“Destined To Be” ~ Part 36

                                                               Part 36:

She slowly opened her eyes and a gasp escaped her lips when she saw Maan’s image forming on the mirror as he stood right behind her looking at her with intently with his dark eyes thus making her to go all red. She just keeps on looking at him unblinkingly as he advanced towards her with calculative steps all the while looking at her with his piercing gaze. Geet closed her eyes when she felt him wrapping his arm around her petite waist before tucking her closer to him and her lips parted on their own accord in anticipation as she waited for him to express his love yet again feeling her in every way possible that would drown her in his world of love and passion.


She opened her eyes after a while when she didn’t felt his touch for a long time only to find herself standing all alone with no Maan around. She looked around herself to see if he’s hiding somewhere but he was nowhere to be seen. It was then it dawned on her that he was not here with her on the first place itself. And as the realization dawned upon her she hits her head playfully while a red color crept up all over her neck and face as she hides her face between her palms feeling shy to even look at her own self after all the thoughts running in her mind. Gosh! She has crossed all the limits of craziness in her Maan’s love, she thought as she thumped on the bed while clutching her heart that was beating so erratically that it was not in her control anymore.


“I found my love Di. He loves me. He loves me a lot. My Love will win Di; my Love will win very soon. I am so happy Di, I am so so so so Happy. You are also happy Na Di. I know you are happy too. I love him so so much. I Love you Maan. I love you a lot.” Geet whispered as she clutched Sameera’s pic close to her heart after picking it up from the side table while she smile amidst her tears, tears that were flowing out of happiness and tears that she don’t want to stop this time. She had got the love of the person of which she was craving for so long and now she don’t need anything else, anything at all, she thought as she wished to God to keep this happiness of hers intact and no evil eye should eye him, their happiness or their love.




“You shouldn’t have hid such a big thing from him, Dev sir” Adi showed his concern when he came to know that Dev still haven’t told anything to Maan. They both were in Dev’s cabin discussing about the recent attacks on Maan.


I know Adi, I know. I know that I shouldn’t have hide it from Bro. I should have told him everything. But then I couldn’t. Bro was so happy after god knows how long. He was smiling and was so contended and I just can’t ruin everything by telling him about all this.” Dev let out an exasperated sigh as he rub his face with his palms feeling so helpless.


“But you can’t hide it from him either. It’s about his life. God forbid if anything wrong happens or if he went through any attack once again or even worst if someone else from family is in danger then what will happen and who will be responsible?” Adi showed his concern even though he was bit irritated as he was still not in favor of hiding it from Maan about the danger on his life.


“Yes, you are right Adi. I need to tell this to Bro. It’s about his safety. But at the same time I am concerned about his happiness too. You know Adi when I had gone to him regarding this matter, the happiness I had seen on his face, the glow which was there on his face, the smile that was adorning his lips; it’s been ages since I had seen him like this and I didn’t have enough courage to wipe off that smile from his face by telling him about all this.” Dev expressed his helplessness while Adi could understand his dilemma very well. It’s true that it’s been ages since anyone had seen Maan this happy as he is being happy now-a-days.


“I understand sir what you are trying to say. But we can’t ignore the threat lingering over Maan Sir’s life also. Hence we had to do something.” Adi kept a comforting hand on Dev’s shoulder understanding his plight.


“You are right. We have to do something. But before that we need to find out who is behind all this then only we’ll able to save Bro. And you don’t worry Adi. I’ll tell about all this to Bro too but not now. Bro is busy in planning special surprise for Geet’s birthday and I don’t want to ruin his happiness.” Dev said with a determination to find the culprit soon while Adi just gave an understanding nod.


“Adi, I want you to keep an eye on someone. I want the detail of each and every activity that person does.” Dev said after a while as he reminds of something making Adi to gasp both in shock and surprise as he heard the name of the person.




