“Lyf Starts Where it Ends” ~ Part 18

Part 18:

“No Dev actually I have been keeping busy from quiet a long tym hence I haven’t checked it. But no worries I’ll just check it right now.” Maan said as he opened his Laptop yet again to login to his mail ID after Dev cuts the call asking him to revert back as soon as possible after seeing the mail. He was about to enter his Password to login when he was disturbed by yet another call making him to smile widely as it’s his princess call Afterall.


“Hey Princess, still awake?” Maan asked as soon as picked up the call keeping his laptop aside


“Ya wo na Mum….. I mean I want to hear a story from you. I am not feeling Shleepy” Seher tactfully changed her sentence after Geet gestured her to not to tell Maan that she too wanted to listen to his story. Yes the mother Daughter duo were together today to listen story from Maan.


“Acha, so my Baby wanted to listen story. Fine I’ll just tell a nice story to my princess.” Maan said before he began to recite a bedtime story unknown of the fact that this tym along with Seher someone else is also listening to his story with a smile on her face feeling so lost in his words nd voice.


And as of Maan well there’s no need to say that he was so lost in telling his princess the story that he had absolutely forgot that Dev had asked her to check his mail neither did he had realized that along with Seher there’s someone else also on the other side. If he would have known then probably he would be jumping around in happiness. No sooner it was that Maan heard the heavy breathings of Seher making him realize that his Princess has slept peacefully.


“Good night Princess. Love you.” Maan said softly as he pressed a kiss to the phone giving his princess a good night kiss unknown of the fact that his this gesture had made someone’s heart flutter as she felt a dark colour crept on her cheek with his gesture as if it was her to whom he had said nd did this, she thought she smiled shyly whacking her head playfully on her own shy thoughts before slipping into a deep slumber along with her daughter feeling so happy nd peaceful all of a sudden.




“Are you out of your mind Meera? How can you even think of anything of this sort?” Dev blasted out as soon as he heard Meera. He had just came from office all tired when Meera told him about her not so intelligent idea


“Then what should I do? You guys are still not able to find him. Even police can’t able to do anything. And even Maan Bhai haven’t replied to your mail yet. What if he reaches to Geet and her child? No, I can’t let that happen. That’s why I myself going to London to see that they are safe.” Meera said with a tone of finality while Dev just wanted to bang his head somewhere. Can’t she understand that she is 4 months pregnant and hence not allowed to take this much stress.


“Meera, don’t be so stupid. And what do you think that we are sitting idle. I am trying to track him by all means I can even police are doing their work but you have to keep patience. Hhhmmm” Dev tried to make frantic Meera understand who seems to be not in mood to understand anything.


“I don’t know and I don’t care what you guys are doing. I am going to London and it’s final. Why don’t you understand that Geet needs me? She is still unaware about the danger lingering on her and her child’s life. I can’t leave her alone like this and hence I am going. I’ll save my best friend no matter if you allow me or not or if you come with me or not.” Meera almost burst into tears feeling so helpless at this moment while Dev just let out a deep sigh as he pinched the bridge of his nose. He felt guilty for blasting at her like this especially then when he knows what Geet means to her and her pregnancy hormones are making it worst for her to think anything form sane mind.


“Meera, I respect your emotions and trust me I understand what you are feeling too. But you have to also understand it that it is not as simple as you are saying. Ok for once I agree also to send you to London then what after that? That day you asked me to not to say anything to Bro on call as you were afraid that ‘he’ must be tracing our call then you only think that wouldn’t it be possible that he would follow you to London too. You yourself had asked to Geet when she was leaving from India to never come back again to India neither she would contact anyone of us just for the sake of her safety and now you are forgetting your own words and probably this will definitely put Geet in danger. Meera, I know what Geet means to you and trust me I too am worried for Geet and her child’s safety but at the same time I am worried for yours and our baby’s safety too. I just can’t put both of yours life in danger too nor would I want Geet’s life in danger with this move of yours. You just need to keep patience. I am sure we’ll definitely figure out some other way and if not then I promise that I myself will take you to London to Geet. But till then please keep your calm.” Dev’s words did desired effect on Meera as she thought carefully on Dev’s words only to realize that he’s right and maybe it’s she who is going too frantic.


