“Mitra” ~Part 9~

                          Part 9:
“Always remember beta that your Papa is always there for you. You can share with me whatever you want”


Her father’s words ring back in her mind making her heart to cry even more as she sobbed bitterly feeling all alone without any support or companion in this pain.


“Jhooth kaha tha Aapne. You lied to me that you’ll always be there with me. See you had left me alone to face all this. Why had you left me alone Papa? Why everyone had left me alone? First Maan then you nd now Maa too. Am I this much Bad? Please Papa, Please come back. I can’t bear this anymore; I can’t handle all this alone now. Everyone had left me alone; Maan, you, Man; everyone. I am tired now, I wanted to sleep peacefully. Please help me Papa. I can’t see Maa like this anymore. I can’t stay all alone like this anymore. I need you Papa, I need Maa, I need Maan. I need every one of you. Please free me from this pain or else call me to you too. I can’t suffer all this alone anymore now. Please come back Papa. Please come back. I am all alone.”Geet cried her heart out to her father while looking up in the sky as her body wrecked with endless sobs while crying bitterly


“Laddoo”she heard a familiar yet soothing voice behind her as she was crying bitterly thus making her to look back only to find Maan standing over there all amused nd worried for her as he looked at her both in disbelief nd pain.


“Maan” Geet whimpered as she ran towards him nd next moment she just submitted herself in the solace of the arms of the person who is her lyf crying bitterly nd Maan too enveloped her in the loving folds of his embrace absorbing all her pain nd miseries as she cried her heart out in his arms because no matter how much she run away from the fact but at the end of the day his arms are her only solace where she’ll be safe from all the pain nd troubles in this nd nothing absolutely nothing could change this fact not in this lyftym; not in any lyftym.




Maan was waiting for Geet from past 3 hours after he came back from Mumbai branch of KC but to his surprise Geet was not back yet. It was strange, she should have been back by now as its been long since she has gone, he thought as he fished out his cell phone to call her but to his surprise she didn’t picked up the call. 1 time… 2 times… 3 times… 20 times… But everytym his call went unanswered. Fear gripped his heart as he felt her being in some danger nd without a second he dashed out from her flat nd drove towards the hospital where Geet had went to see her Friend’s MIL.


He almost barged inside the room of the hospital where he had seen Geet last shocking the attendant of the lady to the core seeing a stranger barging into their room lyk this, but Maan had always left all the logical ideologies back whenever it comes to his Laddoo. He instantly recognizes the lady as she was there in the morning too. Ignoring all the weird nd irritating look she was giving him, Maan instantly enquired about Geet nd was shocked to know that she had left from there long back. Then where is she nd why she haven’t been back home by now, he thought as he left from there dejected after muttering a thanks to the lady who just looked at him amusingly. He kicked the tyre of the car hard in frustration as he tried her cell yet again only to be met with the same response. By every passing minute the fear of her being in some sort of danger was gripping in his heart making him to lose his scared to death. He cursed himself umpteenth tym for not taking Meera’s number or for leaving her alone over here. God knows where she is now, he thought as he pushed back his hairs in helplessness.


“Where are you Laddoo? Please just be safe wherever you are” Maan muttered as unknown to him tears made way down his eyes with the fear of losing his Laddoo yet again when suddenly something struck his brain. Why haven’t he thought of it before? Such a stupid he is, he thought as he quickly take out his phone nd opens his GPS system to trace Geet’s location nd his eyes twinkled in joy nd relief as he got the location of hers nd without wasting a minute he rushed inside his car nd drove towards the place where Geet is.


As he reached at the spot he could see Geet’s car being parked at a distance making him to sigh in relief but next moment that relief was all gone when he peeked inside the car nd found no Geet over there making him frown in confusion. He could see her cellphone lyieng carelessly on the dashboard giving him the answer why she haven’t picked up his calls but still the question is where is Geet? His instincts were saying that Geet is somewhere near only. He could feel her presence around him. He looked here nd there around himself when he saw a faint figure sitting near the lake far away nd it didn’t took him long to realize that its his Laddoo. And next moment he almost ran towards her but hen stopped dead in his tracks when he saw her crying bitterly. He couldn’t hear what she was saying except “Please come back Papa. Please come back. I am all alone” Nd then again crying bitterly.