“Ok Sir. Your ring will get ready by tomorrow. Anything else, I can do for you?” The man on the sales counter of the jewelry asked Maan who was here to alter the ring so that it fits Geet’s finger.


“No thank you so much. Give me a call when it’s done. I’ll pick it up myself. No need to send anyone for the delivery. I want to surprise my wife.” Maan instructed to make sure that his surprise won’t get spoiled.


He don’t want any mistakes or any kind of flaws in his plan and that’s the reason he himself is planning everything rather than assigning Vicky or Adi for it. He chuckled slightly when he remembers how he had sneaked out quietly out like a teenager from his own house so that Geet won’t notice him going because knowing her he knows that if she noticed him going out then she would have definitely not allow it in the first place for she still thinks that he is not well and will definitely make a big issue of it and then will literally ground him at home for several weeks. Not that he mind doing that for he could spend more and more time with her but right now his priority is something else and for that he had to sneak out from his own home like a thief and he knows that he had already invited a great trouble for himself as he knows that he is in for great grilling session from his beloved wife Geet who must be in her super angry mode as he had given her many reasons for that; First he had not told her about him going out from house and Second he’s been continuously cutting her calls and then sending her message that he’s busy in an important meeting.


But then he also knows how to melt her anger too. Just some sweet words, hug or may be a kiss and some not so innocent touches and she’ll melt in his arms like an ice-cream, he thought as a smile crept on his sculptured lips when he remembers how much she gets affected with his single touch and the very fact had made him proud on the fact that he’s the only one who can make her feel this way and no one else. The only thought of her has filled his heart with utmost love and desire for her; Desire to take her away from everyone to some other world where there is just him and her and love her endlessly. The mere thought of loving her endlessly to his heart content had made him all hard and aroused for her. Gosh! How is he going to wait for 4 more days, how is he going to control himself till 4 more days when each and every fiber of his body wants to make her his, When his entire being wants to melt in her such that no one could differentiate that from where one ends and other starts, so much that even death couldn’t make them apart. He smiled at his own thought while shaking his head shrugging off all the erotic thoughts of his for his own wife as he moved towards exit to head home when something on the display counter held his attention thus halting his steps at once before moving towards the object of his attention to have a close look at it.


As he neared it, he found a very beautiful pair of delicate Anklets on the display. It was a beautiful piece of art made of platinum and studded with big diamonds. It had a connecting chain also that was connected till toe thus making it a very rare and beautiful both at the same time. And it instantly reminds him of Geet. How beautiful and perfect will it look in those beautiful and delicate ankle of hers was the only thought running in his mind as he caressed the anklets with his fingers. The desire to make her wear these anklets from his own hands was so much that he himself didn’t realize when he had started day-dreaming about the moment where he will put these anklets on her delicate ankle with his own hands before caressing and kissing the soft and warm skin of hers making her toes to curl in pleasure.


“How can I help you sir?” His trance was broken when a lady who seems to be working over there called out for his attention thus bringing him back into the real world.


“Actually I want to buy this Anklet for my wife. I want to gift it to her on our first night.” He almost blushed like a teenager at the last sentence while the lady gave him a knowing smile.


 “Sure Sir. Please come this way. I’ll show you the Anklet.”She guided him towards her counter before explaining him about the specialty of the Anklet, its unique style, It’s rare style and how it’s being the perfect Gift for his wife on their first night but Maan was hardly paying any attention to her description for all his senses were busy admiring the Anklet in his hands imagining how beautiful will it look on Geet’s delicate ankles.


“You want me to write something inside this Anklet. I mean we can inscribe some words in the back of the Anklet. You know something special for someone special.” She showed him the place where the words can be written after she finished telling Maan about the specialty of the Anklet.


Maan Ki Geet. Words left from his mouth even before he can think and a smile crept on his face when he realized what he has just said which was true anyways. She is his, only his, Both his heart and mind screamed at the same time while he just shakes his head realizing that finally his heart and mind agreed at the same time on the same thing.


