“Mitra” ~ Part 11

Part 11:


“Love… Love is not everything in life Maan. There are many other things which are more important than Love. Sometimes the person whom we love the most only makes us all alone. So you see there is no guarantee in love. And anyways Pyaar ka kya hai wo to kabhi bhi ho jayega. So it doesn’t matter if I love him or not Dev loves me a lot and it’s a saying na that you should be with the one who loves rather than being with someone whom you love. So I am doing the same. Maybe slowly and gradually I’ll also fall in love with him.” Geet said last line almost to convince her own self but she knows that she was just fooling herself as she can’t love anyone other than Maan.


It’s her helplessness that she’s still with Dev. First, because he is her father’s choice and it’s his last wish to see her settled with Dev and second, to save whatever little she was left with and she knows that she can’t expect any miracle that she can get out of all this mess hence it’s better to accept whatever is coming in her ways. Her all dreams had died long back and she dared not to dream anything after that for she knows that it will remain just a dream.


“Do You Love someone else Laddoo?” Maan asked with a bated breath as he tries to register Geet’s words which were clearly depicting that she has been disappointed in love once but who was that person and why did Geet didn’t tell him about it, he thought as he looked at Geet who looked at him shocked only to find him looking at her anxiously as if trying to find the answer in her eyes and this very fact made Geet more nervous.


Why did he ask that? Did she said too much? Did she said something which she was not suppose to? Or did Maan got the hint of something? What if he came to know the truth that the person with whom she’s in love is he himself? No she can’t let this happen. But then Maan’s question has caught her off-guard and she don’t know how to run away from his question and she knows that she won’t be able to run for long. By looking into Maan’s eyes she can say that he’s searching for his answers desperately but will she be able to give the answer to his question and most importantly will he be able to bear the truth.




Maan sat over there with bated breath waiting impatiently for Geet who has gone aside to take some call. He still couldn’t get off his mind away from the confrontation they had few seconds ago where he was almost on the verge of knowing the name of the person who had disappointed his Laddoo in love. Yes, she did was in love with someone while he was unaware of the fact till now. But who was that guy? Was he someone from their school or someone from their college or someone whom Geet met between these 6 years? But then Geet said that Dev was her father’s choice therefore there is very least chance of Geet loving someone in these 6 years as knowing her father he knows that he would have never gone against Geet’s wish but then this chance was also there that Geet may have been disappointed in love before that, yes it’s possible. But whatever it is Geet should have told him even if she would have met that guy in these 6 years. The fact that Geet had hid something of this sort has really pinched his heart a lot. His Laddoo never hides anything from him. Then why she didn’t told him such a big thing.


His mind was wandering everywhere to each and every person possible with whom Geet was in love with but he couldn’t able to point out who that person could be. Was this the reason that she use to keep herself aloof during those days when they both were in college or is that why she left like this all of a sudden without telling anything to anyone, he thought as he remembered Geet being so reserved when they were in last year of their college and then her leaving all of a sudden. But still the question is that why she didn’t told him if something of this sort have happened with her. Ya he was in relationship with Sameera at that time and was giving good amount of his time to her but that doesn’t mean that he wouldn’t have helped her if she would have told him about all this as his Laddoo is always his first priority and nothing is more important for him than her. He would have made the life of that person living hell who had dared to hurt his Laddoo. But again even after trying hard he couldn’t memorize the person with whom Geet could be in relationship for Geet never mingled much even with any other girl of their college then forget about mingling with any guy, then who could be that person, he thought as he recalled their conversation few seconds back.


“Do You Love someone else Laddoo?” Maan asked with a bated breath as he tries to register Geet’s words which were clearly depicting that she has been disappointed in love once but who was that person and why did Geet didn’t tell him about it, he thought as he looked at Geet who looked at him shocked as she looked everywhere but him.


“Please don’t lie to me Laddoo. I can read it in your eyes. So tell me the truth. You swear of our friendship. Tell me do you love someone else?” His voice was getting anxious by every passing minute and so did the raising of his heartbeats but along with that he felt the increment in Geet’s nervousness too. Somewhere he was hoping to be Geet’s answer in negative too.


