Ehsaas – The Feeling ~ Part 1 – 50

It was 11 am in d morning nd Geet is Getting ready. She’s not at all happy nd no one dare to talk to her wen she had Bad mood Except her Younger sis Shilpa who came to her nd notices dat her Di is nt fine wid d guests coming today. She goes to her.

Shilpa: oho Di!! U look so smashing today. Is it because of d guest coming today?

Geet(while wearing her earrings): shut up Shilpa! U knw I m not in a mood of joke.

Shilpa: Breaking News!! Geet Malhotra is not in d mood of joke. Is it d impact of Maan Singh Khurana?

Geet: Shilpa…

Shilpa: C’mon Di. U r so lucky dat u r going to meet Maan Singh Khurana. U knw hw many girls Die for his one look?

Geet: Oh really, Den y dnt u marry him?

Shilpa: Kar leti Di but age difference bahut hai. isiliye. But dnt worry I’ll be happy being her Sister-in-law.

Geet: Shilpa, dnt count hens before hatching of eggs, bcoz I m  nt going to marry anyone. Allrite.

Shilpa: Di……

Their conversation interrupted wen their Mother comes inside.

Malini: Geet, u r nt ready yet? Dey will be here at any moment.

Shilpa: Mom Di is almost ready. Can’t u see excitement at her face(teasing geet) hai na Di.

Geet: Shut up shilpa. (den turns towards her mom) nd Mom wo log Padma Mausi k Family frnd hai sirf isiliye main un logo se milne k liye taiyaar hui hoon. But dnt expect me anything further.

Malini: Geet, Beta y dnt u understand….

Geet: Y dnt u understand mom? Its my life nd I dnt want to marry anyone. M I being any burden on u?

Malini(getting emotional): ya u r very big enough to take ur decisions nw. who am I to interfere? Its my mistake only dat I think of my Daughter’s better future. Fine just nw I m going to call dem nd tell dem nt to come as my daughter has her own life. Ok

Both shilpa nd Geet looked at each other den at their Mom. Dey knew that its nothing more den a trick of their mom nd gave”she’ll never change” look. Geet comes to her mom nd hugs her.

Geet: Mom, I m sorry. But dnt say like dat. U knw na hw much I love u. Acha fine I’ll meet dem nicely nd will nt do anything which annoys u. ok

Malini: really?

Geet: ya..

Malini: dats like my geet. I really love u beta.(hugging her)

Shilpa: nd mom me?

Malini: ha baba u also (hugging both of dem) acha Geet nw get ready fast. I m in d kitchen nd Shilpa pls come to help me.

Shilpa: oho Mom u knw I dnt like all dis.

Geet: Shilpa go nd help mom..

Shilpa: but di….

Suddenly Geet’s Cellphone rang nd their conversation breaks.

Geet(Happily): I knw ye kiska call hai?

Shilpa: pata hai Vindhya Di ka. Aur waise bhi is waqt sirf wahi hai jo tumhara mood theek kar sakti hai. u carry on I’ll go nd help mom.

Shilpa goes from dere nd Geet answers d call

Geet: Hi Di! Hws u? thank god u called. U knw hw much I was missing u.

Vindhya: I knw sweety. I know dat my little Sis must be nervous as she is Going to meet her Mr. right today. Hhmmm Maan Singh Khurana.

Geet: Stop it Di! Nw u dnt start. Already shilpa has teased me a lot.

Vindhya: ok Baba! But y dnt u consider him as ur Mr. right?

Geet: u knw d reason Di. I m not ready for d marriage. Nd moreover I m just 21 yrs old nw. dere r lots of thing to do. I have to set up my career, wants to get Shilpa well-settled nd every1 is dragging me to dis shaadi business.

Vindhya: Geet no one is dragging u to dis. Its ur life nd decision will be urs only. Nd who said that u r going to marry him tomorrow only. Just meet him once that’s it. May be he’ll understand u wen u’ll tell ur problem to him.

Geet: he have to otherwise I had a Back up plan.

Vindhya: Geet u r nt going to use any of ur plan got it.

Geet: but di…

Vindhya: For me.. Pls.

Geet: ok fine u know I can’t refuse u.

Vindhya:Dats like my sis. nw just cheer up nd meet him ok.

Suddenly Shilpa calls from outside tells dat dey have arrived.

Geet: Acha Di I’ll talk to u later. Dey have came.

Vindhya: ok sweety Bye. Nd remember wat I said to u. love u

Geet: love u too di! Bye.


Geet’s Mom Welcomes Maan, Savitri Devi nd Maan’s Frnd. Dr. Armaan.

Malini: pls have a seat.

Savitri Devi: thanx, Malini beta Pls dnt be so Formal. We all r comfortable.

Malini: tats so nice of u Aunty. I m so glad dat u came.

Savitri Devi: Kaise nahi aate beta. We heard a lot about u nd ur Daughters from Padma. D way u managed ur family after ur Husband’s Death is really remarkable.

Malini: yes Aunty, But it couldn’t be possible without Geet’s Support. She was dere for me always.

Mention of Geet’s name has somewhere brought smile on Maan’s face which is noticeable by armaan.

Armaan: Dude, Naam sun k ye haal hai Dekhega to kya hoga.

Maan(Muffled): shut up Armaan, its nothing like dat.

Armaan: dnt hide it frm me Dude, I can see clearly on ur face.

Maan: Armaan….

Shilpa Notices dat something fishy is happening b/w both of dem so she interrupts.

Shilpa: Any problem Maan ji… (actually she was going to call Jiju but got scared wat will happen if Geet Listens her calling maan as Jiju).

Maan: No.. no problem.

Armaan: no dere is a problem. Actually we heard so many praises of Geet so we are really dyieng to meet her. Right maan.

Maan(Giving his angry look): ya right.

Shilpa: Bus itni si baat. Main abhi Di ko leke aati hoon.(Den looks at Savitri Devi) May I Aunty?

Savitri Devi: ya Beta sure.

Shilpa Goes in to call geet. Armaan winks at Maan Den says

Armaan: Dude ur Sister-in-law is really Good. If she’s like dat den I wonder hw will be Geet.

Maan: Armaan shut up!

Armaan: relax Dude m not taking ur Geet away.

Maan: Armaan…..

Den suddenly Maan Notices Geet coming. She was wearing Red Suit wid light matching jewellery. She wears no Make-up but yet looks beautiful in her simplicity. She’s Holding tray of Tea in her hand while shilpa helps her by holding snacks. For a moment Maan was really blown away wen he first Saw her. Armaan First looks at Geet den at Maan.

Armaan: Dude Control. She’ll come to u only.

Maan: huh!! No actually…..(realizing wat he was doing)

Armaan: Relax Dude!

Geet puts d tray on table nd turned to savitri devi.

Geet: Namaste Aunty

Savitri Devi: Namaste Beta. God bless u. Come sit besides me.

She goes nd Sits wid her.

Savitri Devi: So beta, Padma has told me a lot about u. U r doing Architecture na?

Geet: yes aunty. Final year after dat internship.

Savitri Devi: dats really good. So our company is going to have a Good architect.

Geet said nothing but smiled. She remembers wat her Di said to her “no blunders

Savitri devi: Maan, Aap kuch nahi poochenge?

Maan: wo…..Dadi

Armaan(interrupts): Actually Dadi. Maan wants to talk to geet in alone. (turning towards  Malini) So aunty if u dnt mind….

Malini: ya Sure beta. Geet y dnt u Show ur Room to Maan.

Dis is d only thing dat Geet hates wen someone comes to see a girl. But she has to do wat her mom says.

Savitri Devi: haan Maan, jayiye isi bahane aap log kuch baat bhi kar lenge.

Maan: ji dadi.

Armaan(whispers): All d best dude..

Maan gave him a angry look nd Armaan again winks at him.

Geet gestures him to come while Maan follows her.


Both were in Geet’s Room nw. Maan Notices dat her room is well maintained. He saw d books arranged well at rack nd some novels lying on tables. He also notices Shields nd Certificates on d walls nd Shelves.

Maan: Nice Room!

Geet(to herself): Soch kya rahi hai Geet! Bol de isse acha mauka fir nahi milega.

Maan: u said something.

Geet: ya, I want to say something to u.

Maan: I guess for dat only we are here.

Geet: no its nt abt wat u r thinking. Actually……

Maan: ya say it.

Geet(closes her eyes nd say it at once): I can’t marry u. pls pls pls reject me. Give any of d excuses but pls refuse from dis marriage. Pls.

Den she opens her eyes nd saw Maan standing dere Confused nd Shocked.

Geet: listen I dnt want to hurt u. but I can’t marry u.

Maan: do u love some1 else.

Geet: No!

Maan: den is ur Family is putting any kind of a pressure on u?

Geet: No not at all.

Maan: den wats d problem? U dnt like me?

Geet: nothing like dat. Actually I dnt want to marry anyone.

Maan: y?

Geet: because I want to support my Family. My mom has faced lots of hardships in her life nd nw I wanted to do something for her. But if I got married den I’ll get stuck up in my married life nd I can’t able to do anything. Datsy I m saying to u dat pls reject me.

Maan Smiles by seeing Geet’s innocence nd Concern towards her Family. He thought that Padma aunty is rite Geet is different from other girls of her Age.

Maan: but there must be a reason to reject u nd y should I reject u? u can also reject me.

Geet: ya I can But I dnt have any reason to reject u.

Maan: nd u think I had?

Geet: ya ofcourse, u had many reasons.

Maan: like?

Geet: like u can say dat I m nt ur types or u dnt like my behaviour or our standards doesn’t match etc. etc.  say anything but pls reject me.

Maan: ok fine dnt worry, I’ll definitely help u.

Geet(smiles): really? thank u so much. U dnt know hw much relieved I m nw.

Maan says nothing but smiles


Outside d room Shilpa tries to Hear their Conversation wen Someone Taps at her shoulder continously. She gets irritate nd Turned to look back nd get surprised to see Armaan over dere.

Armaan: What r u doing here?

Shilpa: y? its my home I can stand wherever I want. U r d guest wat r u doing here?

Armaan: oh yes rite. Ur home by d way does Geet nd Maan knows dat u r trying to listening their conversations.

Shilpa(Scared): No, pls dnt tell to Di otherwise she’ll definitely kill me.

Armaan: Relax I won’t say anything. Actually I had Came for same purpose for which u came.

Shilpa: really?

Armaan: yup. By d way what do u do?

Shilpa: oh me I m a Medical student nd trying hard to get my internship in sanjeevani.

Armaan: y only Sanjeevani?

Shilpa: because it s d best Hospital nd I heard d doctors over dere r very good.

Armaan(obliged): I knw… thanx.

Shilpa: wat?

Armaan: nothing. Dnt worry u’ll definitely get. Nd if u want I’ll do recommendation for u. I knw many senior doctors over dere.

Shilpa: no thanx. I m Geet Malhotra’s sis nd her sis doesn’t need any kind of a recommendations.

Armaan: dats good. I like ur confidence.

Shilpa: thank u.

Armaan: By the way Shilpa don’t u think dey r taking too much time.

Shilpa: ya, I think I should go nd call dem.

Armaan: can I also come?

Shilpa: ya sure.

Shilpa shows him d way while he follows her

Armaan(murmurs): Interesting.


Maan nd Geet came outside d room every1 is very keen to knw wat happen between dem. But Geet is relaxed because she knews dat Maan will reject her.

Shilpa: kya hua Di? U look so Happy. Lagta hai Maan Khurana ka asar ho hi gya.

Geet: dnt worry my sweet sis. U’ll came to knw Soon.

Savitri Devi asks to maan

Savitri Devi: To Maan Geet Kaisi lagi aapko? Agar aap chahe to ek-do baar aur mil sakte hai.

Maan: dobara milne ki koi zarurat nahi hai Dadi (den looks at Geet who is smiling) Geet Mujhe pasand hai.

Every1 is happy to listen except Geet who is in Shock. Shilpa Hugs Geet in happiness.

Shilpa: oh di I m so happy. Main abhi mithai lati hoon.

Armaan congrats Maan nd Savitri Devi hugs Malini who is overwhelmed in tears. Geet can’t handle dis anymore. She quickly runs inside.

Savitri Devi: I guess she got Shied. Dnt worry let her go.

Maan knews very well y geet has gone inside nt because she was shy but she is angry.


Geet is very angry. She throwed her Duppata away remove her earrings nd jewellery in Frustation.

Geet(in anger):bada besharam insaan hai. itni request kari, itna conveince kiya fir bhi nahi mana. In ladko ko seedhi tarah se koi baat samajh nahi aati. Babaji yeh kahan fasa diya aapne mujhe. Life mein Pehli baar lag raha hai ki Di ki baat maan kar galti kar di. Isse to acha hota ki maine apna Backup plan use kar liya hota.

Her thoughts were distracted wen her Cell phone rings she thought it would be her Vindhya Di but surprised to see an unknown no.

Geet: Hello!

Other side: Geet!

Geet: ya whose it?

Other side: its me Maan!

Geet puts her hand on speaker nd murmers to herself: Iski itni himmat ki itna hone k baad ye mujhe call kar raha hai. but ise mera no. kaise mila

Maan: hello Geet u dere?

Geet(realizing dat she’s on call): ya, I m! anything important?

Maan: ya, I knw dat u r upset on me as I haven’t lived up to ur expectations therefore I have taken ur no. from Shilpa. Actually I wana talk to u. so can we meet tomorrow.

Geet(again murmers): hadd ho gyi hai, yahan mera dimaag kharab ho raha hai aur ise Date ki padi hai.

Maan: geet.. u dere.

Geet: ya, umm I m nt sure I have my classes tomorrow.

Maan: dnt worry we’ll meet after ur class at d Coffee Shop near ur college. If u want I can come to pick u from dere.

Geet: No!! I’ll come by myself.

Maan: k den u’ll be free by 5:00 so we’ll meet at 5:30.

Geet: hw do u knw dat I’ll free by 5:00?

Maan: Shilpa told me.

Geet(cursing shilpa): Shilpa tu to aaj gyi…..

Maan: u said something.

Geet: No.

Maan: k den see u tomorrow at 5:30. Bye!

Geet(in frustration):Bye!!

She cuts d call. Nd again murmurs to herself.

Geet: Coffee shop pe milna……… baat karni hai…… isko kya lagta hai jo ye chahega wahi hoga….. bilkul nahi….. Agar ye Maan singh Khurana hai to main bhi Geet Malhotra hoon….. Aur mujhse koi zabardasti nahi kara sakta…… dekhti hoon ki kal ye mujhe kaise reject nahi karta…..

Geet is sitting quietly on d dining table waiting for her breakfast. Shilpa is sitting next to her. She notices dat geet is lost in her own thoughts. She knows dat Geet is angry on her as she has given her no. to Maan nd Even told him her class timings but she knew her Di very well. She knews that Geet can’t remain angry for her long.

Shilpa(shouting): Mom Did u heard today’s Breaking News!!! Geet malhotra is sitting quietly on dining table (Den looks at Geet)

Geet says nothing but gives an angry look to her

Shilpa: wat happen Di? Y u r so quite today? Lost in Jiju’s thoughts.

Geet: shilpa u better dnt dare to talk to me rite nw. nd By d way y u r calling him Jiju?

Shilpa: y? he’ll be ur husband so in that case I’ll be her sister-in-law so ultimately he’ll become my Jiju only na.

Geet: Shilpa enough! Waise bhi I m nt talking to u.

Shilpa: dats wat I wanna knw Di. Y?

Geet:Y? dnt u knw anything?

Shilpa nodded her head in no.

Geet: y did u gave him my no.?

Shilpa: ab itne pyar se maang rahe the. Hw could I refuse?

Geet: oh really! To apna no. dena tha na. y u have given mine?

Shilpa: Ae le.. Di he’s marrying u not me.

Geet: oh thanx for telling me. Nd about my classes timings?

Shilpa: wo di he wants to meet u nd u knw arranging meetings for two love birds is my Fav. Hobby.

Geet: Shut up shilpa!

Shilpa: Di chill nw! he’s only going to meet u only, He’ll nt  kidnap u.(den holds her ears nd makes an innocent face) Acha Baba I m sorry. Ab to kaan bhi pakad liye. Pls maan jao.

Geet(looks at Shilpa): u r really very bad. U knw dat I cant remain angry from u long. Datsy u do all dis. Mom is rite I had spoiled u a lot.

Shilpa(hugs her): oh Di! U r sweetest Sis in dis world. By d way where r u going to meet jiju.. sorry Maan today.

Geet: At coffee shop near our college.

Shilpa: wow! can I also come.

Geet: u better concentrate on ur studies. Ur exams r on ur head.

Shilpa: Pls Di!

Geet: shilpa no means no.


: k fine. But next time I’ll definitely accompany u.

Geet(to herself): Next time aayega tab na.

Shilpa: u said something?

Geet: huh.. no. c’mon had ur breakfast fast. I’ll drop u to ur college.

Shilpa: k di.


On the other Side Maan nd Armaan r also having dere Breakfast nd discussing about Geet.

Armaan: So d gr8 Maan Singh Khurana is going for his First Date ever.

Maan: its nt a Date Armaan.

Armaan: ofcourse it is. Dis is d first time wen u r going out wid a girl. So wat would u call it?

Maan: nthing. I just need to clarify few things to her.

Armaan: o ya! Dude u can’t hide from me I m experienced.

Maan: ya I knw the times wen u nd Riddhima goes around (Den suddenly realizes something) Sorry yaar, dnt want to hurt u.

Armaan(being serious): its ok Dude. I dnt mind. She’s Happy in her Married life nw nd m happy in mine.

Maan: but u really loved her. Dnt u?

Armaan: ofcourse more den myself. But wat can I do if destiny doesn’t wanted us to get unite.

Maan(consoling Armaan): Chill dude. U’ll definitely get ur Ms. Perfect soon.

Armaan: like u got urs?

Maan: armaan nt again.

Armaan: ok fine. By d way ur sister-in-law is also not dat bad nd she’s also studying medicals nd wanted her internship in Sanjeevani. So wat say? Me nd Her?

Maan: shut up Armaan. She’s nt like other mumbai girls. So u dnt try ur Flirting on her.

Armaan: oho! d possessive Jiju. So much care for ur Sister-in-law.

Maan: Armaan its nt like dat…..

Armaan: Take it easy Maan! I was only kidding.

Maan: good for u.

Armaan: by d way where r u going to meet her today?

Maan: at d coffee Shop near her college.

Armaan: good. All d best.

Maan: Ammy! M not going for some kind of a war dat u r wishing me luck.

Armaan: taking a girl to a date is kind of a war only.

Maan: Armaan.. nt again pls.

Armaan: ok ok Fine. So u carry on. I need to go to Amritsar branch of Sanjeevani. See u in d evening.

Maan: k bye!


It was 5:45 in d evening Geet Parked her Scooty at d parking Lot den checked her Watch. She realized that she is 15 mins. Late.

Geet(to herself): So wat? Its only 15 mins. Nd I m sure that he would also have not came yet.

She headed inside d Coffee shop nd was surprised to see dat Maan is already dere nd waiting for her. She goes to his Seat.

Geet: Hi!

Maan: Hi! U r 15 mins. Late.

Geet(murmurs): Is he kind of a Timepiece or wat?

Maan: u said something?

Geet: huh…. no, I m sorry. Actually I got stuck up in d traffic.

Maan: its ok. Pls have a seat.

Geet: thanx. U said that u want to talk something important to me

Maan: ya We’ll talk but y not have some Coffee First. I knw u Love d Coffee of dis shop.

Geet: Ya. Dis also has been told by Shilpa only.

Maan: ya

Geet: as expected..


Geet: nothing.

Maan calls d waiter to take their order.

“Black Coffee” dey both said together den looked at each other in surprise.

Maan: Actually I like Black Coffee only.

Geet: same here.

Maan(to waiter): Two black coffee. (den turned to Geet). Geet I knw u must be very angry on me as I haven’t done wat u have said to me. For dat only I called u over here as these things we can’t discuss on call.

Geet: ya, I too wanna discuss it. Nw will u pls tell me y u didn’t reject me.

Maan: Relax Geet! I m coming to dat point only. See I respect ur Concern towards ur family nd trust me I dnt want to hurt u.

Geet said nothing but looked at him.

Maan: Geet, usually d girls of ur Age Doesn’t want to get married because dey had some kind of Affair wid someone else or their family is putting pressure on dem. But u r d First girl who don’t want to get married because u want to support ur family. U didn’t care for ur Happiness but u care for ur family. Nd I really appreciate dis feeling of urs.

Geet: wen u know all dis den y u didn’t refuse.

Maan: because I want to help u Geet.

Geet: oh really! Hw?

Maan: see if I would have rejected u den dere is no guarantee dat d other guy who’ll come to see u will reject u too.

Geet: So?

Maan: So like dis u r engaged to me nw dere will be no more proposals for u nd I understand d problem of urs so I won’t force u for Marriage until u set-up ur career. Moreover like dis u r helping to me also.

Geet(surprised): I m helping u? hw?

Maan: See like u I also dnt want to get married. But my Dadi is forcing me to marry nd I can’t refuse her as I love her so much like u love ur Mom. Yesterday in ur Room I was about to say to u ‘to reject me’ but before I could say anything to u, u already said me to reject u.

