“A Moment of Love” ~ Part 4


“You have seen that movie?” she asked

“I watch every movie that comes out.” He said as a matter of fact.

“Why did you miss that movie then? One we were going to see.” Geet asked as curiosity seeped in her

“I have seen it.” Maan’s statement made Geet to look at him confusingly.

“But it released today.” She asked in a confused manner not getting head and tale of his statement.

“Special screening. John Abrahim and friends.” He said as he looked at her winking and smiled when found her looking at him with her mouth wide open realizing that he had yet again given her another heart attack. He closed her mouth with his hand and asked her to drive on to which she just nodded absent mindedly but her mind was continuously contemplating on his words.

Who is he and how much actually rich he is? And most importantly if he’s this rich then why is he wasting his tym with her and why not some super model or some other girl of his standard. So many questions and there are no answers so she guessed that it’s better to get with the flow. Who knows destiny had something better store in for her, she thought as she kept aside all her thoughts and continued driving unknown to what Destiny had actually planned for her which will make her life beautiful and worth living.


“You didn’t seem to take to take the news quite well” Maan asked after a while seeing Geet still lost in her thoughts making Geet to frown at him in confusion not understanding what he was trying to say.


“I mean me knowing John Abraham and so. It didn’t seem going well with you. I hope you are not thinking that in order to impress you I am cooking up stories” Maan said as he tried to gauge her expressions making Geet to chuckle. If only he knows what’s running in her mind.


“No nothing like that. But I think you are too rich to understand that meeting superstars is a big thing. I mean I have friends who show their pictures with SRK and Aamir when they were 3 years old. So you see” she mocked as she shrugged her shoulders.


“See that’s why I hate being what I am” Maan said as he sighed heavily while Geet looked at him questioningly as if asking why’. I mean who in the sane mind would hate being rich.


“I say things or do things and people think I am arrogant. I have not lived your life and I don’t know and I am not expected to know about the struggle you made. Maybe I have got everything in life but there’s a possibility that I might have earned it too” Maan kept his point making Geet all the more confused but she gestured him to continue.


“See Geet just because I have every comfort in the world and was born with silver spoon in my mouth doesn’t mean people would give me credit for whatever I do. They will have just one thing to say. Dad’s money making the way for the son’. And believe me, hearing that is way worse than not getting clicked with superstars. See Geet when you had pots of Dad’s money lying around you and when you see that kind of money the only thing that gets drilled in your mind by your family is to how to make more out of it. I am not saying that I don’t like what I do or coming into business is not my choice as I want to pursue some other career in fact business is something for which I was always passionate about. Yes, I don’t have to catch buses and autos but I am working and that too hard enough just to break that stereotypes image of getting perquisites of having a rich dad. I know that this night club thing might seem like something too frivolous to start your business with but let me tell you that it’s not easy. It’s been 4 years since I had done my Masters and started up with it and this place will break even in four in morning. This is success which I had achieved on my own without anyone’s help and I will fiercely defend it as mine. You may have thought of me as a rich spoilt brat living on his Dad’s money but that’s not really true. Ya I am rich but it’s not my fault, is it?” Maan said with authority dripping from his voice and looked ahead giving Geet time to register his each and every word. If till now she has this tiny bit thought of him being a rich spoilt brat then it is all cleared out now.


By his words she could only make out that he’s a self made man and doesn’t wish to get compared with anyone in spite of being from a rich family unlike those who use to flaunt their Dad’s money. And with this his respect in her heart grows ten folds. It’s really rare to find such men in today’s world and she’s glad that she’s lucky enough to find him though don’t know for how long but something in her heart says that it’s not going to end soon, she thought as she looked at him while keeping her hand above his calming him down.


“Hey, I am sorry I didn’t meant to offend you. I hope I haven’t lost a good friend.” She said as she looked at him expectantly to which Maan just smiled and pressed her hand which was above his assuring her that he’s not at all upset.


“Thank God you are not upset. As, if you were, then you would have asked me to get out from this amazing car and I would have lost the chance to drive such an expensive car.” Geet said playfully while smiling mischievously in order to make the environment light making Maan to look at her astonishingly but soon realizes that she was just joking around


“That was really mean Geet.” Maan said as he looked at her scornfully and then laughed along with her as they drove to an unknown destination.




