“A Moment of Love” ~ Part 2

“She’s more safe here than with you Sir.” The guy said nd motioned the bouncer to take him away nd that was the last thing that Rahul heard before the bouncers punched him unconscious nd dumped him outside the back door of the club.


“We should move her towards the waiting lounge Sir.” Bouncer said as he looked at Geet who was passed out by now before they bend down to led her to the waiting lounge that accommodated single guests who had passed out till they come to their senses


“Wait!!!” The guy stopped them as they were about to scoop her up while keeping his eyes fixed on Geet.


“I’ll take care of her.” he said as he moved forward before scooping her up in his arms nd moving towards his cabin taking her in his arms shocking the bouncers who had never seen him taking care of someone personally, especially a girl but then they shrugged it off as it was not their concern to know what their boss do or not nd headed back to their duties.


The guy placed Geet on the bed once they reached his private room that was adjacent to his cabin nd covered her with the duvet properly only to find her fast asleep but still mumbling in her sleep. He sat on her side nd looked at her sleeping form admiringly. She looked so beautiful with her long curly hairs, long perfect nose, full luscious lips nd her milky white skin but what caught his attention was her big doe-shaped hazels in which he had witnessed her pain nd loneliness when he had walked up to her in the nightclub nd her innocence radiated from each contours of her face. How can anyone be this beautiful yet so innocent? No wonder that creep was after her, he thought as he keeps on looking at her sleeping form while smiling softly tucking away the loose curls from her face behind her ears securely as she mumbled in her sleep. The night was long for both of them as she keeps on mumbling something or nothing while he keeps on listening everything patiently nd smilingly while caressing her hairs softly.




“Any news of her Yash?” Meera asked as soon as Yash nd Vicky stepped into the apartment after the futile attempt of Tracing Geet. All 3 of them were in Geet’s apartment from past 3 hours after they got to know the actual truth that drowns all 3 of them in the pool of guilt and regret especially Yash and Vicky


“No we tried to locate her at every place possible, but got no success.” Yash said dejectedly as he slumped down on the couch holding his head between his hands.


“The only thing we got to know from her landlord is that she’s out for partying nd would be back next morning but don’t know where she has actually gone. Her landlord told that she’s out after whole 7 days otherwise she had never stepped out from her flat.” Vicky revealed nd Meera just covered her face in her palms as she broke down.


“Everything will be ok Meera. We’ll find her. Everything is going to be alright.” Yash said as he kept hand on her shoulder to comfort her nd that blows off the last straw of her patience she was having as she angrily snapped his hand away.


“Nothing will be alright. Did you get that? NOTHING-WILL-BE-ALRIGHT!!!! What will be alright? You were the one who drove her out. You were the one who put allegations on her. It is because of you that she isn’t here. God knows where she would be now. Would she be alright also or not? It’s all your fault Yash, just because of your one wrong assumption everything has been ruined. You nd Vicky ruined all nd probably me too. I was not there when she needed me the most. We all were so happy together then why everything has to be ruined like this?” Meera said as she broke into the sobs feeling so helpless.


“But whatever we were noticing from past days nd that day at the restaurant, all just lead to all this misunderstandings.” Yash said as he tries to defend himself though he knows that whatever he’s saying is nowhere to justify his acts.


“Weren’t we know Geet enough Yash that we made this assumption for her. She was you doll right then how then how can you even think of so low about her. Yash, whether you accept it or not but you too know that were wrong since the start. It was nothing but your bloody Ego that lead to all this. Due to this ego of yours only there were differences between you nd Vicky because he was in the relationship with a girl who had dumped you once nd due to this your Ego got hurt 10 times. It was because of Geet only that you both are standing here together sorting out all your differences nd what you did; once again because of this bloody ego of yours you had shattered her to this extent. Can you see around yourself Yash? These empty bottles of Vodka, beers nd god knows what not, that dry stains of puke, this messy home; From past 7 days she’s been living in this hell. The girl who hates even the sight of drunkards, who chides you for drinking, who keeps everything neat nd clean has destroyed herself like this nd all because of you nd your one wrong assumption. At least now both of you come out from that ego of yours nd see the extent of damage you both had done.” Meera barked as angry tears trailed down her cheeks feeling so helpless.


