“Mitra” ~ Part 10~

Part 10:

And then Sameera entered in Maan’s lyf and I was genuinely happy for him as for me Sameera is perfect in every sense for Maan. She was rich, has class, was beautiful and most importantly she was the sister of the person I Love the most. Yes Dadimaa I never told this to anyone but I too was in Love with someone that too very deeply and Sameera was his sister. I knew Sameera even before Maan met her and it was my secret wish to see both of them together and when I heard of their relationship I was the happiest person as I knew that if Maan deserves anyone then its Sameera.


But then once again Geet was there in Maan’s lyf. As even if Maan was in relationship with Sameera still his all tym use to devoted to Geet and I could see that seed of insecureness soing in Sameera’s heart which has been in mine and hence I started supported Sameera ineverything she use to do against Geet. She purposefully use to keep Maan away from Geet and I supported her in that too without even realizing that biggest sin I am doing but I just wanted best for Maan and somewhere I was selfish too as I don’t want to lose the love of my Lyf due to Geet. But seeing Maan’s protectiveness for Geet always feared me for Maan and Sameera’s relation and in that fear I did something which I was not suppose to do and which has changed everyone’s lyf Maan, Geet, Sameera and mine too…


             ~~~~~~******* FlashBack********~~~~~~~~

It was Sunday and I had went to Sameera’s home early morning to meet her as she had called me last night to talk something important and as I reached there a servant told me that she was in her room I was shocked to see Sameera in disheveled state as soon as I reached her room. Whole room was in mess as if some tornado hits the place with all the things scattered here and there, mirror broken while she sat in the mid of the room all messed up with her eyes spitting fire. It took me no time to register that condition of this room is the result of Sameera’s anger but what I couldn’t understand is what could have happened that had infuriated Sameera like this as when she had talked to me on phone she seems normal then what could have happened that had resulted into this. Sameera’s condition was not less than that of person possessed. For a moment even I was scared to see her in such condition. I feared for the worst and my fear come true when I heard Sameera’s next set of words


“He broke up with me. Your brother broke up with me and do you know why? Because of that Geet. Because of that good for nothing girl your brother had rejected ME. He said he don’t want to even see my face as my face disgusts him. Can you believe it; he said my face disgusts him. ME SAMEERA for whose one look every guy dies that face disgusts him. And you know for whom he said this; for that good for nothing girl GEET. That fatso ugly duckling who has no match with me for that Girl your brother said that he disgusts me. Didn’t I told you that Geet will never let me and Maan stay happy. I told you Na that she’s a jinxed, a curse to everyone’s life. You remember what my Tarot card reader Aunty said about her that she’ll be the cause of everyone’s destruction and see it all had started also. Her father is facing losses in his business and now me and Maan are separated. She’ll ruin everything around her. She’ll ruin Maan and along with Maan she’ll ruin you.” Sameera’s words made me scared as she looked at me evily making me believe that something really cooking up in her mind.


Your Brother thinks that he’ll live happily with that fatso after breaking my heart. Tch.. Tch… Tch… Not so easy. As my brother will never let him live happily. My brother will burn the whole world if anything happens to me. He’ll destroy everything including you. You love my brother a lot na. But Bhai will not think for a second before breaking up with you. Not only that, he’ll make sure that all of you will suffer. Then what will you do? One side your brother will suffer and other side you are going to suffer. And who will be responsible for all this; Geet. She’ll be responsible for everyone’s destruction.” Sameera laughed evily as she said those words making me to shiver in fear for I know that whatever she was saying is true. She was really a pampered sister of her brother and he’ll not think twice before destroying everything and the mere thought was enough to make me shiver in fear.


