“Destined To Be” ~ Part 37

                                                                  Part 36:

“I don’t think the driver would have survived. No one can survive after such a fatal accident. It’s not possible that he would have survived.”And that was enough for Dev to lose the last thread of his patience as he held the collar of the person who was according to him was just speaking nonsense while looking at him angrily.


“Just shut that nonsense of yours. My Bro is fine. Nothing will happen to him. Did you get that? My Bro is absolutely fine.” His eyes were spitting fire as he clutched the neck of the person who was saying about Maan being dead tight. If not for the Maan’s bodyguards who had pulled him away with great difficulty then that man would be dead by now.


“Excuse me what’s happening over here?” A police officer enquired after coming over there when he saw the commotion at the accident spot.


Officer I am Dev Singh Khurana. That Car… that car belongs to my brother Maan Singh Khurana. Where is he? He is fine right? Please speak up. Please say that he is fine.” Dev was turning frantic b every passing second. It was as if he’ll turn mad if he won’t see Maan another minute.


“Oh! Come with me.”The officer motioned him to come with him to the place where the Car was burning and Dev felt like earth slipping beneath him once he saw the condition of the car yet he was not ready to believe that anything can happen to his brother.


“As you can see that car is badly damaged and hence there are very least chances of him to survive almost nil. Moreover we haven’t found his body too, guess it shredded due to explosion but still we are searching. All we found over here is just this Wallet and handkerchief and broken pieces of this cell phone. Are these of your brother’s?”The police officers showed him the things that he had found and Dev just thumped on the ground when he realized that all the things belongs to Maan.


No, no this can’t happen. Bro can’t leave us like that. He can’t leave his Geet like that. What will I say to Geet? He can’t die, No. BRO!!!!!”A loud howl escaped his throat as he cried bitterly on the fact that his brother, his idol has left him for forever.




It was a family time in the Khurana Mansion as everyone was present in the hall with Dadimaa watching Annie and Savera bickering with Vicky while watching the news on the television simultaneously. She shakes her head on the childishness of her grandchildren who were arguing over useless issue but then she shrugged it off realizing that this is the only time where they can live their live carefree because once the responsibility will fall on their shoulder then they won’t be able to live this carefree and hence she didn’t intervene in their stupid and continued watching the scene in front while chuckling.


However when her gaze falls on Geet she found her looking lost somewhere in her own world paying least attention to the argument happening in the front of her. It was as if she was just present over their physically and mentally she was somewhere else which was indeed true as Geet was really not present over their mentally as all her heart and mind was with only one person and that one person is Maan and only Maan. Be it would any other day then she would have blushed just with the thought of Maan’s name but this time the feeling different as this time the feeling was not of romantic type but something different. No matter how hard she tried but she couldn’t push back that nagging feeling of something being wrong no utterly wrong and her heart was saying that this feeling relates to Maan yet she couldn’t do anything rather than just sitting in the hall and waiting for Maan.


Annie and Savera tried many times to gain her attention and include her in their talks and so did Vicky but she felt nothing as her mind was just wandering over that nagging feeling and well being of her Maan. Again and again her eyes were going towards door waiting for that one person who is the sole reason for her existence. At that moment all she wanted was any miracle to happen and Maan appear right in front of her eyes and she just hug him tight making her heart believe that her Maan is all safe and sound and all the nagging feeling that she is feeling is just baseless and just the figment of her thought but to her dismay nothing of this sort has happened and she was left with waiting for him eagerly with bated breath as if her entire existence depends upon his just one glimpse.


But Dadimaa was not the only one who was noticing Geet’s lost state there was someone else also in the room who was witnessing the same and that someone was Vidyut who was continuously watching Geet being lost somewhere in her own thoughts but couldn’t understand why she was so last. Was it because of the confrontation he had with her few hours back, he thought as he continued watching Geet who was still lost somewhere oblivious of someone’s gaze on her. He knows that Geet will consider whatever he has said to her but didn’t knew that she’ll thought so deeply on that that she’ll be oblivious to the whole world. Ya he did apologize to her and wanted her to consider his apology so that a burden can be lifted off from his heart but still he didn’t want her to be so lost as that forlorn look on her face didn’t suit her and no matter if he can’t have her in his life, no matter if she has chosen Maan over him yet he can’t see her so worried and tense no matter whatever the reason is. But did he had any right now to go to her and comfort her with his words, telling her that everything will be fine and she don’t have to worry for anything, he wonders as looked at Geet who eyes were still stuck on the door waiting anxiously for someone.


