulders.


“Okay then New York! Will you drive?”  He offered while Geet looked at him surprised. Is he really asking her to drive his expensive car?


“I… I can’t drive! Not that thing” She said all unsure. She’s definitely not into the idea of damaging his car when she knows that she can’t afford even its headlight. But seems Maan is in no mood to give up this soon.


“Have a license?” he asked yet again while Geet just rolled over her eyes seeing his stubbornness.


“Yes… but…”


“Here take this.” He didn’t let her complete instead threw the keys to her giving her no room for argument.


She looked at the key and the four buttons on it all of which seems to equally capable of opening the car but to her everything is alien as she had never drove such car before nor even open it. She pressed one and nothing happened. She looked at Maan for help only to find him looking at her smirking and gesturing her to open it. She asked her head when realize that he’ll not help at all and pressed all the buttons and to her surprise the car opened. She looked at car amazed and then back to Maan as if not believing that she had actually opened it while Maan was giving her the look like saying“See I told you” to which Geet could only smile before they both got in the car with Geet in the driving seat this tym.


“These things are little funny Isn’t it?” Maan chuckled as he put on his seat belt while Geet pouted cutely seeing him making fun of her

“Shut up. Whatever happened to insert and open technique” she said as she put on her seat belt.

“They can have many connotations actually?” Maan said winking making Geet to open her mouth wide listening to his double meaning words.

“Dirty Mind” She whacked him playfully on his arm making Maan to laugh out loud.

“Thank you for the honor, your highness” He said as he bowed down dramatically making Geet to shake her head on his childishness.

“Whatever” She muttered as she put in the key. Even she didn’t know that why and how she became so comfortable with him that too only after knowing him for just few hours but whatever the reason is she’s loving this change in her. He really came like a breath of fresh air in her life to make it more beautiful; she thought as she turned the key and gave it too much making Maan to cringe at first then smiled while Geet just made a sorry face smiling nervously.

“I told you I can’t drive this.” Geet said as she raised her hand up in the air in surrender.

“You can” Maan said firmly in order to motivate her while Geet just rolled over her eyes.

“Ya of course! I am used to driving Porsche with someone like you sitting next to me.” Geet said sarcastically and instantly bit her tongue realizing what she has said.

“Excuse me!” Maan said as he raised up his brow while Geet just gave him a nervous smile.

“Nothing. Just Shut up.” She said looking everywhere but him while Maan just smiled at her childishness. It’s good that she’s opening up to him without feeling awkward.

“I am warning you once again, if I bang this thing into anything you know I can’t afford even its head light. So it is your loss.” Geet warned yet again hoping that he would change his mind but Maan was hell adamant  

“Dad’s” He said non chalantly in order to correct her while Geet could only sighed heavily as if in surrendering the argument. She definitely can’t win from this guy, can she, she thought as she shot a quick prayer to her Babaji before trying once again.

The first try was a horrendous one but thereafter she did better with Maan continuously guiding her and motivating her. At many instances there was slight brush of their hands or his warm breath fell on her face as he moved closer in order to guide her or help her with gears and every time both of their heartbeats raised especially of Geet’s whose heart seems to be out of control right now. Had not it’s about being driving the car, Geet would have been lost herself in his eyes but then the rational part of her mind always kept her reminding that this is not the right time for that, may be after sometime when she may be in his arms so close in his bed or may be the back seat of the car, she thought and then immediately whacked herself mentally for her erotic thoughts as she concentrate on the road ahead while giving her stupid thoughts a halt. Changing gears on time and driving smoothly, a feather touch and the car was already doing eighty. She is not that bad Driver, she thought as she looked at Maan who was looking at her smilingly as if being so proud of her achievement making her to smile automatically. He really had that aura around him that seems to burn all the negative thoughts and energy surrounding her, she thought as she smiled at him sweetly before continuing her task of Driving.



Here in Geet’s flat all three of them slumped on the ground after composing themselves from the laughter riot breathing heavily. Meera sat between them and put her hands on both Vicky’s and Yash’s heads which were on her shoulder as she patted them knowing very well what’s going on in their mind as the same thing was going in her mind too.

“Missing her?” She asked softly while still patting them.

“Very much” Yash said slowly as he kept his eyes closed in order to fight back his tears.

“Never missed anybody like this. It would have been so nice to have her here today.” Vicky consented as he sighed heavily.

“Ya… it would have been so nice… The four of us… on the new years’ eve… It would have been so ideal…” Meera said making Vicky’s eyes to widen in surprise as some realization sunk in him.

“What?” Vicky asked as he instantly sat up while Yash and Meera looked at him incrodously not understanding what happened to him all of a sudden.

“Arey why are you both looking at me as if I am some alien. Don’t you guys remember? Today is 31st of Dec.” Realization sunk in to Meera and Yash as they registered Vicky’s words and cursed themselves to forget this day

“Oh yeah… Totally skipped. Great! Now I miss her even more” Yash added as the three of the sat in the circle talking and remembering the beautiful tym four of them spend together.

