“Mitra” ~ Part 8

Part 8:
“Are you sure Laddoo? Are you sure that there’s nothing that you are hiding from me?” Maan asked yet again as he was not completely convinced what Geet had said nd Geet just rolled over her eyes


“Ya Maan. Now should I write in stamp paper then you’ll believe it. Trust me there’s nothing wrong happening in my life. And if there will be anything wrong then I’ll definitely tell you. You don’t worry for anything ok.” Geet said with the sweet smile on her face nd Maan just sighed in defeat.


“Ok I believe what you say. But promise me Laddoo that you won’t ever hide anything from me.” Maan said sternly nd Geet sighed in relief seeing him convinced.


“Haan baba I promise. Abhi Chalo lets go nd have breakfast. I don’t know about you but I am really starving. Come lets have breakfast first nd then we can talk endlessly.” Geet said making a baby face nd Maan just chuckled seeing her antics.


“You go I’ll come in 5 minutes.” Maan said nd Geet nodded nd goes towards dining area but not before warning him to be there in exact 5 minutes.


“There’s definitely something Laddoo that you are hiding from me. Your eyes were not reflecting the words said by you but I don’t what is it. But I promise you Laddoo whatever it is I’ll find it soon nd fix each nd every thing.” Maan muttered feeling damn sure that Geet’s lyf is not what it appears to be nd left for dining area to join Geet for Breakfast making a mental note that he’ll go in depth of each nd everything nd remove each nd every problem from Geet’s lyf which cause her pain.




Geet looked at the two persons sitting on the either side of her chair across each other shooting daggers with their eyes to each other. There’s a kind of cold war was going between these two souls as they were having there breakfast silently nd Geet was just a mute spectator of all this as she looked to nd fro from Maan to Meera nd vice versa as she sipped her coffee sighing heavily. If given them a chance then they wouldn’t hesitate in killing each other, God knows how they both are sitting this quietly till now, God! Why on earth did she had to stuck up between these two over possessive friends who are ready to pounce on each other for claiming their copyright on her, she thought as she shaked her head on their possessiveness while having her breakfast quietly.


“Kheer!!” Both Meera nd Maan squealed in excitement as soon as Geet opened the lid of the bowl that had Maan’s favourite dish nd was a surprise for him, before both of them looked at each other giving murderous glare to each other. Thankfully, Geet interrupted on tym or else they both were in for another war.


Wow Laddoo it’s so tasty. Ummm I just loved it. You know what I missed this Kheer a lot all these years.” Maan said as he relished the Kheer after god knows how long. He never had Kheer in these 6 years after Geet left as this was something that use to remind him of her for they had many memories to cherish with this favourite dish of theirs.


Geet looked at him lost as she felt the corner of her eyes burning seeing him relishing the Kheer like a kid. Only she knows how much she had longed all these years to witness this sight of his nd today seems lyk Babaji had granted her wish. Though she knows that all this is just for a momentary but still she can’t help from treasuring these small-small memories for she knows that these small memories were the only one that she had to cherish for whole of her lyf after they part their ways yet again. But then at that moment she don’t want to think about their separation as it’ll only ruin the blissful moment that they were spending together, hence for that single moment she pushed back all the bitter memories nd the forecasting of  uncertain future nd just admired him relishing his favourite Kheer. Meera looked at Geet then back at Maan nd then again at Geet nd shaked her head on her hopelessly in Love friend while the one for whom her heart beats is still oblivious of the fact when he claimed to know her every heartbeat. No wonder she hates him so much, she thought as she continued relishing Kheer something that she too started loving after she met Geet.


“I want one more bowl.” Once again both Maan nd Meera spoke together before looking at each other irritated. But the main problem is that there’s only one more bowl left nd the candidates to claim it are two nd unfortunately both are too close to her nd hence she just can’t choose any one from them.


“I said it first so I’ll have it.” Maan said pulling the kheer bowl towards himself only to get a glare from Meera


“Why do you have a copyright on it? Nd for your kind information I had said it before you so I’ll have it.” Meera retorted snatching the bowl towards her nd there continues another round of argument between these two over the bowl of Kheer while Geet just sat over there holding her head between her hands seeing these two kids in front of her.


“Enough!!!! No more arguments now.” Geet yelled out when her patience gave up finally.


