MG OS: “Adhoori Si Ek Kahaani”

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“Has the bus E104 already Left?” She breathlessly reached the bus stop and asked the man standing there who was taken by surprise, as if she asked him for his wallet.

No” he replied after a pause making her to sigh in relief.

“BTW I saw your tag, do you also work for Khurana’s Constructions?” She asked after she returned to her normal breathing speed..

“Yes I Do.” He replied in his strong yet polite voice.

Dressed in neat formal clothes, he was looking absolutely breath taking with his stubble on his face, sharp jaw line, olive tanned complexion and dark chocolate brown eyes which looks to melt her; he looked like a well cultured man. She quickly glanced at his fingers, No Rings, Phew, she thought but what’s with these short answers. She wondered if he was simply shy by nature or just plain arrogant. But then she was also not one of those who would give up easily. There’s something strange with her nature and that is when someone ignores her, she tend to get more attracted to her. It’s a classic flaw introduced to her by the naughty Almighty, but still could not resist talking to him further.

“Hi, my name is Geet, I joined KC recently” she extended her right hand hoping to involve him in a conversation.

“Oh, that’s good to know, I am Armaan” he rendered rather a weak handshake and did not bother to extend the conversation.

“So which department you work for, Amy? I guess I can call you that, right?” she continued, moving closer to him. Wow! He smells great as well, she thought as she took in her smell. She was hoping to end up having a couple of dates, if not more.

“I am in the training department; actually, I am one of the coordinators.” He replied in as formal manner as he could, making Geet to pout cutely. Can’t he just reply in a pleasing manner?

“And ya Amy is fine” He continued after a small pause making Geet to flash her sweet and charming smile.

And with those words he looks into her eyes for the first time with a slight smile and for her that’s all it takes. Once someone looks into her eyes, they got lost as if they are hypnotized by a magician. The eye contact lasted exactly for five seconds before their brief interesting little moment was abruptly ended by the arrival of the bus. Geet looked up to her Babaji and cursed him umpteenth time, complaining him as to why he has to break such a lovely moment but it seems that her Babaji is in a mood of teasing her and now was laughing on her plight. She twisted her lips and get on the bus and Needless to say sat next to him making him to look at her surprised but then he just shake his head and started looking outside the window while Geet was patiently waiting for him to start the conversation while counting the numbers 1 to 10 backwards in her mind. After the brief Quixotic moment at the bus stop, she was sure that he would be the one to restart the conversation but then why is he not restarting yet, even her numbers are going to end now, she thought as she tapped her foot waiting for his turn.

“Well, How about you, Geet? Which department do you work for and how do you find our KC?” he finally initiated the conversation and Geet did a little Bhangra in her mind but to him just gave a small smile.

There you Go! It was the magic of her Hazel eyes and her charm that was putting those words in his mouth, she thought as she giggled inwardly before replying to his question. She gave him more details than he asked for, talking about her department, work colleague and so on making Armaan to widen his eyes seeing the capacity of speaking so much of this girl  but he did not interrupted rather just let her speak while he listened with great interest. She even hinted  that she is the girl to party with and can be available anytime he wants but she could also sense that he was a shy and quiet person.

Both didn’t realized or rather she didn’t realized when the time passed by and when they reached to their desired destination until the conductor of the bus told them about it. Time is heartless; when you want to move slower, it flies and when you are waiting for something important, it crawls. Same was the case with Geet as though they travelled for almost 12 Kms. And for about 35 minutes, it felt like less than 5 minutes. But then everything has to come to an end as so as their meeting. They shaked hand as they got down from their bus before they reached to their office and went to their respective Desks. The day had started on the bright note for both of them especially for Geet who was looking forward for many more such meetings with him.



 After she reached to office, she went to her cabin, checked her e-mails, had coffee with her colleagues and then returned back to her cabin. Being a new member, she had very less responsibilities to handle. In fact she was almost through with her day’s work within first couple of hours and now she has nothing more to do except of Day dreaming about Amy. His face, his voice, his attitude and especially his eyes was coming in front of her eyes again and again and thus was driving her crazy and she just blushed at the thought that how would it felt if he held her in his muscular arms while looking into her eyes deeply. Where Her crazy mind was recollecting the time spent with Amy, her logical mind was telling her that it’ll take more effort from her side to make things work between them, she thought as she mentally started making ideas as to how to make things work between them when her thought flow was disturbed by the loud voices she heard from the corner of the floor where she had her cabin.