“That’s really sweet. So when is the marriage?” Maan was amused at the enthusiasm of the sales lady at first but then smiled realizing that it was just a part of her job.


“Actually we are already married for about 9 1/2 months but we… ummm we haven’t…” Maan fumbled with the words not sure how to explain his situation while the sales lady though was first confused but then smiled knowingly understanding his condition.


It’s ok sir. I understand. Your anklet will be ready by tomorrow. Shall I deliver it to your address or you are going to pick it up yourself?”She asked once she write the words in a piece of paper that Maan wants to imprint on the anklet making sure that she had written all the spellings correct.


“No need to deliver. I am coming to this shop tomorrow anyways so I’ll pick it up myself. Thanks for your assistance” He thanked her genuinely with a smile before turning towards exit to leave.


“Your wife is really very lucky Sir that she got such a loving husband like you. You really love her a lot.” Maan smiled when he heard her words before turning towards her.


“No, it’s me who is lucky to get a loving wife like her as she loves me more than I love her.” He said with a contended smile before heading towards exit leaving the sales lady behind smiling and genuinely wishing that he and his wife lives happily forever.




“Sir please take some flowers, your wife will get happy.” A small flower boy approached Maan with bunch of roses as soon as he came out of the shop making Maan smile at his innocence.


“Just 20 Rs. a rose sir. Please take it. My mother is very ill. This money will help me in her treatment. Please buy some flowers sir.” He pleaded yet again to which Maan just kneeled down in front of him.


“How much will it cost if I take all the flowers.” He asked as he ruffled his hair while the boy started counting on his small fingers cutely making Maan to chuckle at his antics. His innocence and cuteness reminded him of Geet.


“Here take this and give me all the flowers.” He gave bundle of notes to him after taking out from his wallet while the small boy looked at him shocked.


So much of money? But sir this is too much.” He couldn’t believed his eyes seeing so much of notes in front of him.


It’s ok keep it. Your mother is ill right? It will help her in her treatment. Also I’ll send a Doctor to your home and if there is any elder in your home apart from your mother then I’ll try to give him a job in my factory too. Here take my card and if you ever need anything just call me.” Little boy looked at him with gratitude as he took the card and money while Maan just smiled.


“Thank you Sir. You are really very nice. You have a very big heart. May God always keep you and your wife happy. May you have a very very long life. Thank you.” Little boy thanked and wished him with all his heart while Maan just smiled before taking away his address and flowers from him and heading towards his car leaving that small boy behind smiling and wishing for his well-being.




“Yes he’s coming out of the shop.” Someone said on the phone as he watched Maan coming out from the jewelry shop from far.


“Don’t worry everything has been set according to plan. No one has seen me not even his guards. It’ll look like an accident only. “ He said after hearing the person from the other side.


“Relax! This time he won’t be able to survive. Just keep my reward ready. This ride will be the last ride of Maan Singh Khurana’s life.” He said before cutting the call as he smirked when he watched Maan getting inside the car on the driver’s seat to head towards home where his Geet must be waiting for him.


“Your time is over Maan Singh Khurana. Enjoy this last ride of your life.”He said laughing hysterically as he watched Maan drove off his car from the parking unknown of the danger lurking over his life.




“Hadd hoti hai har cheez ki. Ek to bina bataye chale gaye aur ab phone bhi nahi utha rahe. Jab dekho tab apni manmaani. As if I don’t even exist in this house. Aisa bhi kya important kaam aa gaya ki is tarah bina bataye chale gaye and not even picking his phone. Inhe pata hai ki inki tabiyat abhi tak poori tarah se theek nhi hui hai and he still needs rest but nahi ye to Amitabh Bacchan hai na, “Mard ko kabhi Dard nahi hota”. He knows how much I worry for him but no he doesn’t care. Pata hai na ki Geet to maan hi jayegi to karo jo mann me aata hai. Theek hai karne do inhe inke mann ki ab main bhi inse baat nahi karoongi. Kuch bhi ho jaye, wo chahe kuch bhi kare par main inse koi baat nahi karoongi, Haan” Geet continuously blabbered to herself as she cuts the vegetables in the kitchen angrily and thumping the utensils on the slab taking out her anger on the poor non-living things.