Maan felt like someone had slit his heart ino thousand pieces seeing his Laddoo so broken nd shattered. He didn’t know why is she crying so bitterly, he didn’t know why is she saying that she’s all alone when he’s there with her all he knows that his Laddoo is in pain nd he’ll do anything to free her from that pain which had snatched the smile from her face. And then as if in trance he called out her name making her to look at him with her teary eyes making Maan to die thousand deaths nd as she came running down to him submitting herself in his embrace Maan instantly hides her in the safe vicinity of his arms where she’ll be safe forever from every pain in this world.


So now here he’s hugging his Laddoo tight to himself while rubbing her back to calm her down who was crying her heart out in the embrace of the person she loves the most in this world. Her each nd every tear were piercing his soul nd the worst part is that he don’t know the reason for her pain. He so wanted to know what’s bothering her, he so wanted to know what made her Laddoo to be so shattered lyk this but at that moment he could do nothing but to just hold her in his embrace saying sweet nothings to her to make her calm down.


“Ssshhh Laddoo, Don’t cry lyk this. Everything is gonna be ok. Don’t cry baby please.” Maan comforts her as he rubbed her back but his own voice was choking seeing her in so dishelved state.


“Sab mujhe chod ke chale gaye Maan. Everyone had left me. Koi nahi hai mere paas. I had become all alone. No one is there with me Maan. Why everyone had left me lyk this? What wrong I did to get this punishment? Am I this bad? Itni zyada buri hoon kya Main Maan? Why had it happened with me? Why everyone had left me alone lyk this Maan? Kyun?” Geet cried her heart out unknown to what all she’s speaking while Maan just rubbed her back listening to her agony. His own eyes burned with tears seeing her in this broken state but at that moment he could do nothing instead of hugging her close to him absorbing all her pain


“Sshhh Laddoo… It’s okay. You are not alone. Main hoon na tumhare paas, tumhara Maan. You are not alone baby. I was, am nd will always be there with you. I Promise you that I’ll never ever leave you alone. Trust me” Maan whispered softly in her hairs, placing a soft kiss over there as he hugged her closer to him while rubbing her back in a soothing manner while silently promising himself that he’ll never ever let her go from his lyf again and no matter what comes he’ll always be there to protect her from every harm even if it costs his lyf but he’ll not allow a single harm on her life


They remained in each other’s arm for god knows how long until Maan felt her cries getting subsided but she was still sobbing softly. He gently pulled her out from his embrace nd cupped her face wiping away her tears gently with his thumb while shaking his head in the gesture of “Don’t Cry”. Geet was all lost in the depth of his eyes that were showing the reflection of her pain in them like it use to show before but things were changed now nd so is her. Now she’s no more that same Geet neither he’s the same Maan but still at that moment this fact was there somewhere back in her mind about which she don’t even want to think right now as right now she just wanted to be in the embrace of the person she loves the most nd whose warmth was giving her solace soothing all the wounds of her heart.


“Laddoo what’s wrong? Why are you so broken? What has happened in your lyf that had shattered you like this? Won’t you tell it to your Maan? I said Na that I’ll always be there with you then why are you worrying for anything? Tell me Laddoo what happen?” Maan’s soft voice laced with concern and care melted Geet’s heart and for once she decided to put down all her guards nd tell him everything that has been happening in her lyf since the tym she went away from his lyf.


“Maan wo… I… Dev…” Her lips trembled as she tried to speak her heart out after gathering much courage making Maan to look at her curiously in the anticipation of what she’s going to say next


“Geet” Both Maan nd Geet turned to look at the source of voice and her eyes went wide in shock and horror seeing Dev standing over there looking at both of them with his eyes spitting fire seeing the closeness between Maan and Geet. All the strength that she felt few secs back flew out of the window seeing the look Deb was giving to both of them and she instantly pulled away from Maan’s embrace much to Maan’s confusion and disappointment


“Where were you Love? You were not taking my calls either. You know how much worried I was for you? Thank god you are safe.” Dev said in his extra sugary voice as he came near them and hugged tight more than required right in front of Maan to let him know that Geet is his possession.