“I guess you are right. I am sorry to behave like this Dev. Please forgive me.” Fresh tears brimmed in her eyes as she hugged Dev sideways still feeling too emotional.


“It’s ok Meera, I understand. Don’t worry everything will be fine. Trust me.” Meera closed her eyes as Dev’s words gave her the needed assurance while Dev just ran his fingers in her hairs soothing her tension but he himself was in big tension as he knows that Meera is not wrong either as there is danger lingering on everyone’s head and he had to do something fast or else everything will be ruined, he thought as he closed his letting out a deep sigh thinking of some way to get out from this situation.




She looked at the watch on the wall all dressed in a beautiful dress and then at the door and then pouted cutely taking out her lower lip in disappointment cribbing something to her own self tapping her foot anxiously on floor and that’s how Geet found her daughter as she was reading a magazine on a nearby couch and a soft chuckle escaped her lips when she realized the reason of this behavior of her daughter. Her Mishter Khulana is late than his usual time thus giving her enough reason to get angry on him. It still amazed Geet to see how deeply they both are bonded with each other but what amazed her more was the fact that slowly and gradually she herself was getting attached to him as unknown to her own knowledge she too was waiting for him as eagerly as Seher was doing. She still remember her conversation with Maan that day where she had offered him her friendship and how easily he had accepted it freed her from her guilt by forgiving her too. And it’s been 5 days since then and he never made her feel like she had ever uttered those hurtful words to him at all. It was as if that day when she has said those awful words to him don’t exist in his life at all.


Can someone really be this good in this selfish world? Was he real or some incarnation of God on earth who knows to give nothing but love and happiness? Is she really this much lucky to have a person like him in her life when all she got from everyone was just hurt and betrayal, she thought as unknown to herself a smile adorned her face thinking of him; a smile which came straight from her heart and a smile which she never thought will adorned her face ever. He really knows some magic as her daughter use to say as if he did not then she wouldn’t be smiling like this right now.


She looked at her daughter who was still cribbing to herself as her Mishter Khulana has still didn’t came and she couldn’t help but wonder about the game of destiny neither she could figure out that where all this was leading to. She still remembers the images of her dream no her forbidden dream loud and clear. She still remembers how Seher has addressed him as her father and how relief had washed through her face when she saw that it was Maan whom Seher has addressed her father and not Kuldeep. That day she had cried a lot as she felt her this dream forbidden but today don’t know why she didn’t felt the same dream as a forbidden one and reason is still unknown to herself. At the back of her mind she knows that she can’t feel like this for him, she still remember her flaws and imperfections; yet she can’t help herself from feeling these unknown emotions in her heart which she never felt for anyone before. She thought that after befriending Maan these unknown feelings that keeps on spreading all over her heart like a creeper will fade way but that didn’t happen and instead it’s getting stronger every passing day.


But did she really had this right to feel anything of this sort for anyone and especially for Maan who is as perfect as God residing in heaven, she thought as she took a deep sigh when she realized that she won’t get any answer of her restlessness like always and hence it’s better to leave everything on her destiny just like she has decided. She could have lost in her thoughts forever if she haven’t heard the doorbell ringing and a smile instantly crept up on her face when she realized who could be at door but more than her she found her daughter happy who first squealed in happiness but then instantly pouted in anger as she looked at other side while crossing her arms across her chest with a huff face much to Geet’s confusion who just shakes her head on her daughter’s antics before going to open the door.


“How is Seher’s mood? She is fine right? Is she angry from me?” Geet heard tirade of questions from Maan as soon as she opened the door and before she could even answer him she found him entering inside without even bothering to greet her making Geet to chuckle lightly at his actions. Sometimes she really wonder who is the real kid among two; Maan or Seher, she thought as she moved inside after closing to door only to find Maan standing in the hall with a frown.