“But why would I blame you both when even I am at fault. To support my Love I had betrayed my best friend. She had always considered me as her sister nd I had left her alone the time she needs me the most. I don’t think that I’ll ever be able to face her now nd all because of you two. Mark my words Yash that if anything happened to her then I won’t forgive you ever.”Meera said as she wiped away her tears harshly before storming inside Geet’s bedroom shutting the door hard leaving both Vicky nd Yash behind to drown in the pool of guilt nd regret




It had been quiet sometime that Geet had been sleeping in that room. She blinked her eyes couple of tymes before opening them as the sunrays peeping from the curtain forced her to wake up nd welcome the new day of her lyf. She rubbed her eyes to get off the remainants of sleep as she takes in her surroundings trying to figure out where she is. She knows that she had talked a lot last night nd she remembered only pieces of it but how she comes in this room nd how she lands up on this bed she doesn’t remember. Her eyes widen in fear as she realized the place being dead quiet nd empty as if she’s the only soul present on this earth. She would have probably panicked but her head was being hammered by a million sledgehammers nd things were slowly coming back to her but still the picture was not clear.


“Sit down” She heard a strong male voice from behind as she was about to get up making her to turn around only to see a mug in front of her face.


“Drink. It’ll make you feel better.” She heard him yet again as she held the mug hesitantly nd sat from her half standing position. She raises her lashes gently to look at the owner of such baritone voice only to find a boy rather a man in his late 20s came around nd sat in front of her in the chair gesturing her to drink the beverage.


She keeps on looking at him occasionally as she sipped the coffee nd to say that she was mesmerized would be an understatement as she was totally blown off with his handsome features. He’s not real, she thought as she scanned him from top to bottom while sipping coffee. Tall, an olive tanned complexion nd dark chocolate brown eyes that looked to melt her. Not an iota of fat or stretched skin anywhere. The shirt clung to places where there were taut muscles giving her a clear idea of his muscular body that could make any star run for their money. A face made with a pencil nd scale giving him high jaw line nd sharp lines across his face with his stubble adorning it nd not to forget those perfect M-shaped lips which made her throat dry in sinful desires. For a moment she thought that she had seen him in a film magazine but then she thought that maybe it was just the affect of alcohol from the last night.


She felt like running her hand through his hair, which was exactly what she always fancied for her; silky as hell and glossy like anything glossy. They were long nd ended just above where his ears ended nd slightly flopped over an eye. Does he set them with Set-Wet gel, very very sexy, she thought as she imagined him endorsing the brand in the same way like that model does. He seemed to have taken shower just now as few wet tendrils were still coming on his forehead. No wonder he was looking so fresh nd hot after a shower. She wonders how he would look in the shower nd to her surprise she had actually started imagining herself to be in it with him clinging to his muscular body with his strong arms around her nd looking into each other eyes deeply.


“Stop it Geet. Stop all your erotic thoughts right now.” Her mind screamed aloud at her bringing her out from her erotic world as the urgency of situation shook her in.


He just stood in front of her nd waited for her to finish the coffee while she kept on drinking it as if it was a glass of milk nd it was her mother standing over her head while stealing glances of him tym to tym. That white see-through shirt of his was complementing his muscular body so much as it was tucked in a pair of blue jeans that ran across his body lines giving him a casual yet deadly look that made her wonder that if he’s really a human or Greek god is standing in front of her. He suddenly turned to get his cell from the table across nd his cute butt came in her sight making her turn to burn with the hot coffee for she forgot to gulp it down after drowning again in her sinful world making her to let out a gasp.


“Too Hot?” He said as he turned back to see her while raising his brows.


Very… I mean, yes its hot, The coffee… The Coffee is hot.” She stuttered as she looked everywhere but him trying to hide her flushed face while he just gave a knowing smirk making her to wonder that whether he understood that she was checking him out shamelessly.


“So feeling better now?” He asked when he saw Geet keeping the mug on the side table while unbuttoning his sleeves.


“Hhhmm” she replied meekly still not able to look at him out of embarrassment.


“Long night, huh?” He said as he rolled up his sleeves giving Geet a clear view of his muscular biceps.


“Yes, who are you?” She asked shrugging off all wild thoughts.


Me? Well, I work here” he replied casually as he once again sat on the chair in front of her.


“Where is he?” Geet asked slowly as it suddenly dawned upon her that Rahul is missing, as if she cared.


