Mitra Part 1-7

It was 10 am of the morning nd the whole media was gathered in front of KM to catch a glimpse of the most promising Businessman of the world. It has just been 6 yrs since he was handling the responsibilities of Khurana’s Constructions but the heights where he had made KC reached wid just a short span of tym was truly remarkable. KC was not only India’s but now World’s no. 1 Constructions Company thanx to the intelligence nd forecasting of the MD of KC nd today morning he had came back from London after signing the biggest deal in the history of KC nd all the media were gathered in front of his house to catch his glimpse as dey missed it at Airport.


There he was standing in front of the mirror getting ready. He smirked as he listened to the reporters on the news channel who are just going gaga over him. He was the most successful nd eligible bachelor of his town. Girls just die to get a glimpse of him but he never gave dem a second glance. He hates dem for throwing demselves to him for the sake of his money. Probably dis is the reason that he’s 28 years old now yet single.


 For the outer world he was harsh, ruthless nd arrogant businessman but for his family he’s a doting Grandson, a doting brother nd a doting friend. He has climbed all the peak in his career & achieved the heights in business field that no one could. He is determined, Passionate, Rich, Powerful nd extra ordinary Sense of Business. D rivals have to think twice before dey can plot against him. He is MAAN SINGH KHURANA, MD OF KHURANA’S CONSTRUCTION. He looked at the TV once again before he left the room after dressing up for the office while instructing his securities to handle media




As he reached downstairs he saw his Dadimaa nd sister Nayantara waiting for him at the breakfast table. He gave a small smile to them nd went to take his seat.


“Gud morning Dadimaa, Good morning NT” he greeted as he serves the pasta in his plate.


“Gud morning Maan beta but y are u all dressed up like dis? Are you going somewhere?” Dadimaa asked as she saw him all dressed up


“Office Dadimaa” Maan replied taking the bite of Pasta


“Office? But Maan you had came back today morning only moreover its Sunday today.” NT said unbelievingly.


I know but you also know that I don’t believe in wasting tym.” Maan said nd NT sighed knowing there’s no use to argue further


“Anyways I am done wid my breakfast I am leaving.” He said as he finishes the breakfast nd leaves from dere asking Driver to take out his car leaving both the ladies behind dumbfounded


Well dis was not new for dem. Maan was like dis since the day he had joined KC. He hardly spends tym at home or wid dem. the only tym wen dey saw each other was at the tym of breakfast or dinner which Savitri Devi has made an rule to have together. Probably NT knew the reason behind this behaviour of Maan but she knows she can’t do anything now as it was just due to her only things had gone out of hand. All she can do is now to pray to god for some miracle to happen.



(Pls listen to this song… its the inspiration of this SS)




Raaston mein kho gaya hai mitra
Ajnabi kyon ho gaya hai mitra, mitra

Kuchh to kami hai saawan
Saawan sa kyon na laage mitra, mitra
Shaamo sehar kyon mann ka
Aangan yeh soona laage mitra,mitra

Dhoop leke jo gaya hai mitra
Ajnabi kyon ho gaya hai mitra

Yaara haaye yaara
Kaise jane yaara bichhda
Yaara haaye yaara
Sang chain saara bichhda

Here Maan was going to his office wen his car came to a halt due to Traffic signal. He was working on his laptop wen accidently his gaze falls at the group of teenagers enjoying among demselves nd tying something at each other’s hand. It took him no tym to register that its Friendship Day today. A very special day for friends. There was a tym wen it was a special day for him too but everything changed nd now he’s here alone without his friend, his Mitra


“Maan, don’t call me Laddoo.” She said poutingly


Aww meri Laddoo ko bura laga. Koi baat nahi but I’ll call you Laddoo only. Its my right got it.” Maan said as he pulled her chubby cheeks.


“U know wat u are a Devil a big big Devil” she said while looking away while Maan just laughed away


“C’mon yaar Laddoo its our first friendship day yaar. Won’t I get a hug from you?” Maan said as he spread his arms


U knw wat u are really a devil u very well know how to melt my anger” she said as she hugged him wid a smile


Laddoo our first friendship day Promise me that we’ll always spend our friendship day together no matter wat” he said while hugging her


“I Promise Maan that we’ll always be together on friendship day no matter wat” she said as dey tied friendship Band on each other’s wrist sealing the deal




Dil ke taaron mein, kyon hazaaron mein
Dard jaage hain
Humne baandhe jo, reshmi saare
Toote dhaage hain

Birha ko yeh harjaana hai
Humko adaa kar jaana hai
Sirf yaadon ka taana baana hai
Kya chhupaana hai

Haale dil jo ho gaya hai mitra,mitra
Ajnabi kyon ho gaya hai mitra,mitra

Unknowingly a small crept on his face wen he remembers his special friend, his Mitra, his Laddoo. The girl who had once promised him that they’ll always be together on this day but who’s not with him since last 6 years. He had so many friends in his lyf but no one had taken place of his Laddoo nd after she left everything changed in his lyf except the hope that one day she’ll definitely come back nd they’ll celebrate their friendship day together. Those days were the best days of his lyf. Nd now Inspite of having everything in his lyf he still feel lonely without her. all he was left wid is the memories of her nd their friendship.


A sudden jerk of break brought him back to reality nd he realized that he had reached his office. He went inside his office followed by his bodyguards. As it was Sunday so the staff was at leave. Maan was here to complete some work before leaving for Mumbai tonight. Moreover he himself wanted to engross himself in work on this day so that he don’t think about her but no matter how much he tried; he just can’t get away from her memories especially on this day.


Finally, unable to get away from her memories he just closed the files kept in front of him nd leaned back on his chair. He closes his eyes only to see her smiling face in front of his eyes. It seems like yesterday only wen he first met her. At that moment none of dem thought that one day they’ll be named as Best Buddies




It was first day of the session for 11th class nd Maan had just got admission in this new school. There were several new students along wid the old ones from different schools. No doubt he was missing his old friends but along wid that he had an excitement too to meet new friends but currently the matter that he had to deal with to find his way to new class. He has been searching for it from past 30 mins but got no success. If he takes help of anyone so either someone would tell him the wrong direction in order to take his ragging or girls just gets lost himself seeing a charming person in front of them. Finally tired from all this he just sat on the stairs thinking whom should he ask for help wen he first met her. She was coming towards the stairs only wid some other girl wen she saw him sitting over dere.


Excuse me! Can I ask you y you are sitting over as if it is a waiting room” She asked him as she saw him relaxing.


“Ummm actually I can’t find the way to my class. I asked from many students but they were just not able to tell me the correct way.” He said as he stood helpless


“Which class?”


“11th A-2″ Maan told nd she looked at him surprised


“Come I’ll show you the way” she said after thinking for sometym.


“Hey if you are also planning to misguide me just like the others did den pls don’t bother urself” Maan said misunderstanding her


“Listen I don’t have this much tym to play pranks. I am a student of class 11th A-2 too. So if u want any help then ok or else I am leaving for assembly.” She said nd Maan chuckled at her attitude.


“Hey don’t get angry. Fine let’s go.” Maan said as he picked up his backpack while Geet asked her friend that she’ll join her in assembly.


They had walked just few steps only wen she instantly stopped nd looked at him who was walking beside her.


Do you want me to show you the class?” She asked while Maan looked at confusingly


“Ya ofcourse” he said not understanding y she asked such question


Den stop walking beside me nd just follow me”


“But…” he tried to say something only to be interrupted by her


“You want my help or not?”



“Den just follow me” she said nd moved ahead while Maan just sighed nd followed her.


Throughout the way to class Maan was just looking at the girl walking ahead him. She is the first girl who was showing him so much attitude. As he noticed her personality she is quiet fat nd just look like a teddy bear. And her chubby cheeks he just wanted to pull them right now but wat caught his attention is her big hazel eyes nd the spark in them wen she talked to him. She’s indeed looking cute in her ponytail wid school uniform. Yes she’s fat yet she looks so adorable. By the tym he could notice something else he noticed that they had reached to their class.


“So here’s your class I mean our class.” She said as they stepped inside.


“Thanks Ms. Umm…” He stopped as he waited for her to tell her name but before she could tell her name they have been interrupted by a prefect who had came there to call them for assembly. She immediately left for the assembly leaving Maan behind


“Laddoo” he muttered as he smiled looking at her retreating form nd den left for assembly too.




Later after the assembly wen they came back to their class teacher had arranged their seat together as she was the oldest student of this school nd it’ll help Maan in understanding the environment.


“So now we both have been seated together. Don’t you think that it’s already been destined” he asked as he seated beside her


No its just a coincidence.” She said as she opens her book without looking at him.


“Well it seems you don’t believe in destiny.”


“I don’t believe in cheap flirting too.” She said finally looking at him


“Whooo… relax Laddoo I was not flirting wid you.” He said as he raises his hand in air


“My name is not Laddoo.” She said furiously


Well how should I know your name wen u haven’t told me till now? Anyways I’ll tell you mine. Hi! I am Maan. Maan Singh Khurana” he said while extending his hand towards her. Geet looked at his hand for a while nd den joins it


“Geet, Geet Handa” she said while shaking hands


“Wow! Her name is as musical as her voice.” Maan thought as he shakes hand wid her


“Nice name. Do you mind if I call you Laddoo?”


“I do mind.” She said nd before he could say anything further teacher warned them to be quiet so they instantly shuts their mouths.


And like that their friendship starts. Both of dem didn’t realize that wen dey Become best friends from only friends. As the tym passes by their Friendship gets Stronger day by day. Maan use to call Geet “Laddoo” as she looks so cute nd dis was the first name that came into his mind wen he had first saw her. Initially Geet gets irritated from dis but later on she stops getting irritated from dis as she knows dat Maan will never change. But no one else in the class has got the Permission to call her Laddoo. Only Maan can call her dat.


As the tym passes whole school are aware of Maan nd Geet’s friendship. They had been often called as “Inseparable souls”. Their friendship was so strong hat people often mistook them as love but they both knows the reality of their relationship. Both of their families are aware of their friendship nd had really adored it. Geet had always saved Maan from teacher’s scoldings. She use to make notes for him wen he was busy in his basketball practice. Nd Maan was no less. He always makes sure that no one could hurt his Laddoo in any way; neither physically nor emotionally. He always remain wid her as her shadow. No one dare to play any kind of pranks wid her or to make fun of her nd if anyone do this by chance den even God cant save them from Maan’s wrath.


Like this 2 years of their school has been passed nd dey both took admission in the same college. Over there also the stories of their friendship got popular. As the year passes the depth of their friendship too gets deep. Their friendship knew no bounds. Infact it was Geet only who had helped him to confess his love to Sameera whom he liked at the first sight.


Everything was going fine until one day wen she left all of a sudden without infirming anything to anyone. Maan just had a break-up wid Sameera nd by the tym he could have known anything Geet has gone far away from his lyf.


                   ********~~~~~~Back to Present~~~~~********


Kuchh to kami hai saawan
Saawan sa kyon na laage mitra,mitra
Shaamo sehar kyon mann ka
Aangan yeh soona laage mitra,mitra

Dhoop leke jo gaya hai mitra
Ajnabi kyon ho gaya hai mitra

Yaara haaye yaara
Kaise jane yaara bichhda
Yaara haaye yaara
Sang chain saara bichhda


He opened his eyes nd a lone tear escaped from his eyes remembering the days he had spend wid his Laddoo. He still don’t know why Geet left all of a sudden nd where she had gone. He had searched for her at every possible places but he couldn’t find her as if she had got vanished in thin air. Today he had got everything that he desired. Name, Fame, money, power everything yet it all seems nothing to him without his friend, his Mitra, his Laddoo.


In these 6 years he had imagined countless tymes wat will he say to her wen he’ll find her. He wanted to ask her y she left all of a sudden? Where had she gone? Y did she break her promise that she’ll always be there wid him? Y did she broke her promise that they’ll always spent dere friendship day together? But all his questions were just remained unanswered. She had never hide anything from him then wat had happened that she had to left like this without even meeting him once before leaving


He opened the drawer nd look at the friendship band that she had given him on their first friendship day. It was a delicate silver chain with hearts hanging on it nd on each heart each letter of “F-R-I-E-N-D” has been written. His eyes welled up as he looked at it nd the photograph kept near it where they both were holding a trophy. It was a trophy that they won together at the inter-collegiate competition.


“Happy Friendship Day Laddoo. I really miss you a lot. y you had gone like dis? u know na that i am nothing without you then y did u left me like this. y did u broke your Promise Laddoo? y? Please come back” he said as he looked at their photograph.


His thoughts have been distracted wen he heard his phone ringing. It was a reminder call from his secretary to remind him about the conference he had to attend at Mumbai. He simply asked her to arrange everything nd cuts the call. He was really not in mood to go anywhere today as this day was just dedicated to their friendship but knowing that it’s important he can’t ignore it too.


He sighed at his fate nd kept the photograph nd Band back in the drawer nd made his way outside the office nd headed towards airport to leave for Mumbai unknown of the surprise this day had stored for him.


Somewhere at another corner of the country she was getting ready for the all India Businessman conference tonight. Though usually this day she celebrates wid herself only from past 6 years but today she had to attend this meet as her fianc wants her to. Like Maan this day hold importance in her lyf too nd she can never forget the promise that she had made to her best friend that she’ll always be wid him on this day no matter wat. But today she had broken her promise nd she was not there wid him from past 6 years especially on this day.  She’s GEET HANDA, Maan’s best friend, his Laddoo, his Mitra who is not dere wid him from past 6 years which was not less den like a punishment for her too but she’s happy wid it as she knows this is the best she can do for him.


“Geet” she heard some beckoning her nd turned to look at the source of the voice only to find her friend Meera behind her.


“Meera! Hi! u can never change your habbit of using the duplicate key of my flat” Geet said as she hugged her friend


“Hey Geet! Happy Friendship Day” Meera said while hugging her back.


“Same to you Meera.” Geet said while pulling out from hug.


“Wat is this Geet? U never wish me friendship day.” Meera said while pouting making Geet confused


“But Meera I just wished you friendship day” Geet said not understanding wat Meera was trying to say


“No u said same to you to me u haven’t said “Happy-Friendship-Day” in whole” Meera said nd Geet slapped her forehead in disbelief.


“Meera, you are impossible. Kuch bhi bolti ho” Geet said as she wears her ear ring.


Whatever I am like this only but seriously Geet I know you from past 6 years we both had done our MBA together nd nw we both are at same city too but I haven’t heard u wishing anyone friendship day nd if by chance someone wishes you also then u just say “Same to You”. U didn’t even accept any friendship bands also from anyone not even from me.” Meera said nd Geet halted in her actions listening to her.


“It’s nothing like that Meera. You are just thinking too much. Nd ya saying “Same to you” is a kind of wishing only nd as far as the case of friendship Band is concerned then I just believe in all that nd you know it.” Geet said as she resumed her process of getting ready.


“You don’t believe on it or you don’t want to accept it from anyone because u had given this right to ‘him’ only” Meera said in a serious tone nd Geet closed her eyes to compose herself.


“Meera lets not talk about it please” Geet said pleadingly nd Meera sighed knowing she always avoided to talk on this topic. Though she knows everything about her past lyf yet whenever she tries to talk anything about it Geet always drops the conversation like this only.


“O God! Where had I kept it?” Geet’s voice filled wid Panic draws Meera attention back towards her


“Wat happen Geet wat are you searching for?” Meera asked as she saw Geet searching something at her dresser.


“Meera I am not able to find my ring. I had kept it over here only wen I had gone to take shower nd now its not here. I don’t know where it has gone” Geet said while continuously searching for it.


“C’mon Geet don’t panic dis much. It must be somewhere here only u can search it later for it Big Deal” Meera said coolly only to get a glare from Geet.


“It is a Big Deal for me Meera. I can’t afford to lose that ring” Geet said angrily nd resumed searching for it.


“Y? Was it your Engagement ring that you are panicking this much?” Meera asked sarcastically while crossing her arms across her chest making Geet to look at her


“No it’s not my engagement Ring yet it is important for me.” Geet said painfully nd Meera groaned in Anger.


Ya ofcourse y not because this ring was gifted by ‘him’ to you. The same person who didn’t care whether you are alive or dead from past 6 years.” Meera burst out angrily not able to bear the pain her friend is suffering from past 6 years.


MEERA!!!!!!! Dare you say a word about Maan” Geet roared in anger seeing someone insulting Maan.


“Y did I said anything wrong? Tell me Geet did he even care where you are from past 6 years? Did he even try to search for you? Did he even bother to know y u left from there all of a sudden? No he didn’t care neither that tym nor now. He’s happy in his lyf nd here you are still stuck up in his memories.” Meera said while throwing her hands in air unbelievingly.


Meera I said it to you before also that he don’t know where I am nd y did I left all of a sudden so stop blaming him” Geet said as tears made her way down from her eyes


“C’mon Geet we are not living in 18th century that it would be difficult for him to know about your whereabouts especially den wen he’s such a powerful person that he can easilt search for you yet he don’t care to search for you. You both were “Best Friends” right den tell me who leaves their Best friend like that.” Meera said in order to give her friend some piece of Mind.


“Please Meera I don’t want to talk about it. I am happy to know that he’s happy in his lyf nd I don’t want anything else” Geet said in order to drop the topic den nd dere but it seems that Meera was not in mood to let go.


“Y Geet? U can’t run away from this Everytym. Geet for god sake u Loved him but he didn’t infact he didn’t even care for you as a friend because if he would have cared den he would have never asked you to go away from his lyf like this nd here you still cares for him that you cant even afford to lose the ring that he had given you on both of yours first friendship day. You didn’t even wore your Engagement Ring on that finger in which you were supposed to wear because that place you had given to Maan’s ring. nd i bet that u’ll never panic this much if ur Engagement ring gets lost somewhere like you u are panicking for that ring”


“He was right to ask me to go away from his lyf. It was because of me only he had lost the love of his lyf. I don’t hold any grudges against him. He was not wrong, he can never be wrong” Geet said painfully as she sits on the couch


“For god sake Geet this is umpteenth tym I am telling you that it was not your mistake that he had suffered the break up. Stop blaming yourself for the crime that you haven’t committed.” Meera said frustratingly listening to the same thing that she’s listening from past 6 years.


“Please Meera I don’t want to discuss about it anymore. He’s happy in his lyf nd I am also happy in mine wid Dev.” Geet said in order to cut-short the discussion.


“Really? You think that u’ll be happy wid Dev. Can u tell me how wen u had never loved him? U had always Loved Maan only yet u are saying that u’ll be happy. Nd for once I would agree to it also but knowing Dev’s nature I doubt on it Geet” Meera said nd Geet whipped her head to look at her.


“Dev is not as bad as you are thinking of him Meera. He’s just little possessive for me that’s it.” Geet said while looking other way but Meera could see through her lie


“C’mon Geet whom you are fooling? We both know what’s the reality is? He’s not little possessive for you he’s extremely possessive for you nd in that extreme possessiveness he always ends up hurting you nd never regret for that. Geet he’s not possessive for you, he’s obsessed wid you” Meera said nd Geet looked other way not wanting any discussion.


“Geet what are you doing with your lyf? Pls stop playing from it for god sake.” Meera said nd before Geet could say anything Meera’s cell phone started ringing giving enough tym to Geet to absorb everything


“Geet, I have to go now. Yash has called me to say that i have to reach his office nd we both will come to meet directly from there only. So I’ll see you at conference ok.” Meera said while Geet just nodded. Meera hugged her before leaving nd den left from there.


