“Destined To Be” ~ Part 38


                                                            Part 38:


Satiating himself from tasting the warm and soft skin of her neck he raises his head up only to find her breathing ragged, face flushed and her lips parted in anticipation and in next moment he was claiming her rosy lips quenching both of their thirst forgetting all the pain and trauma that they both went through those moments. Geet clutched his hairs hard gasping out loud when she felt Maan biting her lips thus giving him the needed entry as he explored the sweet nectar of her mouth. There was no hurrying or urgency in the kiss as he took all his sweet time to relish the beauty lying beneath him which belongs to him, only him whom he want to give all the solace and peace of this world. He didn’t even realize when his actions for calming her down lead into this or where is it leaning further as everything happened on its own accord    


But more than calming her down, he needs peace and solace for his own self which he knows that he’ll get in her embrace only. Only he knows what he had faced during those moments when death was just inches away and then only her face came in front of her eyes making him to fight his death. At that very moment he realize that his life his nothing without her. If she is his weakness then she is his strength too and that very strength gave him courage to fight back the Danger and come to his life, his Geet. And that was the very moment when he realize he can’t wait for longer to letting this beautiful woman know about his feelings for her. After facing death from so near he realized one thing that there is no special moment to confess his feelings in fact that moment itself will be very special when he’ll tell her about his feelings; doesn’t matter if it will be on her Birthday or today at this very moment but he won’t delay any longer and as the realization dawn upon him he broke the kiss leaving both of them for gasping for air before he placed his forehead on hers breathing heavily. Geet opened her eyes after a while only to meet his dark ones looking at hers in anticipation and before she could ask or say anything he pecked her lips yet again before looking back at her once again and finally uttering the words which he wanted to utter from long and which she wanted to hear form so long


“Geet Main Tumse…”




“Do you think he is going to hang us upside down by the way he is looking at both of us?” Dev whispered to Adi who was as afraid him looking at the man sitting in front of him looking at both of them with murderous glare along with him sat another person who too was looking at both of them but with a sly smile on his face.


“I told you that it’s not a nice idea to hide this thing from him. Now we both are dead.”Adi whispered back as he gulped down the saliva looking at the angry eyes of the person which were capable of burning his entire being.


“Umm Bro we can explain.” It was Dev who finally gathered courage to speak seeing murderous glare of Maan as he sat with his leg crossed over other looking at both of with no-nonsense attitude.


Hhhmmm. Explain.” His words short and crisp made whatever courage Dev and Adi to gather to flew away from the window making them to gulp down their words in their throat.


Relax Maan. You are scaring out the poor souls now.Person sitting beside Maan left out a chuckle as he tried to calm down his anger which was now seems to be at seventh peak right now.


“Relax? You are asking me to relax Omkara? How can I relax when I know that these two are hiding something big from me and now not telling me even after me asking them numerous times? How can I relax after knowing that they had contacted you for something related to me and didn’t even care to let me know about it? What do you expect me to do then? Give them bravery award for their courage and intelligence” Maan blasted in anger looking at both Dev and Adi who were sitting with their head hung low as if they were some mischievous student who were now getting scolded by the teacher for their mischief.


Now speak up will you both? And don’t even dare to tell me a story now. I know there is something big you both are hiding and today’s accident is related to that only.  Now spit it out what it is or else.” Maan gritted his teeth as he tried to advance towards them in anger. Had it not been Omkara holding him back then they both would have been probably thrashed badly by now.


“Bro, trust me it’s nothing. I had called Omkara because I was getting some extortion call off late regarding you so I was tensed and hence called Omkara to look over this matter. That’s it.” Dev tried to sound as confident as he can while Adi just shook his head in disappointment as he knows that Dev was still not telling whole truth to Maan.


“And today’s accident? What will you say about that?” Maan looked at both of them with his scrutinizing gaze with his hands crossed over his chest.


Wo.. Bro you remember you were talking to me while driving at that time you told me about your break failure so I just traced your location and reached at the spot. You can’t even imagine bro what went through me seeing that condition of your car and when Inspector told me that you are… I can’t even tell you how I felt at that time. I too would have been dead at that very moment seeing your belongings all tattered in pieces if not that little boy came to our rescue.” Dev recalled that horrible moment where he felt he had lost his brother forever.




“No, no this can’t happen. Bro can’t leave us like that. He can’t leave his Geet like that. What will I say to Geet? He can’t die, No. BRO!!!!!” A loud howl escaped his throat as he cried bitterly on the fact that his brother, his idol has left him for forever.


“Hey! You little boy. What are you doing over here? Can’t you see an investigation is going on over here? Go, go from here. Go to your home.”Dev heard someone chiding a little boy from police team but didn’t found it important to turn and look at him for right now the pain that he was feeling was too much to think of something else.