“Where is Seher?” Maan asked when he didn’t find Seher in hall and that’s when Geet noticed Seher’s absence from hall and she just bit her cheeks hard to stop her laughter when she realized her daughter’s anger and the efforts that Maan have to take to manofy her.


“Maybe sulking in room.” Geet tried hard to control her laughter that was so desperate to come out from her throat first seeing Maan’s perplexed face and then his eyes getting wide with realization and at last slapping his forehead when he realized that how much Seher must be angry on him.


“Is she really very angry on me?” Maan asked as he looked at her expectantly while Geet just shrugged her shoulders as if telling him the obvious making Maan to slump down in the couch letting out a deep sigh cupping his cheeks while Geet sat beside him totally loving to see this side of her boss.


“I had promised her to take her out for surprise but got held up in meeting and got late. Now she must be very angry on me right.” Maan let out a deep breath as he looked at Geet who in return just smiled at him.


“It’s ok Maan Sir. I understand and I am sure Seher will understand it too. And anyways she can’t remain angry from her Mishter Khulana from long. And I had heard that Seher’s Mishter Khulana is a magician and I am sure that he must be knowing the magic to pacify Seher too.”Geet stated as a matter of fact making Maan to smile but then his eyes widens as something hits his brain as soon his gaze falls on magazine on the couch and he immediately rushed out of the house telling Geet that he’ll be back in 10 minutes and before Geet could even ask him as of where he is going, he is already out of her sight leaving Geet behind shaking her head at him.




Chocolates. No Response

Candies. No Response

Ice-Cream. No Response

Flowers. No Response

Doll. Still no response.

Teddy Bear. Again no response


Geet chuckled hard when she saw Maan having hard tome in manofying her daughter who seems to be in no mood to give up. Maan came back from god knows where he has gone within half an hour and all she could see in his hands when he came back was Balloons, Chocolates, Teddy Bear, Flowers, and god knows what not and since then he was forwarding each and every thing to Seher who seems to be in no mood to give up as she continued with her sulking session as she sat with her arms across her chest making a huff face. Even though Geet could say that Seher was dying to have all the items given by Maan as she looked at each item with a corner of her eyes while trying hard to fight away with the temptation to have them but still she had to maintain her Jhoota Gussa at her Mishter Khulana. Geet choose not to intrude in the manao Session between Seher and Mishter Khulana for she knows that she’s really not needed over there as it is the moment just between Seher and her Mishter Khulana and hence not only she but no one is needed between them therefore she just sat on the chair nearby while looking at the scene in front of her with utmost interest as if watching her favorite movie. She almost laughed out loud when she saw Seher bursting the balloon that Maan had forwarded to her and like this one of his more attempt went down in drain making Maan to pout cutely as he sat beside Seher after letting out a deep sigh.


“Hhhmmm seems my princess is really angry on me.” He said his familiar line which always seems to manofy his princess but guess this time his princess is in no mood to give up.


“Ok so it means whatever happen she won’t look at me.” He smirked when he saw Seher looking at him with the corner of her eyes but still maintained her Jhoota gussa.


“Chalo she looked at me also but I know she won’t smile at any cost.” A smile tugged at the corner of his lips when he saw Seher smiling even though it was a small one but Maan was sure that soon all the anger of his little angel will melt down like an ice-cream.


“Acha Chalo she smiled at me also but I know that she won’t hug me at any cost.” Maan smiled victoriously as he knows that very soon his princess will hug him like always but then it was Seher he was dealing with who always did the unexpected as instead of hugging him she hugged the teddy that was beside her which was actually given by Maan making Maan to sigh in failure. He knows by now that with Seher he must expect always the unexpected.


“Teddy, inshe keh do ki mujhe inshe baat nahi kalni na hi inke gifts chahiye. He bloke his plomishe and alsho he came late and didn’t take me out for Shulplishe and… and… he didn’t told me alsho that I am looking beautiful in my new flock aul… aul…. Mujhe yaad nahi aa laha aul kya but I am angry flom him.” Seher twisted her lips as she said this while hugging her teddy and Maan looked at Geet for some help who just shrugged her shoulders as if asking him to deal himself.