[There is a limit of everything. First he went without saying anything and now he is not picking up his call. Always do what he feels like. As if I don’t even exist in this house. What kind of important work he is having that he had gone without even telling me and not even picking his phone. He knows it very well that he’s still not well completely and he still needs rest but no he’s like Amitabh Bacchan, “A man never feels pain”. He knows how much I worry for him but no he doesn’t care. Actually he knows it very well that Geet gets pacify easily so just do whatever you want. Fine let him do whatever he wants, now even I’ll also no talk to him. No matter what happens but I’ll not talk to him. Yes”]


Totally irritated with Maan’s behavior she vowed to herself that she won’t talk to Maan no matter what he say or does. As if she won’t melt in his arms once he’ll touch her, look into her eyes deep, love her and kiss her, her heart mocked at her making her blush but soon that blush was replaced by anger as she told her heart to just Shut up for she’s not going to give any chance to Maan this time no matter what he does. Determining this to herself she continued to work while blabbering to herself and that’s how Vidyut saw her who came into Kitchen to take water but then he stopped in his tracks when he spotted Geet in the kitchen.


Oh ummm Sorry. Didn’t knew you were here. I just came here to take water. It’s ok. I’ll come later.” He mumbled his apology not looking directly at Geet before turning to leave making Geet to get both shock and surprise at his behavior as during all these months he had never failed to taunt her on how she had betrayed him or about her relationship with Maan or him trying to convince her to leave Maan but him not saying anything and just turning to leave is something which is not digestible to her and to see then she is noticing this change from quiet sometime since the Time of Maan’s accident to be precise. What had caused this sudden change in him, she thought as she watched him turning to leave.


“Wait!” Vidyut who was about to reach on the door stopped dead in his tracks when he heard Geet’s voice and turned to look at her confusingly not understanding why did she asked him to wait.


Wo… You can have water. I had some work in my room anyways so I was going there only.  You don’t have to remain thirsty just because I am here.” Geet looked everywhere but him as she uttered these words before walking past him to go towards the kitchen door wanting to leave as soon as possible as even though Vidyut had stopped misbehaving with her or saying anything to her yet she is not comfortable in his presence and his sudden change in behavior had confused her further.


“Geet.” She stopped in her tracks when she heard him beckoning him but she didn’t turn to look at him not sure why had he stopped her. May be to say something bitter to her regarding her relationship with Maan, May be he still haven’t changed yet and it was she who was just thinking that he had changed, she thought still having her back towards him when she felt him coming and standing behind her though at a considerable distance.


“I am Sorry Geet.” Geet who was expecting anything but this turned to look at him in both shock and surprise only to find him looking at the ground with his head hung in guilt and shame.