“Hey, I have an idea” Meera chirped in between making Yash and Vicky to look at her gesturing to go ahead.

“Let’s decorate this place! What say a sorry plus a New Year Party? And then when Geet will come she’ll be so surprised and so happy to see this. What say?” Meera said excitedly while Yash and Vicky consented in equal enthusiasm.

“Yeah brilliant idea. Let’s also call Pari over here. She’ll be so happy to…”Vicky stopped in mid when he realized what he had said in excitement and both Meera and Vicky looked at Yash worried for his reaction. Just now everything went fine between them and none of them wanted to messed it up all again.

“It’s ok guys. I am ok with Pari. Seriously.” Yash’s words brought some relief to them as he assured them but still they both looked at him silently making Yash to roll over his eyes realizing that they are still not convinced. Hence to prove them he instantly took out his cell and dialed a number while Vicky and Meera looked at him confused.

“Hi Pari” Both Meera’s and Vicky’s eyes widen in shock as they realize whom he had called.

“Ya.. Whose it?”Yash heard Pari speaking from other side and close his eyes in order to formulate some sensible sentence. It’s been so long that he had talked to her then forget about talking nicely.

“It’s Yash.”

“Oh Hi Yash! It’s so nice to…” She couldn’t complete herself when Yash interrupted her in between.

“Pari can you come here right now… I mean we all are at Geet’s place… We are planning for a small party… So can you come here… You had seen Geet’s place right… See you in twenty minutes then… Bye” Yash said all in one breath and instantly cuts the call taking a sigh of relief while Pari looked at her cellphone not registering what she just heard but when she did a smile broke out on her face. Finally things are falling back to its place, she thought ad she instantly get up to get ready to go to Geet’s place.

Here Yash took a deep breath of relief as if he had just won a marathon and opened his eyes only to find Vicky and Meera looking at him numbly with their jaws dropped down.

“What?” Yash’s words brought broke their trance and they both started laughing loudly with Yash continuously asking “What, What” confusingly but their laughs were nowhere to subside.

“OK so Pari is coming right?” Meera asked after a while composing herself to which Yash just nodded saying that she may be on her way.

“Great then we should start preparing everything. I’ll go and arrange for food and drinks for ourselves.” Vicky said as he flicked up his car keys and in no time he was out of Geet’s apartment before anyone could say anything leaving Meera and Yash smiling at each other.

“Hhhmmm so c’mon let’s first start with the cleaning. We need to get the house in place.” Meera said with both her hand on her waist letting out a deep sigh after Vicky left and stared at Yash.

“Don’t tell me you want me to get all this cleaned up.” Yash’s eyes widen in horror as he registered the look on Meera’s face.

“As a matter of fact, I do.” Meera said in the tone of finality making Yash to cringe his nose in disgust as he imagined himself cleaning this messy house.

“Arey, we will do it together na. What will you do if I do this?” Yash tried cooing Meera as he hugged her from behind while Meera just nudged her elbow to his stomach lightly understanding very well that he’s trying to flatter her.

“We need to decorate this place. Balloons and all that. I will go and get those.” Meera said as he smiled cunningly washing away the color from Yash’s face.

“Please let me go. You will have to walk so far to get that.” Yash literally pleaded like a small child while Meera could just chuckle at his behavior.

“As if you care!” she said as she turned to leave.

“I do! Please let me go.” Yash literally begged this time but Meera paid no heed.

“Shut up! Stop behaving like a child Yash. I am going now and by the time I come this should be clean.” She instructed strictly and left leaving Yash behind looking at the soiled floor and heavenwards with a pleading face.


“Take a left from there” Maan pointed looking at the direction. It’s been quite a sometime they were driving and Geet was actually doing very good.

“Maan are you sure you want to watch the movie?” Geet asked while driving making Maan to look at him confusingly.

“Why? You don’t want to? You chose the movie right?” Maan furrowed his brows  in confusion while Geet felt that she could just eat him raw such cute he was looking in that expression.

“No, I mean I can drive this for three hours you know. You go and watch the movie.” She laughed while Maan was just lost in her musical laugh. She really looks pretty when she laughs this freely, he thought as he admired her lovingly.

“You seriously want to?” Maan asked once he came out from his trance

“Ya, I mean I can. It is the first time and probably the last time I am sitting in an expensive car like this. So you see I want to make out the most of this opportunity.” She said winking while Maan just shaked his head.

“Good for me that you like driving it.” Maan’s statement made Geet to look at him questioning asking “Why So”

“I always dreamt of date where my girl would drive!” Maan said as he let out a deep sigh leaning back on seat.

“Your girl?” Geet said with a scorn. Though that’s a different thing that her brain erased everything else to accommodate this memory of her this tym with him and make several copies of it.