“Do you want to stop all this? Do you want everyone to be happy? Then go and make your brother understand otherwise I won’t be responsible for what my brother does after that.” Sameera’s madness was making me shiver in fear by every passing second. I know that she loves Maan a lot and hence she’s capable of doing everything she said to keep Maan in her life even if it costs his or anyone’s destruction for at that moment Maan has became her obsession. I won’t lie but at that moment my hatred for Geet grew ten folds as I found her responsible for everything  


No Sameera. Please don’t do this. I promise you that I’ll talk to Maan. I’ll make him understand. You know na how that Geet influences him. I am sure there must be some misunderstanding and I promise I’ll clear that out. Please don’t do anything stupid to yourself. Trust me I’ll make everything all right.” I literally pleaded in front of her while she smirked evily at me as if she got what she wanted. I was scared Dadimaa. I was scared to lose my only love but more than that I was scared of what Maan will go through if Sameera does whatever she said. I have to save myself from losing my love, I have to save Maan and hence without having any second thought I left for home to make Maan understand in order to save us from destruction coming in our way.     


“What do you think you were doing? How can you break up with Sameera just like that? Have you ever thought what she would have been going through?” I blasted at Maan as soon as I reached home only to find Maan sulking at one corner of his room. I didn’t knew what had happened between Maan and Sameera and I don’t want even to know because for me this reason was enough that Geet was responsible for Maan and Sameera’s break up. I had really started thinking her to be curse in everyone’s life. I know I should have thought more maturely over entire situation but I was unable to do so at that time and for that I won’t be able to forgive myself ever


“You just stay out of it NT. You don’t know anything so it’s better that you shouldn’t get involved in this.” Maan’s cold reply made me both angry and frustrated. How can he say it just like that as if it doesn’t matter to him at all?


O really Maan! Then tell me what I don’t know. You both were doing so good together then what happened all of a sudden that you had broke up with her.” I was frustrated at Maan’s behavior who was replying none of my question instead of just sitting without saying a word.


It’s Geet right? It’s because of her you broke up with her. Oh! Why I haven’t seen it before? It’s just because of that girl you had broken Sameera’s heart, right? What’s wrong with you Maan? Why can’t you see this simple thing that, that girl can’t see you happy with anyone else? She’s influencing you against Sameera and you are getting influenced like a fool. Just because of her you are leaving such a nice girl like Sameera.” I tried to show Mann the evil side of Geet behind that innocent face but still found Maan giving no answer instead of clenching his jaw and fist tight in order to control his anger.


First she separated me from you, she had created distance between me and my own brother and now she’s doing the same with Sameera because she wants you all for herself. That good for nothing bitch…” I couldn’t complete my sentence as I heard Maan roared in anger.


“ENOUGH NT!!!! Just Leave.” Maan’s loud voice halted me in between as he looked at me with his eyes red in anger. I swear Dadimaa I had never saw Maan that much angry before neither had he talked to me like that before.


“But Maan…”


“I said LEAVE! Leave right now.” He said this time his voice getting louder and I just left the room feeling dejected. I had to make him understand but may be this is not the right time to do that. I had to wait till he gets sober down, I thought as I was walked downstairs lost in my thoughts and that’s when I saw Geet coming all worried and running towards Maan’s room.


Seeing Geet my anger grew ten folds as Sameera’s words rang back in my mind and I recalled Maan’s condition. Now for what has she came for? Hasn’t all that she done was enough that she had came to do more damage, I thought as rage built up inside me seeing her. No, I won let curse like her to spoil my brother’s life. She had done enough damage but I won’t let her do anything more now. I immediately stopped her holding her wrist when I saw her going towards Maan’s room as she collided with me before muttering a quick hello. I know if I’ll let her meet Maan that she’ll influence him more against Sameera and this time won’t let it happen and hence I stopped her then and there. She looked at me confused when I asked her the reason for coming. At that time her innocence seems nothing more than a facade to me when she said that Maan needs her and somewhere I knew that Maan really needed her but then Sameera’s words rang back in my mind and I realize that I can’t let a curse like her to enter into my brother’s life again. Hence I humiliated her a lot by saying that Maan don’t need her and she’s the reason for Maan’s heartbreak.