“I am Sorry Geet. I am sorry for everything, for every word I said to you in all these months, for my every try to break yours and Maan’s relation, for my every wrong behavior with you all these months. I know all this words and my apology will seem meaningless to you and you were not going to believe it either and neither I am expecting you to do understand, for the mistakes I had done were not worth of forgiving. I had accused you for marrying Maan because of money without even listening to your side of story and if that was not enough then even after knowing the truth I tried to separate you from Maan sometime by my actions and sometime by my words. I tried continuously to convince you to leave Maan and come with me and I truly feel ashamed of my words now. I even tried to do those things which I shouldn’t. I myself couldn’t believe how low had I stoop in order to just satisfy my stupid ego. But it was not just ego Geet. I truly loved you a lot, since the day I first saw you. No, I am not professing my love like other times (He immediately said when he saw shocked expression on Geet’s face who was till now looking other side listening to him) it was just I am telling you what made me to act insensitive towards you. It’s not easy Geet to see the person whom you love the most loving someone else especially in my case where I had always lost everything that I had loved and hence I didn’t want to lose you and want to get you anyhow, by hook or by crook. When I first saw you and Maan together when I came back then I felt like all my insides burning, the place that I always wanted to be mine I saw Maan standing at that place while I could do nothing but to watch my life going away in front of me helplessly and I that vain I did everything I can to bring you back in my life without even caring the fact that you can’t get someone’s love forcefully. I know I was wrong no very much wrong but seeing you with Maan every time, seeing the love in your eyes for him that I always wanted to see for myself; something burned inside me making me feel suffocated and in that vain I ended up doing those insensitive acts which I guess made you to hate me to the extent that you don’t want to even breath in my vicinity.” Vidyut words filled with remorse made Geet to soften her expressions as she tried to understand his side of story.


“Why are you telling me all this now?” She asked the question which was bugging her mind once she registered his words.


Because I realized that I held no place in your life and heart, probably I never had and whatever little place I had in your in your life as your friend that too I had lost because of my stupidity which I will regret all my life. I realized what Maan means to you when he was at hospital at the time of his accident and during the course of time after that I had finally able to make myself accept the fact that there is no place for anyone between you and Maan. I had finally accepted my defeat in front of my fate. Guess you and Maan are truly made for each other, you both are truly “Destined to be” probably that’s why you never felt for me the way I felt for you. I know whatever I said to you it won’t make any difference to what I had already done but still I wanted to apologize for everything. As I said before, I don’t expect you to forgive me as my mistakes are truly unforgivable but there was a burden in my heart which I wanted to remove before I go back by apologizing you. You don’t have to bear my torturing presence for long Geet as I won’t be here from next week and probably will never come back again in yours and Maan’s life. I know you can never forgive me as it is really hard for you but still try to forgive me if you can.” That were the last words that Geet had heard before him leaving the kitchen without even drinking water leaving her behind to contemplate in his words all confused.




Maan was all the way smiling as he made his way towards his home. He looked at the bunch of roses of all colors lying in the passenger seat and the only face that came into his mind was of Geet. He could actually imagine her smiling and blushing face when he’ll gift these roses to him and his heart did a flip flop with the mere thought of this. Oh! He so wish to reach home to his Geet as soon as possible so that he can pacify her anger and see her smiling face. If possible then he can just fly to his Geet.


He tune in to the radio and his fingers started tapping on the steering wheel as it played a romantic song making him to remind yet again of Geet. At that moment he felt like a teenager who is madly in love with someone. Guess it’s all his Geet’s effect. She had changed him so much and to his surprise he is loving this change in him. All he wanted at that moment was to hug her tight expressing his love for her thanking her for all the happiness and colors that she had brought in his life with her presence. He could have lost in the thought of his Geet for forever if he haven’t heard the shrilling sound of his cell phone thus breaking his trance only to make him realize that it’s Dev on other side    


“Bro where are you? Why had you gone outside without telling anyone? You know how much Geet was worried when she had called me? And you even lie to her that you had to attend some important meeting. Because of your even I had to lie to her. By the way what was that which was so important that you had sneaked out like this without even taking the driver? You know right that you are not fully well then why this carelessness Bro?” Maan heard tirade of questions from Dev as soon as he picked up the call making him to shake his head in disbelief while smiling slightly on his concern guess Geet had made everyone around her like her only, he thought as he sighed heavily before answering to Dev.


“Hello Bro are you there?” Why are you not saying anything?” Maan who had just opened his mouth to answer his question stopped when he heard Dev yet again even before he was able to answer him back making him to roll over his eyes.


“Yes Dev I am definitely here and I’ll only be able to say anything if you’ll let me speak.” Dev shut his mouth with Maan’s stern voice waiting for him to continue.