“Meera you have this bowl of Kheer.” Geet said as she gave the bowl of Kheer to Meera while Maan looked at her puffing sadly. Somewhere deep he was hurt that Geet had chosen Meera over him but least he knows that his place in her lyf was far above than anyone else.


“Now don’t make that face. You have this one.” Geet said forwarding her bowl towards Maan to which both Meera nd Maan looked at her in surprised


“Don’t look at me like that. I am on diet anyways nd I already had 2-3 spoons so you can have it.” Geet said as she took a spoonful of Kheer nd shoved it in his mouth. It didn’t matter to either of them that Geet had already tasted it as they had already shared everything


Meera looked at Geet who was looking Maan in awe as he was relishing his Kheer nd then looked at Maan who was enjoying his Kheer oblivious of someone’s loving gaze on him nd shaked her in disbelief. How can anyone be so oblivious of someone’s feelings so long after being so close to her, she thought as she sighed in the fate of her best friend who was hopelessly in love with this man sitting in front of her that she didn’t even care about the aching of her broken that was crushed so badly by him. But then Geet had never held him responsible for anything in fact she use to blame herself for his heart break. Sometimes she just wants to slap Maan hard nd ask him to see what he has done to his Laddoo for whom he claims to care to no extent but then she knows that as much as she wants to do this she can’t for Geet never wanted Maan to feel guilty for anything.


Meera knows that no matter how much she nd Geet are close to each other but still she can never had that place in her heart nd lyf that Maan is having nd guess that’s the another reason due to which she hates Maan this much, she thought as sighed heavily while having her Kheer quietly lost in her own thoughts until a loud shrill of ringtone of Geet’s cell broke both her nd Geet’s trance nd she turned her gaze towards Geet only to find tensed lines appearing on her forehead as she stared at the caller ID of her cell before she looked at Meera in worry nd Meera instantly guess after seeing her worried face that whose call it can be nd as the realization hits her she looked at Geet wide-eyed before looking at Maan who was still oblivious of the fact that made both friends so worried. They can’t disclose about it to Maan but what was bothering them at that moment was to how to take this call in front of him as Geet had promised herself that she’ll never make Maan part of her problems nd if he’ll come to know about it then he’ll not rest in peace until he’ll go in depth of everything which Geet don’t want as she had already ruined his lyf enough nd now she don’t want to ruin it anymore by making him part of her messed up lyf.


“Laddoo your cellphone is ringing. Why are you not picking it up?” Maan’s voice broke Geet’s trance as she looked at him while smiling faintly before nodding nd excusing herself to get to a side to take the call.


“Hello…… is everything fine…… Now…… but……. Ok I’ll be there as soon as possible…… hhmmm ok.” Geet said before cutting the call after gathering the information from the other side which was enough for her to drown deep in pool of worries as she rubbed her temple trying to fight back the tears that was desperate to come out from her eyes when she felt a comforting hand on her shoulder thus making her eyes go wide as she recognized the touch nd her doubts got confirmed when she turned to look at the person only to find Maan standing over there with concern written all over his face.


“Laddoo, what happen, you seems to be tensed. Is everything fine? And whose call was that?” Maan who couldn’t sit even for a minute when he noticed worried expression of Geet’s face when she had excused herself to take call, asked as he noticed her tensed look nd especially her teary hazels.


Nothing Maan. It was just a friend of mine. Her mother in law is not keeping well from past few days nd today she has been hospitalized so she was kind of tensed hence was asking me if I could join her over there as she was not able to manage everything alone. So I was just thinking about that only.” Geet tried to convince him as she blinked her eyes couple of tymes to fight back with her tears before passing Maan her sweet smile.


“Are you sure Laddoo that this is the only matter?” Maan asked as he looked at her with his piercing gaze still not convinced.


“Ya Maan. This is the only thing. Why would I lie to you?” Geet said as she smiled brightly concealing her worry behind her smile.


“Then why your eyes were teary?” Maan’s question faded the smile on Geet’s face as she gaped at him surprisingly feeling being caught off guard.


Arey she was kind of a good friend of mine na nd her mother in law was very nice person nd was just like a mother for me so I was just sad after knowing her condition. That’s it.” Geet said after a while wishing Maan to get convinced nd she sighed in relief when Maan smiled after finally getting convinced.


“It’s ok Laddoo. Don’t get this much tensed. I am sure that she’ll be fine very soon.” Maan said as he cupped her face while Geet just nodded smiling.