[Teddy, tell him that I don’t want to talk to him nor do I want his gifts. He broke his promise and also he came late and didn’t take me out for surprise and… and… he didn’t told me also that I am looking beautiful in my new frock and… and…. I don’t remember what else but I am angry form him.]


“Hhhmmm maine to bahut sari mistakes kar di. That means my princess won’t talk to me at all. Chalo then koi baat nahi. The surprise Gift that I had brought for her, I’ll give that to Abby and Sally. I am sure they will hug me and kiss me after that and also will talk to me.” Maan played his final card as he smirked inwardly when he saw Seher’s expression changing with his every word.


“Shulplishe!!!!” She said excitedly as she turned to look at him while smiling widely and Maan just nodded his head innocently in confirmation.


“Ya, but since you are not talking to me then I’ll give that surprise gift to Abby and Sally. In fact I’ll go and gift them just now Kyun, theek Hai na Geet?” Maan said playfully as now it’s his turn to take revenge from his Angel while Geet to nodded her in acceptance plying along with him much to her daughter’s annoyance.


“Luko!!!!” Seher called out loud when she saw Maan getting up from bed forgetting all her Jhoota Gussa on him making Maan to smirk in victory.




“Why will you give Shulplishe gift to Abby and Sally? Aap to mele Mishter Khulana ho na aul mele liye laye ho shulplishe gift. Then why are you giving it to Abby and Sally. Aap kishi ko mela gift nahi doge.”Seher pouted cutely as she sat on his lap putting his arms around his neck possessively making Maan to smile wide as he realized that finally his Angel has left all her anger even Geet was surprised to see the possessiveness of Seher for Maan but then she knows that she can’t expect anything better from the duo.


“Ya I am your Mishter Khulana. But you are to not talking to me na and also you are angry from me to I’ll gift it to Abby and Sally. Aap ko Aap ka Gussa chodhne ki zarurat nahi hai as I had done so many mistakes na.” Maan though made a serious face as he said this but from inside he was laughing and dancing in victory when he saw Seher narrowing his eyes at him pouting cutely. Even Geet couldn’t help herself from chuckling as she saw the scene in front of him.


“Who said I am angry from you? See I am not at all angry from you.”Maan chuckled as Seher hugged him showing that she is not at all angry while Geet’s jaw dropped open seeing the nautanki of her daughter.


“But just now you said to Teddy na that you don’t want to talk to me nor do you want my gifts and also you are angry from me.” Now it has irritating Seher. Can’t he understand that she is not angry from him, she thought as she was afraid to lose her surprise gift to Abby and Sally.


“To Kya main apne Mishter Khulana se mazak bhi nahi kal sakti. I was just joking.” Seher flattered her eye lashes cutely as she looked at Maan hoping that he agree that she was just joking.


[So Can’t I joke with my Mishter Khulana. I was just joking]


“Nautanki” Geet muttered under her breath as she saw the duo. Really, it was difficult to say at this moment that who is the real kid.


“Pakka na. Otherwise I don’t have any problem in giving it to Abby and Sally.” Maan could clearly say that Seher is getting irritated by every passing second for he could see her cute nose flaring in anger now.


“Aap shachi me mele se zyada zid karte ho. Maine bola na that I am not angry from you. But ab agal aapne mela gift Abby aul Sally ko dene ki baat ki to main gusshha ho jayungi.” Seher once again crossed her arms across her chest as she twisted her lips making Maan to chuckle.

[You are really more stubborn than me. I said na that i am not angry from you. But now if you will one more time about giving my gift to Abby and Sally then definitely i will get angry]

“Ale Mela Baby. Don’t worry princess I’ll not give your gift to anyone. After all I am your Mishter Khulana right.” Maan kissed her soft cheeks as he hugged her from behind making Seher to smile brightly as she turned and hugged him back.