“Yes” She whispered slowly as she looked down as if hiding herself from his piercing gaze unknown of the condition Maan is going through. He can’t bear the fact of Geet loving anyone else and he still don’t understand it why. May be because he had never seen Geet with anyone else apart from him; or may be because Geet was hurt because of that guy. He don’t know what’s exact bothering him; Geet being in a relationship with someone and not telling him about it or her being hurt due to that love.


“Do I know him?” He asked yet again as he felt the lump in his throat. He clenched his fist tight under the table for he don’t know if he’ll able to bear the fact that the person who was in Geet’s life is known to him yet he was unknown of the fact while his mind keeps on wandering at every possible person.


But somewhere he was wishing Geet’s answer to be in negative this time because if it will be in positive then he don’t know how will he react. Hence he just sat over there with bated breath anxiously waiting for Geet’s answer wishing it to be negative again and again. But all his fears came true when Geet nodded her head in positive while still looking down.


“Who is he?” Geet’s head shot up listening to his question and Maan could see the nervousness on her face loud and clear but this time it was mixed with some fear. But what and most importantly whom is she fearing from? But keeping all that aside why is he feeling this empty feeling inside his heart.


“Laddoo, I asked who is he?” He asked yet again and he was sure that he felt Geet fidgeting in her seat as if trying to run away from his question


Just as he was waiting for her to answer they both heard a loud shrill of Geet’s cell phone’s ringtone much to his frustration as he was just one step away from knowing the name of that person and he felt like throwing that phone somewhere which had interrupted in the wrong time. Geet immediately excused herself before taking the call leaving Maan over there to ponder over everything till now.


So now here he is sitting still waiting for Geet to come who seems to be on call for what felt like an eternity. Each and every passing minute seems to be like ages to him. Geet’s reply to his question was still ringing in his mind making him to restless even more. She said that he knows that person then who is that guy? If he knew that person then it means that Geet haven’t fallen in love with anyone in these 6 years. Then that person is either from their school or from their college but again the question is that with whom? She was always with him be it in their school or in college then who could be that person with whom Geet was in relationship while he was unaware. So many questions was swarming in his mind and he felt like his head bursting with so many mysteries at the same time. If possible then he would have broken the fork he was holding into pieces for he was holding it so hard.


Even he didn’t knew why he was feeling this restless. I mean if Geet was in love with someone else then why he is not feeling nice. May be because Geet had been hurt by that person but he knows he was just fooling his heart which was telling some other tale which he wanted to ignore for now. Because right now there are already so many things in his plate; he had to know about Dev’s true face, he had to know about what happened in life of Handa’s in these 6 years, He had to know about Geet’s mysterious behavior around him. And as if all these things were not enough then now he came to know about Geet loving someone else of which he don’t have any idea till now neither he knows that person. So many things, so many questions and still there are no answers. He felt like pulling out his hairs after being surrounded with so many mysteries and questions and he knows that the only person who can give answer to all his questions is Geet herself who is still in the call with God knows whom.


Geet couldn’t thank Meera enough who had called right on time or else she herself don’t know what would have happened. The way Maan was interrogating her had made her nervous but more than nervous it made her scared; scared of what Maan might have came to know that he was asking such questions from her but more than that she was scared about what would have happened if Meera wouldn’t have called on time. She knows that she wouldn’t have been able to lie to him for she was under the oath of their friendship and by no chance she can lie after that no matter what. She still couldn’t get over from the affect of Maan’s question on her. But what she couldn’t understand the reason behind his this interrogation.


What had happened all of a sudden that he’s been asking all these questions from her? Did he got hint of something or is that he got to know something? She couldn’t forget Maan’s expression when he had asked her if she loves someone else. It was something that she had never witnessed before. It was as if he was fighting a battle within. But what shocked her more was the way he was desperate to know about the person she loved. She swore that she had seen a kind of rage in his eyes when he came to know about loving someone else and worse he knows that person. But along with that she saw a certain pain in those eyes, as if he was going to lose something very precious. She can’t name the emotion that she had seen in his eyes but she knows that it is something very deep and is just for her.