Geet, what happen my child? You seem to be lost somewhere. Is everything fine? Are you not feeling well?” Dadimaa’s voice laced with concern broke the trail of Geet’s thoughts and she looked at her only to find her looking at her concerned.


“No Dadimaa nothing is wrong. Everything is fine.” She faked a smile before answering to her not wanting to make her worry unnecessarily. If she is worried for no reason then it doesn’t mean that she make other worry too, Geet thought as she tries her best to make her fake smile a convincing one but then who was she fooling. She is trying to fool the lady who is been holding experience of twice or may be thrice of her age.


Don’t try to lie to me Geet. I can easily see the worry lines on your face. Tell me what’s bothering you.” Dadimaa coaxed Geet forcing her to open up making her to look everywhere but her.


“Dadimaa, wo Maan.. I mean he went away… and…” She tried to formulate some sensible sentence not sure how to covey the elderly lady about what’s bothering her when she herself is not sure that whether whatever she is thinking is right or just the fragment of her imagination.


I understood. You were worrying about Maan going like this for meeting without telling anyone, right?” Geet nods her head hesitantly making Savitri Devi to smile at her innocent expression.


Geet, don’t worry like this dear. You know Maan right? You know right that when it comes to work then he don’t listen to anyone and anyways this is not the first time when he had gone like this without telling anyone. So stop worrying my child. Maan will be back soon.”Savitri Devi tried her best to assure Geet but then nothing can assure her restless heart other than Maan’s presence but still for the sake of her Dadimaa she forced the smile on her face.


Acha I’ll do one thing when Maan will come then I’ll pull his ears hard and scold him for making my daughter worried like this, ok.”Dadimaa joked and that did the trick as Geet gave a genuine smile after long making Savitri Devi to sigh in relief seeing the glow back on her face.


Now if my daughter is happy then can I get a cup of her special ginger tea? And ya this will also give you chance to prepare Maan’s favorite dinner too. What say?” Savitri Devi winked playfully at her last sentence making Geet to blush and Savitri Devi mentally patted herself for successful effort of distracting Geet from whatever was worrying her.


“Abhi layi.” Geet rushed to kitchen all blushing leaving Dadimaa behind shaking her head feeling happy to find her chirpy daughter-in-law back before resuming back her task of watching news where some debate on a political issue was taking place.


“We regret to stop this bulletin for this breaking news.” The voice of the reporter in the TV caught everyone’s attention in the room as they turned their attention towards TV unknown of the fact that this very news will change their lives.


“There is a news about a fatal accident happened at xyz road in Delhi. Seems like the car went out of control, resulting it to hit into another vehicle and there is a news of non-survival of the driver of the car. If sources are to be believed then this car belongs to a famous Businessman Maan Singh Khurana. Apparently, it is Mr. Khurana only who was driving the car.  We are trying to get in touch with his brother Dev Singh Khurana who is said to be present at the accident site or the inspector investigating the case but not being able to get in touch with anyone of them. Now we are taking you straightaway to the accident site where one of our reporter is already present. Mr. Ravi, what is the exact situation at present over there?” The visual in the TV shifted from Reporter’s desk to the accident spot where one of the reporter of the news channel is already present to cover the story while everyone in KM was watching the news in horror including Vidyut.


“Garima, as you can see behind me the Car has been turned into ashes and it is expected too due to the way it has been blasted. Bataya ja raha hai that the car was too much in speed to get controlled and hence collided with the truck coming from opposite direction. We had a word with the truck driver too who is also very much injured and according to him the driver of the car or should I say Mr. Khurana was driving in very high speed and couldn’t control the car even after listening to horn of the truck many times. Though it’s difficult to say at this moment that whether it is an accident or a pre-planned murder and everything can be cleared only after the official statement of the investigating officer. As you can see the condition of the car it is very much clear that anyone driving the car in this situation can’t be survived. However, we are still waiting for an official statement from Mr. Dev Singh Khurana who seems to be out of reach at this moment but right now all we can conclude is that Mr. Khurana is no more and if this is true then business world has lost one of its gems. We are conversing with the people present I the accident spot and…”  The rest of the words of the reporter faded in the oblivion as the earth slipped beneath everyone’s feet in the KM as they tried to register everything shown in the TV.