A lone tear escaped from Geet’s eyes out of sheer happiness as she saw the duo. They looked so perfect with each other just like father-daughter. Yes once again the same thought crossed her mind that always crawled in her mind whenever she use to see both of them and that is “if only Maan was the father of Seher.” Well he never behaves less than her father. He had always fulfilled his duties for Seher like a true father even though when he is actually not. What kind of relation is this that the 3 of them share? It has no name, no recognition yet it seems so perfect. If anyone sees it from outside then they will definitely consider them as happy family but the truth is that they are not. But still everything seems so perfect and right as if they all are meant to be like this. But are they really meant to be like this, she thought as she felt herself entangling in the web of these unnamed emotions yet again. So many questions were still swarming in her mind of which she still had no answers yet she couldn’t help herself from getting lost in the pool of these emotions of whose realization is yet to dawn upon her.


“Mumma come. Mishter Khulana is going to show me my shulplishe.”Seher’s chirpy voice broke the trail of her thoughts and she looked at them only to find them getting down from bed and moving towards hall literally dragging Maan along with her making Geet to shrug off all the thoughts and following the duo towards the hall.




“Mishter Khulana, can I open my eyes now please.” Seher asked the nth time as she was tired of closing her eyes now by keeping her hands on them.


“Bas one more minute princess.” She heard him and pout cutely while tapping her foot anxiously on floor. Even Geet was waiting eagerly for the surprise gift that Maan had brought for Seher.


“Seher, no cheating.” Maan said when he saw Seher peeping from between her fingers to which she just twisted her lips making Maan to smile at her antics.


“Ok now you can open your eyes.” Maan said as he sat beside her and Seher excitedly open her eyes only to find a basket on her lap. She looked at Maan confusingly to which he just gestured to open it. Confusingly she opened the basket only to find two tiny eyes blinking at her innocently making a cooing sound.


“Wow. Ye kitna cute hai. Ye mele liye hai Mishter Khulana?” Seher squealed in happiness as she took out the tiny creature from inside the basket only to find a cute Labrador Puppy looking at her innocently.


[Wow. He’s so cute. Is it for me Mishter Khulana?]


“Of course Princess. Ye cute sa puppy meri cute si princess ke liye hai. You use to get bore at home right so I brought this cute little companion for you. Now you can play with him all day.” Maan helped her to hold the puppy in Seher’s small hands which were caressing the soft fur of puppy excitedly.


“Ye kitna shoft hai and kitna small bhi. Aul dekho ye mujhe kitne pyaal she dekh laha hai. Mumma come and see how cute he is.” Seher beckoned Geet who was watching puppy from far and


[How soft he is and how small too. And see how he is looking at me so lovingly. Mumma come and see how cute he is.]


“No Seher, it’s ok. I am fine over here. You play with him.” Geet smiled nervously seeing puppy and Maan instantly understood that she’s scared of dogs.


“Geet he won’t bite you. Come and see yourself.” Maan literally dragged her towards the place where they were sitting so that she can too touch the puppy.


“No Maan Sir its fine. I am ok.” She literally pleaded as she looked at the small puppy who was now making a cooing sound looking at Geet.


“Geet touch him. He won’t do anything.” Maan said yet again as he tried to pull Geet’s hand towards the puppy only to be pulled again by her.


“Maan Sir, I can’t touch him. I am scared of dogs. Please” Geet literally pleaded as she tried to convince Maan who seems to be hell bent in making her mingle with this small puppy. Even Seher was probing her again and again to hold the small puppy.


“Geet, Apne Darr ka samna karo. Jab tak apne darr ko khud pe haavi hone dogi ye tumhe aise hi darata rahega. So C’mon face your fear and let it vanish from your life.” Maan though said a simple sentence and that too in a completely different context but it had a different and deep effect on Geet’s heart as she looked at Maan trying to comprehend the hidden meaning behind his sentence that was seeping all through her heart and mind.


[Geet, face your fears. Till the time you’ll let your fear overcome you, it will scare you like this only. So C’mon face your fear and let it vanish from your life.]


“Geet, hold this and trust me it won’t hurt you.” Maan said as he kept the puppy in her lap and made her caress his soft fur by holding her hand unknown of the affect his actions and his words are doing to her. After sometime Maan left her hand when he saw that there is no fear on Geet’s face only to find her lost in that puppy as she caressed it like a small baby with a smile on her face.