Geet: go on, I m listening.

Maan: See we both dnt want to get married. But we both r doing dis for our Family. So its better we both get engaged jst in front of our families. Nd I Assure u dat our relation will never lead to Marriage.

Geet: u have assured me yesterday also.

Maan: I tld u d reason Geet. Dis tym its d promise nd wen Maan Singh Khurana makes any promise he lived up to it. So wat say? Do u like d deal?

Geet: Deal?

Maan: Ya its just kind of a Deal only na u need my help nd I need urs we both need each other (directing his Hand towards geet) so wat say?

Geet(Thinking): not a bad Idea! He too didn’t want to get married nd I also dat means dere will be no chance of Love nd all dat. I think I must say yes to him.

Maan: Geet wat r u thinking?

Geet: huh…. Nothing I think u r rite (gives her hand to meet his hand) I Agree wid ur Deal.

Suddenly Waiter brings Coffee for dem. Maan gestures him to go nd gives one cup to geet.

Maan( giving coffee): thanx geet for understanding.

Geet: no thanx to u nd sorry too.

Maan: Sorry for wat?

Geet: actually Yesterday I was so mad on u that even I dnt knw wat kinds of things I have thought for u.

Maan raises his Eyebrow to geet

Geet: dnt worry I haven’t thought dat much bad wat u r thinking. But I couldn’t able to understand one thing.

Maan: wat?

Geet: see I dnt want to marry because I want to support my family but u r so well-settled den wats ur problem?

Maan: I knw dat u’ll definitely ask dis Question. I know I m well settled but I really dnt like dis Marriage nd all. I mean dere were so much problems after marriage u lose ur own privacy after dat. Therefore I want to stay away from dis.

Geet(not fully convienced): ok!

Then she thought “who cares its his Life d best part is dat I m nt going to get married” then she started drinking her Coffee.


Shilpa is waiting for taxi outside her college usually Geet use to come to pick her up but today she told her to come by herself as she’s going to meet maan. Suddenly she notices a bike stops in front of her. She notices dat it was Armaan.

Armaan: Hey Hi!

Shilpa: Hi!

Armaan: Wat r u doing here?

Shilpa: Playing Cricket. U want to play?

Armaan: wat?

Shilpa: c’mon Armaan wat else u expect from me by standing outside my college. Obviously I m waiting for taxi. Today Di will nt come to pick me up.

Armaan: Oh! Shall I drop u?

Shilpa: y? r u a Driver?

Armaan: ofcourse not.

Shilpa: den?

Armaan: see u r standing here alone nd its getting late moreover u r sister-in-law of my best friend so I have some responsibility towards u.

Shilpa: oh really

Armaan: yup! So come I’ll drop u.

Shilpa was nt sure whether she should go wid him or not. She hardly knows him nd jst because he is Maan’s frnd she can’t trust easily on him.

Armaan: hey wat r u thinking? Dnt think too much. U knw u r very lucky dat I m giving u lift. U knw dere r so many girls who wants me to give lift to dem.

Shilpa: y? r u SRK?

Armaan: no, not SRK but not less den him also.

Shilpa: oh! Over-confidence ha!

Armaan: whatever u call it. Hey we can discuss it on route also its really getting late nw.

Shilpa: ok I’ll come. Thanx

Armaan: u r always welcome.

Shilpa: wat?

Armaan: nothing.

He started driving.


Outside d Coffee Shop Geet nd Maan both r heading towards Parking lot.

Maan: hey! Hw will u go home? Shall I drop u?

Geet: no thanx I have my Scooty. I’ll go.

Maan: r u sure? Otherwise u can come wid me nd I’ll ask driver to get ur scooty to ur Home.

Geet: no, dnt worry I can go.

Maan: k, as u wish. By the way thanx once again

Geet: oh pls! thanx to mujhe aapko kehna chahiye.

Maan: for wat?

Geet: For coffee nd helping me. So thanx

Maan: dnt be so formal Geet. I haven’t done dat much dat u r saying so many times thank u to me.

Geet: k fine I’ll nt say it again. (realizes that dey reached to d parking lot) See finally we reached. So I’ll take ur leave nw. Bye!

Maan: Bye Geet!

Geet starting her scooty. Maan sees her, smiles den headed towards his car.


Geet was heading towards her home wen she notices dat Maan is standing next to his car while Driver is checking something in car. From Maan’s Face she can easily understand that dere is some problem but she was nt sure whether she should go to ask him or not.

Geet(to herself): I think Dere is some problem. Should I ask him? Let it be Geet, its his problem. But he helped me so much, I should go nd ask him. Haan.

She decides to go to him. She stops her scooty near his Car. Maan was surprised to See Geet standing in front of him.

Maan: hey u Haven’t gone yet?

Geet: just about to go wen I saw u standing outside ur car. Any Problem Mr. khurana?

Maan: Ya, I dnt knw y but its nt starting.

Geet started laughing. Maan was surprised at her behaviour.

Maan: Geet, Y r u laughing? I haven’t cracked a joke over here.

Geet(Controlling her laugh): I m sorry, Actually I was thinking dat few minutes before u were asking me to drop me at my home that too by dis Car of urs. Thank god I was having my Scooty otherwise I would also have to stand wid u like dis only.

Maan: Geeet……

Suddenly Driver came nd tells Maan that he couldn’t able to figure out d problem in d car.

Maan(Hitting d Car): Damn!! Nw wat I’ll do?

Geet: relax! Mr. Khurana (den she turns to driver) Bhaiya! Dere is a Mechanic Shop somewhere Km. away u can call a mechanic from dere.

Driver nodded nd goes from dere.

Geet: Hey! But nw hw will u go home? As far as I knw u dnt knw much about dis City.

Maan: ya, I’ll wait till car gets repaired.

Geet: but hw long will u wait? U dnt even know wats wrong wid d Car. If u want shall I Drop u?

Maan: u hw? On ur Scooty?

Geet: well I dnt think dat I had any other Convience over here right nw.

Maan(hesitates): no Geet, dats perfectly fine. Nd moreover I want to reach home safe.

Geet: wat do u mean? U can’t reach home safe wid me?

Maan: No, Actually I heard dat u girls Drives Very fast nd I dnt want to have any accident.

Geet: oh god! So d Gr8 Maan Singh Khurana is getting afraid.

Maan: Maan Singh Khurana never gets afraid of any thing

Geet: Oh really? So y he’s getting afraid to have a ride on my Scooty.

Maan: No, Its nt like dat…… Actually I……

Geet: Relax Mr. Khurana, dnt think dat much. u’ll reach home safely. It’s a promise, Geet Malhotra’s Promise nd Geet Malhotra never breaks her promises.

Maan(has to give up): ok fine. But on one cond.

Geet: Wat?

Maan: stop calling me Mr. Khurana. It seems dat I m some kind of ur client. Call me Maan.

Geet: Bus itni si baat’ I thought that u’ll ask me to bring some “Sanjeevani Booti” nd all dat. Nw come Mr. khurana.. oops’ Maan.

Maan gets himself seated at d back of her scooty. He was hesitating in sitting. Dis is d first time in his whole life dat any girl is Giving lift to him. That too on Scooty. If dis was happened in Mumbai den definately it would be the Front Page Headlines on every newspapers. He wonders wat else he have to see wid Geet. Geet Wears her helmet nd started d scooty. On d whole way she was continuously speaking. she was telling Maan about Amritsar. She didn’t forgot to mention d speciality of Every Shop dat passes. Maan was really wondered to see dat she talks so much but didn’t want to interrupt her So he keeps on listening. After sometime geet realizes that Maan has not uttered a word.

Geet: Maan, u  still dere na.

Maan: ya, Y?

Geet: Nahin, mujhe laga kahin Gir-vir to nahi gaye.

Maan: Y u felt like dat?

Geet: Because its only me who is Talking from so long. U haven’t uttered a word yet.

Maan(teasing her): Tum bolna band karogi tabhi to main kuch bol paoonga na. Amritsar Express ki tarah Bolti ja rahi ho.

Geet(in angry tone): So wat do u mean? I m nt letting u to speak.

Maan(muffled): No Geet…….. I didn’t mean that….. Actually…..

Geet(laughs): Relax Maan! I was only kidding.

Suddenly She puts on d break at d traffic signal nd due its Jerk Maan came little closer to her. His Chin has touched Geet’s Shoulder. Geet’s Turned her head slightly back to look at him. Dis was d first time wen Maan is so close to her. Maan could sense d feeling of uncomfortableness b/w dem so he slowly move backwards nt knowing wat to say to her

Maan: Sorry! Wo Suddenly dat break……

Geet: its ok Maan! I understand. Waise dnt u feel dats its just kind of a Filmy scene but d Difference is dat inspite of Hero, Heroine is Driving(den She Laughs)

Maan was surprised to see dat hw Quickly she changes d environment b/w dem.

Maan: Geet wen was d last time wen u had been serious.

Geet(Acted like she’s thinking): mmmm.. I dnt remember rite nw. Jab yaad aayega tab bata doongi.

Then she again smiles nd dis time Maan also couldn’t stop himself from smiling. Geet notices that d signal has turned Green so she again started Driving nd den again starts her non-stop chattering. Maan was so lost in her talks dat he didn’t realize wen d whole route has passed. Den Suddenly again Geet Stops d scooty.

Maan: Geet, Wat happen? y did u stopped?

Geet: No, I don’t mind taking u on Long Drive but I guess ur Home is Here (she said while pointing towards a house).

Maan(muffled): O ya! Sorry.. But not dat one. Next to it.

Geet: Oh! I was nt knowing.

Maan: that’s ok! Thanx Geet for d lift.

Geet: its ok Maan! U have done so much for me atleast Itna to main kar hi sakti hoon.

Maan said nothing but smiles

Geet: Acha, I take ur leave nw. Bye!

Maan: r u sure u can go home alone?

Geet: ya ofcourse! Waise bhi its my city so I can manage over here.

Maan: r u sure?

Geet: ya.

Maan: k den Bye!

Geet: bye!

She turned her scooty nd headed towards her home. After she left Maan notices something lying on d road. He picked it up nd found dat it was her Bracelet but by the time he Called her she was very Far.

Maan(to himself): will give her wen we’ll meet next time.


At Geet’s Home her mom is getting worried as Geet has not reached home yet. Shilpa was Doing her Assignment wen she saw her mother’s restlessness.

Shilpa: oho Mom! Y r u getting so much worried?

Malini: arey y shouldn’t I? Geet has not came yet.

Shilpa: Mom di is nt a Kid. She’ll come.

Malini(worried): Arey she must atleast call if she’s getting late. But no she didn’t even call. Nd wen I m calling she is nt answering my call also.

Shilpa: mom May be her Cell is in silent mode.

Malini: I hope she’s not in any kind of trouble.

Shilpa: Oho Mom! Stop worrying so much (suddenly dey heard a Door bell) Lo aa gyi.

Shilpa opens d door nd saw Geet over dere. Geet came inside.

Shilpa: Thank God Di u have came. Agar 10 min. aur late hoti den mom is going to report in d police.

Geet: y?

Malini: Geet beta, Dnt listen to her she’s just teasing me, but y u have been so late today beta?

Geet: wo Mom, I have gone to Gunjan’s Place after college to take some notes nd Cell was in silent mode so I couldn’t notices ur Call.

Malini: its ok beta, acha u go nd get fresh. I’ll Bring a coffee for u.

Malini left from dere. After she left from dere Shilpa came to geet.

Shilpa: di nice story u have told To Mom. Nw tell me d truth.

Geet: Shut up Shilpa. Dis is d first time I told lie to her nd I m nt feling good.

Shilpa: Its ok Di! Everything is Fair in love nd War.

Geet: Shilpa nt again.

Shilpa: ok fine. Acha tell me hw was ur Date wid Maan.

Geet: hey dnt call him Maan. He’s ur jiju.

Shilpa Didn’t understand wats wrong wid her Di. In d Morning she was scolding so much to her for Calling him Jiju. Nd nw she herself telling her to call Maan Jiju. Shilpa puts her hand on geet’s Forehead nd Cheeks.

Geet(irritated): wat r u doing?

Shilpa: checking ur temp. is everything fine na? in d morning u r scolding me so much for calling him jiju. Nd nw u r saying to call him jiju. M getting confused.

Geet(pulling her cheeks): My sweet little sis dnt Put so much pressure on ur brain. Bas itna samajh lo dat u’ll call him jiju nw.

Shilpa: but di……..

Suddenly their mom Steps in d living Room Handling Geet her Coffee.

Malini: Acha Geet I need to talk something important to u.

Geet: wats it mom?

Malini: Savitri aunty has called, she said dat ur Engagement date has been fixed after 2 months. After date their will be no other Good Muhurat for dat so she wants whether u r comfortable or not.

Geet(Makes some calculations): ya Mom no problem, shilpa’s examination will also be over nd mine too.

Malini: k den I’ll inform dem to confirm d date.

Geet: ya sure.

Malini: nd one more thing we need to go to Mumbai for dat, So I’ll inform Padma to make d arrangements over dere. Nd wat about Shreekant?

The mention of Shreekant’s name brought anger on Geet’s Face.

Geet: Mom dat person will not come in my engagement.

Malini: beta he’s ur uncle.

Geet: no he’s nt. He may be ur brother but nt my uncle. The person who didn’t care for her own mother has no relation wid me. I still remember Nanimaa’s tear wen he nd his wicked wife has shifted her at “Old Age home”. If u nd Padma mausi were nt their den she must be dyeing their only.

Malini: but beta, he’s regretting his mistake nw.

Geet: whatever mom, last time I m telling u if dat person will come in my engagement den I m nt getting engaged.

Saying dis She headed towards her room nd Shuts d door wid d Bang.

Malini: Geet….. Geet listen to me Beta….. What should I do wid dis girl?

Shilpa(Coming close to her): Nothing mom, U knw ur daughter’s temper. It never lasts for more den 20 mins. She’ll be normal soon.

Malini: but shreekant……..

Shilpa: Mom u knw dat wen Di takes any decision den no one can change it. Her Stubbornness can be broken only by three Peoples. 1. Vindhya Di, 2. Vansh Bhaiya nd 3. Di herself.

Malini: ur di will never leave her stubbornness nd Vansh is on a tour to London moreover, I dnt want to bother him also so d one who left is Vindhya. She’s d only one who can make her understand. I’ll talk to her.


On the other hand Maan was sitting on the couch surfing TV channels. He stops at d TV channel in which a Movie is coming nd coincidently D scene which was coming was dat in which Hero gives lift to Heroine. Watching dat Maan remembers his ride on Geet’s Scooty nd d words she said at d traffic Signal. Dis automatically brings a big Smile on his face. He’s remembering everything her talks, her gestures everything. “Pagal” dis was d word dat came out from his mouth wen he was thinking about her. He was so lost in her thoughts that he didn’t even realize dat when Armaan came nd sits next to him nd watching him Smile.

Armaan: oh my God! Did I saw d Gr8 Maan khurana Smiling.

Maan(Realizes): Armaan, wen did u came.

Armaan: just a couple of mins. Before wen u r lost in someone’s thought.

Maan: no its not wat u think. I was watching movie nd smiling on d scene.

Armaan Looks at TV nd saw dat extremely emotional scene was coming over dere.

Armaan: I was not knowing dat Maan Smiles on d Emotional scenes to which every1 use to cry.

Maan(notices wat he’s doing): oh….. wo…….

Armaan: Oh my god! Another miracle! Maan Khurana has shortage of Words for himself. Dude! Its just been one day dat u met her nd such a change.

Maan: Shut up Armaan, its nothing like dat.

Suddenly Armaan notices d Geet’s bracelet on d table.

Armaan: nd wat would u like to say about dat(Pointing towards d bracelet)

Maan: oh dat, its geet’s

Armaan: dat is also understood to me. But wat is it doing wid u? Did Geet gave u like wat u called dat “Pyar ka Nazraana”

Maan: Shut up Armaan! Actually she has came to drop me nd it fells on d ground nd………

Armaan(not believing on his ears): wait wait wait! What did u just said? Geet came to drop u?

Maan: ya, y?

Armaan: Dude definitely I m dreaming, this can’t be true. Pls pinch me.

Maan pinched him hard which makes Armaan Screamed

Armaan: aaaaaahhhhhhhhh! Nt dat hard. Nw its d third shocking news in d whole day. First Maan has gone to a date, Second he’s Smiling nd third he has taken lift from Geet that too on her Scooty.

Maan: so wats unusual in dat.

Armaan: ofcourse its unusual if all dis happens wid d person name Maan Khurana. Dude u r changing that too in one day.

Maan: no one can change Maan Khurana Armaan.

And Before Armaan Could say anything Maan left from dere nd headed towards his room. He closes d Door nd laid down on his Bed nd started thinking wat Armaan has just said to him

Maan(to himself): Is Armaan Right? M I really changing? Its just been a Day since I met her den y she is having so much impact on me dat I was so lost in her thoughts dat I didn’t realize that I was smiling.

He then closes his eyes nd as soon as he closes his Eyes the flashes of Geet has started coming in front of him. Her entry at d Coffee shop, the way she was first calling him Mr. Khurana nd den Maan, their scooty ride, Her Smile, Her jokes everything. He opens his eyes nd sits on his bed wid a jerk. He pushes his Hair backwards.

Maan(to himself): o gosh! Wat I was thinking? Maan u have lost it. Wats wrong wid u? I guess I would be able to be normal wen I’ll reached to Mumbai. Ya, otherwise dis Girl will definitely make me mad.


Geet is walking restlessly in her Room like she’s waiting for something. She looks at d clock den again at her cell phone. Shilpa is getting irritated by it as she was not able to sleep.

Shilpa: o god Di! Pls. Stop Moving To nd Fro like a pendulum. Y dnt u Sleep?

Geet: Shilpa u sleep. Waise bhi I m nt moving from ur legs.

Shilpa: but u r moving on my head that too wid lights on. U knw na that I couldn’t able to sleep wid lights on. Pls nw come nd Sleep.

Geet: No Shilpa, I m waiting for Di’s Call. She said dat she’ll call me at nite.

Shilpa: o gosh Di! its 11:45 of nite may be Di has got stuck up wid some of her patients. Talk to her Tomorrow.

Geet: no u knw dat my day doesn’t end until I talk to her.

Shilpa(Looking upwards): O god Vindhya Di! Pls call her soon otherwise she’ll spend her whole nite like dis only (den looking towards her) u know wat Di it seems like u r waiting for jiju’s Call.

Geet: Shilpa, y u always drag Maan into ur Conversations.

Shilpa: y? u didn’t like wen I talk about him? Ah! Nw I understand possessive huh.

Geet: Shut up Shilpa. U……

Suddenly geet heard her cell phone ringing. She quickly goes to her table.

Shilpa: thank god! Finally Di calls

But she notices dat Geet’s smile has been faded away as she looks on d no. at screen.

Geet(amazed): Maan..

Shilpa: oho jiju! Must have called to say I love u. Carry on di (putting her hands on her ears) I won’t hear anything.

Geet: Shut up shilpa. M going to balcony.

She headed towards d balcony.

Shilpa(calling her): Arey Di, suno to I said na I won’t hear anything (den notices dat Geet is not listening) chalo never mind. I go nd sleep.

Geet comes to balcony nd answers d call.

Geet: Hello!

As soon as Maan hears her voice he got lost somewhere he dnt know wat to say to her nt even he dnt know dat y had he called her even knowing dat its too late nw.

Geet: Hello.. Maan u dere?

Maan(realizing that he’s on call): ya Geet, hi!

Geet: hi! Wat happen u called so late? Is everything ok?

Maan: ya everything is Fine. Actually I want to ask u dat……

Geet: wat?

Maan( to himself): c’mon Maan think of some reason.

Geet: Maan u dere na?

Maan: ya actually I want to ask dat whether u reached home safely or not.

Geet(puzzled): Maan! I left from ur place almost 4 hrs. ago nd u r asking me nw at dis tym of nite.

Maan: ya its very late, actually I got stuck up wid some files therefore didn’t get tym to ask.

Geet: Its ok Maan, yes I had reached home safely nothing to worry.

Maan: ok were u sleeping?

Geet: no actually I was waiting for Someone’s call.

Maan(amuzed): who?

Geet: My Vindhya di

Maan(relieved): oh!

Geet: y? wat u have thought?

Maan: nothing Geet. Acha I think u should go nd sleep nw. m also going to sleep. Good nite.

Geet: k f9 Good nite. Bye!

Maan: bye!

He cuts d call.

Geet: Ajeeb insan hai. khud hi call karta hai aur khud hi rakh bhi deta hai.


On d other hand Maan is struggling wid himself.

Maan(to himself): Wats wrong wid u Maan? U have called her just to ask whether she reached home safely or not inspite of knowing dat its her city she can reach home safely. Y is she affecting so much. Oh god! Dis girl will definitely make me mad.


Geet was about to go to her room wen her cell again rings She thought that it would again be Maan but dis tym its her Di.

Geet: hey Di! Hi! U took so long to call me.

Vindhya: Sorry sweety I was busy wid some patients. By d way y r ur cell was busy few mins. Before.

Geet: oh that! I was talking to Maan.

Vindhya: Maan? At dis tym?