She came out from her cabin to see what was happening when she saw A Muscular man in his late twenties, with his shirt torn was walking out furiously as if he’ll kill anyone who’ll come in his way right now. Curiosity kills a cat nd same was the case with Geet as her Curiosity took over her and she went to investigate after which she came to know that he was involved in an argument with one of the staff members and had left the scene furious. She saw him going towards men’s room and casually walked towards same direction all the way wondering how to approach him and what to ask him when he suddenly came out and looked at her strangely making her to give him a nervous and weak smile. He looked very confused as if he didn’t know where he was and where he wanted to go and Being a responsible employee, she decided to stepped in.


“Excuse Me Sir, may I help you?” she asked him looking at his face sweetly

“Er… I don’t know. I am not sure why I am here. Is there any artists’ association or something like that?” he asked in his baritone voice as he looked at her confused while rubbing his temple.

So she was right, he was indeed confused – a lot more than she had thought but then he looked so cute with that confused expression on her face that she wanted to pull his cheeks right now, she thought as she looked at him dreamily but then immediately whacked herself realizing that he needs her help. As she looked at him closely she realized that there was no mention of the events that had transpired minutes earlier therefore she chose to carry out with the momentum.

“Yes, but not in this office. It’s just a couple of blocks away that. I can help you with that.” She offered her help to him mentally wishing that he would agree to it so she can get some more time to spend with him and seems that her Babaji was in good mood at that time as she saw him flashing his killer smile to her for which any girl would die for.

“Oh! That’s really so sweet of you. BTW I am Angad a columnist for one of the magazines, called “The Impression”.” He introduced himself by extending his left hand.

“Hi, I am Geet. I…” She couldn’t complete her sentence for she was dumbstruck by their handshake. What a firm handshake, strong and confident unlike the one she had with Armaan in the morning. She could see the veins distinctly visible on his strong forearm. Either he was very angry or he hits the gym regularly, she thought she checked him top to bottom before coming back to her senses realizing how openly she’s drooling over him.

“I am glad to help you. I was going out for lunch anyway. So you are a columnist for “The Impression”? What do you write about Angad?”She finally found her lost voice back as she unwillingly ended the handshake and walked with him towards the exit door.

In between she had gently mentioned for about having lunch as well as she was curious to see if he was sharp enough to catch the hint she’s giving to him because she had heard that usually Physically strong people are usually dumb but he proved her wrong with his next sentence of his which made her to literally jump in joy and excitement

“It’s mostly philosophy Geet. We can talk it about it more over the Lunch” He replied with his head tilted slightly towards left as he looked at her with his intense gaze that seems to melt her down right then and there making Geet to feel like thousand Butterflies running in the pit of her stomach with the way he was looking at her. His left hand was stretched out to open the door for her and there was a smile on his face which read “You are so Gorgous!”


It was hard to believe that he was the same angry young man from a few minutes ago for he seems to be completely contrast of what she had seen him few minutes ago but nevertheless it was good for her only as she would rather prefer his sweet nature rather than the aggressive one she had witnessed few minutes before. He took her to a Posh five star restaurant which was expensive but was worth it for they really had a very good time together talking  about anything or everything as they relished their lunch which was of course tasty. But more than food Geet loves the company of this Angry Young Man sitting in front of her earning a deep sigh of every girl present in the restaurant and Geet was sure that they all were cursing her for having this opportunity with him while they can just see him from far.

 Oh! She felt so lucky right now as if she’s having lunch with superstar or something. But then he’s a superstar for her, isn’t he? He asked her after lunch and clearing the bills that whether she was in a hurry to get back to office to which she assured him that she’s not and once again earned a killer smile from him in a response. So they walked all the way back instead of hiring a taxi while chatting throughout the way. She left him at the Vintage Artists’ association once they reached to their destination and returned back to her office before thanking each other for the lovely time they had. Though Geet was looking forward for such more meetings with him and she was sure that her Babaji will definitely listen to her, she thought as she returned back to her office and resumed her work while continuously thinking about Angad.