I kept on putting allegations on her that she has purposely done all this so that she can have Maan all for herself and she kept on refusing with tears in her eyes. Anyone would have believed her at that moment but I was so much blinded with my rage that I couldn’t see the truth and hence I went forward with my allegations. I can’t even imagine what all I have said to her at that moment just to keep her away from Maan but she being true friend of Maan was adamant to meet him even after what all I have said to her. And hence I had played my final card by saying that even Maan knows this evil side of hers and he himself doesn’t wish to see her. I know that I had lied to her but at that moment I did what I felt right to save Maan from the curse like Geet. I saw her stunned for a moment making me relieved that she had believed my words but then again the same adamant Geet was back who had trust on Maan that he can never say such thing like that and hence she rushed towards Maan’s room ignoring all my words while I just stood over there with bated breath awaiting of what was coming next.


After sometime I saw Geet coming out of Maan’s room all numb, shocked and hurt and the expression on her face clearly said that her meeting with Maan was not a pleasant one. May be Maan was too upset to talk to Geet and he just asked her to leave just like he asked me to leave. But whatever the reason was it made my lie work as now even Geet was under impression that Maan hates her and hence she’ll go far away from his life. I met her as she came near stairs only to humiliate her further but she didn’t said a word for she was too shocked to say anything. I called her the reason for Maan’s heartbreak, I called her reason for his unhappiness, I even called her a curse in Maan’s life yet she didn’t defend herself instead just listened everything quietly. Guess she was totally shattered. A part of me was feeling bad for her as I had never seen her like this but then another part of me was happy as I felt that she got the taste of her own medicine and hence all my sympathy for her flew out of window as I asked her to Get Out and she moved out quietly still all numb and that was the last time I saw her.


Later I talked to Sameera telling her about Geet’s exit from Maan’s life and she was more than happy to know this. Even I was happy that finally the curse from Maan’s life has removed and now Maan will live happily with Sameera. But still somewhere in my heart I was not at peace. Geet has gone out of Maan’s life now then what was bothering me, I thought as again and again Geet’s blank eyes came in front of me but then I shrugged off everything thinking that maybe I am feeling like this because Maan and Sameera are still not together. I tried to convince myself with the same but still my heart was not convinced. Maan still hadn’t talked to me and had shut himself in his room. But I had to do something to unite him and Sameera and hence I left for Sameera’s place to discuss about this without informing her unknown of the fact that a big storm is awaiting for me over there.


Wow Sameera! I can’t believe it. Finally you managed to kick that Geet out of Maan’s life.” I heard a voice from Sameera’s room as soon as I neared her room making me halting in my steps. Guess it was one of Sameera’s friend but what are they talking about, I thought as I stood over there listening to their talks.


“Of course, you think that filthy Geet had any competition in front of me. Yes, it was difficult to kick her out from Maan’s life but then I know how to play my game. I had planned everything so perfect. Everyone thinks that I know Maan after I entered college, even NT thinks that but no one knows that I had known Maan a lot more before then when he had came to drop NT to my our farmhouse and he had been my obsession since I laid my eyes on him and I wanted him at any cost. But I knew that it won’t be easy as I heard about his unbreakable friendship with Geet from NT and how Maan never prioritize anyone before Geet and hence I decided to plan everything accordingly by which I can get my Maan. I had taken admission in the same college as him and had acted all innocent but at the same time confident and I knew that my plan was working when he himself initiated to talk with me. And then that fool Geet she herself helped me in my plan unknowingly by bringing me and Maan closer. Poor her didn’t knew that I’ll throw her out from Maan’s life once I get my Maan. I knew Geet had some feelings for Maan, I had seen it in her eyes but I also knew that she’ll never be able to voice it out as she knows that Maan considers her as his friend and I only took advantage of it. And once Maan proposed me I knew that it’s time to execute next step of my plan and hence I purposefully kept Maan away from Geet letting her feel that Maan’s priority is me now. And she being Maan’s best friend just made my work easier by herself getting away from Maan. But I want her completely to get out from Maan’s life hence On the other side I kept on poisoning NT’s mind against Geet so that she can help me in getting rid of her and I must say that paid actress of yours has really played the role of Tarot card reader so well that an intelligent girl like NT has also came in influence of her. And then my final step and Geet has finally got out of Maan’s life. Poor Geet, she was so innocent that she thought that I had become her friend but she didn’t know that I can never befriend an ugly duckling like her. It was just I had to pave my way towards Maan through her that I was bearing her presence otherwise I hated just the mere sight of hers. Poor she, she had no mistake in all this yet she had to pay for coming between Maan and me. Now Maan is all mine. Sameera always gets what she wants.” Earth slipped beneath my feet as I heard Sameera laughing as she discussed her plan with her friends about how she trapped Maan and how she fooled me all along.