But apart from all this she couldn’t understand why is he so concerned for her that too now. Wasn’t he the one who had asked her to deal with her problems herself, Wasn’t he the one who had asked her to get out from his life, Wasn’t he the one who had held her responsible for his heartbreak and most importantly wasn’t he the one who also think of her as a curse in everyone’s life. Then what had changed in these 6 years that he’s so concerned for her that he’s ready to go to any extent. But most importantly what change could it make now? Her life has already been bounded with Dev and by no way she can run away from it then why Maan is hell bent in making everything difficult. Why can’t he understand that now nothing can be done? And what difference would it make to him if she’s happy or not, or if she was in love with someone else or not? Does it change anything; No it won’t. It will just create more complications for everyone. Hence it’s better if things would have been left just like the way they are or else she won’t be able to stop the storm that will come after that and will ruin everything that she was left with.


She has to do something so that Maan won’t get to know the truth but right now the question is that how she’ll dodge from the question that Maan is asking to her right now. She’s been purposely delaying to go over there where they were seated so that she can buy sometime but she knows that it’s all useless as neither could she stand over here all day nor Maan would forget that question so easily. Hence she had to face him but again the question is that how and what would she say to him. She can’t lie to him and truth she can’t say. She don’t know why but she could sense the feel of upcoming storm on its way. She had this strong feeling that very big storm is on its way or should she say has already entered in their lives and she knows that by the time it will pass everything will be changed and will not be like before and that’s what she feared the most. But nevertheless she has to face this storm anyhow as she has no escape from it. So after taking a deep breath and composing herself she walked towards the place where they were seated when she bumped into something or rather someone making her to lose her balance but thankfully she saved herself by holding the nearby chair.


“I am so sorry. I….” She stopped in mid when she looked at the person whom she collided with looking at her with her smile on her face and Geet’s eyes widens in realization as she recognized the person in front of her.


“Deeps” Geet said in surprise when she felt her hugging her tight. Of course she has not expected to meet her so sudden like this.


“OMG Geet! How are you? I can’t believe that I am meeting you after so long. You have changed so much, but see I recognized you even then.” Deeps aka Deepali said all in excitement still hugging so tight while Geet looked around only to find everyone looking at them amusingly while she gave a nervous smile feeling awkward.


“I am fine Deeps. And I’ll be more fine if you’ll stop crushing me like this.” Deeps bit out her tongue when she realized that she’s probably crushing her too hard and she instantly pulled out from hug making Geet to sigh in relief.


“O Geet! I am so happy to see you. You had almost lost touch after school. But thank god I found you here. But what you are doing in Mumbai? And why didn’t you met me if you are here? Oh! How will you have met me you didn’t knew that I was here in Mumbai. Actually I settled in Mumbai 2 years back after my marriage. Speaking of marriage, what about you? Have you got married or not? And if married then with whom? OMG! We have to catch up with so many things. Why are you not speaking? Say something na.” Geet looked at her chatter box friend unbelievingly who was not even taking a pause before bombarding with so many questions.


“Relax Deeps! I’ll only be able to speak if you’ll let me. How about you taking a breath first.” Geet tries to relax her over-excited friend who just pouted cutely before smiling brightly.


“Sorry, wo actually I saw you after so many years so just got a little bit excited. Anyways, how are you and how come you are in Mumbai.”Deeps asked after controlling her excitement a bit while Geet just raised her brows on her connotation ‘little’.


“Geet” both Deeps and Geet heard a voice before Geet could reply and her eyes went wide as she saw the person approaching towards them who is none other than Maan and then there were two different reactions. Where Deeps was happy to see him after so long, Geet was again back to her nervous mode for she knows that Maan will again ask her the same question from which she was running till now.


