OS: “A Moment of Love ~ Part 1”

Elan, The grandest disco in the whole of Hyderabad with the most happening music nd interiors that could make one loose themselves in its ambiance. Two of its floors are complete nd after the third; it would be the biggest club in Asia. Blue lights, shirt skirts nd amidst of all these there sat a girl on a corner table in her early twenties gulping down drinks after drinks still it doesn’t seem to end her misery. She slumped on the table unable to take more yet the pain in her heart was nowhere to subside as she realized what mockery her lyf has become. She was so happy few days before inspite of being ignore by her parents throughout her childhood yet she was happy because she got the new job that makes her independent nd away from her selfish nd good for nothing parents who wanted to marry her off to an oldie to whom his father was indebted with lots of money so that he don’t have to repay that nd not to forget she got 3 wonderful friends over here Yash, Meera nd Vicky nd had became the essence of her lyf within months that she had forgot that she ever had a painful past.


But now everything has changed within a blink of eye nd she was once again back to the square one. She found herself standing at the same place once again where she was few months before. Everything around her seems to be so meaningless nd worthless as it was before coming to her dream job. Her friends whom she had considered her lyf got so busy in their own respective lives that they had completely forgot that they had one more friend too or is it like they don’t want to remember as according to their perception she’s nothing but a sl*t who use to sleep with her senior just to secure her job without even knowing the actual truth nd if that was not enough then Yash has spread this new to the whole office making everyone to feel disgust of her nd eventually it resulted into her resigning from her job. But what was her mistake in all this that she has been left alone like this without any fault. Yash had Meera, Meera had Yash, Vicky is busy with her so called girlfriend, what’s her name ya Pari nd she, she had no one absolutely no one on whose shoulders she can cry upon. This tym her condition has become more worse than it was before coming to this job nd once again she was left all alone; Jobless, friendless nd ofcourse loveless.


“Are you okay Geet?” She heard the voice of Rahul; her colleague no cut that ex-colleague who has been accompanying her from past 7 days in her grief. As if she don’t know for what he has been around her.


“I need something to drink.”Geet mumbled in her tipsy voice while Rahul looked at her in disbelief.


“Geet, you already have enough for tonight.”Rahul spoke with feign concern which Geet could recognize very well even in her drowsy state.


That’s none of your business a**h*le. Just do what I say.” Geet said as she looked at him nd laughed hysterically making Rahul to grit his teeth.


“What will you have?” He asked after a while before letting out a deep sigh.”


“Vodka, with nothing.” She said as she looked at him with her drowsy eyes nd once again laughed out loud making Rahul embarrassed to the core for they had become the centre of attraction for everyone around them.


“Vodka, go nd get it a**h*le, Jaldi.” Geet screamed angrily as she found Rahul still standing on her head thus humiliating him further.


“Geet, don’t swear.” Rahul said with gritted teeth feeling humiliated yet he tried to keep his patience for he can’t miss the golden chance to bed such a stunning beauty.


“Why? Don’t you think that it’s cool? Vicky says that it’s cool for girls to swear.” She said as she puts her chin on her outstretched hand on the table while winking.


“I’ll get you your drink.” Rahul said after letting out a deep sigh. It was useless to argue her at this state of hers nd anyways he don’t even care if she drinks the whole bar as it’ll only make his work easier, he thought with a nasty smile as he looked at her before going away to get the drink.


Geet went off to sleep by the tym Rahul got her drink nd he smirked sensing the perfect opportunity as he looked at her curvaceous figure clad in halter neck top nd skirt that reached her mid-thighs lustfully. He had his eyes on her ever since she had joined the office but to his luck she was always surrounded by her 3 over-protective friends nd he never got a chance but now with the things getting turned so drastic for her nd those 3 friends of hers getting out of the picture gave him a perfect chance to fulfill all his fantasies that he had for her nd today was that perfect day. There was so much slogging around that Rahul thought that this was the place where he could seduce her into something silly.


He kept the drink on the table nd came nd sat very close to her caressing her exposed thighs with his hand while roaming his lusty eyes on her sleeping form before putting a hand across her shoulder nd leaned onto her. Geet though was not in her senses but still she could make out his lusty advancement nd as a result she pushed him away in her drowsy state as he leant further in. this happened a few more tym nd finally Rahul was overcome by his lust nd stupidity nd as a result he let his hand slipped down from her neck nd got that inside her top towards her curves. Now that woke her up like a jolt as she felt Rahul trying to squeeze her curves getting even more comfortable nd next moment Geet leaned away nd slapped him hard right across his face.


“What the f**k?” Rahul shouted as he tried to catch hold of her hand which she was now swaying wildly in the air.


“Stay away from me you Bast**d” she shouted as he tried to rein her in. this is not the first tym he had tried to touch her especially in these 7 days but this is for the first tym he had crossed all his limits. The small crowd around their table started looking at them as they had become centre of attraction.


“Bi**h. such a sl*t you are! You can sleep with that oldie, but not with me, you wh**e.” He shouted making Geet to widen her eyes with shock. Wasn’t he the one who said that he believes that she’s innocent, she thought as she looked at him with pure disgust.


“I did not sleep with him. Did you get that? I-did-not-sleep-with-him” she shouted back before hitting him once again on her face.


F**k off! Whole office knows it. He dropped you home once nd then it became a routine. I saw it, I f**king saw it. And you say that you didn’t sleep with him?” Rahul said gritting his teeth as he clutched her hairs tight jerking her face upwards.


“NO!!!” Geet screamed out loud as she pushed him away from her.


