This is Not The End

He was waiting impatiently for her at CCD. Looking his watch
again and again seems like Time has stopped from passing. Waiter has comethrice to take his order but every time he said “After Some time”. A strong Dilemma going in his mind. How will he going to tell her about the reason he called her? What will be her reaction? Will she be able to bear wat he’s going to tell her? But its good for both of them. Its better to solve it now inspite
of suffer due to this in future. Afterall he has full right to think of his Happiness. He thought. He was facing a war between his mind nd Heart. His heart is stopping him to do wat he’s going
to do but his mind is asking him to go ahead nd think of his Happiness.


He was going through all dis when he saw her coming through
the door. She was wearing White Suit wid light matching jewellery. She wears no make-up as usual but still looks beautiful.

“How she managed to look like an Angel always” he thought
wen he saw her but den suddenly he came out from his thoughts realizing for wat he has came here for. By the time she came to his seat finding him lost in his own thoughts

Geet: Hi Maan

Maan: umm Hi Geet

Geet: Wat happen? U were lost somewhere

Maan: nothing Geet. Pls Sit.

Geet takes her seat

Maan: Wat took you so long to Come

Geet: Wo.. I got stuck up in traffic

Maan: ok let me order something

By saying dis he calls d waiter nd places d order. After thewaiter goes Maan again gets lost in his trail of thoughts. He was not sure fromwhere to start the conversation. He never felt uncomfort before Geet but todayhe don’t know hw he’s going to tell her. Geet notices his uncomfortableness.She can easily Guess wats running in his Mind through his Facial Expression.

“Someone has to broke dis silence” She thought nd decided to break d silence

Geet: Maan, wat Happen?

Maan(coming out from his Thought): Ummm nothing Geet

Geet: Maan, I know u very well. Tell me wats bothering you. Since last few days I was noticing a change in you. U were not the Same Maan whom I met. Wats Wrong? U wanted to say something to me? Don’t hesitate Maan u can tell me.

Maan(To himself): Hw she always Read my mind? (den to Geet) yes Geet u r rite. I wanted to say something to u. Geet, wat I m going to say might hurt you. May be u’ll never wish to see my face in future but Geet its important. I cant keep u in darkness anymore. Geet I cant continue this Relationship. In last few days I realized that the feeling between us was not Love. It was just an Attraction which I had towards you. U were saying na that I have changed. Yes Geet I changed because I realized that I don’t love you. We cannot be happy in future nd it’ll good to stop dis relationship here only. Lets break-up nd move on in our respective lives. It’ll be good for both of us. See we’ll always be good friends but not more den dat.

He said all in once without looking at Geet once because he knows if he looks at her then he’ll again get distracted nd he dont want dis. After completing he looks at Geet who was looking at her silently wid no reaction. Maan has expected that Geet might Shout at him, she may Cry after hearing dis but Geet did none of dis. infact he listened to him patiently nd den smiled slightly which makes Maan more surprised.

Maan: Geet, wat happen? Y r u not saying anything? Atleast React once

Geet still didn’t said anything

Maan(getting restless): Geet, ur silence is killing me. Pls say something


He waited impatiently for Geet to speak


He waited impatiently for Geet to speak


Geet was about to speak something when waiter came wid their Order


Maan’s monologue:


Damn! This waiter has to come nw only wen she was about to say something. But y she is so silent. She is never like dat. O God! Did I did something wrong? Is she OK? Her silence is more dangerous then her screaming nd shouting. C’mon Geet speak something. Shout at me, Yell at me but don’t sit like this. Say something Geet.


(Maan’s Monologue ends)


Geet’s Monologue:


So Finally he said wat was in his heart. My worst Nightmare has came into reality. The thing for which I scared for so long has finally came true. I felt like my Heart is ripping Apart from my Body, like somebody is snatching my soul away from my Body. He has said all dis without any hesitation. Not thinking twice hw it’ll affect me. Thank God! The waiter has came on tym. Atleast I got sometym to absorb wat I heard from him. He is right. We had no right to ruin each other’s Happiness. Dnt cry Geet. Be strong


(Geet’s Monologue ends)


Maan: Geet’..

Geet came out from her trail of thoughts

Geet: yes Maan

Maan: u OK na

Geet(calmly): yes Maan I m fine dnt worry. U r rite there is no need to continue dis relationship if anyone of us is not happy. Thanx for Telling all dis atleast nw none of us in d misunderstanding that the thing between is Love

Maan: Look Geet I m Sorry But…

Geet: No need to say Sorry Maan. U havent done anything wrong. I m used to of it


Maan’s monologue:


Is she really OK? Hw can anyone be so calm after hearing such a Harsh reality. She’s definitely not Normal. Y is she not Yelling at me? Y is she not punishing me? Hw can she absorb it so easily


(Maan’s Monologue ends)


Geet’s monologue:


I knw Maan wat u r thinking? I know that u had expected me to cry, to yell at you, to scream at you. But I’ll not do any of these. Geet Handa is not dis much Weak that she cant face dis Reality. If I had faced so much Hardships in my lyf den I can Overcome from dis also. I’ll not let a Single tear out of my eyes

(Geet’s Monologue ends)


Maan sees Geet taking out something from her Handbag nd to his Surprise he takes out the things which he has least expected. He takes out the Ring which he gaves her wen she has accepted her Proposal nd Teddy Bear which he has gifted her on their ! year Anniversary


Maan: Geet, wats all dis?

Geet: Maan these r the Things that u had given me. These were the Souvenir of our Love. But now wen dere is no Love between us den I don’t have any Right to keep these things wid me. So I m returning it to u


“So Does it Mean she already had an Idea that today this Relationship is going to end.” He thought


Maan: Geet u dnt have to return me all dis. I mean…

Geet: its ok Maan I’ll not ask u to return my Gifts (she said while smiling) u can keep that wid u because I had given it to u because I truly Loved u. but now wen I came to know that u never Loved me I cant keep dis wid me.

Maan: But Geet…

Geet: Maan, Gift dis to the Girl wid whom u Truly fell in Love, not to every girl u met nd get attracted den later realize dat it was not love


Geet’s Words Pierced Maan’s Heart. He don’t know Why but he’s not liking the way Geet returning his gift to him.


Geet: Tym for me to Go Maan. Bye


She said nd kept her share of bill on d table. Dey always use to fight for dis thing. Maan wanted to bear all expenses alone but Geet Believes in Sharing everything whether its their expenses or their joys nd sorrows nd today also she did the same thing but Maan has not stopped her. he was still in shock by Geet’s Behaviour. He came into senses wen he realized that Geet gets up to leave. . he don’t know y but he wanted to stop her


Maan: Geet, wait…

Geet stopped instantly nd turned to face him making sure that she didn’t get weak

Maan: Geet, we r still friends nd will always be. This thing will not affect our friendship.

Geet(smiled faintly): Good Bye Maan! Take care always

She said nd turned to leave. Maan watched her go outside d Cafe. He instantly followed her. he wanted to make sure that is she really ok. He saw her taking Taxi from d road. He quickly gets into his Car nd followed her making sure that she reached home safely nd don’t do anything stupid during her way to home. He had heard many cases where people suicides after their failure in love nd he didn’t want Geet to be Part of it.


Maan’s Monologue:


Y is she Behaving so strangely? Nd wait wat is she taking out from her Handbag. O gosh! The gifts that I had given her. she had brought dem wid her. but y? does she already knew about it. Hw she always reads my mind. But y is she returning it to me? I havent asked for it. I agree that the feeling between us was not love but the feeling behind giving dese gifts was Genuine nd nt fake. Y is she not understanding it nd y does it affecting me so much if I don’t love her. y it pierced my heart wen she says that I should gift these to the girl wid whom I really fell in love. She is going now but y I want to stop her. Y I m having dis feeling that I will not able to see her again? I wanted to stop her I don’t know y but I dnt want to let her go.


I stopped her. she stopped nd turned her face towards me. I saw her struggling hard to control her tears. Y she cant cry in front of me? Anyways I have to stop her. I had to tell her that we r still friends. But to my surprise she didn’t react infact said Good Bye nd gone. Y is she doing dis? I can clearly See d pain in her eyes nd Voice wen she was saying Good Bye to me nd she left. I instantly ran Behind her. I saw her taking Taxi nd without thinking twice I get into my Car nd followed her. what if she do something to her? No Maan, she wont do anything dnt get scared. Wait! M I getting Scared? But y? Y I felt that something is breaking inside my heart? Y m I feeling my soul going away from me? Y m I feeling that I lost something very precious? Anyways I kept all dis thoughts aside. Dis tym all I need is to make sure that she reached her home safely nothing else. This is not The End of my care, my genuine care for her


(Maan’s Monologue ends)



Geet’s Monologue:


I had d Feeling that sooner or Later dis Day will come nd today since morning i was having intution about the result that will come after our meeting. it was Obvious from Maan’s Odd Behaviour from last few days. Somewhere in my heart i knew that Maan has called me today for dis Purpose only therefore i brought all dose things which i thought belonged only to me. his Gifts . but nw Its tym for me to return all his Gifts to him, the gifts which I considered as souvenir but was nothing more den a thing to him. I’ll not ask him for my gifts because my feeling were true, my love was True behind those Gifts. But yhe’ll not understand it. He never understands anything. But its of no use nw. I handed his gifts nd was about to leave wen he stopped me. Y he stopped me nw? o god! Pls Help me I don’t want to be weak in front of him. I know if I would be there in front of him for 1 more minute I couldn’t be able to control myself. Pls Maan dnt say anything which hurts me more. I cant take it anymore today. But to my surprise he asked me to be Friends forever. I know y is he saying dis so that I wont feel bad but I dnt needs anyone’s Sympathy. I just Bid him Final Bye nd came outside.


I know may be this is the Last Tym m Seeing Him, last tym m talking to him because after dis we both move to our respective Directions. May be after sometym he’ll forget that he had met someone named Geet nd found a new girl for himself. But hw will I forget him. But I had to be strong. I took Taxi nd headed towards home. I know many youngsters of my Age do something stupid after their failure in Love but m not in one of dem. Because my Life is not only mine, its also of d people who were close to my heart including Maan. I know today I matter nothing to him but for me he’ll always be in my heart no matter hw far he goes away from me. No matter if he doesn’t loves me but I Love him nd its enough for me to be strong. Good Bye! Maan Singh Khurana. I wish u gets ur True Happiness nd True Love very Soon. for me there’s no hope left. This is The End for every feelings in my heart.


Taxi Stopped nd so the trail of Geet’s Thoughts. She was so lost in her thoughts that she didn’t realized wen her Home came until she realized d jerk of break. She takes a Deep Breath nd came out of d Taxi. She faught back her Tears during d whole journey. She didn’t wanted to get noticed by anyone especially her Mom. She paid to the Driver nd headed towards her Home. Maan Parks his Car at a distance away from Geet’s Cab from where she could easily See Geet but Makes sure Geet didn’t noticed him. Geet felt someone stalking but she knews who’s it. She smirks nd moves towards her Home. She rings d Doorbell nd her Mother Opens d Door. She smiled, laughs, hugs her mom like she always did. Maan notices geet’s actions from a Distance nd was confused at her behaviour he really didn’t understand y she’s doing dis nd most importantly from where does she gets dis much strength. As Soon As Geet gets inside her house Maan too Drove towards his own home.


Geet’s Monologue:


Taxi Break Gives Break to my thoughts also. I know now m going to do the toughest job of my Life. M going to Fight wid my tears in front of my Mom. Because she can easily sense my pain. I take a deep breath nd gets outside d Taxi. As I was heading towards d Home I felt someone stalking me, someone is noticing me from Far. I smirked as I knew who it was. It was none other den Maan. He always use to do dis wenever I return home alone after meeting him because most of d tym I didn’t allow him to Drop me nd to make sure I reached home safely he use follow me till home making sure that I didn’t noticed him but he don’t know that I noticed him first tym only wen he followed me but never show it to him. But y is he doing dis today wen everything is over nw. isn’t he wat he said that we r no more together den y is he showing dis care, dis concern. May be he’s used to of it nd slowly will get rid from his Habbit very soon. I pressed d Door Bell nd as I expected My Mom opened d Door. I smiled nd laughed like everytym I does so dat she didn’t sense wat all has happened today. I entered inside in d same cheerful Manner like I always did buit only I knw hw much Pain was dere behind my smile. My inside was burning on Fire but still I had to put dis Fake Smile on my Face to make my close one’s Happy.


(Geet’s Monologue Ends):


Maan’s Monologue:


I drove to her Following her making sure she didn’t notice me. No matter hw hard I try to concentrate on my Driving but in my mind only her thoughts r going on. D way she came out from d Caf without saying anything was disturbing me. I didn’t expect dis Reaction from her which makes me more concerned towards her. I parked my Car at a distance from her home like I always did so that she didn’t noticed me. U can call it my Attitude that I didn’t wanted to show hw much I care for her but dats d way I m. I saw her getting outside d Taxi nd heading towards her Home. My Heart was urging me to stop her, talk to her atleast hug her one last tym. I don’t know wat kind of feeling is dis wen I was sure dat there’s nothing like Love between us but I dnt want to tackle from it rite nw. May be I was habitual of her thatsy having dis Feeling. I saw her mother opened d Door nd she entered in d same Cheerful Manner like she always did. No cries, no tears. Just Smile on her face. Y is she so calm? Y is she’s not showing her Pain not even in front of her Mom also who is her Best Friend. Wat kind of Girl is she? She’s Definitely not a human. Afterall who has dis much Courage to smile wen u had recently Broke up. But she’s still smiling. I was dere till he gets inside her home. As soon as she got inside I too drove towards my Home. Because I really need to find d Soln. of my Restlessness.


(Maan’s Monologue ends)


Mom: Geet, u have been so early Today? U said dat u’ll be Late.

Geet: Ya Mom. The Lecture was really Boring today. If I was there for 10 more min den I would definitely drifted to sleep. So its better to Sleep in my Cozy Bed den to dat Bench. (She said Laughing)

Mom: Geet, wen will u grow-up beta.

Geet: C’mon Mom. U have seen our Professor na. he’s so ugly as well. Ya if he would be Handsome like Ranbir Kapoor den I would even think of Attending his Boring Lecture. But he’s more worse den Atal Bihari Bajpeyi. I wonder hw his Wife Tolerate him.

Mom: Geet, u r really impossible. Acha nw get urself Fresh I’ll bring something for u to Eat.

Geet: No mom I m really not in d Mood. My Head is Paining nd I need to sleep so m going to my Room nd pls I dnt want any disturbance. My Cell will be switched Off so if any calls come for me at Landline den simply say m not at home nd ya make sure ur Fav. Daughter Misha don’t disturb me while m sleeping or else u’ll know wat will happen

Mom: ya I m very much aware of both of urs Cat-Fights nd m sure our Neighbours too. Dnt worry she’ll nt disturb u.

Geet: Dat would be better for her. Anyways bye. Gud night

Mom: Gud Nite? Geet its day tym

Geet: Ya bt as nw m going to sleep so I’ll say Gud nite only na

Mom: I really cant understand ur theories

Geet: Den dnt try. Bye

Mom: Bye!


She headed towards her Room nd closed d Door behind. Her Mom thinks dat she’s Really Tired so she didn’t disturbed her nd gets involved in her usual Routine. Geet closed d Door Behind nd rested herself at d door. She closed her eyes nd broke into Tears. Only she knows hw hard it was to control dem so far. She slowly sits at d Floor nd started Crying. Letting everything out of her heart. The Pain, the hurt caused by Maan everything. She lets all d Barriers broke away nd let the tears found their way. May be like dis way only she can feel better




On the other Hand Maan too reaches his Home. His Dadi wonders wat makes him come Home so Early. He never Misses any of his classes den wats wrong Today. He didn’t looked in good mood as well. She decided to ask him

Dadimaa: Maan Beta, u ok na?

Maan: yes Dadimaa y?

Dadimaa: nahi u r home Early Today. Which u never do

Maan: Wo, Dadimaa m not feeling well

Dadimaa: Wat Happen? Apne Doctor ko Dikhaya? Rukiye Hum abhi Doctor ko Phone karte hai

Maan: No Dadimaa I m seriously Fine. I think I should just go nd take some Sleep

Dadimaa: R u sure?

Maan: ya Dadimaa.


He storms towards his Room nd closes d Door Behind leaving his Dadimaa Behind Confused.


(Geet’s Monologue):

Only I knew hw hard it was to tell lie to Mom. To pretend dat everything is normal. If I would be there for 1 more minute wid Mom den I will definitely not able to control my tears so I decided to hget away from her as soon as Possible nd Make an excuse of Headache. As soon as I came inside my Room I broke into tears. Nw I couldn’t control myself anymore. Nw I couldn’t fight back wid my tears. I cried, I cried hard. I let every pain, every Sorrow Given by Maan out of my heart. Endless Tears were cuming out from my eyes but m not wiping dem. I let dem Flow because after dis I don’t want to cry again. Not atleast for Maan but is dat so easy.


Y I cant Forget Him? Y Maan Y? Y did u came into my lyf? I have never called u. u ureself came. Y did u walk into my life if u have intended to Leave me like dis? I wanted to Hate u but to my Luck I cant do that also because I love u From d Core of my heart. I cried nd cried. I don’t know hw many seconds, hw many Minutes, Hw many Hours but I cried. Once again My Trust was Broken, once again My Heart was broken by the person whom I love A lot. U knw na Maan dat I was a Heart broken Girl wen u came to my lyf den y did u do dis? y? I kept asking dese Questions to myself but got no answer. Its better to left some Questions unanswered. May be tats Lyf. For u may be I was just an another Passing Affair of ur Life but for me u r the Person whom I love d most but nw who left me.


(Geet’s Monologue ends)


Maan’s Monologue:


I know My Dadi would be surprised to see me home early today nd I was mentally Prepared for it. I somehow convienced her that everything is fine. I m not Gud in enacting like Geet so I cutshort d discussion nd headed towards my Room. I know Dadi would be really confused wid my dis kind of behaviour but dis tym I really wanted some tym for myself.


As soon as I came inside d Room D first thing that came into my Mind is Geet. I still couldn’t take my mind off from her. y is she still on my mind? C’mon Dude she’s just another Passing Affair of ur lyf nothing else. U r not in Love wid her. Den y m I so much Concerned for her. y did I followed her to her Home to make sure that she reached Home Safely. Y d Pain in her Eyes were still torturing me. Y her uncomplaining Attitude is still Haunting me. Is dis Love? No ofcourse not. Its not Love. Because if it was love den y Should I break her Heart. No I’ll Be fine in few Days.


C’mon Dude Geet is just another Girl of ur Lyf nothing else. But Is She? No she’s Different. Wait! Wat m I thinking? Y m I having dis Feeling? Was it just because of Guilt? But I had offered her Friendship which I never do to any girl but she refused. But Y I feel Rejected if it was just another Passing Affair. O god! I really need to get out from all dis. May be Yash will able to take me out from all dis. but he’ll be returning Tomorrow morning So I had to wait till tomorrow.


(Maan’s Monologue Ends)




It was night nd Geet was sitting near her Window Looking at Moon. She has stopped Crying nw. She felt much lighter but there was still Pain in her heart.

Geet(To herself): I still didn’t got d Answer Maan y did u do dis to me? But I’ll not ask u any question because its my fate. I’ll not blame u for anything. I had always learned something from the Peoples who has came to my Life. From Rahul I learned not to believe in Love den u came nd u make me Learned that Love can Happen Twice also unless u gets a Right Person nd today u also betrayed me nd I learned not to believe on anyone, especially a Stranger. From now on Geet Handa will not believe on any one.


She was still thinking about Maan wen her Sis Misha came to her. dey both Loves each other very much but never shows nd fight wid dem. Misha use to call her ‘Wildy’ because she always leaves her scratch marks on her face nd Hand wen dey Fight.

Misha: Hey Wildy wats up? Mom was saying dat ur Lecture was very boring today. Waise bhi jahan pet um aur tumhari friends jaise Boring log ho wo jagah apne Aap boring ho jati hai

Geet: Mish Pls m not in Mood of Fight today. So better shut up

Misha: OMG! I got scared. Waise Wat Happen? U had fight wid my Would be Jiju

Geet again felt pain inside her heart but she controlled herself

Geet: Mish, Stop it!

Misha: ok Fine. But seriously wat happened (she asked concerned)

Geet: nothing mish. I m perfectly fine

Misha: ok as u say. But seriously if U r upset Because of Maan den only God will spare him from me

Geet: really?

Misha: Ya Ofcourse! I’ll really break his Teeth if he hurts u. Trust me. So let him know dis dat he don’t dare to hurt u

Geet: Mish. Its nothing like dat. Everything is fine between Me nd Maan

Misha: hmmm Better be. Anyways Mom is calling u for Dinner cum soon ok

Geet: ok. I’ll just be there

Misha Left from dere nd after sometym Geet too goes from dere




On the Other Hand Maan’s Mind also not in Peace. He was still in thoughts of Geet. He still remembers d Day wen he First met Geet. He closes his eyes nd remembers d Day wen he first saw her.




It was Yash nd Meera’s First Anniversary Party. Its been 1 year wen Yash Proposed her nd Meera accepts it so dey decided to celebrate it wid their close friends. Maan was one of d Hottest Hunk of his College. Girls just die for him. He would Rather considered as Playboy who usually breaks Girl’s Heart but only His Close one knows hw much Good is he from his heart. Yash was his Childhood Friend nd he shared his every Joy nd Sorrows wid him. Yash always teased him for his Playboy nature but he knew dis very well dat one day Maan will get his kind of girl den he’ll not go after any other girl.


Maan was at the Drinking Bar wen he first Saw Geet. She was sitting wid Meera talking nd Smiling. Maan has never seen such a beauty. Dere was many other Hot Girls around him but his eyes were only on Geet. She has Wore Dark Red Colour of Anarkali Suit wid no extra ordinary Make up nd just wore light Jewelleries. But still she’s looking beautiful. Her simplicity catches Maan’s attention at once. He was staring at her wen Yash came to him.

Yash: Geet Handa, Meera’s best friend since School. Doing Architecture

Maan: Hhmmm interesting

Yash: Maan, dnt try ur tricks wid her pls.

Maan: Relax Dude! I wont. I’ll ask her for friendship dats it

Yash: I dnt think dat she accepts it because she stays away from d Playboys like u

Maan: No one can stay away from d Charm of MSK

Yash: Really?

Maan: Just wait nd Watch

He said nd goes towards Geet who was standing alone. He confidently Goes to her. For some geet get conscious wen he Saw Maan standing in front of her. No Doubt his charm works on her. Geet couldn’t take away from his well toned Body nd Muscles. No doubt he was Looking Hot!!!!!!! But then she shrug off all her thoughts nd came into senses wen Maan speaks to her


Maan: Excuse me Pretty Lady! Can I get u a Drink?


“Oh so he’s another Playboy Guy. Nothing unusual” She thought

Geet: Y? R u a Bartender?


Nw dis was d Last Thing dat Maan was expecting from any girl. Girls Drool over him nd she so much Attitude


A Poem from Geet to Maan:


I’ll forgive,
It doesn’t matter what you do,
You know this love and all I have,
Will always be here for you.
I’ll forget,
Anything you ask me to,
If you don’t like when I bring it up,
My words I’ll think them through.
I’ll love,
Even if you don’t want me to,
Obsession, call it want you want,
But this is the one promise that I’ll always keep for you,
I’ll live,
You know my dreams are all I see,
Our life is what its for,
I’m going to be the best that I can ever truly be.
I’ll trust,
Anything you ever say,
I put you higher then these fools,
And that is where you’ll stay.

I’ll Forget, I’ll love, I’ll live,
I’ll trust and I’ll forgive,
My love will never go away,
This is all I have to give.


Maan: Excuse me Pretty Lady! Can I get u a Drink?

Geet: Y? R u a Bartender?

Maan(Baffled): Ofcourse not.

Geet: Den? Ah! Let me Guess, its ur Fav. Hobby to ask Ladies for Drink Rite?

Maan: yes… I mean no. I saw u standing alone thought u need a good Company so here I m. Wat say? Lets share a Drink

Geet: I m sorry. But neither I talk to strangers nor I like to take any things from dem. So u can give any other girl ur so called ‘company’

Maan(to himself): Attitude huh.. I love girls wid Attitude.(Den to Geet) ok miss if u dnt need my Company. U dnt knw wat u r missing. By the way u r looking very Pretty (He tries once again to flirt wid her)

Geet(smiling): Thanx. I wish I could say the same for u also.

Maan: Excuse me miss…

He was intervenes by Meera who had came there to introduce Maan nd Geet to each other

Meera: hey, So u both finally met.

Maan(muttered): ya kind of

Meera: u said something Maan

Maan: huh, no nothing

Meera: anyways, let me introduce u both once again to each other. Geet, This is Maan yash’s Best friend from childhood. He’s quiet flirtarious but a very Good Person from Heart nd Maan this is Geet(she hold her from shoulders) my best friend since School currently doing Architecture bt I think she should be a Lawyer because u cant win from her while Arguing. Beware ha!

Maan(muttered): ya that I can see

Meera: wat?

Maan: huh… wo I was saying nice to meet u miss Geet

Geet: same here Mr. Maan

Suddenly someone calls Meera so she has to go Leaving Maan nd Geet alone

Meera: So u guys carry on I’ll catch u both later

She said nd left

Maan: So geet. Nw we r not strangers. So nw lets go nd share a drink

Geet: I m sorry but still I cant

Maan: but y I thought we r friends nw

Geet: wen did I said dat I m ur Friend. For me formally u r Maan Yash’s best friend bt Personally u r still a stranger for me nd I dnt believe in strangers. nw pls excuse me I need to go to my friend.

She said nd left from dere leaving Maan confused at her behavior as she was d first girl who has refused his company. She is really different from other girls, he thought. For the first tym he genuinely wanted any girl to be his friend. Yash who was watching both of dem from long came to Maan. He Laughed at Maan’s situation

Yash(Patting Maan’s Shoulder): Dude! I told u na she wont accept ur friendship nd nw after seeing ur flirtarious behavior m sure there is no chance in future also. So better forget her!

Maan: Dude! Wat kind of friend u r inspite of Helping me u r just discouraging me

Yash: Look Maan I m very well aware about ur attitude towards girls nd I never interferes in dat but Geet is Different. She is not only Meera’s best friend but a very good friend of mine also nd I always treat him as a sister therefore I wont allow ur Flirty Tricks on her because I cant see her hurted

Maan: o God Dude! Wat d hell r u thinking? Look I seriously wanted to be her friend because she’s really Different from other girls pls help me

Yash: Sorry Maan. But dis tym I wont

Maan: Fine I’ll handle myself. By the way is Geet is on Facebook?

Yash: ya y?

Maan: just asking

Yash: Maan…

Maan: yash nw let me handle dis alone. Trust me I wont flirt wid her


Yash shakes his head in disbelief bt somewhere in his heart he knews that Maan was a Man of his words if he says he wont flirt wid her den he wont. Nw Maan is thinking hw will he convience Geet to be his Friend


******~~~~~~~~Back to Present~~~~~~~********


Maan was brought back from his thoughts wen he heard the Car Drive past the house on the Street below. He opens his Eyes nd came back into reality.  He found himself all alone not only physically but mentally also. He looked at his watch its 12:30 of nite. Usually dis tym he use to talk wid Geet either thru msgs or thru call bt today dere was no msgs or call from her. ofcourse y should she call him after all dat happen at noon, he thought



Maan’s Monologue:


I was feeling all alone I dnt know y but I was nt feeling Good especially after remembering our first meet nd automatically a smile came to my face wen I remember Geet’s Attitude in d Party, wen I remember her big grey hazel eyes, those beautiful eyes knocked straight to my heart, which were trying to break d passage which no one was able to break despite of my Flirtarious nature. There was so much innocence, so much emotions in dem which makes her different from all other girls, which compels me to be her friend. But she refused my frndshp nd walked away


Though not much has changed since dat day to today. Dat day also wen I asked her to be my frnd she refused nd walked away nd today also wen I said to remain friends she said nothing nd walked away. Her silence has given me all answers. Its d sign of her refusal. But only the thing dat has changed is dat from Dat day we became Strangers to Friends nd den to couple nd today we became from couple to strangers. I looked at my watch, it was 12:30. usually dis tym I talk to Geet but today there is no one to whom I can talk. Is dat the reason y I m feeling so lonely. I thought of Geet wat she should be doing dis moment. Is she also remembering me? I don’t know. I badly wanted to talk to her at dis moment. May be we r not couple anymore nw bt we can still be friends like we were before. I took out my cel to call her but den I stopped. Wat if she doesn’t pick my call? What if she again gets in pain after talking to me. May be I should give her sometym to handle herself. But nw another thought started buzzing me. It was Yash. Wat should I say to him wen he’ll come. I had decided to talk to him about my restlessness but I had completely forgotten wat he has said me at the Party. He cant see geet hurted. Will he understand me? Hw will he react wen he’ll cum to knw that I left Geet? Well i have to keep myself mentally ready for his anger because dis tym he’s not going to leave me.


(Maan’s Monologue Ends)




On the other hand Geet too lost in her thoughts. She too remembers d day wen she first Maan. She smiles remembering his flirtarious behavior towards her nd hw she rejects him but he didn’t stopped trying after dat. Even after d Party also he tried to approach her nd automatically her mind started to travel in d direction of d Day wen he approached her second tym



One week has been passed after the Party nd Geet has almost forgot that she had met someone named Maan until d day she got frnd request from him. It was 11 pm of nite wen Geet was checking some mails wen she gets d notification dat she has got friend request from someone named Maan Singh Khurana.


“Maan Singh Khurana, ab ye kaun sa frnd aa gaya mera” She muttered. She quickly logged in to her Facebook Account nd found Yash nd Meera as their mutual Friends nd Also saw Maan’s Pic as his Profile Picture den she remembered that he’s d same guy who has asked him for drink dat day


Geet: oh no! yeh yaha bhi (she said while patting her forehead wid her hand)

In d mean tym her sis Misha came to her

Misha: hey Wildy! Wats up? (den looks at Maan’s Photo) woo.. who’s dat guy

Geet: Maan Singh Khurana

Misha: hey, u havent told me that u had any frnd named Maan

Geet: I too came to nw today only. Anyways I m going to reject dis

Misha: but y? see he had such a hot pic in his profile

Geet: So?

Misha: so wat just add him na. y so much issues?

Geet: Mish u knw I dnt add strangers moreover he’s d same guy whom I met Last week at d Party

Misha: oh d Bartender one. So wat yaar Big deal. Tumhe kaun sa usse Shaadi karni hai. Just Add him like ur other frnds. See hw much despo he is for being ur frnd

Geet: Mish…

Misha: c’mon Wildy dnt b so dumb yaar

Geet: ok! I add him ok.

She clicks on d Confirm Button nd to her luck Maan was online dat tym

Geet: Ae lo! Nw wat should I do (she said looking at Misha)

Misha: wat should I tell? He’s ur friend nw. enjoy ur tym wid MSK

Geet(irriated): Mish I’m gonna kill u nw

She said nd started hitting Misha wid Cushion placed near by. Misha too hits her nd d sisters had cat fight wen Misha notices sumthing

Misha: Hey Wildy! Look he has sent u chat message

Geet looks at d screen nd takes a deep breath

Misha: ok wildy enjoy ur tym wid MSK. M going to sleep. Gud nite

She said nd goes to sleep

Geet starts chatting wid Maan

Maan: hi, remember me?

Geet: ya d Bartender guy who was trying to flirt wid me

Maan: hey, I accept d fact dat I was trying to flirt wid u bt nw I seriously wanna be urfriend. I knw u dnt talk to strangers bt y dnt u try to knw me first nd den commit to our frndshp

Geet(after thinking for a while): ummm ok. I agree

Nd dey started chatting. Both of dem didn’t realized dat hrs have passed while chatting wid each other. Geet who was initially running away from him was actually liking his company now. She realized that he is not as Bad as she thought of him. They talked about each other’s interests and found that they shared the same taste in music. Soon Geet realized that it was 3 am of nite means dey were chatting from 4 hrs.

Geet: omg! Its 3 of nite

Maan: O really! I too didn’t realize

Geet: ok I think we should end over here only

Maan: y? getting bored of me?

Geet: ofcourse not but the fact is dat I had my College tomorrow. So I need to sleep nw otherwise I’ll sleep in my class

Maan: ok ok den u must go. Gud night/gud Morning see u soon

Geet: same to u. bye


She said nd logged off her account. Nd after dat day it has became their routine to talk to each other. Dey won’t get piece until dey share their whole day activities wid each other nd soon dey became very good friends. After few months dey exchanged numbers nd started talking on call nd sending each other text messages. They talked for hours on call. If any outsider would see dem then he’ll think dat they were in relationship but d fact is dat both have became such a good frnds dat dey give Damn to others. They fought, they laugh, they share their problems wid each other wenever they met or talk on call. They both didn’t realize dat how nd wen dey had became comfortable with each other. Soon Maan realizes that Geet was getting more den a Friend for him. Every time he talked to her his heart skipped a beat, wenever they met Maan couldn’t able to take his Eye away from her. Her small – small gestures just tickle his senses. Her smile, her Eyes, Her nature everything was simply great infact she herself was best. Despite of being so simple she still managed to look Breathtaking. He Felt Jealous wen he saw any other guy talking to her or even looking at her. He felt like just punching that guy. He don’t knw wats happening to him but all he knows is Geet is becoming an integral Part of his Life. He decides to share dis wid Yash.


Yash: Wat? R u serious?

Maan: yes. U think m joking?

Yash: ofcourse wen it cumes to great MSK den no one would believe it.

Maan: whatever Yash All I know is dat I love her nd I cant Live Without her nd dis is true

Yash: Maan I know u since childhood u haven’t been serious for any girl. Den y Geet?

Maan: I dnt know Yash, y nd wen she became an integral Part of my Life all I knw is dat I love her. Pls Dude pls help me. Dis is d first tym m asking u a favour pls yaar

Yash: Fine I’ll help u not because u r my friend but because I saw true Feelings in ur Eyes. I’ll talk to meera about dis


He said nd gives an assuring look to Maan



********~~~~~~Back to Present~~~~~~*********


Geet closes her eyes in Pain remembering d tym she spend wid him. Their friendship days, the most beautiful days of her life. She wish dat somehow those days would cum back.


Geet’s Monologue:


I closed my eyes as I remember d days I spend wid him. The nights, in which we used to talk for Hours just like Lover; The Evenings which we use to spend together along wid Yash nd Meera. I still remember hw much it affects Maan wen he notices any Guy staring at me. Infact once he has gone to an Argument also wid sum Guy wen he notices dat he was staring at me from a while. Only I knows hw I managed to control him. Dat day I saw sumthing diff in his eyes bt I couldn’t able to figure out wat it was bcoz for me he was still my Friend infact a best friend after Meera. Den wat happen to those Days? Cant those days b back again? M really missing our fights, our care for each other, our friendship everything. I looked at d watch nd it shows 1:00 AM nd I thought of Maan wat he should be doing dis moment? Was he remembering me or just have forgotten like his another Passing Affairs? May be afterall its nt a big thing for him. He has done dis so many tymes nd wid so many girls den hw can I be a exception? But wat abt me? Will I ever be able to forget him? He was Love of My life, he was d one who compels me to once again fall in love. Who has brought Love Back to my loneliness Life nd today he left me too. Will I ever be able to Luv anyone again forget about Love, Will I ever be able to Trust someone again?


(Geet’s Monologue ends)



No matter hw hard Maan tried to forget everything but he failed because all d memories of his Past flashing in front of her eyes wenever he closes dem. He remembers hw much he has to convience Yash to make him Believe dat he truly Loves Geet.




After getting convienced by Maan regarding his true Feelings, Yash talked to Meera about Maan nd Geet nd told her d whole story. Initially Meera was nt ready to help as he knows Maan but den Yash make her believe nd told her about d changes he saw in Maan which makes Meera agree to help dem. She didn’t told Geet abt it as she felt dat Maan Himself should tell her abt dis. She planned a date for dem along wid theirs so that geet dnt get suspicious. Nd on d day of d date Yash nd Meera excuses demselves from Maaneet saying dey need sum tym Alone. Geet understands nd excused demselves. While Going Yash gives a Thumbs up to Maan encouraging him to confess his feelings for Geet. 15 mins have passed after Yash nd Meera goes bt Maan didn’t utter a word which was unusual for him. Geet too felt uncomfortable seeing his behaviuor she decides to talk to him.


Geet: Maan wats Wrong? Y r u acting so Weird today?

Maan: no Geet, nothing like dat

Geet: c’mon Maan u cant hide it from me we r friends na. nw tell me

Maan: ummm…Geet… Actually…

Geet: C’mon Maan nw say it since wen u get short of words

Maan: Actually Geet, I dnt knw hw to say it nd I dnt knw hw u’ll react may be u feel bad but I cant keep dis to myself anymore nw

Geet: Maan, wats wrong tell me



Geet stood dere frozen. She has never ever thought dat Sumday Maan would say dis thing to her. She don’t know how to react, wat to say. She was totally speechless at dat moment. No doubt she likes Maan nd likes his company also but just as a friend she has never thought anything beyond dat bcoz sumthing from her past is stopping her to feel like dis for sumone. She don’t want to break his heart but she didn’t even want him to give any false commitment. She again looked at Maan who was waiting for her anwer paitently. She was really praying dat dis turned out to be a joke, sum another prank of Maan’s but unfortunately its not


Maan: Bolo na Geet! WILL U BE MINE?

Geet: Maan, wat r u saying? U r joking rite

Maan(held her by her shoulders): Geet, u think m joking? U think I can play any kind of prank like dis specially to the girl whom I love a lot

Geet(closes her eyes): Maan pls.! Pls stop it over here only. I cant take dis joke of urs anymore

Maan(growled): Geet for god sake its not joke. I REALLY LOVE U


Geet opens her eyes only to find him standing close to her nd his eyes are speaking in volumes. She still couldn’t believe d reality which is in front of her.


Geet(softly): Since wen?

Maan: I don’t know Geet. I don’t know since wen, where, why; I don’t know anything all I know is dat I LOVE U VERY MUCH ND I CANT LIVE WIDOUT U.

Geet: I m sorry, I m sorry if I have given u any wrong signal but I haven’t seen u  more den a friend. I haven’t thought of u in dat way

Maan: y m I dat bad dat u cant think of me more den a friend.

Geet: no Maan its nt like dat

Maan: Den wat Geet?

Geet: Maan, m not ready for all dis. I don’t want to fall for anyone

Maan: but y Geet?


Geet said nothing nd looked other way. Maan sensed dat Geet doesn’t want to share it now therefore he didn’t force her to tell. He held her shoulders nd make her to face him


Geet: Maan, wat did u saw in me?

Maan: I don’t understand u Geet

Geet: Maan, u r such a handsome, Good looking Person. Any girl would die for ur one look only nd u can make easily any girl fall for u nd moreover m not like ur previous Girlfriends neither I m hot nor I m stunning like dem. I m just an average looking girl who just simply lives her life den wat did u saw in me? Hw can u fall for me?

Maan: Geet, even u don’t know wat special qualities r dere in u. I agree on whatever u say but Geet u r different from all other girls. Ur simplicity, ur innocence makes u different from all other girls nd dis quality of urs makes me fall in luv wid u. trust me u r d most beautiful girl I have ever met.

Geet: Maan, I need sumtym

Maan: Geet, I know its very sudden for u. nd u take ur tym as much as u want. I’ll wait for ur answer

Geet: Maan, let me make one thing clear to u before only, I knw wat kind of answer u were expecting from me wen u asked to give me sumtym but dat doesn’t mean my answer would be yes only. I mean I cant say wat would be my answer after dat may be den also my answer would be no. R u ready for dat?

Maan: Geet, I completely understand wat u say nd trust me I’ll not force u for anything. U take as much tym u want nd whatever ur answer would be after dat I’ll accept it. It’s a Promise.

Geet: Thanx Maan, nd one more thing I don’t want our friendship to be affected due to dis. u knw wat I mean?

Maan: ya Geet ofcourse nd don’t worry we r friends nd we always be. No matter wat ur answer will be; we r friends nd we’ll always be I assure u of dat


She said nothing but smiled



******~~~~~Back to Present~~~~~*******


“I wish I would refuse to u straight away dere only nd walks out from urlife forever after dat” She said while opening her eyes wen she remembers d moment wen Maan Proposed to her. She remembers wen she came home dat nite. Her state of mind was still not settled. Everytym she thinks of Maan she remembers about his Proposal even if she don’t want to. She remembers hw much excuses she has to give to her Mom wen she skipped her dinner dat nite. No matter hw tried she hard to not to think about it but it all failed. She hears d music, she reads her fav. Novel, she surfs d net just to keep herself busy so dat she couldn’t think of dat but nothing seems to be working. Finally she shrug off all her thoughts nd decides to sleep. But sleep seems to be miles away from her. She decided to talk to Meera about dis. she texts her to meet her next day at CCD she needs to talk sumthing important.


*****~~~~~~~ Flashback~~~~~~~~*******


Meera: but wats d Problem Geet? Y u can’t accept his Proposal?

Geet: Meera u were asking me dis? u? u knw everything

Meera: I knw Geet, but hw long u’ll stuck up in ur Past. Its tym for u to move on nw

Geet: m not stuck up in my Past Meera I moved on nd u knw dis

Meera: den wats d Problem?

Geet: I don’t know Meera, but m afraid

Meera: Afraid of wat Geet?

Geet: Wat if I again left Heart-broken? Wat if he also does d same wat Rahul has done wid me?

Meera: Geet, dere is a difference between Maan nd Rahul. I knw dat I dnt knw Maan from much Long but I knw dat he’s nt like Rahul. I knw he had affair wid many girls but I haven’t seen him falling as seriously as he fall for u. infact since d day u both became friends I haven’t seen him or heard him talking about any other girl

Geet: But Meera…

Meera: Geet, I had seen u going thru very tough tym wen Rahul left u. only I knw hw hard was it for u to overcome from dat. U smiled from outside but had lots of pain inside nd nw wen Life is giving u other chance To Love, To live, To Feel for d person who truly loves u den y u denying it? Y u not giving him nd urself an another chance?

Geet: Meera, hw can u be so sure dat nothing will go wrong dis tym?

Meera: Geet, tere sath jitna bhi bura hona tha ho gaya, ab job hi hoga wo acha hoga. Trust me.


Geet said nothing but smiled. She finds a ray of Hope in Meera’s Words. She thought that Meera is rite she should give Maan one chance but before dat Maan should know About her Past nd she will tell him everything. Thinking dis she texts Maan to meet her next day.



Next day both Maan nd Geet met at d same place where Maan proposes her. He had no idea y Geet has called him today over here. She just said dat she need to talk sumthing important so he decided not to get late as Geet dnt like Latecomers. But wen he reaches over dere he saw Geet already sitting over dere


Maan (To himself): Shit! I m again late


He quickly speeds up his pace nd reaches to d place where Geet is

Maan: Hi Geet!

Geet (smiles): Hi! (den looks at her watch) 20 mins late

Maan: m sorry yaar. Actually got stuck up in d traffic. (He said while sitting)


Geet said nothing but smiles


Maan: So u wanted to talk sumthing important to me

Geet: ya Maan its really very important.

Maan: ya geet tell me

Geet: Maan as a friend u knw me from six months nd u knw every part of my lyf. But dere is one thing which neither u had asked nor I had ever told u. but I think nw I need to tell u before I can consider about our relationship

Maan: Aisi kya baat hai Geet? Y u so tensed?

Geet: Maan dere is a part of my Past which nw m going to tell u nd which will decide d future of our relationship

Maan said nothing but listened to her


Geet: Maan, u asked dat day na dat y cant I fall for sumone. Bcoz I had already Fallen for sumone 3 years back. He was my classmate. I had crush on him since d first day of our session infact it was Love at first sight. But I couldn’t able to tell him. Den one day on Friendship Day I asked him for Friendship nd he agreed to it. He said dat he was always waiting for me to ask him as his friend becoz he was afraid to ask me as he thought that may be I’ll refuse to it or even create a scene.

Maan: den?

Geet: Den we bith become friends nd day by day our friendship gets stronger but my Love was always dere for him but I was not able to express it den one day he proposes me in front of d Whole class. I was totally speechless as d person whom I love d most is proposing me in front of d whole class. It was all just like a dream to me. I instantly accepted it. Nd after dat we became d famous couple of d college. Girls use to envy me as Rahul was my partner but I didn’t care for anyone of dem as I m happy wid him. I was happily seeing my dreams of Future wid Rahul. I thought dat as soon as we set up our career we’ll tell our families about our relationship. But it is rightly said dat Dreams r broken as soon as we open our eyes. Mere saath bhi aisa hi hua


Maan notices a Drop of tear in her yes but he didn’t stopped her


Geet: I still remember dat day wen I faced d reality. I was very happy dat day. I got selected for inter-college quiz show for representing my college. I wanted to share my happiness wid Rahul. But he was nowhere to seen. I enquired about him so sumone has told me dat he has not came to college today as his parents has gone out of town nd he needs to be at home. I decided to meet him over dere. I thought of giving him a surprise so has gone without telling him. As soon as I reach his home I saw his bike at Parking Lot which makes sure dat he’s at home. I knocked at d door but no one opened it, den I noticed dat door was not locked so I entered inside




Geet (To herself): where is Rahul? Darwaza bhi khula chod rakha tha? I think I should check to his Room


She said nd proceeds towards his Room. He once told dat his Room is upstairs next to Aquarium so she didn’t find it difficult to find it. As soon as she opened d Door of his room. She saw d Bitter Reality of her life. She saw Rahul on his Bed wid sum other girl nd d girl was none other den Sonia, her classmate.


Sonia: Honey u are very bad

Rahul: y?

Sonia: u make me Jealous like hell of dat tacky Geet. U are wid him always glued wid her like dat like u were really a couple

Rahul: o c’mon Darling I had done all dis for u only. U were away from me becoz of dat Jay. So I need to make u realize ur mistake so I haven’t find any other option den dis. nd wid Geet it was easy as I was knowing d fact dat she loves me from d day 1 so there would be no complications. U know first find any GF nd all dat.

Sonia: but how long ur Relationship will be wid Geet. I cant stand her near u anymore

Rahul: Relax Darling very Soon I m planning to break-up wid her. Waise bhi she’s very dumb. I get bored wid her. She always talks about Love, trust etc etc nd dis makes me bore. Poor girl thinking dat we r having Future together but least she know dat soon m going to throw her out of my lyf.


Geet couldn’t face d fact nd in vein she dropped d Vase near her which brings Both Rahul’s nd Sonia’s attention towards her. Rahul was shocked to see Geet over dere. Geet just closed d Door nd ran downstairs as fast as she can. In d meanwhile Rahul quickly wears his Bathrobe nd came downstairs nd stopped her


Rahul: Geet Wait!

Geet: let me go Rahul

Rahul: Geet, I can explain to u

Geet(angrily): wat will u explain me Rahul? Dis? dis Bull Shit!! Why had u done dis? y had u breaked my trust

Rahul(smirked): fine nw if u knw everything so I wont hide anything ffrom u. yes I love Sonia from always but she has gone far away from me due to misunderstanding so I need to attract her attention derefore I used u. I was never in love wid u. I always love Sonia

Geet: I haven’t seen a cheap person like u

Rahul: nd u wont see also. Nd waise bhi it was a saying “Everything is fair in Love and War”. Aur tumhe kya Laga dat I can fall for u? u d dumbest girl. Just look at urself in mirror do u think u had any extra-ordinary quality dat can make anyone fall for u. no u don’t so better forget about everything dat was between us nd get out from my lyf.


*****~~~~~FLASHBACK ENDS~~~~*****


Geet: nd after dat day I decided dat I’ll never see his face in future. I even changed my college also. He was nowhere in my lyf nw. but d pain, d wound dat he has given me was always dere. But den wid d Help of Meera nd other friends I overcum from all dis but I vowed dat I’ll never fall for anyone neither I’ll trust anyone because I dnt wanted to get hurted again. (den looked at Maan) den u came to my Lyf. Nd unknowingly I started trusting u nd u became my very gud friend but wen u propose to me den I couldn’t able to face it dat tym.


Maan notices d tears in his eyes nd he couldn’t stand it. He felt rage towards d person who has hurt her dis much. He slowly keeps his hand on hers to calm her. She slowly wipes away her tears nd faces Maan


Geet: Maan, I dnt have courage left to Love again, to trust sumone again. No doubt I trust u but I still cant prepare myself to luv u.

Maan: Geet, I understand. U had really gone through a very bad Phase. But Geet trust me I’ll never break ur trust. Geet I said before also nd again saying dat m nt forcing anything on u. u take as much tym as u want nd even if u wont feel d same way like I did den also we’ll be friends like we r nw.


Geet dnt know y but she felt an assurance in his words nd dey started dating each other. Though Maan was always behave wid her in d same way like he did before but Geet started to Feel sumthing for him. D feelings which she has suppressed for forever. She found Meera’s word right. She found her true Love in Maan nd after 3 months she said yes to him. Not because she don’t want to disappoint him but becoz she has really started to feel for him. She gave her life a another chance nd she was happy. Memories of Rahul was nowhere in her life. Nw dere was only one person left in her Life, Maan. Nd dey both r really going well wid each other. Everyone adores dem as a couple. Yash nd Meera both were happy for dem.


Almost 1 nd a half year has been passed of dere relationship. But dere was sumthing which was still to cum in dere way. Geet Found Maan’s Behaviour Odd from few days. He gets irritated very soon nd was not like before anymore. Geet thought dat may be due to stress because of studies he was like dis so she didn’t complained but d reality is sumthing different.


Maan get influenced by sum of his friend dat d thing between Geet nd Him is not Love but just an Attraction. Initially he didn’t concentrate on dis but as d tym Passes by all dis things has started leaving impact on him. Nd he really started to feel like dat d people around him were true. Yash was out of town due to his internship derefore he couldn’t discuss it wid him. He even had a fight wid Geet also without any reason which leave Geet stunned nd she realizes dat Maan’s behaviour was not due to stress  but sumthing else nd sumwhere she had d intuition dat soon dis relationship will cum to an end nd as this thought came to her mind she Prays to God dat nothing would happen like dis nd all dis Passes like a Nightmare. But it didn’t nd she gets sure of dat wen Maan called her for meeting him next day. Datsy she kept d belongings which she considered as a souveneir of dere love wid her so dat if in case Maan ends dis relationship she can return him back all dis


On d other hand Maan was too in dilemma. He don’t want to break Geet’s heart nd trust. But he don’t want to keep dis relationship widout Love either (Acc to him). Derefore he decides to call her next day nd thought of talking her about dis nd asks her to just be friends


*****~~~~~~~Back to Present~~~~~~~~*****


“But u didn’t agreed to that also Geet” he said while getting up from his Bed. He thought that Geet would be agree to be his friend forever but she said nothing nd walked off. Was this d Thing which was bothering him so much? Her silence?


Maan’s Monologue:


I got up from my bed thinking about all d moments dat happened in Past. I have no idea wat to do? Whom to ask? I don’t know y but m not getting peace. It was me only who asked her to end dis relationship den y m I getting so much restless. I remember wen she said to me dat she had no courage left to love again den it was me who assured her dat nothing will go wrong wid us, den y did I done dis? if d thing between us was really not love but just a mere attraction den y m not able to get out from d thoughts of her.


Was it because of d Feeling of Guilt which was killing me inside. I remember Geet’s face wen I said all dis. I thought dat we’ll be friends always like before but she didn’t said anything nd walked off which was enough to understand her answer. Y she didn’t said anything to me? Y she didn’t asked me any questions? Y didn’t she asked me wat was her fault? Y didn’t she shouts at me? All dese thoughts were haunting me. Her silence, her silence was haunting me. I still couldn’t able to figure out dat if I was not in luv wid her den y her silence aching me?


(Maan’s Monologue Ends)




Geet’s Monologue:


I sat dere at d window thinking about whatever happened so far. I don’t know y Maan did dis to me? I told him everything about my past lyf. Hw I was badly hurted by Rahul, hw my trust have been Badly Broken by him. I also said dat I had no courage left to Love anyone. Den u assure me dat nothing will go wrong wid us. Nd I believed u. I believed on everything u said. U said u love me, I believed. U said me to trust u, I believed. U said dat u’ll never leave me, I believed. U said dat u r busy therefore cant meet, I believed. Nd u said u dnt love me, I believed to dat also. I believe on everything u said datsy I didn’t questioned u anytime not even today wen u asked me to end dis relationship.


But I dnt know y but I wanted to ask u y u did dis to me? Y u betrayed me? Y u left me? Y u break my heart? Y u break my Trust? Wat was my fault? Y r u giving me dis punishment? But den I thought dat it’s useless to ask anything. I knw Maan dat ur friendship id genuine but i dnt want u to be in any kind of guilt. Because I know dat if I’ll be wid u after dis den we can never be like before. u be happy in ur lyf nd I’ll also try to be happy in mine. From now on Geet Handa will be no where in ur Life nd as d tym passes by u’ll forget me also but I doubt dat I can ever forget u as I cant forget d person who came into my Lyf nd changed it forever nd nw who has walked out nd again changed it forever.


(Geet’s Monologue ends)


The night of restlessness has passed nd Morning Rays hit d Sky. It was a new day for both Maan nd Geet but nothing seems to be gud in dis morning. Geet as usual picks up her cellphone to send a gud morning msg to Maan. She typed d text nd was about to send wen d reality struck her mind. She closed her eyes in pain nd put d cell phone at d side table nd rests her head on d bed Post. Her head was still heavy. Though she cried a lot last day but that only makes her mind feel light, her heart is still heavy.


Geet (To herself): its only 1 day without u Maan nd m finding it difficult. I wonder wat will I do without u for rest of my lyf


She said nd again closes her eyes nd rests herself on d bed. Her mom came to her Room to wake up but seeing her like dis she thought that she’s not well so she decided not to disturb her nd let her sleep



On d other hand Maan too wakes up from his sleep. He slept late at nite although it was not unusual for him to sleep late at nite nd wake up late next day but d difference is dat initially he sleeps late because he use to talk to Geet till late at nite  nd dis tym he was lost in d memories of dere relationship so far till late at nite. He took his cell phone as usual to see Geet’s morning msg but there was none den he realize wat happen last day. He was disappointed wen he didn’t see her msg but den he knows d reason behind dis. he thought of sending msg to her from his side but den he thought that may be Geet didn’t like it. He sighed nd kept d cell at one side.


Maan (To himself): its only 1 day Geet nd m already missing u wat will I do afterwards. But y m I missing u wen it was me only who dnt want dis relationship to go further?


He said nd closes his eyes trying to find d answers of his questions but failed. His trail of thoughts has been broken by d ringing of his cell phone. His heart says dat may be dis call is of Geet nd Without looking at d Screen once he quickly picked it up


Maan (curiously): Hello Geet! I know dat u’ll definitely Call me. I…


He stopped in d middle as he hear d sound of chucle from d other side initially he got confused as it was not Geet’s chuckle den he realize dat it was not Geet but his Best Friend “Yash”


Yash: oh My my! Sumone has got so much lost in his Lady Love dat nw he didn’t even Recognize his Friend’s voice.

Maan: No Yash nothing like dat actually…

Yash: dnt tell me stories Dude! I knw anyways tell me one thing dat is Geet’s No. in ur cell has been saved by my name or u r still in d dream’s of her dat u didn’t even notice my name on d screen (nd by saying dat he chuckles again)

Maan: no Dude! Nothing like dat anyways wen did u came back from Bangalore

Yash: Today only. Early in d morning. Just finished up wid all my morning activities so decided to call u.

Maan: hhmmm! Dude! I need to meet u.

Yash: r u sure u wanna meet me or u wanna meet Geet

Maan: Yash Stop joking pls

Yash: ok ok Fine. Wen?

Maan: As soon as Possible

Yash: ok. But wat happen is everything alright?

Maan: that I’ll tell u wen u cum I cant tell u at phone. Wanna talk to u sumthing important.

Yash: ok Fine. Will see u in 1 hour at ur home?

Maan: ya cool, will wait for u.

Yash: ok see u den. Bye

Maan: bye


He said nd cuts d call. Nd den once again looked at d screen hoping dat may be Geet Msgd her while he was on call but it was all plain. He sighed once again nd kept d cell aside nd went to Washroom



After struggling so much wid her Thoughts Geet finally decided to go out of d Room as she thought that longer she’ll stay over dere the Memories of Maan will haunt her. So she gets up from her bed nd moves towards d Dining Area where her mom is already sitting


Geet: good Morning Mom!

Mom: Good morning Beta!


She seated herself at one of d chair

Mom: hws ur Headache now?

Geet: much better. (den she looked around) By d way where is mish!

Mom: Mish has already gone to college

Geet: Really? So early?

Mom: Early? Geet have u checked d Tym its 10 AM beta.

Geet (notices d watch): oh Shit! Mom y haven’t u wake me up before?

Mom: I have gone to ur Room but u were sleeping moreover ur face Face too looks pale so I decided not to disturb u.

Geet: oh God mom! I m already late for my college. Keep my breakfast ready I’ll just go nd freshen up


She said nd about to leave wen her mom stopped her


Mom: Sit Right here. U r not going to college today.

Geet: But mom… u know dat I dnt miss my college.

Mom: I know. But today u r not going to college. Had u checked ur eyes in d mirror? Dey r still red, nd I dnt want u to fall ill. So u take complete rest today at home nd dnt worry about d notes, I had already told Deepika nd she said dat she’ll make a copy of notes for u too. So nw just go to d Room nd take rest.

Geet: But Mom…

Mom: Geet, no more arguments nw.

Geet (making a face): Fine

Mom (smiled): dats like my Geet. Acha u go nd freshen up nd ya ur breakfast is ready. Do have it!!!! Nd m going outside for some official work will cum by lunch so till den u take rest ok

Geet: ok mom.


She said nd moves towards her Room, her mom gave her a smile nd den moves towards d Kitchen




Yash: Wat? U r joking rite?

Maan: no dude! Its true

Yash: So u mean to say that u guys broke up?

Maan (weakly): ya

Yash: r u out of ur mind Maan? Do u have any Idea wat r u talking about? U r talking About BREAK UP!!!! BR-E-AK UP!!!!

Maan: I knw Yash wat I m talking.

Yash: but how, nd most importantly Why? Everything was going fine between u two den wat happen all of a sudden dat too in dese 2 months wen I m not here?

Maan: because I realize nw dat d thing between me nd her is not love but just a mere Attraction.

Yash: Wat Rubbish r u talking Maan? U r really not in ur senses

Maan: I m Yash. Nd I knw dat its rite. We dnt have any right to ruin each other happiness by carrying dis false relationship further

Yash: False Relationship? U think dat d thing between u two from almost 2 years is false. It was nothing but just an attraction


Maan stood dere numb


Yash: nd have u thought of Geet. Wat she must be going thru after all dis? Maan u knew very well that she was a heart-broken girl wen she met u. hw can u do dis wid her

Maan: Yash, I already talked to her nd she too agree wid me nd said dat it was good for both of us.

Yash: den I m sorry to say Maan but still haven’t understand her. U know y she had sid dis just for d sake of ur Happiness. Maan still dere is tym. Just fix everything before its get too late

Maan: no Yash, dere is nothing to Fix

Yash (irritated): Maan, u r really out of ur mind. U mean to say dat dere was no pain, no sadness in her eyes, on her face, in her voice wen u asked her to break up.


Maan closed his eyes remembering her eyes which were struggling hard for not to cry, her face which was frowned at dat tym but still she kept d smile to hide her frowness , her voice which was shaking wen she said him Good Bye but still she managed to say. He quickly opens her eyes only to see dat Yash is standing in front of him.


Yash: u did. U did noticed everything nd still u managed to break her heart, to break her trust. Hw could u Maan? I knw dat u had broken Many girls heart but dey r not worth of ur Love dey had no comparison wid Geet as dey find dere boyfriends d very next day u left dem. But Geet, Geet is different nd once it was u only who make me believe dat. U make me believe dat u truly love her nd I was happy as u finally found ur true love. But again u did d same wid her. U r really Impossible Maan!

Maan: Yash, listen to me…

Yash: no u listen to me Maan. I warned u before also dat dnt try to flirt her, I cant see her get hurted but u promised dat u’ll not hurt her but u did Maan u did. Nd for d first tym in my Life I m ashamed to call u my BEST FRIEND!!

Maan (hurted): Yash…

Yash: enough Maan, I heard enough of u nd nw its my tym to go to Geet because dis tym my sister needed me most. I don’t know hw will I Face her after wat u did to her but I’ll be there for her nd make sure dat next tym nobody try to Fool her.


He said nd left from dere. Maan tried to stop him but he had already gone leaving Maan watching his retreating Body. Maan sat on d Bed holding his head wid his Hands. In 2 days his lyf changes completely.Last day He lost nd his Love nd today his Best Friend.


“But wait! Did he just considered Geet as his Love” he thought




Geet was sitting at d Living Room. Her Mom has already gone 1 hr Before nd adviced her to take rest but she dnt want to because she knews dat if she goes to take rest den again d memories of Maan will overcum her so she decided to keep her mind busy nd in dis Past 1 hour she’s doing every possible thing in which she cannot think of Maan but she failed everytym. Finally she came to living Room nd started searching TV channels wen she heard d Door Bell. She looked at watch nd wondered who could it be as its not d tym for Misha to cum nd neither Mom den who could it be? She thought nd moved to open d Door.


As soon as she opens d Door she saw Yash standing over dere. She was both Happy nd worried. Happy nd worried. Happy because he was meeting him after 2 months nd worried because he dnt knw anything which happened between Her nd Maan but den she calms herself so dat Yash wont realize dat dere was sumthing wrong but least she knows is dat Yash already know everything.


Geet: Yash!!! Hi! wat a pleasant surprise?

Yash: wont u ask me to come in?

Geet: oh ya ofcourse come in.

Yash entered inside nd watches Geet’s expression. The pain was clearly visible in her eyes yet she was trying to hide it wid her smile. He felt so angry at Maan at dat tym dat if he would be present over dere then he would definitely slapped him. But rite nw he decided to be calm nd quiet.


Geet: Arey Yash, kaha kho gaye? Baitho na.

Yash: ya ofcourse.


He said nd get seated.


Geet: so wen did u came back? Nd hw was ur training? Nd did u told Meera yet dat u r back to Mumbai?

Yash: OMG! Geet so many question. Ok let me answer dem one by one. First of all, I came back today morning only. Secondly, my training was good nd now d third one I was not able to told Meera yet about my Arrival as I tried to call her but her cell is out of reach. Actually she told me dat d place where she resides at Delhi for training has lots of network problem I guess datsy call couldn’t be connected

Geet: ok. Dnt worry she’ll be back soon to Mumbai. I guess within a week.

Yash: hhmmm. Hws Maan?

Geet (frowned but still managed to smile): He’s good. Nd y r u asking me dis? dnt tell me dat u haven’t met him yet or informed abt ur Arrival. U knw na he already envy me because u r very much caring towards me rather than towards him. U knw wat few minutes back me nd Maan were talking about u only on call nd was fighting on dis Matter.

Yash: really?

Geet: ya.

Yash: ok. By d way Geet y ur eyes r so Red? Were u crying?

Geet (touches her eyes): ofcourse not. Wo actually I was having Headache last day due to which I couldn’t able to sleep whole nite datsy my eyes r still red.

Yash: Stop it Geet! Dnt try to Lie wen u dnt knw how to.

Geet: no Yash. M not lyieng. Really I was having headache nd …

Yash (intervenes): Geet I knw everything

Geet (couldn’t believe): u knw?

Yash: ya, before cuming to u I had gone to meet Maan as he has called me to talk sumthing important nd den he told me everything that happened yesterday.


Geet said nothing but lowered her gaze


Yash: Geet, from 1 nd a half months u were tolerating his behaviour nd u didn’t bother to tell me even once. M I ur brother for only name sake?

Geet: no Yash nothing like dat. I just dnt want to bother u

Yash: Geet u think u’ll bother me by teling me ur Problem? Only dis much u know me

Geet: no Yash u r taking me wrong. Nd moreover its of no use nw. everything is over between me nd him. Nd its good for both of us. We both will be happy after dis.

Yash: Really? Its Good for both of u or just for him? Nd wat did u said about both of ur Happiness. R u sure u’ll be happy after dis

Geet: dat doesn’t Matter anymore nw Yash.

Yash: ofcourse it matters Geet. Nd y were u quiet at dat moment wen he said u all dis? y haven’t u questioned him once?

Geet: Because I dnt want him to be in any kind of guilt nd Yash if he’s happy without me den I m no one to ruin his Happiness. I always wanted to see him Happy with me or without me.

Yash: u r really impossible Geet. I haven’t met such a girl like u. hw can u be so strong after suffering from all dis

Geet: Tym teaches everything Yash nd forget about all dis now. I really wanted to forget all dis nd move on in my lyf.

Yash: R u sure u’ll be able to?

Geet: I don’t know but I’ll try.

Yash: Geet m Proud dat u r my Friend nd m really ashamed dat Maan is my Friend.

Geet: Yash Pls. dnt say like dat.

Yash: but y Geet?

Geet: Becoz whatever has happened was between me nd Him nd I dnt want ur friendship affected due to dis. Yash I knw Maan very well. He really considers u very close to him infact u r only person with whom he shares everything nd no one understands him better den u. nd if u’ll leave him like dis he won’t be able to tolerate. He will be shattered nd I dnt want dis. pls don’t spoil ur relationship because of all dis.

Yash: But Geet…

Geet: pls Yash. U consider me as ur sister na den wont u do dis thing for ur sister. Pls never bring this thing between ur friendship

Yash: ok Geet, I’ll do as u say.

Geet: Thanx Yash.

Yash: Geet wat kind of girl u r? He has done so wrong wid u, hurted u so much but still u r thinking about his Happiness only? Y?

Geet: Because I Love Him. Dat doesn’t matter if he thinks dat d thing between us was just attraction but for me it was our Love. nd in love its important to see other’s happiness den ours nd I just want to see Maan Happy.

Yash: But Geet hw still can u care for him?

Geet: Acha Tell me one thing, if dere will be u nd Meera in our place nd d if Meera does d same thing wid u which Maan had done to me den would u stop caring about her?

Yash: no, never

Geet: den hw can u expect me to not care for him

Yash: Geet I really cant win from u in Arguments. Meera is rite u should be a Lawyer rather dan an Architect.


Geet said nothing but just smiles.


Yash: But seriously Geet Maan has no Idea wat he’s losing. I wish he realised it before its too late.

Geet: doesn’t Matter any more nw Yash. Nd pls nw forget about all dis

Yash: ok Geet but promise me one thing dat wenever u need me emotionally u’ll tell me.

Geet: ofcourse. I Promise.

Yash: Chalo Geet, I think I should go now. I had some work. Give my regards to Aunty nd Lover to my sweet Misha.

Geet: ya Ofcourse (den reminded of sumthing) Yash, one more thing

Yash: nw wat?

Geet: Dnt tell about all dis to Meera

Yash: but y? she should know about dis

Geet: No Yash. U know her Temper rite. She wont be able to tolerate dis nd will burst all her anger at Maan nd forgret about Maan first of all she’ll get Mad at u as Maan was ur Friend nd u make her Believe that he Loves me. Already she had a fight wid u almost every day nd d reason is her Anger nd I don’t want relationship of ur guys to get affected due to dis.

Yash: Fine Geet. But I seriously think dat she should know about dis. if she cum to know about all dis from sumwhere else den she’ll be hurted

Geet: Yash I’ll tell her wen d right tym will cum. But not anything nw pls.

Yash: ok as u say. Chalo I m going nw. Bye take care nd remember ur promise

Geet: Ofcourse Yash bye nd u too Take Care of urself nd of Maan also

Yash: ya sure. Bye

Geet: bye


After Yash Leaves Geet just sat down at d couch thinking about wat she has just said to Yash. Nd again started crying.


Geet (To herself): I knw Yash it wont be easy to forget someone whom u love so much nd wat I said to u was very easy to say but I would follow dat wid dat ease only I doubt on dat. Y love make us so weak dat we just cant stand on our own decisions. Nd most importantly y it happens dat d Person whom we love d most is always d reason for our tears?




On d other hand Maan was sitting on his Rest chair thinking about d conversation he had with Yash. He felt like he’s all alone. Last day Geet walks out from his Lyf because of him nd today Yash has left him. Did really wat he done was so wrong dat he left all alone nw. he thought.


His trail of thoughts has been broken wen he felt someone’s hand on his shoulders. He instantly looked up nd saw Yash standing over dere. He instantly gets up nd hugs him tight.


Maan: I m sorry Dude! I didn’t mean to hurt her but trust me wat I had done was good for both of us. Pls dnt get angry from me.

Yash: Relax Maan, take it easy m sorry too for yelling at u so much.


Dey broke d hug nd Yash notices d tears in Maan’s eyes. For one thing he was sure that Maan too loves her. He must got distracted for sumtym due to which he’s thinking all dis nonsense but very soon he’ll realize his mistake.

Yash: I met Geet.

Maan: Hws she? Is she ok? I hope she didn’t did anything stupid? Did she told u about wat happen between us?

Yash: relax Maan! Let me answer first. Geet is fine. Still struggling to hide her Pain from d world wid her smile nd she didn’t did anything stupid nd trying to forget everything nd she didn’t told me anything infact was saying dat everything was fine between u 2 den I only told her dat I knw everything.

Maan: Was she still crying?

Yash: May be. Because her eyes were red.


Maan closes his eyes in pain wen he imagined Geet in tears


Yash: u knw wat Maan, wen she came came to know dat I had a fight wid u nd decided dat I’ll never talk to u den wat she has said? She said dat whatever has happen was between her nd u nd she doesn’t want our (Yash nd Maan’s) relation to suffer due to dis. she said dat she know dat u r close to nobody else as u r close to me nd if I too will leave u den u wont be able to tolerate it nd will be shattered therefore she requested me to forgive u nd take care of u.

Maan: Geet said all dis.

Yash: yes Dude. She really loves u a lot. Inspite of knowing dat u did so wrong wid her still she was thinking about ur happiness only. I dnt knw hw u managed to break her Heart in which she had Immense Love for u

Maan: is she angry on me?

Yash: I cant say about dat Maan. As d whole tym she just talked about ur Happiness only, forgetting about d Pain which she has inside.

Maan: hhmmm

Yash: Nd u knw wat she has said wen I asked her dat y she didn’t questioned u? she said dat she don’t want u to be in any kind of guilt. She said dat if u r happy widout her den she dnt want to ruin ur Happiness. She always wanted to see u Happy with her or without her.


Maan was speechless wen he heard Yash’s statement.


Yash: Maan, its because of her only today I came back to u as she wants me to be wid u, to forgive u. Maan u really had no Idea wat u had Lost. U lost d girl who loves u nd Trusts u more den herself. Nd I m afraid dat by d tym u realize it, it’ll be too late. Just think about it once.


He said nd goes from dere leaving Maan behind speechless. D words of Yash’s were still echoing in his mind. He ahs done so wrong wid Geet but still she could think about his Happiness only. Hw can anyone Loves someone so much


Maan (to himself): Y do u luv me so much Geet dat u r still caring for me, still thinking of my happiness nd it was leading me to d Guilt dat wat I had done wid u was wrong. Hw will I cum out from dis guilt? But is dis only guilt or dere is some other emotin also which I m not able to realize yet?


3 weeks has passed nd both Maan nd Geet were trying their best to get to normal but it didn’t seems so easy but still dey didn’t stopped trying. Geet gets herself busy in studies nd if not studies den she listen to music, surf internet, read books in short she does everything which can keep her mind away from Maan’s thoughts but it fails everytym.


On d other hand Maan too tries to follow his daily routine to keep himself away from d guilt which was increasing day by day in his heart but he too fails. It seems dat everything is meaningless without her. Its been 3 weeks nd he had not seen her. Forget about seeing he didn’t even heard her voice. He decides to Login to his Facebook account may be he found her online nd if not online den atleast he can have idea wats going in her lyf. He quickly logged in to his Account. Sumwhere he knew dat Geet must have removed him from her Friend list but to his surprise he was still dere nd dat doesn’t mean dat Geet has not came online after dat day, she has came online as d latest date shown in her status is after 4 days since dat incident nd eventually he looked at her status nd his heart broken into million pieces wen he reads dat. It shows:


“U said u don’t want to see me in tears, so does that mean u had closed ur eyes wen I was crying!!!!!!!!!”


He saw numerous comments below dat status nd every1 are asking y dis status? Did something happened? But she replied “Nothing yaar aise hi apni Fav. Novel me Line padhi thi to wahi Daal di”. Though sum of her friends were still not convienced specially a friend named Armaan who was continuously asking her “Wats Wrong”? Den all of a sudden he remembers a incidence dere first argument regarding Facebook password





Maan nd Geet were both talking on call wen Maan suddenly reminds of sumthing.


Maan: Geet tell me sumthing?

Geet: ya ask

Maan: who is dis Ashish in ur friend list

Geet: Ashish? Arey he is studying wid me in my class. Y?

Maan: ok so is he a very gud friend of u?

Geet: no, just a normal friend. y?

Maan: den y is he posting in ur Walls wid such a weird words

Geet: arey wat has he done nw?

Maan: y is he addressing u everytym by calling Sweetheart, janu etc etc.

Geet: oh dat, dnt mind on his words. He’s like dat only nd not only me he addresses like dis to every1 including Deeps, Pari, nd even Meera too

Maan: hw does Meera knows him?

Geet: thru Facebook only

Maan: ok, but didn’t u guys feel weird wen he calls u all like dat

Geet: ya initially we all feel weird den we realize dat it was his habbit.

Maan: whatever, I dnt want him to call u wid dat names. Just make dis thing clear in his mind.

Geet: but Maan…

Maan: no Geet, I cant see anyone calling u wid dese types of names except me. Only I can call u wid dese names. Got it


Geet could sense d anger in his voice for Ashish

Geet: ok ok Fine, I’ll ask him not to call me wid dat names. U calm down. Ok.

Maan: Geet, pls dnt take me wrong its not like dat I dnt trust u, I trust u but d fact is I cant bear anyone calling u wid d names which only I can call u.

Geet: I knw My Possessive Shona, dnt worry I’ll make him understand.

Maan: hhmmm Good

Geet: anything else?

Maan: ya

Geet: wat?

Maan: I need ur Facebook Password

Geet (shocked): Wat?

Maan: ya

Geet: but y?

Maan: just lyk dat. I should knw my Girlfriend’s FB Password

Geet: Maan, wat kind of condition is dis?

Maan: y r u having so much Problem in giving d Password? Dnt u trust me?

Geet: Maan its not lyk dat. But d fact is every1 has its own Privacy nd we should not interfere in dat. Had I ask u about ur FB Password for once

Maan: no, but I wont mind giving u my password

Geet: Maan, I dnt want u to give ur Password to me neither my Password to u

Maan: but y r u creating so much issues Geet

Geet: m creating issues? U r making it a issue

Maan: wat? Wat u think I’ll misuse ur ID

Geet: wen I had said dat?

Maan: no, but indirectly u mean dat only.

Geet: Maan, nw u r going too far.

Maan: Fine, den lets end dis Conversation over here only. Nw talk to me den only wen u had full trust on me. Bye

Geet: Fine bye.


Dey both cut d call. Both were hell angry wid each other infact wen it cumes to anger dey can give tough competition to each other. For next 1 hr. dey blabbers themselves taking dere anger out on each other.


Geet (to herself): wat does he think about himself? Arey aise kaise koi Password de deta hai? Har insaan ki privacy hoti hai. Aur kuch kaho to, “Tum mujhpe trust nahi karti” “Tumhe lagta hai main tumhari ID ka misuse karunga” etc etc. aisa thodi na hai dat I dnt trust him, I trust him but sharing Password, no way.


Maan (to himself): I haven’t asked for much. Just a password only, usme bhi problem. Wats d big deal in dat. D fact isd she don’t trust me. Ya dats true becoz if she trusts me den she wouldnt do dis.


After 1 hr of blabbering dey both calms down nd realize dat dey hade made dis an issue nd d other person was rite


Geet (to herself): but dekha jaye to he was not wrong also, I mean we r in relationship for almost 1 yr. nd sharing d password is not a big deal. Afterall Meera too shared her password wid Yash nd dat too in only 3 months of commitment nd if I trust Maan den I should shre dis wid him. Hain na? haan


Maan (to himself): I think I had really gone too far. I mean hw can I ask a girl to share her FB password no matter we luv each other but dat doesn’t mean dat I should ask her about dis. Use to yahi lagega na dat I dnt trust her. Ok ab galti ki hai to Sorry bhi bolna padega I’ll call her rite nw.


He said nd started dialing her no. Geet too was going to dial his no wen she saw his name flashing on cellphone. She quickly picks it up


Geet: Hello Maan

Maan: Geet!!


“I M SORRY” dey both said together nd den laughs


Geet: I m Sorry Maan. I had really made dis an issue

Maan: no Geet I m Sorry, I shouldn’t have asked u about ur password

Geet: no Maan, I m sorry main kuch zyada hi bol gayi

Maan: Geet nw stop it. if we keep saying Sorry like dis only den we have to argue for rest of d nite about who is wrong.

Geet: ok. Nd ya I’ll msg u my Password after d call nd dnt say a word about dis. I Trust u Maan nd I knw u wont do anything wrong

Maan: thanx Geet nd I’ll also msg u my Password.

Geet: ok.

Maan: nd Geet dat Ashish…

Geet: dnt worry I’ll make him understand.

Maan: hhmmm Good. Chalo nw go to sleep its really late.

Geet: ok gud nite. Bye nd tc. LOVE YOU.



******~~~~~~~Back To Present~~~~~~*********


Geet smiles wen she remembered dis moment. Their first ever argument nd dat too on stupid Password. Nd Poor Ashish dnt even know dat hw much Maan was in anger wen he saw him addressing wid dose weird names. Nd next day only she knew hw hard it was for her to make Ashish understand to not to call her wid dat weird names as her cousins are also at Facebook nd dey didn’t liked anyone calling her wid dat name nd after a lot of effort he finally agreed.


Geet (To herself): Everything was going fine between us Maan den where, where we made a mistake dat today we were living our lives lyk dis?




On d other hand Maan too smiles remembers dere first ever Argument. Den suddenly he reminds of sumthing. He quickly Sign out from his Profile nd signed in by Geet’s ID. He was sure sumwhere dat Geet had definitely changed her Password wen she last came online but again to his surprise her Password was d same as it was before nd even she didn’t changed her DP also as once he has said dat her dis DP is very nice so never change it nd she agreed. Nd even today also d DP is same. Dis was second surprise which he has got in d same evening. He quickly closed d Laptop nd leaned back against d Bed Post


Maan (To himself): Geet still haven’t changed her password not even d DP. She still trusts me. Y Geet? Y u still trust me dis much? Even I dnt know what Turmoil is going within me. I need to talk to u Geet, I really need to. But I knw u’ll not take my call den hw can I talk to u?


Den suddenly he reminds of sumthing. He quickly opens d drawer of his side table nd finds sumthing. After finding for 10 minutes he founds a spare SIM CARD. It was his previous no. before he met Geet nd he changed it due to his ex-Girlfriends but today he needs to use it. He just wish dat it was still working but to his disappointment d number is not in use. Ofcourse which service Provider will keep d number Active for 3 yrs if it was not in use. He throws d SIM CARD away in frustration. Den he realizes dat only one person can help him. “Yash”. He quickly dialed his no.


Yash: ya Dude! Tell me

Maan: I need ur help

Yash: Wat happen?

Maan: I need a spare SIM CARD immediately

Yash: wat? But y?

Maan: I’ll answer all ur questions but first arrange it.

Yash: ok Give me 1 hr.

Maan: cool.




After 1 hr. Yash came to his home wid a SIM CARD confused as Maan has never asked him for such things


Yash: wats wrong Maan? Y had u asked me to arrange a Spare SIM CARD for u.

Maan: I need to talk to Geet, nd if I call her wid my no. den she’ll definitely not take my call.

Yash: but y u need to talk to Geet?

Maan: I don’t know. But I want to knw dat if she’s ok. Its been 3 weeks I haven’t seen her not even heard her voice. I just wanted to talk her nw


Yash smiles inwardly as he knew dat dis will happen very soon because he knows dat Maan truly loves Geet nd he cant stay away from her for long but Rite nw he need to realize dis fact as soon as Possible


Yash: So wat Maan? Y u bother dis much? I mean u urself said na dat dere was nothing between u nd her den y r u so much concerned for her

Maan: Yash, whatever happened between us was different thing, but before dat she was my friend. As a friend I can talk to her

Yash: ya dat makes Sense but if u r considering her as friend den dere would be no problem den if u call her wid ur No.


Maan couldn’t say anything as he got trapped in his own reasonings. But now he dnt have tym to sort out all dis


Maan: Yash, we’ll discuss it later but first let me call her.


With dis he started dialing Geet’s no.



Geet was doing her project work wen she heard her cell phone ringing. She looked at d screen nd d number was unknown to her. Initially she didn’t want to pick it up but later she decides to pick it as may be it was from any of her friend. After 5-6 rings Geet picks up d Call.


Geet: Hello!!!


Maan got lost in her voice. After whole 3 weeks he was listening her voice but her voice is different today. It was not as cheerful as before wen he use to cakll her. D sadness can easily be sensed in her voice


Geet: Hello!! Who’s dere?


Maan closed his eyes nd cuts d call as he don’t have courage to talk to her. Its not as easy as he thought. Yash was watching all dis nd smirks because he can understand wats going in d heart of Maan.


Yash: wat Happen? U didn’t talk to her? Network nahi laga?

Maan: ummm. No she didn’t picked it up

Yash: really? Try once again

Maan: I’ll call her after sumtym.

Yash: fine as u wish. M going den, tell me if u need any further help.

Maan: hhmmm ok bye.


Yash goes from dere nd as soon as Maan sees Yash going he quickly again dialed her no. nd dis tym puts a Handkerchief on d speaker so dat Geet couldn’t recognize his Voice. She picked up d call in 2-3 rings only


Geet: Hello!

Maan: May I speak to Geet Handa?


Geet felt d voice familiar but couldn’t able to recognize it


Geet: Whose it?

Maan: u dnt knw me, but I knw u?

Geet: how?

Maan: Actually, I saw u near ur college, nd I really like u nd want to be ur friend

Geet: Wat Rubbish? Nd anyways from where did u get my no.

Maan: I get it after lots of hard work. Pls be my friend

Geet: Listen Mr. whoever u r first of all I dnt knw hw u got my no. nd secondly u r a stranger to me nd I dnt talk to strangers so u r approaching a wrong girl nd m telling u politely dnt ever call me again.

Maan: but wats d Big Deal. Every1 s a stranger wen dey first meet each other. Just trust dis stranger once


Geet stood numb for sumtym, his words r somewhere reminding her of Maan


Maan: hello Miss u dere?

Geet: ya

Maan: So… m waiting for ur answer

Geet: my answer is no. I had already Trusted a stranger once nd later on has paid a lot for dis trust nd nw I dnt want to trust any1, specially a stranger so dnt call me again.


She said nd cuts d call without giving him chance to speak.


Maan stood dere lifeless. Every word of Geet’s were ringing in his ears nd piercing his Heart. He closed his eyes in pain.


Maan (To himself): she’s still dere, she’s still dere where I left her. She haven’t moved on. Infact I haven’t left her in d condition dat she can trust anyone else.


Yash was standing near d Door listening to their Conversation. He has actually not gone from dere. He knows dat Maan will not talk to Geet in front of him so he said dat he was going but quickly hides himself near d Door nd listened to dem. He smiles a bit nd a tear of happiness has escaped from his eyes. He knows his friend very well. He knows dat he Loves Geet a lot but due to his Immature behaviour he was not able to realize it but very soon he will realize his mistake.




Later dat Evening Geet as usual sitting near her Window, watching outside. Everytym her Mind get diverted towards d Phone call. Her heart continuously says dat it was Maan but her mind is not ready to accept it as she thought dat y would Maan call to her. He must have moved on in his lyf. It was just her Illusion. She was lost in her thoughts wen Misha came to her. She looked at Geet nd got confused. From last 3 weeks she was founding her behaviour weird. She doesn’t fight wid her neither do any kind of arguments nd she was really missing all dis. so today she decides to confront her.


Misha: Hey Wildy! Wats up?

Geet: nothing Mish! Koi Kaam tha?

Misha: kyun kya ab main apni hi sister se bina kisi kaam k nahi mil sakti? (den turn dramatic) kya itna hi samjha tumne mujhe

Geet: Mish, stop being Dramatic

Misha: O Really! M getting Dramatic. Wat about u? aren’t u being Dramatic

Geet: Wat had I done nw?

Misha: o! nw I should tell u. yum Window k paas chupchap baithe rehna. Apne aap ko har waqt busy rakhna. Ye dramatic nahi hai to kya hai. 3 weeks se dekh rahi hoon tumhara yahi routine hai. Infact tum to ab mujhse ladti bhi nahi ho. Kya hua hai Wildy?

Geet: Nothing mish, jaisa tum soch rahi ho waisa kuch bhi nahi hai

Misha: o c’mon Wildy! Dnt try to Fool me. I mean just look at urself Man. Totally Devdas ho gayi ho bus haath me ek Bottle ki kami hai

Geet: Mish! Stop it

Misha: no first u tell me wats wrong wid u? tumhara Maan se jhagda hua hai kya? 3 weeks se dekh rahi hoon na tum use call karti ho na uska Call aata hai.

Geet: Aisa kuch nahi hai

Misha: O really! Den y u guys not calling each other? I knw something has happened otherwise 3 weeks passed nd u guys dnt talk to each other dats next to impossible. Nw tell me wats wrong?

Geet: Bola na Mish. Kuch bhi nahi hua hai

Misha: fine dnt tell me I’ll ask to Maan myself only


She said nd picked up Geet’s cell nd started dialing his no. wen Geet stopped her


Geet: Mish, stop it u wont call him.

Misha: I’ll call him. I want to knw wats going wrong over here

Geet (tries to stop her): Misha give back my cell. Misha I m warning u. give it or it wont be good for u.

Misha: As if I Care


Nw Geet cant take dis anymore. She has to stop her




Misha drops d cell phone instantly as she couldn’t believe wat she heard. Geet sat on d floor on her knees crying


Misha: Wat r u saying? U joking right.


She nods her nead in no.

Misha: but y?


Geet told her everything nd misha felt her blood boiling


Misha: hw dare he to do dat wid u? I wont leave him. Just wait nd watch wat I do wid him

Geet: Misha u wont do anything.

Misha: no Wildy! He has to pay for dis

Geet: Misha, tujhe meri kasam

Misha: oh stop it Wildy, I dnt believe it in all dis Kasam-Vasam ok

Geet: Mish I really mean it. Pls

Misha: but y u want to save him?

Geet: I cant give answers to any of ur question nw. just dnt do anything pls.

Misha: Fine baithi raho Devdas banke. Tum Ladkiyom ki yahi problem hoti hai. Isiliye ye ladke tum logon ka Faayda uthate hai. Just do wat u want.


She said nd goes out from d room angrily but Geet knows dat very soon she’ll return back


Geet (to herself): u cant understand Misha! Because u haven’t been in love nd once u fall in love den only u’ll understand y I stopped u today.




It was 8 PM nd Maan was sitting at d Bar of a Pub sipping his drink. No matter hw hard he tried but still his mind couldn’t able to stop about thinking of Geet. He himself dnt know wats happening to him. He himself has came into conclusion dat dere was no love between dem den y he’s feeling so lonely without her. It seems like he’s empty from inside. He was lost in his thoughts wen sum Girl came near him


Girl: Hey Handsome!


Maan looks at her but didn’t respond which was unusual of him. he never ignores any girl approaching him but dat was before he met Geet but today wats wrong wid him wen Geet is not wid him anymore. Girl again tries to gain his attention


Girl: hey, u dere?

Maan: ummm

Girl: seems u dnt have any partner would u mind if I join u

Maan: sure

Girl: by d way my name is Simran but u can call me Sim.

Maan: umm. Nice meeting u


Simran couldn’t able to understand his behaviour but she cant let him go so easily so she tried once again


Sim: Wont u get me a Drink (she said in d sensous voice)


As soon as Maan heard her unwillingly he thought of Geet nd their first meeting


“Excuse me Preety Lady can I get u Drink”


“y? r u a Bartender?”


As soon as he remembers dis a smile formed on his lips which makes Simran more confused. She waved her hand in front of him


Sim: hey, where u lost?

Maan: umm nothing

Sim: so I was saying wont u ask me for a Drink?

Maan (in cold voice): no.

Sim: Excuse me?

Maan: I said no. as m not a Bartender nd if u need a drink den I think u should ask to a Bartender not me


He said nd moves out from dere. Leaving Simran behind baffled.


He came out nd stops near d Door of his car. He himself don’t know y he behaved in dis way inside. He was not like dis. he had never ignored any girl den y he ignored her today. Y he found it difficult to stay dere for a minute more. He couldn’t understand d Turmoil going within him. He gets inside d Car nd started Driving furiously he dnt where he was heading to but he needs to go to d place where he can find all his answers, where he can get d solution of all his restlessness.


He came out nd stops near d Door of his car. He himself don’t know y he behaved in dis way inside. He was not like dis. he had never ignored any girl den y he ignored her today. Y he found it difficult to stay dere for a minute more. He couldn’t understand d Turmoil going within him. He gets inside d Car nd started Driving furiously he dnt where he was heading to but he needs to go to d place where he can find all his answers, where he can get d solution of all his restlessness. He drives for almost 1 hr nd finally stopped at a Deserted Road. He was still confused dat wats happening to him. His mind nd heart both r not in Peace. He closed his eyes nd leans back at d seat. Wen he reminds of sumthing


“Wenever u feel alone or gets frustrated on sumthing start Listening to music”


“O really wat will happen den?”


“Nothing but we’ll get relax for sum moment”


Yes dis is wat Geet use to say Everytym wenever he says to her that he’s feeling low. He opens his eyes, switched on d Radio nd gets outside d Car Leaning against d Door. He looked upwards nd saw Clouds forming over dere making it a weather of Rain nd within no tym it starts to rain also but Maan didn’t moved from dere because dis Rain is sumwhere soothing him. Getting him relieved from d Fire burning inside him. Hw could he ignore d Rains. He Remembers hw much Geet use to love d Rains. Dese Rains has always been d witness of dere special moments. Infact dere First Kiss has been also takes place in d Rain only. Hw could he forget dat day. It was their First Kiss ever




Maan nd Geet were returning from their Date. Weather was not Good so Maan insisted dat he’ll drop her home to which Geet Agreed. Geet loves dis kind of weather a lot nd she knows dat very soon it will going to be Rain which she luves a lot.


Geet: Maan!

Maan: hhmmm

Geet: I think it’ll be going to Rain outside

Maan: ya Geet I can sense dat datsy I want to Drop u home soon so dat u can reach home safely


Geet looks at him unbelievingly. Nd den again started looking outside. Maan notices it nd smirks


Maan: wat happen?

Geet: nothing. Just thinking hw boring u r

Maan: Me Boring? U must be joking

Geet: Boring nahi ho to kya ho. I m saying dat it’ll be going to rain outside nd u saying datsy u want to drop me home safely

Maan: Geet, I know u love Rains but rite nw wats important for me is to drop u home safely nd on tym. So dnt think dat m nt excited after seeing u happy


Geet said nothing nd started looking outside d window nd soon she feels d drops of water hitting d window pane nd soon it starts to rain heavily.


Geet: Maan! Maan stop d car


He instantly stops it


Maan: Wat Happen Geet? Is everything ok?

Geet: Ya Maan. Everything is ok. Lets get out of d Car nd enjoy d Rains

Maan: Wat? Geet r u mad? Here u r getting late for ur home nd u r asking me to enjoy d rain

Geet: Maan, I can make any excuse to Mom nd moreover she’ll understand dat I may be stuck up sumwhere but if we didn’t enjoy d Rains now den we may be miss dis special moment nd den later on sumwhere in future we might Regret dat we couldn’t able to enjoy dis moment. Come na Maan. Lets get wet in d Rain. Sometimes we have to enjoy d beauty of nature

Maan: Geet m not cuming anywhere nd waise bhi we r not kids dat we go outside nd gets wet in d rain.

Geet: Fine. Baithe raho ander I m going


By saying dis she goes outside d Car. Maan looks her from inside d Car. She’s really a kid, he thought nd smiles at her carefree nature. Soon he gets mesmerized by her beauty. Everything about her was just perfect. He saw her dancing like a Kid. She extended her Hands nd looks upwards letting raindrops fall on her face. He unknowingly gets outside d car nd started heading towards her. Geet was totally wet. He can observe her Dress sticks perfectly to her curves. It seems lyk another skin stuck to her. She looks even more beautiful wen she’s wet. Geet didn’t realize dat Maan is standing just behind her until she felt his hand holding her wrist. He quickly twirls her around nd held her waist by his right hand. He looked deep into her big hazel eyes. Same eyes which has knocked straight to his heart right from d first tym he met her. Geet too couldn’t manage without looking at his Deep eyes which shows immense love for her. They were lost in each others eyes. He scanned her from top to bottom. She’s was just looking Divine in her wet attire. “Divine beauty” he thought. The raindrops were dripping from her face it seems like dewdrops on d leaf. He noticed d strands on her face due to d sudden pull. He slowly tucked dem behind her ears caressing her soft cheeks. She blushed nd closed her eyes feeling his soft touch. He lowered his head nd placed a soft kiss on her neck. She felt his warm breath on her neck nd unknowingly he coiled her hand around his neck. He slowly kissed her earlobes, den her eyes. Her breathing gets heavier nd she parted her lips. He couldn’t hesitate d invitation nd finally he sealed his lips wid hers to which she responded at once. He gently sucked her lower lip drinking d rain drops fall on dem, gently nibbling dem nd soon his tongue gained entry in her mouth exploring each nd every corner nd dey both have a passionate kiss. Dey had no idea hw long dey were lyk dis. all dey know is dat dey were enjoying dat moment, enjoying each other in embrace.


They freed each other after so long to take breath. Geet looked down blushing, smiling while he looked at her lovingly. He lifts up her chin to meet her gaze wid his.


Maan: Geet, Do u regret dis moment?


Geet nods her head in no nd hugs him tightly nd he too hugs her wid same passion.


Maan: Thanx Geet, Thanx for making dis moment special for me. I’ll never forget dis moment in my lyf.

Geet: Me Too.


She said slowly nd hugs him even more tight



******~~~~~~Back to Present~~~~~********


He opened his eyes only to find himself standing alone. He looked around nd it was still raining. Everything was same. D weather, D rains, D roads everything all wat has changed is today id d Tym. Today he was standing alone at d deserted Road wid no one but wid his Loneliness.


Maan’s Monologue:


I don’t know wats happening to me? Y its happening to me? I had break her Heart den y m I missing her? Yes I m missing her no matter hw Everytym I use to tell my heart dat m not missing her but d fact is dat I m missing her. Even in d Pub also where I use to forget every surroundings of mine dere also I couldn’t get peace nd wen dat girl came to me den I dnt want to look at her, I just wanted to ignore her. I was not like dat den y m I doing all dis? y my eyes searches only for Geet? Y I wanted to know dat if she’s ok or not?


I drove furiously I dnt knw where but I drove I just wanted to get d answers of all my questions, of my restlessness. For almost 1 hr I drove to nowhere nd den finally came to a halt. I was frustrated on myself dat I m not able to understand d turmoil going in my own heart. I leaned at seat of my Car wen I remember her words dat she use to say wenever I feel low. I switched on d music as it was her logic dat listening music will make one’s mind nd heart relax. I came out of d car nd looked at d weather it seems dat soon it going to rain nd in matter of seconds it started raining also but I didn’t moved an inch as dis rain was soothing me, comforting me. I remember hw much Geet use to Love Rains she forgets every surrounding of hers wen it rains, no matter where she is, all dat matter dat tym is dat she just wanted to enjoy dat Moment. I remember our special moment, our first Kiss. It has taken place in dese rains only. She said dat tym dat if we would miss dat moment dat may be sumwhere in future we would regret for dat but I cant regret dat moment in my lyftym nd m sure nor did she.

But wen I open my Eyes I faced d Reality nd reality is dat today m all alone. Everything around me was same except me who was standing over here Lonely remembering d special moment of my lyftym.


(Maan’s Monologue ends)




Geet was as usual sitting near her window wen it starts to Rain. She loves rain. She loves to watch d rain. She looks at her side nd Saw Misha lying on d Bed. She smiles as she knew dat she was angry dis tym nd wen she’s angry she use to do dis only so she decided to not to disturb her nd again started to watch d rains. She always had a special connection wid rains. She forgets all her pain, all her worries wen she watches rains. Nd after d Moment she spend wid Maan in d Rain she use to love d rains even more. Dere most special moment, their First kiss. She cant regret dat moment never in her lyf. That was d most special moment for her den hw can she regret dat. She slowly switched on d Radio to listen the songs while enjoying rains.