Maan was right she has to face her fears or else it’ll keep on scaring her always. How simple his words are yet it has so deep meaning to it and it did the desired effect on her like always. What was in this man that she always does something which she thought that she’ll never do? Just like caressing this small puppy. Unknown to herself his word and actions always shows her the right path, as if he is her guiding light. Of course, he is. He is her guardian Angel who had came in her and her daughter’s life to make it beautiful, who is taking her out from the darkness in which she was residing till now. True, their relation has no name, no recognition, maybe for society it seems to be illicit too but then why does it feels so pure and divine. Why everything seems so right when it is all wrong, this question always lingers in her mind and yet there is no answer for it instead of getting drown in the oceans of these unknown and unnamed emotions.


“Mumma, mujhe do na. Mele ko bhi khelna hai ishke sath.” Seher’s voice broke the trail of her thoughts and she smiled at her as she gently placed the puppy back on her lap while smiling faintly at her.


[Mummy give it to me too. I too want to play with him]


“Mishter Khulana, Ye kitna cute hai. Hum ishka name kya lakhenge.”Seher said as she holds up the puppy and gently rubs her face into his fur while Maan was all in aww seeing the cute antic of his princess.


[Mishter Khulana, he is too cute. What will we call him?]


“Why don’t you suggest any good name for him?” Maan said as he ruffled her hairs while Seher went on the thinking mode tapping her cute finger on her chin.


“Hum ishko Shnoofy bulaye.” Her eyes widens in excitement as she came up with the best name while Maan showed his thumbs up gesturing that he liked the name. Even our little puppy who is now named as Snoofy licked Seher’s cheeks wiggling his little tail in happiness as if liking his name making Seher ticklish.


[Should we call him Snoofy?]


“Hehehe… Mishter Khulana he is tickling me.” Seher said between her laughs while little Snoofy keeps on licking her like an ice-cream.


“Baby, he likes you and he likes the name you gave to him so he is showing the love like this. He can’t speak na so have to understand his gestures.” Maan made her understand as he pulled Seher on his lap along with Snoofy kissing her soft cheeks.


“Oh Shnoofy, Seher loves you too. I plomishe I’ll always love you and take care of you. I Love you.” Seher once again rubs her cheeks on his soft fur hugging her softly while little Snoofy cooed in happiness as he rubs his small paws on Seher’s dress showing his happiness.


“And Seher don’t love me?” Maan made a sad face as he looked at Seher and even Geet couldn’t help herself from smiling at this cute antic of Maan.


“Seher loves you too Mishter Khulana. Thank you so much for this shulplishe. Aap world ke besht Mishter Khulana ho. I Love you.” Seher said as she turned and hugged Maan with little Snoofy in her hands who also licked on Maan’s chest above his shirt showing his love for him while wiggling his little tail.


“Mishter Khulana loves his princess too. And I am not world’s best. My Seher is world’s best. I’ll always keep my baby happy. I promise.” Maan muttered as he softly kissed on the top of her head feeling contended. For some reasons Geet felt this moment so perfect such that she quietly took the photo of this picture perfect moment in her cell phone savoring this moment for forever as she looked at the scene in front of her smiling.




It was later in the day when Seher was playing with Snoofy in the hall telling him each and everything of her house, her Mishter Khulana, Her Mumma, her school and what not while Little Snoofy was trying to comprehend everything in his small mind. It’s been around 2 hours since Maan had brought Snoofy and since then Seher was all lost in playing with him. She had even fed him milk also with baby bottle from her own hands. Maan was watching all this standing from far with a smile playing on his lips. His princess is so happy and it gave immense happiness to him too. He always feels contended whenever he sees smile on the face of his princess and Geet due to him. He would lay his life if it costs the happiness of these two angels of his life.