“Ummm… I mean the girl with me…” For the first time Maan fumbled with his words and this time for a change Geet enjoyed his nervousness. Why should its always him to make her conscious around him even she can do the same.

“And what about the word “Date”?”  Geet asked thoroughly enjoying his nervousness.

“Yes… That is true. It is a date, isn’t it?” Maan asked as he leaned towards her looking straight into her eyes. Hell! This man knows how to make her weak on her knees.

“Okay, I will give that one to you.” Geet said as she composed herself and looking back at the road while Maan lean back on his seat smirking.

“One question” He heard Geet asking and gave her a look of “Go Ahead” while pointing to a direction that leads to a highway. She was now driving at ninety kilometers an hour now.

“How many “my girls” have been there?” She said as she quote the word “my girls” with her fingers.

“Hhhmmm… You wouldn’t want to know.” Maan’s answer was totally unexpected by Geet. Even though she knows that there may be many girls in his life or hell he may be bedding many girls every night. A guy like him can’t be single but still she wished him to answer opposite to what he answered right now may be like “You are the only girl in my life” she thought as she looked straight.

“Okay.” She clenched the steering wheel tight in order to control her anger. Of course she’s feeling jealous but don’t know why. May be she don’t want to lose such a handsome and rich guy to someone else yes this is the only reason, she thought and then consented with her own thought.

 “But you are the first one to drive my car!” Maan whispered softly in her ear making Geet’s heartbeat to rise rapidly but she just maintained the straight face.

“Thanks for the privilege.” She said wryly trying her best to maintain her cold posture but she knows that she was melting every second and unknown to her Maan was enjoying this state of her each and every second.

“You are welcome. But tell me one thing, Are you jealous?” Maan asked raising his brows as he looked at her keenly trying to gauge her expressions even though he knows the answer.

“Of course not! Why would I be?” Geet knows that she just said a plain lie but he shouldn’t know this right? But unknown to her Maan could read each and every expression of hers and he could see through her lie very well.

“May be you have started liking me?” Maan said as a matter of fact and smiled while looking at her.

“Not at all.” Geet knows that she had lied yet again when all she wanted at that moment to thrust her head out from the sun roof and shout out to the world “This guy is mine”.

“Okay, then why are you with me right now?” Maan probed once again while Geet looked at him huffing in anger. This guy is not going to leave this matter so easily, she thought as she tried to formulate some sensible sentence.

“Well I have many reasons. First, I am jobless. Second, I have nothing to do. And third, I am hoping to use you to get myself a job somewhere.” Geet patted herself mentally for her brilliant answer while winking at him with her last sentence.

“How mean Geet. You truly hurted me.” Maan said as he faked a hurt look while keeping hand on his heart while Geet just chuckle at his nautanki.

“That is how I am.” Geet said as she shrugged her shoulders.

“I like the way you are.” Maan said in trance as he kept his gaze fixed on her face but immediately looked away when found her looking at him.

“Are you flirting with me?” Geet asked raising his brows making Maan to give her his killer smirk.

“Depends. Is it working?” He asked

“No.” Geet said non-chalantly even though she knows that it is working more than he can ever imagine.

“Then, I am not.” Maan said as he raised his hands up in air in surrender while Geet just shaked her head.

“You know what; I have heard these dialogues somewhere.” She asked as she tries to remember where she has heard it.

“Get Smart, the movie.” Maan answered while Geet smiled finally remembering the name of movie.

“You have seen that movie?” she asked

“I watch every movie that comes out.” He said as a matter of fact.

“Why did you miss that movie then? One we were going to see.” Geet asked as curiosity seeped in her

“I have seen it.” Maan’s statement made Geet to look at him confusingly.

“But it released today.” She asked in a confused manner not getting head and tale of his statement.

“Special screening. John Abrahim and friends.” He said as he looked at her winking and smiled when found her looking at him with her mouth wide open realizing that he had yet again given her another heart attack. He closed her mouth with his hand and asked her to drive on to which she just nodded absent mindedly but her mind was continuously contemplating on his words.

Who is he and how much actually rich he is? And most importantly if he’s this rich then why is he wasting his tym with her and why not some super model or some other girl of his standard. So many questions and there are no answers so she guessed that it’s better to get with the flow. Who knows destiny had something better store in for her, she thought as she kept aside all her thoughts and continued driving unknown to what Destiny had actually planned for her which will make her life beautiful and worth living.

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  1. part 3 – lovely part akku. her friends were big time guilty for hurting her like that and planning to give her surprise and apologies. and I wish she should not forgave them so easily. how can they accuse her when she was their close friend.
    maan & geet spending time with each other. maan giving her shock after shock. she was very reluctant agreeing for what maan saying. she was littlie intimidated by his rich personality but allowed herself to go with the flow. maan too smitten by her simplicity and down to earth nature.
    seems he knows her from earlier otherwise who would be so ease with someone stranger
    update sooner

    missed your writing & update other stories too

    Congrats for new job Clap

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