“But now what Sameera? Maan hates you. He broke up with you. Now how will you get him back?” Her friend’s concerned voice reached my ears and I just stood over there to know what further she had planned.


“That was the only thing which I had not planned. It was just some miscalculation in my plan that Maan had broke up with me but I know how to get him back. NT is there to do my work and why won’t she after all I had manipulated her in such a way. I had made her believe that Geet is jinxed, that she is a curse in not only Maan’s but in everyone’s life and she came into my influence. She loves her brother Maan a lot and also she loves my Bhai too and hence she can’t afford to lose any of them especially Maan; she can’t see his destruction. Poor NT, she herself had thrown Geet out of Maan’s life who had no mistake of hers after believing my words. She’s such a putty in my hands and will do whatever I’ll say. She thinks that Bhai loves her but what she don’t know is that he was only using her to get the shares of Khurana’s that she’s having to get under his name and he’ll throw her out once he’ll done with his work. Arey, he had bedded many girls before NT and still doing the same and NT thinks that he loves her. But anyways her this love only is helful for me as she’ll do everything that I’ll say. You guys will see how she herself will bring Maan back into my life and then Maan will be mine and only mine.” Tears made their way into my eyes as I heard of Sameera’s plan. All this while she was just using me against Geet. She was influencing me against Geet so that I can kick her out from Maan’s life.


It was then I realized the gravity of my actions. What had I done? I was moving according to Sameera’s wish till now without my own knowledge. And Geet… What all I had said to her? She was really innocent and I just kept on putting allegations on her. I started hating myself even more when Geet’s teary face came in front of my eyes and how she is pleading to me to let her meet Maan. I couldn’t see through Sameera’s evil plans and had punished Geet for no fault of hers. I really wanted to die at that very moment. I know I had destroyed everything by my own hands and only I had to mend it but before that I need to give someone a reality check, I thought as I moved inside Sameera’s room only to find her laughing with her friends who instantly stopped laughing as soon as they spotted me.


“NT, you here?” Sameera was shocked to see me over there for she was not expecting me yet she feigned innocence but now I knew her true face.


“Yes Sameera. I thought you must be feeling depressed so I thought to meet you but I guess you were not happy to see me.” I said as I tried my best to keep my anger in check as I saw her making a sad face. Now I know why Maan had broke up with her and at that moment I was really proud of my brother. No matter whatever has happened between them but I am happy that Maan was saved from an evil girl like her.


“Ya I was very much depressed. Your brother has still not talked to me. I felt like killing myself. That’s why my friends were here to cheer me up.” Last strand of my patience broke as I heard her words and as a result I slapped her hard on her face much to her shock.


How Dare you!” She shouted while holding her cheek as soon as she recovered from shock and in return I slapped her yet again this time harder.


What do you think of yourself Sameera that you’ll keep on plotting and I won’t come to know ever. You were using me against Geet all this while and you think that I’ll never know that. Your game is over Sameera. You had done enough damage but now I won’t let you do anything. I may have despised Geet but I love my brother a lot and if I can throw Geet out of Maan’s life for his safety and happiness then I can do anything with you too to ensure my brother’s happiness. And what you had said me and Maan will pay if he didn’t came back to your life. Then I challenge you Sameera do whatever you want but now I’ll make sure that you stay Kilometers away from my brother. I’ll not even let shadow of yours near him. Do whatever you want. I’ll make sure that I show your true face to everyone including your own brother.” I turned to leave after my final confrontation with Sameera when her next set of words stopped me.