When it took too long for Geet to come then Maan decided to see himself to see where she is been and why is it taking so long for her to finish the call. His instincts were saying that Geet was purposefully avoiding him. He clearly remembers her nervous face when he had asked her about the person she loves. The way she was looking everywhere but him, the way she was sweating even with AC on, and most importantly the way she sighed in relief when that phone call came was enough for him to believe that she is purposefully avoiding his question and hence taking as much time as she can but he was also not from the one who forgets things so easily especially then when things are concerned with his Laddoo. Hence after waiting for what seems like an eternity he decided to see himself. He scanned through the whole restaurant when he finally saw her but her back was towards him so he decided to go to her. And as he neared her he saw her talking to some girl who seems familiar to him but still he couldn’t recognize her. So now here he is standing with Geet while looking at the girl whom she was talking confusingly who was giving her so bright smile god knows why but what shocked him more was when she hugged him so tight making him to lose his balance while Geet just shakes her head knowing very well what Maan must be feeling for she too felt the same few minutes back.


“OMG Maan! I can’t believe that I am meeting you too. I can’t believe my luck today. I am meeting my two friends at the same day that too in Mumbai.” Deeps was still hugging him tight much to Maan’s awkwardness for first he still didn’t recognize her and second they were now being centre of attraction as everyone was looking at them as if they were aliens from other planet.


“How nice” Maan smiled awkwardly as he somehow pulled out from hug still trying to recognize her.


“Tu to bahut bada aadmi ban gaya yaar. Never thought when we were in school that you’ll achieve so much in your life. In every news channel, in every newspaper and in every magazine it’s you and only you. The great Maan Singh Khurana huh” Deeps replied as she pulled out from hug while Maan still try hard to recognize her especially after when she said that they were in school. Geet chuckled lightly as she could clearly say by seeing Maan’s expressions that he was unable to recognize Deeps, well not his fault as for Maan she was just another classmate and not more than that.


“Maan she is Deeps aka Deepali. We were together in class XI and XII remember.” realization dawn upon Maan as he finally recognized her and looked at Deeps, who looked a bit disappointed for she never expected Maan to not recognize her.


“Of course. Sorry actually I saw you after so many years so was just ummm you know surprised.” Geet suppressed her laugh when she saw Maan struggling with words in order to make Deeps feel better but nevertheless it brought smile back on Deeps’s lips.


“Arey it’s ok yaar. After all we are friends. But I am really happy to see you both, that too together.” Both Maan and Geet smiled listening to her but what she said next was something that was not expected by any of them


“You know I always knew that you both will be together as a couple one day. After all you both complement each other so much. Even in school you both were inseparable. Even a blind person could see the sparks between you two. I always knew that there’s something between you two and see today my assumptions were all right. Oh! I am so happy for you both.” Deeps’s words were making Geet uncomfortable for she feared of Maan’s reaction and most importantly she feared of what if Maan connects all this things to the question he had asked her the he’ll come to know the truth that she has been hiding all these years from. Maan on the other hand was feeling an unknown contentment and happiness in his heart and he still don’t know why but all he knows that he’s feeling an immense happiness when Deeps mistaken them as a couple and he didn’t find it important also to correct her which was so unusual for him.


“So tell me Geet, what should I call you now? Should I call you Miss Handa or Mrs. Khurana or would be Mrs. Khurana.” Deeps winked as she spoke mischievously looking at both of them who were looking at each other. After all who doesn’t want to tease their friends?


“Call her would be Mrs. Chopra.” All heard a voice from behind before Geet could say anything in defense making Maan and Geet to instantly turn around only to see Dev approaching towards. Geet’s eyes went wide when she saw him and she could clearly say that he had heard the last part of their conversation as she saw him tightening his fist in order to control his anger. Maan on the other hand was just cursing Dev and his wrong timing. Why he always has to appear at a wrong place at wrong timing, he thought as he tries hard to control his anger while Deeps was looking at him confused because she never saw him with Geet before and hence couldn’t recognize him.


“Call her would be Mrs. Chopra as Geet is my fiancé and soon going to be my wife.” Dev said yet again as he neared them totally ignoring Maan and looking at Deeps.