It was tougher than he had expected, thought Yash as he cleaned the messed up place. He had his gloves on that he had taken out from Geet’s hair color box, and two handkerchiefs tied around his mouth and nose. He wished he could have one for his eyes too. He nearly puked twice while scraping off the dries portions of vomit, and he started hating Geet and alcohol with every passing moment. Just as he was done pouring water over the floor umpteenth time that morning, there was a knock on the door making him to leave the work in hand behind to go to open the door.


“Smell this!” Yash thrust his smelly hands out and shout from beneath his handkerchiefs thinking the person at the door to be Meera but he was in for sweet surprise when he saw Pari instead of Meera dodging his outstretched hand looking at him disbelievingly.


“Hi! I am sorry. I thought its Meera.” Yash apologized Pari could hardly make out what he was saying for his voice was getting muffed beneath the handkerchiefs on his mouth making Yash to realize that she didn’t understood what he was saying so he repeat it again but this time removing the handkerchiefs while calling Pari inside making her to smile brightly.


I am sorry for the mess. Actually it’s not mine. I am just cleaning it up because Meera and Vicky are out and I have to do it.” Yash clarified as he saw Pari looking around the place definitely not feeling nice seeing the mess.


“Do you need help?” Pari suggested as she looked at him expectantly. There’s still a hesitation between them which she wanted to remove now.


“I can sure do with some” he said with a smile and she gave him the same beamer that she use to give him during their college days


“You look cool with those handkerchiefs on your face. Can I get one too? The color suits your eyes, and hey, I had that handkerchief, too, the Winnie the Pooh one, really cute and guess what, they were on sale! Cool na?” Pari said all excite while Yash looked at her in disbelief. She still has the same stamina of excitement and talking senselessly, he thought as he looked at her shaking his head.


“That is indeed nice. There.” He passed one handkerchief to her which she took excitedly before putting it on.


“Now we are ready. Let’s do some cleaning.” She said as she took a wiper in her hand showing all thirty-two of her teeth. Her enthusiasm regarding littlest of things was exactly as it was when he knew her, Yash thought looking at her smilingly.


Together they took well over half an hour to make that place shine as it had never before. Then they dusted every surface to a gleam. Once done with the cleaning, Pari declared of taking the picture of two of them. Yash though was hesitant at first, but agreed seeing her so excited. She put her phone on the self-timer and placed it on television and stood side by side with handkerchief on their heads and mouths and wipers in hand.  And after that there were zillion of pictures taken with them posing million of pose as Pari was never satisfied with one take. She took five of each at least, much to Yash’s frustration for they both were exhausted from running to and fro from the camera and posing in the mere ten seconds that they had. Finally after what seems like an eternity Pari’s excitement died down and they both sat down on the bed that they had now rolled out and spread a nice blue sheet on. They exchanged nothing for few minutes, just caught hold of their breath and smiled at whatever had just happened in last one hour. The other two had not yet returned.


“Pari, I am really sorry. I know I said a lot of things that I shouldn’t have. I am really very sorry about that.” Yash said after a while making Pari to look at him in disbelief for Yash was never the person to accept his mistake.


“So, finally, the stubborn creature realizes his mistake.” Pari said as she smiled wickedly rubbing her palms together.


“That is rude” Yash said looking at her scornfully making Pari to laugh out loud.


“Yes, I Know. I am sorry. Mistake was mine too; I should have understood you back then. But seriously, I really liked you and loved you as a friend. You were the only perfect part of my life back then. And once you went, everything fell apart. The movies, the dance, everything became history. I turned into you. Books, Professors, assignments had became my life and I don’t know why but I so wanted you to be around during those days. But…” She choked on her words as tears made their way to her eyes making her to unable to say more. Yash extended his hand to wipe away her tear but then curled it back not knowing whether he had any right or not.


“And yes, you were right about Abhishek. He left me once I refused to sleep with him. No price for guessing that” Pari said as she smiled slyly after composing herself a bit.