“Well Well Well… So Ms. Nayantara Khurana was going to tell the truth to everyone. Go and tell. But whom will you tell? Maan? Or Geet? They both will hate you as soon as they will come to know that you were also involved with me. Chalo, for once I agree that Geet will forgive you for she has such a big heart but what about Maan. He’ll not even see your face once he comes to know the truth that it’s because of you that Geet is not in his life anymore. Then what will you do?” I stopped dead in my tracks as I heard her. Though I hated to admit it but I know that she was right. For once Geet can forgive me but not Maan and I’ll lose him for forever but then I can’t show my weakness to her too.


“You are such a sick girl Sameera. And I pity you that you don’t understand the depth of relations. I’ll tell truth to Maan no matter how much he hates me after that but I’ll show him your true face. And one more thing Sameera, I’ll always be proud of Maan for two things; First, for befriending such a pure soul like Geet and Second, for leaving a sick girl like you. Now, you and your brother never show your filthy faces in my again. Tell your brother that it’s all over now. Good Bye!” That was my last words to her as I left her house but my conscience was continuously blaming me for what I had done. Even though unknowingly but I had committed a biggest sin.


How will I be able to meet Geet’s eyes? How will I be able to face Maan? Will they ever forgive me? All these questions were running into my mind and I straightaway drove towards Geet’s home to ask her forgiveness. I would have even fallen into her feet if it costs her coming back in Maan’s life but to my luck when I reached her place I came to know through her father that Geet had left. When, Where and Why; she had refused to let anyone to know and had taken promise from him to not to disclose to anyone. I left her home all dejected and came back to home to tell Maan everything but as I neared his room all my courage flew out of the window.


What will I tell him; that I had conspired against him and Geet with Sameera. Though unknowingly but I drove out Geet from Maan’s life. Knowing Maan I know he’ll hate me once he comes to know the truth and more than that he’ll hate himself after knowing that Geet left because of him. I couldn’t gather courage to do that. I don’t want to lose my brother. I had already lost so many things in one day and now I don’t want to lose anything. I know I was going to be selfish but at that moment I couldn’t differentiate between right and wrong. And hence I just walked back to my room and cried a lot as my conscience was blaming me again and again for doing such a injustice but then it was too late to realize that as everything has destroyed by then and I could do nothing but to look at the broken pieces of a happy relationship.


Maan had never been the same after that. He had drawn into his shell. Geet had left don’t know where? I remember how Maan use to be upset when he went to meet Geet once his anger on Sameera subsided where he comes to know about Geet’s departure and the promise she had taken from her father. I had even seen him crying at day when he use to miss her on friendship day. And all this made me to hate myself even more. I still don’t know what happened between him and Sam that they broke up nor do I know what happened to Sam after that as Maan never brought her topic after that but I was happy that Sameera was out from Maan’s life. If only I could turn back the time then maybe I could have undo whatever had happened but I know that it’s impossible as we cannot undo what we had done and hence I was left with nothing but to cry over on the fate that can be changed if only I had been a bit mature.

          ~~~~~~~~*******Back To Present********~~~~~~~~~~~

“And I haven’t told the truth to anyone till date Dadimaa. I never courage in me to tell the truth.” By the time NT completed she was all in tears as everything moved like a film in front of her eyes while Savitri Devi was only caressing her hairs absorbing her each and every word.


“Then why you are telling me now?” Savitri Devi asked after a while composing herself.