“You think we are nuts? You use to work late nd now you leave office by 8. Do you think that we all are fools? Everyone suspected it. it was a matter of tym but the day I told about you in the office, you game was over bi**h.”Rahul revealed that truth in a fit of rage which was still unknown to her nd she looked at him with a shock written all over her face.


“You told everyone? YOU????” Geet’s eyes were widen in shock as she pointed her finger at him making Rahul to realize his folly but on a second thought it was good as now he don’t have to pretend anymore.


“I told you that I didn’t slept with him.” She spoke further in disbelief as tears brimmed her eyes.


“And you think that I’ll believe a wh**e like you. I saw you in his car that night nd rest you can tell better how much good he was.” Rahul spoke shamelessly nd at this point Geet put her head down nd started sobbing. It was not due to Rahul’s words for she knows how creep he is but due to the fact that she had misunderstood Yash all this while thinking that he was the one who had spread these rumors in the office. How can she even think of like that for Yash when he was always there with her to save her from the lustful advances of people like Rahul? Probably he too had been misguided by someone along with Meera nd Vicky that made this assumption of them for her just like she had been misguided by Rahul for Yash.


“Sorry. Actually I…” Rahul tried to say something after a moment of silence as he placed his hand on her shoulder but then he couldn’t complete himself for as soon as this happened, Geet turned around nd in a very swift motion her hand was flying around his face, punching his nose, knocking Rahul down the chair as he bleeds profusely from the nose.


“What’s the matter here?” Before Rahul knew what hit him, he heard the voice of a bouncer as two of them both double his size, walked upto them.


“She’s drunk. Everything is fine.” Rahul said as he flashed his best innocent smile. He was desperately trying not to get his teeth knocked in by seven foot giants as he clutched his nose which was still bleeding due to harsh blow of Geet’s punch that broke his nose bridge.


“I am not drunk. Nd he’s trying to…” She couldn’t complete as she hid her face nd started crying due to disgust feeling for herself but the bouncers knew what could have happened. And next moment one bouncer grabbed Rahul by his collar nd pulled him up such that only his toe nails were on the ground.


“Please, I am sorry. She’s drunk. She’s talking trash. She’s a friend of mine. We are very good friends.” Rahul keeps on pleading as the hold of bouncers gets tightened dreading him about what coming next. He was already in pain due to Geet’s harsh blow nd he’s definitely not in for any more punches or kicks.


“Are you two friends Ma’am?” Other bouncer asked keeping his arms across his chest.


“No, not at all. I don’t even know him” Geet replied non-chalantly as she gave Rahul a mean look.


“Oh yes, we are.” Rahul said with a smile plastered on his battered face.


“Ask him my phone number.” Geet said to the bouncer in a confident voice as she smirked at Rahul. She knows it very well that Rahul doesn’t have her number nd it was indeed true as he really don’t have it. the bouncers looked at him to see if he had any answer but the bewildered look on his face nd his silence told him clearly that he don’t have any.


“Ummm… wo… Actually… I have an new phone with me… that’s why… I was about to take her number again.”Rahul stuttered while answering that definitely didn’t convinced the bouncers


“That doesn’t look like a new phone, does it?”All heard a strong authorative nd stern voice of someone as they turned around to look at the source of the voice only to find a man of authority appearing. Geet craned her neck to look at the face of the person who seems to be more or less of Rahul’s age but she didn’t catch his face due to all the lights flashing behind his head nd her drunken state was not helping either.


“Probably the manager” she thought as she tried to catch a glimpse of him yet again who came as a savior for her.


“I can explain…” Rahul said as a panic took over him visualizing what all can happen with him.


“Come with us. We can explain you better.” Bouncers said as he grabbed him by his arm nd led him away from Geet.


“Please leave me. I can’t leave her alone over here.” Rahul keeps on ranting as the bouncers were dragging him away.


“She’s more safe here than with you Sir.” The guy said nd motioned the bouncer to take him away nd that was the last thing that Rahul heard before the bouncers punched him unconscious nd dumped him outside the back door of the club.


“We should move her towards the waiting lounge Sir.”Bouncer said as he looked at Geet who was passed out by now before they bend down to led her to the waiting lounge that accommodated single guests who had passed out till they come to their senses


“Wait!!!” The guy stopped them as they were about to scoop her up while keeping his eyes fixed on Geet.


“I’ll take care of her.” he said as he moved forward before scooping her up in his arms nd moving towards his cabin taking her in his arms shocking the bouncers who had never seen him taking care of someone personally, especially a girl but then they shrugged it off as it was not their concern to know what their boss do or not nd headed back to their duties.


The guy placed Geet on the bed once they reached his private room that was adjacent to his cabin nd covered her with the duvet properly only to find her fast asleep but still mumbling in her sleep. He sat on her side nd looked at her sleeping form admiringly. She looked so beautiful with her long curly hairs, long perfect nose, full luscious lips nd her milky white skin but what caught his attention was her big doe-shaped hazels in which he had witnessed her pain nd loneliness when he had walked upto her in the nightclub nd her innocence radiated from each contours of her face. How can anyone be this beautiful yet so innocent? No wonder that creep was after her, he thought as he keeps on looking at her sleeping form while smiling softly tucking away the loose curls from her face behind her ears securely as she mumbled in her sleep. The night was long for both of them as she keeps on mumbling something or nothing while he keeps on listening everything patiently nd smilingly while caressing her hairs softly.


Ok i know that you all were ready to throw Jutas nd chappals on me for starting this new venture when my other FF’s are still ongoing but what to do i cant resist myself from posting this. i had written it long back but was not posting it as my other works are still ongoing… i’ll continue it once i’ll finish at least one of my work till then enjoy the first part nd do let me know your feedback


Waiting eagerly for itEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Luv AakritiSmile


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