“Geet, won’t you introduce me to your friend.” Dev held Geet’s waist tight in order to show his right in her to all and especially to Maan who was looking other side seething in anger. Of course he didn’t like the way Dev was holding his Laddoo. By now he was sure of one thing and that is he can’t share his Laddoo with Dev and not only Dev, he can’t share her with anyone. Even though he don’t want to accept the reason that his heart was continuously telling but at least he agreed on the fact that he can’t share Geet with anyone.


“Dev, she is Deepali my school friend and Deeps she is Dev, my fiancé and would be husband” She said last line slowly and looked at Maan who was looking other side with his eyes closed and fist tightened in anger. He really hates it whenever Geet addresses Dev as he would be husband and vice-versa. All this commotion was not missed by Deeps who was looking to and fro from Maan to Geet and finally at Dev.


She may not be as close to Geet as Maan and for Maan she hardly exists but still she could clearly see the longing of Geet for Maan and Maan for Geet in their eyes. The way Geet was looking at Maan and the way Maan had tighten his fist when Dev had addressed Geet as his would be wife, had said to her loud and clear that things are not like the way it seems to be. Even a blind person could see the love between them which was missing between Dev and Geet then why Geet is marrying Dev and not Maan. Did they still not realized that they are made for each other or is there any other reason, she thought as she looked at the trio and then decided to confront the Geet regarding the same but she knows that this is not the right time to talk about all this. And moreover she don’t even know that what’s happening in their lives hence she has to wait till she can talk either to Geet or Maan regarding this.


“Oh! Hi Dev! Sorry, actually I met Maan and Geet after long, almost 10 years to be precise, so was not knowing what’s happening in their lives and seeing them together I mistaken them as a couple. So really sorry. Hope you didn’t mind.” Deeps though has a big mouth and was a chatter box, speaking without thinking anything but at the same time she’s mature enough to handle any situation just like she knows how to keep her curiosity to herself right now as she looked at Dev with a small smile.


“It’s ok. No problem but you should also understand that things are always not what it looks. Hope you are not going to repeat the same mistake again with anyone in future.” Dev though said with a smile but Deeps could really make out arrogance in those words and hence she was sure now that Geet can’t choose anyone like him on her own will there is definitely some other reason due to which she had to be with Dev.


Even Maan didn’t like the way he was talking to Deeps and his hatred for him grows ten folds as no matter how much possessive he is for Geet but still it didn’t give him right to talk to any girl rudely but just for the sake of Geet he kept quiet for now otherwise all he wanted at that moment was to punch Dev hard which anyways he wants to do all the time. Geet on the other hand was trying hard to suppress the pain that she was feeling both in her heart and her body. In her heart because of seeing Maan’s pained face and in her body because of Dev’s tight grip on her waist.


“Anyways Geet I got to go now my husband must be waiting for me outside but it’s good that I met you guys over here. Actually today is my wedding anniversary so there’s a small party at my home. So I would like to invite all of you. Please do come.” Deeps said when she realized that her husband must be waiting for her but talking to Geet is also important that too as soon as possible hence she came up with the idea of inviting them. Even though she didn’t want to invite Dev but then she can’t ignore him too as he was standing with Geet only hence she had to invite him too.


“Umm Deeps thanks for invitation but we don’t think we could make it. Actually Dev has to go out of town for some work so we………” Geet made an excuse because she really don’t want to go to the party with Dev and Maan being at same place especially not after her little confrontation with Maan today. As knowing both of them she was sure that by the end of the party something disastrous will definitely happen which she definitely don’t want.


“We will come.” Maan interrupted Geet in between who looked at him shocked which Maan choose to ignore as he looked straight at Deeps


“C’mon Laddoo, Deeps is our old friend and it’s her wedding anniversary so don’t you think we should go. I mean it’s Mr. Chopra who is going out of town; me and you are still here so at least we can attend the party. I am sure Mr. Chopra won’t mind either, Would you Mr. Chopra?” Now that is Maan Singh Khurana who knows how to get situation in his favor. He knows that Geet is purposefully avoiding coming in the party and somewhere he knows the reason too but still he did this because he need to talk to Geet anyhow and he knows that he can do that in the party only with no Dev around.