Their eyes widens in horror as they looked at the condition of the car shown in the TV that’s clearly justifying the reporter’s words. Dadimaa almost fainted as she fell on the sofa clutching her heart after listening and watching the view in the TV and Vicky and Vidyut instantly rushed to her to hold her and calm her down. Even NT was horrified at the moment as she rushed to kitchen to bring the glass of water for Savitri Devi. Vicky and Vidyut rubbed her hands which were turning cold by every passing minute comforting her with their words about telling her that Maan is alright.


“Dev… Call Dev… I want to talk to him.” She said between her labored breath and Annie instantly dialed Dev’s number which was coming unreachable.


“Dadimaa. Everything will be fine. Please calm down. I’ll call Adi right now and enquire him about the truth. I am sure that Maan is perfectly fine. Please don’t panic like this.” Vidyut tried her best to comfort her with his words while the reporter in the background continuously telling about how grave the accident is and how there is no chance that Maan can be survived increasing the misery of the people present in KM but before anyone can switch off the TV they all heard the shattering sound of something and they turned to looked at the source only to find Geet standing with the horror on her face while the cup in her hand was shattered into pieces. The look on her face clearly said that she heard and saw everything that is been shown in TV as she stood rooted on her place looking at the flashes of Maan’s car burning into ashes with reporter’s words continuously ringing in her ears.


“Geet. Annie and Savera shouted in unison in horror when she saw Geet fainting and instantly rushed towards her to hold her from falling along with NT who came over there with the glass of water.


The sight at KM was really very much depressing at the moment as no one could understand whom to calm down first; Dadimaa or Geet as both their conditions are worse at the moment. Vicky instantly sprinkled some water on her face before moving her towards the sofa while Vidyut held Dadimaa to stop her from collapsing. Annie rubbed her hands with NT and Savera rubbing her forehead and feet continuously as Geet tried to gain some consciousness while Vidyut and Vicky tend to Savitri Devi. Nakul who witnessed everything instantly switched off the TV so that it doesn’t disturb anyone anymore with the news. They could hear the phone of the landline ringing but none could attend it and neither they want to as they know that it must be either from the reporters for confirmation of the news or from the friends and relatives who must have watched the news.


“Maan.. My Maan…” All heard Geet blabbering continuously as she started to gain consciousness bringing tears to everyone’s eyes.


“MAAN!!!!!” She shrieked out loud as soon as she gained consciousness sitting on the sofa before bursting into heart wrenching cry as she registered everything in her mind and the way she cried can even bring tears in the eyes of gods residing in the heaven then people in the KM are just mere human beings. But can her heart wrenching cries can be heard by gods and turn back the turn of events, everyone wonders.


Geet, please calm down. See even Dadimaa is also not well. Please at least you stay strong, Maan Jiju will be fine. Trust me.” Savera tried her best to console her best friend who is crying uncontrollably while her condition getting worse by every passing minute even Dadimaa’s condition was not well yet somewhere her sane mind asking her to calm down as she has to take care of the younger ones who are getting frantic especially of Geet’s whose life seems to be drained out of her.


“I have to go to Maan. Nothing will happen to him if I’ll be with him. That Baba in the Dargah has said this to me. I’ll save him.” She instantly got up from the sofa as if she reminded of something before rushing towards the door as if she is been reminded of something shocking everyone present in the living room including Dadimaa who too tried to stop Geet in her meek voice and before anyone could understand anything they found her running towards the entrance door.


Her condition seems to be not less than that of an insane person right now who had no sense of right or wrong. And anyways whenever it comes to Maan her condition is always like this. There is only one thing running in her mind right now and that is to reach to Maan. Don’t know that whether it is the effect of the words of that Baba in the Dargah or her belief on her vows of marriage but somewhere she had this belief that if she’ll be with Maan then he’ll be fine. And with this belief she almost ran towards entrance door ignoring all the calls from Annie, Vicky, NT and others for right now her whole concentration is to reach to Maan. It was finally Vidyut who had held her hard before she can cross the door much to Geet’s protest.


Stop it Geet. Come in your senses. You’ll gain nothing by behaving insane like this. Stop behaving like this. Can’t you see Dadimaa’s condition? Can’t you see how she is holding herself for your sake? Your behaving like this won’t change the reality about Maan. So stop behaving insane like this. Vidyut shakes Geet hard so that she can come into her sense but probably he did the biggest mistake of his life as next what everyone witnessed was Geet slapping Vidyut hard after pushing him away shocking everyone present in the room.