“Good for You.” Yash said really not knowing what he should say to make her feel better. He really never liked Abhishek’s presence in Pari’s life not because he himself had any feelings for her but because he never got any good vibes from him but Pari was too nave to understand his intentions at that time causing them to fall apart.


“What good had it done Yash? I lost my best friend best friend because of him. But you know what you are right. I should be happy. And see, I am almost there where you are! You should be proud of yourself. It is probably because of you that I am here, at Silverman Finance.” She said with her tone altering between a sad and a sprightly one before her eyes again starting to get wet.


This is when Yash got up and took her in his arms consoling her and then she started crying a little more, before crying a lot more. They stood there for quite some time, before she broke out of his embrace and looked at him with her cutest smile and tears in her eyes before breaking out of his hug completely as she wanted to show him something. Yash looked at her confusingly when he found her rummaging through her handbag searching something and then a wide smile came on her face when she finally found her object of interest. Yash saw in disbelief as she kept three stapled clutches of pages on the table making him to remind that these were his assignments that he had written for her but what amazed him more is that she had still kept it with her.


I had kept it for posterity probably for this day only and the days that we will celebrate our friendship. You were my best friend, you are my best friend and you will always be! Whether you like it or not.”She said reading his confusion and Yash just hugged her again feeling so overwhelmed.


“Missed you.” He said after a while breaking the hug while looking into her eyes.


“Missed you too.” Pari replied as she wiped away the one tear hanging at the corner of his eyes.


“I love you so much.” Yash said but this time it was not a feeling of a lover but of a friend.


“I love you too.” Pari said and without of their own knowledge they came close and were almost about to kiss with their lips briefly touching before they realized that they shouldn’t as they both were very much in love with their respective partners and they parted.


“I am sorry. I didn’t mean to do that.” He said after a while looking at Pari who was looking at ground.


“I am sorry too. Though, I wouldn’t mind kissing you someday.” Pari said and smiled playfully making Yash to realize that she was just saying it to make him feel better.


“Neither would I.” He said and they both laughed and hugged contently.


Things are finally falling into the place. Everything is getting settled now.  Yash and Pari needed this closure so that they both can move on without any burden of their past. Now the only missing part of the puzzle is Geet who is still unaware of the changes happening behind her back. And Yash knows that she’ll be the happiest person when she’ll come to know that how everything has changed and this time for good. But the question is where she is and when will be back? But again there was no answer with him instead of just waiting for her like everyone else.




What next? I am getting a little bored. I can see now why you hate driving. It does get a little monotonous after a bit.” Geet said as they drove on the highway for a little while after which she got bored and she pouted cutely while looking at Maan and all he wanted at that time was to eat her alive for she was looking so tempting but then he controlled his emotions.


“Oh, you are bored? Do you want to feel a rush?” Maan said as an idea popped in his mind which will really make their amazing date a memorable one, he thought as he smirked.


“Umm… Yes… What do you have in mind?” Geet asked as she looked at him skeptically. Something is really cooking up in devil mind of his.


“Have you ever raced an aircraft?” He asked and a boyish smile came back to his face while Geet looked at him with her eyes wide open.


“What? Do I look like I might have done it? What makes you think I might have done it?” This man has totally lost it, she thought as she looked at him in disbelief while shaking her head.


“The question is whether You’ want to do it?” Maan said non-chalantly making Geet to again looked at him in shock.


Are you drunk? Are you kidding me? Are you nuts?” She bombarded with questions whatever came into her mind. This guy is really not in her sane mind; hope she’s not out with a mentally challenged person, she thought as she looked at him with her wide eyes while Maan just chuckled seeing her expressions. She is exactly looking like a kid


“No, No, and Yes!” he said gleefully as he answered each of her question and she was already sold on that smile of his


“Okay. You do it as I am none of the above.” Geet said as she breathed deeply shrugging her shoulders.


“You’re coming with me.” His next set of words did nothing but to shock her further. now she was confirmed that this guy has officially lost it.


“Are you serious?” She asked yet again hoping that he was just kidding. I mean who wants to race a Jet in his sane mind.


“Hell yeah” He said excited like a little boy and before Geet knew they stopped the car, switched seats and drove onto the highway.