“Sir But…”


“Look Boy, An accident has happened over here and we are investigating it. This is not a place to play so go back to your home.”The Investigating Officer tries to make that little boy understand calmly who was trying very hard to say something but was being refrain from saying anything every time he tried to say.


“Sir, I am not here to play. I am here to ask for your help. I saw someone near the bushes that side and he seems to be injured. I couldn’t saw his face but I know he is alive because he is murmuring something. Something likeGeet”or I don’t know.” Dev’s ears shot up when he listened to the words of that little boy and in no time he was in front of that boy who doesn’t seems to be less than an angel for him right now.


“Wh… What… What did you said? You… You saw my Bro. Where… Where did you saw him? How is he?” With all the emotions choking into his heart it was getting difficult for Dev to even form a proper sentence. Little Boy as if understanding his emotions quickly pointed towards the direction where he saw the person which was a bit far from the place where they were at present and Dev instantly rushed towards the place with that little boy with police officers following behind.


Dev felt all his prayers being heard when he reached the spot only to realize that the person about whom that little boy was talking about is none other than his brother, his idol Maan who has been declared dead just a few minutes back and who was now in front of him lying unconscious but at least safe and sound.


“Geet… Geet… I’ll not lose… I’ll come back to you… Geet… I love you… Geet” All of them heard him mumbling in his sub conscious state and tears feel down from Dev’s eyes when he realized that even in this state all he thinks about is his Geet.


“Bro… Bro open your eyes. Talk to me Bro. Nothing will happen to you. Please open your eyes.” Dev sprinkled some water on his face which was given by that little boy and Maan opened his eyes only for a second before closing them again and falling deep into unconsciousness thus alarming Dev.


Dev along with help of other police officers instantly carried Maan towards his car making sure to not to be noticed by the media as it will just delay them further before informing Adi about everything and asking him to reach hospital as soon as possible. Adi who was already on his way to the accident spot instantly turned back his car towards the hospital in order to make all the necessary arrangement before Dev reaches there. Dev turned to look at that little boy who was towing behind him all this while after adjusting Maan in the back seat only to find him worried for his brother and a small smile crept on his lips when that little boy asked his permission to accompany them to the hospital.


Thank you child. Thank you for your help. You had no idea what a big favor you had done on me. But now you should go home. I’ll manage from here. Thank you once again. Here take this as a token of gratitude from my side.” Dev took out a bundle of notes from his wallet before forwarding it towards him but he was amazed when that little boy refused to take even a single penny from him.


“No Sir, I don’t need money. Your brother had already given me a lot when he bought flowers from me today. I am happy that I am at least able to pay back to him in any manner. He is a very nice and kind-hearted person. Please take care of him. I’ll pray too for his safety too.” Dev was amazed seeing the honesty of the little boy who was not less than an angel for him at this moment. Guess that’s why people say that children are the form of God. He tried to give money to him once again but that little boy was adamant on his place.


“Ok, I won’t force you. Here take my card. And I promise that from now onwards I’ll take care of all your study and also of your siblings if you have any. Study hard and make your parents proud of you. And Call me without any hesitation whenever you need anything.” Dev caressed the head of that boy before getting back into the car and rushing towards the hospital leaving that little boy behind smiling.




The white paint of the walls, pale white curtains and the beeping sound of machines were the first thing that Maan had noticed when he had opened his eyes after whole 3 hours of being unconsciousness. He blinked his eyes couple of times to adjust with the surroundings as he tried to sit on the hospital Bed while holding his head only to realize it being bandaged. He looked around himself only to find himself in the hospital room and it took him sometime to register all the happenings of the time before his accident and his eyes restlessly searched for the person who was the sole reason of his existence but to his dismay he couldn’t found her anywhere. His heart badly wanted to have just a glimpse of her just to be assured that everything is fine and he is still alive and as this thought crossed his mind he gather all his strength to get down from the bed and go to the person who is the only one who can calm down his restless heart.


“Bro.” His attempt halted in between when he heard a familiar voice and he looked up only to find Dev standing at the door step looking at him with teary eyes but that tears are not of sadness but of relief of finding his brother safe and sound.


Bro.. Bro you are fine. Gosh! I can’t tell you how much scared I was. Thank God you are fine. Please never ever do that to us again Bro.”Dev cried as he hugged Maan tight expressing his vulnerable condition.


I am fine Dev. But how come you are here? And where are others?”Maan looked behind Dev to find any other person of the family or rather say to find the person who is the reason for his existence, his Geet.


“Bro, No one knows about your accident except me and Adi. I haven’t informed anyone back at home. You know Dadimaa right she won’t be able to take it and also Geet so I preferred not to inform them. And anyways I had talked to Doctor and he has said that we can take you home now itself so I didn’t find the need to inform them.” Dev revelation made Maan shocked as he didn’t expect this stupidity from Dev.