After Meera left Geet closed her eyes nd took a deep breath to calm herself down. Her heart was too heavy from pain nd tears were just threatening to fall down yet she was controlling everything like she was doing from past 6 years. She goes to Washroom nd washes her face to look better as she don’t want Dev to suspect anything otherwise she herself don’t know wat he’ll do. Thinking Dis she went to her dresser for touch up so don’t Dev wont notice her pale face nd that’s wen her gaze falls on her ring which was lyieng at the corner near the dresser. Her eyes twinkled as she found her priceless possession. She instantly picked it up nd smiled widely as if she got everything of this world in that simple ring. It was the very first gift from Maan that he had gifted her on their first friendship day nd since that day Geet had kept it safe with her. No matter wat comes he had never separated this ring from her. This is the only that had linked her wid Maan till now


“Please don’t feel bad for whatever Meera had said. She haven’t seen you Na thatsy she had made this assumption of hers towards you. She really cares for me a lot just like you use to do though a bit less den from you thatsy she had said all this. But I know that you are not at all bad nd trust me I hold no grudges against you. Happy Friendship Day my Devil. I really miss you a lot” Geet said as she looked at the photograph of her nd Maan together wen they had won the trophy in the inter collegiate competition.


Her thoughts have been broken wen she heard the door bell indicating that Dev is her. She immediately put the photograph back in the drawer of the dresser nd wears her ring back before opening the door for Dev.


“Hey Sweetheart all ready to leave” Dev said as he flashed his famous charming smile to which Geet just smiled back faintly while nodding.


“So let’s leave den. Ah! BTW Geet I need to tell you something. Since dis is All India Businessmen meet dere’s chance of ‘him’ to be there too I hope I don’t have to remind you that you don’t have to mix up wid him much if by any chance u both come face to face.” Dev said dangerously nd Geet knows wat he means.


“You don’t have to worry much. I’ll try my best to avoid any confrontation wid him.” Geet said coldly wid no emotions in her eyes nd voice


“Hey Jaan! I know you must be thinking that I interfere too much in your lyf nd very much possessive for you but you know that I really Love you a lot nd don’t want to lose you thatsy I do all dis.” Dev said as he came near Geet to hug her but Geet instantly took a step back which annoyed Dev but he kept quiet


I know nd I understand. I think we are getting late now so let’s leave.” Geet said coldly nd Dev nodded his head nd dey both left for the conference.




The meet was in full swing. Many top businessmen of India were dere. It was great opportunity for everyone to create new contacts for the growth of their Business especially for the one who had just stepped into the business world. Dev was busy in meeting another business associates for the benefit of his business while Geet was just standing at a corner lost. She knows that its all India Businessmen meet nd dere’s highly chance of Maan to be there yet she had came over here.


Though she had came because Dev had asked her to come wid him but that was just another reason the primary reason is that she herself wanted to come as somewhere in her heart she has a feeling that she can catch the glimpse of him after so many years in this party. She’ll make sure of this that she wont come in front of him but atleast she can see him from far. Till now she had seen his interviews on TV, his pictures in Newspapers nd internet yet to see him in front of her eyes that too as a person had filled her heart wid excitement.


She was fidgeting with the edge of her Saree pallu eagerly waiting for Maan to come to the party. Though there were many peoples in the party who were waiting for the great Business Tycoon Maan Singh Khurana to come but their wait was no where compare to the wait of Geet as she was not waiting for the great Business Tycoon Maan Singh Khurana; she was waiting for Maan, her Mitra, her Devil. Nd finally the wait was over as the person for whom everyone has been waiting from so long has finally made his great entry in the hall nd by hearing the gasps of the ladies Geet knows that he’s here. Afterall it’s all not new to her. She very well knows the effect of Maan on the girls.


Dev gave a warning look to Geet as Maan made his way inside the hall nd Geet instantly hid herself behind one of the pillar so that Maan couldn’t see her. Tears welled up in her eyes as she saw Maan standing just a few steps away from her talking to one of Business associates yet she can’t reach him instead of just looking at him from far. He had really changed so much in dese 6 years. There was no more boyish look in him instead his stubble had given him a macho look. No wonder all ladies are ga ga over him. The person who always wears cool shirts nd Jeans was now in formals yet he managed to take everyone’s breath away. Geet smiled at herself as she realizes that she was drooling over him from so long. She instantly came out from behind the pillar nd goes towards the Direction where Meera nd Yash were waiting for her.




Here since the tym Maan had entered in the meet he felt an unknown sensation within him. He feels lyf today he’s going to get a very big happiness of his lyf as if today all his wait is going to be over. He was feeling a sense of completeness in him today nd all this happen then only wen his Laddoo was to be wid him. He looked around himself to check whether she’s actually dere or not but frowned wen he didn’t found her anywhere near him.


It was strange but his heart was continuously saying that Geet was somewhere near only. Though he was present over dere but physically, mentally he was only thinking about his Laddoo nd since the tym he had came inside the hall he was feeling an unknown restlessness in him but yet he couldn’t find the actual reason of this restlessness. He was still looking around himself to check that whether his heart was saying true or not wen someone beckoned him from behind drawing his attention towards that person nd soon her gets engrossed in the business talks with that person yet deep in his heart he was restless.




It’s been an hour since the meet was going on nd till now Geet had successfully able to dodge Maan. Though she was continuously stealing glances of him as he talked to the people around him, sipping drink, smiling to someone, telling media about his future plans of business but she had made sure that Maan didn’t notice her but least she knows that Maan had felt her presence long back into the party but just couldn’t able to spot her. Meera just anted to strangle Maan then nd dere but it was Geet who had controlled her till now. She chuckled seeing the amount of hatred Meera is having towards Maan wen she haven’t met him till now.


She was going towards Dev to ask him whether they can go back to home or not as she was not sure how long will she be able to escape from Maan wen she bumped into a waiter due to which small amount of soft drink has been spilled on her Saree.


“I am really Sorry Ma’am” Waiter apologize as he waited for her wrath but he was surprise to see her calm.


“It’s ok. It happens sometimes. Can u please tell me the way towards Washroom?”  


“It’s towards the right side from the corridor over dere” Waiter pointed towards a direction still surprised her seeing so calm nd smiling


“Thank you so much.” Geet said smiling nd left towards the direction where Waiter had pointed


At the same tym Maan who was standing with his back towards her heard her voice behind her. He could never fail to recognize whose voice it is. He himself had complimented her so many tymes for her musical voice then how can he fail to recognize it now. nd more den her voice it was her Aroma that was making him believe again nd again that she’s here only.


“Laddoo” he muttered as he turned around to look at the direction of the voice but was disappointed to see no one over dere. He felt it as a part of his imagination yet his heart was not ready to believe that it was his imagination. But before he could think more on it he got an important call from his client. Though he was not in mood to attend the call but thinking it as important he made his way towards the corridor to take the call unknown of the surprise waiting for him over dere.




Geet washed the stain of the drink from her Saree nd remained in the washroom only for sometym to calm her raising heartbeats. It’s been 6 years she had seen him yet her heart beats in the same way it did for the first tym. Only she knows how she has controlled herself till now from not running away in his arms, from not going near him nd talk to him endlessly like she use to do earlier. But she did all this because she knows that it was good for him. she wiped away the tears that fell from her eyes due to her helplessness but the determination in her heart to not to go back in his lyf again was much more stronger then her desire to be wid him.


Thinking dis she wiped away her tears nd fixed her face nd hairs before going outside as she knows that Dev must be waiting for her nd will definitely come in search of her wen he’ll not find her in the party moreover Meera must be waiting for her too. After spending few more mins in the washroom she finally made her way outside the washroom unknown of the game destiny had planned for her.




“Maan wat is dis? u had gone to Mumbai straightaway from the office without even informing us?” Maan heard her Dadimaa shouting on the other side of the call nd smiles imagining how angry she must be right now


“Sorry Dadimaa but if I had informed u nd NT den u both never let me come to Mumbai nd dis conference was necessary” Maan reasoned himself nd Dadimaa rolled over her eyes.


Maan beta wen was the last tym wen u had said that any conference is not important. Anyways just tell me wen you are returning back.”


“I’ll return in 2-3 days Dadimaa. Had to see some work at the Mumbai branch of KC. Till den u take gud care of urself nd ya no carelessness in taking Ur medicines. Bye TC Luv u.” Maan said as he cuts the call before he could get another round of lecture from his Dadimaa.


He was returning towards the hall while texting someone from his cell wen he bumped into something or rather someone causing the person to fall. But before she can touch the ground he had hold her from her waist preventing her from falling. Her face was covered wid the hairs due to sudden fall nd only her eyes were visible. Nd as Maan looked into her eyes he instantly felt some connection wid dem nd it didn’t took him long to realize who’s the owner of these beautiful pairs of eyes. He can never forget these eyes as these hazels belong to the most important person of his lyf nd that was his Laddoo, his Geet.


Geet was coming from the washroom lost in her thoughts to go inside the hall wen she bumped into someone. She closed her eyes to expect the sudden fall which never came as she felt a pair of strong arms holding her by waist protectively. She instantly realizes the touch. She can never forget this touch because only one person can hold her this protectively. Yet she opened her eyes to look at him to confirm that whatever she was thinking is right nd not an imagination. Nd as she opened her eyes all her doubts are confirmed that the person who had saved her is none other then her Maan, her Devil. Tears welled up in her eyes as she saw the sense of recognition in his eyes nd she realizes that he had recognized her though her face was covered with hairs.


Soon she felt his fingers removing her hairs from her face nd it confirms all the doubts of Maan that it was none other then Geet, his Laddoo. He made her stand on her feet still holding her by her waist. He couldn’t fathom whether it was reality or his mind was again playing tricks wid him. His Laddoo was finally in front of his eyes after whole 6 years nd that too on Friendship Day. Can any reality be more beautiful then this.


“Laddoo” Maan muttered as a smile teased on his face nd Geet could see the twinkle in his eyes as if he had found his priceless possession.


“Maan” she whispered ever so softly as finally she was able to come face to face with him after whole 6 years.


And den without any prior notice Maan crushed her in his embrace like she’ll vanish in thin air if he’ll leave her. A layer of tear formed in his eyes as he finally had his Laddoo back in his lyf. This was the best day of his lyf where he got his best friend back, he thought as he hugged her more tight to himself making sure that she’s in real nd not one of his fantasies. Geet didn’t protest neither tried to pull out from hug as she herself was craving for the warmth of his embrace. This was the one of those blissful moments which she had dreamt of from last 6 years yet it seems to be impossible to turn into reality. but it did turned into reality that too on the day which is special to both of them where she had finally found her solace in the arms of the person whom she had is nd will always loved the most.


Dey remained in each other arms for what seems like an eternity listening to each other’s heartbeats after so many years. Finally Maan gently pulled out from hug to have a close view of her Laddoo after whole 6 years. He still can’t believe his luck that he had finally found his Laddoo. She had really changed a lot in these 6 years. The Salwar- Kameez that she use to wear has been replaced by Saree now. The hairs which always use to be tied in a pony have been left loose now. She had looks more beautiful then before with just a minimal make-up nd a line of kohl in her eyes. nd wat caught his attention is that he was no more fat due to which he use to call her Laddoo, she had reduced lots of her weight nd now was all slim-trim looking stunning in Saree. Nevertheless she looks beautiful before too but it seems that these 6 years had made her much more beautiful den before.


“How did you reduce so much weight Laddoo?” Maan asked out of blue making Geet smile through tears. Maan too smiled from all his heart for the first tym in these 6 years nd pulled her back in his embrace feeling contented.


“I missed you a lot Laddoo” Maan whispered in her hairs hugging her more close to him if possible.


“Haven’t you missed me Laddoo?” he asked as he pulled out from hug nd Geet could see the pain in his eyes clearly.


“I missed you too Maan. How can you even think that I haven’t missed you” Geet said she placed her hand on his cheek.


“Then why you haven’t contact me once in these 6 years? Do you have a slightest idea how badly I was missing you all these years?” Maan said painfully


“Maan I……..” She was about to say something wen they both were interrupted by some voice from behind


“Geet” Both Maan nd Geet turned to look at the source of voice only to find Dev standing over dere


“Dev” Geet whispered as she looked at Dev standing over dere looking at both of dem suspiciously. Geet looked at Maan who was standing over dere confused nd den back at Dev who had started approaching towards them. She silently prayed to God that Dev wont create any scene over here like he usually does because she really don’t want Maan to suspect for anything.


“What Are you doing here Love? I have been waiting for you inside” Dev said as he came to stand beside her holding her by her waist.


Maan looked at Dev nd den his hold on Geet’s waist nd he felt like someone had stabbed in his heart seeing someone else holding his Laddoo like that. He feels like someone is snatching her away from him. It’s strange he never felt this much possessive for her but today seeing someone holding his best friend like this was making him feel like someone is piercing his heart with thousand needles.


“Oh! Mr. Khurana you are also here? Sorry I didn’t notice you. Wat to do wen you had such a beautiful lady in front of you then whole world seems to be exist no more.” Dev said with a fake smile pretending to not to notice Maan before.


“Arey Geet wont you introduce both of us? It seems you nd Mr. Khurana knows each other.” Dev said sarcastically as he noticed Maan’s confused look nd Geet instantly understands wat he was trying to say.


Dev, he’s Maan my best friend nd Maan he’s Dev, Dev Chopra my Fianc.” Geet said while trying her best to hold back her tears as she could easily see expression of hurt on Maan’s face


“Laddoo, you are engaged?” Maan said absent mindedly still not believing that his Laddoo is engaged to someone else nd didn’t found it necessary to make him the part of her happiness. Forget about making the part she didn’t even told him. Had they became so distant, he thought as he looked at both of them


“Yes Mr. Khurana we both are engaged nd soon going to be married. But I am surprised why Geet haven’t told you about it yet. Geet, dis is not done. Mr. Khurana was your best friend; you shouldn’t have hide it from him. Anyways its better late den never. Since you are not able to come in our engagement but please do be a part of our wedding.” Dev said while trying his best to keep his anger on check but Geet could easily sense it as his grip on her waist was increasing by every passing minute


“Ya ofcourse. It would be my pleasure to be a part of ‘my Laddoo’s’ wedding.” Maan said while stressing on the word ‘My Laddoo’ finally regaining his composure nd looked at Geet wid a smile.


“Fine we’ll wait for you den. Anyways Mr. Khurana we should take your leave now. It was really nice meeting you in personal. Take care.” Dev said while trying to cut short their confrontation nd turned to leave from there along wid Geet.


“Just a minute Mr. Chopra” Maan beckoned Dev from behind as he nd Geet had reached towards the door.


“ummm I know that you nd Geet are engaged nd really wanted to spend sometym together but since me nd Geet had met today only after so many years that too on friendship day so do you mind if I take her with me outside for the double celebration” Maan said wid a smile nd Dev’s grip in Geet’s waist increased almost digging his fingers on her soft skin making her wincing in pain but she suppressed it in front of Maan.


“Ummm Mr. Khurana wo…….” Dev fumbled with his words trying to get some gud excuse wen Maan interrupted.


“Relax Mr. Chopra I am not going to steal away your fiance. She is all yours. I am just taking away my Laddoo for sometym to celebrate this special day. That’s it” Maan said in between seeing the perplexed face of Dev.


“Ofcourse not Mr. Khurana. I really don’t have any problem. But I just hope that Geet won’t have any problem.” Dev said wishing that Geet understands his signal nd refuse to Maan herself as he don’t want to be in bad books of Maan by refusing him on his face.


“I don’t have any problem.” Geet said making Dev both surprised nd Angry but he just controlled himself in front of Maan. The moment Geet said these words Dev had digged his nails in her waist tightly showing his anger nd disapproval but Geet just suppressed her pain with a smile on her face.


“Great since now Geet don’t have any problem so can I take her with me now” Maan said nd came to stand beside Dev waiting for him t release Geet


“Ya ofcourse y not” Dev said with a fake smile still holding Geet.


“You are between us Mr. Chopra.” Maan said while making a serious face trying to understand what he exactly wanted to say.


I mean to say I can only take Geet with me until u’ll leave her nd move from between.” Maan said nd chuckled while Dev sighed in relief. He immediately left Geet nd moved aside to make way for her.


“Ok Geet I’ll take both of yours leave now. U both enjoy your good tym nd ya don’t stay outside for late. U know na u get sick wen u sleep late at night nd I don’t want my Love to get sick. Take care. Bye.” Dev said with extra sweetness in his voice nd left from there but not before giving a warning Look to Geet which she chooses to ignore for now.


“So chale, Laddoo” Maan said nd winked at her nd Geet finally smiled from all her heart leaving all the inhibitions behind nd went away wid him.




“Maan atleast tell me where are we going?” Geet asked the umpteenth tym since the tym dey both had left the venue


“Have patience sweetheart. i am not going to kidnap you. U’ll come to know soon where are we going.” Maan said winking at Geet nd Geet’s heart skipped a beat seeing him calling her sweetheart. Though it’s not the first tym he had called her like this but Everytym her heart skipped a beat wen he called her wid dese names but the irony is that he is unknown of the effect he had on her.


Her trail of thoughts has been broken wen Maan stopped the car in a jerk. Geet looked outside the window only to find him stopping in front of a Mall.


Maan, why had you stopped it over here?” Geet asked wen she saw Maan getting out of car.


“Seriously Laddoo, your habbit of questioning so much will never change na. I told you na have patience. Just wait in the car until I return.” Maan said nd Get out of the car while Geet just sat over dere pouting. Maan saw that nd chuckled seeing her antics. Gosh! How much he missed all this in these 6 years. He shakes his head seeing her antics nd headed towards the Mall.


After a while wen he came back he found Geet sleeping leaning against the window. He smiled as he saw her sleeping form. She was looking so peaceful nd innocent in her sleep just like always. He remembered the tym wen they use to study till late at night nd she use to sleep like this only cuddling up to him nd he never had the heart to wake her up seeing her sleeping so peacefully nd innocently, Just like today.


“Chalo atleast she won’t ask any questions now if she keeps on sleeping” Maan thought nd chuckled nd Silently started the car not wanting to disturb the sleep of her sleeping beauty nd headed towards his destination.




After driving for whole 1 hour both finally reached to their destination. Maan stopped the car nd looked at Geet who was still sleeping. But nevertheless he need to wake her up now for his surprise.


“Geet, Geet wake up.” Maan said while shrugging her shoulders to wake up her sleeping beauty who just stirred a bit nd den again drifted to sleep.


“Geet, wake up. we had reached to our destination.” Maan said while trying yet again.


“Maan sone do na. I am feeling very much tired.” Geet said while moving her head to other side.


Maan sighed as he felt the line familiar. Yes she always use to say like this only wenever he wakes her up. having no other option with him he gently opened the door of her side nd scooped her up in his arms nd started walking away from Car. Geet immediately opened her eyes as she felt a gush of cold wind touching her body. she looked around herself only to find that they both were no more in car nd Maan was carrying her somewhere. Initially she thought that she was dreaming but the reality hit her hard nd she realized that she was not dreaming nd Maan was actually carrying her somewhere.