Maan felt like someone has stabbed right in his heart with thousand knives as he saw both of them together. His palms turned into fist and his jaws tightened seeing the way Dev was holding Geet while he just stood over there watching everything numbly. He don’t know why but he couldn’t accept or rather bear the fact of someone else’ in Geet’s life other than him. His heart burned with the mere thought of Geet being someone else’ and the reason was still unknown to him. It cant be just friendship, Can it he thought as he looked at Geet who was looking back at him with her eyes filled with pain and some emotion on which he couldn’t put his finger upon but whatever it is he knew that it is something deep and something just for him but what it is and most importantly why he is feeling so ummm… jealous or whatever you call that feeling seeing them together. He should be happy right that his best friend is getting someone who loves her so much then why he’s feeling everything but Happy. Is it because he’s not getting any good vibes from Dev or he don’t want see Dev or any other person other than him in Geet’s lyf in a good light, he thought as he looked at both of hem painfully with his heart shattering into pieces and reason he still don’t understand.


“Oh, Mr. Khurana! You are also here? Sorry I haven’t noticed you earlier. I was so worried for Geet that everything else seizes for me in this world afterall I Love her so much.” Dev said with a feign ignorance as he pulled out from Geet making Maan to burn even more with jealousy or whatever that feeling is listening to his last line.


“It’s ok. I understand. Laddoo, let’s go. I’ll drop you to your home.”Maan said completely ignoring Dev as he move forward to hold Geet’s hand only to be stopped by Dev


“You don’t have to bother Mr. Khurana. I am here for my Love. I’ll take care of her and will drop her home safely.” Dev said while smirking evily as he removed Maan’s grip from Geet’s wrist while holding it tight in his grip causing pain to Geet but at that moment she choose to remain numb as ahe looked helplessly from Maan to Dev and then again back to Maan before Dev took her towards his car after bidding Maan a bye.


Maan felt her eyes saying something to him rather pleading him something as she turned to look at him while going away with Dev. It was as if she was asking him to stop her, to not let her go, to keep her with him forever. He don’t know why but he fely like that someone is snatching her away from him. He felt like an integral part of him was going away while he could do nothing except watching everything helplessly and numbly as he watched her walking away with her eyes continuously looking at him before she sat inside Dev’s car and disappeared from his eyes as Dev drove away.


Maan’s finger automatically reached on his cheeks when he felt something wet below his eyes nd his brows frowned in confusion when he realize that it was nothing but his own tears. But why is he crying? Why is he feeling bad seeing Geet going away with someone else? Why he’s feeling pained when Dev removed his hand from Geet’s wrist? Why is he feeling that he’s losing something very precious to him? Why? He should be happy for Geet right, seeing the way Dev loves her then why he’s not happy? And why is he feeling that even Geet is also not happy with Dev? Why is he feeling that Geet’s eyes were pleading him to take her away with him? Was it just a frigment of his imagination due to him not liking the fact of Dev being in Geet’s life or is it really Geet is not happy, he thought as he watched at the empty road in front of him for god knows how long until he felt the vibration of his cellphone in his pocket thus breaking his trance and he looked at it only to find it from his office which he completely ignored as right now he’s not in the state of mind to talk to anyone as right now he needs sometime to figure out what is actually happening to him and with this thought he switched off his phone and moved towards his car before droving away towards his home still lost in his own thoughts.




“So you were going to complain about me to your Boyfriend, Don’t you?” Dev’s cold voice sent shivers down Geet’s spine as she looked at him only to find him concentrating on road but the way his knuckles turned white while clutching the steering wheel made Geet realize how much he’s burning in rage.


“Maan is not my Boyfriend. He’s just my best friend and you know that.”Geet snapped back totally irritated wih his over-possessive behavior towards her.


“Ya ofcourse, Best friend with whom you are in love with and who is hugging you like his lyf depended on you. Why don’t you just go and marry him too” Dev’s sarcastic tone made no effect on Geet as she’s now used to of it.