Geet: ya actually he called me to ask whether I reached home safely or not.

Vindhya: Geet u r nw confusing me. U have gone to meet him today rite? Nd u have all plans in ur mind so that he can reject u nd nw u r saying that he had called u to ask whether u reached home safely or not. Wats all dis sweety?

Geet: oh di for dat only I wanted to talk to u yes I have gone to meet him today (den she narrates her d whole incident), so finally d outcome is dat Geet Malhotra is free from all boundations.

Vindhya: Geet nw I m getting worried for u. u knw wat u r doing?

Geet: yes Di I knw wat I m doing.

Vindhya: no u r not realizing it nw dat d path which u have chosen in dat u can be in a great trouble.

Geet: nothing will go wrong Di. Trust me. See Maan nd me both doesn’t wanted to get married but we both r doing dis for our family so dis is d only way to get rid from all dis..

Vindhya: But Geet wat will happen if u fall in love wid him during dis drama?

Geet: oh pls Di! R u kidding? Geet malhotra nd Love? U knw na I dnt have tym for all dis.

Vindhya(getting Serious): nd wat if he falls in love wid u?

Geet(remained silent for a second): no di he’ll not.

Vindhya: hw can u be so sure?

Geet: Because di he’s also like me. He also dnt believe in love nd all dat nd Moreover Di he can never fall for me. He’s a businessman rich, smart nd handsome nd I m a Simple girl. He can have more better girls den me den y would he fall for me?

Vindhya: u never know Geet Wen u can fall for someone.

Geet: like u had fallen for jiju.

Vindhya: geet dnt change d topic

Geet: Relax Di! Trust me nothing will go wrong.

Vindhya: ok geet. I hope everything will go according to wat u think. But think once again.

Geet: ya di.

Vindhya: chalo its very late nw. u go nd sleep. I’ll talk to u tomorrow. Bye gud nite Luv u.

Geet: Bye Di Luv u too.

She cuts d call nd headed towards her room.


Next day Maan , Armaan nd Savitri Devi has returned back to Mumbai. Maan has promised to himself dat he’ll not think about Geet in dese two months he’ll only concentrate on his Business. He has losted himself in loads of Work during these two months just to stay away from Geet’s Thoughts. But it doesn’t seems to be working especially wen he was alone he remembers her Voice, her smile but He is Maan singh Khurana afterall. How could he let any emotions to overcome him so in dis two months he had everything through which he can be away from her thoughts. In these two months he had Called Geet only 3 or 5 times that too wen it was completely impossible for him to not to think about her in which its only Geet who talks continuously nd Maan only says Yes, No, ya dats it. Sometimes even Geet Couldn’t understand dat y Maan Calls her wen he dnt have to talk but den she thought may be he’s like dat only poor girl didn’t understand Maan’s Cond. Maan was confused as to why this girl made him feel so out of place. Before Geet came into his life everything went the way he planned it. Now everything was upside down. On the other hand Geet didn’t had any affect of Maan on her life. She is living her life as she lives till nw. She got busy in her examination Preparation nd has done well. She was sure dat she’ll definitely get Placement in good Company as an intern. Shilpa nd Armaan has became good frnds. Nw they were always in touch through MSN. Armaan had still not told her that he’s a senior Doctor in Sanjeevani where she dreams to be as an intern. He told her that he’s also giving his Medical exams. He has even given Tips to Shilpa for her Medical Preparations. Shilpa’s examination also gone well nd as expected she gets her internship at Sanjeevani but nt at Amritsar’s it was at Mumbai. She got d letter before one week of geet’s Engagement nd she has to join after two days of her engagement. She was both happy nd sad. Happy because her dream has come true nd Sad because she has never lived away from her mother nd Di. But Geet has always dere for her she gives her courage to fulfill her dreams. Due to Vindhya’s Request Geet has agreed to invite Shreekant to her Engagement but on d Condition dat he won’t try to show his Warmth towards her. Malini is Happy for her Daughters. Her one daughter is going to get engaged nd another one has Proved herself. Geet nd Her family has left for Mumbai 3 days before engagement. Geet has decided to do her internship in Mumbai only so that Shilpa won’t feel lonely. The only thing dat bothering to her was her mom. She has never been alone in dese years but Malini has assured her dat she will Call her Nanimaa to live wid her. She wanted her daughters to be d best. She dnt wanted her Daughters to Sacrifice their Dreams because of her. Padma has done all arrangements for dem in Mumbai. From Geet’s dress to her engagement Ring all has been arranged by her.


And now finally D day of Engagement has came. It was a day of great happiness for Savitri Devi as his Grandson is going to be engaged that too wid d girl like Geet. Maan as usual has no interest in arrangements for her own Engagement So Dadimaa has given dis Responsibility to Armaan. Armaan was always their during arrangements. He knews Maan’s taste very Well nd because of Shilpa he also came to know much about Geet’s taste also. He wanted to make dis Day Memorable nd Perfect for both of dem therefore he has made sure that their would be no blunders. Maan didn’t wanted to include Media nd all dat in dis moreover it is not good for geet also as he has promised her dat their relationship will never lead to marriage. nd after d disclosure of d whole thing He dnt want to get Geet’s name spoil in media. Savitri Devi has to give up to his request. She assured him dat only Geet’s family nd few of their Close Friends would be invited. By evening Armaan has made all d arrangements Done. Whole hall was Decorated with metallic Decor. Inspite of roses Armaan has chosen Blue nd Purple Orchids because Shilpa has told him dat dey r Geet’s Fav. The curtains matched well with Flowers. In short he has done all those things which makes his Best Friend’s Day perfect.


It was 7:30 PM wen Geet nd her family has enterd d Hall. Maan nd others r waiting for Dem. Maan has wore White Shervani which is specially ordered by her Dadi. As soon as Maan notices Geet coming he forgots everything around him. All he could see is Geet who is slowly walking towards him. Afterall he’s watching her after 2 months. She has wore Light Peach Lehanga wid d work of crystals on dem nd light weighted jewellery. She has not done much make-up dat usually d girls used to do during these functions. Her Simplicity adds charm to her beauty. He was so lost in her that he had even forget to breath. Armaan could notice d change of Expression on Maan’s Face as soon as he saw geet.

Armaan: Wat happen Maan? U seems to be lost somewhere.

Maan: Huh….. no nothing like dat.

Armaan: dnt tell me Dude. U were lost in Geet.

Maan: not at all Armaan.

Armaan: y? is Geet is not looking Preety today?

Maan(Looks to Geet): She is always preety in her own way. Her simplicity is d best thing about her.

Armaan: ya I knw.. datsy Maan has got lost in dat.

Maan: armaan u….

Their Conversation interrupted wen Shilpa came to dem.

Shilpa: Hi jiju! Hi Armaan!

Armaan: hey Shilpa! Hi looking preety today.

Shilpa: thanx.

Armaan: Waise Maan who is looking more preety today? Shilpa or Geet?

Maan gives an angry look to Armaan as he knews y Armaan has said dis.

Maan: Both r looking nice.

Shilpa: No jiju u have to choose b/w both of us.

Maan: ummm…. Shilpa wo…..

Shilpa: Relax Jiju! I can understand d diallema of urs. I knw Di is looking much preetier den me today. Afterall she is going to engaged d most eligible bachelor of town.

Maan said nothing but smiled. Malini has introduced Maan nd Savitri Devi to her family.

Geet was standing aside waiting for her Vindhya Di nd Vansh bhaiya to come. Dey said dat dey will directly reach to d Venue. She was unhappy due to Shreekant’s presence but tried to control her emotions. Armaan saw her standing alone so he came to her Dragging Maan wid him.

Armaan: Hey Geet!

Geet: hi armaan. Hws u?

Armaan: I m f9 as always (den whispering to maan) atleast say hi to her.

Maan: Hi geet.

Geet(smiles): Hi maan hws u?

Maan: good nd u?

Geet: m f9 too.

Armaan couldn’t stop himself laughing.

Maan(amuzed): wat makes u to laugh Armaan?

Armaan: Sorry bt I can’t help it. Dude u both were talking like u met for d first time. Geet I can’t expect dis from u atleast. I have heard dat u used to talk a lot.

Geet: wat to do armaan? I guess Maan’s Company is spoiling me

Armaan: I knw. Poor u! By d way did u liked d decorations?

Geet: ya it was awesome. Infact Orchids r my fav. Flowers.

Just den Shilpa informed dat Vindhya nd Vansh r here so geet excuses herself from dere. Maan saw her meeting wid their siblings. They were meeting like dey were not in touch from so many years. He could see d warmth b/w their relationships which was missing in his Life as his Relationship wid Dev was nt much Good Because of his wife Nayantara. Infact Dev has not came in his engagement also. He remembers d time wenever he calls geet she use to speak about her Di nd Bro. he was lost in dese thoughts wen Geet came to him wid her Di nd Bro.

Geet: Maan.. Dese r the two most important people of my life about whom I use to talk everytime. Dis is My Vindhya Di nd dats my Vansh Bro

Maan: hi Di! Geet use to talk a lot about u both.

Vindhya: I knw she’s like dat only. She never lets anyone speak.

Geet: Di……

Vansh: dnt worry my Little angel. I’ll always be on ur Side.

Geet: thanx bhai. Dekha Maan kabhi bhi mujhse panga mat lena. warna u knw my bro…

Maan: ofcourse not geet.

Just den Armaan announced to the guests to be settled down as d engagement Ceremony was about to begin nd as per his plan he called Geet nd Maan towards d stage. Maan has directed his hand towards Geet gesturing her to hold it while moving to stage Geet looked at him for a while den gaves her hand to him. Armaan gestures someone to put off d lights while dey were moving towards stage. All d lights were off nd dere was Spotlight on both of dem. As soon as dey came to stage dey were asked to wear ring to each other nd dey did dat. Maan couldn’t able to take her eyes away from her face. In d spot light her face looks as beautiful as Taj Mahal in D moon light. He came into his senses wen d lights on d stages were on again. Everyone congratulate both of dem nd wishing luck for their bright future. Shilpa gives a warm hug to her sister while armaan hugs Maan. But suddenly Shilpa remembers something.

Shilpa: Armaan u did d arrangements for dis party na.

Armaan: yes u have any doubts in dat?

Shilpa: not really but I wonder hw can u forget about d music. Afterall its celebration time.

Armaan: can it be Possible that Armaan do something nd it would be mess. (Then he shouts) Music!!

Music began to starts nd everyone has joined d dance floor. Armaan Dragged Geet nd Maan also to d dance floor. Maan didn’t dance as usual he stand over dere nd watched Geet dancing. It automatically made a smile on his face. During d dance geet’s leg gets tripped which makes her lose her balance. She was about to fall wen she realizes d grip of strong hand around her waist. Geet looks upwards nd saw dat it was Maan who saved her from falling. Dere was an eyelock moment for few seconds. For d first time Maan found himself Drowning in her Deep shining eyes. For d moment he fells dat there was no one around dem. Just d two of dem. Den suddenly Maan came to his senses. He raises her nd asked dat if she’s ok.

Maan: R u ok Geet?

Geet(smiles): ya! Thanx Maan.

Maan: c’mon Geet no need to be formal.

Geet said nothing but smiles. Just den Shilpa came to her nd dragged her again to d dance floor. Maan stood dere only watching Geet nd smiling.


Maan was standing aside watching Geet wen Vindhya came to him.

Vindhya: Maan!

Maan: oh Di! I hope u r enjoying.

Vindhya: yes Maan ofcourse. Actually I wanna talk to u

Maan: yes di

Vindhya: Maan, Geet has told me everything that happened b/w both of u nd I also know that dis engagement is fake nd dats worrying me d most.

Maan: I don’t get u Di. Wat r u trying to say?

Vindhya: Maan, Geet is not only my younger sis, She’s my life nd I had appreciated her every decision but this tym I m nt sure dat is she doing rite or wrong?

Maan: wats bothering u Di?

Vindhya: see Maan I appreciate dat u understands Geet nd had decided to help her but I m afraid dat wen d truth of dis Fake engagement will disclose to everyone then wat will happen. Maan, Geet is 21 yrs. Old nd she has d feeling of responsibility in her but she’s still a kid from heart I guess datsy she’s not taking dis thing seriously nd dis bothers me d most as no one will understand wats d true reason behind dis nd will blame her only.

Maan(being serious): Di, I completely understand wat u say but Di trust me I’ll never let happen anything wrong wid Geet. Not only for nw but for forever. Di I Don’t know till hw long our relationship ill last but one thing I can promise u today that I’ll always be beside her. Di I always stay away from girls, But Geet is different. her sense of care nd Responsibility only makes her different nd dats d reason y I have decided to help her.

Vindhya: but Maan……

Maan: Di trust me! Nothing will go wrong wid Geet. That’s my promise to u.

Vindhya (smiled wid relief): Thanx Maan. I can’t tell u hw much relieved I m nw. I m happy dat may be its just fake but geet has got right person in her life.

Maan: Di, I really like ur concern towards her. May be dis is d only reason y Geet is attached to u so much.

Vindhya said nothing but smiled. They were talking just wen Vansh arrived to dem.

Vansh: So wat conversation r going b/w both of u.

Maan: nothing spcl Bhai.

Vansh: well Maan, I m really happy for both of u today. U knw wat u both were looking perfect wid each other at stage.

Maan: thanx Bhai.

Vansh: acha one thing I wanted to warn u.

Maan: Ah! I knw I won’t mess up wid ur sister.

Vansh: no not dat. Actually it’s a another one.

Maan couldn’t understand, Vindhya also looks at his brother.

Vansh (smiling): Arey dnt get too much scared all I want to say dat always keep some cotton balls wid u because Geet use to talks a lot nd u r not used to of it.

Both Vindhya nd Maan smiles.

Maan: dnt worry Bhai I’ll keep dis thing in mind.

Rest of d function went well nd everyone has gone after d function gets over. Vindhya nd Vansh has Flight on d same nite so dey had also taken their leave. Geet was nt happy as dey were going so soon but Vansh promised her that next time he’ll come one month before her wedding to which Vindhya looked at Geet but den she remembers about d promise dat Maan has made to her so she gets relieved. After everyone has gone nd nw only Geet, her family, Maan nd Armaan has left. Padma has gone too. Savitri Devi wants to talk to Malini nd Geet so she said dat her Driver will drop dem afterwards.

Savitri Devi: Malini Beta, I need to talk something important to u.

Malini: yes aunty ofcourse.

Savitri Devi: beta u can say it a request but I wanted Geet to stay wid us.

Everyone was shocked wen savitri Devi said dis. Geet looked at Maan who was equally surprised.

Malini: But Aunty Hw can Geet stay over here?

Savitri Devi: beta I can understand wat u say but I dnt know y but I want her to stay wid us.

Malini: aunty I can’t say anything. It would be Geet’s Decision afterall.

Savitri Devi looked at geet who still didn’t know what to say but she has to say something.

Geet: Dadimaa, I had a huge respect for u, but I can’t stay here. It would not look nice if I stay over here before marriage.

Savitri Devi: I knw beta, But u only think. See u r going to stay back at Mumbai only due to Shilpa’s internship nd u too wanted to have internship in Mumbai. So wats d problem if u both stay wid us.

Geet: but Dadimaa..

Savitri Devi: Geet beta, I knw u have got good learnings from ur mother because of which u dnt want to stay wid us before Marriage but beta as u knw dat Maan has loaded himself wid lots of work nd he couldn’t able to give time to me so I needed someone to be wid me so y not u.

Geet: But Dadimaa….

Savitri Devi: Beta, if u r hesitating living here den u nd shilpa can live at d outhouse (she said dis while looking at Maan).

The mention of living at outhouse has forced to speak. Nw he understands y Dadimaa wants Geet to live at outhouse so that he could shift to the Mansion.

Maan: But Dadi, Hw could she live at the outhouse

Savitri Devi: I knw Maan it would not nice dat Geet lives over dere wen we have such a big house but since she’s hesitating over here so I had only suggested her.

Maan: But Dadi there I use to…….

Savitri Devi ignored Maan nd again speak to Geet

Savitri Devi: so Geet beta wat do u say? Will u stay wid us?

Geet was still not sure wat to say. She didn’t want to break her heart but hw could she stay over dere. She again looked at Maan who was as equal confused as her.

Savitri Devi: beta wat r u thinking? Will u stay wid us?

Geet: ok Dadimaa. Me nd Shilpa will stay at d outhouse.

Geet doesn’t want to hurt her as she is really a nice lady. Maan looked at her Dadi giving him “I’ll talk to u Later Look” but savitri Devi didn’t care finally she was succeeded to bring back Maan Home. This is not only d reason to make Geet stay back wid dem she geneuinly wanted to geet to be there as she’s a nice girl moreover she knows dat Geet will not live at Padma’s place for long as she don’t want to become burden on dem. She’ll find a new place soon nd it would be difficult for her in d unknown city so nw she don’t have to worry about dat. But dats not all dere is one more shocking news waiting for Geet.

Savitri Devi: Beta I m so glad dat u agreed to stay wid us. Nw can u agree on one more thing for me?

Geet looked amuzed dat wat else has left now.

Geet: wat Dadimaa?

Savitri Devi: beta I want u to join Khurana’s Construction as an Intern Architect?

Now geet couldn’t take dis anymore she agreed to live over dere because of her happiness but working wid Maan? No she can’t do dat. Just because she was engaged to Maan dat doesn’t mean she wants benefit for it. Dis is something beyond her Self-Respect.

Geet: Dadimaa, I m sorry but I don’t think dat I can fulfill dis request of urs?

Savitri Devi: but beta, y not? U have to do ur internship in some company then y not khurana’s?

Geet: Because Dadimaa, I dnt want to have benefit of being Maan’s fiance. I knw u r saying dis Because nw I m engaged to Maan nd I appreciate it but I want to do it from my own.

Savitri Devi: Beta, I knw dat ur self-respect will never allow u to work at khurana’s but beta trust me m nt asking u to work over dere because u r Maan’s fiance. I wanted to u to work in our company because u r talented nd our company will glad to have u. (den she holds her hand) beta, pls. pls say yes.

Geet looked at her mother who gestured her to say yes.

Geet: ok Dadimaa, I agree to work over dere but I had one condition.

Savitri Devi: wats dat Beta?

Geet: I dnt want any reference over dere nor I want d Tag of Maan’s Fiance over dere. First I’ll go through all d interviews nd other formalities nd if I’ll get selected den only I’ll join over dere nd pls dnt be biased to me. I want to be treated like any other candidate over dere for interview.

Savitri Devi: ofcourse Geet, I respect ur View nd dnt worry no one will do reference for u nd u’ll join only wen u have passed through d interview. Dats my promise to u.

Geet: thanx Dadimaa.

Savitri Devi(turning to Maan): Maan Beta, u’ll not say anything to her?

Maan(who was still in shock): huh…. ya.. tomorrow is d interview so be there on tym.

By saying dis he left d hall leaving everyone behind him Puzzled.

Shilpa: looks like Jiju couldn’t able to handle Double excitement.

Everyone laughs at wat she said but savitri Devi knew wat was d real reason.

Savitri Devi: Beta Dnt mind him. He’s like dat only.

Geet: its ok Dadimaa. I understand.

Savitri Devi: so tomorrow u nd Shilpa are shifting over here. Is dat okay wid u Malini beta?

Malini: yes Aunty.

Malini was Happy as nw she dnt have to worry for her daughters dey were at d right place. But dere was someone who was more excited then all of dem nd it was Armaan as his Friend is going to work wid him.

Armaan: so Shilpa, wen r u going to join Sanjeevani?

Shilpa: Day after tomorrow.

Armaan: So must be excited for it?

Shilpa: ofcourse Armaan, I mean who will not. But u didn’t tell me. Which hospital did u got?

Armaan: u’ll came to know soon.

Shilpa: u knw wat armaan? Something I really couldn’t get u.

Armaan: den dnt try dat Shilpa.

Shilpa: Watever. Ok I m going to di. Bye!

Armaan: Bye!

Shilpa left from dere

Armaan: Day after tomorrow u’ll came to knw shilpa dat ur friend is actually a Senior doctor over dere nd dat will be a big surprise for u.

Geet nd her family has left from dere. Geet promised Savitri Devi that she’ll shift next day to the outhouse. Maan nd Savitri Devi has lots of Arguments after she left regarding Geet’s shifting to outhouse. He ws not at all ready for dis but he has to give up wen Savitri Devi told him that she is doing dis for Geet. So he finally agreed to shift back at mansion.


Next day it was Geet’s interview which was went well nd as expected Geet got d job without any recommendation or favour. She has to join from d next day. And as per promise She nd Shilpa has shifted to outhouse after dere mother has left to Amritsar. Since d outhouse was well-maintained dey didn’t have to work hard to be settled. Savitri Devi came to her wen dey were setting deir belongings to their room

Savitri Devi: Geet Beta, I hope there is no problem while settling.

Geet: no Dadimaa, everything is fine. We’re almost done.

Savitri Devi: ok den I have came to invite both of u for dinner.

Geet: but dadimaa, y did u bother we both can manage.

Savitri Devi: nothing to be bothered beta. U both must be tired moreover u are my future daughter-in-law den hw could be I get bothered.