Are you out of your mind Dev. You haven’t told anyone about it yet. You know media will only hype this matter and god forbid if anyone at home saw this news then won’t it affect them then. How can you be this stupid Dev?” Maan ran his hand through his hair in frustration only to wince in pain due his injuries.


“Bro! Bro please relax. You are injured. And I am sorry in all this chaos this thing didn’t came into my mind. I am really sorry Bro. We are leaving in few minutes anyways. Let’s just pray that no one at home had seen that news. By the way Bro, you had given your car has came back from servicing 3 days back only right, then how come it got out of order this soon.” Dev raised his doubts which were bothering him from long.


“I don’t know Dev. And I feel this is not just an accident but a well-planned incident. Otherwise you only tell how come the car which was perfectly fine few hours back when I went to the jewelry shop can get out of order all of a sudden and that too this much that it can cost me my life. It was not less than a last moment miracle for me that I was successful in getting out of the car or else… (He don’t want to think on those lines). It is a well planned act Dev” Maan’s words made Dev thoughtful as he realized that whatever Maan was saying is right. It is indeed a well planned act and he had this intuition that it is linked it with all the previous attempts made on Maan’s life but how to tell this to Maan was the only thought running in his mind.


“Dev, are you hiding something from me?” Maan’s words broke his trance and he looked up at him only to find Maan looking at him with his scrutinizing gaze thus making him nervous.


Ummm.. No Bro what would I hide? Ummm.. I will just go to the doctor and ask him to start with your discharge procedure.” Dev turned to leave in order to avoid Maan’s scrutinizing gaze and it was enough for Maan to suspect Dev of hiding something but he knows this is not the right place for the confrontation.


“Dev wait!” Dev halted in his steps hearing Maan’s intimidated and turned to look at him scared. Last thing he wanted at this moment was any type of confrontation.


“I can’t go home like this. I mean everyone will get worried if they get to know about this horrible accident. So we have to think of a plan. Call Adi.” Dev nodded his head in agreement before going out to call Adi.


“Hello! It’s me. I need your help. Can you please come to KM at earliest possible?” Dev made a call to someone and sighed in relief realizing that now his work of finding the real culprit behind Maan’s accident will get easier before he went in search of Adi and once Adi met with Maan and Dev they together plan out the fake accident thing so that none of the family members get worried for it.


           ~~~~~~~*********Back to Present*********~~~~~~~~~


“So you called Omkara from the hospital?” Maan’s words brought everyone back in the present and Dev looked at Adi before nodding in acceptance.


Why do I feel Dev that you still haven’t told me the whole truth. I can accept that extortion call thing, as it is common in business world but this gruesome accident; this can’t be a part of the extortion, can it?” Maan was still not able to believe completely about what Dev has said making both Adi and Dev look at each other nervously.


“I am here for that only Maan. Don’t worry, I am personally investigating everything and I am sure whatever the reality behind this accident is, it will definitely come out. But as of now I think you should go and rest. I don’t think I had to remind you that you had just escaped a horrible accident and very much injured. This much stress is not good for you. You go to your room and have rest. I’ll take it from here.” Omkara suggested as he put a hand on Maan’s shoulder making Dev and Adi to sigh in relief.


“No, I am not going to listen anything. Think about Geet Bhabhi. Don’t you think she too needs you right now? So you go to her and also have rest. I’ll see to this matter.” Omkara interrupted when Maan opened his mouth to refuse thus leaving no room for the argument and hence he just nodded his head in understanding before leaving the room with the help of Adi.


So you told everything to Maan. Now tell me the truth.” Dev was shocked at Omkara’s words as he spoke as soon as Maan left the room.


Nah… Don’t even think of denying. Let me tell you that I am not ACP just for the namesake. I can clearly differentiate between truth and a story. And if you forgot then let me remind you that you are the one who had asked me to come KM as soon as possible and for this thing I am sure that you’ll not call me this urgent if the matter is only related to extortion. So c’mon, spill the beans now. And trust me I won’t say anything to Maan. But Dev, you have to tell me the whole truth.”  The otherwise witty and fun loving Omkara was serious and Dev could sense that and hence he narrated everything right from the commotion happened at the Noida Construction site to Maan’s accident to multiple attempts made in hospital on Maan’s life to when they find out about it and what followed after that to what happened till today’s accident making Omkara thoughtful.


Why haven’t you told me about all this before Dev? You know how much dangerous it can get for Maan. Anyways, I am here now and I’ll take care of everything. You don’t worry.” Omkara patted Dev’s shoulders as he gave an assuring smile making Dev to sigh in relief.