“Maan, Maan wat are you doing? Put me down.” Geet said as he saw him looking ahead


“Wat to do Laddoo. U had not left me with any other option. Now you have to come wid me like this only. Any anyways now you are no more heavy like before so I can carry you for some distance atleast.” Maan said teasingly nd chuckled as he saw Geet’s nose turned red due to anger


“Maan, you Devil. U never leaves a chance to tease me. Put me down now” Geet said while hitting his shoulders hard.


“Laddoo stop trying all these as it won’t work because I won’t put you down until we reached to our destination.” He said as he continued to walk paying no heed to her protests.


“Maan I am warning you last tym put me down or else��..” she couldn’t complete herself as her gaze falls on her surroundings nd dats wen she realized that they were on beach. She looked at Maan who gave her a knowing smile nd den gently put her down so that she can have a close view of the arrangements.


Geet looked around herself only to find it decorated beautifully nd of her choice. She saw a canopy on her left side decorated with tiny lights along with Blue nd Purple orchids, her favorite under which there was a table arranged for dinner for two. As she moved towards the table to have a close view of it she noticed a double story Butterscotch Cake placed over dere with “Happy Friendship Day Laddoo” embedded on it nd besides it there was a bouquet of Blue Orchids nd a Huge Friendship Day card was placed. Soft music was being playing at background nd the soft sound of sea waves were just adding more to the beauty of that moment. There was no one present at the beach just the two of them. It seems that he had booked whole beach for just demselves.


“So how was the surprise Laddoo?” Maan’s voice broke her trance nd she turned to look at him.


“It’s beautiful. But how did u managed to do all dis in such a short span of tym.” Geet asked still in the trance of his surprise.


“Nothing is impossible in this world for Maan Singh Khurana nd wen it comes to do something for his Laddoo den he can go to any extent. U know I wanted to do more that too by my own but cant do due to short span of tym” Maan said as he cupped her face between his palms nd wiped away the lone tear that had just escaped from her eyes realizing the depth of his words.


“Hey I don’t want any tears in your eyes today. It’s our special day Laddoo. Come let’s celebrate it. u know I was dyeing to celebrate this day with you from past 6 years” Maan said as he made his way towards the table along with Geet who was just looking at him lost.


They both cuts the cake nd fed each other wishing “Happy Friendship Day.” In that moment Geet forgets everything that was happening in her lyf from past 6 years. She feels like being her Maan’s Laddoo 6 years back who had to worry for nothing as she knows that her Maan is with her. right now she don’t have to think for any other thing as her Maan is with her after whole 6 years. She wanted to live this moment without any inhibitions or fear of Dev’s reaction.


Her trance has been broken wen Maan asked her to sit as table was laid for the dinner. She was surprised to see her favourite dishes over dere nd looked at Maan who was standing over there smiling. Her eyes welled up seeing that he still remembers each nd everything about her. Maan raises his brows gesturing wat happen to which she simply nodded in nothing nd sat over dere smiling through tears. Maan himself served her dinner nd Geet chuckled seeing this side of him as usually it was she who use to serve him dinner like this while he use to engross in his cellphone texting someone or other. she was about to take the first bite wen Maan stopped her holding her hand. She looked at him confused not understanding the reason of his sudden reaction.


“Doosro ke haath se khane ka maza hi Kuch aur hota hai. Yaad hai? Tumhi ne to kaha tha” Maan said as she takes the bite from her hand nd fed her with his own hand nd Geet felt the corner of her eyes burning seeing his care that she missed in all these years


[its fun to be feed by someone else. Remember? U had only said this]


“Hrithik ne kaha tha.” Geet said out of blue nd Maan frowned in confusion.


[Hrithik has said dis]


“Mujhse Dosti Karoge mein” She said nd giggled making Maan Laughed out Loud too. She haven’t changed a bit. She was still the same Geet who says anything anywhere without thinking twice.


“O God Laddoo! U haven’t changed a bit.” Maan said between the fits of laughter nd Geet’s face fell realizing he don’t know that changes that has occurred in her lyf in these 6 years. It was just today that she was living the lyf of old Geet because today her Maan was wid her otherwise every other day was not less den a punishment for her where she had actually forgotten what she was before


Anyways whoever has said dis but to me you had said this nd to think its true isn’t it? now c’mon what are you waiting for? Won’t you feed me or this tym also u had planned to eat whole food alone like before” Maan said teasingly breaking Geet’s thoughts nd she dropped her jaw listening to his last sentence.


“Maan” She said as she hits his arm playfully nd den feed him the bite while smiling. Dey both fed each other whole dinner sometimes pulling each other leg nd sometimes just enjoying the silence between them relishing the memories of their past.


Tym seems to be stopped for both of them as they enjoyed each other’s Presence. She was no more Geet Handa who was Dev’s fiance neither he was Maan Singh Khurana, the famous business tycoon anymore at that moment. At that moment she was just Laddoo, her Maan’s Laddoo nd he was just Maan, the Devil; his Laddoo’s Devil. No other reality of this world matter to them anymore den each other’s presence.




After dinner both Maan nd Geet went near the sea shore nd sat on one of the rock beside each other looking at the Sea ahead. Geet always liked Beaches nd Maan knew it. thatsy he had chosen this place instead of any posh restaurant or any other place because he knows what his Geet likes nd he too wanted to spend dis special day somewhere where there is no one except two of them. His Laddoo was there with him after whole 6 years nd he wanted to make each nd every moment special of their togetherness.


“I still can’t believe it that you are actually here with me celebrating this day with me. u know in these 6 years I had dreamt of this moment countless tym where we both are together just like this only celebrating this day nd today wen my dream finally came into reality den I am just not able to believe it.” Maan’s voice broke Geet’s trance nd she looked at him with a faint smile.


“U remember wen we met for the first tym on the first day of the session of Class XIth” Maan said nd a rush of memories flowed in Geet’s mind nd she just nodded slightly


“You were finding the way to the classroom nd den��..”


“nd den u came towards me along wid Deepika nd helped me to get into the classroom nd not to forget with so much attitude” Maan said nd chuckled remembering those old days


“nd den Vinay Sir had made us seated together nd dats wen u had named me Laddoo much to my protest”


“as if u haven’t kept any name of mine. Seriously I had lost the number of counts of the names u kept for me. hey do you remember that Play of Mughal-e-azam that we did wen we were in 12th standard”


“ofcourse how can I forget that. U were so much busy in drooling over that girl who played Anarkali that u had actually messed up the whole play forgetting that you are Akbar.”


nd den u came on the stage portraying Jodha, my wife to handle the situation nd the girl who was actually playing Jodha came on the stage perplexed saying that if you are Jodha then who is she” Maan said nd dey both laughed out loud


“nd due to it the play gets more messed up. All because of you. If u let the play remain to the original one instead of keeping Anarkali with you nd sending Saleem far away then the play won’t be messed up like this.”


“hey don’t forget that our college won the first prize because of that only. Asha Ma’am was so happy from me. I had converted the tragic play into a humorous one nd not to forget I won the prize of Best Actor nd you the best narrator.”


“ya ya nd den wen we both won the inter collegiate Debate competition.”


“ya we both were in same team but against each other. u remember everyone use to call us Inseparable souls’ nd it was true also because we were always together infact we took admission in the same college too.”


“nd dere that Canteen wala Raju. How much fool u use to make him nd he knowing you also Everytym falls in your trap.”


“nd your home is just like a second home for me just like mine was urs. We never had mine or urs between us. It was always ‘ours’.”


“that was the best years of our lives. Our meeting, our friendship, our first friendship day, our winning trophies, our combined studies a night before exams, ur list of Girl friends nd warnings to me to stay away from boys as according to you they were just not worth me. nd not to forget your threat among everyone due to which they use to think twice before talking to me nd den��.”


“nd den u left” Maan said painfully in between nd Geet instantly stopped as she knows what’s coming next.


“you left all of a sudden without saying anything to anyone, without even letting me know, leaving so many questions in my mind. Wat had happened Laddoo that makes you to leave me like this? Y u left all of a sudden? Do you know how much I searched for you? Do you have any idea how I had lived all these years without you? Why you broke your promise Laddoo? Nd u never even tried to contact me once not even den wen you are getting engaged to someone, y Laddoo? Don’t I deserve to be a part of your happiness. Itna paraya kar diya tune mujhe” Maan said while getting choked with his last sentence nd Geet just covered his mouth wid her palm stopping him to speak further.


“Maan pls don’t say like this. You know what you are to me. hw can you say that you are nothing to me.” Geet said as tears made the way down her eyes.


“then answer all my questions Laddoo. U know from past 6 years I am trying to find my answers but just failed. From past 6 years I am trying to figure out what could have been happened that you had to leave me like this, what mistake I had done that you punished me like this.” Maan said nd Geet could see tears in his eyes telling her how restless he must be in al these years.


She got up from the rock nd walked towards the sea standing near the shore. She had no answers for any question of Maan’s. she had never thought in dese 6 years that wat answer she’ll give to him wen he’ll ask her these questions because she never thought that she’ll meet him again. But what’s bothering her most is that y is he asking her the reason of her sudden disappearance from his lyf? wasn’t he the one who had asked her to go away from her lyf? no she’s not blaming him for that, she had never blamed him for that as she knows that he was not at fault. it was she who was at fault but even den she can’t answer any of Maan’s questions. Wat she’ll tell him that she had left him for his own Good? Wat she’ll tell him that she never contacted him because she don’t never want to come face to face wid him again? She can’t give him any answers because she don’t have any


“Bolo Geet, y?” Maan’s voice broke the trail of her thoughts nd she turned to look at him only to find him standing close to her. she looked into his eyes which were trying to read hers demanding the answers of his questions.


“Sometimes we are helpless in front of our Destiny Maan. Sometimes we had to take these kinds of steps due to circumstances. Bus yoon samajh lo that I am also from one of those people who had to bend in front of her destiny nd had taken this step. Apart from this I can’t say anything to you.” Geet said as she walked to stand other side leaving Maan perplexed


“that’s wat I wanted to know Laddoo that wat game destiny had played with you that u had to take dis step.” Maan asked while holding her arm turning her back towards him to which she just looked away nd Maan understood she wont tell anything. He sighed as he realized that there must be something big due to which his Laddoo has to hide something from him for the first tym.


“Fine you don’t want to tell den don’t tell. Probably I lost your trust on me in all these years. But I’ll wait for the day wen you will tell me everything nd I am sure that day will definitely come as my Laddoo had never hide anything from me till now nd she’ll give me the answers of my questions too sooner or later.” Maan said wid as much normal as he can say but Geet knew it well that he is very much hurted of not getting any answers from her but she’s helpless too. She cant tell him anything because it’ll just make him feel guilty nd more then that it can snatch away that little happiness also that has been left in his lyf nd dis she cant bear so sensing the gravity of situation she chooses to kept quiet.


“Anyways leave all this nd close your eyes I had something for you.” Maan’s voice broke Geet’s trance nd she looked at him confused


“Close my eyes? Y?” she asked curiously


“Laddoo you really ask lots of questions. Now no more questions nd close your eyes.” Maan said irritatingly nd Geet just giggled at his behaviour nd closed her eyes.


She felt him turning her around so that her back was facing towards her nd den removing her hairs from her back to one side of her shoulders. Her breath got hitched in her throat as felt his fingers caressing the skin of her back in the process. She closed her eyes more tight in order to control her erratic heartbeats nd prayed to god that Maan won’t listen the beats of her thudding heart which was beating so loudly nd dats wen she felt something cold around her neck. She touched it with her fingers trying to sense wat it is wen she realized that it’s some sort of chain.


“Ok now open your eyes” Maan said nd Geet immediately opened her eyes nd looked downwards only to find beautiful pendant hanging round her neck along with delicate silver chain. The pendant was simple yet so beautiful with MG embedded on it with tiny diamonds.


“Maan this……”


“Now don’t say anything, it’s my friendship day gift for you. Wat you think that I would celebrate dis day without gifting anything to you?” Maan cut her in between as he know that what was she going to say next


“But Maan I haven’t brought any gift for you?” Geet said wid guilt looking downwards wen Maan raised her head through her chin so that she can look into his eyes


“Who said that you haven’t gifted me anything? I got my Laddoo back on this friendship day. Is it less den a gift for me? No other gift could be as special to me as this one” he said while wiping away the tears that just escaped from her eyes.


“I told you that I don’t want any tears in your eyes today wat else I need to do to make you understand this simple thing” Maan said in a stern voice nd Geet giggled seeing his Devil back at action.


“The same that you use to do before wen I wont stop crying.” Geet said with a knowing smile nd Maan was stunned as he realized wat did she just asked him for.


“Are you serious?” he asked unbelievingly


“Do you think I am joking? Wait a sec.” Geet said nd Maan saw her moving towards the direction where the music was playing nd there picking up the guitar placed near the table. Probably someone from the crew had forgotten it over dere nd den came back to me.


“Here hold this nd sing a song for me.” Geet said as a matter of fact while holding him the guitar.


“Laddoo you seriously want me to sing?” Maan asked still not believing.


“Yes I really want you to sing. It’s been so many years since I heard you singing. Wont you fulfill this wish of mine” Geet asked while making a baby faces enough for Maan to melt.


He had never refused her for anything den how can he refuse now. Ya, it’s true that he loves to play guitar nd sing which was not only his habit but his passion too. But no one knew about this apart from his family members nd his Laddoo. He always use to sing song for her whenever she was sad or upset on anything nd Geet just forgets her every tension wen she hears his mesmerizing voice. It was as if he took away all her worries with his soothing voice. For hours he use to play guitar nd sing nd she could never get tired of it like he never gets tired of her non-stop chattering. But after Geet left him he had never touched his guitar neither did he sang any song as if she had taken away all the colors of his lyf along with her. But today he’s going to sing again after whole 6 years that too for his Laddoo.


He sat on the rock where they were seated before nd adjusts the string of the guitar wen Geet too came to sat beside him. Once he was done with the adjustment of the string he looked at Geet for final confirmation wen she gestured with her eyes to continue.


(P.S. Pls play dis song in the background)




He smiled nd took a deep breath as he played the first tune with the strings of guitar trying to work with the lyrics in his mind.


Jao Na (Music) jao Na (Music) jao Na (Music) jao Na,,,,




Nd as if automatically his mind had started working on the song as the image of her going away from his lyf 6 years back came into his mind nd he started singing along with playing the strings.


Tum jo ho to gaa rahi hai yeh hawa,
Tum jo ho to reshami si hai fiza,
Jao na jao na jao na…… Haan…. jao Na


Tum jo ho to gaa rahi hai yeh hawa,
Tum jo ho to reshami si hai fiza,
Jao na (jao na) jao na (jao na)  jao na ..haan…. (jao na)….. jao na.,,, (jao na)


With the lyrics of his song he expressed how his lyf would be if she wont be there wid him in his lyf. Nothing would be perfect in his lyf for him if she won’t be there. Even the world around him doesn’t seem to be the same for him as before. The winds, the colors, the nature, the melody of his life everything seems to be lifeless with her not being with him.


It was just not lyrics. It was the condition of his heart; it was the request to her of his heart to stay in her lyf to make it worth living.


Hoo phir naa yeh raat aayegi,
Phir naa yeh rutt chahyegi,
Phir naa yu milna hoga,
Phir naa jaane kya hoga?
Jao na (jao na) jao na (jao na) jao na..haan (jao na)� jao na� (jao na)


He knows that the moment that they were spending together now is the best moment of their lyf which will never come back again. The moment where they both are together far away from all the world just the both of them without any inhibitions, without any boundations nd once they will part their ways again their lyf would be again the same like it was in these 6 years with no meaning, no color in it.


He pleaded her yet again to stay wid him in all the steps of his lyf nd dats wen Geet too started singing along wid him forgetting everything around her just like before. At this moment she forgets that she’s Dev’s fiance, she forgets wat her lyf was in these 6 years, she forgets even the reason for which she left him all she remembers is that she’s with her Maan at this moment nd she wanted to collect as much memories as she can at this moment so that she can spend rest of her lyf in these memories.




Maan continued to play the strings of the guitar as the memories of their past came in both of their minds bringing the smile on their faces. Their friendship, their studying together, their cute little fights, their roothna manana, their care for each other nd finally the reality of her leaving him all of a sudden nd nw being Dev’s fiance.


As the reality dawn upon him he realized that now he was no more just his Laddoo. She belongs to someone else now nd the very thought brought an unknown pain in his heart nd Geet could sense it by seeing the expressions on her face.


Yeh raat thodi to dhalne do,
Dheere dheere isko pighalne do,
Aage hai do raah maana magar,
Thodi door to saath chalne do




Haan…. Yeh raat thodi to dhalne do,
Dheere dheere isko pighalne do,
Aage hai do raah maana magar,
Thodi door to saath chalne do,


All he wanted at that tym is for the tym to stood still nd her Laddoo just stay here with him. He don’t want this night to be end as with the end of this night the beautiful moment that they were spending together will also come to an end. He don’t know why but since the tym he came to know about Geet’s engagement with Dev he had this feeling that he had lost something very precious to him.


There’s no doubt in it that there’s no effect of this reality in their friendship yet he felt like his Laddoo will go far away if he leave her hand now nd the thought itself has scared him. after finding his best friend after so many years he don’t want to lose her again nd the same thing was reflecting in his lyrics. The change that he felt all of a sudden was really difficult for him to accept. Geet sensed it long back wat was going in his heart like always. He never had to express himself in front of her as she always reads his heart nd mind even before he say anything. She put a comforting hand on his shoulder as she realized wat he must be going through


Hoo khone wali ho kal tum,
Rukk sako jo do pal tum,
Kuch tumhari tasveerein,
Rakh lu apni aankhoin mein,
Jao na (jao na) jao na (jao na) jao na.. haan (jao na)� jao na� (jao na)


As soon as Maan felt her hand on his shoulders he instantly realizes that his Laddoo had understand what’s the state of his heart right now nd wat he’s trying to express with his lyrics nd he expressed out loud his fear nd insecurities. He told her how badly he needed her as they both are aware of the change that occurred in their lives after which their lives were no more the same which use to be 6 years back. At that moment he just wanted to capture as much memory of her in his heart nd mind so that the reality that just came in front of him of her belonging to someone else won’t have any effect on him or his friendship.


Yet he doesn’t want this change. Yet he don’t want her to go anywhere especially den wen he had found her back after so many years. He doesn’t know wat this feeling is. Probably he was feeling jealous as till now it was only he who was in her lyf or probably he was not able to accept the fact that care nd concern that she use to shower on him always is now being shared by someone else also as he again asked her not go anywhere nd just remained with him always which look more like a request.




Geet couldn’t hold herself anymore as she hugged him tight not able to bear what he’s going through. Maan too hugged her back with equal letting out all his fears nd insecurities. He didn’t care that he’s being weak in front of her because at the end of the day it’s his Laddoo who knows him inside out. Who knows wen he’s in vulnerable state nd wen he’s not. Who knows each nd every small nd big things about him. Den what’s the use of hide anything from the person who knows you more then yourself, he thought as he hugged her tight expressing his need of her in his lyf.


Geet like always sensed what he wanted to say without even him saying anything to her nd she hugged him more tight comforting him, taking away all his fears nd insecurities. Taking away the pain that he was feeling in his heart without even him expressing it. But who’ll take away her fears nd insecurities. Who’ll take away her pain? The person who is always there with her to take away all her worries nd pain was unaware of the lyf that she’s being living in these 6 years nd the irony is that she cant even tell him also as she still holds herself responsible for him losing the love of his life nd she cant bother him anymore with her problems. So it’s better if she just lives in this moment in the arms of her Love who is still unaware of her feelings.


