“Yours Valentine” ~ Reposted


They were 5 friends- Yash, Vicky, Ved, Salil nd Maan!  For the world they were just 5 individuals who are friends but for them they were 5 fingers of a hand which were inseparable and can join together to become a fist to fight against any odd circumstances. “Panch Shakti”that’s the name given to their group by their favorite professor and Principal Mr. Singh who considers them as a five elements of nature i.e. Water, Air, Soil, Sky and Fire. And it was indeed correct as like the nature is incomplete without any one of its element in the same way they are incomplete without each other. Well we are not here to discuss about their friendship or to know about their Friendship tales. We are here to know about the love story of that one person who is the muse of this story and around whom this story revolves. Maan, Maan Singh Khurana! That’s his name.


Amongst all the 5 friends Maan was the only one who comes from the poor background and a small town name Hoshiarpur. His father was a small grade clerk in Ved’s father office who was a collector of the town. His income was really low with which he use to somehow take care of his small family that includes him, his wife and his only son Maan yet his dream was big and that dream was to see Maan being an IAS officer. His relatives use to laugh at him, mock him by saying that he’s dreaming too big but Mr. Khurana had full faith on his son and he knows that his son will definitely make him proud one day hence he use to work hard day and night to give his son proper education.


Maan as per his name was really the pride of his parents. He had never given any chance to let down his parents. Since childhood he had only one goal and that was to fulfill the dream that his father has seen for him. He was excel in all fields since childhood be it sports or studies or any other activities and that’s the reason he had completed his basic studies through scholarship. It was a big day both for him and his father when Maan got admission in one of the best college in Delhi for his higher studies. Due to his excellent records his fees was also minimal but living in a big city like Delhi was not a joke especially for a person like Maan who was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth and has gone through many hardships, many taunts to reach at this stage.


For a moment Maan was hesitant to pursue his higher education from Delhi knowing their financial condition and it was then Ved nd his father came as a guiding light and after much persuasion they finally make him agree to go to Delhi saying that Mr. Khurana had already maintained some funds for his higher education and hence he don’t have to worry. Ved was already in Delhi after his father had got promotion and co-incidentally got admission in the same college as Maan’s hence Mr. Khurana had no worry regarding Maan being alone in the big city like Delhi for he knows that being studying together for most of the years together Maan and Ved were more like Brothers. Ved’s father has seen the spark in Maan’s eyes, A Passion, A Fire to become something in life hence he don’t want any kind of hurdle in his way therefore he himself has arranged for the best hostel for Maan, owned by his brother where his nephew and Ved were also accommodated nd that’s how Maan met Salil, Ved’s cousin along with Yash and Vicky who were Salil’s childhood friends and now all 5 of them are Bestest friends along with being roomies and classmates.


It didn’t took Maan long to adjust with Delhi life and he was actually enjoying it but still he didn’t forget for what he is here. As the time passes Maan made a mark in his college to with his excellence, intelligence and breathtaking looks and he became favorite of all the professors especially of Mr. Singh and a heartthrob among girls but he never paid any attention to anyone of them because his one and only goal is to fulfill his Father’s dream and he don’t want any distraction in that. if any girl use to propose him for friendship or relationship by being over smart or shy then he just use to smile and very calmly refuse to them making sure not to hurt their feelings saying that he respects their feelings and will always be there if they need his genuine help but apart from that he can’t do any commitment as he had already committed to his dreams. At times his friends use to tease him also calling him Gay’ but he never took it on heart because he knows that his destination is far different from all this and he just can’t get distracted in any way. And with this high spirit he had not only successfully completed his first two year in the college but also has topped in the whole college getting a subject of praises and appreciation from everyone and at that very moment Maan visualized his destination loud and clear without any hurdle.


It was one fine day when all the seniors were enjoying ragging the juniors after the college reopened after vacations but Maan even after being a senior also was sitting aside in cafeteria with his group. He never believed in this ragging thing for he knows how these seniors use to humiliate you in the name of ragging and he definitely don’t want to be a part of it hence he was just enjoying his time with his friends while all are busy in the ragging fiasco. It was just Salil who was over excited to witness this Ragging scenes or in other words to woo any junior girl by saving her from being ragged becoming her knight in shining armor hence he heads towards the crowd on the pretext of going to library to get some random book issued while the remaining 4 of them just shakes their heads on his useless excuse knowing very well which book he has to get issued and continued with their conversation.


At the same time a black SUV stopped in the college premises drawing everyone’s attention including the seniors who looked at that black SUV curiously. Not that it was a first time when any expensive car was stopped in the college premises but what caught their attention was the sight of 4 girls getting down from the car. All were beautiful in their own way especially the one who got down from the driver’s seat wearing a skinny jeans and halter neck top with attitude and self-confidence oozing out from her personality as she moved inside the college with her friends while rotating the key ring on her index finger. Her milky white skin exposing from top make every guy crazy as she walked pass them swaying away her long hairs. Her pear shaped face was complimented perfectly with her deep big hazels, soft chubby cheeks, cute button nose, full luscious lips as delicate as rose petals and soft flawless skin reflecting her innocence. She looked at her side and smirked as she found almost all the boys ogling at her curvaceous figure, something of which she’s use to now and that’s what make her proud of herself as she made her way through the corridors with her friends.


“Wow! 4 freshers nd that too girls. It’s going to be fun.” Rahul, one of the senior spoke over smartly as he eyed them especially that particular girl who had drawn everyone’s attention.


“Geet, I am scared” Kakul, one of the amongst 4 gals spoke with nervousness while all the other rolled their eyes listening to the same sentence umpteenth time.


“Uffo Kakul! Why are you so scared? Geet had said Na that nothing is gonna happen so now stop being a nervous wreck. Look at Geet, how confidently she’s walking.” Meera, another girl said making Kakul pout and Geet smile while shaking her head.


“I don’t understand why are you guys are making such an issue of this ragging thing. I mean it’s so much fun being ragged especially by any handsome guy.” Pari, the fourth one said dreamily making Kakul to whack her arm hard to bring her out from her dreamland as all of them headed towards the office to get their schedule while conversing with each other.


“Excuse me, you freshers come here.” Rahul called out as he saw four of them walking pass him and others making all of them to halt in their steps.


Geet turned around swiftly waving back her soft silky hairs with a jerk in the process and walked confidently towards Rahul and his group followed by her friends. And it was then when Maan saw her first glimpse making him to forget even a blink for a while. He has been literally dragged by Salil towards the main hall area to witness the new sight of the college that was creating a buzz in whole college followed by his friends.


“Don’t you gals have manners about how to greet your seniors instead of walking past them” Rahul spoke making a hard face in order to scare them but he didn’t knew that it was Geet Handa, he’s been dealing with who can turn down any situation.


“Now what are you looking behind me? No one is going to help you baby.” Rahul said as he furrowed his brows when he saw Geet searching something behind him.


Searching for some sort of Long tail at your back that could differentiate you from being human nd called out your title of “senior” loud nd clear. You know like Langoors are differentiated from Monkeys.” Every single student in the hall burst out in the laughter as they heard Geet’s words including Maan who just looked other side smiling. Well it was much needed for the dumb headed person like Rahul who was standing all embarrassed due to Geet’s remark, Maan thought as he looked forward to witness the whole scene.


“And as for your second remark then let me tell you that Geet Handa is not a damsel in distress that she needs some knight in shining armor to save her. I am capable enough of taking care of myself.” Geet said as she looked directly into Rahul’s eyes with her each nd every word oozing her confidence.