“Ok so first thing first. I am on my way to home currently at xyz road. I had not told anyone because there is something really important that I want to do for Geet’s birthday and for that I can’t trust anyone so I myself came to do that. And don’t worry about Geet I know how to pacify her. And please don’t worry about my health Dev I am fine now. Hope now it clears all your questions.” Maan smirked as he patiently answered each of his questions making Dev to sigh in relief hearing him sound all right. Of course he knows about his visit to jewelry shop for the guards he had appointed for him had told him everything and he realizes that he would have gone there to take some gift for Geet yet with the danger lurking around him every second had made him scared for his well-being and hence he immediately called him just to make sure that he is fine.


“Sorry Bro. Actually Geet had called me and she sounds worried and you were not taking her calls either so I just got worried.” Dev explained after taking a sigh in relief though that’s a different thing that he was still having that nagging feeling somewhere in his mind about something not being right.


“It’s ok Dev. I understand and don’t worry I am already halfway towards home and will be reaching soon. And…” Maan couldn’t complete rest of his words as he felt something unusual in his car as he tries to slow down his speed but all in vain and worry started to cloud Dev’s mind yet again which seems to be disappeared a bit when he heard Maan all safe and sound.


“What happen Bro? Is everything alright?” He asked out of concern when he heard the screeching sound of car as if it zoomed out by passing cars.


“Don’t know Dev but my car seems to be out of control. I am unable to apply brakes.” Maan said as he struggled with his car while Dev’s ears shot up listening to his words but before he could ask anything further Maan disconnected the call saying that he’ll talk later.


Where the hell are you guys right now? Didn’t I asked you to be with Bro?” Dev barked on the phone as he made his call to one of the bodyguards who were following Maan without his knowledge as soon as his call with Maan got disconnected.


“Sir we were following him only but then our car broke down all of a sudden in the middle of the road. We are trying to fix that only.” The bodyguard replied immediately scared of Dev’s anger.


“Just cut the crap and do anything but reach to him as soon as possible. His life is in danger.” He cuts the call after barking the orders yet his heart was not at peace.


He can’t trust these bodyguards to save his brother not after realizing in what big trouble his brother is in and he is clever enough to understand that there is no coincidence between Maan’s car getting out of control and Car of the bodyguards being broken down. Someone is watching his every move and hence he or she had made sure that those bodyguards would never be near Maan when the attack was made. But right now it’s not the time to contemplate in these thoughts as right now he has to save Maan and hence he immediately rushed outside office to go towards the location where Maan has said to be at last texting Adi on the way to let him know about the situation.




Maan tries to control his car which seems to get out of control all of a sudden. He don’t understand what happened all of a sudden as he clearly remembers that his car was perfectly fine when he had gone to that jewelry shop then what had happened all of a sudden that now it’s not getting in control. He tried to apply the brakes even the hand brake too but nothing worked out. He dodged many vehicles coming to his way as he tries to control his car which seems to sway like a snake. Not sure to what to do he turned his car over to the deserted road in order to avoid any harm to the people on the way.


He could feel his cell phone ringing but he couldn’t able to attend the call for he was too busy in controlling his car. His forehead started to precipitate with sweat as he realized in what danger he is in and the only name that came into his mind was of his Geet. What will happen to her if anything happens to him? What if he couldn’t survive this accident then how will his Geet be able to cope up with the loss? What if she too… No his heart screamed out loud shooing away all the negative thoughts. Nothing will happen neither to him nor to his Geet. He will survive, he has to save himself, he thought as he took a sharp turn at the turning point missing to hit the tree by an inch.