Geet’s Monologue:


I was dere near my window as usual watching rains. I love Rains. I don’t knw wat special connection I had wid dese rains but I always forgets all my pain, all my worries wen it rains. All dat matters to me at dat tym was dat I just wanted to enjoy dem. Nd after our First kiss dese rains has became more special to me. I looked at Misha who was just lying in d Bed. I knw dat she’s mad on me otherwise she too couldn’t resist herself from not enjoying d rains. I again started to look at d rains.


Hw can I forget d moment which is so close to my heart. I dnt knw about Maan but as far as m concerned I can never regret dat moment as it was d first tym wen someone came so close to me nt even Rahul was never ever able to touched me. May be datsy he use to call me dumb. But It seems like Destiny wants me to remain pure for him only. I cant call dat moment as a weak one because if it I called it as a weak moment den it’ll be a insult to my Love. it was a moment dat I would to cherish forever. No matter hw much it gives pain to me, no matter dat if remembering dat moment brings tears in my eyes but still I would cherish it forever.


(Geet’s Monologue ends)




He was still standing dere in d rains leaning against his car remembering Geet. Yes he was remembering her. For sumtym he wants to keep all his thoughts aside nd just wanted to lost in d memories of her wen he heard d voice of Radio nd realizes dat it was still on. He thought of switch it off nw as dese Rains r comforting him more den dese High beats songs wen he heard d voice of RJ nd sumthing inside his heart stops him from switching it off nd listen to him

“Good Evening my Lovely-Lovely Peoples. Dis is Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM nd u r listening to ur Fav Show apne dost PARTH k sath. Doston aaj Mausam bada rangeen hai aur agar aap apne pyar k saath hai to ye bearish aapke liye kafi romantic hai Par agar aap apne pyar k saath nahin hai ya kisi bhi wajah se wo aapse door hai to aapke liye ye Baarish aur bhi Khaas hai kyunki wo aapse door hoker bhi aapke Paas hai. Khayalon me hi sahi. Dooriyan to sirf raaston ki hai, dilon me to kabhi Dooriyan aati hi nahi. Aur fir ye Dooriyan hi to hai jo apko aapke pyar k aur kareeb le aati hai, inhi dooriyon ki wajah se to hum samajh paate hai ki jisse hum itna pyaar karte hai wo asal mein humare Dil k itna Kareeb hai k door rehkar bhi aisa lagta hai k wo humre saath hain. Haan ye baat alag hai uske bina hume kuch bhi acha nahi lagta, har waqt har lamha bus usi ki baatein yaad aati hai. We all feel empty without dem nd m sure har kisi k lyf me ek na ek din aisa zaroor aata hai jab wo apne pyar karne wale se door hota hai kabhi kisi jhagde k wajah se to kabhi misunderstandings ki wajah se but at d end of d day truth is Dat dey Love each other nd if d love is true den dey can never be away from each other for long. To yeh agla Song unhi pyaar karne walon ke liye jo is waqt ek doosre k paas nahi hai par ek doosre ko miss kar rahe hai. Here u go”





He increases d Volume of Radio nd once again leans against d door of Car


She closes her eyes feeling d depth of music


Ho Love of mine…

With a Song and whine…

You’re harsh and Divine…

Like truths and a lie


He closes his eyes nd d face which comes in front of her at dat moment is only hers nd d moments he spend wid her started flashing in front of his eyes. He was living in a harsh reality that she’s not wid him nd he had no idea y it was bothering him so much without her.


But d tale end is not here

I had nothing to fear

For my love is yell of Giving nd hold on..


As d lyrics of d song goes she remembers Maan nd d moments spend wid him nd den the truth dat he told her dat day that there was no love between us, that was just Attraction, which aches her heart but yet her heart couldn’t stop loving him.


In d Bright emptiness

In a room full of it

is the cruel mistress ho ho o…



No matter hw much brightness was dere in his surroundings yet he feels dat he was standing in d darkness where dere is no ray of sunshine nd he had to live wid d Darkness of dis Loneliness


I feel the sunrise..

that nest all hollowness..

for i have no way to go.. not come…


she had every single person wid her who can comfort her in dis situation, yet she is not in peace as for her whole world is at one side nd her love is at one side. Its been 3 weeks since dat incident yet it seems dat it was a incident of yesterday only. No matter hw hard she tried to not to think of him but Everytym every incident reminds her of him. She was just physically over dere but mentally she’s still wid Maan.


And i feel so lonely yea..

There’s a better place then this emptiness..


He feels Lonely without her, yes he accepts d fact dat he feels lonely without her. He can only get peace wen she is around him. She has became his Habbit.


And i’m so lonely yea..

There’s a better please then this emptiness.. yei yei yei ya’.


She too feels Lonely without him but he was not her Habbit, but her lyf nd hw can anyone live without their lyf.


(Music)  Aa.. aa.. aa…


He saw at a distance a Couple is enjoying d Rain which reminds him of his nd Geet nd the tym dey spend in rains. A smile forms on his lips which soon vanish wen he faces d reality


She remembers d moment she spends wid him, wen he proposes her, wen she accepts it, their cute little fights, their first hug, their First kiss.


Tune mere jaana..

Kabhi nahi jana..

Ishq mera dard mera.. haaye…

Tune mere jaana..

Kabhi nahi jana..

Ishq mera dard mera …


She leans back against d Window silently complaining To him dat he couldn’t able to understand her love for him. Everytym it was only she who understands him but he couldn’t able to understand anytym. Not even today. A drop of tear came out of her eyes


Aashiq teraaa..

Bheed mein khoya rehta hai..

Jaane jahaan a..

Puchho toh itna kehta hai..


He feels more lonely after seeing dat couple in rain. Yes he is lonely, he is lonely without her. It seems like dere is no one exists in dis world except him. D loneliness without her is killing him from inside. Every moment he spends wid her works as a Drug dat is curing him from dis loneliness. He wanted to tell her about his restlessness, about d storm going in his heart but is not sure hw to tell her.



That i feel so lonely yea..

There’s a better place then this emptiness..


She looks at pic of him in her cellphone which she still haven’t deleted nd wishes dat someday Maan realizes her true love for him.


And i’m so lonely yea.

There’s a better place then this emptiness..


He wipes away d tear dat has formed at d corner of his eyes. He know dat he’s lonely without her yet couldn’t able to get d fact day y is he feeling empty without her if  d thing between dem is not love.



(Music)  Aa.. aa.. aa…


He gets into d car nd drove towards his home. He knows dat d storm inside him was not going end soon not atleast until he meet her


She gets up from d window nd lays into her bed nd slowly drifted off to sleep thinking of him.


(P.S. Listen to d Song while reading dis sequence)




Next day in d morning Geet had a off from her college as dere was a presentation in her college in next week nd she has to prepare well for it becoz her marks depend on dat presentation only nd its very difficult to impress her design teacher very easily so she dnt want to take d chance. Therefore she has taken leave for 1 week from her college. Dere was no one at home as Misha is at her college nd her Mom is in her office. She was working on her project wen someone rings d bell.


Geet(To herself): Ab kaun aa Gaya


She gets up from her chair nd opens d Door but found no one. She shrugs her shoulders nd closes d door. She was about to go back wen she again heard d bell, she turns nd opens d door but again dere was no one. Dis happens for 4-5 tymes again which irritates her. She was sure dat it must be a mischief of any kid from her colony derefore gets more angry.


Geet (To herself): Ye colony k bacche, aaj ye log bachenge nahi mujhse. Yahan mujhe Project ki tension ho rahi hai aur in logon ko Shararat soojh rahi hai, Abhi batati hoon in logon ko


She said nd again goes to open d door. In d meantym she again heard d bell. She opens d door nd without looking at d person she started shouting.


Geet: Kya problem hai tum logon ki, kabse pareshan kare ja rahe ho, shararat band karo warna…


Nd rest of d words left unsaid wen she saw d person standing in front of her. Her eyes widened in both shock nd surprise wen she saw him nd a smile formed on her face wen he spoke to him


Person: Hey Kiddo!

Geet (happily): ARMAAN!!!!


She said happily nd instantly hugged him


Geet: OMG I cant believe dis. tu achanak nd tu US se kab aaya? Aur itni der se tu hi mujhe pareshan kar raha than na?

Armaan: Hold on! Hold on! Itne sare questions? Geet Let me come inside first


Geet slapped her head wid her hand nd smiles


Geet: So stupid of me. Come inside


He came inside nd looked around himself. Armaan was Geet’s Childhood friend infact a friend on whom she can rely on. Armaan’s Dad nd Geet’s Dad were best friends. Though Armaan was 4 years elder den Geet yet dey consider demselves as d Bestest Buddies. Armaan always use to call her Kiddo nd dere families has very good terms wid each other. After d Death of Geet’s Father also dere relationship didn’t changed. Armaan’s parents consider Geet nd Misha as dere own daughter infact dey Love Geet more den Misha. 5 yrs back dey have been shifted to US for their business but still dey were in touch wid each other


Armaan:hhmmm not bad Kiddo nothing much has changed in dese 5 yrs.

Geet: Tu bhi kaha badla hai. 5 yrs back also u use to irritate me nd nw also

Armaan: ya I knw dat. Wat to do I love to tease u.

Geet: Armaan…

Armaan: Anyways, baki sab log kaha hai. Mere welcome ki khushi me Garlands lene gaye hai

Geet: Ha ha So funny Mr. Armaan Malik but if u remember den it’s a weekday so Mom has gone to Office nd Misha to her college

Armaan: o ya. I forgot. But wait a sec. wat u r doing at home today

Geet (dramatic): I was waiting eagerly for u by staying at home afterall u had came after so many years den hw can I go to sumwhere else

Armaan: Really! Hw sweet

Geet: Shut up!

Armaan: Teri ye Tag Line abhi tak change nahi hui. Geet ab to kuch naya seekh lo

Geet: Armaan…

Armaan:I knw I knw m very adorable nd girls use to take my name nd sigh but dat doesn’t mean dat u’ll take my name again nd again like dis

Geet: Shut up Armaan

Armaan: ok ok let it be. But seriously wat u r doing at home today. Kahi tune college se bunk marna to shuru nahi kar diya?

Geet: Shut up nothing like dat. I had my presentation next week so had taken off from college for 1 week to prepare for dat. Anyways meri chodo u tell wen did u came from US nd all of a sudden

Armaan: I came last evening only nd…

Geet:u r here yesterday evening nd u r coming nw to meet me. Nd u even told me dat u r cuming

Armaan: arey, I wanted to cum yesterday only but got stuck up in accommodation etc. datsy couldn’t able to cum moreover I would have told u about my Arrival den hw can would I able to see dat surprising expression of urs

Geet: but all of a sudden

Armaan: wat to do, ab tu Facebook pe itne Dangerous – Dangerous Status update karegi to mujhe to aana hi padega na. itna pucha Wats Wrong wats wrong but nahi madam k paas tym hi nahi reply karne ka

Geet (sadly): wo, I hardly cum online nw a days, derefore couldn’t able to reply

Armaan: ya I can see dat. But seriously Kiddo tell na wats wrong?

Geet:Nothing Armaan. Bola tha na k apne fav novel me ye line padhi thi to wahi daal di

Armaan: ok ok dis was d statement u gave to others nw tell the truth to me

Geet: Armaan, seriously yaar. I read dis line in one of d novel only.

Armaan: o really? Which novel?

Geet: Armaan u r here to take my interview or wat?

Armaan: ok fine u dnt want to tell me den dnt tell. Take ur tym. Chal abhi leave all dis nd lets go

Geet: where?

Armaan: Lovers Point! Dumbo! I m here after 5 whole yrs nd wont u take me for site seeing

Geet: Armaan not today pls. I have to work on dis project

Armaan: Kiddo I dnt want to listen anything u r cuming wid me nd dats final

Geet: Armaan, pls yaar. Sum other tym see already m very much pissed off in dis design. I dnt know but sumwhere sumthing is getting wrong

Armaan: Acha Show me

Geet: but hw will u able to analyze it

Armaan: Kiddo tu na hamesha Kiddo hi rahegi. If u remember I too had done Architecture nd handling my Dad’s Business

Geet: oh ya! I forgot

Armaan: datsy I use to say dat stay in my company so dat u too can gain sum brain

Geet: Armaan… Enough first sort it out nd den we’ll decide who is more intelligent

Armaan: ya ya we’ll see.


He said nd looked at d design carefully


Armaan: yes here’s d fault. See if u draw dis block over here instead of dis side den dis building would be perfect

Geet: Wow Armaan, I didn’t noticed it before

Armaan: I knw m very genius. No need to compliment me now. Its ok  anything for my friend(he said while patting his shoulders)

Geet: Armaan… nw dnt take too much Footage ok

Armaan: ok, see nw I had helped u so as a reward u r cuming wid me today wid me

Geet: Armaan nt today pls. really I had to work a lot today in dis project

Armaan: fine Ms. Geet Handa it seems dat nw u dnt have tym for ur own friend .fine I’ll go back to US tomorrow. Wen my friend dnt have tym for me so y should I stay over here

Geet: nw stop getting mellow dramatic ok. Nd dnt u dare to blackmail me emotionally. U very well knw I cant refuse u for anything

Armaan: So y r u refusing nw?

Geet: Armaan pls try nd understand na. see mom is also not at home moreover she dnt knw about ur Arrival also. Acha I’ll do one thing I’ll go wid u tomorrow

Armaan: pakka

Geet: Pakka

Armaan: ok but tomorrow no excuse

Geet: ya no excuse

Armaan: chalo fir I’ll see u tomorrow

Geet: arey y r u going like dis. wait I’ll get sumthing for u. hw about ur Fav. Pasta

Armaan: No kiddo u work on ur project otherwise u’ll say dat I had wasted ur tym nd u’ll get an excuse for not cuming wid me tomorrow

Geet: Armaan…

Armaan: I knw u like my name very much. Afterall m so much…

Geet: u r so much Adorable.

Armaan: Wow Geet, finally u recognize my quality

Geet: Shut up!

Armaan: O God! not again. chal enough of my bak-bak. U work on ur project nd if u face any problem den u r free to ask me

Geet: Sure

Armaan: chal bye nd dnt forget ur Promise Golebaaz

Geet: Shut up! I never forget my Promise. Ok

Armaan: ya ya dat we’ll cum to knw tomorrow

Geet: ya Sure. Chal Bye

Armaan: bye


He said nd goes from dere nd Geet too gets busy in her work. After so many days she was feeling a bit relax nd actually smiling nd all because of Armaan who always knowingly or unknowingly managed to make her smile nd let her forget all her worries.




Next day as promised Geet gets ready to meet Armaan. He has called her numerous tym to conform her plan making Geet irritated but he didn’t care


Mom: Geet by wat tym will u be back?

Geet: I dnt knw mom. U knw Armaan na everything is unpredictable wid him, but I’ll try to cum soon as I had to work on presentation also.

Mom: Arey its ok take ur tym. Waise bhi u had never been out in dese 3 weeks except ur college so its better u get a break.

Geet: ya

Mom: By the way Geet. Meera has again called last nite

Geet: hhmmm

Mom: I really didn’t get y r u avoiding her. Since she returned back from training u haven’t gone to meet her also nd u dnt talk much to her on call also. Is everything fine

Geet: ya Mom. U knw na dat my presentation is due next week nd rite nw I had to concentrate on dat nd once its been completed I’ll spend my whole day wid her

Mom: ok


Suddenly they heard d horn of car from outside nd no point for guessing who it was. She said a good bye to her mom nd gone outside to meet Armaan



Armaan: Arey Kiddo! suno to…

Geet: Shut up Armaan! i dnt want to listen anything

Armaan: hey kiddo y r u getting so much upset yaar?

Geet: upset nahi hu to kya karu. Poori Movie me tumne apni Commentary kari hai. Maine movie k Dialogues kam aur tumhari baatein zyada suni hai.tumhari hamesha ki Aadat hai neither u urself watch Movie peacefully nor let others watch it. Jab tumhe movie me itne hi comments dene hote hai to Movie dekhte hi kyun ho. Koi Box office join kar lo. m sure dey definately needs ur Valuable Comments.Isiliye main pehle bhi tumhare saath koi movie nahi aati thi. i dnt knw y i got Agreed dis tym.

Armaan: because m so charming nd no one can resist my charm

Geet: Shut up!

Armaan: o God! D same famous Tag line of urs! Acha baba m Sorry. Next tym I wont do anything like dat

Geet: next tym I’ll not go wid u

Armaan: Acha baba dnt cum wid me to movie next tym. But abhi to chal sakti ho na

Geet: where?

Armaan: Mc Donald’s. m damn hungry yaar

Geet: hungry or u want to watch girls over dere?

Armaan: whatever u think. Nw lets go

Geet: ok




At Mc Donald’s


Armaan: u knw dats wat I love about India. Girls in India r so preety. None of d girls from rest of d world can beat their beauty.

Geet: Armaan. Tu fir shuru ho gaya? Nw go nd get a Ice-Cream for us. U knw na dat I Love d Ice-cream of Mc Donald’s

Armaan: Kiddo! Pls u bring na. I want to enjoy d site in front of me (he said while looking at a beautiful girl in front of him)

Geet (unbelievingly): Armaan, u’ll never change. Fine m going to bring u enjoy ur site.


She said nd goes to bring d Ice-Cream.


Geet: ummm Excuse me. 2 Soft-Serve pls. Chocolate flavour nd in cone

Counter boy: 2 mins mam


She waited nd counter boy gives her order nd she pays for it. As she was about to turn she bumped into someone nd ice-cream dat she was holding gets spilled on his shirt. She didn’t sees his face nd started apologizing


Geet: OMG! M so sorry. I didn’t saw u nd dis happened. M really very…

Person: Geet…


Nd she paused wen she looked at d person in front of her who was looking back at her wid d look like he has found sumthing precious. He was none other den Maan who has came dere to meet one of his friend. he couldn’t believe it dat Geet is in front of him. He was seeing her after 3 whole weeks. A tint of Happiness has came in his eyes after seeing her. He looked in her eyes trying to read dem. But all he could find over dere was only pain. Not even anger for him, but just pain which was given by him. Geet too couldn’t believe dat she was seeing Maan. She has thought dat she would never able to see him again after dat day nd today he is front of her nd she don’t know wat to say. She saw number of expressions on his face wen he sees her. Happiness, pain, guilty, restlessness, and loneliness everything was clearly visible from his face


Geet (slowly): m Sorry.

Maan: No m sorry. Actually I …


He couldn’t said much as Armaan came over dere wen he saw Geet spilling Ice-cream on someone. He decides to go to Geet before any Scene could created over dere


Armaan: o god Kiddo! Kya karti ho? Dekh k chala karo na (Den to Maan) Dude we r really very Sorry. It all has been done by mistake. We can get u a new shirt or if u want we can pay u for dat.


Maan looked at Armaan in a very amused Manner. He couldn’t recognize him neother hw couldn’t able to figure out wat relation he had wid Geet. He knows dat Geet is not a kind of a girl who got hook-up wid some other guy rite to d next day of her break-up. Den who’s dis Guy nd hw cum he’s so friendly wid her. All dese thoughts were buzzing in his mind when Maan waves his fingers in front of his eyes


Armaan: Hello! Dude u dere?

Maan (came out of his thoughts): ummm Ya.

Armaan: So I was saying dat if u want we can pay for ur spoil shirt or just get u a new shirt also

Maan: no. its ok. There is no need of doing any of dese. I understand. It happens

Armaan: r u sure?

Maan: ya.

Armaan: ok den as u wish. Chale Kiddo waise bhi dat site has gone


Geet nods in yes nd goes wid him giving a last look to Maan. Wen she reached at Door she looked back once again only to find him looking back at her. She looks at front nd disappears from his sight leaving him dumbfounded.




Geet was silent on all d way. No matter she tried hard to forget him but Everytym somehow sumwhere he came in front of her. Sometimes in memories nd sumtymes in real like today. Armaan was not liking her silence at all. He loves to see her Kiddo gets irritated nd angry but Dis Silent kiddo was not at all bearable to him. He knows dat sumthing has gone wrong since she had spilled dat Ice-Cream on dat person but he didn’t asked her dat tym. Den suddenly he remembers sumthing nd he turned his car to other way. Geet was so lost in her thoughts dat she didn’t noticed where dey were heading to until Armaan puts a break.


Armaan: chal!

Geet: where?

Armaan: Chal na! dnt worry tujhe kidnap nahi karunga. Nw c’mon get out of d car.


He said nd opens d Door for her. Geet gets down nd he takes her near a lake. Geet found dis place familiar den she remembers wat special connection dey had wid dis place


Armaan: u remember dis place

Geet: ofcourse hw can I forget dis place. Dis was use to be ur hide out place. Wenever u had a fight wid ur GFs or u feel low or u get scolded by uncle,u come over here only nd den I come here while searching of u nd no one knows about dis Hide out place of urs

Armaan: u always knw me so well na Kiddo (he said while sitting)

Geet (while sitting): Ofcourse Armaan afterall u r my Best Buddy

Armaan: ya Best buddy on whom u had a Crush

Geet (blushes): Armaan Stop teasing me nw. I still feel so embarrassed whenever I think of dat moment. I mean hw stupid I was.

Armaan: Wo to tu hamesha se hi thi. U remember u propose me near dis lake only

Geet: ya. Nd after dat u Expressions were worth watching. I mean u look all shocked nd surprised.

Armaan: Shock nd Surprised? I was like wat d hell is Happening?

Geet: But thank God u make me realize dat it was not Love but just an infactuation due to my Teenage. I mean I thought d attachment dat I had wid u is love. So stupid of me na

Armaan: Ya I remember hw much I had to make u understand d Difference between Love nd Attraction.

Geet: I was so stupid na Armaan, Couldn’t able to differentiate between Love nd infactuation. Thank God u make me realize nd mere baat samajh me aa gayi

Armaan: Aur 5th Devdas bante bante reh gayi

Geet: wat?

Armaan: Arey I mean ab agar main tumhe us waqt nahi samjhata to tum yahi samajhti dat I had rejected u aur bas ek aur Devdas ban jati dis tym Female version.

Geet: Armaan…

Armaan: just imagine Geet’ u sitting near dis lake wid a Bottle in ur hand nd wat was dat Dialogue ya ” Kaun Kambakht Bardaasht karne ko peeta hai

Geet (laughs): Armaan stop it nw ok I told na dat was just due to my Teenage. Main us waqt bacchi thi moreover I was influenced by Meera who always use to say dat d thing between us was Love wenever I used to told her about d warmth of our relationship. Itna bhaav khane ki zarurat nahi hai ok.

Armaan: ok. Ah by the way Devdas se yaad Aaya. Hws Chandramukhi?

Geet (amuzed): Chandramukhi?

Armaan: arey see nw since u r Devdas, me Paro so ultimately Maan will become Chandramukhi only na. hws Maan? Aur tune use mujhse abhi tak milvaya bhi nahi?


Geet frowned after listening Maan’s name. She has not hide anything from him till nw not even Rahul’s Matter but dis tym she dnt knw y she dnt want to tell Armaan wat all has happened between her nd Maan. Her change of expression was not remain unnoticed by Armaan. He very well understands dat things r not going fine between her nd Maan.



Armaan: Geet, dat Guy at d Mc. Donald’s was Maan Na

Geet (surprised): Hw do u knw?

Armaan: u think m stupid. C’mon yaar I have seen his pic at Facebook nd moreover ur Expressions over dere has said everything


Geet said nothing but look at d lake


Armaan: Kiddo, I recognize him over dere only nd was about to greet him wen I saw ur face nd clearly understands dat sumthing is wrong so I cover it up over dere nd take u out from dere.


Geet: y does it happen Armaan, dat d person whom we love more den us, expect so many things from dem, dey were d only one to break our heart.

Armaan: dats because we expect too much from dem even more den required nd wen dat person couldn’t able to lived up to our expectation den we feel isolated.

Geet: but wat if dat person says dat he was never in love wid u.

Armaan: well in dat case just forget dat person nd move on in ur lyf. I knw its very easy to say but hard to follow because we cant just simply forget d person wid whom we are madly in love. But just continuously reminding of him doesn’t give us anything. But still we wish dat someday dat person would recognize our true love but in dat hope we cant spend rest of our lyf nd spoil our present we should have to move on. May be d Dude sitting upwards has something good has stored for us rather den dis (he said while pointing upwards)


Geet said nothing so Armaan continues.


Armaan: Geet I dnt knw wat has happened between u nd Maan nd I wont ask also because mujhe kabhi bhi apni Kiddo se kuch poochne ki zarurat nahi padti. Wo khud hi bina pooche mujhe sab kuch bata deti hai nd if u r not telling me anything today den dere must be some reason nd m sure dat one day u’ll definitely tell me. I still remember wen Maan proposed u. u first of all told dis thing to me even before Meera. Nd I talked to u for whole 1 hr. on dis matter. Remember

Geet: ya.

Armaan: So wat I want to say is dat dnt spoil ur present due to wat all has happened in past. Waise I knw I dnt have to give u all Dis “Gyaan” because my Kiddo is smart enough to understand wat is good for her nd she wont cry over spilt milk. Aur waise bhi kisi ne mujhse kaha hai dat “if everything happens according to our Wish, its good but if it happens against our wish, den its d best because in dat God’s Wish is present who always stores best for us.” Rite?

Geet: Rite. (She said nd smiled as dis was d same thing she use to say to Armaan)

Armaan: Ah! Finally u smiled. U r too Good Armaan.

Geet: Armaan, not again.

Armaan: allright. So I think we should leave nw. u have to work on ur project also or else u’ll curse me if u didn’t do gud in ur presentation.

Geet: I can never curse u for anything.

Armaan: OMG m so much obliged. nw lets ok.


She smiles nd dey both leaves from dere




Whole 1 week has been passed like dis only. Geet gets herself busy in project nd Armaan was dere to help her in any manner. His visits to her house create a positive environment around her. Nd finally d day of her presentation came nd as expected she has done well in her presentation Thanx to Armaan who helped her a lot in dis project. Every judge was praising her work nd her friends were happy for her. Even her Design Teacher was very much impressed from her who was usually not impressed by any1. Their friends were celebrating outside College.


Deeps: Wow Geet, I just can’t believe it. U did it

Pari: Yes I mean Tune to us Lady Mogambo ko bhi khush kar diya. Wat a Presentation Girl?

Geet: thanx a lot Guys but I think u r praising me too much. I mean u all did well over dere

Preeti: Geet, we must did well but dat was nothing compare to urs. U rock Girl

Pari: ok so guys Dis calls for celebration. Geet u have to give us treat for dis.

Geet: ofcourse, guys anytym.

Deeps: hw about nw?

Geet: Nt nw Guys. M very much tired today.

Preeti: Tired or had a date wid Maan (she winks)

Geet (frowning) : No guys really very tired

Pari: By the way where is Maan nw a days. Pehle to Roz tujhse milne aata tha? Nd nw we had not seen him from last 1 month.

Geet: Wo Guys… Actually… Maan is out of Town for his training

Deeps: Wat? Bt y did he need to go anywhere for training, I mean he had such a well reputed family business. He can easily get trained over dere.

Preeti: o God Deeps, have u forgot Maan is d man of his Morals just like  our Geet. Really yaar r Perfect wid each other. i mean dat Made For Each other types. Rite?

Deeps: ya ofcourse.


Suddenly something catches Pari’s attention.


Pari: OMG! Look who’s here?


Geet turned to look at d direction where all 3 were looking nd got surprised as d person to whom dey were addressing is none other den Maan. In d mean tym he approaches near all of dem.



He was continuously visiting her College from last 1 week every evening so dat by any chance he could meet her, talk to her but Everytym he saw her friends cuming alone outside d college which indicates dat Geet is not cuming to College nd today he saw her wid her friends. He was so happy to see her but frowned wen he sees her expressions. She was smiling, laughing but just d sake of her friends so dat dey couldn’t guess wats happening in her life. Dis was not her real smile because wen she smiles from her heart her eyes shows d tint of happiness which is not present nw. nd after dis he couldn’t stopped himself from not going to her.


Maan: hi Guys! Hi Geet!

Geet (slowly): hi!

Preeti: hey Maan! Hws u?

Maan: fine. Hw about u all?

Deeps: we r fine too. But Geet was saying dat u r out of town for ur training.


Maan looks at Geet who looks other way to think of an excuse


Geet (acts to remind sumthing): Oh Guys! I completely forgot Maan has to cum to Mumbai for dis Weekend. I dnt knw hw it slips from my mind.

Pari: It slips, or u dnt want us to meet him

Deeps: C’mon Pari stop teasing her nw. I guess we should leave dese Love birds alone. Afterall dey r meeting after 1 month.

Preeti: I Agree.

Geet: no Guys Its ok. Waise bhi Deeps wants to cum to my home so me nd Maan can continue later

Deeps: dats completely fine Geet. I’ll cum some other day. U should spend ur tym wid Maan. Ok

Geet: But Deeps…

Preeti: C’mon Geet Deeps is rite. I think we all should leave u alone. (den to Maan) So, bye Maan. See u some other tym nd u owe a thank u treat to us

Maan: ya ofcourse. Bye.


Dey all go from dere leaving dem alone. Geet don’t know wat to say to him nd neither did Maan but yet he decides to break d silence.


Maan: Hws u?

Geet: fine.

Maan: u didn’t told dem about…

Geet: I didn’t told dem about whatever happened between us

Maan: y?

Geet: because I cant see any1 questioning u.

Maan: u still think so much for me Geet.

Geet: dnt take it otherwise m doing all dis because once” once u were my friend nd for u d thing between us may be not love but for me it was love nd I cant see anyone pointing fingers on u.

Maan: Geet, sab kuch pehle jaisa nahi ho sakta?

Geet: Pehle jaisa ab kuch bhi nahi raha Maan. Na tum aur na hi main (she said while looking at him) Pyaar to humare beech kabhi tha hi nahi, ek Dosti ka Rishta tha that too died few days back.


Geet’s word pierced Maan’s Heart like thousand knives r digging in his chest.


Geet: Anyways m getting late. I should leave nw.


She said nd about to go wen Maan stops her


Maan: Geet wait… I’ll drop u

Geet: Its ok Maan. M used to of being alone nd going alone too. I dnt want u to bother for a stranger.

Maan (hurted): Geet we are not strangers.

Geet: Yes u r rite we r not strangers. We r Known strangers. Anyways Bye nd TC. Nd ALL D BEST for ur future.


She said nd started heading towards d road wen again she stops nd turned to look at Maan.


Geet: Aur haan Maan. Dis tym u dnt need to follow me till my home like u always did. Because m strong enough to take care of myself nd I don’t want anyone’s help.


Maan got confused at her statement. “she knows” he thought nd Geet has very clearly read his expression.

Geet: Yes Maan I knew it since d first day u followed me but dat tym was different nd dis tym is different. Anyways Gud Bye nd TC of urself.
She said nd leave from dere leaving him behind dumbfounded, lost nd alone.


He saw her going across d Road. He wanted to stop her, talk to her, tell her wat he feels without her. But couldn’t to say a single word to her nd after wat she said to him he didn’t have enough courage also to say anything to her. Today also she didn’t questioned him once but her silence nd d meaning in her words has said everything to him.


She was walking slowly at d Road. She don’t to take taxi for her home today as she needed sumtym wid her alone. She still didn’t understand y Maan has came to meet her today nd wat does he mean by making everything like before? Is dat so easy? Even she don’t know from where did she get dis much courage dat she didn’t cried in front of him. Only she knows hw hard it was for her to control her tears in front of him. She don’t want to get weak in front of him because she knows dat it was useless because dere is no relationship left between dem. Yes she saw d guilt in his eyes, she could never fail to misread dem but dat was not enough to forget everything, forget every pain dat was given by him.


Her trail of thoughts has been stopped wen she saw a Bike stopping in front of her. She first got a bit scared but den smiles wen she saw a Familiar face in front of her. It was none other den Armaan.


Armaan: Somebody Wanna Lift?

Geet: Armaan! Tu yahan? Nd u on Bike today?

Armaan: Well, if u had forgot den let me remind u dat I was Passionate towards Bikes in my College days. So today I decided to Ride Bike instead of Car just to relive d older days

Geet: But wat r u doing over here?

Armaan: Actually Misha has told me dat ur Friends r very Hot nd Stunning so I decided to try my luck over here. But I think m Late. Damn dis traffic na

Geet (hits playfully at his shoulders): Armaan… Sudhar ja.

Armaan: well I dnt think dat it would be possible in dis Birth atleast. Anyways u wanna Lift? Let me tell u, u r very lucky dat m asking u to give a Lift. U knw girls die in dis Hope dat some day Armaan asks dem to give a lift

Geet: Armaan…

Armaan: Ok ok I knw u love to take my name Again nd again but u can do dis on d way back to home also. Nw come fast Girlfriend (Geet’s Mom) is waiting for u at Home.

Geet (smiles): ok


She said nd gets seated at d back of her bike nd he starts heading towards home

Maan was watching all dis from far. He recognizes d Guy. He was d same guy who was wid Geet at Mc. Donald’s dat day. He dnt knw y but he felt Jealous. He felt jealous wen he saw dat guy close to Geet. He felt jealous wen he saw dat Geet is smiling wid him nd his hands turned into fist wen he saw Geet going wid him. He still don’t know wats happening to him. Its Good dat Geet is trying to move on in her lyf. He should be happy for her den y he’s not happy. Y he’s feeling like dat someone is snatching his lyf away from him. If d feeling between dem was not love den y he’s feeling like dis. y he cant see Geet wid someone else? Y is he behaving like a Possessive Lover if he was never in love wid Geet. He closed his eyes to find d answers but couldn’t able to find it so he decided to go Home may be he could able to figure out over dere reason behind his restlessness.




Wen Geet reached Home she gets totally surprised. D Living Room was very well decorated wid Balloons nd d Flowers nd a Congratulations Poster was pasted on d Wall. She looked at d Table nd her fav. Butter scotch cake was dere nd her Mom were preparing her fav. Dishes at d Kitchen nd Misha was busy in giving final touch to Decorations wen she notices Geet standing over dere


Misha: hey Wildy! U came. Mom! Wildy is here.

Geet: Mish! Wats all dis

Misha: Sorry Wildy jaldi me bas itna hi ho paya nd dat Too wid d Help of Armaan Bhaiya.

Geet: But hw do u guys know about my presentation. Wait a Sec. Deeps rite?

Misha: yes actually Deepika Di she has called us to tell about ur performance over dere wen judges r praising u nd we had started our preparations since den only.

Geet: ye Deeps bhi na. koi Baat nahi pachti iske pet me.

Misha: let it be na Wildy. By the way m very Proud of u. u really rock over dere nd Afterall u r my sis.

Armaan: Ahem! Ahem! If u guys have forgetten den m also over here

Misha: ofcourse not Armaan Bhaiya.

Armaan: Hey Mish! Hw many tymes had I told u dnt call me Bhaiya otherwise ur friends too considers me as dere Brothers only

Geet: Armaan…


Misha Giggles nd den d celebration started. She cuts d cake while Armaan nd Misha burst d Balloons. She feeds d cake to every1 nd den celebrates a Lot. nd after dat had d lovely Dinner made by her Mom. Armaan noticed that sumthing is bothering her but decided not to ask her dat tym.


After Dinner Geet was sitting at d couch thinking about her meeting wid Maan. She was not sure whether she should tell dis to anyone or not. She knows dat if she would tell about dis To Misha den she’ll definitely get Mad again nd if she told to Yash den may be it will result into a another argument between Maan nd Yash. Nd Armaan? Well he don’t even knw anything wat has happened between her nd Maan den to whom she tell about all dis. she was lost in all dis thoughts wen Armaan came nd sit next to her. She didn’t realize dat he was sitting next to her until he spoke


Armaan: Bahut Ache Aadmi the? Waise kaise ho gaya yeh sab?


Geet came out from her trail of thoughts nd looked at Armaan in amused manner


Geet: wat?

Armaan: Arey ab tum is tarah se kisi ki death ka Maatam mana rahi ho so I thought of asking u hw all dis happened?

Geet: Death?

Armaan: O god Kiddo! Look urself at Mirror first. Ur facial expressions say like someone has died nd u r in his farewell ceremony.

Geet: Shut up Armaan! Nothing like dat

Armaan: den wats d Matter? See everyone is so happy for u. m noticing u from last few hrs something is bothering u. tell na wats it?

Geet (looking at him): Armaan, walk pe chale pls.




Yash: I really dnt get dis Dude! Y its bothering to u so much if she’s spending her tym wid someone else?

Maan: I dnt know

Yash: u knw Maan nd infact only u knw dat y its bothering to u. accept it Maan dat u feeling jealous of dat guy

Maan: ofcourse not

Yash: o really den y does it affect u wen u saw Geet spending tym wid someone else. Isn’t it good for her to move on in her lyf?

Maan: I knw but…

Yash: but wat? Do u want her to stuck up in her past. To wait for u especially wen she knows dat u’ll never cum back to her. Y should she wait for u Maan? U r d only one to tell her dat u dnt love her, dat it was just an Attraction den y u expect her from to wait for u, y u expect from her dat she wont move on in her lyf?

Maan: its nt like dat.

Yash: den wats it lyk? Accept it Maan dat u r jealous of him because u think dat d guy wid Geet is taking ur place in her lyf. Nd u r afraid becoz u think dat Geet can fall for him.

Maan: Dude! Its not like dat ok. M nt afraid of anything. Nd anyways I’ll talk to u later I had some work. Bye


He said nd cuts d call without even giving Yash chance to speak. Nd throws his cell phone at a corner. Yash looks at his phone nd smiles. He very well understands d stage in which Maan is. He knows dat dat day is not far away wen he’ll realize his love for Geet




Geet nd Armaan were walking on a silent road. She was not saying anything nd Armaan was getting worried for her. He finally decides to break d Silence.


Armaan: Ok I don’t get dis? y u r so quiet? Kya hua hai Kiddo?

Geet: Armaan, I dnt knw y but whenever I try to move on in my lyf something happens due to which I feel dat m still over dere only nd haven’t moved on.


Armaan said nothing but listened to her. Finally she’s trying to opens her heart in front of him


Geet: Armaan, I want to get over from all d things dat happened in past. I want to live for myself, I want show to d world wat I m? but I failed, I failed Everytym. Armaan y don’t anyone care for my feelings, my emotions. Y it was so easy for any1 to play wid my emotions. Nd most importantly y d hell I had given dis right to anyone to hurt me? Y I cant be strong like Preeti? Y I cant be Blunt like Pari? Y I can’t be happy Like Meera? Y m I so nice to every1 dat at d end every1 breaks my heart? Nd den after dat hw can anyone expect me to forgive nd forget. Armaan m not weak enough who goes insane in dis situation but m not strong enough also dat I forget everything so easily.


Armaan notices d tears in her eyes but he dnt want to stop her


Geet: Y all dis happens only wid me Armaan? Wat is my mistake? Y I can’t be happy? Y I dnt have anyone to love me? M I dis much bad dat no one wants to love me? M I dis much bad dat I don’t deserve anyone’s Love? M I dis much Bad dat only loneliness is written in my destiny? Y every1 just leave me alone nd walks out like nothing has happened? I m Tired Armaan. I m tired of getting hurted


Saying dis she broke down completely nd burst into tears. Armaan cant take dis anymore. He quickly held her by her shoulders.


Armaan: Kiddo Relax. Sambhalo apne aap ko


Geet quickly hugged him cried her heart out nd he too hugged her nd patted her back, consoling her. No matter hw much he irritates her, hw much dey fight wid each other, hw much dey Argue wid each other but at d end of d day she was his Best Friend infact his only Friend who knows him inside out. Nd he cant see her like dis. he had seen her broke down like dis just once before dis dat was at d death of her Father nd after dat it was d second tym he was seeing her lyk dis. By nw he was sure of one thing dat situation between her nd Maan is more worse den he thought. But dat would be tackle afterwards rite nw wats important is to take her out from all dis. Hw could he tell her in dis state dat he has to leave for US in next 3-4 days. She needed him d most at dis tym nd he too cant leave her alone wen she was going thru dis phase. At d tym of Rahul he was not dere wid her nd only he knows hw badly he wanted to be wid her but he was a bit relaxed becoz at dat tym Meera was dere wid her nd he too talks to her every now nd then nd she overcomes from d wound given by him but dis tym he can bet dat she has not even let Meera know about all dis. wen she has not told anything to him yet from whom she has not hide anything of her lyf den Forget about dis dat she has told anything to Meera yet. But he had to get her out from all dis. he knows dat her self-confidence has not broken yet but it has startled a bit nd he needs to settle it down. He slowly pulls her out from his embrace nd cups her face between his hands.


Armaan: Kiddo look at me. u dnt have to be like others. U r perfect in d way u r. nd U r not at all bad ok. U r my Kiddo Afterall nd my Kiddo is always a sweet, cute nd innocent girl who use to fight wid me, who use to shouts at me whenever I irritate her, who use to support me emotionally whenever I feel low. Just forget about everything, forget about every memory which gives u pain. U dnt have to live in d memories of dat person who doesn’t understand ur value, who doesn’t understand d value of ur emotions, ur feelings. U deserve a perfect person in ur lyf who takes care of u nd ur feelings. Nd y u think dat u r alone? Y u think dat dere is no one to love u? we all r here for u. Misha, Girlfriend, Meera, Me. We all r here for u nd we all love u very much. I knw we cant take dat place in ur lyf which u have given to someone else but atleast he have some place nd u have to move on for us nd most importantly for urself. U deserve to be Happy Kiddo. Nd none of us can see u in dis condition nd trust me dere’s lots of happiness stored for u in future. Just consider all dis as an another examination of ur lyf.

Geet: Hw many tymes Armaan? Hw many tymes? I m tired of giving exams Armaan. After Dad’s death I was just giving exams only everyday.

Armaan: den just give one more. U r not weak Kiddo. Not at all. Just see urself from my eyes. U r d girl who deserve all d happiness nd love of dis world. Just trust urself nd ur Fav. Babaji. nd never consider urself less den anyone else. u understand wat m saying?


She slowly smiled nd nodded in yes. Armaan felt dat its d rite tym to tell her about his departure


Armaan: Kiddo, cum wid me to US.

Geet: US?

Armaan: yes Kiddo. I dnt want to tell u all dis nw but I had to tell u. I had to leave for US in next 3-4 days. Dad needs me over dere

Geet (frowned): its ok Armaan. I understand.

Armaan: y don’t u also cum wid me. See u have to do ur internship from sumwhere den y don’t u do it in my company.

Geet: but Armaan…

Armaan: nd dnt think dat m doing any kind of a Favour on u. I had seen ur capability nd knowledge through out dis Presentation nd datsy taken dis decision. Moreover u had better opportunities over dere. Nd Dad is also over dere nd I dnt think dat u’ll get a better Mentor den him anywhere.

Geet: I completely Agree whatever u say Armaan nd I trust u but I cant cum wid u. I cant leave Mom nd Misha over here. U know Misha. She’s not Mature enough to take care of herself nd Mom nd I dnt want Mom to handle everything alone.

Armaan: But Geet someday u have to leave dem

Geet: I knw Armaan. But tab ki tab dekhi jayegi but rite nw I cant go wid u.

Armaan: But Kiddo…

Geet: dnt worry Armaan. I’ll handle everything nw nd trust me I wont get weak nw not after wat u had said to me. Nw I’ll forget everything nd starts a fresh chapter of my lyf.

Armaan: R u sure?

Geet: Ya.

Armaan: ok but still I would suggest dat consider about dis once.

Geet: Sure. Nw lets go back to home. Mom must be worried.

Armaan: but u feeling ok na.

Geet: ya. Dnt worry

Armaan: fine den. Lets go.




Maan was pacing restlessly in his Room. He dnt want to believe on any nonsense told by Yash. He’s not jealous of anyone. He knows himself Better den anyone else but Did He? He ran his Fingers thru his Hairs. He was really getting insane day by day. He himself nt sure about his feelings. His weird feelings. He looked at his cellphone which was lyieng at d floor near a cupboard broken into pieces. He picks it up nd joins it. He was about to move wen his eyes fell at d cupboard nd his heart urges him to open it nd he did nd in dat cupboard dere was Gifts given by Geet. He caresses his fingers on every gift. He picks up a Coffee Mug in which I LOVE YOU was embedded. He smiles after seeing it. It was her first ever gift to him. Den he picks up d Wrist watch. He remembers dat he had saw it once at d Mall nd decided dat he’ll take it later. Geet has saw him by looking at watch nd den she buyed it nd gifted him at dere next date. She spends all her savings that she had to take a latest Model of Mobile phone on it but didn’t regret it once. Like dis dere were 5-6 more gifts were over dere nd den his Eyes catches attention on d piece of paper. He instantly picks it up nd looks to it. Nd his heart felt heavy wen he saw wats written in d paper. It was a poem written by Geet for him nd she has given dis as a return Gift of her B’day. He started reading d poem nd unknowingly headed towards d Terrace while reading it.


He takes a deep breath after reading it. Dat was just not a poem. That was d feeling dat Geet had in her heart. He closed his eyes wen he remembers dat day. D day of her B’day. Dat was d first B’day of Geet after dey become a couple.




It was Geet’s B’day nd d finals of d India-England Match too. Geet expected Maan to b d first one to wish but he didn’t call at nite as he was at friend’s Party nd has came late infact dat day he stayed at Yash’s place. Geet has sent him numerous msgs. But he was too tired derefore didn’t bother to check it nd he dozed off soon. In d morning he got up late nd after getting freshen up he straight away opens d TV nd started watching d match. His cell was at silent mode derefore he is not able to notice dat Geet is calling him. He nd Yash was so engrossed in Match dat dey forgot dat dey have a world around dem until Yash’s cell phone rang. It was Maan’s Dadimaa who has called to enquire about Maan. Dis is wen Maan realizes dat his cell is at silent mode. He quickly picks up his cell nd saw numerous no. of missed calls nd msgs. Dere were 25 missed calls from Geet nd about 10-15 msgs of her. He started reading from d first one which she has sent  at 12:15 of nite


“Where r u Shona? Y r u not taking my call”


He opens d other one


“I think u dnt remember wat is special today. Isn’t it?


“its been 2 am nd m still waiting for ur call or even a msg but u didn’t bother to do anyone of dese”


“I m supposed to sleep by now as m having my exam tomorrow but m still waiting for ur call. But I guess u r least bother”


Like dese there were 4-5 more msgs. Nd den at morning also dere r 5-6 msg along wid Gud morning msg.


“I really don’t believe dis. u have forgotten today’s day. I thought u would be d first one to wish. Anyways let it be”


Nd finally d last one which was 2 hrs before


“I m going inside d examination hall nd my cell would be switched off. I’ll wait for u after d examination at my College garden. Hope tumhe tab tak yaad aa jaye dat wat is special today”


He rubbed his temple after reading d msgs but couldn’t able to guess wat is special today besides her exam. He thinks hard but couldn’t remember. He was thinking wen Yash came to him.


Yash: wats wrong dude? U look tensed

Maan: ya. Actually I m trying to remember dat wat is special today about which Geet is talking. Its not our anniversary den wats it?

Yash: Dnt tell me u forgot

Maan: Wat?

Yash: its her B’day stupid.

Maan (surprised): WAT? Today is 11th November oh shit! hw could I forgot today’s day. Did u wished her?

Yash: ya I wished her in d morning only. She was about to enter examination hall. Now I understand y her voice was so sad dat tym

Maan: u IDIOT cant u tell me dis thing in d morning?

Yash: arey I thought u would be the first one to wish her. Hw came I able to know dat u didn’t even remember her B’day.

Maan: anyways I don’t have tym to argue wid u now. Just give me d keys of ur Bike m going to her college.

Yash: But her exam was about to finish nw nd it’ll take almost 45 mins to make u reach over dere. She wont be over dere by den

Maan: No she’ll wait for me datsy m taking ur Bike instead of my car to reach over dere soon.

Yash: fine. here u Go (he said while throwing away d keys to him) nd dnt forget to take gift for her

Maan: Ya I knw (he said while running off)




He has never ever runs d bike in d speed in which he was running nw. hw could he forgot her B’day? She has expected so much from him nd he failed. Wat she must be feeling rite nw? for one thing he was sure that she must be angry on him nd he deserves it. He stopped for once in d front of Archie’s to take gift. He dnt have tym to select any gift derefore he picked up a card nd quickly paid for it not even bother to take d change nd again started driving. After 45 mins of driving he reached to her college. He parked his bike at corner nd quickly runs towards her college. He enquired watchman dat is dere anyone inside waiting nd he told dat a girl is waiting for someone. He dnt have to guess who was she. She would be none other den Geet. He quickly goes inside her college nd searched few rooms nd den looks at d Garden nd dere he saw her standing taking a rest of a tree. She was wearing a Red color Suit. His favorite color. He closes his eyes wen he saw her over dere waiting for him. He quickly speeds up his pace nd reach over dere. He tapped her shoulders nd she quickly looked behind to face him. Dere was drop of tears in her eyes which was not remain unnoticed by him. He hates himself to make her cry. He knows dat he’s at fault. But he has to make up for it


Maan: Hi!

Geet (slowly): Hi!

Maan: hw was ur exam?

Geet: Gud.

Maan: frm hw long u have been waiting for me here

Geet: 35 mins. Almost


He closes his eyes wen he imagined her waiting for him


Maan: I M Sorry. M late. Sorry for making u wait

Geet: its ok. M use to of it


He knows dat she’s angry. He always gets late nd she always complains him about it nd today again he gets late.



Geet (saying sarcastically): U Remember dat today is my B’day?

Maan: Geet pls. M sorry.

Geet: y u r saying Sorry Maan. It was my mistake dat I had expected dat u would be d first one to wish me. But u didn’t even bother to take my call den forget about wishing me.

Maan: Geet pls. dnt say like dis. I m really very Sorry. Actually I was at friend’s Party nd returned late nd my cell was at silent mode nd after dat I was too tired to check my cell nd in d morning…

Geet: dats wat m saying Maan dat u had many other important tasks to finish. Friend’s Party, India-England Match everything. Wishing me was not at all important


She said nd tears started flowing from her eyes. He cant stand dem, he really cant see her in tears. He quickly cupped her face nd wipes away her tears.


Maan: Geet pls. m sorry. I knw m at fault but Pls dnt cry. I can’t see u in tears. Never ever in my worst nightmare I can see u crying. It hurts Geet. It really hurts.


She removed his Hand nd looked into his Eyes


Geet: Maan, u doesn’t care for me nw, but u’ll realize my importance once I would be no longer ur lyf. I…

Maan (quickly puts finger on her lips): Sshhh! Dnt say like dis Geet. I’ll never let u go away from my lyf. Never ever. U r going to stay in my lyf, now nd Forever.


He said nd quickly hugged her tight. Not even in her wildest dream he can think his lyf without her. She too melts nd hugs him back. After some tym they broke d hug nd Maan gives her d Card he has brought for her


Maan: Sorry! Jaldi me sirf yahi le paya.

Geet: Its ok


She looked at d Card nd smiled nd blushes too. Maan couldn’t understand y she was blushing. He looked at her in confused manner. She shows d card to him nd dis is wen he noticed dat in hurry he has taken a Relation Card nd it meant for Wife’s B’day which husband use to give. He smiled inwardly for his blunder but he didn’t make it obvious dat he has done it by mistake because she was happy nd dats all wat matters to him.


Maan: So, I haven’t done anything wrong. Some day u’ll become my wife

Geet: So u r trying to Propose me for Marriage

Maan: Well, can say dat

Geet: Wat if I refuse to ur Proposal

Maan: Just try to Refuse. I bet u cant

Geet: itna bharosa hai khud pe

Maan: khud pe nahi tum pe hai


She smiled at his statement


Maan: nw where’s my return Gift

Geet: Return Gift?

Maan: ya. B’days pe dete hai na Return Gift. Dnt u knw?

Geet: I knw. Nd I knw about which return Gift u r talking But I had something else as ur Return Gift

Maan: wats Dat?

Geet: wait


She said nd takes out sumthing from her Bag nd handed over to him. He notices dat it was a piece of paper. He quickly unfolds it nd dis is wen he saw dat it was a Poem written by her for him. He read nd feel each nd every word. He never knows dat Geet can express each word so Excellently. He looks at her who was looking at him nervously


Maan: Geet, ye…

Geet: U like it?

Maan: Like it? I loved it. U love me dis much Geet.

Geet: even more den dis. pls never ever leave me Maan. I don’t know wat I’ll do


She said nd hugged him tight nd he too hugged back wid same passion


Maan: I’ll never leave u Geet. I Promise.

******~~~~~~Back to Present~~~~~********


He opens his eyes only to find himself Alone. D piece of paper was still in his hand. He again looked at it nd started reading it.



Because you Love me…

I have found new joys in life,

That were before never mine.


Because you Love me…

I can dare to look into your eyes,

A sensational experience earlier never tried.


Because you Love me…

I Feel ‘LOVE’ a season that never change,

It comforted like sunshine after Rain.


Because you Love me…

I like to stare moon at night,

An Effort to have ur glimpse at dat Delight.


Because you Love me…

I loved to love you,

Truly my life begins nd ends with you!!!!!!


A drop of tear flows from his eyes wen he read it again. It felts like Geet is standing in front of him nd was saying all dis to him. He closed his eyes nd slowly whispers “Geet”


“Maan” a voice came from Behind nd he opens his eyes in jerk nd looked back instantly. He saw Geet standing over dere smiling at him. She was in d Same white suit which she has wore at d tym of dere break up nd was looking just like an Angel like always. He looked at her in happiness. She came close to him nd looked straight into eyes


Maan: Geet

Geet: u r thinking of me. Aren’t u? u r missing me rite?

Maan: Woh… I…

Geet: u were not missing me? (he looks at her blankly) Fine m going den


She said nd turned to leave wen he holds her wrist stopping her from going nd pulled her towards him.


Maan: Pls Geet. Dnt go. Dnt go away from me.

Geet: so u admit dat u were missing me. U admit dat its difficult for u to stay away from me.

Maan: yes, Geet yes. I admit. I admit dat I was missing u every moment. I miss ur Voice every second, I miss ur smile everyday. I miss u in my lyf.


He said nd cupped her face nd touched her forehead wid his.


Geet: To phir kyun jane diya mujhe? Y didn’t u stopped me?

Maan: I tried Geet. I tried but u haven’t said anything nd walked away.

Geet: so wat had u expected Maan. Hw can I stay over dere after listening dat u dnt love me? Hw can I claim my right on u wen I knw dat I dnt have left any

Maan: Pls Geet. Pls Dnt say like dis. u have full right on me.

Geet: Kis Rishte se Maan?

Maan: Geet, we were friends before we came into relationship. Kya ye Kafi nahi hai tumhare liye to claim ur right on me. To stay in my lyf.

Geet: u really think Maan dat dis thing was enough for me to stay in ur lyf? U really think dat we can be live as happy like we were before cuming into a relationship


He cant say anything nd looked at her


Geet (while walking other side): Maan, wen two People in love break up den dey cant be friends as dey had hurted each other or one of dem has hurted d other one, Dey cant be Enemies also as once dey loved each other. D only thing dey can be… (she turned again to look at him) r d most FAMILIAR STRANGERS. Just like us.


Maan felt d pain in his heart, her words were piercing his heart. He quickly goes near her nd held her closer.


Maan: No Geet, we r not strangers. Not even d Familiar ones. M sorry for hurting u Geet. But trust me I dnt want to hurt u. I myself dnt knw y I did dat? I thought dat d thing between us was not love but if it is dat den y I m missing u every second? Y I m getting restless day by day to just hear ur voice once? Y it ached me wen I saw pain in ur eyes? Y I felt jealous wen I saw u wid some other guy? I dnt know wats happening to me Geet? I really dnt knw

Geet: u knw Maan. Infact only u knw but u dnt want to accept it. U r again letting ur mind rule on u. U remember wat I use to say to u whenever u r unable to find answers to ur questions.


He closes his eyes nd remembers


“Wenever u r not able to find ur answers just close ur eyes nd forget about everything nd just look into ur heart. U’ll get all ur answers. Dnt let ur mind rule at u dat tym”


He opens his eyes nd looks at her


Geet: u remember?


He nodded in yes


Geet: did u tried it dis tym?


He nodded in no


Geet: den try. U’ll get all ur answers


She said nd closes his eyes wid her hands. nd places his one hand on his heart. He closes nd forgets about all his surroundings, forgets that he had ever broke up wid Geet. He saw himself walking alone in a deserted road. There was lots of light around him but yet he feel that he’s in walking in Darkness. Just den he felt a hand holding his hand. He turned to look at it nd saw a girl holding her hand.


“I’ll never let u feel Alone in ur lyf. I’ll shower my Love on u even if u dnt give me a drop of ur Love but I’ll not stop loving u. my presence will always be around u no matter if I was not wid u”


Dis is wat she said to him nd d moment she said dis to him he felt Complete. He felt dat he was not alone. He felt dat all d darkness of his lyf has gone. Nd dis is wen he saw her face. It was d most beautiful face he has ever seen. It was none other den Geet. His Geet. His lyf. He quickly hugged her never letting her to go away from him


He opens his eyes nd saw dat he was still at d terrace. He looked around himself nd saw no one present over dere. His eyes searched for Geet but she was not dere. He pushes his hair back wid his fingers


So it means he was imagining her. She was not here. He thought. But y he felt dat it was not his Illusion. May be because dis tym he has listened only to his heart nd not let his mind overcome him. dat was not Geet to whom he was talking, it was his own heart. All dis thing were running in his mind nd Geet’s word were echoing in his ears


“Maan, I dnt have courage left to Love again, to trust sumone again. No doubt I trust u but I still cant prepare myself to luv u.”


“Thanx for Telling all dis atleast nw none of us in d misunderstanding that the thing between is Love”


“Maan, Gift dis to the Girl wid whom u Truly fell in Love, not to every girl u met nd get attracted den later realize dat it was not love”


“Good Bye Maan! Take care always”


“U said u don’t want to see me in tears, so does that mean u had closed ur eyes wen I was crying!!!!!!!!!”


“I Trust u Maan nd I knw u wont do anything wrong”


“I had already Trusted a stranger once nd later on has paid a lot for dis trust nd nw I dnt want to trust any1, specially a stranger so dnt call me again.”

“I didn’t told dem about whatever happened between us”


“Because I cant see any1 questioning u.”


“M doing all dis because once… once u were my friend nd for u d thing between us may be not love but for me it was love nd I cant see anyone pointing fingers on u.”


“Pehle jaisa ab kuch bhi nahi raha Maan. Na tum aur na hi main. Pyaar to humare beech kabhi tha hi nahi, ek Dosti ka Rishta tha that too died few days back.”


“Its ok Maan. M used to of being alone nd going alone too. I dnt want u to bother for a stranger.”


“Yes u r rite we r not strangers. We r Known strangers”


“pls never ever leave me Maan. I don’t know wat I’ll do”


“Maan, wen two People in love break up den dey cant be friends as dey had hurted each other or one of dem has hurted d other one, Dey cant be Enemies also as once dey loved each other. D only thing dey can be’.r d most FAMILIAR STRANGERS. Just like us.”


“I’ll never let u feel Alone in ur lyf. I’ll shower my Love on u even if u dnt give me a drop of ur Love but I’ll not stop loving u. my presence will always be around u no matter if I was not wid u”


He had all d flashes of Geet nd his in front of his eyes. Her smile, her eyes, her face, dere cute fights, their Hug, their Love moments everything. Nd den d last thing dat echoes in his mind made him shiver


“Maan, u doesn’t care for me nw, but u’ll realize my importance once I would be no longer in ur lyf!!!!!!”



Maan (to himself): No Geet, u r not going anywhere. U’ll be in my lyf Geet. I cant lose u. I don’t want to lose u because… because I LOVE YOU. Yes Geet, I LOVE YOU ND ONLY YOU. Ya I knw I got distracted for sumtym nd I hurted u becoz of dat nd I hate myself for dat but nw I knw dat I LOVE YOU. I was always in love wid u. right from d first day I saw u. nw I wont let u go. Never ever Geet. Nw I knw y I was restless without u, y it ached my heart wen I saw pain in ur eyes, y I felt bad wen I saw u wid dat guy, y I was starving for ur voice, ur smile, ur one look, y I cant stay away from u. Because I LOVE YOU. I LOVE YOU GEET.


He said nd smiles as d realization dawn on him. He was so stupid to think till nw dat dere was no love between dem but d truth is dat dere is always Love between dem only he gets distracted for sumtym. But nw he wont get distracted. He will go to her ask her forgiveness will go to any extent to get her love, her trust Back in his lyf.


He quickly goes to his Room takes his cell nd started dialing Yash’s no.




It was 3 am nd Yash was sleeping peacefully wen he got disturbed by d ringing of his cell continuously. He picks it up wid his sleepy eyes.


Yash (sleepy): Hello!

Maan: Yash!

Yash: Ya dude tell me.

Maan: Yash m very happy today. Very very happy today

Yash: uummm

Maan: u knw y?

Yash: umm y?

Maan: because I Love her. I Love her a lot

Yash (still in his sleep): ummm Gud

Maan: U knw about whom I m talking?

Yash: who?

Maan: Geet. M talking about Geet. I LOVE GEET. I LOVE HER A LOT.

Yash: WAT!!!!!????Shocked


Yash instantly gets up from his sleep nd rubs his eyes. he had pinch himself hard to make sure dat he was not dreaming. He was sure dat dis day will cum soon but so soon dat he don’t knw.

Yash: Wat r u saying?

Maan: d same u heard. I realize, I realize dat I love her. I was always in love wid her. Oh Yash m so happy today

Yash: Dude listen I think u r still in ur sleep. U must be dreaming.

Maan: no dude I was sleeping till nw. but nw m awake nw I realize my feelings, my true feelings for her. I LOVE HER. I LOVE HER


He said nd falls on his bed leaving phone other side. Yash was totally confused wats happening? Few hrs back he was not ready to accept his feelings nd nw at dis tym of nite he was calling him to tell dat he Loves Geet.


Yash: Hello! Hello Maan! U dere?


He realizes dat he was no more on call.


Yash (to himself): Dis Maan will definitely make me mad someday. Oh God! Main hi mila tha apko iska dost banane k liye. Nw only God knows wat else I had to See in dere Love story.


Maan was lying on his Bed closing his eyes but dis tym not in pain, not in loneliness but in happiness. In happiness of realizing his Feelings, his true feelings. He smiles whenever he thought of her. He opens his drawer nd takes out her Photo. D photo which he has taken wen he saw her first tym nd she still didn’t have any clue of dat. He looked at her photo nd smiled. She was always real, always herself. She didn’t believe in artificiality maybe datsy he got attracted to her on d very first sight of hers. He smiles remembering her Attitude towards him. He caresses her Photo wid his fingers nd smiles.


“I LOVE YOU GEET. I LOVE YOU” he murmured as he held her photo close to his heart nd dozed off to sleep. He dnt knw after hw many days he was actually sleeping peacefully




Geet instantly gets up from her sleep. She felt an unknown feeling inside her. She switched on d light nd looked at d tym. It was 3.30 of night. She didn’t understand y is she feeling restless that too at dis hour of nite. She felt like sumone is calling her. She gets up from her Bed nd moved towards her window nd looked outside more of searching sumone. Misha gets disturbed in her sleep due to lights. She opens her eyes a bit only to look Geet standing near d window.


Misha (sleepy): Wat happen Wildy? Y had u switched on d light? Nd wat r u doing near d Window?

Geet: Nothing Mish. I dnt know y but I suddenly had an unknown feeling in me. I felt like someone is calling me? So I thought of seeing it.

Misha (looking at d watch): Raat me 3.30 baje tumhe kaun bulayega Wildy. It may be just Ur Illusion. U must have some dream. Nw c’mon sleep nw nd Pls switch off d lights.

Geet: I think u r right. Gud nite


She said nd switched off d light nd laid on her bed once again but couldn’t able to sleep. It was not her illusion, not at all. The feeling was real. She felt like Maan is remembering her. Yes dis is wat she felt. She felt him remembering her.


But den she shrugged off her thoughts. Y would he remember her? Dere was nothing between dem. Isn’t it wat he said? She looked at d tym once again. No dis cant be him. Mish was right it was just her Illusion. He must have moved on by now nd she wont be surprised if he was spending his tym wid some other girl. She closed her eyes trying hard to sleep nd shrugged off her thoughts dat was arising for him.


Maan’s Monologue:


I smiled lying on my Bed watching her photo. It being so Good being in love. yes m in love. I had Re-Fallen in love wid her. Actually I was always in Love wid her. May be datsy I approached her second tym even after her Cold Attitude towards me in d very first tym. I again looked at her photo. She was different, different from all other girls. Where other girls believe in artificiality she just believes in being real. Even after being in relationship wid me she never demands anything from me unlike my other Gfs. Oops! No I cant compare her to any of my other Gfs. It would be an insult to her nd our Love too. But ya dis is true she never asked me for anything. She never expected anything from me. Neither expensive gifts nor anything else. She demands only one thing from me, expected just one thing from me I.e. true love nd trust. This is all wat she demands from me, dis is all wat she expects from me nd I failed, I failed to give dis thing to her. I Maan Singh Khurana who can give anything that anyone can ask him for failed to Give True Love nd trust to d Girl whom he loves d most nd I hate myself for dat, I literally Hate myself.


She always loves me, always trusts me, and always believes on everything dat I said to her nd wat I gave her in return Pain, tears nd sadness dat too cuming in d influence of those people who dnt even know me properly, who don’t even know about my nature nd I hurt her. Y couldn’t I understand dat dey were just jealous of us, just jealous of me for falling me for some other dat too so seriously. But not anymore nw. nw I know nd I m sure of my feelings. Nw I wont hurt her anymore, nw I wont let her cry anymore.


I’ll go to her, ask her forgiveness, will bend down to my knees, will go to any extent just to win back her love, her trust again. I know dat it wont be an easy task. She wont give in so easily not after wat I did to her. but I too wont give up so easily. I knw my Geet. She’ll definitely forgive me one day. By saying dis I looked one last tym to her pic nd placed it close to my heart nd had no idea wen dozed off to sleep.


(Maan’s Monologue Ends)




Geet’s Monologue:


I woke up due to sudden unknown Feeling inside me. After Crying my heart out to my Best Buddy Armaan m feeling better. His words sooths me nd I feel like starting a new chapter of my life once again. But den wats dis unknown Feeling is dat makes me restless. Y I feel like someone is calling me? Y I feel like dat someone is remembering me? I switched on d lights nd looked at d tym. It was 3.30 of nite. Who would call me at dis tym of nite? But still I feel like checking it. I go near my window nd looked outside or should I say searching someone. Yes m searching of him. No I shrugged myself m not searching of him. In d mean tym I heard Misha’s voice who gets disturbed due to Lights. She asked me about d reason of standing near d window wid lights on at dis tym of nite nd wen I told her about my restlessness she said dat it was an illusion. Well I couldn’t expect anything else from her as she’s not mature enough to understand things. She’s wild just wild who can break someone’s Teeth if he or she would hurt her or anyone close to her including me.


I closed d Light nd again laid on my Bed but couldn’t able to sleep. again nd again my mind diverts me towards d direction of d unknown Feeling arising in me. It was not my illusion because if it is an Illusion den y I feel it so real. Y I m feeling dat Maan is remembering me? Y I feel dat he’s calling me? No dis cant be true. Geet, u have lost it completely. Y would he remember u? dere’s nothing called Love between both of u. dis is wat he said na. den y dis restlessness arising in me?


I thought of calling him, just to ask as sake of humanity if he’s allright. If he’s not in any kind of problem. But den I stopped myself thinking dat had I any kind of right of asking him about his well-beings nd y would he be in any kind of problem. He must have moved on in his lyf by now. May be appending his tym wid sum other girl nd has forgetten dat he has met any girl named Geet Handa. But den y he has came to meet me at college today? May be due to guilt.


Oh c’mon Geet wat r u thinking? Just shrug it off all ur thoughts. Remember wat Armaan has said to u. dnt live in d memories of dat person who just gives u pain. Yes I wont think about him. Dis was d last thought dat came in my mind nd I again tried to catch my sleep.


(Geet’s Monologue Ends)





Next morning bring a new ray of hope, a new ray of dreams, a ray of happiness along wid Sunrays for both of dem. Geet wakes up wid d new dreams in her eyes, to begin her Life fresh wid no traces of past, wid no traces of pain given by Maan. Maan wakes up wid d hope dat soon everything will be fine between Him nd Geet. Well dat was just a hope. He knows Geet’s temper. It was nowhere less den him nd after wat he did to her due to his immature behaviour well he doubts dat she would even see his face. He definitely cant do dis alone he needs sumone to help him. Nd he smirks realizing who can it be none other den Yash.


(me pity on Yash bechara fir banega Bali ka BakraErmmConfused)


Geet on d other hand gets freshens up. She cames out from washroom wearing her Bathrobe nd opens her wardrobe to take out her clothes. She searched for a while wen something slips from d side nd lands up on d floor. She curiously picks it up nd was surprised to see wat it was. It was d same card dat Maan has given her on d B’day. She looked at it nd smiled remembering d moment but soon her smile fades wen she realizes d reality. She again glances at d card nd takes a deep breath. But den something started buzzing her. she has returned d gift nd Ring to Maan dat day only nd d rest of d things given by him she has given Yash so dat he can return it to Maan den hw cum dis card left over here nd she didn’t even noticed it also in dis 1 month


Geet (To herself): hw couldn’t I noticed it yet? Ye yaha kaise reh gaya? Nd I noticed it today wen I decided to have d fresh beginning of my lyf wid no traces of past. (den she looked upwards) Babaji, kuch kehna chahte ho aap?


Her thoughts gets distracted wid d ringtone of her cell phone. She looked at it nd saw Armaan’s flashing over dere. She has to go shopping wid him today since he’s leaving in 2 days nd he has buy sum gifts for his family nd friends over dere nd she promised dat she’ll definitely help him. But as usual he cant stop buzzing her until she gets irritated to d core. She rolls over her eyes nd picks d call


Geet: Ab kya hua?

Armaan: nothing

Geet: nothing? To itni morning me kya mujhse newspapers ki headlines sunne ke liye call kiya tha?

Armaan: Morning? Madam look at d watch its 9 am nd if u remember u have to go wid me to d shopping today

Geet: Haan baba I remember. This is d 20th tym u called in last 1 hr nd if u keep buzzing me like dis only den I wont be able to get ready.

Armaan: arey u dnt have to do much to get ready Afterall m going wid u to tumhe kaun dekhega

Geet: Armaan, phone ke under ghus ke marrongi agar bakwaas band nahi ki to

Armaan: acha baba sorry. Get ready fast.

Geet: Armaan, its only 9.15 ok nd shops at d mall will open at 11 am so we have enough tym to go over dere. Haan ab agar tumhara choro k tarah Shops ke locks tod kar things lene ka iraada hai den I can’t do anything

Armaan: Geet…

Geet (giggling): acha nw keep d phone nd let me get ready warna late ho jayungi to tumhi mera sar khaoge.

Armaan: ok bye will see u in 1 hr.

Geet: hhmmm Bye


She puts d cell aside nd looks at d card once again nd den keeps it back at d cupboard nd thought dat she’ll give dis back to Yash too to return it to Maan nd started getting ready.




Yash: its really getting difficult for me to understand u now

Maan: nw wat I have done?

Yash: wat u have done? From last 1 month u r doing Roller coaster ride wid ur thoughts nd making me insane. First u said dat u love Geet even I told u to think about it twice nd wen I was sure dat u really love her den u came wid a logic dat it was not love but just a mere attraction nd wen I started to live by d fact dat u two broke-up den out of nowhere u again call me nd says dat u really Love her. I mean wats wrong wid u?

Maan: I knw Yash I bother u a lot nd more den u I hurt Geet a lot but nw I want to fix it. Dude I really love her yaar. I dnt knw y I was thinking it till nw dat it was not Love wen d fact is dat dere was always Love between us nd dis tym its confirmed no more confusion in it

Yash (shakes his head in disbelief): so wat r u going to do nw

Maan: well i m thinking of fixing it but for dat I need ur help

Yash: Hold on Hold on if u r thinking dat m going to talk to Geet about ur change of behaviour nd asks her to forgive u den forget it m not doing any of dese

Maan: pls Yash dnt say like dis. u have to help me

Yash: no ways Maan

Maan: wat kind of frnd u r dat u wont even ready to help me

Yash: m ur friend Maan but along wid dat m Geet’s brother also nd few days it was me only who told her to move on in her lyf nd nw u expect me to go to her nd say her to forgive u. she would definitely wont see my face after dat

Maan: hhmmm. Well in dat case only one person can help both of us


“Meera” dey both said together


Yash: No ways Dude.

Maan: nw wats d problem wid Meera?

Yash: Dude tera break up ho gaya so u want my Break-up also.

Maan: Wat do u mean?

Yash: Meera dnt knw anything about all dis as Geet doesn’t want her to know about all dis nd she was still in d believe dat u both r a Happy Couple nd nw wen I told her about all dat den she would definitely go mad on u nd after u d next person will be me as I was d one who convince her dat u truly loves Geet nd den she would definitely Broke up wid me. Waise bhi uska Gussa hamesha naak pe rehta hai nd in case of Geet she’s extra sensitive. No I cant take d risk.

Maan: pls Dude. Acha I promise I’ll handle Meera but pls yaar its my last hope


Yash has to give up on his friend’s pleadings. Afterall he too wants the same, to see both of dem together. But Meera, he gulped his Saliva just only imagining her reaction after d out comes of truth.

(ErmmBechara Yash, doston ke liye kya-kya karna padta haiConfused)


He took out his cell phone nd call Meera


Yash: hey Meera, hws u?… suno I need to talk to u sumthing important… no cant tell on call can u pls meet me at CCD in 1 hr… ya its urgent… cool den see u over dere. Bye nd Luv u Babu.


He said nd cuts d call nd den looked at Maan who was standing dere smiling.




All 3 of dem were at CCD. Yash told Meera whole trail of incidents dat happened in dis 1 month silently praying dat Meera won’t slap him nw for not telling it all before. Meera was shocked to know all dis. not her wildest dream she could think of all dis can happen nd most importantly Geet haven’t told her yet about all dis but that could be tackle later on rite nw all she can think of is dat d person who has hurted her best Friend is sitting right in front of her nd asking for her help. She definitely cant control her Anger nw. Yash can see d change of expression on her face she tries to calm her down but she gave an angry glance to him which was enough for him to keep quiet

Yash (to himself): Lo wahi hua jiska darr tha. Yash beta tu taiyari kar le, agle 10 min me tera Break-up hone wala hai (den to Meera) Meera… Babu wo actually

Meera (giving another glare): not a word now(she said while pointing her finger on him) I’ll deal wid u later first let me finish wid ur so much talented Best friend.


She said nd gave an angry glare to Maan who was just sitting over dere quietly. He knew Meera’s temper very well nd dis tym even he dnt have courage to speak anything to her den forget about Yash.


Maan: Meera Actually…

Meera: Shut up! I haven’t asked u to speak yet. Hw can u Maan, hw can u do dis to her? u didn’t even thought twice before hurting her. Maan, I had seen d intensity of her luv, intensity of her trust that she had on u nd u broke dat trust only. U knew it very well na dat she was heart-broken, hw badly her trust has been broken before u came to her lyf nd still u managed to do d same thing wid her again.

Maan: Meera I…

Meera: had I asked u to say anything yet? Dnt say a word until I ask u to do so. Nd by d way wat will u say in ur defense just give me one solid reason y u did dat to her or wat had lead u to take dis decision? Just ur so called friends has said nd u break her heart (den she reminds of Geet continuing avoiding her) nw I understand y is she avoiding me nw a days. She knew it very well dat she cant hide it from me derefore she’s avoiding me. U knw wat dis tym more den u m angry on myself. She was never ready for dis relationship neither wid u nor wid anyone else because she always had a fear dat she will again left heart-broken, den it was me who make her believe dat dis tym nothing would go wrong nd nw m cursing myself for saying anything like dat. Y Maan y had u done dis? nd nw u still have guts dat u expecting me to help u, to talk to her. Sorry Maan I wont do dis. Already m feeling guilty becoz she’s in dis condition because of me nw I cant do dis again to her.


She said nd hides her face between her palms. Yash could sense dat she is crying nd he tries to calm her but she snaps away his hand


Yash: Babu pls.

Meera: u better dnt talk to me Yash. It was u only na who has make me believed dat Maan truly loves Geet. Was dis was d love u were talking about dat tym nd Tum jaante the na, u knw it from last 1 month wat has happened between Maan nd Geet. Still u haven’t told me anything. Oh y would u tell me Afterall Maan is ur best friend nd hw can u see his fault rite?

Yash: Aisa nahi hai Babu (she again gave him an angry glare) I mean Meera. I wanted to tell u but Geet has stopped me tell u anything. She said dat she dnt want any kind of problems between us due to her

Meera: nd u agreed to it? u knw na hw she is? she always think about others before her. she was in so much pain in last 1 month nd i being her best friend was not dere for her just because u didnt told me anything. U consider Geet as ur sister rite den hw could u agree to it so easily or she was ur sister just for name sake

Yash: no Meera its not like dat


Maan was sitting quiet all dis while but nw he have to speak otherwise it would be worse for Yash nd Meera’s relation


Maan: I m sorry Meera. I knw I was at fault. I knw I had hurted Geet a lot but trust me I dnt want to hurt her. I dnt knw y I had done all dat. I…

Meera: dnt clarify urself Maan because it wont help. Nd by the way u r u after Geet nw? y haven’t u thought of all dis at dat tym wen u were thinking of hurting her? actually I knw y u did all dat, u must have thought dat Geet wont make a gud match wid u. Afterall u r a charmer nd she’s a simple girl. She’s not like ur other girlfriends na. nd nw wen she’s not wid u den u r feeling guilty. But forget about her Maan. U knw wat dere’s a friend of mine nd she had a huge crush on u nd ya not to forget she’s very hot nd stunning too perfectly suits u. so main tumhe usse milwa deti hoon nd den u guys can hook up nd after dat if u leave her also na den also she wont get as hurted as Geet was. So wat say? Number doon uska?

Yash: Meera…

Maan (intervenes): Meera pls. I said I m Sorry pls dnt say like dis. I truly Love Geet nd cant live without. In her absence only I realize wat she means to me. Pls help me Meera nd ya Yash is nowhere at fault infact wo to mujhe pichle 1 mahine se samjha raha hai it was only me who was fool to not understand anything. Meera I really really Love her nd trust me dis tym I wont do anything stupid

Meera: y should I trust u Maan? Hw should I believe dat u wont do anything like dis again

Maan: if dis tym I do anything like dis den I’ll never show my face to any of u. “Geet ki Kasam” Pls Meera I cant live without her


Meera saw d sincerity in his eyes, he was definitely not lying nd cant swear false of Geet derefore she gave up. She gets agreed to help Dem Afterall she always wanted to see Geet happy nd dere was 1 thing she was sure of dat Geet too having a tough tym over dere nd derefore she agreed to help Maan.



Armaan nd Geet were shopping from last 2 hrs but his list doesn’t seems to end nd Geet was really tired nw


Geet: Armaan? Kitni lambi list hai tumhari? It seems u r buying gift for whole US

Armaan: tum pehli aisi ladki ho jo itni Shopping karne ke liye complaint kar rahi hai but wat to do yaar ab doston ne list hi itni lambi pakdayi. U knw na hw much Indian culture is valued over dere.

Geet: ya I knw

Armaan: hey Kiddo, I think u r hungry. Cum first lets have sumthing den we’ll shop further

Geet: Lyf me pehli baar tumne akal ki baat ki hai

Armaan: excuse me

Geet: Let it be lets go fast m starving


Armaan smiled nd dey goes to d near by restaurant. Dey were having dere lunch wen Geet cellphone rang. Armaan looked at screen nd it flashes Meera’s name


Armaan: Lo its Chunni babu

Geet (almost spills out her water): wat?

Armaan: o god! Her baar samjhana padta hai. Arey i mean its Meera. Since u r Devdas den Meera would be chunni babu only na Afterall she was ur best Friend like Chunni babu was of Devdas

Geet (rolling over her eyes): Armaan, u nd ur logic.


She picks up d call nd found Meera other side Weeping


Geet: hey Meera hws u… wat happen y r u crying?… nw… but m outside…  ok ok don’t cry m cuming… I’ll be at ur home in half an hour… dnt cry I said na m cuming. Ok bye


She cuts nd wipes her hand wid napkin. Armaan looks at her questioningly


Armaan: Hello! Madam would u bother to tell me wat happen?

Geet: I need to go Armaan. Meera ka call tha. She was crying. God knows wat happen? Lagta hai fir se Yash se jhagda hua

Armaan (Dramatic): nahi Deva tum Paro ko chod kar kahi nahi ja sakte

Geet: Shut up Armaan! Mazaak ka tym nahi hai. Can u pls drop me at Meera’s place

Armaan: ya sure, but wat about shopping

Geet: I’ll help u for dat in evening nd jo reh jayega dat we’ll complete tomorrow abhi really need to rush yaar

Armaan: chal ok my Dating Counceller


He said nd dey both leaves from dere after paying d bill.




Geet was at Meera’s home where she was crying. She was dere from half an hour nd Meera haven’t said anything yet but just crying nd Geet was passing d wipes to her. she thanked God dat Meera is alone at home today otherwise her mother would get worried after seeing her like dis but least she knew dat she was not alone. Maan nd Yash was also over dere who was hidden in d nearby room watching dem far enough not to get noticed by Geet.


Geet: bas karo Meera. Hw much will u cry? Dekho ab to tissues bhi khatam ho gaye. Batao na kya baat hai?

Meera: nobody absolutely nobody care for me. U also

Geet: arey wat I have done nw?

Meera: wat u have done? M here from last 3 weeks nd u didn’t got tym to meet me not even to talk me on call also. Everytym u just avoids me. Everyone avoids me. M really very much alone in dis world


Maan nd Yash r watching all dis nd tries hard to suppress their laughter by seeing her acting


Geet: Ab band karo apna yeh Emotional Atyachaar nd aisa nahi hai Meera. I was busy due to my presentation nd moreover Armaan was also over here from last 10 days so I was…

Meera (still weeping): Dekha I told u, u dnt care about me. Tum itna busy ho gayi thi dat u dnt have even tym to talk to me on call also nd wat u have u said Armaan aaya hua hai? Hw mean u r tumne mujhe bataya bhi nahi dat he has came. Actually tum chahti hi nahi ki main usse miloon tabhi tumne mujhe nahi bataya



Maan: Ye Armaan kaun hai?

Yash: Geet’s childhood friend. she must have told u yaar


Maan remembers many tymes Geet has mentioned his name.


Maan: ya I remember (den mutters) so dat guy was Armaan (den to Yash) y Meera is so much despo to meet him?

Yash: just like dat yaar. She’s just trying to create d environment. Nd anyways my Meera is not like dat

Maan: So u mean my Geet is like dat

Yash: I haven’t said dat nd anyways we can argue later also.




Geet (irritated): ab tum pehle decide kar lo ki tum naraaz kis baat pe ho. Main tumse itne din se nahi mili is baat pe ya maine tumhe Armaan ke aane k bare me nahi bataya is baat pe. Nd wat have u said I don’t care about u? if I don’t care about u na den I wouldn’t have leave Armaan in mid of d shopping to meet u ok. So better next tym think before u speak.


She said nd looks away nd Meera makes Baby face


Meera: I m sorry. I guess main zyada bol gayi

Geet: its ok. Nw tell me wats wrong?

Meera: Actually me nd Yash have a fight nd he broke up wid me




Maan: u didn’t told me dat u guys also broke-up

Yash: even I dnt knw till nw. god knows wats in her mind?




Geet: wat fir se?


She nodded innocently in yes nd Geet rolls over her eyes


Geet: r u guys Mad or wat? 3 saal se tum relationship me ho nd 3 saal me 300 baar break-up kar chuke ho nd Everytym its only ur mistake Meera. Y cant u control ur temper yaar? Nd anyways is baar tumne kya kiya?

Meera: wo actually he was busy in his college assignments from few days so not having much tym to spend wid me nd I thought dat he was avoiding me due to dat Swati

Geet: Swati?

Meera: wo uski classmate who had crush on Yash

Geet: ya ok.

Meera: so I was saying dat I thought he was avoiding me due to Swati wo she’s his partner in assignment na. so I thought dat ki Swati ko zyada attention de raha hai isiliye mujhe gussa aa gaya aur mera usse jhagda ho gaya

Geet: he didn’t tried to defend himself? But y even I m asking dis tumne use apne aage to bolne nahi diya hoga hai na?

Meera: Main kya karoon? I was hell angry at dat tym. Mujhe laga ki uske paas mere sath spend karne k liye tym nahi hai nd us Swati ke liye hai. Aur humara jhagda ho gaya nd he gets so much pissed off on me dat he broke up wid me

Geet (mutters): Kaun si nayi baat hai?

Meera: yeh sab na us Swati ki wajah se hua. I wont leave her




Yash: bechari Swati. Without any mistake she’s getting cursed.

Maan: tumhe badi chinta ho rahi hai? Meera ko bolu? Sach me break-up kar legi

Yash: r u mad? Main to aise hi bol raha tha. Tu to sach me break-up karayega




Geet: shut up Meera! Isme swati ki koi galti nahi hai ok

Meera: to kya meri galti hai?

Geet: yes. It was ur mistake only

Meera (innocently): haan to theek hai na. itna gussa kyun kar rahi ho?

Geet: den wat should I do? Meera mana ki tumhe us Swati pe trust nahi hai but Yash pe to hai na. from last 3 years u guys r committed nd he haven’t done anything against ur wish. even ur temper is worse nd u gets Mad on him without any reason but still he always bends to pacify u without even his mistake. Nd itna sab karne par bhi if u doubt on him like dis den definitely use gussa aayaega

Meera: I knw Geet. But u knw na jab mujhe gussa aata hai to fir mujhe kuch aur samajh nahi aata.

Geet: Meera, Pls never ever doubt on ur Love. Love nd Trust r d foundation of every relationship nd if any of dese r missing in any relationship den dere would be no point of carrying it. If dere is no Love nd Trust in relationship den it’ll become nothing but just a burden. Its really painful wen u see dat d person whom u love d most doesn’t trust u or doesn’t loves u


Meera looked at her. she very well understand wat is she feeling rite nw but to her luck she has to pretend like she dont know anything.


Geet: Meera, u r really very lucky that u had Yash in ur Lyf who loves u more den anything else. not every1 in dis world is as lucky enough to have true love. pls dnt let dis unnecessary Doubts of urs spoil ur relationship. he will never cheat on u, he’ll never leave u by saying dat dere is no Love between u two.


She said painfully while looking lost nd a drop of tear came from her eyes which was not remained unnoticed by Maan, Meera nd Yash. Maan felt pain in his heart wen he heard Geet’s words nd realize hw much he and hurted her. he closed his eyes regretting every word he said to her. hw could he hurt her so much. hw could he be so dumb to even think anything like dat. he just wanted to go to her nd hug her at dat very moment only nd apologise to her to hurt her so much.


Geet realized dat she’s getting carried away she quickly wipes away her tear nd looked at Meera who was looking at her concerned


Geet: u understand wat i m saying?

Meera(innocently): Ab ho gayi na Galti. kya karu hoon main Tubelight

She couldnt help herself smiling at her friend

Geet: Well, ab aage kya socha hai. Hw will u manofy him?

Meera: Wo… I planned a surprise date for him. nd dere I will say sorry to him. But I want ur help in it

Geet: What kind of help?

Meera: Wo… if u also cum wid me over dere

Geet: arey it would be ur date main waha aake kya karoongi?

Meera: See Yash is hell angry wid me. I’ll somehow convince him to cum over dere but agar waha pe kuch gadbad ho gayi to? I mean tu bas ek baar uska mood shaant kar dena after dat I’ll handle warna agar mujhe Gussa aa gaya to baat aur bigad jayegi. Pls Geet Pls Pls Pls Pls Pls Pls Pls (she literally Pleads like a Kid) Pls maan jao

Geet: ok ok Fine relax. I’ll cum wid u nd talk to him ok but last tym after dis if u’ll do sumthing like dis again den I wont help u

Meera: oh Geet Thank u Thank u Thank u Thank u Thank u Thank u Thank u Thank u so much. U r really a sweet heart. U always help me yaar. I love u yaar




Maan: I LOVE HER too

Yash (looking at him): Control




Geet: but aana kaha hai.

Meera: dat I’ll tell u at nite. Acha one more thing pls ache se well dress up hoke aana ok

Geet: Wait Wait Wait! Date tumhari hai Main kyun well drees up hoke aayu. I’ll just cum casually nd waise bhi main thodi der baad waha se chali jayungi so it needs u to get well Dress up

Meera (mutters): yaar ye koi baat seedhe se kyun nahi sunti (den to Geet) arey m saying dis because agar tum ache se dress up hoke aayogi to aas paas ka environment acha hoga nd agar environment acha hoga to sab kuch acha hoga.

Geet (rolling her eyes): Seriously sumtymes I really dnt get urlogics. Fine main ache se well dress up hoke aayungi. Happy?

Meera: very Happy. Thank u Geet.

Geet: Acha if ur Emotional Atyachaar is over den can I go nw? Armaan needs my help in shopping

Meera: ok but dnt forget to cum tomorrow

Geet: haan baba dnt worry. Can I go nw?

Meera: ok Bye nd Thanx Geet


She said nd hugged her. nd Geet leaves from dere nd Meera gives a thumbs up to both Maan nd Yash.


Maan is happy as Geet agreed to cum without suspecting anything. Nw he has to make sure dat everything goes fine nd Geet gives another chance to their relationship


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Hey my Lovely Readers. thanx a lot for ur overwhelming Response so far. nd ya HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY TO ALL OF U.  so without making u all wait any more m going to update d Part 12 of my SS. hope u all will like it too. pls feel free to criticuise if u all dnt like it.

Part 12:
Next Day Geet was busy wid Armaan to help him wid his Shopping. Nd Maan along wid Yash nd Meera was at d venue to prepare for d date. He has checked everything personally to make it sure that nothing goes wrong. Afterall he’s going to pacify his Love whom he had hurted a lot. It was not going to be an easy task but yet he doesn’t want to give up easily. He has arranged everything acc to Geet’s choice. Right from decorations to d music. Maan himself has arranged everything. Afterall it was d most important day of his lyf today. Hw could he be not particular of everything.


It took 5 hrs to Armaan nd Geet to finish up wid all his Shopping nd both were hell tired so dey decided to take lunch in nearby restaurant. Geet was not feeling good today. One reason is due to Armaan’s departure nd for other she herself dnt know. Dere’s an unknown feeling arising in her heart like something is going to happen today. Armaan was noticing her change of expressions nd sumwhere he knew d reason behind dis. it was due to his departure. He remembers wen he was going to US d very first tym hw much Geet has cried nd today also she was feeling Low because of his departure. But wat he felt is dat Dere’s sumthing also dats bothering her besides his departure.


Armaan: Hey Kiddo! Wat happen? U r not feeling well today?

Geet: No Armaan. M fine just feeling tired

Armaan: hhmmm. Kiddo u cant even say a lie properly. I knw dat u r feeling low because m going tomorrow

Geet: Hw do u knw?

Armaan: who knows u better den me. U remember wen I was going to US very first tym. Hw much u had cried?

Geet: ya, as I thought dat u’ll forget me wen u get settle over dere

Armaan: ya den only I knw hw much efforts I had to make to cheer u up.

Geet: ya I Remember.

Armaan: nd today also u r feeling d same. Rite?


Geet smiled weakly


Armaan: Kiddo, m still saying cum wid me to US yaar. U’ll definitely not regret ur decision

Geet: Armaan, I told u d reason na

Armaan: ok I understand. Anyways for ur information I had arranged d Visa nd other required Document for u

Geet: y?

Armaan: in case u change ur mind. Because I knw u since childhood. Tu pehle jis cheez k liye mana karti hai baad mein usi ke liye Agree ho jati hai

Geet: Armaan, dats not necessary ok. It depends on d situation

Armaan: ya I knw. But in case my luck favors me nd u agree to come wid me. So I dnt want to take d chance u knw

Geet: hhmmm lets see tera luck kitna kaam karta hai

Armaan: ya lets see. But u knw wat m having d feeling dat dere’s something else also dats bothering u besides my departure. Is it rite?

Geet: I dnt knw Armaan but m having d feeling dat sumthing is going to happen today which will change my lyf. I dnt know for Gud or for Bad

Armaan: dnt think too much Kiddo, whatever happen will happen for Good ok so stop thinking too much.

Geet: ya


Dere conversation gets interrupted wen dey heard Geet’s cell phone ringing wid d name Meera flashing over dere. She quickly picks it up


Geet: ya Meera wat happen?

Meera: just wanted to remind u dat u had to cum today

Geet: Meera, I remember dnt worry. I’ll cum to ur home by 7.00 nd from dere we’ll for venue ok.

Meera: no dnt cum to my home as venue is quite far from here I’ll do one thing I’ll pick u from ur home it’ll cum in d way only.

Geet: ok fine nd wat about Yash? Is he cuming?

Meera: ya.

Geet: ok den see u in evening ok. Bye

Meera: bye.


She said nd cuts d call nd looks at Armaan who was smiling


Geet: wat?

Armaan: Nothing just thinking ki Tum architecture chod ke koi dating counselor ban jao

Geet: Shut up Armaan! U cant be serious?

Armaan: arey m damn serious yaar. See no one can solve Love Problems as easily as u can not even me. Even better just open a website where everyone will cum there Love problems nd u give dem d solutions. Trust me it’ll definitely work.

Geet: Armaan, enough ok. No more leg-pulling nw

Armaan: ok ok fine. But do u seriously think dat dis tym Yash will forgive Meera

Geet: well cant say. We have to wait for d evening

Armaan: hhmmm Lets see.




In evening:


Mom: Geet, where r u going beta?

Geet: Nowhere Mom. Yash nd Meera ka patch up karane

Mom: Patch up?

Geet: ya dey both broke up na

Mom: wat? fir se?

Geet: ya. Nd nw dnt ask d reason?

Mom: Meera’s temper?

Geet nodded in yes

Mom: o god! Wen dis girl will grow up? Everytym she use to fight wid him. She should learn to control her temper.

Geet: Patch up karane ke baad aapse milwa doongi samjha dena ache se. main to samjha samjha k thak gayi.


She said while wearing her ear rings. Den look at her Mom


Geet: hw do I look?

Mom: pretty as always (she said while kissing her forehead) it seems like u had a date rather den Meera

Geet: Mom… Wat to do Meera has said dat ache se well dress up hoke aana so dat sab kuch acha ho. She’s such a stupid

Mom: whatever but dere’s no doubt dat she cares for u a lot

Geet: ya dats true


Suddenly dey heard d Horn of d car from outside. She says Bye to her Mom nd goes to Meera who was waiting eagerly for her in her car. She looks at her watch nd den at Meera


Geet: not bad Ms. Meera Raheja is on tym today

Meera: ya Afterall its such an imp day today

Geet: Wat? Meera u r saying like today is Grand Finale of sum reality show

Meera: well its not less den dat

Geet: u knw wat sometimes I really dnt get u

Meera: den dnt try. Nw c’mon lets go fast

Geet: ya lets go.




At d Venue:


As soon as Geet reached inside d hall she was dumbstruck by seeing d decorations. It seems like dis date is meant for her nd not for Meera. Everything was of her choice. Decorations, Flowers, Cake, music everything. Meera saw d change of expression on her face. She don’t want to Geet to get suspicious of anything. Derefore she quickly snaps her out of her thoughts


Meera: Kaisi lagi Arrangements?

Geet: its nice but…

Meera: but? Kuch kami hai

Geet: no Meera. I was saying dat it doesn’t seems dat all dis has been arranged for u nd Yash. I mean dere’s nothing of ur choice. See dese flowers. Dese r Orchids dat too Blue ones nd u like Red Roses nd Yash like Carnations

Meera: ya I saw actually d organizer over here got confused as he was on call wen I was telling him about d arrangement so I guess he got confused.

Geet: u haven’t complained him about dis

Meera: I want to but wen I saw d Arrangements over here den I couldn’t able to. I mean its all look so Good. So magical. Isn’t it?

Geet: ya.


She said nd looks around her. Everything was so perfect, so beautiful. No one can remain angry on his or her partner after seeing all dis. in d mean while Meera quickly texts Yash to ask dem where r dey nd within 5 minutes Yash texts back


“Near d Gate. Just make sum excuse nd leave from dere”


As soon as she reads d text she understands wat she has to do nw. she quickly acts like she has forgotten sumthing


Meera: oh Shit!