“Thanks Omkara. I can’t trust anyone on this matter than you. Thanks for coming on such a short notice.” Dev hugged Omkara in happiness as he felt a heavy burden been lifted off from his shoulders now with Omkara’s presence.


Hey, don’t be so senti yaar. We are family friends after all and do you know the meaning of family friend; A friend who is more than a family. So don’t be so formal with me. Now tell me what you and that nerdy fellow have found out till now.” Dev smile faded listening to Omkara’s question and he forwarded some papers towards Omkara about what he and Adi found out till now.


“You sure about it? I mean it can be a misunderstanding too.” Omkara asked shocked as he couldn’t believe of what he is seeing.


“I wish it was a misunderstanding Omkara but unfortunately it is not. I had cross checked each and everything and everything is pointing towards same direction. And as you can see, the history of transactions, it was made on the dates near to the attempts made on Bro’s life. In fact, the last call has been made to this number just few seconds before Bros accident. All of this can’t be a co-incidence Omkara.” Dev ran a frustrated hand in his hair as he clenched his teeth in order to control his anger making Omkara thoughtful.


You don’t worry Dev. As I said I am here now and I’ll take care of everything. And I’ll take care of this thing too. So you just go and relax. I’ll think of something and then will discuss with you and that nerdy fellow, I mean Adi. And As of now let me cross-check everything myself.” Dev just hummed in response before leaving the room giving Omkara the much needed privacy for his investigation.


“Hhhmmm. Everything looks simple yet it seems complicated. Why am I having this feeling that things are not like it seems. Something is missing. I have to delve deep into this matter before coming into any conclusion.” Omkara rubbed his stubble thinking as he looked at the papers in his hand closely to find that missing piece of puzzle which is there is front and still it’s missing.




Do listen to this song… It’s a Love Mashup by Armaan Malik… Follow the link if you are unable to view over here



Tu aati hai seene mein
Jab jab saansein bharta hoon
Tere dil ki galiyon se
Main har roz guzarta hoon

Hawaa ke jaise chalti hai tu
Main ret jaisi udta hoon
Kaun tujhe yun pyar karega
Jaise main karta hoon



The pale and tired face of the person he loves the most is the first thing that Maan had noticed as soon as he reached his room making his lips curved into smile as he looked at her sleeping form. She was still in the same position and in same state where he had left her when they were interrupted in their confession. The only difference is that, the eyes which were looking at him at that moment with all the love of this world along with the anticipation of his confession were now closed and the girl whom he is admiring lovingly is now travelling into the world of her dreams. Guess she drifted into sleep while waiting for him, he thought as he sat beside her on the bed admiring her.


He very gently caressed her hairs with his long fingers easing away the tense lines formed on her forehead making her relax as she turned in her sleep holding his hand in hers tightly as if afraid to let him go thus making his heart swelled in love and admiration for her. His fingers slightly caressed her soft cheeks that still had dry marks of her tears before his lips replaced his fingers as he gave feather light kisses on her skin expressing his love for her. He still can’t believe his luck which has gifted him a girl like Geet who loves him so insanely. Can he get anymore lucky, he thought as he looked at her serene face so beautiful and so close to him and he can never get tired of it.


He chuckled slightly when he recalled her annoyed face when they were interrupted by Nakul who had knocked the door to inform him about Omkara’s visit right at the time he was going to confess his love for her. Well, feelings were mutual as he too was equally annoyed with the interruption. He was on the verge of confessing his feelings for her when Nakul has interrupted and it took every ounce of him to break that moment and attend the intruder. But now if he give it a thought then that moment did give a insight of her heart loud and clear. The anticipation in her eyes filled with love which was later replaced by irritation told him that she too is waiting for that moment as eagerly as him.


Ho ho…


Mujhse zyada mere jaisa
Koi hai toh hai tu
Phir na jaane dil mera kyun
Tujhko na de sakun..


May be this is not the right time to confess and that’s why they were interrupted. May be God too wanted him to make that moment special for the person who is special to him and not in the heat of any moment. And he will make that moment real special for her, for them. That day will be a memorable day for her as well as for him, the day when there won’t be any distance between them in any form. Where she will be his in every sense and he will be hers in every sense. No matter in what circumstances they would have got married but today’s truth is that Maan and Geet are inseparable souls or in other words they are just name of two bodies in one soul. Nothing can separate them, absolutely nothing. May be that’s why even after so many hurdles they are still together, he thought as he leaned closer to her almost touching his lips with hers only to feel her soft and heavy breathings on his face thus provoking his desires to another level.