Geet didn’t dared to ask where they were heading for she knows that first of all he won’t answer and even if he answers then she knows that it’ll be definitely something which she wouldn’t have expected so it’s better to keep the mouth shut and wait for what’s coming next. She has anyways nothing to do so it’s better if she just took part in the adventure sport or whatever is going to come next and anyways since morning Maan has never failed to surprise her so she was sure that he won’t disappoint her this time too, she thought as she looked at Maan who was driving with a contended smile on his face. He stopped at a place after a while what looked like a runway and Geet saw him nodding to a person standing over there who let them through the guarded barricade. They stopped there for a while once they went through the gate.


Look” Maan pointed to a small jet approaching the runway in his rearview mirror and Geet looked astonished.


“Oh shit. You are really gonna race that?” She asked as she clasped her palms to her face not believing a single word of his.


“Seems like… Yes!” he said excitedly making Geet to scared out of her wits


“Don’t do it.” She held his hand which was on the gear as he was about to start in order to stop him and Maan saw her really being scared.


“Why?” he asked the most obvious question even when he knows that she’s scared.


“I am little scared.” she spoke as she looked at the jet and then at Maan hoping that he would agree but what she don’t know that it’s Maan and always expect the unexpected from him.


“Good.” That’s what Geet had heard before he pushed on the gas and the car was surrounded white smoke and burnt rubber.


The jet was kilometer away, and then it shattered the glass of shiny blue Porsche as it passed them by, and made the car look like a small toy. Maan clenched the wheel and let the brakes go while Geet just shot a quick prayer to her Babaji asking him to keep them alive till the end of this race. First second it was 20 km/hr, Second it was 69 km/hr, Third it was 92 km/hr. They both hit the back of their seats. Any faster and they would have broken their necks. The car was hurtling to the infinite now. The road was getting blurred. The car had started shaking and wobbling and they could smell burnt rubber. They were surrounded by car smoke.      


Fourth second it was 145 km/hr. The car was zooming now. A few more seconds and the beast reached 185 km/hr when they left the jet behind, and the car wobbled like crazy. Undeterred, Maan pushed on the gas further and now he was going at 210 km/hr. One rock and the car would have smashed into pieces.


“Stop it! Oh shit!” Geet wanted to shout this but she couldn’t as her voice failed her. She just closed her eyes and grabbed onto the sides of the seat. Her stomach was churning and she felt like she would puke and she may have done it too if the person sitting next to her was not Maan. Of course, she didn’t want any bad impression of hers on him. Hence she just sat over there holding her breath as she saw Maan driving like a maniac. Had it not been for the seat belts then Geet was sure that they would have been thrown out of the car till now. The car had started to vibrate wildly, seeming it would topple over. They had both been pushed back to the seat and they could feel the air fighting them. The sights had gone and they could see just two colors- blue of the sky and a blurred brown road ahead.


The jet was slowing down and was about to land. Maan gave the car its last thrust and pushed on the pedal. It touched 250 km/hr and the jet touched down. They were flying. She felt weightless as she closed her eyes not sure whether she is alive or already dead for all this seems too ummm… adventurous to be real.


He won! Maan gave a victory smile as he waved at the pilot and the pilot gave him a thumbs-up. They just came to a stop and he took the last bit out the tyres by doing a 360-degree turn a few yards in front of the jet making Geet’s head spun.


“It’s over.” Maan whispered in her ear when he saw her closing her eyes shut out of fear or may be out of nervousness, making Geet to open her eyes, still in a daze. She rushed out of car as soon as she registered Maan’s words and slammed the door bending down with her palms against the knees, panting.


“I am sorry, but I couldn’t have stopped mid-way. And by the way, I won.” Maan said after coming out from the car as he rubbed her back in order to calm her down. He was really very much concerned for her seeing her in that condition. Guess he had really scared her. He thought that she would puke too. There had been guys who had puked then Geet being a girl will be no exception.


“Are you okay?” He asked and bent down now being really worried for her making Geet to look at him only to find his deep honeyed eyes looking back at her with lots of concern making Geet’s heart to flutter. She didn’t remember when it was the last time when anyone was this much concerned for her.


“Can we do it again?” She asked smilingly as she looked at him still bent making Maan confused with her words. Wasn’t she scared few seconds back?