“Of course not Mr. Khurana. I mean why would I mind. Geet, baby you should go. It’s your friend’s party. Don’t spoil your plan because of me. And Mr. Khurana will also be there so even I would be assured that you’ll be fine.” Dev’s sugar coated words had confused Geet at first. Dev being so nice and moreover he leaving her alone with Maan was something which was not digestible for her but then she felt the tightening of Dev’s grip on her waist making her wincing in pain thus making her realize that it was all just a facade and Dev was just pretending in front of Deeps and Maan like always and all she could feel at that moment for Dev is just Disgust and hate and nothing else for being so hypocrite.


“So, it’s all decided then. You both are coming to my party. Ok Geet, I’ll text you the address of the venue. And you kindly forward it to Maan. I got to go now. See you both in the party.” Deeps said before leaving after hugging Geet and taking her phone number leaving Maan, Geet and Dev behind.


“So Mr. Khurana, we met again. You know sometimes I feel that we have an old connection between us. Koi bahut purana rishta hai humara. That’s why we always meet that too at unusual time and at unusual place.” Dev said as soon as Deeps went out of sight still keeping Geet in his arms while Maan just smirked knowingly


“Don’t know about old connection Mr. Chopra but at times I feel that you are stalking us. Otherwise how come you are always there whenever me and Laddoo met.” Maan though had a smile on his face but his voice has complete displeasure in it clearly stating that he was not liking Dev’s presence at all but then a thing called civilized person and just for the sake of that only Maan was bearing Dev’s presence while Geet was just mute spectator of everything.


“I really like your sense of humor Mr. Khurana. But what to do when your fiancé is so beautiful then you have to take care of the fact that no one can steal her from you.” Dev retorted back though with a smile but Maan could sense his threat in those words.


“It’s all about trust Mr. Chopra. If you trust the person you love enough then you don’t have to worry for anything as then you know that, that person will take care of everything.” Maan’s eyes were on Geet as he said the last line who was still mum while looking down.


For one thing Maan was sure that there is a big reason behind Geet being with Dev apart from his being her father’s choice but whatever that reason is, he is going to know that soon and then he’ll deal with Dev in his own way. He promised himself that if he’ll get even a tiny miny evidence also against Dev then he’ll make sure that he’ll make his life living hell and of course will wipe his very existence not only from Geet’s life but also from this earth. But for that he had to wait for the right time which he knows is going to come very soon.


“Well I guess our debate will go on like this only and seriously as much I would love to have debate with you but I am having shortage of time and as you had heard already, I have to leave out of town for business purpose so I hope you don’t mind if we take your leave now as you see I must be needing my fiancé to help me in packing.” Dev cut short the discussion while Geet snapped up her head to look at Dev in surprise.


She had only lied to Deeps and even Dev knows that then why is he pretending like this in front of Maan, she thought as she looked at Dev questioningly who said or did nothing but pulled her closer to himself as of showing Maan his authority on her and Geet knows this is the indication of another unpleasant conversation between him and her. Maan didn’t want Geet to go like this especially then when he had so many unanswered questions but then he had no other option than to let her go with heavy heart as even Geet didn’t protested or had asked Dev to let her stay.


Once again he keeps on looking at her retreating figure as she moved towards exit with Dev while looking back at him every now and then as if asking him to stop her and once again he found the same longing, same emotion and same helplessness in her eyes that he had seen that day at lake side when she was going with Dev and he felt each and every cell of his body shivered as he noticed the intensity of those emotions. Once again he felt something breaking in his heart seeing her going away with Dev but this time with more intensity. He could feel like his life is slipping away from his hand like sand and he could do nothing but to watch it helplessly. The heaviness in his heart was getting too much, so much that he felt like getting suffocated in the pressure of these emotions making it difficult for him to even breathe properly.