Up above in the sky moon was also shining brightly on these two souls along with the soothing sound of the sea waves as if they wanted to share their contribution of gratitude on these two peoples who loves each other unconditionally nd selflessly but the only difference is that one is confirmed about her feelings nd the other one is yet to realize the difference between Love nd friendship. But above all this the biggest question is that will he ever be able to know wats their in Geet’s heart? Will he ever be able to see through the mist that circumstances nd destiny had created between them? Or just like before this tym also all his questions will be unanswered.


It was almost 12 of night wen Maan dropped Geet back to her apartment. Both didn’t realize how fast the tym passed being with each other. Even after being with each other for almost 4 hours also they didn’t want each other to let go. Afterall 4 hours of togetherness are nothing compared to the loneliness of 6 years but they both knows that apart from both of them there’s an another world too where they are not just Laddoo nd Maan, where they had many things in their hand to sort out. Therefore very reluctantly they decided to go back in their respective lives but this tym Maan had vowed that he won’t let her vanish once again but for Geet she knows that probably these 4 hours were the only tym that she’ll cherish for whole of her lyftym because there’s another reality too which no one knows but right now she cant tell anything to Maan.


Drive towards home was all silent as both of them were busy in contemplating that the tym they had spend together was not a dream nd was in real. Unknown to both of them they both were smiling reminding the tym they spend with each other after such a long tym. Though the question why Geet had left all of a sudden was still lingering in Maan’s mind but he choose to ignore it right now. He don’t want to force his Laddoo for anything therefore he decided to give her enough tym to open her heart to him. On the other hand Geet was trying her best to control the emotions that were coursing in her. She had never hide anything from her Maan till now nd today she’s hiding from him wat happened 6 years back nd wat happened after that but she knows it was for his own good because he wont be able to bear the truth.


The break in the car gave a halt to both of their thoughts nd dey realized that they had reached Geet’s apartment. If it was in Maan’s hands then he would have never stopped in front of Geet’s apartment infact he could have taken her away from everything to a place where there were just two of them along with their blissful world. He had so many questions of which he wanted to know the answers but to his luck he didn’t got any from her.


“Chalti hoon Maan.” Geet’s voice broke his thoughts nd he felt like he’s losing her yet again. He immediately holds her wrist stopping her as he saw her getting down the car. Geet looked at his grip nd den back at him nd she felt a pang in her heart seeing his feared face.


[I’ll take your leave Maan]


“Don’t say that again you are leaving Me.” Maan said nd sternly yet painfully nd Geet immediately realized the impact of her words on him.


“Maan relax! I just meant to say that I am taking your leave for now. I have to go to my home nd I am sure you too have to go nd we’ll meet again Na.” Geet said while smiling trying to lighten the situation


“Whatever Geet but this tym I’ll not let you go away from me so don’t even think of leaving me again.” Maan said threatingly while Geet felt like she has gone back to the tym where Maan always showed his right on her like this only.


“Acha Baba I take my words back ok. Will see you again, abhi theek hai.” Geet said nd giggled making Maan smile too.


“Bye Maan. Good night nd Take care” Geet said nd turned to get down wen she felt Maan stopping her again.


She turned to loom at him nd her breath got hitched in her throat wen she saw him leaning towards her. Unconsciously she moved back until she realized that her back had hit the door nd she can’t move more backward. She looked at Maan nd found his face just mere inches away so that his breath was fanning her face. She gasped as she anticipated his next move wen she felt him cradling her face from one side so that she can look into his eyes. She couldn’t read what’s going in his mind but she knows one thing that he’ll never do something which will embarrass her or can create awkwardness in their relationship. And all her doubts were confirmed wen Maan Pressed his lips on her forehead for a moment giving her a soft peck. Geet closed her eyes in contentment nd a smile crept on her lips as it is the first tym Maan had kissed her nd she felt so special nd blessed with his just small gesture of affection. Wat could be more perfect then this where the person you loves the most is making you feel contented with his small gesture.


Maan pulled back gently nd saw her smiling angelic face. He didn’t know y he did that wat he did just now all he knows that he never felt this much good in his lyf before especially in these 6 years. It was as if he was trying to believe that all this was not a dream but a beautiful reality. He saw Geet’s closed eyes d flushed face nd smiled seeing his sherni yet at times shy Laddoo. He just wished that she won’t take this gesture in wrong ay as he don’t want to lose his best friend yet again. Knowing the reality that she’s engaged to someone else now he knows that he needs to be create some limits in his relationship but something in his heart was stopping him from doing so nd he did wat he did just now. Geet slowly opens her eyes wen he felt him drawing away from her nd looked at him who was looking back at her smiling.


“Good night Laddoo. Take care.” Maan said nd Geet just smiled nd get down of the car.


She turned back to look at Maan before getting inside her apartment nd Maan waved her bye to which she just reciprocated nd gets inside. She knows Maan won’t go until she gets inside nd disappears from his eyes nd as expected Maan didn’t. He saw her retreating figure until she gets disappeared from his vision nd den drove back towards his Mansion in Mumbai.




Geet was still lost in the moment she had spent with Maan. She didn’t realize wen she took an elevator nd had came to her floor nd den head towards her flat. She was just physically over here; her mind, her heart nd her soul was still with Maan. She still had that sweet smile playing on her lips when she was opening the door of her flat. She was about to enter in her flat wen she felt a jerk nd next moment she found herself pinning on the wall nearby inside her flat nd saw Dev looking at her with his eyes spitting fire.


Geet smiled bitterly at her luck. How can she forget the fact that her dreams and happiness were always short lived. How can she forget that Maan was just a part of her dream nd Dev was her bitter reality that she had to face everyday. While spending those beautiful moments with Maan she had completely forgotten that she don’t have the right to see those dreams which can never be turn into reality.


“Where were you till now? Y did you got this much late?” Dev’s threatening voice broke the trail of her thoughts nd she looked other way


“Don’t you dare to avoid my questions Geet. Tell me where were you till now.” dev roared while jerking her face towards him


“You were asking as if you don’t know. In case you forgot then let me remind you that I was with Maan.” Geet retorted back knowing that she had taken a wrong step as it would just enrage him further


Oh how can I forget you were with that so called Love of yours. So tell me did you guys have fun afterall you all met after 6 years.” Dev said sarcastically nd Geet felt disgusted seeing how cheap he can think


“Shut up Dev!! You know that Maan had always considered me as his friend only how can you think of our relationship like that.” Geet said disgustingly.


Oh! So tell me wat do you expect me to think wen u don’t receive my call. I was calling you continuously from past 4 hours but you didn’t bother to receive it. How dare you avoid my calls Geet?” Dev said as he increased his grip on Geet’s arms making her wincing in pain.


“Leave me Dev. You are hurting me.” Geet almost pleaded in pain but it didn’t affect Dev a bit.


“It’s hurting you? Did u felt the pain?” Dev said while increasing his grip further almost digging his nails in her arms nd Geet’s eyes began to get watery due to pain.


“You know I too felt the same pain wen you left with Maan even after me giving signal to you to not go, even after I warned you to not to come in front of him. But you dare to deny me for him. Now you also have to feel the same pain that I felt.” Dev said nd Geet closed her eyes in pain.


“Make one thing clear in your mind Geet that you are just mine. If you think that Maan is back now nd you can go away back with him den just forget it. Make one thing clear in your mind Geet that I Love you nd I never loses the thing I Love” Dev said as he squeezed her cheeks giving her more pain.


“If you really claim to Love me den y cant you trust me just once.” Geet managed to say between the pain he was giving her, only to give rise to his anger.


“Don’t you dare to answer me back Geet. Today Maan is back so you think you got this much courage that you can answer me back but let me remind you that he’ll go back in 2-3 days nd I’ll remain in your lyf forever nd don’t forget that I still have the key of your weakness. Your one wrong move nd u’ll lose the remaining thing also that you had. So don’t even try to betray me for that Maan Singh Khurana. Got it.” he said nd jerked her away nd goes from there but not before giving her that threatening look.


Geet slumped down on floor crying; crying on her fate, crying on her miserable condition. Where had she got stuck up? She had never dreamt that there will come a tym wen she has to say this day also. She never wanted this yet she was facing all this. She had never dreamt of it yet all this was happening with her. She had always dreamt her lyf with Maan since the tym she had realized her love for him but it didn’t turned into reality nd she had to leave him as per his wish nd for his own good. She had never dreamt of getting engaged to Dev yet today he was in his lyf because it was her father’s last wish to marry Dev nd she can’t deny that. Probably he also don’t know this side of Dev before he had thought of this alliance. Afterall he had acted so nice nd all wen she had met him for first tym den her father can’t be at fault.


But y all this is happing with her? Y her fate is so cruel to her? Oh! Y is she even asking this question? How can she forget that she had no right to dream? How can she forget that her dreams had always broke wenever she saw dem. like it broke wen she realized her Love for Maan, like it broke wen she saw Maan in Love with someone else, like it broke wen Maan asked her to go away from his life. No matter how hard she tries but she can’t run away from the reality of her life. She cant run away from the fact that she had to protect wat little she had left her nd in that course if she was getting pain also den she have to bear that also if it costs to save that remaining thing she was left with. She cried for a while nd den slowly got up from her place nd headed towards her room closing the door behind.




On the other hand Maan was too much happy wen he reached his mansion. He was so happy that he didn’t realized that he was actually whistling some tune while entering the Mansion giving shock to the servants in the KM. they had always seen him angry nd arrogant nd this side of his was new to them nd to make things more worse he actually smiled at them nd left for his room saying everyone not to disturb him for anything.


He took a quick shower before changing into his vest nd tracks nd laid on his bed reminding the moment he had spent with his Laddoo. Oh he was so much happy today that he can’t express. He never thought that this day will give him such a big nd nice surprise. He got his best friend back this day nd he promised himself that this tym he’ll make this thing sure that she remains in his touch nd wont get vanish like before. His Laddoo had changed so much in these 6 years yet she’s same as before. Her body appearance may change but her heart is still the same. She still understands his unsaid word like she did before. He felt the feeling of nostalgia as he reminds of his lyf with her nd without her but now everything has got back in track nd he would make sure that it remained like that only. But least he knows that Geet’s life was not the same like before. He had no idea from wat all she is going through but if destiny had brought dem together again den there is definitely some motive behind it. Probably it’s the tym to end of Geet’s miseries.


The shrilling sound of his cellphone broke his thoughts nd he looked at the caller only to find “Nayantara” flashing on it. He groaned nd mentally cursed her for her timing nd took the call.


Maan! Where the hell were you till now? I have been trying your cell from past 3 hours nd you were not taking your call. You haven’t even talked to Dadimaa properly nd den you are not taking your call. U know how much worried I was.” NT shouted on the top of her lungs before Maan could say anything nd Maan put the cell phone away from his ears saving his ear drums.


“Relax NT  Sweetheart. I didn’t notice your call. Nd don’t worry I am all fit nd fine. Just take a chill pill nd relax.” Maan said while grinning making NT surprised. She looked at her cellphone once again to check that she had called Maan only as he had never talked to her in this way from past 6 years.


“Maan you are fine Na. I mean do you have temperature.” She asked nd Maan chuckled imagining the perplexed face of his sister.


“Ya NT I am absolutely fine. It was just I am very much happy today.” Maan said in order to calm her over hyper sister


“Why did you got a new Deal?”


“No something more then precious then that.”


“Wat? Don’t tell me that you got Kohinoor Diamond.” Nayantara said sarcastically but what Maan said next had surprised her


“NT I got my Laddoo back.” Maan revealed the reason to her nd NT couldn’t register his words for few minutes.


Maan wat are you saying? You met Geet, where is she, how is she, did you talked to her?” NT bombarded Maan with her trail of questions before he could answer anyone of them



“Hey take a breath NT nd let me answer one by one. Ok yes I met Geet; she’s here in Mumbai only nd she’s fine. You wont believe it that she’s no more that fatso Laddoo infact she has became much more beautiful den before nd I was with her only from past 4 hours thatsy couldn’t notice your call.” Maan answered all her questions patiently nd NT felt like all her prayers being heard by God.


“Maan, y don’t you stay in Mumbai for some more tym. I mean you met her after so long; it won’t be fair if you come back in 2-3 days. I think you should stay over dere for some more tym nd spend some tym with her as much as you can.” NT said after thinking for a while nd Maan couldn’t believe that NT is asking him to spend sometym with Geet. It was she only who use to complaint to him that he spend more tym with Geet den her.


“NT you are saying dis. I mean you always had this complaint that I never spend tym with you due to Geet.” Maan asked surprised nd Nayantara closed her eyes in guilt


“That’s the different thing Maan. I am no more that complaining teenager NT. U stay over dere for some more days. Don’t worry about Dadimaa nd KC over here. I’ll take care of everything over here. You just be happy over dere nd try to bridge the gap that has been created in these 6 years. Bye. Take care.” NT said nd cuts the call before Maan could say anything further. she was too much choked with the emotions to say anything. Maan was surprised at her behaviour first but then shrugged off the thought. What could be more good then this that he will spend more tym with his Laddoo, he thought nd smiled nd den drifted to sleep


Here NT couldn’t be more happy then this that god has given her one chance to rectify her mistake that she done 6 years back. She thanked god umpteenth tym for bringing Geet back in Maan’s lyf because she knows that her brother could only be happy with her only. Probably he didn’t realize it till now but she realized it long back that Maan had nd can only Love Geet nd may be by spending some tym with her he too realizes this fact.


“Please Babaji! I know I had committed many mistakes but please don’t punish my brother for that. His happiness lies only in Geet. Please do some miracle nd Bring Maan nd Geet together nd this tym for forever. I promise I won’t ask anything else from you. But please just fulfill this wish of mine.” NT prayed to god nd went to Dadimaa to give her this happy news.




Geet had changed into her night dress nd had composed herself from what happened with her sometym back. And anyways its not new that’s she sit nd cry for long. Dev’s behaviour was usual to her nd now she’s use to it. She opens her cupboard nd took out few files nd a packet from the locker which she always keeps locked hiding her most priceless possession from the world. She sits in the bed with the things she had taken out nd admires them for a while before opening the packet.


The packet contains an album with all her nd Maan’s pic since the school days till the day they were together, Maan’s pen that he had given her during her exams, his all the friendship bands that he had given her in every friendship, His every small and big gift, that he had given her in every occasion. She smiled nd tears welled up in her eyes reminiscing the old days. She caressed each nd every thing nd den opens the file in which she had collected each nd every detail of Maan in these 6 years wen she was not with him.


There were cutting from various newspapers where he had given his interview about his success, his pictures that she had managed to take print out from internet, the printout of his writings on his blogs, the CDs in which she had recorded his interview on the new channels telling about his achievements nd success. In these 6 years she was far away from him yet she was with him.


She had kept track of each nd every thing of his. She knows when nd what’s going in his lyf but one thing that she didn’t understand till now y he didn’t marry Sameera yet. She thought that because of her there were problems between him nd Sameera due to which she had decided to go away from his lyf but still Maan is single nd this thing makes her confused Everytym. She thought of asking Maan this today but seeing him so happy she cant ask nd moreover she don’t want to spoil their blissful moment with these questions. She closed the files nd rests her head at the back post nd drifted back to the tym wen she met Maan for the first tym.





                                 Geet’s Monologue:


It was as if yesterday only wen I saw Maan for the very first tym. He was sitting on the stairs all perplexed nd confused. I had not seen him before over here so it means that he’s new in this school. I have to admit that I haven’t seen such a good looking nd handsome guy like him till now. His face, his bulging muscles from the sleeves of his shirt, his personality everything was so alluring. It seems that God had carved his each nd every feature by taking his own sweet tym into perfection. Girls are definitely going to die for his one look; I thought nd chuckled at my own thought. I couldn’t concentrate at all what Deeps was saying to him as I was busy admiring him. I didn’t realize wen I reach near him nd den immediately pretended to talk to Deeps wen I found him looking at me but I couldn’t control my urge to talk to him just once so giving up from my heart I approached him nd asked the reason of his sitting on the stairs. I was a bit harsh so that he wont understand wat summersault my heart does wen I saw him.


He told me that he couldn’t find the way of his class nd I just wished Babaji that let him be in my class only wen I asked him about his class. This is strange for the first tym Geet Handa is praying something like that. I had always kept a distance from boys knowing very well the names they had given me behind my back; Fatso, Balloon nd wat not. But I always chose to ignore them as I can’t shut everyone’s mouth wen I am at fault. But Maan was the first guy with whom I wanted to befriend with nd I myself was unknown to the reason.


My heart danced in joy wen he told me that he’s in class XIth A-2. Oh I felt like screaming nd shouting on top of my lungs expressing my happiness. But I can’t show that to him right so I just maintained my composure in front of him nd told him that I’ll help him. But what the crap he thought that I’ll play prank with him, Devil no no a Big Devil. But I can’t blame him too as he was being fooled since morning, Poor guy but I can’t let him know that I felt pity on him so showing my fake anger I asked him to follow me.


But what the hell he did. He walked beside me nd I was sure that he would heard the loud heartbeats of my heart which was beating so loudly because of him walking beside me. he had no idea how many butterflies were running in my stomach due to this. But I can’t make it obvious too so again I used my attitude as a weapon nd asked him to follow me if he wanted me to help him as I was afraid that he could sense my erratic heartbeats. Poor Maan, his face was worth watching wen I asked him that. I wanted to be harsh with him so that I don’t feel bad wen he too bully me with all those boys but it seems my destiny wants something else this tym.


Hell broke on me wen Vinay Sir had made him sit with me. I swear I had cursed Babaji nd Vinay Sir umpteenth tym for this. Wasn’t my condition since morning was less that now he had to sit beside me? but I don’t have to worry right as I had my weapon with me nd moreover I know he wont talk to me much as which guy would like to mingle with such nd unattractive nd Fatso like me. He would definitely catch some hot chick of our class. But he proved me wrong as it was him only who took initiative for our friendship. I was scared to befriend him. First of all due to the unknown attraction I felt for him nd secondly due to my own insecurities nd perception towards myself. But he was also adamant nd I had to agree to his friendship nd that’s wen I came to know his name. Maan Singh Khurana must say this guy had attitude just like me only


But Wait! Wat did he called me? He called me Laddoo, he had also given me a name just like others but strangely it didn’t pinch me a bit infact I felt so good wen he called me Laddoo. It was as if he had already possessed me nd even after mine denial of countless tym he calls me that only nd later I too gave up because I cant ignore the sense of belonging nd satisfaction in my heart wenever he use to call me that.