“Don’t you have manners of how to talk to your seniors?” One of the girls from Rahul’s gang spoke with an attitude making Geet to smirk before looking at her.


“You know what this is the problem of you species called “seniors”. You guys consider yourself as Gods but unfortunately you are not. And in order to hide your own loopholes you guys show your fake power to other so that no one can witness your loopholes.” Geet’s words made everyone confused as they tried to understand the meaning of her words.


“Excuse me Miss! Will you tell me what kind of loopholes you are exactly talking about?” Rahul said as he couldn’t understand what she’s trying to say.


“Tch Tch Tch! You don’t know about your own loopholes and you are trying to take advantage of my loopholes so that I become a subject of laugh and you can feel proud of your fake power.”


Will you just tell me what kind of loopholes I am actually having instead of talking in riddles?” Rahul said highly irritated with the turn of events.


“Who am I to tell you that? Go and introspect yourself first and you’ll know that. And anyways the nervousness on your face is saying that you already knew. So if you don’t want me to insult you more in front if the whole college by talking about it then just move your butt off from front of me and next time talk to me only when you have enough balls to confess your loop holes.” Geet’s words made everyone speechless as they just stood gaping at her while she turned nd made her way towards the office walking past Maan who was looking at her admiringly due to her courage and her taking stand for herself with a soft smile playing on his M-shaped lips.




This small incident has become the talk of the college as everyone seems to discuss the same thing including the professors too. At one side where they were laughing at Rahul’s dumbness at the same time they were admiring Geet’s self-confidence. Maan’s friends were no exception either as whole day they had talked about her only even after the college got over but the topic of Geet didn’t. Where Ved, Yash and Vicky were praising for her guts Salil was going ga ga over her beauty and Maan well he haven’t said anything instead was just thinking to how to reach the city library before it gets closed when Ved offered him lift as he too was going towards that area only and Maan just nodded in agreement as he knew that he’ll be late if he’ll opt for Auto or cab. Hence he stood over there waiting for Yash and Ved who had gone to take their bikes.


“Excuse me!” Maan heard a soft yet angry voice of a girl from behind as soon as Ved nd Yash left and turned around only to meet a pair of deep hazels looking at him angrily.


“Yes, any problem.” Maan said softly as he recognized her as the same girl who is the talk of whole college.


“Are you a senior in this college?” Geet asked with her hazels spitting fire that could burn the person in front of her.


“Ya, I just completed my first two years and promoted to 3rd year and…” Maan said not understanding why she ask so only to be interrupted by Geet.


I am not interested in knowing about your educational qualifications. I just want to know with whose permission you had punctured the tire of my car.” Geet asked as she pointed towards the flat tire of the car of which Maan had no idea as he looked at Geet confused but then he noticed Rahul and his gang standing at a distance away from them smirking at the scene in front his sharp senses instantly grasped what could have happened.


It was Rahul’s way to take revenge on both him and Geet as he had refused to help Rahul in the plan that he had made to teach Geet a lesson in fact he had supported Geet’s guts of taking a stand for herself instead of doing those humiliating acts and this was what had irked Rahul and hence he wanted Maan to be humiliated by Geet in the same way like she had humiliated him this morning.


“Listen Miss, I don’t know who told about my involvement in all this but I seriously have no idea about all this. Someone has used my name to poison your mind. I guess it’s the work of those seniors only whom you had humiliated this morning.” Maan said calmly as he tried to clear the misunderstanding she’s having for him


“And as far as I know you are also a senior right? Just because I had insulted your fellow friends who had no respect anyways either and made a mockery of you seniors, you guys will do such a cheap thing. What a shameless and spineless creature you are?” Geet said arrogantly as she refused to believe his words. Just then Ved and Yash too came there and they tried to intervene but Maan gestured them to be quiet.


“Listen miss, you are crossing your limit now. I am not the one who could do such cheap tricks to take revenge on anyone. You can ask about me from the whole college and anyways I don’t even have enough time too for planning revenge on a dumb headed girl like you.” Maan was on the verge of losing his patience. He was not the one to talk this rudely with a girl but then this girl is hell bent in making him irritated.


Excuse me! How dare you say that?” Geet said as she looked at Maan angrily on his audacity of talking to her like this. No one has ever talk to her in this tone and here this mere guy is talking to her so meanly.


“You heard me right. You called me a spineless creature but in reality you are one such a brainless, arrogant and snob girl who keeps the world over her head, who thinks that she’s the queen of this whole world and people will dance on her tunes. Well if you think of something of this sort then I suggest you to have a reality check as you really need that.” Maan’s each word were just adding fuel to Geet’s anger and next she just raised her hand to slap him hard but it was stopped by Maan in the mid.


Don’t! Don’t even think of doing this. I am not your servant or your pet who’ll bear your tantrums. I am a fire that can burn your entire being if you’ll try to play with it.” Maan’s each and every word reflected his dominance and anger while his hold on Geet’s wrist gets tightened by every passing second as she tries to free her hand from his grip but it was too strong for her. Kakul, Meera and Pari came forward to help Geet but they were blocked by Salil, Ved, Yash and Vicky who stood in front of them like a shield.


“And now since you had blamed me of something which I have not done, then why don’t I commit it now to prove you right.” Maan said as he smirked before signaling his friends and next what the whole college has witnessed was all the remaining 3 tyres getting punctured as well by Maan’s friends. Poor stepny too couldn’t able to be escaped by the devils as it became the victim of their anger.


“This was your answer. From now onwards always remember this moment before falsely accusing anyone as not always everyone is a spineless creature to bear your tantrums.” Maan whispered dangerously as he jerked her hand away harshly making her to look at him angrily feeling humiliated.


“What’s happening over here?” Everyone heard a familiar voice and as they turned to look at the direction they found their Principal Mr. Singh looking at them suspiciously.


“Uncle, this guy has misbehaved with me and he and his friends had punctured all the tires of my car too.” Geet complained as soon as Mr. Singh approached towards them making everyone shock with the revelation of her calling their principal as Uncle.


“Geet, how many times should I tell you that I am your principal in college so call me Sir.” Mr. Singh said in a hush voice as he looked around only to find all students staring at him.


“And secondly, I think there’s some sort of Misunderstanding as Maan is a bright student and he can never do anything of this sort neither he misbehaves with anyone. There must be a reason for it. Maan beta, you tell what’s the matter?” Mr. Singh said as he patted Maan’s shoulder encouraging him to speak and Maan narrated the whole incidence to him.


“Oho! All the 4 tyres are sleeping peacefully.” Mr. Singh joked as he glanced all the flat tyres.


And 5th one inside the trunk of the car.” Someone from the crowd remarked to which no one had paid attention.


Uncle… I mean Sir, he had held my wrist so harshly that I got hurt… see…” Geet whined as she showed her wrist to Mr. Singh that had the imprint of Maan’s fingers.


“Oh! Such deep marks. After all he’s an inter-collegiate Boxing champion. Poor guy must have forgotten that there’s a difference between a Girl’s wrist and punching bag. Maan, next time hold it gently ok.” Mr. Singh’s words made Maan and Geet to look at him in astonishment as if he had grown two heads.


“Sir” Both said at the same time.


“O c’mon beta. These things happen in college. If now you guys won’t play pranks then will it be after coming to my age. Now c’mon forget everything and patch up. You guys have to spend your next coming days in the same college.”