After a rather eventful day, she was sitting in her cabin playing solitaire on her computer while continuously glancing at her watch which showed 6.10 p.m. The staffs were starting to get dispersed while she was waiting for her cellphone to buzz. It was strange as usually it beeps between 6 p.m. to 6.07 p.m but it didn’t happen today. Before her thought would have processed in some wrong direction, her phone beeped and the message appeared on the screen:

“Come out Baby, I’ll be there in 5 minutes”

It reads and involuntarily a smile appeared on her face as she gave a blow kiss in reply before packing up her things and heading outside and within exact 5 minutes a black Mercedes arrived and she found the door of the passenger seat being opened indicating her to step in and she did the same and kissed the person sitting on the driver’s seat on his forehead more in relief making him to smile widely for he could feel what was going inside her heart with the way she had kissed him and looked at her while raising his brows as of asking what happen

“I was kind of worried Maan when I didn’t found your text at the usual time.” She confessed her fear slowly making him to chuckle slightly at her caring and loving attitude. How much she loves him and cares for his well-being, he thought as he cupped her face before kissing softly on her forehead.

“I am perfectly alright Jaan. You don’t have to worry for anything ok.” He assured her while giving her his famous and killer smile making Geet too smiles slightly while nodding her head.


“Anyways, how was your day sweetheart?” He asked with the same enthusiasm, same undying love and same everlasting care as he had for her always making Geet’s heart to swell in Pride, respect and Love for him.

“Wonderful Honey like always. Let’s grab some dinner on the way.”She said as Maan started the engine driving back to their home.

“Sure dear, anyways we don’t have time to cook tonight. Oh! I am all excited about our big trip tomorrow. Finally you can meet my childhood Friend.” Maan said enthusiastically making Geet to smile weakly while he continued telling her all the plans he had made for the trip. Once they stopped in front of the McDonalds, Maan ordered two Happy Meals for takeaway while Geet was waiting beside him patiently.

What would you like to have as a drink, sir?” The person at the counter asked while entering the details in his system.

“I’ll take organic Milk. How about you sweety?” Maan asked as he turned to look at Geet who was looking at the happy couples around her 

“Diet Coke.” She replied with a smile before resuming back her precious work of admiring the happy couples around her.

“So one organic milk for me and a Diet Coke for my WIFE.He ordered before the counter boy took their order and within 10 minutes handed it over to them and they head back to their home after collecting their order.



Once they reached home which was after whole 1 and a half hour thanks to the traffic; both got freshened up and ate their dinner discussing simultaneously on some random topics after which they settles down in the living room watching some sport in which Geet was barely interested in but it seems her Loving husband very much excited for it. He tried to explain her how different rules apply in different formats while she acted as if she cared. She was nodding to everything but was hardly listening for she was busy admitting her sexy and handsome husband. She saw his handsome face brightened with Excitement when he saw one of the rules was particularly tricky. She can do anything or lose everything for that one smile on his face. She loves him more than he can ever imagine. Just like the Sky has no limits same like that her Love for him had no limits. Just like the starts were countless same like that her Love for him is endless. It’s beyond his imagination how much she loves him and will continue loving him no matter what.

They finished Packing after Dinner and watching TV and Maan was as excited as a little kid whose summer holidays were about to start after a long-and-hard exams while Geet could only chuckle at his excitement.  She really had a hard time in controlling him and making him to sleep by convincing him that they’ll get late in the morning for their trip if he won’t sleep now just like a mother do to her child and it indeed worked as Maan laid down on bed and went to sleep but not before Kissing his Lovely and Darling wife passionately promising her that next day will be the best day of her life to which Geet just smiled and laid next to him while keeping her head on his chest, a place where she found her solace always.


It was past midnight when Geet gently disentangled herself from Maan’s hold before getting down from the bed. She looked over her shoulder to make sure that his sleep was not disturbed and sighed in relief when found him in a deep sleep. She wears her robe over her nighty, poured herself a glass of Red Bordeaux wine, opened the balcony Door of their room and sat on the chair kept into the balcony staring out at the dark sky. She was feeling totally exhausted right now and really need a fresh air to calm herself down and give some peace to her aching heart. It takes a hell lot out of you when you meet different people and try to connect with each of them emotionally and she did the same today, she thought as she once again looked back at the sky and found it still dark. Even some of the stars which were usually visible were missing today. It was completely dark just like her life.