“Now what are you waiting for? Go nd get ready fast. Don’t you have to reach over there soon? Maan said as he ushered Geet towards her room while Geet looked at him perplexed.


“But what will you do till then? You had came to spend whole day with me, right?” Geet asked as she looked at him uncertain.


“I’ll go to my Mumbai branch till then nd when you’ll come back then give me a call nd I’ll come back once again. Stop thinking about me nd get ready fast your friends need you at this hour.” Maan said as he literally pushed Geet towards her room who left to get ready aster giving him a smile.




Maan though showed Geet that he got convinced with her statements but in real he didn’t got convinced even a bit. He was damn sire that Geet is hiding something as her hazels didn’t reflected the words she told but he couldn’t understand that why is she doing so? She had never hid anything from him then why is she doing so. Don’t know why but since the tym he had found her again he didn’t felt her lyk to be his Laddoo. It was as if she’s someone else in her body. Her every word, her every sentence, her every gesture seems to be a mystery for him now that he’s unable to solve. She’s no more an open book for him now by reading which he could tell what’s bothering her nd what not, and this is the thing that was bothering him more as his Laddoo was never like that. Then what happened in these 6 years that had made her to drawn in her shell like this, he thought as he sighed heavily before determining that he’ll each nd every hidden fact that had made his Laddoo like this


He knows that asking her directly won’t help at all hence he asked her for her cell on the pretext of making some important call as there’s some network problem in his cell nd Geet being Geet had given him her cell without any questioning nd this gave Maan a perfect chance to know what he wanted to. Though he felt a bit guilty for lyieng to her but then all this is for her only hence that tiny miny guilt too flew away from the window as the first thing he did is to check whose call was that which had made Geet so much tensed nd his eyes widened in shock as he saw the name “Asylum” in the latest received call. Why would Geet get a call from Asylum? She said that it was her friend’s call right nd also that her friend’s MIL is admitted, then why there’s “Asylum” showing as a last call in her call list nd most importantly why Geet had lied to him? All this questions were running in his mind making him to go all crazy nd restless nd there’s only one way to end all this quest nd that is to know everything without Geet’s knowledge.


So now here he’s following Geet’s car which was moving a bit ahead from him. Maan was careful with the fact that Geet won’t get to have a slightest idea that he’s following her nd guess he was quiet successful in it as by seeing the movement of Geet’s car he can say that she didn’t get to know about him following her. He saw her car stopping before a building nd he parked his car at another corner before getting down nd following Geet at a safe distance who was heading inside a building that named “Karuna Mental Asylum”. Maan’s brows furrowed in confusion reading the name as he still can’t understand that why Geet needs to come to mental asylum that too after lyieng to him but nevertheless he’ll get his answers in just a matter of few minutes, he thought as he followed Geet who headed inside a room with Meera while he stood at the window which was half open, but the sight inside the room has surprised him to no ends as he tried to register everything that he’s seeing.


He saw Geet nd Meera conversing with a lady in her late fifties while there’s another lady in her late twenties was standing near the bed. By seeing the condition of the lady he could say that he’s not mentally stable. Though it didn’t reach to the level of complete insanity yet it would come under the heading of mentally unstable. He keeps on looking at the scene in front of him as he saw that lady slowly caressing Geet’s head while Geet was conversing with her all smiling. It seems like they knew each other from ages. Guess what Geet was saying is true. She has really came to meet her friend’s MIL nd here he thought that she’s lyieng to him, Afterall why would she lie to him, he’s her Bestest friend right then why would she hide anything from him, Maan thought as he shaked his head on his stupidity of doubting his Laddoo before going away from there after giving a last glance to the scene in front of him.


Geet looked at the direction of the window nd then at Meera before signaling her of something nd she just nodded her head in agreement before they both got up from their sitting positions nd headed outside the door after thanking the lady who was the attendant of that patient. Both gone towards the doctor cabin nd after a bit of conversation the doctor lead them towards the room that was at the far end of the corridor for the persons who had lost their sanity completely. Geet’s heartbeats were rising with every step she took towards the room nd as a result she grasped Meera’s hand tightly who squeezed back her hand in assurance thus encouraging her to go further. Geet took a deep breath before facing the harsh reality of her lyf as she opened the door of the room with her shaking hands nd stepped inside that dark room which was only illuminated with the amount of light coming from the ventilation nd in that small amount of light she saw a lady who seems to be busy in her own world as she was imaginary cooking something forgetting the actual world around her.