Maan and Geet though hated the very fact of becoming friends but one thing that was common between them was their respect for Mr. Singh and hence for their sake they both shakes their hands while introducing themselves to each other. Kakul, Pari and Meera too introduced themselves half-heartedly to Maan and his friends who were grinning ear to ear while introducing themselves. Later Mr. Singh offered the girls to drop back home and asked his driver to take care of Geet’s car and get it back home. Having no other option Geet got agreed and headed towards Mr. Singh’s car but not before giving an angry glare to Maan who reciprocated in the same manner before she got inside the car.




That evening instead of Mr. Singh’s driver it was Maan who had got fixed Geet’s car and took it back home much to His friends’ surprise who questioned him too for his this act to which Maan just said that it was them who did mistake by puncturing all the remaining tyres though whatever the reason is yet they need to act rational instead of behaving so immaturely and hence he was just fulfilling his moral duty as he think it to be right. Everyone gaped at him as if he was an alien. No doubt they had respected Maan for his generosity but this was way too much as they were afraid of someone taking the advantage of the simplicity of their best friend. Salil had even teased also that Maan had fallen in Love with Geet to which Maan just shrugged it off that he’s just using his Good for nothing Brain unnecessarily and it was nothing like that. He was just doing it as due to him Geet and her friends can be in trouble if Mr. Singh was not there to drop them as Delhi was not safe for girls and hence he was just fixing his mistake. None of his friends got convinced with his reasoning especially Ved who knows his friend too well but then decided to keep quiet for the time being and let Maan being open up to him himself.


After a whole hour of Drive they reached to Geet’s house and their eyes widen in surprise when they read the name plate saying “Mohinder Handa, Commissioner of Police.” But Maan was all the time calm as he knew that he hasn’t done anything wrong. He told the guard about their provision of coming there who let them in after recognizing Geet’s car and confirming with Mohinder. Mohinder Handa was a commissioner of Delhi Police and a very respectful person of the society but at the same time he was very kind and noble from heart unlike his only Daughter Geet. He has been already told by Mr. Singh about what happened in the college hence he instantly recognized Maan as soon as he made his way inside the hall. Geet was not at home at that time and it was indeed good as Maan was not interested for any kind of one on one fight yet again. Mohinder had an instant liking for this young boy who was so honest in confessing his mistake and apologizing him for his and his friends’ mistake though he was not actually in fault. He had already heard a lot about him from Mr. Singh and no wonder he was so ga ga over his this Favorite student but what touched Mohinder’s heart was his simplicity and his gesture of touching his feet to seek his blessing that reflects his good morals and upbringing.


Mohinder just shrugged off the matter when Maan apologized for his and his friends behavior with Geet saying that such things happen between youngsters and he knows his daughter a little too well hence he knew that she had definitely rubbed his wrong side that lead to this shocking Maan’s friends who were not expecting such generosity from him. Mohinder wanted them to stay for dinner but Maan politely refused saying that they need to reach hostel soon but then he couldn’t refused to his continuous insistence of their driver dropping them back to hostel and hence he just agreed though reluctantly just to make the man before him happy who was so kind to him and his friends. Mohinder keeps on looking at the retreating figure of Maan until he disappears from his eyes and he knew that this guy has something in him which will make him to reach at the peak of success and probably can tame his wild and shrewd daughter too.



Days went by and so did months and everyone’s life get back to normal. Maan, Geet and their friends, all got involved in their studies. There were many occasions after that incident when Maan and Geet came face to face but didn’t speak to each other except the formal Hi-Hello. Geet came to know from her Dad that it was Maan who brought her car back after getting it fixed but her Ego was too big to thank him for his generosity for she feels that he had just fixed his mistake but still on her father’s insistence she said a cold thanks to him next day in the college to which he replied in the same manner and since that day it was just normal Hi-Hello between them whenever they came across each other. Same was the case between Maan’s and Geet’s friends who doesn’t feel it necessary either to mingle with each other.


It was one such day when Geet and her friends came back home from college for group study for the preparation of their upcoming semesters. But an expression of Shock and surprise covered their faces as soon as they opened their respective books and all the four looked at each other before looking back at the object of attention in their books. The page was covered with fresh rose petals whose aroma was so mesmerizing that anyone can drown in the world of ecstasy but what caught their attention was a piece of colored paper stuck with a Red Rose. All their eyes widens in shock as they read the contents of that letter that reads… “I Love you…Yours Valentine” in the most beautiful handwriting they had ever seen. All four of them were dazed for some moment as they read the content of the letter again and again before Pari and Meera broke the moment of daze by sharing their concern about who can be this Valentine Guy’ and how come they have not noticed when he kept this letter in their books of which Geet and Kakul were equally clueless. First they thought that it can be some sort of prank by someone but then Geet’s heart was not ready to take it as a prank by someone and she herself was unaware about the reason.


“What I think is that this letter is for Geet?” Kakul spoke making all 3 confused with her statement and especially Geet.


“And why you exactly think so Kakul? I mean these letters are found in all of us books so it can be for any one of us Na?


“See Geet, we all know that amongst all of us you are the most beautiful girl and have the looks to die for. Moreover these books were issued by you only from library so may be someone has kept it in these books thinking it to be yours.” Kakul said as a matter of fact and Geet just rolled over her eyes seeing no head and tail on her reasoning.


“That makes no sense Kakul and moreover when I had issued these books then there was nothing of this sort until I gave it to you all and since this letter is in all our books so it can be for any of us Na.” Geet reasoned while Pari and Meera gave their consent but still the reason for their worry is same who is this guy and most importantly how would they know that whose Valentine will he be.


“I have got an Idea. See this letter was found in all of us books na then we all will search for him by our own ways and who’ll find him first he’ll be that person’s Valentine.” Geet said chirpily while leaning on the cushions at the back.


“Geet I don’t think that this idea is nice. I mean what if I first and that letter was actually for anyone else from you 3 then? Just be logical Yaar.” Kakul reasoned making Meera and Pari thoughtful but Geet was stuck on her ground


“Baby this he should have thought before writing this letter without writing the name of the girl to whom this letter belongs. Now since he hasn’t written any name then this is the only way. So now it’s fixed that whoever will find him first, he’ll be that person’s valentine and now I don’t want any discussions on it.” Geet said with a tone of finality and Kakul just gave up knowing very well that she can’t win in any argument from her.




Next day when Geet opened her text book in the class to tick down the important notes said by professor, she once again found a letter in the mid of her book in the same way like she has found a day before i.e. covered with fresh Rose petals along with a Red Rose stuck to it. she instantly close the book feeling butterflies running in the pit of her stomach as she clutched the edge of her desk tight to control her erratic heartbeats and ragged breathings in the anticipation of what would be written in the letter this time. She couldn’t able to concentrate on a single word said by professor for her mind was at the thing inside the book. To her luck at that very time the bell rang and professor went out of the class. Geet too rushed outside after informing Kakul, Pari and Meera to come with her towards the garden area.


All 3 girls were surprised to see yet another letter after reaching to Garden Area and that too just in Geet’s book and not in any one of them this time. Meera probe her to read the letter and with shivering hands and thudding heart Geet opened the letter only to find it addressed to her this time with the same beautiful handwriting.




My Love is not a commodity or your favorite chocolate that you can share it among your friends. This is something that I have for you, just for you and will always be. I thought you would understand it by yourself. I thought that you’ll know it by yourself but never mind. But just want to say that please don’t insult my pure Love by making it a thing to be shared between your friends.


Yours Valentine.”