Nd since then everything started changing nd pour friendship started blooming. He was not at all like the guy I thought of him. He never bullied me infact he had always pampered me. Nd about those guys who use to make fun of me behind my back well they had to face hard tym of their lives as Maan had literally armed them to keep me away from their teasing nd if some one tease me also den even my Babaji couldn’t save that person from his wrath. He had always made sure that no one can hurt me in anyway neither physically nor emotionally. Maan had made countless girlfriends during school but all dose were just time pass nd in the amidst that also he never fails to be with me infact I use to wonder wen he spend tym with his so called girlfriends as almost whole 24 hours he use to be with me only


I felt so special getting a friend like Maan who had accepted me the way I am. I thanked Babaji umpteenth tym for sending him in my lyf I was totally opposite to him, not only in appearance but in everything except intelligence; dis was something which was common in both of us. Yet Maan was always dere for me. He was dere for me wen I took part in debate Competition for the first tym. I had never taken part till den due to my stage fear but it was Maan only who had gave me courage nd I won first prize. he tease me in his own ays n strangely i never felt bad nd was i even less i too dont lose any chance to tease him


On our first Friendship day he gifted me a ring along with friendship Band which I am still wearing nd will wear till the end of my lyf. It was a month after dat incidence only Deeps asked me whether me nd Maan were more then friends nd I thought about our relationship. I had never gave a thought on this that our friendship was much more extra ordinary den the others nd the way I care for him, the way I use to depend on him, the way I love to pamper by him was something that I never did before. My heart always miss its beats wenever I was with Maan but I use to shrug it off thinking that probably he’s my first guy friend thatsy I am thinking all this. But wen Deeps asked me this question I was forced to think about it. After lots of thinking nd analyzing I realized that I actually Love Maan. infact I had fell in Love with him at the first sight only. Yes Geet Handa had fallen in Love with Maan Singh Khurana no scratch that ‘Laddoo has fallen in Love with his Devil’. Oh the thought itself was so sweet nd nothing could be more sweet then this.


But along with this thought a reality also dawn upon me nd it was that Maan can never love a girl like me. Being a friend is different thing but considering a girl like me as his Love was different. I know that everyone wanted their Love to be the most beautiful person of this world nd I am no where near beautiful. Though Maan had never made me feel like that but didn’t I know about myself. Ofcourse I know! I know Maan can make me his friend but I can never be his Love nd moreover a guy like him deserves much more beautiful nd perfect Girl den me who compliment him in every aspect not a fatso like me.


I determined to suppress my feelings for him but couldn’t still I masked my feelings behind my friendship. I still remember how I use to drawn in my shell those days nd how worried Maan was. He always tried to be with me 24X7. Our families were aware of our unbreakable bond by now so they never had any problem with our friendship. Infact they were more then happy as because of us they were able to know each other better. I couldn’t express my feelings to Maan but I can’t ignore him also because of my feelings so I thought to continue my relationship with him like I did till now.


We took part at inter-collegiate play together. the only difference is that Maan was on stage nd i was back stage as a narrator nd also seeing all the arrangements. nd i cant even tell wat a mess our play got due to Maan whose current girlfriend was also in that play but unfortunately not as his lead. our whole tragic play turned into a hilaric one thanx to the great MSK but then i was happy as we won the prize nd my maan got the best Actor award. i couldnt be happy as much as i was that day. i always use to be happy wen Maan achieves anything. it was as if in his success mine victiry is hidden.


Tym passes nd our friendship or should I say my one sided Love also gets strong day by day. We got a name ‘Inseparable Souls‘ nd how badly I wished that it was not due to friendship but due to Love but Alas! It can’t as Maan had only seen me as a friend nd if I would have told him also about my feelings den he would have accepted my feelings for sure as he cant see me hurt but I know that relationship will only be on compromise nd last thing I wanted is to Maan compromise for anything. Love is not done by making a compromise it’s a feeling that came straight from heart nd if Maan can’t feel for me in that way then I can’t force him also. I am happy with his friendship but for one thing I was sure that I can’t Love any other person the way I Love him.


We got admission in the same college nd everything was going well. By now Maan had made a lot of changes in my personality. I am no more nervous wreck; neither I had that stage fear. Infact I use to participate in such competitions nd even Maan was with me. We had won many trophies together in “Inter-collegiate festival”. Like school here also no one dares to say a word to me. Even though I reduced my weight a bit but I am still a fatso yet no one bullied me for it as Maan was always dere as my shadow. Many mistaken us as a couple nd I use to get tense but Maan asked me not to pay attention as they don’t understand the depth of our friendship but least he knows how content I felt wen I see my name joined with his by any means.


We were happy in our blissful world nd everything was going smooth nd fine until the day wen Sameera entered in our lives nd Maan had fallen in Love with her at the first sight nd then everything started changing.


Sameera was the daughter of one of the famous business tycoon in the city. Her father had died wen she was small nd currently his brother was handling the business nd she was really pampered a lot by him. This is what I came to know about her through others. But I didn’t know that this person named Sameera is a biggest storm of my lyf. Maan had fallen for her on the very first sight of hers wen she entered the college premises. She was 2 years junior to us nd Maan was suppose to take her ragging but tables got turned nd at last it was Sameera who took Maan’s ragging as Maan was totally spellbound from her beauty.


I won’t deny the fact that Sameera was indeed an epitome of beauty. Anyone could fall for her charm nd Maan was no exception but this is for the first tym I am noticing some unknown emotions in Maan’s eyes for Sameera; something hat I never saw before for any of his previous girlfriends, something that I wanted to see for myself but I never saw but that day I was seeing it for Sameera. If I say that It didn’t pinched me at that moment would be a complete lie as it did pinched me a lot to see Maan falling for someone else nd not me. But wasn’t I knew all this before? Didn’t I want Maan’s happiness than mine? Ofcourse I wanted nd if Maan’s happiness lie in someone else then it shouldn’t bother me right. yet my traitor heart was crying on the fact that probably I’ll lose Maan after this but I always use to make him understand that it’ll never happen as Maan cherished our friendship but at that moment I didn’t knew that what my heart was saying was true as it already got an indication about the change that is going to happen in my lyf.


Since the day Maan had seen Sameera he just couldn’t stop talking about her. We spent hours with him going ga ga over Sameera nd me listening to his each nd every praise by keeping a stone in my heart. At that moment only I realize that Maan is truly falling for Sameera nd as a friend it’s my duty to bring them close. So what if I didn’t got the love of my lyf atleast my best friend should get the one. I many tymes notice Maan getting lost somewhere in his own thoughts. Even in college also he use to see Sameera from far but don’t know y he was not approaching her. I still remember his words wen I asked him y he’s not approaching Sameera wen he feels so strongly for her.


“Yaar Laddoo for the first tym I had felt something more then attraction for a girl. It is completely different from what I felt for my previous GFs nd for the first tym MSK fears for getting rejected by her. What if she don’t feel anything for me. I can’t able to bear it.” He said while staring ahead at a space nd I felt like someone had squeezed my heart out seeing him so helpless nd at that moment I decided that I’ll do everything that I can to bring smile in Maan’s face because he deserves to be happy.


I met Sameera the very next day at college nd befriended her. Though Sameera is a nice girl but she had a tinge of attitude in her but for Maan I was ready to bear that also. But fortunately or unfortunately me nd Sameera instantly clicked nd we became quiet a good friends. Directly or indirectly I use to tell Sameera about Maan nd try to know her feelings also nd I was happy to know that Sameera too have some feelings for Maan. so now it was tym to take next step nd that was to make Maan nd Sameera spend more tym with each other which I did tactfully by arranging a meet of 3 of us at canteen or college park or at coffee shop nd den excuse myself on the pretext of making some imp call or going to library for making notes etc etc. till the tym Maan nd Sameera get comfortable with each other I act as a link between both of them. I use to pass their gifts to each other, their small nd big notes to each other nd wat not. In all these the only person who was getting hurt was me myself but I bear all the pain just to make Maan happy. That was my love for him nd anyways Love should always be unconditional nd where there’s any condition there can’t be Love. This is wat I know about Love nd dis is wat I believe. I still didn’t know how will I react wen Maan nd Sameera will accept each other completely but I had faith on my Babaji nd I knew that he’ll give me enough strength to bear this heart break.


And finally the D-day came nd Maan proposes to Sameera on Valentine’s Day which she happily accepted. Maan was happy because Sameera accepted her proposal, Sameera was happy because the most eligible nd rich bachelor in town had proposed her nd I was happy because Maan had got the love of his lyf. I silently came back to my home leaving them alone to spend tym with each other. I finally achieved what I wanted to yet my heart was crying. I gave an excuse to mumma that I was not feeling well nd gone straight to my room nd cry my heart out after locking the door. Y I was crying I don’t know? Wasn’t I knew this before that this day will definitely come nd dis is what I want den y I am crying? Y I felt that I lost Maan forever? The person whom I Loved since the day I know the meaning of Love will be no longer mine but I should be happy for him na den y I am crying? I kept on asking these questions to myself nd crying nd didn’t realize wen I dozed off.


After that day everything started changing. Maan use to get very less tym to spend with me nd wenever we use to meet Sameera would also be there with him. I could clearly notice that Sameera doesn’t seems to be much happy with Maan spending sometym with me but thinking it as a fragment of my imagination I just shrug it off. I mean y would Sameera would have any problem with Maan spending sometym with me wen she knows that me nd Maan are best friends but still to avoid any complication in their relationship I myself started keeping some distance with Maan. Many tymes Maan asked me that am I avoiding him nd Everytym I use to say to him that it was all his assumption nd I am busy with college assignments. But least he knows that my heart was bleeding over here nd the worst part is that I can’t even let him know this.


But things didn’t turned out as I wanted to be as now Maan himself got so engrossed in his nd Sameera’s relationship that he hardly talks to me. At nights wenever I use to call him either his number would be busy or he was too tired to talk to me. Even in college also we hardly met even though we both were in same class. Maan’s visit to my home started decreasing day by day. I had become all alone as apart from Maan I don’t have any friend in the college. Therefore I use to spend my more nd more tym in Library or surfing net but it can’t fill the void of Maan in my lyf. I was missing my best friend, I was missing my Maan. But I can’t do anything rather then praying for his happiness yet at tymes I wanted him to be my side especially den wen I have to share some good or bad experience of mine but Maan was not there to listen to me. Or should I say Sameera never let Maan alone so that he could spend tym with me. I started getting withdrawn in my shell yet somewhere there was a hope that Maan will come like always to take me out from this shell. But I was wrong as one day something happened that shattered all my hopes completely.


That day I was really very much tensed because Papa was facing losses in his business from a very long tym but he didn’t let me nd Maa know about it. We wouldn’t have came to know about it that day also if Papa didn’t got fainted in office due to High BP. His manager has brought him home after getting him checked from doctor nd den only we came to know about everything. Maa haven’t left the Papa’s side even for a second nd remain seated near him. I silently went back to my room nd started crying after locking the door. I can’t be weak in front of Maa or else she won’t be able to bear it but I can cry wen she’s not around right. At that moment only person I needed was Maan. I immediately searched for my cellphone nd was about to dial his number wen I stopped myself thinking that he might be with Sameera but my heart needed him so badly at that moment dat I gave up in front of my heart nd dialed his number. It ringed one tym, two tym, three tymes but he didn’t pick up his cell. I called him 4 tymes yet there was no answer. Sighed I thought to send him SMS. May be he’s busy somewhere nd was not able to answer my call.


“Maan where are you? Please take my call or call me back as soon as you get my msg. it’s urgent.” I immediately send him a SMS hoping that he’ll call me back in no tym as soon as he’ll see my msg but he didn’t. I waited for whole 5 mins but he didn’t call me back which was so unusual of him.


“Maan I need you. There’s a big problem nd I feel all alone please come to me right now.” I msgd him once again thinking that may be now he’ll call me back as no matter how much busy he is but he’ll leave all his work behind if I was in any problem. But once again he proved me wrong nd I realized it den wen I got his msg.


“For god sake Laddoo try to tackle your problem yourself nd let me live nd enjoy my life peacefully. I am with Sam nd if you can then please leave me alone for some tym. It would be a great favour to me from you.” This was his msg nd all my hopes that Maan will be there with me in my hard tymes came crashing down nd I realized that I lost my best friend forever. I realized that now his priority will be Sameera nd not me. Maan had shown me what place I had in his lyf probably I need to accept this fact too. I walked back to my bed with numb legs still clutching my cellphone nd slept weeping.


After that day I didn’t called Maan neither did I msgd him anymore. Though I was surprised to see Maan behaving with me normally wen I met him at college next day as if nothing happened. But then I thought may be he didn’t even realize what sets of words he used to show me my place but now wen I know this fact then I can’t repeat the same mistake again. So I started avoiding coming face to face with Maan in college. Wenever I use to see him I just rushed to Library or any place where Maan can’t see me. This happened for whole 2 months nd I was successful in avoiding him. Maan had called me few tymes but Everytym I use to make some excuse or let Maa answer the call nd asks her to tell him that I am not at home. But it was not that easy what I thought because my traitor heart craves to be with him, to get a glimpse of him but I controlled all my urges wen I reminds of his words nd realize that probably he don’t need his Laddoo anymore now. I had no clue what’s happening in his lyf because I never tried to know as I wanted to give him his space. I was just contented to know that Maan is happy with Sameera nd now even I am not with him to disturb him. But once again fate proved me wrong as one morning I got a call from Sameera. I just came out from shower wen I heard my cellphone ringing nd I was surprised to see Sameera’s name on the screen as its been long since she had called me but thinking it to be important I answered the call only to find an enraged Sameera other side.


“So Ms. Geet Handa you must be happy now, isn’t it? Afterall you got successful in your plan.” I heard Sameera’s voice before even I could say hello


“Sameera, what are you talking about? I am not understanding a word.” I asked as I didn’t understand the reason of her sudden outburst.


Dnt act Smart Geet as if you don’t know anything. Don’t you know that Maan had broke up with me that too because of you?” Sameera shouted on top of her lungs but what all I could register is that Maan had broke up with Sam


Sam what are you talking about? Maan broke up with you? Why? When? Did you guys had a fight on something? I asked as knowing Maan I know that Sameera was not just his crush but more then that


“Oh stop this drama of yours Geet. I know that you must be celebrating now on the success of your plan. But mind you Geet that Maan is mine nd will always be mine. No matter how hard you try to separate me from him but u’ll not succeed in your plan. Just keep this thing in mind.” Sameera said nd hung up the call before even I could say something to her.


My mind went numb for a few minutes as I try to register the whole situation. Maan broke up with Sameera? But y? Nd Sameera said that it’s because of me? Y did I done? I didn’t even met Maan from whole 2 months den y she thought that I had conspired against them? I had all these questions running in my mind but at that moment my all questions seems to be baseless wen I remind of Maan. How he must be feeling right now? He must be very upset right now. I should be by his side because he won’t open his heart to anyone. He must be needing me at this moment. I thought as I immediately got dressed up nd left for Maan’s home leaving all my woes nd promises behind unknown of the final blow of destiny waiting for me


I immediately rushed to Maan’s room as soon as I reached KM only to get collided with Nayantara Maan’s sister. I just muttered a quick hello to her nd rushed to go to Maan’s room wen I felt a tug on my wrist. I turned to look behind only to see Nayantara standing behind with her anger filled eyes.


“Where do you think you are going?” Nayantara asked nd I was confused at this sudden question of hers. I knew that NT doesn’t like my presence at her home or in Maan’s lyf don’t know y? She never behaved normally with me unlike other members of Maan’s family. I know that may our business was not as big as her father’s but we too had some respect in society but don’t know y NT never liked me right from the Day 1 itself.


“Nayantara I am going to Maan’s room. He’s upset nd he needs me.” I said as I freed my hand from her only to be block by her again


“You are in a misconception Geet that he needs you. Because basically he doesn’t needs the person who’s the reason of his heartbreak.” Nayantara replied back only to humiliate me further but at that moment my priority is Maan


“NT we’ll sort out whatever confusion you are having later but abhi let me go to Maan please.” I literally pleaded her but she was nowhere to listen.


“Just stop your Drama Geet. You think that after what you had done with my brother I’ll let you near him. Maan can come into your influence because he didn’t know that evil mind behind this innocence but I won’t. Problem is that you never liked Sameera’s presence in Maan’s lyf because basically you were insecure that Maan won’t pay any attention to you after he’ll get Sameera. Nd you are jealous of Sameera because she’s beautiful then you nd she had Maan while you don’t have anyone because no guy would like to give you a second glance also so you thought of breaking Maan’s relationship with Sam so that you can have it all for yourself nd you succeeded in it also but you had forgotten one thing Geet that Maan’s sister is still alive nd she’ll not let any of your plans succeed.” NT kept on accusing me for the things that I cant even think of committing but I didn’t answered her back nd just shaked my head denying all her accusations because at that moment I just wanted to be with Maan because I know that Maan don’t think like that


“Nayantara it’s not true. Nd I’ll talk to Maan. I’ll make everything right between him nd Sam. Just let me meet him once.” I said as I was restless to see Maan because I know that he needs me.


“You think Maan will listen to you den sorry to disappoint you Geet but now even Maan knows your true face. Nd now even he doesn’t want you to be near him.” NT said nd I just stood dere numb with her revelation yet my heart doesn’t want to believe wat she was saying


“It can’t be true. I know Maan. I know that he don’t think like that. He may be angry on me but he can never think of me like that.” I said what my heart was telling me


“Fine you don’t believe me den go nd see yourself. Probably u’ll believe me wen Maan himself will ask you to go from his lyf.” As soon as NT said those words I rushed to Maan’s room not paying attention what she was saying further. I know wat my heart was saying is true. Maan will never held me responsible for his heartbreak nd I just need to prove this to NT


As soon as I reached to Maan’s room I found him standing near the window facing his back to me. He realized my presence as soon as I enter in the room like always nd I could say that because he tilted his head a bit but still didn’t look at me. My heartbeats were increasing by every passing minute as it continuously reminding me of NT’s words nd Maan’s behaviour was just confirming my doubts yet my heart was not ready to believe what NT said.


“Maan” I said softly as I entered in the room


“Stop right there Laddoo.” Maan’s cold voice made me stopped dead in my track nd I just stood over dere rooted. Did he just asked me to not to step inside. My heartbeats increased more as it feared for what had to come next.


“Maan Sameera��.” I tried to say something only to be interrupted by him


I don’t want to talk about it Laddoo. Just go from here.” he said in between nd I just took a step back. So does that mean what NT was saying is true. Maan held me responsible for all this. Yet my heart doesn’t believe it


“Maan I know wat u must be feeling. But��..” I tried to say something again only to be interrupted by him again


“Laddoo I said just go from here. Leave me alone for god sake. In which language should I tell you this? I don need you, I don’t need anyone. Just go away.” Maan’s loud voice startled me nd I felt my whole world came crashing down. I looked at Maan who was still facing the window. I just move backwards hoping that Maan would turn nd stop me from going like he use to do Everytym wen he gets angry on me but he didn’t rather he just banged his fist hard on nearby wall.


I move out from his room giving him a last glance. I was numb, shocked nd hurt all at the same tym. I didn’t know where my legs were carrying me for I was still in shock. NT was waiting for me near the stairs nd seeing my expressions she understand what Maan must have said to me


“So do you believe it now? I am sure you did nd now you won’t come near Maan. You know what you are nothing but a curse in Maan’s lyf. Maan can never be happy with you around. You are the reason for his heartbreak nd you’ll always be the reason of his unhappiness. Nd probably now Maan had also understood this thing. So now if you had a bit of shame left in you nd you had really considered Maan as your friend den just go away from his lyf like he wants nd never come back in his lyf. I don’t want any curse in my brother’s lyf. Now Get Out!!!” I heard NT’s voice as soon as I descended the stairs but I didn’t react as I was in no state to react. I just went out from KM nd came back to my house.