“Because I am tired Dadimaa. I am tired with this burden on my conscience. My conscience keeps on blaming me for ruining everything in my brother’s life making me to loath myself by every passing second. The friendship which can be further bloom into love, I had broken that friendship. I had separated both of them. When Maan had called me and told me that he had met Geet, I was happy that finally fate brought them together. May be the time has came when Maan and Geet can be together but when he told me that Geet is engaged to someone else then once again my guilt started to eating me up. Hadn’t I separated them 6 years ago then may be today Geet would have been in our house as Khurana’s daughter-in-law. But because of my stupidity everything has been ruined. I just wanted Maan’s happiness but what I failed to understand is that Maan’s happiness is only with Geet and not Sameera. But yesterday when Maan told me that he was feeling something unknown for Geet whenever he sees her with her fianc, my hope of them being together again started building up. I can very well say that Maan has started falling for Geet or should I say that he has started recognizing his feeling for Geet. Trust me Dadimaa; I had prayed each and every day from past 6 years to let not Maan suffer due to my mistakes. I had prayed every moment that Maan won’t be get punished for the sin I had committed


I couldn’t hide this truth anymore Dadimaa because my guilt is not letting me live in peace. Guilt of destroying my brother’s life, guilt of snatching Geet’s love, guilt of separating both of them and guilt of hiding the truth all these years.. Today after so many years I am actually feeling light after confessing my sin. Please forgive me Dadimaa. I know what I did was wrong but I can do nothing to undo that instead of asking the forgiveness. I have no courage to confess all this to Maan or even Geet and I don’t know that whether I’ll have this much courage in future too but I can’t live in this guilt also anymore hence I confessed everything to you. Now I am ready to take whatever punishment you want to give me.” NT completed and Savitri Devi just sighed heavily as she listened each and every word of hers.


She couldn’t understand whether she should blame NT for whatever happened or should she blame the circumstances that had made NT her pawn. She knew her granddaughter is not bad from heart. She loves her family and most importantly she loves Maan a lot but still she committed this mistake. May be somewhere they themselves are responsible as if they were able to understand NT’s insecurity on time then maybe they could have made her understand and then maybe all this could have been avoided. NT was a kid at that time but they were mature but yet they never saw what NT was feeling and thought it to be as of another kid fight between Geet and her. If NT was at fault then even they are also at fault as somewhere they failed as her parents and guardian. If only they could have seen NT’s insecurity then maybe they would have done enough efforts to bridge the gap between her and Geet and not to make her feel left out in her own home but they couldn’t and it resulted it into destruction of both her children’s happiness. But the damage has already done and it’s useless now to cry over the split milk. All that she can do now is to give NT enough courage so that she can confess everything to Maan and Geet and can pray to god that Maan would also understand NT at that time just like she is understanding her now.


“I am no one to give you any punishment NT neither I am the one to forgive you as you are not my culprit. You are Maan’s and Geet’s culprit and hence it’s only them who have this right to either forgive you or punish you. Hence you need to confess everything to them and then they will only decide whether they want to forgive you or punish you. Whatever the reason may be NT but still you would have thought maturely over everything. You can’t decide for anyone’s fate just like that. Your hatred for Geet was one thing but still you should have seen the whole situation with open mind instead of deciding yourself and coming to the judgement. Now see where it had brought you. But I can’t blame you completely too. I am happy that you realized your mistake and confessed it too but still I can’t do anything in this. All I can say at this moment is that you need to confess everything to both of them and then accept whatever decision they take. That’s all I can say for now. You have to gather enough courage NT. You can’t just run away from it.” Savitri Devi said with a tone of finality making NT understand everything clear. She realizes that what she was saying is right. She has to face Maan and Geet as she is their culprit and hence she just can’t run away like this. she has to face everything maybe then only she can get rid of this guilt, she thought as she slept under the loving caress of her Dadimaa while thinking about everything.




Days went by and Maan’s changing feeling for Geet were getting stronger. He couldn’t understand what happens to him whenever he sees Geet especially if he sees her with Dev. All his insides started burning when he sees Dev claiming his right on his Laddoo. For one thing he was sure that this feeling can’t be just friendship; it something more and deep and he dared to call this feeling as love. This can’t be love, can it? No, he never saw his Laddoo in that way, she was his best friend but then why his traitor heart was not getting convinced with this fact. Why it pierced into thousands of pieces whenever he sees her with Dev.