One by one all 3 of them read the letter and then looked at Geet who was still sitting dazed with his words. Someone loves her and that too so much that he knows what she’s thinking or going to do while she was unaware of this till now. Unwillingly her heart missed million beats as she felt a strange feeling creeping her heart which is still alien to her. Unknown to herself, a red hue crept on her cheek while she felt her stomach churning with some unknown sensation that she never felt before as she registered his words in the letter. But who is he? And he’s not coming before her, she thought as she looked around herself to see if she can spot anyone stalking her but to her dismay she found none. It was when Meera shrugged her shoulders her reverie was broken and she just moved back to her class without saying anything to anyone leaving all the 3 behind confused.


And since that day it was a tale of everyday. Everyday Geet use to found a letter in her text book in the same way that depicts the depth his love for her, making her feel so special with his words, with his poems. She felt like a princess and probably she indeed was Princess of his heart whose identity is still a mystery for her. He hasn’t disclosed his name to her yet and she just use to see “Yours Valentine” at the bottom of the letter. She tried really hard to search him, any clue, any sign, anything that could lead her to him but Every time when she think that she’s close to reach him all that she gets was disappointment as she failed terribly at the last moment. It was as if he’s a thin air that always revolves around her but whenever she tries to reach him she found him nowhere in the sight. This happen for whole 3 months and everyday Geet found a new letter and now her patience gave up as she feel this dire need to know who is this guy who loves her so much but still the question is How? And then one day…


“What the hell are you saying? How can that be possible?” Kakul panicked as she said after getting the biggest shock from Geet this morning


“What can I do yaar? Papa has decided all this. I was as shocked as you are. He said that, that guy is some IAS officer and is coming to see me after 2 days and I guess everything else has been already fixed between our families and it’s just a formality. I too don’t want all this so early but I have no solid excuse to refuse this proposal.”Geet said as she sat on bed helplessly.


You have Geet. You can say to Uncle that you love someone else.”Meera suggested as she sat beside her and Pari too consented with her.


“And when he’ll ask me his name then what should I say. I can’t even tell the name of anyone of you 3 as I am a girl and unfortunately you all 3 too.” Geet said as she held her head between her hands feeling so confused.


“But still how can you say yes to Uncle? You know it every well that how much that Valentine guy loves you and I can see that in your eyes too. Then Why?” Kakul said as she shrugged Geet’s shoulders while Meera and Pari were shocked to see her outburst


“Then you tell me what should I say to Dad, that Dad I am sorry I can’t marry anyone because some “Yours Valentine” named guy loves me a lot who didn’t even have courage to even write his true name then forget about coming before me. If he’s behaving like a coward then what is my fault in all this. If he have the slightest of courage then why can’t he come in front of me and say that he loves me, if he loves me this much then why he’s always a mystery to me, why he always vanishes in thin air whenever I try to reach him or is that just like his name his Love is also fake and he’s just playing along thinking me to be as a summer fling. Tell me do you have any answer?” Geet yelled back and Kakul just looked down having no answer of her questions.


“Anyways, he just have 2 days with him. If he didn’t come before me and confess his love then I have to marry the guy that Dad has chosen for me even if I don’t want to. Let’s see if his true Love as he use to claim has more power or his cowardness.” Geet said as she wiped away her tears harshly before slumping back into the bed feeling frustrated and irritated with everything.


That evening when Geet came back home from college all grumpy and irritated she once again found a letter in one of her book and she instantly opened it to read its contents with a thudding heart.




Neither I am coward nor my Love is fake. I don’t have any proof but trust me on this that I never tried to flirt with you. My Love for you is as pure as your heart. I was not coming before you till now because I want our meeting, our confession to be special on a special day i.e. Valentine’s Day but now I can’t wait for that day anymore as what is the use of waiting to make my confession special on that special day if my Geet won’t be with me for she thinks me as a coward and my love to be fake. I can’t lose you due to this perception of yours especially after knowing that someone is going to take you away from me. You are mine Geet, only mine and I can’t let you go away from me ever. You want to meet me Na then I promise that I’ll meet you tomorrow itself in the Garden of our college near the fountain holding a Red rose, waiting for you just for you.


Yours Valentine”


Geet read the whole letter again and again and a deep sigh escaped her lips as she clutched the letter close to her heart. Finally her wait is going to end and she’s going to meet him tomorrow. Who is he? How does he look? Can it be possible that she knows him but couldn’t able to recognize him as her valentine, she thought as she just laid on her bed all excited still holding his letter. O god! She’s feeling so jittery and nervous all at the same time due to anticipation of what will happen after meeting him. She just can’t wait till next day now.


“I am dyeing to meet that person who loves me so irrecoverably.” She thought as she smiled shyly before keeping that letter safe with his other letter in the side drawer waiting for next day to arrive soon.




Whole of the college stood shocked as the loud sound of slap echoed in the air drawing everyone’s attention towards the two persons standing near the fountain, one with the immense anger in her eyes while the other shattered with his head hung low seeing his most beautiful and cherished dream breaking into million pieces like this. Geet’s friends were equally shocked first with the revelation of the person and then what followed after that. Most shocked one was Kakul who was witnessing everything with teary eyes.


“That’s what you deserve Mr. Maan Singh Khurana for this act of yours. How dare you? How dare you to even think of me let alone sending those letters to me? What have you thought that I’ll run in your arms once I’ll meet you? Well, if you think of anything of this sort then it was your biggest mistake to think of any such thing like that as I am Geet, Geet Handa and Geet Handa choose everything as per her class and status and you thought that I’ll choose you. At least you should have seen that where you stand in life, where you belong, what your status is before even dreaming about me. You think that I’ll fall in Love with you… I won’t even appoint People like you even as my servant and you think I’ll choose you as my mate. At least you should have realize the difference between you and me before having such thoughts. Apni Aukat Bhool Gaye ho shayad Isiliye tumne Geet Handa ke baare me aise Sapne Dekhne ki Himmat Kari.” Geet’s voice throwed venom with utmost hatred while Maan said nothing but just stood over there dumbfounded watching the scattered pieces of his broken heart.


“Bas Kar Geet. It’s enough now. Do you even realizing what you are saying.” Kakul said agonized as she turned Geet towards her to make her look at her


Why? Are you feeling bad Kakul? But why? As far as I know that you are my friend then why are you feeling bad for him? Or is it that you are feeling bad because all your hard work of all these months went in vain.” Geet said as she looked straight into her eyes while looked at her shocked with the revelation


What? You thought that I wouldn’t be able to know that it’s you whom he had appointed for conveying his letters. I knew it on the second day itself as I had seen you keeping the letter in my book but I decided to play along so that I can bring him in front of me and that’s the reason I lied about that IAS guy so that you can convey that to him and he can come in front.” Kakul was still under shock due to revelation and so were Meera and Pari who are double shocked with so much happening at once.


“And you Mr. Maan Singh Khurana get this thing straight in your head that I was, am and will never be in Love with a man like you. Till now whatever you get to know about my feelings and behavior for you or should I say that Yours Valentine’ guy from Kakul was all a facade as I was just playing along so that I can know about the actual person behind this mystery man. The story that you had started or has thought to be started, I am finishing that right over here and now don’t even cross my path in future.” These were the words that Maan had heard before Geet leaves from there. Kakul looked at Maan tear-eyed and rushed away from there not able to see him so motionless. One by one everyone left leaving him alone but he just stood over there all numb as Geet’s words replayed again and again in his mind. Even heavens pour out from him crying for the mockery of his love that was made as he still stood over there drenching in rain. It was then Ved and his other friends came to the spot who came to know about all the happenings by some student as they all were in their class and took their dear friend away from there who was still quiet and blank.