He so wanted to complete this incomplete family; A family where he’ll be known as Geet’s husband and Seher will call him ‘Papa’, that’s what he had dreamt of since the day this cute little angel has stepped in his life. He wished he could make Geet understand how he longed to be a part of this family officially but he knows that it’s not easy for Geet too and hence he decided to keep on waiting for that day when he’ll officially be a part of this family officially and Seher will call him Papa instead of Mishter Khulana. He don’t know whether this dream of his will ever come true or not but he knows that he’ll always take care of his two angels like this only for whole of his life for his life is just devoted to these two only, he thought as he chuckled softly when he saw Seher tickling little Snoofy who was now barking softly in happiness licking ad rubbing his paws on Seher’s dress.


He could have stood over there forever watching his little princess, if he haven’t felt a tap on his shoulders thus breaking the trail of his thoughts and he turned to look only to find Geet standing with the Mug of his black coffee. He smiled as he took the mug from her and his gaze once again turns back to where his princess is playing. Geet followed his gaze only to find him looking at Seher and then her gaze turned back to him who seems to be so contended at this moment as if he had achieved everything in his life. She had never seen him this happy and contended before not even then when he had cracked any of his biggest deals. Does really Seher and her happiness means this much to her, she thought as she keeps on looking at him admiringly who still seems to be oblivious of her gaze.


She knows he is perfect in everything be it work or anything else and seeing his care and concern for her daughter and for herself she can say that he is perfect as a family man too. She could say that he would be a best son and best brother but along with that she is very much sure that he will prove to be a best father and best husband too. That girl would be the luckiest girl in this world who will get him as a life partner. If only he would have came into his life few years before than probably everything would be different. The thought crossed her mind like a whirlwind and she immediately shrugged off that thought. What was she even thinking? How can she even think of anything of such sort? Had she forgotten her reality? Ha she forgotten that she is nothing but a battered and ragged doll who can never adorn anyone’s home? But then why she always feels like everything is different when she is with Maan. Why she feels like she is special to him? Why does it happen every time that without her own knowledge she start to see her future with him? Can she really feel those emotions which are forbidden for her, she thought as she keeps on looking at him still lost in the pool of her own thoughts.


“Maan Sir.” She called out to him after a while making Maan to tear away his gaze from Seher and look at her.


“Can I ask you something?” Maan though was confused at first listening to her as somewhere he was scared as of what if she’ll question him about why is he doing all this for Seher but then he smiled at her gesturing her to continue.


“Why haven’t you got married yet?” His smile started fading as he heard Geet’s question and he instantly looked other side as if avoiding her questioning gaze. Why is she asking such question, was the only thought that was running in his mind right now.


“Why are you asking this question Geet?” He questioned back instead of answering making Geet to look down feeling embarrassed for asking such a personal question to him. She herself don’t know what came over her that she had asked such personal question from him.


“Just like that sir. It’s ok if you don’t want to answer.” She said looking everywhere but him still feeling so embarrass to ask such a question from him while Maan just took a deep sigh before answering her.


“Nothing like that Geet. Actually I haven’t got anyone with whom I can see myself spending whole life.” His reply only made Geet confuse as she looked at him confusingly. How on earth a person like him haven’t got anyone with whom he can spend his whole life.


“I know what you are thinking Geet; this only right that how come I haven’t got anyone with whom I can spend my whole life even after being what media quotes me, ya “Eligible Bachelor in town”, then how can I be still single. Geet, it’s not that girls didn’t came into my life but all are after my money and status. Everyone loved Maan Singh Khurana who had immense name, fame, and wealth but no one tried to know Maan who needs nothing but love and companionship from his life partner, for whom this name, fame and wealth doesn’t matter, what matters is the happiness and well-being of his loved ones. So you see I haven’t found that ‘someone special’ who knows me just as Maan and not Maan Singh Khurana.” Geet smiled faintly as she hard his answer which was true anyways. She herself had seen girls swooning over him but he never glanced back to them guess this is the only reason. The person who is standing in front of her was not Maan Singh Khurana but just Maan.


“I wish you find that ‘someone special’ soon sir.” Geet said after a while with a smile as she turned to go back to kitchen to keep empty coffee mug of Maan.


“I guess I found my ‘someone special’ Geet.” Maan’s words made her stop dead in her tracks as it took her sometime to register his words and as soon as he registered she turned to look at Maan almost shocked only to find Maan standing right behind her boring his intense eyes into her questioning hazels.