“Maa” Geet whimpered as she saw the condition of her mother while tears welled up in her eyes thus blurring her vision.


“Geet” Rano squealed in happiness as she turned hearing the voice of her daughter nd Geet noticed the bandage on her head nd wrists thus making her realize that she had once again went wild in her fit


“Geet, Beta tu Aa gayi. I was waiting for you from so long. What took you so long? Anyways you go nd get fresh up by then. Your Papa too must be coming soon then I’ll make both of yours favourite dishes.” Rano said lost in her own world while Geet find it hard to control her tears anymore


“What are you still doing over here? Go Na…. nd why your Papa has not came yet. Geet beta just call him nd ask where he is. Tell him that I am waiting for him from so long. Today I’ll scold him good nd you’ll not stop me ok.” Rano said in a warning tone but it was enough for Geet to break down completely


“Maa, Listen to me. Papa will not come. He had left all of us for forever. He’ll never come back. Did you hear? Papa will never come back to us. He had died.” Geet said as she shaked her mother hard nd next what all had witnessed was the sound of loud slap as Rano slapped her daughter hard


“Don’t you feel ashamed for saying all this about your father? Ye kaisi bakwaas kar rahi hai tu? Your Papa has gone to office nd he’ll come very soon. When he’ll come Na then I’ll complain about you to him? Pata nahi kaha se aisi bakwaas baatein karna seekh gayi Tu.” Rano blabbered as her eyes turned red in anger while Geet cried more bitterly in pain. It was not the pain of her slap but of the fact that she’s seeing her mother in this condition


“Maa hosh me Aao. Papa is no more with us. Wo chale gaye hai Maa. Wo chale gaye hai hume Chod ke. Please accept this reality. I need you Maa, I need you a lot. Papa bhi chale gaye nd now I don’t want to lose you. Please accept it that Papa will never come back. He left all of us for forever Maa.” Geet once again tried her futile attempt of bringing her mother back but all vent in vain nd instead of getting convinced Rano became more wild as she started throwing each nd everything that came into her hand on Geet whom she’s seeing as her biggest enemy right now.


Luckily there was nothing dangerous kept on room that could hurt Geet but still it instantly alarmed Doctor Nd others as Rano started hitting her head hard on the walls screaming thus scaring Geet as she instantly ran towards her to stop her but was pushed away by angry Rano. If not Meera would have held her then she would have fallen on floor hard. Doctor instantly instructed ward boys to hold wild Rano who was now bleeding from her wounds while asking nurses to bring the injections. Geet just looked at the scene in front of her all numb as the ward boys got hold of her screaming mother while another nurse gave her an injection with great difficulty nd soon Rano’s voice turned into a mere whisper before she slipped into a deep slumber due to the effect of the injections nd the ward boys shift her limp body on the bed while tucking her inside the duvet. Geet looked at the deshelved state of her mother who was still mumbling in her sleep as the nurses were dressing her wounds when she heard Doctor asking her to come out from the room as she needs to talk to her to which Geet just nodded slowly before heading out from the room along with Meera but not before giving her mother a last glance.




“What is this Doctor? Till how long will my mother remain like this?” Geet asked as soon as they reached to Doctor’s cabin.


“Relax Ms. Handa. Your mother is still under the shock of your Father’s demise nd it’ll take some tym for her to come into the terms of the loss. You need to keep your patience” Doctor explained her calmly but Geet had lost all her patience after seeing her mother’s condition.


“Patience? You are asking me to keep patience? From past 4 years my Mother is here, from past 4 years nd you are asking me to keep patience. Her condition is still the same as it was 4 years back nd you are asking me to keep patience. This is the 4th tym in a month when she went this wild. Are you guys even treating her also or she had just occupied a bed in your asylum? Why my mother’s condition is still the same? From past 4 years I am listening the same thing from you all nd you are still asking me to keep my patience. From past 4 years I am craving for my mother’s love, from past 4 years I am waiting for her to come nd embrace me in her arms, from past 4 years I am living a lyf of an orphan even after my mother alive; nd you are asking me to keep patience right?” Geet’s voice choked in end as she slumped back on the chair feeling so miserable fighting back her tears while Meera puts a comforting on her shoulder in order to calm her down but nothing could calm her at this moment.