Speaking of Dev, then he was still not convinced Dev being the right guy for his Laddoo. Ok for once he admits that he is feeling jealous of Dev hence he’s not convinced with him being right guy for Geet. Of course he’s jealous and why not he’s claiming his right on his Laddoo in front of him. But even if he kept that feeling aside also even then he don’t found Dev suitable for his Laddoo. As if he’ll find any other guy other than Dev suitable for Geet, his heart mocked at him which he chose to ignore, for right now his concern is only Geet. Many times he had this feeling that Geet is hiding something from him and even she is not happy with Dev. He still can’t forget the look that Geet gave to him on the lake side when she was going away with Dev. He can’t forget how she had broken down that day in his arms, how much shattered she was. Though when later he asked Geet about it then she just shrugged it off by saying that it was nothing and she was just missing her father but he was not convinced with the same. He remembered her going to tell something about Dev. He remembered that even Meera was going to tell him something when Geet interrupted. Is it something related to Dev then? Is it really possible that what his instincts are saying is true? Geet is not happy with Dev. And hence this reason was enough for him to know more about Dev and all the things that happened in the life of Handa’s especially Geet’s in these 6 years.


Ok he was doing all this because Laddoo is his best friend and he just want to see her happy. There’s not any other reason or feeling behind this, especially not love, that’s what he keeps on telling himself whenever he felt his heart questioning him about his actions. But more he tried to convince himself more he felt his heart mocking at him telling him that he’s running away from the reality. But then these feelings can wait for a while. His first priority was to know what his Laddoo is hiding from him and he was sure about it that she is definitely hiding something from him and whatever it is, it’s something big and serious. He had already got his private detectives on work to dig out all the information but he himself wants to confront Geet regarding same. He don’t understand why she is hiding anything from him when she knows that she can share everything from him.


Since the time he had met her again he always found her lost in some other world. She was no more the same Laddoo that he knows. Her every word, her every action had deep and hidden meaning in them. Her smile don’t reach to her eyes, her eyes never reflected the words that she says. Even her words confused her at times. It was as if she was trying to say something but something was stopping her. Her fumbling with words whenever he asks her anything, her not meeting his eyes while talking and most importantly her constantly being conscious whenever he talks to her; everything was enough for him to believe that something big has happened that had changed Geet a lot or should he say had shattered her to no extent. But again the question is still the same; why is she not sharing anything from him? Doesn’t she find him worthy enough to share her problems with him? This thought always pierced his heart whenever he found his Laddoo so mysterious before him.


Just like he is finding her now as they sat opposite each other in a restaurant having coffee after tiring themselves from the shopping that Maan had done for NT and Dadimaa. Even though Geet was reluctant at first, knowing very well that she won’t be able to hide everything Maan for long but then agreed when she realizes that probably this is the only time that she had with him and once he went back to Delhi and she gets married to Dev, these are the only memories that she’ll cherish for rest of the life. So now here they are, sitting in the restaurant having their coffee and conversing about this thing or other but as always Maan found her avoiding his talks whenever he asks about her life in these 6 years and now he was sure that she is definitely hiding something from him and hence he decided to find it in his own way now.


“Are you happy in your life Laddoo?”Maan’s sudden question made Geet choke on her coffee that she was sipping and she looked at Maan who was looking intently at her as if trying to see through her soul through her eyes. Why did he ask such question all of a sudden? Was it so evident on her face that she’s not happy, she thought as she looked away from the piercing gaze of Maan knowing very well that she won’t be able to hide anything from him if he keeps on looking at her like this.


What kind of question is this Maan? Of course I am happy. And why wouldn’t I? I had Dev in my life. He’s a nice guy and he loves me a lot, cares for me a lot. And now even my best friend is here with me. Of course, I am very happy.” Geet said with a fake smile after a while composing herself but this time Maan was not convinced because he can very well say that she is lying as his Laddoo never takes this much time to answer such a simple question.