Geet (jumps up due to sudden scream): Wat happen?

Meera: Yaar I made a terrible mistake

Geet: wat have u done nw?

Meera: yaar I had taken a gift for Yash, u knw dat Patch up gift nd I forgot it at home only

Geet: Wat? R u serious?

Meera: u think i m joking. Everything has been spoiled. Meri poori Date spoil ho gayi (she said while crying)

Geet: Meera, Meera relax. Dnt cry ok. See ur make-up will get spoiled. Acha do one thing just tell me where u kept it. I’ll go to ur home nd bring it ok.

Meera: NO!!! u cant go


Geet knotted her brows at her sudden reaction. Meera realizes dat she’s going to do a blunder she quickly tries to cover up


Meera: I mean u cant go because its only u who can talk to Yash nd calm him down before I apologize to him. Nd if u go nd in mean while Yash came over here nd I could not able to talk to him properly den my all efforts will fail

Geet: so wat u want to do nw

Meera: I’ll go home nd bring it

Geet: wat? R u mad? Its ur date u cant go from here

Meera: See waise bhi abhi Yash aaya nahi hai. So u stay here nd check d Arrangements once more nd in d mean tym if Yash comes u talk to him nd try to make him understand dat I did dat all unintentionally. Pls Geet

Geet: ok Fine. But cum fast ok.

Meera: ya thanx Geet.

She said nd hugged her nd quickly goes outside. Geet shakes her head in disbelief nd again gets lost in d arrangements.


As soon as Meera goes outside she saw Yash nd Maan cuming inside. She quickly goes to dem.


Meera: I had arranged everything. She’s inside

Yash: but didn’t she doubt u due to ur Sudden leave

Meera: no I said dat I forgot d Gift at home dat I brought for u. (den to Maan) Maan nw ur destiny is at ur hand only. As far as I knw Geet she’s very stubborn but may be ur True Love compels her to leave her stubbornness. I can only pray for u both. ALL D BEST

Maan: hhmmm thanx Meera for everything


He said nd leaves from dere for Hall.


Meera: Yash, sab theek to ho jayega na

Yash (hugging her sideways): Dnt worry. Everything will go fine. Their Love will definitely triumph.

Meera (hugging him): Yash, I really pray dat dis day never cum to our life where I had to stay away from u. I’ll definitely Die

Yash: Ssshhh! Dnt say like dis Babu. We’ll never go away from each other. Nw only Death can Part us.


Yash: I LOVE YOU TOO BABU. Nw lets go we should stay near d hall only. Dnt knw wen dey needs us.

Meera: hhmmm


She said nd dey both too leaves from dere.




Geet was still lost in d decorations wen Maan reached at d Hall. He was dumbstruck wen she saw Geet over dere. She has wore Black Anarkali suit nd was looking out of dis world. He gets lost in her beauty nd unknowingly started moving towards her. she smiles while seeing d decorations it reminds her of their first date where Maan has arranged everything like dis only. He noticed her smiling while watching d decorations nd only he knows hw much her smile gives relieve to his aching heart. He finally stands behind her. Geet didn’t realize dat someone is behind her until he spoke


“Geet” he said in a husky voice which puts Geet in shock.


She recognizes whose voice is dis; she can never fail to recognize it. It was Maan. She was afraid to turn back. She dnt want to face him as dis tym if she’ll face him she’ll definitely gets weak. She silently praying to god dat it doesn’t turns out to be Maan while turning. As soon as she turns she saw Maan standing over dere in front of her looking at her wid smile like he had found sumthing precious. She looked at him wid a questioning eyes. She couldn’t understand y Fate is playing dis game wid her? y Everytym fate brings him in front of her wen she thinks dat she has moved on? She dnt want to think of any of d answers rite nw. she just wanted to go away from dere. She quickly regains herself nd moves from dere as soon as Possible. Before Maan realizes he saw her going towards d Door.


“No he cant let her go again. He cant lose her once again not before he says wat he want to say to her” he thought. He quickly runs behind her


Maan: Geet. Geet ruko


She didn’t stop nd started moving fast


Maan: Geet, meri baat suno pls. ruk jao


It seems like she’s not able to listen anything nd she continue moving towards d door wen Maan stops her by holding her wrist nd pulls her towards him. Dere faces were just mere inches away. She can see d numerous emotions in his eyes but she don’t want to lose herself in dem. She frees her hand nd again started to move from dere. As soon as she turned to leave he again holds her nd pins her against one of d Pillar. She tries to free herself from his grip but his grip gets tighter on her shoulders not leaving her. She started breathing heavily wen she looks into his eyes. She saw intensity, Passion, love in dem. She was not sure whether she was reading it right but she saw Love in dem for her. den she shrugged off her thoughts. He saw her eyes pleading him to leave her but he dnt want to leave her. He doesn’t want her to go away from her dis tym. He slowly cups her face nd looks into her eyes


Geet: Pls leave me Maan

Maan: No Geet, I cant let u go dis tym not until I say wat I want to say

Geet: I dnt want to listen anything Maan pls let me go.

Maan: u have to listen Geet. (He said nd leans more closer to her) I M SORRY Geet. I M REALLY VERY SORRY. Sorry for hurting u, Sorry for not understanding u, Sorry for not understanding ur Love. but trust me Geet, I never intend to hurt u, I dnt knw hw all dis happens. Pls dnt go away from me Geet. I cant live without u. I really cant.


He said nd touches his forehead wid hers. Her eyes began to get watery. She was not able to believe wat she was listening nd seeing in his eyes. It all seems like a dream to her. she can feel his warm breath on her face. She holds her Dupatta tight to control herself from losing. He slowly draws back his face nd looks at her nd saw tears in her eyes. He slowly kissed away her tears from one eye den moved to another. He again looks at her while cupping her face


Maan: Geet pls. dnt cry. I cant see d tears in ur eyes. Geet pls I M SORRY. I knw I was a jerk, I was a fool dat I couldn’t able to realize my feelings, dat I was at Illusion dat dere is no Love between us but just an Attraction but d fact is dere’s always Love between us nd nothing else. Geet tum to apne Maan ki har galti Maaf kar deti ho na den pls, pls Forgive me dis tym also. I knw I have hurted u, I knw I gave u pain but trust me Geet since d day u left me, since d day u walk out from my lyf I couldn’t able to spend a day peacefully. Everytym I saw ur face in front of me. Everytym ur silence haunted me. D fact dat u didn’t questioned me once, didn’t said anything to me was killing me inside. I m dyeing every second, every minute, every day without u Geet. Nd den only realize dat I m in love wid u. infact I was always in love wid u Geet. I dnt knw hw I got distracted, I dnt knw y I listened to dose people who didn’t even know me well nd has came into conclusion dat thing between us was an attraction but its not Geet. Pls Forgive me. Pls come back to my lyf. u give any punishment to me i’ll accept it but pls dnt stay away from me. I cant live without u Geet. I LOVE YOU. I REALLY REALLY LOVE YOU nd dis tym I m not in any kind of confusion. I m truly, madly nd Deeply in Love wid u. I LOVE YOU GEET. I LOVE YOU


He said while engulfing his fingers in her hairs nd looking straight into her eyes to find an answer, to find d Love for him which was always dere.


Maan: Geet, pls Say something, pls dnt be quiet like dis. Pls Geet I LOVE YOU


Geet too looked in his eyes not understanding whether to believe him dis tym or not.  She don’t know wat to say to him. She saw true feelings in his eyes but she was scared to believe him again. She was scared to love again. No she can’t believe him, cant give in not even if her heart also says so. She quickly snaps his hand away nd frees herself from his grip.


Maan was taken aback wid her sudden reaction. He had not expected dis behaviour from her. He thought dat she may be yell at him or can even slap him but she has again not said anything nd frees herself from his grip. Geet quickly ran towards d Door nd stops in her tracks wen she saw Yash nd Meera standing over dere shocked nd clueless. Nw everything was making sense to her. Meera telling her about her break-up, Arranging d Date, bringing her over here, Arranging everything according to her choice nd den suddenly leaving from here saying dat she has forgotten her gift. She couldn’t believe dat Meera knows everything at d first place nd den after knowing all dis she has helped Maan to arrange all dis. More den Hurt she was angry dis tym. Every member in d hall was close enough to her; Maan, Meera, Yash everyone nd everyone has tricked her. her anger has no limit nw


Geet (To Meera): Oh! So dis was d Date dat u had planned for Yash? Dis was d date where u r going to apologize to him? Nd by the way u have gone to home na to get ur gift den wat r u doing over here wid Yash

Meera (going towards her): Geet, listen to me…

Geet: Shut up Meera! I dnt want to listen anything. Samajhte kya ho tum aur Yash apne aap ko? Koi Match-makers ho, Dating Counselors ho jo mera Relationship sudharne aaye the. Khud ka relationship sambhala nahi jata tum logo se Baat Baat pe Break-up kar lete ho nd meri Love Story set karne chale the. I didn’t expect dis from u Meera. For once I can Forgive Yash as he was Maan’s Best friend nd he knows me from just couple of years but Meera u, u knw me since childhood na. Still u tricked me so dat I can come over here. Hw could u Meera? It seems dat u came to knw everything dat happens between me nd Maan nd still u supported him in his deeds. I thought dat atleast u care for me but no u also don’t care for me

Meera: its not like dat. I care for u. I want to see u happy nd trust me I had supported him for ur Happiness only. Maan really loves u Geet. I had seen it in his eyes. He’s really repenting for wat he did to u

Geet: Love? About which Love r u talking Meera, d same love which he failed to realize even in d period of 2 yrs also. U had really hurted me a lot Meera. Really hurted me a Lot


Meanwhile Maan came to her. he don’t want to create a rift between Meera nd Geet due to him.


Maan: Geet, its not Meera fault. I asked her for her help so that I can apologize to u so dat I can confess my true feelings to u.

Geet: Feelings? Which Feelings Maan? D same feelings which u named as Attraction dat day. Wat do u think of urself Maan, nd above all Wat d hell do u think about me? A Puppet or a Doll dat u’ll make me move according to u. whenever u want u can cum into my lyf nd wenever u want u can walk out by saying dat dere was never a Love between us nd den suddenly out of nowhere u again come nd say dat u truly Loves me. U think its easy to forget nd forgive everything

Maan: Geet I knw its not easy. I knw I was at Fault but I truly Love u Geet. Pls Forgive me.

Geet: y? Y Maan? Y should I forgive u? y should I believe u? Y should I believe dat d things dat u had said nw r true? Y it was only about u Maan? Ur Feelings, ur Love, urur confusion, ur guilt, ur forgiveness. Everytym its about u only. in sab me main kaha hoon Maan? You don’t know how it feels to be in my shoes. Wat about my Emotions, my Feelings. I had opened my Heart to u nd u broke it badly without thinking twice dat hw it’ll affect me. Wat do u think m a kind of God dat Everytym u make a mistake nd says Sorry to me nd I forgive u like nothing has Happened? Maan, m not a God, m a human. I too had Feelings, I Too had emotions. Nd u have played wid my Feelings, wid my emotions. Meri kya galti thi Maan. yahi na dat i loved u, dat i trusted blindly on u. Y had u came to my lyf Maan? Y? I haven’t called u, I had accepted d fact dat dere is no one in d world who can love me, who can care for me nd my feelings den y had u came nd given me false hopes dat u love ,me, dat u care for me but d fact was u also turned to be like others. U dnt care about me Maan u had never cared about me. U had always taken me for granted Maan. Everytym u just cared about u nd only u. (she said while clutching his collar)

Maan: aisa nahi hai Geet, I care for u. I cared for u yesterday also nd nw also

Geet: O really! Datsy u haven’t thought twice before hurting me. Datsy u broke my heart Inspite of knowing dat I was a heart broken Girl, dat my trust has been badly broken. Nd dat too in d influence of other people. Tumne mujhse Friendship kisi ke kehne pe ki thi, Mujhe Propose kisi se pooch ke kiya tha? Nahi na? To fir kaise kisi ke kehne pe yeh Faisla le liya dat dere was never Love between us. Kaise insaan ho tum Maan jo khud apne hi Dil ki baat nahi samajh sakte? Someone has said dat Maan dere was no love between u nd Geet nd u agreed to it nd today u r saying dat u accept ur mistake nd u Love me nd dere was never an attraction between us kal fir se koi aake bol dega dat Maan dere is no love aur tum fir uski baat pe believe karke mujhe hurt kar doge. Hai na?

Maan: No Geet, Trust me I m really regretting of whatever I said to u. I Really Really Love you Geet. Trust me.

Geet: Aaj keh diya aaj ke Baad kabhi mat kehna ki Trust me. I cant trust u anymore nw Maan.


By saying dis she turned to leave. Maan tried to stop her but she stopped him by showing her hand nd ran away from there as fast as she can wid tears in her eyes. Maan stood over dere on his knees nd closes his eyes in pain. Every word of Geet is true he has taken her for granted. He has always cared for his feelings only. Den also nd nw also. Even today also he thought that he’ll apologize to her nd she’ll forgive him. He haven’t thought it won’t be easy for her to trust him again, to love him again. He has ruined his lyf by his hands only, he himself was responsible for his condition. He himself has pushed Love away from his lyf. Tears have started falling from his eyes. He still couldn’t believe dat Geet has not forgiven him. Meera nd Yash has tried to console him but that couldn’t help him.



Geet comes to her home running. Misha has opened d door nd before she could ask anything she straight away ran to her Room, She thanked her luck dat she didn’t have to face her Mom as she was at kitchen. She closes d Door behind her nd leans against it nd cried remembering about d incident dat has just passed. She wanted to believe on every word dat Maan has said but her heart somewhere refuse to believe him, to trust him once again. She needs tym, she needs to go away from here. She quickly takes out her cell phone nd calls Armaan


Geet: Hello Armaan!

Armaan: Kiddo! Wat happen? Y ur voice is so tensed? Is everything ok?

Geet: Armaan, m cuming US wid u.

Armaan: but Kiddo all of a sudden

Geet: Pls dnt ask me anything Armaan. Just tell me wen I had to leave

Armaan: ok. We’ll leave for Delhi tomorrow morning nd from dere to US in evening

Geet: ok den I’ll see u at d airport. Bye


She said nd cuts d call without even letting him complete. Armaan looks at d Phone confused wid her sudden change of behaviour but he can’t do anything until he meets her. Geet on d other hand don’t know y she has done dat. She don’t know from whom she was running, From Maan or from d Reality but she didn’t want to be over dere. Dere is no courage left in her to tolerate one more heart break in future nd derefore she has taken dis decision to run away. Dnt knw from whom, Maan, d reality or from herself.


she dont know wat will she say to her Mom, wat will she say to Misha wen dey will ask for her sudden decision but all she knows dat she wants to go away from dere. Situation is really ironic for her nw. Geet Handa who use to solve other’s Love Problems is now running from her own problems, is now not able to find solution for her own Love Problem.


5 yrs Later:


A very big day for KC as dere MD has won d Best Businessman  of d year Award third tym in a row. Its been just 4 years since he’s handling d business nd no one has reached to dis Level in dis much Short span of tym where he is. He has became d Role Model for d Youngsters but yet dere was something about him which no one can predict. Its not easy for anyone to impress him. He needs Perfection in everything. One mistake nd u r out of d office. Despite of being his ruthless nature he was still respected by every staff of his office nd derefore dey arranged for a small celebration for their MD. Everything was perfect but yet dey scared wid his Reaction as he don’t like Staff getting personal.



Alarm of d Office rings dat indicates of his Arrival. Everyone started rushing here nd there, taking their places checking their ties, arranging d important files.


Nd dere he arrives in his black Mercedes along wid his Bodyguards. A Young man in his 20s, determined, Passionate, Rich, Powerful nd Extra ordinary Sense of Business. D rivals have to think twice before dey can plot against him. He has climbed all the peak in his career & achieved the heights in business field that no one could. He gets wat he wants. He is MAAN SINGH KHURANA, MD OF KHURANA’S CONSTRUCTION



As he entered inside his office he saw d arrangements made by his staff in honor of him. His hands turned into fists in anger as inspite of being Warned by him also his staff still getting personal wid him. He was about to Yell at dem wen something stopped him


“If someone do something for you whole-heartedly wid all dere Love, den you should appreciate dem even if u dnt like it also rather den Discouraging dem”


He closes his eyes remembering d words dat she use to say to him. He takes a Deep breath nd looks at d faces of his staff members. Dey were extremely Terrified nd scared seeing him in Anger. some of dem have even Frowned also wen dey felt dat dere Efforts r all waste, dey cant make dere Boss happy. Just den all of dem saw him smiling silently appreciating for dere Efforts. Well dat was a site dat dey usually never sees. He looked at d calm faces of dere staff nd smiled nd to their surprise he spoke softly to dem


Maan: Thank u. Thank u everyone for all ur Efforts. I really Appreciate wat u all had done for me. Its because of hard Work of u all dat KC has reached to dis level nd m getting honored like dis. I hope u all will support me like dis only in d future also. Nd for dat u all need to get back to ur respective works. So get back to work now.


He said nd walked straight to his cabin nd rested on his chair. He made a call to his secretary asking her to cancel all his meetings for today as he needed to spend sometime wid himself today. He closed his eyes nd rested his head on his chair just to get lost in her memories.


Maan’s Monologue:


I closed my eyes remembering her wondering hw she still managed to control me nw also even not being wid me. Its been 5 yrs since she left me but it seems like it was yesterday only wen she walk out from my life saying “I cant trust u anymore”. Dose were d last words dat she said to me nd den walks out from my lyf leaving a scar on my heart but dat was nothing to d comparison to d wound I gave to her. she was right hw can she trust me anymore wen I myself cant trust myself anymore. I broke d heart of d girl who had always truly loved me, forgetting all her past dat she was having she just loved me whole heartedly nd in return I only gave her pain which has teared her apart. She is not wid me today but still I feel her presence around me. Her appreciation is dere in my every success, she was dere to console me wenever I fail to perform. She was dere to share my happiness, her permission is dere in every decision I take. Just like today wen I was about to yell at staff she stopped me from doing so. She has never gone far away from me. Hw can she wen she’s still in my heart


But still my Heart Bleeds. Still my Heart cries. Still my heart is craving just to hear her voice once again, just to touch her once again, just to see her smile once again, just to see dat Love, dat trust in her eyes once again which I had broken, just to hug her once again to keep her closer to me not to let go away from me. I know d punishment m getting staying away from her is truly deserving infact I deserve more den dat. I deserve d worst punishment for hurting d Angel dat holds my hand in d darkness.


(Maan’s Monologue ends)


“Maan, u doesn’t care for me nw, but u’ll realize my importance once I would be no longer in ur lyf!!!!!!”


Dese r d words dat always buzz in his mind wenever he think of her actually dere is not a single moment wen he don’t think of her. but she was right he thought. He really didn’t care for her wen she was wid him nd nw wen she has gone from his lyf he realize her importance, hw much she mean to him. he has lost everything since d day she walked out from his lyf. He punishes himself everyday for hurting her. His inside is on Fire nd he knows dat only she can relieve him, only she can sooth him from his pain.


He opens d drawer nd takes out her Photo nd smiled. Dis was his only companion since she left him. He talks to her photo Everytym like she was in real. If any outsider sees him like dis den definitely consider him as a Mad person but he didn’t care for anyone all he cares for his Geet. He closed his eyes once again nd again his mind drifted towards d memories of 5 years ago wen she left him.




He fell on his knees, closing his eyes in pain. Tears have started falling from his eyes. Hid Life, his only Love has walk out from his life. His heart shattered into pieces wen she said dat she cant trust him anymore. He don’t know to whom he blame; himself or d Circumstances dat forced him to break her heart. He cursed himself for being dis much immature dat he breaked her heart. Yash nd Meera tried to console him but dat couldn’t help him. He slowly gets up nd starting moving outside. Meera tries to stop him but Yash holds her hand gesturing her to leave him alone dis tym. He needs tym to absorb everything.


He was walking lost in silent road wid a heavy heart not sure where he’s heading to. He was just walking. He was unaware of d whole world. His whole world has shattered in front of his eyes nd only he was responsible for dis. hw badly he wished dat all dis turned out to be a nightmare but unfortunately its not. The words of Geet were still echoing in his ears while he was walking




“Y it was only about u Maan? Ur Feelings, ur Love, ur care, ur confusion, ur guilt, ur forgiveness”


“in sab me main kaha hoon Maan?”


“Y had u came to my lyf Maan? Y? I haven’t called u, I had accepted d fact dat dere is no one in d world who can love me, who can care for me nd my feelings den y had u came nd given me false hopes dat u love ,me, dat u care for me but d fact was u also turned to be like others.”


“U dnt care about me Maan u had never cared about me. U had always taken me for granted Maan. Everytym u just cared about u nd only u.”


“Tumne mujhse Friendship kisi ke kehne pe ki thi, Mujhe Propose kisi se pooch ke kiya tha? Nahi na? To fir kaise kisi ke kehne pe yeh Faisla le liya dat dere was never Love between us”.


“Kaise insaan ho tum Maan jo khud apne hi Dil ki baat nahi samajh sakte?”



“Aaj keh diya aaj ke Baad kabhi mat kehna ki Trust me. I cant trust u anymore nw Maan.”



Nd as he remembers d last statement given by her he broke down completely. He fell on his knees in d middle of d road nd cried his heart out. D fact dat Geet dnt trust him has teared him apart. He remembered all d moments he spend wid her.


“GEET!!!!!!” he screamed out loudly like it’ll help him to reach his voice to her ears.


“Y? Y I did that? Y did I broke her heart? She always gave Love to me nd I just gave her pain in return. Geet I m Sorry pls come back. I promise I’ll never hurt u again. I promise I’ll never let u cry again. Pls give me one last chance. I LOVE YOU GEET PLS COME BACK.”


He said nd broke down in tears completely. It started raining but he didn’t move an inch. It seems he lost d track of tym. All he could think is Geet, her pain. He hates himself for being dis much mean. He hates himself for being dis much immature.


He don’t know hw many seconds, hw many minutes, hw many hours he sat over dere crying until Yash came in search of him nd take him to his home forcefully.




Next morning, he was pacing restlessly in Yash’s room. Its been 1 hr. since Meera has gone to Geet’s place to talk to her but still dere was no news from her. he asked Yash to call Meera to ask about wats happening over dere. He was about to call her wen he sees her cuming thru d Door. Her facial expression can easily say dat she was scared to tell wat happen over dere. She don’t know hw to tell Maan wat she came to know over dere. As soon as Maan notices her he quickly goes to her nd grabbed her by her shoulders


Maan: Meera, tum mili Geet se? Baat ki usse? Kya bola usne? Wo mujhe ek mauka degi na? wo mujhe Maaf kar degi na? Wo muhse baat karegi na?


Meera stood dere numb not sure hw to tell him. Maan restlessness was increasing by every second nd Meera’s silence was only driving him insane


Maan: Meera, y aren’t u saying sumthing? Bolo Na kya kaha usne?

Meera: Maan wo Geet…

Maan: Wo Geet kya Meera? Bolo na kya hua waha


It takes whole of her courage to say d harsh truth to him.


Meera: Maan, Geet chali gayi hai.

Maan: Chali gayi hai? Kaha chali gayi hai? Meera Saaf saaf batao ki kya baat hai

Meera: Maan, She has gone to US. Hamesha hamesha ke liye

Maan: No, dis cant be true. Meera u r joking rite? Pls Meera ye mazak ki baat nahi hai. Yash tum bolo na Meera ko ki aisa Mazak mat kare.


He said while looking at Yash who was equally shocked to know dat Geet left


Meera: Maan, m not joking. Dis is true. Geet has gone.

Maan: NO!!!, dis cant be true. She can’t go. Wo mujhe chod ke nahi ja sakti. Wo apne Maan ko chod ke nahi ja sakti. U must have heard wrong. She loves me, she loves me more den herself. I knw she’s angry on me but still she cant leave me like dis. she knows dat i cant live without her. she cant leave

Meera: Maan, dis is true. Geet has gone.


Maan’s world seems still over dere wen he came to know d fact dat Geet has left. He can’t think of any other thing nw. just d fact dat Geet left him is buzzing in his mind.


Yash: Meera, wat r u saying? Hw can dis be Possible? Geet was never intended to leave her family behind like dis

Meera: I too was equally shocked Yash wen Misha told me. She said dat last nite wen she came back she was very upset nd den taken dis Decision all of a sudden. No one has any clue wat has happened all of a sudden. Maan I…


She turned to Maan only to find him moving silently towards d Door. He was not concentrating in any of d word of Yash nd Meera’s Conversation. All he could think is dat Geet has left him. Without saying a further word he moves outside nd headed towards his Mansion.




He quietly goes to his room without having any kind of conversion to anyone. His heart has shattered into million pieces. His world has crashed down in front of his own eyes. just one mistake, just one wrong word nd his whole lyf has changed. He has never thought that Geet will give him dis Punishment for wat he did. He literally wanted to die at dat very moment even d Death was very small punishment to him.


He looked himself in Mirror. He felt disgusted on himself. Hw could he? Hw could he break her heart? d same heart which had immense love for him nd nw only hatredness was dere for him which was unbearable to him. he felt frustrated nd self disgusted nd in frustration he just punched d Mirror making his knuckle bleed, but dat pain was nothing in front of d Pain he was having in his heart. he punched again wen he remembers her painful eyes dat day wen he named their Love as an Attraction. He again punched d Mirror wen he realize d fact dat he hurted her. D mirror was broke into pieces, his hand was bleeding badly but he was nowhere to stop. he kept on punching d mirror. He wants to give himself an immense amount of pain for hurting her.


Maan: Y? Y I couldn’t understand her? y I couldn’t understand her Love? y I was so immature? She hates me. She hates me to d core datsy she left me? I deserve it, I deserve it for hurting her. she left without even giving me a chance to speak, without even giving me a chance to prove my Love. Y I was so dumb at dat Tym? Y!!!!!!!!!!?


Nd by saying dis he gave another thrust to d Mirror breaking it completely. Blood was oozing badly but it seems nothing to him as compared to his own Bleeding heart. he was again going to punch his hand wen he heard a scream from Behind


“Maan Bete!!!!!!!!”


He turned behind nd saw his Dadimaa standing behind him scared nd horrified wid his actions. She ahs never seen his grandson like dis. he was always a cheerful person but today his condition is vulnerable. She was noticing d change in his behaviour from couple of days but she thought dat it may be due to studies but today wat was she seeing was extremely unbearable to her. she quickly goes to him nd took his hand which was Bleeding badly.


Savitri Devi: Ye kya kar rahe hai Aap? Aisa kya ho gaya jo aap khud ko chot pahucha rahe hai? U haven’t thought of me once? Hw will I able to bear it seeing u in dis situation?


Maan broke down completely nd hugged his Dadimaa nd cried bitterly. He has never cried in front of her not even wen his Parents died but today d pain was too much for him to handle alone.


Maan (cried): She left Dadimaa. She left. Wo kyun mujhe chod ke chali gayi Dadimaa. Y has she haven’t given me another chance? Y she haven’t given me a chance to prove my Love. I m very bad Dadimaa, very Bad. I broke her heart, broke her trust. Datsy she has given me dis Punishment. I love her Dadimaa, I truly love her nd she too Loves me, more den herself but now she only hates me. Y I couldn’t able to recognize her Love, y I said dose mean words to her, y Dadimaa y?


Savitri Devi was not having idea about what Maan is talking but one thing was cleared to her by nw Dat Maan has actually fallen in Love wid someone nd due to sum Problems she left him. but dat she can find later on. For now she needs to console him. he was d only reason foe her to live. She patted her back softly to calm him down nd den slowly clears his wounds nd called d Doctor for d treatment




1 month has passed since Geet left but Maan’s condition was still d same. Yash nd Meera tried a Lot to let him move on but he refused to talk to anyone. He has shifted to outhouse. He thinks dat he don’t deserve anyone’s Love not even his Dadimaa’s nd Datsy he started remain aloof from outer world. Whole wall of his Rooms r filled wid Geet’s Pictures, Everytym he talks to her picture asking her to forgive him, to come back to him. Telling her dat he truly loves her. D situation was getting worse for him day by day. Even a minute without her was unbearable to him. he was nothing more den a Living Dead Body without her


Every morning he woke up wid a hope dat Today Geet will call him, dat today she will say to him dat she has given him another chance; but every nite his Hope just shattered. Nd finally one day he loses all his patience. He decides to end dat Lyf in which Geet is not dere. He searched for his sleeping pills nd finally found it in d drawer. He takes out all of dem nd was about to have dem wen he heard d knock at d Door. He opened it only to find his servant over dere.


Maan: Wats it Nakul?

Nakul: Sir! Dadimaa has asked me to give u dis Courier. It has came dis evening.

Maan: hhmmm thanx (he said while taking it) u can go nw


By saying dis he again shuts d Door nd looked at d Courier. It was present for him nd at d Present “FOR MY MAAN” is written. he don’t have to guess from whom it was.


He quickly unwraps it nd found a Letter which was written 2 months before nd a Box in it. He keeps d Box at d table nd quickly opens d Letter.




HAPPY B’DAY SHONA. I knw I m wishing u one day before but I just wanted to be d first one to wish u. I dnt knw y but from few days m feeling dat something is going to happen in our lives which will change our lives forever. I don’t know it will be for Good or For Bad nd derefore I decided to take dis Gift for u nw only so if something worse happen in future den I would be able to wish u first. Acha nw open d Box m so excited to see ur reaction after seeing it


He quickly opens d Box nd founds a watch in it which seems quiet expensive. He didn’t understand y Geet has gifted him Watch wen she has already given him one. He again reads d Letter to find his answer


Mujhe pata hai tum kya soch rahe ho yahi na ki maine tumhe fir se watch gift kyun ki? Jab pehli baar maine tumhe Watch gift ki thi to main chahti thi ki tum lyf me Puntual rehna seekho nd I dnt think dat it actually worked (he closed his eyes remembering Everytym he makes her wait) but dis watch well dis is not an ordinary Watch. U knw it works on ur Pulse rate nd it’ll only stop wen ur pulse stops. I had gifted u so dat my care will always be wid u even if m not dere wid u.


Nd if u Love me den u’ll take care of dis watch also nd for dat u’ll take care of urself. Waise samajhdaar ko ishaara kafi hota hai nd m sure u also understand dat wat u have to do nw. u have to take care of urself even more nw. waise to I’ll be dere wid u always to take care of u but in case I wont be dere den dis watch will make u feel mine presence nd u’ll keep on reminding dat u have to take care of urself not for u but for me but that’s in d case if u truly Love me (“Ofcourse I Love u Geet. I Truly Love you” he said in pain). So from nw on ur Heart beats, ur every breath belongs to me, its my lyf nw dare u being careless towards urself Waise m sure dat u’ll always keep dis watch safe nd for dat u’ll keep urself safe. Hai na?


Urs Geet.

As d letter ended tears has started falling from his eyes. he cant believe it that she loves him too much dat she cared for him even wen she was not dere wid him. dis again Proves hw much stronger her Love was den his.


Today again she saves him from ending his lyf. She again saves him from drowning in d darkness. She has again proved dat she is his Angel in every sense. She kept her promise dat “her Presence will always be around him even if she was not dere wid him”. yes she was true, she was true to her every Promise it was only he who failed to perform his promises but not nw.


If she wants to see him safe nd sound den he’ll be. He silently Promised her dat he’ll take care of himself just for her. dis indicates dat she wanted him to wait for her, she’ll definitely cum back. Yes he’ll wait for her, he’ll wait for her till Eternity nd he was sure dat one day she’ll definitely cum back


Maan (To himself): y u love me dis Much Geet? I don’t deserve even a ounce of ur Love nd u just shower me wid all ur Love even today also. I Promise Geet I Promise dat I’ll take care of myself. I Promise dat I’ll Wait for u. I have faith on my Love nd more den dat ur Love. if dis is d punishment which u have given to me den I’ll face dis Punishment of staying away for u if it only proves my Love to u den I accept it silently. I’ll wait for u Geet, I’ll wait.


******~~~~~~Back to Present~~~~~********


Nd since dat day everything has changed. He, his lyf everything. Dat was his second Lyf which she has given to him which was totally hers nw. he has changed nw he was not d same Maan anymore. His lifestyle, his Priority everything changes.


He started being Punctual because she don’t like Late comers, he loves Rain because she Loves Rain, He spends tym in d Weekend at d Orphanage because she Loves Kids. He has taken his Studies Seriously because she wanted him to be settling down on his own feet. To make his own identity nd he did. He has transformed from Maan to MAAN SINGH KHURANA a big name in Business World. His company was at No. 1 in d whole country which was not even at d tym of his Dad, at d tym of his Dadimaa.


Everything changes even his own attitude. He became ruthless, arrogant nd Rude but dat was just from outside. Dat was just for outer world so dat no one can guess d Pain he had inside his heart of not being her wid him. from inside he was still Maan. His Geet’s Maan. D same Maan who was still over dere where she left him so dat wen she come back den she don’t have to find him. no doubt he was still a charmer. Girls just die for his one look but he never gave attention to any of dem. his heart, his Soul has long taken away by her.


It was not difficult for him to find her whereabouts. He can easily find out where is she? Hw is she? But still he didn’t because he wanted to live d Punishment dat she has given to him. he knows dat she is fine nd safe because if she was not den he also wouldn’t be alive till nw which indicates dat she is fine nd is dere wid him.


As time fades away
I sit and think of how things were
Holding a picture of you
Wishing you were here with me
Cause since the day you walked out of my heart
I’ve been devastated
Pacing back and forth thinking of a way to get you back
I need you, I need my true love
When you left I lost a part of my life
I never knew how much I loved you until now
Please come back
Please come back and tell me that you won’t ever leave me again
Cause what we have is too strong to lose

 (From Maan to Geet)



“I LOVE YOU GEET nd STILL WAITING FOR U” he said while opening his eyes. all dese 5 years was not easy for him to live without her but still he lived everyday wid d hope dat one day she’ll forgive him, dat one day she’ll come back to him. d watch given by her is still dere wid him he never removes ot from his wrist because dat was her gift to remind him dat she wants to see him safe nd sound always


His thoughts were distracted wen he heard d knock at his cabin. He quickly puts d Photo back at drawer nd straighten himself


Maan: Come in.


He said nd looked at d Person who entered inside d Door none other den his Best friend nd nw his Business Partner Yash.


Yash: Congrats Dude! U won d award dat too d 3rd one in a row

Maan: thanx. But y r u late to Office today. U knw na dat I…

Yash: ya ya I knw I knw dat u dnt like Late comers but wat to do yaar. Dis Meera will definitely Drive me crazy one day. I don’t know y dese women have so much Mood swings in Pregnancy. I was about to leave wen she said dat she wants Chocolate Ice-cream nd asks me to take to an Ice-cream Parlour. Nd if I would refused den u also know wat would happen after dat


Maan said nothing but slowly chuckles at his Condition


Yash: has lo tum bhi Has lo. Wen all dis happen wid u na den u’ll realize hw it feels to be in my shoes.

Maan: Well dat wont be soon u have to wait until she returns so till den u have to enjoy Mood swings of Meera


Yash looked at him in surprise. he was still in d hope dat one day she’ll return back to him wen even he had lost all d hopes dat she’ll cum back someday. In dese 5 yrs his Love for Geet has only increased may be datsy he’s having dis much strength to live without her. to bear his silent pain


Maan: nd BTW if u r having dis much problem wid her Mood swings den just tell her clearly wait I’ll tell her myself (he said nd started dialing her no.)

Yash (stopping him): R u Mad? Already she threatens me Everytym. Before Marriage it was break-up nd after dat Divorce. I dnt remember nw hw many tymes our Lawyer has prepared our Divorce Papers.

Maan: but u cant ignore d fact dat she truly Loves u. datsy everytym its only she who tore dat Papers away

Yash: ya dats true nd due to which m ready to bear all her tantrums. Ah BTW I had came to ask u something

Maan: ya tell me

Yash: I wanted to ask dat u r cuming in d evening na at Mr. Mehra’s Party

Maan: no Yash m not

Yash: but y? he’s such an important client.

Maan: hoga but not important den dis day. U knw very well dat I spend dis day only wid myself. so u go nd Attend d Party on my behalf.

Yash: hhmmm


He nodded realizing dat its useless to force him. He’ll not go anywhere today. It was d day dat he use to spend wid himself alone.




At Evening in Mansion:


Savitri Devi: Maan I need to talk to u

Maan: Yes Dadimaa

Savitri Devi: Maan Mrs. Sharma has sent a proposal for u of her daughter. She is…

Maan: Dadimaa pls. I dnt want to refuse u Everytym but pls try to understand I dnt want to get married.

Savitri Devi: But y? yeh sab kab tak chalega Maan? Aap bhool kyun nahi jate use?

Maan: Ek baar bhoolne ki galti kar chuka hoon Dadimaa. Dobara nahi karna chahta. Wo waapas aayegi zaroor aayegi


He said nd leaves from dere without giving her chance to speak further. His answer was usual for her. Everytym she ask him to forget her nd Everytym he gives d same answer. She knows dat Maan loves Geet very much but frankly speaking she has lost all her hopes of Geet cuming back no doubt she has full trust on dere Love but she cant see her grandson bearing d pain of separation anymore


Savitri Devi: Aap kaha hai Geet? Pls Waapas aa jayiye. Hum Maan ko aise nahi dekh sakte.




Same Day at US:


Whole house was filled wid guests nd lots of rush was dere. It seems some preparations is going on over dere for some ceremony. Whole house was decorated beautifully wid Flowers nd curtains. Afterall it was a big day for dem nd dey wants it to be perfect.


Dere she was getting Ready in her Room. Simple, sober nd yet Beautiful. She has wore Baby Pink Saree wid light matching jewellary. Her sister along wid another girl was helping her in her Make-up nd finally dey finishes wid dere make up nd Looks at her.


Girl: Nw here u go. Sweet, simple, Sober nd yet beautiful. My Di! Proud to be a sister of Geet Handa.


Dats wen she looks herself in d mirror. For once she couldn’t even recognize herself. Her sister has done really a good job.


Geet: thanx Misha.

Misha: Hey Wildy, I haven’t done all dis alone u have to thank to Shilpa Di also

Geet: ofcourse Afterall she’s d Master mind behind all dis. Thanx Shilpa

Shilpa: c’mon Geet dnt be so Formal. M ur friend nd it was ur Big day. Atleast itna to kar hi sakti hoon na.

Geet: ya dats ok but y u guys haven’t got ready yet. Guest would be arriving soon nd u guys r still over here.

Shilpa: arey it wont take much tym. Aur waise bhi Aaj to aapka din hai. Geet Handa ka who has won 2 tymes in a row d prestigious Young Achievers Award. Isiliye Saari Limelight to tumhe hi milegi aur jo thodi bahut bach jayegi wo main aur Misha share kar lenge. Rite Mish?

Misha: Rite Di (she said while giving high Five to her)

Geet: finished wid ur Leg-pulling. Shilpa ye to hamesha se hi jhalli thi but u also. I dnt knw from where she gets inspiration to become a Fashion Designer god knows hw everyone likes her designed dress but Atleast u behave mature yaar.

Misha: Oh hello d Dress which u r wearing is designed by me only ok. So dare not say anything about my profession

Shilpa: acha nw stop both of u. Mish atleast aaj ke din to use tang mat karo.

Geet: Leave it Shilpa. She wont change. Anyways Where is Armaan? I haven’t seen him since morning

Shilpa: God knows pata nahi kaha chala gaya hai? Keh raha tha koi important kaam hai use khatam karna hai

Geet: yeh Armaan bhi na. never shows up in tym. he knows dat i dnt like late comers still he cant change, Anyways u guys go nd Get ready. I’ll call him nd ask.


Dey nodded nd left from dere for dere respective rooms to get ready. In d mean while Geet calls Armaan.


Armaan: Hello!

Geet: kaha ho?

Armaan: rite in ur heart. Paro to hamesha se Devdas ke dil me hai

Geet: Very funny. Nw stop joking nd tell me where u r

Armaan: oye hoye! Getting restless ha

Geet: ofcourse not. Y should I?

Armaan: ya ofcourse Afterall engagement to khali meri hai na

Geet: Shut up Armaan. U never comes on tym. Aaj ke din bhi u r late. Aisa kya kaam aa gaya ki tumhe aaj ke din jana pada (she said while picking up d bottle of nailpaint)

Armaan: hey stop! Kitni baar kaha hai Dese Light colours nail paints doesn’t suits u. Pick up d one next to it. It darker in shade.


Geet keeps d Bottle nd looks around her surprisingly to see if he was dere


Armaan: nw stop watching here nd dere. Mujhe pata hai ki tum kab kya karti ho

Geet: Armaan, where r u? I knw tum yahi pe ho

Armaan: ofcourse not Kiddo. M stuck up in d Traffic yaar.

Geet: o really! Den hw do u knw dat which nail paint I was picking

Armaan: u think I need to be there to know wat u r doing?

Geet: Enough Armaan. Nw come outside from wherever u r

Armaan: Seriously Kiddo m in d traffic only

Geet: Armaan, u have 5 mins. Agar 5 min me tum saamne nahi aaye to…

Armaan: to kya?

Geet: To main abhi uncle aunty ko bol key eh Engagement cancel karati hoon nd I dnt have to give reason to dem for dat. Wait! abhi jake bolti hoon


She was about to turn wen Armaan stops her


Armaan: Hey Kiddo! Dnt do that yaar. U dnt knw from hw many years I had waited for dis day yaar (he said while jumping from d window to her Room)


Geet looks at him wid a victorious smile while crossing her arms over her chest


Geet: hhmmm so dat was ur Traffic

Armaan: Kiddo only u knw hw to trick me

Geet: Nw tell me. Y were u doing all dat

Armaan: just to tease u yaar. U knw I love teasing u

Geet: Shut up Armaan. Nw tell me where have u gone dat too aaj ke din

Armaan: nowhere Kiddo. Bus aaj ke is special day ko aur special banane gaya tha.

Geet: But aisa kya karne gaye the?

Armaan: dats a surprise. U’ll cum to know later. But abhi yeh dekho


He said while showing her a box. She noticed a beautiful Ring inside it


Geet: OMG Armaan. Its so beautiful

Armaan: like it

Geet: loved it. It so Pretty

Armaan: it’ll look prettier wen it lands up in its owner’s finger. haye really cant wait for dat moment


Geet said nothing but smiled


Armaan: Ah! BTW where r ur those 2 bodyguards.

Geet: Armaan…

Armaan: Arey bodyguards nahi hai to aur kya hai jab dekho tumhare aas paas rehte hai like u had got threaten by sum underworld Don.

Geet: Dey have gone to get ready

Armaan: OMG u girls really take so much tym to get ready

Geet: Excuse me! m ready ok

Armaan: I m Sorry m talking about Girls

Geet: Armaan… (she said nd hits him hard on his shoulders) u r really mean ek to late aate ho nd above dat u didn’t even compliment me once

Armaan: Awww baby ko bura laga. But jo khud itna beautiful hai use compliment dene ki kya zarurat hai

Geet: u knw wat u r really very gud at buttering

Armaan: I knw dat. Acha m going to downstairs nw. Guests must have Arrived by now. U guys pls make it fast.


She nodded nd he leaves from dere. She was about to turn wen he again comes at d door nd peaks


Armaan: Hey Kiddo! Jaldi karna. Nw I cant wait anymore.


He said getting restless to which Geet only smiled nd he leaves from dere.



(Poem on Maan’s Condition)It has been five years and he has not seen her

It has been five years and he has not heard her voice

It was five years ago when he had broken her heart into pieces

It was five years ago when he had broken her trust

It was five years ago when she had left him
She had always loved him, with her heart and soul

She had full faith in him,

She had full trust in him

She had fully believe in him

But alas, he destroyed it all with his very own hands.
He had always believed that it was attraction and nothing more

He never really cared for her or her feelings

He never realized that he took her for granted

He never realized that she was also a human being

He never realized how much she felt for him

He only knew how to crush her heart into pieces
Today after five years, he has everything with him

Today after five years, he was a successful man

Today after five years, he had the name, fame and money

Today after five years, he was the Best Businessman of the year

But alas, today after five years, he was still alone, without her.
There has not been a single day when he has not missed her,

There has not been a single day when he did not feel her presence

There has not been a single day when he has not punished himself

There has not been a single day when he has not waited for her

There has not been a single day when he has not loved her
Today, he waits for her to forgive him

Today, he waits for her to come back and sooth his pain

Today, he waits for her to bring the liveliness back in his life

Today, he waits for her to be his forever.

(By Rachna (Water.)thanx a ton SweetyHug




Every member of d house was very happy today. Geet’s Mom, Armaan’s parents everyone. It was really a very big day for dem. Armaan was pacing restlessly in d hall waiting for her to Arrive. He has waited for dis day from so many years nd finally dis day has came into his lyf. Finally he’s going to get engage to d girl who was a world to him. he himself don’t know wen he had fallen in Love wid her. nd finally he saw her coming downstairs. Simple, innocent nd Beautiful. No extra make-up, no artificiality; just her.


D way her Locks touches her cheeks, D way she gets blushed wenever he complimented her, dat red color on her cheeks just make him fall in love wid her again nd again.


Nd finally d moment came wen dey r going to be engaged officially. Armaan’s Dad announced guests to settle down as d engagement ceremony is about to begin


Mr. Malik: Ladies nd Gentlemen thanx a Lot for cuming here dis evening. M really glad dat u all had taken tym out from ur busy Schedule to bless my Son nd his Lovable Partner. So as engagement ceremony is about to begin derefore I would like to say to Armaan to bring his partner towards d stage nd make her introduce to all of u


He said nd Looked at Armaan who nodded nd went to receive her. all d lights were off nd spotlight was on Armaan as he started moving towards her nd as soon as he reached to her he extended his hand towards her nd taking d advantage of low lights he goes closer to her nd slowly whispers in d ears of his Love, his lyf SHILPA!!!!!!


Armaan: u r looking very beautiful today just like an Angel. I think I had again fallen in Love wid u would be MRS. SHILPA ARMAAN MALIK


She blushed nd gave her hand to him nd dey walked towards Stage nd d Engagement ceremony happens. Geet was really very happy today. His best friend has got d only Love of his Lyf. Being a charmer it was not easy for Armaan to realize his true Love but as it is a famous saying dat Love will always finds its way.


Armaan nd Shilpa has met each other in Hospital first tym 6 yrs Ago. He has gone dere to admit one of his Staff member nd Shilpa was handling d case. Armaan was totally blown away wen he saw her first tym wid her innocence but was not ready to accept dat it was Love but ya dey become Gud friends after dat. It was Love at First sight for both of dem but even after being friends for 1 years also none of dem was sure whether it was Love or just a liking towards each other. Even a Dumb person can tell after seeing dem dat dey both r in Love. Just den Geet came as a Savior. Wen she first met Shilpa she was sure dat she’s d only Girl which is suitable for Armaan nd dats it she started her Match making, as said by Armaan nd make dem realize dat dey both r in Love wid each other nd finally today dey r getting engaged officially.


Geet had tears in her eyes due to happiness wen she has seen dem together. She always had d Dream dat one day she nd Maan also get engaged in front of whole world like dis but nw everything has changed. Just one mistake of Maan nd dere lives changed completely. She quickly wipes her tears making sure dat no one sees dem.


In d mean while Engagement ceremony finishes nd everyone congrats dem for dere Lovely future ahead. Nd everyone was busy enjoying d party. Just den Armaan spoke


Armaan: Thank u so much everyone. But d Party is not over yet. Its d Evening of Double celebration. First is of mine nd Shilpa’s Engagement nd second is of d celebration of My Best friend’s Day. I m sure u all must know her well nd she didn’t need any kind of introduction nw she’s d winner of Young Achiever’s Award 2 tymes in a row nd very much dedicated towards her work but still I would like to re-introduce her to all of u personally. So Ladies nd Gentlemen pls wish d chief Architect of my Company nd my Very very Best nd close Friend nd not to forget My Kiddo nd Geet Handa for rest of u a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY.


Everybody gives a big round of Applause to her nd wished her individually. Just den Shilpa came to her nd whispers


Shilpa: I told u na ki Aaj saari Limelight tumhe hi milegi aur kyun na ho u r really looking breathtaking. If I was a boy den definitely maine tumhe Propose kar diya hota. waise abhi bhi der nahi hui hai. abhi sirf engagemnt hi hui hai i can think about it once,

Geet: Shilpa…


She said nothing but Giggles.



In India:

He has reached to Outhouse sharp at 8 PM just to celebrate his Angel’s B’day. Dis was d Day he never forgets since last 5 years. Hw can he forget his Geet’s B’day. He remembers hw much Geet was sad nd disappointed wen he has forgot her B’day first tym. Nd derefore he can’t manage to do dat again. He goes to his Room nd looked at her Pictures.


Maan: Happy B’day Geet. See I haven’t forgotten dis tym also nd on tym. I know u dnt like late comers. Ah! By the way Happy B’day from Yash nd Meera too. Ab wo to yaha nahi aa sakte na as it was our special day. Ok now Guess wat Gift I had brought for u. Cant Guess ok don’t worry take ur tym. U had plenty of tym for dat. But before dat Lets cut d cake. Ya I knw nd dnt worry its ur Fav. Butter scotch cake. So wat r we waiting for lets cut d cake nw.


He said nd sets d cake on table nd sets d Candles on it nd lit dem.




Armaan: So guys wat r we waiting for c’mon guys its tym for cake cutting ceremony.


He said nd gestured one of d servant to bring d Cake nd without any further delay brings d cake over dere. Armaan asked Geet nd everyone to gather near d cake. Geet was standing between her Mom nd Misha while Armaan nd Shilpa were next to Misha. Armaan handed over d Knife to her nd she was about to blow d Candle wen Shilpa stops her.


Shilpa: Geet u again forgot na. First make a wish nd den blow d candle.

Geet (Rolling over her eyes): ok.


She said nd closed her eyes




He said nd sets d cake on table nd sets d Candles on it nd lit dem.


Maan: ok so here u go. But First u have to make a wish na. I knw wat wish will u make so I’ll make it on ur Behalf.


He said nd closes his eyes




She said nd closed her eyes nd silently makes d wish which she makes every year


Geet: Babaji! Pls Keep Maan happy nd Safe always. Pls Give him d Success in every point of his lyf. Dis is wat I want from u.


She said nd opens her eyes nd found Maan standing in front of her smiling at her gesturing her dat she’s looking beautiful. She couldn’t believe on her eyes seeing him over dere nd unknowingly smiles brightly just den Shilpa shrugs her Shoulders


Shilpa: Geet kaha kho gayi ho. C’mon cut d cake


She smiles nd again looks at d direction where she saw Maan but he was not dere. She didn’t understand where he had gone or was she hallucinating? But y today nd most importantly y him? Her trail of thoughts has broken wen Misha asks her again to cut d cake.


She smiled weakly nd cuts d cake nd gives d first Piece to her Mother, den to Misha nd after dat to Armaan nd Shilpa nd den it goes on wid everyone. Nd wen she saw dat everyone is busy in demselves den she puts a piece of cake to other plate like every year nd no points for Guessing for whom. Yes it was for Maan. She makes sure dat no one notices it but least she knows dat Armaan nd Shilpa has noticed it but dey decided to remain quiet.



He said nd closes his eyes nd makes a Wish on her Behalf


Maan: Babaji! Pls keep me happy, safe nd Sound until she returns because she can’t see me in any kind of problem nd nw wish from my side Pls Keep her happy nd smiling always as it was d only thing dat matters me most. Dis is all I want from u.


He said nd opens his eyes nd den cuts d cake


Maan: Happy B’day To u, Happy B’day to u, Happy B’day dear Geet, Happy B’day to u.


After dat he puts d Piece of cake in front of her Photo nd den takes one for himself. Dis was his Lyf from Last 5 years dere’s not a single day wen he don’t talk to her Photo, not a single B’day of her dat he didn’t celebrated. He considers dis day as dere special day nd derefore no matter hw many other important works he had fir dis day but he leaves all of dem just to spend tym wid his Angel. Every year he brought Gift for her nd keeps it in d Cupboard so dat wen she comes back he can gift it to her. No one knows y he’s still waiting for her wen everyone has lost all dere hopes even Yash also but he haven’t stop waiting for her. he has full trust on dere Love. he was sure dat no matter hw much Geet is angry on him, no matter hw many years she stays away from him but one day dere true Love will definitely get her back to him. nd he was still waiting for dat day wen she comes back to him nd gives him an another chance to Prove his Love to her



Please Come Back To Me

Listen to the sound of wind
Are they call your name ?
And where is the beauty of love ?
For i am only a human
I am so desperate for your love
Please come back to me
And let us be one in the mind of a lover
Where our love will be bound forever
And yet, i am faint with love
I slept but my heart was awake
Like a river that streaming down from mountain
As i seeking for a silence

What should i do to have your love ?
And where must i find someone like you ?
My love is your love Give me one chance to prove that i love you

(From Maan To Geet)

(Poem Courtesy: Kate (simi91))thanx a ton dearHug

Dekho chhodke kis raste vo jaate hain

He was sitting on his Rest chair wid her Photo in his hand remembering d Day wen she has walk out from his Lyf.


Saare raste vaapas mere dil ko aate hain


He closes his eyes nd puts d Photo close to his heart, rested his head on his Rest chair.



Dere she felt an unknown feeling of him remembering her. She looked around her restlessly but couldn’t find him anywhere near him. Dere r so many People around her but yet she felt alone in d Crowd. Her world has become still in dese 5 years.
Nahin saamne…

Nahin saamne ye alag baat hai

Nahin saamne ye alag baat hai

Mere paas hai…

Mere paas hai tu mere paas hai

Mere paas hai tu mere paas hai

Mere saath hai mere saath hai


Here he was alone in his Room but yet he feels her Presence around him. he knows he can never be Lonely until his Angel is wid him. She may not dere wid him physically but her presence is always around her like she Promised to him. She is always dere to take care of him, to bring smile on his Face wenever he feels Low, to stop him from doing sumthing Wrong. No matter hw much everyone make him understand dat she’ll never cum back but he believes dat she’ll cum back to him. She can’t remain Angry from him for Long. No matter she is far away from him but for him she has never gone away from him, she is always present in his Heart.   Music…

He looks outside nd its Raining. He remembers hw much she use to Love Rains nd Eventually he also fell in Love wid Rain because she loves it. He Goes outside nd stands dere in Rain wid his Eyes Close remembering dere first Kiss.


Tera naam maine liya hain yahaan

Mujhe yaad tune kiya hai vahaan

Tera naam maine liya hain yahaan

Mujhe yaad tune kiya hai vahaan



“Geet” he whispers slowly wid smile on his face remembering her nd dere Moments in d Rain

“Maan” she instantly said like she heard him calling. She turned around nd Looks for him but he was not dere. She Looked at every Person closely but he was nowhere to seen which makes her more restless.

Bade zor ki aaj barsaat hai

Bade zor ki aaj barsaat hai…

Here he was still standing in d Rain. He extended his hands nd Looks Upwards nd let d Raindrops fall on his face soothing his pain without her.

Mere paas hai tu mere paas hai

Mere paas hai tu mere paas hai

Mere saath hai mere saath hai

Every Drop, Every bit of air has brought her more Closer to him as Dese Drops, Dese Winds has sumwhere touched her before touching him. who has brought her fragrance to him which make him feel her Presence



(Guys dis one is at d high beats of d music)

Geet couldn’t able to stay for Long in d Party. It was suffocating her. All d Tym her Mind has only Diverted towards him. An unknown urge of talking to him has started arising in her heart. She quickly leaves d Party nd Ran outside at d Garden to take sum fresh Air nd keeps her Mind away from him but her restlessness was only increasing by every passing second.


(nd dis one is at d slow beats)


Here she came behind him smiling while his Eyes were still closed. She slowly slid her hand around his waist nd hugs him from behind, resting her cheeks on his Back. He don’t have to look back to know who it was.


Bichhad ki bhi mujhse juda to nahin

Khafa hai magar bewafa to nahin


He opens his eyes nd puts his Hand on her hand smiling nd turns back to see his Angel who is standing in front of him.


Bichhad ki bhi mujhse juda to nahin

Khafa hai magar bewafa to nahin


She closed her ears wid her palms tightly not wanting to listen her own Heartbeats which were only taking his Name. Drop of tears is falling from her eyes due to dis extreme restlessness. She remembers d tym wen Maan has confessed his true Feelings to her nd she walks out from his lyf


Mere haath mein hi tera haath hai

Mere haath mein hi tera haath hai…

He takes her hand in his hand nd slowly kisses at d back of her Palm.

Maan: thanx for cuming.

He said smiling

Mere paas hai tu mere paas hai

Mere paas hai tu mere paas hai

Mere saath hai mere saath hai

Mere paas hai mere paas hai

Mere saath hai mere saath hai

Mere paas hai mere paas hai

She said nothing but just hugged him tight to which he too responds wid d same passion


Dere few drops of tears were falling from her eyes. But all of a sudden she felt a peace in her heart like he was holding her close to him. She closed her eyes only to find his Face in front of her eyes.


Here he was hugging her tightly nd gets lost in d moment in which she was close to his heart nd not going anywhere far from him




Geet was still standing over dere closing her eyes wen she felt a hand on her shoulders. She knows dis Touch she can never forget dis Touch. She quickly turnd sround nd saw Maan standing over dere in front of her. She felt so happy after seeing him over dere nd smiled. He Cupped her face nd kissed her forehead



She said nothing but just smiled wid tears in her eyes. He slowly wipes away her tears wid his thumb nd looks into her eyes.


Maan: u were again crying? U knw na dat I cant see u in tears

Geet: Dese tears r given by u only.

Maan (looks downwards): I M SORRY. But I really dnt want to give u tears. I just wanted to give u only happiness but dnt know where I get failed.

Geet: Den y u had said all dat. Ur one mistake, ur one wrong Word nd our Lives has changed forever. U think m happy by staying away from u. U think its easy for me to leave u especially after knowing dat u truly Loves me.

Maan: I knw I made a mistake but wen I wanted to rectify it u walks out from my Lyf. Without even giving me a chance to prove my Love, to improve my mistake. Just by saying dat u cant trust me anymore u walk out from my Lyf.

Geet: So wat else u had expected Maan. Hw can I trust u at dat tym. Just 1 month ago u said dat dere was no Love between us nd den u confess dat u Love me truly, den tell me Maan to which I believe. I wanted to believe Maan but my heart was sumwhere refuse to believe u.

Maan: nd wat about nw? nw do u believe me? M still waiting for u Geet nd will wait till eternity just to see dat glimpse of Love in ur Eyes back. ask ur heart Geet nd Tell me  Do u believe me nw?


Geet couldn’t said anything she just closes her eyes nd Maan’s Words were echoing in her mind


“nd wat about nw? nw do u believe me?”


“M still waiting for u Geet nd will wait till eternity just to see dat glimpse of Love in ur Eyes back.”


She don’t know y its getting difficult for her to believe him once again. She was away from him for 5 whole years but yet couldn’t able to take her mind away from him for once. Its true dat she left him because she was angry on him, because she wanted to escape from d situation, because she don’t wanted to get heart-broken once again. But dis is also true dat in dese 5 years dere was not a single moment wen she haven’t thought of him but Everytym her Mind overcomes her heart.


She wanted to find d Answers of Maan’s Question but failed Everytym. As wenever she tries to find d Answers she reminds of Dat day wen Maan said dat dere was no Love between dem nd she found it difficult to trust him again.


Her trail of thoughts has been broken wen she felt sumone jerking her shoulders. She opens her eyes nd saw Shilpa standing over dere wid a confused Look. Geet quickly wipes away her tears nd Looks at her.


Shilpa: Geet, wat r u doing over here? Nd u were crying rite?

Geet: No Shilpa m not Crying I guess sumthing has gone in my eyes.

Shilpa: R u sure

Geet: ya.

Shilpa: but wat r u doing outside? Everyone is looking for u inside.

Geet: wo, I was not feeling well inside so just came over here to take sum fresh air.

Shilpa: Geet r u hiding sumthing from me? See u can tell me if u wants to tell me

Geet: No Shilpa its nothing like dat. Chalo lets go inside everyone must be waiting for us inside.

Shilpa: r u sure?

Geet: ya

Shilpa: ok den lets Go.


She said nd dey both headed inside.




Maan was inside his Room nw standing in front of Geet’s Photographs wid his Arms Crossed


Maan: So Geet had u guessed ur B’day Gift dis year? Still couldn’t. C’mon yar u should have guessed it. Ok fine I’ll tell myself.


He said nd takes out a paper from a Drawer nd keeps it in front of her photo


Maan: u knw wats it? Its ur Dream which is soon going to cum true. U always wanted to make An orphanage for poor children where dey can have all d facilities just like d one at Abroads. Guess wat D deal has been finalized nd u knw wat d Architect who is going to Design dis has designed same model in d same way like u dreamt of nd soon we r going to work on it. U r happy na. I knw u must be very Happy today. Dekhna Geet dis is just d Beginning soon I’ll turn ur every dream into reality. Ur dream of our spending rest of Life together also. Just waiting for u to cum back.




Armaan: Hey Kiddo where have u gone? Nd Shilpa wat r u doing wid her?

Shilpa: Kyun? Geet pe sirf tumhara hi Copyright hai kya. She’s my friend too ok.

Armaan: Ya but where u both have been

Shilpa: Kyun batau. Its between two Girls so better u don’t interfere

Armaan: ok I’ll not but first tell me who’s d Girl between u two (he said nd chuckled)


“Armaan” Both Shilpa nd Geet said together nd den giggles


Shilpa: u knw wat tumhe sirf Baatein karna aata hai. Had u given Geet her surprise Gift yet

Geet (confused): Surprise Gift?

Shilpa: ya d same gift for which he was out whole day today

Armaan: Shilpa u r really bad. Sara plan spoil kar diya. Mujhe Geet ko thoda aur wait karana tha

Shilpa: I think u had already made her wait a lot so nw tell her

Geet: Will u guys bother to tell me wat u both r actually talking about?

Armaan: See kiddo I wanted to give dis gift to u after d Party but as for nw Shilpa has spoiled all d Plan so I’ll tell u rite nw

Geet: Armaan, Footage khana band karo nd batao kya baat hai

Armaan: Bataunga nahi Dikhayunga


He said nd asks Shilpa to take out d Paper from her purse. She takes out nd gives to him nd he handles it to Geet.


Geet: wats dis? (She said while looking at d paper)

Armaan: its ur Dream Project Kiddo.

Geet: Wat?

Armaan: ya. U wanted to have an Orphanage for Poor children in India na wid all d best facilities like d ones we had here in abroad. Well ur dream is going to be cum true

Geet: Wat r u saying Armaan? R u serious?

Armaan: Ab kya Life support System me Late kar bolu tab believe karogi. Its true Dumbo.

Geet: OMG Armaan wen had u finalized all dis

Shilpa: Geet he’s working on dis Deal from Last 1 month nd finally it finalized dis evening.

Armaan: Remember i told u dat tym dat i had gone to make dis special day more special well dis is wat m talking about. ur Dream Project has finalized on d eve of ur B’day nd i dnt think dat any other Gift can give u dis much happiness nd guess wat dey like ur Design instantly nd u knw wat dey were saying dat dey also wanted to make an orphanage just like u designed.


Geet feel like she was on cloud nine. Her biggest dream is going to be cum true


Armaan: Kiddo surprises r not over yet. U knw wat dey wanted to work on dis ASAP nd guess wat u r going to India within few days

Geet: India?

Armaan: yes Kiddo India, ur country, ur city. D place where u actually belongs. Where ur heart is


He said nd Geet gets lost at his last statement. He was right her heart is at India only. No matter she was here from last 5 years but just physically, mentally she was always dere.


Shilpa: Hey Geet, where u lost?

Geet: nowhere. I was just thinking dat which is dis Company who’s going to work wid us in dis project.

Armaan: Well, its d no. 1 company of India. Khurana’s Constructions.


D word Khurana’s Constructions has sumwhere clicked in her mind as Maan’s Company. Though she has never asked Maan dat from which name his family business is but d word Khurana has linked her mind towards him only


Geet: Khurana’s Constructions?

Armaan: ya Geet nd u knw wat its owner is quiet young

(“Kahi ye company Maan ki hi to nahi” She thought)


Armaan: nd about his personality well wat to say he’s Sophisticated, dedicated nd people say dat sumtymes Arrogant nd Rude also

(“Sophisticated nd Dedicated nd not to Forget Aroogant nd Rude den dis cant be Maan he was always carefree nd Cheerful Person nd never rude to anyone)


Armaan: nd its been 4 years since he was handling dis business nd has won Best businessman of d Year 3 tymes in a row. I mean wat a spirit yaar

(dis definitely cant be Maan. It was hard for him to get passed in semesters without a back den forget about d Award)


Shilpa: nd u knw wat Geet I heard dat although being a charmer he always stays away from girls

(Maan nd stays away from Girls definitely not Possible)


Armaan: ya nd Geet most importantly he’s very punctual just like u. he always says dat our life can change even in a minute so value every minute

(Ok its Confirm nw dis person is Definitely not Maan. He nd Punctual its just next to impossible)


Armaan: So dats All about Mr. Khurana d MD of Khurana’s Constructions.


Geet (to herself): Ya he’s just Mr. Khurana nd not Maan. Tu bhi na Geet kuch bhi sochti hai. Dis Mr. Khurana nd Maan r poles apart from each other nd u thought dat he can be Maan. Stupid.


Shilpa: Geet wat r u thinking?

Geet: Nothing just waiting to Meet Mr. Khurana. By the way wen I had to leave for India?

Armaan: within a week I guess.

Geet: fine. I’ll make all d arrangements till den.

She said nd relieved wid d Fact dat d person whom she’s going to meet is not Maan. But least she knows dat its d game of Destiny which is going to bring dem face to face again after 5 years but dis tym will Destiny able to succeed to bring dese two Lovers close to each other once again?


Rest of d Function went well after d function. Everyone was happy wid d double celebration in d house except Geet who seems to be Lost sumwhere. Armaan nd Shilpa were noticing it from quiet a while but couldn’t able to understand wat’s Bothering her


Armaan: Shilpa, have u noticed Geet? She looks so lost

Shilpa: Ya I thought dat wen u’ll tell her about d finalizing of her dream Project den she would be happy. But it seems dat sumthing is bothering her. infact I was noticing her throughout d party she was lost like dis only. I don’t know wat’s bothering her

Armaan: I think I know wat’s bothering her

Shilpa: Maan

Armaan: hhmmm. May be she’s thinking dat she can face him over dere nd dats wat bothering her

Shilpa: ok for once I can get agreed to u but if dat is d reason den it would be after u tell her about her project she was lost throughout d party.

Armaan: yes u r rite

Shilpa: y don’t u talk to her? She’s very close to u nd will definitely tell u wat’s bothering her

Armaan: No I knw her very well. She won’t tell to even me until she wants. Derefore we have to wait


Shilpa nodded whilelooking at Geet.




It’s been 1 hr. since Party was over nd Geet was sitting on her bed thinking about Maan. She still couldn’t able to understand y she was missing him so much today? Actually to ask wen she haven’t missed him? It’s been 5 years since she left him nd came here wid Armaan but yet she feels dat she was still dere. No matter hw much success she has achieved today, hw far has she moved on in her lyf but she was still stuck up at d same place only where Maan has confessed his true feelings to her.


She don’t know y but today she felt an unknown urge of talking to him today. Its been 5 years nd she haven’t even called him once but dat doesn’t mean she didn’t cared for him, dat she don’t want to know about him but she was too confused at dat tym for wat is right nd wat is wrong dat she couldn’t able to call him. Nd today even after 5 years also she is not sure to whom to listen her heart or her Mind.


She opened her Laptop nd connected to internet. Today she wanted to log in to her old e-mail Id nd Facebook ID. She don’t know y but she felt dat may be Maan has dropped some mails over dere or may be he has wished her over dere. She was about to hit Log-in Button but den stops herself. Y was she thinking all dat? Y would Maan leave her any mails especially after she walks out from her lyf like dat. He might even not see her face after dat. She closes her Laptop nd rests her head at d bed post nd closes her eyes just to see his face in front of her.


Geet’s monologue:


I closed my eyes just to see his face in front of me. Its been 5 years since I was here. I had achieved great success in my Lyf. I had fulfilled my dream of being a successful Architect also but yet m not happy. Yes I feel no ashamed to admit it dat m not happy. I had everything in my Lyf; Good Job, recognition in society, friends Like Armaan nd Shilpa who was always dere for me in short everything which completes my lyf but yet I feel my Lyf incomplete without him.


Yes, my lyf is incomplete without him. It’s been 5 years wen I walked out from his Lyf by saying dat “I can’t trust you anymore”. But y I said dat, I dnt know. I saw true feelings in his eyes dat day but y my heart refuse to believe him dat day? May be due to d pain he has given to me. But I was a girl who believes in Forget nd Forgive den y couldn’t I able to do dis at dat tym. Y I ran from d situation? I was not like d girl who ran from situations. I was always a Girl who faces every odd situation den y I ran dat tym?


Nd today even after 5 years also I feel dat I haven’t moved on. He could I wen my heart, my soul is still over dere. “I Don’t Love him, I Don’t Love him” I don’t know hw many tymes I had said dis thing to myself but if it was true den y I Wished for him on my Every B’day wen I was suppose to make wish for me, Y I always go to church on his B’day just to pray for his happiness, every year I take a gift on his name y? y I still haven’t changed d Password nd DP of my Facebook Profile till nw just because he asked me not to change nd I left it like dat only till nw? Nd today even after being lots of People around me y I felt Lonely? Y I felt Restless? Like he was calling me, like he was remembering me. Den y I m lyieng to myself dat I don’t love him wen d fact is dat I haven’t stopped Loving him anytym. Not at dat tym also wen he says dat dere was no Love between us, not at dat tym also wen I saw him at Mc Donald’s after 3 weeks nd definitely not at dat tym wen he confessed me his true feelings dat he truly loves me. Den y I left him at dat tym, y it was hard for me to believe him dat tym, y it was hard for me to Love him back at dat tym. Wat it because of fear dat was in my heart, Dat he’ll again break my heart, dat he’ll again break my trust. Wat he did was wrong but wat I did was Right?


I don’t know hw many tymes in dis 5 years I had thought of all dis but still couldn’t able to cum to a conclusion. It’s been 5 years since I last saw him, its been 5 years since I last heard him. I make myself Believe dat I had moved on but was dat true? If it was true den y I was going to check my old e-mail nd Facebook account. D truth is dat I haven’t moved on. I m still dere may be datsy wen Armaan told me about my Dream project I was not happy whole heartedly. But y? I dnt knw for hw many hours I had kept asking dese questions to myself like I did everyday since I came over here but haven’t found any answer yet. I guess its better to leave some questions unanswered


(Geet’s Monologue ends)



She opens her eyes nd again looks at her Laptop but still couldn’t able to Log in to her old ID. Its not unusual for her. From last 5 years she’s trying to do d same thing but sumthing stops her Everytym. God knows wat was it? Her fear or sumthing else? Its been 5 years nd she’s fighting herself like dis. 5 years back she left him but it seems like a incident of yesterday only wen he says dat he Really really Love her. she closed her eyes again nd gets lost in d memories of 5 yrs Back




Geet comes to her home running nd Calls Armaan dat she was ready to go wid him to US. She don’t know from whom she was running, From Maan or from d Reality but she didn’t want to be over dere. Dere is no courage left in her to tolerate one more heart break in future nd derefore she has taken dis decision to run away. Dnt knw from whom, Maan, d reality or from herself.


She had no idea wat will she tell to her Mom nd Misha wen dey will ask her about her sudden decision nd neither she want to think about it, she knows Armaan can handle all dat. All she could think of at dis moment is Maan. She goes to her balcony nd sits over dere hugging her knees tight nd tears flowing from her eyes. Words of Maan were still echoing in her ears




“Pls dnt go away from me Geet. I can’t live without u. I really can’t.”


“Geet tum to apne Maan ki har galti Maaf kar deti ho na den pls, pls Forgive me dis tym also.”


“I knw I have hurted u, I knw I gave u pain but trust me Geet since d day u left me, since d day u walk out from my lyf I couldn’t able to spend a day peacefully. Everytym I saw ur face in front of me.”


“I m dyeing every second, every minute, every day without u Geet. Nd den only realize dat I m in love wid u. infact I was always in love wid u Geet”


“I LOVE YOU. I REALLY REALLY LOVE YOU nd dis tym I m not in any kind of confusion. I m truly, madly nd Deeply in Love wid u. I LOVE YOU GEET. I LOVE YOU”










She closed her ears tight wid her palms not to hear dose word. Y? y fate was playing dis game wid her? Wasn’t all dat enough dat happened so far? Maan cuming to her lyf, Den proposing her at dat tym wen she has accepted d fact dat d word Love is not written in her dictionary nd wen she starts to believe in d fact dat dere’s someone to Love her he walks out from her lyf just by saying dat dere was no Love between dem nd now wen she wants to start Lyf a fresh den he again comes nd says dat he Loves her? nd he expect her to forget everything nd goes back to him? was all dis was so easy? Hw can she trust him anymore wen he himself was not sure of his feelings


Geet: Y Maan Y? y u came to my lyf? Y had u made everything so difficult for me? Few days back u say u dnt Love me nd now u say u truly Loves me. Nd nw u expect me to believe u? hw could I believe u Maan wen u urself r not sure of ur feelings? Y Maan Y I couldn’t able to hate u even nw also? I don’t hate u Maan, I can never hate but I dnt know if I can again Love you nw. y had u came to my lyf Maan? Neither I can stay away from u nor can stay close to u.


She said nd sat over dere like dat only. Rain has started to pour but she didn’t moved an inch from dere nd sat over dere only crying. She don’t know hw many minutes, hw many hours but she just sat over like dat only.




Next Day she has to leave for Airport early in d morning. Armaan has stayed at her place only last nite. He knows dat sumthing has gone wrong due to which she decided to leave all of a sudden but wat was dat he had no idea. But wats more important for him nw was to convience Geet’s family about her Leaving all of a sudden. He said dat it was on talks from so many days. His Dad wants Geet to do her internship from dere only as it’ll help her in future; initially Geet was not ready but last nite wen he talked to his Dad she gets agreed nd datsy leaving all of a sudden.


Geet’s Mom believed on Wat Armaan has said but Misha still didn’t seemed convienced. She remembered Geet’s Expression last nite. Dere was sum other reason behind her leaving like dis but she knows Geet, she’ll never told anything to anyone. She hugged Geet at d Airport bidding her Good bye.


Misha (almost in tears): Will miss u Wildy! Pls take care of urself nd ya call me everyday nd pls forget everything dat happen so far nd starts d new journey of ur Lyf. Promise me u’ll do dat.

Geet (lost): Bye Misha! Take care of Mom. I m leaving her on ur responsibility. Nw u have to take care of everything. Nd ya prepare well for ur Medical entrance nd no mischieves ok.


She didn’t mentioned anything about starting a new lyf. Well dere’s no Lyf without him she thought. Misha nodded in yes nd hugged her again nd as d announcement of flight came she left from dere.


Dat day sumthing has died within her. Leaving her Country, Leaving her city nd most importantly Leaving him like dis has killed her inside. She never wanted all dis happen like dis way but she was helpless in front of her fate. She don’t know hw Maan will react wen he comes to know about her leaving but it was important for both of dem. She was quiet throughout d whole journey. Armaan tries to cheer her up but nothing sems to work so he decided to leave it dat way only.




1 month has passed since Geet has came to US. She stays over Armaan’s place though she didn’t want to as she don’t want to be a burden on anyone but Armaan’s parents didn’t let her go anywhere nd finally she gave up nd stays over dere. Everyone was so gud to her, were taking care of her, she has started her internship also nd gets busy in dat. Armaan has managed to get all d Documents from her college which was necessary for her internship. Everything was going gud But still she was not happy. Only her body was present over dere but her Mind, her heart was still in India.


Everytym she think of Maan. Is he allrite? Was he in any kind of Problem? Its true dat she was angry on him may be datsy she left but this is also true that d day since she came over here she couldn’t able to stay Peacefully even for a second. Everytym her mond diverted towards Maan only


Nd dat nite while she was sleeping she had a bad dream.


She saw Maan over here at d Balcony calling her, asking her to forgive him, to give him one more chance but she didn’t hear nd walked away from him leaving him in tears. d sight was unbearable to him nd he makes himself stand at d Boundary of Balcony nd cals her again


“GEET!!!!!!” his voice was trembling nd in deep pain. She quickly turns back only to see him stand at d boundary of d balcony


“Geet, I don’t want dis lyf in which u r not wid me. I cant live without u Geet nd derefore I m ending dis lyf.” He said nd falls backward to d ground.


“MAAN!!!! Pls don’t do dat” Geet screams but before she stops him he has already fallen at d ground.



“MAAN!!!!” she gets up from her sleep. she was panting nd sweating heavily. She don’t know whether it was just a nightmare or reality. she quickly rans away from her Room towards d balcony just to make sure dat it was just a dream. Armaan saw her running towards Balcony. He was in his study working on some project wen he saw her. he quickly goes behind her.




She stood at d balcony. Everything was same just like her dream which makes her more scared. Wat if dat was not her dream but d reality. she looked around herself to search Maan bt he was not dere. She quickly goes towards d Balcony nd looked downwards. D flashes of Maan falling downwards were in front of her eyes. she leans more downwards nd was about to fall wen Armaan gets d hold of her nd pulls her backwards. His facial expression can clearly say dat he was hell angry seeing her like dat, may be for d first tym.


Armaan: Wat d hell u think u r doing? R u mad? Kya karne ja rahi thi tum?

Geet (fumbles): Armaan… Armaan wo Maan… Maan… Jumps… He dies… He was here… Maan


She was not able to put up d words due to fear. Armaan was not able to understand a single thing which she was saying


Armaan: Kiddo, wat r u saying? Wat happen to Maan?

Geet: Armaan, Maan… Maan was here, he was calling me but I didn’t listened to him nd walked out. He couldn’t able to take dis nd den he jumps downwards from dat Boundary. He dies, he dies Armaan.

Armaan: Kiddo! U must had a bad dream. Everything is fine

Geet: NO!!!! he’s not fine. Sumthing is wrong, he’s not fine. He’s in sum problem. He’s not fine. He’s not safe. Armaan (she said while shrugging his shoulders) pls do sumthing. Pls save him… he’ll do sumthing to himself… Pls Save him Armaan pls save him. I left him without even giving him a chance to prove himself. He must be shattered na… he’ll definitely do sumthing to him… Pls save him Armaan… Pls save him. Pl…sss… sa…ve… Hi…m.

(OK to end all confusion of u guys dis incident happens at d same tym wen Maan was going to cummit suicide over dere but after recieving Geet’s gift he stops himself)

Her voice trailed off as she gets fainted. Armaan was horrified to see her like dat. He quickly hold her before she hits d ground.


Armaan: Kiddo! Kiddo open ur eyes (he said while patting her cheeks) Open ur eyes god damn it.


But she still didn’t respond derefore he lifts her up nd takes her towards d car. He don’t want anyone in d house to know about her condition nd derefore he didn’t told anything to anyone nd drove towards hospital




As soon as he reaches hospital he quickly laid her d stretcher nd rushes inside. Shilpa was at round at dat tym wen she saw Armaan cuming dere like dat she gets Worried. As soon as He saw Shilpa he quickly goes to her


Armaan: Shilpa, pls see to Kiddo. Pls. see wats wrong.. pls


Shilpa can easily read his scared expression. She had heard many tymes from him about his Kiddo nd knows hw much he was touchy about her.


Shilpa: Armaan, relax first nd tell me wat happen?

Armaan: wo she had a bad dream nd after dat she ran towards balcony nd den fainted nd… Shilpa I’ll tell u everything later but first see to her.

Shilpa: ok but u first calm down.


She said nd quickly takes her inside d ward nd checks her.


Its been 1 hr. nd Geet has still not regained her conciousness. She continuously mutters “Maan Stop dat. Pls don’t do dat” in her unconscious state. Shilpa gives her an injection nd she drifted into deep sleep.


Shilpa: She’s fine nw. dnt worry.

Armaan: but wats wrong wid her? y she gets fainted

Shilpa: her BP has got very high nd she had a bit of fever also. But she’s fine nw. I had give her injection nd she’s sleeping rite nw.

Armaan: hhhmmm

Shilpa: Armaan, has sumthing happened to her I mean sum kind of problem or anything else which has afected her lyf

Armaan: y u asking dat?

Shilpa: Wo she was continuously muttering dat “Maan Stop dat. Pls don’t do dat” datsy?


Armaan told her everything which he came to know from Geet. Shilpa had tears in her eyes. she looked at Geet who was lyieng over dere. Hw can anyone love someone so much. Though being angry on him also she still cares for him, she still wants to know dat if he’s fine.


Shilpa: Armaan, she had many emotions bottled up inside her nd nw we need to take care dat she remains happy nd tries to move on which is difficult actually but still we have to try. U understand wat I m saying


Armaan said nothing but nodded in yes.


Soon Geet regain her conciousness nd found herself in d hospital. Shilpa makes her believe dat she had a bad dream due to which she got unconcious but nw she’s fine nd asked her to take rest nd dnt take much stress nd dis is wen she saw Shilpa first tym nd after dat she too became her gud friend just like Armaan. Armaan takes her home early in d morning nd asks her to take rest nd leaves from dere. She don’t know y but suddenly her heart felt sum peace, d feeling dat Maan is in danger sumwhere has gone nd she felt dat he’s safe nw. yes he’s safe over dere becoz if he was not den she wont be allrite over here. “He’s fine, yes he’s fine” she kept on saying dis thing to herself.


Den she looks at d date in d calendar. Its 22nd Feb. dat means Maan’s b’day. She can never forget dis day.


Geet: Happy B’day Maan. Pls always be happy nd safe. I may not be wid u today but I’ll always pray for ur happiness. Try to forget me Maan although I don’t know whether I would be able to forget u but I wish dat u forget me nd move on in ur lyf. I LOVE YOU MAAN nd will always love you but I don’t have courage left nw to trust u again.



******~~~~~~Back to Present~~~~~******


Nd since dat day everything changes in her lyf. She keeps herself busy in her work so dat she wont think about him but dat didn’t seems to help her. because dere was not qa single moment wen she don’t think about him. she has changed everything in her. Her personality, her attitude everything.


She has become very much Proffessional in her work. She does all her work wid perfection. After internship she joined Armaan’s company only as an Architect nd very soon she was promoted to Chief Architect of d company. She has won Young achiever’s Award 2 tymes in a row. She makes her own identity, her own place in d society like she dreamt of. Everyone knows her as GEET HANDA, every company wants to do project wid her. for outer world she’s GEET HANDA a successful Architect but for her she’s still d same Geet whose heart is wid Maan who’s just lonely in her lyf without him


As soon as she thinks dat she has settled down in her lyf she calls her Mom nd Misha also over dere. she wants to leave Armaan’s place nw as nw she wont be living alone over here but again his parents stopped her from leaving derefore she decided to live over dere as a paying guest. dis was her only condition to stay over dere to which dey Agreed. Misha has joined Fashion Designing institute over dere. though Geet couldnt understand hw her mond is suddenly diverted towards Fashion world but she didnt stopped her also. she wants her to do work of her interest nd today she’s a well known Fashion Designer


Not only outside but she has changed herself from inside also. She realizes dat she don’t have right to bother others due to her own past, her own turmoil derefore she started pretending to forget everything nd moved on in her lyf. But only she knows dat it was not true. Dis was just a mask which she has wore for d outer world dat she’s happy, dat she had moved on but d truth is dat she haven’t. she still thinks of him, she still prays for his happiness. D punishment which she has given to Maan was more to her. She don’t know anything about Maan nd his lyf but she prays everyday for his well-being nd happiness.


She tells herself everyday dat she’s happy, she has moved on but at d end of d day she realizes dat she was not happy. Hw can be wen her heart, her soul is wid d Person who is away from her. Just like today where everyone was so happy for her but yet she was not happy whole-heartedly. Her dream project is going to be fulfilled but yet dere was sumthing which was making her restless. God knows wat?


She tooks a deep breath nd again opens her Laptop. As soon as she Log-in to her Skype account she saw someone online waiting for her. a wide smile crept on her face seeing dat person online.


Geet: Hi!

Other side: hey where have u been yaar? I’ve been waiting for u from so long? U were not taking my call also?

Geet: Sorry was got busy.

Other side: its ok. Aaj ke din sab Maaf

Geet: Y? aaj aisa kya hai?

Other side: u wanted to check my memory power or u urself forget wats special today


She typed nothing but just smiles


Other side: nw stop smiling ok. I remember wats special today. HAPPY B’DAY MY PRINCESS.

Geet: u remember?

Other side: u think I can forgot my Princess B’day? No ways tumse pitna hai kya?

Geet: u’ll never change na?

Other side: well dats difficult. Anyways tell me wat do u want on ur B’day

Geet: Nothing. Jab tym aayega I’ll ask u for it

Other Side: same answer every year. Fine will wait for ur right tym.

Geet: Sure. Hey wanna tell u sumthing

Other side: wat?

Geet: I m cuming to India, to my city

Other Side: WOW!!!!! REALLY? Wen?

Geet: within a week for some official work.

Other side: cool will se u den. O god m so much excited about ur Arrival. Will eagerly wait for u nd dare u go back without meeting me

Geet: ofcourse not. Chal I m going to sleep nw. have lots of work lined up for tomorrow mrng.

Other side: ok bye nd Gud nite my Princess. Take care of urself.

Geet: bye nd u too take care of urself.


She typed nd logged off from her account nd goes to sleep.




Geet has to leave for India next morning nd she was doing her final Packings. She was very excited to go back to India but fear of meeting Maan over dere was overwhelming. May be sumtym during her stay she may face him over dere. May be dey can come face to face wat if he was still waiting for her, but den she shrug off all her thought. She told herself dat he must have moved on by now. He won’t be waiting for her especially after d way she walked out from his lyf leaving him alone nd devasted. No dis was just her thought.


Geet (To herself): wat d hell r u thinking Geet? Y would he wait for u? U urself has left him? he must have moved on by now. nd waise bhi u r going over dere for ur Project nd will concentrate on dat only. Nd y u think dat u’ll meet Maan over dere. Khurana’s Constructions is not Maan’s so dere is no chance of meeting him over dere. Just stop all ur stupid thoughts.


Her trail of thoughts has been broken wen she heard Armaan’s nd Shilpa’s voice. It seems dat dey r on some kind of Argument


Geet: Lo, fir shuru ho gaye


In d mean tym both came to her Room


Shilpa: Geet, apne dost ko samjha lo, faltu me mujhse argument kar raha hai


Before Geet could say anything Armaan spoke


Armaan: Geet, I was not arguing, I was just telling her politely

Shilpa: o ya dat was ur politeness rite? Shouting at top of ur voice

Armaan: u irritated me

Shilpa: nd u r irritating me nw


Geet who was watching dere cat-dog fight from so long has to speak nw


Geet: will u both shut up nd tell me wats d Matter

Shilpa: Geet, I was saying to him dat I want to go to India wid u, but he says dat I can’t go wid u?

Geet: y?

Shilpa: he says dat if I go wid u den he’ll miss me badly nd won’t be able to concentrate on any thing (she said while blushing)

Geet: o! to ye baat hai kyun Mr. Armaan Malik

Armaan: Geet its not like dat ok. I was just saying to her dat u’ll be busy over dere wid d project nd derefore she gets bored over dere

Shilpa: o really? Datsy u were saying dat if I want to go den u’ll also accompany me nd we both go wid Geet

Geet: Armaan wats dis nw?

Armaan: Kiddo dnt listen to her ok.

Shilpa: y she wont listen to me

Armaan: Bcoz she’s my friend

Shilpa: She’s my friend too ok

Geet: acha stop u two. Wats wrong wid both of u, engagement ho chuki hai but still fighting like kids. Tum dono na bilkul Yash nd Meera ki tarah ho, wo bhi baat baat pe aise hi ladte the nd fir main aur Maan…


She left her sentence in d mid only as soon as Maan’s name came out from her mouth but she regains herself realizing dat she’s wid Armaan nd Shilpa


Geet: Armaan, u r not going to India wid me

Armaan: But kiddo…

Geet: Enough no more arguments nw. Armaan if u’ll go to India wid me den who’ll handle d clients over here. Uncle wont be able to handle all dis alone so its final u r not cuming

Shilpa: Yes! Dat means m going wid her. U stay over here

Geet: dnt be so happy Shilpa u r also not cuming

Shilpa: But y?

Geet: if u’ll cum wid me den who’ll handle ur cases over here, I?

Shilpa: Dat wont be a problem Geet I’ll manage. But pls I want to cum; I have never been to India. Pls Pls Pls

Geet: Shilpa, no more arguments


Both Armaan nd Shilpa makes a sad face to which rolls over her eyes


Geet: C’mon guys stop behaving like kids nw. I know y u both wan to cum wid me becoz m going to India after so long but c’mon guys I m not kid I can take care of myself. India is not new to me I had spend whole 21 yrs over dere.

Armaan:But Kiddo…

Geet: Armaan, Shilpa main hamesha ke liye thodi na India ja rahi hoon, its just a matter of few months after dat I’ll cum back. Nd Shilpa wen my project will be about to finish den I’ll call u over dere nd den u can have a full tour of India. Happy nw?


Both didn’t said anything


Geet: c’mon yaar ab aise sad faces mat banao. I m going tomorrow so c’mon nw smile both of u.


Dey both smiles as it make Geet happy. Next day Geet left for India nd Armaan, Shilpa nd Misha has came at d airport to bid her. she didn’t remember hw many tymes all 3 of dem has told her to call dem wenever she needs sumthing over dere. She asures dem dat she’ll take care of her nd will cum back soon. Announcement for Security heck held nd she leaves from dere bidding dem final Bye.




Finally she reaches to India. Her country, her City from where she has gone 5 yrs back nd today after 5 yrs she’s again over here. God knows wat turn wil her lyf take nw. she’s here for Good or for Bad. But frankly she don’t want to think about all dat rite nw. rite nw she wants to feel d warmth in d winds of her country because sumwhere dese winds have touched him also. Den she quickly snaps out of her thought. Wat was she thinking she thought. She was thinking about Maan. Well she knows dat dis will happen. Afterall she’s at d place where she had so many memories. She takes a cab nd moves towards d her flat. Her house has been rented nw a days to some family derefore Armaan has arranged a flat for her at India. After 2 hrs of her journey she finally reaches to her flat; thanx to Mumbai traffic. O gosh! Hw much she has missed all dat at US. She changes into her night dress nd soon drifted off to sleep praying dat everything happens good next day.



Dere Maan felt an unknown feeling of happiness in his heart. he heard in his sleep dat sumone is calling his name nd saying sumthing to him “I m Back Maan, I came back to u”. He wakes up from his sleep nd looks at Geet’s Photo.


Maan (to himself): wats happening to me? Y do I felt dat Geet was here nd she was saying dat she’s back. But hws dis possible? She’s at US na. Is she ok over dere? Babaji pls keep her away from all problems. But y m feeling so much complete today like my biggest wish is going to cum true soon.




Next morning Geet was getting ready. She has meeting wod Mr. Khurana at 11 am nd its already 9 am. As per Armaan he’s very punctual nd derefore she cant take risk of going late especially knowing d Mumbai traffic. She reads her presentation file once again to see dat everything is upto d mark. She was really nervous today. She has never been dis much nervous in dese 5 years but today she don’t know y but her heart is pounding very fast. May be its her Dream Project datsy. She thought. She just closed her eyes nd takes a deep breath


“Wenenvr u get nervous close ur eyes nd just take a deep breath nd even better just think about me nervousness apne aap chali jayegi. Afterall u r thinking about Maan Singh Khurana”


She instantly opens her eyes wen she reminds wat he use to say to her wenever she feels nervous during her exams. She tells dis to him nd he makes her relax saying d same thing. She again takes a deep breath nd looks at d portrait of Babaji


Geet: Kya chahte ho aap? Kyun baar baar mujhe uski yaad dila rahe ho? I knw dat dis city belongs to him also but iska matlab ye to nahi na ki aap baar baar mujhe uski yaad dilao. He must have moved on in his lyf nd I also wanted to concentrate on my project isliye pls apne ye games band kijiye.


She said nd gives a one last look to Babaji’s portarait nd leaves for KC.




KC, 10:30 am:


Maan is in his cabin wid Adi looking at d project file for which d meeting is going to be held. He still cant believe it dat someone can design exactly d same deign of orphanage like Geet wants.


Adi: sir it’s a very gud deal, dis joint venture will definitely give us profit

Maan: not everything is done for Profit Adi. Aur ye project mere liye isliye important nahi hai kyunki ye profitable hai but because its gives me happiness nd to sumone else

Adi: Sorry sir… I don’t get u

Maan: Let it be Adi. Anyways wat about our meeting at 11 am?

Adi: Sir its confirmed. D chief Architect of Divine Constructions will be here shortly. She’s also very punctual just like u

Maan: ok nd had u arranged for her accommodation etc

Adi: Sir, I want to but she said dat she had already arranged everything so I cant

Maan: ok, Adi she’s important to us make sure she wont get any kind of disappointment from us

Adi: yes sir

Maan: by the way, wats her name?

Adi: Sir her name is…


He couldn’t able to take her name as Maan’s cell phone rings. He gestures Adi to leave nd he lefts from dere. It was a call from Yash telling him dat he’ll be late for d meeting as he has to go wid Meera to doctor for her Regular check-ups. Maan understands d situation nd asks him to carry on wid it, till nw he’ll handle everything over here nd by saying dis he cuts d call.




Geet stands in front of d KC, d place where her dream is going to be fulfilled. She suddenly starts having an unknown excitement, an unknown happiness in her heart like sumthing big is going to be happen today. She takes a deep breath nd moves inside d premises of KC.


Maan in his cabin had a feeling of completeness in him. he immediately gets up from his chair nd start pacing in his cabin due to sudden restlessness. he goes towards d window nd opens it to have sum fresh air. The winds seem to change their direction today nd dere’s a sudden feeling of happiness in it. He could feel her fragrance in d air today like dey were giving him signs of her Arrival. He closes his eyes just to feel it. As Geet entered in d premises of KC Maan felt felt like his wait is going to over nw. Like he is going to have d biggest happiness of his Lyf today. From last nite he was having d same feeling. God knows y? he was still lost in his thoughts wen someone knocked to his cabin. He turned around nd saw Adi over dere


Adi: Sir d chief Architect of Divine Constructions has arrived.

Maan: hhmmm take her to d conference hall. I’ll be there shortly.

Adi: ok sir.


He said nd left from dere. Maan goes to his chair, opens d drawer nd looks at Geet’s Photo once again.


Maan: Geet ur dream is going to be cum true. She’s here nw. just wish dat everything goes fine.


He smiles nd laves for d conference hall.




Adi welcomes Geet at KC nd Pinki takes her towards d conference hall. Everybody who was concerned wid dis Project were present over dere but her eyes unknowingly searching for Mr. Khurana. She don’t know y but she was curious to see him.


Adi: Mam sir will be here within few mins. till den let me introduce to d members present over here.


Geet nodded nd Adi starts introducing her to everyone but Geet’s heart is waiting to get introduced to Mr. Khurana of whom Armaan has praised dis much nd whom she thought to be as Maan for some tym.


Maan quickly makes his way towards d conference hall. He cant get late even by a minute. As soon as he entered inside d conference hall, he saw at d figure standing in front of him. He couldn’t understand dat was he dreaming or it was truth, his Angel is standing in front of him. Geet too looks at d person who has just entered inside d hall nd her throat went dry. Not even in her dreams she has thought of meeting Maan again like dis. dere eyes locked instantly nd dey couldn’t see anything but each other. The world around dem seems to be still. Lots of emotions were playing in both of their eyes; Happiness, Love, pain, anger, restlessness, loneliness. He just stood dere dumbstruck looking at his Angel right in front of him. tears has started forming in both of dere eyes. he instantly wanted to hug her close, to complain her y she left like dat but didn’t as he have to maintain d professionalism also

Everyone was confused over dere due to sudden silence including Adi. Finally he decided to broke d silence


Adi: Mam, he’s d MD of Khurana’s Constructions. Mr. Maan Singh Khurana nd Sir she’s d chief Architect of divine Construction Ms. Geet Handa.


As soon as Adi re-introduced dem dey both got a biggest surprise of dere lyf. Maan couldn’t belive dat d person who’s going to fulfill his Geet’s dream is Geet herself. She’s d architect of Divine constructions. O Gosh! Y didn’t he ask for her name before. She too stands dere wid here eyes wide open wen she saw d MD of KHURANA’S CONSTRUCTION is none other den Maan himself. He moved more closer to her just to make sure dat he was not dreaming. Yes she was dere for real, he was not dreaming. She has come back, sje has come back to him.