“Yes Geet, I finally found someone who knows me and understand me as Maan and not Maan Singh Khurana, who loves me just the way I am. With whom I always find my true happiness, by spending time with whom I find that inner peace which no one has given me till now. She had made her special place not only in my heart but in my life too. You know she is the most beautiful girl in this world. She can turn even a stone into wax with her love. She is perfect in the way she is. She is so pure and good at heart just like an angel who had entered into the darkness of my life and illuminated it with the light of her presence. She’s the one whose smile made my day and whose pain slits my heart into million pieces. She’s the one with whom I had seen my future and she’s the one with whom I want to spend my whole life with in fact I want to dedicate my whole life to her. I love her too much to lose her. She’s my only love and will remains one, no matter what. And I’ll never leave her side and will do anything for her happiness even if I have to lay my life also for her happiness, I won’t hesitate in that for she was too precious for me. She’s my guiding light and I’ll always be by her side no matter what. She may not love me back but I can never stop loving her. She may have thousands reasons with her to push me away but I just have one reason with me to not to go away from her life and that is that I Love her. Whether she likes it or not but I’ll keep on loving her like this. Whether she wants it or not but I’ll not leave her side. She’s mine, only mine and will always remain one whether she likes it or not.” Geet was too dazed in his words to understand how close they are standing or how their eyes are lost in each other when he was saying those words. She don’t know what should she say or do at this moment for she was too lost to think or do anything.


He just professed his feelings but she knows that it’s not for her but for someone else yet she felt that these words are for her. It is for her, her heart screamed that to her but her mind retorted back by saying that it’s not for her. How can it be for a girl like her who is nothing but a battered and broken doll? That girl must be lucky for whom he has these feelings and she knows that she’s definitely not the one. She knows that she had no right to dream like this for she had lost them long back. Yet she wished for once just for once these words, these feelings of his for her. She looked into his dark orbs one into another only to find truth and honesty in those words and feelings behind them and to say that she was feeling pained would be an understatement for she felt like her heart slitting when she realized that these are not for her but for someone else. She felt an unknown emotion stirring in her heart ummm… maybe jealousy when she realized that these words are for someone else. Yet her traitor heart was not ready to believe that these feelings are for someone else and not her especially not after the way his dark orbs were lost in her hazels, his face so close to hers and his breath fanning her face and she herself don’t know why a lone tear escaped her eyes feeling so hopeless and helpless both at the same time with this fight between her heart and mind.


“Tum poochogi nahi Geet ki wo kaun hai?” Maan almost whispered after a while as he keeps on looking into her hazels who seems to be so lost in him yet he could feel her struggle, her fight with her own self. He himself don’t know what he was doing or saying for he was too lost in the moment and their proximity and Geet just nodded her head in denial for she knows that she probably won’t be able to hear the name of that girl and she just turned back to go so that she can escape this moment but then she couldn’t when she felt Maan stopping her by holding her wrist.


[Won’t you ask who is she Geet?]


“You really don’t want to know her name Geet?” Maan asked yet again as he came close to her from behind making Geet to close her eyes when she felt his hot breath fanning her neck and she yet again in denial because by now she was sure that she won’t be able to listen the name of that lucky girl which is unfortunately not her and hell she herself don’t know the reason behind it as she gulped down the lump that formed in her throat.


“Ek baar to sun lo Geet ki wo kaun hai” He whispered into her ears still holding her wrist while Geet was finding it difficult to even stand straight then forget about thinking anything.


[Just listen once Geet who is she?]


“Please Maan Sir. I don’t want to listen.” She literally pleaded as she tries to fight back the tears that were threatening to fall down.


“But I want to tell her name Geet. And her name is…….” He didn’t seem to be in mood to give up making it even more difficult for Geet as she clenched her fist tight while closing her eyes not able to bear the ache of her heart of whose reason she herself don’t know. Maan took a deep sigh before he continued further as he looked at her from back almost boring her eyes into her back.


“And her name is……..”

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