All the while Maan’s nd NT’s words were ringing in my ear. The fact that Man thinks me as a curse of his lyf had broke my heart into million pieces nd I just cant do anything. How badly I wished that all this turned out to be a nightmare but it didn’t. I was in shock for whole 3 days nd somewhere I waited for Maan’s call but he didn’t call me. I realize that now everything is over. 4th day I found a letter from the University of Canada for my admission in MBA from my drawer nd I had to join over dere within a week. I thought it as a sign of destiny nd immediately started doing all my arrangements for my departure. I haven’t met Maan since that day but I wanted to see him once before I leave this country nd I would have given up also in front of my heart if NT’s words didn’t buzzed in my mind nd I took my step back.


Geet, wat kind of Promise you are asking for me.” Papa asked me surprised as i stood in front of him with my luggage at the airport


“Papa Please just fulfill my this promise nd I promise that I’ll never ask you for anything else nd do whatever you say.”


“Geet are you even understanding what you are saying? You are asking me to not to tell Maan where you are? You think he’ll be in peace after knowing that you had left from here. Nd you don’t even want him to let know that you had left. Please Beta don’t put me in such a critical situation.” Papa literally pleaded me knowing the depth of mine nd Maan’s friendship. He was not only my father but my friend, philosopher nd guide nd I was more close to him then Maa but yet I can’t tell him anything


“Please Papa. Till now you had given me everything that I asked for. Please give me dis last thing too nd I promise I won’t ask you for anything else.” I literally pleaded him making sure that he don’t see my tears.


“But Beta what had happened all of a sudden that you are taking such a big step. Did you had any fight with Maan? See if this is the reason then just put it aside. You both are best friends beta nd in friendship such fights use to happen but we can’t let our friendship spoil in this.” Papa tried to explain me but he didn’t know that the matter is much worse then wat he’s thinking.


“Papa it’s nothing like that. Nd I can’t tell you anything right now. Please promise me Papa that you’ll not tell Maan where am I or y did I left? Please promise me or else I wont be happy over dere.” I begged in front of him nd he sighed knowing that he can’t win from his daughter.


“Fine. I promise you that I won’t tell Maan where are you or why you left? Now smile ok.” Papa said as he hugged me before leaving


“Be happy over dere beta nd take care of yourself. Nd always remember your Papa is always dere for you. You can share with me whatever you want.” Papa said while pulling out from hug nd I just nodded. He kissed my forehead affectionally before I leave for my security check nd wave me good bye. He kept on looking at me until I got disappeared form his eyes nd den left from airport.


Here I was also heading to board the flight. I know after this day everything will be changed or should I ay that everything had already changed. I am leaving my country, my home, my friends, my parents, my family nd most importantly I am leaving my Maan. nd the mere thought of leaving him had squeezed my heart out. I am not leaving my Maan but I am leaving my heart, my soul over here. from this day Maan wont be there with me to protect me from everything, from this day Maan wont be there with me to make me laugh on his silly jokes, from this day Maan wont e there with me to sing a song for me wenever I’ll feel low nd most importantly from this day I’ll not be Maan’s Laddoo anymore because from this day I’ll only be Geet, GEET HANDA, a girl who had lost the very thing that she never wanted to lose nd all she was left with was the memories that she had cherish for whole of her lyf.


                      ********~~~~~~Back to Present~~~~~********


The loud shrill of Geet’s phone jolted her back into reality nd she looked at the watch which shows 3 am of night. God from how long she was lost in her past she herself didn’t realize. She looked down below at her diary which was now wet with her tears nd dats wen it dawn upon her that she was crying too. Another round of ringtone broke her thoughts nd she looked at her mobile screen only to find “Meera” flashing on it. She frowned as she looked at the watch nd instantly picked up the phone fearing of something dreadful.


Geet are you fine. Y didn’t you picked up your cell before? Nd you left the party also without informing me? You okay Na? If there’s any problem den I can come over dere?” Geet heard Meera’s voice full of panic before she could even say Hello. She jut rolled over her eyes seeing her over-protective friend who was calling her at 3 am of night just to ask if she’s okay. Silly girl!!!


Meera, Meera relax! Take a breath first. Ok so first thing first. I am perfectly fine. I didn’t pick up the cell before because I didn’t expect you to call me at 3 am of night. I couldn’t able to inform you about my leave because I was not able to spot you nd it didn’t strike me to call you nd inform that I am leaving. Nd I am absolutely ok nd dere’s no sort of problem.” Geet answered each nd every questions of Meera patiently nd she could swear that she heard Meera sighing in relief from the other side.


Wo actually na I got worried for you. I saw Dev leaving the party alone nd you were nowhere to be seen. Someone told me that you had left the party with someone else so I just got worried nd thatsy…….”


“Nd thatsy you called me at 3 am of night because you were not able to sleep peacefully over dere.” Geet completed her sentence nd Meera chuckled.


“You know me well. Sorry to disturb you at this hour of night. Anyways with whom had you left the party?” Meera asked as a matter of fact nd Geet stiffened not knowing how to reveal the name of the person to Meera.


“Wo I left with Maan.” Geet said slowly waiting for Meera to blast nd as expected she blasted from the other side.


What? You had gone with that jerk Maan Singh Khurana? How dare he come near you? If I would be present at that moment den I swear that I would strangle him. Nd Dev? Does he know about it? Geet, tell me honestly Dev didn’t misbehaved with you Na after you left the party.” Geet put the cellphone a bit away from her ear as Meera started her another round of questioning.


“Meera calm down first. I told you that everything is fine. Dev didn’t misbehaved with me nd as far as Maan is concerned please Meera don’t bad mouth him. you know what he did for me today. He���.” Geet narrated her about all the things Maan did for her today excluding the Dev’s part because knowing Meera she knows how much worried she’ll get.


Meera just listened to everything with her jaw dropped open. She didn’t believe that someone could be so caring. So does that mean that her perception for Maan is wrong, she thought. But wen she thought of Geet’s condition during dose initial days wen she met her first tym her anger took over her once again. She had seen how much Geet use to get reserved from everyone, how she was drawn in her own shell, she had always find an emptiness in her eyes nd with great difficulty she had befriended her. Nd one day Geet told her everything about Maan nd their relationship wen she accidently found Maan’s pic under Geet’s pillow nd since then Meera had this immense hatred towards Maan which is still there. Nd today wen she heard from Geet for what Man had done for her to make this day special then it was not easy for her to digest everything so easily.


“Meera, Maan is not like what you think of him. He still cares for me like before.” Geet’s voice broke her thoughts nd she just rolled over her eyes seeing her best friend’s praising song of Maan


Whatever but for me he’ll always remain a jerk nd this reality won’t change ever.” Meera said in a resigning tone nd Geet chuckled knowing that Meera’s perception can never change. For once there can be friendship between Obama nd Osama Bin Laden but changing Meera’s perception for someone is next to impossible.


“Fine baba! don’t change your perception. But abhi sleep or tomorrow Yash will blame me for not letting him sleep peacefully.” Geet said nd both of them laughed out loud. Meera bid a bye to Geet nd cuts the call but not before warning Geet to inform her if she had any problem


Geet smiled nd puts her cellphone aside before lyieng down on her bed. She took out Maan’s photo from the drawer nd caressed it softly. This was her habbit from past 6 years to look at Maan’s photo nd talk to him before going to sleep. She hugged the photo tight to herself as sleep took over her nd she dozed off dreaming of her Maan like always not knowing the turn in events in her lyf that Destiny had decided to bring in her lyf for good to give her the reward for all her sacrifices nd her true nd selfless Love.


The loud shrill of doorbell of Geet’s flat disturbed her sleep nd she puts pillow over her ear to block the noise which was disturbing her sleep but it didn’t helped as whosever was at the door was continuously ringing the bell. Finally she got up nd throwed away the pillow in frustration nd looked at the watch which showed 6.30 am of the morning. She was feeling hell sleepy as she hardly slept last nite nd now the person on the door was just adding to her miseries. She thought that it may be Milkman to deliver milk but on the second thoughts he never rings the bell continuously as if she don’t open the door within two rings den he delivers her part of milk to her neighbor De Souza aunty but today nothing of that sort happened nd he’s continuously ringing the bell.


“Probably today Aunty is not at home” she thought as she gets down from the bed lazily nd dragged her legs towards the kitchen to get the utensil.


“Coming” she said in a groggy voice wen she heard the ring of door bell again.


Her eyes were totally nd was closing again nd again due to lack of sleep but she somehow dragged her steps towards the door nd opened the door with her eyes half closed without even seeing whose on the door.


“Kya Bhaiya savere-savere neend disturb kar di. If I was not opening the door then you should have given the milk to De Souza Aunty Na like always. Anyways from next tym keep this thing in mind nd ya today give 1/2 Kg of milk more. I had to prepare Kheer today.” Geet said as she yawned with her eyes still half closed extending the utensil towards the person leaning her head on the edge of the door waiting for him to pour the milk


[What Bhaiya? You disturbed my sleep so early morning. If I was not opening the door then you should have given the milk to De Souza Aunty Na like always. Anyways from next tym keep this thing in mind nd ya today give Kg of milk more. I had to prepare Kheer today]


But instead of that she felt someone splashing water on her face jerking her up from her beauty sleep. She snapped open her eyes immediately trying to register what happened all of a sudden. She looked at herself from top to bottom only to find her face nd upper part of her t-shirt drenched in water. That’s wen she heard someone laughing out loudly nd as she looked at the direction of the voice only to find Maan laughing loudly while holding his stomach. She blinked her eyes couple of tymes to make sure that she’s not dreaming. Maan is here? How? When? Why? What is he doing over here so early morning? All these questions were running in her mind as she looked at Maan confused who was trying his best to control his laugh.


“Maan” she muttered in disbelief still not fathom whether it’s a reality or a dream or her mind is playing tricks on her


“No Madam Ji, Milkman. Uoo Ka hai na hamaar bhaisiyaan bimaar pad gayi aaj to toko Pani se hi kaam chalana padiye.” He said in typical Bhojpuri style nd again burst out in laugh while Geet just looked at him in disbelief with her eyes wide open. Did he just spoke in Bhojpuri with her?


[No Madam Ji, Milkman. Wo Actually today my buffalo has got ill so today you had to manage with water only.]


After meeting Geet last nite Maan just couldn’t control himself from meeting her again. Only he knows how he had spent whole nite thinking about her waiting for tym to pass quickly nd morning comes soon so that he could meet his Laddoo again. If it was in his hands then he would have fast forwarded the tym to make it pass quickly but unfortunately he can’t so that instead of waiting for tym to go fast. He had even thought of going to her home also at that very moment but then somehow controlled his urges as his gaze falls on watch which showed 2 am. It won’t be right if he goes to her place at this tym of nite as she’s no more just his Laddoo, she’s engaged nd he don’t know why but this mere thought was pricking his heart like anything. He felt like something breaking inside him. He still can’t digest the fact that his Laddoo belongs to someone else now nd he himself don’t know why. He should be happy for his best friend who’s going to start new phase of her lyf but he don’t know why he was not happy. It was as if he was losing something very dear to him. May be because till now it was only he who was dere in her though as her best friend nd today wen he saw her with someone else then its getting difficult for him to adjust with it nd as the tym passes he’ll get comfortable with it, he thought as he laid on his bed wide awake reminiscing all the moments he spent with his Laddoo right from the tym they met for the first tym to their friendship to all those sweet cute little fights to their moral nd emotional support to their teasing each other everything.


Whole night passed in these thoughts nd finally the clock struck 5. Maan immediately got down from his bed nd stuffed a pair of clothes in his backpack along with his toiletries nd headed outside for his jog. He had planned a special surprise for his Laddoo nd he knew that not even in her widest dream Geet will expect him to be at her flat this early morning nd now the surprised nd shocked expression on her face has confirmed all his doubts that his plan was successful but along with his surprising Geet there was something which surprised him more nd it was his own emotions wen he saw Geet opening door.


Wen Geet had opened the door then all the senses of Maan seem to be blocked just by looking at her. Her hairs were totally in mess, clothes upright, her drowsy eyes nd her groggy voice all was giving her a seductress look nd for a moment Maan just gets lost in her innocent yet seductive beauty nd for a moment Maan felt like taking her away from here to place where he can have her all for himself. But next moment he whacked himself mentally for having such erotic thoughts for his Laddoo. She was his friend, his best friend, then how can he think of her in this way. But to give it a thought it was strange. He never felt such thoughts for her before when they were together nd much more closer though friendly, then why is he having it now. is it because she has changed physically nd was looking much more beautiful then before or because he had met her after so long thatsy he was feeling like this, he thought as he looked at Geet who was leaning against the door waiting for him oops Milkman to pour the milk. And that’s wen as if to distract himself a mischievous idea came into his mind nd he removed his bottle from his backpack nd splashes the water over her face to wake her up from her beauty sleep nd as he looked at her shocked nd surprised expression he couldn’t hold back his laugh anymore nd now here he was laughing maniacally god knows after how long.


“Maan, you? You are really here?” Geet asked yet again still not able to recover from shock.


“O Laddoo! You are looking so adorable.” Maan said as he pulled her cheek nd takes her in his embrace nd that’s wen Geet realize that it was not her dream. Maan is actually here.


Only god knows how many tymes she dreamt of him coming like this unexpected for surprising her nd then taking her far away from all this with him forever in these 6 years. Nd today wen her dream has actually turned into reality then she’s not able to comprehend whether to believe it or not. Because if it turns out to be her dream yet again then she won’t be able to bear it. But the warmth of his embrace made her realize that it was not her dream but reality. Maan is actually here with her, holding her close to him. And then it hits her that what is he doing over here so early morning.


“Maan, what are you doing over here that too early morning?” Geet asked pulling out from his embrace nd Maan frowned hearing such question from her. No doubts she was happy seeing him but her fear of what if Dev comes to know about it had made her ask this stupid question.


Y Laddoo? Don’t you like me coming to your home like this? Cant I come to your home to surprise you?” she heard Maan’s voice nd could easily sense the tinge of disappointment in it due to her silly question


“No Maan it’s nothing like that. It was just I didn’t expect you to be here so early morning. That’s it.” Geet immediately covered up her stupidity with her lovely smile making Maan smile too.


“Bas I was missing my Laddoo nd thought to surprise her so here I am.” Maan said though casually but it stirred somewhere in Geet’s heart.


“I wish you would have done it 6 years back then may be things would be different.” Geet thought as she looked at him with a faint smile.


“Hey had you planned to make me stand at the door only whole day. Let me come in atleast.” Maan’s voice broke her thoughts nd that’s wen she realized that she didn’t even asked him to come inside.


“Oh! I am so sorry. Come inside.” Geet said as she slapped her forehead on her stupidity showing him the way while still standing at the door looking at him entering her home. She don’t know why but she felt like he was just not entering her home but in her life yet again to bring back all her happiness.


“By the way Laddoo you can also come inside. Consider it as your home only or is that you are waiting for your milkman.” Maan’s voice broke her thoughts nd she found him chuckling nd winking at her. Her mouth dropped open seeing him making fun of her.


“Maan, you Devil, You never leaves a chance to make fun of me.” Geet said as she marched towards him whacking his arm.


“Ouch Laddoo! You really hit hard yaar.” Maan said as he rubbed his arm while Geet rolled over her eyes seeing his melodrama.


Anyways how could I leave any chance to tease you wen you never leave any chance to di the stupidities. I mean you didn’t even bother to see the person at the door nd made him milkman. Tell me Laddoo, till now how many persons has become milkman according to you.” Maan teased her while chuckling nd Geet looked away pouting angrily.


Acha now stop your drama, you drama queen nd tell me what’s the problem. I mean why you didn’t slept well at night that you are feeling this sleepy.” Maan asked while knotting his brows nd Geet looked everywhere but him. How is she going to tell him that she’s reminiscing her memories with him whole night? How is she going to tell him that it’s not the tale of just last nite but every nite?


“I guess I know the reason. You were thinking about me whole nite. Isn’t it?” Maan said smiling warmly nd Geet looked at his shocked nd confused. How did he know? Was it so evident in her eyes? Maan chuckled seeing her shocked nd confused expressions nd instantly came more close to her.


“You know Laddoo! I so missed seeing this confused face of yours.” he said as he pulled her cheeks affectionally yet again.


“And I know that because I too did the same. I too slept a wink last nite as I too couldn’t stop myself from thinking about you nd our tym together whole tym. So if I can’t sleep den how can you be an exception. Afterall our memories together are cherished by you also, isn’t it?” Maan said looking straight into her eyes nd Geet find herself getting lost in his words nd his honeyed eyes.


His words stirred those emotions inside her heart which she was trying to suppress from past 6 years nd today his words had given a new hope to them. He thought of her whole night that means he too remembers her the way she remembers him. Just the mere thought was giving so much soothing affect to her aching heart. But next moment realization dawn upon her nd she realized that she’s again expecting too much. She’s again seeing those dreams which can never be turn into reality. Maan remembered her whole nite because they met after 6 whole years unlike her who had never forget him even for a nanosecond in all these years. But least she knows that even Maan was sailing on the same boat in which she was sailing all these years.


“Hey where are you lost?” Maan said as he clicked his fingers in front of her bringing her out in reality.


“Nothing, just like that.” Geet said as she hides the layer of tear in her eyes behind her smile.


“Anyways tell me where’s the washroom. I need to take a shower first nd then we’ll have our breakfast together.” Maan said as he looked around himself trying to locate the washroom nd Geet looked at him in surprise. He had really planned to kill her today with his surprises, she thought as she looked at him disbelievingly.


“Shower? Here? You are going to take shower over here? At my house?” Geet asked still not believing why on earth he had to came all the way from his mansion to her flat to take shower.


“Why? Do you have water supply problem in your flat?” Maan said sarcastically nd chuckled.


“Maan” Geet whined not so happy with his sarcasm.


“C’mon yaar Laddoo how can you be so dumb? Ofcourse I am going to take shower over here or you want me to spend my whole day in t-shirt nd tracks.”


“That’s what I wanted to say Maan that why on earth had you came all the way from your mansion to my flat to take shower. I mean you could have taken it over dere too nd den can come here.” Geet said as she tried to make some sense of his weird act


Wat did you said ‘My flat‘? Laddoo since wen did ‘mine’ nd ‘yours’ came between us? Everything between us is ‘ours’ nd this home is not just your home but mine too. Its our home Laddoo” Maan said stressing on each nd every word he said nd Geet felt her eyes welling up in tears seeing him showing his right on her.


He may not even realize but this small gesture of his has brought back all those memories in her heart which she was carrying nd cherishing all these years along with some new hopes He was always like that only. Always showing his right on her nd her belongings. ‘Our’ how badly she wanted to hear this word from his mouth. How badly she wished that this ‘our’ had never gone in their relationship. But the fact is that it had already gone on the day he asked her to leave from his life. But still wen today he called her home as ‘theirs’ den she cant stop herself falling more nd more for him. No matter how much pain she got due to her yet she can’t stop loving him ever.


“And second thing I came straight away over here because I wanted to spend my maximum tym with you. i know that no matter how much tym we spend together that wont be enough to bridge this gap of 6 years but still I wanted to create as much memories as we can so that wen we look back den these 6 years doesn’t even seems to exist. I wanted to live all those tym nd moments with you that I missed in all these 6 years. Nd I promise Laddoo that I’ll do it. An waise bhi someone has said to me that We don’t know what’s going to happen in future den atleast live your present to the fullest nd gain as much happiness nd memories as you can. So I am doing just that only.” Maan said flashing his best smile nd as soon as he completed himself he felt Geet flunging his arms around him tight hiding herself in his embrace. Maan was first surprised with this sudden action of hers but then wrapped his arms around her protectively thinking that she must be feeling nostalgic Afterall his Laddoo is very much emotional. But least he knows things are very different from what he’s seeing.