Maan (in his heart): Geet, Geet tum waapas aa gayi

Geet (in her heart): Mr. Khurana is Maan. Khurana’s Construction ka MD Maan hai.


She didn’t understand wat game her fate is playing wid her. she’s again back to d same place where she has started her journey of new lyf. She has again came face to face wid dat person whom she has left 5 yrs ago who has changed totally nw. God knows wat else their destiny has stored for both of dem nw.


Wo miley hai ek baar fir saath judne ke liye ya miley hai mil kar bichadne ke liye


As soon as Adi re-introduced dem dey both got a biggest surprise of dere lyf. Maan couldn’t belive dat d person who’s going to fulfill his Geet’s dream is Geet herself. She’s d architect of Divine constructions. O Gosh! Y didn’t he ask for her name before. She too stands dere wid here eyes wide open wen she saw d MD of KHURANA’S CONSTRUCTION is none other den Maan himself. He moved more closer to her just to make sure dat he was not dreaming. Yes she was dere for real, he was not dreaming. She has come back, she has come back to him.

Maan (in his heart): Geet, Geet tum waapas aa gayi

Geet (in her heart): Mr. Khurana is Maan. Khurana’s Construction ka MD Maan hai.


She didn’t understand wat game her fate is playing wid her. she’s again back to d same place where she has started her journey of new lyf. She has again came face to face wid dat person whom she has left 5 yrs ago who has changed totally nw. God knows wat else their destiny has stored for both of dem nw.


Wo miley hai ek baar fir saath judne ke liye ya miley hai mil kar bichadne ke liye



From Geet to Maan:


It seems like it was just yesterday

When I had you as close as you could be with me

It seems like it was just yesterday

When I used to dream about my life with you

It seems like it was just yesterday

When my life took me away from you


I left you because you broke my heart

I left you because you broke my trust

I left you because you shattered me into millions of pieces

I left you because my heart could not bear all the pain given by you


Each day, each hour, each minute and each second

I was not able to get you out of my mind

I prayed for your safety and your happiness

I prayed that all your wishes and desires come true

Each new dawn reminded me only of  you

Each night was spent dreaming only about you

I achieved the highest successes that I could in my life

I achieved my dream of where I wanted to be in my life

But they seemed nothing in compare to my dream of being with you

I feel incomplete without you

I feel unhappy without you

And I have never been able to forget you


I consoled myself by saying that you had moved on

I consoled myself by saying that I was in a better place without you

I masked my hope by saying that I would never meet you

Yet, here I am

Standing if front of you after five long years

And it seems like it was just yesterday

When I was standing in front of you.


My heart is fluttering as I stand in front of you

My eyes are teary as I stand in front of you

The world is slowly fading away as I stand in front of you

My brain seems to have stopped functioning as I stand in front of you

I pinch myself to see if this is a dream as I stand in front of you

But, it is real, you are here in front of me… as I stand in front of you

And it seems like it was just yesterday

When I was standing in front of you.

(Poem courtesy: Rachna (Water.))


Dey stood dere looking at each other like dat only without blinking once trying to read d emotions dat were dere in each other’s Eyes. 5 yrs nd dey haven’t met each other forget about d meeting dey haven’t even seen each other nd today dey r in front of each other totally changed from wat dey r 5 years ago but one thing was still d same dere Beating heart which still missed several beats wenever dey saw each other.


He looked at her from top to Bottom. Her dressing style was not d same as before. Instead of wearing suits she was wearing a knee length skirt nd white crisp full sleeves shirt showing her professionalism. Her hairs were not in plaits but tied in a tight pony. She too looked at him nd noticed his dressing. D person who always wear cool T-shirts nd jeans is now in formals but yet manages to take away her breath.


Everyone at d hall was looking at dem in a confused manner not able to understand wats happening over dere. Maan Singh Khurana who was known for staying away from Girls seems to be lost in d girl present in front of him like he found his Long losted precious thing nd Geet Handa known for her Proffesionalism is too looking at him like she possessed him. Finally Adi cleared his throat which bring dem back into their senses nd dey realizes wat dey were doing. Geet quickly looked away pretending to look at her laptop. Maan too straighten himself nd looked at Adi


Adi: Sir, can we start d presentation.

Maan: hhmmm


He said nd goes to take his seat right in front of d presentation board to get a clear view of her. Geet goes over d presentation board nd starts her presentation. She gives each nd every detail about d project, its USP nd other details. Maan looked at her feeling proud on her. He remembers her dream of being a successful Architect. Hw much passionate she was towards her dream




Geet: Maan, wat have u thought about ur future?

Maan: Future?

Geet: ya u must have a dream na for future? So wats dat?

Maan: My Dream, well its very simple. Padhai after dat our Marriage nd den 2 nahi 4 kids. 2 boys nd 2 girls. Equality ka zamana hai na

Geet (Blushing): Maan, m not talking about dis dream.

Maan: y? ye itna bura dream hai kya? Wait a sec. kahi aisa to nahi hai na dat u had changed ur mind nd u’ll not marry me

Geet: Shut up Maan, hw can u even think of dat (she said while looking away)

Maan: Acha I m Sorry. I was just kidding yaar


Geet still didn’t said anything nd continue looking other side


Maan: Geet, m sorry sweetheart. Acha Aage se main aisa kuch nahi bolunga. Promise. Pls Maan jao


He said while making a baby face. Geet looked at him by corner of her eyes. Aww hw could she remain angry on him nw.


Geet: tum bahut bure ho. Humesha mujhe mana lete ho. Dekhna ek din tumse itna naaraz ho jayungi ki tum saari zindagi mujhe manate rahoge fir bhi nahi manoongi.

Maan: Aisa kabhi nahi ho sakta tum chahe mujhse kitna bhi naraaz ho jao but at last tum maan hi jayogi. Tum jitni baar bhi mujhse naraaz hogi main utni baar tumhe mana loonga.

Geet: over confidence

Maan: No its not over confidence its power of our Love


She smiled widely nd hugged him


Maan: Acha Geet, u were talking about some dream

Geet: oh haan, wo tell na wat had u thought for ur future nd here I mean in d sense of career.

Maan: well usme sochna kya hai. Bus jaise taise MBA khatm ho jaye uske baad to apna Family business hi sambhalana hai. Bas usi ke liye MBA kar raha hoon

Geet: So u mean to say dat u dnt have any passion towards ur career

Maan: Wat Passion Geet wen I knw wat I have to do in future

Geet: Nahi Maan ye tumhara Dream nahi hai. ye to sirf tumhare liye ek option hai. I mean tumhe pata hai ki tum studies ki taraf serious ho ya na ho at d end tumhe apna business hi sambhalna hai.

Maan: So According to u wat can I name as dream.

Geet: Maan, dream is dat which can make us passionate towards it. Like if u have to join ur business also den u have to be passionate towards it so dat u can have ur own identity, ur own recognition. People know ur Business by ur name nd not u by d name of ur famuly business. Nd for dat u have to be serious in every aspect.

Maan: Hhmmm interesting. By the way wats ur dream

Geet: My dream; I wanted to be a successful Architect, to make my own identity. Till nw everyone knows me by my Father’s name but I want dat everyone knows my Father by my name. Dat AMIT HANDA is GEET HANDA’s father. Dis is my dream to be successful to dis extent dat every company dreams to work wid me nd u know mera doosra Dream kya hai?

Maan: kya?

Geet: tumhe successful hote hue dekhna. I wanted to see u making ur own identity in d world


Maan smiles seeing her determination towards her dream which actually inspires him a lot nd her concern towards him


Maan: Ur dreams will definitely cum true Geet. Dekhna one day u’ll be giving presentation for my company but due to ur Efficiency nd no favours ha nd ya I promise dat I’ll also make my own identity in d society so dat u feel proud on me like I always feel proud of u.


******~~~~~~Back to Present~~~~~******


He came back into reality wen he heard Geet’s voice


Geet: Any Doubts till nw Mr. Khurana


He nodded in no nd she continues to give d present. He looks at her once again couldn’t believe d fact dat sumtymes wat we say will become true in future. He had sid dat she’ll give presentation for her company just too boost up her confidence nd today its become true. He was really happy for her dat she has achieved wat she has dream of  for her nd for him too. Nd today she was completing her biggest dream. Hw fool he was to think till nw dat someone else has designed d Model of orphanage exactly d way Geet wants. Hw can anyone else can turn her dream in d reality exactly d same way she wants other den she herself.


He looked at her lovingly couldn’t able to concentrate on single word she said till nw. just lost in her. d way she moves her hand while clearing d points, d way she twists her marker between her fingers, her locks touching her cheeks everything was taking his heart away from him once again like before. He found himself again falling for her cute antics like he falled before. Though she has changed herself but yet her antics r d same. he didn’t cared wat other members in d hall will think about him wen dey saw him gaping at her nd he dnt want to also. He just can’t stop looking at his Angel whom he has missed a lot in dese 5 years.


Geet’s heart was pounding heavily in her chest like it’ll come out of it wen she feels his piercing gaze on her. Her throat went dry nd thousand butterflies were running in her stomach. It was getting difficult for her to give d presentation. She tried hard to control herself but it didn’t seem to work. She cursed herself for behaving like a teenager wen she was strictly professional towards her work. Dere’s a feeling of nervousness nd fear awoke in her heart.


Geet (to herself): Geet wats wrong wid u? Control urself. Dnt let him affect u. but y d hell is he looking at me like dis. Maan pls stop all dis. dnt look at me lyk dis. it wont help. Geet just consider him as MD of Khurana’s Constructions. Remember for wat u r here for. Just take a deep breath nd give d presentation.


She takes a deep breath nd vowed dat she’ll not let d things happens in past to effect her work.


(me thinking like it would helpErmm)


On d other hand Maan too tries hard to concentrate on d presentation given by her but couldn’t able to. Its been after 5 long years he is listening to her melodious voice. He was looking at her angelic face den hw can he concentrate on anything else at dat tym. He saw her nervousness nd was actually enjoying it. He was happy to see dat she still get affected due wid his presence. He smiled inwardly at his own thought. After 5 years he was again feeling like a same Maan like he was at dat tym wen he was wid his Angel.


(me thinking lo ab to ho gaya business Stern Smile)


He noticed the confidence, the determination towards her work. “My angel has become professional nw” he thought. Everything has changed in her. Her dressing, her attitude everything. He couldn’t believe dat dis was d same Geet who use to get nervous before her exams nd nw giving presentation wid full confidence. But for one thing he was sure dat her heart is still d same.


During d presentation Geet once again looked at him only to find his gaze on her which were actually tickiling her senses. She wonders hw he still manged to affect her. dey were away for 5 long years, she was angry on him nd may be even nw but yet she gets affected wid his gaze, wid his presence.


As d presentation ends she again looked at him nd dis is wen dere eyes met nd dere hearts began to race against dere minds. Dey found demselves lost in each other’s eyes. they tried to hard to regain some composure which both of dem knw is not possible.


(me slapping head nw Business to gaya kaam seDead)


Dey both came into senses wen dey heard d round of applause. Everyone is praising her for her designs nd was really looking forward to work wid her. She smiles while shaking hands wid dem. He smiles seeing her smiling. He comes towards her to appreciate her. wid his every Step towards her, her heart beats was rising. He extends his hand towards her to congrats her. She slowly met her hand wid his. As dey both feel each other’s touch both felt a shiver through their spine due to dat touch.


Maan: it was a good presentation Ms. Handa. Great Job

Geet: Thank u Mr. Khurana


(Me wondering had he really concentrated on itErmm)


She quickly removes her hand from his nd started talking to other member. Maan smiles nd turns towards Adi to discuss important points regarding presentation


(Me feeling so Dreamy haye! Ye smile missed it so muchDay Dreaming)


One by one everyone has started leaving from conference hall nd at last only Maan nd Geet r left over dere. Dey could listen each other heart beats Loud in dat empty room. Dis was d toughest situation for her as she knows dat Maan had numerous questions in his mind to which she’s not ready to answer. She looked everywhere except him. She quickly takes her Laptop nd decided to leave from dere.


As she was about to leave d conference hall Maan stops her by holding her wrist. Geet quickly closes her eyes. dis was d last thing she wanted. Isn’t all dat enough dat was happening wid her since morning dat nw she has to face his confontration.


Geet: Maan Please. Let me go


But instead his grip got tightened nd he pulled her towards him nd quickly takes her into his embrace hugging her tightly. Never to let her go away from him. His heart was finally at peace first tym in dese 5 years by holding her so close to him. hw much he has waited for dis moment in dese 5 years nd finally it has came. His Geet has come back to him.


Geet too closed her eyes feeling d warmth of his embrace. For a moment she has forgotten everything dat has happened between her nd Maan. She was just lost in his embrace. She could feel his warm breath against her ears which was making her tremble. Only she knows hw badly she wanted to be in his arms in dese 5 years nd today wen its happening den she don’t want dis. her fear is again overcoming her heart. Maan dipped his head in her hair nd finally whispered


Maan: Kaha chali gayi thi tum Geet? Kyun chali gayi thi mujhe chod ke? U knw hw much I had missed u? Kyun chali gayi thi tum apne Maan ko chod ke?


She quickly opens her eyes as reality hits her as soon as she heard his voice. Wat was she doing? She was suppose to maintain her professionalism especially in front of him nd here she’s lost in his Arms. She quickly pushed him away from her nd looked at other side.


Geet: u should not behave like dis Mr. Khurana. M here for dis project. Pls dnt make dis difficult for both of us.


Her words hurt Maan deep in his heart. nd wait did she addressed him as Mr. Khurana. Since wen dis professionalism has came between dem. She still hasn’t forgiven him for wat he did 5 years back. But den calms himself by thinking dat it wont be easy to make everything like before all of a sudden especially at d state where dey both r.


She can’t bear dis awkward silence anymore between dem therefore she quickly turns to leave from dere. As she was about to Go her Leg gets struck on d Wire present over dere which makes her trip. She was about to hit d ground wen Maan saves her from falling by holding her waist. Dis all has happened all of a sudden nd in vain Maan too loses his balance nd falls on d Chair behind him while she ends up falling in his lap. She hids her face in his chest in fear while he holds her tight by her waist. She slowly draws back her face nd looks at him. He too looks into her eyes deep. Same eyes where he always found Love for him. Both didn’t know how long they were lost in each other’s eyes. Dey were just trying to read d emotions dey were seeing in each other’s eyes. Maan slowly away d lock of hair caressing her cheek nd tucks it behind her ears. She closed her eyes feeling his touch. Maan slowly brings her hand towards her face to caress her soft cheek. Dis is wen Geet realizes wat she was doing. She quickly snaps away his hand nd gets up from his lap.she was trying to regain herself wen Maan spoke


Maan: hw long will u run away from me Geet. Remember one thing wenever u’ll go away from me at d end u’ll come into my arms like dis only


Geet can see d intensity in his eyes but rite nw she cant bear it. She straightens herself nd quickly goes outside d conference hall fighting back wid her tears.


Maan just stood dere shocked nd dumbfounded by seeing her sudden reaction like dis. Dis is not wat he expected. Especially meeting after 5 years. But den he realizes dat dey need sum tym.


Maan (to himself): just relax Maan. Dnt give up so easily. If fate has bring her back to u den definitily it has sumthing good stored for both of u. no matter wats d reason behind her coming back but at d end she’ll definitely cum back to u. its not easy to bridge d gap of 5 years in 5 minutes neither its easy to make everything like before so soon. U have to wait Maan u have to wait. Jab tune 5 saal intezaar kiya hai to kuch mahine aur sahi. Dekhna is baar wo tujhe chod ke nahi jayegi.




Geet quickly comes out of d hall nd stops at d corridor. She closed her eyes nd takes a deep breath. Some drops of tears have dropped from her eyes wen she think of d incident happened inside d hall. She really didn’t understand wat her fate wants from her. firstly she has to cum back to d same place where she has vowed never to cum back. Wasn’t dat was enough dat now she has to work wid d same person from whom she wanted to stay away. She cursed herself for being dis much weak. Y she has thought Maan nd Mr. Khurana as two different peoples. Y she haven’t thought dat wen dese 5 years has changed her so much den it can change him also. But hw cum Armaan couldn’t able to recognize him. it was him only na who has finalized dis deal. She thought. She quickly wipes away her tears nd calls Armaan.



Armaan was at his date wid Shilpa wen Geet calls him. Shilpa looks at him wid questioning eyes.


Armaan: Kiddo! Lagta hai meeting ho gayi


She smiles nd Armaan takes d call


Armaan: Hey Kiddo! Wats up? Nd hw was ur meeting?

Geet: Shut up Armaan! Dnt try to Act smart

Armaan: Wat do u mean Kiddo? I really dnt get u.

Geet: really? R u dat much stupid?

Armaan: Kiddo, stop talking in riddles nd tell me wat actually has happened?

Geet: ok den I m cuming straight to d point. Do u know who is Mr. Khurana

Armaan: ya MD of khurana’s constructions. So?

Geet: Armaan he has other identity also besides being a MD of Khurana’s construction

Armaan: Geet, kya bol rahi ho Saaf saaf bolo na

Geet: Armaan, Mr. Khurana is none other den Maan himself

Armaan (shocked): WAT??!!! R u serious?

Geet: Dnt Act Armaan. Tum jaante the na ki Mr. Khurana hi Maan hai fir bhi tumne mujhe yahan bheja.

Armaan: Geet trust me mujhe sach me nahi pata tha. I mean maine kabhi unse personally baat nahi ki. Most of d tym I talked to his business partner or his Associate. Tujhe sach me aisa lagta hai ki agar mujhe pata hota to main tujhe waha bhejta. Mujhpe trust nahi hai tujhe


Geet (to herself): Geet tu bhi na, kuch bhi bolti hai. Sach hi to bol raha hai Armaan. Agar use pata hota to wo tujhe yaha kyun bhejta. Bekaar hi mein use itna kuch bol diya

Armaan: Hello Kiddo! u dere

Geet (coming out of her thoughts): Ya Armaan, m sorry wo ekdum se yeh sab hua to mujhe kuch samajh nahi aaya aur maine tumhe itna kuch bol diya.

Armaan: its ok I understand. Waise Geet u can cum back to US. I mean we can do dis Joint venture wid sum other company. Ya it’ll effect our company’s reputation but I’ll manage all dat. U just come back.


Nw d last thing Geet wanted to get Armaan in trouble due to her. nd waise bhi its her problem nd she has to handle it alone she cant let anyone else suffer due to her.


Geet: No Armaan, I’ll manage. I m not dis much weak dat I cant handle dis situation. Main US tabhi waapas aayungi jab ye project complete ho jayega.

Armaan: R u sure?

Geet: ya. Chalo nw m keeping d phone down. Need to sort out few points wid Maan’ I mean Mr. Khurana.

Armaan: ok Bye nd tc.


Geet cuts d call nd promised herself dat she’ll handle dis matter calmly. So wat she’s going to work wid Maan she’ll still remain professional like she was wid her other clients. Dere’s no Difference between Maan nd other clients.


(Me wondering like it would possibleConfused)


Thinking dis she takes a deep breath nd goes towards d washroom to get fresh. She don’t know dat someone is listening to her conversation. It was Maan who was leaning against d wall listening to her. A wide smile crept on his face wen he heard dat Geet isd not going back soon. No matter wats d reason but important is dat she’ll be wid him for few months nd he promised to himself dat he’ll turn dese few months into forever.




Armaan looks tensed after cutting d call which makes Shilpa worried


Shilpa: Armaan, wat happen? U looking so tensed? Kya baat Hui Geet se?

Armaan (being serious): Wo Shilpa, u knw whom Kiddo has met today

Shilpa: whom?

Armaan: Maan. Mr. Khurana is none other den Maan himself.

Shilpa (shocked): really?

Armaan: hhmmm

Shilpa: so isme itna tensed hone wali kya baat hai? Yahi to hum dono chahte the hai na?


She said nd dey both giggles nd gives high five to each other


Armaan: I don’t believe dis our plan has actually worked. Finally dey r face to face wid each other

Shilpa: hw it couldn’t work Afterall it was made by me. It had to be worked.

Armaan: But Shilpa, r we doing d right thing. I mean Kiddo se is tarah se jhooth bolna, I haven’t lied to her before nd today I lied her saying dat I was not knowing anything. I dnt knw but m not feeling gud

Shilpa: Armaan, jis jhooth se do tute hue Dil mile wo jhooth jhooth nahi hota. Humara yeh ek chota sa jhooth unki life me dher saari happiness layega

Armaan: but do u still think dat Geet still loves Maan. I mean 5 years have been passed nd she has moved on in her lyf.

Shilpa: I dnt think Armaan, I believe dat Geet still loves Maan. Armaan I agree dat u knw Geet since childhood. U knw every small nd big things about her, but Armaan I also know her from last 5 years nd in dese 5 years I had observed each nd every aspect of her lyf very closely.

Armaan: means.

Shilpa: Armaan, maine in 5 saalo me Geet ko har 11th Nov k din ek intezaar karte hue dekha hai, kisi ki wish ka, kisi ke aane ka. Har 22nd feb ko bechain hote hue bhi dekha hai, kisi khaas se baat karne ke liye, uske paas jane ke liye nd har 10th sept ko tadapte hue bhi dekha hai. Kyunki ye din uske lyf ka sabse khaas din hai. Isi din us insaan ne use propose kiya tha jisse wo bahut pyaar karti hai, aur aaj wo insaan uske saath nahi hai. Is din wo tadapti hai uske saath rehne ke liye, uske paas rehne ke liye usse baatein karne ke liye. nd sirf yahi dates kyun Geet ne to ek pal ke liye bhi Maan se pyar karma band nahi kiya hai.. nw still u think dat Geet has moved on?

Armaan: ya but still I m not sure whether wat we r doing is rite or not

Shilpa (irritated): Armaan tumhe dikhai nahi de raha hai ya tum dekhna chahte hi nahi. Geet loves Maan more den we can imagine. Tumhe yaad hai us din Party mein Geet has put a piece of cake to other plate making sure dat nobody sees her. she did dat every year since d day she comeover here. Dat piece was meant for Maan nd we both know dat. Nd throughout d party she was so lost nd restless nd I dnt think I had to give u d reason nw.

Armaan: hhmmm I think u r rite.

Shilpa: trust me Armaan everything will go fine. Geet ne humare liye kitna kuch kiya hai nd today if we r together den just because of her. u remember

Armaan: ya.





It was going to be d toughest day for Armaan as he was going to tell his parents about him nd Shilpa. He was really scared for dere reaction as first of all Shilpa was an orphan but dats not matter over here but d thing dat matters is dat Shilpa is not of dere caste. She is Gujarati nd he was afraid dat may be his Dad wont agree to have an inter-caste marriage. Geet has assured him dat nothing will go wrong, he just go nd tell dere parents wats in his heart.


All d members of d house r present over in d hall including Armaan, Shilpa nd Geet. As expected Armaan’s parents was not ready for d proposal. But not because Shilpa is an orphan or she’s gujarati but because dey have always saw Geet as dere Daughter-in-law.


Mr. Malik: I cant Agree to dis Proposal

Armaan: But dad Y? wats d problem? Just because Shilpa is an orphan nd she’s not of our caste

Mr. Malik: u knw dat I dnt believe in all dis

Armaan: den y r u refusing? U have to give me d answer

Mrs. Malik: Shut up Armaan! Is dis d way u’ll talk to ur Father

Mr. Malik: Let it be Megha. Our son has grown up nw so he can question his father

Armaan: its not like dat Dad. I respect u nd I had never questioned u but today I want to know d reason. I Love her Dad nd I promised her dat I’ll be dere wid her in every situation.

Mr. Malik: u wanted to know d reason den I’ll tell u. u can’t marry Shilpa because I m bounded by a promise

Armaan: Promise?

Mr. Malik: ya I had promised my late best Friend dat I’ll make her daughter our Daughter-in-law. I promised him dat Geet will be d daughter-in-law of our house


Nw it was d biggest shock for both Geet nd Armaan. Dey had never ever thought dat dere parents can even think of anything like dis.


Geet: uncle wat r u saying?

Mr. Malik: yes beta its true. I had promised Amit dat I’ll get u nd Armaan married. Its all has been done begfore his death. He was worried about u nd derefore I made him dis promise nd even me myself wants d same since d day u born. Nd nw I cant betray my friend by marrying Armaan to some one else.

Geet: uncle Pls. Dis cant even possible. Me nd Armaan r just best friends. We have haven’t thought anything beyond dat.

Mrs. Malik: Geet beta dis is true. We have always dreamt of u making our Daughter-in-law. Nd datsy ur uncle has promised ur father.

Geet: Aunty y don’t u understand. Me nd Armaan can never marry each other. Nd moreover Armaan truly loves Shilpa it would be injustice to her also.

Mr. Malik: but Geet beta…

Geet: Uncle I truly respect ur Friendship towards Dad.  I appreciate it dat u care for ur dead friend but uncle d promise dat u had made to dad cannot be possible. Nd even if we r married also den also we cant be happy because we can never love each other

Mrs. Malik: but beta love can also happen as d tym passes.

Geet: u r rite aunty but dat would be in d case wen dose two people had never fallen in love wid each other nd in our case dat can not possible because Armaan Loves Shilpa.  Nd our relationship would be nothing but a Perfect mismatch.


Den she goes to Armaan’s Dad nd sit besides him


Geet: uncle, I know wat value u had in ur lyf of ur friendship wid my Dad but uncle just think about it once dat due to dis promise 3 lives r going to be ruined. Shilpa’s, Mine nd Armaan’s. Do u want dis dat due to one promise 3 lives get ruined. Uncle no one will be happy after dis. nd just look at Shilpa once. She has no one in her lyf instead Armaan. Aren’t u doing injustice wid her. Uncle dey both truly Love each other nd aap hi to kehte hai ki jo log ek doosre se pyar karte hai unhe hi saath me rehna chahiye. Uncle if dad would be alive den he would also say d same thing which I had said. Nd trust me uncle u r not going to betray ur friend neither u r breaking any promise. U promised dad for our happiness nd uncle we r happy by just being Best friends only. Nd m sure dad too didn’t wanted to get 3 lives ruined due to a promise infact he’ll prefer to break one promise to save happiness in everyone’s lyf. Pls uncle change ur decision.

Mrs. Malik: but Geet…

Geet: Aunty agar main Armaan se shaadi nahi karungi to kya aap logo ka pyar mere liye kam ho jayega. App log mujhe pehle jitna pyaar nahi karoge

Mrs. Malik: ofcourse not beta

Geet: den pls give Shilpa one chance. M sure she’s going to prove best Daughter-in-law. Pls uncle.


After thinking a lot on dis matter finally Armaan’s Parents agreed for Armaan’s nd Shilpa’s relationship nd very soon Shilpa has made a good place in dere hearts too. All thanx to Geet.


******~~~~~~Back to Present~~~~~******

Shilpa: Armaan, if dat day Geet had not taken stand for us den today we wont be here. If today we r together den just because of Geet. nd nw its tym for us to do sumthing for her. nd I dnt think dat anything would be as Good as making her unite wid d person she loves d most.

Armaan: u r rite Shilpa. But I still have a doubt

Shilpa (rolling her eyes): nw wat Armaan?

Armaan: See I agree dat Geet still loves Maan but wat about Maan. Do u think he still loves her too nd waiting for her

Shilpa: yes Armaan. M sure dat Maan is also at d same place where Geet is. If Geet haven’t moved on yet den I can bet dat Maan also haven’t moved on till nw nd he’s still waiting for her.

Armaan: hw can u be so sure?

Shilpa: Armaan u had only told it to me na Dat Geet has left Maan at dat tym wen Maan has confessed his true feelings to her. do u think after Geet walks out from his lyf like dat Maan can stop loving her. Armaan, true love is not dat weak to forget wid tym.

Armaan: hhmmm.

Shilpa: nd u knw wat I think at dat tym u souldnt have brought Geet here at US

Armaan: u mean to say dat I would left her alone over dere at dat phase of her lyf nd dat too because of dat Maan who was not sure of his own feelings

Shilpa: Armaan, m not saying dis. See as a friend ur concern towards Geet is gud but if at dat tym u haven’t brought Geet here den may be today Maan nd Geet r together

Armaan: first of all m not getting wat u r saying nd secondly It was Geet’s decision to come over here

Shilpa: ya because u had given her d option but agar us waqt Geet tumhare saath yaha nahi aati aur India me hi rehti to Maan ko ek chance milta apne aap ko Prove karne ka nd ho sakta hai kuch tym baad Geet maan bhi jati nd wo log is tarah se 5 saal tak door nahi rehte. But as at dat tym uske paas option tha yaha aane ka derefore at dat tym she has decided to run away from d situation instead of giving Maan an another chance.

Armaan: u r rite Shilpa. I haven thought about dis. well its better late den never. Ab aage kya karna hai

Shilpa: ab humne apna kaam kar diya hai. Unhe aamne-saamne lake ab aage ka kaam Kismat karegi. Dekhte hai kab tak ye dono ek doosre ke saath rehkar ek doosre se door rehte hai.

Armaan: Dat would be really worth watching.




Maan was at his cabin Holdong Geet’s picture recalling d incidents dat has happened so far nd after dat wat happened today at d conference hall. He cant believe dat his lyf has changed once again just in d matter of few mins.  today it should be his lucky day as today his lyf has came back to him. nd den he smiles remembering Geet’s conversation wid Armaan nd her decision of staying back at India only. He just ran his fingers over dat photo caressing it


Maan: Dis tym I’ll not let u go away from me Geet. u might have come over here for dis project but dis tym u’ll not go back running from me. Dis tym I’ll prove my love to u. Dis tym I’ll make everything like before between us. Dats my promise to u Geet. u r here for just for few months but very soon I’ll turn dese few months into forever.


He come out of his thoughts wen he heard d knocking of d Door. He dnt have to guess who it was. He puts d photo back in d drawer nd straighten himself.


Maan: come in


Nd as expected he knew who it was. None other den Geet.


Geet: Mr. Khurana I need to talk to u

Maan: I knw abt wat u r going to talk.

Geet (confused): wat?

Maan: u are here to cancel dis deal rite?

Geet: Wat rubbish y would I do dat?

Maan: see as of nw we both have to work together so may be sumtym u’ll remind of our past relationship nd u think dat it’ll be difficult for u to work wid me after dat as u wont be able to control urself around me.

Geet: u r wrong Mr. Khurana. I dnt know about u but as far as I m concerned m very much professional towards my work. Nd to clear all ur doubts let me tell u I had not came over here to cancel dis deal.  Main yaha sirf itna batane aayi hoon dat we r going to be work together nw as a team so its better if u dnt brought personal things between profession like u did inside d hall. Better keep ur personal life away from professional one.

Maan: nd outside d work? we can talk personal after work.

Geet: outside d work we r nothing but strangers. keep dis thing clear

Maan: ok Ms. Handa. Anything else?

Geet: no

Maan: fine den we’ll work on dis project from tomorrow

Geet: ok.


She said nd turns to leave. She was about to leave d cabin wen she stops nd turned again to look at Maan.


Geet: nd one more thing Mr. Khurana i really hope ki humari compatibility future me achi rahegi…


Maan felt so happy wen he heard d word compatibility from her but his happiness was short lived wen she completes her sentence


Geet: Professionaly.


She said nd leaves d cabin leaving Maan behind smirking. Only he knows hw to turn Geet’s decision in his favour like he did nw.


(haye ek hi din me kitni baar smile karegaDay Dreaming)


Maan: u still haven’t changed Geet. u still had d same attitude like u had wen I met u first tym. Hhmmm ok Geet u wants to be professional den let it be lyk dis. I promise Geet by d end of dis project u’ll cum back to my lyf nd dis tym personally. U r rite Geet, humari compatibility future me achi rahegi.


He said smiling nd gets back to his work.


Geet came out of his cabin nd was on his way towards corridor wen she realizes sumthing. Wat has she done inside? She has gone dere to say sumthing else nd has said another thing.


Geet (to herself): Hey Babaji ye Maine kya kar diya? Mani to uske cabin mein ye kehne gayi thi ki main uske saath is branch me kaam nahi karungi infact I will handle dis project from US itself or from any other branch but I had said dat I’ll handle dis project wid him as a team. O god y I did dat? y still all my senses crash being near him? Iska matlab hai mujhe har roz use face karna hoga, everyday he’ll be near me everyday nd as he said if sumthing happened which will remind us of our past relationship den? Shut up Geet wat r u thinking? See u r professional in Ur work hai Na. Bas ye project complete kar nd den get back to US, haan. I’ll not let my past affect my present. Hey Babaji! Ye aapne mujhe Kaha fasa diya?


She was continuously blabbering to herself wen she bumped into someone which makes her lose her balance but she balances herself. Already she was in a bad mood nd dis has made her more angry nd without looking at d person she started scolding him


Geet: Idiot! Duffer! Andhe ho kya? Dekh ke nahi chal sakte? Agar main gir jati to? (she said while balancing herself)


Person: Well, I would have but seeing u after so many years I couldn’t able to believe in my eyes so I thought of checking whether m dreaming or not. But fortunately m not. Welcome Back PRINCESS!


Dis is wen she looked upwards to face d person nd was so happy to see him in front of her. Finally sumthing happen Good so far in dis morning, she thought.


Geet: Yash!!! OMG m so sorry. I haven’t seen u nd had started blabbering

Yash: Well dats not a new thing for u. we all r used to of it

Geet: Anyways wat r u doing over here? I mean hw do u know dat I had came over here?

Yash: well I did not know that you are here?

Geet: den wat r u doing over here?

Yash: ok as u r so much desperate to know den let me tell u ki Main is Khurana’s Constructions ka ek chota sa partner hoon.

Geet: u mean to say dat u nd Maan…

Yash: We are partners

Geet: o god! Nd u haven’t told me anything till nw

Yash: Geet I think we had lots of to catch up so y don’t we catch up wid a coffee. Lets go towards d cafeteria.

Geet: ok.


She said nd dey both leave from dere




At Cafeteria:


Yash: So u mean to say dat u were not knowing dat Khurana’s Constructions is Maan’s Company

Geet: u think if I would have been known den I would cum over here

Yash: ok nd dat day on Skype u were talking about dis project only?

Geet: ya.

Yash: unbelievable!!! for dis Project only Maan was working day nd night nd finally it turns out to be ur Dream Project, he was trying to turn ur Dream into reality. I mean Geet dis can’t be a mere coincidence. M damn sure dat Fate has sumthing store for u

Geet: I had long back stop believing on Fate Yash

Yash: You can’t Geet as u never know wat destiny has stored for u in d next turn. Like I was not knowing dat even after going to US also u’ll not forget to send me Rakhi on Rakshabandhan. Remember?

Geet: ya.




Its been 3 months wen Geet has came to US. Only 1 week is left for Rakshabandhan nd Geet was getting restless over here. She knows dat Yash don’t have any sister nd d day wen she came to know dis she asked him to be his brother nd has promised dat she’ll never let him feel alone on dis day nd now everything has changed but yet she cant break her promise. She has to do sumthing nd finally an Idea came to her mind. She quickly goes to Post Office nd opens a POST BOX over dere nd has send him Rakhi from dat Address.


Yash got Rakhi 1 day before Rakshabandhan. His heart was saying dat it was sent by none other den Geet but den he thought dat y will she send it from a P.O Box address but den he thought dat who else wil send him Rakhi except her. he was in his thoughts wen he got a call. He didn’t seem to recognize d number but he has picked it up


Yash: Hello!

Geet: Yash

Yash: Geet? Geet kaha ho tum? Nd y had u gone like dat? Tumhe pata hai hw much we all r worried for u? Nd u had only send dis Rakhi to me Na?

Geet: m fine Yash nd pls don’t ask me anything further. I can’t answer u anything

Yash: Don’t u want to know about him also?

Geet: No, becoz I know dat he’s fine becoz if he was not den I also wouldn’t be fine over here

Yash: Geet y r u doing all dis? y r u punishing him nd urself? I knw he had made a mistake but cant u both start a fresh beginning? U knw since d day u walked out from his lyf he seems to be lost

Geet: Yash Please, I don’t want to talk about dis. I said na I cant answer u anything.

Yash: ok, I’ll not talk anything about it. BTW thanx for d Rakhi. U remember?

Geet: hw could I forget it Yash. Mere nd Maan ke beech me job hi hua dat was different thing but dat didn’t changed our relationship. Den hw can u think dat I’ll forget dis day

Yash: ok dnt get Angry now. M sorry. Pls forgive me dis tym

Geet: ok first nd d last tym.

Yash: pakka. Acha nw tell me wat my sister wants dis Rakshabandhan

Geet: nothing. I’ll ask u wen I need

Yash: dnt avoid Geet. I want to give u sumthing

Geet: Yash, will u do me a favour?

Yash: ya Geet tell me

Geet: pls keep Maan happy nd asks him to move on in his lyf. I’ll never return back Yash.

Yash: But Geet…

Geet: nd one more thing Yash, u’ll never tell anyone mark my words anyone dat we both r in touch wid each other. Neither Maan nor Meera nor anyone else. Nd u’ll never tell me anything about Maan to me neither I’ll ask u. This is all I want from u. Promise me Yash u’ll do dis

Yash: But Geet, y dnt u cum back? U too love him rite?

Geet: Ya nd I’ll always love him but I cant be wid him. Today he realizes his mistake but wat if again he does d same thing. I don’t have courage left Yash to bear one more heart break. Pls Yash promise me

Yash: I promise my Princess. I’ll not tell to anyone dat we r in touch nd will ask Maan to move on in his lyf


******~~~~~~Back to Present~~~~~******



Yash: nd today u r here, against all odds. Now still u’ll say dat u don’t believe in Destiny.

Geet: Yash Pls change the topic.

Yash: ok I won’t say anything which will make u feel uncomfortable. Chalo lets go nw

Geet: where?

Yash: arey wont u meet ur best friend. u knw in dese 5 years her tantrums has just got doubled

Geet: dare u say anything about my friend

Yash: o ya nw u also will take her side only, anyways lets go

Geet: but I had to finish sum formalities over here

Yash: Geet waise bhi its Lunch tym. We’ll be back after Lunch nd don’t worry u r going wid d partner of d company so don’t worry for anything.

Geet: ok. Lets Go




Yash was continuously ringing d bell just to irritate Meera. Finally Meera opens d door wid an irritating face. Geet hides at d corner


Meera: wat d hell is dis Yash. Why are you ringing bell like hell. Nd wat r u doing over here. U never come home during Lunch?


Yash said nothing but continue smirking


Meera: Yash, kya paaglo ki tarah se hase ja rahe ho. Batao na kya baat hai?

Yash:  well I wanted to give a surprise honey

Meera: Surprise? Yash we r married from last 3 yrs nd u r talking like a newly wedded husband

Yash: u knw wat dis is ur Problem wen I concentrate more on work den u say dat I don’t give u much tym nd nw wen I cum home early den u were asking me questions. I really don’t understand ur Mood swings.

Meera: oh! Mujhe mood swings hote hai. Tum Ajeeb ajeeb harkate karo nd uske baad complaint karo k mujhe Mood swings hote hai.

Yash: Very good nw its my mistake dat I came home early to surprise u?

Meera: m not saying dis u r taking me wrong

Yash: o really? Den tell me wats it?

Meera: Yash, u r getting in my nerves nw. u were fighting wid me for no reason. M telling u stop all dis otherwise…

Yash: otherwise wat u’ll do? Divorce lawyer ko call karogi to prepare Divorce paper


Geet was listening to dere fight nd decides to come out before dere fight turns into a War. She quickly comes besides Yash nd tries to stop dem.


Geet: Yash! Meera! Kya baccho ki tarah lad rahe ho? Meera atleast u behave mature yaar

Meera: Chaddo Geet! Tumhe nahi pata ye humesha mujhe aise hi pareshaan karta hai nd fir bolta hai ki main Tantrums create karti hoon. Nd u knw wat…


She stops in d mid way wen she realizes to whom is she talking. She quickly pinches herself for making sure dat she was not Dreaming. Yes she was not dreaming, Geet was dere in real. Tears has started forming in her eyes as she hugged her. Geet too hugged her best friend whom she has missed a lot. Meera broke d hug nd hits her on her hand


Meera: Stupid! Idiot! Duffer! Is tarah se koi apne Best friend se naraaz hota hai kya ki bina bataye chala jaye. U had gone without even talking to me once nd didn’t even bother to get in touch wid me in dese 5 years. u knw hw much i missed u everyday nd d most on d Eve of mine nd Yash’s Marriage but no u didnt cared for anything. I’ll not talk to u. no just go from here

Geet: m sorry Meera. But u knw na hw d circumstances was at dat tym

Meera: …

Geet: Acha baba m holding my ears nw. Pls. Maan jao


Meera looked at her nd instantly melts.


Meera: tum bahut buri ho u knw very well dat I cant remain angry on u. but dis is d Last tym ok

Geet: ok


Geet noticed a small bump on Meera’s stomach nd Meera told her dat she’s 4 months pregnant. Geet gives Yash “U haven’t Told me” Look nd den goes inside wid her.


Both were meeting after so many years nd has a lot to talk wid each other. Finally Geret realizes dat she is dere from last 2 hrs nd she has to go back to KC to complete sum formalities derefore she takes her leave nd promises her dat she’ll visit her again soon nd leaves to KC wid Yash




After completing d formalities at KC Geet has came back to her flat. Luckily Maan was out of office due to sum meeting. She gave a sigh of relief but wat she will do other days. Hw will she avoid him wen he’ll always be around her.


Geet (looking upwards): aap baaz nahi aayoge Na apni harkato se? Itna sab kuch jo hua wo kam tha jo ab ye sab ho raha hai? Kyun kar rahe ho aap ye sab? I had accepted d fact dat I nd he can never be together to fir kyun ye sab? Pls Babaji band kijiye ye Games khelna


She said nd goes to kitchen to make Dinner. After having her dinner she sat on d bed nd remembers d incident dat has happened so far.

She closed her eyes wen she remembers wat has happened today in d KC.


Geet’s Monologue:


I closed my eyes wondering wat game is Fate playing wid me. After 5 whole years wen I thought dat I had moved on, wen I thought dat I’ll never meet him den wid d twist of Fate he’s again in front of me but not as Maan but as Maan Singh Khurana. I had never thought dat I’ll meet him like dis. no doubt m happy wid his success. Dis is wat I want for him to be successful in lyf nd today he has achieved every step of success nd no one can as happy as I was dat tym. But yet I had to mask my feelings by being professional. Wen our eyes met at Hall I can see right thru his eyes his feelings for me. Dat had not changed. I saw numerous emotions in dem. His eyes were oozing Love for me, his eyes were complaining me for leaving him, dey were showing hw restless nd Lonely he was without me, which were in my eyes also. At dat tym d whole world around us seems to still. We both forget for wat we both r here for, just kept looking at each other’s eyes until Adi distract us nd I realize dat I m here for presentation


Only I knw hw hard it was for me to give d Presentation wen he was infront of me. Throughout d presentation I can feel his intensive gaze on me which was actually tickling my senses. Nd after d presentation wen he hugged me, I can’t tell wat I felt at dat tym. His warmth was giving me relief, after so many years I was feeling completed in his embrace. It seems dat all dese 5 years were never between us nd I don’t even want to think about all dat. I just wanted to lost in dat moment. Nd I was even lost also until he spoke to me, until he asks me y I had left him? den I realize wat I was doing, I should not do dis. I cant lose myself, but y? was it because of my fear? Y I cant overcome from all dat has happened between us.


I noticed d changes in him. He has changed a lot. Den I reminded Armaan’s words regarding him due to which I didn’t accept dat Mr. Khurana can be Maan. He has changed, he has changed a lot. All dose things which were his flaws, which I wanted him to improve has been changed in him. He’s Puntual nw, he has become serious in his lyf now nd has achieved great success nd all dat because of me? he’s working on  y Dream Project? D person who can forget his GF’s B’day has still remembers her Dream Project nd wants to turns it into reality? can it be true dat someone can change so much for his Love nd especially for dat Love which has left him 5 years ago. Isn’t it again prove his Love den y m I not able to prepare myself to Love him back, to trust him back?


I don’t know hw will I manage all dese days wid him nw wen he’ll around me most of d tymes, wen I have to face him everyday. Pls Babaji give me dis much courage dat I don’t lose myself again in his presence


(Geet’s monologue ends)




On d other hand dat day Maan reaches home very happily nd before going to outhouse he goes towards Mansion to meet his Dadimaa. He wanted to share his happiness wid her. as soon as he spotted her at Living Room he quickly goes to her nd hugged her. Savitri Devi was seeing her grandson smiling after so many years nd she was happy but didn’t understand wats d actual matter is


Maan: Dadimaa! M very very very Happy Today

Savitri Devi: I can see dat Maan, but wats d matter?

Maan: Dadimaa, wo waapas aa gayi, she has came back to me

Savitri Devi: Maan kaun waapas aa gaya… Wait a sec. Geet, Geet waapas aa gayi

Maan: Haan Dadimaa maine aapse kaha tha dat she’ll return back nd she has.

Savitri Devi: So does dat mean she has forgiven u? everything has become fine between u two nw

Maan (serious): No Dadimaa

Savitri Devi: No? Maan I m not getting wat r u saying?


Maan told everything to her, hw he was working on her dream project nd hw she landed up to cum over here


Savitri Devi: Himmat mat hariye Maan, if destiny has bring her back over here den destiny only will bring her back to u too.

Maan: I know Dadimaa nd dis tym I’ll not let her go away from me nd for dat if I have to fight from my Fate den I’ll do dat also.

Savitri Devi:dats like my Grandson.


He smiles nd started heading towards Outhouse


Savitri Devi: Maan, where r u going?

Maan: outhouse Dadimaa

Savitri Devi: But Maan, y now? I mean nw she has came back

Maan: no Dadimaa, I’ll cum back to dis house only den wen I’ll make her Ur Daughter-in-law not before dat


Saying dis he goes towards Outhouse.




Geet was standing near her window, trying to distract herself from his thoughts but failed Everytym. She knows dat his memories will definitely cover her wen she will be here but she didn’t know dat here she will face him nd dat too like dis. she was having a fight between her heart nd her mind. Her heart was aching to love him but her mind was denying dat love. she just wanted to bang her head sumwhere at dat moment for being dis much insane. She dnt know y but she’s having an unknown urge to call him. she knows dat she was losing herself especially after telling him dat she’ll remain professional but Everytym her heart is trying to overcome her mind. She finally decides to listen to her heart nd started dialing his No.




Maan too was standing near his window watching at Moon thinking about her. he really couldn’t believe his luck. She was here in front of him for whatever d reason is but d fact is dat its just d game of destiny to bring dem back together. No matter hw much she denies dis, no matter hw much she says dat she’ll be professional but only he knows dat she cant. Not in front of him. Who knows her better den him? he has full trust on his Love, he knows dat she cant remain away from him for long. Frankly speaking he don’t know wat he is going to do now, hw wil he prove his love to her nw but I guess Love always finds it way, if fate has bring her back over here den only Fate will show him some way. Nw he just have to wait for dat moment wen his Lyf his Love will be in his Arms forever nd ever


His thoughts gets distracted wen he heard d ringtone of his cellphone. He quickly picked it up without even looking at d no.


Maan: Hello!


Dere was no response from other side


Maan: Hello!


Still no response but he can hear d person’s breath nd he don’t have to guess who’s it on d other side


Maan (slowly): Geet


Geet has almost dropped d phone wen she realize dat Maan has recognized her before even she can speak


Geet: hw do u know dat its me?

Maan: u think I need to hear ur voice to recognize u? I can feel u by ur breath Geet.

Geet: …

Maan: Anyways u called me so late? Is everything ok?

Geet: ya. Wo… I just wanted to give u dis no. of mine just in case we have to discuss sumthing for project nd either of us couldn’t able to discuss it in office so…

Maan: ok so dat was it

Geet: no… I mean yes dats it

Maan (smirks): fine I’ll save dis no. anything else?

Geet: No

Maan: den y do I feel dat dere’s sumthing else also dat u wanted to say

Geet: Ya… I mean no… I mean I wanted to know dat tomorrow is Sunday den hw can we work on d project tomorrow.

Maan (smiles): ok den we’ll work from Monday. Is dat ok?

Geet: ya. Ok m keeping d phone down nw. Bye

Maan: Ruko Geet


Nd she instantly stops


Maan: wasn’t dere anything else dat u wants to say? does dis Profession only left between us nw? u might deny d fact, u might can say dat u had just called for giving me ur no., for asking about Project date but I knw Geet, I knw dat u had called me because u r getting restless, because u r thinking about me. I knw u more den u unow urself. Den y r u stopping urself Geet?

Geet: Good nite Maan. See u in d office.


She said nd cuts d call before she gets weak. She cursed herself for calling him. Y she called him wen she knows dat he’ll definitely bring d old things. She wiped away d tears dat has formed at d corner of her eyes nd goes to her Bed to take some sleep.


On d other hand Maan smiles. He cant even express hw Happy he was today. After so many years he was feeling like he’s alive, his heart feel contended, his Mind seemed relaxed. Dat day he didn’t take his Sleeping Pills to catch Sleep. His mind was relaxed enough to sleep without any pill. He lies on his Bed holding her Photo nd didn’t realize wen he drifted off to Sleep.


Geet on d other hand tried Hard to Sleep but failed. She was just rolling nd turning restlessly on her Bed nd sumwhere she knows d reason but she refused to accept it nd convinces herself by saying dat she has changed d place datsy couldn’t able to sleep nd again tries d futile attempt to sleep.




One week has been Passed since Geet has started working wid Maan. Dey both were working well in d Project. Geet was surprised to see Maan dedication towards his work nd sumwhere she was happy also. Only she knows hw hard it was getting for her to work wid him especially wen he left no chances to bring back d good memories of dere Past maintaining d Professionalism.


It was 8 PM nd whole staff of KC has gone except Maan nd Geet who were still working on d design.


Geet: Maan… I mean Mr. Khurana I think…

Maan: Wait a sec. Geet. I knw dat u wanted to be professional but dat doesn’t mean dat Everytym u Address me as Mr. Khurana. U can call me Maan nd if u think dat m trying to getting Personal den let me tell u dat my clients call me Maan only so u can also call me Maan. Pls

Geet: ok.

Maan: so u were saying sumthing

Geet: ya I think d design of Hall needs to be modified.

Maan: But Geet u urself has designed it

Geet: ya but nw I think it could be get more spacious nd better. I mean we have to keep in mind d concept of Proper ventilation also which is missing over here

Maan: Acha let me see


He said nd stands behind her looking at Designs. He didn’t realize dat he was standing very close to her. so close dat dere Breath can mingled. Geet closed her eyes Feeling her warm breath on her neck which was making her to lose her senses. Her breathing gets heavied. She clutched d Table tight to control herself. He comes more close to her to get d clear view of Design nd in vein her cheeks get rubbed wid his nd dis is wen realizes of their closeness. She turned her head towards his direction to look at him nd dis is wen dere Eyes met. He looked into her Big Hazel eyes trying to find Love for him which she was hiding. She too cant help herself from not looking into his eyes only to find d thing which she didn’t wanted to see. She found immense Love for in his eyes. She immediately looks other side nd tries to move from dere but as a Reflex action he rested his hand on her hand nd holds it tight like he was stopping her to go away from him. She looked at him wid pleading eyes to leave her but his hold gets tighter. Her throat went Dry unable to speak anything. His closeness were destroying her every sense. But she has to regain herself, she thought


Geet: Maan

Maan (still lost in her): ummm

Geet: Designs


As soon as Geet mentioned Designes Maan came back to his senses nd quickly removes his hand from hers nd looked other side. She also moves from dere slowly from dere wen sumthing hits her hand which hurts her.


Geet: Aaahhh!


Maan was closing his eyes for regaining his senses wen he heard her scream. He quickly goes towards her


Maan: Geet wat happen? Y did u screamed?


He said nd Geet shown him her Palm which was oozing Blood. She didn’t realize from wat nd hw she gets cut dat it was bleeding dis much


Maan: Geet Khoon nikal raha hai? OMG cant u do anything Properly Wait I’ll bring d first Aid Box

Geet: Maan, its ok m fine. its just a small cut

Maan: ya I can see dat hw much small cut it was. so much Blood is oozing out nd u say dat u r fine. Just sit here nd let me bring d box.


He said nd makes her sit on d chair nd quickly brings d box. He sits on d other chair near by nd slowly wipes her blood from Cotton first nd den applies d tincture on d Cotton


Maan: Geet thoda lagega but it’ll be fine.


He said nd started applying Tincture on her wound. She closed her eyes nd hissed in pain due to burning sensation caused due to tincture. He notices it slowly started blowing on her wound so dat she couldn’t feel d burning sensation. She opens her eyes nd looks at him. Concern was written all over his face, she saw restlessness in his eyes. Her wound was not much big but yet it was paining him more den it pains her. She forgets all d pain she was having nd was just looking at him. She saw tears forming at d corner of his eyes wen he was applying ointment on it. He has always cared for her, always concern over her but in dese 5 yrs. His Care, his concern has just increased. She didn’t understand d Game of Destiny. She always wanted him to take care of her, to Pamper her like dis only nd today wen he was doing all dis den she didn’t want dis as it’ll just create difficulties for both of dem. In d mean while he finishes off wid Bandage nd looked at her only to find her looking at him. He slowly cradled her face from one side nd comes closer to her.


Maan: Geet, Abhi bhi Dard ho raha hai


She slowly nodded in No nd a drop of tear fell from her seeing him dis much concerned. He slowly wipes it away wid his thumb nd looked in her eyes. Both were lost in d moment for sumtym wen Get realizes wat she was doing nd looked at other side. Maan too comes in his senses nd straightens himself.


Maan: Chalo!

Geet (amuzed): Kaha?

Maan: u need a Tetanus Shot

Geet: Tetanus Shot? For wat?

Maan: Do I need to tell u for wat? U got hurt nd god knows from which thing therefore u need to have tetanus shot to avoid any infection.

Geet: Maan, its just a small wound nd it’ll heel soon ok. Nd moreover u had put d bandage on it, it’ll be fine soon.

Maan: Geet, will u ever agree wid me without arguing. I said dat u need a tetanus Shot dats it! Nw lets go

Geet: Maan, last tym m saying dat m not going anywhere. Let’s complete d designs so dat we can go to our respective homes

Maan: Geet, m warning u stop being stubborn nd come otherwise I had to do sumthing which u’ll not feel right

Geet: Do whatever u want but I’ll not go anywhere

Maan: fine, dnt say dat I didn’t warned u before.


He said nd scoops her up in his Arms. She was surprised wid his sudden action nd by d tym she realizes he was heading outside d Office. Maan knew very well dat she’s afraid of Injections datsy she’s refusing it but he cant take any risk not wid her atleast nd derefore he has to take her in dis way.


Geet: Maan, wat r u doing? Leave me. I’ll not go anywhere. Got it.


She said while hitting on his shoulders but it doesn’t seems dat it hurts him nd he continues walking towards d Parking Lot


Geet: Maan, m telling u leave me or it wont be good

Maan: u urself has called for it Geet. I warned u before also but u didn’t listen to me

Geet: Maan, I dnt want any Tetanus shot. M fine. Pls stop all dis.


He didn’t listen to her nd as soon as he reaches over his Car, he opens d Door nd makes her sit at d passenger seat nd quickly goes to take his seat nd started d car


Geet: Maan, kya kar rahe ho? Pls stop dis. See u r getting Personal nw, dnt forget dat m just ur client nd u r forgetting d professional etchics between us nd…


Dats it he cant take dis anymore. He quickly puts his finger on her lips to make her quiet.


Maan: Chup! Bilkul Chup! To hell wid ur Proffessional ethics. I very well know wat I have to do nd wat I don’t allrite. Nw just keep ur mouth shut nd let me Drive.


She couldn’t say anything more after listening to his Authorative voice. She just twisted her lips nd looked outside d Window while he started Driving. He looked at her from d corner of his eyes throughout d Driving nd smiles seeing her making face like dat. he was getting d glimpses of his Old Geet back in her but he still have to travel a Long way.


In d mean while dey reaches to d Hospital. He quickly gets outside d Car nd opens d Door for her nd asked her to come out. But she remained seated like dat only clearly indicating dat she didn’t wanted to come outside


Maan: Geet will u cum outside or not?


She didn’t answered nd looked other side. He didn’t have any other nw. he again scoops her up in his Arms nd taks her inside d Hospital. Everyone in d hospital was looking at dem. Some ladies were giggling also nd whispered to another one “Wat a Lovely Couple”. Geet feels Embarrased due to d Look she’s getting from everyone due to d way Maan has carried her in his Arms.


Geet: Maan, mujhe niche utaro. Everyone is looking at us.

Maan: u must have thought dis before showing ur stubbornness. Nw bear all dis.

Geet: Maan, stop creating a scene for God sake nd put me down

Maan: u urself had started all dis Geet nd nw I cant help it. Not after getting d compliment from dat Lady


He said winking while Geet was fuming wid anger. In d mean while dey reaches to d Doctor’s cabin. She was an elderly Lady in her 50’s nd knows Maan very well as she has very good terms wid his family but dis is d first tym she has seen him cuming wid some girl dat too like dis. she couldn’t help herself from smiling at dem.


Doctor: Maan, Hws u beta? Nd u here, everything is fine na?

Maan: m fine Aunty nd everything is fine. Aunty she gets hurt in her hand, I dnt know from wat, but d wound is quiet Deep. Though I had put d Bandage over dere but still I think it would be good if u give her a TT Shot.

Doctor: ok, but may I knw who’s she?

Maan (confused wat to say): ummm She’s my…

Geet: I m his Client. Nd m fine Doctor. He’s just panicking too much


Doctor Looks at Maan nd den nd Geet nd notices d look dey exchanged to each other. She smiles realizing d actual relation between dem. She’s an experienced Lady nd klnows very well dat no one bothers for his or Her client like dis nd brings her like dis over here especially not wid d case of Maan who stays away from girl nd nw concerned for her too much.


Maan: Aunty, dnt listen to her. She’s just afraid of injections

Geet: m not afraid of anything got it

Maan: ya I knw hw much u r not afraid. Aunty Pls give her TT shot

Doctor: I’ll Maan but for dat u have to put her down.


She said while smiling nd Maan realizes dat Geet is still in his Arms. He quickly puts her down nd looked other way. Doctor makes her sit at d chair while Maan stands near her. she applies d spirit on her hand nd injects d liquid in d injection. She closed her eyes in horror just seeing d sight of it. Maan smirks seeing her like dat. As soon as Doctor injects d injection in her hand it causes her little Pain nd as a reflex action she quickly hold Maan’s Hand tight to overcome her pain nd fear. Maan instantly looks at her nd den at her Hand nd den smiles. He didn’t moved a bit until Doctor has finished wid d Injection. Wid every passing second her hold only tightens nd he loves seeing her holding him like dat. sumwhere she still trust him, he thought. He just wanted time to get still nd wants to be wid her like dis only.


Doctor: Beta, u can open ur eyes nw. its all done


Geet opens her eyes wen she heard Doctor’s voice nd she realizes dat she was holding Maan’s hand nd dat too so tight. She quickly moves her hand away nd looks other side to avoid embarrasement.


Maan: thanx Aunty. But Ab sab theek hai na. I mean koi complications to nahi hogi.

Doctor: Maan relax. It’s not such a big wound nd moreover I had given her TT shot so nothing to worry. Nd beta (turning to Geet) if u feel like u can cum here for dressing ok.

Geet: ok Doctor. Thanx a lot.


She just smiles in response nd Geet goes outside d cabin nd Maan’s eyes followed her


Maan: thanx once again Aunty.

Doctor: anytym Maan. BTW must say, good choice.

Maan: Aunty its…

Doctor: m much experienced to understand d relations dear. No one can get dis much worried for his client like u were for her. ur face tells everything clearly to me. I wish u all d very best for ur future. Hope u both get together soon.


Maan said nothing but just smiles nd goes out of her cabin towards Geet hoping dat her wish cum true soon.


Geet comes out from d Hospital avoiding d gazes dat followed her nd stands near d car trying to register wat has happened in dese couple of hours. It was just a trail of incidents happened Back to Back. Their closeness in Office nd after her hand got hurt nd he taking care of it nd bringing her here dat too in his Arms. She just closed her eyes trying to get rid from all dose flashes dat came in front of her. Just den she realized wat she done inside d Doctor’s cabin. She has holded Maan’s hand for overcoming her fear of Injections which clearly indicates dat she still trust him sumwhere. But y? Y she did dat, wen it was her only who said dat she can’t trust him anymore? O god! Dese thoughts r just driving her crazy. Dis was just d beginning only God knows hw will she spend rest of d days wid him. No she needs to control herself; she needs to control her emotions. She can’t get weak in front of him, can’t let him affect her.



She was in her thoughts wen Maan came to her nd saw her lost in her thoughts. He slowly goes near her nd puts her Hand on his shoulder. Dis is wen she realizes his presence nd came out of her thoughts. She quickly turned towards him to face him.


Maan: Geet, it’s getting late nw. we can work on designs tomorrow. Chalo I’ll drop u home nd I’ll ask Driver to bring Ur Car nd Belongings to ur home.


He said nd starts walking towards d Car wen Geet stops him


Geet: Ek min. Maan


He instantly stops nd turns to look towards her


Geet: Thanx for taking care of me nd bringing me here. But m fine nw nd also take care of myself. So u dnt have to bother anymore for me. I’ll take a cab nd go Home.

Maan: Don’t be silly Geet, I’ll drop u

Geet: No need Maan. I m just ur client nd as a client u had already done so much for me but nw I dnt want u to bother anymore. It’s not professional


Her words Hurts Maan very much. Few moments back in d office he saw a glimose of Love in her eyes but nw dere’s no emotions in dem.  Few moments back he was so happy wen she has hold his hand at d tym of fear nd suddenly nw she’s again back to her cold behaviour. He can tolerate everything of hers; her Mood-swings, her Stubborness, her Anger everything but not dis Cold Behaviour. He goes near her, held her by her shoulders nd pulled her close towards him. His eyes were spitting fire nd Anger which she can easily see yet she maintained her coldness. She knew he was hurt by her words but dis was necessary to keep distance between dem.


Maan: Wat did u said? U r just my client? U think I was concerned for u because u r my client? Geet dis u also knows very well dat I was not concerned for u because u r my client, I was concerned for u because u r my…


He left his sentence in d mid-way nd looked other side


Geet: Leave me Maan, u r creating scene over here nd if u had forgetten den let me remind u dat in d very first day of dis Project I had told u to keep our personal life away from our Professional one.

Maan: to hell wid ur Profession Geet. I give a damn to ur so called Professionalism. Just make dis thing clear to u dat I’ll care nd concerned for u like dis only whether u like it or not. Nothing in dis world can stop me for not caring for u. Samjhi tum!


He said nd leaves her nd punches hard on d roof of d car in frustration facing his back towards her. Geet looks at him nd sumwhere felt guilty also for hurting him especially den wen he was so concerned towards her, but dis was necessary to keep distance between dem nd rite nw its better if she leaves from dere. She stops a Cab nd started heading towards it. Before getting in d cab she looks at him once again


Geet: Good nite Maan. See u in d office


She said nd gets inside d cab nd It has started heading towards her home.


Throughout d whole journey her mind was just lost in d thoughts of d events dat has happened in dese couple of hours. She really don’t know y is she doing dis? y is she pushing him away from him? y she’s not able to trust him? Y she’s not able to overcome her fear especially after seeing true Love nd concern in his eyes for her? Y it’s getting difficult for her to forget everything in d past? Y had she hurt him, d thing which she never wanted to do? But still she have to do dis, to maintain distance between dem. This was just d beginning she don’t know hw will she spend rest of d days wid him. Whatever happened between dem was dere Past. Dere Friendship, Dere Love, Dere Relationship everything. Nd today’s reality is dat dey r together just for dis Project nd for dat she has to keep dis distance between dem, she needs to overcome her emotions.


Her thoughts came to a halt wen Taxi stops. She gets out of it nd paid d Driver. Luckily she had some cash in her jeans’ pocket. She paid him nd goes inside her apartment. Maan was watching her from a distance. He has parked his car quiet away from cab so dat he can see her clearly. He has followed her home throughout d journey to make sure she reaches home safely like before. Before also he use to do d same thing wenever she goes home alone den hw can he not do it nw? no matter she wants him to care for her or not but he’ll care for her like dis only. Once he saw dat she had reached her apartment safely nd has headed inside, he too drove towards his house.




It was 12 of midnight nd Meera tries hard to sleep but was not able to. Everytym her mind drifted towards Geet nd Maan only. Since d day she has met Geet she was continuously thinking d way from which she can re-unite dem but couldn’t able to think anything strong. She don’t want to commit any mistake which she did last tym nd derefore she has to make fool proof plan which she couldn’t able to think of. Wat an irony, she wanted to help her Best Friend nd her Brother (Maan) to get together once again but couldn’t able to think anything sensible. She finally gets up nd sits on d Bed nd looks at Yash who was sleeping peacefully.


Meera: Ye lo! Yaha mera soch soch ke dimaag kharab ho raha hai aur ye aaram se so raha hai. Koi responsibility hi nahi hai apne dost sur apni behen ki taraf. Waise to bada kehta hai ki Maan is my Best friend Geet is my sister but ab jab kuch karne ka tym aaya to janaab ko sone se hi fursat nahi hai. Abhi batati hoon.


She thought nd started waking up Yash


Meera: Yash, Yash utho


She said while shrugging his shoulders but he was in very much deep sleep to get up so easily


Meera: Yash utho Na! (Finally she raised her voice) YASH!! UTHO!!


Nd he instantly gets up hearing her loud voice. He thought dat she’s in sum kind of problem


Yash: Kya hua Babu? Sab theek hai na? Dard ho raha hai? Chalo Doctor ke paas chalet hai.


He said nd turns to get down from bed wen Meera stops him.


Meera: Yash m perfectly fine. Mujhe kuch nahi hua hai

Yash: to fir kya hua? R u feeling Hungry? Wait let me get sumthing for u from kitchen

Meera: Yash, M not hungry. M perfectly fine

Yash: to fir itni Raat me tumne mujhe kyun uthaya

Meera: I wanted to talk to u

Yash: Wat? Meera, raat ke 12 baje tumne mujhe baat karne ke liye uthaya hai? I mean wat’s wrong wid u?

Meera: Yash, its important

Yash: Meera, we’ll talk about it tomorrow. Abhi let me sleep. Tomorrow dere’s a very important meeting of mine nd if I don’t reach on tym den Maan will definitely not spare me. So we’ll talk tomorrow. Ok Babu.


He said nd again gies to sleep wen Meera held her hand nd makes him sit back


Meera: Mr. Yash Shergill, u r not going to sleep until I say to u wat I wanted to. Got it

Yash: Meera, aisi kaun si baat hai jo tumhe abhi hi karni hai

Meera: Its about Geet nd Maan

Yash: Geet nd Maan? Nw wat about dem?

Meera: Yash, tumhari koi responsibility hai ya nahi un dono ki taraf. Its tym to do sumthing for dem nd tumhe sone se fursat nahi hai.

Yash: Meera, saaf saaf bolo na kya baat hai

Meera: Yash, m talking about getting Geet nd Maan together

Yash: Wat?

Meera: yes.

Yash: Babu, I think u r very sleepy. I think u should go to sleep nw ok. It’ll relax ur mind

Meera: Shut up Yash! Here m thinking of any way nd u r asking me to sleep

Yash: To aur kya bolu? Do you have any idea wat u r talking about? Yaad hai na last tym kya hua tha? Geet kitna naraaz ho gayi thi nd she straightaway left for US nd dat too for 5 years. Nd is baar hum logo ne kuch bhi aisa kiya den even I had no idea wat she’ll do

Meera: I totally agree wid u Yash, but just because of dis fear dat everything will backfire once again we can’t sit like dis

Yash: Meera, see I respect ur concern towards dem but its better if we leave dis matter to dem only. I mean its dere lyf nd let dem handle alone

Meera: Very Good Yash. Jab bhi humari beech me problems hoti thi den Maan nd Geet r always dere to to clear everything between us nd wen dey need us den u r saying dat leave it to dem only. Hw selfish u r?

Yash: Meera, u r taking me wrong. I didn’t mean dat. I too wanted to see both of dem together but if destiny only doesn’t want dem to be together den wat can we do

Meera: Yash, Destiny wants dem to be together. Otherwise u only think y all dis happens. Geet cuming back after 5 whole years, both Maan nd Geet working on same project, nd out of all other companies in d world dey had approached each other’s company only. Yash dis is not just a mere co-incidence. Kismat chahti hai inhe milana nd we just have to make d way for dat. job hi hua wo 5 saal pehle ki baat thi but nw d tym is different. I knw Geet will never able to accept Maan in her lyf once again due to her fear nd Maan wants to bring her back in his lyf but couldn’t able to do much because he don’t want to hurt her once again. Datsy we need to do sumthing for dem. So tell me r u going to help me or not?

Yash: like I have any other option. Fine I m wid u

Meera: dats like my Gud Hubby (she said while kissing his cheek)

Yash: nw tell me wats d plan?

Meera: I dnt know

Yash: Wat? From last 1/2 an hour we r discussing on it nd u r saying dat u dnt have any plan

Meera: Yash for dat only I had waked u up at dis hour. M not able to think anything.

Yash: hw about if we pretend dat we r getting divorced den dey will definitely to sumthing together to stop us from doing dis nd like dis dey can be together at d end.

Meera: Yash, “Khushi” movie se idea chura k mat bolo. Say sumthing original.

Yash: For ur kind information Khushi movie unke friends ka break-up ya divorce nahi ho raha tha. Girls’ parents were not agreed for d alliance.

Meera: Watever, bt ending to waise hi hui thi na jaisi tum bata rahe ho. Nd BTW if u had forgot den let me remind u dat last tym we had pretended dat we r breaking-up nd after dat u knw wat happened. Is baar she’ll get alert. BAD IDEA!!!!

Yash: den?

Meera: See we need to do sumthing due to which dey get chance to talk to each other or atleast dey cum close.

Yash: but dey spend enough tym in office

Meera: u were saying like wo waha pe kaam ke alawa koi aur baat karte honge, Yash m talking about apart from office. Hw about if we call both of dem for Dinner

Yash: nd u think dat dey both will get agree. Geet will definitely wont cum.

Meera: Uski chinta tum mujhpe chod do. I’ll make her cum. Tum bas Maan ko tym pe le aana.

Yash: ok nd after dat?

Meera: dat we’ll decide later but first make dem cum for dinner

Yash: Meera, think once again

Meera: I had thought a lot nd nw its tym for an action

Yash: ok. Acha nw lets sleep because its really very late. It’s not gud for Baby too.

Meera: ok gud nite.


She said nd goes to sleep by cuddling up in his arms




Next day at KC, wen Geet reaches office she saw dat Maan is already present in his cabin lokking at d designs. She thought of apologizing him for her rude behaviour last nite. He had taken care of her so much nd she in return has only hurt him. She needs to apologize to him nd say thanx to him. Thinking dis she goes towards his cabin nd slowly knocked d door.


Maan was working in his cabin wen she knocked d Door. He don’t have to guess who it was. He can already feel her Aroma, her fragrance in d air but den he reminds of her words she said last nite.


Maan: Fine Ms. Geet Handa u need to be Profesional na den let it be dis way only. Nw u’ll see hw much I m?


Thinking dis he straightens himself nd looks at d Door


Maan: Come in.


Geet entered inside his cabin. As soon as she entered inside his cabin Maan couldn’t able to take his eyes away from her. She was not in her ususal attire today, instead she was wearing White suit nd was looking angelic just like before. He has forgotten wat resolution he has taken after seeing d sight of her in front of him nd got totally mesmerized by seeing her. Geet felt conscious seeing his intensive gaze towards her. She looked herself from top to bottom to make sure dat dere’s nothing wrong in her. No she’s perfectly fine. Her heart has missed several beats wen she saw him looking intensly at her. she decided to break dis awkward silence between dem


Geet: Maan


He came back into his senses wen Geet spoke to him. he looked other way nd curse himself for forgetting his resolution. He quickly looked regains himself nd looked at her


Maan: Yes Geet

Geet: Wo… I wanted to say sumthing. Actually…

Maan: I knw wat u wanted to say. Even I wanted to talk about it

Geet: you know?

Maan: ya ofcourse. U r here to discuss dat designs only na dat we had left incomplete yesterday

Geet: Designs? But Maan I…

Maan: Yes Geet Designs. Afterall wat else we’ll discuss during office hours. It wont be ‘Professional’ (he said while putting pressure on d word “Professional”) na if we discuss sumthing else during office hours. Rite?

Geet: Rite. (she said slowly)

Maan: So wat r we waiting for. Let’s get back to designs.

Geet: umm give me a minute. I’ll be right back


She said nd goes out of d cabin struggling her tears. Maan looked at her nd closed his eyes in frustration realizing he had hurt her yet again. He didn’t wanted to do dat. he just wanted to make her realize dat dere r lots of things between dem apart from profession which she’s trying to ignore but in vain he had hurt her again


Maan (To himself): I m Sorry Geet. I dnt want to hurt u. but its important for u to realize dat we r not bounded by just dis profession only but many other things.




Geet goes to d Washroom nd washes her face wid Water to get rid of her tears. she felt hurt, yes she accepts dat she felt hurt by his words. But y? She couldn’t able to understand it. Dis is wat she wanted, to be professional isn’t it? Den y is she feeling bad if he was being professional. She has gone there to apologize to him for her cold behaviour last day but it seems he didn’t even want to talk about it den y is she feeling bad for it.


Geet: wats wrong wid u Geet? dis is wat u want na? u want him to be professional wid u den y u r feeling bad if he’s doing so. No u have to control urself. Nw if he’s being professional to u den u can’t get weak. Be strong Geet. But den y I m feeling hurt? No I have gone mad. I had to control myself nd dat too soon.


She said nd wipes her face wid d towel nd goes towards his cabin.




Its been 3 pm nd Geet is in her cabin. She was trying hard to concentrate on work but couldn’t able to. Throught d Day Maan has not talked anything apart from work to her. Neither about yesterday’s incidence nor anything else. She wanted to apologize to him for last nite but he didn’t gave any chance to her, which was bothering her but above all wats bothering her is dat y is she feeling Bad if he’s not talking anything apart from her. if dis is wat she want den y is she feeling restless. Finally she closes d file nd hids her face in her palm. She really wanted to run away from dere. She really wanted to talk to someone about it. She decides to call Armaan nd talk to him about it but den she stops thinking dat he’ll get bother for no reason.


Maan was watching her through blinds nd was feeling bad by seeing her like dat. he wanted to talk to her, to tell her dat dere’s lots of thing important between dem apart from work, but he’s helpless. He have to do dis because den only she’ll realize d depth of dere relationship, den only she’ll be able to give dere relationship another chance. He closed d blinds nd gets back to his work.


Geet too decides to shrug off all her thoughts nd gets back to her work wen she received d Call from Meera.


Geet: Hello!

Meera: Hey Geet hws u?

Geet: m fine Meera hws u?

Meera: M not fine

Geet: Y? is everything ok? Baby is fine na. Yash ko call kiya

Meera: Ya Geet everything is fine dnt worry. But Baby tumse naraaz hai

Geet (smiles): y?

Meera: Baby keh raha hai ki uski Maasi ke paas uske liye tym nahi hai. Nd yeh bhi keh raha hai ki apni Maasi se kabhi baat nahi karega

Geet (smiles): Meera, u r going to become a mother of a child but u urself is not less den a child. U knw dat?

Meera: I knw. But ye Main nahi keh rahi. Ye Baby keh raha hai

Geet: Acha to ab Baby ko manane ke liye uski Maasi ko kya karna padega

Meera: zyada kuch nahi. Bas Aaj sham ko Dinner par chalna Padega

Geet: Dinner? Aaj Shaam? Meera Actually I…

Meera: Mujhe pata tha. Maine Baby ko bola tha dat u’ll not cum. I knw everyone of u is busy. U, Maan, Yash everyone. Its only me who’s Free hai na. nobody has tym for me

Geet: Aisa nahi hai Meera. Acha fine I’ll cum.

Meera: Pakka?

Geet: Pakka.

Meera: Thank u Geet. Love u. See u at 8 in xyz Restaurant. Ok

Geet: ok bye.


She said nd cuts d call nd looked toards Maan’s Cabin whose Blinds were closed.


Geet: Chalo its Gud dat d Blinds of his cabin are closed otherwise I would have definitely gone insane if I continuously looked at him. Acha hai Shaam ko Meera ke sath tym spend karungi to better feel karungi. Hai na haan. But first I had to complete dis work


She said nd gets herself busy in her work.




At 8 pm Meera nd Geet were Present in d Restaurant. Meera was continuously looking towards d entrance Waiting for Yash nd more den Yash she was waiting for Maan.


Meera (to herself): Ye Yash bhi na. kabhi tym pe nahi aa sakta. Nd Maan he was so punctual still late today. Hai Babaji ab kya karu main?

Geet: Meera, wat happen? Y u r so tensed? Nd ye baar baar Darwaze ki taraf kyun dekh rahi hoon?

Meera (in absence mind): Wait kar rahi hoon

Geet: Kiska?

Meera (realizing wat she has said): Kiska karungi? Obviously Yash ka

Geet: Meera u were talking like Yash has never been late. Aa jayega dnt worry


Suddenly Meera noticed both Yash nd Maan cuming inside. A wide smile crept on her face. Geet too looked at d direction but her smile soon faded away wen she saw Maan along wid Yash. First she thought dat it is any kind of plan of Yash nd Meera again but den she shrug of her thoughts thinking dat its normal if Maan accompany him. Afterall dey r best friends.


Geet (to herself): tu bhi na Geet. to kya hua agar Maan Yash ke saath aaya hai. Wo uska Best friend hai. Tu zyada soch mat nd Meera nd Yash k sath tym spend kar. Haan


In d mean while Maan nd Yash came towards dem


Meera: Yash kitna tym laga diya tumne? Hey Maan I was not knowing ki tum bhi aa rahe ho

Maan: ya wo Yash has insisted me a lot nd I haven’t met u also from long so thought of cuming.

Meera: Arey to acha hi hua na. now we all 4 will have fun just like before. Hai na Geet.


Geet smiled weakly nd Looked at Maan


Yash: BTW y we all r standing lets sit first.


He said nd all has taken dere seat. Yash was going to sit beside Geet in front of Meera wen Meera Gestures him angrily to get away from dere. He realizes nd sits beside Meera. Leaving a chair behind Geet empty. Nd wid no option left has to sit beside Geet. Meera smiled inwardly first part of dere plan was successful.


Maan looked Geet from d corner of his eyes nd was again mesmerized by her beauty. Even he didn’t know hw many tymes he had Fallen in love wid her. Her innocence, her simplicity always makes him fal in love wid her again nd again. Geet too was feeling conscious sitting beside him. She didn’t understand y is she feeling like Teenager if he has sat beside her. It was a normal thing yet she was feeling like thousand butterflies were running in her stomach. Even in d winter of November she was sweating. She extends her hand to take a Tissue from table; at d same tym Maan too extends his hand to take d tissue nd dis is wen dere hand touches wid each other. Dey looked at each other nd gets lost in each other’s eyes forgetting d world around dem. Maan slowly squeeze her hand to which she didn’t protest but kept looking at his Dark Chocolate Brown Eyes. dey were lost in each other until Meera spoke to dem


Meera: ahem Ahem! Guys if u dnt mind den can we order d Dinner


Both comes into reality nd quickly snaps away dere hands. Meera nd Yash slowly smirks but didn’t make it obvious. Waiter came to take d order. Geet ordered Chinese, While Maan ordered his Favourite Italian. Meera sticks to Indian only so Yash has also opted for Indian. May be datsy Maan calls him “Joru Ka Ghulam”. Geet’s order has came first nd after dat Yash’s nd Meera’s. Maan’s Order was still taking tym derefore he asks dem to start wid dere Order.


Yash: Arey Geet, tumhare Haath me to chot hai na. hw will u able to have Chinese.

Geet: its ok Yash. I’ll manage


Geet has forgetten dat she’s a Right hander nd she has got hurt in her Right hand only. Though she can have her Chinese from left hand also but den she’ll be havng difficulty in holding d Chopsticks. Maan looked at her nd understands her difficulty but he knows dat he’ll offer her his help den she’ll definitely refuse to it. Derefore he has to think of any other way. He looked at her again nd saw her struggling hard to hold d chopsticks. Finally an idea clicks to his mind.


He quickly takes Geet’s plate nd started having Chinese from it. It was all of a sudden dat Geet couldn’t able to understand his actions. Even Yash nd Meera was confused at his behaviour. Dey both give each other “Is dis d part of our Plan” Look. Dis was sumthing dat dey both haven’t expected but were happy dat whatever is happening is happening for good. Maan looked at d confused faces of all 3 of dem.


Maan: Wat? I was feeling very much hungry nd my order was taking tym derefore I had taken dis.

Yash: But Maan, nw wat will Geet have?

Maan: She can have my Pasta becoz I dnt think dat I would be able to have it after having dis yummy Chinese.

Meera: ya dat will be Gud. Geet tujhe koi problem to nahi hai na


Geet who was lost in Maan’s actions came into reality after hearing her voice.


Geet: huh Ya. I dnt have any problem.


In d meanwhile Maan’s order came nd Geet has taken it. She was not having difficulty to hold Fork in her left hand nd derefore was having d Pasta peacefully. She looked at Maan who was having Chinese. She knows dat Maan never likes Chinese. For once she can have Italian but he can never have Chinese. Infact he use to make fum of her wen she have it. Nd today he was eating like he loves it just because of her. so dat she can have her food peacefully.


She didn’t understand y is he doing all dis? it will just make things difficult between dem. Y is he not understanding dat things can never be like before. In d mean while Maan finishes off wid his dinner. Yash nd Meera too was about to finish d Dinner. Meera knows dat nw its d tym to leave dem alone. She gestures Yash nd he goes out excusing dat he has to make an important call. Meera too excuses herself by saying dat she has to go to Washroom leaving both of dem Alone.


Dere was an awkward silence between dem. Both wanted to talk to each other, but don’t know hw to start. Finally Geet decides to break d Silence.


Geet: Maan

Maan: umm

Geet: Thanx.

Maan: For wat?

Geet: dnt act like u dnt know anything. U knw y m saying thanx to u

Maan: seriously Geet I really dnt knw.

Geet: Maan, y did u had my Chinese?

Maan: I told d reason. I was feeling hungry

Geet: Maan, we both knows very well dat u dnt like Chinese at all infact I think dis is d first tym u r having it dat too because of me; because I was not able to have it. Y Maan?

Maan: Because I care for u. nd I had said dis before also dat I’ll care for u whether u like it or not. Nothing in dis world can stop me from doing dat. Not even u Geet.

Geet: But Maan…

Maan: Geet pls. I knw dat u want d relationship between us to be professional, but Geet dis is something I cant do. Nd dis is sumthing which even u cant force me to do.

Geet: Kyun kar rahe ho aisa Maan? U’ll get nothing. The things between us can never be like before.

Maan: Jaanta hoon Geet. Jaanta hoon ki humare beech ab pehle jaisa kuch nahi ho sakta but dat doesn’t mean Geet ki tumhari Parwah karna chod du, Tumhari chinta karna chod du, tumhe Pyaar karna…(he left his sentence in middle). Geet I cant be only professional wid u. I m Sorry.


Before Geet could say anything Yash nd Meera came back to table. Dey had few more talks between each other nd after dat dey decided to leave.


Dey all were headed towards d Elevator. Maan nd Geet were little ahead of dem. Maan pressed d Lift button.  As d Door opens he wen t inside d Lift followed By Geet. Meera was about to go indside wen Yash pulled her back. She gave an confusing look to him nd so Did Maan nd Geet.


Yash: Wo Guys! I forgot Meera wants to have Chocolate Ice-cream one more tym. So I was thinking dat I’ll get her nd in d mean tym u guys reach towards d Parking.

Meera: But mujhe Ice-cream nahi khani

Yash: Meera, Babu I knw tum mujhse naraaz ho becoz I refused u dat tym. But nw m Sorry. Chalo Maan jao

Meera: But…

Geet: Meera, ab wo Sorry Bol raha hai na. chalo ab Gussa chodo nd go wid him. We’ll wait for u in d Parking. ok.

Meera: ok.


She said nd Geet closes d Lift Door. As soon as Geet closes d Lift Door Meera gets Furious on Yash


Meera: Wat d Hell! Maine kab kaha ki mujhe Ice-cream khani hai.

Yash: U’ll cum to know Soon.




Maan nd Geet were alone inside d Lift really wondering about wat dey should talk. Geet thought of apologizing to him dat tym for her last nite rude behaviour. But before she could say anything d lights of Lift started Fluctuating nd Lift Stops wid a thunder. Dere was a complete Darkness inside d Lift nd without any Second Thought Geet hugged Maan tight hiding her face in his chest.


Maan couldn’t able to understand first wat happen all of a sudden but den hugged her back. he knows dat Geet has a Phobia From Dark nd datsy she has hugged him nd he felt happy also by holding her in his Arms. He held her more close to him to make her feel better, to make her Feel safe.




Meera: Wat? Tumne Lift me Power Cut karaya hai

Yash: ya.

Meera: But y?

Yash: tumhi ne to bola tha dat we have to Do sumthing due to which dey can get sumtym alone so…

Meera: So tumne Power cut kara diya.

Yash: Ya. See like dis dey’ll get sumtym alone nd can talk.

Meera: Wanted

Yash: Wat? Who Wanted?

Meera: I mean yeh to “Wanted” movie ka scene hai. U had stolen from it. Yash cant u think anything of ur own?

Yash: Meera kaam kar raha hai na. Kafi hai. nd waise bhi its just a matter of 15-20 mins.


Suddeny Yash gets a call from sumone after which he got tensed


Meera: Wat happen?

Yash: Gadbad ho gayi

Meera: nw wat?

Yash: Wo power cut actual me hua hai. I mean it was not acc to my plan nd dere was sum technical fault Lift will take atleast 45 mins. to resume?

Meera: WAT?????




Inside d Lift Geet was still hugging Maan, Shivering due to Fear of Darkness. She was clutching his collar tight. She don’t know y did she hugged him nd she don’t want to think about it also rite nw. Rite ne in dis moment she felt herself safe in his Arms. It feels like she always belongs to here only. D warmth of his embrace makes her feel complete. Maan was patting her back to make her calm. He slowly wanted to draw her back from his embrace but she again hugged him tight not letting him go.


Geet: Maan Please. Let me be like dis. u knw na m scared of Dark. wat if…

Maan: Ssshhh Geet. Dnt be scared of anything. Main hoon na tumhare saath. Kuch nahi hoga.


As he completed his sentence Geet slowly draws her face back from his chest to look at him, while her hand were still rested on his shoulders nd his hands were around her waist. Though dere was no light in d Lift but yet she can see his face, she can see his eyes full of concern nd Love. d Love which has only increased in dese 5 years. She can see it in dat Darkness also. Maan too looks into her eyes, where he found d Glipmse of her Love again. Yes after so many days he was seeing d glimpse of dere Love in her eyes again. D way she hugged him dat tym makes him feel special, makes him feel good dat she still trust him sumwhere. She still considers dat she can rely on him wenever she gets scared or feel alone.


Maan slowly tucks d strands of her hair behind her hair nd cupped her face between his hands. He leans closer to her nd slowly whispers in her ears


Maan: Geet u dnt have to afraid of anything until m wid u. I’ll be here for u nw nd forever nd will never leave u alone. Whether it will be in Darkness or any other difficulty. I dnt knw wat will happen tomorrow, I dnt know dat u’ll ever able to forget d things happened in our past or not but until u r wid me I’ll never let u be alone. I’ll never leave u alone, i’ll always wid u. Trust me I’ll be dere for u.


Geet gets lost in his words. He loved her, yes he loved her more den before. It was clearly seen in his eyes. Even a stone can melt seeing dis much love den y she’s not able to open d Doors of her heart once again for him. y its being difficult for her? Drop of tears has flown from her eyes. Maan slowly wiped wid his thumbs nd nodded his head in no Gesturing “dnt cry”.


He leans more closer to her nd places a kiss on her Forehead. Geet closed her eyes wen she feel his Lips touching her skin. At dat moment she has forgetten everything. He den slowly kisses her eyes wiping away d tears formed over dere nd den finally he looked at her luscious Pink Lips. He couldn’t resist himself from not feeling dem. he bends down towards her lips. She can feel her warm breath on her lips. Her mind was asking her to stop all dis right here, It’s not right but her heart refused to listen to her mind. Her heart was just wanting to save dat moment between dem. nd den d moment came wen finally his lips touched hers making both of dem feel complete nd contended. D moment which has brought dem closer nd confessed dere Long lost Love for each other without any words.



In My Arms Tonight

(From Maan to Geet)

My heart beats for just you my love
hear it calling to you in the night
to fill your heart with pure delight
a sweet song of joy sent from above.

Let me take you in my arms tonight
hold you close and dance so slow
we move together in the candlelight
I whisper words of love to let you know i’m still hear.

You mean more than the world to me
This is what we’ve been waiting for
a time of healing our past with love & sweet
a place where we can be as complete.

Let me hold you into my arms tonight
press you close and dance so slow
we move together in the pale moonlight
I belong with you love I’ll never let you go again.

(Poem Courtesy: Kate(simi91) thanx a ton sweety




Meera: WAT????

Yash: Ya. Wo usi technician ka hi call call tha to tell ki I need to postpone my plan because sach me lift me koi problem aa gayi hai nd”..

Meera: nd Atleast 45 mins. Tak kuch nahi ho sakta.

Yash (slowly): ya.

Meera: Yash tum paagal ho gaye ho kya? Ek baar mujhse pucha to hota

Yash: Meera mujhe nahi pata tha ki sach me aisi problem aa jayegi

Meera (panicks): Nahi socha tha to sochna chahiye tha na lekin nahi tumhe to apna filmy Dimaag lagana tha. Dey both r stuck up in d lift nd 45 mins. is just dere assumotion may be it’ll take more tym. Nd if something happened to anyone of dem due to shortage of oxygen or…

Yash: Babu, Babu Relax don’t panic dis much. Its not gud for d Baby. Ok take a deep breath.


Meera takes a deep breath but den she again reminds of Maan nd Geet stucking up in d lift


Meera: But Geet.

Yash: she will be fine. Dnt worry




Geet was closing her eyes savouring d moment between dem. she couldn’t think of anything at dat moment, just giving in d moment between dem, dere moment of Love. d moment his Lips touched hers she felt complete nd contended nd so did he. Dey were kissing like dere was no tomorrow, taking out all dere pain, all d loneliness dat were in dere Life in dese 5 years. Finally, dey broke out of d Kiss for taking breath. He touched his forehead wid hers nd slowly whispers


Maan: I Love you Geet. I still Love you.

Geet: I Love you Too Maan nd only you.


She said nd opens her eyes instantly realizing wat did she just said nd saw dat dey were still standing in d same position. He was still cupping her face nd was looking at her intensely.


Maan: Geet, kya hua?


She nodded in nothing nd looked other way confused at her own imaginations. Maan sensed her restlessness nd he slowly moves away his hand from her face nd looked at her confused face; trying to read dem. he didn’t understand y is she restless, had he said sumthing wrong? No, he has said wat he actually feels, dis is true dat he’ll never let her be alone; he’ll always be dere wid her den y is she feeling so restless?


Geet couldn’t able to face him. She was confused at her own imagination. Wat was she imagining? Maan kissing her, dere confession? But above all y is she imagining all dis. he was trying to comfort her nd she was imagining all dese things. Wats wrong wid her? she has shut all these Feelings for him long back den y feeling all dis now. dis is d Reason, Dis is d reason she  was pushing him away from her because she knows dat his closeness had always affected her, had always made her to lose her senses. Even now also but d question is y? She came into her senses wen Maan kept his hand on her shoulder nd spoke to her


Maan: Kya hua Geet? Ab bhi Dar lag raha hai?


She nodded in no


Maan: To fir kya hua?

Geet: Wo… Main

Maan: dnt get scared Geet nd dnt worry main hoon na. I’ll do sumthing.


He said nd takes out his cellphone to make a call to Yash but to his Luck dere was no signal over dere. He looked at Geet nd told her dat her cellphone is not receiving signal. She looked at hers nd saw d same thing in her cell phone also nd found dat he was saying right.


Geet: Maan ab kya hoga?

Maan: We have to wait over here until Lift Resumes

Geet: But we dnt knw hw long dis will take

Maan: We don’t have any other option also Geet. Aur tum pareshan kyun ho rahi ho, Main hoon yaha tumhare paas. Tumhe darne ki zarurat nahi hai.


She nodded in yes nd stands near him still fearing from dark. He smirks seeing her like dat. hw hard she tries to be brave but at d end of d Day she was his Old Geet only. He pretended dat he didn’t noticed nd remained standing close to her




Meera was pacing restlessly in d Corridor while Yash was just standing over dere watching her


Yash: Meera, stop pacing like dis. Its not Gud for u. Just calm down

Meera: Calm Down? u r asking me to calm down. Yash, Dey both r stuck up in lift from last 20 mins. God knows in which condition. Unke cell phones bhi nahi lag rahe hai nd Lift ka bhi kuch pata nahi ki kitni der me theek hogi nd u r asking me to calm down.

Yash: I knw Meera, but tumhare aise Panic karne se to kuch nahi hoga na. Moreover it’s not Gud for d Baby also. Everything will be fine. Just take a Deep breath ok.


Meera closes her eyes nd takes a deep breath nd looks at him


Yash: Feeling Better

Meera: ya. Yash Wo theek honge na

Yash: Dey must be fine. Dnt worry




Inside D Lift Geet was tired of Standing from last 25 mins. Derefore she sat down over dere. Maan looked at her in amuzed Maaner.


Maan: Geet wat r u doing?

Geet: Maan I m tired of standing like dat. god knows wen Lift will Resume derefore I sat.

Maan: But Geet hw can u sit like dis

Geet: Y, Wats d Problem? Infact I suggest dat u also sit. Its no use of standing.


Maan shakes his head in disbelief nd remain standing over dere only but after sumtym he too gets seated beside Geet. Geet sees him nd smiled making sure dat he didn’t noticed it. He notices her smiling nd he cant even tell hw happy he was at dat tym seeing her smiling. Hw much he has missed dat smile. He just kept looking at her without even blinking. Even in d Darkness also he could see her angelic face, he could see her smiling eyes. he was happy dat unknowingly he had made her smile after so long. Geet turned her head nd saw him staring at her lovingly. She felt uncomfortable but yet couldn’t able to look away. She kept looking at his chocolate Brown eyes while he seems to be drowning in her Big Hazel Eyes.


Geet’s Monologue:


I don’t know wats Happening to me, y its happening to me? Y I had dat weird Imagination in my mind? He was comforting me, trying to make me calm nd I was thinking all dat? y? I knw dat we r in relationship, I knw dat I still Love him nd sumwhere I want him back but my fear always pushes him away from me. Wat I want afterall? Sometimes I wanted to push him away from me for hurting me in d past but wen I saw Love, wen I saw care in his eyes I dnt want to him to go away from me. Yes I saw Love in his eyes. in d Darkness of D Lift also I saw Love in his eyes which has increased in dese 5 years. He was loving, he was caring 5 years back also but now it seems dat his Love, his Care knew no bounds. Still his one touch send Shivers down my spine Inspite of knowing dat m not ready to love him back he still care for me, he still loves me nd still waiting for me. He was trying every darn thing to make everything like before, whether its taking care of my hurt Hand in d office or taking me to d hospital. Whether its having Chinese in d restaurant pretending dat he cant wait for his order to cum or comforting me inside d darkness of Lift. Maan y r u making Things difficult for me? I cant deny d fact dat I still Love you dat sumwhere I still trust u. May be datsy I hugged u in d Darkness without thinking twice. Sumwhere I know dat u’ll not leave me alone den y m not able to fully trust you.


Wen I hugged him I felt so complete, so contented. Like I always belong to here only. D warmth of his embrace was soothing all d Pain, all d Loneliness dat I had gone thru in dese 5 years. I dnt want to let him to go away from me due to Fear of Darkness but more den dat because I needed it, because I want to be in his Arms because I know dat m safe over dere. Nd wen he comforted me wid his Words, wen he told me dat he’ll never leave me alone I gets Lost in his words. I knw dose r not only words, he really means it. Even a stone can melt wid dese words den y my heart is not melting. I wanted to love him back, I wanted to trust him back but d hurt Girl inside me always stopped me from doing so. D hurt Girl inside me always had dis fear dat he’ll again break my heart, dat he’ll again break my trust.