She took a couple of large sips and revisited her day in her mind. So it was a day of Three persons, usually it would be two, but today it was three, she thought as she took one more sip and leaned back into the chair while keeping her legs on the table in front. A cold Breeze has picked up and unknowingly her eyes got moist and she gulped down her sorrow with her wine as she once again recollected the incidence of the whole day. Amy, Angad, Maan – She’s living a fake life. She’s going down to the road where she don’t know where her destination is but still she’s walking without any idea where her destiny will take her now. But then it was her only who had choose this life so now there is no looking back, she thought as Dr. Shashank’s words crossed in her mind as she closed her eyes and took a deep breath as her mind walked down the memory lane of that unfortunate day that had changed their lives forever




“You have to make a choice Geet. Either you can leave Maan over here and we’ll take care of him like any other patient, or you can take him with you.” It sounded insensitive not only to Geet but to anyone but then Doctors can’t be diplomatic.

“He’s the only one for me Uncle. I don’t have anyone apart from him in my life. I love him and I want to take him with me Uncle.” Geet fought back her tears as she spoke while Shashank just looked at the girl sitting in front of her who is breaking by every passing second by still kept herself trong for the sake of Maan.

“I understand the emotions behind those words Geet, but you have to understand that it’s very complicated. We have observed him over a month now and he has clearly shown us two distinct personalities. Some days even three. The accident has made him develop an MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder). Though it was an accident but Maan thinks that he’s responsible for the death of his childhood friend Armaan. In some of the situations where he is put under stress, there is another angry personality, Angad. As we discussed earlier, I have no idea where this personality has come from. But the most important and worse thing is that Maan’s memory is limited only to the day before the accident. Now you tell me how I would allow you to take him with you in these circumstances.” Dr. Shashank explained everything in detail in order to make her realize that how much risk she is going to take with her act. He had always considered her as his own daughter even though she’s the child of his late best friend

“I know Uncle, and I completely agree with you but even you know na that multiple personality disorders have been successfully handled by treating every personality with equal respect and attention. Proper love and care can make things work right.” She argued with a hope while her eyes were continuously shedding tears seeing how her small heavenly paradise has fallen apart.

“Yeah, but you don’t know what you are signing up for, Geet. There can be more personalities than we have seen so far. Angad can be more dangerous and destructive or Armaan can be more reserve and quiet. Anything can happen Geet. It demands round-the-clock attention. How are you going to manage it all alone along with managing his business too? You are not understanding but you are putting the people around him in trouble as well. Geet, you are“Flirting” dangerously with life!”   Dr. Shashank replied agitatedly as he saw her stubbornness of taking Maan with her. No way he’s going to let her play such a risky game with her life.

 “I understand uncle but what’s the life without an impossible challenge? I love him more than my own life and I know that my love will give me enough strength to handle all this. I can do this as my love is my biggest strength. I’ll make sure that he’ll get all the attention he needs and anyways isn’t it great that I will get the chance to meet two different persons every day.” Though she said the last line jokingly but Shashank can sense the hidden pain behind that smile but more that that he was amused to see the amount of unconditional love she had for Maan that she’s ready to play such a risky game with her own life but not ready to leave Maan alone. His head bowed down in front of her irrecoverable and unconditional Love and strength.

“Geet, it’s not easy. You have to keep him engaged in every personality, you have to care for him, give attention to him, making life interesting for him in each of his personality. Just think once again.” Dr. Shashank tried one more time but he knows that it’s useless yet he tried hoping that Geet will understand.

“Uncle, I love Maan and I love him in every form. I love the challenge of making him fall in love with me every day or rather twice a day. I can bear anything or everything for him but I can’t bear a single second without him.” Geet replied in a determine way and Dr. Shashank knows that he had already lost the argument nd hence has to bow down in front of her wish.