He was contemplating only how to save himself when he saw a truck coming towards him from opposite side. He rotated the steering in order to avoid getting hit by the truck but to his surprise that not only his breaks but his Steering wheel is also not working now as if it has been freeze. He tried many times to apply brake, hand brake or even to turn the car to other side but all went in vain. Horror filled his eyes when he saw the Truck approaching towards him was just few centimeters away and unknown o himself his eyes burned in tears when he realized that probably this is the end. Now he won’t be able to escape. He won’t be able to see his family again; He won’t be able to see his Geet again. Geet, the name itself brought tears in his eyes when he realized that probably his love story will remain incomplete and he’ll never be able to see his Geet, never be able to tell her how much he loves her. He closed his eyes and the only face that came in front of his eyes was of Geet’s smiling face and her eyes filled with love and tears escaped his eyes when he realized that he’s not going to see that beautiful smiling face again in this life.


“I love you Geet.” He muttered with all his heart as he closed his when he saw the truck was now just a hair inches away from him thus accepting his fate, may be in next life they will be together. and next what all has heard was the loud banging sound of the collision of truck with Maan’s car making it to fly high in air before it stumbled down the cliff and the sound of explosion filled all the directions of the atmosphere.


A smirk came on the lips of the person who was watching every commotion from far through his binoculars and as soon as he heard the sound of explosion he realizes that the show is over and now it’s time for the award ceremony. He took out his cell to call someone and waited till the call was picked from the other side.


“Plan successful. Maan Singh Khurana’s car has been now shredded into pieces along with his body parts. The blast was so loud that I am sure that not even his hair will be found out by anyone then forget about his body. There is no chance that he can survive. Maan Singh Khurana is finally dead. Keep my reward ready.” He said before he disconnected the call and giving the sinister laugh as he look at the remainants of fire at a distance burning the body of not only the car but the person inside the car too thanking his luck for hitting the jackpot this time as he knows that he’s in for the great reward from his boss.




Something is not right, both her heart and mind were continuously screaming as she sat in her room. Was it because of Vidyut’s words or is something bad going to happen, was the only thought that was running in Geet’s mind from quite a sometime. Her heart was not at peace especially after her little confrontation with Vidyut. She don’t know whether it’s Vidyut’s sudden change of heart that was disturbing her or there is some other reason but whatever the reason is she was feeling restless in her heart and she knows that it is just not because of her confrontation with Vidyut then what can be the reason. Maan, is Maan in some sort of danger? Her heart has almost stopped beating as this thought crossed her mind.


She immediately clutched Maan’s photo close to her heart as if trying to make her heart understand that Maan is fine and nothing has happened to him but no matter how hard she tries to do so the restlessness in her heart didn’t seem to subside a bit. Her confrontation with Vidyut seem to have taken a back seat in her mind for right now her heart and mind both were just engrossed in one name and that name is Maan. She has to talk to him just to make her heart believe that he is fine and nothing is wrong with him. Thinking this she immediately searched for her cell phone before dialing Maan’s number frantically.


It ringed one time, two times, five times yet he didn’t picked up his call. Her heart was getting restless every passing minute. It seems like it will stop beating any minute if she wouldn’t be able to talk to him right now. Even after trying so many times Maan haven’t picked up the call instead his phone now became not reachable. Fear ripped her heat as unknown to her own self tears started to gather in her eyes. Even after convincing her heart for so many times that Maan must be safe and nothing is wrong with him and he must be busy with his meeting that’s why she is not able to reach him, but even after her countless effort she couldn’t able to convince her heart. She even tried to reach Dev too just in case to know if he knew about Maan but even he didn’t picked up the call. Seeing her last hope dyeing like this she just thumped on the bed throwing her cell phone aside clutching Maan’s photo close to her heart as if trying to shield him with all the bad omens.


“Babaji please let my fears be baseless. I don’t know why but I am not getting any good feeling. I am feeling like Maan is in some sort of danger. Please let it be the figment of my imaginations. Please let my Maan be safe. I won’t be able to live without him. Please keep him safe. Please.” She prayed to almighty as she stood in front of her Babaji’s portrait begging him to keep her Maan safe as she lit the Diya in front of the portrait but to her horror the light of the Diya started flickering thus making the base of her fear of something wrong happening to Maan strong and she immediately covered the light with her palms avoiding any bad omen in Maan’s life.