Wenever I see in his eyes I found myself lost in dem like I was nw. It was due to my Love for him only dat I imagined dat he’s kissing me, dat we r confessing each other. I knw dat we don’t need words, we both know about each other’s feelings but d things happened 5 years back has created a Gap between us which is not so easy to be Bridged. One part of mine wants him to hold close to me but another part of mine just wanted to push him away. I m fighting wid myself only nd I dnt know Y nd for hw long I have to fight wid myself.


(Geet’s Monologue Ends)




Maan’s Monologue:


For one thing I m sure dat Geet still loves me in d same way like she did 5 years back. dere’s no doubt in dat den y is she denying her own Feelings. Was dat mistake of mine is so big dat she cant start a new beginning of me. May be yes. It was a saying dat once a girl’s heart is broken den it is very difficult to mend it again even wen u shower all ur Love on her. wat I did 5 years back was may be a small thing for me but it was a very big wound for her especially wen she was hurted before also. But Geet trust me I have changed now. I Really Love you infact more den before. U cant even imagine hw much it pierced my heart wenever u say dat u just wanted to be Professional wid me, hw much I got Shattered wen I saw d coldness in ur eyes; d same eyes where once dere was Immense Love for me. Geet pls don’t do dis to me nd most importantly don’t do dis to urself. I can see u fighting wid urself, wid ur own feelings. I can bear my Remorses, my pain but I can’t bear Ur pain of fighting wid urself, wid Ur own feelings.


U say u dnt Love me anymore den y Everytym I saw d glimpse of our Love in ur Eyes. whether it was in d office last nite or in d Restaurant today or in d Lift few mins. back. Wen she hugged me in d Lift I cant even tell hw much I feel completed. Hw much I had waited for dis moment to hold her in my Arms like dis. at dat moment I just wanted d tym to be still nd she remains in my Arms like dat only. I knw she hugged me due to her phobia of Darkness but I felt dat it was more because of her Love for me, because of her trust for me dat she can rely on me. I held her closer nd closer to assure her dat she’s safe in my Arms, dat she don’t have to be scared of anything. I wanted to say all dis thing to her but wen I tried to free her from my embrace she helds me more closer nd I knw y. but I needed to tell her nd d moment I told her dat I’ll always be wid her no matter wat happens in future I saw d Love in her eyes may be just only a glimpse but I saw Love over dere which was flowing in d form of tears. I slowly wiped dem nd looked into her eyes. I just wanted to shower all my Love at her at dat moment. Just wanted to tell dat she’s a world for me, dat I cant imagine my lyf without her. I knw we don’t need words for dat. we both r well aware for each other feelings den y is she pushing me away from her like she did just now. y I again saw uncomfortableness in her eyes where few mins back I saw Love but I knw its not easy to bridge d gap of 5 years so easily especially wen I knw dat y dese gap was dere between us. I had to wait till I gained again dat place in her heart which was dere 5 years back. Nd till den I’ll love her like dis only, will be happy like dis only wenever I’ll see her smile like she did now. I knw I still had to cover lots of distance to gain entry in her heart again, but I’ll cover dat. I know dat she needs tym nd I’ll give her; I’ll give her my whole lyf infact dis life was hers only.


(Maan’s Monologue ends)




Maan nd Geet were still looking in each other’s eyes forgetting d track of tym. It seems like dis moment has stopped for both of dem. dey dnt need words between dem as dere eyes were speaking in volumes. He slowly brings her hand towards her face to caress her soft cheeks dis is wen Geet realizes dat wat was cuming next. She quickly came out from her senses nd straightens herself. Maan too realizes wat he was going to do. He moves his hand away nd looks other way. Wat an irony, dey were so close to each other yet so far. But he didn’t even want to make dis difficult for her also so he decided to light d atmosphere nd break dis awkward silence between dem.


Maan: I dnt know wats taking dem so long to resume d Lift.

Geet: y? r u getting scared of me?


She said nd bites her toungue realizes wat she said nd most importantly y she said dat. Maan just smiles wen he heard wat has she said.


Geet: Wo…I mean dat technical fault takes sumtym. Dnt get afraid ok.


Maan smiles wildly dis tym. She is asking him to not get afraid who herself was scared few mins. back


Geet: Y r u smiling?

Maan: ummm Nothing. Ek joke yaad aa gaya

Geet: no. I knw dat u r smiling at me

Maan: No Geet y would I smile on u? (he said while suppressing his smile)

Geet: Dat I dnt know but I knw dat u r smiling on me only


He nodded his head in no


Geet: Watever. I dnt want to argue wid u. Waise bhi m very much tired nd m feeling sleepy also.

Maan: Geet hw can u be sleepy dat too over here. I mean yaha tumhe neend kaise aa sakti hai.

Geet: Maan, sone ke liye neend ki zarurat hoti hai. Jagah ki nahi

Maan: Acha But mujhe to sone ke liye Sleeping Pills ki zarurat hoti hai

Geet: dats d different case (den realizes wat did he just said) Kya kaha tumne tum Sleeping Pills lete ho.

Maan: Ya.

Geet: From how long

Maan: From Last 5 years

Geet: WAT????? U r taking sleeping pills from last 5 years

Maan: Ya so?

Geet: Maan tum pagal ho kya. Tum sleeping pills kaise le sakte ho.

Maan: But Geet y cant I take dem

Geet: Tumhe pata hai 1 sleeping khane se Brain ke 50 cells Damage ho jate hain nd dese cells can never be built up again Nd u r taking from last 5 years dat means 1826 pills till nw nd dat means 91300 cells has been damaged till nw.


(Me thinking itne cell damage hone ke Baad Does Maan still have left any BrainStern SmileShocked)


Maan looks at her in disbelief. No doubt he was happy seing her talk dis much dat too after so long but gets really confused in her theory


Maan: Geet, its nothing like dat ok. Its only a myth. See m taking it from last 5 years nd m perfectly fine.

Geet: Dat u think but u dnt know hw much Damage u r causing to urself. Is tarah se koi karta hai kya? Hw can u do dis Maan? U knw…


She couldn’t said further As Maan puts his Hand on her mouth to make her quiet. She looks at him wid her eyes wide open but den gets lost in dem. he slowly removes his hand nd cupped her face nd looks into her eyes.

Maan: Kya karta, tum jo nahi thi mujhe Rokne ke liye, mujhe is tarah daantne ke liye. Tum jo nahin thi mere paas, jisse main Raat bhar baatein karta, jise main apne din bhar ka haal batata, jo meri sari baatein chup chap sunti rehti aur jisse baatein karte karte main so jata.


Geet cast her eyes down unable to meet dose eyes. d intensity in dose eyes r burning her. He lifts her face from her chin to make her look at him.


Maan: Bolo na Geet. Kyun chali gayi thi tum mujhe chod ke? Y had u gone away from my lyf? You haven’t thought once dat hw will I stay without u?

Geet: Do I need to tell d Reason Maan?

Maan: I knw Geet. I knw I had hurted u, I knw I had broke ur Heart but cant we forget everything nd start a new beginning. May be not as Lovers but as friends atleast

Geet: its not easy Maan.

Maan: I knw but atleast give it a try

Geet: Pls dnt make dis difficult Maan. It won’t be easy. We can never be friends nd if I give it a try also for once den dis thing will always be between us dat u had hurted me before. Pls Maan let it be like dis way only. We r together for dis project pls dnt bring old things between dis, pls.


He nodded his head nd removes his hand from her face. Geet could sense dat he was disappointed but she cant do anything. She herself is facing a fight between her heart nd mind nd don’t know whom to listen den hw can she takes any decision regarding dere relationship in dis state of hers. Maan dnt want to force her for anything. He knows dat she was badly hurted by him nd if he was also in his shoes den may be he would also do d same. she is atleast talking to him he may cant do dat also. Its better if he gives her sumtym nd leaves everything to destiny itself.


Both didn’t spoke to each other afterdat. Just silently sat over dere nd kept looking at each other. Soon she dozes off to sleep nd didn’t realize wen her head fall on his shoulder. Maan was not sleeping nd wen he felt her head over his shoulder he quickly looked at her nd found her in deep sleep. He smiled looking her like dat. he tucked d strand of her haor behind her ears nd places her head properly on his shoulders. He slowly kissed her forehead nd just kept looking at her nd didn’t realize wen he too dozed off to sleep wid her




Meera: Yash, pls pata karo na kitna tym aur hai. Its been 1 hr. nw. us technician ne to kaha tha ki 45 mins me lift resume ho jayegi. Fir abhi tak kyun nahi hui

Yash: Meera, relax. I m going to call him just nw.


He was about to call wen his celphone rings nd technician informed him dat Lift has been resumed. Both quickly goes to d Floor where Lift was stuck nd as soon as dey opens d Door dey saw both Maan nd Geet sleeping peacefully. Geet’s head was resting on his shoulder while his head over hers. A huge smile crept on both of dere faces. Dis incident was not d part of dere plan but dey were happy dat dis incident has brought dem closer to sum extent. Technician asked dem to wake dem up wen Meera gets furious on him


Meera: Apko Dikhayi nahi de raha hai wo log kitne aaram se so rahe hai nd aap chahte hai hum unhe disturb kare.


Technician looks at her in disbelief as it was only her who was continuously buzzing him to resume d lift fast nd nw d lift has been resumed den she’s making fuss over here. Yash dnt want to create any scene so he quickly handles d situation.


Yash (To technician): I m sorry pls dnt mind. (den to Meera) Babu, kya kar rahi ho. We have to wake dem up.

Meera: kya zarurat hai? Itne ache to lag rahe hai sote hue.

Yash: Meera…


In d meantym Maan wakes up due to sounds buzzing him. he opened his eyes nd looked everyone standing over dere.


Meera: Maan u fine na. nd Geet ko kya hua? Is she fine?

Maan: Ya Meera she’s fine. She was bit tired so have dozed off to sleep.

Meera: Wait! Let me wake her up.


She said nd slowly wakes her up. After few attempts Geet too wakes up nd found dat her head was on Maan’s shoulders while he was intervening her fingers wid his. She moves her hand away from her nd straightens herself


Geet: Wo… Guys Lift…

Meera: Geet we know. Dnt worry everything has been sorted out nw. Lets go.


She said nd dey all proceed towards home. Maan dropped Geet home as per Meera’s request. Both didn’t talked during d whole Journey. Maan dropped Geet home nd moved towards his house.




It was 11.30 wen Geet reaches home. She was extremely tired so she quickly changed into her night dress nd goes to her bed to catch some sleep. but as soon as she closes her eyes she started getting flashes of her close moments wid Maan in front of her eyes. She snaps opens her eyes nd takes a deep breath nd again goes to sleep. but as she again closes her eyes d flashes of Maan kissing her came in front of her eyes. she finally gave up nd sits on d Bed.


Geet: Babaji! Ye sab kya ho raha hai? Y did I had dat weirs Imagination? Hw can I even think of dat? ya I agree, I agree dat I had loved him infact still love him; but everything is over nw den y all dis happening wid me? Project ka to pata nahi but jab tak main yaha rahungi main zarur paagal ho jayungi.


She said nd again struggle hard to catch sum sleep.




Maan on d other hand was too thinking about dere moments few hrs back. he smiles remembering each nd every moment he had spend wid her. She herself didn’t have any idea dat unknowingly she has gifted him his best moment of lyf by hugging him, by holding him while sleeping. D moments dat he has dreamt of wid her. He smiles nd opens d Drawer to take his sleeping pill to get sum sleep wen he reminded of Geet’s Logic. He laughs out Loud wen he remembers about d Logic of Brain cells. He wonders dat hw he’s living till nw wid so much damage of Brain cells.


Maan: Sach me pagal hai. 5 yrs has been passed but she’s still d same. Same stupid Logics behind everything. Though she’s pretending dat she has changed but I knw dat she haven’t changed a bit. From outside anyone can say dat she has changed but only I knw dat she’s d same Geet from inside.


He smiles nd puts d pills back to d drawer nd soon dozes off to sleep remembering her.




3 weeks has been passed after dat Lift incident. Maan nd Geet r getting well wid dere work. Maan’s notices few changes in Geet’s behaviour. Nw she dnt talk about work only, she use to tease him also sumtym or talk other things apart from work also but has never talked anything related to dem or dere past but Maan didn’t forced also. He was happy dat she’s getting comfortable wid him atleast nd he was happy in dis.


Geet changed her attitude towards Maan because she dnt want to hurt him anymore because it in return hurts her only. She thought dat she cant be friends wid him neither everything can be like before but atleast she can behave normally wid him. she knows dat nothing can be done like before but as long as she’s over here she will behave nicely wid him. May be den she can get rid of her weird Imaginations.


Yash nd Meera were happy wid d results yet not satisfied especially Meera. After d Lift incident she thought dat dere Love story will pick up a quick pace but results were not satisfactory except dat Geet has started getting comfortable wid Maan. She has to do sumthing which will help dem. by thinking dis she goes to Yash who was sitting oin his Bedroom. Wen she entered she saw dat he was surrounded wid Lots of DVDs. She couldn’t understand wats happening over dere


Meera: Yash, wat r u doing wid dese DVDs

Yash: Searching of any Idea.

Meera: Idea?

Yash: Yes see dese all DVDs r of romantic Hindi movies. I’ll watch everyone of dem nd will take sum idea from all nd after dat create a fool proof plan. For example I’ll take sum from DDLJ, sum from KKHH, sum From JAB WE MET, sum from MAINE PYAR KIYA etc etc nd den will merge all dat nd our plan will be created. Kaisa laga mera Idea?

Meera (rolling over her eyes): Shut Up Yash! For god sake apna Filmy Dimaag chalana band karo. Tumhara Lift wala idea dekha tha maine

Yash: but it has worked

Meera: ya by chance. But dis tym I cant take risk. Isiliye m going to take help from d person who’s not Filmy like u nd will give a proper Idea to me.

Yash: Who?

Meera: Dadimaa.

Yash: wat? Dadimaa?

Meera: yes I talked to her infact she has called us tomorrow at KM so be ready on tym.

Yash: nd wat about dese DVDs?

Meera: just keep it from where u had picked it from nd get ready to cum KM wid me tomorrow.



Next day at KM:


Yash nd Meera were as usual fighting for d ideas nd Savitri Devi was just watching dem


Yash: I m telling u dat my Idea is better

Meera: Oh Pls. its better u dnt use ur mind. Dere’s nothing in it except dose Filmy stuffs, which always flops.

Yash: Dare u say anything about my Ideas.

Meera: otherwise wat u’ll do ha

Savitri Devi: Stop it both of u! we r here to discuss d plan of getting Maan nd Geet together nd u both r fighting like kids.


Both Yash nd Meera (dipping dere heads): Sorry Dadimaa.

Savitri Devi: Aap dono se kuch nahi hone wala. I have decided wat I have to do.


She said nd started dialing a no. while Yash nd Meera gave her a confused look.




Next day both Maan nd Geet were in office. Geet was working on designs wen Maan came to her cabin


Maan: Geet dere’s a Problem.

Geet: wat happen Maan? U look tensed?

Maan: Geet, tension wali baat hai. Humne jo location is Project ke liye finalize ki thi dat was having sum legal Problems nd derefore we cant construct our orphanage on it

Geet: Wat? Hw can it be Possible Maan. I mean we have studied all d Papers nd dey were Perfectly Fine. Den wat happen all of a sudden

Maan: Yahi to mere samajh nahi aa raha. Maine pata karaya to pata chala dat it was a disputed Land nd Land owner was forging d Signatures to buy dat Land to others.

Geet: Oh Shit! Nw wat we’ll do Maan. Dat site was appropriate for our Project. Nw from where we’ll get site like dat nd dat too so soon.

Maan: Geet dnt worry. I talked to Dadimaa about dis nd she has suggested a Location. Its in Lonavala nd we have to left for Lonavala tomorrow.

Geet: Tomorrow?

Maan: ya. Any problem?

Geet: no. fine I’ll reach dere nd call u

Maan: wait a sec. Geet wat do u mean by reach dere nd call u? We both r going together

Geet: But…

Maan: Geet jab humari manzil ek hai to hum alag alag raaste pe kyun chale


Though he said as a matter of fact but it has left a Deep impact on Geet’s mind. She felt a deep meaning in dose words. But she soon shrugged off her thoughts


Geet: Fine we’ll leave tomorrow for our destination

Maan: ok den I’ll pick u up from Ur home ok.


She nodded nd he leaves for his cabin to gather necessary information for d site. Geet just stood dere thinking about dere Trip tomorrow. She really had no idea wats going to be d next turn in her lyf.
Geet (to herself): Babaji Jane ki ye Safar humari zindagi me kaun sa naya mod layega.


Dat night Geet couldn’t able to sleep peacefully. The thought of going alone wid Maan was bothering her. His closeness always affected her nd now going alone dat too at dis Long journey was bothering her. She was packing her bags half-heartedly, though dere’s no need to pack but Maan suggested her as dey r going to see d Land nd if everything goes fine den may be dey have to stay over dere for 1 day to complete d formalities.


On d other hand Maan was packing his bag wid full excitement. Finally he was getting chance to go wid his Geet alone. U never know may be dis journey changes dere Lives nd dat change would be for Gud. He was never so excited in dese 5 years like he was now. if he can den he would make d sunrise now only, but due to nature’s rule he has to wait till morning. He laughs at his own condition as he was behaving like a small kid who is excited to go for a picnic next day.


Savitri Devi came over dere to talk to him but seeing him so much happy she couldn’t able to say anything. After so many years she was seeing him so much Happy derefore she dnt want to disturb her Grandson’s private moment wid his Love. she looks one last tym to him nd makes her way towards Mansion..




Next day Geet was sitting in her Living Room having her coffee wen she heard d Door bell. Her heart beat rises knowing who it can be. Her heartbeat rises just by thinking of him but den she calms down herself nd takes a deep breath


Geet (to herself): Geet relax! Dnt act like a Teenager. U r a matured Girl nw so behave like dat. he’s only Maan not a filmstar dat u r getting nervous like dis. so just calm down nd take a Deep breath. Ok


She said nd goes to open d Door. As soon as she opens D door she saw Maan standing over dere. He was not in his usual office attire infact was wearing Black shirt nd Blue Denim jeans. Top 2 buttons of his shirt was open exposing his chest making him looks Hot. She just stood dere looking at him without blinking her eyes. Maan just smirks slowly seeing his affect on her nd he was actually enjoying it. Geet’s throat went Dry not knowing wat to say. Maan waves her hand in front of her nd dis is wen she came back to her senses nd she realizes wat she was doing. She was Drooling openly on him. she blushed wen she reralize dat which was not unnoticed by Maan. He just wanted to kiss her Red Cheeks at dat moment but he controlled himself. Geet quickly looked other way to regain herself.


Maan: Wat happen Geet?

Geet: umm… Wo… nothing…

Maan: ok, den wont u ask me to cum inside

Geet: NO!! I mean to say dat lets go otherwise we’ll get late

Maan: C’mon Geet. its just take 4 hrs by Road nd we r going by Car so it’ll take less tym. We’ll reach dere on tym.

Geet: Ya but…

Maan: ok fine it seems dat u didn’t even bother to ask even a Coffee to Ur “Partner”


She looked at him wid her eyes wide listening to d Word “Partner”. Maan quickly understands wat meaning she has taken out


Maan: I mean Business Partner. It seems dat u don’t want to offer even a coffee also to me

Geet: No its not like dat. Come inside


She said nd he came inside nd gets himself seated on one of d couch.


Geet: tum baitho, main tumhare liye Coffee bana ke lati hoon.


She said nd left for Kitchen to control herself. As soon as she reaches to kitchen she holds d counter tight to control her emotions. She mumbles to herself while preparing coffee


Geet (To herself): Wat d hell I was doing. I was Drooling on him dat too in front of him. Den wats d difference between me nd dose Bimbos who Drool on him?


“u knw wat he still affects u” Said her inner voice


“No he don’t” she said


“ok den y r u staring at him like dat. u r behaving like u r teenager nd has seen a hot Rockstar. Nd u r blushing too wen u realize dat u r drooling on him”


“Shut up its not like dat. I m not blushing. It’s just because m seeing him in formals after so many days datsy got distracted. Dats it”


“O really dats y u were saying few mins back dat u r drooling on him”


“Shut up dnt confuse me ok. Its not like dat. stop confusing me nd dis Maan y does he have to come in dis Attire? Can’t he just come in his formals?”


“Like in dat way he won’t affect u?”


“I said na dat I won’t get affected by him in any way. Stop saying dis again nd again dat m getting affected by him”


“Geet u knw wat u have gone Mad. Seriously dis Maan has made u Mad. U r Madly in love wid him. Before also nd nw also. so better accept it.”


“u knw wat I think u r mad datsy saying all dis. everything has been over between us nd nothing can be done like before. We r together just for dis project. So just stop talking about him nd let me concentrate on my Project.”


“U have to accept it Geet. Sooner or Later u have to accept it dat u cant stay away from him”


“Just Shut up nd Go otherwise…” She couldn’t speak further as she saw Maan standing behind her leaning on d Kitchen Door, smirking. She immediately looked away nd turned her back to him nd pretended to make Coffee


Geet: Hey Babaji! Kahi isne sab sun to nahi liya na. O god! Pls save me from dis embarrasement.



Maan couldn’t able to sit alone at d Living Room without her. It’s just been 1 minute dat she has gone to kitchen but it seems an hour to him. He wonders hw he spend 5 whole years without her. He thought of going to kitchen to her, but den thought wat if she dnt like it. But den he shrugged off his thoughts. He can go to her in kitchen nd if she’ll ask anything den he’ll give her an excuse dat he has came dere to tell her d kind of Coffee he drinks. Maan Singh Khurana nd giving excuses well no one can believe it. If it was 5 years back den he’s sure dat everyone can believe d fact dat he gives excuses but nw no one can believe dat MSK is giving an excuse just to go near her Lady Love. He smiles nd makes his way to kitchen.


As soon as he reaches over dere he heard Geet’s voice. He stops right at Door nd found dat she’s talking to herself. He smiles at her was her habbit to talk to herself nd to which he always makes fun of. Nd nw even after 5 years also her Habbit haven’t changed. He just leans against d Door nd listens to her Blabbering. He smiles wen he heard her talking to herself like someone was present over dere. Suddenly he saw her getting turned nd stopped in mid-way. He haven’t said anything nd kept looking at her which makes her nervous nd she immediately turned back to make coffee




Geet’s mind has stopped working wen she saw him standing over dere. Wat d hell is he doing over here, she thought but didn’t wanted to show him so she makes a straight face nd pretended to make d Coffee. She pours d Coffee in d mug nd puts 1 cube of sugar in it. Exactly d way he likes, Black Coffee wid one cube of Sugar. Maan notices all dis nd was happy dat she still remembers her choice.


He straightened himself nd started moving towards her. She can feel him cuming near him which was making her nervous but she continued to stir d spoon to distract herself. Maan was moving slowly towards her nd finally stands behind her while she continues stirring d spoon to control herself. He was so close to her dat she can feel his warm breath on her neck. She closes her eyes to keep her control on herself; her hold on spoon was loosening yet she didn’t leave it. Maan slowly snakes his one hand around her waist nd from other hold her hand which was holding spoon giving her goosebumps. His touch was sending Shiver down her spine. She turned her head to look at him nd found him looking at her intensely. Dere faces were just mere inches away. Both looked at each other’s eyes nd gets lost for sum moment, wen finally Maan spoke


Maan: Geet, if u’ll keep on stirring like dis only, den it’ll take whole day nd my Coffee gets cold


Dis is wen Geet realizes dat she’still holding d spoon even wen its work is over. She quickly leaves d spoon nd looked In front. He brings his face more closer to her Ear still holding her by her waist nd slowly whispers


Maan (whispers): if d Coffee is done den can we go back to Living Room


She just nodded absent minded, not able to register wat he was saying; she was too lost in his scent, in his proximity. She didn’t even notice dat he’s still holding her hand. Maan smirks seeing her like dat. no Matter hw much she denies d fact dat she don’t love him, dat his closeness didn’t affect her but at d end of d day he knows dat she still Loves him in d same way like before infact more den dat.


Maan (whispers): Lets Go den.


He said while softly brushing his lips on her earlobes sending her shiver down her spines nd leaves her hand nd took d Coffee, slowly loosening his grip from her waist, freeing her nd moves away. Geet takes a sigh of relief feeling him leaving her. She quickly regains herself nd looks at him. He could notice her blush but pretended to be not noticed. He smiles nd makes his way towards Living Room. After sumtym she too goes towards Living Room




Maan nd Geet were sitting in d Living Room. Maan gets himself seated beside Geet. Geet notices it nd shifts a bit away from him. None spoke to each other. Maan could understand y is she so quiet. Already dere relationship is going thru a very Weak Point nd after d moment dat dey shared few mins ago she will definitely feel awkward wid him. But he has to do sumthing to make her talk nd break dis silence. But he couldn’t able to think of anything so he decided to let it be like dis nd continued sipping his Coffee


Maan: Coffee is nice

Geet: thanx

Maan: you still remember the kind of coffee I prefer?

Geet: Its not easy to forget everything


She said calmly but Maan understand d meaning hidden behind those words, derefore he decided to not to speak further. Both was having their coffee silently, engrossed in each other’s thoughts. But Maan wants her to speak. Finally an idea struck to his mind nd he smirks knowing dat dis would definitely work.


Maan: umm Geet

Geet: ya

Maan: Wo.. I was thinking sumthing

Geet: Wat?

Maan: Wo actually Geet, one of my friend is a psychiatrist by Profession so I was thinking dat if u consult him once

Geet: Psychiatrist? But y Maan? I dnt need any psychiatrist.

Maan: Geet u dnt know, but aisa hota hai. Patient ko khud pata nahi hota ki use psychiatrist ki zarurat hai ki nahi.

Geet: Maan kya bol rahe ho. Mujhe kuch samajh nahi aa raha. Y do I need a psychiatrist? Main to zyada stress bhi nahi leti.

Maan: Geet, its ok sab theek ho jayega. First tell me r u having difficulty in sleeping at nights?

Geet (to herself): isko kaise pata (den to Maan) ya, y?

Maan: ok. Nd do u sumtymes feel irritated or or having lack of concentration

Geet: ya, but y r u asking all dis.

Maan (slowly): Wo.. u r suffering from Schizophrenia na

Geet (shocked): WAT???? Schizophrenia?

Maan: ya

Geet: R u mad? Who d hell has told u dat I had Schizophrenia?

Maan: Geet isme batane ki kya baat hai. I myself has observed it

Geet: Wat? Maan u know wat u r out of ur mind. Main tumhe kis angle se Schizophrenia ki patient dikhti hoon.

Maan: kis Angle se? ok u urself told dat u had sleeping problem in nights nd u get irritated too nd ya not to forget yun is tarah se akele me baatein karna like u r talking to sumone visible like u were talking in d kitchen; dis all r symptoms of Schizophrenia

Geet: Shut up Maan. It was not because of Schizophrenia; it was all because of u. Because of u m doing all dis

Maan (raising his eyebrow): Because of me?

Geet (realizing wat she has said): ya. Wo u get me engrossed in so much work dat sumtymes I get irritated nd all dis happens

Maan (smirks): o really?

Geet: ya.

Maan: ok but still u consult a psychiatrist. U knw may be u think dat all dis is because of stress but d fact is its because of Schizophrenia


Ok now Geet cant take dis anymore. He was continuously calling her patient of Schizophrenia. She start hitting him on his Shoulders while he just tries to defend himself


Geet: u called me Schizophrenic, hw dare u?

Maan: Geet, Geet stop. I was just kidding

Geet: No. its not funny. U mean it literally. I’ll not leave u.

She said while continuously hitting him. Finally Maan hold her both of his hands nd pinned her against d Sofa to make her stop while he on top of her. Both were lost in each other’s eyes. She looked at him nd her mind stopped working wen she saw him so close to her. Dere faces were just mere inches away. Her throat went dry not sure wat to say or wat to do. D whole room was silent only d sound of dere thumping heart is audible. He could feel d sounds of her rapid heartbeats. At dat moment Maan just wanted to kiss her, to tell her hw much he love her, hw much is he craving for her. he looked into her eyes from one eye to another searching his love. Geet’s Breath was getting heavier. His intoxic scent was making her insane. It was getting hard for her to conrol herself. He moves his one hand towards his face nd slowly caress her face wid his fingers giving her Goosebumps. She closed her eyes feeling his soft touch. But soon realization struck her nd she opens her yes instantly nd looked other way. Maan realizes wat dey were doing nd he too instantly gets up form her nd stands. Geet too stands from d couch nd looked other way. Both were embarresed for d situation, Geet more. Not sure wat dey should say to each other. Both turned to each other at d same tym to say sumthing. Finally Geet spoke to him.


Geet: Coffee is finish. Can we go nw?

Maan: ya. Sure


He said nd dey both headed outside d home towards his car.




It was 2 hr. when dey both left from Mumbai nd has covered almost half Distance nd were on Highway now. Geet notices dat Maan was continuously attending d calls dat comes from office. She never allowed dis to anyone specially him to talk while driving whether if he was using Bluetooth also. She can see his sincerity towards work. In dis 2 hrs he had atleast attended more den 50 calls telling Adi about wat to Do nd wat not; den telling to his secretary to postpohne which meeting etc etc. she smiles seeing him like dis. she was happy to see him so much dedicated towards work. He was definitely not d same Maan dat she knows; dat Maan has never taken anything seriously, neither his studies nor their relationship. She frowned thinking of their relationship at past but den look at Maan who has completely changed now, who is now serious towards everything; towards his work, his goal nd may be towards dere relationship also. But wait wat was she thinking, y is she thinking about dere Relationship. She shrugged off all her thoughts nd den again looks at Maan who was still on call


Maan: ya Adi, ask Mr. Mehta dat we’ll attend d Meeting next week for sure. Ya nd also ask him to…


He couldn’t complete as Geet has taken out d Bluetooth from his Ear nd disconnects it. She was tired of seeing him on call nd it was getting on her nerves now derefore she takes out d Bluetooth from his ear nd cuts d call while Maan gave him an angry glare


Geet: Wat?

Maan: wat have u done?

Geet: wat had I done now?

Maan: y had u taken out my Bluetooth. Can’t u see dat I was on important call?

Geet: ya. From last 2 hrs ur every call was important. But enough nw. nw u r not going to take anymore calls

Maan: Geet pls. let me take dis one. Acha promise dis will be d Last one. See its really important.

Geet: no.

Maan: But Geet…

Geet: Maan I said no means no. u know Na dat I don’t allow anyone to talk on call while driving; specially u. there’s no chance m going to allow u to talk on call during Driving. Definitely not. I won’t allow u to talk on call during Driving at any cost.

Maan (stopped d Car nd looked into her eyes): y?

Geet: Becoz I Lo… (she left her sentence in middle realizing wat she was about to say)

Maan (leaning towards her while still looking in her eyes): Bolo Na Geet. y? Y u dnt want me specially to talk on call while driving?

Geet (Looking in his eyes): Because I…

Maan: Because u wat Geet?

Geet (quickly looks other way): Because m sitting here wid u, nd derefore I dnt want u to talk on call nd concentrate on driving, as we r at Highway nd lack of concentration can cause to accident.


She said all in one breath without looking at him once because she knows dat she cant able to say anything if she keeps looking into his eyes. Maan looks at her for a while knowing very well dat she was lyieng because she has not said all dat while looking into his eyes. he knows y she stopped him to talk on call while driving, because she care for him like before. Before also she never allowed him to talk on call while driving even if he was talking to her also nd today also she’s d same. But he didn’t understand dat y is she denying her own feelings wen both of dem knows dat wat was she saying was nothing but an excuse to cover up her emotions. He sighed nd looked at d Road.


Maan: Geet Dnt worry. I’ll be careful while driving. Nothing wrong will happen

Geet (irritated): Fine u dnt want to listen to me. Den here’s ur Bluetooth (she said while handling it to him) Do whatever u want. Waise bhi tumne meri baat suni hi kab hai jo ab sunoge


She said nd looked outside d Window. Maan can only smile on her dominating nature. Even she dnt know dat she’s still showing her Rights on him unknowingly. He keeps d Bluetooth at Dashboard making sure dat she notices it. Geet looks at it from corner of her eyes nd smiles inwardly but pretended to be unnoticed. Maan shakes her head nd smiles nd again started to Drive


Another half an hour has been passed but Geet didn’t spoke anything throughout d Journey while Maan was just stealing glances of her. Her silence was continuously disturbing him. He wanted her to speak to him, whether it’s for anything; but nothing clicked to his mind. Finally he remembers sumthing nd smiled. He looked at Geet who was still looking outside d window.


Maan: Geet

Geet: ya

Maan: wo… I was thinking to play sum music as its getting hard for me to concentrate on driving wid such a quiet atmosphere. Nd waise bhi Kisi ne kaha hai ki “Wenever u feel alone or gets frustrated on sumthing start Listening to music. We’ll get relax for sum moment”


Geet looks at him remembering sumthing familiar. Dis was d thing she use to say to him. Somewhere she felt happy dat he still remembers wat she use to say; But couldn’t able to think y is he saying all dis nw


Geet: So r u feeling alone?

Maan: Well, not really but since u r not speaking a word sop it seems dat m driving all alone

Geet: Nothing like dat, wo I was thinking sumthing

Maan: o really wats it?

Geet: nothing important.

Maan: ok as u wish, so can I switch on d music

Geet: Maan, since wen u need to seek anyone’s permission

Maan: u r not anyone Geet


Geet looked at him in both surprise nd awe but den quickly looked down knowing dat she’ll lose herself again. Maan takes it as her consent so he switched on d FM of his car nd surf thru d stations to hear sum good songs. Finally he stops at one station nd raises d Volume of d Radio. D song has just started derefore he moves back nd listens to d song



Kehne ko Jashan-e-bahara hai
Ishq yeh dekhke hairaan hai

Kehne ko Jashan-e-bahara hai
Ishq yeh dekhke hairaan hai

Phool se khusboo khafa khafa hai gulshan mein
Chupa hai koi ranj fiza ki chilman mein

Sare sehmein nazare hain
Soye soye vaqt ke dhare hain
Aur dil mein koi khoyi si baatein hain

Kehne ko Jashan-e-bahara hai
Ishq yeh dekhke hairaan hai

Phool se khusboo khafa khafa hai gulsan mein
Chupa hai koi ranj fiza ki chilman mein

Geet looked at Maan as soon as she heard d Song, but he was pretending like nothing happened nd looked towards Road. She said nothing neither changed d channel but quietly looks outside d Window. Maan looks at her but seeing her looking outside d Window he agains concentrate on d road. He smiles inwardly as dis Song totally suits to dere present Condition.


Geet too feel conscious as d Lyrics of d song going as dey were pouring out dere Feelings infact more of Maan’s Feelings but yet she didn’t have courage to change d channel.





Both thinks of all d beautiful moments dat dey had spend in dere past. Dere cute fights, his pampering her. Geet’s concern towards Maan everything. Den thinks their Present situation; Where dey r now. Their current relationship just like unknown strangers as she said earlier


Kaise kahen kya hai sitam
Sochte hai abb yeh hum
Koi kaise kahen woh hai ya nahi humare
Karte to hai saath Safar
Fasle hain phir bhi magar
Jaise milte nahi Kisi dariya ke do kinare

Maan again looks at Geet wid d hope dat she looks at him once so he can atleast make her understand dat he means dis lyrics literally. He can clearly sees it in her eyes d concern, d Love towards him but Everytym she covers up her emotions wid her cold Attitude towards him.


Dere was once a tym wen dey were together like two bodies nd one soul nd now dey were going in two separate ways. They were going together yet not together.


Pass hain phir bhi paas nahi
Humko yeh gum raas nahi
Seeshe ki ek diware hai jaise darmiyan

Sare sehmein nazare hain
Soye soye vaqt ke dhare hain
Aur dil mein koi khoyi si baatein hain

Kehne ko Jashan-e-bahara hai
Ishq yeh dekhke hairaan hai

Phool se khusboo khafa khafa hai gulshan mein
Chupa hai koi ranj fiza ki chilman mein


He again looks ahead at d Road. Corner of his eyes were burning due to distance between dem. Dey both were so close yet so far. He don’t want dis, he never wanted dis nd neither she. But yet today dey both r in dis condition just because of his one small mistake nd her not giving him another chance


D atmosphere around dem was so pleasant, so lovely. She always wanted to spend tym wid him in dis kind of environment where dere is no one to disturb dem; just d two of dem nd today wen all dis is happening den also she’s not happy due to distance between dem nd dis environment is also not helping dem in any way but only making dem remembering dere old memeories.

Geet can’t take dis anymore. D lyrics of d songs were making her feel uncomfortable, derefore she decided to switch off d radio. She extends her hand to switch it off. At d same tym Maan too extends her hand to change d station as he can feel Geet’s comfortableness nd dis is wen dere hands touched. Both looked at each other for some moment nd den bring dere hands back nd looked other way
Humne ne jo tha nagma suna
Dil ne tha usko chuna
Yeh dastan humen vaqt ne kaise sunai

Humjo agar hai gumgin
Woh bhi udhar khush to nahi
Mulakato mein jaise ghul si gai tanhai

Both remembers wen dey first met each other at dat moment none of dem has thought dat sumday dey’ll fall in Love wid each other especially Maan. But later he realizes dat he has fallen in Love wid Geet at d very first sight of her but today everything has changed, dere relationship has again gone to d same place from where it has started or more back from it.


He was in pain nd so was she. Pain of staying away from each other; Pain of his Remorses; Pain of her hurt heart. May be datsy still dey cant be wid each other in d way like dey were 5 yrs back. Hw badly dey both wanted to have everything like before but she knows dat nothing can be like before.

Milke bhi hum milte nahi
Khilke bhi gul khilte nahi

Aankhon mein hai baharein dil mein khilza

They both looked at each other. Both Love nd Pain can easily be seen in dere eyes for each other. His eyes search to see only Love in her eyes but has just seen d reflection of her hurt nd broken heart.


Sare sehmein nazare hain
Soye soye vaqt ke dhare hain
Aur dil mein koi khoyi si baatein hain

o hoo Kehne ko Jashan-e-bahara hai
Ishq yeh dekhke hairaan hai

Phool se khusboo khafa khafa hai gulshan mein
Chupa hai koi ranj fiza ki chilman mein


He looked away from her not able to see pain in her eyes. She also started looking outside d Window wiping d drop of tear dat has formed at d corner of her eyes nd takes a deep breath to control her emotions.


Both were quiet just lost in each other’s thoughts. Nothing was helping dem; neither dis Romantic Aura nor Music nor anything else. Infact all dis seems to be meaningless to dem. D fragnance of flowers, d aroma of environment everything due to d Distance dat was between dem.


May be dats wat dere Destiny has stored for both of dem but really? Is it wat dere Destiny has stored for both of dem? R dey both has gone so much Far from each dat dey can never be together? All dis thoughts were running in dere minds as d song came to an end.




Finally Maan switches off d Radio. He knows dat nothing is going to help dem right now instead will bring back d hurtful memories to her which she was trying to forget. His thoughts were distracted wen he heard d Geet’s cell phone ringing. Geet didn’t noticed it as she was too lost in her thoughts. She came into her senses wen Maan shrugs her shoulders


Maan: Geet (while shrugging her shoulders)

Geet: Ya wat happen?

Maan: nothing wo ur cellphone is ringing. (He said while pointing towards her cell phone)

Geet: oh sorry! I didn’t notice.


She said nd picks up her cell from Dashboard. A wide smile spread on her face wen she saw d name flashing over dere. It was Armaan’s call. Hw much she needed dis tym to talk to him, because she knows dat dis tym it was he only who can make her feel better. Maan noticed her smile nd was happy also dat finally she smiled but he wonders whose call was it which makes her smile dis much. He was very curious to know. In d meantym Geet picks up d call.


Geet: Hey! Hws u? U knw hw much I missed u?

Armaan: o ya! Datsy u haven’t called me in last 3 weeks. It seems dat my Kiddo has forgetten me after going to India. It’s been 1 month only since u have gone to India nd u have changed dis much

Geet: Correction its 1 month nd 1 week. Nd waise bhi same goes for u also. if I haven’t called den u too haven’t called me nd nw blaming me. U knw wat tum ladko ki problem hi yahi hoti hai, u guys never accept ur mistakes nd always blames us


Maan alerts as soon as he heard dat she was actually talking to a guy. As far as he knows her she never talks to any guy so freely other den him nd Yash or her friend Armaan den who could it be to whom she was talking. He knows dat dis cant be Yash for sure otherwise she wouldn’t have complaint of not calling from 3 weeks; den can it be Armaan, but den he shrug off her thoughts thinking dat if it would be Armaan den she would have taken his name once but she didn’t. he was so curious to know dat to whom is she talking.


Armaan: o ya! Now its d mistake of we guys? U knw wat u all r d same always blames us like we r d biggest sinners.

Geet: Awww mere Baby ko bura lag gaya. So sad! (She said nd giggles)


Maan was actually feeling jealous. First of all she was talking to some other guy so freely while wid him (Maan) she always be quiet nd secondly she was talking like she has very close relation wid dat guy. God knows who’s he?


Armaan: ya has lo! Tum bhi has lo. Nobody cares for me

Geet: arey kya baat hai jo aaj itna bhadak rahe ho. Mood kharab hai?

Armaan: ya

Geet: y?

Armaan: Wo… I had fight wid Shilpa

Geet: Wat? Fir se? nw wat happened?

Armaan: Wo… Actually I had visited to her hospital to give her surprise nd she was on duty infact was handling an emergency nd I just barged over dere asking her to cum wid me. She refused but I didn’t listened nd finally she shouts at me nd asks me to leave from dere. Mujhe gussa aa gaya so I also said her dat I’ll never talk to her in future

Geet: Den?

Armaan: After dat she called me numerous tymes to apologize to me infact has send me text also but I didn’t replied so she also get irritated nd stopped calling or msging me nd now…

Geet: nd now u r realizing ur mistake dat u had overreacted dat tym

Armaan (slowly): ya

Geet: u’ll never change. Always over-react. Main waha se aayi nahi ki tumne problem create kar di.

Armaan: Ab sorry to bol raha hoon na.

Geet: Sorry, first make everything mess nd den say Sorry. Acha main baat karu usse?

Armaan:no u dnt talk to her

Geet: but y?

Armaan: I wanted to handle it myself

Geet: den y did u told me?

Armaan: wo I wanted to share it wid u. so I called u. Anyways u tell hws everything over dere? Everything is fine na

Geet (slowly): ya

Armaan: is Maan is wid u?


Geet looked at Maan who was looking at d Road but least she knows dat he was not concentrating on Driving anymore actually he was concentrating on d convo between Geet nd other guy nd looking at her smile from d corner of his eyes


Geet: ya.

Armaan: Kiddo u fine na? I mean u r wid Maan. So r u feeling ok?

Geet: Haan Baba dnt worry m perfectly Fine. Tum ho Na mere saath. Tumhare hote hue mujhe kuch ho sakta hai.


Ok now it has added more fuel to Maan’s burning heart. his curiosity was only increasing to know about d person on d other side at whom Geet has dis much trust dat she knows dat she’ll be safe wid him. Yes he accepted d fact dat he was jealous from d guy whom he even don’t know


Armaan: Dats like my Devdas. Love u Devdas nd miss u.

Geet (smiles): Love u Too nd miss u too my…


She couldn’t able to complete as Maan takes d phone away from her nd cuts d call. Dats it he cant take it anymore not especially after listening Geet saying Luv u to sumone else. He was burning so much in jealousy just by thinking d fact dat Geet, his Geet in in Love wid sumone else. He wonders hw will he able to tolerate if she herself will told him dat she’s in Love wid someone else


Armaan looks at his cellphone by d sudden disconnection of call but den he thought may be its due to network Problem. So he shrugs his thoughts to other side nd starts thinking of way to manofy Shilpa.


Geet gives an angry glare to Maan for disconnecting her call like dis but Maan didn’t cared nd looked ahead as if nothing happened. He was feeling so relieved dat she’s not talking on phone anymore but Geet she needs as explanation for his sudden weird behaviour; to come between d conversation between her nd her Best Buddy. Maan looks at her den again looks at road wid a smile on his face which irritates her more


Geet: Will u bother to tell me, y did u do dis?

Maan: Wat?

Geet: dnt act innocent Maan, u very well know wat u had done?

Maan: but wat I had done Geet

Geet: y did u cut my call? Do u knw to whom m talking?

Maan: no I dnt nd I dnt even want to know

Geet: dis is not d answer of my question. Tell me y did u cut my call

Maan: because I was not able to concentrate on driving

Geet: Wat rubbish?

Maan: ya, I was not able to concentrate due to ur continous blabbering nd BTW y r u getting so much hyper? U too had cut my call nd said not to talk on call while driving infact my call was important one

Geet: I said dat for ur benefit only as u were not able to concentrate on Driving due to d continous calls nd for ur kind information I was not Driving ok nd hw can u say dat my call was not important

Maan (mutters): Ya. Dat I could see (den to her) I was getting disturbed nw also due to ur dose Lovey-Dovey talks wid dat guy

Geet: wat? Do u have any idea wat u r saying?

Maan (looks at her): ya very well.

Geet: No u dnt. U knw whose call was it? I was talking to…


She said nd stops in mid as she saw a Truck cuming towards dem nd Maan was not able to see as he was looking at her. her eyes widened in Horror nd she instantly screamed.




He instantly look ahead nd saw d sight in front of him. He quickly turned his steering wheel to change d direction of d car to avoid it from colliding it to d Truck. He looked at Geet who was hell scared.


Maan: Geet, pareshan mat ho. I’ll not let anything happen to u.


Geet looked at Maan who was trying his best to control d car. She could sense dat he didn’t care for his own life but for only hers. She silently prayed dat everything turned to be fine nd dey both get safe nd if not she den he gets safe from dis Accident


Geet: Pls Babaji! Dnt let happen anything to Maan. Take my Life instead but pls Maan ko kuch mat hone dijiyega.


She silently prayed nd opens her eyes to look once again at Maan nd suddenly Maan turned his car sideways nd last she hears d sound of CRREEEKKK!!!!! Wid her eyes closed not sure dat dey were still alive or has reached to heaven.



Yash: Unbelievable Dadimaa. It was all ur plan. I mean sending dem alone nd all dat

Savitri Devi: ofcourse. Agar aap logo ke bharose rehte to Geet waapas US bhi chali jati aur in dono ki story wahi ki wahi reh jati.

Meera: But Dadimaa, hw u came to know dat d Site dat dey both had decided has sum legal issues in it or it was just d part of ur plan

Savitri Devi: No Meera it was not d part of my plan. Dat Land really had some Legal issues, Maan has told me about dat land nd I dnt knw y but I got sum negative wibes from it so I decided myself to know about it nd has came to know from one of my sources about dis legal problem. Nd I was about to tell it to Maan wen I thought of dis plan of sending dem alone nd rest u knw

Yash: Wow Dadimaa, u r d best (he said while hugging her sideways)

Meera: yes Dadimaa. U r Coolest Dadimaa ever.

Savitri Devi: Well thank u both of u for d compliment

Yash: but Dadimaa ye to theek hai ki aapne un dono ko akele bhej diya but u think dat dey’ll able to sort out dere difference in dis trip.

Savitri Devi: Yash I dnt make plans without thinking d consequences. Dere’s lot more to cum in dere ways nd m sure dat dis Trip is going to change dere Lives forever.

Meera: Hope so Dadimaa. I just wanted to see both of dem together nd happy.

Savitri Devi: Me too

Yash: Me three


He said nd all laugh in unison praying dat dere plan gets successful




Geet was still having her eyes closed due to fear. She just heard d sound of CRREEEKKK!!!!! She was scared to open her eyes as she dnt want to see d sight which would be in front of her. Though she’s not sure whether dey r still alive or not but still she can’t see Maan’s body pooled in Blood. She had felt dat Car stops wid a jerk suddenly causing her head to hit d dashboard hard but was not sure whether it’s due to break or it has collided it wid sumthing. Though being in all dis confusion also she only prays for Maan to be safe nd nothing else.


Maan take a drastic turn to avoid it from colliding it wid d Truck which makes him lose d control of car nd it was getting difficult for him to control it but wen he saw Geet’s scared face he dnt knw from where but he got d energy to turned everything to be safe nd last he knows dat he turned his car sideways nd stops it wid d sudden break to avoid it colliding it wid d Tree due to which she gets her head hit hard on d Dashboard even he too got hit in his head but his wound matters nothing to him in front of her injury. He saw dat her eyes were still closed nd he knows dat she was scared to open her eyes as she can’t bear d sight of Accident nd dis fear was within her since d tym she lost her father in an Accident dat too in front of her eyes nd he knows about it. Datsy she always says everyone to concentrate while driving. He slowly puts his hand on her shoulders to make her calm


D moment Geet felt his hand on her shoulders she was sure dat dey r safe, dat he’s safe; dere’s nothing to worry about. She slowly opened her eyes nd turned to look at him only to find himself looking at her wid great concern. Maan notices d tears nd concern in her eyes for him nd before he can say anything Geet hugged him tight, initially he was dumbstruck but later he too hugs her tight.


D moment Geet saw him in front of her safe nd sound she felt like happiest person in dis world which can be easily seen in her eyes nd without any second thought she hugged him tight like he’ll vanish in any minute to make sure dat it was not dream nd he’s safe sitting in front of her. Only she knows hw much she has gone thru in dese few mins, just by d thought of seeing him in pool of Blood. Her hold gets tighter on him as she thought of seeing him heart. she haven’t noticed dat wen tears has started flowing from her eyes; neither she knows dat dese tears were due to Happiness dat Maan is safe in front of her or of fear dat she might lose him forever.


Maan could feel her body shaking wid fear derefore he held her more close to him to calm her down, but who’s going to calm him wen he himself was scared at dat moment, Just by d thought of Geet getting hurt, just by d thought dat he’s going to lose her forever. It took him couple of mins to realize dat she is safe in his Arms. He could feel his shirt getting wet due to her tears. he tries to free her from his embrace so dat he can calm her down but she hold him more tight not letting him to leave her.


Maan: Geet…

Geet (saying while continuing sobbing): Stupid… Duffer… I told u Na… Concentrate on Driving but no… u didn’t… u didn’t listened to me… y u never listen to me SHONA? (“SHONA” OMG she called him SHONA after so many years. Haye so dreamyDay DreamingEmbarrassed) bolo… y u never listen to me… Do u know hw much… How much scared I was… Wat if Sumthing would happen to u… just d thought has made me die 100 deaths… y u always do dis SHONA… y cant u take my words seriously?


(OMG once again SHONA. Ok m going to faint nw.Shocked)


Geet had no idea wat she was saying but she was saying wat was in her heart. Yes, she was hell scared at dat tym just by the thought dat Maan’s lyf is in danger. Maan heard her voice shaking wid fear nd wait did she called him SHONA or was he dreaming. She always use to call him wid dis name wen she has to show her rights on him or wen dey use to have their Lovey-dovey talks at nite 5 yrs back or wen dey both needs each other emotionally; Maan more because he was never able to understand wen Geet needs him nd wen not 5 years back nd today once again she has called him wid dis name not one but twice clearly indicating dat she had immense Love for him in her heart. hw can he even think dat she’s in Love wid sumone else wen he can only find him in her heart nd eyes. Even in dis situation also she just thought of his safety without even thinking about her once. She too was in danger, sumthing would have happen to her also but she didn’t think of herself twice nd was only scared for him.


“O God! Hw can she still Love him so much. Will he ever be able to payback fir dis immense Love” he thought


Geet frees herself from his embrace to look at him to make sure dat he didn’t had any severe injuries.


Geet: u fine Na… tumhe kuch hua to nahi… Zyada chot to nahi aayi Na… (she said while touching all over her face nd shoulders getting anxious)

Maan: Geet..Geet Listen to me (he said while holding her shoulders but she was nowhere to stop finally he hold her tight nd shakes her) GEET LISTEN TO ME!!!


She instantly Stopped nd looked at him. He cupped her face nd wipes away her tears dat were continuously flowing from her eyes.


Maan: Geet I m fine. See m safe here in front of u. nothing has happened to me and nothing would ever happen to me until u r wid me. Hw can anything would happen to me wen my Angel is wid me to save me from every difficulty.




Teri meri, meri teri prem kahani hai mushkil
Do lafzon mein yeh bayaan na ho paaye
Ik ladka ik ladki ki yeh kahani hai nayi
Do lafzon mein yeh bayan na ho paaye


Geet just looked at his eyes deep. At dat moment nothing matter to her anymore; her anger, her decision nothing. All wat matter to her is Maan, his words. Maan notices d injury on her forehead which was oozing Blood nw.


Maan: Geet tumhe chot lagi Hui hai. Wait main abhi dawa lagata hoon


He said nd searches for his First aid Kit which he always keeps in his car. He tooks out nd was about to clean her wound wid Cotton wen Geet Stops him. He looked at her confusingly not knowing y she is stopping him. Does she dnt want him to touch her?


Geet: Tumhe bhi to chot lagi hai na


Teri meri, meri teri prem kahani hai mushkil
Do lafzon mein yeh bayaan na ho paaye
Ik dooje se hue juda Jab ik dooje ke liye bane

Teri meri, meri teri prem kahani hai mushkil
Do lafzon mein yeh bayaan na ho paaye

She said while looking at his wound nd takes d cotton from him nd cleans d wound. Though it was small in front of Geet’s wound nd not much Blood was oozing from it but yet it was enough for Geet to make her shiver. Maan can only smile at her concern, at her care, at her unconditional Love. She still thinks of him before her. He just wanted tym to stood still at dat moment. She was doing his dressing while he was just watching her without blinking his eyes like she’ll be vanish if he blinks his eyes.




“Nd she says dat she don’t love me anymore, don’t care for me anymore” He thought while smiling.She finished off wid his dressing nd was about to keep back d Box wen he hold her hand to stop her.


Teri meri baaton ka har lamha sabse anjaana,
do lafzon mein yeh bayaan na ho paaye

Har ehsaas mein tu hai har ik yaad mein tera afsaana
Do lafzon mein yeh bayaan na ho paaye
Ik dooje se hue judaa, jab ik dooje ke liye bane

She didn’t asked anything but just looked at him. He takes out d cotton nd wipes away d Blood slowly Blowing at d wound, den he applied d tincture but she didn’t winced in pain once as she was too lost in his eyes nd his actions. He was treating her like she was a soft feather. She just smiles slightly looking at his concern. He put d bandage on her wound nd looked at her eyes where he saw numerous expressions.


Teri meri, meri Teri prem kahani hai mushkil
Do lafzon mein yeh bayaan na ho paaye
Ik ladka ik ladki ki yeh kahani hai nayi
Do lafzon mein yeh bayan na ho paaye



He keeps d Box at a side nd slowly cupped her face nd wipes away d tear dat is forming at d corner of her eyes. He looked deep into her eyes while rubbing his thumb on her cheeks nd slowly kissed on her forehead to which she didn’t protest once. She too needed it at dat tym. She closed her eyes to feel his touch.




Maan looked at her closed eyes but before he do anything further he needs to have d answer of his questions from her.


Maan: Geet


She opens her eyes nd looked at him


Maan: Geet, u said dat u dnt love me anymore, dat u dnt care for me anymore den wat is dis dat m seeing in Ur eyes today? Dat I always see in Ur eyes? If u dnt love me anymore den y its aching u seeing me in pain? Y were u crying at dat tym? Y u didn’t cared for urself? Y were u scared at dat tym just by d thought dat sumthing wrong will happen to me? Bolo Geet kyun? Jab tum mujhse pyaar hi nahi karti to kyun meri itni parwah karti ho, kyun mujhe Dard me nahi dekh sakti? Y r u stopping urself Geet?


She casted her eyes down not able to look at dose eyes, not able to answer any of his questions. Wat will she answer him dat she’s scared to love him again, to trust him again, dat her fear always overcomes her Love for him. No she can’t tell him, he’ll get hurt nd dis is d last thing she wanted. He raises her face up thru her chin so dat she can look into his eyes


Maan: Bolo Geet, kyun?


She was about to say sumthing wen Maan’s cellphone ring bringing both of dem in reality. He cursed d tyming of d caller at dat tym. He closed his eyes in frustration nd looks at d phone. He can’t ignore d call also as It was from his Dadimaa. He picked it up while looking at Geet.


Maan: Hello!

Savitri Devi: Maan!

Maan: Ji Dadimaa, koi kaam tha

Savitri Devi: nahi, I just wanted to know dat whether u had reached over dere safely or not. Its been more den 3 hrs since u left from home but u haven’t called me once

Maan: I m sorry Dadimaa, wo actually I was driving nd someone told me dat we shouldn’t talk on call while driving (he said while looking at Geet) nd ya I m on my way will reach over dere within an hour

Savitri Devi: but wat took u so long? U should have reached over dere by now

Maan: Wo… Dadimaa… Actually we got stuck up in d traffic jam for almost 45 mins. Derefore we get late (he didn’t told anything regarding his Accident knowing her health)

Savitri Devi: oh! Koi baat nahi. Call me as soon as you reach over dere

Maan: Ji Dadimaa. U take care of urself nd ur health. I’ll be back soon. Bye.

Savitri Devi: bye


He hangs up d call nd again looked at Geet. By d tym Maan was on call Geet gets enough tym to compose herself, to again wear d mask of her coldness to hide her Love for him. Maan was about to question her again wen she spoke


Geet: Wo… I think we should go nw. we r already very late nd we still have to cover very much distance


Maan could say nothing but only nodded his head, knowing dat she won’t talk anything related to his questions nw as she has got enough tym to compose herself. He turned his head nd starts to ignite d car but it was not getting started. He tried again but still d result is same. Like dis he tried many tymes but Everytym he just fails.


Geet: Wat happen Maan?

Maan: I dnt knw Geet, but car is not getting start.


He said nd tried again but still it didn’t start.


Maan: I’ll just go nd check.


He said nd gets out from d car followed by Geet. he noticed dat d engine of d car is burning nd radiator needs sum water. He goes at d back of d car to see dat of dere’s sum water over dere but to his luck d container was empty.


Maan: Geet, I need to get sum water. U stay inside d car, I’ll just go nd find sum water

Geet: no, I’ll also cum wid u.

Maan: Geet zid mat karo. U r already very much stressed nd even i dnt know hw far I had to go in search of water. So just stay inside d car.


She haven’t said anything but just twisted her lips in disappointment. He just smiles at her childish behaviour.


Maan: nd one more thing. Dnt cum outside d car until I come. See its highway nd silented road too so I dnt want u to be in any kind of trouble.

Geet: but Maan u r talking like its Dark night. See its day tym nd moreover I can take care of myself.

Maan: Geet, have u swear dat u’ll not listen to me without Arguing. Just sit inside d car until I return.

Geet: ok


She said while making face. Maan smiled nd turned to go wen Geet called him


Geet: Maan!


Maan turns towards her to look at her


Geet: Apna dhyan rakhna

Maan: hhmmm


He said nd moves from dere while she just looked at his retreating body until he disappeaers nd after dat sits inside d car.




1/2 an hour has been passed but Maan still haven’t came back yet. By every passing minute it was getting difficult for Geet to sit nd wait inside d car derefore she decided to get out from d car nd look for him. She takes her cell phone nd car keys before getting out. She locked d car nd started walking at d direction where Maan has gone. Though Maan has told her numerous tymes to not to get out of d car but she’s Geet who never listen to others wen she’s upto sumthing nd derefore she didn’t listened to even Maan also dis tym nd has came out in search of him.


She walked few steps ahead from car nd continuously looks back so in case if Maan came in d mean tym den she can see him but she didn’t find him anytym derefore she decided to walk more. She walked few steps more now she can see their car from a distance. She was lsot in her thoughts while walking. Dat few mins of her Life were d worst mins of her life. She thanked Babaji that nothing wrong had happened to dem otherwise d condition in which dey r one of dem might lose dere Life but thank god dey both r safe especially Maan.


As she remembered him d questions dat he has asked to her were started running in her mind. She don’t know wat she’s doing wid her own lyf. She’s making things complicated for her own self. Y does she can’t give answers to Maan’s question clearly nd gets rid from all dis but she don’t have courage to hurt him. No matter hw much he has hurted her in d past but she still cant hurt him but at d same tym her heart fears to Love him again. God knows wen dis Turmoil of her heart is going to end.


She was so much engrossed in her thoughts dat she didn’t even noticed dat she has came far away from Car until she heard sum sounds from behind. She turned nd Look a Jeep is cuming wid 3-4 guys in it who were hooting badly. She looked ahead nd started walking not giving any attention to dem but unfortunately she catches d attention of dose guys nd dey slowed down d speed of dere Jeep near her. Geet heart has started beating fastly due to fear wen she felt dem near her. she cursed herself for not listening to Maan nd came out of d car but now she cam also not go back to car because she has came far away from it. Wat all she can do now is to handle dis situation alone. Finally one guy who is beside d Driver’s seat spoke to her


Guy 1: Hey Baby! Wants lift?


She didn’t answered nd started walking fast to avoid dem.


Guy 2: Hey Babes! Y r u in so much hurry? Walk slowly yaar


She clenched her fist to control her fear. She thought of calling to Maan but den she stopped as she don’t want to gain unnecessary attention. In d mean while one guy gets out from d jeep nd holds her wrist to stop her.


Guy 2: hey do u have any problem in listening? We r getting so kind to u nd u were just walking away (he said mischieviously)

Geet (in angry Tone): Leave my hand

Guy 2: whooo… Angry babes haan, dnt worry we like Girls wid Attitude. Right boys?


All of dem hooted mischeviously at his comment while Geet was just feeling disgusted


Guy 2: C’mon honey dnt be so difficult. Trust me u’ll have fun


Now Geet can’t take dis anymore. She can’t tolerate dese dirty comments of dese guys nd finally she slapped d guy hard who was holding her hand. He holds his cheek leaving her hand. O god! She slapped him so hard. He had never thought dat d girl who look so delicate to him can slap him so hard. But dis make him more angry. He again holds her hand tight just to get another slap from her. she slapped him dis tym more hard. In d mean while other members of d Jeep comes out from it to get hold her. Guy 2 was hell angry. Dis Girl has slapped him not once but twice, d rage could be easily seen in his eyes. Geet shivered in fear but yet tried to maintain her composure. She knows wats cuming next so before dose guys reached her, she quickly takes d sand from d land nd throws it towards dem in dere eyes. All of dem rubs dere eyes nd getting advantage of it she quickly ran away from dere towards d forest.


Wen dose guys opens dere eyes dey didn’t found her but dey cant let her go so easily also.


Guy 2: Damn! Where d hell has she gone?

Guy 3: Dnt worry1 she haven’t gone so far.

Guy 1: Lets search her guys



Dey said nd left from dere in search of her




Geet runs towards d forest as fast as she can. She knows dat dose guys can’t remain like dat for long. Dey would definitely run after her in search of her nd before dat she needs to reach at a safe place. O God! She herself is responsible for dis Mess. Y haven’t she listened to Maan.


“Maan” she said in her mind. She quickly takes out her cell phone to call him but Damn! Dere was no network. She felt so much frustrated at dat moment. Suddenluy she heard sum footsteps at dat moment. She knows who it can be. She quickly hides herself behind a tree nd saw dose guys looking for her. she covered her mouth wid her hand to avoid even d sound of her breathing.


Geet (in her mind): Maan where r u? Pls cum soon.


She thought nd again looked at dem


Guy 1: lets search dis side boys


He said nd dey all move ahead. Geet sighed a breath of relief but den realize dat she cant remain stand like dat. she has to rum from dere fast. She quickly comes out from dere nd started running towards an opposite direction. She was running fastly wen she felt someone holding her wrist to stop. Her heart almost sank wid d fear nd d next minute dat person has pulled her against him nd pinned her against a tree covering her mouth to stop her from Screaming. Her eyes gets wide open wen she saw d person standing in front of her. it was none other den MAAN!!




Wen Maan came back to d car. He found dat d Door of d car is locked. He felt amuzed. He tried to look from d window nd noticed dat Geet was not dere inside. He understands dat she must have gone out of d car.


Maan: Kya karu main is ladki ka. I told her not to get out of d car yet she didn’t listened to me. God knows where she has gone.


He said nd takes out his cell phone to call her but her cell was out of reach


Maan: Damn! (he said while punching d roof of d car hard) nw where should I find her. Geet where r u? pls jaldi se mil jao


He said nd started walking ahead in d hope dat he can find her. he moves few steps ahead wen he saw sum guys standing from a distance. He decided to ask dose guys. May be dey had seen her, he thought nd started heading towards dem but den stops wen he listen to dere Converstaion. Dey were talking to search sum girl. Anger nd Rage could be easily seen in dere eyes. it took him no tym to register dat dey must be talking about Geet. he feel like punching dose guys at d first place but den he calms himself as he needs to find Geet first, god knows where she has ran away nd he too moved towards d Forest.


He was searching for her in d forest wen he heard few footsteps. He quickly hides himself behind one of d tree nd dis is wen he saw Geet running nd within no tym he holds her wrist nd pulls her towards him nd hides her too behind d Tree.




Maan looked into her eyes which were first scared but den gets calm. He could feel her heart beating fast due to fear. Geet’s breathing gets normal wen she saw him in front of her. She felt happy to see dat she has been saved by him. Both looked at each other’s eyes like trying to read dem, asking questions to each other. Maan slowly removes his hand from her mouth nd tucked d starnd of her hair behind her ear. He wipes away d tears dat were flowing due to both fear nd happiness holding her cheek. Only he knows hw much scared he was just by d thought dat she’s in great trouble sumehere nd seeing her safe in front of him has given him so much relief dat he cant even express. Dey just stood dere lost in each other’s eyes.


Dey came back to reality wen dey felt d sound of footsteps cuming to their direction. He quickly bends down wid her nd hides themselves behind a dense bush. Maan holds Geet tight so dat her face was hidden in his chest. She too holds d collar of his shirt tight due to fear. He wrapped his arms around tight her to tell her dat she’s safe in his arms. He bends his head down to look at her while she raises her head to look at him. nd wat dey find in each other’s eyes was Love nd only Love for each other. He assured her thru his eyes dat dey’ll be fine nd nothing wrong will happen wid dem. he could feel her warm breath falling on his chest which was just making him to lose his control yet he tries to control himself sensing d seriousness of d situation.


Finally he saw dat d guys were frustrated for not able to find her nd has decided to gave up


Guy 1: Damn Yaar! It seems dat she has vanished like a thin air

Guy 3: Ya. But kuch bhi kaho she was too much mouth-watering yaar

Guy 2: True. Wish we could taste her

Guy 1: u r lucky dat atleast she has touched by slapping. We both are not even dat much lucky.


He said nd all laughed in unison. Maan felt his blood boiling due to anger wen he heard such dirty comments from dem. he can’t take it anymore. Hw dare dey say anything like dat to his Geet. He just wanted to punch dose guys hard till dey reached to death. His hand turned into fist nd he tightened his jaw. Geet could sense d anger building up in Maan. She knows dat anytym Maan can knock dose out nd she was right Maan was about to get up from his place to beat dem. he was about to go wen Geet held her hand tight not letting him go. He turned to look at her nd she just nodded in head in negative gesturing “Don’t do dis”. He just closed his eyes in frustration feeling helpless. Finally dose guys were left from dere nd dey heard d sound of Jeep going which indicates dat dose guys left from dere. Both Maan nd Geet takes a sigh of Relief nd came out from d bush.


Geet looked at Maan who was standing facing his back towards her. She could easily tell that he was hell angry on her nd his anger was right also, she was at fault. He slowly goes to him nd touched her arm


Geet: Maan’.


He instantly turned nd held her tight from her shoulders


Maan: I told u… I told you Na not to come out from d car. Its not safe den y d hell did u came out of d car? Do u have any idea dat in wat mess u r going to get in? Wat if I haven’t came in tym, wat if dose guys find u, wat if dose guys… (He closed his eyes not even want to think d vulnerable state of her if dose guys find her). Do u have any idea wat has gone thru me wen i heard dose Dirty Comments from dere filthy Mouths for u? Y had u came out Geet wen I said u not to come out? Aisi kya aafat aa gayi thi dat u had to cum out from d car? C’mon answer me

Geet: I… I was worried for u (her voice trailed off while speaking seeing him in so much anger) u… u haven’t came… back for long… so I… Thought to look… For you nd…

Maan: Geet m not a kid who’ll get lost sumwhere. I too have brain. M mature enough to take care of myself. Late hi hua tha Na mar to nahi Gaya tha

Geet (screamed): MAAN!!!


Maan instantly realized dat he has too far in his anger, she was already very much scared due to trail of incidents happened back to back nd here he’s shouting at her. He saw tears forming in her eyes due to his behaviour. He instantly softens his expressions


Maan: Geet wo…


She jerks his hand away nd looks at him in anger


Geet: Shut up! Just shut up! U are right I wouldn’t have come here looking for u. dere’s no need of me to worry for u. Afterall who m I to worry for u? m nothing, hai na?

Maan: Geet, it’s not like dat, actually…

Geet: dnt say anything Maan, u had already said a lot. It was my mistake dat I was worried for u. thanx for making me realize my mistake. Nw I wont repeat it

Maan: Geet, m sorry Pls. …

Geet: dnt be. Because it was me who was at fault derefore I should be sorry.

Maan: Geet listen to me once.

Geet: u knw wat Maan. U can never understand me. Neither 5 years back nor after 5 years.


Man just stood dere numb wen he listens to her statement. He once again hurt her due to his behaviour. He should be calming her rite nw as she was already stressed out after dat Accident nd here he’s shouting at her on top of his lungs. Geet gaves him one last glare nd den leaves from dere towards d car handling him d keys of d car.


He saw her struggling from her tears while she was going back. He punched his hand hard on d tree due to frustration. Hw can he shout on her. She was worried for him nd without thinking about her once she came out in search of him nd he was shouting at her. Once again he had hurted her though unintentionally but he had hurted her nd god knows hw will he make up to her nw. Few hrs back he found a ray of hope dat dere relationship will once again be get normal but again he has losted dat ray of hope




Geet came towards their car running nd stops near it. She holds d roof of d car nd cries bitterly wen she reminded Maan’s words. He easily he had said all dat without even thinking once dat hw will it affect her. hw can he say about his Death wen he knows it very well dat hw much it affects her.


Geet: u can never understand me Maan, never ever. I thought dat u have changed in dese 5 years but I was wrong. U r still d same, u still say things without even thinking once. U can never change Maan. Never.



In d mean while Maan came near d car. Geet feel his presence behind her derefore she quickly wipes away her tears but Maan can easily sense it. he needs to make up to her nd by thinking dis he goes near her


Maan: Geet wo…

Geet (in cold voice): We r already very late. Lets go nw. I dnt want to get Late further.


Maan can only nod his head dis tym. He knows she was very much hurt dis tym nd if he says anything to her right nw den it’ll give opposite result. Derefore he opened d lock of d car nd opened d Door for her. she quickly sits inside without looking at him. Maan takes a deep breath nd gets himself at d Driver’s seat nd started Driving.




Another hour has been passed nd dey were about to reach their Destination. Both of dem didn’t speak to each other. Maan keeps on looking at Geet by every now nd den but Everytym finds her looking outside d window. He dnt know hw will he make up to her derefore he decided to give her sumtym nd thought of making up to her wen dey’ll reach Hotel. He thought nd started concentrating on Driving.




Finally dey reached their destination nd Maan in front of d Hotel. He gave d keys to d person who parks car nd headed inside wid Geet. Geet was moving little behind him not wanting to face him. Finally dey reached to d Reception to take d keys of their Respective Rooms


Maan: ummm Excuse me!

Receptionist: Hello Sir! Hw can I help u

Maan: ummm Hi I m Maan Singh Khurana nd we had a booking over here for 2 rooms.

Receptionist: Let me check sir.


He checked d Register to see their name nd den looked at dem. in d meanwhile Geet too cumes near Maan.


Receptionist: Yes Sir. We have d booking but dere’s only one Room. But sir its of only 1 room.


Both Geet nd Maan widens their eyes nd wen dey heard wat d receptionist has said.


“WAT?” dey both said together nd den looked at each other in shock nd den to Receptionist


Receptionist: yes sir. Its true we have booking for only Room nd its by d name Mr. nd Mrs. Khurana!!!


“Wat?” dey again said in unison making Receptionist confused nw


Geet had to pinch herself hard to make sure dat she was not dreaming. Even Maan was too shocked wen he heard dis. its true dat he needed sumtym wid Geet alone but he had never thought of dis option.


Geet felt her world spinning wen she thought of sharing her room wid Maan.


Geet (to herself): Babaji! Savere se jo ho raha tha wo kam tha jo ab ye ho raha hai. mujhe iske saath Room share karna padega. Main iske saath Room kaise share kar sakti hoon?


She thought nd looked at Maan who was looking at her wid equal surprise. God knows wat else their Destiny has stored for both of dem.
Geet pushed Maan aside nd goes towards d Receptionist to deal wid him herself


(me pity on d Poor receptionistConfused)


Geet: Hw can u say dat only room has been booked. Aapko Dikhayi nahi de raha hai yaha pe do log hai. Fir bhi aapne ek hi room book kiya

Receptionist: Mam its not our fault. We have been ordered to book Room by d name Mr. nd Mrs. Khurana

Geet: Den get urself a hearing Aid because u need it. Aapko hum dono married lag rahe hai. Kis Angle se?

Receptionist: But Mam…

Geet: Just shut up. Ek to aap log apna kaam theek tarah se nahi karte fir apni galti ka blame doosron pe daalte hai.


Maan was watching all dis silently nd sumwhere he was enjoying it too. After so many years he was seeing her like dis but he has to save dat poor receptionist from his Sherni. He chuckled wen he thought of dis nd goes towards d reception.


Maan: Geet, kya kar rahi ho

Geet: m just giving him a piece of mind. Hw can dey be so careless

Receptionist: but Mam…

Geet: Just shut up. I didn’t asked u to speak (she said while pointing finger on him)

Maan (to receptionist): Sorry (den to her) Geet u be calm first, I guess dere is sum misunderstanding. Let me talk to dem hhhmm


Geet calmed down a bit nd looked other way. Maan smiled nd turned towards d receptionist


Maan: Listen I think u should check one more tym. M sure dere’s sum sort of confusion.

Receptionist: No sir, dere’s no confusion. U can see urself


He said while showing him d register. Maan checked d register twice nd found his words right but he didn’t understand hw all dis happens as he himself has booked two rooms.


Maan: but hws dat possible. I myself has booked d rooms den hw can u say dat I had booked only one room

Receptionist: Wait a sec Sir. Wen did u made Ur booking.

Maan: ummm Last evening sumwhere around 6, ya.

Receptionist: ok actually sir at dat tym I was not at duty. I’ll call d one who was at duty dat tym.


He said nd goes from dere to call other receotionist. After a while he returns wid other receptionist nd Maan tells her d whole situation while Geet was just standing next to him nd her eyes fell on d other receptionist 2 who was drooling on Maan wen he was explaining her d whole situation. D sight was unbearable to her. No matter hw much angry she was wid Maan even at dis point of tym also yet she cant see anyone drooling on him. She just wanted to take dat eye balls out from her eyes from which she was gaping at him. She quickly goes near Maan nd stands in d way from which dat receptionist 2 won’t get clear view of Maan


Geet: I guess u get d whole situation nw. now tell us hw all dis happened


Receptionist 2 gave her a weird look as she was coming between her nd her dream Man but she cant do anything as she was on duty. She tries to look at Maan behind her but Geet didn’t gave her a single chance to do dat.


Geet: We r waiting for ur answer dear.


Receptionist 2 came out from her thoughts nd frowned by not getting any chance.


Receptionist 2: Wo Mam… Actually wen sir called us for booking at dat tym dere was very much disturbance on line due to weather. I was just able to heard few words which were “Room”, “Mr. Khurana”, “Ms. Or Mrs.”, “For 2” dats it. Derefore cant able to make wat actually sir wants to say nd all dis happened (she said while dipping her head)


Maan felt pity on her as it was done unintentionally. He was about to say sumthing wen Geet intervenes.


Geet: I knew it. I knew it dat u all were at fault. U knw wat instead of paying attention to others if u pay attention to Ur work den it would be better (she said giving her a glare)

Receptionist 2: Sorry Mam. Sorry Sir

Maan: it’s ok. Now book 2 different rooms.

Receptionist 1: Sorry Sir we cant do dat

Geet: y?

Receptionist 1: Actually Mam all d rooms of dis hotel r already booked nd only dis room is left. Derefore we cant book another room

Geet: Wat d hell? U guys r getting on my nerves nw. first u all made mistake nd nw all dis nonsense


Maan takes Geet aside seeing her anger. he knew dey cant do anything rite nw nd moreover He needs to calm her down first den only he’ll able to make it up to her.


Maan: Geet listen to me. See we dnt have any other option

Geet: Ofcourse we have Maan. We can go to any other hotel.

Maan: ok but wat if dere also we dnt get room, den we’ll lose dis one also. just think about it once

Geet: But Maan hw can we share one room

Maan: Y Geet? Dnt u trust me?


Geet looked at his eyes instantly hearing his question. She knows dat dis questions has deep meaning in it. It’s not just a question but more den dat to which she has to give an answer nd instantly she said which she haven’t thought dat she’ll say dat again to him


“I Trust u” Dis is wat she said at dat tym looking at his eyes. She don’t know wat she has said, y she has said dat but she said wat she had wat was dere in her heart. Wat was she feeling at dat tym.


A smile formed on Maan’s face wen he heard her saying dis. he much he had waited for dis moment wen she says to him dat she trust him. He reminds d incident of 5 years back wen she walks out from his lyf by saying “I can’t trust u anymore” nd today here after 5 years she was saying him dat “I Trust u”. He can’t tell dat hw much it gives relieved to his aching heart, hw much her words sooths d pain dat he was carrying in dese 5 years. Those 3 words meant whole world for him


Geet too didn’t realize dat she has said nw has left such an impact on him, has relieved him so much nd wen she realize she knows dat she cant back out from her words nw neither she has courage to hurt him derefore she quickly looked away. Maan understands her uncomfortableness derefore decided not to speak further


Maan: So shall we go nw

Geet: hhmmm


Dey both headed towards d reception to get d key for their room


Maan: We r taking d Room

Receptionist 1: ok sir. Here’s d key for ur room

Maan: thanx

Receptionist 1: our pleasure sir. Have a nice stay


He just nodded nd headed towards their Room. Wen dey were out if sight den receptionist 1 make a call to sumone


Receptionist 1: Savitri ji aapka kaam ho gaya. Humne theek waisa hi kaha jaisa aapne bola tha

Savitri Devi: Gud. Unhe shak to nahi hua

Receptionist 1: Not at all Mam. But Mam it seems dat ur Daughter-in-law is very much angry from ur Grandson. I mean she’s not ready to accept dat dey both r Married

Savitri Devi: I knw. Wo is baar jhagda kuch zyada hi bada ho gaya datsy I asked for ur help. thanx for dat. u’ll get ur reward

Receptionist 1: thanx Mam. Have a gud day.


Nd d call cuts. Savitri Devi smiles imagining d sight over dere. she wished dat she could see their faces at dat moment.


Savitri Devi (To herself): Dekhte hai ki ek hi chat k neeche rehte hue ye dodno kab take k doosre se Door reh pate hai.




Waiter shows Maaneet dere room nd goes from dere leaving dem alone. Geet was finding it difficult to stay wid him in one room, but den she thought dat its just d matter of few hrs. Once dey see d land dey will go back to Mumbai derefore dere’s nothing to worry nd moreover she’s not wid a stranger she’s wid Maan. Her trail of thoughts has been broken wen she heard Maan’s voice


Maan: ummm Geet… Wo u get freshen up in d mean tym I call d broker of d land


She just nodded nd left for washroom. After a while wen she comes back she saw dat Maan was still on call. She sighed nd sits on d bed to take some rest. It was really a tiring day for her till nw. So many events has happened till nw. first dere accident den dat Goons nd den dere fight.


As soon as she reminded of dere fight she reminded wat she said to him in d forest nd hw his facial expression changes. Has she been mean to him? He has saved her nd in return

She has hurted him but he too hurted her. But he was angry at dat tym so wat no matter hw much angry he was still he shouldn’t have said dose words. O God! She’ll definitely get mad if she keep thinking all dis. jher thoughts broken wen she heard her cell phone ringing she looked at d name nd it flashes “Shilpa” over dere. She smiled nd instantly picked it up


Geet: hi Shilpa!

Shilpa: Hey my cutie Pie! Hws u?

Geet: m fine

Shilpa: But ur voice is saying dat u r not at all Fine. Nw tell me wats d problem

Geet: u knw wat its really dangerous to talk to a doctor

Shilpa: I knw nw tell me wats d matter

Geet: Nothing Shilpa, wo I was just tired. U tell hws everything going over dere

Shilpa (slowly): everything is fine

Geet: Really I dnt think so. Tell me wats d matter?

Shilpa: haven’t Armaan told u?

Geet: No

Shilpa: C’mon Geet dnt lie to me atleast. I knw first of all he has told to u only

Geet: ok I get caught. Ya he told me

Shilpa: so u knw everything

Geet: ya. But Shilpa I seriously think dat u shouldn’t have shout on him. I mean I knw he was disturbing u but shouting like dis he would have felt bad.

Shilpa: Wat do u think Geet dat I was happy shouting at him.

Geet: I haven’t said dat Shilpa

Shilpa: I knw wat u mean Geet but u only think ki us waqt mujhe kya karna chahiye tha. I was in emergency nd he came without even informing nd asking me to go out wid him continuously. Agar main us waqt us par shout nahi karti den definitely koi senior Doctor uspe shout karta to kya wo acha lagta

Geet: …

Shilpa: Geet may be d set of words dat I used was wrong but dat doesn’t mean my intentions were wrong too. Geet hum naraz bhi to unhi pe hote hai na jinse hum bahut pyar karte hai. Nd if I was angry on Armaan den dat was for his Good only. Agar mere saamne koi aur use kuch kehta to wo na to mujhe acha lagta aur na hi Armaan ko.

Geet: u r rite Shilpa but fir bhi…

Shilpa: Geet ek doosre se pyar karne ka ye matlab to nahi hai na dat we should always talks sugary nd Lovey-Dovey talks. Sumtymes we have to be harsh also for our Partner’s good den it doesn’t mean dat we dnt care for him/her. Acha tell me one thing kya Armaan mujhpe kabhi nahi shout karta jab main kuch galat kar rahi hoti hoon, karta hai na to iska matlab ye to nahi na dat he doesn’t understand me; same case is wid me. If I had shouted on him dat doesn’t mean dat I dnt understand him. Humare Parents bhi to humpe naraaz hote hai jab hum galat hote hai but it was all for our own gud dat doesn’t mean dat our parents doesn’t understand me. If we can apply dis thing in d case of our parents den y not in d case of lovers? Nd if we shout on our Partner den it only signifies dat we have right to do dis. itni si baat tumhare dost ko samajh nahi aati


Geet didn’t said anything but gets Lost in Shilpa’s word for sumtym. Watever she was saying was leaving impact on her nd she reminded of Forest incidence. D way Maan was shouting on her was just d way to show his right on her den y she was angry on him. her trail of thoughts has been broken again by Shilpa’s voice.


Shilpa: Hello Geet! u dere?

Geet: ummm ya Shilpa m here only

Shilpa: o really? Where u have been gone den?

Geet: Nowhere. Shilpa, I need to ask u sumthing

Shilpa: So should I give invitation for it? go ahead

Geet: Wo… Shilpa actually dere’s a problem not mine but one of my coulligue nd she asked suggestion from me. Actually hua ye hai ki (nd she narrates d whole incidence right from Accident to d forest nd her yelling at Maan) nd now she’s confused as she don’t know whether she has to said all dat or not

Shilpa: See ur friend is also doing d same mistake wat Armaan is doing. Geet agar uska partner uspe naraaz hua tha to ye bhi to dekho ki naraaz kyun hua tha? He was hell scared at dat moment; he was scared dat he might lose her, dat she can be in d vulnerable state if he haven’t came on tym. Nd dat girl inspite of being warned by him also she stepped out of car, reason jo bhi ho but d fact is dat she can be in a big trouble if he wouldn’t have came on tym nd cherry on d top dose dirty comments any partner can get angry Geet. Ya I admit dat may be he has gone too far in his anger nd has chosen wrong set of words but dat doesn’t mean dat he didn’t care for her or didn’t understand her. Acha just keep urself in his place nd den think was he wrong at dat tym? M sure u’ll also feel d same thing dat m feeling. Geet wo ladki bhi to kabhi na kabhi uspe naraaz hoti hogi just for his good sake den y cant he? In my view dat girl shouldn’t have said dat “u can never understand me”. Haven’t she seen d fear in his eyes at dat moment nd if u concentrate on his words den he haven’t said once about himself; he was just worried for her only. U understand na wat m saying?

Geet: ya. To Shilpa ab us ladki ko kya karna chahiye

Shilpa: Well, she just have to go to him nd makes up to him dats it nd if he truly loves dat girl den he’ll definitely forgive her

Geet: he loves her a lot (she said absent mindedly as she was lost in thoughts of Maan)

Shilpa: Excuse me…

Geet (Cuming out from her thoughts): Ummm… I mean she told me dat her partner loves a lot. thanx Shilpa.

Shilpa: Anytym yaar. Acha I have to go nw. had some emergency. Catch u later. Ok

Geet: ok bye. Tc nd ya patch wid dat stupid soon

Shilpa: ya ofcourse. Bye


She said nd cuts d call. Geet keeps d cell phone aside nd kept thinking wat Shilpa has said to her nd she found her words right. Maan haven’t mentioned anything about him once. Continuously he was just worried about her only; her safety, her lyf. May be he has said a bit lot dat tym but still she shouldn’t have said dat “he can never understand her” but d fact is he’s trying his level best to keep everything normal between dem, it was only she who’s making everything Difficult between dem. she herself has decided dat till d tym she’ll stay here she’ll not do anything which will hurt him because in return it’ll hurt her only nd yet today she hurts him. she can still remembers his face; hw hurt he was wen she said him all dis


Ya, he too hurts her but as Shilpa said dat it was unintentionally. He may have chosen wrong sets of words but d fact is his intentions were never wrong it was only her who didn’t understand it dat tym. Nd if she can shout on him for using Bluetooth, for not concentrating on driving den y cant he? No matter hw much dey r far away from each other, hw much dey considers as d opposite ends of shores but no one can change d fact dat dey still care for each other, dat dey still Love each other. Den y its getting difficult for her to make verything like before? Well she dnt want to think of it right nw. right nw all she wanted to think is dat hw she’ll make it up to him nd will he forgive him? she was lost in all dis thoughts nd didn’t realized wen she drifted off into deep sleep.




After a while Maan came to her nd found her in deep sleep. he came few minutes before also to tell her dat dey have to stay one more day as dey were late today nd Broker has gone to attend sum important work derefore he called dem d next day but found her talking on call. It seems dat she’s in deep discussion on sumthing derefore he didn’t wanted to disturb her nd he left from dere to take some official calls nd has gone so much engrossed in dem dat lost d track of tym nd wen he returned back he saw her sleeping peacefully.


She looks so beautiful while sleeping just like an innocent child. He smiled seeing her angelic face. he noticed her posture. She was just half lyieng on bed. Her head was rested on d bed post nd her legs were out of d bed. He smiles nd slowly goes towards her. He slowly places her legs on d bed nd pulled her a bit downwards to lay her properly. After dat he sits near her on his knees at d floor nd watched her. She was sleeping so peacefully dat he didn’t have courage to disturb her. Dey had faced lot of things in dese few hrs nd may be she was too much stressed for all dat.


He remembers wat she said to him in d forest nd his heart filled wid pain wen he reminds of dat but soon dat pain gets replaced wen he reminds of wat she said just few mins back “she trust him” dese 3 words were enough to remove every painful memory of dere relationship from his heart. He gets up from d bed nd sits beside her. He slowly removes d hair strands from her face nd holds her face from one side nd keep looking at her for sumtym lovingly. His Angel, his Lyf was sleeping so peacefully in front of him. Though it was still difficult for her to give him another chance but he knows dat one day she’ll cum back to him forgetting whatever dey faced in dere past. Afterall she is his Geet who no matter hw much angry on him but at d end just melt herself in his Arms


He removes his hand from her face nd takes her hand in his.


Maan: Geet, I m Sorry. I m sorry for hurting u 5 years back also nd nw also. But trust me Geet; I never wanted to hurt u neither 5 years back nor nw. I dnt know y Everytym I landed up to hurt u but trust me Geet it was always unintentionally. Nd today wen I saw u at dat cond nd listened dose dirty comments from dem I couldn’t able to control my anger nd in vain I hurted u yet again. I always understands u Geet may be I was not able to do dis 5 years back but staying away from u for 5 years has taught me wat u mean to me, wat place u had in my lyf nd den only I understand hw much u must have gone thru because of me. I m sorry for everything Geet. Pls cum back to me. Ur Maan is waiting for u Geet; for his Lyf, his angel nd I’ll wait for u till eternity nd I know one day u’ll definitely forgive me.


He said nd slowly Kissed d back of her palm. He comes closer to her nd caress her head for sumtym nd after dat kisses her forehead. She was in so much deep sleep dat couldn’t able to understand any of his actions. He smiled nd puts d blanket on her nd rests her head on d bed post to take some rest while holding her hand nd dozes off to sleep.




It was 7 in d evening wen Geet finally wakes up. She slowly sits nd rubs her eyes to get rid from her sleep. She looked towards d direction where Maan was talking on call but didn’t find him over dere. She felt amuzed nd den picks up her cell phone to see d tym. Her eyes gets wide opened wen she looked at d tym. It was 7 pm. Means she was sleeping from last 7 hrs. She wondered from where did she get dis much sleep dat she lost d track of tym. Nd y Maan haven’t woke her up. Dey have to go to see d site nd he was letting her sleep. She scanned her eyes around d whole room to find him but he was nowhere to seen. She got up from d bed nd looked at d balcony but he was not dere also. She came inside nd takes her cell phone to call him.


She was about to call him wen she heard d sound of opening of Door knob nd before she could understand anything she saw him Shirtless coming out from d Shower just had his jeans on his body nd towel wrapped around his neck from which he was wiping his wet hairs. Her jaw dropped down seeing him like dat. For D First Tym she was seeing him bare body. His well toned Body nd six packs were making him look extremely hot. The wet hairs falling on his forehead was making him look irresistible. He was just looking like a Greek God. She wanted to look away but couldn’t able to infact looking at him like dat was giving rise to forbidden desires in her heart. She quickly shrug off all her thoughts nd tried to say sumthing but it seems dat her throat went dry. Maan noticed someone’s presence nd turned to look beside him nd find her standing over dere gaping at him


He knows dat she was checking him without even blinking her eyes. He slightly smirks seeing her like dat. He knows his effect on her nd today he was seeing it also. While she was staring at him, he started moving towards her. Geet came back into her senses wen she saw him coming towards her nd as a reflex action she started moving backward wid his every step towards her. Her leg hits d side of d couch nd she fells on d couch. He leans more close to her by keeping his hands either side of her.


Geet was getting nervous by being so close to him. His closeness was tickling her senses. She looked at his face which still has droplets of water on his forehead. She lowered her lashes but den again rises up to look into his eyes which were looking at her intensely. She couldn’t able to takes her eyes away from it nd gets lost at dem. Maan was watching d change of expressions on her face nd was actually enjoying it. he looked into her eyes from one to another. Hiz gaze moves towards her lips nd she blushed knowing exactly where he was looking


He starts to lean more close to her. Dere faces were mere inches away. She closed her eyes feeling him so close to her. His warm breath was fanning her lips. Her breath started to get heavy nd lips trembled. She was not able to think straight as she was too lost in his scent. He paused for a while looking at her face nd smirks seeing her like dat. he moves his face closer to her ear inhaling her scent. She gasped as she felt his warm breath on her neck now which was only teasing her senses. Unknowingly she puts her hand on his shoulders nd holds it tight. He smiles nd finally whispers in her ears


Maan (whispers): Good Evening… My Sleeping beauty.


He said while slowly brushing his lips on her ears nd draws his face back taking his shirt which was dere at d couch. She opens her eyes after a while feeling him not close to her anymore. She looked at him nd saw him standing over dere holding his shirt. It took Geet few minutes to Register wat happened just now. She felt both embarrassed nd blushed. She didn’t have courage to look at Maan now thinking dat he can easily read her expressions nd eyes. Maan smirks seeing dat pink colour on her cheeks. He shakes his head nd turns to wear his shirt. Geet takes a deep breath to regain her senses. Finally she feels better nd she turned towards Maan


Geet: Wo… Maan


He instantly turned listening to her sweet voice.


Geet: Wo… y didn’t u wake me up.

Maan: u were sleeping so peacefully nd moreover u were tired too. Datsy I didn’t disturbed u.

Geet: But we have to go to see d land na.

Maan: wo Geet I talked to d Broker he said dat we were late nd he has to attend sum important work derefore he asks us to see d land tomorrow.

Geet: Tomorrow? Dat means we have to stay here whole night.

Maan: Well I guess tomorrow only comes after passing of night

Geet: No I mean we both have to share dis room whole night

Maan: So? We’ll share like we r sharing nw


She couldn’t understand where he was referring to. D moments dey shared few mins back or sumthing else. Maan understands her confusion at smiles inwardly on her Plight


Maan: I mean to say we r sharing dis Room since morning in d same way we’ll share it whole night also.


Geet: Oh! I thought…

Maan: Wat have u thought Geet…

Geet: Nothing. Aisa kuch bhi nahi socha tha.


Maan shakes his head nd goes towards d dresser nd started brushing his hairs. Geet decides to apologize to Maan for whatever she said to him at d forest


Geet: Maan…

Maan: hhmmm

Geet: wo… I need to say sumthing to u.


He put d brush down nd goes towards her. She was standing dere dipping her head down. Maan raises her face thru her chin to make her look at him


Maan: Wat happen Geet? Is everything ok?

Geet: ya. Wo… I wanted to say Sorry to u.

Maan: Sorry? For wat?

Geet: Wo’ for whatever I said u in d forest. I mean u were shouting at me for my mistake nd instead of understanding it I accused u for not understanding me. M sorry I knw I was wrong nd…

Maan (putting his fingers on her lips): Chup! Bilkul Chup! Never ever say dat u r wrong. Geet u can never be wrong. Infact m sorry. I should have been consoling u at dat tym nd I was shouting at u like a maniac. M sorry for dat.

Geet: Maan I…

Maan: Geet at dat moment neither u r wrong nor I was wrong. Agar kuch galat tha to wo the haalaat. Now forget about every thing. Ok.


She slowly nodded her head while he just smiled.


Maan: Geet… u go nd freshen up. After dat we’ll go outside to have Dinner. U didn’t had Ur Lunch also

Geet: Did u have?

Maan: ya I had my Lunch.

Geet: Jhooth. I know u too didn’t have Ur Lunch. Dnt lie to me Maan.


He looked other way clearly indicating dat he has been caught.


Geet: Give me 10 mins. I’ll quickly freshen up nd den we’ll go for Dinner.


He just nodded nd she goes to Washroom to fresehen up giving him last look while going.




It was 8 PM nd Maaneet r sitting in one of d restaurant waiting for their Order. Suddenly Geet notices a Couple sitting at d table across theirs. It seems dat Girl was angry on sumthing from d guy nd he was trying every darn thing to manofy her. She smiles seeing all dis nd it reminds her of her nd Maan. Dey were also like dat. No matter hw much she gets angry on him but he always pacify her. Maan noticed d smile on her face nd looked at d direction she was looking to see wat makes her smiling like dis. He too notices d couple nd smiles remembering d sweet memories of their Relationship.


Finally he turns his head nd looks at Geet, she too looks at him. Both didn’t sad anything to each other. It was just their eyes which were talking. Asking each other dat where dose Golden days have been lost? But none of dem has d answer of it. Dere eye lock session breaks wen Geet’s cellphone rangs. She looked at d no. nd saw Armaan’s name flashing over dere. dis tym she didn’t want to talk in front of Maan remembering wat he did last tym. She excused herself nd goes to a side to attend d call


Geet: Hi! Hws u?

Armaan: 100% no 200% fine.

Geet: hhmmm Lagta hai Patch up ho gaya rite?

Armaan: Ya. O god Kiddo! I cant tell u hw much happy I m.

Geet: I can understand. Waise kaise manaya use?

Armaan: wo.. I asked her to meet me nd dere we talked to each other nd sort out whole matter.

Geet: Gud. Thank God u haven’t done any stupidity.

Armaan: ya. Acha Kiddo I’ll talk to u later ok. Have sum urgent work.

Geet: ok Bye.


She said nd cuts d call. She started goes back towards her seat wen she bumped to someone. She was about to yell at d person but suddenly stopped seeing him


Person: Geet.