Geet knew that it was not for a day or a month. It can take years or worse it might never end but still she’s ready to take any risk for him but will not leave him alone in this. They had promised each other in front of the holy fire that they’ll be with each other in every good and bad times while taking the vows of marriage then how can she break her promise, how can she leave Maan alone in all this when she knows that even Maan had done the same if the condition were reverse. No matter what anyone says but she had trust on her love on their Love nd hence she knows one day her Babaji will definitely had mercy on her and he’ll give her back her Maan, he can’t be this heartless to take away the only person she had in her life but till then she was ready to go through this test in which her Babaji had put her into.


It was not easy for her as she had to do a lot of preparations before taking Maan from the Hospital. But thanks to some of their wonderful friends like Adi, Pinki, Vicky, Pari, Jay and Meera and the loyal staff of KC she was able to do everything smoothly. She had spoke personally to every employee in KC to carry out this drama and they being the loyal employees of Maan were ready to do anything for him. She also checked with the Vintage Artists’ Association about occasional visits whenever Angad comes up and they were ready to help her in any manner they can. But more than that she had to prepared her mind to act, to involve and to love each and every personality of Maan without breaking Down even a bit and she knows that she can do this as Maan is her everything and she can do anything for him even die for him if it costs his well being but will not leave him alone in any cost.


   ************~~~~~~Back to Present~~~~~~***********


The cold breeze had now become even colder and had broken the chain of her thoughts bringing her back into the present. It’s been more than 2 months now and each day of her is a challenge but she loves to take this challenge every second if it’ll bring back her Maan to her, she thought as she looked around herself and smiled sadly realizing that they had spent many of their most romantic and memorable moments here in the balcony, sometimes even made the love under the stars but today all it seems to be just like a beautiful dream. How she wished those days to come back again where she was in the arms of the person she loves the most and don’t have to worry for anything as he was there for her.

But she knows that those days will come back for sure may be she has to wait it for her entire lifetime but those days will come back as she had trust on their love on their sacred bond of marriage and hence she’s ready to wait for him not only this lifetime but in every lifetime and till then she’ll keep on “Flirting” with his each personality, with her own life, she thought as she took a deep breath before looking at her wine glass only to realize it was empty. The tears had soaked her cheeks and she got up from chair with a new zeal and new determination as she checked the time only to find that it was nearing dawn.

She smiled slightly as she thought that very soon the darkness of her life will also end and there will be a new dawn to her life, to her Love, she thought as she went inside, washed her face and went to bed settling beside Maan cuddling into him close seeking his warmth and solace as she knows that she can gain her strength from him only. She had to get ready again to meet Armaan the following morning and for that she needs strength which only he and his love can give to her, she thought as she closed her eyes and slipped into her dream world with her Maan.



“Has the bus E104 already left?” Geet breathlessly reached the bus stop and asked the man, Armaan standing over there.

Ok So This is it… Kitno ko Shock lagaShockedShockedShockedShocked… ya i know that there are not such Maaneet moments in it but as you can see the title already suggests that it is an incomplete story of Complete Love or in other words, Mukkammal Mohabbat ki Adhoori Dastaan (i know this line is from another serial WinkTongueLOL)Thats why i had said that this OS is just going to be one part Hope you guys must have enjoyed reading it… Do let me know how it is as even i am kind of nervous… Good, Bad, Worse whatever your opinion is tell but please do tell… Waiting eagerly For your comment/criticism…

And BTW “Happy Friendship Day” to all of you… and this part i dedicate to all of you my IF friends for becoming my great family and support… Love you all…

And Also Rashmi Di… i know i missed your B’day last day but here’s something for you as your B’day Gift… Hope you gonna like it…

My sweet lovely readers sorry to make you all wait this long and thank you for your lovely msgs… and about my other stories i am going to continue them all but my pace would be slow owing to my hectic schedule but will do update them for sure… thank you for being such a lovely supportHug… Love you all

Will try to update my other FFs soon too… just need tym to get grip of it but will try to post soon…

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  1. Welcome back with bouquet of roses.
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    Please continue your ffs also.
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  2. wow!!!welcone back….u r really back with a bang….beautiful and touching OS…..adhoori kahani but neverending love fr each other….ver y unique concept….loved it a lot…loved how geet handles maan….beautiful

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