Smile on Geet’s Face has been faded away wen she heards Savitri Devi’s words. Till nw she was thinking about herself only but wat will happen wen savitri Devi came to know d truth. But then she thought that Maan will handle everything. She dnt know why but she has starting developing faith on him.



At khurana Mansion everyone was present at Dinner table. Geet was sitting in front of Maan. Shilpa is sitting next to Geet while Armaan is sitting next to Maan. Maan was not feeling comfortable while sitting in front of Geet as he knows no matter hw much he tries but he couldn’t able to remove his gaze from her face so he decided that he’ll not look at her at all. Armaan was noticing all dis no he decided to tease him.

Armaan: Geet can u pls Pass me dat Bowl.

Geet: ya ofcourse.

She notices that Maan is not having his Food Properly.

Geet: Maan do u need something?

Maan(looking at her): ummm…. No thanx.

Geet: But u haven’t taken anything properly neither u r eating properly. It seems dat u have nt even touched d food.

Armaan Slowly smiles at dis as he knw y Maan couldn’t able to have his Dinner Properly. Savitri Devi got concerned about him.

Savitri Devi: Maan Beta, r u feeling Fine. I hope u r nt feeling Ill.

Maan: no Dadi I m perfectly Fine.

Armaan: Actually Dadi.. Maan was expecting dat Geet will serve him d Food but bad luck he has to serve himself datsy he’s being so lost (winks at Maan) Right Maan?

Maan (muffled): no….. nothing like dat……

Armaan: Relax Maan! No need to hide it. Afterall nw lifelong Geet only will serve u food. Right Geet.

Geet said nothing but smiles shilpa hits her elbow to geet nd winks at her.

Savitri Devi: ya beta absolutely rite. Maan, y didn’t u tell me before? Geet beta, pls serve him otherwise he’ll not have his dinner properly.

Geet: Dadi, I…..

Savitri Devi: arey Beta dnt feel Shy. Afterall u r his fiance.

Geet has no choice in front of her so she gets up to Serve him Food. Maan heartbeats r getting faster as she came close to him. He couldn’t help himself smiling as she served him d food. He looks at her face. For a moment Maan feels dat his wife is serving him d food then he smiles on his own imagination. Everyone at d table could see him smile.

Armaan: oye hoye, Wat a smile? Geet y haven’t u serve him before. Atleast he could have about to finish his Dinner till nw.

Maan gives an angry look to Maan telling him to stop his nonsense rite nw. Geet said nothing nd slowly gone back to her place nd started having her dinner. Armaan decided to make d environment light as nw he can sense dat both r really feeling uncomfortable.

Armaan: So Geet, which cuisine u like d most, besides Indian.

Geet: Chinese. Its my fav.

Armaan: nd wat about Italian(while looking at Maan).

Before Geet could say anything Shilpa started talking.

Shilpa: Italian! Di hates Italian Food. Infact she can’t even stand someone eating Italian in front of her. Sometimes even I couldn’t able to understand wat problem she had wid Italian.

As soon as Shilpa finishes herself she saw Both Savitri Devi nd Armaan smiling nd Maan was almost got choked wid his food.

Shilpa: Wat happen did I said something wrong?

Armaan: No Shilpa, u haven’t said anything wrong. Actually d problem is Dat Maan loves Italian cuisine. Infact if he can he eats Italian all d tym.

Nw Geet nd Shilpa both looked at each other.

Geet: Armaan Pls dnt listen to her. Yes I dnt like Italian Food but I dnt have any problem if Maan eats it.

Armaan: Wat if he eats in front of u.

Geet: ya den also. Everyone has its own choice.

Shilpa: Di! Dats nt fair u never let me eat Italian in front of u nd nw wen it comes to Jiju u got agreed.

Armaan: oho Shilpa try to understand dere is a difference b/w u nd maan. Right Geet.

Geet: no, I didn’t mean that. Actually……

Maan noticed that d conversation has been dragging too much.

Maan: oh C’mon nw stop arguing too much on cuisines. Lets have dinner quickly.

Armaan: Dekha Shilpa, I told u. See Maan couldn’t see anyone pulling Geet’s Leg. Hai na Dadi.

Savitri Devi: ya that’s wat I m seeing.

Maan: its nothing like dat all I want to say is dat its getting late nw nd Geet has to start her work from tomorrow nd Shilpa if I m nt wrong u also have to join Sanjeevani from tomorrow so its better for everyone to finish d meal nd go to sleep.

Evryone agreed to him but only armaan knews y Maan has asked everyone to be quiet. He could sense the uneasiness that Geet was having while he nd Shilpa teasing her. Maan looked at Geet who smiles at him gesturing him through eyes to Say “Thank u” to which Maan also gestured back “anytime”


After d dinner Savitri Devi has headed towards her room nd Geet nd Shilpa has headed towards d outhouse. Before dey were leaving Savitri Devi has asked dem to call anyone from d mansion if dey have any kind of a problem over dere. Geet assured her dat she’ll not hesitate to tell dem. Armaan wished Shilpa nd Geet good luck before he goes. As soon as dey both reached to outhouse Shilpa quickly gone to bed nd fell asleep but Geet couldn’t able to sleep because it was a new place. She tried hard to sleep but the sleep r miles away from her. So she decided to go to Balcony nd listen to her Fav. Songs. She has taken her I-Pod nd headed towards Balcony. Wen she was at Balcony she heard some sound like someone is drippling d ball. She tried to see but couldn’t able to notice she knews dat it’ll nt be Armaan as he has left for his home as soon as dey left for outhouse den who could it be. Is it Maan? She decided to go down nd See.


On the other side Maan was at Basket ball court playing Basket Ball. This was his favourite time pass besides her Tai-chi exercises nd no points for guessing dat from where did he get dis habbit ofcourse from Armaan. While he was playing Basket ball all his concentration was at Geet. As he dripples d Ball he gets d flashes of Geet in front of him. When he first saw her Amritsar, den their Date (as said by Armaan), their Scooty ride nd during Engagement everything.


Y? y he couldn’t able to get out from her thoughts? Wats so unusual about her dat makes her different? Was it her simplicity or her Selfless love? Nd nw she’s going to stay over here nd even work wid him. Hw will he able to control his emotions wen even he don’t know what kind of attraction is dis? He was lost in his thoughts wen he heard someone at d back saying “oh! So Maan Singh Khurana can play Basket ball also?” he turned to look back nd saw Geet standing over dere. She was wearing Pooh night suit instead of her salwar kameez nd her hair were not in plates dey were left open. Poor Maan got lost once again in her beauty. She was looking cute in her attire. He came back into his senses wen geet again begins to speak


Geet: Maan tum to bade chupe rustam nikle. I mean I was nt knowing dat u can play basket ball also.

Maan: y geet? Wats so unusual in dat?

Geet: ofcourse it is. I mean basket ball doesn’t suits ur personality. I mean if dere is Armaan at ur place den I can understand but d person like u is d last one I expected to see over here.

Maan said nothing but smiles nd again started drippling d ball which make Geet irritated.

Geet: yaar Maan, tum apne aap se bore nahin ho jate.

Maan: Kyun?

Geet: I mean wenever I talk to u, use to say nothing except ur one-word answers like yes, no, why etc etc.

Maan: everyone is nt like Amritsar Express like u r?

Geet: whatever, atleast main bolti to hoon but in ur case it seems dat someone has fixed ur tongue from Fevicol.

Maan: Geeetttt….

Geet: acha baba I m sorry. But whats ur problem yaar? Y u can’t u speak like me.

Maan: Geet I use to speak dat much only which is necessary, m not a chatter box like u nd Armaan.

Geet: u knw wat Maan, these r d signs of abnormality.

Maan(angrily): what did u just said?

Geet: Aur kya.. see me, Armaan, shilpa we all use to live our life to d fullest, but u it seems dat u have already lived ur life nd nw its time for u to go to himalyas nd take Sanayas over dere.

Maan: Geeeeetttttttt…..

Geet: acha leave it! So u were playing basket ball huh? Do u really know how to play?

Maan: ya. Y any doubts?

Geet: ya I had. Because I m noticing u from couple of mins. Nd u haven’t basket a single ball.

Maan: dats just because I dnt want to moreover today I m alone usually Armaan use to play wid me.

Geet: hey who said u r alone? I m here na.

Maan looked at Geet with surprise.

Maan: u? do u knw how to play Basket ball?

Geet: Ofcourse. The Basket ball champ is standing in front of u.

Maan started to smile at her

Geet(irritated): Y r u smiling?

Maan: nothing. actually I was nt knowing dat u can crack some good jokes also.

This frustrated geet he goes to him nd turned him towards herself.

Geet: who says dat I m cracking a joke over here?

Maan: ofcourse it’s a joke. Girls nd Basket ball?

Geet: y not?

Maan: geet I think u r really sleepy dats y u r dreaming wid ur eyes open. U should go nd sleep nw.

Geet: no. I’ll nt. Nd if u had so much confidence on urself den y don’t we have a match. Wat say a one-on-one game?

Maan(smiling): let it be Geet. U won’t be able to win from Maan Singh Khurana.

Geet: Mr. Maan Singh Khurana till nw u haven’t faced Geet Malhotra. It’s a challenge that it’s only me who will win dis game.

Maan: Nice Dream. Good for u.

Geet: y r u getting Afraid of me.

Maan: afraid of u? y?

Geet: because first time u’ll lose from a girl that too from me.

Maan: ofcourse not. I told u before also dat Maan Khurana never gets afraid of anything.

Geet: so y he’s getting Afraid from challenge.

Maan: Allrite lets play. I would love to clear doubts u have for urself Ms. Geet Malhotra.

Geet: We’ll se Mr. Maan Khurana.


And d game begins. Initially d ball was in Maan’s hand nd he begins to dripple it gesturing Geet to try to catch it. Geet is trying her best to catch it before he put it in d basket but she gets failed dis tym Maan has already done a Basket. Maan looks at her with a victorious smile.

Maan: I told u Geet. Its nt easy. U still have time. Just Back out.

Geet: not so easily Maan the game has not yet over.

Maan: k den fine. Don’t say afterwards dat I didn’t warn u.

Again d Game begins nd once again Maan had d control on Ball but dis tym Geet got succeeded to take Ball from him nd she started drippling Maan has tried hard to distract her but nothing Seems to work out nd finally Geet has done a basket.

Geet: So nw who needs to be back out Mr. Khurana.

Maan: dnt get too much over confident Ms. Malhotra.


And game again begins none of dem were ready to give up. Sometimes it was Maan who makes a basket nd sometimes it was Geet. Both were sweating badly but dey continued playing. It seems dat dey were not tired at all due to their hectic schedule nd all dat.

The only thing in their mind is to win d game. Time was about to end nd both of their scores were at equal. Nw only one basket is left to decide about d winner. The ball is again at Maan’s hand nd Geet was trying to take away from him. While drippling Maan’s eyes went to Geet’s Face nd he again seems to be lost. D drops of sweat was all over her face nd it seems like Dew drops on a fresh flower. She ws becoming tired but she didn’t give up. Maan loses his concentration nd lost d ball from his hand nd as soon as he realizes it Ball is already at Geet’s Hand he tried hard to get it but Finally Geet Makes d Basket.

Geet: yes! I won. I tld u Maan Geet Malhotra never loses. Nw who’s d best?

She says it while jumping in joy. Maan looks at her innocence nd thought that Vindhya Di is rite. Geet is still a Kid from heart. He stood dere watching her wid a smile on his face. Dis girl is really crazy. Suddenly he notices dat Geet has lost her Balance. He quickly runs to her as she was about to fall. Geet closed her eyes in terror but den he realizes dat someone is holding her by waist. She slowly opens her Eyes nd Saw that it was Maan who is having d Grip of his strong Hand around her waist. There was again an Eyelock moment for few seconds. Both r looking Deeply in each other’s eyes. Maan again found himself drowning in her eyes but den he realizes what he was doing. He slowly lifts her upwards. Geet stands nd tries to adjust her Hairs den she noticed d dat Maan is feeling uncomfortable so she decided to make the environment light.

Geet: So nw Wat Say Maan? Who’s d best?

Maan(wid a smirk): Just because u won dis Game it doesn’t means that u r a champion. It was ur luck.

Geet: o my God! D gr8 Maan Singh Khurana will never leave his Ego.

Maan: its not Ego.

Geet: it is.

Maan: its not

Geet: I said na It is.

Maan: I said na its not.

Geet: it is.

Maan(irritated): ok f9. think wat u want? Waise bhi who had a courage to fight wid u.

Geet: Hey Maan dnt get upset. I was only kidding. Acha I wanna ask u something.

Maan: Wat?

Geet: wat is d relationship b/w us?

Nw Maan got confused wid her question. He couldn’t able to understand wat Geet wants to say.

Maan: Geet wat kind of a question is Dis? Everyone knows dat u r my Fiance.

Geet: I knw Maan nd I m not denying it. I m ur fiance but officially. In reality we both know dat dis engagement is just for a name sake.

Maan: wat do u want to say?

Geet: See Maan, nw I m going to be around u 24 hrs. u can’t address me evrytime by saying me ur Fiance. So y not we become friends.

Maan: Friends?

Geet: ya. See one day everyone will come to knw about d truth den I’ll nt be ur Fiance anymore but atleast we’ll be good friends. (directing her hand towards him). So wat say? Friends?

Maan was nt sure wat to do. Is geet just asked him to be her friend. Could he able to be her friend.

Geet: dnt think too much Maan. I assure u u’ll never be at loss wid my friendship.

Maan smiles at her nd gives his hand to meet hers.

Maan: Friends.

Geet said nothing but smiles.

Maan: but that doesn’t mean I’ll let u win next time or u’ll get spare from my scoldings at office.

Geet: oh! So d gr8 Maan Khurana is back. Dnt worry Maan I’ll nt ask u a favour nd next time also it’ll be me who’ll win.

Maan: oh really?

Geet: ya.

Maan: ok den we’ll see who’ll win tomorrow.

Geet: oh so tomorrow again! Ache se practice karke aana. Kaho to main tips de doon.

Maan: no need.

Geet: as u wish. Baad me mat kehna ki maine poocha nahin.

Maan looks at his watch nd realizes dat its becoming late.

Maan: Geet, its becoming late nw. I think u should go to sleep nw. tomorrow is ur first day at d office.

Geet: oh ya! I think u r rite. Good nite Maan.

Maan: good nite Geet.

Geet started heading towards outhouse nd Maan stood dere watching her going. Suddenly Geet stops nd turned back.

Geet: Maan!

Maan: yes geet.

Geet: thanx!

Maan: For wat?

Geet: for everything.

By saying dis she has again started moving towards Outhouse. Maan couldn’t understand wat does she trying to say. Y did she say thanx to him. Because he helped her or he saves her from falling or he has agreed to be her friend.

Maan(to himself): dis girl is really crazy nd nw she’s making me crazy. But I guess after being her friend I’ll be able to get out from dis weird feeling.

Nd after dat he also headed towards Mansion.


It was First day of Geet in Khurana’s Constructions. Everyone knows her as an intern architect over here because it was Geet’s request to not to tell anyone dat she’s Maan’s Fiance. Otherwise nobody will treat her as a normal employee nd she doesn’t want an extra ordinary treatment over dere. Maan has told her that she’ll work under Sasha. Who was a senior architect over dere. Geet knows dat Working under Sasha is nothing more den a challenge for her because she has noticed during interview that Sasha has left no stones unturned to reject her. But afterall She’s Geet Malhotra nd she loves challenges.

Geet(to Herself): Dnt worry Geet! U’ll handle her. If u can Agree Maan to be ur Friend den Sasha will nt be a difficult task.


Geet was quick in making friends infact during her first day only she became friends wid Pinki the Receptionist nd Adi who was accountant over dere. During lunch dey were sitting at canteen nd Geet was telling her about her experience in Khurana’s. Pinki nd Adi has adviced her to be careful from Sasha nd her assistant Tasha as dey will nt let her survive in dis office.

Geet: dnt worry Pinki she can’t do anything.

Pinki: no Geet u dnt know. Being Sasha’s enemy is not a good thing. I m sure she’ll definitely do something nd u have to leave dis office before ur Internship gets over.

Geet: nd I promise dat I’ll leave dis office only after completing my internship.

Adi: Geet, r u not getting over-confident.

Geet: No adi sir, its not over-confidence, its my faith on myself. I have taken shasha’s attitude towards me as a challenge nd wen Geet Malhotra takes any challenge she never loses it.

Adi: well geet I really wish u all d best for dat.

Geet: thanx sir.

Suddenly Pinki notices her engagement ring

Pinki: oye Geet, wat a beautiful ring u r wearing.

Geet: thanx.

Pinki: gifted by Boyfriend?

Geet: no.

Pinki: den?

Geet: actually I got engaged 2 days before only.

Pinki: wat r u saying? U r engaged?

Geet: yes.

Pinki: I think nw Sasha dnt have to worry.

Geet: y?

Pinki: actually Sasha can’t bear anyone near DD. But as nw u r already engaged she couldn’t be had any problem wid u.

Geet smiles at dis. Poor girl she didn’t know dat the person to whom she’s engaged is Maan himself. But wait! Wat did she just said? DD

Geet: Pinki, wat did u mean by DD?

Pinki: u dnt know in office every girl use to call MK sir DD. Means Dhak Dhak.

Geet: what?

Pinki: ya sabki heartbeats badh jati hai na unhe dekh ke. Isiliye

Geet couldn’t stop herself laughing. Omg Maan is been called DD at office. She wonders hw many secrets r left to be found about Maan. Both Adi nd Pinki looks at her amused.

Adi: wat happen Geet? Y r u laughing?

Geet: nothing Adi Sir.. just like dat (she looks at d watch). I guess we have to go nw lunch time is about to over. (den looking to pinki) otherwise ur DD will fire me on d first day only.

Pinki: o ya lets go.

Dey all headed towards their respective seats.


On d other hand It was Shilpa’s First day at sanjeevani. And like geet she was also quick in making friends. She was at d conference hall with other interns wen she saw a familiar face over dere. It was Armaan. Shilpa quickly goes to him.

Shilpa: Armaan! Wat r u doing here?

Armaan: well wat do u expect a person wearing lab coat with stethoscope in d hospital?

Shilpa: u mean to say dat u r also an intern over here.

Armaan: Shilpa….

Shilpa: then y didn’t u tell me before. Nd dat day also wen I asked u, u haven’t said anything.

Armaan: Shilpa, listen to me…. I m…..

Shilpa: shut up, dnt say anything, u say that I m ur friend den y did u hide dis dat u have also got internship in sanjeevani.

Armaan was about to say something wen their conversation got distracted by Dr. Kirti’s Voice.

Dr. Kirti: Dr. Shilpa..

Shilpa turned around to look.

Dr. Kirti: Dr. Shilpa, Dr. Armaan may is may be ur friend but outside sanjeevani, here he’s ur Senior Doctor nd u have to learn how to talk to ur Seniors.

Shilpa couldn’t believe on her ears. Armaan is her senior nd he didn’t tell her before. She looked at him. Armaan try to save Shilpa from d scoldings.

Armaan: Dr. Kirti, shilpa was not knowing about dis, its not her fault.

Dr. Kirti: Dr. Armaan, u r a senior doctor nd if u’ll be so linient to ur interns den u’ll not able to handle dem. I hope its clear to u.

Armaan: yes Dr. Kirti.

Dr. Kirti(turning to shilpa): Nd Dr. Shilpa, if ur conversation has been over wid Dr. Armaan den pls go back to ur seat. Dr. Shashank will be here at any moment.

Dr. Kirti left from dere. Shilpa gives a look to Armaan nd den she also left.

Armaan: Shilpa….. suno to (to himself) arey yaar, dude ye tune kya kiya? Nw hw will I make her understand dat I wanted to give her surprise.

He shrugged his shoulders nd den move towards Conference hall.


After d lunch Geet is back to work. Her office is just next to Maan only a Glass divides it. She is working on d designs that Sasha has given to her. Maan notices her during work. He saw that her eyes were continuously on Computer. Her Coffee mug is next to computer but she didn’t bother to have it. Unknowingly he smiles at her. He love d Passion dat Geet is having towards her work because somewhere he also had d same passion in him. Den he reminds of last night hw innocently did she asked him to be friends nd Maan singh Khurana who didn’t have any friend except Armaan has agreed to it. But y? even he don’t know. Then he thought that its better to left some questions unanswered.



On the other Hand, shilpa has also adjusted well at Sanjeevani. She’s working hard to not to get in Bad books of Dr. kirti. She has been scolded in her first day only nw only god knows dat how she’ll mange her 2 yrs of internship but then she thought that she is Geet’s sis. Then hw can she be so nervous. She can handle everything. Armaan tried hard to talk to her but she ignored him nd if she talks to him then its just about the patients nd medicines. Armaan knows that it’ll not be an easy task to talk to her. Finally he caught her up in Canteen. She was sitting over dere wid her Coffee waiting for her friends to come. He goes nd sits next to her. As soon as she saw him she was about to leave from dere. Armaan stops her by holding her hand.

Armaan: Shilpa wait!

Shilpa said nothing

Armaan: Shilpa I knw u must be very angry on me but pls listen to me once. Pls.

Shilpa sits again to the chair.

Armaan: look shilpa I knw that I must have told u before that I m a senior doctor over here but…..