Geet: Ashish. OMG I couldn’t believe dis m watching u after so many years.

Ashish: Same here swtheart nahi janu no no darling sorry in sab naamo se nahi bulana hai. Ok same here dear. Ya dis is fine.


Geet laughs seeing his condition to which he too smiles.


Ashish: Hey, u changed a lot yaar. I mean ur appearance nd all. I mean where is dat chui-mui Geet (he said while looking behind her)

Geet (hitting his Shoulders): Ashish… u’ll never stop teasing me rite?

Ashish: hey C’mon yaar itne tym Baad mila hoon wont u hug me?

Geet: ofcourse


She said nd gives him a friendly hug to which he too responded. Both didn’t know dat someone was watching both of dem from aside. It was none other den Maan who was burning in jealousy seeing dem like dat.




Wen Geet was talking on call at dat tym only Waiter comes wid their order. He cant start without her derefore he got up from his table nd goes towards d direction where Geet has Gone. He saw her cuming back from d distance. He was about to turn back nd go wen he saw her bumping into sumone. He thought of going dere before any kind of scene is created but bfore he go dere he saw Geet talking to d person very friendly nd smiling. He couldn’t able to see d face of d guy as he had turned his back towards him. He was wondering who he was? Is he d same guy to whom Geet is talking in d Morning? He thought of checking out wen he saw Geet hugging him. his jealousy knew no bounds seeing both of dem hugged like dat nd instantly he goes towards dem as fast as he can




Ashish: its gud to see u after so many years yaar

Geet: Same here. Acha tell me have u find any girl yet or still running after dem

Ashish: Wo Actually…


He couldn’t complete as Maan came over dere to interrupt dem


Maan: Geet wat r u doing over here? Our order has came lets go.


He didn’t even once looked at d guy


Ashish: Geet, introduce nahi karayogi?

Geet: Ofcourse. Maan he’s Ashish remember my classmate

Maan (muttered): oh! So he’s d one who use to call her wid dat weird names. Cheopo! wat is he doing over here wid my Geet

Geet: nd Ashish he’s is…

Ashish: Maan Singh Khurana. Right?

Geet: hey tumhe kaise pata?

Ashish: inhe kaun nahi jaanta. He’s d king of construction business. Nd moreover I knw u know each other before he came into dis business. Glad meeting u Maan (he said while extending his hand)

Maan (shaking his hand half-heartedly): thanx. Same here. Chale Geet, Otherwise food will get cold.

Geet:  chalti hoon Maan let me talk Afterall we r meeting after so many years. Rite?

Ashish: Rite Darl… (he was about to say darling but stops seeing Maan’s angry glare) I mean dear


Dere conversation has been broken wen dey heard d voice of a lady.


Lady: Ashish where were u? I’ve been waiting for u at table (suddenly her eyes fell on Geet nd she smiles widely recognizing her) Geet

Geet: Deepz.


Geet smiles nd dey both hugs each other instantly. Only she knows hw much she had missed dis group of hers


Deepz: OMG I cant belive dis. m seeing u after so many years.

Geet: same here. BTW r u both together I mean…

Ashish: Well let me introduce. She’s my Darling, lovable Wife Deepika Rathod not Singhaniya anymore ha. Nd we r officially married from last 2 years nd soon going to be 3 years.


Maan felt a sigh of relief wen he heard dat Ashish is actually married. He dnt have to worry den. He laughs thinking hw much he feel jealous of other peoples now-a-days


Geet: OMG! U both r married? Kab? kaise? Nd is it Love or Arranged?

Deeps (blushing): Love Marriage

Geet: Wat? Wen?

Ashish: Well, I use to like Deeps from d very first day of our college but she was always surrounded by u guys derefore I befriends wid u all to be close to her. datsy I use to call everyone of u wid dat weird names so dat Deeps wont get suspected of anything.

Deeps: nd finally he proposes me at our college farewell

Ashish: nd I was not knowing dat Deeps too have equal liking for me. So dis is our story


Maan was listening to dere convo. So he use to call Geet wid dose weird names due to deeps nd he was so silly to think of him as a flirt nd was getting insecured of him. Suddenly Deeps eyes fell on Maan


Deepz: OMG Maan u r also here. nice to see u too

Maan: thanx same here

Deepz: So u guys r still together ha. Preeti was right u both r Made for Each other types. So u guys still dating each other


Before Maan could say anything Geet intervenes


Geet: No we r not dating each other


Deeps knotted her eyebrows nd looked at both of dem confusingly


Maan: She means to say dat we r going to be Married very soon so wats d need of dating nw.


Geet gives a glare to Maan which he just ignores

Deeps: oh! U guys scared me. Anyways acha hua Geet dat u r here. Tomorrow is our 3rd Marriage Anniversary nd u nd Maan both have to cum.

Geet: Wo… Deeps m sorry but dat wouldn’t be possible. Actually me nd Maan has came here for sum Land issues nd will return tomorrow noon only after dat so…

Deeps: Very Good Geet. u’ll be here till noon but cant able to cum at eve in d party. Dats really unfair.

Geet: its not like dat Deeps…

Deeps: I dnt care. U r cuming tomorrow nd dats final. Maan tum kaho na Geet se

Maan: Geet, I think we should go to d party. I mean u both met after so many years. Dnt break her heart

Geet: But Maan…

Maan: Dnt worry about d work swtheart. We’ll leave for Mumbai day after tomorrow. Adi will handle everything till den.

Deeps: See, ab to Maan ne bhi bol diya. Nw u both have to cum.

Maan (putting his hand around her waist): ofcourse we’ll cum


Geet looked at Maan wen she felt his hand around her but he pretended like nothing happened. She knows dat its useless to try to free herself as her grip is too strong derefore she left it like dat nd looked upwards


Geet: Babaji! Subah se Jo Roller coaster Ride chal rahi thi wo kam thi. Now I have to spend 1 day nd 2 nights wid him in d same room. O god! Wat else has u stored for both of us


Geet was feeling uncomfortable in his grip. She glares at Maan but he didn’t cared nd continously conversing wid Deeps nd Ashish. Geet slowly tries to remove his hand from her waist but his grip was too strong for her.


Geet: ummm Maan I guess we should go to d table nw. I mean our Order has came over dere.

Maan: chalte hain Geet, u guys have met after so many years. Lets talk for a while first (he said while smirking)

Deeps: I guess Geet wants to spend sumtym alone wid u Maan. Isn’t it Geet? (she said while winking)

Geet: No Deeps, its nt like dat. infact y dnt u guys also join us?


Maan was startled a bit. He didn’t expect Geet to invite Deeps nd Ashish


Deeps: Well, we would Love to but we sum other tym. I dnt want to be “Kabab me Haddi” between u two

Geet: Ofcourse not Deeps. We met after so many years derefore had lot of things to catch up so stop being formal nd join us. Rite Maan?

Maan (slowly): ya rite


Honestly Maan didn’t wanted dis at all. He wanted to spend tym wid her alone but knowing Geet he should have seen dis cuming; especially after wat he said few mins. Back. For one thing he was sure dat he’ll be definitely be confronted by her after dis nd he should be ready for dat.


Ashish: r u guys sure?

Maan: ya ofcourse

Ashish: Ok den Deeps u go wid dem in d mean tym I’ll ask waiter to bring our Order at dere Table.

Deeps: ok


Nd all 3 of dem headed towards Maaneet’s Table along wid disappointed Maan




At d Table Deeps was asking numerous questions to Geet dat y she left to US all of a Sudden, y she has never been in touch wid any of dem nd most importantly hw can she left Maan just like dat; dat too for 5 years?


Geet had no answers for any of her questions. Yes she was feeling uncomfortable wid her questions but she can’t blame her also as she don’t know anything dat happened 5 years infact no one knows Except Armaan, Meera nd Yash. Its not like she don’t trust Deeps infact in her whole Group if she can trust anyone den it was Deeps only yet she didn’t told anything to her because she cant see anyone Pointing Fingers at Maan nd today wen she’s questioning her den she had no answers


Maan looked at Geet nd can clearly understand from wat she’s going thru. He knows y Geet left 5 years back; it was because of him. He also knows dat no one in her group knows about it datsy dey were questioning her like dis infact dese were d questions which he too wanted to ask her, he too wanted to need answers of all dis but Seeing Geet’s expression he understands dat she’s not feeling confortable derefore he has to handle d situation for her


Maan: Wat r u saying Deeps? Hw can u say dat Geet has left me just like dat?

Deeps: Well she haven’t told anyone dat she’s leaving nd left all of a sudden nd I can bet dat even u wont be knowing about all dis

Maan: ofcourse I knw about all dis


He said confidently while Geet just looked at him in shock. He looked at her nd squezzed her hand which was under table nd slowly assures her thru his eyes dat “He’ll handle everything”


Ashish: U know?

Maan: Ofcourse. Geet can never hide anything from me. She has told me dat she got an offer from a company from US to do her internship nd u knw wat she dnt even want to go it was me who forced her to go as it was gud for her carrer nd see today she’s a successful Architect. Nd as far as ur complaint of not being in touch concerned well I took a promise from her dat she’ll never be in touch from anyone of us not even me because I knw dat if she’ll be in touch wid anyone of us den she’ll not be able to concentrate over her carrer over dere

Deeps: But y she haven’t told dis to anyone of us?

Maan: all dis happen all of a sudden dat she can’t able to tell moreover she knows dat if she’ll face u all before leaving den she’ll get weak nd dis is wat I dnt want. I dnt want her to get weak


Ashish looked at him in shock while Deeps look at both of dem in Awe


Ashish: But it would be difficult for u Na to stay away from her for whole 5 years dat too without being in touch. Well honestly speaking If I would be dere in ur place den I can never do dat. I mean hw can we stay away from d person whom we Love d most dat too for 5 whole years nd without being in touch. No Way

Deeps: He’s Rite. Infact he has joined d same firm in which I was placed just to be near me. I wonder hw u guys stay away from each other for 5 whole years

Maan: Ashish, Deeps, u both r rite at Ur place it’s not easy to stay away from d person whom u Love d most but Kisi se pyar karne ka matlab ye to nahin hai Na dat we become obstacle between her nd her dreams. It was Geet’s Dream to be a successful Architect, to make her own identity. So dat everyone knows her Father by her name. Dat AMIT HANDA is GEET HANDA’s father. Dats wat her dream; to be successful to dis extent dat every company dreams to work wid her


Ashish nd Deeps looks at him unblinkily while Geet was looking at him both shocked nd surprised.


“I wanted to be a successful Architect, to make my own identity. Till nw everyone knows me by my Father’s name but I want dat everyone knows my Father by my name. Dat AMIT HANDA is GEET HANDA’s father. Dis is my dream to be successful to dis extent dat every company dreams to work wid me”


Yes its d same thing which she has said to him once but wat surprised her more is dat he still remembers wat she has said. Her dream infact her biggest Dream; he still remembers everything


Maan: So if u guys think dat I had done any kind of sacrifice den u both r wrong infact main to sirf Geet ka saath de raha tha. Sacrifice to Geet ne kiya tha, un sab logon se door jane ka who r d most important person in her lyf dat too because of me (he quickly covers up wen he saw Deeps nd Ashish’s confusing eyes) I mean to say if I haven’t forced her to go over dere to fulfill her dream den she wouldn’t have gone leaving all of u behind.Guys I wanted to be Geet’s Strength not her weakness just like she was my strength in dese 5 years nd I’ll be always wid her no matter wat happens


He said while looking at Geet. Geet too looking at him wid same expression which was dere in his eyes. A tear of happiness drops from her eye after hearing him nd seeing his Love. Dere was no fakeness in dose words. Dose words r not said just for d sake to cover d situation; he literally means dat nd she knows it. Who’ll know him better den her. Wasn’t he is d same Maan who never takes anything seriously neither her words nor anything else nd today he remembers each nd every word wat she has said to him 5 years back


Deeps: OMG! I really can’t believe dis. TUM PREM HO!!!!!!


Deepika’s Exclamation brought both of dem from dere thoughts. Dey calmed demselves nd looked at her


Maan (confusingly): Prem? But I m Maan

Deeps: no u r Prem. Wo “Vivah” movie wala; Arey wo jo Shaid Kapoor ne role play kiya tha; Geet ka Dream Man. U knw wat jabse Geet ne wo movie dekhi thi since den she always dreamt dat her life partner would be just like him only who’ll understand her feelings, her dreams, her emotions nd will be by her side no matter wat. Nd u r just like dat only


Maan said othing but smiles while Geet ust looked down blushing


Deeps: u guys r truly made for Each other. D way u both think about each other’s happiness is truly remarkable yaar. U knw wat I actually had no words to express wat m feeling rite nw (den to Ashish) Kuch seekho in dono se, sirf aas paas rehne se hi pyaar nahi badhta aur bhi bahut kuch karna padta hai

Ashish: tum to aise keh rahi ho like if I wouldn’t be near u den I should be having so many affairs

Deeps: Who knows?

Ashish: Deeps’.

Geet: Acha stop it u both. U both r married from last 3 years nd still fighting like u both use to do in college

Deeps: Dis habbit can nevr change Geet but seriously I truly admire u both as a couple. U both r inspiration for every couple. Infact pyaar ka doosra naam hi hai “Maan aur Geet”

(ok I had taken dis line from d serial. Wat to do I totally loved dis statement)


Geet didn’t said anything to dis nd looked other way not knowing wat to say while Maan just smiles.


Maan: ok I guess we have enough of talks nw lets finish d dinner.


He said nd all of dem started having dere Dinner




After d Dinner both Maan nd Geet returned back to Hotel Room Promising Ashish nd Deeps dat dey will definitely attend d Party next day. Maan knows dat numerous questions must be running in Geet’s mind nd she’ll definitely ask him as soon as she finds him alone nd frankly speaking he’s not in d mood of any kind of confontration. Everything feels so right so Gud nd Dat Marriage part was not a lie its truth. Its d thing dat he had promised himself since d day Geet has returned back but dis tym it was not easy to make her understand anything. He was just silently praying to God dat she forgets everything


Geet too wanted to talk to Maan desperately rergarding all d fiasco. She needs to ask him numerous questions nd d most important thing dat she wanted to ask id dat y had he said to Deeps dat dey r going to be married soon. Its not like dat she doesn’t like it sumwhere in her heart she felt happy in d same way like she felt wen he had proposed her for Marriage at her B’day though dat was indirectly but she was happy to know dat he’s taking dere Relationship seriously but she didn’t understand y has he said all dat today wen dere’s nothing left between dem. is he still in hope dat everything will get fine between dem. she really needs to talk to him



Maan: ummm Geet u go nd get change nd sleep. We have to get up early tomorrow morning. Ok


He said nd headed towards d cupboard to get his night dress wen Geet’s voice stops him


Geet: Maan..


He stop dead in his tracks nd closes his eyes just wishing dat she don’t talk about wat all happened in Restaurant. He turned to look at her


Maan: Ya Geet. any problem

Geet: I need to talk to u

Maan: Not nw Geet. We’ll talk tomorrow. Abhi u change nd go to sleep ok. Gud night


He said nd turned to leave only to stopped by her again


Geet: Maan, I need to talk to u NOW!!!


Ok it was enough for him to listen to her. He knows dat she was not going to leave him so easily derefore he has left wid no other option but to listen to her.


Maan: yes

Geet: wat do u think u were doing at d restaurant?

Maan: Wat?

Geet: y had u said to Deeps dat we r going to be Married soon? Maan we both knows it very well dat whatever u had said is not true den y had u lied to dem? Y didn’t u told dem d truth? Y had u taken all blame on urself? Y had u…


Maan (putting finger on her lips): Chup! Bilkul Chup! I’ll answer all Ur questions but first u answer my one question dat y haven’t u told dem 5 years back dat we broke up? dat we r not together? Haan Geet Bolo?


She casted her eyes down trying to find d answer


Geet: Wo… Main…

Maan: Wo kya Geet? Bolo na


She said nothing nd looked other way avoiding his questions. He moves her face towards him nd cradled her face from one side so dat she can meet his gaze


Maan: I know y? Because u can’t see anyone questioning me; anyone pointing fingers on me den hw can u expect Geet dat I can see anyone questioning u? hw can I see anyone reminding u of dose painful memories dat u dnt want to remember? Hw can I see anyone asking u dat y u haven’t told dem truth 5 years back? Datsy I had said all dat nd Geet I don’t Regret it at all. I dnt regret for whatever I said over dere. Still u wanted to ask anything

Geet: But Maan, y had u promised dem dat we r going to attend their Marriage anniversary Party?

Maan: Geet dey were ur friend nd has met u after so many years nd wanted u to be d part of their happiness isn’t it would be rude if u dnt go over dere

Geet: But Maan…

Maan: Geet it’s just a matter of one day only. We’ll manage. Hhmmm


She slowly nodded not knowing wat to say further


Maan: acha now u go nd Get change. Nd after dat sleep ok.


Suddenly Geet remembers of sumthing


Geet: Maan wo…

Maan: nw wat happen Geet?

Geet: Wo… I wanted to say dat… U sleep on d Bed nd I’ll sleep on d couch

Maan: dnt be silly Geet. U’ll not able to sleep on d couch so its better u sleep on d bed nd I’ll sleep on d couch

Geet: No Maan I’ll sleep on d couch

Maan: Ab ye kaun si Zid hai Geet. Maine kaha Na dat u’ll sleep on d bed nd dats final

Geet: u can’t force me Maan.

Maan: ofcourse I can force u


She said nothing but looked other side. Maan knows she’s stubborn nd not going to listen easily.


Maan: ok I found a way. Se we r going to stay over here for 2 nights so aaj raat tum bed pe so jayo kal main so jayunga nd waise bhi I have to finish sum work so mujhe der raat tak jagna padega. so u go to sleep ok

Geet: But…

Maan: Geet no more Arguments nw. it’s decided.

Geet (slowly): ok


She said nd takes her night dress nd headed towards Washroom to change. Maan too changes into vest nd tracks nd switches on d TV to watch sum Business news




After a while Geet came out from d Washroom nd found Maan engrossed in TV Initially she thought dat he’s watching some Business news but soon realizes dat he’s not watching Business News but sumthing else wen he saw Maan getting too much excited for sumthing. She slowly walks towards him to find out wat was he watching


Maan: Yes Yes Yes… C’mon catch it Man… C’mon… Damn! U left d catch.


It takes Geet no tym to register wat he was watching. Cricket, his First Love; after which he forgets very sorroundings of his. He still hasn’t changed a bit. She still remembers her first date wid him where she was waiting for Yash nd Meera at d parking lot after dere date while he was continuously conversing wid Watchman asking him scores nw nd den. At dat tym he forgot dat she was also wid him. nd today also he still had same crazyness for Cricket.


She smiles seeing st his excitement. He was really behaving like a kid. Who can believe dat he’s same Maan Singh Khurana who was ruthless, arrogant nd Rude. Now Look at dis Maan Singh Khurana who was watching Cricket like his own stake is in danger. Her thoughts have been broken wen she listened another hoot from him.


Maan: Yes. He’s bowled. Gud job guys.


She rolled over her eyes thinking dat he’s nowhere to stop nd if she haven’t done anything den dis Cricket session will go on whole night because knowing him he was too crazy for Cricket dat he’ll watch even d highlights also after dat. thinking dis she goes towards him nd stands in between him nd TV.


Maan: Geet, Saamne se hato itna important over hai.


But she didn’t moved an inch nd remained standing over dere wid her arms crossed over her chest. Soon Maan realizes dat he has been actually caught by her for watching Cricket. He quickly looked other way to hide his embarrassment.


Geet: hhmmm so dis was Ur important work right for which u have to stay awake till late at night.

Maan: nahi Wo… Actually… I was watching news

Geet: oh! So according to u. its business news (she said while pointing d TV)

Maan: Nahi Wo…

Geet: Anyways. Mujhe Movie dekhni hai (she said while sitting at d couch) so uske liye tumhe ye match hatana hoga


She said nd changes d channel.


Maan: Geet, kya kar rahi ho. See its very important Match Pls let me see dat. Acha I promise I’ll watch only one over. Please

Geet: Maan first of all dis is not LIVE match dat u r so much excited to see it. its d repeated one nd secondly I m not feeling sleepy nd if u keep on watching cricket like dis only den I’ll be not able to sleep at all derefore I’ll watch Movie

Maan: Geet, Pls. acha promise just one over. Pls Pls Pls


He said literally pleading like a kid but evil Geet seems dat she’s nowhere affected by his words. Finally his patience gave up nd he knows wat he has to do now. He quickly holds Geet’s hand nd tries to snatch away remote from her. Geet who first didn’t realize wat is going on but den quickly gets herself ready nd as a reflex action Geet holds d Remote in her other hand nd gets up from d couch nd goes other side of d it


Maan: Geet give me d Remote

Geet: No Ways! I wont give it to u otherwise tum fir se Match laga loge

Maan: Geet I said Na only one over

Geet: Not even a single ball Mr. Maan Singh Khurana


Dey both were conversing while revolving around d Couch. Maan tries hard to take remote from her but Everytym she escapes from him. Finally he gets hold of him nd pulled her towards him by her waist. Geet tries to withdraw herself from his grip but his grip gets tighter which make both of dem Lose dere balance nd together dey hit d couch nd Geet ended up falling over Maan hiding her face in his neck unexpectedly kissing him over dere. At dat moment Tym froze for both of dem. none of dem wat happened all of a sudden but whatever happened both of dem loved it


D moment Maan felt her lips on his skin he closed his eyes nd hugged her tighter to feel her touch, to keep her close to his heart. At dat moment Geet too gives in nd remained in his embrace keeping her head on his chest. whole room seems to be silent at dat tym. ony d sounds of dere heavy breathing nd rapid heartbeats r audible to dem at dat tym. She closed her eyes as she felt his heartbeats. Both loved d feeling of being close to each other like dis. he snaked his hands at her back sending shivers down her spines. All thoughts which compelled her to stay away from him seems baseless to her. She thought dat it’ll be easy for her to stay away from him but she knows dat it was nothing but a mere lie to herself. She knows she can’t stay away from him wenever he comes close to her. Datsy she feared to share one room wid Maan because she knows dat she’ll again lose herself if she stays close to him. But right now all dis seems meaningless to her. All wat she knows is dat she’s close to him. She knows she’s melting; she’s melting in his arms just like always nd strangely she was loving dis feeling. She wanted him to hold her close to him like dis only



For Maan it was dat one of d beautiful moment dat he had dreamt of. Holding his lyf close to him; to never to let her go away from him. How he’d dreamt of this moment countless times in dese 5 years; how he had wished to hold her close to him in dese 5 years so dat even if she wants to den also she cant go away from him. 5 years; 5 whole years she was away from him punishing herself for loving him, for trusting him nd here he was in darkness wid only Loneliness nd Regret in his lyf for not understanding her, for taking her for granted. Nd d moment she came back to his lyf for whatever d reason is he felt like being d same Maan dat he was 5 years back; carefree nd oblivious of anything because he knows dat she’s dere to take care of him; to rule on him like she did just now. No Matter hw much she tries to go away from him but destiny always landed up to bring her close to him just like nw. may be she’s not realizing it dis tym but soon she too will realize


Dey both don’t know hw long dey were dere in each other embrace all dey know is dat were feeling complete by being so close to each other. Geet moves her hand on his shoulders slightly hugging him. He dipped his head in her hairs inhaling her aroma; d same aroma dat has always drived him crazy. He nuzzled in her neck nd softly placed a kiss over dere slowly making his way towards her shoulder. Dis is wen Geet realized in wat condition dey are. If she haven’t stopped here right now den may be dey both can go too far because she knows she can’t control herself if she will remain in his arms like dis only. She quickly lifted her face nd tries to get off from him nd dis is wen Maan came into his senses nd realizes wat he was doing. He quickly frees her from his embrace nd looks other way. She slowly gets up nd after a while he too gets up.


Dey both looks other way to regain their senses. Both doesn’t know wat should dey say to each other. It was not just one person mistake. Dey both were at fault. If he had lost himself den she too was lost in dat moment but for now dey need to break dis awkward silence between dem to make d other one feel better.


Geet: Wo… tum Match dekh lo. I’ll go to sleep

Maan: No its ok tum Movie dekh lo. I’ll also watch dat

Geet: No u dnt need to compromise. Waise bhi m feeling sleepy so u watch Ur Match nd m going to sleep

Maan: Ek Minute Geet. I knw u r not feeling sleepy so better dnt lie nd waise bhi Match should be over by now so lets watch d movie

Geet: But…

Maan: No more Arguments nw. Pls.

Geet: ok.


She said nd dey both sat on d couch surfing d TV channels to see if any Movie is cuming. But none of dem is concentrating on TV channels. Unwillingly both of dere minds r drifted to d moment dey shared few mins back which was making dem uncomfortable. Its been 15 mins dey r surfing different TV channels yet couldn’t able to get settle on one.


Maan: Geet, m surfing d channel from last 15 mins yet u couldn’t able to decide any movie yet

Geet: Dats not my fault Maan if dere’s no gud Movie coming over dere

Maan: o ya! Bekaar me hoi mera tym waste kar diya. Isse to acha hota ki main apna Match hi dekh leta

Geet: O Hello! I haven’t asked u for not watching d match

Maan: O ya! Datsy few mins back u r fighting wid me for d remote nd after dat… (he left his sentence mid way realizing wat he was about to say)

Geet (trying to light d situation): Haan to! At dat moment I was not knowing dat no gud movie is cuming on d TV nd til nw u have searched only half of channels may be we’ll find a gud movie in next channel

Maan: Fine! Next channel will be d last one. If no gud movie is cuming over dere den I’ll watch my Match. Deal?

Geet: Deal!


Maan changed d channel while Geet silently prayed dat any gud movie is cuming over dere or else she has to see d match wid Maan. Luckily or unluckily in d next cghannel a Horror Movie is cuming. Maan smirks knowing Geet never watches Horror Movies infact she gets scared by its name only. he still remembers wen dey both have gone to haunted house. Geet was not even ready to step inside it first  nd after lots of hard irk she gets in but she didnt even watch her sideways while he was enjoying each nd every thing nd hooting nd she keeps her eyes close whole pathway while clutching his arm tight due to fear. nd after dat she was hell scared every moment infact he talked to her whole nite just to make her feel better. nd nw also he can bet dat she’ll not be able to watch dis movie nd it means he can see his match peacefully nw


Maan: So! Its decided m going to see my Match nw

Geet: Who said dat?

Maan: Well according to deal dis channel was d last one nd here a horror Movie is cuming nd I knw u dnt like Horror Movie so ultimately I’ll watch cricket nw

Geet: Den u r in misconception Mr. Maan Singh Khurana because m going to watch dis movie only

Maan (not believeing): Really?

Geet: yes

Maan: Geet, dis is horror Movie

Geet: So?

Maan: So u r scared of horror movies

Geet: dat was past Maan but nw I use to see Horror Movies.

Maan: But Geet…

Geet: 5 years r enough Maan to change everything


Maan didn’t argument further knowing where dis Argument may lead to


Maan: Fine den lets see den.


He said nd both started to watch d movie nd as expected Geet was really getting scared of it. its just been 20 mins nd geet is already shivering due to fear but she didn’t make obvious to Maan because she knows dat he’ll make fun of her but least she knows at he’s watching her continuously nd has seen her getting scared too. He tried to distract her


Maan: C’mon Geet. ye itni bhi Horror movie nahi hai dat u r getting scared of it so much. Infact m getting bored of watching it. Nd u knw wat dis movie is an insult in d name of Horror movies

Geet: Maan, horror Movies Horror movies hi hoti hai nd waise bhi kisne kaha dat m getting scared of watching it

Maan: o ya! Datsy u r sweating in d month of December

Geet (checking her forehead): Wat? Ofcourse not wo… Actually… Haan wo I just had a medicine for headache na datsy m sweating. It’s normal

Maan: o really

Geet: ya nd stop distracting me nd let me concentrate on movie

Maan: Fine


He said nd dey both again started to watch d movie. Another an hour has been passed nd by every passing second it was getting difficult for Geet to watch Movie any further but she can’t make it obvious to Maan thanx to her so called Ego. She cursed herself for agreeing to his deal but she can’t even back out now. Everytym any hooror face came on TV she closes her eyes tightly to not to look at it but she cant help it wid sounds.


On d other hand Maan is finding dis movie extremely boring infact he found Geet’s change of expression interesting nd for him d best movie is going on beside him. He just kept looking at Geet by every now nd den nd smiles seeing her stubbornness.


Another 1 hr. has been passed nd movie was about to finish. Maan was watching d movie wen he heard d sound of sniffing. He frowned nd look beside him nd found Geet weeping silently as it was d climax of d movie nd Actor dies in vain of saving d actress from d clutches of evil spirit which makes Geet emotional nd she started weeping silently without having slightest knowledge dat he’s watching her weeping. He rolled over his eyes seeing her like dat.


“O gosh! Sumbody tell her dat it was just a movie” he thought


Well wat else he can expect from her. She’s d girl who was crying wen she saw “Jab we met”. In his view dere was nothing in dat movie which can make sumone cry but for her, she found d confession part touching nd she cries seeing it. She’s too sensitive wen it comes to emotions so if she crying rite nw den its pretty obvious.


He just shakes his head in disbelief nd picks d wipes from his side nd passes to her. She takes it absent mindedly nd wipes away her tears. he again passes nd she again takes it nd wipes away d tears. Like dis he passes 4-5 tymes wen Geet realizes dat Maan has caught her weeping. She immediately wipes away her tears nd makes a straight face to show dat she’s not crying. Maan again pass d wipe but she didn’t take it dis tym


Geet: Wat?

Maan: u were crying na. so here take it

Geet: m not crying ok. Wats dere in d movie which can make me cry.

Maan: dats wat I want to know. Y u were crying?

Geet: m not crying

Maan: ok den y dese drops r cuming out from ur eyes (he said while pointing towards her eye)

Geet (while touching her eye): Wo… Actually… haan wo main itni der se continuously TV dekh rahi thi na isiliye wo eyes se pani aa raha tha

Maan: oh Ok! Aur to koi baat nahi hai na

Geet: nahi aur kya baat hogi.

Maan: ok fine den. Waise movie is finished nw so I guess we should go to sleep nw.

Geet: ya ok. By d way where will u sleep.

Maan: Geet, r u okay? Just few hrs back we have decided dat I’ll sleep on d couch nd u’ll sleep on d bed

Geet: oh ya! Ok den Gud nite

Maan: gud nite.

Geet: bye

Maan: bye


She turned to leave wen Maan stops her


Maan: Waise Geet! Raat me zara aaram se sona. Kya pata wo evil spirit aa jaye

Geet: shut up! Evil Spirit jaisa kuch nahi hota nd waise bhi m not scared of anything

Maan: well its gud if u r not scared. Maine to aise hi keh diya tha. Gud nite den

Geet: (trying to hide her fear): ya gud nite


She said nd nd goes towards d bed. Maan smiles nd gets himself laid on d couch. He looks at Geet who was still sitting in d bed getting scared. He smiles seeing her like dat nd goes to sleep.


On the other hand Geet was not having even dis much courage dat she can atleast lay on bed. She calms herself manytymes by saying dat dere’s no such evil spirit exist but it fails Everytym.


Geet (to herself): Geet, kya zarurat thi tujhe Horror Movie dekhne ki ab dekh tujhe darr lag raha hai Na. Isse to acha hota ki Main Maan ko cricket dekhne deti. Nw see its getting difficult for me to even sleep. (She looks at Maan who was having her eyes closed) Dekho wo kitne aaram se so raha hai. Geet, ye evil spirit wagerah kuch nahi hota hai. Babaji ka naam le nd go to sleep. Hai Na. haan.


She said nd puts d blanket over her nd goes to sleep.




1 hr. has been passed nd it was past midnight but Geet couldn’t able to sleep a wink. Everytym she closes her eyes she remembers dat horror faces in front of her. Many tymes she felt dat d Lady Ghost in d movie is sitting next to her calling her name. she shuts her eyes tight to get rid of all dese thoughts but failed Everytym. Finally she gets up ns switch on d lights feeling hell scared.


She knows dat like dis she’ll not be able to sleep a wink nd if she wont be able to sleep, den she wont be able to get up early next day nd dey’ll again be get late for d land. She looked at Maan who was sleeping peacefully. She slowly gets up from d bed nd goes towards him. She dnt want to disturb him while sleeping but she can’t even spend whole nite also like dis. she slowly poked his shoulders to wake him up


Geet (slowly): Maan! Maan utho na please


Least she knows dat Maan was not sleeping at all. Hw can he sleep peacefully wen his Geet was not able to sleep a wink. He was continuously watching Geet struggling hard to sleep. He was about to go to her wen he saw her cuming towards him. he quickly closes his eyes nd pretends to sleep.


Geet: Maan pls utho. Maan!


He was trying hard to not to laugh while she was waking him up. He thought of teasing her first nd den he’ll wake up but seeing d seriousness in her voice he decided to not to tease her further. He frowned a bit wen Geet poked him again.


Geet: Maan! Get up pls


He slowly opens his eyes while rubbing nd looks at Geet. he instantly gets up wen he saw her worried face


Maan: Geet, kya hua? Is everything ok?

Geet: Ya. Everything is fine

Maan: den wat happen

Geet: Wo… I was thinking ki tumhe couch pe neend nahi aa rahi hogi I mean u must be feeling cold so y dnt u sleep on bed

Maan: No Geet, m perfectly fine. Dnt worry, u go nd sleep peacefully ok.

Geet: Nahi Maan! Tum pls chalke Bed pe so jao. U’ll not feel comfortable over here.

Maan: Geet (he said while making her sit on couch) kya baat hai? Dar lag raha hai?

Geet: nahi wo…

Maan: Geet, I knw u better den u. I knw u r feeling scared. Rite?


She slowly nodded in yes


Maan: To fir kaha kyun nahi? U thought dat I’ll make fun of it?


She said nothing nd dipped her head


Maan (while holding her hand): Geet I tease u dats different thing but due to dat dis fact cant be changed dat I care for u a lot. No matter whatever has happened between us in past but due to dat my care for u cannot be changed nd derefore dere’s no need of u to hesitate while telling Ur fear or problem to me. Hhmmm


She nodded slowly nd looks at him only to find him looking at her lovingly. Dere was a brief eye-lock moment between dem for sumtym but soon Geet breaks d eye lock nd looked other way.


Maan: Geet… chalo go to sleep nw

Geet: But…

Maan: Dnt worry. I’ll also come wid u


She looks at him blankly nd Maan realizes dat may be she’s taking it in wrong sense


Maan: I mean to say; if only u dnt have any problem den I’ll sleep on d other side of d bed.

Geet: No, it’s not like dat…

Maan: Dnt worry I’ll keep safe distance between us ok.

Geet: I knw Maan, I knw dat u’ll not do anything which is not right or which will make me uncomfortable.


Maan smiles listening to her. Indirectly she has again confesses dat she trusts him which was enough for him to believe in d fact dat very soon she’ll cum back to him forgetting all d things dat has been happened in their past.


Maan: chale


She slowly nodded nd dey both moves towards d bed. He slowly make her lay on d bed nd puts d blanket on her. None of dem breaks d eye-lock in between. He goes towards his side of bed nd gets laid over dere facing towards Geet. Geet turns to his side to make sure dat he was dere. Maan smiles nd slowly blinks his eyes gesturing dat “he’s dere only, she dnt have to worry nw”. Geet felt relieved nd closed her eyes nd soon drifted off to sleep.


Maan: Gud nite Mishti


he said nd kept watching at her sleeping figure nd didn’t realize wen he too drifted off to sleep. May be dis was d best sleep he had till nw by having his Angle sleeping beside him ever so peacefully


Next day as d morning rays hit d sky Maan slowly opened his eyes as d sunrays coming thru d window falls on his eyes forcing him to open dem. he opens his eyes slowly nd rubs dem in order to get rid from his sleep.


He streached his one Arm nd tries to get up from d bed wen he felt something heavy on his chest. He frowned nd looks downward nd saw d most beautiful sight he can ever see. Geet was sleeping peacefully by resting her head on his chest, hugging him tightly while his one hand was around her waist holding her close to him. How he’d dreamt of this moment countless times in dese 5 years, how he’d wished for to fall asleep with her in his arms and get up early just so he could grab a chance to watch her sleep peacefully.


Dere was a slight smile on her face while sleeping. He too smiles seeing her smile. He can do anything, can go to any extent just to make her smile; d same smile which he himself washed away from her face just due to his silly mistake 5 years back. But nw he’ll leave no stone unturned to fix everything.


He looked at her angelic face; d most beautiful face he had ever seen in his lyf; d same face which has taken his heart away right from d day since he has first saw her nd since den dis is d only face dat has embedded in his heart. He moves his hand towards her face slowly removing d strands dat were blocking his view. He tucked dem behind her ears nd caress her cheeks for sumtym feeling her soft skin nd finally he kissed her forehead nd slowly places her head on d pillow because he knows dat as soon as she’ll get up she’ll not feel comfortable wid dere position nd dis was d last thing he wanted derefore he placed her head carefully on d pillow making sure dat she didn’t get disturbed nd gets up from d bed.


He wears his shirt nd writes a note nd keeps it on d side table nd dtarted heading outside for d Jog. He stopped nd looked at her sleeping figure once more before leaving nd goes out of d room.




Geet got up after a while. She don’t know y but suddenly she started feeling uncomfortable like sumthing cozy has been away from her. She felt it all weird dat she was sleeping so peacefully till nw but suddenly she was not feeling comfortable on d same pillow.


She gets up finally nd rubs her eyes to get rid off from her sleep. She looked at her side nd found d other side of her bed empty. She scanned her eyes around whole room to find him but he was nowhere to be seen. Finally her yes fell on d note at d side table. She quickly picks it up nd opens it to read it


“Good Morning Sleeping Beauty. Going for a jog will return soon. U get ready in d mean tym nd after dat we have to go to see d land.




She smiles slightly after reading d note nd gets up from d bed nd goes towards Washroom.


After a while wen Maan came back he found dat Geet is already ready nd was reading a magazine. He coughed to gain her attention. She instantly looked up at him nd smiled.


Geet: Gud Morning!

Maan: Gud Morning! U ready?

Geet: ya nd u also freshen up soon nd I’ll order d Breakfast after dat we have to go for d site


She said nd was about to pick d intercom wen Maan came nd interrupted her


Maan: I had already ordered for it while cuming towards Room so dnt worry

Geet (murmers): Haan kiya hoga apna wohi Boring sa continental Breakfast or just Milk nd cornflakes

Maan (narrows his Brows): Kuch kaha tumne?

Geet: Haa.. No I was just saying dat thanx for dat. I think u should go nd freshen up nw

Maan: hhmmm


He was about to go to d washroom wen Geet again stops him


Geet: Maan…

Maan: hhmmm

Geet: thanx

Maan: for wat Geet?

Geet: for sleeping at bed wid me last nite

Maan: u dnt have to say thanx for it Geet. Infact I wanted to thank u for let me sleeping wid u at d bed


Geet looks at him in d confusion nd Maan realizes wat he was going to say.


Maan: I mean last nite u escaped me from sleeping at sofa na datsy

Geet: oh ok

Maan: I think I should really go nd freshen up nw otherwise we’ll be late.

Geet: hhhmmm


He said nd left for Washroom while Geet continues to read her Magazine wen her cell phone rings. It was from Deeps


Geet: hey Deeps! Wats up?

Deeps: m fine Sweethrt hws u?

Geet: m fine too. BTW wat makes u call at early Morning

Deeps: Wo actually I forgot to tell u d Dress Code for d Party tonight wen we met yesterday so thought of telling u nw before I forget once again

Geet: Dress Code?

Deeps: Ya dress code. Its Red nd Black. Red for Ladies nd Black for Guys

Geet (chuckled): oh ! m not knowing dat we r going to attend School function

Deeps: Excuse me! Dis was my Idea so stop making fun of it

Geet: ok Baba Fine. But dere’s one problem

Deeps: Wat?

Geet: m not having any Red Dress. U knw na I had came here for business purpose so…

Deeps: I was knowing it nd dnt worry I had soln. for it too. See me nd Ashish r going to shopping today. So y dnt u nd Maan also join us? I mean m sure he too had to buy sumthing for him like dis way u both will have company also

Geet: But Deeps…

Deeps: C’mon Geet its been so long since we have done shopping together. I dnt want to listen anything. U both have to cum. So r u both cuming?

Geet: u think I had a choice?

Deeps: Gud. So lets meet at xyz shop at 1 pm. M sure till den ur work will also be finished.

Geet: ok.

Deeps: great den see u at 1. Chalo m hanging down nw. I have to prepare lots of things. Ok So Bye.

Geet: Bye.


She said nd cuts d call. In d mean while Room service came wid dere breakfast. He places it in d room nd left.


Geet: Chal Geet! Get ready for his boring nd tasteless continental breakfast.


She said nd opens d Lid of d bowl but as she opens it she was surprised to see d content in it. It was not his continental breakfast but it was her fav. Aaloo Paratha nd other dishes. She was nt able to think dat y Maan has ordered dis breakfast wen he himself never eat anything beyond sprouts. She was standing dere wondering wen Maan came from Washroom nd looked her surpised expression


Maan: Kya hua Geet? y u r watching Breakfast as u had saw any ghost. Kahi wo Movie wala ghost to nahi dikh raha tumhe

Geet (cuming out from her trance): huh… No I was just looking at d breakfast

Maan: Dat m seeing but y r u looking at it like dis?

Geet: u ordered dis?

Maan: ya

Geet (surprised): u Ordered dis?

Maan: ya Geet. but y r u asking like dis

Geet: Since wen u had started eating Parathas. U never eat anything beyond Sprouts

Maan: so… Dat doesn’t mean dat I can’t eat Parathas

Geet: but Maan u dnt like it

Maan: But u like it Na


Dats it, she couldn’t say anything further. He never stops to surprise her wid his Patience nd his unconditional Love. hw much she wished dat dose 5 years would never have been existed between dem den may be today dey both also would be a Happy Married Couple just Like Yash-Meera nd Deeps-Ashish but unfortunately it did nd today they r in d same room but due to circumstances.


Maan saw d change in her expressions nd it took him no tym to register wat she’s thinking but he dnt want her to think all dis nw wen dey were almost getting closer derefore he waves his fingers in front of her to bring her back from her thoughts


Maan: Geet, kya soch rahi ho? C’mon lets have Breakfast after dat we have to go to see d land also

Geet: ummm… ya.


Dey starting having dere breakfast wen Suddenly Geet reminded of sumthing


Geet: Maan

Maan: hhmmm

Geet: Wo… Deeps ka call aaya tha. She was saying dat dere’s is Dress code in d party derefore she asked both of us to meet for Shopping at 1 at xyz shop.

Maan: ok… Waise bhi we both will get free by den

Geet: Maan, m again saying think once again

Maan: Geet, I think we have done lots of discussion on dis nd waise bhi its just a matter of 1 more day

Geet: ok.


Dey had dere rest of d Breakfast in silence nd after dat dey Left for seeing d Land




It was 1 pm nd both Maan nd Geet reached to d place told by Deeps nd saw her already waiting for dem at d Parking.


(Oh! Did I told u dey liked d Land nd dey have to stay till next afternoon for legal formalities)


Deeps: Dere u both cumes. Not bad exact 1 pm ha.

Geet: u knw me. I never get late

Deeps: I knw but dis tym Maan is too on tym ha


Geet said nothing but smiles weakly


Ashish: ok agar tum dono ka chat show khatam ho Gaya ho den can we go nd Shop. Waise bhi u gals take a lifetym to select one dress

Deeps: o really? U think dat we gals take tym

Ashish: Correction I dnt think, I knw dis. Rite Maan?


Before Maan could say anything Geet intervenes


Geet: guys Stop it! its ur Anniversary for god sake. Stop fighting today atleast. Deeps Lets go

Deeps: not nw

Geet: y?

Deeps: Because today I want to see hw much dese guys knows us

Maan: Wat do u mean Deeps?

Deeps: its so simple Maan. Today u guys will do Shopping for us. I mean u guys will buy dresses nd accessories for us nd me nd Geet will Shop for u both. Simple

Geet: But Deeps…

Deeps: C’mon Geet. inhe bhi to pata chale dat hw much difficult for we girls to choose a dress for us

Ashish: oh to ye Baat hai? U girls think dat we cant select dress for u.

Deeps: Correction, I dnt think so. I knew it

Ashish: o really Dekhna tumse pehle hum dress select karke le aayenge

Deeps: dat we’ll see.

Ashish: Ok Lets Go Maan. Aaj inhe dikha hi dete hai dat we guys r best rite?

Maan: Rite. Nd dekhna we guys will prove dat we r beter den u.


He said while giving hi5 to him


Geet (Dropping her jaw): O really u think u guys r d best.

Maan: Well, I dnt have any doubts in dat

Geet: u think it’ll be easy

Maan: I know its easy

Geet: Fine Mr. Khurana den lets see pehle kiski shopping khatam hoti hai. Jiski bhi shopping pehle khatam hogi dat Person will be d best

Maan: ok Challenge accepted Ms. Handa

Ashish: yes.. nd dekhna only we r going to win

Deeps: we’ll see dat nd d person who was done wid dere shopping first will meet in d parking lot

Ashish: ok.

Deeps: fine. Lets Go Geet

Geet: ya.


Both d couples (ok if u call Maan nd Geet a couple yet) gives wach other a challenging look nd headed inside d Shop




Its been Half an hour since dey r doing shopping. Maan nd Ashish r in Ladies Section while Geet nd Deeps r in Men’s Section nd none of dem couldn’t able to find a suitable Dress for anyone


Ladies Section:


It was a challenge For Ashish to select a Dress for Deeps but for Maan it’s an opportunity to Select Dress for his Lady Love but still d Problem is same he’s not able to select any suitable dress for him


Ashish: Yaar its Been an hour since we doing shopping yet we r not able to find any gud dress for d Girls

Maan: ya. No wonder y dey take so much tym in shopping.

Ashish: But we have to make it fast or else dey’ll win d challenge

Maan: hhmmm

Ashish: Ek kaam karte hai u look at over dere nd I look at dis side

Maan: ok.


He said nd dey both headed to different directions


At D same Tym Mens’ section:


Deeps: Geet, unhe challenge to kar diya but ab lag raha hai dat we r going to Lose it

Geet: Aisa nahi hai Deeps. M sure abhi tak wo log bhi kuch select nahi kar paye honge

Deeps: hw can u be so sure

Geet: Becoz I knw Maan agar usne abhi tak koi Dress select kar li hoti to Call kar-kar ke aafat kar di hoti. So dnt worry we still have tym

Deeps: Great Yaar. Tum to Maan ko kafi Ache Se jaanti ho. I Wish Main bhi Ashish ko itna Deeply Jaan Sakti


Geet said nothing but smiled weakly


Deeps: Ok Lets Do one thing. I’ll look dis side while u look to dat one may be our Search ends soon.

Geet: ok.




Ladies’ Section:


Maan was wandering at Indian Wear Section while Ashish was at Western wear one. Maan knows its useless to search anything for Geet in d Western Section. Not dat it’ll not look Gud on her, infact she looks Gud in every thing but it was he who wants to see her in Indian wear which just adds Glow to her beauty. He knows dat she dnt belive in materialistic thing datsy he select Indian wear for her.


He was searching through many Dresses wen one thing caught his Attention. He saw a Red Saree at d Display. He immediately goes towards it to have a close look. It was Red net Saree nd was really looking beautiful. He ran a hand on it imagining Geet in dat.


He remembers d first tym he saw Geet. She was wearing Red Dress only nd was looking stunning in dat nd dere’s no Doubt dat she’ll look gud in dis too rather den any other dress. So without any second thought he asked shopkeeper to pack dat nd later on had selected Matching jewelleries for it too


Men’s section:


Geet was searching thru sum Men’s suits wen one suit at d dummy caught his attention. It was black Armani suit nd she had no doubt dat it’ll look gud on Maan’s well Toned body. she always wanted to see him in dat but unfortunately haven’t got chance so today dere’s no doubt dat she’ll buy dis for him. She smiles remembering d first tym wen she saw Maan. Ok she dnt deny dat he was looking Extremely Hot nd for once she too gets Lost in his Physical Features but thanx to his Flirting she quickly came back to her senses


At dat tym she haven’t thought dat dey can become couple afterwards. Well she haven’t thought for dere present condition either. She frowned realizing d current status of dere relationship but soon regains herself realzing dat this id nt d tym to think all dis.


She purchases d suit for Maan making sure 10 tymes dat it look gud on him.




Both Guys nd Girls reached d Parking Lot at d same tym running nd panting heavily. Wen dey reach at d spot dey looked at each other faces for sumtym nd started laughing


Ashish: ok we agree dat it’s really difficult for u gals to select a dress. Rite Maan?

Maan: Absolutely

Deeps: Even we think d same so as for dis challenge none of us lose. Rite Geet?

Geet: ya

Ashish: So tell me wat u guys has purchased for us

Deeps: not nw

Maan: y?

Deeps: I mean let’s make it interesting. Ashish, Maan give me Ur Packets nd Geet u too


Everyone gives dere shopping bags to her giving a confused look. She takes dem nd goes inside d shop nd return after sumtym empty hands only to get confusing look from everyone


Deeps: Wat?

Geet: wat was dat?

Deeps: oh dat see I want to make it a suspence. I had given dat dresses at d counter nd asks dem to deliver at our respective places in d evening nd den only we’ll cum to know wat we had brought for each other

Maan: But y?

Deeps: Because dere’s a fun in getting restless especially den wen it was due to d person u love. I want us to be eager to know wat d other person has brought for us nd hw well dey know us

Geet: u r crazy

Deeps: I knw dat.


Geet said nothing but rolled her eyes


Maan: I think we should leave nw. u both also have to see many preparations.

Ashish: I guess u r rite. Lets go den


He said nd dey all headed towards dere respective places




It as 6 pm nd Geet was pacing restlessly in d room. She was really eager to knw wat Maan has selected for her but she has to wait until her dress arrives She was continuously cursing Deeps for her stupid idea which was making her wait dis much.


Maan was sitting on d couch working on d Laptop. He was watching Geet from d corner of his eyes nd was enjoying his restlessness. Even he was eager to know wat Geet has selected for him but he had hidden it behind his work but poor Geet where will she go. She tried to ask Maan many tymes but he pretended dat he was engrossed in work least she knows dat he was each nd every bit of restlessness. she decided to ask him one more tym


Geet: Maan

Maan (looking at Laptop): ummm

Geet: I need to ask u sumthing

Maan: ya ask

Geet: Wo Dress…


She couldn’t able to speak further as her cellphone rang. Initially she cursed d tyming of caller but den her face instantly lit up seeing d name of d caller. It was Armaan’s


Geet: hey Hi! Thank god u called

Armaan: oho! Sumone is missing me badly

Geet: to be honest ya. Ya m missing u so much

Armaan: I knw my Kiddo must be missing me datsy I called u. u see intuition

Geet: ya ya liar

Armaan: ya insaan apne dil ki baat kehta hai to wo liar hi lagta hai

Geet (giggles): Shut up! tum thakte nahi cheesy lines bol bol kar


She didn’t realized dat her conversations were gaining Maan’s attention who was again getting restless to know about d caller whom she’s talking so freely. For one thing he was sure dat he was d same caller who called last day also but he didn’t know who he was


Armaan: Acha leave all dat. chal bata hws u?

Geet: m perfectly fine nd after talking to u m feeling so gud

Armaan: I knw I knw mera charm hi kuch aisa hai. Acha I forgot to tell u wat happen last nite between me nd Shilpa


Nd he kept on telling hw he pacify her, hw dey talked nd hw dey finally able to sort out dere problems. Geet was smiling listening to his talks, sumtymes giggles nd sumtymes seems to be lost in his words thinking about d tymes of her nd Maan. Maan was noticing it all dis nd his jealousy nd restlessness knows no bounds. He decides to listen to dere conversation to get an idea to whom is she talking


Geet: Maine tumse kaha tha Na. everything will be fine

Armaan: I knw my Kiddo’s Prediction never gets wrong. Anyways u tell hws everything going over dere? Back to Mumbai?

Geet: no m still at Lonavala

Armaan: y?

Geet: wo… had sum work stuck up datsy

Armaan: Work or wanted to spend tym wid sumone (he teases)

Geet: ya ofcourse

Armaan: NAHI!!!!!!!!!!!! wid whom?

Geet: u. if u would be here den I wpould love to lost wid u in dis beautiful sight so i thought of dreaming only wid u


She giggles softly


Armaan: yaar tu to mera shaadi se pehle divorce karayegi

Geet: y u dnt have trust on ur Love

Armaan: ofcourse I have but still sumtymes it creates problem after Marriage

Geet: ya sumtymes after Marriage it creates problem. But dnt worry it wont happen in our case


Ok dats it Maan couldn’t able to take it anymore. Last day she was saying I Love you nd today dey r talking about marriage nd all. Wat d hell r dey to each other. He quickly goes to her


Armaan: ya ya I knw nd I dnt have to worry also as she trust our friendship

Geet: I knw nd even I trust on u b…


She was about to say both but couldn’t complete as Maan snatches d phone nd cuts d call in frustration. Geet looks at him in both anger nd confusion. It is d second tym he did dat while Maan looked other side


Armaan feels d line disconnected. He looks at d phone in confusion


Armaan (to himself): Phir cut ho Gaya? Yaar ye Aajkal Network problem kitni ho rahi hai. Wenever me nd Kiddo talk to each other it always disconnects. Like someone dnt want us to communicate. I’ll ask kiddo to switch to another network. Atleast we’ll be able to talk peacefully den


He said nd goes back to his work



Back at India:


Geet was still giving angry glare to Maan while Maan didn’t care. He keeps d phone other side nd goes back to couch to continue his work but dis tym Geet needs an explanation for his weird behaviour. She goes to him nd pokes him


Geet: Maan

Maan: ummm

Geet: Wat was Dat?

Maan: Wat?

Geet: y did u cut my call? Dis is d second tym u done dis

Maan: I was getting disturbed

Geet: oh just cut d crap Maan. From last day u r behaving so weird, last day u cut my call saying dat u r nt able to concentrate on Driving nd today u saying dat it was disturbing ur work. Just tell me sumthing y it disturbs u at dat tym only wen I talk to Armaan?

Maan: Geet, its not lyk dat. I was just… (he paused for a second realizing wat did she just said) Wat did u just said? Armaan? U were talking to Armaan?

Geet: Yes, m talking to him only; yesterday also nd today also wen u cut d call both d tym.

Maan: but u were saying Luv u to him yesterday

Geet: Did u let myself complete yesterday? I was about to say I Love you too Paro

Maan: Paro? Y?

Geet: because he use to call me Devdas because I proposed him once. I told u about dat remember?

Maan: ya I remember? But u were talking about Marriage?


He said in a low voice confusingly


Geet: o God Maan, it was about his nd Shilpa’s relationship

Maan: Shilpa?

Geet: ya, Armaann’s fianc. Wo dey had a fight which has been sorted out nw. we were talking about dat only. Nd in dat vain only we talked about d Protection. U knw how close me nd Armaan r so we were just talking dat though Armaan has trust on Shilpa dat she’s not having any Problem wid it nd neither will have after dere Marriage too. So we were talking about Armaan’s nd Shilpa’s Marriage not “MINE ND ARMAAN’S”


she said while giving stress to last 3 words



Maan can’t tell hw much relieved he was to know dat Geet was talking to Armaan all dese tymes. He was really a fool to think dat Geet is in relationship wid sumone else. Hw can she Love someone else wen only he’s dere in her heart. wen in dese 5 years he cant stop Loving her den hw can she? He smiled at his own foolishness nd sumwhere felt bad too as even for a fraction of second only he suspected her; though it was out of jealousy but dat doesn’t mean he should suspect her especially den wen he knows dat she Loves him more den anything


He came out from her thoughts wen Geet spoke again


Geet: By d way wat did u thought? Whom u thought m talking to?

Maan: nothing Geet. I haven’t thought anything of dat sort

Geet: no, dere’s sumthing. Waut a sec. u were thinking dat m talking to someone special like my Boyfriend

Maan: Absolutely not Geet… I seriously haven’t thought anything of dat sort (he said while trying to hide his insecureness)

Geet: No u were thinking dat only datsy u cut d call both d tymes

Maan: Geet its not like…


He couldn’t complete as dey heard d knock on dere Door. Maan really thanked to d person whoever it was for his tyming as he was his saviour at dis tym


Maan: Main dekhta hoon


He said nd goes to open d Door. It was delivery boy who came to deliver dere dresses. Maan takes it nd goes towards Geet who was still standing wid a golgappa face


Maan: Wo… Dresses r here


He said while giving it to her. She almost snatched it from him nd goes towards Washroom to freshen up. Maan just smiles seeing her anger. Ufff hw much he had missed all dis in dese 5 years. He looked at the packet in his hand nd realizes dat clothes inside it was selected by Geet. he opens d Packet nd smiles looking at her choice. He knows dat she has d best taste in everything nd wen it cumes to him she’ll always choose d best like she did now.


He takes d suit nd goes to change




Geet in d washroom continuously cursing Maan for his immature behaviour. God knows wats Wrong wid him, y did he did dat. den she reminds of his questions dat he asked from her nd reaklization struck her.


“O God! Was he jealous? He thought dat I was talking to my Boyfriend” she thought


She smiles at his possessiveness. He is still d same, Still possessive about her. She looked at d packet nd opened it as fast s she camn to look wat he had bought for her nd she was dumbstruck to kook at d Dress. It was beautiful Red Saree. She ran a hand over it to feel it. Her eyes become moist seeing his choice. It was d most beautiful gift she ever got.


Geet: thanx Maan.


She said slowly nd went to change




Maan was pacing restlessly in d Lobby nd watching his watch by every now nd den. God knows wats taking her so much tym. He was eagerly waiting to see her in d dress he chose for her. he again looks at d door which was still closed.


He sighes nd decided to go inside to check himself wen suddenly d door opens nd he saw d most beautiful sight of his whole Lyf. His Angel standing over dere in d Red Saree looking as stunning as always. His heart missed several Beats seeing her in Saree. Dis was d first tym he saw her in Saree nd he was happy dat he choses right dress for her. she was looking breathtaking nd she had definitely took his breath away. It was impossible for him to remove his gaze from her. he was so lost in her dat he didn’t realize wen he started moving towards her.


Geet was standing over dere feeling shy due to his intence gaze on her. dis was not d forst tym he was seeing her wid his intense gaze but still she was feeling Butterflies running in her stomach like d very first tym dey came close to each other. She was never in Saree before him nd today she was feeling nervous wen she saw herself in d mirror nd now Maan’s gaze as making her more nervous. By d tym she compose herself she saw Maan standing front of her so close looking at her intently


She lowers her gaze not able to bear intensity of dose eyes. Maan started moving more close to her nd unknowingly she started taking a step backward until her back hit d wall. she was trapped between Maan nd Wall nw. Maan raises his one hand towards her face like going to touch her face. She closes her eyes knowing his next step. Maan stops his hand a bit away from her face nd kept looking at her beautiful face for sumtym nd den moves his hand further towards d back of her head nd frees her hairs which were tied in a bun nd sets dem loose nd slowly brings his hand back brushing his fingers slightly on her neck.


His soft touch sends shivers down her spine. She slowly opens her eyes wen she felt his hand withdrawing. She looks at him only to find him looking at her lovingly. She wanted to ask him y he did dat but couldn’t able to ask due to proximity between dem. D look in her eyes says him all. He smiles knowing wats going in her mind.


Maan: u look good in open hairs. Dnt tie dem


She said nothing but lowers her gaze blushing slightly while he just loves her seeing like dat


Maan: m waiting for u outside in car. Cum soon


He said while smiling nd headed outside leaving her alone to compose herself. She touches her hairs slightly nd den smiled.




After getting control on herself, Geet finally came outside towards d car where Maan is waiting for her. She didn’t looked at him because she knows if she’ll look at him den she’ll gets Lost yet again. Therefore she kept her eyes down but yet could feel his intense gaze on her. Maan tried hard to not to look at her but he couldn’t able to take his eyes off her. There was an awkward silence between dem. Finally Geet decided to break d silence between dem


Geet: ummm… chale

Maan (coming out from reverie): ha… ya lets go.


He said nd opens d Door of passenger seat for her. Geet gets herself seated at Passenger seat while he takes his place behind d wheels nd started driving.


Whole Drive was silent nd none of dem spoke to each other. Maan was stealing glances of Geet by every now nd den while she was just looking outside d window, but dat doesn’t mean she didn’t noticed him or his gaze on her. D reason for not looking at him was because she knows she’ll lose herself because dere’s no doubt in dis dat he’s Looking extremely Handsome in d Dress she selected for him; more den she herself imagined nd cherry on top his behaviour towards her. She won’t be able to resist herself for long so its better if she control her emotions as much as she can.


Maan was noticing her expressions nd can easily guess wats going in her mind nd y is she avoiding looking at him but he knows dis is not d right tym to ask or do anything. His one wrong move nd everything will get more worse between dem. For one thing he was sure dat Geet is sumwhere loosing herself but Everytym she controls herself because of her fear dat overcomes her emotions Everytym. He dnt knw wat he should do to remove her fear, to assure her dat things will never be go wrong between dem nw, dat he’ll never hurt her nw. he wanted to remove all her fears, to cover every distance dat was between dem, to hold her so close to him dat she cant go away from him anywhere, but couldn’t able to do so till nw. it seems dat we should left sum things on time




After half an hour of Drive dey finally reached d Venue. As soon as dey headed inside Dey found Deeps waiting impatiently for dem. she approaches towards dem as soon as she saw dem


Deeps: Here u both come. I was waiting so eagerly for u both.

Geet: Happy Anniversary Sweetheart! Where’s Ashish?

Deeps: he must be wid guests only. Wait let me call him


She was about to call him wen she notices him cuming


Deeps: Dere he’s.

Ashish: Hey Geet! Hey Maan! Finally u both came

Geet: Happy Anniversary Ashish

Maan: Happy Anniversary Dude!

Ashish: Thanx guys! Deeps, had u planned to make dem stand at d Door only, let dem cum inside yaar

Deeps: Oh ya! Pls guys cum inside.


She said nd all of dem headed inside. Ashish Excused himself to attend sum guests while Deeps remains wid dem only


Deeps: hhhmmm It seems my Idea works for both of u. see u both have selected perfect things for each other. Geet u r looking so Beautiful today nd Maan even u r looking extremely irresistible. I swear if Ashish would not be in my Lyf na nd Geet is not in urs den definitely Dat Place would be mine (she said while pointing towards Geet)


Both Maan nd Geet couldn’t able to help themselves from not smiling on her statement.


Deeps: No seriously Guys! I mean which girl dnt want to be in d place beside Maan nd especially den wen he was looking so irresistible. U r so Lucky Geet.


She was smiling at Deeps words wen suddenly she saw a person standing at d corner of d bar. Her eyes widened due to shock nd an unknown fear runs through her vains. dis cant be possible, she thought. hw can he be here. she felt a sudden dizziness. Unknowingly she tightens her grip on Maan’s Arms to get sum strength. Maan feels her hand tightening around his arm nd instantly he looks at Geet who was looking tensed nd den to d direction where she was looking or to d person who has made her so tense. He again looked at Geet nd tries to read her expressions but he failed.


He wanted to ask her dat wats making her so tense but couldn’t able to due to presence of Deeps. But he can’t see her like dis too. He places his hand on hers which was around his Arm nd Geet instantly looks at him. He assures her by blinking his eyes dat he’s wid her, she dnt have to worry. Without speaking to each other dey understand each other’s unspoken words. Well I guess dats wat we call Love.


Geet again looks at d direction only to find dat person looking at him wid curiousity. She quickly looks away from him nd started conversing to Deeps but her mind was wandering over dere only. Maan couldn’t stop himself anymore nw. he need to ask her wats d matter. He was about to ask her wen her cell phone rings. He curse d tyming of d caller but he can’t ignore it too. It’s from one of his important client. He excused himself nd goes outside to take d call.


As soon as Maan leaves her, Geet gain looks at dat person. Dis tym Deeps notices her gaze nd looks at d direction where she’s looking. She smiles nd looked at Geet.


Deeps: Geet, Dats Rahul Khanna. An industrialist nd Ashish’s Business Partner. But y r u looking at him like dis? Do u knw him?


(Ok Before u get all confused let me tell u dat Geet has changed her College after dat Rahul Fiasco derefore none of Geet’s Friend know him. I had mentioned it in Part 5)


Geet cant able to stand over dere anymore. She quickly drags Deeps from dere nd goes to another corner only to get a confused expression from Deeps.


Deeps: Geet, wat happen? R u ok?

Geet: ya. I m fine

Deeps: Is it? Den y did u come over here?

Geet: Wo… Music was very loud over dere nd I was not able to concentrate on wat u r saying.

Deeps: o Really? Den y do I feel dat dere’s sumthing else bothering u?

Geet: no Deeps it’s not like dat. Acha Tell me sumthing where r Preeti nd Pari nw-a-days. I thought I’ll meet dem in party


She said while changing d topic, knowing Deeps its easy to divert her attention to sumthing else


Deeps: Pari is in London happily married wid d love of her Life Vridant Oberoi.

Geet: Vridant Oberoi; u mean d famous Fashion Photographer?

Deeps: yup

Geet: but hw cum dey both cross each other paths

Deeps: u knw Pari. She was never interested in Architecture so after college she started doing modeling nd dats wen she met Vridant Oberoi nd rest is history. Dey both got Married 1 year before only. Vridant was having some Assignments datsy dey both couldn’t able to come today. But he promised dat dey both will cum as son as Vridant finishes his Project.

Geet: Nd Preeti? Wat about her


Deeps frowned on Preeti’s name. She was not sure hw to tell Geet about Preeti. Her expressions didn’t get unnoticed by Geet


Geet: Wat happen Deeps? Is everything ok wid her?

Deeps: Geet, Preeti is in Mental Assylum since last 2 years


Geet eyes widened in shock. She can’t imagine all dis in her wildest dream nd dat too about Preeti.


Geet: Wat? Assylum? Deeps r u serious? I mean hw nd most importantly Y? nd where is she?

Deeps: Geet, Preeti is in Lonavala only. Me nd Ashish r taking care of her

Geet: But ye sab hua kaise?

Deeps: it’s a long story Geet. u remember a guy named Kuldeep Chopra?

Geet: ya d one wid whom Preeti is madly in Love wid.

Deeps: it was all because of him only (she said while clenching her jaw in anger)

Geet: because of him?

Deeps: ya. Geet, Preeti has been ditched by him very badly. All dis happen after u left. U knw hw much Madly she was in Love wid him nd dat Bas***d has taken advantage of it. he had maintained Physical Relationship wid her by Promising her all dose emotional stuffs like they’ll marry soon nd all nd Preeti by Blinded by his Love has submitted herself to him completely nd den he left her on d day of their Marriage by leaving a note dat he was never in Love wid her nd he’s committed to someone else so its better for her to move on in her lyf. We all tried to Locate him but we failed nd later we cum to know dat he was not wat he claims to be. He has present all his fake details in front of us; his address, his academic records everything. Preeti was completely shattered after all dis nd one day she left without saying anything to anyone. We searched her a lot nd den 2 yrs back we found her in Lonavala at Railway station. We have no clue hw she has came over here but her condition was very bad nd den Ashish nd Vridant has admitted her to Assylum nd since den me nd Ashish r taking care of her.


Geet had tears in her eyes wen she listened to Preeti’s cond. She can’t even imagine all dis happen to her. She herself shiver wid d thought den hw can Preeti has tolerate all dis.


Geet: I cant even imagine all dis wid Preeti.

Deeps: I understand Geet. Preeti was strongest girl in our Group. Nothing could affect her emotionally but see it did affect nd today she is dere where we can’t even imagine her to be.


Geet said nothing but quietly listened to her


Deeps: wat was her mistake Geet? Wat has she dome wrong to deserve dis Lyf? Just because she has loved someone whole-heartedly? Because she has blindly trusted on someone nd dat guy has left her without even saying anything? Its ironic isn’t it Geet to lose someone who is so close to your heart, wid whom u r madly in Love wid nd dat Person didn’t even care for ur feelings nd moves on in his/her lyf nd expecting other person also to move in his/her Lyf. Was it so easy to Leave like dat. Hw can anyone leave someone who is Truly, Madly nd Deeply in Love wid him/her. Geet anyone can be broken at dis stage wen d love of Ur Lyf walks out from ur Lyf to never cum back, to leave u in ur own condition; den hw can Preeti be an exception. Geet, if u or Maan would be dere in Preeti’s place den dis can happen to anyone of u both too.


Suddenly someone called Deeps so she excused herself leaving Geet alone to absorb everything. Geet slowly moves towards Bar to get herself a drink.




She sat at Bar sipping her drink slowly but her mind was continuously wandering over Deeps’ Words.


“Its ironic isn’t it Geet to lose someone who is so close to your heart, wid whom u r madly in Love wid nd dat Person didn’t even care for ur feelings nd moves on in his/her lyf nd expecting other person also to move in his/her Lyf.”


“Was it so easy to Leave like dat.”


“Hw can anyone leave someone who is Truly, Madly nd Deeply in Love wid him/her.”


“Geet anyone can be broken at dis stage wen d love of ur Lyf walks out from ur Lyf to never cum back, to leave u in ur own condition; den hw can Preeti be an exception.”


“Geet, if u or Maan would be dere in Preeti’s place den dis can happen to anyone of u both too.”


“Maan” unknowingly she mumbles d name wid her last thought nd looks around herself to locate him nd saw dat Ashish introducing him to some of his clients. Deeps words were continuously budging in her mind nd she thought of Maan. Wat if something like dis could happen to Maan? D way she left him nd never turned to look back to him; he must be shattered too. Wat if he also ends up being like Preeti? No’ Dis can’t happen. D thought itself scared her. No dis can’t happen to Maan. Wat happened between her nd Maan was different nd wat happened between Preeti nd Kuldeep was different thing. Preeti nd Kuldeep’s relationship was not based on true Love. He ditched her. But Maan nd her, dey loved each other madly. Hw can she even compare Maan nd dere Love to theirs. But at d end d situation was same Na. She too had left Maan nd dat too wen he was head over heels in Love wid her, wen he was claiming again nd again dat he truly loves her. Nd as Deeps said anyone can be broken at dis stage, wat if same thing would have happened to Maan too


She was lost in her thoughts wen someone tapped her shoulder. She quickly turned nd unknowingly said “Maan”. But wat she saw had tensed her. it was not Maan, it was Rahul who was standing over dere wid his Crooked smile


Rahul: Maan nahi Sweetheart, Rahul. It seems u both r very comfortable wid each other.


Geet gave an angry glare to him. She can’t believe dat once she was in Luv wid him. Wait did she just said Luv. No she cant impure word Love by joining his name wid it.


Geet: just shut up nd get away from here

Rahul: oh C’mon Geet dnt be so spoil sport. We met after so many years. Won’t u share a drink wid me?

Geet: For Ur kind information Mr. Rahul Khanna I dnt knw u nd d people to whom I dnt knw I dnt share anything wid dem

Rahul: Wooo… Itna gussa? Must say sweetheart Ur anger has just risen up in all dese years.

Geet: mind Ur Language Rahul.

Rahul: oh I m Sorry! Wat to do sweetheart u r looking so beautigul tonight dat m unable to control myself. Waise Darling dnt u think dat u had become more beautiful den before. I regret y did I left u dat tym.


Geet angrily looks at him nd wat she saw in his eyes was Purely Lust nd nothing else. She cursed herself for once being in relationship wid him. she just wanted to slap him rite nw but she cant do dis as she cant spoil her Friend’s special day therefore she controlled herself.


Geet: M saying last tym Rahul, get away from here or else…

Rahul: or else wat Geet? U’ll call MSK. O god Geet! Pls aisa mat karna. Look m so scared of him (he said while faking getting afraid nd den laughs evily) waise u both looks very close to each other isn’t it?is something cooking between u two

Geet: Rahul you…


She couldn’t say further as dey both heard an announcement. It was from Deeps who was asking every couple to join d Dance floor. She found it great opportunity to go from dere but he was blocked by Rahul.


Rahul: where u r going alone without me Sweetheart? Didn’t u heard she is calling couples to join d Dance floor

Geet: Let me go Rahul. I dnt want to create scene over here

Rahul: not even me Geet. (he said while moving his right hand towards her) so lets go for a Dance.


Geet said nothing nd started leaving from other side wen he again blocks her way


Rahul: C’mon Geet! just one dance, for old tym sake.


Geet was about to say something wen she felt a protective Arm around her shoulders. She dnt have to guess who he was. It was none other den Maan.


Maan: Excuse me! She’s wid me. (he turns towards Geet) Chale Geet! Deepika is calling us.


Geet slightly nodded nd moves towards Dance floor wid him giving an angry glare to Rahul.




Maan has seen Geet sitting at bar wen he came back after call. She seems to be lost in some thoughts therefore he decided to go to her nd ask wats bothering her we he was stopped by Ashish. He wants him to meet some of his clients. Maan half-heartedly agrees but he was continuously noticing her. he was talking to one of Ashish’s Clients wen he saw Rahul talking wid Geet. Maan dnt know who he was but he knows dat whoever he was, Geet is not comfortable wid him nd he was d same person who makes her tensed.


Nd den he saw him blocking her way nd asking her for Dance. dats it he cant take it anymore. he cant see any person misbehaving wid Geet nd harrasing her. He felt like Punching him right den nd dere but like Geet he too dnt wanna spoil d Party derefore he quickly goes towards Geet nd takes her away from him without creating any scene.




Maan nd Geet both were standing near d Dance floor nd Deeps was standing at Stage wid a mic in her hand.


Deeps: Attention Ladies nd Gentlemen! First of all thanks to all of u for being a part of our special day. On d eve of our 3rd anniversary me nd Ashish has kept a Perfect Couple competition over here. Waise to all d couples r perfect in dere own way but I just want to see which couple is Perfect among all dese.


Ashish takes mic from her nd continues


Ashish: So to see dis me nd Deeps has decided to put Paper Dance over here. All d couple will stand on d paper nd wen Music will start dey have to dance nd if any person from d couple steps out from d paper as d music stops dat couple will be disqualified. Nd at d end whichever couple will left would be our winner. By every turn paper will be folded until it becomes impossible for it to fold. Dis competition is basically to see hw well d partners can balance each other. Because u can balance ur relationship only den wen u both can balance each other. Nd not to forget dis would bring more closeness in ur relationship. So without wasting tym I would like to invite d couples on d Dance floor please.


D Light went dim nd slowly every couple started to move towards d dance floor. Maan slowly held his one hand in front of her while Geet looks at him questioningly.


Maan: Shall we?


Geet nooded in yes unknown to herself nd placed her hand on his. Maan holds her hand softly nd takes her towards d Dance floor.


Dey both place demselves above d Paper a bit away from each other nd waited for music to start.


Deeps: so guys… Let’s start d music.


She said nd indicated DJ to start. Dj nodded nd started d first song


(P.S. Guys pls do play d songs while reading dis to get d feel)




Jism se rooh tak, hai tumhare nishaan
Bann gaye tum meri zindagi


Jism se rooh tak, hai tumhare nishaan
Bann gaye tum meri zindagi
Jab se tum ho mile, jaan-o-dil hai khile
Tumse waah basta hai, har khushi
Tum ho mera pyar, tumse hai karaar
Tumko hi basaaya maine yaadon mein
Tumse hai nasha, tumse hai khumaar
Tumko hi sajaya maine khwaabon mein
Tum ho mera pyar, tumse hai karaar
Tumko hi basaaya maine yaadon mein


Maan slowly Places his one hand at her waist nd brought her one hand to put on his shoulders nd dey both started moving their body according to d music. Geet was first hesitant but wen she looked into his eyes she forgets everything around her nd just let herself flow in d moment.



D lyrics matches so perfectly to dem lyk saying Maan’s Feelings to her. Geet’s stare in his eyes which were filed wid intense fire. Their steps were going acc to d music. Dey could be like dat forever until d music stops nd bringing dem both out from dere thoughts.


One couple was disqualified from d Dance nd Ashish asks everyone to fold d paper once again. Maan makes a fold to d paper nd dey both again places demselves on it dis tym a bit closer. Lights went dim again nd music started


Kahin to.. kahin to.
Hogi woh…
Duniya jahan tu mere saaath hain
Jaha mein Jaha tu
Aur jahan bas tere mere zajbaat hain
Hogi jahan subah teri
Palkon ki kirano mein
Lori jahan chand ki Sune teri bahon mein…

Jane na kahan woh duniya hai
Jane na woh hai bhi ya nahi
Jahan meri zindagi mujhse
Inti kafa nahi
Jane na kahan woh duniya hai
Jane na woh hai bhi ya nahi
Jahan meri zindagi mujhse
Inti kafa nahi  Maan held Geet close nd twirled her around nd Geet unknowingly encircled her hand around his neck while he grasping her waist. Geet looks into his eyes which were speaking his heart out. D words dat he wanted to say to her was said by his eyes to her.





Both remembers each nd every moment dey spend wid each other in past. Dere beautiful moments which none of dem can forget ever.


Saasein kho gai hai kiski aahon mein
Mein kho gai hoon jane kiski baahon mein
Manzilon se rahe dhondte chali
Aur kho gai hai manzil kahin rahon mein

Kahin to kahin to hai nasha
Teri meri har mulakat mein
Hoton se hoton koChumti o rehete hai hum har baat pe
Kehti hain fiza jahan Teri zaameen aasman
Jahan hai tu Meri hasi meri khushi Meri jaan…

Geet tried hard not to lose herself but she failed nd all she can do is to get lost in d moment. Maan slowly turns her around so dat her back faces his front. He slowly encircle his hand around her waist bringing her more close to him so dat her back touches his chest.


Lost in d moment Geet rested his head on his shoulders nd closed her eyes to feel d intensity of d dance. Maan just wished to stay like dis forever, wishing d tym to freeze den nd dere where his Love was so close to him.


But Alas! D moment didn’t stop for longer as d music stops due to disqualification of two couples. Once again d Paper was folded nd dis tym both Maan nd Geet were standing so close to each other dat dere’s only mm of space was between dem




tu hi haqeeqat khaab tu,
dariya tu hi pyaas tu
tu hi dil ki bekaraari tu sukun tu sukun
jaau main abb jab jis jagah paau main tujhako uss jagah
saath hoke na ho tu hai rubaru rubau
tu hamsafar tum hamkadam tu hamnawa mera
tu hamsafar tum hamkadam tu hamnawa mera

Geet’s one hand is in Maan’s strong hand while another around his Neck. Both were lost in each others eyes. Maan slowly swirls her around nd places her one arm around his neck while he places his one arm around her waist nd dey both started grooving acc to d music.



Geet was totally oblivious of wat she is doing. It was Maan who Everytym takes d Lead while she just follows. She was too lost in his eyes nd moment to think anything rational.


Maan slowly puts all her weight on his hands nd twirls her around



nd den gently puts her down. She felt his hot breath on her neck while he was droping down her nd strangely she was liking d proximity between dem.


The song stopped again nd once again 3 couples r disqualified. But dat doesn’t seems to budge Maan nd Geet as dey were lost in dere own world. Nw only two couples were left on d Dance Floor. Our Maaneet nd another random couple. Once again d paper was folded nd couples have to stand on d paper. D paper has become so small dat it was difficult to even stand on it den forget about Dance. But dats wat d game is. Maan nd Geet were so close to each other dat even a thread has to struggle hard to pass thru dem.




Tujhe main pyar karu
Aur itna pyar karu
Tujhe main pyar karu
Aur itna pyar karu

Ke jab talak mein jiyu
Sirf tera intezaar karu
Tujhe main pyar karu
Aur itna pyar karu.


Maan places both his hand around her waist nd held her close to him while she places her hand around his neck nd dey both started moving according to d music. He slowly swirls her around nd bends a bit backward while bending her wid him.


It seems like D Song was made for dem as dey both sways acc to Lyrics. Geet Reminds of Deeps Words nd it again sends shiver down her spine. She can’t imagine in her widest Dream to see Maan ever in dat state. Drops of tears flown from her eyes nd unknown to herself she hugged him to ensure dat nothing will get wrong wid him. Maan hugged her back. He can feel her tears but couldn’t understand wats boithering her so much.



For others it can be just a Dance step but only both of dem knows dat its not just a Dance step. Its much more den dat. Maan slowly Scoops her up in his arms



nd slowly bends her down like a Flower bends her down like a flower.




Geet felt his warm breath on her throat nd sumwhere it was soothing her too. His closeness was reducing her fear of anything getting wrong wid him.



Hooo… Haayy… Hooo (guys its d Ending music. I edited d Song)


Maan slowly brings her back on d Ground wif his hands still on her waist while her hands resting on his shoulders. She was lost in his arms while he was lost in her eyes which were expressing numerous expessions to him. The song stopped long back but dey stand over dere rooted lost in each other unaware of d sorroundings.




A huge round of applause brings both of dem to their senses nd dis is wen dey realize dat d song has stopped long back nd dey r still standing close to each other. Dey slowly gets parted from each other nd Deeps came to dem almost running wid a smile on her face. Ashish too joins dem. Deeps quickly hugged Geet to share her excitement.


Deeps: OMG Geet! I knew it. only u both can make it up to it. O God! M so happy.


She said nd pulled back only to find a confused expression on her face.

Deeps: Wat? Dnt say dat u didn’t realize till nw dat u nd Maan r d Winner.

Geet: Winner?

Deeps: Yes Geet, Winner. D song has stopped long back nd d couple competing u was disqualified also but u two r so lost in each other dat didn’t even realize dis.

Ashish: U knw Wat? Deeps to Starting me hi keh rahi thi dat only Maan nd Geet will be d winner nd see it comes true (he turns towards Maan) Really u guys r truly made for each other nd dis has been proved again.


Maan just smiles nd slightly nodded nd looked at Geet. D waiter gives mic to Deeps to announce d winner.


Deeps: So I think Guys, we dnt need to know who is d winner tonight right. its none other den Maan nd Geet.


Whole crowd gives a huge round of applause for dem indicating dere happiness.


Ashish: So without any doubt d title of “Perfect Couple” goes to Maan nd Geet.


He says nd handed over a gift to both of dem. Photographers clicked dere picture together to save dis moment. Everyone is congratulating dem except one person who was burning in jealousy nd unknown rage towards dem. it was Rahul who was not able to bear closeness towards dem. it was not like he was in Love wid Geet. The emotions he had for Geet was purely Lust but someone else touching to her except him, someone else being so close to him except him was unbearable to him. Nd even Geet seems to be so comfortable wid him. he noticed both of dem during whole dance only to find dem lost in each other like dey both belonged to each other. Yes it was true he rejected Geet once but dat Geet was different from dis one nd wen nw he saw dis Geet he cant let her go so easily not atleast after feeling her once. An evil smile crept on his face just by d thought.


He goes towards dem too to congratulate dem but none of Geet nd Maan actually wants his wishes.


Rahul: Congrats Mr. Khurana nd Ms. Geet. It seems dat u both r truly made for each other.


He said sarcastically but Geet didn’t liked his way. She just wanted him to get off from here. Maan understands her expressions nd decides to handle it himself.


Maan: Thank u so much. Nd it was a saying dat truth lies in d eyes of person seeing. So if in Ur eyes we r made for each other den ofcourse we r made for each other. So nw if u pls excuse us den can we go.

Rahul: Sure

Maan: thanx. Let’s go Geet.


He said nd dey both headed to d direction where Deeps nd Ashish were standing. Rahul just gives a lusty glare to Geet nd den headed towards Bar.



Rest of d function went well nd slowly slowly every guests started departing. Maan nd Geet too decided to leave so dey goes towards Deeps nd Ashish to say bye to dem.


Deeps: not fair guys! Anniversary humari thi nd saari limelight tum dono le gaye. But u knw wat, it’s ok. M happy for both of u.

Maan: thanx Deeps. But nw I think we should take ur leave. Its getting late nw.

Ashish: Ok we dnt stop u guys. But thanx for taking some hrs for us from ur Precious Tym.

Geet: hey no Thanx between Friends Ashish. U forget our rule.

Ashish: ok baba I take my Thank u back.

Geet: dats better. Chalo Bye guys. It was really nice meeting u after so many years.

Deeps: same here Geet. but nw be in touch ok.

Geet: sure. Bye Deeps

Deeps: bye.


Dey both hugged each other nd Maaneet went outside d hall. Suddenly Geet reminded of sumthing.


Geet: Maan, u wait for me in d parking. I’ll be rite back.

Maan: wat happen Geet? any problem?

Geet: no nothing serious. I’ll be back soon.

Maan: ok cum soon.


He said nd she headed inside quickly to catch Deeps.


Geet: Deeps!

Deeps: Geet, wat happen?

Geet: I want to meet Preeti

Deeps: but…

Geet: pls Deeps.

Deeps: ok tomorrow m going to see her at 10 am. U also cum wid me.

Geet: ok. I’ll meet u outside my hotel.

Deeps: ok. I’ll cum dere to pick u up


She said a final goodbye to her nd headed towards outside nd almost bumped into someone nd to her utter disaapointment it was again Rahul.


Rahul: I knw Sweetheart u can’t stay away from me but I was not knowing dat u’ll cum so soon

Geet: Shut up Rahul!

Rahul: ooo! Attitude ha! I like gals wid Attitude. BTW where’s Ur Bodyguard? He’s nt wid u rite nw?

Geet: Maan. His name is Maan Singh Khurana nd if he want he can make 100 peoples like u his bodyguard so think before u speak anything like dat for him nd dare u say anything ill about him. I was tolerating ur misbehaviour till nw because I dnt want to ruin my friend’s special day but nw if u say any word against him den I wont tolerate it anymore.

Rahul: oh! Itna bura laga tumhe. Waise wat he’s to u? Aisa kya rishta hai tumhara uske saath dat u can’t listen a word against him. Scene kya hai Geet? (he said naughtily)

Geet: Mere aur Maan k beech me kya hai wo main tumhe ache se samjha sakti hoon but a cheap person like u who doesn’t knows d meaning of true Love cant understand it so its better for u to stay away from me nd my lyf. Got it!


She said nd left from dere by giving a last angry glare to him. Rahul looks at her retreating figure nd smiles evily


Rahul: Not so soon Geet. Till nw I was not knowing anything about u but nw as I find u nd dat too more attractive den before den I wont let u go so easily. Sooner or later u had to cum into my arms by hook or by crook I’ll make u mine.


He smiles nd leaves towards his car.


Maan was waiting eagerly for Geet near d car wen he saw her cuming towards him. She was again lost in her own thoughts. He really don’t understand dat wats wrong wid her since she saw dat person. God knows who he is, He thought. He knows dat if he’ll ask to her directly den she’ll not tell him so he has to try any other way. He thought nd in d meanwhile Geet came near him.


Geet: chale Maan!

Maan: hmm.. ya lets go


He said nd dey both headed towards d hotel




Geet was restless throughout d Drive nd for d first tym d reason was not Maan. She was thinking abour her encounter wid Rahul. She has never thought dat she’ll cum face to face ever again after dat incident but she met him yet again. She knows if Maan comes to know who he is den Rahul will definitely be dead.


She still remembers d tym wen a guy was just staring at her. At dat tym dey both were not in relationship, dey were just good friends but wen Maan notices dat guy staring at her he had just messed up wid him. Only she knows hw she had handled him nd even last day at jungle wen dose Boys r passing low comments for her; his expressions were like he’ll kill dem any minute. So nw if he cum to know dat d person in d Party was Rahul den he’s definitely not going to leave him nd dis will affect d Partnership between Ashish nd Rahul nd last thing she wants is to get anyone in trouble due to her. so its better to stay quiet.


Nd anyways she’s not going to meet him after dis. next day dey r leaving for Mumbai nd as soon as her project will complete she’ll be back to US leaving everything behind nd dere’ll be no chance to meet him again. But den suddenly realization hit her dat after going to US dere’s no chance to meet Maan again too nd as dis thought crossed in her mind, her mind again diverts towards Preeti nd her own fear; Nd a sudden shiver ran in her veins. She really need to talk someone regarding dis. but to whom? She thought of talking to Armaan regarding dis but den shrug it off because she knows dat if she’ll tell anything about it den in no tym he’ll be here leaving all important stuffs behind. No, she cant tell him but den wid whom she should discuss it.


“Shilpa” suddenly it struck in her mind. Yes she can talk to Shilpa regarding dis. because in dese kind of Matters Shilpa is much understanding den Armaan. She’ll understand her problem nd will definitely help her out. Thinking dis she quickly texts her


“Call me wen u r Free. Need to discuss something very important wid u. Pls dnt forget”


She texts nd takes a sigh of relief nd looks outside d window. D weather was cloudy nd it seems dat it’ll rain tonight. She smiles seeing d weather. Dis is something which always takes away all her restlessness. it seems dat Rains takes away all her restlessness nd pain wid it. Maan was noticing her change of expressions for last few mins. nd nw it was getting on his nerves. She was tensed nd worried first nd den it seems dat she’s scared of sumthing nd nw she’s smiling. Nw he cant wait to try any other way to ask her wats wrong. He’ll ask her directly nd she has to answer him. Atleast dis much right he had on her. Thinking dis he stopeed d car in jerk which brings Geet back from her reverie. She looked at him questioningly. Maan looks at her wid some expressions dat Geet couldn’t understand


Geet: Wat Happen Maan? Y did u stopped d car?

Maan: U tell me wat happen Geet?


Geet understands wat he’s trying to ask but she decided not to tell him anything


Geet: I dnt understand wat u r trying to saying?

Maan: u very well understand Geet dat wat m trying to say

Geet: Maan Pls Lets go. We’r getting late.

Maan: M not going to move a inch Geet until u tell me wats d matter is


Geet said nothing nd gets out of d car frustrated wid his questioning. She can’t tell him anything abt Rahul or abt wats bothering her. Can’t he understand dis simple thing? She was lost in her thoughts wen Maan places his hand on her shoulders. She closed her eyes as she knows dat nw dere’s no escape. She has to answer his questions


He slowly turns her towards him only to saw her dipped face.


Maan: Look at me Geet. Please


She slowly looked at him nd wat he saw in her eyes was fear nd restlessness. He cupped her face nd make her look at him


Maan: Wat happen Geet? U knw I cant see u like dis. Y r u so restless? I noticed u throughout d party. Since d tym u saw dat guy u r restless. Tell me Geet wat happen? Wats bothering u? Who was dat person?


Geet looks into his eyes where she saw immense Love for herself. She can’t hide anything from him nw. hw can she wen dere was so much Love, so much concern in his eyes.


Maan: Tell me Geet�. who was dat person?

Geet: Rahul!!

Maan: Rahul?


He asked questioningly nt understanding it d first tym but den it srucks him who was he? He’s was d one who had broke Geet’s heart, after which she has decided not to fall for anyone. He was d one who had insulted her feelings, her emotions. He was d one due to which Geet had changed her college due to which she has to repeat a year again. He was d one who has given his Geet immense pain on past. He looked at Geet who was just looking at him unblinkingly like trying to read his expressions.


Maan: Rahul? Wat is he doing over here?

Geet: he’s Ashish’s business partner

Maan: Geet, tell me everything. Wat he was saying to u in party? Was he d reason dat u were crying during dance? Tell me Geet if he’s d reason for Ur tears I swear I won’t leave him

Geet: no it’s not like dat. I was not crying due to him. It was sumthing else.

Maan: ok. But tell me wat he was saying to u in d party

Geet: Maan pls leave it Na. it’s all over nw

Maan: Geet I asked wat he was saying to u in d party

Geet: Maan please��

Maan (raises his voice): Geet tell me wat he was saying to u?


Geet sighed knowing dat he was nowhere to listen to her. She told him everything whatever he said to her nd hw was his behaviour towards her only to give rise to Maan’s anger. His grip on her shoulders gets tightened making her wincing in pain. He quickly leaves her nd started moving towards d car. Geet knows dat it was cuming. She has seen his facial expression while she was telling him about Rahul nd his behaviour. Nw he’ll not Leave Rahul. Dats d reason she was not telling him anything. Bt she has to stop him rite nw or else god knows wat he’ll do.


Maan was in full rage wen Geet told him about Rahul. It was impossible for him to control his anger rite nw. hw dare he lay his lusty eyes on Geet; on his Geet. how dare he even stand in front of her let alone talk to her. Dere’s no way he’s going to leave him. He (Rahul) had hurted her before also nd has given enough pain but at dat tym he was not dere in her lyf but nw he have to think twice before hurting her or to do anything which affect Geet emotionally or physically.


He was about to enter in d car wen Geet stopped him by holding his hand. He looked at her nd all dat Geet can see in his face was just Anger nd rage.


Maan: Geet, leave my hand.

Geet: Maan Pls. Where r u going?

Maan: To tell him his actual place.

Geet: Maan Pls u r not going anywhere

Maan: Dnt try to stop me Geet because ur effort will only turn futile.

Geet: Maan pls. Dere’s no point of doing all dis


Maan jerked her hand held her close by her shoulders.


Maan (raising his voice): Ofcourse dere’s a point Geet, hw dare he? Hw dare he lays his Lusty Eyes on u? Hw dare he to even look at you? I’ll just takes his eyes off from his socket.


His eyes were burning in Anger nd more of it he’s burning inside nd Geet could tell dis d way he was holding her without caring dat its hurting her. His Grip on her was strong yet possessive.


Maan: Just make one thing clear in Ur mind Geet; I’ll not let anyone mark my words anyone to even stand close to u who had intention to harm u in any way let alone touch u. I’ll not let dat person see d next day of his lyf if he brought tears in ur eyes. Even the air in which u breath had to face me first; has to take my permission first before harming u nd no one can stop me. Not even u Geet.



Geet just looks at him lost. She dnt know wat she should say to him. Words r not forming to say anything. She has never seen dis side of his. Yes, he was possessive about her before also, he gets Angry if anyone say or do wrong wid her before also; but wat she’s seeing today dat she had never seen before. It seems dese 5 years has increased not only his Love for her but also his Possesiveness for her. She don’t know dis Maan. This Maan is new to her who had everything in extreme right from his Love to his Anger to his Possesiveness for her. She dnt know dat if she had seen correct but she has seen fear in his eyes along wid anger. D same fear which she was having few hrs back for him nw reflecting nw in his own eyes. she don’t understand whose sound is more loud? D sound of blowing winds; d Sound of her own thudding heart or d volume of his Love? Her trance broken wen he spoke again


Maan: Geet, no matter hw much problems r dere between us, no matter whatever has happened between us, no matter hw much far away we’ve gone from each other, no matter wats d future of our relationship is but I cant see anyone or anything harming you. I’ll kill dat person wid my bare hands who’ll even think of harming u emotionally or physically.

Geet (slowly): Y?

Maan: har sawaal ka jawab dena zaroori nahi hota Geet aur na hi har cheez ki koi vajah hoti hai. Kuch cheezein aur kuch sawaal bina wajah aur bina kisi jawab ke hote hai.


Geet’s Monologue:


Who’s he? I don’t know him? yes I dnt know him? he’s not d Maan whom I knw. no doubt dat Maan cares for me, concerned for me, was possessive for me but yet he was never dis much serious for me. Nd dis Maan; Dis Maan is new to me who had everything in extreme. His Anger, his Love, his possessiveness everything. Dat Maan had never claimed to kill anyone for me. Dat Maan has never been dis much aggressive. Nd Dis Maan; dis Maan is ready to kill anyone who’ll even see me wid d intention of hurting den let alone touch me.


Isn’t he d same Maan who himself has hurted me 5 years back nd nw can go to any extent for protecting me from dis evil World? Isnt he d same Maan who himself was d reason for my tears nd now he’s ready to kill d person who’ll ever bring tears in my eyes? Isn’t he d same Maan who was least care for me nd nw can understand even small things which I dnt even say? Isn’t he d same Maan who never takes anything seriously nd nw is ready to kill Rahul without any second thought? And most importantly Isn’t he d same Maan who had once said me dat dere’s was no Love between us but just a mere attraction nd nw head over heels in Love wid me?


I knw if he says dat he’ll kill dat person who’ll even think of hurting me emotionally or hysically den he mean it. May be 5 years back I can say dat he’ll forget all dis as d tym passes but nw I cant even say dat he’ll ever forget all dis because I know dat he’ll not. He’ll not forgive any person who even thinks of hurting me even if it was me myself even if dat person was he himself. Dis Maan is alien to me; his Love is Alien to me. Nd nw m finding myself stuck between Maan of 5 years back nd d Maan who’s standing in front of me.


(Geet’s Monologue Ends)


A lone tear escaped from her eyes seeing his patience nd unconditional Love for her. Den y its getting difficult for her to go close to him wen each nd every fibre of her body wants to be in his embrace; wen she herself wants to melt in his arms; d arms where she knows dat she’ll be safe from d whole world.