His eyes scanned her closed ones and all he felt at that moment is this sudden urge in him to look in those eyes that are always shining in love for him. He wanted to wake her up right then and there so that he can see her heart through her eyes but remembering her drained out condition he thought otherwise. And anyways, this distance is just the matter of like what 4 days only and after that His Geet will be all his to love and cherish, he thought as he tucked away he loose strand of her hair that was coming on her face thus disturbing her sleep and his view respectively.


Kuch toh hai jo dil ghabraaye
Kuch toh hai jo saans na aaye
Kuch toh hai jo hum honthon se
Kehte kehte keh naa paaye


Hey aaye aha aaha…


“Geet, it’s your love only that use to bring me back from death every time I face it. You are my biggest strength as well as biggest weakness and I just can’t afford to lose you. You are a blessing bestowed on me by that almighty Geet and I promise that I’ll cherish and protect you always. You are mine, only mine and will remain mine only not only in this lifetime but in every lifetime. I know you might be annoyed as we were interrupted in our blissful moment but I promise you Geet that I’ll make that moment very special for you, so much special that you won’t forget that day ever in your life. And as of now the words that were left incomplete at that time I’ll complete it now. I Love you Geet, I love you so much. Thanks for coming into my life.”Maan whispered as he looked at her serene face before leaning forward and pressing his lips on her forehead for a moment longer than needed and before moving to give a soft peck on her lips as if sealing his promise only to find her lips curving into a slight smile, thus making him wonder is she awake?


But then her still closed eyes and heavy breathings gave him prove of her still sleeping and realization dawned upon him that she can feel his love even in her deep sleep. His lips curved into a wide smile while his heart swelled in pride and love for her with this realization as he gently laid down beside her facing her making sure not to put pressure on his injuries. His eyes keeps on looking at her face while his thumb caresses the back of her palm of her hand which was holding his as his other hand keeps on caressing her face with love until he felt his eyes dropping down out of tiredness and effect of the medicines and he too gave up to his sleep travelling to the world of dreams with his life, his love, his Geet.




She pouted cutely as she looked at the face of her husband who seems to be the most relaxed person of this earth as he sat on the couch reading the newspaper. Due to Dadimaa’s strict order no one is allowed to go to the office today. Maan was anyways on leave but even Adi and Dev has to stay back in the home today thanks to the incidence happened a day before. But that was not the reason for her annoyance; in fact she was more than happy to see him at home. Reason of her annoyance is the non-chalant behavior of her husband who is behaving like nothing happened.


Did he so easily forgot that he was about to tell her something last night when they were ummm… close and were interrupted by Nakul, she thought as she looked at him once again before sighing heavily and looking other side. Her cheeks turned into darkest shade of red when she recalled her close moments with Maan last night. She could still feel his lips lingering on her skin and her eyes closed on her own accord as she relived that moment with Maan yet again thus making her blush even more.


But what was that that he wanted to say at that moment, Geet thought as she once again looked at Maan who was still engrossed in reading the newspaper. The question was running continuously in her mind since the time she had found herself in his arms after waking up in the morning. She didn’t even realized last night when he came back into the room neither did she knew how he was sleeping holding her so protectively and so close to her but for one thing she was sure that her heart is having an unknown peace right now as if it got something for which he had desired for so long, but why is that so as Maan had still not said anything to her or did he, she thought confused and then smacked her head on her own stupid thoughts. Of course, she got what she desired and that is Maan being safe and fine. What else she wants but then she did want something and that something is just to hear about his love for her from his lips but again is it really needed to know now, Didn’t his actions and his words last night has said it all loud and clear that now she needed to hear it in words from him. No she didn’t need it. She knows she loves him, she knows he loves her then why there is any need for words. She is happy, he is happy, they are happy and that’s what is important. When she has waited till now then she can wait for her entire lifetime for him to make her as his in all senses, she thought as finally the clouds of impatience and restlessness vanished away from her heart and a certain peace settled in it thus making her smile brightly unknown of the fact that someone is looking at her each and every gesture very keenly and intensely.


Maan though was reading newspaper but his all concentration was on Geet only and he actually find it hard to control his laugh when he saw her making those cute faces while looking at him and he would be a greatest fool if he don’t know why is she doing that. He knows she is expecting him complete those incomplete words from last night and him not doing that is the reason for Madam’s pouting and cribbing but then he too have some better plans for that and she has to wait for it. It was anyways a matter if 3 days only, he thought as he peeped at her through the newspaper only to find her blushing this time and then smiling brightly thus making him wonder what could be the reason behind her sudden change of mood but then whatever it is he loved to see that smile and blush on her face and he’ll make sure that it will remain on her face forever, he thought as he keeps on looking at her beautiful and serene face for god knows how long until he heard a noise from another side of the living room.