Shilpa: But wat Armaan, u want to say that u didn’t got d chance to say. Armaan we knew each other from two months nd u can’t say dat we didn’t get chance to talk. First time wen u came to my I told u dat I wanted to do internship in sanjeevani den u said dat u knw many Senior doctors over here but didn’t tell that u urself is a senior doctor over here.

Armaan: that’s just because I wanted to see that whether u’ll ask for any recommendation or not.

Shilpa: oh really! Nd from two months u were giving me tips for examinations nd u even told me that u r a medical student.

Armaan: ya because I wanted to see ur dedication moreover I wanted to knw hw brilliant u r? do u remember u corrected me many times wen I gave wrong answers

Shilpa: nd during Di’s Engagement wen I asked u that which hospital did u got? What will u say for dat?

Armaan: arey I wanted to give u surprise.

Shilpa: Surprise? U knw wat armaan just stop giving dese stupid reasons.

Armaan: See if I would have told u that day that I m already a senior doctor over here den will u really treat me as ur friend till nw. moreover wen u come to sanjeevani u would not be able to handle things alone as u did until u saw me. Shilpa we were friends before also nd we’ll always be friends. Nothing will change. Pls I m Sorry.

Shilpa said nothing.

Armaan: acha wat if I Say that I’ll show u whole Mumbai during our day off.

Shilpa again said nothing nd started looking otherside. Armaan holds both of his ears.

Armaan: acha baba Kaan pakad ke sorry bol raha hoon. Ab to maan jao. Sanjeevani ki history me aaj tak kisi senior doctor ne apne intern se aise sorry nahi bola.

Nw shilpa couldn’t help herself smiling he removes his hand from his ears.

Shilpa: kya Armaan tumse to koi naraaz bhi nahi reh sakta.

Armaan: because I m so innocent nd adorable.

Shilpa: o pls. dnt get too much misunderstanding for urself. Ye tumhari pehli galti thi isliye Maaf kiya. But next time no mistakes.

Armaan: promise no mistakes from next time. So frnds again?

Shilpa(gives her hand to meet his hand): ya Frnds. but dnt forget ur promise.

Armaan: which promise?

Shilpa: arey u forgot u have to show me whole Mumbai.

Armaan(teasing her): Did I said anything like dat?

Shilpa: Armaaaannn…

Armaan: acha baba sorry I was just kidding. Promise I’ll show u d whole Mumbai.

And dey both smiles.


It was 9:00 PM Maan just finished his work nd about to leave wen he notices that Geet is still in her cabin. He wonders that y she didn’t gone home yet. He started moving towards her cabin. He walks into her cabin but Geet was so lost in her work that she didn’t noticed. Maan looks at her hw she was tickling her pen left nd right, den she stops nd start making notes, hw she pulls back her hair strands back as they disturbs her, hw she hits herself on d head if she makes any mistake. He smiles on her those innocent things nd started moving towards her. He noticed dat her Coffee is still dere. “Pagal haven’t drink her coffee yet” he thought. He saw that she didn’t even noticed him standing beside her as both her eyes nd mind were on Computer. He tapped her shoulders to which she gestures to be quiet without seeing who it was, he again nd again tapped her shoulders by which she gets irritated

Geet: oho Mom! I told u na just 5 mins

Den she realizes something nd turned to see nd she saw Maan standing in front of her.

Geet: Maan! U?

Maan: ya geet who else?

Geet: nothing.

Maan: Geet y u haven’t gone home yet?

Geet: oh wo I was going through these designs.

Maan: Geet Did u saw d clock its 9:15 of nite.

Geet: oh! I didn’t realize.

Maan: hw can u realize wen all ur concentration was at Computer. Geet u haven’t drink ur Coffee also yet.

Geet: Sorry Maan! But I have a strange Habbit. jab tak main apna saara kaam khatam nahi kar leti I can’t take rest. Aur ghar jake pareshan hone se acha hai ki main saara kaam khatam karke ghr jayun.

Maan(smiles): u knw wat Geet we may Differ in many aspects but dere r few things common b/w us.

Geet: wat r dey?

Maan: see we both like Black coffee nd like u I m also dedicated towards my work.

Geet: Ab frnds bane hai to itni similarities to hongi na.

Maan: ya, But abhi ke liye itna kaafi hai. I m sure u must be feeling hungry nw.

Geet: ya Damn Hungry!

Maan: To chalo Today we’ll have dinner outside nd on d way we can discuss about d designs also.

Geet: but Shilpa…..

Maan: dnt worry about her. I’ll make call to Dadi nd she’ll have her dinner at Mansion.

Geet: ok.

Maan: so wat r u waiting for lets go.

Geet: ya chalo.

Geet collected her bag from dere nd dey both started headed towards Parking Lot. He opened d door for geet nd himself Seated at d driver’s seat nd dey both started their journey towards restaurant. While driving Maan noticed many times that Geet is lost somewhere. Inspite of her Normal Bak-Bak she was sitting quiet. He couldn’t understand wat’s bothering her den he realizes that geet has mentioned her mother’s name in d cabin nd he understands dat Geet is missing her Mom. He decides to talk about dis to her later. He stops his Car in front of an Indian Restaurant. He knows that Geet loves Indian. Geet gets distracted from her Thoughts wen Maan called her.

Maan: Geet!

Geet: ya.

Maan: hum pahunch gaye.

Geet: oh! (den she noticed that it was an Indian restaurant) But Maan its an indian restaurant.

Maan: ya So?

Geet: but u like Italian Food.

Maan: but u love Indian na.

Geet looks at Maan nd thought hw much concern he had for her. Maan get out of d car nd opened d door for her Geet slowly got down nd dey started heading towards Restaurant. They have taken their seats nd Maan asked Geet to order. Geet looked at the menu card nd ordered Paalak Paneer nd rice. Maan also ordered d same for himself. Geet looked at him surprisingly.

Maan: wat? Mujhe paalak paneer pasand nahi ho sakta.

Geet said nothing but smiles.

Maan: thank god atleast u smiled. Wats wrong Geet y u were so lost.

Geet: nothing Maan I guess because of work pressure.

Maan: oh really I dnt think so.

Geet: seriously Maan. Nthing to worry.

Maan(with soft voice): Geet, u were missing ur Mom na.

Geet again looks at him nd thought hw would he came to know den she realizes that in d cabin wen Maan was disturbing her she mentioned her Mom’s name.

Geet: yes, actually I never lived away from her till nw. moreover today wen u were continuously tapping me it reminds me of her. She also use to do the same wen I get lost in my work. (she said almost in tears)

Maan: geet Relax! Why r u feeling so low nd moreover I m sure that aunty is also missing u, but she decided to be strong so that u nd shilpa can fulfill their dreams nd if she cames to know that u r feeling so low over here then she couldn’t be able to live over dere peacefully. Do u want that?

Geet nodded her head in no.

Maan: So stop being sad nd smile nw. waise bhi dis expression doesn’t suits to ur face.

Geet: Like smiling expression doesn’t suits urs?

Maan: Geeettttt…..

Geet: arey baba I was kidding… u really look good wen u smile. Keep smiling always

Maan smiles at her. Suddenly waiter brings their orders nd dey started having their dinner. After d dinner they waited for d valet to get their car nd as soon as d car arrives dey started heading towards home. Suddenly Geet noticed something nd she asked Maan to stop d car.

Geet: Maan, Pls stop d car.

Maan: wat happen Geet?

Geet pointed her finger towards an ice cream parlour.

Geet: Maan I wanted to eat Ice-cream.

Maan: Geet, Ice cream? (den looks at his watch) dat too dis tym. Geet its about to be 11 nd see it was quite cold outside too. U’ll fell ill.

Geet: oho Maan! Nothing will happen. U know sardi me ice-cream khane ka maza hi aur hota hai.

Maan: from which film have u stolen dis dialogue?

Geet: Maan dnt change d topic. Pls lets go nd have ice-cream. Otherwise I’ll nt talk to u (making a face like a kid)

Maan smiles at her while shaking his head.

Maan: Nautanki ho poori tum.

Geet: job hi ho, I want to eat ice-cream.

Maan: acha baba, chalo. Which flavour? Let me guess…. mmmm Chocolate rite?

Geet: no Butterscotch.

Maan: Butterscotch!

Geet: ya I love Butterscotch flavour. Butterscotch icecream, Butterscotch cake, butterscotch Pastries etc etc

Maan:But usually girls use to like Chocolate or strawberry.

Geet: ya but I m different.

Maan(wid a smile): wo to tum ho.

Geet: did u said something?

Maan(muffled): ummm…. no.

Geet: but by d way hw do u knw that usually girls like Strawberry or chocolate. U said that u have never been out wid any girl.

Maan(muffled again): ya, dats rite.Actually I heard it from Armaan…. he used to go out wid many girls.

Geet: nw dnt use Armaan’s name to hide urself.

Maan: Geet, we can argue later also. Pehle chal ke ice cream kha le.

Geet: ya lets go. Tumhi kabse bolte ja rahe ho.

He again shakes his head nd Dey headed towards d parlour. Maan ordered 1 butterscotch large cup for her to which geet asked to make it 2. maan looked at her amuzed.

Maan: Geet 2 cups?

Geet: ya, u won’t eat?

Maan: no thanx. I m nt mad like u.

Geet: c’mon Maan kabhi to meri baat mana karo.

Maan: geet I love my health nd I dnt want to fall ill.

Geet: u’ll nt fall ill nd dats my promise ha if u want any other flavour u can say it.

Maan: Geet no one can argue wid u na. ur Vansh bhaiya is rite.

Geet: nw dnt drag my Bhai into it. If u dnt want to eat ice-cream den let it be.

Maan: acha baba I’ll also have ice-cream. Happy nw.

Geet: Very Happy.

Den dey took their ice-cream nd headed towards d car. Geet was enjoying her Ice-cream inside d car while Maan was watching her that hw innocently she’s enjoying her Ice-cream just like a kid nd den he began to smile. Geet Notices him smiling.

Geet: Maan, ur Ice-cream is melting. C’mon Have it.

Maan: Oh ya.

Geet: by d way y were u laughing?

Maan: nothing. Aise hi.

Geet: Chalo kaise bhi atleast u smiled. Warna I was thinking dat u dnt know hw to smile.

Maan: Geeetttt….

He was about to say something wen he noticed something at end of her Lips. It was d drop of ice-cream. He gestured her to wipe away but she couldn’t able to understand so he came closer to her started wiping it from his fingers for d first time he was touching her cheeks nd lips nd it felt so soft. He caressed his fingers over dere for few seconds den he realizes what he was doing he quickly snaps back. He noticed that Geet is Feeling uncomfortable due to this.

Maan: Sorry wo….. Ice-cream….

Geet(slowly): its ok Maan. I understand. Have ur Ice-cream fast nd lets go to home. Its really getting late nw.

Maan nodded his head den he haves his ice-cream as fast as he can nd drives towards d home. Dey Didn’t speak to each other during d whole journey. After dat he drops Geet at Outhouse nd he droves back towards d Mansion.


Den he gets changed himself into his tracks nd black Vest nd laid down on his Bed but couldn’t able to sleep. He is remembering d moment dat has been just passed away den he realizes dat he has gone much closer to geet.

Maan(to himself): Maan wat do u think u were doing? Wat if she didn’t like dat? She treats u as ur friend nd u gets so close to her. Oh God! She was Feeling so uncomfortable. I must apologise to her.


Den he takes out his Cell nd starts Dialing Geet’s No.


In d outhouse Geet has also changed to her Night Suit nd as usual waiting for her Di’s Call wen she heard her Cell phone ringing nd she didn’t got surprise to See Maan’s name over dere. She knews Y Maan had called her dis tym.

Geet: Hello!

Maan: Geet!

Geet: haan Maan.

Maan: u are still awake? Waiting for Di’s call?

Geet: ya who else? But y did u called? anything important?

Maan: ya, Actually I want to say Sorry to u.

Geet: Sorry, For wat?

Maan: wo At car.. I had came so close to u….

Geet: omg Maan! U were still thinking about that. Main to sab Bhool bhi gayi.

Maan: really?

Geet: ya Maan. U were just wiping away my Ice-cream only na. Ya I was a bit uncomfortable at dat tym. But nw I m f9..

Maan: R u sure?

Geet: stamp Paper pe likh ke doon.

Maan: No need. Acha one more thing. We’re still friends na.

Geet: Maan! Nw u r irritating me.

Maan: acha Baba Sorry. I guess I m spoiling in ur company.

Geet: Hhmmm. Kuch din aur hamare sath raho fir dekho kya kya hota hai?

Maan: wat?

Geet: nothing. (den notices dat one call is being waiting) acha maan I’ll hang up nw. Di ka call aa raha hai.

Maan: ok Bye Gud nite.

Geet: gud nite.

Geet disconnects d call nd start chatting wid her Di on d other hand Maan also disconnects nd started smiling.

Maan(to Himself): thank god! She didn’t mind (den he realized dat he’s smiling)  But Maan wats wrong wid u y r u smiling. C’mon Maan Focus on ur work. She’s just ur Friend.

And den he also goes to sleep.


Three weeks have been passed by since Geet Joins d office. She is doing her work wid full concentration nd dedication nd as she promised she is nt letting Shasha to give any chance so that she can throw her out of d office. Her Friendship wid Maan is getting stronger day by day. They both used to play Basket ball almost every nit end to everyone’s surprise Maan has nw started smiling more den he used to do before. Dai nd Armaan can easily noticed d change coming in Maan due to Geet but dey didn’t said anything to him because dey know dat he’ll deny it. Although in office he’s still d same Angry Boss but only Geet has seen d other side of his which is friendly, caring nd sweet nd she knews dat one day evry1 will see dis side of his. Armaan nd Shilpa were also doing Good in Sanjeevani. Armaan was always dere wen shilpa needs some help. Shilpa knows dat she’ll not get any Senior doctor better den Armaan though she always use to reminds him of his Promise to show her Mumbai.


Its Friday nit end nd Savitri Devi Decided to gather all of dem for Dinner as its been a long time since dey had dinner together as all of dem were busy in their work. Everyone agreed to dis. Everyone is enjoying Dinner at d dining table nd Savitri Devi asking dem about their works.

Savitri Devi: after so many days everyone is dining together. Geet, hume to laga tha ki agar aap yaha rahengi to kam se kam hum akele nahi honge par aap bhi Maan ki tarah Kaam me doobi rehti hai.

Geet: Sorry Dadimaa, but wat to do? Maan use to give me lots of work (den winks at him).

Maan: wat I use to give u lots of work. Madam its u who didn’t move from Office until u finishes ur work.

Geet: So ultimately its u only na whose work I use to do. Hai na Dadimaa.

Savitri Devi: ofcourse Beta. U r absolutely rite.

Maan: Dadimaa dats nt fair. Its just been 3 weeks since Geet came nd u have started taking her side

Savitri Devi: Maan whats wrong wid u? u r complaining like a kid. U were not like dat?

Everyone at d table begins to laugh.

Armaan: Dadimaa, he’s been in Geet’s Company nw a days. Kuch to asar hoga na.

Maan(realized that he has been caught): No…. Armaan nothing like dat.

Armaan: let it be dude. Acha I want to say something very important to u all.

Everyone listens to him carefully

Armaan: guys I had promised Shilpa 3 weeks before dat I’ll show her whole Mumbai.

Shilpa: nd he still didn’t fulfill it.

Armaan: Shilpa, let me come to the point. So I was saying tomorrow is our off nd if I m nt wrong Maan u nd Geet r also Free tomorrow so y don’t we all plan to go together. I m sure Geet also wanted to see Mumbai.

Savitri Devi: it’s a good Idea Armaan Beta, waise bhi Geet is been in too much work pressure these days. She’ll get a change.

Maan: armaan, I m nt sure dat I’ll come. I had some work. U guys carry on.

Armaan: C’mon dude dnt be a spoil sport. We all have fun together.

Maan: no armaan, u knw I dnt like funs.

Armaan: C’mon yaar. Geet tum hi bolo isko.

Geet: ya Maan chalo na. Waise bhi I haven’t seen Mumbai yet. Pls chalo na.

Maan: Geet main…..

Geet: kya Maan, tum apne frnd ke liye itna bhi nahi kar sakte.

Everyone looks at her shocked

Geet(realizes what she has just said): I mean to say Armaan ke liye. Dekho na he gets a break after his long Hectic schedule. Pls chalo na.

Savitri Devi: maan, ab wo itna keh rahi hai to chale jayiye na.

Maan: Acha Baba theek hai. I’ll come.

Shilpa: that’s like My jiju. Di I hope u won’t mind.

Geet: Shut up Shilpa.

Armaan(whispers to maan): Sahi ja rahe ho. Wen I said u told me dat u have work nd wen Geet said u agreed.

Maan: Shut up Armaan. Nthing like dat. I agree because of u only.

Armaan: oh stp dat crap. U agreed because Geet has said to u. Maan u really changing nw a days. D man who never says Sorry to anyone has said sorry to Geet. Y? because he was wiping away her ice-cream.

Maan: No, because I thought I had been so close to her.

Armaan: whatever. Dude y dnt u admit dat u r in love wid her (looking at Geet who is busy in talking wid Shilpa nd Dadi).

Maan: oh really! Den y dnt u admit dat u r in love wid Shilpa?

Armaan(for d first time stammered): Wat rubbish! Dnt try my words back to me. Shilpa is just my gud friend.

Maan: oh really! Armaan, after Riddhima hw many girls r dere for who u have been such a gud frnd.

Armaan: Maan I m sure about my feelings moreover there’s a diff b/w Shilpa nd Geet. Shilpa is my friend nd Geet is ur Fiance.

Maan: Armaan more den Fiance she’s my frnd. Too nd u knw d reason behind dis engagement.

Armaan was about to say something wen Shilpa intervenes

Shilpa: wat r u guys were talking from so long?

Armaan: nothing just discussing our plan for tomorrow.

Shilpa: like dis. It seems dat u were discussing some confidential conversations.

Maan: No shilpa nothing like dat. (turning to Armaan) so armaan tomorrow at which tym we have to leave.

Armaan: I guess we must leave by 10 in d morning.

Geet: ok fine we’ll be ready by 10.

Armaan: r u sure. I doubt so.

Geet: y?

Armaan: no I heard dat girls take lots of time in getting ready.

Both Shilpa nd Geet said together “Armaan” to which he laughes.

Savitri Devi: Chalo acha hai that u people will hang-out together. Kam se kam isi bahane Maan ghar se bahar to niklenge.

Maan: Dadi…..

Armaan: to theek hai see u all tomorrow.

Everyone agreed nd after Dinner went to sleep.

Next Morning as per d plan Everyone is ready nd waiting for Armaan. Armaan reached by 10 nd make a call to Maan to come at outhouse only. Shilpa, Geet nd Armaan all were waiting for Maan. It has been decided that Armaan will leave her Bike at outhouse nd dey will all go by Maan’s Car. But it seems that shilpa has some other plans of her. She was eagerly waiting for Maan so that she can execute her plan. As soon as Maan reaches to dem she decides to execute her plan.

Maan: Hi! So everyone is here. So lets go.

Shilpa: ya jiju lets go

Den suddenly she puts her hand on d head nd acts like she was fainting armaan was standing next to her quickly holds her by her waist dis was d first time wen he was so close to her. For a moment he admired her den suddenly he realizes that she’s not well. He raises her upwards. Geet nd Maan too looked worried.

Armaan: Shilpa! Wats wrong r u okay?

Shilpa(in a low voice): ya! Actually I dnt know y bas thoda chakkar aa gaya.

Geet: wat? But u were perfectly allrite few minutes before.

Shilpa: ya Di. I dnt knw all of a sudden wat happened?

Maan: I think we should cancel d plan for today as she’s not well.

Geet nd Armaan agreed to it. Shilpa notices that her plan is about to backfire.

Shilpa(screamed): No!!

Everyone looks at her surprisingly

Shilpa: I mean. Pls dnt cancel because of me. Waise bhi itne tym baad Jiju ko time mila hai. It would nt be nice if he won’t go because of me.

Maan: No shilpa dats perfectly fine. We can go some other day.

Armaan: ya Shilpa maan is rite.

Shilpa pinched him on his hand nd gestured him to be quiet.

Shilpa: no I’ll be fine after sometime Den Armaan will bring me from his Bike. Till den u both enjoy. Otherwise u both will spend ur half day like dis only.

Nw Armaan understands whats in her mind.

Geet: Stop it Shilpa! Hw can we go leaving u here like dis.

Shilpa: Trust me Di. I’ll be Fine moreover u knw that Car Journey Doesn’t suits me also so Armaan will take me from his Bike. Hai na Armaan. (winks at him)

Armaan: huh…. ya I’ll bring her .u both go.

Maan: r u sure Shilpa.

Shilpa: ya Jiju.

Maan: ok den lets Go geet.

Geet looked at shilpa. She didn’t want to go. But shilpa assured her dat she’ll join dem soon. So she has to give up nd go nd sits in d car nd Maan starts driving. Shilpa notices dat dey have gone far den she gets up nd started smiling suddenly she notices dat Armaan is standing next to her raises her eyebrows gesturing her to knw whats all dis to which she winks.

Armaan: Shilpa, wat was all dat.