I understand your emotions Ms. Handa but trust me we are trust me we are trying our best but your mother is not responding to our treatments the way she needs to. Patients like your mother needs tym to get well. I know from what you are going through but I can only ask you to keep patience. Your mother will get well soon.” Doctor tried to assure her with her assuring words but Geet had lost all her hopes now. They talked a bot more about Rano’s condition before Geet nd Meera bid bye to the Doctor who assured them yet again that they’ll try their best to improve Rano’s condition to which Geet just nodded faintly nd they both left from Hospital.




“Geet how do you come to know that Maan is following us?” Meera asked as they headed towards Meera’s home in Geet’s car


Because I know my Maan very well. I knew that he didn’t got convinced with my statement nd he’ll definitely do something to know the actual truth nd he proved me right when he asked my cellphone nd I had seen him looking at my call lists. I didn’t said anything to him at that tym but I know that I have to do something hence I called De Costa aunty after Maan gave my cell back nd briefed her about everything nd she called her relative whose MIL was admitted in the same asylum as Maa. I had met Aunty 3-4 tymes before too hence she knew me a quiet well nd thatsy when Maan saw me with her then he didn’t doubted me a bit nd left from there without any doubt left in his mind.” Geet revealed as she looked ahead on the road while driving while Meera looked at her unbelievingly.


“But till how long you will hide everything from him Geet? Sooner or later he’ll get to know everything.” Meera asked as she looked at Geet who seems to be have turned cold at this moment.


He’ll not Meera. I’ll not let him know anything. And anyways he’s here for few days only nd after that he’ll go back once again go back to his world nd will get engrossed in his own lyf nd till the tym he’s here I’ll make sure that he won’t get to know anything.” Geet replied as she looked at Meera for a while before once again shifting her gaze back at road.


But Geet, Why are you not telling him anything? You know if you’ll tell him everything about Dev nd about what you all are facing in all these years then he’ll definitely help you. Then why you are hiding everything from him?” Meera asked confusingly as she couldn’t understand why Geet is not telling anything to Maan when she had not hidden anything from him


Because I don’t want to. Maan had taken away this right from me long back. I don’t have this right anymore to share my problems, my troubles from him. I am a curse to his lyf nd I had ruined his lyf enough but now I don’t want to ruin it anymore. Maan will go back to Delhi in few days nd I am Destined to Be with Dev nd these problems will too sort out by the tym will pass nd even if it won’t then also I won’t involve Maan in all this. I had no right.” Meera sighed in disbelief as she heard Geet’s words realizing that she’ll never stop blaming herself for Maan’s heartbreak but still Meera thinks that if Maan will come to know about everything then all her friend’s misery will come to an end. Atleast this tiny miny trust she had on that Jerk Khurana but then her friend is crazier than that jerk nd thatsy neither she’s telling him anything nor letting her to tell him nd on top of that she had taken a promise from her also that she’ll not tell anything to Maan. God knows, what’s store in their destiny, Meera thought as she sighed heavily looking outside the window.


“Geet, if Dev was like this then why did uncle selected him for you nd why you had agreed for his alliance?” Meera asked after a while nd Geet smiled bitterly at her question.


“Papa wouldn’t have selected him for me Meera if he would have slightest idea about Dev’s nature. Dev was all sweet nd caring in front of him. And why only Papa he was all good nd nice person in front of me too. He had entered in our lives as Papa’s investor nd don’t know when nd how he had seen my photo in Papa’s cabin nd had put forward his wish to marry me. You remember Na how caring nd loving he acted when he had came to meet me in Canada 1 nd a half years later I moved over there. Even after knowing about my Love for Maan nd also the fact that I can never give his place to anyone else he was ready to marry me saying that he don’t expect anything from me nd he can wait for me forever. Now if I can come into his influence then Papa was no exception as every parent wants their children’s happiness. But Papa had left last decision on me. Probably I would have never agreed to marry him if I wouldn’t have got the news of Papa’s demise nd his letter that he had left for me before he had breath his last where he had put his wish for me to marry Dev. Now how can I refuse my father’s wish Meera? He always stood by my side like a Pillar even then also when he was facing so many troubles alone nd moreover I didn’t had any reasons also to refuse his last wish hence I agreed. I wish Papa or I had seen his true colors at that tym then probably everything would be different.” Tears trailed down from Geet’s eyes as she reminisced Dev’s entry in their lives. Wish he wouldn’t have entered their lives ever.