Geet couldn’t hold herself back anymore. It was just too much for her to handle nd as a result she hugged him tight making sure that she’s not dreaming. His each nd every word was like a soothing balm on her wounded heart. He was here for her leaving everything behind just like before to bridge the gap of 6 years between them. She couldn’t ask for anything else. Yet the realization that it’s too late for everything now was there deep in her heart crashing all those hopes which again start arising in her heart with the arrival of Maan. if only he could have came before, if only he could have stopped her that day from going away from his home then things would have been different today. But today everything has changed nd no matter how much he tries or how much she wish but nothing can be made like before for her lyf is already destined with Dev nd nothing could change that now.


“It’s too late now Maan. I wish you would have come 6 years back then today we don’t need to bridge this gap between us nd may be it would be us being together” Geet thought as tears made way down her eyes realizing the reality of her lyf.


Maan sensed her tears as it wets his t-shirt nd he instantly pulled her out from his embrace only to find her in tears. And it pricked his heart, it always does. He had always made sure that she never cries wen they were together nd today seeing her in tears has made him die thousand deaths. He cupped her face nd wiped away those tears which were way too precious for him while Geet looked at him with teary eyes. That’s when Maan noticed some unknown emotions in her eyes which he never saw before. They were showing numerous emotions; there was some complaints, some shattered hopes, some unsaid words nd most importantly there was some pain which he never witnessed before. But he didn’t understand why is it so. Was it because she was feeling nostalgic like him, he thought as he looked deep into her eyes trying to understand those unsaid words.


“Laddoo, what happen? Why there are tears in your eyes? Did I hurt you?” She heard Maan’s voice laced in concern nd that’s wen she realized that she’s crying nd Maan could easily read her heart through her eyes like always. She immediately looked down as this thought crossed her mind nd closed her eyes to compose herself.


“No Maan, nothing like that. It was just I was feeling nostalgic. That’s it.” she lied hiding her pain behind faint smile nd Maan pulled her back in his embrace


Hey Laddoo! Now no more tears. I am here now nd I’ll make everything like before.” Maan said nd Geet closed her eyes wishing it to be true but unfortunately it won’t.


Won’t you need to take shower?” Geet said after a while pulling out from hug to lighten the situation


“Why, am I stinking?” Maan said with a smirk nd dey both burst out in laughter. After a while wen their laugh subsided den Geet showed him the way to guest room so that he could get fresh while she went in her room to take shower.




It half an hour since Maan had come to her flat. Geet took a quick shower nd immediately made her way towards kitchen to prepare breakfast because she knows that the first thing Maan would need after his shower is his breakfast. She still remember the tym wen he use to make fuss if there’s one minute delay in his breakfast be it at her home or his. so today she don’t want tornado to hit her home, she thought nd chuckled at her own thought. She had already fetched Milk from De Souza aunty who gave her a concern lecture for ignoring her health wen she saw her eyes red nd deprived from sleep. She was excitedly making Kheer today for Maan. She knows that Kheer is not only Maan’s favourite but also his weakness. Nd anyways she was already going to make Kheer today to celebrate her meeting with Maan after 6 whole years nd now she had got the reason too therefore she wanted to celebrate this double happiness with this special dish which is Maan’s favourite. As she stirs the Kheer her mind automatically travelled to the memory which was related to this Kheer only.




It was the tym wen Maan nd Geet were in 2nd year of their college. That day he was sitting in his room with a grumpy face without having anything since morning. And the reason for his this hunger strike is his father scolding him for messing up with someone in their college nd Maan ends up beating that guy until he felt unconscious. It was college teachers who had pulled him away from that guy or else Maan would end up killing him that day. Therefore Mr. Khurana’s reaction on this action of his son was oblivious nd he ends up giving him good lecture nd scoldings on maintaining the decorum of Khurana’s name nd fame. Nd as a result Maan was at hunger strike now as he think that his Dad didn’t understand him which was not true anyways because he understands him nd he knows that if he was at Maan’s place den he too have done the same but at the same tym he was a Khurana too nd he needs to maintain the dignity of this name.


Geet came to know about his so called hunger strike wen Dadimaa had called her telling her about his heated argument with his Dad. Without wasting a minute she made her way towards his home. As soon as she reached home she was greeted by worried Dadimaa nd not so happy Nayantara who made a face by seeing Geet which she choose to ignore. Dadimaa told her everything nd asked her if she could help them as she knows that it’s just a cake walk for her. Geet smirked as a plan came into her mind. She asked Dadimaa to prepare Kheer nd as soon as she prepared it Geet made her way towards his room with Kheer giving Dadimaa a new hope while Nayantara just found it stupidity nd nothing else. She didn’t understand that wen Maan didn’t listen to them nd especially Dadimaa den how will he listen to Geet but Dadimaa knows that only Geet could do this miracle.


Oh there you are with your famous Akdoo look” Geet said as soon as she stepped inside his room.


“Laddoo I am in very bad mood so better don’t talk to me nd just go from here.” Maan replied in anger looking other way


“Ae Lo! Wen did I said that I am here for chit chat. Wo to I was getting bored at home so thought of coming here. Nd dare you shoved me out from this room. It’s my house too.” Geet replied non chalantly as she sat comfortably on bed facing her back towards Maan.


“By the way I heard that you are in some sort of hunger strike.” Geet said nd it just added fuel to his anger.


“Shut Up Laddoo! Nd pls stop irritating me nd go from here for god sake. I don’t want to talk to you now nd don’t blame me later that I didn’t warn you.” Maan said rather angrily but it had least effect on Geet for she knows that it was his anger on the situation was speaking up nd not him.


Arey Tum to naraaz ho Gaye. Main to Isiliye bol rahi thi ki now since you are on hunger strike then I can easily have this Kheer peacefully without sharing it to anyone.” Geet said nd looked at him corner of her eyes nd his expression was the same as expected by her because as soon as Maan heard the word Kheer his ears shot up nd he peeped at the direction of Geet to see if she’s saying true or lie


[Arey you got angry. I was saying because now since you are on hunger strike then I can easily have this Kheer peacefully without sharing it to anyone]


“Hhmmm wow Kheer made by Dadimaa is the best thing in this world. Nd I am so lucky that I got the chance to relish it alone without sharing it to anyone.” she said as she faked to take a spoon in her mouth nd again looked at him nd smirked as she noticed Maan trying to resist his temptation for Kheer behind his anger


Waise Maan thank god you are on hunger strike Warna I won’t be able to relish even a spoonful of Kheer because u’ll have it all for yourself. But thanx to your hunger strike now I am able to relish it peacefully. Hhmmm Maza aa Gaya. Thank you Babaji Maan ki hunger strike ke liye” she keeps on saying further faking relishing the kheer while trying her best to suppress her laugh which was desperate to escape seeing Maan’s vulnerable condition


Nd at last the last strand of Maan’s patience broke nd he came near Geet nd literally snatched away the bowl of Kheer from her hands nd started having it as if he was starving from ages while Geet looked at him with a smile on her face nd a lone tear of happiness in her eyes seeing him eating like a kid. She sighed in relief seeing him finally having something. Maan stopped in mid nd looked at Geet who was watching him with a smile on her face nd that’s wen it dawn upon him that she did all for him. He shakes his head seeing the stubbornness of this girl who always make him agree on her terms. He knows that she didn’t even had a spoon of Kheer because he didn’t had it till now.


“You did it all for me, isn’t it? You didn’t even relish a spoon of it.” Maan said as she said beside her nd holds her hand in reply to which Geet took a spoonful of Kheer nd puts it before his mouth but instead he shoved it to her mouth surprising Geet.


“I know you too equally like it so have it without any argument. Nd ya I can share it with you.” Maan said nd Geet chuckled making him smile too.


“Why you always are so angry Maan? You know how much you made everyone worried by going on this hunger strike?” Geet said as soon as they finished their Kheer to which Maan just looked other way


“Maan I know you are upset with what uncle has said but Maan he was not wrong either. You know Ketan is at hospital right now because you had beaten him up this much.” Geet said nd Mana again felt the anger coursing through his veins


I haven’t done anything wrong. Nd I’ll do it in future too if anyone will say a word to you.” Maan said nd Geet sighed knowing he would never change.


“How dare he? How dare he to make fun of you in front of his friends. How dare he call you a looser nd fatso? Just because you complaint about him to the principal he’ll humiliate you nd harass you in front of his filthy friends. Arey if he would be a Man Na then he wouldn’t try to misbehave with you like this that too wen I was not there at college. If teachers didn’t pull me away from him den I won’t even hesitate killing him.” Maan said feeling raged as the scene of Geet getting insulted in front of college came in front of his eyes.


He was not even wrong Maan. I am a dumb nd average girl. No guy would like to spare a glance to me. I am a fatso nd will always remain that nd just by him saying the same to me didn’t made any difference nd till how long you’ll protect me from whole world. No one can change this reality that I am not like the girls of today’s world. I am…” she couldn’t complete herself as Maan’s enraged voice interrupted her in between.


“Shut up Laddoo! Dare you say this thing again? I swear I won’t hesitate before slapping you. I don’t care what Ketan or others say but for me you are special nd will always be special. Nd I’ll protect you till my last breath got it. Nd if I had to repeat the same thing in future too then I’ll do that without any regret. You are my best friend Laddoo nd I can’t take a word against you. Nd I swear that I’ll make the lyf of that person hell who’ll give even a slightest pain to you. Just a scratch on you nd I’ll dig that person in ground alive nd that’s a promise.” Maan said in an enraged voice while Geet just looked at him in awe nd Love seeing him giving her so special place in his lyf.


               ********~~~~~~Back to Present~~~~~********


Geet came out from her thoughts wen she heard the door of guest room being opened nd she realized that Maan is coming outside. She instantly wiped that tear that came out from her eyes remembering those blissful moments with him so that Maan won’t see her crying. She immediately covered the lid of the utensil in which she had prepared Kheer so that Maan won’t be able to know as she wants to give him surprise.


“Hey Laddoo! Wat are you doing?” Maan said as soon as he came near Geet in the kitchen.


“Nothing just preparing breakfast for a foody person like you.” Geet teased nd Maan pouted in fake anger


“Hey I am not foody it was just I need my breakfast on tym.” Maan reasoned himself nd Geet rolled her eyes


Ya ya as if I don’t know. Liar” Geet said nd chuckled while preparing Pasta for him.


“Anyways leave all that nd tell me where is Rano Maa? I haven’t seen her since I came. She doesn’t live with you?” Maan asked nd Geet stiffened for a moment listening to his question


“Wo Maa is at Hoshiarpur.” Geet said after a while composing herself.


Hoshiarpur? Why?” Geet closed her eyes as soon as she heard Maan’s another question. It was much more difficult then what she thought but she has to handle this situation anyhow.


Wo after Papa’s death Maa was not able to live back at Delhi so she decided to move to Hoshiarpur where there are memories of her nd Papa during initial days of their marriage” Geet said calmly all the while looking down in the pan concentrating on making Pasta


“Nd your business? What about that?” she heard another question of his nd she just want to hide somewhere escaping from his questions.


“Wo business was already in losses nd after Papa’s death we decided to wind it up. Though Brij Veerji is still trying his best to re set up it again as it was Papa’s dream business.” Geet said with blank expression nd Maan felt something piercing his heart. Not once did she met his gaze with his nd this was something unusual for her. He wanted her to look into his eyes so that he could understand whether there is any kind of problem or is she hiding something from him but he don’t want to bother her either from his interrogation so he decided to drop the topic for now but not before making a note in his mind that he’ll go to the depth of everything.


“I came to know about uncle’s death wen I came back from London. I go to your house also but it was locked nd I came to know that all of you had moved out from there.” Maan said with a sigh as he sat on kitchen counter beside Geet.


“Something are not in our hands Maan. What can we do in front of our destiny Maan? It was all the game played by God.” Geet said with a sigh as tears threaten to fall from her eyes which Maan saw.


He don’t want to see her in tears again therefore his mind was formulating some plan from which he could lighten this gloomy situation wen his gaze falls on refrigerator nd he smirked as some mischievous idea came into his mind. He slowly get down from the counter nd took out the ice cubes from the freezer. Geet was too lost in her thoughts to notice any of actions of Maan. Maan came nd stand behind her nd looked at her for a moment to make sure that she didn’t sensed what he’s upto. Nd wen he was sure enough he put the ice cube inside her kurti from back nd Geet shrieked as she felt a sudden coldness in her spine. She turned wen she heard Maan laughing nd that’s wen she saw him with ice tray nd everything registered in her mind.


“Maan, you Devil what did you do?” Geet shouted as she tried to put out the ice cube which was inside her kurti making her back numb with coldness making Maan laugh more.


“o Laddoo you are looking so cute. Wait let me take a pic of you.” Maan said as he pulls out his mobile phone nd Geet’s jaw dropped open seeing his audacity. She somehow managed to get off that ice cube nd ran behind him to teach him a lesson.


Maan instantly ran out of kitchen saving his lyf from her as she was hell angry. She keeps on running behind him muttering profanities to him while Maan keep on laughing. She throwed on him whatever came into her hands; cushions, remote, vase nd wat not nd Maan successfully dodged them all. They ran around the sofa nd dining table like a kid with Maan continuously laughing nd Geet cursing him. He gets inside her room nd finally Geet got hold of him nd she started hitting him with her small fist. Maan as a reflex held her hands in his strong grip nd she tried her best to free it from his grip which was next to impossible as he was way too strong for her.


In process of freeing herself from his grip Geet lost her balance nd she falls on the bean bag behind her with Maan on top of her nd then everything seems to be freeze. The smile on Maan’s face started fading as he realized his proximity with her nd he felt something he never felt before. Geet’s breathings got ragged as she realized their proximity nd in condition in which they were in. but at that moment none wanted to let go of each other. It was as if all their senses were paralyzed. Maan’s grip on her wrists gets loosened nd he slowly let go of them looking deep into her eyes. There was something in her eyes on which he couldn’t put his finger on but he was sure that whatever it is, it is for him just for him. He felt her chest heaving up nd down against his due to her ragged breathings nd it was just arousing some unknown desires in him. He tried to look away from her but couldn’t. It was as if some unknown thread was pulling him towards her. His condition was like a moth who was getting attracted by a flame.


Geet’s condition was not less. She had dreamt of all these moments with him only in her dreams nd today it was all happening in real nd she was not able to understand whether to be happy being close to him or to be sad for this moment won’t last for long. She could hear her loud heartbeats which was as erratic as it was then wen she saw him first tym. She looked deep into Maan’s eyes only to find him lost in her hazels nd she feared that he would see that Love which she has hidden for him all these years but at that moment her heart was not at control nd she just couldn’t tear away her gaze from his. Geet closed her eyes wen she felt Maan’s fingers caressing her soft skin as he removed her hair strands from her face which was blocking his view. Maan saw her closed eyes nd den at her angelic face which was so beautiful nd so close to him. He don’t know what’s happening to him but whatever it is it was very beautiful nd very divine. He saw her opening her eyes wen she felt his fingers withdrawing away nd once again he gets lost into her deep hazels trying to read those unsaid emotions which he knew was just for him. Geet too keeps looking at his eyes where she found only her reflection nd she desperately trying to search just a glimpse of those emotions which was there in her eyes for him. But next moment her eyes widens in shock nd horror wen she saw someone advancing towards him with a metal vase to hit him on his head


“MAAN!!!!!” She shrieked in horror breaking Maan’s trance nd pushed him away to save him from the stroke but it already hits him nd it confirmed wen she heard Maan screaming in pain.

It took Geet sometym to register what happened nd as soon as she registered it she immediately got up from the bean bag to go towards Maan who was holding his head. Luckily the shot was missed due to Geet’s scream nd her pushing him away nd the vase just hits his forehead but it was hard enough to make his forehead bleed. Geet rushed towards Maan to hold him when she saw the person again advancing towards the Maan with the same vase. Nd her eyes widens in horror when she saw that person again going to hit him while Maan was unaware as he was facing his back towards them while holding his head.


“Meera Leave him. What are you doing?” Geet said holding Meera’s hand from one hand nd from other she holds her waist to stop her before she could hit Maan again.


“You Molester! How dare you to lay your eyes on my friend. Already you guys have been Threat to every girl outside nd now you all have started you horrendous deeds inside their homes too. But don’t think that she’s alone. I am here with her nd tumhe to main abhi batati hoon…” Meera ranted ignoring to what Geet is saying continuously nd struggles in Geet’s hold as she again extended her hand to hit while Geet just rolled her eyes seeing her over protective friend


“Meera listen to me. He’s not what you are thinking.” She tried to make her understand yet again but all in vain


“Geet you don’t worry. I am here now. He won’t be able to do anything to you.” Meera said all in concern ignoring Maan’s presence nd the last thread of Geet’s patience broke.


Stop it Meera. Atleast hear me out first. He’s not any kind of molester. He’s Maan. dis you hear that, HE’S MAAN” Geet finally blasted nd left her nd immediately rush towards Maan who was wincing in pain while holding his head leaving Meera behind rooted at her place


Meera had come to Geet’s house out of worry. Since the tym Geet had informed her about Maan’s arrival nd him taking her out in front of Dev, she was hell worried. Though Geet had assured her that Dev didn’t misbehaved with her for that yet Meera was not convinced as knowing Dev she knows that he can’t take this lightly nd especially if that person is Maan then Dev’s rage reach to new heights. She was sure that Geet is hiding something from her therefore she decided to confront her face to face as Geet wont be able to lie to her then. Thinking this she just headed towards Geet’s home asking Yash to leave for office while she’ll join after sometym. She was about to knock the door but then stopped in mid nd took out the duplicate key of the flat. She was never in the habbit to knock nd enter into Geet’s flat as she knows that she had full right to barge in her flat anytime.


Meera chuckled at her own thought nd entered Geet’s flat only to get surprised seeing the condition of the living room. Whole room was in mess as if a tornado hits it nd her eyes instantly searched for Geet as she knew how tidy person Geet is. Fear gripped in her heart as she felt Geet in danger. She was contemplating her thoughts only when she heard Geet’s voice from her room. She couldn’t hear clearly what she’s saying nd only the words “Leave me” were clear to him nd her suspicion got confirmed that Geet is in some ort of danger. She immediately rushes towards Geet’s room only to find someone hovering over Geet. Since he was facing his back towards her Meera couldn’t see his face neither did she was able to see Geet’s expression nd misunderstood her silence as her fear. She scanned around the whole room to get something to save her friend nd finally found a metal vase on the nearby table. Meera immediately picked it up nd tip toed towards them making sure that he doesn’t see her nd was all set to hit him hard on his head nd that’s when Geet’s gaze falls on her nd she immediately pushed Maan to save him from hit but it was too late nd the vase hits his forehead hard making it bleed.


“Maan, Maan are you fine.” Geet asked keeping her hand above Maan’s hand which was on his forehead.


“I am fine Laddoo. Don’t worry.” Maan said trying his best to keep his voice calm knowing that his Laddoo will get worry unnecessarily but couldn’t do much as the pain was too much


“Shut up! I am seeing how much you are fine. So much blood is oozing out nd you are saying that you are fine. Don’t lie to me atleast.” Geet said on the verge of crying nd Maan just looked at her adoringly. No matter for how many years they stay apart but his Laddoo will always be the same atleast for him.