Shilpa: Plan! Which has been successful nw.

Armaan: Plan?

Shilpa: ya.

Armaan: shilpa I really dnt get u.

Shilpa: O god Armaan! Dekho Di nd Jiju both were busy during dese days. They didn’y got much time to spend wid each other nd if u have forgetten then let me remind u that dey r engaged nw. So nw dey will have some time to spend alone.

Armaan: Oh! Nw I understand.

Shilpa: aur waise bhi un dono ke Beech Kawab Me Haddi banna galat baat hai na.

Armaan: Not Bad Dr. Shilpa. Mere saath reh ke kaafi smart ho gyi ho.

Shilpa: Excuse Dr. Armaan. I was born Smart.

Armaan: whatever. Nw if ur Drama has been over den can we go nw.

Shilpa: Armaan, u r really stupid. If we’ll go just nw den may be dey can catch us in route.

Armaan: I m not stupid Dr. Shilpa. Dey have gone towards Gateway of India nd we’ll go at Juhu. So collision.

Shilpa: Hmmm…. Smart.

Armaan: So shall we go nw.

Shilpa: ya lets go.

Armaan Started d Bike nd dey both also headed towards Juhu.


On d other Hand Geet was sitting worried in d car. Maan notices it but doesn’t know what to say.

Maan: wats wrong Geet?

Geet: Shilpa theek to hogi na.

Maan: Dnt worry Geet. Armaan is dere na.

Geet: Ya But……

Maan: Geet, she said dat she’ll join us after Few hrs. den dnt worry.

Geet smiles but still in worry.

Maan: acha I heard dat u love to listen music.

Geet: ya.

Maan: chalo lets listen to music. May be ur Mood will get Fine.

He switch on d FM in which a old Song of Kishore Kumar was coming nd d song was

Dil Kya Kare jab kisi ko kisi se pyar ho jaye, jane kahan kab kisi ko kisi se pyar ho jaye.

Maan was not feeling comfortable wid d song so he decided to change it but Geet gestured him to not to change. She was enjoying d Song as Kishore Kumar was her Fav. Singer. He saw dat she’s feeling Relief after listening to song so he didn’t change. He decided to concentrate on driving. While driving he watched her nd saw dat she’s smiling nd enjoying d song. He was looking at her face just wen another song came:

Tere Chehre mein wo jaadu hai…..

nw he can’t take dis anymore. These songs were almost pouring out his feelings. He gets frustrated.

Maan: C’mon Geet. Wat kind of rubbish songs r u listening pls change d songs.

Geet: Excuse Maan, its Kishore Kumar. Aaj tak unke dushman ne bhi unke bare me aisa nahi bola haoga.

Maan: whatever pls change it.

Geet: no, he’s my Fav. Singer nd I love all his songs.

Maan: Geet, in d world of Enrique Iglesias u were listening Kishore Kumar.

Geet: Maan, Enrique Iglesias can never beat d magic of Kishore Kumar’s songs.

Maan: Geet, u r really impossible.

Geet: theek hai (she switch off d music player). Happy nw.

Maan felt guilty as he annoyed her.

Maan(to Himself): Wats wrong wid u Maan. Badi mushkil se to uska mood theek hua tha nd u again spoiled it.

He switch on d music player again nd den looks at Geet who is looking at him surprisingly.

Maan: Wat? Nw listen to d songs. Otherwise u’ll complaint to ur Vansh Bhai.

Geet: ya to i m listening na. I dnt need ur permission for dat.

He smiles at her answer den again starts concentrating on his driving.


They saw many places together. Maan has shown many places to her. Gateway of India, Nariman Point etc etc. on the other hand Shilpa nd Armaan were also having d good time together. Its been 1:30 PM nd both Geet nd Maan were feeling hungry. Maan called armaan to ask hw Shilpa is Feeling Armaan told him that Shilpa is Fine nd dey have decided to join at d Restaurant at Bandra nd after dat dey will go together for Shopping nd Movie. After lunch all four of dem has headed for shopping. Its been 5:00 PM wen all their shoppings were over den Shilpa insisted for Movie. Maan was too tired for it but he didn’t want to break her heart so he agreed.

Shilpa: So, which movie will we go.

Maan: whichever u like Shilpa.

Geet: I think we should go for some Good Romantic Movie.

Shilpa: oh please Di! They all have d same story. Hero-heroine meets den song Sequences nd blah blah blah. We’ll go for some Horror movie.

Armaan: ya dats a good idea. Wat say maan.

Maan: ya I think Shilpa is rite.

Maan too doesn’t wanted to go for romantic movie otherwise he couldn’t able to control his emotions.

Geet: no I dnt like Horror movies.

Shilpa: because u r getting scared rite.

Geet: No, nothing like dat.

Maan: den wat Geet. I was not knowing dat Geet Malhotra is afraid of ghosts.

Geet: Dekho Maan dnt start it again. I m nt afraid of anything. Fine we’ll go for horror movie only.

Maan: no Geet it’s completely ur Choice if u want u can go for ur romantic movie.

Geet: No I’ll watch Horror movie only. Nw lets go otherwise we’ll get late for show.

She left from dere wid Shilpa which brings a smirk on Maan’s face.

At d show as expected Geet is getting scared while Shilpa, Armaan nd Maan were enjoying d show. Geet looked at dem Disgust. Den again watched at screen. Suddenly a Horror Face came on d screen to which Geet gets almost scared nd he holds the Maan’s arm tightly nd hides her face behind his shoulders. Maan looked at her nd noticed that she’s getting scared. He regretted his decision of watching Horror Movie.

Maan: Geet r u fine?

Geet(angrily): Ya. Sorry I got scared.

Maan: if u want we can go home.

Geet: No thanx. I’ll watch d whole movie.

Maan: but Geet……

Geet: pls Maan I m f9.

Maan knows that its useless to argue rite nw as she was really in angry mood. He decided that he’ll make it up during their Journey towards Home. After d movie gets over its been decided that Armaan will drop shilpa Home while Geet will go wid Maan. During d whole Journey Maan keeps on thinking what to do so that her mood will become fine. Suddenly he remembered Morning’s incident so he quickly switch on his Music Player but to his Bad Luck none of d stations were playing Kishore Kumar’s song infact it made Geet more angry she switch off d music player.

Maan: oho Geet! Y u r so upset?

Geet: y I couldn’t be angry maan? Oh I forgot this Licence belongs to u only na?

Maan: Geet, I asked u during d movie dat if u want we can go home but its ur decision only to stay over dere?

Geet: ya I knw, so wat do u want to leave me from dere so that Armaan nd Shilpa can make fun of me nd including u?

Maan: c’mon Geet its not such a big Deal.

Geet: oh really! Maan u r my fiance nd as a Fiance u must ave to support me.

Maan couldn’t believe on his ears for d first time Geet has considered him as his Fiance even Geet didn’t realize what did she said just.

Maan(softly): Fiance?

Geet(realizes): I mean officially u r my fiance na. nd moreover u r my friend also atleast for dat sake u must have taken my side.

Maan: Geet…. actually….. (suddenly d car stops maan tried hard but couldn’t able to start it). Dekha tumhara Gussa Car se bhi bardasht nhi hua.

Geet: oh to isme bhi meri galti.

Maan: Geet u r really impossible.

He gets out of d car to see wats d problem is Geet too follows him. He noticed dat Radiator needs some water. He knows dat Driver has kept some water in d car only so he gone at d back to search for it den suddenly dey heard d thundering of d clouds.

Geet(Happily): Maan I guess its going to be rain

Maan: ya we should hurry up.

As he said dis its began to rain. Maan quickly gets into d car but notices dat Geet is still outside.

Maan: Gee twat r u doing? Come inside.

Geet: r u mad Maan? Its been so much fun here. U also come outside.

Maan: Geet u really out of ur mind I dnt want to get ill.

Geet: oho Maan! Tumhari life bhi na ekdum tumhari tarah hai. Boring!

By saying dis she again started enjoying rain. Maan saw her from inside d car. She is feeling so carefree all her anger seems to ba vanished while she enjoyed d rain. She is dancing like a kid. He smiles at her nd unknowingly get out of d car. Geet is totally wet he can observe dat her dress has sticked perfectly to her curves, he didn’t realize wen did he started moving towards her, Suddenly he noticed dat a car is moving towards her nd geet is so lost in herself dat she didn’t noticed it. The car was almost closer to her, Maan quickly pulled her towards himself nd bring her closer to him. Geet didn’t realize first den she noticed d car going she got scared quickly ran to his embrace. Maan firstly hesitate den hugged her tightly. He too got scared from d thought of geet getting harmed. Dey were in each other’s arm for few mins. Den suddenly geet realized what she was doing. She quickly snapped back nd started feeling embarrassed.

Maan: Geet, r u okay?

She nodded in yes.

Geet: maan can v go home?

Maan: ya sure.

They headed towards home. During d whole journey dey didn’t speak to each other. First tym Geet is Feeling awkward of her action. She looked at Maan who was Continously concentrate on his driving. she thought may be he was angry.  Maan leave him to the outhouse nd headed towards mansion. After changing his clothes Maan laid on his bed thinking about their hug but dis tym he didn’t feel uncomfortable all he could think is dat if he haven’t pulled her at tym then he can’t even think of dat wat would happen. Then he thought Was Armaan right? Am I really Falling for her? Y did I got scared wen that car was coming towards her? I guess I had really started Falling for her. His thoughts were distracted wen he heard his cell ringing nd to his surprise its Geet.

Maan: Hello!

Geet: Hello Maan!

Maan: Geet! Wat happen?

Geet: Maan, I want to say u something.

Maan: ya geet.

Geet: thanx nd sorry.

Maan: for wat geet?

Geet: thanx for saving me nd sorry dat I hugged u. Actually I got scared.

Maan: Geet u dnt have to say Sorry or thanx to me. Afterall u r my fia….(he was about to say Fiance but den stops) I mean friend. Nd I have done all dis for my friend.

Geet: r u sure na dat u r nt angry for dat hug.

Maan: ofcourse not geet. U were scared nd I was cheering u up dats it.

Geet: Thanx Maan.

Maan: Geet tumhe itni baar thanx kehne ki zaroorat nhi hai. aur waise bhi Friendship me no thank u nd No Sorry.

Geet(smiling): Maine Pyar Kiya ka dialogue.

Maan: Acha. I was nt knowing.

Geet: Very Funny.

Maan: Geet, its getting late nw. I think u should go to sleep. Good nite

Geet: good nite Maan. Bye!

Dey hang up.

Geet(To herself): Tu bhi na Geet. Bekar me itni tension le rahi thi. Dekha use bura nahi laga. Waise bhi who itna bura bhi nahi hai (with smile) He’s really very nice. But wait! Ye sab tu kya sochni lagi. Chal nw lets go to sleep.

On d other hand Maan after talking to her Feel relaxed.

Maan(to Himself): Pagal! Thank god she’s Fine nw aur ab gussa bhi khatam ho gya. But mujhe itna fark kyun pad raha hai. I think Armaan was rite geet is getting More den a frnd for me.


Another 2 Weeks has been passed by since dat nite. Till nw it was only Maan who was affected by Geet but nw it Geet also who is affected by his nature. The way he cares for her, shows his concern towards her wen she works late at d office has started touching her heart but after she is Geet Malhotra so she quickly gets herself Regain from his thoughts by telling herself that Maan is her Friend nd he cares for her just as a friend. On d other hand Armaan also not left unaffected by Shilpa. Since d day Maan asked him about being in love wid Shilpa he was forced to think about his relationship wid her but he was so deeply in love wid Riddhima dat he couldn’t able to accept dat he can love someone else like Riddhima so he still consider her as his Best Friend nd Shilpa she dnt know wat love is all she know dat Armaan is getting an important part of her life. Besides her Di it was Armaan to whom she can trust nd tell her feelings.


It was about 4:30 PM nd in Maan’s Cabin Maan nd Geet were Discussing on a Project Design made by Sasha from almost an hour but it seems dat their discussion will not get over soon.

Geet: Maan y dnt u understand?

Maan: There’s nothing in Dat to Understand (he said while looking on Designs). Everything is perfect.

Geet: No everything is not. Maan I can’t expect dis from u.

Maan: Geet say it clearly wat u want to say?

Geet: Maan all I want to say it dat dere r some faults in dese Designs.

Maan: that’s not Possible Geet. These r made by Sasha nd she never make any mistakes.

Geet: Maan Sasha is not a god. She’s also a human being. Nd a human can make mistake.

Maan: Geet u knw who Sasha is?

Geet: Ya, I knw that she’s Head Architect of Khurana’s nd I m nt denying it dat she’s Efficient nd good at her work but dat doesn’t mean dat she can’t make mistakes.

Maan: Geet Mr. Chopra has clearly said dat he wanted to Make these flats acc. To Vastushastra nd feng-shui nd acc to that dese r perfect.

Geet: Maan, if we’ll go by dat that then we’ll be in gr8 trouble.

Maan: wat r u trying to say?

Geet: Maan, can’t u see at d designs almost 20% of d Land has been covered illegally. It may not be able to Visualise nw but after Few years or months it can be a big problem for all of us.

Maan: Geet that doesn’t matter nd whatever d problem will arise dat can be Sorted out easily.

Geet: ya Maan, but y to take risk. Instead of Chopra’s it can affect to the Reputations of Khurana’s also.

Maan(irritated): So wat do u want me to do?

Geet: Maan, we have to again go through d designs nd made d blue prints so that we can correct this mistake nd Give Mr. Chopra our best.

Maan: Geet do u have any Idea wat u have been talking about. Blue Prints can’t be prepared overnite nd we have to give dem presentation tomorrow Morning.

Geet: Maan, we can ask dem for some time.

Maan: No we cannot Geet, Asking for some more time means Risking dis Project nd I can’t take dis Risk.

Geet: Maan, atleast talk to him once.

Maan: Geet, nw no more Discussions. Its final I m going to present dis design tomorrow.

Geet: But Maan……

Maan: Geet Enough. Nd Waise bhi u r just an intern Architect over here. U can only Give suggestions nt Decisions (den he closes his Eyes nd realize wat did he just said)

Geet too get furious by his Words. She was telling him as a friend so that he couldn’t be get into any trouble nd he’s considering her as an intern Architect.

Geet(in angry Tone): Fine Mr. Khurana (Handling him d File) here’s D Project Report nd dese r d Designs. Do whatever u want afterall its ur Project. I won’t give u any further Suggestions. Bye!

By saying dis she headed towards her Cabin angrily.

Maan: Geet….. Geet suno……

He slammed his Fist hard upon d Desk. Looking at d File.

Maan(to himself): Damn! She again got angry. But y don’t she understand. I think I must go to her cabin nd talk to her calmly.


On the other Hand geet is murmuring angrily on maan while Collecting her Bag.

Geet(to herself): Hadd ho gyi hai! What does he think about himself. I was helping as her friend nd He said dat I m only an intern Architect. Dusht Danav. Fine I’ll also not give any suggestions nw. let him tackle all d situations.

By saying dis she turned to go nd got shocked to see maan standing over dere but she Quickly regains herself.

Maan: Geet, where r u going?

Geet (smiling): Mr. Maan Singh Khurana, I think u have forgetten den let me remind u that I m only an intern Architect over here (den again comes back in her Angry Expression) nd as an Intern Architect My time is over nw. Its 5:15 nd I m going to my home. Nw will u pls let me go.

Maan didn’t moved a inch from dere.

Maan: Geet, listen I didn’t mean dat. All I want to say is…..

Geet(Gesturing him to stop): Enough Maan. U said everything in d Cabin. Nw please let me go.

She was about to reach at d door wen Maan hold her wrist nd pulled her close towards him. she was so close that he can count her Eyelashes. Geet’s Heart started beating fast they both were looking in each other’s eyes. Maan could Feel Geet’s Heartbeats getting Faster.

Maan(softly): Geet, I dnt have any intention to hurt u. I just wanted to make u understand dat dis Deal is important for us nd I can’t lose it. Geet, before an intern architect u r my friend nd hw can I think of hurting u. Pls. geet dnt be angry.

Geet looked at him. For d first time she’s Feeling different for being so close to him. Maan could sense her awkwardness. He slowly let her hand go. Geet quickly snaps back nd rushes towards d door leaving Maan standing Behind over dere clueless.

Maan(to himself): Oh God! What I had done? Nw dis will make her even more angry. Dnt worry Maan u can’t give up. She’ll come to play Basket Ball. There I’ll make it up to her.


Wen Geet reaches home she was feeling a bit tired but still she couldn’t able to take her mind off from d moment dat has been just passed. O god! She was so close to him. Y did he Affecting her so much? Y did she feel hurted wen he called her an intern architect? She thought den she shrugged her head to take off all her thoughts.

Geet(To herself): Geet, stop thinking dese stupidities. Let him alone handle d project I won’t help him any further.

Her thoughts were distracted by Maan’s Call. She saw d name nd rejected d call. Maan calls her 100 times but she didn’t respond which make him angry nw.

Maan(to himself): Bola na ki galti ho gyi par nahi Madam ka Dimaag pata nahi kahan rehta hai. To Theek hai raho Gussa. Ab main bhi nahi baat karoonga.

By saying dis he threws d cell phone aside nd gone to take shower. After shower wen he came outside his mind was quite relaxed den he goes through d designs once again nd thought may be Geet is rite. Den he looked at his watch nd realized that its quite late to call Mr. Chopra. He’ll call him tomorrow nd postponed d meeting. No matter wat would be d outcome of dat.


Next Morning both Maan nd Geet reached d office together Maan tried to talk to her but Geet ignored him nd walks towards her cabin nd started working on d Computer. Maan also came to his Cabin but he couldn’t take out his mind from her. He watched her through d glass but she continued working on computer. He called her but she didn’t take d call also.

Maan(to himself): what should I do wid dis Girl? She’s not even letting me speak. Hw should I tell her dat I m ready to change d designs.

His Thoughts were distracted by a phone call. He takes up d call nd Found Mr. Chopra on d other side.

Mr. Chopra: Hello Mr. Khurana! Good morning

Maan has completely Forgot to inform him about the meeting being postponed.

Maan: oh Mr. Chopra good Morning. Actually I was about to call u. I m sorry about d meeting…..

Mr. Chopra: No dnt be Mr. Khurana. Infact we must thank u nd Ms. Geet dat u both have saved us from doing a wrong thing.

Maan(couldn’t understand): Saved u?

Mr. Chopra: ya. Actually yesterday Ms. Geet gave me a call somewhere around 7 nd she told me about d flaw in d design. Initially I couldn’t able to understand what to do but den she tells me every possibilities so that we can remove dis Flaw by just a minor modification nd dere will be no affect in d exterior nd interior of d design. She has even mailed me d Rough copy of d new Blue print today morning nd asked for some time for d presentation of final designs. I had gone through d blue print nd it was perfect. So I had postponed d meeting for 3 days. I hope its okay wid u mr. Khurana.

Maan(couldn’t believe wat he was listening): ya ofcourse Mr. Chopra!

Mr. Chopra: So its Fixed. We’ll meet after 3 days. By d way Mr. Khurana I must say dat u had really lucky dat u got such an efficient nd intelligent employee like Ms. Geet

Maan: thanx Mr. Chopra (den looks at Geet who’s still working) I knw dat.

Mr. Chopra: ok Mr. Khurana. see u in d meeting. Have a nice day.

Maan: Same to u.

He hangs up d phone.

Maan(to himself): So Ms. Geet Malhotra haven’t gave up. She has made d designs overnite nd I was been so mad to her. Nw I have to do something so that I can lower her anger. But what to do? (suddenly he remembers something) I think I should Call Shilpa. She must have any Idea for dat.

Nd he started dialing Shilpa’s No. Shilpa was surprised to see Maan’s no. on his cell.

Maan: Hello shilpa!

Shilpa: Hi jiju! Aaj meri yaad kaise aayi?

Maan: Shilpa I need ur help?

Shilpa: regarding wat?

Maan: regarding Geet.

Shilpa: oho nw I understand y did u called me?

Maan: Shilpa pls be serious.

Shilpa: ok jiju tell me wats d problem?

Maan: Shilpa, Geet has not uttered a word since morning. Actually yesterday…..

Shilpa (interrupted): Oh jiju dat makes u so worried. Actually jiju Di is not speaking Because she’s suffering from Throat Infection.

Maan: Throat Infection?

Shilpa: Ya jiju! Actually Dere is a problem wid Di wenever she stays awake late at nite next day she suffers from Throat infection dats y she never stays awake late at nite nt even during her exams but last nite she was awake whole nite. I dnt know on which project she was working. I told her many times to sleep but she said dat she has to complete it urgently nd she was awake till 4:30 am. Nd after dat also she hardly slept for 3 Hrs only nd due to which she had dis infection nd she couldn’t able to speak properly.

Maan (again didn’t believe on his ears): So shilpa any medication for dat.

Shilpa: waise to jiju its normal wid Di nd she’ll be fine soon but den also I had given her some medicines but she’s Geet Malhotra I can bet that she haven’t even touched dem also. I dnt knw hw is she able to manage being Quiet till nw. I told Vindhya Di also to not to call her today instead catch her up through messenger.

Maan(With concern): Shilpa u sure na that she’ll be fine soon.

Shilpa: ya jiju nothing to worry.