“But you closed your eyes.” He asked confusingly while Geet felt like pulling his cheeks for he was looking so adorable with that expression of his.


“Obviously I closed my eyes! This was my first time! But now I regret it. It was so good.” She said excited like a child who has went for his trip to amusement park for the first time while Maan just looked at her with a small smile playing on his lips as she held his arm in her excitement without her own knowledge.


“I know.” He whispered softly still looking at her making Geet to look at him only to find him looking at her intently.


There was something in his eyes which was unknown to her yet it seems familiar and warm. She couldn’t put her finger upon what that thing is that she saw in his eyes but whatever it is she knows that it was just for her. It’s strange isn’t it few hours back she was totally unknown of his existence on this earth and now she don’t even want to think what will happen when they both will move to their respective paths. It was as if she had become addicted to him in just few hours. She don’t know what’s running in his mind and how he is taking all this thing, may be for him she’s just time pass girl who had nothing to do but whatever is that she don’t want to think about it right now and jeopardize her sweet date she thought as she tore away her gaze from him and looked ahead. They kept standing there looking back at the runway and the barren lands that they had whizzed past. It was quite a distance and Geet couldn’t believe that it took just a few seconds for them to pass that.


I think I now have to thank you for a lot of things. I’ll treat you some day if you allow me to.” She said last few words almost to herself for she knew that there is very tiny-miny chance of them meeting again. For she knows that he won’t be having any shortage of girls and he’s definitely not going to miss her like she was going to miss him.


“Treat me today.” He said almost in a reflex making Geet to look at him surprised. Does he also wanted to spend more and more time with her like she wanted, she thought as she scanned his face searching for her answers but then like again she could find nothing except that smile on his face.


Today? I think you should rest. We should really be going home now. It is 31st today and a big day for your club. We should be going now.”Geet said really not wanting to take anymore advantage of his. Though that’s a different thing that somewhere in her heart she doesn’t want this day with him to end and was looking forward to spend more and more time with him.


“Oh! Big businesswoman you are! Shut up and stop telling me what I have to do! I am sure I will manage everything right.” Maan said now totally irritated with her continuous thinking about his waste of time due to her. Can’t she see that he’s really liking it with her, he thought as he smiled on his own thought. Yes, he admitted that he really likes spending time with her and he was looking forward to spend more and more time with her.


“So where are we going? This time you can choose and I will drive and you point out where you want to eat.” Geet said finally giving up in front of his stubbornness. She knows that it’s useless to say anything to him. And anyways she herself is looking forward to spend more and more time with him doesn’t she?


“I have kind of decided. It’s Palates of the World. I really like that restaurant and it’s been days that I have eaten there and I would like it if we can go there.” he said as a matter of fact while Geet smiled brightly finally getting a chance to fulfill his wish.


“Perfect. Palates of the World it is. Can I drive?” She asked being all excited as she moved towards the car.


“Yes You can. But there’s a slight problem.” Maan said still standing on his place making Geet to halt in her steps looking at him confusingly as she raised her brows as if asking him “What”.


“I don’t think you have license to get us there.” He said dejected as he came close to her while Geet was still confused.


“Oh, yes I do!” She stated as a matter of fact. Haven’t she told him few hours back that she’s having a license with her. Had he forgotten so early?


“No, you don’t, Geet. The restaurant is in Delhi.” He stated the most obvious fact making Geet to widen her eyes.


“What?” she almost screamed out loud out of shock not believing on a word that he had said.


“And we are flying.” He said as he turned her around and pointed to the jet standing there while smirking looking at her expression.


Geet feel like fainting listening to him. I mean who wouldn’t listening to all this. Who is he and just how much rich is he? And most importantly if he is this rich then what is he doing with a girl like her? Till now she was sure that he was just not the man who owned Elan. There’s lot more to his personality which was still unknown to her like every other thing. Why is he such a mystery to her and especially what does he exactly wants from her that he’s doing all this, she thought as she looked at him moving towards the Jet when he stopped for a while and waived at her to come along. So many questions and still no answers. she really had no idea what’s going on so it would be better to go with the flow, she thought as she shrugged her shoulder and moved ahead towards him still dazed.

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