How Dare you say anything like that for my Maan? How dare you to think that he’ll not come back? I know you want to separate him from me that’s why you are stopping me to go to him. But I won’t let you get succeed in your plan. You can’t separate me from him did you get that? I’ll bring him back and will prove you wrong and when he’ll come back your all plans will be failed. You won’t be able to do anything did you get that, You won’t be able to do anything.” Others couldn’t understand the head and tail of the words that Geet has said but seeing her eyes spitting fire and her condition more of like a possessed person they kept mum and thought of Geet’s outburst as the result of Maan’s news on TV.


It was only Savera who understood Geet’s condition and meaning behind her words but she knows that this is not the right time to explain others about this as right now whole family is under a very big grief. Both Dadimaa and Geet are in their worst of condition and more worse is Geet’s who is not behaving less than that of a possessed person and hence she knows that it’s only their responsibility to hold these two from breaking down. But before she or anyone could say or do anything they once again found Geet running towards door yet again ignoring every call by her or other member of the family. Vidyut was too much in shock to stop her this time due to after effect of the slap even though he wanted to.


Geet had lost all the sense of right and wrong as she runs towards the entrance door ignoring every call only to get collided by a strong frame causing her to stumble backwards and she felt her life coming back to her as she looked at the person in front of her with whom she collided. Even the other family members couldn’t believe their eyes looking at the person standing at the entrance door. And next moment what everyone witnessed was the union of two souls with the smile on their faces as Geet hugged the person tight in her small frame as if her life dependent on him and it was indeed true as the person in her embrace was none other than the reason of her living, source of her breath and the very reason of her existence, her life, her Maan.


Tears escaped from her eyes and this time out of sheer happiness seeing him all safe and fine in her arms. So lost she was in him that she didn’t even noticed when Maan had wrapped his arms around her protectively neither did she cared about other people looking at them as all that matters to her at that moment was that her Maan is all safe and sound in her arms. She pulled back after a while still being in his arms to look at him who was still standing in his embrace in flesh and bones with some bandages on his head and hand looking at her with smile on his face. Geet cradled his cheek caressing it as if trying to make herself believe that he is all safe and fine and nothing has happen to him while her continuously shed tears to convey what she is feeling right now for she was too choked to express her feelings in words while her lips were smiling. As if understanding her thoughts Maan placed his hand over hers assuring her of his presence letting her know that he is all fine and nothing has happened to him.


Maan was both and shocked to notice her disheveled state when she had collided to him and before he could understand anything he found her hugging him tight as if he’ll vanish in thin air. And then he felt her tears soaking his shirt and it took him no time to register what she is going through as the way she had held onto him, the way her eyes shedding tears has said it all to him and his arms on his own accord wrapped around hers protectively making her believe of his presence while his lips curved into a satisfied and contented smile feeling so blessed to have someone like her for whom his presence matter this much. He felt her pulling away from him after a while and hence he loosened his hold but didn’t left her from his hold as he looked at her face closely which was smiling amidst tears and he knows that these tears are not of sadness but of her happiness of seeing him all safe and sound. He placed his palm on hers before gently pressing it assuring her for his safety when he found her cradling his face before caressing it. And in next moment he hugged her yet again in his embrace thanking God umpteenth time for blessing him with his life and more with a soul mate like her.


Aap Theek ho. Mujhe pata tha ki apko kuch nahi ho sakta. Aap bilkul theek ho.” He heard her soft almost inaudible voice in his ears which was more to make herself belief and as a result he hugged her tighter to make her sure that she is right.


[You are fine. I know nothing can happen to you. You are perfectly fine.]


Main Theek hoon Geet. Bilkul Theek. Tum Shant ho jayo. I am perfectly fine.” Maan pulled her apart gently before cupping her face and wiping off her tears nodding his head gesturing “Don’t Cry” but who is going to calm that heart which was on the verge of stop beating few minutes back.


[I am fine Geet. Perfectly fine. You please calm down. I am perfectly fine]


Time would have stood still for these two souls if not it was Vicky and other members of the family including Vidyut interrupting their moment all asking about the happenings of the event and the gruesome incident but Maan before answering anyone went to Dadimaa who condition was not well and he knows that only his presence can calm her down. And he was indeed right as when Savitri Devi saw her favorite Grandson back all safe and fine her lost spirit has started coming back to her. She caressed his face before kissing on his forehead just in order to make her weak heart believe of his presence while her eyes shed countless tears.