Maan: ok shilpa thanx.

Shilpa: anytime jiju bye!

Maan: Bye!

After talking to shilpa she again looks at geet nw he understands Y geet is not speaking to him since morning. Y didn’t she came for d basket ball match last nite. Why she was not taking his calls. Because she was busy in modifying d designs. She was awake whole nite nd today got dis Infection. All she has done just because of him.

Maan(to himself): Pagal! She didn’t care for herself. Geet, u r really impossible. U were so mad at me that I thought that u would never talk to me but still u modify dis project design just because its important for me. Nw its my turn to do something for u.

He quickly goes to his chair nd started searching Something on Google. There was a large smile on his face wen he found something. He quickly takes out its print out den called her secretary to cancel all his meetings for today nd he headed outside d office.


On the other Hand shilpa was sitting in d Canteen thinking about her Conversation wid Maan. She was really happy to see dat Maan is so concerned towards geet. She was smiling wen Armaan cames to her.

Armaan: Shilpa!

Shilpa: oh Armaan! Pls have a seat.

Armaan: wat happen? Wat makes u smile so much?

Shilpa: Nothing just thinking about Di nd Jiju.

Armaan: Maan nd Geet? Wat happen to dem?

Shilpa: Nothing (den she narrates d whole incidentto him) Jiju is so concerned towards di na

Armaan: ya even I couldn’t believe dis. Maan has changed a lot. He had never been so much concern for anyone except Dadi Maa. i dnt knw y?

Shilpa: Because he loves Di.

Armaan: hw can u be sure.

Shilpa: Armaan I dnt know much about love but Di always use to say dat wen we love someone d only thing which we can see is d happiness of dat person. If dat person suffers from minor pain also den it ached our heart. Nd today d way Jiju was speaking to me regarding Di it can be Clearly Seen that he loves her so much.

Armaan looks at her surprisingly. He couldn’t expect such an intelligence from Shilpa.

Armaan: Shilpa! I couldn’t believe dis. U r talking about love.

Shilpa: y Armaan? M I not a human being?

Armaan: Shilpa Can it be possible dat we cann fall in love twice?

Shilpa: I dnt knw Armaan as I haven’t been in love for even once but all I knw is dat it is not written in any book that we cannot fall in love again. If u get any person in ur life to whom u think u can spend rest of ur life wid dat person den u must tell him or her.

Shilpa realizes dat Armaan is sitting seriously.

Shilpa: but Wait! Wats wrong wid u? y u r being so serious today?

Armaan: nothing I guess D maan’s concern has affected me.

Shilpa: Armaan.. Sometimes I really don’t get u.

Armaan smiles at her suddenly Shilpa notices dat she has been paged by Dr. Kirti for an emergency. So she says Bye to Armaan nd left from dere.

Armaan(to himself): I don’t know Shilpa whether I could be able to feel for anyone again or not but after Riddhima its u to whom I wanted to share my feelings (suddenly he realizes dat shilpa is just his friend) Dude! Wat r u thinking? Just Focus on ur friendship. Focus! Focus!.

Nd he also left from dere for rounds.


Geet saw the watch its been 2:00 PM nd she was not feeling well too afterall she hardly slept last nite. So she decided to give application for half day leave nd go to home for rest. She has written the application nd looked at Maan’s Cabin nd to her surprise she found that he’s not there. She wondered that where could he be gone that too during office hours. Then she thought may be he has gone for some meeting so she decided to leave d Application wid Pinki nd headed towards home.


When she reached home she heard some noises from kitchen. She wondered hw come Shilpa is at Home so early that too in d kitchen. Shilpa nd Kitchen r the two opposite ends of a magnet. Then who could it be? She slowly walk towards d kitchen nd surprised to see d person standing over dere. It was Maan who was preparing something on gas.

She quietly stand over dere nd keep looking at him. He was watching something on d paper nd take d ingriedient nd put it inside d Pan. Geet wonders wat does he’s trying to make that too inher kitchen. Maan was so much lost in his cooking that he didn’t Notice Geet standing over dere. Geet decided to break d silence.

Geet(in a husky voice):Maan…..

As soon as maan heard her voice he looked at her direction. First he thought that he was hallucinating but soon he realizes that geet was standing in real. But hw could it be possible that she have came so soon.

Maan: Geet. Wen did u came nd hw can u come so early?

Geet (keeping her hand on her throat): Leave it Maan….. wat r u doing here?

Maan realized that geet was not allowed to talk. He quickly goes to her nd make her sit on d couch. Geet couldn’t able to understand that he’s upto.

Geet: Maan…. ye…….

Maan put his Fingers on her lips to make her quiet.

Maan: Chup! Ek dum Chup! Nw u will nt say a word. Just sit over here quietly till I come.

Maan again left for Kitchen leaving Geet puzzled. She couldn’t understand wats wrong wid Maan. He was never at home during office hours nd today he was at her home nd what is he doing at kitchen. She peeps from dere only nd saw dat he was serving something on bowl. Her thoughts were distracted wen he came to her wid a bowl. He sits on his knees in front of her at floor. She looks at d bowl nd den to him.

Geet: Maan……

He again puts his finger on her lips again.

Maan: Bola na Chup! Wait

He opens her bag nd put out her notepad nd Pen she looks at him puzzled.

Maan: Nw whatever u want to say (holding her pen nd notepad) Say by writing on dis.

Geet was about to say something but den realizes dat he’ll again shut her mouth so she takes d Notepad nd pen from him nd started writing.

Geet: Wats all dis Maan? Why r u doing dis? (nd handed over to him)

Maan read what she has written den looks at her.

Maan: Geet, y had u done all dis?

Geet (writes): Nw wat I had done?

Maan(after reading): u have been awake whole nite inspite of knowing dat u’ll get dis infection next day den also u modified dose designs overnite. Y geet?

Geet said nothing but lowered her gaze even she didn’t know y she has done dis.

Maan: Bolo na Geet. Y?

Geet(writes): because u r my friend

Maan: really? But yesterday u were so angry on me nd u have decided that u’ll not help me den wat happen suddenly.

Geet(writes): ya I said but wat to do? u may be consider me as ur intern architect but I still consider u as my frnd den hw can I see my frnd in trouble.

Maan: Geet, u r really crazy. I told u na dat I didn’t mean it. M really sorry for dat. Acha nw leave all dis we can discuss it later also (den he takes d Bowl) First have dis.

Geet(writes): wats dis?

Maan: Dis is soup that I had made for u. I knw u have not taken d medicines dat shilpa has given u so I searched on d net about d things dat can cure ur infection nd dere I found d recipe of dis soup den I gone to market to serch for all its ingredients nd prepared for u. nd its not an ordinary soup. U knw hw many beneficial ingredients r there in it. Mulethi, ginger nd……. Sorry I forgot d rest.


Geet couldn’t believe wat she’s listening nd seeing. She has never thought that Maan can be so Caring towards her. She dnt want to get used to of it because she knows dat dere relationship will never go beyond friendship. Nd once d truth come in front of everyone den dey have their own respective paths nd after dat she has to manage on her own like she’s doing till nw. A drop of tear fell from her eyes wen she saw dat Maan is taking d soup on d spoon.

Maan (wid Concern): Geet, wats wrong? Y r u crying?

Geet nodded her head in no to say nothing.

Maan: Wait I understand u were thinking that dis soup will be bitter in taste that’s y u were crying so that I won’t force u but I dnt care u have to drink whole of dis.

Nd he started feeding her through spoon. She let him feed only two three spoons. Den gestures him to stop nd takes bowl from him nd started having d soup herself. Maan realizes dat may be she’s nt feeling comfortable by this so he gets up from dere nd sits on d couch next to her. During d meal geet has made many faces to show that she’s not liking its taste but Maan gestured him to have whole soup. Somehow she was able to have d whole soup nd as d soup finishes she started coughing. Maan quickly get her a glass of water.

Maan: Geet, r u okay? C’mon have a glass of water.

Geet gulped d whole glass den again looks at him.

Geet(writes): Maan, there’s no need of u to do all dis for me. U had cancelled all ur meetings for today nd left all ur office work for me. Y maan?

Maan: Because I…… ( den he stops as he saw Geet looking at him) I care for u. because u r my friend. Geet wen u stay awake for me whole nite so dat I’ll nt get in any kind of trouble in future den atleast I can miss my office for few hrs.

Geet smiles after listening to him.

Maan: acha nw there’s too much talks. Nw u just go to ur Room nd sleep. U need rest.

Geet nodded her head in No.

Maan: but y?

Geet(writes):I have to complete these designs. There is a Meeting wid Mr. Chopra after 3 days nd we have to give him d final presentation.

Maan: Geet, designs can be completed afterwards also but first u have to take rest. Its necessary for u.

Geet(writes): no. its necessary to complete d designs first.

Maan: Geet did u swear dat u’ll not listen to me anytime.

Geet(writes): no Maan. But its really important to complete d designs.

Maan knews dat Geet is stubborn but she had no competition wid Maan Singh Khurana.

Maan: fine if u r stubborn den I m also stubborn. If I said dat u’ll sleep rite nw den u have to sleep.

Den he gets up from d Couch nd stands in front of her nd leaned on her for a moment geet couldn’t understand wats happening. Maan slide his one hand around her waist nd another one around her knees nd picked her up from d couch. Geet looks at him nd unknowingly put her hands around his neck. They have an eye-lock for a moment nd den Maan started heading upwards towards her room. Geet could not take her eyes off him. She was feeling restless with his strong hand around her holding her so securely. She didn’t realize wen did she reached at her room nd Maan laid her on her bed nd put d blanket on her. Geet thoughts were distracted by his Voice.

Maan: Geet (he shrugged her shoulders) Geet.

Geet realizes dat she’s in her room at her bed den she looked at maan.

Maan: I told u na dat I m more stubborn den u. (den he tooks away d notepad nd d Pen from her hand nd put it on d side table) nw just be quiet nd sleep. Ok.

Geet nodded her head in yes like a kid.

Maan: Good. If u want something den dnt call me.

She looked at him at surprise

Maan: arey I mean to say just SMS me. U were not allowed to talk until u feel better.

Geet Smiles widly at dis to which Maan also smiles.

Maan: Waise should I tell u something. Acha leave it u’ll get angry.

Geet gestures dat she’ll not get angry

Maan: Promise?

She nodded her head in yes

Maan (teasing her): Hhmmm…… Dikhne me slim ho but kafi heavy ho.

Geet’s jaw dropped to the ground. He picked up d pillow next to her nd started hitting Maan wid dat.

Maan: Ahh! Geet……. Geet u promised u won’t get angry. Hey I was just Kidding. Pls stop it

But Geet Continously hitting him. Finally Maan grabs her wrist to stop her. Geet has almost skipped a heart beat. She looked at him nd dere was again an eyelock between dem for a moment den maan realizes what he was doing he frees her hand.

Maan(in soft Voice): Geet, I didn’t mean dat. I was only joking. U were not at all heavy.

Geet said nothing but smiles.

Maan: Acha nw u just sleep ok. I m going. Bye!

As maan was about to go Geet holds his hand stopping him from going. Maan turned to look at her couldn’t able to understand wats in her mind. Geet took up d Notepad nd Pen from d side table nd started writing something nd hands it over to Maan

Maan (reading): Maan thanx for being so much caring for me. Nw dnt say dat Maine Pyar Kiya’s Dialogue again. I really mean it u r really a very good friend of mine moreover a Good person from heart I met till nw. always be like dis only. Tum itne bhi bade dusht daanav nahi ho.

Maan looks at geet after reading last line.

Maan: Geeeettttttttt…….

Geet cutely holds both of her ears nd gestures to say sorry. Maan couldn’t help himself smiling on her cuteness. He slightly hits d notepad on her head nd kept it aside.

Maan: Geet, u really can’t stop being quite. Nw u r not able to speak so u r talking through writing. But dats it nw u r going to sleep nd m also going. Ab Final wala Bye!

Geet smiles at him nd waves him Bye. As she was seeing Maan going she started thinking about him. She thinks dat wid hw much care he had made soup for her nd was feeding her nd most interestingly nt letting her to speak. She smiles as she thinks of dat. But suddenly she reminds of something nd she hits her head from her hand

Geet(to Herself): Oye Geet, wat r u thinking? He’s just ur friend nd he’s caring for u because of dat only. Yeh Romantic novel padh padh ke tera Dimaag kharab ho gya hai. Nw just Shrugg off all ur thoughts nd sleep.

By saying dis She pulled her blanket over her nd goes to sleep.



Maan has not gone back to his Office back dat day instead he has gone to mansion. He was worried about Geet. What if she needs something therefore he must be around her. Savitri Devi was surprised to see Maan over dere that too during office hours.

Savitri Devi: Maan! What makes u come home so early that too during office hrs.

Maan: Wo Dadi….. I was nt feeling well.

Savitri Devi: Wat? Wats wrong Maan? Is everything ok? Did u saw to doctor.

Maan(calming her Dadi): Dadi everything is fine. I just have a headache dats it. I think I should go nd take rest.

By saying dis he kisses her Dadimaa nd headed towards his room. Savitri Devi knews dat only a mere headache doesn’t bring Maan home there’s something else. She called at d office nd Pinki told her dat Maan has cancelled all his Meetings for today. When Savitri Devi asked about Geet den she told that she has also taken Half Day Leave today as she was not feeling well. Nw Savitri Devi understands everything what makes Maan to come home so early. He has came for Geet. She was happy that her Grandson is Changing nd dis change is for good. She smiles nd Headed towards her room.


In Maan’s Room Maan is lying on his Bed. His eyes were closed but he’s not sleeping instead he’s thinking of Geet. He’s thinking that hw much Geet has changed him. The person who has never cared for anyone apart from his Dadi has made a soup for her, left his office in Between nd cancelled all his meetings which he never does.

Maan(to Himself): O god Geet! Y r u affecting me so much? Y I can’t see u in pain? Y ur smile makes me happy? I think Armaan was rite I m falling for u. I don’t want to fall for anyone but I m helpless nw. I don’t know whether u also feel d same for me or not all I knw is dat I dnt want to lose u. I don’t know whether its love or just a mere attraction all I knw that u have became important for me nw.


Armaan was at rounds in Sanjeevani wen he suddenly stops outside Children’s Ward. She saw Shilpa over dere who was checking a kid. He was not ready to take medicines therefore shilpa has told him numerous stories to convience him. He unknowingly smiles at Shilpa’s Gesture. Wen that kid has taken his medicines den shilpa very innocently kissed him on his cheek nd went to another patient. Armaan was watching all dis. It made him remember of Riddhima. She also use to do the same nd started comparing shilpa nd Riddhima. Then he remembers wat shilpa has said that it’s not written in a book that we can’t fall in love again.

Armaan(to himself): Is it Possible for me? M I falling for Shilpa? No that’s not possible. Dude u have lost it completely. Shilpa nd Me? Never. She’s just a good friend. Den y m I feeling so much attracted towards her nd y she always make me reminds of Riddhima?

He was lost in his own thoughts wen he saw Shilpa coming towards him. She was smiling. Armaan just couldn’t able to take his eyes away from her smile. As she came close to him she found him lost in his own dreams.

Shilpa: Armaan….. (waving her hand in fron of his eyes) Armaan…… U there?

Armaan(coming back to senses): No….. actually ya….. wo……

Shilpa: Armaan, I think u r not fine today. Y don’t u take leave for today?

Armaan: No Shilpa I m perfectly fine.

Shilpa: I don’t think so Armaan. I m noticing u from couple of mins. U were lost somewhere.

Armaan: ya Actually I m thinking about wat u said in d canteen.

Shilpa: o my God! Armaan u r still thinking about dat. Arey I have said just like dat only. I don’t understand y dat affects u so much?

Armaan: even I don’t understand Shilpa whats happening to me?

Shilpa: Den to definitely u must take leave for today. U r not well. Do u want me to give u any medicines?

Armaan: No thanx. I’ll be fine. Bye I m going to general ward.

Shilpa: ok Bye!

Armaan left from dere leaving Shilpa puzzled.

Shilpa(to herself): nw what’s wrong wid him. I had never seen him acting so weird. I think he’s really not well.

She also left from dere. Poor girl doesn’t know dat Dr. Armaan is suffering from d Disease called Loveria which he’s not ready to admit.


3 days has been passed nd finally d day of presentation has came. A new day nd a new beginning for veryone. It was a gr8 day for Geet as Maan has asked her to give d presentation. Waise its d gr8 day For Both Maan nd Armaan also no no not because of presentation but because of d new Feelings arising inside both of Dem. Waise guys dnt u think dere must be a song sequence on their situation. So here’s dat song.



Maan is getting ready for office. He’s in front of d mirror brushing his hairs wen he saw Geet standing behind him smiling nd as he turned to look she’s not there

sili sili tapti raaton mein
jaltan hoon mein barsaton mein
dooba dooba har pal yaadon mein dil kya kare

Maan realizes that he’s hallucinating. He smiles at his hallucination nd remembers d moments he spend wid Geet while getting ready.

apney mein hi khoya rehta hoon
kehna hai kuch kuch kehta hoon
pain ajab sa sehta hoon dil kya kare

He remembers how he use to lost in her thoughts everytime. Maan singh khurana who has never said lie to anyone has lied to her Dadimaa because of her. Hw much he got concerned wen he came to know that Geet is not well. All dis thoughts had automatically brings smile on his face nd he knows that he has completely lost it he has lost his heart to Geet.

Ho… aankhon aankhon mein

He notices Geet giving him d project file which he has forgot

ho… baaton baton mein

nd giving him his cell Phone as a typical wife do.

ho… le gaya koi

He holds her wrist while she was about to go nd pulled her towards him

ho… de gaya koi

He started coming closer to her nd was about to kiss her wen again she vanished from dere.

salaam-e-ishq ishq ishq salaam-e-ishq

Maan realizes that he was hallucinating again. He smiles at his thoughts nd brushes his Hair from his fingers.

[Agar ye tha Maan ka Haal to Armaan bhi tha Behaal. Kaise? U’ll come to know soon]

din bhar kuch miss karta hoon
jaane kaise khwaahish karta hoon
bheed mein tanha rehta hoon
dil kya kare

Armaan is lying on his Bed with his eyes closed thinking about shilpa. Hw there was a transformation From a stranger to a Friend nd nw may be more den a friend of Shilpa is dere in his life. Nw he don’t need anyone else except her. Whats happening to him.

bhool gaya main din saal mahina
january mein bhi aaye pasina
aata hai aaraam kahin na
dil kya kare

In his thoughts he had completely forgot that he has to Get ready for d hospital. He quickly gets up from his Bed nd started getting changing his clothes but couldn’t able to understand in which colour shirt he looks d best. Oh god! He was never Fussy about his dressing so much before.

ho…aankhon aankhon mein

He was in front of d mirror checking d first shirt wen he saw Shilpa behind her Rejecting it by putting her thumbs down.

ho… baaton baton mein

He threw dat shirt aside nd picked up another shirt to which she gives d expression like okay-okay types.

ho… le gaya koi hoooo

finally he picks up a black shirt to which Shilpa gives a bright smile nd Gives a Thumbs-up to indicate that this is d best.

ho… de gaya koi

he turns back to look at her nd found that dere was no one. He looked here nd dere nd he found himself alone in d room.

salaam-e-ishq ishq ishq salaam-e-ishq

he realizes that he’s hallucinating. He smiles nd hits his hand on his head nd started changing.


Maan reaches to office nd saw Geet is already present over dere near d conference hall. He goes to her to say something but she indicates towards d client coming. He watches her welcoming Clients everyone is seetled up nd Geet starts her Presentation. Maan wishes her Good luck through Smile.

ho ..main jo baithoon toh baitha rahoon der tak

As Geet was giving her presentation Maan was lost in watching her. He didn’t concentrate on d single word wat Geet has said all he could saw was Geet face nd her expressions.

Ho….. chal padoon toh mein chalta rahoon door tak

He unknowingly started walking towards her. He didn’t care that what if everyone Notices it.

ho… chaayi bekaraari udd gaye totey
hanss deta hoon rotey rotey
memory mein koi jaagtey sotey
dil kya kare

Geet watches him puzzled as he snatches away d file from her nd throw it aside. Gripping her hand Maan swirl her around him nd pushed her away keeping d grip fixed on her hand tight nd pulled her back.. nd bent her like a Flower.

ho… aankhon aankhon mein

He came back to his Senses nd Found himself Still sitting on d chair.

ho… baaton baton mein hooo

nd saw dat Geet Still giving d presentation nd everything is normal like before.

ho… le gaya koi

Geet gestured him by raising her eyebrows to ask Wat’s wrong?

ho… de gaya koi

To which he Nodded his head in negative to say “Nothing” Geet smiles at him.

salaam-e- ishq ishq ishq salaam-e-ishq

he again smiles at his Hallucination nd tap his head by his hand.