“How can you do that Geet especially to that person who loves you so much? How can you make the mockery of his love like this?” Kakul asked Geet as she stopped Geet in the deserted corridor.


Because that’s what he deserves. And by the way why you are questioning me because of him? Why was he so important to you that you were ready to deceive your own best friend? Tell me Kakul, who is he to you? Why you are so concerned for him?” Geet asked the same questions that were buzzing in her mind since the time she came to know About Kakul’s involvement.


“Because I Love him!! I Love him a lot!!” Kakul said it aloud as she fell on her knees feeling dejected shocking everyone.


“It’s true! I had fallen in love with him the day I first saw him but couldn’t able to say it to him except just looking at him from far stealing his glances without his knowledge and then one day I muster enough courage and told him about my feelings. For the first few minutes he was shocked and numb and then he told me that he had never seen me in that way and that he loves someone else. I was jealous and broken initially as I was losing my first and only Love but then when he told me that it’s you for whom he had fallen in first sight itself but always masked his love for you with his cold behavior, then I don’t know whether I should be happy for you being so lucky or sad at my loss. But then Love taught us to be happy in your Lover’s happiness and Maan’s happiness was in you Geet and that’s the reason I decided to help him because he would never be able to tell it himself to you because this is for the first time when he has fallen for anyone otherwise Every time it was just reverse and hence he feared for the rejection (Kakul said and then looked back at Geet who was standing all dazed). Now you tell me Geet, what wrong I did if I want my best friend to get best in her life? What wrong I did if I want the person whom I love get his Love? What wrong I did by becoming a medium of communication between you two? Geet, Maan loves you a lot and trust me you won’t get anyone better than him. Girls use to run after him crazily but that crazy Guy is crazy about you. Please don’t do this to him. Forget your entire ego and accept his Love. Please Geet.” Kakul pleaded as she cupped her face making her understand while Meera and Pari too consented with teary eyes.


“I know what I have to do now.” Geet said all expressionless while others couldn’t guess what’s running in her mind.


And then next day a team of police officers came into the college and instantly arrested Maan after enquiring about him on the fake charges of supplying drugs to college students. His friends and Mr. Singh tried a lot to stop the arrest stating that Maan is not at all like that but the policemen were firm on their ground saying that they had proofs and had got orders from higher officials and eventually taken Maan with them. It was a shocking moment for whole of the college as none had thought of Maan to be like that while Mr. Singh was all broken due to not able to help his favorite student and Maan’s friends were trying their best to release Maan on bail. Geet’s friends looked at her who seems to otherwise calm and they instantly knew that it’s all because of her and their anger knew no bound then especially of Kakul’s who just dragged Geet aside and slapped her hard for the very first time in her life while Geet looked at her stunned.


“Galti Maan se bhi hui thi aur Mujhse bhi. We both had forgotten that you are Geet Handa who is nothing but an arrogant and snob girl who can never care about anyone’s feelings, a rich spoil brat. The person who loves you more than his life today you got him arrested on fake charges just because he has committed a big mistake of loving you. Wasn’t all that had you said to him or did to him was enough that you have to stoop this low to punish him. But you know what he deserves this punishment for loving an insensitive and immature girl like you. But Geet Maan’s parents have not done any mistake then why are you punishing them for no fault of theirs. His father has worked hard day and night just to see his son to reach at the peak of success, his mother use to pray every moment for her son’s safety and when they’ll come to know what their son is going through just because he had fallen in love with a wrong girl then they’ll die Geet, they won’t be able to survive. And the reason for their death will be you only you Geet. And mark my words Geet that if anything will happen to Maan and his family, then I swear I’ll forget that you are my best friend.”Kakul said and left from there without giving a second glance to Geet followed by Pari and Meera who were equally angry from Geet leaving her behind alone to realize the extent of her mistake.


That night when Geet asked her Dad to release Maan then he out rightly refused stating that law is not his personal property that he can play with it according to him whenever he wants. He was not in the favor of getting Maan arrested either owing to his principles and morals if Geet hadn’t attempted to kill herself and Mohinder can’t see his only daughter taking away her life no matter if her demand is irrational but he had to agree with a heavy heart but then today again her daughter’s mood has changed and she’s asking him to release Maan and he just can’t misuse his power of being a commissioner due to her daughter’s mood swings. But then after lots of pestering and Geet admitting that she loves Maan due to her Dad’s only condition to release Maan, Mohinder called the officers to release Maan without any trouble or interrogation.


Geet though had admitted that she loves Maan unwillingly due to the condition put forward by Mohinder but then she couldn’t help with the blush that formed on her cheeks while her toes curled in shyness while doing so but then she shrugged it off thinking that it is due to admitting something like this before her Dad and anyways right now the feeling of relief is too much to feel anything else. May be she had acted very much irrational in her anger and ego. Probably it was her anger of knowing Maan to be that guy out of all people for she was expecting anyone but him had made her behave so insensitively and hence She had decided that when Maan will come to college next day then she’ll apologize to him for all the trouble he had went through due to her and will ask him to move forward in his life and with this thought she just closed her eyes slipping into deep slumber waiting for the next day to arrive.


But thing didn’t go as per planned by her as when she reached college that day the first thing she saw was her friends but as soon as they saw her they just moved ahead without even glancing at her. Next she met with Maan’s friends and her eyes instantly searched for Maan but before she could ask them about him they too moved away from there but not before giving her a look of hatred. She though felt odd but then she knows that she deserves it as she did commit a mistake no matter for whatsoever reason and she was sure that once Maan will come then everything will be fine. But then why he didn’t came yet. He never gets late but then she thought maybe he needs some rest after all the trauma he had went through last day. She was walking lost in her thoughts when she bumped into Mr. Singh who was going through corridors.


“Congratulations Beta and Thanks a lot.” Mr. Singh said with a smile after getting greeted by her and Geet smiled thinking that it may be because he came to know of Maan’s release but his next set of words had thrown her in the deep pool guilt and regret.


“For ruining the career and life of an honest, innocent and excellent boy like Maan. I had always complaint to God that why I don’t have a daughter like you but now I thank him for not giving me a daughter like you.” Mr. Singh said and moved towards his office hiding away his tears leaving Geet behind all numb and motionless. She couldn’t stayed over there even for a minute more and just ran back to her home.




But how’s that possible? Maan has been released last night only.”Mohinder said as soon as Geet told him about Maan’s absence and everyone’s behavior.


“But then why he didn’t came to college today and why everyone is saying that I ruined his life.” Geet asked as tears brimmed in her hazels due to everyone’s indifference


“You still haven’t understood Beta. Maan was an honest and self-esteemed man who may be not rich like you but his character, his honesty meant everything to him and you had tainted his character by imposing false accusations just because of your ego. Now do you still think that he’ll be able to face this world after such humiliation knowing that now everyone will look at him disgusted? So what if he had not committed any crime but this world will see him as a criminal only. You had committed a big sin beta and the worst part is that somewhere I too has been involved in this sin of yours. I just wish that I haven’t pampered you this much after Rano’s demise then you haven’t ruin the career and life of an innocent” Mohinder said before leaving for him room leaving Geet behind all broken and to fall deep into the pit of guilt and regret.