“What the hell is your problem? Can’t you see and walk? You had spoiled my whole dress by spilling this juice on me.”Both Maan and Geet heard a noise and it didn’t took them time to realize who that voice belongs to. It was Annie for sure but for a change she was not shouting on Vicky but on someone else.


“Not Again.” Maan murmured under his breath when he noticed that the person on whom Annie is shouting is none other then Omkara. Well it has been always been like this with the duo. God knows which enmity they had brought forward from their previous birth which they are carrying forward till now.


“Well, I do have eyes Miss I-am-so-smart. It’s you who was walking like blind,” Omkara spat back at her and Maan just shake his head listening to their childish fights while Geet was looking at the duo all confused as first she didn’t recognize Omkara second she don’t know why Annie is being so rue to him and third why Maan is not saying anything to both of them.


“Oh ya. That’s why you had collided with me right? I just don’t understand why the hell you come to our mansion whenever you had any work in Delhi. Why can’t you just stay in some hotel.” Annie was all irritated first because if his presence and second because of him spoiling her dress.


“Well because this house belongs to me too you dumb head. But then it’s not your problem. You have this manufacturing defect since your birth.” Om spat back making Annie to open her mouth wide seeing his audacity.


What did you just say? I had manufacturing defect and you.. you called me dumb head. How dare you? And anyways I may be a dumb head but I am still far better than you. At least I don’t follow men’s fashion trends just like you had grown your hair like girls. I am sure many people would have got shocked when they would have seen you with your girlfriend when you were facing their backs. After all it’s still very rare in India to see two girls in romantic relationship.” Maan muffled his laughter listening to Annie’s sarcasm while poor Geet is getting more and more confused seeing the argument of the duo.


This is my style statement did you get that? And anyways whom am I talking to; a girl who use to get crush even on the petrol pump guy. At least my girlfriends has better taste than you and they find me hot and handsome and of course attractive.” Omkara flipped her long hairs backwards with his hands boasting about his looks and rubbing the wrong side of Annie respectively.


You… how dare you?” She lunged towards him to hit him when stopped by Maan’s loud voice thu halting her in mid.


“Enough both of you. Now I don’t want to listen a single word from both of you.” Maan interrupted walking towards both of them followed by Geet who still looked at everything clueless.


“Bhai you don’t know what he has said to me.” Annie whined while Vicky and Dev who came over there hearing the commotion muffled their laughter.


“I heard what he said Annie and also saw everything so stop being childish. You both are grown-ups so behave like that. It’s not necessary to behave like 5th graders every time you both met.” Vicky laughed out loud hearing Maan’s statement making Annie angrier and she left from there stomping her foot leaving others behind laughing and Geet worried.


“Bhabhi relax! It’s a usual treat for us. They both are Tom and Jerry of this house. They fight like sworn enemies but later patch up also. What you saw is nothing compared to what we all had already witnessed.” Vicky’s words broke Geet’s trance who was till now looking at the direction of Annie went.


Geet, I know you are getting confused. Let me end all your confusions. He is Omkara, Omkara Oberoi, our family friend. You haven’t met him till now because he use to be out of Delhi due to his busy schedule. After all being an ACP is not an easy task right. He came to Delhi last night only due to some of his case so I insisted him to stay at KM itself and since you were asleep by the time he came that’s why you couldn’t meet him.” Maan introduced Omkara to Geet clearing all her confusions and making her smile sweetly at Omkara.


“Hi Bhabhi! I am so please to meet you. Sorry I couldn’t attend both of yours wedding but I brought a gift for you. Here” Om forwarded a gift wrap box towards Geet who was first apprehensive to take that at first but when Maan signaled her and seeing Omkara’s expectant face she took it with a smile.


It’s really beautiful Omkara. But I can’t take such an expensive gift.” Geet’s eyes widens seeing an expensive and delicate bracelet in the box which was one of its kind and she looked at Maan for support who to her surprise was standing quiet rather was smiling at her.


C’mon Bhabhi you can’t expect anything less for a sweet and lovely girl like you. And anyways I was meeting you for the first time so I had to bring something for you. Please I insist. Wouldn’t you have taken it if your brother was gifting you? Think of me as your brother. Please keep it.” Geet couldn’t refuse seeing Omkara’s earnest request but was still apprehensive taking such an expensive gift.


“Keep it Geet. He’s requesting a lot.” Maan too supported Om thus made Geet left with no choice.


“Haan Geet le lo. Waise bhi is kanjoos ke paas se bade mushkil se gift nikalte hai.” There they go again, all thought as they rolled their eyes listening to Annie’s statement as she once again entered into living room standing near Geet.