“Geet I am again saying, you still have tym. Don’t do this to yourself. Tell everything to Maan nd you’ll be free from Dev nd every problem for forever.” Meera tried her luck yet again as Geet stopped the car in front of Meera’s apartment.


Your home is here Meera. You must be needing some rest.” Geet replied coldly as she looked ahead on the road nd Meera sighed heavily before getting down from the car nd watched Geet as she drove away until she disappeared from her eyes. God knows when happiness will finally enter in her gloomy lyf nd she could see her best friend smiling, she thought as she wished to God to take away all the pain that her friend is enduring nd fill her lyf with only happiness before going into her flat.




Geet throwed the pebble on the Lake carelessly, watching the disturbing movement in otherwise calm water. Just like her lyf, which was so calm but now everything is disturbed nd she was left all alone to face it. Everything was going so fine then why everything had to turn this much upside down, she thought as she throwed another pebble in the water while tears were continuously flowing down from her cheek without any barrier. This is her secret hide out place in Mumbai where she just let herself loose nd pour out all her pain nd sadness. But now she can’t handle anymore. She had been strong from past 6 years especially after her father’s demise but now her self-control is slipping especially after seeing her mother’s condition today.


She’s tired; she’s exhausted nd she just can’t bear all this anymore now. She needs her mother’s lap where she could sleep peacefully without any trouble or worry, She needs her father’s assuring words nd support that had always gave her strength to face all the odds, She needs the soothing warmth of Maan’s embrace that use to absorb all her pains nd misery, but to her luck she don’t have any of these with her anymore now. She wanted to laugh, smile, play nd live her lyf to its full without any worry or problems like she use to do before; but she couldn’t.  Why God is been testing her lyk this? What wrong had she did to anyone that he had to bear Dev’s over-Possessiveness, that she had to endure the pain of seeing her mother in this condition, that she had live with this ache in her heart that she can never be of Maan’s nd her lyf will once again be lonely after he’ll go back to Delhi? Why can’t she be happy for once, just once, she thought as she continues to cry letting the tears free from every barrier.


Always remember beta that your Papa is always dere for you. You can share with me whatever you want”


Her father’s words ring back in her mind making her heart to cry even more as she sobbed bitterly feeling all alone without any support or companion in this pain.


Jhooth kaha tha Aapne. You lied to me that you’ll always be there with me. See you had left me alone to face all this. Why had you left me alone Papa? Why everyone had left me alone? First Maan then you nd now Maa too. Am I this much Bad? Please Papa, Please come back. I can’t bear this anymore; I can’t handle all this alone now. Everyone had left me alone; Maan, you, Maan; everyone. I am tired now, I wanted to sleep peacefully. Please help me Papa. I can’t see Maa like this anymore. I can’t stay all alone like this anymore. I need you Papa, I need Maa, I need Maan. I need every one of you. Please free me from this pain or else call me to you too. I can’t suffer all this alone anymore now. Please come back Papa. Please come back. I am all alone.” Geet cried her heart out to her father while looking up in the sky as her body wrecked with endless sobs while crying bitterly


“Laddoo” she heard a familiar yet soothing voice behind her as she was crying bitterly thus making her to look back only to find Maan standing over there all amused nd worried for her as he looked at her both in disbelief nd pain.


“Maan” Geet whimpered as she her lyf in front of her nd next she ran towards him nd next moment she just submitted herself in the solace of the arms of the person who is her lyf crying bitterly nd Maan too enveloped her in the loving folds of his embrace absorbing all her pain nd miseries as she cried her heart out in his arms because no matter how much she run away from the fact but at the end of the day his arms are her only solace where she’ll be safe from all the pain nd troubles in this nd nothing absolutely nothing could change this fact not in this lyftym; not in any lyftym.


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  1. awesum…updt…loved it…loved the understanding between maneet…..geet dont want to trouble maan with her probs…her mom in asylum…continue sooon

  2. awesome update
    love to see maan & meera’s tom n jerry fight
    both of them r hell possessive for geet
    so geet’s mom is now in mental asylum as she is still in shock of her husband demise
    but y i have this feeling that dev is behind geet’s father death

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