Dadimaa, I am fine. You please stop crying. Aap apki sehat kharab kar lengi aise. See your Maan is all perfect and fine. Please calm down.”Maan tried his best to calm her down with his while hugging her sideways before making her drink some water which was given to him by Savera.


“But Maan Bhai in the news they are saying… I mean your car… I don’t know…” Vicky tried to make some sensible sentence in order to ask Maan about him escaping sich a horrible accident without making it look weird and scary.


“I’ll tell you Vicky.” It was Dev’s voice that grabbed everyone’s attention joined others with Adi following behind with some bandage on his head and arm.


“Actually Bro has not been driving. I mean ya it is Bro’s car only and the news they showed is also right but it was not Bro who has been harmed.” Dev’s statement confused all further as they couldn’t understand if Maan was not driving the car then who was driving and most important how come Maan is injured then.


“I am not getting you Dev. You are saying that media was correct and also that it was Maan’s car but how come Maan is not driving.” Vidyut asked the question which was there in the mind of others too as they waited for Dev to continue.


“Vidyut Bhai I understand what you are trying to say and I am explaining that only. Actually when Bro and Adi were coming back from the meeting then they were tricked and stopped by some robbers in the way. Our bodyguards’ car has been broke down in middle hence they were not with them. They tried to snatch Bro’s belongings and when Bro refused then they started fighting. Even though Bro gave a tough time to them but then they were around 4-5 and here there are just Adi and Bro and hence they overpowered them. But before they can harm Bro and Adi more our Bodyguards came on time and captivated them but one of them managed to run away from Bro’s car and hence met with an accident in the way due to over speeding. Since it was Bro’s car so everyone assumed it to be Bro. As soon as Bodyguards informed me I rushed to the hospital where they both were taken for bandage. And as we have to complete all the formalities it took us some time. But now everything is fine, even the media has been informed about the same so now there is no news of something like that.” Dev looked at Maan after finishing his story who just blinked in assurance and understanding feeling grateful to Dev for handling the situation well or else everyone in the house would have got scared if he told them the truth especially Geet and Dadimaa. It’s better if the truth would between just three of them, he thought as he nodded his head to Adi and Dev who blinked back in assurance of understanding everything. But all this commotion was not missed by Vidyut who instantly sensed something fishy but choose to remain mum at the moment.


Chalo whatever happened has happened. It’s good that you are fine Maan and nothing of that sort happen to you as they were showing in the news. But you are still very much injured so go and take rest in your room. I’ll send Nakul with Turmeric milk. And Adi you too stay here for tonight. I can’t let you go home in this condition. I’ll send turmeric milk for you too and don’t even dare to argue now.” Dadimaa said rather ordered after regaining her composure while Maan just chuckled looking other side seeing the fearful face of Adi who has to drink Turmeric milk for no fault of his as all three of them knows that Adi’s injuries were fake in order to convince everyone about their story.


“Geet, Take Maan to his room and you also take some rest. These few minutes has drained the life out of you. I’ll send of yours dinner to your room itself.” Dadimaa words forced Maan to look at Geet who was already looking back at him only to realize that Dadimaa has right as Geet indeed in a very bad condition and he just nodded in response before getting up but then stumbled a bit feeling a sharp pain in his leg.


Geet was instantly by his side before anyone else could help him holding him by his shoulder making him to look at her who just smiled slightly back at him yet that smile couldn’t hide that shiny layer of tears in her hazel eyes which were threatening to fall any second seeing him at this condition. Maan just held her hand which was wrapped around his shoulder and pressed it lightly assuring her that he is fine before they moved towards stairs to reach their room leaving all the members behind smiling looking at their bond. Even though they both were silent yet everyone could see the love present between them that automatically brought smile on their faces before everyone dispersed to their respective rooms to give their mind and heart some rest after such a traumatic incidence but for a change Vidyut’s mind was not in the scene in front but somewhere else. He don’t know why but he was continuously feeling that something was amiss in the story that Dev was telling but couldn’t point out what.


“Why am I feeling that Dev is not saying truth and there is something more to this? I have to confront Dev regarding this but not now. He thought as he decide to confront Dev and Adi regarding the whole situation at the correct time before going back to his room keeping in mind to talk to Dev as soon as hell get chance.