Maan’s expressions softens seeing her like dat nd he instantly loosen his grip on her nd cradled her face wid his hand nd wipes d tear dat has just escaped from her eyes. dey remain stayed like dat position only lost in each other’s eyes god knows for hw long which were speaking in volumes. Dey didn’t need words to express wats going in each other’s heart; dere eyes conveyed everything to each other.Dey didn’t even realize dat it had started raining nd dey r drenching in dat.


Rains, which always had special connection wid dem nd dere relationship. Which always has witnessed dere special moments. Which has witnessed dere moment of love wen dey first kissed each other; Which has witnessed dere separation; Which has witnessed dere pain of staying away from each other for whole 5 years nd nw d same Rains is witnessing dere pure nd unconditional Love which is oozing from each others eyes nd hearts


Geet comes into her senses wid d sound of thunder nd slowly backs out. She started moving towards d car slowly but it seems that her heart is ripping apart from her body; that someone is snatching away her soul from her. as soon as she reached d car, a Loud voice of Thunder has scared her nd she runs towards Maan who was still standing dere looking at her retreating form nd within no tym she hides herself in his embrace. Maan hugged her instantly nd cocooned her in his arms protecting her from every fears of her.


Dere Protective hug soons turns into a passionate one as dey both hugged each other more close to demselves. His hand started caressing her back while her hold gets tightened on him. lost in each other’s embrace dey remained like dat only. Geet had stopped thinking rational long back. she dnt knw wat she’s doing; she dnt know y did she hugged him wen she never gets scared from d voice of thunder. All she knows dat she wanted to be in his embrace; all she knows dat she’s in d Arms of d person who is head over heels in love wid her nd for whom she means whole world.


After a long dey pulled out from hug but still lost in each other’s eyes. Maan looked at her beautiful angelic face which was drenching in rain. D drops of rains was all over on her face which seems like dew drops on a fresh flower. She was totally drenched in rain which were making her curves more visible nd prominent. Her wet locks, her wet lashes everything was making him to lose his senses.


Geet looks into his eyes only to find Desire nd Passion over dere. d same desire nd passion which was dere Deep in her heart too which she herself didn’t know exist in her till now. his intense gaze was burning her but she didn’t found lust in those gaze instead she found immense love in dat for her.


He slowly removes her wet strands from her face which were blocking his view nd tucked dem behind her ears while his one hand is still holding her from her waist caressing her bare back. His soft warm touch on her cold body was making her loose all her senses. She felt her knees getting weak. One more move of his nd she’ll melt rite den nd dere.


His gaze move on her pink luscious lips nd d water droplets on dem which were tempting him badly nd he felt an unknown urge to feel dem, to drink dose droplets from dose petals. He closed his eyes nd bends down towards her lips. She could feel his warm breath on her lips nd she closed her eyes to melt in d moment. Her senses have stopped working long back. She’s in no state of think anything rational. Her breathing gets heavied nd she parted her lips. Maan moves his face more close to her nd he was almost touching her lips.


He was about to kiss her wen a loud voice of thunder brokes dere Reverie nd dey came back to dere senses. Geet opens her eyes instantly nd jerked back from him. Maan too came into senses nd realizes wat dey were doing. He pushed back his hairs behind in shock nd looked at Geet who was standing dere all flushed nd shocked covering her mouth wid her hands.


Maan: Geet Wo�..

Geet (intervenes): Mujhe Hotel waapas jana hai Maan.

Maan: hhhmmm


He said nd dey both get seated in d car nd started heading towards hotel.




After half an hour of drive both reached to hotel. Maan took d keys from reception nd dey headed towards dere Room. Throughout d drive dey both are silent. None of dem speaks to each other. Maan was not able to meet her eyes. hw can he lose himself so much? He thought. But dats wat happened wenever she’s so close to him. But wat explanation will he give to her wen she ask him about dis wen he himself had no explanation of his act.


Dey both were now in dere Room still not looking at each other. None had courage to speak after wat happened few moments back. Finally Maan decided to break d ice.


Maan: Wo.. U go nd change or else u’ll catch cold.


Geet just nodded to his statement. She takes her clothes nd goes inside washroom to change.


Maan too changes himself into dry clothes nd sits on d couch thinking about d event dat had occurred few mins. Back. He still couldn’t believe dat he had done all dat. she was scared datsy she hugged him but wats wrong wid him. Y did he done dat? If dat thunder sound didn’t occur den dey would end up in kissing. He wonders wat Geet would be feeling rite nw for him. Will she even talk to him after dis? He gets frustrated on himself for loosing control. He was sure dat Geet is not going to forgive him for dis. already dere Relationship is in a very weak phase nd after dis he feared dat she will even look at him. No, he should apologize to her nd he’ll apologize if it results into saving d little relationship dey had.




Geet was in d Washroom sitting at d edge of bath tub still in her wet clothes. She was lost in her own trail of thoughts nd confused on her own actions. Wat has been wrong wid her? Hw can she lose herself? She didn’t understand hw nd wen all dat happened. She only remembers d sound of thunder nd her running into his embrace. After dat she had no idea hw all dat happened. All she knows dat she was lost in his embrace nd den everything went automatic.


“But Y?” her mind cried. Y all dis has happened? She was never scared of Thunder sounds den y did she gets scared nw. Was it because she herself wanted to be in his embrace. Because d storm going in her heart was much stronger den d storm going outside. She can’t blame Maan because she herself was lost in dat moment.


But y all dis happening nw? Is it really a game of destiny dat dey always landed up in being so close to each other? Really Destiny wants dem to be together again? But if destiny wants dem to be together den y it separates dem at d first place? Or was it she to assume things? Hw will she face Maan nw? on one hand she keeps on saying to him dat nothing can be done between dem like before nd on d other hand she lost herself in him. hw can she be so vulnerable?


She hides her face between her palms nd closed her eyes. but as soon as she closed her eyes d image of her nd Maan so close to each other came in front of her. she opens her eyes instantly nd gulped her saliva. She didn’t cared to change herself into dry clothes nd remain seated dere lost in her thoughts until she saw darkness in front of her eyes nd everything went blurred nd den blank.




Maan was still sitting on d couch waiting for Geet to cum out so dat he can apologize to her but she was nowhere to cum out. It’s been 30 mins since she was inside nd still dere’s no sign of her to cum out. He was getting worried nw. Knowing her he knows dat she’ll blame herself for all dis. he feared dat she might end up doing sumthing stupid. He decides to check on her.


He goes towards d Washroom nd knocks d Door couple of tymes but she didn’t respond.


Maan: Geet! Geet, u okay?


But still dere was no response from her


Maan: Geet, tum theek ho na? Wat taking u so long?


Saying dis he again knocks couple of tymes but she didn’t responded. He was getting worried nw. he dnt understand y is she not responding.


Maan: Geet, tum jawab kyun nahi de rahi? Tum theek to ho Na? Dekho i knw u r upset on me, I m Sorry for wat all had happened but we can talk rite? Open d Door.


But still dere’s no response


Maan: Geet, last tym m saying answer me or else I had to come inside


He thought dat dis might work nd she’ll respond him but still dere was no response from her. by every passing minute he was getting scared. Her not responding was making him restless nw. Finally having no other option he decided to go inside nd check himself. Though he was not sure whether he should do dis or not but wen it comes to Geet he never thought before deciding anything.


He pushed nd kicked d Door For few mins nd finally it jerked open. He quickly goes inside only to find her petite body lying unconscious on floor. A fear ran thru his spine wen he saw her in dat condition. He quickly goes near her nd noticed dat she’s still in her wet clothes. He brings her head on his lap nd started patting her cheeks to bring her back from unconciousness.


Maan: Geet, Geet open ur eyes. Pls open ur eyes.


He patted several tymes nd noticed dat she’s having high temperature. He quickly scoops her up in his arms nd brings her out from Washroom.




Maan: Wat Do u Mean dat no Doctor can be available rite nw? My Wife is having such a high temperature nd here giving me lame excuses.

Receptionist: We r extremely Sorry Sir, but its raining heavily outside. No Doctor is able to come in dis heavy rain moreover we dnt have any Doctor in our Hotel also.

Maan: Listen just keep dese excuses to u only. Just make one thing clear in ur mind if anything would happen to my Geet den I swear people will Forget dat dere’s any hotel also of xyz name.


He said nd disconnected d call nd throws away her cell in frustration. He looks at Geet who was still lying unconscious on bed. He goes near her nd started rubbing her hand nd feet to get sum response from her but she was still lying lifeless. Her temperature was increasing by every passing minute nd he’s not able to do anything. For d first tym in his lyf he was feeling so helpless. He again rubs her hand to pass sum heat on her body


Maan: Geet, pls open ur eyes. I m sorry Geet for wat all had happened. It was my mistake. pls don’t punish urself for it. Pls open ur eyes.


He was rubbing her hands nd feets pleading her to open her eyes wen Geet’s cellphone started ringing. He cuts d call without even seeing d name nd again patted her cheeks. But d cellphone was ringing continuously irritating him more. Finally his patience gave up nd he answered d call nd without even seeing d number he barked on d caller


Maan: Cant u just stop calling? If a person is taking ur call Everytym den it means dat person can’t talk to u rite nw. don’t u know dis simple thing?


He takes out all his frustration on d poor caller without even knowing who was on d other side until d caller spoke.


Caller: ummm Geet�


Maan realizes dat it was sum girl on whom he had shouted dis much. He closed his eyes nd clams himself


Maan: Whose it?

Caller: Shilpa! Is it Geet’s no.?


Maan tries recalling where he heard dis name before den it strucks him dat Geet has mentioned about her in d evening only. She is Armaan’s Fiance.


Maan: Ya, it’s her no. only, nd I m.��..

Shilpa (intervenes): Maan, rite?

Maan (confused): tumhe kaise pata?

Shilpa (smiles): Bas pata hai. Anyways, where’s Geet?

Maan: Geet is not well

Shilpa: Not Well? But few hrs back she text me to call her nd nw u r saying she’s not well. Wat happen to her?

Maan: she’s having high Temperature due to drenching in rain. Actually�.


He couldn’t complete his sentence wen Shilpa intervenes


Shilpa: Wat? She drenched in Rain? Geet pagal hai kya? Hw can she drenched in rain so much?

Maan: Y? Is everything ok?

Shilpa: Don’t u knw Geet is having Sinus Problem.

Maan: Sinus Problem?

Shilpa: Ya. A slight cold weather can affect her. She was not supposed to drench in rain so much nd cherry on top it was winter’s rain which is more harmful for her. I dnt understand hw can she be so careless. I told her also to take precautions during winters but dis girl never listens to anyone. Maan, had she taken her medicine yet?

Maan: No, Actually she was unconscious wen I saw her.

Shilpa: unconscious? Dis is sumthing new. She has never been unconscious during sinus. its sumthing else apart from sinus. Has she drenched for long?


Maan himself don’t know hw long dey were standing over dere drenching in Rain because at dat moment dey both lost the Track of tym derefore dere’s no answer wid him of Shilpa’s Question


Shilpa: Hello Maan! U dere?

Maan: umm ya� wo she didn’t drenched much in rain but she was in her wet clothes for long tym nd she’s still in her wet clothes nd unconscious.

Shilpa: O God! Wat should I do wid dis Girl? Maan just check in her bag; dere’s must be a medicine for her sinus. Just look in her bag.

Maan: Hhmmm


He said nd start fishing her bag. He searched each nd every corner but he didn’t find any medicine


Maan: Shilpa, dere’s no medicine in her bag.

Shilpa: oh y I m not surprised? She always runs away from medicines. Ok nw we are left wid only one option.


Maan somehow knows wat is she going to say next but yet to clear his Doubts he asked her because if she’s going to say d same thing which he was thinking den he was not sure whether he’ll be able to do dat or not


Maan: Which option?

Shilpa: Maan listen carefully wat I m going to say now. Maan now u have to change her clothes nd�..

Maan: No Shilpa I cant do dis. Pls dere’s must be any other way also.

Shilpa: Maan, its not right tym to think Rational nd m not only her friend but a Doctor also nd as a Doctor m telling u dat its necessary to change her clothes as soon as possible or else her condition will only gets worse. Till nw she’s unconscious nd having temperature but soon she’ll started shivering nd her body will get cold nd by every passing minute her condition will only get Worse.

Maan: But Shilpa, Is dere is not any other way?

Shilpa: No Maan u have to do dis. U have to change her in sum Dry clothes. Nd remember give her as much heat as possible. Her body needs heat to gain conscious. Use whichever source u can use; Blankets, fire or even Ur own body heat. But just pass some heat to her body.

Maan: Shilpa I can’t�..

Shilpa: Maan, I trust you nd more den me Geet trusts u nd u have to do dis for Geet. Pls.

Maan: ok.

Shilpa: thanx Maan. Call me if dere r any complication. I’ll call u again tomorrow. Ok.

Maan: hhhmm

Shilpa: Bye. Take care of Geet.

Maan: Shilpa!

Shilpa: ya

Maan: m sorry for yelling at u dat tym. Actually I �..

Shilpa: its ok Maan u dnt have to say sorry because I knw dat dere r only 2 persons who can be so much concerned for her dat dey forget rest of d World; one is Armaan nd d other person is Maan so I didn’t feel bad. Just take care of Geet.

Maan: ya bye.


He said nd disconnected d call nd looked at Geet who was lying on d bed ns shilpa’s words echoed in her mind.


“Maan now u have to change her clothes”


He dnt know wat he should do nw, hw should he do dis? Wat if Geet don’t trust him wen she gain conscious? Ok for once he can believe dat Geet will trust him, she’ll understand him wen he’ll tell her d situation but he’s doubting himself nw; his intentions. Because he’s not a God; he’s a simple Man who too had desires to be close to d person who is his lyf. Wat if he won’t be able to control himself. He closed his eyes nd moment dey spend wid each other few hrs back has flashed in his mind nd he snapped his eyes open. Wen her mere presence affect him so much den hw can he’ll be able to control himself at dis moment. Wat if he crosses his limits? He pushed his hairs back in frustration nd again reminded of Shilpa’s Words.


“Maan, its not right tym to think Rational”


“Its necessary to change her clothes as soon as possible or else her condition will only get worse.”


“Till nw she’s unconscious nd having temperature but soon she’ll started shivering nd her body will get cold nd by every passing minute her condition will only get Worse”


“Wat if anything happens to her” he thought. D only thought itself has made him Die 100 deaths. No he can’t let anything happen to her. He himself had promised her few hrs back dat he’ll not let anyone harm her even if dat person was he himself so he’ll stick to his promise. He don’t care hw will he control himself. He don’t care wat Geet will think or say to him wen she’ll wake up. He can take her hatred, her accusations but rite nw he has to do it. He’ll use each nd every fibre of his body to control himself but he’ll not let anything happen to her.


Determining this he moves his steps towards her. With each nd every step he has trying hard to control himself. He looked around for her clothes dat she has taken for change nd realize the clothes dat she has taken to change has been wet too due to falling in d bath tub. Nw only one option left wid him nd anyhow he had to do dat. he covered her wid blanket till her neck nd switched off d lights nd slowly brings her in his embrace.


His hands shivered while opening the Dori of her blouse. It was much more difficult den he thought. he’s facing a tough war between his Love nd his Desire for her nd by every passing minute his Desire is overcoming him over his Love. He was loosing himself by every passing second. Just den Shilpa’s words ring in his mind


“Maan, I trust you nd more den me Geet trusts u”


No he won’t do anything which will break her trust. Inspite of everything dat happened so far she trusted him last nite to let him sleep wid her. She trusted him enough to stay wid him in d same room so now he can’t do anything which will break her trust. He would rather die before doing anything which will break her trust. He closed his eyes to get control on passion arousing in him wid her being so close to him.


He slowly slid her pallu along wid d sleeves of her blouse off her shoulders nd den took it off from her body. She was still in his embrace nd her upper body is all bare. A chill ran down his spine wen his hand came in contact wid her bare back. He clenched his jaw tight in order to control himself from loosing.


He slowly made his hand towards her waist nd release her Saree from d skirt nd den took off d skirt. It took all his strength to get control on himself. Her proximity, her scent was just making him forget all his rationality. He himself could feel his hardening. Its not dat he lusts her; no dat feeling never existed between dem but he loves her madly nd his body, his soul needed her. He hugged her tightly nd placed kisses on her bare shoulders nd neck. He slowly nibbled her neck nd nuzzled in her hairs. He was almost on verge of loosing wen her words rang in his ears which she said to him last day wen dey came to hotel


“I Trust you” nd he snapped his eyes open. Those 3 words were enough for him to get control on himself. No matter hw much his body craved for her, no matter hw much his soul needed her yet he cant do anything which she regrets later. Thinking dis he took off her remaining clothes nd wrapped d blanket around her securely making sure it covered her petite body properly.


He gently laid her down nd switched on d lights. He looks at her pale face nd her body wrapped in blanket which was actually tempting him to touch her, to feel her. he quickly whacks himself in mind nd looked other way nd dis is wen he felt her shivering badly. He quickly turned to look at her nd saw her lips were trembling nd her body was getting cold nw. he quickly rubs her palm nd feet to make her feel better


Maan: Geet, Geet r u alright? Open ur eyes Geet.


He patted her cheeks several tym but her condition was only getting worse. By every passing minute he was getting worried for her. he rubs her palms several tymes but its of no use nd dis is wen it struck him wat Shilpa has said to him.


“Give her as much heat as possible. Her body needs heat to gain conscious.”


“Heat” he mumbled nd quickly goes to fireplace to lit d fire. He warms his hands in front of Fire nd den rubs dem against her cheeks nd palm but its nt affecting her. Finally he laid a matteress near fire nd places her on it nd sits beside her nd rubs her hand. Her body gets warm a bit but her shivering didn’t stopped. He noticed her lips trembling nd her breathing nw cuming in hiccups. Dis is not a Good Sign. He needs to do something fast or else he might loose her forever. But he had already done everything which was in his hand. Nw wat else he can do.


“Use whichever source u can use; Blankets, fire or even Ur own body heat.”


He gulped his saliva as dis thought crosses his mind. He already used Blanket nd Fire but dey r having least affect on her so now only one option left wid him


“Y God is testing my patience by every passing minute” he thought. But den he looked at Geet nd her condition nd her own heart cried seeing her like dat. he was in severe Diallema rite nw. Dey says its easy to choose between Right nd Wrong but its impossible to choose between Right nd Right. Maan was going through same condition. Maan knows dat Geet’s body needs heat nd d only source he was left nw was his own body heat but he feared dat wat if he ends up loosing d ounce of self control he had on him.


But dere’s no tym to think all dis. he can’t loose Geet due to his diallema between Right nd Right. She needs him right nw nd dere’s no way dat he’s going to leave her in dat condition. No Matter hw difficult it would be for him to control his desire, no Matter hw much he burn in d passion overflowing in him, no Matter hw much it would be tormenting for him; he’ll bear everything for her but he’ll not let anything happen to her.


So making a Decision he took off his clothes, wrapped himself in another blanket nd laid beside her hugging her tightly. He closed his eyes as his hand stroke her exposed back. He could feel her body getting warm so he hugged her more tightly against himself. D heat emerging from his body as making her warm nd her breathing was now getting normal. After sumtym he felt her moving a bit nd he smiles knowing dat she’s getting normal nw.


“Maan” he saw her mumbling his name continuously nd he hugged her more securely to him


Maan: Geet, m here only wid u. I’ll not go anywhere. Just open Ur eyes.


She opens her eyes slowly nd looks at him wid her drowsy eyes. A smile crept on her face seeing him wid her so close. She was still not fully conscious to make out wats happening but she could see his worried nd tensed face though she still couldn’t make out y is he so worried nd she is too oblivious about everything.


Maan: Geet, tum theek ho Na?


She didn’t answered instead she wrapped her arms around him nd held him tightly; close to herself.


He smiled seeing her submission nd hugged her closer to him. Though he knows dat it was due to her sub-conscious state nd wen she’ll wake up in d morning den he had to face many questions nd accusations from her but he’s ready to take all dat if it costs for being in each other arms although for few hrs only. But dese moments r going to be d golden moments for his whole lyftym where d love of his lyf is safe nd sound in his arms.






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Hey gals! me back wid another update thank u so much for all ur support nd co-operation so far. i really appreciate ur comments nd likes. so thanx from d core of my heart to all of u. i knw m not able to reply to ur comments but i’ll acknowledge each of u at d end of my SS. nw here’s d Part 27 of my SS. hope u all r going to like it. Pls feel free to criticise if u all dnt like it.

Nd ya Aakriti is disappointed wid d no. of likes in d prev part Cry. Pls hit d like button guys. it really means a lot to me.Smile

Part 27:
She opens her eyes slowly nd looks at him wid her drowsy eyes. A smile crept on her face seeing him wid her so close. She was still not fully conscious to make out wats happening but she could see his worried nd tensed face though she still couldn’t make out y is he so worried nd she is too oblivious about everything.


Maan: Geet, tum theek ho Na?


She didn’t answered instead she wrapped her arms around him nd held him tightly; close to herself.


He smiled seeing her submission nd hugged her closer to him. Though he knows dat it was due to her sub-conscious state nd wen she’ll wake up in d morning den he had to face many questions nd accusations from her but he’s ready to take all dat if it costs for being in each other arms although for few hrs only. But dese moments r going to be d golden moments for his whole lyftym where d love of his lyf is safe nd sound in his arms.




Next morning wen Geet opens her eyes she found herself in Maan’s Arms who was hugging her tightly nd securely close to him. She couldnt make out at first but den her eyes widened in shock nd Horror wen she saw him wearing nothing nd just wrapped in blanket nd sleeping so close to her.


“Wat is he doing here wid me nd dat too in dis Condition” She thought nd den she looked at herself nd found herself wrapped in blanket too. She instantly get up nd removed his hand from her nd moves away from dere. She looked around herself nd saw her clothes lying on d floor along wid his. She covered her mouth in shock nd gulped down her saliva in fear thinking wat dey might have done.


“Did they�� Did they crossed dere limits last nite” she closed her eyes as d thought crosses her mind. D thought itself had send shivers down her spine. Tears welled up in her eyes by just d thought. Maan opens his eyes as he felt d warmth missing from his arms. He got up nd looked at Geet who was standing all shocked, scared nd perplexed. He knows wat is she thinking nd he had to tell her fast wat all had happened before she makes her own assumptions.


He was about to call her wen Geet looked at him nd he couldn’t say anything else seeing her painful expressions. He saw tears in her eyes nd instantly closed his eyes seeing her like dat. dis is sumthing dat he can’t stand. He had to tell her wats d truth before she do or think anything wrong. Determining dis he opened her eyes only to saw her running towards Washroom. He tried calling her but she has already gone inside d Washroom closing d door behind her.


Maan closed his eyes in frustration nd pain. He knows dis was cuming. He knew it dat Geet will react like dis only wen she’ll wake up. He must have saved her lyf last nite but he had lost her from his lyf forever. How on earth is he going to tell her wats d Truth nd if he sumhow tells her also den will she believe him. He closed his eyes yet again only to see her hurt nd tear stricken face. No she’ll not believe him. She had already made her own assumptions. But he still need to tell her, to clear all misunderstandings nd even after dat also Geet wont belive him den he’ll go out from her lyf. Last thing dat he wants is to be d reason of Geet’s pain. Already he had given her enough pain in d past nd nw he wont repeat same mistake. Determining dis he picks up his clothes nd looked at d Washroom’s door which was still closed.




Geet closed d Door behind her nd rests herself at it. She was still shocked nd scared just by d thought dat may be last nite dey crossed all dere limits but she still couldn’t make out wat actually has happened. Last she remembers dat she was in d washroom only lost in her thoughts nd later in d morning she found herself in Maan’s embrace just wrapped in blanket. She tried hard to figure out wat could have happened in between but her mind was just blank. She closed her eyes in pain nd agony nd dats wen she reminded of Maan’s words


“I’ll not let anyone mark my words anyone to even stand close to u who had intention to harm u in any way let alone touch u. I’ll not let dat person see d next day of his lyf if he brought tears in Ur eyes. Even the air in which u breath had to face me first; has to take my permission first before harming u nd no one can stop me. Not even u Geet”


“Geet, no matter hw much problems r dere between us, no matter whatever has happened between us, no matter hw much far away we’ve gone from each other, no matter wats d future of our relationship is but I cant see anyone or anything harming you. I’ll kill dat person wid my bare hands who’ll even think of harming u emotionally or physically.”


Nd she snapped her eyes open. Wat was she thinking? She is doubting Maan nd his intentions. Hw can she even think of dat? hw can she Doubt Maan? Hasn’t she saw d immense love in his eyes last nite? Hasn’t she saw his care, his possessiveness for her in his eyes last nite dat today she’s thinking all dis. For once she can doubt herself; for once she can doubt dat she can loose her control nd gets flow in d moment but Maan, Maan can never do dis. he’ll rather die before disgracing her.


No Matter wat relationship dey had nw. No matter hw much she wants to stay away from him due to her fear but she can still never doubt him or his intentions. Ya dats true dat last nite dey did gets lost in each other for few moments but at dat tym also his Eyes was just full of Love. She had never seen Lust in dose eyes. Not Even den also wen dey were together. He never forces himself on her during dat tym also instead seeked her permission everytym before kissing her den hw can she even think dat he’ll do any sort of such thing nw nd specially wen he’s so much irrecoverably in Love wid her. No, Maan can never do such thing wid her not even den also wen she’s unconscious. Her heart is not believeing dat Maan will ever cross his limits without her will


She looked herself in d mirror. Dere is no Sign of Love Bites neither she’s feeling sore between her legs which indicates dat dey haven’t done anything last nite. She smiles nd sighed in relief. Her heart was rite. Maan had not crossed his limits. He haven’t done anything dat would make herself fall in her own eyes.


But Den y is she just wrapped in blanket only? Nd how cum dey were sleeping so close to each other? Wat could have actually happened between dem? Numerous thoughts were running in her mind nd she knows dat only Maan can answer her questions but she’ll not ask him anything. She will let him tell himself only. She remembered Maan’s hurt face in d morning.


“O god wat he must be thinking? He must be thinking dat I don’t trust him or his intentions.” She thought. But he was rite sumwhere. She had got distracted for sumtym but nw not. She believes him no matter wat nd she’ll not ask him single questions after getting out. If he had wrapped her in blanket, if he was sleeping beside her so close den dere must be sum strong reason reason for dat. dere’s definitely a piece of puzzle is missing which she’ll let him complete by himself..




Maan was waiting impatiently for Geet outside d Washroom. He don’t know hw is he going to convience her dat nothing of dat sort happened between dem wat she is thinking. He had not nd neither he’ll ever cross his limits. He need to clear dis misunderstanding between dem before it cause damage to wat little relationship dey had. But wat taking her so long to cum, he thought. He gets scared thinking of last nite incident wen she was taking dis much tym only nd later he found her unconscious. No he needs to check. Thinking dis he gets up from d couch nd was about to go towards d Door wen he heard d sound of opening d door nd saw Geet cuming out from it all safe nd sound. He takes a breath in relief seeing her all safe nd sound.


Geet looks at Maan who was looking at her unblinkingly. She knows wat he’s thinking. He’s thinking dat she does not trust him. But he was wrong. She trusts him datsy she’s not asking anything but dis is also true dat she’s waiting impatiently for him to speak so dat she can find dat missing part which was creating havoc in her heart. She lowers her gaze nd moves towards d Dresser.


Maan (to himself): Y is she not asking me anything? Was she so angry from me dat nw she’ll not even talk to me, not even give me a chance to explain myself? She is not even looking at me. Had I really lost her for forever? No I can’t afford dis. she had to listen me once atleast nd after dat its upto her to believe me or not but I’ll not lose her before clearing all her doubts.


Thinking dis he moves towards Geet. Geet saw him cuming towards her in Mirror nd her own heart started beating faster wid his each move towards her nd finally he was standing just behind her.


“Geet” he called in his husky voice but Geet could feel d pain in it. She instantly turned around to look at him. Her wet hairs brushes across his face while turning sending chills in Maan’s Body. He closed his eyes for a while to get d feel of her scented hairs. He slowly opens his eyes to look at her beautiful face which was partly covered wid d wet strands of her hairs. He had completely forgotten for wat he was here nd gets lost in her divine beauty yet again. He brings his hand towards her face nd removed d wet strands from dere which were teasing his senses by blocking his view sending goosebumps in her body. She closed her eyes to feel his touch nd her hands turned into fists to get control on herself. One part of her wants him to be close to her like dis only but other part was just pushing him away due to fear of getting hurt by him yet again.


Maan kept looking at her face, drinking her beauty from his eyes. it was really tough to control his temptation, his desire for her wen she’s so close to him but at d same tym he don’t want to do anything which can hurt her further nd as realization hits him he slowly backs out from her nd looked other way. Geet opens her eyes wen she felt him drawing back away from her nd looked at him who was looking other side. She moves her hand to touch his arm nd dis is wen Maan turned around to speak to her nd she takes her hand back nd cleared her throat


Geet: U wanted to say sumthing to me?

Maan: Geet, I knw wat u r thinking nd u r right at ur place but Geet pls let me clear myself once nd after dat its upto u to trust me or not but pls just listen to me once.


He said nd waited for Geet to react but she didn’t said anything he continues


Maan: Geet, I dnt know dat whether u r going to believe or not wat m going to say now but pls trust me Geet wat m going to say now, each nd every word of its is true. Geet, I knw wat u r thinking about me since morning nd u r not wrong also. Anyone can think like dat only but Geet I just wanted to say dat wat u r thinking is utterly wrong. Actually last nite wen u didn’t came out for long I got worried for u. I knocked d Door couple of tymes but u didn’t responded, den finally I had to cum inside nd wen I came inside I saw u lyieng on floor unconscious nd den I got scared. U r having high temperature also nd didn’t changed Ur wet clothes either. Ur condition was getting worse by every passing minute so I�. (He closes his eyes for a while nd takes a deep breath before completing further) I changed Ur clothes.


Geet eyes widened listening to his last sentence.


Geet (to herself): He� He changed my clothes last nite. Did he saw me without clothes? Haye Babaji! Hw m I going to face him nw.


D thought dat Maan had changed her clothes made her feel embarrassed. Maan looked at her flushed face nd instantly realize wat is she thinking rite nw so he immediately said to clear her doubts


Maan: No� u r thinking wrong? I haven’t� I haven’t seen anything. I had switched off d lights while changing.


Geet let go d breath dat she’s been holding till nw. she whacks herself in mind on her silly thought. Hw can she even think dat Maan will see her like dat. she looked at Maan nd waited for him to speak further


Maan: I looked around for sum dry clothes but d clothes dat u took into d washroom for change was got wet due to falling in bath tub. I didn’t know wat should I do at dat tym so I wrapped blanket around u securely nd tightly making sure dat it covers u properly. But even after dat also Ur condition was getting worse. U r shivering nd ur breathings were cuming in hiccups nd Fire nd blanket were also showing least affect on u so I�.. I had just one option wid me. To give u warmth thru my body heat (he closed his eyes for a while nd den again speaks) nd datsy I was so close to u in d morning dis morning. Trust me Geet wat I said was truth. I haven’t crossed my limits. I can’t even think of dat. I would rather die before breaking Ur trust. I haven’t done anything which can disgrace u. I haven’t even saw u while changing Ur clothes�. I.�. I haven’t crossed my limits. I��..


He couldn’t say further as Geet puts finger on his lips stopping him to say further. He don’t have to clarify himself anymore. She trusts him. She trusts on each nd every word he said to her. She listened to him just because she wanted to know wat exactly had happened, just because she wanted him to remove d burden from his heart. yes, she did thought for a while dat dey might had crossed dere limits but dat fear she had for herself because she always loose herself wen he’s around her. No matter wat he did to her in past but still her heart can’t believe dat he’ll ever do sumthing like dat. nd today he had proved dat she was not wrong about him, dat her heart was not wrong about him.


Maan felt a current jolted in his body wen his lips came in contact wid her skin. He looked in her eyes which had thousand emotions in dem but for d first tym he’s not able to read dose eyes. He’s not able to understand dat y Geet stopped him to speak further. Does she dnt want to trust him? Had she didn’t believed on wat all he had said? Was dis d end of dere Relationship? Just wen he was thinking all dis Geet spoke


Geet: u dnt have to say anything further. U dnt have to clarify urself anymore. I trust on whatever u said. I trust u Maan.


His heart danced in joy after hearing her last sentence. She trusts him. His Geet trusts him. She didn’t doubt his intentions. She didn’t doubt him.



Maan: So dat means u didn’t doubt me?

Geet: Frankly speaking I did got confused in d morning wen I saw both of us so close to each other in d morning at dat condition due to which I was not able to make out anything nd my thought wanders just on d fact dat we�. We crossed our limits. But den wen I gave a thought on it den I realize dat I was wrong. My heart was saying dat u can’t do any such thing wid me. Datsy I didn’t questioned u wen I came out. D reason I let u speak because I want to know dat missing part dat lead dis confusion in my mind. But dat doesn’t mean dat I didn’t trust u Maan. I trust u Maan. I knw dat u’ll not do anything like dat wid me. I knw dat u’ll never disgrace me. I knw dat u’ll never ever cross Ur limit.


As soon as she finished her last sentence Maan cocooned her in a bear hug without any second thought. He don’t know any other way to express his happiness. He can’t express hw much relieved he was feeling rite nw. She didn’t doubt him; d fact only gave immense pleasure to his heart. Finally he was able to gain her trust at sum place. May be she still dnt trust him wid his feelings may be she still fears dat he can break her heart again but atleast she trusts him dat he’ll never do anything wrong wid her nd dis is d most important thing for him. He felt all d torture, all d tension dat he beared last nite worth.


Maan: Thanx Geet. Thank u so much for keeping Ur trust me. U dnt have slightest idea hw much relieved I m. I was so tensed since last nite just by d thought dat u’ll not believe me wen I’ll tell u. but today u took away all my tension. Thank u so much Geet.


Geet was not ready for dis sudden hug. She left her hands on either sides not sure whether to hug him or not. She can feel happiness in his voice she raises her hands a bit to hug him he pulled out from hug realizing his actions.


Maan: Wo… I think I should go nd take d shower.


Geet nodded slowly nd he left for Washroom giving a last look to Geet.




After a While wen Maan came out from d Washroom he saw Geet arranging her bag. He frowned thinking y is she doing dat? Geet felt his presence behind her nd smiled weakly looking at her.


Maan: Geet, wat r u doing?

Geet: Arranging d bag Maan. We have to leave for Mumbai in d evening, remember?


Maan had completely forgetten dat dey had to leave for Mumbai dis evening. He felt a pang in his heart knowing dat dis is d last day wen dey’ll be stay together nd close to each other as after reaching Mumbai d only tym wen dey meet each other wiil be den wen dey were in office or wid Yash nd Meera. Dese 2 days were d best days of his lyf where his Geet was wid him in d same room, under one roof nd nw dey’ll never get dis chance again. Wat he should do now? Should he tell her dat he can’t live without her anymore? Should he tell her dat he can’t bear dis distance between dem anymore?


Geet turned to look at him wen she didn’t got any answer only to find him lost in his own world. She snapped her fingers in front of his eyes to bring him back from his reverie.


Geet: Maan, kaha kho Gaye? Packing nahi karni kya?


Maan looked at Geet nd was confused to see her behave so normal. Don’t she feels d same like he was feeling? Don’t she’s feels d pain dat nw dey’ll not able to be so close to each other again?  If she’s also d feeling d same den y is she behaving like everything is normal. Had she really moved on in her lyf? But least he knows dat Geet too feels d same wat he’s feeling rite nw but d fact is dat she had put a brave face to mask her emotions. He was again brought back into reality by Geet’s voice.


Geet: Maan kya hua? Tum theek to ho na?

Maan: Geet wo main�.


He couldn’t complete his sentence wen Geet’s cellphone started ringing. It was from Deeps.


Geet: ek min. Maan (den after taking d call) Ya Deeps, hi!

Deeps: Hey Geet! Just wanted to ask u dat r u ready?

Geet: ya m ready.

Deeps: ok den I m leaving in 15 mins from home nd will be dere in half an hour so meet me at d entrance of hotel in half an hour.

Geet: Sure. I’ll be dere. Bye!

Deeps: bye


She said nd cuts d call.


Maan: R u going sumwhere?

Geet: ya m going out wid Deeps

Maan: but where?

Geet: m going to meet Preeti.

Maan: Preeti? Is she also in lonavala? Den y she didn’t came in d party last nite.

Geet: Maan, Preeti is in asylum.

Maan: Asylum? But y?


Geet narrates him d whole incident dat she came to know from Deeps


Maan: So, last nite u were crying due to Preeti


Geet said nothing but nodded slowly still hiding d actual reason.


Maan: Tum bhi Na Geet. Acha u get ready den nd I’ll also cum wid u.

Geet: Wat? But y?

Maan: Wat do u mean by Y? I wanted to meet her too. Y, Don’t u want me to cum wid u?

Geet: No Maan its not like dat. I was saying because may be u r forgetting dat today we have to complete d legal formalities regarding d Land nd since m going to meet Preeti its necessary for u to be over dere.

Maan: But Geet………

Geet: I’ll join u over dere soon ok.


Maan (to himself): hw should I tell u Geet, dat meeting Preeti was just an excuse. I just wanted to spend as much tym as I can before leaving for Mumbai. But u r also right. We should not forget our responsibilities towards our work.


Geet (to herself): I know Maan dat Ur will to meet to Preeti was just an excuse but m sorry to hurt u Maan but I cant take u over dere wid me because I myself don’t know hw will I react over dere nd if u’ll be dere wid me den I afraid dat I might get weak.


After a long silence Maan spoke


Maan: ok as u say, but pls try to cum soon.

Geet: I’ll.


Suddenly Geet goty msg from Deeps dat she’s waiting for her at d entrance so she quickly takes her purse nd headed towards d door but before she could step Maan called her


Maan: Geet


She instantly stop in her tracks. She don’t know y but she felt pain in dat Voice. She quickly turns to look at him


Maan: Wo………if u dnt mind den after completing our respective works can we go out for site seeing ‘together’


He said nd looked at Geet wid some hope. D expression in his Voice was sumthing which Geet cant ignore neither she had heart to refuse him seeing his pleading voice especially den wen her own heart wants to be wid him; so she slowly nodded wid smile nd steps out leaving Maan behind happy nd contended.




After 1 hr of Drive Deeps nd Geet reached to d Assylum where Preeti was admitted. Geet’s heart already started beating fast just by thinking of her friend’s condition. She was afraid to break down in front of her. in d meantym dey reached to d Room where Preeti was admitted.


Geet saw her sitting at bed nd writing sumthing while clutching a Red Dupatta in a hand. She was so engrossed in her work dat she didn’t noticed dere presence in d room. Geet’s heart cried seeing her in dat condition. She couldn’t believe dat she was d same Preeti who doesn’t leave a chance to make fun of anyone nd now her own life has become a joke. Deeps keeps a hand on Geet’s shoulders to calm her nd called Preeti


Deeps: Preeti


Nd she instantly looks up nd her face lits up seeing Deeps.


Preeti: Deeps!


She said nd streches her arms to hug her. Deeps goes close to her nd hugs her but suddenly Preeti pouted nd pulls away from d hug


Preeti: m not talking to u?

Deeps: y?

Preeti: u didn’t come to meet me since last 4 days. U knw hw much I was missing u? u knw na my Marriage in due in few days nd u r not here to help me.

Deeps: I m so sorry sweety but I was bit busy. Acha is baar maaf kardo next tym aisa nahi hoga. (She said while holding her ears)

Preeti: last tym


Dats wen her eyes fall on Geet who was standing at d corner wid tears in her eyes.


Preeti: Who’s she? Nd y is she standing over dere?

Deeps: She’s Geet, my friend. She’s here to help u in Ur wedding preparations.


Deeps gestures Geet to come towards dem. Geet cumes nd sits beside Preeti.


Geet: Hi!

Preeti: Hi Geet! hws u? U r here to help me in my wedding?

Geet: ya.

Preeti: thank u. u r so sweet nd ur name is also very sweet.

Geet: thanx. But wat are u doing wid dis notepad? Are u making list?

Preeti: No, wo to I m writing letter to Kuldeep. He’s not here Na nd his cell is also out of reach so m writing letter to him to cum back soon. U knw Na dat my wedding is in few days nd he has gone out for sum urgent work. (Den suddenly sumthing strucks her) hey Geet, tum mera ek kaam karogi pls?

Geet: ya.

Preeti: Tum pls mera ye letter us tak pahucha dogi. U knw I had send him 1000 letters till nw but it seems he didn’t get dem so will u pls give dis letter to him.


Dats it! Geet lost d ounce of self control dat she had on her nd she hugged her started crying silently seeing her condition. Preeti felt her shoulder wet nd she pulls out from hug. She frowned seeing her condition nd wipes away her tears.


Preeti: y r u Crying? Did he hurted u? If he had hurted u den tell me I’ll scold him badly. Hw dare he to hurt such a sweet girl like u.


It was getting hard for Geet to stay over dere even a minute so she quickly rishes out wiping her tears. She wished dat Maan would be here wid her at dis moment to console her. Preeti looks confused at Geet’s Retreating form so Deeps asked her to wait while she goes out to see Geet.


Geet cries bitterly hugging Deeps. Deeps consoles her nd after a while Geet composes herself nd goes inside to meet Preeti again. Dey spend sumtym wid each other nd den left promising Preeti dat dey’ll be back soon.


After cuming out from Geet let go d tears dat she has been holding back till nw. Deeps saw dis nd consoles her.


Deeps: dekha tumne? Since last 2 years it’s just like dis only. Wenever me nd Ashish goes to meet her she use to behave like dis only nd complains us for not participating in her Marriage activities.

Geet: But Deeps, she’s been in treatment for so long den y is she not improving?

Deeps: its not like dat Geet. She has improved a lot. U knw initially she was not ready to even look at me. She was thinking dat I’ll take away her love from her but slowly slowly she opens up in front of me nd see today she talked to u also. But Doctors are saying dat she has been so much mentally affected dat it’ll take sumtym to recover.

Geet: hhmmm

Deeps: U knw Geet I always think dat Kuldeep loves her truly, dat he’ll never leave her at any cost because of d one-woman-man image he created in front of us nd I always doubt Maan sumwhere dat may be he can ditch u for any other girl nd I shared dis wid u also, remember?

Geet: ya.

Deeps: but after wat Kuldeep did to Preeti I changed my thoughts. Kabhi kabhi hum jo sochte hai zaruri nahi ki wo sahi ho. Nd urs nd Maan’s Relationship has proved me long nd m happy to be proved wrong. Geet tum aur Maan bahut lucky ho dat u both got each other’s love. Everyone is not dis much lucky enough. Geet 5 saal kafi hote hai Kisi insaan ko badalne ke liye. u both r away from each other for 5 whole years but neither of u had ever thought of cheating d other behind dere back. ok for once I can be sure in ur case but Maan, we both knows hw he was wen u came to his lyf.


Geet slowly nodded nd Deeps Continues


Deeps: Geet, Maan can easily have number of affairs behind Ur back without ur knowledge but he didn’t. He was always loyal to u nd m damn sure dat he haven’t given any other girl a second glance also. nd I can say dat because in dese 5 years we got numerous news about Maan thru media but it was always regarding his achievements nd all; we never heard even his name linking up wid any girl nd after seeing both of u together nd dat too so much in love wid each other even after staying away for 5 years from each other; my all doubts r cleared nd I believed dat u guys r truly made for each other nd no matter wat Maan will never leave u in mid-way. U knw anyone can carry dere relationship by staying close to each other but it’s very difficult to carry d relationship wid full loyalty but u nd Maan nd proved dat nothing is difficult wen u r so much in love wid sumone.


Geet went thoughtful after listening wat Deeps has said. She is rite Maan can do anything behind her back. Who was dere to stop him or see him nd she even broke up also wid him so he was free to do anything but he didn’t; instead he waited paitently for her nd still waiting. Den y is she not able to get rid from her insecurities? Dis she also knows dat sumwhere her heart has forgiven Maan but still one part of it fears of getting hurted once again. She came out of her reverie wen she listens Deeps cell phone ringing.


Deeps: ya…… Ok I’ll be rite dere (den to Geet) Geet dere’s an emergency in office nd Ashish is also not dere so I need to go to office. I’ll do one thing I’ll drop u to Ur hotel nd den go.

Geet: R u mad? Ur office route is opposite to mine. U go to office, I’ll manage.

Deeps: But Geet, hw will u……

Geet: dnt worry about me. I’ll manage. Nd if dere will be any problem den I’ll call Maan nd he’ll pick me up

Deeps: R u sure?

Geet: ya.

Deeps: ok den bye. Tc nd dnt go before meeting me

Geet: Sure. Bye!


She said nd deeps left from dere nd Geet too headed towards road to get a cab.




It’s been 20 mins. Since Geet is standing at d Road but she’s not getting any cab. She looked at watch nd remembers dat Maan has asked her to cum soon nd here she’s stuck up over here. She thought of calling Maan so dat he can pick her up. Thinking dis she called his no. but he didn’t respond.


“May be he’s busy wid d meeting” she thought nd tried calling him once more. She was waiting for his response wen someone called her


“Hey sweetheart waiting for me” she turned recognoizing whose voice it is nd her eyes widened in shock seeing him in front of him. It was none other den Rahul who was standing over dere wid a smirk on his face.


Rahul: u didn’t replied darling? Waiting for me?

Geet: just shut up.

Rahul: Ah! C’mon nw stop showing ur fake anger I knw u too wanted to meet me eagerly like I wanted

Geet: Den I must say dat u need a mental treatment. Dnt worry Asylum is rite here if u want I can admit u over dere. Nd to clear ur doubt m waiting for Maan.

Rahul: oh! Hw can I forget him? But I wonder y he’s not here wid u? Busy giving his company to any other girl (he said nd winks)

Geet: mind Ur language Rahul. I warned u before also dnt u dare to say a word against him.

Rahul: O my my, someone is getting angry. Seems u both r really cozy wid each other. So are u both enjoying each other? Is he Gud in bed?


Dats it! Geet lost all her control nd without thinking twice she slapped him hard. Hw dare he think so low about dere relationship. Maan was rite; dis person needs to know his actual place. She was wrong in stopping Maan. If she haven’t stopped Maan last nite dat he won’t have guts to say dis to her. She looked at Rahul who was standing dere holding his cheek but d smirk of his face haven’t wiped off.


Rahul: Wat happen? Cant able to bear truth? O c’mon Geet whom u r fooling. I knw wat kind of relationship u both r having. U both r sharing one room in a hotel dat too by d name of Mr. nd Mrs. Khurana; had spend 2 nights wid each other in d same room nd u expect me to believe dat u both haven’t even touched each other. By d way aisa kya hai usme dat u r so crazy for him. u didnt even let me touch u wen we were in relationship nd wid him u r spending two nights in same room. Wow!

Geet: Stop Ur nonsense Rahul. U can never understand wat relation I nd Maan had nd I dnt even care to explain it to u because u can never understand it

Rahul: Den dnt even Bother sweetheart because m least care to know about it. I m only interested in one thing.


Geet looked at him angrily nd he continues


Rahul: U. just spend one night wid me Geet. Trust me u’ll enjoy more wid me. I m much better den him. I……..


He couldn’t finish his sentence as Geet slapped him once again nd dis tym more hard which only increased his rage.


Geet: Dis was Ur answer. I was not knowing Rahul dat u can stoop so low; dat u can think so low for anyone. But wat else should I expect from a cheap person like u. but I guess nw u knw wats d difference between u nd Maan in my eyes. My relationship wid Maan is as pure as my believe in God nd I’ll not let anyone point dere finger on it. Just consider urself lucky dat Maan is not here or else u won’t be able to recognize urself in d mirror. Nw get out of my way nd let me go.


She said angrily nd started moving from dere towards d other side of d Road but soon she felt a tug in her hand. She angrily turned around only to find Rahul holding her hand wid anger on his face


Rahul: Where d hell u think u r going after humiliating me like dis.

Geet: Leave my hand Rahul!


But instead he tightened his grip nd looked angrily at her.


Geet: Last tym Rahul, leave my hand or…….


She said nd again raised her hand to slap him wid her other hand but Rahul stopped her hand in mid way.


Rahul: Not again babes! I let u slap me twice dat doesn’t mean dat u can slap me Everytym.


He said nd pinned her against his car. Geet got petrified seeing immense lust in his eyes. She was cursing herself for not letting Maan come wid her. She wriggled nd tries to free herself from his grip but failed.


Rahul: Dnt even try because it won’t help u.

Geet: Leave me Rahul, if Maan will cum to know about all dis den u’ll be dead

Rahul (chuckled): Maan huh? Dnt worry sweetheart by d tym Maan will cum to know about dis I would be done wid u nd will be far away from u nd ur Maan.

Geet: u r doing a big mistake.

Rahul: I don’t care. I tried to handle dis calmly but since u dnt understand dat language so I had to try dis way. Dnt worry it won’t take much tym.


He said nd came dangerously close to her. Geet started breathing heavily. No, she cant let dis monster touch her. She’ll better die before he touches her. Only Maan has right to touch her. She saw her leaning close nd she pushed him wid all her might nd he stumbles backward. Geet found it opportunity nd runs from dere. by d tym Rahul balances himself he saw saw her running away.


Rahul: Run Geet! Run as much as u can because at d end u had to come here only.




Geet was running fastly towards d road, not sure where she was heading but she needs to get away from him. She was panting heavily but she didn’t stopped because she knows dat he’s definitely after him nd she had to go back towards d hotel before he can reach her; so she kept on running. She wanted to call Maan but she had not tym to call him so she decided dat she’ll call him once she reaches a safe place.


She was running seeing at d back continuously wen she bumped into someone causing her to fall. She fell on d floor nd den looked at d person whom she has bumped nd her eyes widened in horror seeing Rahul in front of him. he held her hand nd jerked her towards him.


Rahul: Wat do u think it’s easy to run away from me. No, u r utterly wrong babes.


He said nd pinned her to d nearby tree while she was wriggling hard to free herself


Rahul: u knw sumthing u look beautiful wen u get scared like dis.


He said nd extend his hand to touch her face. Geet moves her face to other side not letting him to touch which angers him nd he brings her face back by squeezing her cheeks.


Rahul: I told u before also Geet, dnt even try because u’ll not succeed. Just submit urself wid ur will or I wont mind in forcing too.

Geet: I would rather die before letting u touch me

Rahul: tch tch tch! Too bad unfortunately u dnt have even dis option also because u r trapped babes. U knw since d day I saw u in d party I couldn’t able to take u away from my mind (he said while atroking her arm)

Geet: Dnt touch me. Door raho mujhse. MAAN!!!!

Rahul (laughs): Maan? U still think he’ll cum here to rescue u. just tell me geet is he a superman dat he’ll cum to knw wats going on here wid u nd will be here in no tym to rescue u


He said while throwing her duppatta away


Geet (to herself): Pls Babaji! Save me. Save me before he disgraces me. I cant let him touch me. Jst give me death before he touches me but dnt let him touch me. Maan! Where r u? pls cum.


She looked at Rahul who was leaning close to her stroking his lower lip wid his thumb. She tried to push him away but he was way too hard for her.


Rahul: dnt worry Geet, nw it seems to be forced but soon u too will enjoy it. Trust me.


He said nd started leaning closer to her lips to kiss her. Geet closed her eyes thinking dat dis is d end. Nw she cant be escaped. Tears welled up in her eyes just by d thought dat she’s not able to protect herself anymore. She closed her eyes nd waiting for her death to arrive wen she felt him moving away wid a sudden jerk.


She instantly opens her eyes trying to register wat had immediately wen her eyes fall on d person standing in front of her wid anger in his eyes.


“It was him, he’s here. He’s here to save me. My saviour is here” she thought.



“Maan” Finally after a long she was able to mutter his name nd hugged him tightly petrified wid d situation.


“Maan u are here. I knw, I knw u’ll cum to rescue me” she said while hugging him tightly. Maan felt his shirt soaking wet due to her tears nd his own blood boils seeing her in dat condition. He hugged her tightly to calm her nd den slowly pulls her away nd places her duppatta back to its place

Maan: Geet, tum theek to ho Na.


She nodded slowly with tears in her eyes while still shaking wid fear


Maan: Ghabrao Mat Geet, I m here nw. nothing will happen to u.


He said nd slowly wipes d tears away, he himself was panting heavily just by d thought of Geet getting in Danger nd den he looked at Rahul angrily who was lyieng on d road, trying to get up.




When Maan didn’t pick d call at d first tym den Geet again dialed his no. nd was waiting for him to respond wen she had her encounter wid Rahul nd forgot to disconnect d call nd it goes on Redialling mode nd finally third tym Maan notices call from Geet so he instantly pick it up but before he could say anything he heard d sound of slap from other side nd after dat dere conversation.


He senses dat Geet is in danger so he quickly excuses himself from dere nd almost runs towards his car while still on call


Maan: Hello Geet! Geet can u hear me


But as at dat moment Geet was busy in saving herself so she didn’t noticed dat Maan is on call. Maan heard her shaking voice while she tries to save herself from Rahul nd he got both scared nd Angry at d same tym.


Maan: Geet, dnt worry I m cuming. M cuming rite nw. Ur Maan is coming Geet.


He dnt know whom is he consoling; Geet or himself but he needs to get dere fast. He can’t let anything happen to her until he’s alive. He knows dat she might be near d Assylum only as dat was d only place she has gone so he quickly drove towards d asylum.


He was searching her madly near d asylum but she was not dere so he quickly follows d road dat leads to Highway because sumwhere his instincts were telling him dat Geet had taken dis path only nd he was rite.


As soon as reach near d spot he heard Geet screaming his name nd wen he reached over dere he saw Rahul leaning closer to her while she was helpless. Rage overtake him nd he instantly gets out nd punches him hard due to which he fell down wid a jerk. Nd dats wen he saw Geet’s tear-stricken face nd anger started building in him. Today only God will save him because he will kill him today.




Maan didn’t gave him chance to get up nd quickly punched him hard on his face causing him to bleed. Hw dare he lay his lusty eyes on Geet. He’ll kill him today nd wont even regret for it. He held his thru his collar nd jerks him towards upward nd punches him hard on his stomach.


Geet was standing aside looking at both of dem in horror. She has never seen dis side of Maan. It seems dat he’ll only stop after killing him today. She remembers his words wat he said to her last nite. Dat he’ll not let dat person see d next day of his life who’ll hurt her in any way. Fear ran down her spine but she didn’t have courage to stop him because she knows dat he’s unstoppable today. She looked at Maan who was punching nd kicking Rahul continuously causing him to bleed. She quickly Called Deeps telling her d situation in brief nd Deeps assures her dat she’ll be dere soon.


“Hw Dare u? Hw dare u to touch my Geet wid ur filthy hands? Hw dare u to just even look at her. I m gonna kill u today” he said while holding his throat tight in his grip, suffocating him. Finally he was able to push Maan away from him causing him stumbles backwards. Rahul tries punching him few tymes but Maan just held his hand in d mid way nd twisted his hand at d back.


“Inhi haathon se chua tha na tumne meri Geet ko. Today m going to break dis part from Ur body.” he said nd twisted dat part harshly causing him to wince in pain nd then throws him on d ground.


He fell on d ground almost unconscious. Maan left him nd goes towards Geet who was standing over dere scared. He cups her face, wiping away her tears.


Maan: Geet, u fine Na. Dnt get scared, m here nw. I’ll not let anything happen to u.

Geet: Maan thank God u came on tym. I thought dat today he’ll…


She couldn’t said anything further as Maan puts his finger on her lips stopping her to talk further


Maan: Chup! Bilkul Chup! Hw couldn’t I be here Geet. I promised u dat I’ll never let anyone or anything harm u. den hw can I not be here to save u today.



Geet’s Monologue:


I just look at him in awe. Hw can he still love me so unconditionally even after knowing dat i can never go back to him. My fears, my insecurities r not letting me to go to him but it seems he didn’t care for all dis. All he cares about is me, my happiness. So, am I doing a mistake? Am I doing wrong in pushing him away from me? He loves me so much, he was always dere wen I needed him. Dat day he saved me from dose goons, last nite he saved me from dyeing. Hw difficult it would be for him to control his desires, to control himself but yet he controlled just for me, just for my trust. His Love overcomes his desire just for me. Nd today again he saves me wen even I had no hope of getting saved from dis Monster but he’s here, he’s here to save me yet again.


So are dese a sign of destiny? Am I ignoring d signals given by destiny? Even I can see dat he’s completely a changed man now dat too just for me nd even m falling everyday for dis new Maan den y I m stopping myself from going to him due to pain given by old Maan?


(Geet’s Monologue ends)


Both were looking at each other lost nd forgetting d track of tym wen Rahul gains himself nd saw dem.

he searches for something nd finally found a sharp object nearby. Blinded wid Rage he took dat object nd walks towards Maan to kill him. He was almost behind him nd was about to hit him wen Geet saw him cuming nd her eyes widenes in fear.


“MAAN LOOK BACK” she instantly screamed nd Maan turned around to look due to which Rahul misses his shot nd nd it hits at Maan’s upper Arm causing him to wince in pain. Rahul finds it opportunity nd he punches Maan hard causing him to loose his balance nd his head hits on d nearby tree.


“MAAN” Geet screamed in horror. She was scared to death seeing Maan like dat. She tries stopping Rahul but he just pushed her away harshly nd headed towards Maan. He was about to hit him wid dat Sharp object wen Maan hold his hand nd twisted it in air causing d object to fall. He pushed him away nd runs towards Geet to make her stand up nd den again goes to him.


He pulled him up nd started punching him hard on his face. He clutches his collar nd hits his head in d tree nd den started kicking him mercilessly. Maan’s eyes r red due to rage nd Anger. His wounds were paining a lot but dat Pain was nothing in comparison wid d pain he felt seeing Geet in dat petrified Condition. As Geet’s tear stricken nd scared face came in front of his eyes his anger shot up to another Level nd he punches him wid all his strength.


Rahul had left no energy left nw to fight further. He was almost dead but Maan didn’t stop beating him. He will kill him today even if he has to face any punishment by law. But he’ll not stop today not until he takes away his last breath from him. Rahul was lyieng on Ground unconscious but he was still beating him continously. Geet gets terrified wid his Act. Rahul’s Condition has got Worse nd he seems to be even dead but Maan was continuously kicking him mercilessly. She could see Anger burning in his eyes. She needs to stop him or else he himself can be into great Trouble.


Geet: Maan!!!! Maan leave him. He’s almost dead. Leave him Maan


She said while holding his hand trying to stop him but he was nowhere to listen


Geet: Leave him Maan! wo mar jayega


Maan: No I’ll not leave him. I’ll drain d single drop of blood from his body. Hw dare he to touch u.  Hw dare he to even look at u. I’wont leave him alive today.


He said while continuously kicking him mercilessly. Though Rahul’s condition was like he was dead but Maan was not stopping a while. He wanted to take away all his Anger, all his pain like dis dat he felt seeing Geet in dat condition. Geet was continuously pleading him to stop but he didn’t budge an inch.


Finally Deeps came at d spot along wid Police nd dey handles Maan nd took him away from Rahul. Police immediately called Ambulance seeing Rahul’s condition nd den had taken Dere statement. Geet told dem wat he was going to do wid her nd if Maan didn’t came on tym den he’ll be succeeded in his inyentions. Deeps felt Disgusted at Rahul nd curses d moment wen he had became d Partner of dere company.


She consoled Geet nd Asked dem to cum to d hospital as well seeing Maan’s wounds which were bleeding badly but Maan didn’t wanted to go anywhere. He was still in rage nd anger. Hw badly he wished dat police haven’t came on tym so dat he could kill dat Rahul today for laying his eyes on his Geet but he couldn’t. Geet sensed wats going in his mind so she said Deeps to not to worry she’ll handle him. Dey stayed over dere for next 25 mins to complete all d formalities nd den after dat both Geet nd Maan headed towards d Hotel.



(P.S. Pls listen to d song to get d feel)



Soniyo.. O Soniyo..
Tumhein Dekhta Hoon To Sohcta Hoon Bas Yehi
Tum Jo.. Mera Saath Do..
Sare Gum Bhola Ke, Jee Lu Muskuraake Zindagi
Tu Dede Mera Saath Tham Le Haath
Chahe Jo Bhi Ho Baat
Tu Bas De De Mera Saath

Tu Dede Mera Saath Tham Le Haath
Chahe Jo Bhi Ho Baat
Tu Bas De De Mera Saath
Maan was sitting on d couch looking at Geet admirely who was
cleaning his wound wid utmost care. Her eyes welled up in tears seeing his
blood. She slowly wipes away his blood from his Arm nd forehead nd few other
places holding back her tears. Maan looked at her smiling adoring her each nd
every act.

Maan’s Monologue:




Oo Tujh Mein Hi Dekha Hai, Mene Manzil Ko
Tujh Mein Dhadkan Mili Is Dil Ko..
Oo Tujh Mein Hi Dekha Hai, Mene Manzil Ko
Tujh Mein Dhadkan Mili Is Dil Ko..Bin Tere Kadmon Tale
Raahe Nahi Hai Tujhe Mein Kahi Hai, Meri Zameen
Tu Dede Mera Saath Tham Le Haath
Chahe Jo Bhi Ho Baat
Tu Bas De De Mera SaathTu Bas De De Mera Saath
Dis girl never fails to surprise me. On one hand she kept on
saying to me dat I didn’t matter to her anymore nd on d other hand she had
immense Love for me in her heart. She cannot see me in pain, She always looks
upto me wen she gets into any sort of trouble, inspite of everything she still
trust me sumwhere, she always melts herself in my Arms. Den y is she stopping


O Sun Le Yaa Padh Le Tu, Meri Khamoshi
Hai Jarurat Teri Saanson Jaise..O Sun Le Yaa Padh Le Tu, Meri Khamoshi
Hai Jarurat Teri Saanson Jaise..
Tujh Se Hi Sab Kuch Mila..
Ek Tu Nahi To Mera Yahan Kuch Bhi Nahi
Tu Dede Mera Saath Tham Le Haath
Chahe Jo Bhi Ho Baat
Tu Bas De De Mera SaathTu Bas De De Mera Saath
Mera Saath Mera SaathMera Saath Mera SaathMera Saath Mera Saath



She loved me from d core of her heart nd she still does, I had seen dat in her eyes nd I also knows dat sumwhere she too had accepted this fact den y is she pushing me away from her? Is her fear, her insecurities r so strong dat it had overpowered our Love? Geet, I’ll do everything for Ur Happiness, I’ll be Ur shadow in d Darkness but pls dnt push me away from u. I can’t stay away from u anymore nw Geet. I’ll die without u.


U are as essential to me as breath. Without u my each day is a death. Pls Geet, Pls come back to my arms like before, shower all Ur Love to me like before. Dis Maan is incomplete without u Geet. Only u can complete him. Pls dnt go away from me Geet.


(Maan’s Monologue ends)


Maan winces in pain as Geet puts d Tincture on his Wound causing Geet to shiver in pain.


Geet: Sorry, Bahut Dard ho raha hai?


He just nodded his head in negative nd smiled seeing her futile attempt of holding back her tears. She slowly blowed at d wound to reduce d Sensation of pain nd bandaged his Arm. She did d same procedure for his forehead too. She hesitated a little wen she was going to apply tincture on his chest near d heart. Even Maan didn’t realized wen did he got Hurt over dere but senseing her hesitation he decided not to bother her


Maan: I’ll do it

Geet: No it’s ok. I’ll do dat.


He sighed knowing dat she won’t listen to anyone wen it comes to him, so he let her do whatever she was doing. She dipped d cotton in d tincture nd slowly applied it on his wound, slowly blowing on it. Her Warm breath falling on his chest was making him loose his self control creating a havoc in his heart nd body. He tried his best to control himself but being her so close to him makes him lose all his senses. At dat moment he just wanted to hug her tight in his embrace where she could stay forever, he just wanted to shower all his love on her so dat it removes all her insecurities nd fear. He closed his eyes to have control on himself but it didn’t help him as some part of him dnt want to be in control today. He had even raised his Arms also wen he felt her tears falling on him. He snapped open his eyes to look at her nd found her crying.


Geet can’t hold back her tears anymore nw. her own heart cried seeing him like dat. seeing him in so much pain was sumthing dat she can’t bear. His wounds were paining him more den it did to him. She blames herself for all dis. if she let Maan cum wid her asylum today den may be all dis can be avoided. May be Rahul wont even dare to approach to her den but it all turned upside down nd Maan had to bear so much pain just because of her. But least she knows dat her tears r causing more pain to him den his own wounds.


Maan can tolerate everything in dis world but her tears r sumthing dat he can’t stand no matter for whatever reason it was. He knows dat she’s crying because of seeing him hurt but still he can’t see her in dat state. He quickly cupped her face nd looked staraight into her eyes which were filled wid tears.


Maan: Geet… Geet dnt cry. See m fine nw, Pls dnt cry. I can’t see u in tears Geet.


But instead of stopping she cried more wid hiccups. Maan quickly hides her face in his chest to sooth her nd Geet instantly hugged him back nd cried bitterly. Maan slowly patted her back to calm her but soon dat hug becomes d passionate one nd Geet melts herself in his embrace.Maan closes his eyes to feel dis moment. Her crying has become reduced nw but she still continues sniffing. Finally she brokes out from d hug bringing Maan back from his reverie nd looked at his wounds.


Geet: Yeh Sab Meri wajah se hua hai. Neither I would have gone there without u nor he would dare to come to me nor u’ll cum to rescue me nd nor u would have got all dese wounds. It’s all because of me.

Maan: Bas Geet! nw u’ll not say a word. It’s not ur mistake at all. Stop blaming urself.

Geet: no, it’s my mistake because of me he hurted u. Dekho kitni chot lagi hai tumhe.

Maan: Geet d pain m bearing due to dese wounds r nothing in front of d pain I felt wen I saw u in dat condition; d pain m feeling seeing ur tears. I would have killed him Geet for touching u, for laying his dirty eyes on u.

Geet: But Wat if he had killed u today? U knw hw much scared I was wen I saw dat sharp object in his hand.

Maan: if he had killed me also today even den also I would have make sure dat I die after killing him.

Geet: Maan pls.

Maan: Geet, I’ll not let any trouble reach u until m alive. Every trouble has to face Maan Singh Khurana first before reaching to u. ek Rahul to kya agar aise 10 Rahul bhi aa jaye to bhi tum tak pahuchane se pehle unhe Maan Singh Khurana ka saamna karna padega. Tum meri ho Geet, sirf Meri nd I’ll kill dat person who’ll touch u lustfully, who’ll look at u wid his dirty eyes


Geet was not able to concentrate wat he was saying further as her mind nd heart both wanders only on dose 6 words “Tum meri ho Geet, Sirf meri” her mind nd heart stops rite den nd dere. hw easily he had confessed his feelings for her. Yes she was his Geet, just his nd she too knew dis fact but hearing it from his mouth gave him immense satisfaction nd pleasure. She looked at him lost nd he continues




He said while boaring his eyes into hers Nd den Geet does sumthing which even she didn’t expected dat she’ll ever do. Lost in his words she raises her hand nd slowly caress his cheek. Maan closes his eyes feeling her touch nd slowly holds her hand bringing it close to his lips nd kissed her palm. Dis is wen Geet realizes wat she was doing.

She quickly removes her hand nd gets up from d couch to go other side but Maan holds her wrist stopping her to go. She just stood dere rooted nd closes her eyes while he comes close to her from behind. Today he can’t let her go like dis. he dnt know y but today he want to close every distance between dem; Today he want to bridge dat Gap dat has been created between dem.

Maan: Kab tak mujhse door bhagogi Geet aur kyun? Nd most importantly from whom u are running away; me or urself?

Geet: Maan pls let me go

Maan: Not today Geet. I let u go dat day wen I said dat I dnt Love u nd I lost ur trust, ur love which u had for me; I let u go dat day wen I confessed u my true feelings nd u had gone away from me for whole 5 years but nw… nw I cant let u go away from me Geet.


He left her wrist nd slowly placed his hand around her waist nd tucked her back wid him leaving no gap between dem. d skin of his touched to hers nd she closed her eyes controlling d heat wave dat had already started running in her body.


“Leave me Maan” she said, trying to keep calm in her voice which had already started shaking due to dere proximity.


“I can’t Geet” he whispered while brushing his lips on her ears. His warm breath was ticking her ears making her to loose all her self control. His hand started caressing her belly while nudging his nose on her nape. She closed her eyes feeling his warm breath, his scent which was intoxicating her. Each stroke of his was making her melt in his arms.


Physical satisfaction only can never be a part of true relationship but wen u love someone whole-heartedly den after a moment of tym ur heart desire to touch, to feel d person wid whom u r head over heels in love wid


Maan nd Geet both are going thru dis phase. Dey loved each other truly; dere souls need each other badly but as a natural Feeling dey both wanted to feel each other; to feel d Love dat dey both had for each other. Maan slowly frees her hairs which were tied in a pony tail nd nuzzles in her hairs.

The aroma of her silky hairs, her faint perfume has Blocked Maan’s all senses to think wat he was doing or may be he knew. She was his, just his nd today he wanted to shower all his Love on her to let her overcome from her fears, her insecurities. He dnt know from where did he get dis much strength to do wat he’s doing rite nw; may be d incident dat had taken place today. Only he knows hw much scared he was wen he heard her shaking voice on phone. He dnt want to even think about d consequence dat could happen if he didn’t reached on tym. May be dat fear had given him dis much strength rite nw to show her his Love. He wanted his Love back in his Life. He wanted his Geet back in his life who always loved him beyond limits.


“Maan Pls.” she pleaded which came out as a moan as he continued stroking his finger from her arm to her shoulder to her nape making her senses paralyzed.

“Sshhh! U never listen to me” he said while replacing his finger by his kisses

“U didn’t gave me any gud reason for it” she tried her best to show complaint in her voice which was getting impossible due to his poisoning touch. He was poisoning her each nd every sense; making her drunk wid d alcohol of his Love


“I Love you. Wasn’t dis reason is enough for u” he says while placing a soft kiss on her neck moving towards her earlobe. She gasped as she feels his lips on her skin. It was getting impossible for her to control herself. His touch was burning her, arousing d desires in her. unknowingly she rested her head on his shoulders giving him more room to access. Her mind is continuously asking her to stop him; to move away from him but her heart was craving for his touch; asking her to not to stop. He moved her hairs to one side of her shoulder nd kissed d exposed part of her back.


Geet can’t take it anymore. She quickly removes his hand nd goes towards d window to gain sum control on herself. Her breath was getting heavied by every passing second due to his closeness.

Maan came towards her nd placed his hand on her shoulder.

Geet closes her eyes to gain sum confidence nd den turned back to look at him but her throat went dry wen she looked into his eyes which were full of Love, desire, and passion.


Maan: Geet…

Geet (intervenes): Pls stop. Don’t do dis

Maan: y?

Geet: because dis can never happen. We can never be together like before


Maan knows wat she was saying was an utter lie. He knows dat she’s melting. Her raising heartbeats, her heaving chest, her uneven breaths had told him d sensation going in her.


Maan: Par tumhari saanse to kuch aur keh rahi hai Geet. Ur eyes r not reflecting d words said by u. Ur raising heartbeats are not saying d same story dat is told by u.


He said while cuming more close to her


Geet: Maan pls.

Maan: y u r saying pls Geet? So dat I don’t cum close to u or I dont say wat I wanted to?

Geet: all dese things doesn’t matter anymore nw Maan.

Maan: it matters Geet. It matters a lot. Y are u pushing me away from u Geet?

Geet: I dnt know wat u r saying?

Maan: u knw Geet nd infact only u knw wat m saying


Geet said nothing but looked other way. Maan gently places his hand on her cheek nd made her face towards him.


Maan: Bolo Geet! Y are u pushing me away from u wen both of us know dat it can’t be possible? Kyun rok rahi ho apne aap ko Geet? Geet ye mujhe bhi pata hai aur tumhe bhi dat u too get affected by my presence, u too feel d same way like I feel for u.

Geet: it’s not true


She said looking away not sure to whom is she lyieng to him or herself? But Maan was not ready to let go her so easily today. Today he wanted to clear all d distances between dem.


Maan: so according to u wat I m saying is wrong.

She didn’t say anything which gives Maan more curage to do wat he was going to do. He slowly came closer to her leaving no gap between dem. Geet shuddered wid his sudden proximity. She tried to move backwards but she realizes dat she’s stuck between Maan nd window. She lowered her eyes not able to look at his intense nd piercing gaze. He slowly raised his hands nd engulfed it in her hairs slowly caressing it over dere making her gasp.

He slowly brings his fingers towards her lips nd stroked her lower lip wid his thumb. Geet closed her eyes nd parted her lips in anticipation nd Maan could feel her chest heaving up nd down. He stroked his finger from her face to her lips to her neck slowly moving downwards.

He brings his face closer to her nd slowly placed a soft kiss on her neck slowly making his way towards her clollarbone.


“Maan Pls.” unknowingly she moaned his name as he continues tormenting her senses. Maan raises his face nd looked at her closed eyes. She was quivering wid his touch. He knew dat she’s melting.


“Geet” he whispered ever so slowly making her to open her eyes. She opened her eyes nd looked at him. He was just merely inches away from her. Their nose was touching eact nd dere Lips were just inches away from each other. There was no sound in d room except their uneven breathings nd beating heats.


Maan: nw still u’ll say dat my presence, my closeness doesn’t affect u anymore Geet?


Geet casted her eyes down not sure wat to reply nd he continues


Maan: if it’s true Geet den y u always gets melt in my arms? Y u always shiver wid my touch? Y Ur heartbeats get raised wen I m dis much close to u? Y Ur breathing gets uneven wen kiss u? y were u crying wen u saw me in pain? Bolo Geet! Jawab Do.


Geet couldn’t answer any of his questions as she had no answers for it. Its true dat she gets affected by his touch, by his closeness. She did want to melt in his arms forever because she knows dat she belonged over dere only.


Maan: Geet sach to ye hai dat u did get affected. No matter hw much u deny dis but u too feel d way I do. U too wanted tym to stood still wen we r so close to each other. u too wanted to show ur love to me Geet. To fir kyun ye dooriyan Geet? Kyun rok rahi hi khud ko? Kyun nahi keh deti Jo tumhare dil me hain? Kyun nahi humare ateet ko bhula ke ek nayi shuruwat kar sakti ho?


Nw Geet can’t take it anymore. His questions were forcing her to open up her heart, to tell her wats dere in her heart; to tell him y cant she start a new beginning wid him


Geet: u wanted to know y I m stopping myself? Y I can’t start a fresh beginning wid u? Den d reason is u urself Mr. Maan Singh Khurana


D sudden change in her voice surprises Maan. Dere was no more quivering or shivering in it infact it was now full of Pain nd anger. He looked at her in surprise trying to figure out wat is she trying to say


Geet: “I realized that I don’t love you. It was just an Attraction which I had towards you.” Yahi kaha tha Na tumne Maan us din. Kabhi socha hai hw did I felt at dat moment. Hw was I able to control myself at dat tym. Hw did I able to stop myself from breaking down in front of u. no u haven’t thought once, u just said it without realizing hw it’ll affect me. I didn’t cried in front of u Maan but dat doesn’t mean dat it didn’t hurt me. It hurts Maan it hurts a lot wen d person to whom u love d most says to u one day dat I don’t Love u. Everytym wen I try to take a step towards u ur words rang in my mind nd I took my step back, I feared to get another heart-break from u.


Maan slowly moves backwards listening to her accusations. He knows dat he had hurted her a lot but he was not knowing dat she had dis much pain inside her


Geet: I always believed whatever u said to me Maan. Since d day u came in my lyf I always believed on everything u say or did. I believed dat moment also wen u said dat u love me; I believed u den also wen u asked me to trust u, wen u said dat u’ll never leave me; I believed den also wen u gave me excuses for not meeting me; I believed u den also wen u yell at me unnecessarily nd later on cover it up by saying dat it was due to stress of study; I believed u den also wen u said dat u dnt Love me but nw I dnt have courage left Maan to believe u anymore; to get hurt by u once again.


Tears started rolling down her face; d pain, d agony dat she had bottled up in her heart for all dese years had finally burst out. Maan closed her eyes in pain. He himself could feel d corner of his eyes burning. He had never imagined dat his small small things had given so much pain to Geet. till nw he was thinking dat he gave her pain by saying dat he dnt love her but today he realized dat he was giving her pain much more before dat but she was silently bearing it just for him.


Geet: I never complained to u Maan wenever u yell at me, wen u started behaving odd wid me, wen u started distancing urself from me. U knw y? Because I had trust on my love; on our love. I thought dat whatever problem is dere in our relationship it’ll be sorted out soon. I silently beared all Ur ill treatment; I behaved wid u as normally as I use to do before just in d hope dat one day u too will realize dat our relationship is getting worse, u too will realize dat we r going far away from each other. I hoped dat my love will change u; dat my Love will bring d beauty of our love Love back nd we’ll again be happy like we were before but u shattered all my hopes d day u said dat u dnt love me. U knw wat Deeps said to me wen I told her dat I accepted u whole-heartedly; she said me to beware as Maan is a playboy, she even asked me to have a loyalty test on u to get confirmed dat Ur feelings r true. I fought wid her just because of u DAMN IT!! I didn’t believed my friend who had no reasons wid her to misguide me because I believed u nd ur love but u believed ur friends who said dat Maan d feeling u had for Geet was just attraction. Nd dat day u shattered my trust Maan. Dat day u killed dat Geet who had immense Love for u; who blindly trusted u.


She said while shaking his arm. Maan just stood dere numb. He was not having a single reason for d explanation of his behaviour. Yes he had repented everyday for his deeds but today he realizes dat he deserve much more den he got. Unknowingly he was causing damage to dere relationship nd haven’t even realize it. He look at her only to find her crying bitterly. D accusations, d pain in her eyes was unbearable to him.


“Geet” he whispered in pain. He could feel his own voice getting choked but he was not sure wat to say further. Did he have any words to clarify his actions? He raised his hand to wipe away her tears but she just stops him.


Geet: y u had done dis to me Maan? Y had u betrayed me? Y had u left me? Y had u break my heart? Y had u break my Trust? Wat was my fault? Wat sin I had commited Maan to get dis punishment from u? Was my sin is to love u unconditionally even after having d bitter experience from my past? Was my sin is to trust u blindly dat u’ll never leave me in d mid-way? Nw u wanted me to believe u, to give our relationship one more chance because u have changed; because nw u love me truly because dis new Maan will never me alone in d mid-way but can u give me guarantee Maan dat dis new Maan will not break my trust once again? Can u assure dis heart-broken Geet dat Dis new Maan will not break her heart once again? U think it was easy for me to stay away from d person who was my lyf for whole 5 years especially after knowing dat he too loves u d same way u do. No obsolutely not, I died every day without u Maan. But U had broken dis Geet so much Maan dat nw she’s afraid of trusting herself den forget about trusting anyone else. I wanted to believe dis new Maan; I wanted to believe dat dis Maan will not break my heart, dat dis Maan will not break my trust but my heart is fearing to believe dis new Maan. Y Maan y? Y u had done all dat? Y had u made things between us so difficult? Everything was going fine between us Na? Den y had u spoiled everything? Y? Y? Y?


She said nd broke down completely while continuously hitting her fist in his chest. Maan can’t take dis anymore. He can’t see her in dis broken state especially wen he knows dat it’s just because of him. He wiped away dat smile from her face which always took away his heart. He broke her heart, her trust badly nd didn’t have any idea from hw long. He quickly held her by her shoulders nd hides her in his embrace. Geet had no courage left to fight anymore so she gave in nd remains in his embrace.


Maan could feel his chest getting wet due to her tears nd he himself was crying seeing her condition. D volcano dat she had suppressed in her heart from so many years had finally burst out nd d Lava came out from it was burning him like hell. Only if he could turn back d tym, den he would correct all d wrong doings doner by him due to his immature behaviour. Only if he could realize all dis before saying dat he dnt love her den today dey wont be at dis point where dey r nw. but only if he could…  He could feel her pain, feel her agony more nw as d same pain, same agony is going in her heart too.


“I m sorry Geet… I m so Sorry.” He whispered in her hairs hugging her close to him trying to take away all d pain dat has been given by him. he could feel her still crying bitterly in his embrace nd he cant do anything to stop her from crying all he can do is to repent over his mistakes.


Maan: I m Sorry Geet, I m sorry for hurting u. I didn’t even realize to which extent m hurting u nd from hw long. U didn’t said anything to me nd neither I realize about d pain m giving u. today I realize dat hw much damage I caused to our blissful relationship. Today I realize dat d pain I gave u was much more den I had imagined. But trust me Geet I dnt want to give u pain, I dnt want to hurt u in anyway. I dnt know y I behaved so immaturely wid u? but it’s a saying na dat u don’t realize d importance of a person until dat person is close to u but u’ll realize it wen dat person goes far away from u nd I too realize wat our relationship, wat u r to me is wen u r not wid me nd den I realize wat I lost. I m sorry Geet… I m so sorry, Pls forgive me. I m really sorry.


He said almost whispering to her but it was enough for Geet to hear wat he was saying. Maan could hear her crying fading slowly but she was still sobbing. He slowly pulled her out from his embrace nd cupped her face between his hands nd looked at her teary eyes which was just reflecting d pain given by him.


He moves forward nd slowly kisses her forehead. Geet closed her eyes as tears started to roll down. He moves downward nd kissed ear eyes from one to another. He saw tears rolling from her eyes, he slowly kissed away from her cheeks before it touched d ground. He kissed all her face by continuously whispering “I m Sorry, I m sorry”.


“Geet” he said ever so slowly to make her look at him. Geet opens her eyes slowly feeling d pain in his voice nd looked at him only to find d same pain dat was dere in her eyes too.


“I Love you Geet, I love u a lot” he said almost whispering to her. Geet was just looking at him lost nd he continues


Maan: I love u Geet. I love u since d day I first saw u; I Love since d day u came to my lyf; I Love you since d day I realize dat m in Love wid u; I Love since d day I came to know wats d true meaning of Love is; I Love you since d day I realize ur importance in my life; I Love you since d day I realize wat u r to me nd I Love u even more wen u r not in my lyf; I Love u even more wen u walk out from my lyf by saying dat u dnt trust me anymore; in dese 5 years d intensity of my Love for u had just increased; I just keep Loving u everyday, ever minute, ever second Geet. I LOVE YOU. I STILL LOVE YOU. I REALY REALLY LOVE YOU.


He said it all wats their in his heart to her by looking in her eyes. Dere was a day wen he said to her dat he dnt Love her at dat tym he didn’t look into her eyes once but today he had no regret in saying dat he loves her Truly Madly nd deeply nd he can say each nd every thing by looking straight in her eyes because today he realizes wat damage he caused to dere relationship in true sense nd he’ll do everything to mend it.


He looked ointo her eyes nd den to her lips which were slightly parted listening to his confession provoking him to claim dem; to show his Love to her.


He closed his eyes nd moved ahead to feel her; to feel her Love nd finally d moment came wen he touched his lips wid hers. Geet was too tired emotionally to resist nd after his confession it was impossible for her to protest derefore she closed her eyes in anticipation of wat cuming next nd before she can understand he had started kissing her. D moment dere lips met dey both feel complete nd contended. Maan was gently kissing her rose petals as if afraid to crush dem. he dnt want to be harsh on her so he keep on kissing her softly nd gently. He took her lower lip between his lips nd sucked it slowly. D Rage of Harmones in dere body increased due to dis, d rate of andrelin increased in dere bodies as he kissed her.


He dnt want to stop neither did she as both of dem knows it in d back of dere mind dat wat dey r doing is right nd nothing could be more perfect in dis moment. Today d ice dat had been between dem has been broken, d wall of pain nd agony between hearts seems to b diminishing away. it seems dat Love had broken every ice, every boundaries between dem nd all wat left between dem at dat moment was just dere pure unconditional nd undyieng Love for each other.


The Kiss dat has started as d gentle one has become an Aggressive one as Maan increases d fervour of d Kiss. As d hurtful memories came in his mind his Kiss become a demanding one. He clutched her back nd bring her more close to him if possible from his one hand nd wid other he clutched her hair keeping her face fixed to him. It seems like he wanted to compensate all his faults through his kiss. He sucked, nibbled her lower lip showing all his Love to her.


The passion running thru his veins has infuriated Geet’s senses too as without her own knowledge she started responding to his kiss. Her hands have dere own will as dey encircled around his neck to deepen d kiss. D sense of right nd Wrong has gone long back from her mind. All she could think at dis moment is dat nothing could be more perfect den dis being in d arms of d person who loves her like no one had ever loved her nd who had just confessed his true feeling to her. Maan bit her lower lip making her gasp.


“Maan..” she moaned into his mouth as his toungue gained entry in her mouth exploring each nd every corner of her mouth. Geet clutched his back piercing her nails over dere while her other hand makes way to his hairs clutching dem over dere


“Geet…” he moaned pulling her closer to him. Their toungues have dere story of dere own as dey r twirling nd twisting in each other’s mouth exploring every secret of dem. Both were lost, lost in d moment. Dey were kissing each other like dere is no tomorrow.


D kiss had expressed every emotion running in dere hearts right nw. Pain, Agony, loneliness, love each nd every emotion has been expressed through dat kiss. D passionate nd demanding kiss has seemed to break every wall dat has been drawn between dem due to fate. He repaired each nd ever damage dat he caused to their relationship nd unknown to herself she too expressed her Long lost Love to her. She too told him wat he’s to her; how deeply she’s in Love wid him no matter wat he done to her. Dey kissed each other like dey did never before; dey Loved, dey felt each other like dey did never before.


Maan moves his hands underneath her kameez to her waist squeezing it nd den moving upwards. Geet felt his raw touch on her skin nd dis is wen realization hits her. She realized wat she was doing? She was letting him kiss her nd even worse she too was kissing him back As soon as d realization hits her she quickly pushed him back who was still kissing her intensely.


D sudden act of Geet surprises Maan. He looked at Geet who was standing dere wid her hands on her lips nd fresh tears welled up in her eyes. He looked at her confusingly as if trying to figure out wat had suddenly gone wrong wid her but den it struck him nd he realizes wat did he just done.


“Geet�..” he was about to say further wen he saw her running towards d Washroom closing d door behind her. He runs his fingers in his hairs in frustration nd bangs his fist in d wall.


“Damn! I yet again hurted her” he thought nd goes towards d Washroom closing d Door behind her.




Geet was sitting against d Door crying wen she heard Maan knocking d Door. She knows her action confuses Maan nd more den Maan it confuses to Geet herself.


Maan: Geet, Geet pls open the Door.


He tried knocking d door. He could hear her sobs clearly nd it just teared his heart apart. Already he had given her so many tears nw he cant be d reason of her tears yet again.


Maan: Geet, Pls open d door for once. Just listen to me once. Pls. open d Door Geet.


But Geet was in no mood to liten to him. She was too much frustrated on herself. She needs sometime wid her alone


Geet: Maan just go from here Pls.

Maan: Geet I��.



She said raising her voice leaving Maan stunned. Geet had never behaved wid him like dat. ya she had yelled at him many tymes but dis was different. Dis side of her anger she had never shown to him. He understands dat she needs sometym for herself so he quietly leaves from dere taking his shirt.


Geet heard d Sound close indicating dat he has gone. As soon as she heard d sound of door close she burst out in d tears. hw can she do dis? hw can she lost control on herself? In d daze of his confession she has done sumthing dat she don’t have to do. But it seems so perfect at dat moment den y it seems wrong nw. she was mad; she was frustrated not on him but on herself. Hw can she let him do dat? She didn’t protest once; infact she herself was responding to his kiss. Wat d hell has gone wrong wid her? She touched her Lips which were nw swollen due to his kiss nd tears escaped from her eyes. She shouldn’t had let dis happen. She was supposed to stop him but didn’t realize wen she herself gets lost in d moment. She closed her eyes tight only to get flashes of dere Kiss. She cried out Loud to take out all her frustration


Geet: y? Y did I done dat? hw can I do dis? Dere’s nothing between us den hw can I lost myself in d daze of his confession. Y I was not able to control myself? No whatever happened was wrong; utterly wrong. Kaise kar diya Maine ye? KYUN????


She cried out loud nd broke into tears. She sat over dere for sumtym nd den finally gathers herself nd came out from d washroom. She looked around d whole Room which were only witnessing dere close moments with each other. She shuts her eyes tight to get rid of all dis. Maan was not dere but still she can feel his presence over dere.




At US:


Armaan was fishing something in his drawer wen his eyes Fall on d Photo frame keeping on d side table. It was his nd Geet’s Pic. He picked it up nd looked at it smiling. He dnt know y but he was missing Geet like hell dis tym. His heart was urging him to talk to her as he felt dat his Kiddo needs him right nw. like she was in a big state of confusion sumwhere. Well dats wat we called a true Friendship. He was 1000 miles away from her yet he can feel her reslessness.


He was looking at d pic wen Shilpa entered to his room nd found him looking at his nd Geet’s Photo. She smiled seeing him like dis. if any other girl would be dere in her place den may be she would be jealous or insecure due to Geet. But Shilpa was different. She knew d warmth of Relation of Armaan nd his Kiddo. She knows no one can ever take place of Geet in his heart nd his life. Geet was his special friend for whom he can leave d whole world but he’ll not leave her even if she’s wrong. She goes to him nd keeps her hand on his shoulders. Dis is wen Armaan feels her presence in his Room nd turned around to see Shilpa.


Armaan: Shilpa! Tum kab aayi?

Shilpa: bas tabhi jab tum Geet ko yaad kar rahe the.


He said nothing but looked at d pic once again smiling.



Shilpa: U r missing Geet rite?

Armaan: a Lot. U remember dis Pic?

Shilpa: ofcourse I remember. I had only taken dis pic on my B’day Party.

Armaan: ya dat was d first tym Kiddo has gone out anywhere since she came to US nd dat too after so much pestering by u.

Shilpa: nd u remember hw much hesitant she was wen I dressed her up in western. It was her first tym to try such things

Armaan: ya. U did complete make-over of her nd probably dat was d first tym I had seen her smiling so much since she came to US. All thanx to u.

Shilpa: C’mon Armaan! Geet is my friend too. U dnt have to say thanx to me.

Armaan: thanx Shilpa. U knw if dere was anyother girl in Ur place den may be she won’t understand my relationship wid my Kiddo but u r different. M blessed to have u in my lyf.

Shilpa: Geet se baat Hui tumhari?

Armaan: we talked for few mins yesterday but dnt knw hw d call went dead may be network problem. I dnt knw y but m remembering her so much today. It seems like she needs me.


Shilpa went thoughtful listening to Armaan wen he mentioned yesterday. She has completely forgot to call Maan or Geet after dat Last nite incidence due to her duties neither she told anything to Armaan yet about her Conversation wid Maan.


Shilpa (to herself): Should I tell to Armaan about my Conversation wid Maan nd d situation dat was over dere last note. No, I can’t tell him anything rite nw. God knows hw he’ll react. I need to talk to Maan or Geet first to know wat happened after dat den only I can talk to Armaan.


Seeing Shilpa lost in her thoughts Armaan waved his hands in front of her to bring her back in present.


Armaan: Hello Madam! Where r u lost?

Shilpa: nowhere Armaan just thinking about Geet.

Armaan: Hhmmm meri kiddo hai hi aisi. U knw wen she was born I was just 4 years old nd I dnt know y since den only I had been so much protective towards her. I won’t even let any other boy or girl of my age to touch her as I feared dat she may get hurt. U knw Dad use to call me her Bodyguard nd since den I was always dere by her side to make sure dat nothing goes wrong wid her nd she also tells each nd every small nd big thing of her lyf; her every fear to me only first of all. She had always trusted me so much dat sumtym I feared wat if someday I m not able to keep up wid her trust.


Shilpa said nothing but just smiled listening to him


Armaan: u knw Shilpa y I use to call her kiddo? Because she’s like dat only. No matter hw much she grows up but she’s still a kid from heart. Use har waqt koi Na koi chahiye baatein samjhane ke liye. Sumtymes she even ignore her own heart’s desire if she is confused on any situation just like kids use to do. Datsy I always use to worry for her because she thinks dat she’s big enough to take right decisions but sumtymes she takes wrong decision in hassle nd later regrets so I always make sure dat I m dere to show her right way. Nd I��.


He couldn’t say further as his cellphone started ringing. He looked at d caller ID nd smiled seeing “Geet’s” name


Armaan: Lo it’s her call only


He said nd answers d call. Shilpa decides to go from over dere but he stops her nd keeps on talking to Geet.


Armaan: hey Kiddo! Wats up? U wont believe, me nd Shilpa were talking about u only just nw. u knw I was missing u very much today.

Geet (while sobbing): Ar�.maan�.


Armaan heard her chocking voice nd could easily sense dat she’s crying but wat he couldn’t guess is dat y is she crying


Armaan: Kiddo, wat happen? Y r u crying? Is everything ok? Pls Tell me wat happen Kiddo?


He asked her being anxious nd restless. The one thing dat he can’t bear was Geet’s tears. Shilpa looked at his worried face nd got tensed thinking of d situation over dere


Geet: Armaan� Armaan� I�.. I��.


She couldn’t say anything nd cries bitterly which make Armaan more anxious


Armaan: Kiddo dnt cry, Pls Kiddo. Acha I am coming. M cuming from d very next flight. Pls Dnt cry ok. Hello Kiddo! Kiddo u dere�.. Hello!


Geet was so choked in her tears dat she couldn’t speak further nd cuts d call. Armaan looked at d Phone while rubbing his temples


Shilpa: Wat Happen Armaan? Kya kaha Geet ne?

Armaan: God Knows Shilpa! Kiddo was crying bitterly on phone. Dere’s Definitely Sumthing Wrong happened over dere. Nd if my Kiddo was crying due to Maan again den I swear m not gonna Leave him dis tym.


Shilpa said nothing nd keeps on thinking about the Situation which could have lead to Geet crying like this.


Shilpa (To herself): is it because of Last nite’s incidence. I was not able to Talk Maan or Geet about it. May be Geet misunderstood Maan nd all dis has happened. O God! I need to clear her everything before dere comes more Problems. Before Armaan Do sumthing Stupid, I need to make everything crystal clear. But before dat I need to talk to Geet first.


She thought nd Looked at Armaan who was packing his Stuff nd talking on call


Armaan: Listen George, Book a ticket for d very next flight for India. I dnt care hw r u gonna do dis but I need to reach India as soon as Possible. Got it!!


He said nd cuts d call nd started leaving d Room wen Shilpa stops her


Shilpa: Armaan Wait!!! I’ll also cum wid u

Armaan: dont be silly Shilpa. U stay here only. I’ll go to India

Shilpa: Armaan Pls Dnt Argue dis tym atleast. See we both dnt knw wat had happened over dere. May be Geet needs me too. Pls let me cum wid u.


Armaan thought for sumtym nd realizes that Shilpa is right. May be dere’s sumthing which Geet want to Share wid Shilpa only derefore he agreed.


Armaan: I think u r rite. Let’s Go den. George will meet us at airport only. Nd ya dnt tell anything to anyone at home.

Shilpa: hhmmm


She said nd dey both headed towards d Airport giving a brief explanation to Armaan’s Mom dat dere’s a Business emergency came in India derefore dey r leaving all of a sudden.



Back to India:


Maan was walking aimleely on a Road thinking about the incidence dat happened few moments ago. Everything happened so fast dat he himself couldn’t understand. It was just a trail of incidents happened back to back. His expressing of Love, her outburst, his confession nd den dat Kiss. It seems like everything went automatically. But whatever it was he still shouldn’t have done wat he did over dere.


He just closed his eyes in frustration only to see Geet’s tear stricken face in front of him. The pain in her eyes, the accusation, the guilt all were dere in her eyes after d kiss. He snaped his eyes open nd bangs his fist in d nearby Tree.


Hw could he lose himself like dis. he had controlled himself last nite wen d situation was more vulnerable den Dis den y not today. Hw could he just flow in d moment. Hw can he do dis, dat too wid Geet. if she didnt pushed him back at dat tym den may be dey can go too far den kissing. She must be feeling so low of dere relationship. Dere Relationship was too much beyond den just Physical satisfaction. It was pure nd divine just like her heart nd he just spoiled it. He knows dat she must be blaming herself only for all dis as she too responded his Kiss; as she didn’t protested for it once. D guilt in her eyes said it all to him.