All he felt at that moment was like thousand knives piercing his heart making it to bleed. He once again felt like losing something very precious and that too for forever but only difference this time that it had hit him hard with more intensity than before so much that he felt like dyeing right then and there. His eyes remained fixed at the door from where she just exited as if wanting her to come and run into his arms where he could hide her forever from this whole world so that no one can snatch her away from him. But nothing of that sort happened instead he was still standing at same place where Geet left him few minutes back looking somewhere in the oblivion. Something is changing no something has already changed that too without his own knowledge and he dared to call that change as ‘Love’.


He felt his heart dancing in joy with the mere mention of word ‘Love’ but his mind is still in denial mode and he once again found himself stuck in the battle between his heart and mind and he don’t know whom to choose. But he knows that he had to choose that too soon or else he’ll lose everything but before that he needs to find all those answers which are still hidden to him. No matter if Geet tells him anything or not, he’s Maan Singh Khurana and he’ll go in the depth of everything himself, then be it knowing about Dev or about Geet’s life in these 6 years or about the name of the person Geet loves. He’ll get to know everything even if he had to out of his way also he thought as he took a deep sigh before going towards exit when he felt his cell phone ringing thus making him halting in his steps as the call was from his assistant Adi, whom he had appointed to investigate everything and a smile crept up on sculptured lips as he realized that finally he’s getting the answer to all his questions. But before he could pick up the call he felt something or rather someone bumping into him thus causing him to lose his balance resulting into falling down of his cell phone.


“Oh, I am so sorry. My mind was somewhere else. Wait let me pick it up for you.” Maan heard the person with whom he just bumped apologized as he bend down to pick his cell phone making his brows frown in confusion as he felt not only the voice but the face of the person also familiar.


“Brij Veerji” Maan muttered as finally the realization dawn upon him when Brij gave him his phone and the expression on Brij’s face turned soft when he too recognizes him.


“Maan you here? I never thought that I’ll meet you after so many years. I am so glad to see you. How are you?” Brij hugged him tight as he expressed his happiness while Maan was just numb as his mind was somewhere else. Brij is in Mumbai then why did Geet didn’t told him, maybe she herself was unaware about it, he thought as he tries to reason his heart.


“I am fine Brij Veerji. How are you? And how come you are in Mumbai? Geet didn’t told me that you were here.” Maan asked as Brij pulled out from hug and expressions on Brij’s face were not the one that he had expected as he found his face getting dull and sad.


“Ya, actually Geet didn’t know that I am here. I came to Mumbai for some business purpose. In fact, it’s been long since I had last talked to her. Anyways, you tell how’s everything going on in your life. I see you became a big businessman. And I am actually very happy to see that.” Brij immediately covered his sad face with his smile but Maan could sense that there is something which is not right. How come he is saying that he haven’t talked with Geet from long when Geet herself has said to him that she’s been in constant touch with Brij. O god! Not again, one more mystery, he thought as he tries to comprehend everything.


“But isn’t Geet is in constant touch with you? I thought that you were trying to manage Uncle’s business to take it out from crisis. And Rano Maa how is she? She is in Hoshiarpur only right, with you all?” Maan’s every question was making Brij more and more confused as he was really not getting what he is saying as if he’s speaking in some alien language.


“Hold on Maan! What you are saying? I am not getting even a word said by you. Who told you all this?” Now it was Maan’s turn to get confused as he was not able to understand why Brij is saying like this.


“Maan I guess you are in some sort of misunderstanding as there’s nothing of this sort like you are saying. I mean ya I wanted to manage Chachaji’s business after his death to take it out from crisis but then Geet didn’t let me do that as she said that Dev will take care of it. She even accused us for trying to take over Chachaji’s business for our own selfish motive. I tried to make her understand a lot and we even had a big argument also over that after which she had broken all ties with us. And Rano Chachi, she is not staying with us. After Chachaji’s death her mental condition was not very fine. I tried to convince Geet a lot to let Chachi stay with us, we’ll take care of her but she said that she’s capable of taking care of her mother. I don’t understand what has went wrong with her since that Dev came into her life. Can you believe it that she had broken all ties from us? It’s been years since I had talked to her. I really miss her but I guess she didn’t.” Brij sighed as he felt the corner of his eyes burning unknown of the effect his words were causing to Maan who felt like earth slipping beneath his feet.