“Meera get me the First Aid box fast.” Geet ordered while gently wiping away Maan’s blood with her duppatta but Meera was too shocked to react for anything.


Meera, MEERA!” Geet called out loud breaking her trance nd she realized that Geet is calling her


“Huh Geet, you said something.”


Yes go nd get me the first Aid Kit fast” Geet almost roared out nd Meera immediately rushed outside to get first aid kid while Maan just shakes his head seeing the sherni side of his Laddoo. But he knows that when it comes to him then she can go to any extent nd can do anything for him.


“Laddoo relax. I said na I am fine.” Maan said while squeezing her hand calming down his terrified Laddoo nd as soon as Geet felt his touch all her nerves calm down nd she just looks at him all lost.


Maan too looked in her deep hazels which were again showing the same emotions that he saw few minutes back but still he couldn’t put his finger on what it is. For one thing he was sure that whatever he’s seeing in her eyes is just for him but what it is was the thing which was making him restless. He desperately wanted to know what it is, to name out that emotion which he knew he never saw before in her eyes for him or may be it was there but it was him who was not able to see them. But can it be possible? He knows her Laddoo inside out therefore there’s no chance that he could miss such a strong emotions in her eyes. The way she was looking at him with her teary hazels had made his insides stirred. He knows she was feeling pained due to his little injury but what he couldn’t understand is the emotion in her eyes other than pain which was making her lost in him.


Geet once again extended her hand nd wiped away the fresh drops of bloods that was oozing out from his forehead. It feels like it was her blood that was coming out from her body rather than his. Only she knows how many she had cursed Meera in this few minutes for behaving so insensitively though she was overwhelmed with her protective nature towards her but right now she can see nothing in front of Maan’s pain. No matter how much he had given her in past yet a slight pain of his was enough to make her die hundred deaths. Only she knows how is she controlling her tears till now which was ready to fall down from her lashes seeing him hurt like this.


His pain always hurt her more then him just like it did now. and then as if in trance Geet cupped his face between her small palms raises her head slightly towards his forehead making Maan confused of what she’s upto. Nd before he could understand anything he felt Geet’s soft nd supple lips gently pressing on his forehead at the place where he got hurt. It was as if she wanted to take away that pain that he was feeling, soothing him with the soft nd tender touch of her love. This simple gesture of hers has sent a jolt of pleasure in Maan’s body nd veins nd he looked at her both surprised nd confused as she draws back her face after a while.


She had never done anything like this before. Not even then when they were together. Though they were very much close to each other at that tym yet she never did anything of this sort. Not even then when he had beaten up Ketan till death, hurting himself very much in the process. She had dressed his each nd every wound after that with teary eyes but not once did she did what she did now. Then what’s up with her today? And the most important thing is the way his body is reacting to her soft nd tender ouch. It felt so good, so serene, so soothing that he wanted her to do that again nd again.


It’s strange he never felt like this way before not even with Sameera whom he considered as his true love. But with Geet who is just his best friend he felt a chill running down his spine. Her small gesture had evoked some unknown desires in him. He felt the same sense of contentment which he felt last nite when he pecked her forehead. What is this Feeling, that he’s feeling now, that he never felt for anyone before not even for Sameera, then what it is with Geet that he feels so different about her all of a sudden or was it the same since start nd it was he only who couldn’t understand, he thought as he looked at Geet who was looking deep into his eyes as if reading his turmoil.


Geet herself don’t know why she did what she did just now neither did she know that whether what she did is right or wrong. She had just followed her heart nd everything seems so right nd perfect. She don’t care what Maan must be thinking of her right now or in which way he’ll take this gesture of hers. She had not even thought about it when she had pecked him. All she knows that with Maan she had always listened to her heart. Be it 6 years back or now. Her love for him had never changed neither it can be change in any circumstances. She keeps on looking at his honeyed eyes trying to find just a glimpse of those feelings that she feels for him though in the back of her mind she knows that it’s not possible in this birth atleast. But to her surprise she saw it; she saw some flicker of emotions in his eyes for her. Is it true or is it that she’s thinking too much, she thought as she continues looking deep into his eyes.


“Laddoo” Maan almost whispered in trance which sounds more like a moan making Geet shiver with the intensity of his voice nd she saw Maan extending his hand to cradle her face


“Geet, Here’s the first aid Box you asked for.” Meera’s voice broke their trance bringing both of them in reality nd Maan instantly draws his hand back looking other side. Geet too looked at the direction of Meera extending her hand to take the First Aid Box from her which she gave her making a baby face as she very well know that right now Geet is hell angry on her.


Geet wiped away the remainants of blood from Maan’s forehead from cotton nd then took out the tincture nd applies it to the cotton. As soon as Tincture comes in the contact of wound Maan winces in pain due to its burning sensation nd Geet’s eyes welled up in tears. She raises her head slowly started blowing air on his wound so dat he couldn’t feel the burning sensation. Maan opens his eyes nd looks at her only to find care nd concern written all over her face. He didn’t miss the restlessness in her eyes which he knew was for him, just for him. His wound was not much big yet it was paining her more den it pains him. At that moment Maan forget all the pain he was having nd just keeps on looking at her adoringly. He saw tears forming at the corner of her eyes wen she was applying ointment on it nd he just shakes his head in disbelief seeing his emotional Laddoo but he couldn’t deny the sense of satisfaction he was feeling right now knowing that she cares in this manner for just him only; only he’s that person whose minor injury brings tears in her eyes.


She had always cared for him, always been concerned for him like this only but the feeling that he felt now with her tender care nd concern he had never felt before. It was as if an invisible Thread was pulling him towards her. He noticed the drop of tear that fell from her eye when she bandaged his wound nd he slowly cradled her face wiping away that lone tear softly with his thumb. Geet looked at him with her teary hazels nd he just nodded in no gesturing “don’t cry” with a smile of contentment playing on his lips. He don’t know what this feeling is but whatever it is, it is so beautiful nd serene that he dint want to think of giving any name to this feeling right now as it’ll just spoiled this beautiful moment between them if he ponders over what he was feeling all of a sudden for his Laddoo. Both were lost in each other’s eyes as if trying to read each other’s heart oblivious of the presence of someone else also in the room who was watching both of them with her mouth wide open.


Meera couldn’t believe her eyes after witnessing the scene in front of her. Neither did she was able to believe to believe it then when she saw Geet pecking Maan on his wound. She had just came with the first aid box wen she saw Geet raising her head towards Maan nd then gently pecking him. She was in shock for some moment seeing the exchange of gesture in front of her. Nd what shocked her more was the reaction of Maan. he doesn’t love Geet right, atleast this what she came to know from Geet then why didn’t he protested or asked anything from Geet or is it he had again taken her this gesture of hers in a friendly manner. Oh! She’ll hate him more if he even thinks of it in a friendly way when it clearly showing that it is all out of Love. And den as if in trance she called out for Geet telling her that she’s here with first Aid box cursing herself umpteenth tym for breaking their trance.


But nevertheless it seems that they don’t need any opportunity to lost in each other as even at the tym of dressing up of wound also they both were lost in each other’s eyes. But there was something which didn’t go unnoticed by Meera nd that something was emotions she saw in Maan’s eyes. She knows that Geet loves Maan like anything, its just beyond the limit of sanity nd she can even destroy herself if it costs to Maan’s happiness. But today she saw the glimpse of same emotions in Maan’s eyes too nd she was sure that it is just for Geet. She didn’t miss the tenderness nd admiration in his eyes neither did she missed his facial expressions when he was looking at Geet. Then can it be possible that Maan too feels the same for Geet like Geet feels for him nd he was yet unknown to this fact, she thought as she looked at both of them.


It’s true she hates Maan like anything nd nothing in this world could change her perception towards him, it is also true that she thinks that Maan doesn’t deserve Geet or her pure love but somewhere at the corner of her heart she had really wished for their togetherness for she knows that Geet can only be happy with Maan nd today what she saw in Maan’s eyes had given her a cue that Maan too feels something for her but it was just he was not able to realize it yet. Gosh! She hates this man so much for his dumbness in which he lands up hurting Geet. He may be an ace businessman for outer world but really a jerk nd dumb person in her perception who just can’t able to realize his own feelings.


“Laddoo I am perfectly fine now. Don’t cry.” Maan’s voice broke Meera’s trance nd she looked at the direction of Maan nd Geet who seems to be finally out of their La la land.


“Maan you sure Na? Tumhe zyada dard to nahi ho raha hai na otherwise I just call up the doctor.” Geet said extending her hand towards the cordless while Maan just rolled over his eyes nd stopped her in mid by holding her hand.


“Laddoo I am fine nd after your dressing I am perfectly fine. Trust me.” Maan said tenderly with a sweet smile calming down Geet’s nerves nd she just nodded innocently.


“By the way who was that crazy girl who didn’t recognized Maan Singh Khurana nd hit him so hard thinking him as a molester” Maan asked in order to lighten the atmosphere nd Meera’s jaws dropped open.


“Excuse me its me for whom you are talking about.” Meera said before Geet could answer anything nd marched towards Maan


Oh you are still here. I thought that you must have gone by now after what you did to me.” Maan said rather mockingly angering Meera further. All right if till now she was having second thoughts about changing her perception towards Maan then it all just vanish in the air for sure.


“Excuse me I haven’t done anything wrong ok.” Meera retorted back with her eyes shooting daggers to Maan.


Ya you haven’t done anything wrong. You had just hit me so hard that my forehead started bleeding nd that too for no fault of mine. Thank God Laddoo pushed me away at the right tym or else god knows what would have happened to me.” Maan said shaking his head in disbelief nd Meera’s hatredness for him grown 10 folds.


I’ll still say that I haven’t done anything wrong. wen I came inside I saw that the whole living room was in mess nd then I heard Geet asking someone to leave her nd wen I came to room I saw you hovering over her so kindly tell me in that case what you wanted me to think.” Meera said crossing her arms across her chest nd Geet just closed her eyes resting her forehead on her palm knowing very well that neither of them could stop retorting each other. Why the hell did she had to stuck up between two over protective friends


“Wait Wait Wait what did you said you entered inside. But the door was locked den how did you come inside. Or is it your habit to barge in everyone’s home like a thief.” Maan mocked while chuckling nd Meera flared her nose in anger


“How dare you to call me Thief?”


“Just like you dare to call me molester.”


“ENOUGH!!!!” Geet finally burst out before Meera could retort back as she was literally tired of listening to their Tom nd Jerry fights. God they don’t even know each other nd are fighting like this


“Now I don’t want to hear a word from anyone of you.” Geet said getting up from the bed nd Maan nd Meera looked at her making baby faces.


“But Laddoo…”


Maan I said not a single word.” Geet said threatingly nd Maan instantly shuts his mouth.


“Geet wo…” This tym Meera tried to say something but one glare of Geet nd she instantly eats up the remaining words. It’s true that Geet seldom comes into her Sherni mode but when she comes then no one absolutely no one had courage to say even a word in front of her just like it happened now.


“I don’t think that I had to remind both of you that you both are civilized adults nd not 2nd graders that you are bickering for no reason nd that too when you both don’t even know each other.” Geet said eyeing both of them angrily nd both Maan nd Meera just stood over there listening with their heads hung low as if they are the students nd Geet is a teacher who is giving them lecture on their mischief.


Fine whatever happen has been happened now. It’s useless to bicker over it now. Meera I know that you were not wrong but try to understand the situation before coming into any conclusions. If I haven’t pushed Maan on tym then your stroke may cause him serious injury also. Nd Maan you also please don’t bicker with someone about whom you don’t even know. Meera is my best friend nd she did it because she cares for me a lot nd the way she saw everything it was obvious of her to think like this though I still feel that she had to hear me out what I am saying but that doesn’t mean that she don’t care for me.” Geet said rather in a understanding manner nd both Maan nd Meera looked at each other angrily


“But I am your best friend so do you are mine.” Maan complained like a kid after a while rather in an authorative tone while Geet just shaked her head seeing his possessiveness knowing very well what is coming next


No I am her best friend nd she’s mine thatsy I am having the duplicate key of her flat.” Meera said proudly surprising Maan to the core.


“So? That doesn’t prove anything. Me nd Geet are best friend from past 12 years nd our bond is much stronger. Did you get that?” Maan said seething in anger nd it just broke the last strand of patience Meera was having


“O really best friend right? Then where was this best friend from past 6 years?” Meera lash out in anger nd it instantly alarmed Geet knowing very well where it is heading to.


“C’mon answer me where were you from past 6 years? Do you even care to know what’s happening in your friend’s life? Do you know what all had been happened in her lyf in this 6 years? Do you know that she lo …”


“Meera!!!” Geet gasped out loud in horror interrupting Meera before she could went on further in her frustration nd Meera instantly realized what all she was going to speak in her anger but she didn’t regret it either because Maan must know what damage he had done to Geet’s life.


Meera go outside nd please arrange the table for breakfast. You’ll get everything prepared in kitchen. I’ll join you after 10 mins.” Geet said after taking a deep breath to calm down herself nd Meera just left the room giving an understanding nod leaving both Maan nd Geet alone.


Maan ponders over Meera’s words after she left nd nothing was making sense to him. What was that which Meera wanted to say nd Geet had interrupted in between? Did something happened in Geet’s life about which he had no knowledge? Why Meera was so rude to him when he had met her for the first tym only? There was definitely something more in her words when she was questioning him but what was that? Is Geet is not happy in her lyf with Dev or did he had done something which had hurt her in anyway? All these questions were running in his mind as he tries to register Meera’s word nd the reason for Geet’s sudden interruption.


He remembered Geet trying to avoid his questions last night nd then her fumbling with words when he asked her about Rano Maa nd then those riddle talks of hers had made him suspicious about something fishy. He looked at Geet in order to find his answers only to find her looking other side while fidgeting with her duppatta nervously. Now he was 100% sure that there’s definitely something wrong as Geet gets nervous like this only then when she was hiding something from him but what he don’t understand is why is she hiding anything from him when she use to tell him each small nd big things of her lyf.


“Ummm Maan lets go for breakfast. You must be feeling hungry.” Geet said after a while with a faint smile breaking Maan’s trance nd turned to leave but before she could go outside she felt a tug on her wrist nd her breath got hitched in her throat nd before she could understand anything she found Maan twirling her towards him nd next moment she came crashing to his hard chest with Maan’s hand wrapping around her waist protectively.


Geet can feel his questioning gaze on her knowing very well what’s running in his mind nd she didn’t dare to look up at him as she knows that she won’t be able to hide anything if she’ll look up into his eyes. She silently prayed to god that Maan let her go without any kind of confrontation because lie she wont be able to say nd truth he wont be able to bear but it seems that Maan was not in mood to let her go today. Maan gently lifted her chin up so that she could meet his gaze nd Geet just averted her gaze to other side. Till now if Maan had a slightest doubt then it was all confirmed now that Geet is definitely hiding something from him. He cradled her face making her to look at him fixing his gaze with hers. He looked at her one eye to another trying to find the answers of his questions but found none.


“Look into my eyes Laddoo” Maan whispered softly yet authoratively when he found Geet lowering her eye lashes yet again nd Geet just followed his order only to found numerous questions in his eyes.


What Meera was talking about Laddoo that you had interrupted her in between?” Maan’s questions startled Geet nd she looked at him surprised.


Nothing Maan don’t pay much heed to it.” Geet said smiling nervously hiding her restlessness behind that smile.


“No Laddoo there was something. Meera was trying to say something but you interrupted her in between. Tell me Laddoo did something happened in your lyf in these 6 years? Are you not happy with Dev? Is there something which is bothering you? Please don’t hide anything from me Laddoo. You know that I’ll always be there with you. You don’t have to fear for anything. Just tell me what’s bothering you nd I promise that I’ll fix everything. You know Na that your Maan won’t let you face anything alone. Just tell me once the problem of your lyf nd I’ll remove it the very next second. Just tell me everything.” Maan said rather pleadingly looking deep into her eyes nd Geet felt a lump in her throat seeing his care nd concern for her.


She just wished that she could tell him everything, that he would have come earlier then she don’t need to hide anything from him but the fact is that it’s too late now nd damage is done now nd now nothing or no one could fix it. Therefore she immediately calmed down her aching heart nd looked at Maan with a smile on her face concealing her pain behind it yet again.


“Maan I would tell you anything then only na if there is something to tell. Seriously there’s nothing to tell about. You are getting worried unnecessarily.” Geet lied while trying her to maintain smile on her face but Maan still was not convinced


“But Laddoo Meera said that…” He tried to said something only to be interrupted by Geet yet again


“Maan Tum kahan Meera ki baton me aa rahe ho. You don’t know her, she has a habbit of making a small thing a big issue nd just like you she’s also very much possessive for me thatsy she had said all that in the fit of anger. You had seen Na how she was ready to kill you at that tym thinking that I am in danger. So in the same way only she had said all that Nd I am sure that by now she herself had forgotten what all she had said to you. That’s it.” Geet said while trying her best to convince Maan which she knows is a toughest task.


Are you sure Laddoo? Are you sure that there’s nothing that you are hiding from me?” Maan asked yet again as he was not completely convinced what Geet had said nd Geet just rolled over her eyes


“Ya Maan. Now should I write in stamp paper then you’ll believe it. Trust me there’s nothing wrong happening in my life. And if there will be anything wrong then I’ll definitely tell you. You don’t worry for anything ok.” Geet said with the sweet smile on her face nd Maan just sighed in defeat.


Ok I believe what you say. But promise me Laddoo that you won’t ever hide anything from me.” Maan said sternly nd Geet sighed in relief seeing him convinced.


“Haan baba I promise. Abhi Chalo lets go nd have breakfast. I don’t know about you but I am really starving. Come lets have breakfast first nd then we can talk endlessly.” Geet said making a baby face nd Maan just chuckled seeing her antics.


You go I’ll come in 5 minutes.” Maan said nd Geet nodded nd goes towards dining area but not before warning him to be there in exact 5 minutes.


“There’s definitely something Laddoo that you are hiding from me. Your eyes were not reflecting the words said by you but I don’t know what is it. But I promise you Laddoo whatever it is I’ll find it soon nd fix each nd every thing.” Maan muttered feeling damn sure that Geet’s lyf is not what it appears to be nd left for dining area to join Geet for Breakfast making a mental note that he’ll go in depth of each nd everything nd remove each nd every problem from Geet’s lyf which cause her pain.


5 thoughts on “Mitra Part 1-7

  1. one of d best story till now read based on friendship
    one thing i want to say u bring out each n every characters emotion very beautifully. till now i had read Destined to be, This is not d end, Life start where it ends& mitra & in all this stories u had done a marvelous job
    coming to Mitra. its wonderful. Destiny had done injustice with geet regarding her selfless love for maan. all d time geet had love maan unconditionally but maan never looked geet more than his best friend. Don’t know y sameera n NT blamed geet for maan’s break-up as it still unknown to us. n don’t know y geet is sticking with this obsessive n ba**** dev.
    i hope maan soon got to know about geet’s love for him n he soon realize that geet is d only one who is made for him

  2. I still have a lot to read but so far, I love it!! I am sure Sameera sent the message to Geet from Maan’s phone but what is his sister’s problem??

    will comment again as soon as I can come back to read more!!

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