[Yes Geet, Keep it. Anyways it’s very rare to get a gift from a miser like him]


“Ya you are right. It’s very rare to get a gift from me because only special people get a gift from me just like Geet Bhabhi. And you are just jealous that you haven’t got a single candy from me as a gift.”Annie’s nose flared in anger listening to Omkara’s statement and was ready to pounce on him had it not been Maan interfering their Tom and Jerry fight.


Anyways I am not here to argue with a dumb head like you. I just came here to remind you all that we have to do lot of preparations for the party going to be held 2 days later and since  Dadimaa had given me this responsibility so I want you all to gather in the hall within 10 minutes. And ya uninvited guests can come too. I don’t mind doing some charity. Geet you come with me.” Annie smirked at Om as she took Geet away leaving others to shake their heads at their usual banter but it was only Geet who had probably noticed Omkara to smile warmly at Annie as she turned to leave but that is just for a nanosecond as his expression soon changes into a non chalant one thus making Geet wonder whether she imagined seeing Om like that but then she shrugged off the thought and went away with Annie leaving others to join them later.




The hall of KM was not looking less than a fish market as everyone of them were giving their own ideas for the party. Omkara and Annie were as usual bantering continuously while rejecting each other’s idea and Vicky as usual was best in giving his stupid ideas earning a smack from Savera. Maan just rolled over his eyes at them and continued his favorite task that is watching his beloved Geet who was sitting between the crazy peoples all helpless and clueless for she couldn’t understand whose side she should take.


But ignoring all the plight of his beloved wife Maan was busy in admiring her innocent beauty unblinkingly taking in her each and every antic. He was hardly paying any attention to what’s happening around him for all his concentration was on his wife. It was as if his eyes were meant to see only her, his mind is meant to think only about her and his heart is meant to beat only for her. Never ever have he thought that there will come a time like this when he will become so lost in her that he will forget all his surroundings.


All he wanted at that moment was to whisk her away somewhere far from everyone where there is only him and her and their love and where he can love her endlessly without any barrier and restrictions. Gosh! How he is going to control himself for 3 more days when each second is equivalent to a century for him. But he will because he had to make every moment special for him. These bunch of crazy peoples can plan whatever they want but he was sure that what he is planning for her will beat everything as his gift will be the best and the memorable one for her and he just can’t wait for that moment when they will be one in all sense, he thought as he keeps on looking at his love who was now looking at Annie with her eyes wide open thus making him fall for her more as he looked at her smiling.


“Hain na Maan Bhai. I am right na.” Annie’s voice broke his trance and he looked at her then back at Geet only to find her looking back at him as if asking for his approval for something but for what, he thought as he looked at her back with his brows furrowed in confusion.


“Maan Bhai, tell na. I am right na.” Annie asked yet again and Maan shrugged off all his confusions and focused his attention back at Annie.


“Huh… Ya you are right. We should do that.” Maan agreed with Annie in order to save himself from the teasing session from his siblings unknown of the fact that he was in for the bigger teasing session now.


Yay… Maan Bhai agreed. Now there will be a romantic dance number of Maan Bhai and Geet in party.” Both Maan and Geet’s eyes widens in shock listening to Annie’s words. Maan’s because he never expected Annie to ask his opinion on this and Geet’s because she never expected Maan to be agree on this.


“Dance?” Maan asked astonished looking at Annie shockingly making others to muffle their laughter.


Ya Bhai Dance. You agreed na just now. Anyways leave all that. Party is after 3 days and there are lots of preparations. And Maan Bhai you should start preparing from now itself. Let’s do one thing show us a demo right now.” Now it was another shock for both Maan and Geet as they both looked each other surprisingly.


As if the previous shock was enough for them Annie had bombarded one more bomb on them by asking them to dance right now in front of all so that she can see how much more improvement they need and before anyone of them can refuse or understand what’s happening they both found themselves in the center of the hall with the table and sofas shifted to make some space for them as the other members of the family get prepared to watch their performance like a perfect audience.


“Annie listen to me. It’s really not necessary.” Maan tried to convince Annie in order to stop that stupid act of hers though that’s a different thing that a part of him was dying to take her in his arms.


“Ya Annie it’s really not needed. I mean even Maan is unwell. We can do this later.” Geet too supported Maan looking everywhere but him for she knows that she’ll definitely do something stupid of she’ll remain close to him.


“O stop it both of you. Stop behaving like a newly-wed. Also you both are not dancing for the first time so stop feeling shy. And I am not asking you to dance all day. Just a little bit ok. Vicky, play the music or else they both will argue like this only whole day.Annie left them with no room for argument as she instructed Vicky to play the music Maan or Geet can change their mind.


Hey aaye aha aaha…




A soft music flowed in the room and the lights dimmed off as if synchronizing perfectly with the music and Maan looked at Geet who was already lost in him before holding her hands gently in his and pulling her slightly towards him in a soft jerk thus making her to hold his shoulders as he placed his both hands on her waist before swaying to the music.