Brij’s words were creating havoc inside him as he tries to make sense of everything. Instead of getting solved he felt like getting entangled more and more into this mystery. The fact that Geet had lied to him all this while was making him angry and hurt both at the same time. He couldn’t understand that why Geet had lied to him about everything. What could be the reason behind this? Brij got a call from one of his client hence he left but not before telling Maan that he’ll catch up with his some other time. But Maan could hear none as he just stood over there numb trying to absorb each and every thing.


The information that he got now was something that he haven’t expected even in his wildest dreams. Neither about Handa’s business nor about Rano’s condition. But what was making him more mad was the fact that Geet had hid all this from him all this while. Forget about hiding she had out rightly lied to him whenever he had asked her about her business or about Rano. Why did she lied to him? He knows his Laddoo can never lie to him then what could be the reason behind her lying to him. What was that thing that is still hidden from him which has made her Laddoo like this, he thought as he felt like his head bursting with so many questions.


He needed to talk to Geet that too as soon as possible as it’s only her who can give all the answers to his questions and this time he won’t let her run away neither he’ll let anyone come between their confrontation, be it Dev or anyone else, he thought as he promised himself to dig out the truth at any cost. He could have stand over there forever if he wouldn’t have heard the ringing of his cell phone thus halting his thoughts in process and as he looked at the caller id only he found name of his assistant “Adi” flashing over it once again and his tensed face was replaced by a victorious smirk when he realized that finally the time has came when he is going to untangle all the strings of this tangling mystery.


“There’s a good news sir.” Maan heard Adi speaking from the other side and he just stood over there listening to his every word with thudding heart and great concentration.

OK… This is it… i know i had promised of Destined to Be update but i was stuck at one point over there and couldn’t continue further but next update will be of definitely Destined to Be… And as of this… We are heading towards major Revelation so stay tuned for it… Hit the like button and Please do comment/criticise… Its necessary…

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3 thoughts on ““Mitra” ~ Part 11

  1. Awesome update
    Maan asked geet whether she loved someone… She said yes n before he asked more deeps came… She thought Maaneet are a couple now…. Just then dev arrived n told that she is his fiance… Deeps didn’t like dev n wanted to talk about it with geet or Maan
    She invited them to the party
    Dev n maan jugalbandi was good
    Dev n geet left…. Maan wanted to find out about dev… He bumped into brij n many things were revealed
    Adi too gave some information
    Hope to see Maaneet together soon
    Eagerly waiting for the next update
    My IF id is padmarao 🙂

  2. Nice update dear Mann asking geet about her marry with dev and enquiring that is she is in love with some one she is very Nerves to revel the truth but said that she is in love that he knows but not told the name there meet deep as she is the commen friend of geet and Mann and she invited them along dev to her party Mann is totally confused about geet behavior then he dumped into brij veerji and he told aboutgeet to Mann that he is not in contact with her for years Mann is pusulled by his revalization that geet is lying to him till know and though to know about every about her life and dev that time he got call from adi

  3. Such an amazing part yaar.. Maan is so curious about geet love n other side geet don’t want the truth to be reveal.. Deeps is such a chatterbox yaar.. Sweet n maan was happy when she assume maaneet as couple.. Maan still can’t realize his true feeling for geet as love.. Grrrrrr.. The devil dev appear fm no where n spoil everyone mood.. Deeps sense geet action n invited her fr anniversary party.. Lucky that she’ll be going with maan.. Hope dev suffer multiple times fr hurting geet.. Maan meeting briji n his details about geet hv shocked him… Wondering what info adi have gathered about geet n dev.. Hope maan rescue geet from the devil n misunderstanding clear soon.. Too sad fr geet condition..tks fr the amazing update..

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