“Rahul? We sent him home. He wasn’t in his best behavior last night either.”He replied non-chalantly avoiding the part of beating Rahul black nd Blue by his bouncers but Geet knew what could have happened


“I know.” Geet whispered as she felt her voice getting choked remembering the confontration between her nd Rahul.


“Ummm… Did I do something stupid yesterday?” She asked as she still couldn’t make out what actually happened after that.


“Not really. You just broke Rahul’s nose. That’s it.” He said as he chuckled while Geet’s eyes widens in disbelief.


“Shit!!! Did I say something stupid?” She asked wanting to know what more stupidity she did.


“You said a lot of things, mostly non-stupid. Right from your parents to your first crush to your favourite brother to your dream Job to your friends to the differences between you all nd of course that Rahul’s part too. If given a chance, I can try a hand in writing your biography.” He said as a matter of fact while shrugging his shoulders.


“Shit!!!” She said while covering her mouth with her palms feeling so stupid to lose her senses lyk that.


Hey it’s all cool. And I had an interesting night anyways.” He said winking when noticed her getting embarrassed for no reason making her to smile shyly at his last sentence that depicts double meaning of his words.


“Well, I guess you need to get fresh. I had kept some spare clothes in the washroom for you; you can change into them if you want. And tell me when you are ready, I’ll be behind that door (he said pointing towards the door at his back). Anything you need, call me from that phone ok.” He said pointing to the phone at the side table before getting up nd vanishing behind that door but not before giving her his charming smile while Geet just kept sitting over there looking at his retreating form all lost until she heard the sound of door being shut making her realize that he had gone long back.


She flopped back on the bed grabbed a pillow nd hugged it real tight while smiling widely. Images from last night came back all loud nd clear making her remember everything without any haze. She remembered what she had done last night, how she had hugged him nd told him everything whatever had happened with her nd how he had listened to every word of hers patiently while rubbing her back in a comforting manner. She looked at the wooden door behind which he had disappeared nd unknown to herself her heart swelled up in respect for him nd a seed of  unknown emotion started to seep in her heart as she realized how generous nd nice man he’s in real. If there was any other man in his place he would have taken advantage of her vulnerable nd drunk condition.


Why go far, she had got the living example with her in the form of Rahul who had crossed all the limits last night; but here he being a complete stranger to her had not only saved her dignity but had also taken care of her whole night as if she’s someone of his own, without even thinking of taking an advantage of her drunk condition when he could have done anything with her nd she may not be able to do anything but he didn’t. Does really such men still exist in this world who don’t consider women as an object of warming up their bed, she thought as she sighed heavily before getting down from bed nd heading towards the washroom to get fresh.


It took a frantic Geet whole 20 minutes of a long hot shower nd a bag full of cosmetics to come out all shining nd fresh as of woken up from 8 hours of sleep. She changed herself  into a pair of jeans nd simple crisp shirt that he had kept for her in the washroom nd sat on the couch holding her head between her hands nd thought about the sentences she had told herself last night.


“I am not going back to them.”


“It’s my lyf, my happiness. I am not going back to Delhi to my selfish parents”


She could find somebody who could take care of her. Somebody, who could take her out of her misery. Anybody, she thought as she wiped off the beads of tears before taking a deep breath feeling good nd liberated about herself. Ten minutes passed by before she could finally think of entering to the other side of the door where her savior must be waiting for her. She chuckled at her own thought before slowly stepping into his cabin only to find him engrossed in his laptop oblivious to her presence. Her gaze fell on the place card kept on his table that read aloud the title MANAGER’ making her realize that she was indeed right in her observation last night but isn’t his cabin nd that private room is too much lavish for a manager, Geet thought as she coughed a little in order to gain his attention making him to shift his attention from laptop to her.


“Hi!” She greeted slowly not knowing what else should she speak.


Ohhh Hi!!! You  are looking ummm… fresh.” He said as he slapped down his laptop nd looked at her making her to wonder whether he was going to give her any other compliment other than fresh.


“Thank you.” She replied shyly as she looked at him trying her best to stop the red colour spreading on her heeks due to his simple compliment. He was exactly the way she had imagined him last night; smart, young, Handsome nd probably rich too.


“So, where should I drop you?” he asked as he got up nd walked upto her across the table.