Geet looked into his dark orbs only to find it looking back at her with the same intensity which she finds every time he looks at her and it took her just a nanosecond to lost in those dark orbs like always.


Meri nazar ka safar
Tujhpe hi aake ruke



Maan twirled her around softly keeping his eyes still locked with hers before bringing her back to where she belongs and that is his arms while Geet just followed like a doll as always for all her senses gets drugged whenever he is this close to her making her to forget all her surroundings.


Maan’s condition was not led either for her innocent face, those golden hazels and her intoxicating scent was driving him crazy thus bringing her closer in the pretext of dance step. Somewhere the lyrics suited perfect to his current situation and it just added more fuel to his flames of desire; Desire to feel her, desire to love her without any inhibitions.


Kehne ko baaki hai kya
Kehna tha jo keh chuke

Meri nigaahein hain
Teri nigahon pe
Tujhe khabar kya be-khabar


He so much wanted to shout out loud to the world that this innocent beauty belongs to him and no one else, that he is the proud owner of her beautiful heart where only he resides, that this girl in his arms has taken his heart just with her simplicity and selfless love. But he also knows that he doesn’t need to shout it out to the whole world as it already knows. He just has to say this to that one person who is the sole reason of his existence.


But does he need to say it to her too. Isn’t it evident in his eyes, in his actions? Probably yes, after all every girl desires to hear those three golden words of love. But do they really need to say those words now when they both know it very well what they both mean to each other. Words were never needed between them as their eyes always do the needful. And those eyes had already confessed to each other what their lips were not able to do till now.


She probably had no idea how deeply he feels for her, so deep that he can lay even his life for her happily and won’t even wince and he knows that she’ll do the same for he had witnessed it from his own eyes. Probably now the time has came when he let her know what place she holds in his life. Probably now the time has came when he gives words to those feelings which are now erupting like a volcano inside his heart and give her all that love and happiness that she deserves.




Uhmmm Hhmmm Hhhmmm…


Maan lifted her up in the air as the this thought came into his mind before twirling her around as if trying to bath her in his shower of love while Geet was too lost in his scent and touch to realize what she is doing or how everyone present around them were gaping at them with smile on their faces as all she could feel and see is Maan and is love and like it happens every time the world around her tend to cease actually for both of them as Maan’s condition was not less than Geet’s either as he gently put her down on the floor with her body rubbing his thus making her gasp with the sudden feel of desire, same desire that was felt by him too and which is soon going to get its destination.


Lost in each other’s eyes they stood like that only in the center of the floor as of trying to convey their feelings through their eyes without even caring about the world around them as for them they both are each other’s world. Unconsciously Maan’s one hand cradled Geet’s face before he tucked away the loose strand of her hair beneath her hair caressing the sensitive spot behind her ear in the process making her gasp inaudibly as she clutched his shoulders tight in order to save herself from falling for she could feel her knees turning into jelly just with his look and soft touches. So lost they were in each other’s eyes that none of them realizes the painful look on certain someone’s face who was looking other side in order to hide the pain of his bleeding heart neither they could realize the danger lurking towards them which was nearing them by each passing second.






Loud voices of Omkara and Annie broke their trance thus bringing them back to the real world and Maan looked above only to realize the large chandelier was just an inch away and is about to fall on them and next what everyone witnessed was the loud crashing sound of the chandelier as they close their eyes while blocking it with their hands in order to save themselves from the shattering glasses of the chandelier as it finally fall down with a loud crash.


“MAAN SIR!!!” It was Adi’s voice that made everyone open their eyes and what they saw was enough to take away their lives as they followed Adi’s gaze who was looking at the sight in front with utmost horror.



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  1. I loved it:):):) except for the danger that is falling on Maaneet…Maan is waiting to confess his love to Geet so he has to control himself:):):) And Geet too:):):) who is cribbing away looking at her husband’s cool & relaxed attitude after they were disturbed the night before:):):) so cute Geet:):):) the way Maan was so lost in Geet that he just blindly agreed to the romantic dance:):):) and the Maaneet dance was so uuuufffffff:):):) and again danger strikes them! Who is trying to kill Maan? I am suspecting Vidyut… it’s good that Omkara has been called in to solve the mystery by Dev & Adi…though Maan may think that he can solve it but he needs all the help that Omkara, Dev & Adi can give. Dev has found find evidence which he gives to Omkara. Yaar you stopped it at the critical point yaar:):):) though Maan is waiting for Geet’s special day to confess his love…after this incident I am hoping that Maan will just confess to her…both of them…to confess & also be aware of the danger lurking over their heads…Super curious dearie to see what happens next:):):) do update soon:):):)

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