“Please Babaji keep my Maan safe. Maan please come back soon to me. I am very much scared. Please be safe and come back. Please.” She muttered as she tried to fight back both her tears and fears clutching Maan’s photo tight to her heart praying to God for his well being.




Crowd started gathering at the accident spot with people continuously murmuring among themselves about the seriousness of the accident and how fateful is it to meet such destiny. Even police was there to investigate the accident and had sealed the area for their investigation and that’s how Dev found everyone when he reached the accident spot along with Maan’s bodyguards by tracing Maan’s car through GPS and the sight in front of them is enough to take away his life. The burning car is now turning into ashes while there was no trace of Maan’s body.


“Such a severe accident. Never saw such a horrible accident in my life.” Dev heard someone from crowd.


“Seems like either the car was out of control or the driver was too drunk to notice where he was heading.” Someone else said.


“I don’t think the driver would have survived. No one can survive after such a fatal accident. It’s not possible that he would have survived.”And that was enough for Dev to lose the last thread of his patience as he held the collar of the person who was according to him was just speaking nonsense while looking at him angrily.


“Just shut that nonsense of yours. My Bro is fine. Nothing will happen to him. Did you get that? My Bro is absolutely fine.”His eyes were spitting fire as he clutched the neck of the person who was saying about Maan being dead tight. If not for the Maan’s bodyguards who had pulled him away with great difficulty then that man would be dead by now.


“Excuse me what’s happening over here?” A police officer enquired after coming over there when he saw the commotion at the accident spot.


“Officer I am Dev Singh Khurana. That Car… that car belongs to my brother Maan Singh Khurana. Where is he? He is fine right? Please speak up. Please say that he is fine.” Dev was turning frantic b every passing second. It was as if he’ll turn mad if he won’t see Maan another minute.


“Oh! Come with me.” The officer motioned him to come with him to the place where the Car was burning and Dev felt like earth slipping beneath him once he saw the condition of the car yet he was not ready to believe that anything can happen to his brother.


“As you can see that car is badly damaged and hence there are very least chances of him to survive almost nil. Moreover we haven’t found his body too, guess it shredded due to explosion but still we are searching. All we found near the spot was just this Wallet and handkerchief and broken pieces of this cell phone. Are these of your brother’s?” The police officers showed him the things that he had found and Dev just thumped on the ground when he realized that all the things belongs to Maan.


“No, no this can’t happen. Bro can’t leave us like that. He can’t leave his Geet like that. What will I say to Geet? He can’t die, No. BRO!!!!!”A loud howl escaped his throat as he cried bitterly on the fact that his brother, his idol has left him for forever.


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4 thoughts on ““Destined To Be” ~ Part 36

  1. Update 36:
    Welcome back dear…very excited to know that you resume with your FF’s…very thrilled to read the most fav FF’s update…
    Heart wrenching update…Hope maan has escaped from the car when it fell from the cliff…Poor geet and maan has just found their love and happy to love each other…Loved maans gift for geets birthday and hope he gives it with his presence…Loved dev love and concern for his brother and even he was shocked when he came to the accident spot seeing the scene in front of him…hope the culprit will be killed the same way …geet got shocked when vidyuth asked apologies for his behavior…

  2. Welcome back dearie:):):) Awesome update but am sad:(:(:( Why did such a thing happen now with Maaneet? Just when they are about to confess their love and accept their relationship in totality, such a bad thing happens:( So sad yaar:(:(:( I suspect that Vidyut though…I have a very bad feeling about him. Gosh I can’t believe that Maan has met with such a horrid accident. What is going to happen now yaar? I am sure he will survive and be alive but imagine Geet’s state? And the family? What Geet must be going through? So eager to read what happens next dearie:):):)

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