“You know what Dev, you are sick.” Geet scowled as she turned to open the door of the car when Dev stopped in front of her apartment but before she could she felt him grabbing her hand turning her towards him harshly


“Dare you speak to me like that Geet or else you know the consequences.” Dev hisses in dangerous voice as he sqeezed Geet’s cheek hard making her to wince in pain as she looked at him in pain.


“Don’t think that Maan is here so you can get rid of it. Don’t forget my power Geet neither forget what can I do? If I want Na then I can ruin you just in seconds. Your one wrong move and you’ll lose every precious thing that remained with which you are left with. Therefore never ever dare to act smart with me or else you know the consequences. Just get this thing straight in your head Geet that you are mine, my possession and apart from me you don’t have any lyf. Got it?” Dev said harshly as he squeezed her cheeks more when he got no response to which Geet just nodded her head meekly with tears flowing down her eyes continously before Dev jerking her away nd looking other side.


Geet watched Dev’s car zooming past away as she stood on the road in tears. She recalled what Meera told her and what Maan said to her few moments back and chuckled sadly at her bitter fate realizing that it’s impossible to go back now. She’s badly trapped in this hell and now there is no escape from it. No matter what Maan says or do but its true that if she had to save whatever little thing she was left with then she had to choose living in this hell and probably this is her only destiny and she can’t run away from it even if she wants, she thought as she sighed heavily before turning back to go inside her apartment accepting her fate like always.




Its going to be night and Maan still was not able to overcome from plethora of emotions that surged inside him whenever he thought of Geet being with Dev and more than that he was confused about his own feelings. He tried to divert his mind in work, in practicing tai-chi, listening to music but nothing was working for him. Each passing second was making him remind of Geet and his changing feelings towards her. He couldn’t understand what this feeling that he’s having for her is but he knew that it’s something deep and something which is not just friendship. He thought of calling Geet but then he dropped the plan knowing very well that he’ll only do the blunder. He may be The Maan Singh Khurana, king of Construction business but when it comes to matter of heart then he’s still the same Maan who needs his Laddoo but this tym the feelings were not for someone else’, this tym this changing feelings are for Laddoo itself and hence he don’t know who to consult regarding this. He just wished that things shouldn’t be this complicated and he could get a way out from this situation. Like answering his prayers Maan felt his cellphone ringing and his brows frowned in confusion as he saw “Nayantara” flashing on the screen.


“NT, you called so late? Is everything fine? Is Dadimaa fine?”NT rolled her eyes on the tirade of questions Maan was asking and waited patiently until he calmed down


“Maan, calm down first of all. Ok now first thing first everything is fine over here and Dadimaa is also fine, its just I was missing you and felt like you need e so just thought to give a call.” Maan sighed heavily as he heard her. Its very rare when they both use to talk like this. Initially he had Geet and after she left he had shunned himself from everyone including NT too.


“Actually NT you are right I badly need someone right now.” Maan said as he sighed heavily before leaning back on the bed post making NT tensed.


“What happen Maan? Is everything fine? And Geet, is Geet fine?” NT asked worried and Maan took a deep breath before narrating everything from the tym he met Geet again till the event of today.


“I don’t know NT but I just don’t like seeing her with her fiance. I mean I should be happy right seeing her getting settled in her life but I am not. Again and again I am feeling like I am losing something very precious to me. Like a part of me will die. I don’t know what’s happening to me NT? I had never felt like this before for anyone. I ean such kind of intense emotion I had never ever felt like I was feeling now and I just don’t know what to do.” Maan narrated everything helplessly as he pushed back his hairs back while NT just smiled realizing what Maan is going through.


It didn’t took her long in realizing that finally Maan is realizing his feelings for Geet but is still unaware of it. She don’t know who is Geet’s fianc but right now she wants to thank him as he had made his dumb-headed brother realize that the feeling he’s having for his Laddoo is not just friendship and something more than that but right now she knows that if she’ll say this to Maan then he’ll not accept it and will just argue with her hence she decided to let him figure it out himself as no one else can help him in that.


“You know Maan, you now it very well but its just you are not ready to accept it. Just analyse everything since start and you’ll get your answers but don’t use your mind for it just use your heart and you’ll get all your answers for your restlessness. But just don’t make it too late Maan. Realize it before it’s too late.” NT said before hanging up making Maan all the more confused with her answer.