(P.S. Pls Listen to this Song… I am so in love with itEmbarrassed



Aajaaa… teriyaan duavaan lagiyaan
Rab to main aj vi ladiyaannn…
Aajaaa… teriyaan duavaan lagiyaan
Rab to main aj vi ladiyaannn…




That night she couldn’t able to sleep at all as whenever she closes her eyes, Maan’s broken and numb face use to come in front of her eyes making her restless. She just couldn’t understand what’s happening to her as she felt this dire need to see him and asking him if he’s ok. She had hurted many people before too and she never felt regretted for it except for her friends and Dad but then she was regretting a big time for Maan and she herself is unaware for it. She don’t know why but she want him to be here with her and tell him that she was a big time fool to behave this insensitively but as much as she wished she knows that her wish couldn’t come true as she was sure that Maan would never wish to even see her face now and the mere thought had slit her heart into thousand pieces as she moved towards kitchen to have some water to calm herself for she can feel her eyes burning with those unshed tears.


Saadi gali aaja sanu chaahan waliye
Saadi gali aaja sanu chaahan waliye..
Saadi gali aaja sanu chaahan waliye
Tenu hoo..kah maarda firaan


She was about to touch the rim of the glass to her lips when she felt a hand snaking around her waist making her breath to hitch and she just closed her eyes when she found him tucking her close to his hard form such that her exposed back from her nighty was touching his taut chest. Somewhere she knew that it’s him only and for that she doesn’t have to look back. Don’t know why but she could sense his aroma and recognize his touch and her thoughts come true when she found him twirling her around with a jerk still keeping her close to him looking at her with deep intense eyes before twirling her sideways and again bringing her back making her back to touch his taut chest as he nuzzled in her neck giving her butterfly kisses making her feel ticklish.


Saadi gali aaja sanu chaahan waliye
Saadi gali aaja sanu chaahan waliye..
Saadi gali aaja sanu chaahan waliye
Tenu hoo..kah maarda firaan


She moaned in pleasure as Maan moved up his fingers over her bare arm before caressing he exposed part of her cleavage while his lips were kissing her nape while Geet just leaned her head back on his shoulders closing her eyes giving him more access before he puts all her weight on his hand and twirled her around and then gently puts her down eliciting a throaty moan from her as she felt his hot breath on her neck while he was dropping her down making her to feel thousand butterflies dancing in her stomach and strangely she was liking this proximity between them as if they were meant to be like this forever as Maan twirled and swirled her passionately.


Ikk waari aaja door jaan waliye
Ekk waari aaja door jaan waliye
Tenu hookah maarda firaan
Tenu hookah maarda firaan
Ho.. tenu hooo..kaaah maarda firaan…


Next she found herself lying on the kitchen counter and his hands moving up her body from toe to her face over the flimsy material of her nighty making her to close her eyes in pleasure as he placed open mouthed kisses over her neck and exposed part of her shoulders making her to arch her back but before she could hold him in her arms a loud sound of shattering of glass made her to open her eyes and she saw herself standing at the same place while Glass has just slipped from her hands due to her being lost in such erotic dreams with Maan. She clutched her heart tight as she breathed heavily when realized what she was hallucinating but why and why only him? She doesn’t have any feelings for him right then why? Is she falling for him?




It’s been a month now and Maan haven’t showed up in the college yet. No one knows where he is not even his friends as they all were searching him every place possible when they come to know that he haven’t returned back to Hoshiarpur but they couldn’t found any trace of him. It was one such day when Geet went to cafeteria and saw hers and Maan’s friends sitting together and talking. They all had become quite close after that incident. She goes to them to spend some time as everyone has avoided her in this one month like a plaque and especially to know if there’s any news of Maan’s whereabouts. But as soon as she greeted them, everyone left from there on the pretext of this thing or other making her realize that no one wants to talk to her after what she did and due to her one mistake she was left all alone, she thought and ran towards a deserted corridor crying bitterly.


Lagdi tu kyun door da khwaaab..
Lagdi tu kyun door da khwaaab

Just then she was crying bitterly while resting her back to one of the wall she found someone wiping away her tears and as she opened her eyes she found Maan wiping away her tears gently while nodding his head in no gesturing “Don’t cry” with a soft smile playing on his M-shaped lips while she just looked at him in awe.


Akkhiyaan cho wag bayaan
Dil main lagana tere naaal
Dil main lagana tere naaal


And before she could understand anything she found him kissing her both eyes one by one sucking away the tears after placing a oft kiss on her forehead comforting her with the warmth of his Love letting her know that she’s not alone for he’s always there with her before moving towards her full luscious lips. Geet felt his hot breath burning the softness of her lips and she parted them on her own accord in the anticipation of what coming next.


Rooh nu vasaaja seene laaann waaliye
Ikk waari aaja door jaan waliye
Tenu hookah maarda firaan
Tenu hookah maarda firaan
Ho.. tenu hooo..kaaah maarda firaan…


But then nothing happened as she instantly opened her eyes when she felt his warmth missing only to find her all alone in the deserted corridor with no Maan around and she just ran away from there crazily trying to search Maan everywhere ignoring the weird looks everyone is giving her and at last she sat near the same fountain where she had once insulted him all dejected and failed. She could see her image of slapping him and making mockery of his Love making her to disgust herself even more and as a result she hits her hand hard on the wall of the fountain with which she had slapped him making it to bleed, punishing it for its sin by giving it pain but that pain was nothing in front of the pain that she was feeling in her heart due to her guilt of ruining his life and regret of losing the person who loves her so much just due to her baseless ego which could do nothing to heal her pain now.




O… o… o…

She sat between the pool of letters in her balcony that she had treasured till now admiring them with all her heart. His letters, her most priceless possession that she has been reading daily in this past 8 months making her to fall for him more and more. A smile formed on her lips as she remembered their first meet where they had fought like a fourth graders and then the series of these letters that were the best thing happened to her and she had ruined everything with her own hands


Chitthiyaan to mitthi teri yaad aayi
Aaya ni sajna mera..
Kattiyaan jo rattaan tene bhul paayi
Dil vich basna tera..

She clutched one of the letter close to her heart as a lone tear escaped her eyes realizing what she has lost. She had lost the number of counts when she had read these letters and missed him wishing him to be close to her. Yes she had came into the terms that she’s deeply in Love with him probably she was always but it was just she who was blinded by her ego and anger to not able to see through it, she thought as she looked at the roses and the petals in one the box which were dried by now but her Love for him haven’t as it just increased by every passing second with the only wish to see him again. She knows that he’s not here with her yet she could feel him around her just like she use to feel him in these past 8 months for he’s present in her heart beating with every heartbeat of hers



Rab tenu baniya khair chaahan waliye
Ikk waari aaja door jaan waliye
Tenu hookah maarda firaan


She closed her eyes when she felt his thumb wiping away that lone tear before placing a soft yet deep kiss on the soft flesh of her palm making her to smile as she looked at him while caressing his hairs while he laid keeping his head in her lap looking at her with his deep intense and passionate eyes that had love for her just for her.


Tenu hookah maarda firaan
Ho.. tenu hooo..kaaah maarda firaan…




Saadi gali aaja sanu…

Saadi gali aaja sanu…

Saadi gali aaja…


And next she found him scooping her in his arms and before she could know anything she felt the soft mattress beneath her making her realize that she’s on her bed and she just smiled seeing him laying beside her after tucking them with duvet before kissing her forehead and then both her eyes making them close before moving towards her jaw line trailing soft yet sensuous kisses moving towards the sensitive spot beneath her ear licking it with his tongue.


I Love you Maan.” Geet whispered as he gently bites the soft flesh of her neck before licking it to sooth the pain.


“I Love you too Geet. I Love you too.” She heard his hoarse whisper and felt him keeping his rough lips on her soft ones with her closed eyes. He didn’t kissed neither moved but just placed them above hers giving her the warmth of his Love and making her drown in the world of blissful dreams of being them together happily yet again.