Maan’s eyes were continuously watching Geet as she helped him to change his shirt and he swear he heard her flinch a bit seeing his injuries even though if it was covered with bandage and a drop of tear fall down from her eyes followed by many others as she saw the bandage getting red in blood before she removed it gently and looked at the wounds. Her fingers shivered as she put the cotton on his wound on forehead making him to flinch a bit and she instantly looked at him like a scared kitten thinking that she had hurt him but then continued her task when saw him blinking his eyes in assurance.


Each wound on his body was like a thorn for Geet which was piercing her heart and soul making her to heart to bleed in pain. Even though she tried to hold back her tears yet couldn’t help them to falling down. Only she knows what she had went through at those few minutes listening the news of his… She don’t even want to think on those lines that were continuously been flashed in the medias. She felt like she’ll die at that very moment when she saw the news yet somewhere her heart has that belief that her Maan is fine and nothing has happened to him and Babaji has proved her belief right by giving her Maan back to her. She don’t even know what she would have done without him when just these small wounds on his body is unbearable to her. Probably she too would have died with him. There is no meaning of her life without him for she loves him insanely.


She didn’t know for how long she has been crying until Maan cradled her face from one side and wiped away the tears that were continuously flowing like water from her eyes. He knows what she would have gone through in those minutes. When she can’t bear these small wounds on his body then how she would have bear his… No he doesn’t want to think about that but then it was truth too. He had faced his just inches away from him but it was her Love that didn’t let him to drop the weapons and gave him courage to fight back till the end and come back to the person for whom he means the world. Geet felt alive with his touch and looked at his dark orbs which were looking back at her with so much intensity that she felt like drowning into them. Even in the dim light of the room they both can read each other’s eyes clearly which were filled with love and only love for each other.


Geet, please stay.” Maan rather pleaded holding her hand when he saw her Geet getting up from the bed after she was done with his bandage and Maan knows that she was hurt due to him as he knows that he was at fault by not listening to her and going out and now only he have to make amends, he thought before he gently pulled her towards him and she like a weightless feather fell almost on his lap yet didn’t looked at him.


“Geet, I know you are hurt because of me. You asked me to not go outside yet I had gone. Probably all this would have been avoided if I would have listened to you. Please forgive me.” He lifted her chin up so that she can look into his eyes and as soon as his words hits her ears she read the misery in his eyes as he uttered those words she hugged him tight crying her heart out letting go all that pain and trauma that she had faced in those few minutes of her life. She would have definitely gone insane if he wouldn’t have appeared in front of her that moment and as the memory of that moment came into her mind her cries grew louder while Maan could do nothing rather than hugging her and rubbing her back to calm her down.


“Mujhe Apse koi baat nahi karni, kuch nahi sunna. Aap bahut bure ho, Bahut bure. Kabhi nahi sunte meri. Humesha apne mann ki karte ho. Apko koi fark nahi padta main kya chahti hoon, kya feel karti hoon. Agar apko kuch ho jata to? Ek baar bhi apne mere bare me nahi socha. But Aap kyu sochoge mere bare me? Apko kya fark padta hai? Apko jante bhi hai how I felt when I saw that news on television? Apko pata hai main kitna Darr gayi thi?  Do you know how I am feeling now seeing you in this condition? Nahi how would you know and also why would you care? You don’t care about me at all? Not at all?” Her last words came out as a mere whisper as she sobbed continuously in his embrace complaining like a kid and Maan just hugged her tighter listening to her complaints which he knows was actually not complaints but her fear and pain that she had gone through during those moments but then he can’t see her like this too hence he gently pulled her away before cupping her face and wiping away her tears.


[I don’t want to talk to you neither want to hear anything. You are bad very bad. Never listens to me. Always do what you feel like. You don’t care what I want, what I feel. What if anything would have happened to you? You didn’t thought about me once. But why will you think about me? Why do you care? Do you even know how I felt when I saw that news on television? You know how much scared I got?  Do you know how I am feeling now seeing you in this condition? No, how would you know and also why would you care? You don’t care about me at all? Not at all?”]


“Geet please, I know I am wrong and you are free to give me any punishment. Koi bhi saza de do par ye mat kaho ki main tumhari parwah nahi karta. Agar Dadimaa k baad main kisi ki sabse zyada parwah karta hoon to wo tum ho Geet. I care for you sweetheart, I really do. Please forgive me. Please.” His words came out as a mere whisper as he looked at her and Geet couldn’t miss the plead in his voice nor did she missed the endearment he used for her probably for the first time and in next moment she flung her arms around him sobbing hugging him tight yet again making Maan to wrap his arms around her petite frame pressing her closer to him if possible as he rubbed her back to calm her down which he knows is not easy to do for she is too sensitive when it comes to him but then when did he do anything easy, he thought as he smiled slightly before pulling her a bit apart.