What was that which she was trying to say? Oh! He so hate his sister as inspite of helping him she had made him all the more confused but then ,ay be she’s right. May be he should just listen to his heart and not his brain right now to know what’s happening to him. But before that he needs to get all the information about Dev as he’s really not getting any positive vibes from him. Even its just his imagination but still he wanted to make sure that he’s right for his Laddoo or not. As far as his feelings are concerned then he’ll sort it out anyhow before going back to Delhi and he knew he can as this tym he’ll just use his heart and not brain, he thought as he sighed heavily before Laying down on bed nd closing his eyes trying to analyse everything.




Savitri Devi raised her head from the book she was reading to look at the person standing on the door only to find NT standing over there with a frown on her face. She chuckled softly as she realizes that for what she’s here. It’s her childhood habbit that whenever she’s disturned or wanted to confess something she comes to her room at stands at the soor step until Savitri Devi asks her to come inside. Though NT has been grown-up now but guess old habits die hard, she thought as she gestured NT to come inside which she followed and sat on the bed keeping her head.


“What is it NT? Is there something you want to confess to me?”Dadimaa asked as she caressed her hairs seeing NT in deep thought.


“I did a sin Dadimaa and today I am here to confess it to you.” NT replied with her eyes still somehwhere in the oblivion with her mind replaying the past while Savitri Devi just listened to her patiently.


“You remember Dadimaa me and Maan were so close to each other in childhood. Even though I was an year older to him but still that didn’t made any difference. I use to be his best friend and he use to share everything with me even that also which he couldn’t share with Mom. I never had any friend other than him as I never felt any need of any other friend though that’s a different thing that Maan use to have many friends but for me Maan is my only friend. And then Geet entered in our lives. And then everything changed, Maan has changed.”NT narrated as she replayed everything since start while Savitri Devi chooses to say mum.


“Maan use to spend more tym with her, he use to share every secret with her. The place which was mine is his lyf was of now Geet’s. we hardly use to sit and talk Dadimaa as in school he use to stay with Geet like her shadow wenever he was at home he still use to be with Geet through phones and Messages and to make the thing worse Geet sometimes use to stay at KM only. Even You, Mom and Dad too seems to be so fond of her. I was left all alone Dadimaa. My brother who use to be my Best friend was now Geet’s best friend. My family seems to like her more than me and I didn’t realize when I started feeling insecure with Geet and when that insecurity turned into jealousy and when that jealousy turned into hatred.


Yes I started hating her Dadimaa, even though she was nice to me evrytym we met but still her presence use to irk me and whenever I use to see her with Maan all I wanted is to throw her away from Maan’s lyf. I know it was all wrong and I should have behaved maturely but then I too was just a teenager at that tym Dadimaa and if I would have shared it with anyone then may be the case would be different but then I thought that may be you all will start hating me as seeing the admiration for Geet in everyone’s eyes I always felt myself unworthy and hence that seed of hatred grew deeper and I could do nothing.


And then Sameera entered in Maan’s lyf and I was genuinely happy for him as for me Sameera is perfect in every sense for Maan. She was rich, has class, was beautiful and most importantly she was the sister of the person I Love the most. Yes Dadimaa I never told this to anyone but I too was in Love with someone that too very deeply and Sameera was his sister. I knew Sameera even before Maan met her and it was my secret wish to see both of them together and when I heard of their relationship I was the happiest person as I knew that if Maan deserves anyone then its Sameera.


But then once again Geet was there in Maan’s lyf. As even if Maan was in relationship with Sameera still his all tym use to devoted to Geet and I could see that seed of insecureness soing in Sameera’s heart which has been in mine and hence I started supported Sameera ineverything she use to do against Geet. She purposefully use to keep Maan away from Geet and I supported her in that too without even realizing that biggest sin I am doing but I just wanted best for Maan and somewhere I was selfish too as I don’t want to lose the love of my Lyf due to Geet. But seeing Maan’s protectiveness for Geet always feared me for Maan and Sameera’s relation and in that fear I did something which I was not suppose to do and which has changed everyone’s lyf Maan, Geet, Sameera and mine too…

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