“I don’t want to meet anyone.” Geet said as she looked other side avoiding the questioning gaze of her father who had brought yet another alliance for her.


“This is the umpteenth time I am listening to same sentence and you can’t get excused Every time. It’s final now, you are meeting that guy.” Mohinder said with a tone of finality. After that incident of 1 1/2 yrs before he had become a bit strict regarding Geet and hence she now don’t have enough courage to make her father to make her agree on her terms like before yet she can never think of someone taking Maan’s place in her heart and life. She knew that he’ll be back once he’ll punish her enough for her sin. More than her love she had trust on his love and hence she keeps on rejecting every proposal.


“I don’t want to marry anyone as I wanted to complete my studies first.”


“I am not asking you to marry him tomorrow itself. I just want you to meet that guy, that’s it. And anyways you are already in your third year and he has to go for his IAS training so if everything will get fine then both of you can get engaged today itself and once he’ll finish his training and you your studies then you both will get married.”Mohinder said as a matter of fact while Geet just looked at him shocked, he had already fixed everything and didn’t even cared to ask her.


“But Dad…”


“I don’t want any more argument on this Geet as it won’t change my decision. Now go back to your room and get ready. I had invited them for lunch today and it’s already 11 am. I have asked Kakul, Meera and Pari to come and help you. Though they don’t want to come but after my insistence they agreed. They can be here any moment. Now Go.”Mohinder said in a stern voice while Geet just nodded meekly before going back to her room.


Tears that were threatening to fall out from her eyes finally made their ways out as soon as Geet came to her room. No she can’t meet anyone, can’t marry anyone because she belongs only to the person whom she had lost due to her own stupidity yet can’t think of anyone but him and can wait for him forever but she can’t let anyone else claim her. She would die before she has to be called anyone else’ than Maan.


“You are mine Geet, only mine and I can’t let you go away from me ever.”


His words from his last letter rang in her mind as she closed her eyes and fresh tears spilled out from her eyes feeling so helpless. She tried really hard to search him in these 18 months but every time all she got is disappointment. In fact Salil has even shut the door hard on her face when she had gone to his hostel to ask him if he knew anything about Maan. Suddenly everything started to feel so empty and meaningless without him. She had lost her Love, she had lost her friends and she had lost the sense of pride that her father once use to have on her and all this due to that stupid ego of hers that lead her to nowhere. Every second without him in these 18 months was not less than a punishment for her and she knows that she deserves it for making the mockery of his pure Love while falling deeply and deeply in love with her. What an irony, when he was in front of her then he couldn’t understand his feelings and now he has gone far away from her then she had realized what she has lost but Alas! It was too late.


Kakul, Meera and Pari came to her place after a while and their heart cried seeing her in pain thus washing away all the anger of these 18 months and as a result they instantly hugged her to comfort her. Geet cried hugging Kakul begging her to bring Maan or to take her to him and Kakul just closed her eyes in helplessness as she could do nothing to sooth the pain of her best friend. They reached downstairs with a heavy heart after composing themselves and helping Geet to get ready. Geet saw a middle-aged couple conversing with her father as she greeted them. They seemed to be very nice and kind from heart as they talked to her once she sat near them. Their simplicity instantly reminded her of Maan and her heart cried even more in helplessness but she could do nothing, nothing at all. Later she was told by her Dad that the guy who had come to see her is waiting in the Garden area for her and hence she has to meet him there only. He gestured Geet’s friends to take her to him who just nodded their head and took Geet towards the garden area and then left after asking her to be strong and tell him clearly.


Geet scanned throughout the Garden area to see the guy who came to see her but to her surprise she found him nowhere. Her brows furrowed in confusion as she couldn’t understand where that guy could vanish when her Dad has told her that he has been waiting for her over here. She was looking for him around her when something on the Tea-table caught her attention and she moved forward only to see a piece of colored paper peeping through the pages of Diary. She immediately picked up the diary to open it and her eyes widened in shock as she found a letter in the same way Maan use to send to her i.e. stuck with a Red Rose and covered with fresh Rose Petals. For few moments she couldn’t fathom whether it’s a dream or reality but then the feel of paper in her hand made her realize that it’s a reality and she immediately opened the letter with her trembling fingers and thudding heart as soon as the realization dawn upon her.


“I could never get my mind off you,

I wonder if you’d mind if I’d make you my own,

And never let you go,

Hug you tight,

Treat you right,

Act all polite,

Take you on a date,

Making sure I am never late

Kiss you on your lips,

Talk about our kids,

Make you feel like a princess,

Living in a castle,

By just only loving you I am so blessed,

Hope by claiming you for forever I can be the best,

My only desire is to hold you tight,

Feeling the thudding of your heart against mine,

Now tell me my Princess,

Will you be mine?

Holding my hand in this journey of life my Love,

Will you be my Valentine???


Yours Valentine”


“Maan” she muttered in astonishment as she read the letter again and again with her wide eyes not able to believe whether she was dreaming or this letter was actually here. How come that be possible after so many months getting this letter again in the same manner and most importantly how did it reached over here, million thought raced her mind as she felt her heart thudding loud in her rib cage while her hands held the letter tight as if she was fearing it as her mere hallucination yet again.


“You haven’t given your answer yet, Geet.” she heard a familiar voice touching her ear drums breaking the trail of her thoughts. She could never forget this husky and baritone voice of his no matter how many months or years passed by not seeing him or hearing him for this only voice has been etched all over her heart and mind .


Tears welled up her eyes as she raise her head to look at the source of voice and there he stood in front of her in flesh and bones looking at her ever so lovingly, same Love which he have for her before and which she failed to realize then but to her surprise it was still there without even faltering a bit even after such a grave mistake of her ruining his life. And next she found herself running in his embrace hugging him tightly as if he’ll vanish once again in thin air and him wrapping his arms tight around her petite form cocooning her in his embrace close to his heart. She cried in his embrace as she muttered “I am Sorry” countless times but this time out of sheer happiness of him coming back to her while he just keeps on rubbing her back to calm her down hiding his face in the crook of her neck inhaling her sweet aroma.


They pulled out from hug after what seems like an eternity with Maan still keeping her in his embrace close to him as she caress his face lovingly while smiling amidst her tears trying to make herself believe of his presence, Maan’s hand instantly reached to cradle her face and wiping the trail of those salty water before placing a soft yet deep kiss on his forehead making her believe on the fact that he’s indeed there with her and it’s not just her dream before pulling her back into his embrace.


“You haven’t given me my answer yet Geet? Will you be my Valentine for whole of my life?” Maan asked after a while making Geet to pull out from his embrace and looked at him awed. How can he still love her in the same way like he did before probably even more than before even after her doing so wrong with him?


“How can you still love me so much Maan?” Geet asked as fresh tears brimmed in her eyes finding nothing but only Love for her just for her in his deep honeyed eyes. She had expected to see hatred, disgust in them for her like she had seen in the eyes of everyone but his orbs only reflected nothing but his pure Love for her.


Because I do. I just can’t stop loving you even if I want to. I tried to not think about you but couldn’t get my mind off you even for a second. I tried to hate you as much as I can but at the end I eventually ended up falling more and more in Love with you. Geet, do you think of me worthy enough to let me hold your hand and walk in this journey of life together crossing each hurdle, each difficulty with our Love? Do you think of me worthy enough for you to let me love you, pamper you and treat you like a princess of my heart? Do you think of me worthy enough to let me grow old with you? Do you think…”


His next set of words remain unsaid as Geet instantly sealed his lips with hers stopping him to say further. How dare he think that he’s not worthy enough for her? If someone is unworthy then It’s she who probably doesn’t deserve a gem like him owing to the mistake she had committed and here he’s asking if he’s worthy enough or her. How can his Love be still so selfless and unconditional, she thought as she sucked his upper lip pouring out all the love she has for him.