[Geet please, I know I am wrong and you are free to give me any punishment. Give me any punishment but don’t say that I don’t care for you. If after Dadimaa I care for anyone then it’s you Geet. I care for you sweetheart, I really do. Please forgive me. Please]


Geet looked into his eyes deep when she felt the mattress beneath her making her realize that Maan had laid her down on their bed and before she could say or understand anything she found him hovering over her gently before cradling her face from one side and looking into her hazels deep. Maan knows that nothing can calm her down other than his touch and love and he is going to do exactly that. He knows that if he has to remove this pain and fear from her heart then he has to show her what she really means to him and hence he was doing that only.


Geet closed her eyes when she felt Maan pressing his lips on her forehead murmuring “I am sorry” and a lone tear escaped her eyes which was sucked by Maan as he kissed the corner of her eye murmuring I am really very sorry” before kissing the other one and murmuring Please forgive me. Geet’s hands travelled all the way from her side to his biceps before encircling around his neck making sure not to hurt his injuries while Maan continued to placed sweet kisses all over her face murmuring sweet nothing and he knows his touch and his words are doing desired effect on her as her closed eyes, her ragged breathing and her fast beating heart was telling everything to him.


He gently removed her Duppatta away from her body throwing it somewhere on the floor leaving her soft and warm skin all exposed for his eyes before he lowered down his head placing soft kisses at the area that he had just exposed. He knows what he is doing at that moment and he don’t feel even a bit of regret of what he is doing because he knows that only he had this right to touch her and feel her in this way. And as the realization dawn upon he his action intensified as his soft kisses replaced by the passionate one as he bites the soft skin of her neck before licking at the spot to sooth the pain as he marked her with his love making her moan his name with pleasure.


Satiating himself from tasting the warm and soft skin of her neck he raises his head up only to find her breathing ragged, face flushed and her lips parted in anticipation and in next moment he was claiming her rosy lips quenching both of their thirst forgetting all the pain and trauma that they both went through those moments. Geet clutched his hairs hard gasping out loud when she felt Maan biting her lips thus giving him the needed entry as he explored the sweet nectar of her mouth. There was no hurrying or urgency in the kiss as he took all his sweet time to relish the beauty lying beneath him which belongs to him, only him whom he want to give all the solace and peace of this world. He didn’t even realize when his actions for calming her down lead into this or where is it leaning further as everything happened on its own accord     


But more than calming her down he needs peace and solace for his own self which he knows that he’ll get in her embrace only. Only he knows what he had faced during those moments when death was just inches away and then only her face came in front of her eyes making him to fight his death. At that very moment he realize that his life his nothing without her. If she is his weakness then she is his strength too and that very strength gave him courage to fight back the Danger and come to his life, his Geet. And that was the very moment when he realize he can’t wait for longer to letting this beautiful woman know about his feelings for her. After facing death from so near he realized one thing that there is no special moment to confess his feelings in fact that moment itself will be very special when he’ll tell her about his feelings; doesn’t matter if it will be on her Birthday or today at this very moment but he won’t delay any longer and as the realization dawn upon him he broke the kiss leaving both of them for gasping for air before he placed his forehead on hers breathing heavily. Geet opened her eyes after a while only to meet his dark ones looking at hers in anticipation and before she could ask or say anything he pecked her lips yet again before looking back at her once again and finally uttering the words which he wanted to utter from long and which she wanted to hear form so long


“Geet Main Tumse…”


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6 thoughts on ““Destined To Be” ~ Part 37

  1. Yippeeeeeee👏👏👏Maan is back safe & sound back to his Geet😘😘😘Thank you so much for this😍❤😘Was so worried about Maaneet🤗Now that Maan has made up his mind to confess his feeling for Geet to her, I hope all will be well with both of them. Especially after both confess their love for each other😁Can’t wait for that moment dearie…pls update soon dear😂😂😂the trauma both went through during this period is so draining for both of them…now they have find their peace, love & happiness in each other’s arms. Nothing else will calm them down. I am suspicious of Vidyut…who else could it be targetting to kill Maan? Super anxious to read upcoming updates😂😂😂

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