Maan (to himself): No, I shouldn’t have done dis. wat she must be thinking? She must be thinking dat m trying to force myself on her. Nd anyone would have thought like dis only. But den y did she responded to my Kiss. May be she was emotionally Wrecked at dat tym but wats wrong wid me. Y I was not able to control myself. No it shouldn’t have happened in dis way. I mean I just confessed my Love for her; I just told her wat she mean to me nd den all dis. We should have talked for sumtym first; dere are so many things to clear yet nd I just�. I just spoiled everything. No, I can’t let things go out of hands dis tym. I can’t lose her again. I’ll talk to her; bring her out from her insecurities; will make her believe dat dis tym she’s not doing any mistake in believeing her heart. Yes, i’ll talk to her nd den everything will be allright.


Determining dis he takes a deep breath nd headed back towards the Hotel.




After 25 mins of walk he reached to his Room. He didn’t have courage to go inside nd face Geet but he has to. Thinking dis he opened d Door nd slowly stepped inside. But as soon as he stepped inside he felt a strange emptiness in d Room. Like sumthing very important is missing from d room. He looked around d whole Room to find Geet but she was nowhere to be seen. He goes towards d washroom thinking dat may be she’s still dere.


“Geet are u inside?” He asked while knocking d Door but was confused to see dat the Door was open. He stepped inside d Washroom to look for her but she was not dere too. He got worried now thinking dat if Geet is not dere in d Washroom den where she could be. He quickly came out nd again looked around d Whole Room


Maan: Geet!!! Geet, where r u?


He said nd den rushed towards Balcony hoping dat he would find her over dere but to his Disappointment she was not dere too. He ran a hand in his hairs in helplessness.


“I shouldn’t have left her alone. God knows where she had gone. She can do anything in dis state. She said me to go nd I had gone from here knowing her very well. Wat if she does anything wrong wid her. No I have to find her” he thought while panicking nd quickly started heading outside wen his eyes fell on d note at the Side Table. He quickly rushes towards it nd picked it up only to find a note written by Geet


“I m Going Back To Mumbai




“Geet�.” he mumbled wid heavy heart nd clutched d note tight to control d pain dat his heart is bearing. Once again she had gone without listening to him. Once gain she didn’t gave him chance to explain himself.


“No Geet dis tym I won’t let u go like dis. Dis tym u have to face every fear of urs.” He thought nd quickly packs his stuff nd headed outside.




He searched her madly at d Bus Station but was disappointed to know that Last Bus For Mumbai has left just 1/2 an hour ago. He bangs his fist hard on d roof of d Car nd takes out his Cell to call Geet but it was cuming switched off. Without wasting anytym he gets into his Car nd drove towards Mumbai.


He was driving very fast almost crushing d car dat came in his way just to reach to Geet as soon as Possible. In between he tried calling her many tymes but Everytym her cell cumes switched off. He silently prayed to God dat she’s Fine nd wont do anything stupid wid her. He immediately called Yash to tell him d Whole Situation but as he was at Meeting so he leave d msg to his Secretary to reach to Geet’s House wid Meera as soon as Possible.


On the Other hand Geet reached to Mumbai nd absent mindely she took d cab for her Home nd headed towards her flat. She closed her eyes thinking about the events dat happened today. His closeness, her outburst, his confession nd den dat Kiss. Everything was so sudden that she herself didn’t realize y nd wen she lost herself in his arms nd eneded up in kissing. She never wanted to happen it like dis way. She never wanted Maan to know about d emotions dat has been bottyled up inside her from so many years but it seems dat her fate wants sumthing else.


She can’t even able to stay even a minute in dat Room as it was just witnessing dere closeness so unable to stay over dere she packs her stuff nd came back to Mumbai. She knows Maan must be worried for her wen he’ll find out that she has left to Mumbai without telling him anything. But she needs to get out from dere because longer she would stay over dere d more she feel Guilty for losing herself like dis. so it’s better if she stay alone for sumtym.


The Taxi break gave halt to her thoughts nd she realizes dat she reached to her apartment. She quietly paid to d Driver nd headed towards her flat.




Geet opens d Door of her flat nd takes a Deep breath before entering to it. she was about to close d Door wen she felt a jerk causing her to stumble backwards nd before she could understand anything she felt a grip of strong hands around her forming an embrace. She dnt have to see who it was. She can feel him by his Breath; by his Scent. It was none other den Maan.


Wen Maan reached to her apartment he saw her going inside nd he felt an extreme relief nd happiness to see her safe nd sound nd without wasting a minute he goes behind her nd seeing her in front of her all safe he cant resist himself from hugging her tight.


“Y had u came like Dis? Do u have slightest Idea hw much worried I was? Ek baar bhi mere bare me nahi socha; Bas chali aayi? Huh Geet.” he said while Hugging her tight to himself almost suffocating her. Geet left her hands on her either side. She’s not in d state to hug him back neither she had courage to push him away from her especially den wen he was so much worried for her.


She was standing over dere comfused wen Maan frees her from his embrace nd cups her face between his hands nd look into her eyes.


Geet: y r u here Maan?


She said while trying her best to show the coldness in her voice but she can’t deny dat its impossible to behave cold anymore


Maan: Wat kind of Question is Dis Geet? U came back without even informing me, without even giving me any chance to say anything. U knw how much worruied I was nd nw u r asking me y am I here?

Geet: I left the note over dere Maan nd moreover u don’t have to concern for me whether I m okay or not.


She said nd turns to move other side wen Maan holds her Arm nd jerks her towards himself. Geet can say it by looking into his eyes dat he was both angry nd hurt by her words but dis tym she dnt want to think of any of these.


Maan: I dnt have to be concern for u, den who d hell have to be concern for u Damn it! Wats Wrong wid u?

Geet: Leave my hand Maan.

Maan: not today Geet. Everytym u take Ur own decision without listening to me. U can’t take any Decision alone in our relationship, Geet We both have equal right to take the Decisions in our Relationship.

Geet: Our Relationship? If u had forgetten den let me Remind u Mr. Maan Singh Khurana dat dis relationship has been broken 5 yrs back by u only. So nw I can take any decision according to my will.


She said nd jerks his hand away nd moves to other side but Maan blocks her way nd stands right in front of her. Today he dnt want to leave things abruptly between dem. Today either everything will be fine between dem or everything will be over.


Maan: y d hell r u trying to make everything difficult between us Geet?

Geet: dere’s nothing to make difficult between us Maan.


Maan was feeling helpless at Geet’s stubbornness. He dnt knw hw to make her understand that her fears nd insecurities are useless nw.


Maan: y r u doing this Geet? Dnt u trust on wat I said to u at hotel. I Love you Geet. I won’t hurt u again. Trust me Geet.

Geet: it doesn’t matter to me anymore Maan. I said u before also d Geet dat had immense Love nd Trust for u had died dat day only wen u said u dnt love her. Nd dis Geet doesn’t love u anymore, doesn’t trust u anymore.


She said while looking away. Because sumwhere in her heart she knows dat d last sentence was nothing but a mere lie. But at dat tym she was too much blinded by self-frustration. Maan jerked her towards himself to make her look at him.


Maan: Wat did u just said? U dnt love me anymore, u dnt trust me anymore. If dis is true Geet den look into my eyes nd den say Geet.


She looked into his eyes nd was about to say sumthing but couldn’t able to utter a word wen she looked into those deep honeyed eyes, which shows so many emotions in it. Maan smiled slyly knowing dat she still cant lie looking into his eyes.


Maan: Wat happen y did u stopped? Say dat u dnt love me anymore, say dat u cant trust me anymore. (He paused for a while nd den continue)  u cant say, u knw y because u still Love me; because u still trust me.

Geet: it’s not true.

Maan: o really? Den y u always gets melt in my Arms if u dnt love me? Y u always shiver wid my touch, if u dnt love me. Because acc to u if u dnt love me den it shouldn’t have made any difference to u. y u always cry wen u see me in pain? Y u care for me more den urself if u dnt Love me? Y u always look up to me only if u r in any sort of problem?


Geet looks away nd goes to other side wen Maan holds her nd pinned her against a wall. his eyes were spitting fire nw but more den anger dere was hurt in dem. Geet tries to wriggle under his grip but he was way too strong for her.


Maan: I m not finished yet Geet. Tell me y u share one room wid me if u dnt trust me anymore? Y u asked me to sleep on d same bed if u dnt trust me? Y did u believed me wen I said dat last nite nothing of dat sort happened between us, dat I haven’t crossed my limits wid u? Answer me Damn it!

Geet: I dnt find necessary to give any answers of urs. Leave me!


She said while Wriggling but Maan has increased his Grip more hard on her arms


Maan: u dnt find necessary or u dnt have any answers. Geet sach to ye hai dat u still Love me, dat u still trust me aur kahin na kahin ye tumne bhi maan lia hai. Den y r u stopping urself?

Geet: it’s not true!! Got it, it’s not true!!!


She said while Raising her voice thinking dat may be it affects Maan but least she knows dat Maan had no affect of her words on her as he knows dat wat is she saying was a mere Lie


Maan: U cannot change d Truth by raising Ur Voice Geet. Aur Sach to ye hai dat u too love me in d same way I love you.


Geet frees herself from him nd turns to other side wen Maan again holds her nd jerk her towards himself crushing her into his hard chest


Maan: U can’t run away from d Reality anymore Geet. Maan kyun nahi leti dat u too Love me. Jaise ki main maan raha hoon ki main tumse pyaar karta hoon. I LOVE YOU Geet.

Geet: I Don’t Love you. Did u listen I don’t Love you.

Maan: if u dnt love me den wat was dat dat has happened between us few hrs back. I agree I kissed u without ur consent but didn’t u too responded to it. didn’t u kissed me back? y didn’t u protested once? Y didn’t u resist it? u knw y, because u Love me Geet. datsy u kissed me back; because dat tym all wat was dere between us was only Love and nothing else.

Geet: NO ITS NOT!!!


She finally frees herself from him nd screamed a loud


Geet: it was not Love. it was just a weak moment. I was emotionally wrecked at dat tym nd derefore I got carried away, dats it!! it was not Love Maan. It was not.


She said it loud more den Maan to convince her own heart who was crying out its Love for Maan.


“Geet�.” he muttered slowly listening to her outburst. He walks a step towards her but stopped instantly listening to her next set of words


Geet: now u got all Ur answers. Yes I responded back to Ur kiss but it was just because I got carried away. Nothing else matter to me anymore. Tum jeeyo ya maro, I least care. Mera bas chale to main tumhari shakal bhi Dobara Na Dekhoon.


Dat did it! Maan’s every hope; every Dream has been shattered by listening to Geet’s statement. He slowly takes a step back not believeing wat he was hearing. His Geet doenst care if he dies or stay alive; she doesn’t wanted to see his face again. Geet looks at Maan nd she felt like her heart has been squeezed out seeing his pained face. Dis was d last thing dat she wanted. She never wanted to hurt him. But she was too blinded by her guilt, insecurities, fears nd self-frustration nd in vain she said whatever came into her mind nd by d tym she realizes it was too late.



She saw tears in his eyes, may be for d first tym but she can’t do anything to wipe dem off nw. it was too late to do anything nw. Maan looked at her wid Painful expression. An awkward silence prevailed in d Room as both of dem doesn’t have anything to say to each other nw. His heart still not able to believe wat Geet has just said. The Girl who never wanted to see him in pain; who never wanted anything happen bad to him even den also wen she’s not dere wid him is nw doesn’t care if he dies or stay alive. But he had promised himself dat he’ll do everything for her happiness nw nd if she wants him to go away from her lyf den he’ll go away from her nd will never show his face to her. He slowly wipes away d tear dat has been formed at d corner of his eyes nd goes near her


Maan: Theek hai Geet, if u wanted dis only den I’ll never cum back in Ur lyf again. U’ll never see my face again Geet. I’ll go far away from u nd Ur lyf. But just wanted to say one last thing to you; agar Kisi se koi galti ho to usse roothna theek hai par manane wale se itna bhi nahi roothna chahiye ki manane wala khud rooth jaye. Bye Geet nd I’ll always Love You.


He said it nd one last tym looked at her to savour her angelic face in hia mind for forever nd goes out from dere, far from her nd from her lyf just like d way she wanted. Hw can he not do anything which gives her happiness. If her happiness lies in it den he’ll never cum back to her lyf again.


Geet saw his retreating figure nd her heart cried seeing him going like dat. she wanted to stop him but cant able to do anything. Nd as she saw him getting disappeared she thumped on d Floor nd cried her heart out. She never wanted dis, she never wanted to hurt him like dis. she just said those words in anger nd dat anger was she had for herself, she didn’t mean dat words but by the tym she realizes it was too late. His well-being matters to her d most, his happiness matters to her d most but now everything has been in a great mess nd she don’t know any way to sort dat mess. She was still crying wen she heard someone’s voice behind her


“Y are u crying now? U should be happy; Afterall Maan will no longer be here to disturb you”


She turned around to look at d person nd found Meera standing behind her. Anger was much evident form her eyes nd Yash was calming her down but today she was nowhere to stop. Meera nd Yash had witnessed d last part of dere conversation nd as she saw Maan’s painful face nd retreating form of his lifeless body she cant help herself anymore nw.


Meera: Answer me Geet. Y r u crying nw? U should celebrate Na. C’mon Yash lets bring d champaigne nw. Afterall Geet gets wat she wanted from so long; A rid from Maan

Geet: Meera, Pls�.

Meera: Kyun Geet? Maine kuch galat kaha kya? Yahi to tum chahti thi, hai na? nd See nw Maan has gone so we should celebrate right? nd dnt worry Geet Maan will never come back to ur lyf nw as he’s man of his words. if he said dat he’ll go far away from ur lyf den he’ll Geet


She said sarcastically but Geet could sense pain nd anger from her voice very well.


Yash: Babu Pls… Calm down

Meera: Not today Yash. I was quiet till now becoz u asked me to but not today. Because Aaj Geet se uski Best friend nahi infact Maan ki behen baat kar rahi hai who wanted to know d reason dat y is she not believeing on my Brother’s Love for her? y is she not giving their relationship one more chance? Y it doesn’t matter to her if my Brother dies or stay alive

Geet: Meera Pls… It’s not like dat.

Meera: o really Geet? den tell me wat it is like? U want to punish Maan rite den u have to punish to me also as I was d one who convienced u in d past dat Maan has truly fallen for u. so if he deserved a punishment den I too deserve a Punishment nd dat too worse den Maan. U should not have to worry for my living or dead too.

Geet: Meera Pls� Dnt say like dat. u dnt know anything?

Meera: I know everything Geet. I even know dat also which u dnt know?


Yash knows where dis conversation heading to nd he needs to stop Meera before she says anything further to Geet.


Yash: Meera Stop. Dnt say anything. Remember we promised him.

Meera: I don’t care anymore nw Yash. Because today I wanted to show d reality to Geet nd if or dat I had to break my promise also den I wont hesitate.


Geet knotted her brows in confusion thinking about which reality she is talking.


Meera: So Ms. Geet Handa u think u know everything rite? If u think so den let me tell u dat u r utterly wrong. Do u know wat happened behind u in dese 5 years? Do u knw wat changes have came to d lives of Ur Loved ones in dese 5 years? No, rite? Den get ready Geet becoz today I m going to tell u dat for which u dnt have even slightest idea. Come with me


She said nd literally dragged Geet out of her flat towards her car followed by Yash who was praying silently for d avoidance of Storm which is yet to come now.


Geet: Meera atleast tell me where r we going?


Meera said nothing but just keep on driving as fast as she can.


Geet: Meera pls atleast slow down d speed. Its not good for u nd ur baby.


But instead of slowintg down she increases d speed. Geet looked at yash who was sitting at d back seat helplessly. Both of dem knows wen Meera is angry she does exactly d opposite of she has been said of. Yash gestures Geet to calm down nd slowly turns towards Meera


Yash:Babu pls slow down. For our Baby, pls.


That did it! Hearing baby’s name Meera slows down her speed but still didn’t responded to any of d wuestions asked by Geet. After 1 hr of drive Meera stops her car in front of a house. Geet looked outside to figure it out where is she? Before she could understand anything Meera opens d door of her side nd asked her to cum out.


Geet: Meera atleast nw tell where are we?

Meera: u’ll cum to know soon Geet. Come wid me.


She said nd takes Get inside. Strangely d Door is open which makes Geet more confused as to whose home she’s going to dat too without informing dem. but sumwhere deep inside her heart dis place doesnt seems unknown to him. strangely she could feel his presence over dere. Meera senses Geet’s confusion so thought of clearing it nw.


Meera: Dis is Khurana’s Outhouse nd d place where Maan is staying from last 5 years.


Geet knotted her brows in confusion as y Maan is staying in his outhouse leaving all d luxuries of his Mansion


Meera: I knw wat u r thinking Geet. Yahi Na ki aisi kya zarurat aa gayi ki Maan KM ki jagah yaha Outhouse me reh raha hai. Main batati hoon, chalo mere saath.


She said nd takes her to a room upstairs. As she opened d Door, Geet gets d biggest shock of her lyf. Whole room was filled wid her pictures only. Not a single place on a wall has been left in which her picture is not dere. She slowly moves forward looking at her pictures. Tears welled up in her eyes wen she had a close view of her pictures. There are so many pictures of her smiling, her pouting, her eating ice-cream, her feeling low, her drenching in rain, d one in which she is eating panipuri, d one in which she was gesturing someone to be quiet; like dis dere were numerous pictures of her. The pics for which even she dnt have any idea wen he has taken it. It seems like he had captured each nd every emotion of hers. She ran a hand on those pics while tears were just flowing from her eyes


Meera: From last 5 years Maan is living like dis only.


Meera’s voice broke Geet’s trance nd she turned to look at her confusingly


Meera: Got confused Na? We all were also equally confused wen we cum to know dat Maan has started living in Outhouse but we got our entire anwers wen we came over here. Do u knw y has he shifted to outhouse?

Geet: …

Meera: becoz he thinks dat he don’t deserve anyone’s Love not even his Dadimaa’s, he don’t deserve anyone’s happiness becoz he broke d heart of d girl who loved him d most in dis world.


“No, it’s not true. He deserves all d happiness of dis world” Geet’s heart cried thinking dis wen she listened to Meera’s word. His Maan was living here at outhouse leaving all d luxuries of his Mansion just becoz of her. He thinks dat he don’t deserve anyone’s Love becoz he had once broke her heart.


Meera: Dard ho raha hai Na. sirf sun ke tumhe itna dard ho raha hai den  just think Maan ne to ye dard jiya hai for d whole 5 years. Maan ko bhi aise hi dard hua tha wen u had gone away from him without giving him any chance to prove himself. But abhi to Maine tumhe kuch bataya hi nahi hai Geet to tumhe itna Dard ho raha hai. Wat will happen wen I’ll tell u entire truth. Do u knw hw Maan is living without u from last 5 years? He’s nothing but just a walking dead body whole Soul has gone away from it. u cant even imagine his Cond he had during dose early days of both of urs separation. He had even tried to commit suicide also


Geet’s eyes widened listening to word suicide. She shakes her head in denial as if wanted to believe dat she heard wrong


Geet: Suicide?

Meera: Yes Geet suicide. Maan has tried to commit suicide. It was after 1 month u left him. everyday Maan lived in a hope dat u’ll call him today dat u’ll say dat u had forgiven him but dat day all his hopes nd patience gets overed nd he was going to commit suicide but den dnt knw wat happened he stopped himself. Wen Yash asked him dat y on earth he was trying to commit suicide he didn’t replied anything but just said dat he was going to commit a mistake but his Angel stopped him.


Geet felt like someone has squeezed her heart. He was going to commit suicide just becoz of her. She remembered d dream dat she had dat nite wen she was at US. It was just not a dream; he was really going to kill himself just because of her. He said dat she had saved him from doing a mistake but in real he had saved her from commiting a sin. Yes it would be a sin only if he would have lost his lyf because of her. She closed her eyes in pain as tears dropped out from her eyes.


Meera came near hear nd dragged her to d nearby closet.


Meera: u knw Geet wats dere in dis closet? Let me show u


She said nd opened d closet giving Geet an another shock of her lyf.


“Here r d gifts dat he has been keeping from last 5 years for Ur B’days, for d anniversary of both of urs relationship. Since last 5 years he has been celerating Ur B’day on every 11th nov. Dis day he never meet anyone becoz dis day he totally dedicates to u becoz dere was a tym wen he had forgetten Ur B’day. Nd not only B’day he’s celebrating 10th of every month as d anniversary of both of urs relationship nd just keeps d gifts over here just in hope dat one day u’ll come back nd he’ll gift all dis to u.” Meera completed her sentence wid d tears in her eyes. Geet was sppechless at dat moment. She dnt know wat should she say or to do rite nw. dis Man loves her beyond any limits nd it’s clearly evident from his actions.


“Ye mat sochna Geet ki Maan ne ye sab kisiko ye jatane ke liye kiya hai ki wo tumse kitna pyaar karta hai, infact wo to kisiko is Room me aane bhi nahi deta. Wo to once I get into his room Accidently wen he was talking to Ur photograph pleading u to cum back nd den I came to know d extent of his love.”  Meera said while wiping her tears. Geet just thumped on d floor on her knees. Tears were flowing continuously from her eyes seeing d intensity of his love. Meera sat down beside her nd handed her some Diaries. Geet looked at her questioningly not understanding wat kind of diaries r dese


Meera: Geet, dese r d Diaries dat Maan has written for sharing each nd every moment of his lyf wid u nd keeps dem in dis closet along wid ur gift. Nw u must be thinking hw would I came to know about it. I had enetered Maan’s room once withot his knowledge wen I saw him talking to Ur pics nd wen I fished thru his closet I found all dis over here.


Geet just looked at d diaries blankly not sure hw to react. Whether to be happy to see dat Maan had never stopped loving her or to feel sad dat she had hurted him so much. But d next set of words of Meera had not only made Geet stunned but also made her fall in her own eyes.


Meera: But the tail doesn’t end over here Geet. Dere’s a lot more which is still unknown to u.

Yash: Meera no, pls. Maan will never forgive us if he’ll cum to know dat u had told Geet about dat. we promised him Meera.

Meera: I told u before also Yash, I dnt care anymore 4 dat promise nw.


“Yash, wat r u guys talking about? Which Promise did u both made to Maan? Pls Yash tell me. Tell me wat Meera wants to tell me?” she said while shaking his shoulders feeling helpless from d situation.


“Princess wo…” But before Yash could complete his sentence Meera intervenes


Meera: y r u asking Yash? I’ll tell u wat happened behind u 5 years back. Tum to chali gayi thi sab kuch chod ke US, kabhi socha hai hw would have ur family managed over here without u? Ok I agree dat at dat tym u were angry on Maan nd was confused due to his mood swings so u thought of giving him punishment by staying away from him but wat wrong ur family has done Geet dat u had punished dem also. Do u knw Misha is going to suicide?


Geet just stumbles backward hearing d harsh reality dat Meera told her


“Mish… My mish… suicide?” she was just able to mutter dis only absent mindedly


Meera: Yes Geet, Misha was going to suicide. U knw y? Becoz she couldn’t able to clear her medical exams. She thought dat she couldn’t able to live up to her Di’s expectations. She dnt have courage to face u. our mish who was a wild cat has been broken nd has taken dis harsh decision of ending her lyf nd do you know who saved her? Maan saved her.


“Maan” Geet just muttered his name listening to meera’s last sentence.


Meera: yes Maan. Geet, Misha was totally broken at dat tym. Aunty was worried too becoz dere was no sign of her. Den Maan has set out in search of her nd found her walking alone on d middle of d road waiting for a truck to approach her. If Maan wouldn’t have reached dere on tym den today Mish wont be wid us. (She paused for a while nd den spoke) initially like u Misha was also not believeing Maan but later she realizes dat Maan has really changed nw nd may be he’s d only person after u in front of whom she has broken down nd told him d reason for wat she is going to take such a big step.




Misha: I failed my Wildy! She had so many expectations from me nd I had just ruined it

Maan: its not like dat Misha. Its not ur fault. See u had given ur 100% over dere. its just ur Luck

Misha: No its my fault only. Wildy will be so ashamed of me. I couldn’t able to lived up to her expectations.

Maan: Mish, look at me. Ur wildy will not at all be ashamed of u. she knows ur capability nd she trusts on dat also den y r u thinking all dis? u knw her better. Ya she’ll be ashamed if u’ll do such kind of stupid things which u was going to do few mins before. Misha Geet loves u a lot nd  Ur well-being matters to her d most. Nd u’ll fail her if u run away from d situation rather den facing it.

Misha: but wat should I do nw. I dnt want to give my medical exams once again. Wat if i wont be able to clear it again.

Maan: den do wat Ur heart says to u. who said dat u can make career only in medicals. Dere r so many other fields also. Geet once told me dat u loved Designing. Y dnt u opt for Fashion Designing.

Misha: fashion Designing?

Maan: ya it too had a big scope moreover dere r so many gud F-schools in Mumbai. Y dnt u join any one of dem

Misha: But Wildy?

Maan: Geet will be equally proud of u like she would have been if u becomes a doctor. Trust me, i knw her better den anyone else.

Misha: u Love my wildy a lot, rite?


Maan said nothing but slowly nodded to her sudden question dnt knw wat to say


Misha: Den y did u left her? Do u knw hw much heart-broken she was? do u have slightest idea hw much she has cried for u?

Maan: I knw. Nd I also knw wat I had lost. But I was dumb at dat tym to understand her Love nd see nw m getting my punishment. infact dis punishment is very less in compare to wat i did to ur Sis. i deserve even worse from dis. Pls u dnt commit d same mistake. If not for me den for Geet, face dis situation Misha.

Misha: but…

Maan: dnt worry I’ll be there to guide you. But u have to promise me one thing

Misha: wat?

Maan: u’ll never ever do any such kind of thing dat u were going to do nw. Promise?

Misha: I promise

Maan: nd one more thing. U’ll not tell abt all dis to anyone. Especially to Geet. U’ll not tell her that I helped to become a FD.

Misha: but y? May be Wildy can change her decision wen she comes to knw dat u helped me nd she come back to u

Maan: I dnt want her to change her decision. I wanted to live d punishment dat she had given to me. I’ll wait for her to cum to me herself not by getting influence from sumthing.

Misha: dnt u wants to know where she is.

Maan: no becoz I knw wherever she is; she is safe nd fine or else I wont be alive over here. Pls Mish u’ll not tell about dis to anyone. Promise me.

Misha: I promise.

Maan (smiles): Gud. Chalo nw lets go home aunty is very much worried for u.


He said nd moves toward his car wen Misha’s voice stops him


Misha: Maan!

Maan: yes Misha. Any problem?

Misha: can I call u Maan Bhaiya. Pls (she paused for a while waiting for Maan’s reaction nd den continue) I had never called anyone Bhaiya other den Armaan Bhaiya becoz he was always dere for me as a brother nd mujhe lagta tha ki baki sabhi logon ki concern fake hai even of my own cousins but today I wanted to call u Bhaiya. Can I?


Maan said nothing but slowly nodded smiling.


Misha: thank u Maan Bhaiya. I’ll always follow ur words.



******~~~~~~Back to Present~~~~~******

Meera: nd after dat Maan has called me outside Ur home nd asked me to take Misha inside nd not to tell anything about it to Aunty. Later we sumhow managed to convience her dat Misha was at park due to depression but nw she’s fine. Nd after dat Misha has taken admission in F-school nd nw a well knows FD. It was Maan, Geet due to whom Misha is still between us alive nd has chased her dreams.


Geet just stood dere listening to her. She remembered wenever she has asked Misha y has she opted FD as a carrer she always use to avoid d conversation nw she understandas d Reason.


Meera: Geet, not only Misha, Maan has taken care of ur family like his own till d tym dey were here just like d way u use to do without making his presence obvious. He was always dere for dem indirectly. He has fulfilled each nd every responsibility dat was urs without expecting anything from anyone. Aunty gives all credit to me nd yash but d real person was Maan. I still remember d day before Misha nd Aunty were leaving for US. misha has gone to meet Maan nd had cried a lot. She tried to tell him about Ur where abouts but he just refused again giving d same reason. Maan has always been a first person after u whom Misha has shared her success. Nd dis thing was just between 4 of us. I, Yash, Misha nd Maan. Maan has taken a promise from all of us dat we’ll never tell about all dis to u but I have to break my promise because I can’t see my brother suffer anymore.


She said nd wipes away her tears nd turned towards Geet.


Meera: Ab bhi tumhe kuch janna hai Geet? Ab bhi tumhe yahi lagta hai ki Maan tumhe fir se dhokha de dega? Geet r u really dat blind dat u r not able to see d intensity of his Love? I agree dat he made a mistake. He did behave immaturely wid u dat tym but Geet wat r u doing rite nw? Tum bhi to wahi kar rahi ho Na? Just becoz tumhe darr hai dat Maan will break Ur heart again; he’ll break Ur trust again? Geet hw can dat person break ur heart who himself has broken from last 5 years. U wanted to punish him for his deeds dat he had done 5 years back but Geet tum us insaan ko kya saza dogi jo khud 5 saal se apne aap ko hare k pal, hare k lamha saza de raha hai.

Geet: Meera I …

Meera: Geet it was not tough for Maan to know about ur where abouts nd dis u also knw very well. he can even use Misha also for dis if he had d slightest of feeling of Ditching u in his heart but he didnt, becoz he Loves you nd he was ready to burn in dis Fire rather den force u to cum to him. tu ja Geet, tu chali ja waapas US. U can’t be our Geet. Yash ye humari Geet nahi hai. She’s sumone else. Humari Geet to apne dushmano ko bhi maaf kar deti thi nd see here she’s not able to forgive d person who is head over heels in love wid her. Geet from almost last 2 months u r also wid him Na? Doesn’t Ur heart said once to forgive Maan, to be back wid him, to understand his Love for u? Or r u dis much blinded in Ur fear nd ego dat u choose to ignore Ur heart’s desire. For wat r u fearing Geet? u too have been wid him from 1 nd a half months still u think dat he’ll repeat d history again? Oh hw can I forgot, u r GEET HANDA nw who doesn’t care for anything den y will she care for d person for whom she’s d whole world. Datsy u said to him dat u didn’t care whether he lives or die?


Geet just nodded her head in denial. She cares for him d most, she loves him d most. She just sat on her knees crying bitterly.


Meera: Geet today u had not only hurted Maan but u had also hurted d relationship which was a bliss to both of u. I dnt knw where Maan is rite nw but I can tell u one thing for sure dat today u had once again broken him completely nd I fear dat whether dis tym he’ll survive or not becoz his angel himself said to him dat she dnt care whether he lives or die.


Yash hugs Meera from sideways as she too broke into tears. its not gud for her to take dis much stress during Pregnancy so he decided to take her away from dere before any other thing happen. So he just slowly takes her away from d room Leaving Geet alone crying.




It’s been half an hour since Geet was dere in his Room alone but her tears were nowhere to stop. Wenever she reminds of Meera’s words she felt more disgusted of herself. She looked around d whole Room seeing her pics again nd again nd it seems dat all dese too was mocking at her. She calmed herself after a while nd ran a hand on his diaries nd slowly opens it to read nd her eyes welled up in tears as she read d first page of it.


It was dated 22nd Feb, his b’day or to say his first b’day without her.


“Geet, today u saved me from doing a big mistake. Today once again u saved me from drowning in d darkness. Today once again u made me realize dat my Love was so shallow in front of urs. U r not here wid me but still ur presence is here wid me. Dis is my second lyf which u gave me Geet nd I promise dat I’ll cherish it until u’ll cum back nd I knw dat one day u’ll definitely cum back to take care of dia immature Maan like before. Nd once again thank u Angel for saving me.”


“No Maan I had not saved u. u had save me from being a sinner. I can’t be Ur Angel. U r my Angel in true sense.” Geet said wid a chocked voice as if trying to tell him wat she felt. She wipes away her tears nd opems d other page


“Geet from tomorrow my semester r going to start. I won’t lie dat m not nervous at all. I m damn nervous not becoz I haven’t prepare anything but because dat m afraid dat whether I would be able to live up to Ur expectations or not. Geet I was lost sumwhere till nw but u find me nd made me realize wat I m. nw I wanted to do sumthing for u, to become sumthing just for u. I dnt knw whether I would be able to succeed or not but I’ll try my best to not let my angel down due to me.”


“u haven’t let me down Maan infact u had made me proud of u. its me who let u down wid my words.” She said nd opens another page.


“Geet u won’t believe wat happened today. I topped in my whole college. U knw my teacher has got fainted after seeing my result (Geet smiled brightly wen she read dis line). I mean who’ll believe dat d person who just gets passed wid d Grace Marks has topped in his college. Dadimaa is also very much happy. All thanks to u Geet. u r my inspiration. I promise u Geet dat dis is just d beginning dere are lots more events r cuming which will make u proud on me. Nd ya one gud news for u I had started being punctual. U dnt like late comers Na. So nw u dnt have to wait for me for long as I’ll be there on tym”


“I can wait for u forever Maan. Just come back once. Let me correct my mistake for once.”


She keeps on reading d pages. He had written each nd every detail of his lyf over dere. hw Yash nd Meera fought again, hw one girl has approached him to propose him, wat Dadimaa said to him today, hw much is he missing her, hw badly he wanted her to cum back etc etc. she cried, smiled, laughed reading dose pages, reliving each nd every moment of his lyf wen she was not wid him. She turned to another page to read more


“Geet today Dadimaa has given me d charge of KC. From today onwards Ur Maan is going to start a new lyf. U always wanted me to stand on my feets, to make my own Identity nd see Geet d beginning of dat journey has been started nd it had started on our 3rd year anniversary. It’s a good sign isn’t it Geet. and on our 3rd year anniversary I promise u Geet dat I’ll bring KC to such heights dat no one could ever be able to do dat. u’ll see ur Maan having his own identity wen u’ll cum back. Dis is my Anniversary gift for u. HAPPY 3rd YEAR ANNIVERSARY GEET. I m thinking wat u must be doing nw? Thinking of me or not. I dnt know whether u are missing me just like I do or had moved on by now. but wait wat I m thinking? I really deserve a slap from u nw for thinking all dis weird thoughts. Ofcourse u must be missing me in d same way m missing u becoz if I haven’t moved on in my lyf den hw could u? Right Geet? ”


“Yes Maan I haven’t moved on. Dere’s not a single moment wen I haven’t missed u, wen I haven’t thought of u. I haven’t moved on Maan, I couldn’t.”


“HAPPY B’DAY GEET. See dis tym I haven’t forgetten Ur B’day. U were very much disappointed last tym Na but dis tym I won’t repeat d same mistake. Well Ur Gift is at d cupboard waiting for u to open it. Its Ur First B’day wen we r not together. I m missing u a lot Geet. Are u missing me too? Wat a stupid question m asking; ofcourse u must be missing me nd complaining to Ur Babaji also dat I had again forgot to wish u but I didn’t Geet. Pls cum back soon Geet. I m missing u like anything.”


“Yes Maan I too missed u. I too missed each nd every moment of us together.” She said while sobbing hard.


“Geet today Ur Maan has won d Award for d best Businessmen of d year. Dis is d first tym wen I got any such award. I just can’t believe it dat I had beated all dose persons who were at top few years back. U may not be here wid me today Geet but I feel ur presence around me every single second to encourage me, to motivate mne, to inspire me.Today I felt dat m worth u nw. becoz today I felt dat m able to lived upto Ur expectations. Agar aaj tum yaha hoti den u must be very happy. Hai na Geet?”


“I m happy Maan. M very much happy. Nd u r worth of me Maan. If anyone is not worth is den it’s me. I m not worth of u Maan. I m not worth for Ur Love.”


She kept on reading nd reading his each nd every moment nd has every emotion dat he would be feeling at d tym writing dose pages. Pain, longingness, happiness, his silent cries everything. Nd as she kept on reading d feeling of self-disgust nd guilt gets stronger in her. Meera was rite he had not forgot a single event to share wid her. Misha’s preparation for FD, hw she use to keep on budging him tym to tym for help, hw much she was nervous during exams everything. he had shared Yash nd Meera’s wedding wid her, dere relationship after marriage, dere fights nd den filing for Divorce everything as if she was dere wid him.


He had mentioned wat special he has done on d eve of dere monthly anniversary, on dere yearly Anniversary, on her B’day, on his B’day. Hw he celebrated each nd every event wid her. He didn’t even left d projects dat his company got to discuss wid her. She felt as if she has not gone anywhere. She was dere wid him living each nd every moment.


“Geet, yaar I m really Fed-up wid Dadimaa nw. ok dnt get Angry m not dis-respecting her but u knw today I really got irritated. I mean y she always keeps on pestering me to marry sumone else. She knows very well dat I can’t marry anyone. Ok dnt think dat I am a gay. I knw if u would be here den u must have teased me like dis only. But on a serious note I can’t give Ur place to anyone Geet. No matter hw many years it’ll take u to cum back, no matter hw many years it’ll take u to forget everything, I’ll wait for u Geet. If I have been waiting from last 5 years den I can wait for sum more years too. Bas itni si baat Dadimaa nahi samajhti hai. Y cant she understand dat I m urs, just urs Geet like u r mine, just mine. Maan sirf Geet ka hai theek usi tarah jis tarah se Geet sirf Maan ki hai. Maan ki Geet, Sirf Maan ki”


“Yes Maan m urs, just urs. Sirf Maan ki Geet. I too can’t give Ur place to anyone else Maan. I’ll not able to”


“HAPPY B’DAY GEET. Its Ur 5th b’day wen we r not together but see I haven’t forgetten it again. Hw can I Geet? I can’t forget anything which is related to u. nd today I had double reason to celebrate. U knw y? Becoz today I took d first step towards Ur Dream. Ur Dream project will cum true soon geet. Tum khush ho Na Geet? I knw dat u must be very happy today. Geet nw will u forgive me? Nw will u cum back to me? U knw Geet everyone thinks dat u’ll never cum back nw. everyone has left d hope dat u’ll ever cum back. Even yash also but I knw Geet dat u’ll definitely cum back to me. I had trust on my Love, on our Love. No matter hw much u get angry on me but one day u’ll forget everything nd cum back to me in my Arms, just like before. Pls jaldi se waapas aa jao Geet. I Promise Geet dat I’ll never hurt u again, I’ll never ever do any such thing which in return hurt u, I’ll give u all d happiness of dis world but pls cum back to me Geet.


Ur Maan is incomplete without u Geet. Dere’s no existence of Maan without his Geet. Everyday without u is equivalent to a Death to me Geet, but I’ll bear it Geet. I’ll bear Ur each nd every punishment Geet if it results in u forgiving me; if it results in u giving one more chance to our relationship. I LOVE YOU GEET. I STILL LOVE YOU ND I AM WAITING FOR YOU. Pls cum back soon. I can’t stay away from u nw. I’ll die without u Geet; if u’ll not cum back to me den I’ll definitely die.”


“No don’t say dat Maan Pls. nothing will happen to u. Suna tumne, kuch nahi hoga. Nw m here na, dare u say anything like dat. Ye mujhse kya ho gaya? y i did dat nd dat too wid d Person whom i Loved d most nd who loves me more den anyone else. i wonder kya maine kabhi tumse pyaar kiya bhi tha Maan. becoz if i had ever loved u den i wouldnt utter dose words today. I LOVE YOU MAAN, I LOVE YOU A LOT. I M SORRY MAAN. U loved me so much nd I just gave u pain wid my harsh words.  Where r u Maan? Atleast come back to give me my Punishment.” She said nd cried out loud feeling so guilty nd disgusted.


Geet’s monologue:


(P.S. Pls Listen to dis song to get its Feel)

Na Kuch Poocha, Na Kuch Manga
Tune Dil Se Diya Jo Diya

Na Kuch Bola,  Na Kuch Tola
Muskura Ke Diya Jo Diya

Tu Hi Dhoop, Tu Hi Chaya
Tu Hi Apna Paraya
Aur Kuch Na Janu, Bas Itna Hi Janu

Tujh Mein Rab Dikhta Hai, Yaara Mein Kya KarunTujh Mein Rab Dikhta Hai, Yaara Mein Kya Karun
Sajde Sar Jhukta Hai, Yaara Mein Kya Karun
Tujh Mein Rab Dikhta Hai, Yaara Mein Kya Karun

Rab Ne.. Bana Di Jodii…

I closed d diary rite den nd dere not able to read further. if i m feeling so much pain by reading it den Maan has beared all dis just because of me. I hate myself yes I hate myself more den anything. Though unknowingly I hurted d person who Loved me d most. Meera was right; dis is not Me. Dis is not Maan ki Geet. Maan’s Geet can never see her Maan getting hurt nd here I had just given him nothing but pain from last 5 years. He had suffered so much because of me. He had beared so much pain because of me. He died every second without me nd I was dere living my lyf trying to forget everything dat was related to him. nd here he was taking care of everything related to me, my Dreams, my family everything without any expectation. Without letting anyone know anything. hw can I be so selfish? Hw can I be so stone-hearted.


I became so much blinded in my insecurities nd fear dat I always overlook his Love for me. Haven’t I saw his Love wen he took care of me in office wen my palm got hurt, haven’t I seen his care for me wen he took me forcefully to d Hospital for TT shots, haven’t I saw dat fear in his eyes for losing me wen he saved me from dose Goons. Haven’t I saw dat assurance in his eyes dat he’ll always be dere by my side wen he was comforting me at Lift, wen he slept on d same bed wid me in d hotel. Haven’t I saw d possessiveness in his eyes, in his acts wen he was holding me in during Dance, wen he was ready to kill Rahul for laying his lusty eyes on me. Last nite would be so much tormenting for him to compress his Desires for me but he did; he did that just for d sake of my Trust nd burned in d flame of his passion. Today he had almost killed Rahul for touching me, for humiliating me. Haven’t dat showed his Love, his possession, his care for me. Yes it does, it always does. Nd dat kiss, it was not a weak moment. Maan was rite it was not a Weak moment it was only Love nd nothing else. It’s only me who was so much blinded dat I refused to see his Love; it was only me who was so much deaf dat I refused to listen to my heart which always takes Maan’s name.


Nd today I insulted him, I insulted his Love for me by calling our moment of love nothing but a weak moment. Today I hurted him by saying dat I didn’t care if he dies or live but d fact is dat it matters to me a lot. today I had broken him wid my words. His all hopes, his every dream has been broken by me today. He took care of my every dream nd I ruined his every hope. Y I had become so much selfish? Y I had become so much blind? He kept on proving his Love again nd again; he keeps on waiting for me fir whole 5 years without expecting anything from me. He’s burning in dis hell from last 5 years nd today I just added more fuel on it. I can never forgive myself for insulting his Love. I can never face myself anymore. Wat he did was wrong but wat I did was worse. Wats d difference between me nd him; nothing. Becoz I too did d same thing dat he did to me infact more den dat.


I LOVE YOU MAAN, I LOVE YOU. Pls cum back Maan from wherever u are. I knw dat I dnt deserve Ur Love, I dnt Deserve Ur care but atleast I Deserve a Punishment from u. yes dis is d only thing which I Deserve from u. I m not worthy of Ur Love. Pls Cum back to give me my Punishment for hurting u, for under-estimating Ur Love. Pls come Soon Maan.


(Geet’s monologue ends)


She just sat over dere clutching d Diaries tight to her heart crying continuously. Every moment dat dey had shared wid each other flashes in front of her eyes. She was in pain, yes she was but dat pain was not due to wat Maan did to her 5 years back but it was due to wat she did to him from last 5 years nd today. She closed her eyes only to see Maan’s pained face wen she said to him dat she don’t want to see his face again. She just wanted to run d tym back so dat she can slap herself before uttering dise words.


Hw much she wanted to kill herself right den nd dere for uttering dose words to d Person for whom she’s more den a world. At dat moment she only wished dat he comes from sumwhere nd she hug him tight, telling him dat she didn’t mean dose words; dat he, his well being, his happiness is d most important to him. God will definitely not forgive her nd she’ll get a worse punishment from Babaji for hurting him but before Babaji she deserves a Punishment from Maan nd she’ll wait for him to cum nd give her his punishment.


She rests her head at d edge of his bed clutching his Diaries nd closed her eyes waiting for him. Her tears were unstoppable today neither she wants to stop dem because today she wanted to wash away her every fear nd insecurities thru her tears. Because it was due to dem only she was not able to see d true Love in his eyes for her. She kept on waiting for him nd didn’t realize wen she was drifted to Sleep. After so many years she was actually feeling light at heart.


She gets up from her sleep wen she felt a jerk on her shoulders. She slowly opens her eyes only to find Yash nd Meera standing in front of him petrified nd worried. She instantly got up nd looked at dem.


Geet: Meera, Yash kya hua? Y u both r so worried?

Yash: Geet wo Maan…

Geet: kya hua Maan ko? Tum log chup kyun ho, batao na Maan ko kya hua? Wo theek to hai na.

Yash: Geet, Maan ka Accident ho Gaya hai nd he’s in Hospital.


Geet felt dat she’ll fainted any moment seeing d darkness in front of her eyes. She felt like d floor beneath her slipping away listening to wat Yash has just said to him.



She still can’t believe wat she was hearing was correct. This cant be True. She has definitely heard it wrong or may be Yash is playing a Prank on her or may be she’s dreaming.


Geet: wat d hell r u talking Yash? Dis can’t be true. Just say dat u r lyieng pls.

Yash: Princess I m not lyieng dis is true

Geet: Dekho Yash I m warning u stop playing dis Prank. U knw Na dat I dnt like dese kind of pranks. Meera bolo Na Yash se to stop kidding nw.

Meera: Geet, Yash is not kidding. Maan has really met wid an Accident nd is serious��

Geet (intervenes): SHUT UP!!!! JUST SHUT UP BOTH OF U!!!!!! Nothing can happen to him. Did u both listen? Maan is allright.


She said while continuously nodding her heard in Denial. Just den Maan’s word rings in her ears


“I’ll never cum back in Ur lyf again. U’ll never see my face again Geet. I’ll go far away from u nd Ur lyf”


“Agar Kisi se koi galti ho to usse roothna theek hai par manane wale se itna bhi nahi roothna chahiye ki manane wala khud rooth jaye.”


“No Maan, u can’t give me dis Punishment. I knw I deserve a punishment from u but not dis. u r angry on me na den give me any other punishment but not dis Pls. U cant give me dis big punishment. U can’t go away from me like dis.” she said while crying bitterly nd thumped on d floor. Meera quickly comes near her nd hugged her tight while consoling her


Meera: Geet, Maan ko kuch nahi hoga. By the tym u r wid him nothing will happen to him. But abhi we need to go to hospital. He needs us over dere hhmmm


She just nodded silently while still sobbing




As soon as dey reached d Hospital Geet quickly rushed towards d Reception to enquire about Maan without waiting for Yash nd Meera to come.


Geet: Excuse Me! Mr. Maan Singh Khurana, he has been admitted over here. Can u tell me in which Room no. he is?


Geet said while catching her breath. By every passing second she is getting impatient. She just wanted to see Maan once, to make sure dat he’s fine. Receptionist looked at her from Top to Bottom for a while trying to figure out what relationship she had wid MSK as her condition was really vulnerable at dat moment wid her puffy eyes, messed up hairs nd tear-stricken face. May be a crazy Girlfriend, she thought nd looks at d register for d information but Geet was getting impatient by every passing second nd here dis Receptionist is taking her own sweet tym which makes Geet hell angry now


Geet: Can’t u make it fast. Itna tym lagta hai ek patient ka naam dhundhne me?


She yelled at d top of her lungs making receptionist jumps wid her sudden outburst. By d tym Yash nd Meera comes near her nd beore Receptionist could answer back Geet, Yash decides to handle d situation.


Yash: Excuse Me! Pls tell us fast where MSK is? Its urgent, hope u understand d meaning of urgent.

Receptionist: he’s at OT, second floor nd his Operation is going on


She said rather rudely trying to get rid of dese crazy peoples. Without wasting a minute Geet rushes towards d elevator along wid Meera nd Yash leaving Receptionist behind annoyed due to her behaviour.




As d elevator door opens without any further delay Geet rushes towards the OT to see Maan. But as soon as she reaches over dere she saw a familiar person talking to d Doctor enquiring about Maan’s status.


“Ashish” she mumbled absent-mindedly confused wid d fact of him present over here. In the mean tym Ashish saw her nd quickly excused himself from d Doctor Nd goes near her.



Geet: Ashish, Maan�..

Ashish: He’ll be fine. Dnt worry. Doctors are operating him.


He said while patting her shoulders to console her. By the tym Yash nd Meera reaches near her nd Yash gets confused seeing a stranger being so comfortable wid Geet. He coughed to gain there Attention nd goes towards Attention


Yash: Excuse Me! I guess u r d one who informed us about the accident. Geet, tum janti ho inhe?


Geet was in no condition to say anything for her mind was at Maan’s condition. Seeing her Condition Meera comes forward to clear d confusion


Meera: Yash, he’s Ashish. Deepika’s Husband, rite?

Ashish: ya. Nd u must be Mr. Yash, rite?

Yash: ya. So, u r d one who informed us about d Accident.

Ashish: ya actually I was came to Mumbai for a meeting nd was returning back to Lonavala wen I saw a croud gathered on highway. I stopped d car to see wat d matter is nd came to knw dat an Accident has taken place. A car has been collided wid a Truck. As a Driver was driving on a fast pace derefore he couldn’t able to control d Spped nd has met wid an accident. Though it was not a serious Accident but he had got hurt badly nd was serious. Sum people even consider him to be dead. Nd wen I move forward to look at d person den I was shocked to see Maan over dere. So without wasting a minute I bring him over here. i was feeling hesitant to inform Geet about him nd At dat moment I saw numerous calls from Ur no. so thought of informing u first rather den Geet as I knw hw much Geet is sensitive towards Maan.

Meera: wats d Maan status now?

Ashish: his operation is still going on as he lost a huge amount of blood moreover his wounds r very deep as d glass of windshield has been dere on d various places of his body including Fractures too.


Geet was mute spectator of all dese. She listened to all wat Ashish has said nd was feeling herself responsible for all dis. she knows y Maan was driving so Rash. It was just because of her nd impact of her words on him. Today due to her he was here in dis Condition. She’s definitely not worth of his Love, for if she was den dis thing never happened.So many things happebed wid her since morning nd nw she’s emotionally drained to bear anyhting else


It’s been 45 mins since dey were here at hospital nd Maan’s operation was still going on. By every now nd den she was looking at d door of OT hoping dat doctor will cum nd tell her dat he’s fine nw. but every passing second is like an eternity for her.


“Babaji! Pls save him. Pls save my Maan. I’ll bear any punishment given by u but not dis. pls take my Lyf instead but pls save him.” She silently prayed to Babaji hoping for sum Miracle to happen. Just den d Doctor comes out from d OT nd Geet rushes towards him


“Doctor Maan, hw is he nw? Everything is fine Na? Is he ok now? Use kuch hua to nahi Na? Can I see him nw?” She said all in one breath without giving doctor any chance to speak.


Doctor: Relax Mrs. Khurana! Let me speak first. His operation has been done nw. we removed d glass pieces from his body but�.

Yash: But wat Doctor?

Doctor: but his condition is still critical. We are trying our best but his body is not responding to our treatments as if he dnt have any will to live anymore. Right now we are shifting him at ICU on Life support system. If his body didn’t respond to our treatment within 24 hrs den condition can be more dangerous for him.


He said nd excused himself from dere. Geet thumped on d bench wen she listened to wat Doctor has said. She felt like she’ll die den nd dere only. Her Maan had no will to live anymore. Nd she knows dat she is d reason for dis. had she not said dose words to him den he wont be in dis cond. In which he’s nw.


Just den d d door gets open nd she saw dat nurses nd wardboys r shifting Maan to ICU. She rushes towards him to get his view but nurses restrained her from doing so nd she stood dere helpless. Yash, Meera nd Ashish were watching her condition nd had tears in dere eyes seeing her condition like dat.


Yash: Meera, u go nd handle Geet. She needs u rite nw. nd m going to inform Dadimaa.

Meera: But Yash, its nt safe to tell anything to Dadimaa. U knw her health, rite?

Yash: I knw Meera, but we have to inform her.

Meera: but�.

Yash: ok I’ll do one thing. I’ll go to her nd will tell her den only wen I feel dat she’s in d state of absorbing dis piece of information. But for nw u go to Geet. Only u can handle her dis moment.

Meera: hhmmm


By saying dis Yash left for KM nd Meera goes near Geet to console Geet. She knows dat she’s doing a futile attempt as no matter hw much strong Geet is but wen it comes to Maan she’s always d weakest person. Geet quickly hugs Meera as she felt her hand on her shoulders nd broke into tears.


Geet: Meera, Maan�. Mujhe mera Maan waapas chahiye Meera. I can’t live without him. Pls do sumthing to save him.

Meera: Geet Relax! Maan will be fine. Nothing will happen to him. Trust me, doctors are attending him Na. he’ll be fine


She said while patting her back not sure to whom is she consoling, Geet or herself




It’s been 2 hrs. Since Maan is shifted in ICU nd was still at life support system nd his condition was still d same. Dere’s no sign of him to regain conciousness. Geet was watching him from outside d ICU through d glass circle of d door. Her heart cried seeing her Love fighting between his Life nd Death. She just rests her forehead at d Door nd burst into tears. So many events had taken place since morning. Rahul fiasco, Maan cuming for her rescue, dere confrontation, his confession nd den her dose hurtful words which had broken Maan completely. She felt ashamed of herself right at dis moment. Maan was always dere for her wenever she needs him. for it being saving her from Rahul or comforting her at lift or saving her last nite nd wat has she givem him in return, nothing except his present condition. If anything would happen to him today den she won’t be able to forgive herself.


“Babaji! Pls save him. I’ll never ever ask u for anything else, I promise but pls save him” she was continuously praying to God wen she heard a familiar voice behind her.


“Kiddo” she turned around to look at d source of voice nd saw Armaan nd Shilpa present over dere.


“Armaan�” she said nd runs towards him nd hugged him tight nd cried her heart out. Till nw it was getting too much for her to handle everything alone. No doubt Meera nd Ashish were dere wid her but she was not able to cry dis much in front of anyone of dem.


“Armaan�. Maan�.” She couldn’t said further as she was too much chocked in tears. Shilpa patted her back to calm her down.


“Kiddo, everything will be fine. Dnt worry, Maan will be fine” he said while consoling but his own eyes were burning in tears seeing his Kiddo like dat but he had to be strong for her. Determining dis he slowly pulled her out from hug nd wipes away her tears.


Armaan: Kiddo, Dnt cry. If u’ll cry like dis den Maan won’t feel happy. Do u want him to feel sad?


She slowly nodded in no.


Armaan: Den dnt cry nd be strong hhmmm


She slowly nodded nd Armaan makes her sit on d nearby bench.


Shilpa: Armaan, u be here wid Geet. Main Doctor se baat karke aati hoon.

Armaan: hhmmm


After Shilpa goes Armaan hugs Geet sideways nd Geet again started crying


Geet: Ye sab meri wajah se hua hai, Because of me Maan is here in dis cond.

Armaan: Kiddo relax! Tum aisa kyun soch rahi ho?

Geet: No Armaan, tumhe nahi pata. Meri wajah se aaj Maan yah ape hai. Maine use��

Armaan: Geet, I knw everything.


Geet broke d hug nd looked at him confused


Armaan: yes Kiddo, I knw everything. Meera ne mujhe sab kuch bata diya hai.

Geet: But how? I mean��

Armaan: Wo wen I got ur call at US, I got hell worried wen I sensed dat u were crying over here so without wasting a minute I nd Shilpa has taken a flight for India nd wen I reached to India I tried calling ur cell numerous tym but u were not accepting my call finally ur cell phone has been picked up by Meera nd she told me everything dat has been happened over here.

Geet: u dnt knw Armaan hw I felt at dat moment wen I uttered dose words. I felt like I mysely ripping my heart apart from my Body but at dat moment I was too blinded to think all dis. u knw hw much Maan has got hurt due to my words nd nw he’s here in dis condition judt because of me. Babaji will never forgive me Armaan, he’ll never forgive me.


Armaan hugs her again as she again started crying.


Armaan: Kiddo, dnt cry. Jo hona tha wo ho gaya. It was neither Ur fault nor Maan’s. This game was played by Fate nd u both were just a part of it so stop blaming urself

Geet: Armaan I love him. I Love him a lot. I can take any other Punishment given by God but not dis. Agar use kuch ho Gaya den I won’t be able to live.

Armaan: u knw kiddo for d first tym in dese 5 years u had confessd it in front of me dat u Love wid. Dnt worry Maan ko kuch nahi hoga, My Kiddo’s Love is dere wid him na. Tum dekhna nothing will happen to him.


He said while patting her back to calm her down continuously praying dat his words come true




It’s been 8 hrs since Maan is in d ICU but dere’s not a slightest improvement in his cond. Doctors were tryng dere best but dere was no success. Yash came back from KM but he was not able to tell anything to Dadimaa seeing her health, so he just told her dat Maan has to leave for an important meeting in London all of a sudden derefore he’s not able to inform her.


Geet just kept looking at Maan from outside d ICU nd was continuously crying seeing his Condition. Hw badly she wanted to be over dere at his place. She won’t mind if God will take her lyf if it results into sparing Maan’s lyf. She was lost looking at him wen Shilpa came to her wid some snacks


Shilpa: Geet, have sumthing. U didn’t had anything from last evening

Geet: I dnt want to eat anything Shilpa.

Shilpa: Dnt be stubborn Geet. Look at urself, u look so pale. Pls have sumthing or else u’ll get Ill

Geet: I won’t eat anything Shilpa until Maan wil regain conciousness. Nd if I die also den also I wont mind as for me dyeing also will be a very less punishment in front of wat I did to him.


“Geet!!! aisi baat nahi karte. Nothing will happen to u nd Maan, got it.” she said while getting scared wid geet’s words.


Shilpa: Come, sit over here wid me. I need to clear u sumthing

Geet (frowned): wat?

Shilpa: Geet, dat nite wen u both were in Hotel nd u get dremched in rain, I called Maan nd at dat tym he was hell worried for u. den its me ho suggested him to give u his body heat as dere was no other option to save u. trust me Maan never wanted to do dat, I mean he was hesitant but he had done it just because of u. trust me Geet Maan had done nothing wid u dat nite. I mean if u guys fought because of dat��.


“I knw Shilpa” Geet said slowly making Shilpa confused.


“I knw Maan has not done anything wid me dat nite. He can never ever break my trust nd he had proved it not once but countless tymes. It was me who was a fool to understand all dis nd hurted him badly dat too just after his confession, just after our Kiss.” She closed her eyes for a moment to get control on herself


“Datsy m loathing myself nw even more. If dat kiss would be forced den I can blame Maan but it was not. I too responded him back nd dats wat more bothering me at dat moment nd I said dose words to him. I wish if I could think a bit maturely at dat tym; I wish if I won’t be blinded by my fears so dat I could see d intensity of his Love nd dis would never happened den.” She said while chocking in tears. Shilpa quickly comes nd calms her before she can again start crying


“Geet, everything will be fine. I m happy dat nw u can see his true Love for u. Geet I knw wat he did in past was wrong but Past is Past. We can’t live our whole lyf by living in dat. we have to live in present nd d Present is dat Maan loves u a lot even more den before nd dis u must have also seen. Nd future is dat u both belong to each other, dnt test Ur Destiny dis tym Geet. Destiny wants both of u together because if it won’t den Maan would never realize his true Love for u, u both will never cum face to face wid each other so nw wen u both r here wid each other den dnt let him go away from urself. Dnt bring Ur past nw between both of urs relationship. U understand wat I m saying.”  Shilpa said while trying her best to make her realize Maan’s importance In her lyf but least she knows dat Geet had understood it long back. She was about to say sumthing wen Armaan came nd dere conversation gets interrupted.


Armaan: Shilpa, meri just abhi doctor se baat Hui, dere’s a gud news. Maan is gaining consciousness in between nd he was continuously muttering Geet’s name.


“Armaan tum sach keh rahe ho. Maan is gaining conscious” Geet said while holding his shoulders.


“Yes Kiddo, m saying true. I guess u should be dere wid him may be he gains his consciousness soon. I had already talked to Doctors nd even dey suggested d same.” said Armaan wid a happy voice.


Geet felt like she was on cloud nine. Finally she can see a ray of hope but soon her happiness turned into guilt.


Geet: no I can’t go there. I can’t face him Armaan.

Armaan: Geet look at me. See it’s not a right tym to be in a guilt trip. Dis tym Maan’s cond is more important for us. Don’t u want him to be fine?


She slowly nodded in yes


Armaan: Den just leave all Ur thoughts nd go to him. Geet once it was me only who said to u to forget dat person who doesn’t care fpr Ur feelings nd nw m only saying to go to Maan because no one can love u more den him. He’ll always take care of u nd Ur Feelings. He’ll die but he’ll never let anything happen to u. he’ll take care of u for whole of his lyf even more den me. Do u trust me?

Geet: yes I trust u


“Den just go to him nd forget everything else. Kiddo u always belongs to him only nd today only u can save him so just go, save ur Love Kiddo.” He said while literally pushing her towards ICU. Geet smiled thru her tears nd rushes towards d ICU. Armaan nd Shilpa just stood oer dere looking at her in awe.


Armaan: I just wish dat everything will get fine

Shilpa: everything will be fine nw Armaan. Nw Geet is dere wid him, everything will be fine.




Geet slowly entered inside d ICU looking at Maan’s lifeless body. Fresh tears welled up in her eyes as she had his close view. She just sat near him looking at him as doctor’s nd his words rang in her mind


“As if he dnt have any will to live anymore.”


“I’ll die without u Geet; if u’ll not cum back to me den I’ll definitely die.”


“If his body didn’t respond to our treatment within 24 hrs den condition can be more dangerous for him.”


“I’ll never cum back in Ur lyf again. U’ll never see my face again Geet. I’ll go far away from u nd Ur lyf”


“No Maan, u can’t go away from my lyf like dis. I won’t let u go like dis. u had only said Na dat we both have equal right to take d decision in our relationship den hw can u take d Decision of going away from me alone. U can’t take dis decision alone. Did u hear dat? u cant take dis decision alone.” She said while sobbing. Finally she holds his hand in her hand nd kissed it.


“U always wanted me to cum back to u Na. u promised me dat u’ll not let me cry again once I’ll be back in ur lyf den hw can u break ur Promise Maan, hw can u let me cry again. U promised me na dat u’ll be always be as a shield in my lyf which will protect me from all d troubles den hw can u break ur Promise Maan. Does dat mean dat Ur Promises were fake? See m here wid u Maan, nw u cant break ur promise or else I’ll again go away from u nd dis tym I’ll never cum back.” She said nd looked at d machines for sum response nd dis is wen her eyes fell on nearby table nd she saw a watch on it. Her eyes welled up as she recognized dis watch. It was d same watch which she has gifted him 5 years back on his B’day nd as she recognizes it Maan’s nd Meera’s words rang in her mind


“Wen Yash asked him dat y on earth he was trying to commit suicide he didn’t replied anything but just said dat he was going to commit a mistake but his Angel stopped him.”


“Geet, today u saved me from doing a big mistake.”


“Dis is my second lyf which u gave me Geet”


“Thank u Angel for saving me.”


Dis is wen reality struck her. She remembers dat she has send dis watch to Maan along wid a letter on his B’day. Nw she understands y Maan has stopped himself dat day from commiting suicide. Becoz she has aksed him to take care of his lyf because it was her lyf nw.


“U remember wat I said wen I gave u dis watch I asked u to take care of it nd for dat u have to take care of urself because it was my lyf nw. Aise khayal rakhoge tum meri lyf ka. Like dis u’ll take care of my gift, bolo. Tum Na kabhi nahi badal sakte. Tum kal bhi immature the aur aaj bhi. Haan, yahi sach hai u can never change. U still dnt care about me becoz if u had den u wont be lyieng over here like dis.” she said while putting dat watch back to his wrist nd again looked at machines for sum response.


“It was me only who said to u Na dat I dnt care if u die or live but its nt true Maan. I care if u die or live. My lyf is incomplete without u nd if today anything will happen to u Na den I also won’t be able to live. I’ll die without u Maan, I’ll die. U are angry on me Na den give me whatever punishment u want but not dis. u cant give me dis punishment Maan, u cant. I LOVE YOU MAAN, I LOVE YOU A LOT”She said while completely breaking down. She cried holding his hand in hers just praying to God for sum miracle. Nd it seems like God has listened to her dis tym.


Geet felt sum movement in Maan’s hand. She jerked her head up to look at him nd found his eyes blinking a bit. She quickly looked up at machines nd found improvement in dem


“Geet�. Geet, pls dnt go from my lyf” she heard him continuously mumbling her name. She holds his hand tight to assure him day she’s dere only



“M here Shona. M not going anywhere. Pls open Ur eyes, Shona. Pls for Ur Geet.” she said nd quickly hits d alarm for Doctors to cum. In no tym Doctors were dere nd dey asked Geet to leave nd him wait outside as dey need to check on him. Geet reluctantly moves away from him nd goes outside




Geet wasn pacing restlessly outside d ICU waiting for Doctor to cum out. It’s been half an hour since dey was checking Maan inside. She keeps on looking at d Door by every now nd den. Finally her wait gets over nd Doctor came outside wid a happy face. Everyone quickly goes near him to hear d gud news


Geet: Doctor, Maan�.

Doctor: he’s fine nw. dere’s nothing to worry nw.


Geet’s face lit up listening to Doctor’s words. Dis is d best thing dat has been happened to her sine last few days.


Geet: Aap sach bol rahe hai? Maan is fine nw? Dere’s nothing to worry?

Doctor: Yes Mrs Khurana he’s absolutely fine nw.

Yash: can we meet him doctor?

Doctor: ya but he wanted to meet Mrs Khurana first nd after dat u all can go nd meet him but one by one nd make sure dat it wont be for much tym as he still needs rest.


Everyone nodded nd Doctors left from dere. As soon as Doctor Left Meera nd Shilpa came near Geet nd hugged her.


Shilpa: So, Mrs. Khurana go Ur husband is waiting for u


She said while teasing her while Geet just blushes at her statement


Meera: OMG she’s blushing. Can anyone tell dat few mins. Back she was crying her eyes out nd nw here she’s blushing


Geet said nothing nd goes inside ICU to meet Maan, escaping from dere teasing.




Geet slowly stepped inside looking at Maan but dis tym she dnt have any fear to lose him instead it was replaced by d eeling dat hw will she face him nw. she slowly sat near him but she don’t have courage to hold his Hand again like she did few hrs back. but dis tym she was happy to see him all safe nd sound. A lone tear of happiness escaped from her eyes nd fell on Maan’s hand. Maan flinched a bit as he felt her presence around him. He slowly opened his eyes nd turned his face only to see d most beautiful face in front of him. Geet had casted her eyes down not able to meet his gaze


“Wont u look at me once” he said rather in a pleading way making Geet to look up at him. As soon as dere eyes met Geet couldn’t control herself nd hugged him tight. Maan hugged her back wid his free hand. He could feel his cloth getting wet due to her tears. He patted her back slowly to make her feel better. Finally he slowly lifted her up from himself nd cradled her face from one side nd wiped away her tears looking into her eyes


Maan: u knw Na I cant see u in tears. hw long will it take for u understand dis fact.

Geet: Shut up! Just shut up! U had taken my lyf out of me. Do u have slightest idea wat went on me in dese 10 hrs. No, hw would u knw? Tum to yaha aaram se lete hue the, tumhe kya farak padta hai if anyone is crying her eyes out for u?


Maan just keeps on looking at her without uttering a word. He smiles seeing her complain like a kid. Geet notices it nd gets irritated seeing her smile


Geet: Nw for wat u r smiling for. Have I cracked a joke over here?


“I thought u dnt care if I die or stay alive” he said in a painful voice making Geet feeling guilty for her behaviour.


Geet: So, Maine kaha aur tumne maan liya? I had said u many more things, did u get agreed to it?

Maan: is dere anything said by u which I didn’t agree?

Geet: So wat, iska matlab ye to nahi Na ki tum meri ye baat bhi mano. I told u na dat dese r my breaths, my heartbeats which u r taking care of den hw can u think of causing any harm to my lyf, Bolo?

Maan: I m sorry

Geet: No, u dnt say Sorry. It’s my mistake, I am Sorry. I shouldn’t have said dose words to u. I m sorry Maan, I dnt wanted to say dose words, I dnt know hw it escaped from my mouth. Trust me I dnt man dose words. It’s just because of me u r here. I ���


She couldn’t say further as Maan places his finger on his lips to make her quiet.


Maan: Ssshhh! Bahut bolti ho tum. Geet u r not at fault at all. It’s very obvious for u to react like dat. Dnt blame urself for anything

Geet: y u r so nice Maan dat u never see my fault. I knw m at fault. I just thought about my pain, my sufferings. Not once I tried to know Ur side. I just overlooked Ur Love,Ur care for me in d daze of my fears. U are here suffering from last 5 years so much nd I was just trying to forget everything related to u Maan. No I m not worth for u. I m not worth for ur Love.

Maan: Chup! Nw u’ll not say a word more. Geet u r again taking a decision on Ur own in our relationship. U cant take Everytym decision like dis on ur own. Nd who said dat u r not worth my Love. If u r not worth my Love den I dnt think dat anyone else is worth of my Love. Geet u r d one who made me wat I m today. U transformed dis Immature Maan to a responsible one. Maan who was nothing more den a Playboy u told him hw to Love, u told him hw it feels wen u r truly in Love wid someone. Hw someone’s happiness, her dreams, her wishes gets ur first priority. If today I m been knows as MSK den just because of u, den hw can u say dat u r not worth of my Love, hhmmm?


Geet just listened to him wid tears in her eyes. she felt blessed to have dis man in her lyf who still think that she was nowhere at fault but truth cant be changed. Nd the Truth is dat she’s at fault nd she deserves a Punishment form him.


Geet: I know u r saying all dis just to make me feel better but I won’t listen to u dis tym. Not until u give me my punishment.


Maan just rolled his eyes seeing d stubbornness of dis girl.


Maan: So Ms. Geet Handa wants her punishment hhmmm


She nodded in yes innocently


Maan: r u sure dat u’ll bear d punishment given by me

Geet: yes. I promise I won’t complaint once about it.

Maan: hhmmm in dat case dere’s only one punishment for u (he said nd oaused for a while to see her reaction) u have to promise me dat u’ll never ever leave me alone again. U have to promise me dat u’ll never ever go from my lyf again, u have to promise me dat u’ll take care of dis immature Maan for whole of Ur lyf nd will bear his every tantrums. Can u promise dis to me?


Geet felt her hart swelled up seeing d intensity of Love of dis person whose punishment is also loving just like him.


Geet: Maan I��.

Maan: No Geet, Punishment has been decided nd u cant back out nw. so r u ready?

Geet (smiles): yes I’ll bear dis punishment for whole of my lyftym. I promise.


She said nd smiled thru her tears. Maan wiped away d tear dat has just escaped from her eyes nd looked deep into her eyes


“Geet m still waiting to hear dose 3 words from u in which my whole Lyf exists. M dyeing to hear dose words from u Geet which u said few mins back to me wen I was unconscious” he said while boaring his eyes into her while Geet just looked at him confused. Maan smiles understanding her confusion.


“Yes Geet I knw nd sach pucho to due to dat only m alive nw. knowing dat my Angel loves me so much I just cant able to go away from her. Pls Geet, Pls say dose 3 words once more nd make me realize dat it was not a Dream. Pls.” he said rather in a pleading way. Geet looks deep into his eyes reading his desires, his Love for her. She slowly leans towards his face such dat her breath is fanning his lips while still lost in his eyes.


“I LOVE YOU MAAN, I LOVE U A LOT” she said while looking into his eyes nd Maan noticed d pink colour crept on her cheeks while saying.


“I LOVE YOU TOO GEET. I LOVE YOU TOO” He said while instantly hugging her close to him almost suffocating her without bothering of his injuries. Dis was d moment for which he has been waiting for so long nd nw wen dat moment has been arrived he cant believe whether it’s a dream or a sweet reality. Well if it was a dream den he would love to live dis dream for d rest of his lyf. Maan closed his eyes feeling d only Love of his lyf so close to him. Both of dem seems to lost d track of tym being in each other embrace. After a hile Geet lifts up her face only to meet his eyes which were ull of Love just for her.


“Pls never ever go away from my lyf again Geet. I wont be able to Live ithout u. I swear I’ll D��..”  He couldn’t complete his sentence as Geet sealed his lips wid hers surprising Maan at first wid her sudden act. It was only Maan who Everytym takes d lead, even at d tym of dere relationship also. Dis is d first tym wen she had taken any initiative like dis nd she knows dat she’s doing right.


Maan was initially shocked at her behaviour but den he wrap his free Arm around her waist nd pulled her more close to him. He took her Lower Lip between his Lips nd sucked it, gently nibbling on dem. Geet’s Lips get parted nd Maan couldn’t hesitate d invitation. His toungue gained entry in her mouth exploring each nd every crevices of her mouth. As d tym passes dere kiss becomes d Passionate one. Dey both kissed each other like dere is no tomorrow. Both of dem have waited for dis moment for so long nd nw wen dat moment has arrived none wants to stop. Dey both were Lost, lost in d moment, Lost in each other.


Dey freed each other after so long to take breath. Geet gently pecks his lips before lifting her face from him.


“Never dare to utter dose words again or else no one would be worse den me, got it” she said while actually warning him.


“If u’ll keep on shutting me like dis only den I’ll utter dose words again nd again.” Maan said with a tint of mischief in his voice making her blush. She instantly hugged him to hide her shyness from him.


“I LOVE YOU GEET” he said while hugging back to her


“I LOVE YOU TOO MAAN” she said while remaining in his embrace. Nothing could be more perfect den dis at dat moment. Every pain, every longingness, every fears has been replaced by their immense Love for each other. 5 years of separation dat has given immense pain to each other seems worth to dem if it results for being in each other arms like dis forgetting d rest of d World promising to each other dat dey’ll never leave each other alone.



Outside d ICU Armaan-Shilpa, Yash-Meera nd Ashish (poor guy he was alone at dat tym) were witnessing d re-union of two Lost Lovers wid tears in dere eyes who were irrecoverably in Love wid each other. The Lovers who were separated from each other by destiny 5 years back is nw again together by Destiny only but dis tym it was for Forever nd now no one can separate dem.


Shilpa Hugged Armaan nd Meera hugged Yash seeing d beauty of dere Love at dat moment. Ashish too turns to hug someone but to his Luck Deeps was not dere wid him, poor guy hugged d Wardboy passing over from dere in happiness making everyone Laugh. Finally Armaan joined him in a Group hug celebrating d re-union of Maan nd Geet.






1 year nd 2 months later:


Maan was pacing restlessly on d airport waiting for Geet to arrive. Her flight has already landed but d procedure of customs nd all seems too much tym taking to him. Yash was noticing him continuously nd shakes his head in disbelief. Who’ll Believe dat great MSK for whom everyone waits for his one appointment is nw waiting for his Love to Arrive so restlessly.


Yash: Dude, Relax Geet’s flight has been arrived. She can be here at any moment. So stop pacing like dis.

Maan: U wont understand hw I m feeling rite nw.

Yash: ya, sari samajh to bhagwan ne aap hi ko di hui hai na. Yaar tera abhi ye haal hai den dere will be no wonder agar shaadi ke baad tu “Joru ka Ghulam” ban jayega.

Maan: Look who’s talking. Who himself fears of Meera’s anger is nw asking me to beware of d consequences after Marriage.


Maan said nd chuckled nd looks at d entrance Door


Yash: Excuse me! I m not afraid of her ok. Wo to I Love her so much datsy I just do wat she says, otherwise its only me who had upper hand.


Maan shakes his head in disbelief while looking at d Door. just den Yash’s phone rang nd colour of his face fades away as he see d caller. Maan instantly understands whose call it was nd smirks slightly. Yash picks up d call only to find Angry Meera on d other side.


Yash: hey Babu!

Meera: where d hell r u Yash. It’s been 2 hrs since u r out. Do u have any responsibilities or not?

Yash: ofcourse I had Babu Nd m at Airport waiting for Geet. Her flight has been landed so me nd Maan is waiting for her.

Meera: Geet is not a kid ok dat u both have to be pver dere to receive her. Maan is dere Na. Atleast give sum privacy to dem. nd u come here I need u. Function is in d evening nd Dere’s so much preparation still left. Armaan aur Shilpa kitna handle karenge nd here I m just doing nothing but running behind crawling Yashita. U knw hw much mischevious she has became. Nw without sparing a minute come here NOW!!!!!

Yash: yup Sweetheart just 5 mins nd I’ll be dere. Tum tension mat lo ok, I m just cuming rite nw. ok Bye.


He said nd instantly cuts d call before Meera could speak further nd takes a sigh of relief. He looks at Maan who was watching him wid a grin on his face mocking him at his cond.


Yash: haan to, I Love her so much datsy I dnt want her to be tensed ok nothing else

Maan: I haven’t asked anything den y u r giving clarifications.


He said nd laughed out loud irritating Yash


Yash: has lo jitna hasna hai has lo. My tym will also cum wen u’ll get married to Geet. Anyways abhi m leaving. Tum Geet ko lekar direct venue aa jana ok.

Maan: hhmmm


Yash leaves from dere nd Maan again looks at entrance door nd finally his waits gets ended as his eyes falls on d angelic beauty in front coming towards him. He seems to be fallen in Love wid her again nd again. Her mere sight just make his lyf pleasant. Nd today dere’s going to be a big day for both of dem. Geet saw him waiting for her nd she waves instantly at him wid a smile on her face


As soon as she reached near him Maan crushed her in Bone-cracking hug expressing his condition without her making Geet blush due to looks of peoples going from dere.


Geet: Maan, wat r u doing? We are at Airport.

Maan: so wat Geet? u knw I dnt care for d world. U knw hw much I missed u?

Geet: Maan I had gone US for just 2 days not for whole of my lyftym.


Maan brokes d hug nd looks at her


Maan: 2 days? U knw wat 2 days meant for me. Its not just 2 days. Its 48 hrs, 2880 minutes, 172800 seconds nd 17107200 nanoseconds. Still u’ll say dat it was just 2 days


Geet just looked at him wid her eyes wide open in disbelief. Dis man is indeed crazy in her love dat he’s keeping d record of each second


Geet: Ab tum aise pal-pal ka hisaab rakhoge to main kya keh payungi

Maan: Gud. BTW Armaan’s parents didnt came wid u?

Geet: No dey cant able to make it up dis tym but dey promised to be here on our Marriage.

Maan: Gud. Chalo Ab.

Geet: kahan?

Maan: Venue

Geet: But Maan let me change atleast.

Maan: No need u always looks beautiful in whichever attire u are. Nw cum fast everyone is waiting for us


He said while literally dragging her outside wen Geet instantly stops making Maan confused


Geet: Arey ok fine but atleast let me complete an important work first

Maan (irritated): nw Wat Geet?


“HAPPY B’DAY SHONA” she said while pecking his lips making Maan surprised at her sudden act. He couldn’t believe dat she’s d same Geet who was blushing few mins back just because he hugged her publically nd nw pecking him without caring for anyone.


Maan: Thank u would be Mrs. Khurana but aren’t we r on a public place.


Geet said nothing but encircled her arms around his neck nd looked at his eyes


Geet: I knw Mr. Khurana but wat to do my would be husband was missing me so much nd I missed him too so cant help it nd waise bhi he wont care for d world right?


She said wid a mischievious smile played on her face. Oh hw much he wanted to kiss her hard right den nd dere but he controlled himself knowing Geet wont be comfortable so he instantly shrugged off his thoughts nd hugs her again.


“Mr. Khurana if Ur romance session has been over den can we move to d venue. Everyone is waiting for us” she said being in his embrace


“Is it necessary to go” Maan said while Hugging her more close to him


Geet: Maan, stop it nw. we have whole Lyf for dis. nw c’mon lets go.


Maan half-heartedly pulls out from d hug nd kisses her cheek making her blush even more.


“Let’s go” he said nd dey both move outside d Airport.




After 1 hr. of Drive Maan nd Geet finally reaches to d place where inaurgaration of dere Dream Project is going. It was d same orphanage which brought Maan nd Geet together again for not not letting dem go away from each other nd today is d day of dere inaurgration nd everyone was waiting for dem eagerly.


As soon as dey reaches over dere Media has almost pounced on dem asking several questions to dem but Maan’s Bodyguards move dem away. Geet came inside nd touched Dadimaa’s feet first to take her blessings nd den she hugged her Mom nd everyone else including Preeti too whose cond is nw better den before thanx to Shilpa’s treatment dat she’s living a normal lyf nw forgetting every traces of her past. To her surprise Pari nd Vridant were also present over dere making d moment memorable.


Wen it comes to Ribbon cutting tym Geet refuses to cut d Ribbon making everyone confused but soon dat confusion turns into happiness wen Geet asked Dadimaa to do the honours. Dadimaa was touched by her gesture nd felt proud on her Grandson’s choice. Finally d Ribbon cutting ceremony was over nd everyone gets busy in dere respective tasks of appointing teachers etc.


Geet just keeps on looking everything in awe without knowing dat a tear of happiness has been out from her eyes but before it reaches d ground Maan wipes it away wid his thumb making Geet happier den before as she knows dat no matter wat happens but he’ll always be there by her side in every situation


Maan: Geet, finally ur Dream has come true.

Geet: not my Dream Maan (she said nd looked at him) Our Dream!!


Maan smiled nd hugged her sideways showing his happiness.




In Evening:


Whole KM was decorated beautifully. Every member of d house was very happy today. Geet’s Mom, Maan’s Dadimaa, Armaan, Shilpa, Yash, Meera, Misha everyone. It was really a big day for all of dem. Maan was pacing restlessly in d hall waiting for Geet to arrive. Hw much he cursed Shilpa, Meera nd Misha for not letting him meet Geet before d function. He knows dat she’ll be here at any moment but still his heart wants to get just one glimpse of her. It was really a big day for him apart from his B’day as his Geet is going to be engaged officially to him. Though he dnt need it as dey both belong to each other only but it was just a formality due to elders. Wat special Present can he get den being his name officially attached wid Geet. Armaan nd Yash were watching his restlessness nd thought of having sum fun nw. Armaan came near Maan nd patted his shoulder to calm him down


Armaan: Relax Dude! She’ll be here only after few mins. Stop behaving like a Despo

Maan: no, it’s not like dat actually…

Armaan: Its ok Shuru shuru me aisa hi hota hai. Itna hi darr lagta ha, itni hi nervousness hoti hai

Maan: Aur baad mein…

Armaan: Baad me aadat pad jati hain.


He said nd both Yash nd Armaan laughed out loud making Maan irritated


Armaan: Arey trust me. Tumhare samne 2 experienced log khade hai. Acha ask ur Friend Yash m I saying anything wrong. Kyun Yash?


He said nd winks at him.


“Guys I think I should go. Meera is calling me” he said nd excused himself saving from being d target of Armaan’s. Armaan shakesn his head nd looks at Maan


Armaan: But Seriously Dude on a serious note m really very happy for both of u. u both have faced so many things but still together. Nothing could be more perfect example of true Love den dis. u r indeed a lucky man.

Maan: I knw Armaan nd m blessd to have Geet in my lyf

Armaan: u knw wat I was always gets worried for my Kiddo. I always protects her from all dose things which in turn hurts her but nw I guess I should stop worrying for her because nw dere’s sumone who’ll take care of her more den me. Who’ll always protect her from everything. Promise me Maan dat u’ll always be wid my Kiddo no matter wat.

Maan: I promise u Armaan dat I’ll always be wid Ur Kiddo because more den her I need her. hw can I leave her den?


Armaan smiled feeling assured dat finally his Kiddo is at safe hands. Finally Maan saw d Girl of his dreams descending d steps cuming towards her. She was Simple as usual but yet breath-taking. He felt blessed to have her in her lyf. He know every guy in d hall must be envied of him nw for being d owner of d world’s Priceless possession. She only belongs to him nd today d whole world will know dis.


He moves towards d stairs to receive her. He extended his hand towards her nd Geet looked down feeling shy as d spotlight was just on both if dem. She indeed looked breath taking in White Saree nd to add to it d pink colour crept on her cheeks. He felt like take her away from d whole World right den nd dere nd Love her endlessly. Geet looked into his eyes nd blushed even more as if she readed his desires. She slowly placed her hands on his nd he brings her towards stage. Hw much dey both have dreamt for dis moment nd today its going to be true.


Maan places d Ring on her finger claiming her his officially to d world. Geet smiled nd puts Ring in his Finger marking him as her possession. Dey both looked at each other silently appreciating each other looks. Dey demselves selected dresses for each other nd by nw everyone knows dat dey can select only best for each other. Dey were still lost in each other eyes wen huge round of applause brings both of dem back to their senses.


Maan felt Geet’s eyes getting moist due to sudden happiness nd he nodded his head in no gesturing her to “Dnt Cry”.


Armaan felt his eyes getting moist seeing d sight in front of him. Shilpa nudges him wid her elbow nd Armaan quickly wipes away his tear dat has been formed at d corner of his eye


Shilpa: Ro Rahe ho Mr. Rodru

Armaan: ofcourse not. Wo to aise hi…

Shilpa (intervenes): Aise hi Aankh me kuch pad gaya Right? C’mon Armaan dnt hide from me atleast. I knw dese r tears of happiness

Armaan: I can never hide anything from u. But seriously I m really very much happy today seeing my Kiddo getting all d happiness of dis world. I just wish dat dey remain like dis for d whole of dere lyf.

Shilpa: Dey’ll be. Trust me. Whatever Problems dey had to face dey had faced nw dere’ll be only happiness in dere Lives.


She said wid a smile nd Armaan hugged her lovingly wishing d same desire in his heart.


Everyone comes on d stage one by one nd congratulated d couple. Armaan was d happiest man today as his only friend has got all d happiness of dis world today nd Shilpa was happy for Armaan’s happiness. Geet’s Mom feels lucky to have Maan as her Son-in-Law as she knows dat he’s perfect for Geet. Yash nd Meera feels like on cloud 9 as finally dere “Mission Maaneet Lovestory” has been accomplished. Dey hugged each other in happiness along wid dere daughter Yashita. Misha was happy as ne finally she can call her Maan bhaiya as Maan jiju nd her wildy nw gets all d happiness dat she deserves. Dadimaa was blessed to have Geet in Maan’s Lyf as she’s d one who had made Maan wat he’s nw nd she knows dat she’ll always take care of Maan in future. Everyone came nd wishes dem for dere lovely future ahead nd den started enjoying wid each other.




After sometym everyone gets engrossed in enjoying d function while Geet was just standing at d Corner looking at everyone wid a smile on her face wen Maan came to her nd hugged her from Behind. Geet initially gets surprised but den got relaxed knowing who it was.


Maan: What r u thinking Love?

Geet: Nothing, just trying to believe dat all dis is not a dream


Maan turned her towards him so dat she can face her nd cupped her face.


“Its not a Dream Geet. Its d beautiful Reality of our lives. We both have seen so many hardships in our relationship, had bear so much pain for each other but nw dere will be only happiness nd Love between us nd not to forget our 4 kids; 2 boys nd 2 girls” he said while looking in her eyes.


“U still remember dat” She asked in surprise


“I can never forget anything related to u Geet. Nd dnt get dis much senti nw. dis is just d beginning. We still have to see so many love stories bloom in front of us. Wo dekho wahan pe” he said while pointing towards d Bar. Geet follows his gaze nd Saw Misha standing over dere


“Hey dude! Get me a drink pls nd ya pls mix some Vodka in it without anyone’s knowledge” Misha said nd winked at Bartender.


“Too bad. Beautiful Girls like u dnt need any alcohol to get drunk. U urself act as an alcohol.” Misha heard a familiar voice behind her. she turned only to see not so friendly person in front of her.


Misha: Mr. Kabir Singh Rathore, tum yaha bhi mera peecha karte hue aa gaye

Kabir: Well Misha tumne wo song to suna hoga na “Tu jahan main Wahan sang sang u chalu tere jaise tears aasmaan” nd to clear ur confusion m officially invited by Maan. u knw he’s one of my sponsers


He said nd winks at her making her irritated.


Misha: Listen Kabir I made dis think clear to u in our London show only dat m not in for Relationship nd all so better stop wasting Ur tym.

Kabir: u knw wat Misha. Pyaar me jab tak complications Na ho tab tak maza nahi aata. U keep on refusing like dis nd I’ll keep on trying like dis only.


“Fine den keep trying ur futile attempt. I least care” she said nd stomped her foot before leaving from dere leaving Kabir behind smirking


Geet smiles at d attitude of her younger sis. She’s really wild nd she wonders if she can ever fall in love. Maan makes her look to d other side nd she saw Preeti standing over dere alone in d corner


“Hey u seems to have no gud company. Do u mind if I join u” she heard a voice beside her. She turns only to find a handsome guy approaching her. she has long back stop believeing anyone after wat Kuldeep did to her but she dnt knw y she dnt want to refuse him.


“No actually I was waiting for my friend” She said while looking for Geet.


“U mean Geet Bhabhi. Well today She nd Bro is d most busiest person on dis earth” he said while trying to draw her attention.


Preeti: Geet is ur Bhabhi? But Maan had no brother as far as I knw.


“ok den let me introduce myself to u. Hi! I m Vikrant Khurana, Maan’s cousin. U can call me Vicky.” He said while extending his hand towards her.


“Hi! I m Preeti, Geet’s Friend.” she said while shaking her hand hesitantly wid him.


Vicky: Nice to meet u. do u mind having a dance wid me.

Preeti: ummm Wo actually…

Vicky: Hey dnt worry. I’ll not hurt u. trust me


He said nd Preeti felt an unknown sensation in her heart wid his words nd unknown to herself Preeti gave her hand to his nd he takes her for dance.


Maan nd Geet smiles seeing Preeti nd Vicky like dat. Den Geet saw Armaan-Shilpa nd Yash-Meera fighting wid dere respective partners just like kids nd Both Maan nd Geet couldn’t help demselves from laughing out loud seeing dere childishness.


Geet: Dey can never change.

Maan: but whatever dey do we can’t change d fact dat dey r madly in Love wid each other. Just like us


“So Maan was dis d end of our Love Story” Geet said while looking into his eyes.


THIS IS NOT THE END Geet” he said while looking at her wid equal intensity


Maan: Dere’s still a lot more in our story

Geet (confused): Matlab?

Maan: Matlab yeh ki let’s start everything from d beginning.


He said nd moves a bit away from Geet making her confused


“Excuse me Pretty Lady! Can I get u a Drink?” Maan said wid d old Attitude of his dat he was having before Geet came to his lyf.


Geet didn’t understand his action first but den smiles remembering dere first encounter


“Y? Are u a Bartender?” she said wid full attitude just like before but d difference is dat nw she knows dat dis Man is going to be in her lyf forever


Maan: not yet but I would Love to be a Bartender if I get a chance to serve a drink to a Preety lady like you.

Geet: so u r trying to Flirt wid me?

Maan: No Sweetheart trust me u r d most beautiful Girl in d whole Party Ms…

Geet: Geet

Maan: ya Ms. Geet Handa right

Geet: Wrong. (She said nd Maan knotted his brows in confusion) it’s Mrs. Geet Maan Singh Khurana


Maan’s heart swelled up in Love nd happiness dat he felt at dat moment. He instantly pulled her at nearby pillar nd kissed her passionately. Geet wrapped her arms around his neck nd kissed him wid equal fevour. Dey freed each other after sumtym to take breath nd Geet hugged him tight to express her Love.



“I LOVE YOU GEET” Maan whispered in her ears


“I LOVE YOU TOO MAAN” Geet whispered slowly hiding her face in his chest.


“So Mrs. Geet Maan Singh Khurana would u mind having a dance wid me. Hope ur husband wont mind” He whispered huskily in her ears.


“I would never mind dancing wid a charmer like u neither my husband Mr. Bartender.” She said nd looks at him.




At d exact moment DJ changes d music to d romantic number nd every couple goes towards d Dance floor along wid dere respective Partners. Maan takes Geet’s hand in his nd slowly takes her towards d Floor.


Rab ki qawali hai ishq koi
Dil ki diwali hai ishq koi
Mehaki si pyaali hai ishq koi
Subah ki laali hai ishq

Girta sa jharna hai ishq koi
Uthta sa kalma hai ishq koi
Saanson mein lipta hai ishq koi
Aankhon mein dikhta hai ishq As dey reaches on d Floor whole World around dem seems to be lost sumwhere as dey were lost in looking each other eyes. Geet rests her hand on his shoulder while Maan places his hand on her waist bringing her close to him nd wid other he entangled his fingers wid hers nd together dey started swaying according to d music.


mere dil ko tu jaan se juda kar de
yun bas tu mujhko fanaa kar demera haal tu meri chaal tu bas kar de aashiqana tere vaaste mera ishq sufiyana mera ishq sufiyana mera ishq sufiyana

tere vaaste mera ishq sufiyana mera ishq sufiyana mera ishq sufiyana


Geet’s one hand is in Maan’s strong hand while another around his Neck. Maan held Geet closed nd twirled her around. Gripping her hand maan made her swirl around him with the music..Pushed her away keeping the grip fixed on her hand..And pulled her back… nd bent her like a flower.


Rab ki qawali hai ishq koi
Dil ki diwali hai ishq koi
Mehki si pyaali hai ishq koi
Subah ki laali hai ishq  Geet was staring into his eyes which were filled with intense Fire. Their steps going according to the rythms of music. Dey both remembers each nd every moment that dey spend together till nw.

Saath saath chalte chalte haath chut jaayenge
Aisi raahon mein milo naa
Baatein baatein karte karte raat katt jaayegi
Aisi raaton mein milo naa  Maan held Geet close nd twirled her around nd Geet unknowingly encircled her hand around his neck while he grasping her waist. Geet looks into his eyes which were speaking his heart out. D words dat he wanted to say to her was said by his eyes to her.

Kya hum hain kya rab hai
jahan tu hai wahin sab haiTere lab mile mere lab khile ab door kya hai jaanaTere vaaste mera ishq sufiyana mera ishq sufiyana mera ishq sufiyana
Tere vaaste mera ishq sufiyana mera ishq sufiyana mera ishq sufiyana  Maan squirmed her in d Air holding her waist tight. Geet closed her eyes to feel d intensity of his Dance. She felt his Breath on her face while drooping down. Den again dey hold both of their hands nd started to swirl around

Rab ki qawali hai ishq koi
dil ki diwali hai ishq koi
Mehki si pyaali hai ishq koi
subah ki laali hai ishq

Mere dil ko tu jaan se juda kar de
yun bas tu mujhko fanaa kar de
Mera haal tu meri chaal tu bas kar de aashiqana
Tere vaaste mera ishq sufiyana mera ishq sufiyana mera ishq sufiyana Tere vaaste mera ishq sufiyana mera ishq sufiyana mera ishq sufiyana  Maan was very closed to Geet. She could sense his Breath falling on her neck. Den again he made her swirl around nd placed his hand behind her neck nd dey both started grooving according to the music

Nd once agaim he squirmed her in d air holding her waist tight. She made her Grip tight around his neck wished to make d moment never ending nd slowly droops her down.


Geet hugged him slowly unknown of d world present around her as at dat moment nothing else matter to her. Maan Helds her close to him by embracing her in his arms making her melt in his arms. Both were swaying on d music of dere own heart beats.


Dere was a feeling of contentment nd completeness in both of dere hearts being in each other embrace. The Pain, The Separation dat dey had went thru for 5 years seems to be gone far away from dere heart nd mind nd nw wat exists over dere is dere immense nd irrecoverable Love for each other. Today dey had proved dat no matter hw much hurdles, hw much obstacles u face in d journey of Love but if ur Love is true den it’ll find its way no matter hw criss crossed d way is.


Maan nd Geet 2 bodies nd one Soul is now going to start d new phase of dere journey of Love together forever just like dis in each other arms d only place where dey find dere solace. Lost in each other embrace dey silently promised to each other to be dere wid each other for d rest of dere lives no matter wat.






Here inside d Hall dey both were lost in each other nd outside it was raining which again witnesses d pure nd Divine Love of dese 2 lovers. It seems like heavens are showering dere blessings on dem in d form of rains to bless dem to be dere wid each other together forever. Dere journey of Love may not be d smooth one like d other couples around dem but still dere Love story is different nd unique from all d Love stories around dem nd nw dey had become perfect example for every Lovers nd dere Love story will always be in everyone’s heart to be cherished forever.



























9 thoughts on “This is Not The End

  1. i don’t know whom u all writer think regular reader .just wan tell i m not so regular in net but when ever i come in net just read maaneet ff and alwz try to give u can count me as regular reader.about EHSAAS i need time to give comments.bcoz just start reading

    • Hey sweety First of all thanx for commenting nd secondly i can understand how much tough has lyf has gone now a days that people hardly get tym so there is no issue of commenting late as long as you are commenting 🙂 nd dont worry for the delay as i myself couldnt able to update frequently owing to my hectic schedule 🙂

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