It took some time to Maan to realize what actually is happening. His princess is kissing him, O God! It’s their first kiss and as soon as he realized this fact he just wrapped his arm around her waist pulling her closer as he reciprocated the kiss in the same fervor. His other hand angled her face as he deepened the kiss before nipping her lips gently gaining an entry into the sweet crevices of her mouth pouring out his endless love for her. They kissed each other like there is no tomorrow forgetting the world around them as their virgin lips moved against each other in a perfect sync sucking, nibbling and kissing each other passionately. They finally broke out after what seems like an eternity when they felt the dire need to take breath before touching their foreheads together in order to calm down their ragged breathing.


“Don’t ever say that you are not worthy enough for me or else I’ll kill you. Your place in my heart is much above than my God Maan. If someone is unworthy then it’s me. Will you make me worthy enough for you by making me a part of your life Maan?” Geet looked at Maan with her expected hazels to which he just simply pecked her lips softly giving her his answer.


Got your answer? You are much more worthy for me and my Love Geet than I can ever ask for? Now never say that again. Whatever happened was our past and what will come will be our future and I don’t want to spoil the blissful moment of our future by mulling over our past. So right now from this moment I want us to forget everything and start a fresh. You’ll do that na Geet, for me?” Maan’s answer made Geet speechless as she looked at him with all the love she’s having for him seeing the depth of his love that had so easily freed her from her every guilt. Kakul was indeed right she is indeed a lucky one to have him in her life, she thought as she nodded her head in acceptance.


“I Love you Geet. I Love you a lot” Maan hoarsely whispered in his baritone voice as he looked deep into her hazels that were already looking at him with so much Love.


“I Love you too Maan. I Love you a lot.” She replied as she submitted herself in his embrace while he just held her close to him feeling the happiest man of this earth.


A loud sound of clapping and hooting broke the moment of blissful confession of these 2 love birds and as they looked at the direction they found their family and their friends and Mr. Singh standing with smiling faces adoring this lovely couple but what made Geet embarrass was the fact that they probably would have witnessed them kissing especially the elders and all she want at that moment is mother earth to swallow her for being seen in such position by their elders. But then something stuck Geet’s brain and she instantly looks at Maan and then back to her Dad who was smiling widely. And as she puts two and two together she understood everything that Maan is the guy who came to see her and what kind of Drama is her Dad doing till now.


“I know what’s running in your mind Geet. Well I’ll cut the long story in short. I found Maan after whole 2 months since that incident only to find him working as a mechanic in a small village nearby. Since Ved had already told me that Maan haven’t been back to Hoshiarpur and I know that he wouldn’t either, for he can’t let down his parents and that made my work easier. It took me lots of time to convince him to come back with me and finally he did just to fulfill his Father’s dream but I could see how broken and shattered he was for his eyes reflected his pain clearly hence I ask Mr. Singh to keep him at his home and with the help of some of my contacts I arranged everything by which Maan could complete his education and everything that could lead him to fulfill his dream. Here I had seen true remorse in your eyes too but I want you to realize the depth of your feelings and extent of the damage you had done so that you won’t repeat the same mistake again. And finally Maan’s determination and hard work showed its result and he had topped in his IAS examinations and rest you can comprehend yourself. And ya one more thing Maan’s name is all cleared from every criminal record hence there’s no need to worry about it. And ya in all this there’s someone apart from Mr. Singh who helped me a lot and that is “Panch Shakti” means Maan’s own friends who stood by him like his strength giving him support at his toughest time.” Mohinder’s last sentence made all the girls to look at the guys surprised and anger was visible in everyone’s face for hiding such fact from them even after being quiet close to them especially of Kakul’s who haven’t expected Ved to hide this from her for they really became very close to each other in these one and a half year, as she looked at him angrily while he just mouthed a sorry nervously.


“Umm… Guys what could we do? Mohinder Uncle has emotionally blackmailed us to be quiet. Ab who can refuse the order of Commissioner of Police. Abey bolo na tum log.” Ved said as he nudged his friends to speak in defense while smiling nervously who supported his statement and finally after lots of Roothna manana girls let go the matter as the moment of happiness was too much to think of any other thing.


“Waise Geet, along with Maan we all are waiting for your answer. Ab Bol bhi Do Warna my niece is all ready to marry him right now and here. If you have any dilemma then I can ask her.” Mr. Singh teased making everyone giggle and Geet to look at him pouting with cute anger. But then everything went silent as they saw Maan bending on his knees before taking Geet’s hand in his making her to look at him dazed.


Ms. Geet Handa, I Maan Singh Khurana, in the presence of all these people, is proposing you to marry me and make me a part of your life. Will you give me this Privilege to own you and make you my Valentine officially for rest of my life? Will you be mine?” Maan’s words stirred new emotions in Geet’s heart making her to fall for him even more as her lips broke into the widest smile while she nodded her head in yes.


“Forever I’ll be yours and only yours. But I have one condition.” Geet’s words made Maan and others confused as they looked at her furrowing their brows.


“You have to promise me that you’ll always be just my Valentine?”Maan’s lips curved into smile as he let out the breath that he has been holding till now.


“Today, tomorrow, forever and in every birth I promise that I’ll be only Yours Valentine’.Maan said as he slipped the ring into her finger marking her as his possession before filling her in his embrace amidst the huge round of clapping and whistling leaving everyone to witness the re-union of these two souls.




So this was the story of Maan and his only Love Geet who finally got together after a long period of separation. They both got married after Maan finished his training and Geet her studies and then with each passing day their Love for each other increased just more and more while their nights were filled with passion and madness for each other. Maan had finally convince their parents to stay with them in Delhi and Geet was so delighted to get the love of two fathers and one mother. Those bitter memories that were once the part of their lives now seem to be vanish somewhere long back for it has been replaced by all the loving and blissful memories created by Maan and Geet. And then an year later an Angel came into their lives and Maaneet named them as Seher’ who honored them to cherish the beautiful feeling of becoming parents and then after 4 years of Seher’s birth Geet gave birth to another Boy and they gladly named him as Garv’ and their family got complete.


Ved and Kakul too got married 2 years after Maaneet’s marriage. Probably Kakul had finally found her match in Ved and both are just perfect for each other and now is a Proud parent of one boy. After lots of hook ups and break ups Yash and Meera too got married and guess what they were still fighting even after having 3 kids and soon Pari and Vicky too got married though that’s a different thing that Pari still use to have crush on other guys.


And Salil… Wo Bechara is still searching for his Ms. Perfect in every girl but still no luck. Even after being an owner of such a big and successful advertising agency he haven’t got his soul-mate yet but still he never stops trying approaching every girl. Everyone has mark their names in their respective fields and are successful in their own ways. Some less and some more but still that couldn’t come in the way of the Bond they shared with each other and they were sure that it won’t change even in the future too..


Maan and Geet are celebrating their 12th Marriage anniversary and they are still madly in Love with each other just like they were before. It’s not that haven’t faced any difficulties or differences or ups and downs, they did but they crossed everything with their Love and understanding and are leading a blissful life. Maan still use to express his Love by writing Letters and Geet just use to fall more and more for him with his way to express his Love especially his way of still addressing himself at the end of Letter as “Yours Valentine.” 

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