“Ummm…” The word home skipped from her tongue nd a touch of sadness came across her face as she looked down not knowing what to answer.


Why not have a breakfast first as I am starving nd I am sure that you must be hungry too. So shall we?” he offered as he looked at her waiting for her to reply making her thoughtful for a while.


“Sure” She said half lost in her own thoughts. Going any damn place on this earth is a far better idea than going back to home nd of course not to forget it’ll give her some more tym to spend with this hotty, she thought as she stood over there lost.


“You okay” his voice broke her trail of thoughts nd she nodded at him while smiling faintly.


“Ok, so let’s go then.” He said before they both stepped out from his cabin nd heading downstairs.


He walked down the stairs nd took her hand in his, believing that she’s still not in a good shape which she was actually not nd strangely the reason was not the hangover, the reason was HIM. His hand felt like a thousand feathers on her hand, only that they were strong nd can snapped her finger into two. But whatever her heart did flutter nd missed thousand beats due to his soft touch nd gentle hold. For a moment she felt like walking down the thorny part effortlessly due to him holding her hand like this only being her biggest strength. She chuckled at her own crazy thought as they walked to his car after passing a few small ones nd a few big ones to reach a really big one.


“What the f**k” Geet’s eyes wide open in astonishment as he beeped open the car.


It was a Porsche, a blue convertible one, just like the one she had dreamt of having when she would be twice of her age. She was still standing over there motionless waiting to make sure that it was actually the car she had to get in until he opened the door nd swished his hand motioning her to sit in. Geet’s heart skipped a few more beats as she sat at the passenger seat still not believing her luck of sitting in such an expensive car. It was like a fairy tale come true, like a morning wish. She watched him as he walked over the car before taking his place behind the wheels nd passing her that charming smile of his making her heart flutter.


He backed out the car out of driveway nd drove like only stunt drivers do. Had she seen anybody drive like that, she would have called him/her a maniac. But then he was driving well nd him being handsome nd smelling like heaven helped too. Ummm whatever his name is. Great, she had spent a whole night with him in his room, used his belongings, nd now going to a breakfast date with him in his expensive car nd she still don’t even know his name. Only she can be this dumb, she thought as she mentally whacked herself on her stupidity.


“I am Maan.” She heard his voice out of blue making her to give her thoughts a break as she looked at him wondering whether he can read her mind only to find him looking at her with that killing smile of his waiting for her reply.


“I am Geet.” She replied after a while composing herself giving him her dimpled smile to which he just nodded before looking back towards the road nd don’t know why but she felt him murmuring her name softly before a smile touch his lips, guess she’s really thinking too much now.


“So Geet, where do you work?” He asked as he looked at her once again


“Silverman Finance… Not anymore” Her mood took a dip as she said the last line


“Hhmmm.. Silverman Finance. I knew that you had resigned but not that it was Silverman. Anyways, there’s nothing to be sad about it. Whatever happens, happens for good nd I am sure that you are having this capability in your to get placed in the company far better than Silverman. You see, you never know there’s something best stored for you in the next moment.” Geet looked at him in awe as he spoke, amazed at his positive outlook towards everything but what touched her heart was that he didn’t pitied her or anything like others but had unknowingly taken her out from her own negative world where everything seemed to be wrong but now everything seems to be so right. Was it due to his effect on her, she thought as she really felt herself falling hard for this guy. She can happily fall for him, in deep love nd never to recover if he would be this generous for rest of her lyf.


“Nice Car.” She said in order to give a break to her thoughts that seemed to forget their actual route after meeting him.


“Thanks. A few perks when you are born a little rich.” He said disdainfully as if this compliment doesn’t affect him a bit which too Geet by surprise as she thought that usually every guy loves his car to be praised nd flaunt to others.



“Don’t say that, you seem to be doing well. Manager of the Elan, that’s good isn’t it?” Geet said as she looked at him amazed.


“Well I own that place.” Now that comes as a biggest shock for her for not even in her wildest dream she could think of that coming. She’s been spending tym with the owner of the Elan who had chosen her out of all the hot nd beautiful girls nd super models who must be running behind him but still he’s spending his precious tym with her, a Girl who is emotionally wrecked at this moment. Was it really happening in real or is that she’s dreaming everything nd once she’ll open her eyes she’ll find herself in that mess again, she thought as she looked at him wide eyed still not believing on what he has just said.

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