“And what about you? Do you love Dev?” Maan’s straight question had caught Geet off-guard as she looked everywhere but him. All she wanted at that moment was to mother earth to swallow her so that she can escape from his questions.


Why is he asking such questions all of a sudden? Does he come to know something that he is asking all this, she thought as she looked other side trying to formulate some answer because she knows that she can’t lie to him and truth she won’t be able tell.


“You haven’t answered me yet Laddoo? Do you love Dev?” Maan asked yet again gauging each and every expression of Geet. He knows his Laddoo can’t lie to him and hence sooner or later she has to tell him if he keeps on probing like this unknown of the turmoil that Geet was going through. And somewhere in his heart he himself wanted to know Geet’s feeling regarding Dev because of his inner turmoil. He wanted to know if Geet too feeling the same like he was feeling. Somewhere in his heart he was wishing for her to feel the same and he himself don’t know why.


Ya… I mean why wouldn’t I like him. I am engaged to him. We are going to get married soon and moreover he’s Papa’s choice so he has to be nice right.” Geet looked everywhere but him all the while as she answered his question and Maan was now confirmed of the fact that Geet is hiding the actual truth of her relation with Dev to him, as if she had then she would have said the same while looking into his eyes but she didn’t.


“That’s not the answer of my question Laddoo. I asked Do-You-Love-Him?” Maan stressed on each and every word as he looked at Geet gauging her each and every expression. Right from shock to surprise to her nervousness while answering he had noticed it all due to which he had came to the conclusion that Geet had no feeling for Dev or else she wouldn’t be this nervous.


But then why is she still sticking to him. The Geet he knows wouldn’t have stuck to any relation in which there is no love. Then what could be the reason of her still being with Dev? Is it because Dev was her father’s choice? His heart was not ready to believe that as it was continuously saying that reason is something else and he need to read between the lines to know the actual truth. He knows that he was probing Geet probably too much but then he had no other choice as Geet was not ready to open up and hence this is the only way to know the truth.


“Love… Love is not everything in life Maan. There are many other things which are more important than Love. Sometimes the person whom we love the most only makes us all alone. So you see there is no guarantee in love. And anyways Pyaar ka kya hai wo to kabhi bhi ho jayega. So it doesn’t matter if I love him or not Dev loves me a lot and it’s a saying na that you should be with the one who loves rather than being with someone whom you love. So I am doing the same. And then there are so many marriages in which Love happen after Marriage so may be it happens with me too. Maybe slowly and gradually I’ll also fall in love with him.” Geet said last line almost to convince her own self but she knows that she was just fooling herself as she can’t love anyone other than Maan.


It’s her helplessness that she’s still with Dev. First, because he is her father’s choice and it’s his last wish to see her settled with Dev and second, to save whatever little she was left with and she knows that she can’t expect any miracle that she can get out of all this mess hence it’s better to accept whatever is coming in her ways. Her all dreams had died long back and she dared not to dream anything after that for she knows that it will remain just a dream.


“Do You Love someone else Laddoo?” Maan asked with a bated breath as he tries to register Geet’s words which were clearly depicting that she has been disappointed in love once but who was that person and why did Geet didn’t tell him about it, he thought as he looked at Geet who looked at him shocked with his straight-forward question only to find him looking at her anxiously as if trying to find the answer in her eyes and this very fact made Geet more nervous.


Why did he ask that? Did she said too much? Did she said something which she was not suppose to? Or did Maan got the hint of something? What if he came to know the truth that the person with whom she’s in love is he himself? No she can’t let this happen. But then Maan’s question has caught her off-guard and she don’t know how to run away from mhis question and she knows that she won’t be able to run for long. By looking into Maan’s eyes she can say that he’s searching for his answers desperately but will she be able to give the answer to his question and most importantly will he be able to bear the truth.

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