As Armaan entered inside d Sanjeevani she saw Shilpa in front of him wid other Interns (dis tym its not hallucination). He Followed her Everywhere she has Gone Finally stand outside d Children’s Ward where she’s playing wid a Kid. He smiles at her innocence. Den he notices someone tapping his shoulders. He turned around nd Saw Shilpa who was indicating to come Behind her nd he hypnotizingly Followed her nd reached to changing room.

hoo…raaastey bhool jata hoon meinkyon bhalla

He found himself standing at d changing Room wen he was supposed to be at rounds.

bewajaah gungunaata hoon mein kyon bhalla

He dnt know d reason why he always use to smile wen he Sees her. Y is she affecting her so much

nikloon mein phati jeans phenke
shirt ke na hosh button ke
bajjte hain sab sur dhadkan ke
dil kya kare

As he was about to leave she felt someone holding his hand nd he saw dat it was Shilpa. He smiles while she Adjusts d Collar nd buttons of his shirts. He was so happy finding Shilpa so close to him. Shilpa Too smiled nd den winks at him nd has started to leave from dere.

ho… aankhon aankhon mein

As she was about to leave from dere he holds her wrist to stop

ho… baaton baton mein

nd pulled her towards himself.

ho… le gaya koi

he tucked d hair strands behind her hairs which has falled on her face.

ho… de gaya koi

Shilpa gently kissed on his face. He smiles nd closed his eyes.

salaam-e- ishq ishq salaam-e-ishq

he opens his eyes nd found no one over dere. He touches his cheeks nd den smiles at his imagination.

ho… aankhon aankhon mein hooo

at khurana’s everyone praises Geet’s Work. Maan was happy to see her smiling.

ho… baaton baton mein

He congrats her nd left for his Cabin

ho… le gaya koi

Armaan came to locker Room

ho… de gaya koi

nd laid on d bench wid his eyes close nd smiling

salaam-e-ishq… salaam-e-ishq ishq

Maan too in his Cabin rests himself on his chair wid his Eyes close nd smiling

salaam-e-ishq salaam-e salaam-e
salaam-e-ishq salaam-e salaam-e
salaam-e-ishq salaam-e salaam-e
salaam-e-ishq salaam-e salaam-e


salaam-e-ishq oho….

Both of dem thinking about their Lady Loves Maan thinks about Geet nd Armaan about Shilpa. Both were remembering evry single moment that dey have spend wid their partners. None of dem could believe dat dey can ever fall in love. The thoughts of their respective partners has brought a wide smile. They both were lost in d aroma of love.

“I love u Geet” Said Maan slowly
“I love u Shilpa” said Armaan slowly

[p.s. Guys forgive me for weird Imagination nd pls play d song while reading dis.]


Geet came inside Maan’s Cabin nd saw him Smiling wid his eyes closed. She wondered wat made him smile so much.

Geet: Maan….

Maan opens his eyes nd saw Geet standing in front of him. He smiles nd shrugged his head in disbelief nd again closes his eyes. Geet couldn’t understand his gesture.

Geet(dis tym quite louder): Maan…..

Maan opens his eyes in jerk nd notices dat Geet is actually standing in front of him. He quickly gets up from his chair.

Maan: Geet…. u?

Geet (in dramatic way): Yes Maan. Me…. Me…. Me…..

Maan: no I mean…..

Geet: wats wrong Maan? R u okay?

Maan: ya Y?

Geet: no I mean dat u left d conference hall so soon nd here u were smiling like u have got something very precious. I haven’t seen u so much smiling before.

“Yes Geet I got something very precious. Its u” Thought Maan.

Geet: Maan.. r u listening to me?

Maan(smiles): ya Geet. I m listening only to u (he said while moving towards her).

Geet started moving backwards as he moves more closer to her. She didn’t able to understand wat was happening. Finally she fixed against d wall nd maan was so closer to her. They looked at each other’s eyes. Geet couldn’table to understand wat she lookedin his eyes. The feeling that he had never seen before. She don’t know whats happening to him nd whats happening to her too. She was never been so uncomfortable around him infact she used to do her Bak-Bak but today it seems dat she had short of words.


Maan(slowly): Geet……

Geet (looking towards him): Maan wats wrong?


Maan came back to his senses realizing wat he was doing he taken a back nd looked towards Geet who was feeling awkward. He decides to make d atmosphere light. He knows Geet cant able to handle it rite nw she needs some time. By thinking this he started laughing at her which makes Geet even more puzzled.


Geet: Maan.. y r u laughing?

Maan: omg just look at ur expressions. Geet wat do u think only u can play pranks on others.

Geet nw came back to her original avatar, she hits Maan hard on his shoulders.

Geet: omg Maan u had almost taken my breath away.

Maan: really?

Geet (not understanding d feeling behind his question): ofcourse! I m not going to leave u for dis.

Maan: nor did I?

Geet: wat?

Maan: nothing. By the way u were saying something?

Geet: o ya. Mr. chopra has liked our designs very much nd he wanted to start dis project as soon as possible nd for dat u have to sign some papers. I have already told Tasha to get dem ready so dat u can go through it nd we mail dem today itself.

Maan: ok Geet. Waise bhi I dnt need to worry wen u r in dis project.

Geet: Maan, dnt get too much confidence on me otherwise I’ll get nervous.
Maan: I’ll never let u to be nervous geet.
Geet said nothing but smiles. Suddenly Maan get a phone call from one of his client so Geet decided to go to her cabin nd let him do his work. As soon as Maan finished with his Phone call he notices dat Geet has gone from dere. He saw her through d glass nd smiled.

Maan(to himself): Geet, I know that u still treat me as ur friend nd I’ll never force myself on u. U need some time to understand my feelings towards u nd I’ll wait for d moment wen u also feel d same wat I feel for u.


On the other hand Armaan too lost in Shilpa’s thought wen he realizes that someone is shrugging his Shoulders. He opens his Eyes nd saw Shilpa over dere. He smiles nd started raising her hand to touch her to believe whether she’s actually dere or he’s again imagining. Shilpa couldn’t understand his weird behaviour.

Shilpa: Armaan……, wats wrong wid u?
Armaan got up from bench couldn’t able to understand wats happening. Is Shilpa is actually dere?
Shilpa: Armaan I m asking u something?
Armaan: nothing.
Shilpa sits next to him. She thought that Armaan is in any kind of problem.
Shilpa: Armaan wats wrong? I m noticing u from couple of days. U were nt like dat u were before. Is there any Problem? See u can tell me. May be I can help u.
Armaan looked at her. He saw d real concern in her eyes. After Riddhima it was she who has been so much concerned towards him.
Armaan: No Shilpa. Everything is fine.
Shilpa: I don’t think so Armaan. Pls tell me.
Armaan: Trust me Shilpa. Everything is fine.
Shilpa: R u sure?
Armaan: ya.
Shilpa decided to not to ask him further though she was not fully conveinced with his answer but she thinks that she’ll ask him later wen he’ll be in good mood.
Armaan: By d way Shilpa u wanted to say something to me.
Shilpa: o ya. Actually Dr. Kirti has said to me to convey u her msg. We have to leave for Lonavala Orphanage tomorrow for d regular check-ups of children over dere.
Armaan: We?
Shilpa: ya. U nd Me.
Armaan smiled after listening dis. He was happy that he was going out wid Shilpa. Shilpa notices his smile.
Shilpa: Armaan agar mujhe pata hota ki outing ki baat se tum itna khush ho jayoge to maon Dr. Kirti se pehle hi keh deti is trip k liye.
Armaan: Really Shilpa! My smile matters to u so much?
Shilpa: ofcourse Armaan. Nd nw dnt ask me y because u knw d reason.
Armaan: ya I knw. Acha I will pick u tomorrow from ur Home okay.
Shilpa: okay.
Armaan: acha nw I m going for rounds. Bye.
Shilpa: bye.
By saying dis Armaan left from dere. Shilpa dnt know y but she felt happy after seeing him smile.
Shilpa(to herself): Thank god finally he smiles. But y does it matters to me so much. Y I couldn’t able to see him in worry. Stupid! Because he’s ur friend no best friend.By saying dis she also headed towards general ward.
2 days have been passed by. It was 9:00 am in d morning. Shilpa was out of town nd she was supposed to come back next day. It was Geet’s off day from office. Maan has just came out from Shower nd getting ready for his breakfast wen he heard his cell phone ringing. He was happy to see Geet’s name on it. Maan: wat a start of my Morning! Nothing could be more pleasant then hearing her voice. (he picked up d call).
Maan: Hello!
Geet (worried): Maan!
Maan: Geet wats wrong? Y r u sounding so worried.
Geet: maan m in  gr8 problem. Pls help me out. Can u pls come rite nw to outhouse (she was almost in tears).
Maan: Geet…… Geet dnt cry nd dnt worry I m coming rite nw. ok. Pls stop worrying.
Geet: ok Maan! Come soon.
She hangs up d call. Maan couldn’t even imagine her in trouble. He quickly rushes towards outhouse. Savitri Devi tried to stop him for breakfast but he said dat there is an urgency. He can’t stop nd started heading towards outhouse. Savitri Devi Shakes his head nd thought that he’ll never change. On d way Maan was just praying that dere must not be a big trouble,

Maan(to himself): oh god! Pls help her. I can’t see her in trouble. I hope d problemn is not that big. Geet dnt worry I m coming.


Maan ran furiously inside d outhouse. He found that geet is not in d living Room nor in d kitchen. He quickly ran upstairs to her Room.

Maan (yelled): Geet… Geet where r u?

As he reached to her Room she saw Geet sitting on d Bed. Her face is sad nd tears were rolling from her eyes. He quickly ran towards her nd sits beside her in d bed.

Maan (restlessly): Geet…. Geet wat happen? Tum ro kyun rahi ho?

She said nothing but continues sobbing.

Maan: Geet…… wat happen?

This time she looked at him wid her teary eyes

Maan: Geet….. Atleast tell me wat happen? I can’t see u like dis.

Geet (sobbing): Maan…. Maan….

Maan: ya Geet tell me.

She pointed towards d table in front of her. Maan looks d whole room but couldn’t able to understand what was she trying to say.

Maan: Geet wat r u trying to say?

Geet: Maan…. Maan mera laptop

Maan: haan…..

Geet: mera laptop kharab ho gaya hai

Maan (trying to check whether he heard it rite): Wat?

Geet: haan mera Laptop kharab ho gaya hai.

He gets up wid d Jerk still didn’t believe wat he’s listening.

Maan: Wat Laptop kharab ho gaya?

She Nodded in yes very innocently. Maan just slapped his Head in irritation.

Maan: Geet. Ye tumhari problem thi? For which u make me run from Mansion to outhouse? For dis Stupid Laptop?

Geet wiped her tears nd gets back to her original avatar. How dare he Called her laptop stupid.

Geet: Hey! Hw dare u called my Laptop Stupid? U knw its been gifted by Vindhya Di nd Vansh Bhaiya wen I got selected in Architecture school. Nd by d way I haven’t said u to come here running. Tum paidal bhi aa sakte the.


Maan closed his eyes nd put his hand on his forehead nd sits on d bed nd started smiling Geet too sits beside her.

Geet: I don’t believe dis. U were smiling on my Condition?

Maan (looks at her): Geet, tum such mein paagal ho (den takes a deep breath) Acha batao kya hua tumhare Laptop ko?

Geet: I don’t know. It was working perfectly Fine but suddenly it stopped working nd wen I restart it to baar baar reboot ho raha hai.

Maan: ok let me check it!

Geet: y r u a Software Engineer?

Maan: no I m not but may be I would be able to help u.

Geet: ok.

Geet get him d laptop from dere nd give it to him. He examines d laptop for few minutes but couldn’t able to figure out wat’s d problem is?

Maan: Geet I m not able to figure out wats d problem is?

Geet: Maine to pehle hi kaha tha ki tumse nahi hoga.

Maan: Geeettttttttttt…….

Geet: nw stop chanting my name nd tell me what should I do nw?

Maan: we have to show it to a Software engineer. I guess its Operating System has been corrupted.

Geet: But I Don’t know anyone over here. Shit!

Maan: Geet Dnt worry. Main hoon na tumhare sath.

Geet looked at him wen he said dis. Maan realizes what did he just said.

Maan: I mean to say….. I’ll help u out. Actually there’s a friend of Armaan who is Software engineer I’ll speak to him nd he’ll cure ur Laptop.

Geet: But the Files saved in it?

Maan: Geet.. aisi kaun si files hai tumhare Laptop me?

Geet: Kishore Kumar’s Songs, Some of D snaps of me nd my friends of Amritsar, some Videos of Events held at college nd many more.

Maan: Geet, I dnt believe dis. Tum in sab ke liye itna pareshan ho rahi ho. I mean u were talking like these r some Confidential Files of NASA project.

Geet (in a sad Mood): Leave it Maan u wont understand.

Maan realizes dat he had said a lot in teasing nd Geet feels low.

Maan: Acha Baba sorry. Ok I’ll ask him to try to save d files ok.

Geet (smiles): really?

Maan: ya.

Geet: thanx Maan. U r really very nice.

Maan: its ok. Nw if ur Thank u session has been over then I go back I haven’t take d Breakfast yet not even a Coffee.

Geet: Wat? Maan tum paagal ho kya? Is tarah se koi Breakfast skip karta hai.

Maan: Acha Main paagal hoon. Madam because of u only I haven’t take d breakfast.

Geet: Because of me?

Maan: ya remember wat u said on phone.” maan m in  gr8 problem. Pls help me out. Can u pls come rite nw to outhouse” (said enacting like her)

Geet: oh Sorry actually I got worried nd I dnt know whom to call. But do u have any Commonsense or not. I haven’t said u to skip ur Breakfast nd come.

Maan(irritated): Geet, I have came here to help u out because u were crying on phone nd I cant bear to see u crying. I left my breakfast nd coffee because of u nd nw u r blaming me for not having breakfast. Its really Impossible to understand u girls.

Geet listened to him quietly not believing wat did he said just nw. She is been so important to him she has never thought of dat. Maan too realizes that he has said a lot he was almost going to say his feelings for her. They looked at each other for few minutes. Dnt knw wat to say. After few minutes Both of dem decided to break d silence.


“Sorry” they both said together nd den looked at each other.

Maan: Sorry wo shayad main kuch zyada bol gaya.

Geet: No I m sorry. Mujhe tumhe aise subah subah pareshan nahi karna chahiye tha

Maan: no Geet dnt be. I m ur friend na. U can bother me any time.

Geet: No but still mujhe bhi sochna chahiye tha that I m bothering u in d morning that too for dis Stupid Laptop.

Maan: Hey Don’t u dare to call it Stupid? Dnt u know that its been gifted by Vindhya Di nd Vansh bhaiya wen u got selected in Architecture school.

Geet saw him repeating her words. She couldn’t help herself laughing. Maan too smiled seeing her laughing. He can do anything to bring her smile back because dis is d best part of her. Not in his Worst nightmare he can think of being Geet in trouble. Geet noticed that Maan is watching her laughing she controls herself.

Geet: Acha Maan dnt worry u sit over here. I’ll go nd make Coffee for u nd ya breakfast also.

Maan: No geet. Its okay I’ll take it at d mansion.

Geet: Relax maan u can have it here. Waise bhi main itni bhi buri Cook nahin hoon.

Maan: Matlab ki tum maanti ho ki tum buri cook ho.

Geet: Maan…..

Maan: Geet…..

Geet: Maan stop it nw.

Maan: Acha baba fine. Nw go md make d breakfast fast. I m damn hungry.

Geet: just 10 mins. I’ll be rite back.

She left from dere. Maan stood dere watching her going. Den looked at whole room there was a tym wen he used to live over here nd nw its someone else room no its his Geet room. He saw dat 2-3 novels were lying on d table. He goes over dere nd picked up one novel which titled “I too Had a love Story”

“So Ms. Geet Malhotra use to read Romantic Novels” he muttered. He flipped through d pages nd Found dat last page was quite wet as there was someone’s tears over dere. He couldn’t understand nd kept it back over dere. Den he found some Albums nd diary which were arranged on d Shelf. He opens d Album in which he found Childhood Pics of Both Geet nd Shilpa. Geet’s Group photograph of 12th standard. He was looking for Geet in it as he couldn’t able to recognize in so many faces wen he noticed her diary. He Picked it up nd saw d heading


“Geet Malhotra’s Diary. Open at ur Own Risk if u r reading it without my Permission. Dnt blame me that I didn’t warn u before” he smiles reading her warning.


“Dnt worry Ms. Geet malhotra I’ll not blame u” he muttered nd about to open it wen Geet entered d Room wid a tray.


Geet: Maan…. Wat r u doing?

Maan turned to look at her. Diary was still at his hand. He got a bit scared as he doesn’t want to let d Geet know that he’s reading her diary.




Armaan nd Shilpa were at Lonavala Orphanage nd its their last day over dere so they were every Child carefully nd explaining dem about hygiene nd symptoms of some diseases. Shilpa notices dat He had a very good Bonding wid Childrens over dere. Dis is d first tym wen she had a visit to any orphanage but it seems that Armaan has visited many times to this Orphanage. Ofcourse he had after all he’s a senior Doctor” she thought. After Armaan finished with all d check-ups He came to Shilpa who was watching her smilingly.

Armaan: Wat happen Shilpa? Y were u smiling like dat?

Shilpa: Nothing just watching ur Bonding with these children. Seems u know dem very well.

Armaan: Ya Shilpa its not my first tym wen I came over here.

Shilpa: ya I knw after all u r a Senior Doctor

Armaan: ya but for u I m still urs….. (den he stops as he watches Shilpa got shocked wen he uses d word urs) Arey baba dnt get so much nervous I mean to say that I m still ur friend.

Shilpa (smiles): I knw. Acha Armaan if u dnt mind can I ask u something?

Armaan: ya Shilpa u can ask me anything?

Shilpa: Who is Riddhima?

Armaan got shocked at dis Question. Why is she asking about Riddhima? Did someone told her about his relationship wid Riddhima? Nd wat if she’ll not understand it? But sooner or later he had to tell her about Riddhima? He was lost in these thoughts wen Shilpa again Questioned.

Shilpa: wat happen Armaan? Did I asked something Wrong?

Armaan: who told u about Riddhima?

Shilpa: wo actually wen I was examining Bunty then he told me that u use to come over here wid Riddhima during routine check-ups nd he was surprise to see me wid u this tym. Dats y I asked u. u haven’t told me anything about her yet. U haven’t taken even her name till nw.

Armaan: is it necessary to tell Shilpa.

Shilpa: Armaan its all ur Choice. But if u consider me as ur friend den u can tell me.

Armaan: ofcourse I consider u mine. I mean my friend. I’ll tell u everything.


Den he narrates his whole past to her, the past which he had decided to forget forever but today he has to relive d whole thing once again because its necessary for Shilpa to know about his past.


He told everything to her How he met Riddhima, hw was he before meeting her nd everything changes wen she came to his Life. Their stupid fights, the night spend in jungle, the bet, then a huge fight nd den patch up nd after dat again lots of misunderstanding, their Confession at Hospital’s room, then d efforts he had made to make Riddhima’s father to get agree on their marriage, their roka nd after dat their Fight due to which he decided to left d city after which he had a major Accident due to which he had lost his memory. He had forgetten everything but still he feels an attraction towards Riddhima nd wen he came to know about his Relationship wid Riddhima he couldn’t able to believe it first but den he realizes his love for her nd den d Terrorist Attack at Sanjeevani on d day of their Engagement which changes their life forever. He came to know that he was suffering from Partial Amnesia as his head was struck wid Glass table wen riddhima was get shooted nd felll upon him. He didn’t want her life to be spoiled so he quietly gone out from her life without explaining her anything nd let her think that he has betrayed her. He knew that it’ll be tough for Riddhima but still he did dat for her Happiness nd wen he came back after his treatment after 9months to Sanjeevani he found her married to someone else. He couldn’t able to absorb dis Bitter truth initially but den he decided to move on in his life nd let her live happily in her life.


After Telling his whole past he turned to face Shilpa who was standing their in tears. Armaan couldn’t understand what makes her cry.

Armaan: Shilpa, wat happen? Y were u crying?

Shilpa said nothing but quickly hugged him. Armaan hesitates first but den he also hugged her back. Shilpa has never thought that dere may be so much pain in his Life. He never let her or anyone realize dat. For d First time she is crying in someone else pain. She use to make Fun of Geet wen she use to have tears in her eyes reading novels nd all dat but today she herself was crying. She don’t know why d pain of Armaan has ached her so much. he was in so much in love wid someone nd has got so much pain in it but still he pretends nw that nothing has happened in his life like dat. Armaan who was continuously patting her don’t know how to stop her crying. Finally Shilpa realizes that she’s hugging him so she broke d Hug nd den looked into his eyes.

Armaan: Shilpa, tell me wat happen?

Shilpa: Armaan, u have been in so much pain nd u didn’t tell me yet.

Armaan: because I wanted to forget my past Shilpa.

Shilpa: Den y did u told me today?

Armaan: Because u wanted to know it.

Shilpa: Am I being so important to u dat u didn’t mind reliving those painful moments again?

Armaan: Ask to urself Shilpa, u’ll get the Answer.

Shilpa: But Armaan…….

Armaan: Ssshhhh…… (he said by putting his finger on her lips nd den wiping her tears) Shilpa, u r important to me. U r d person to whom I wanted to share my Joys nd Sorrows Forever nd dis pain doesn’t matter to me until u r wid me. Nd nw don’t ask me y because I cant able to answer u now. Nd nw stop crying because u dnt look good wen u cry.

Shilpa smiles at dis.

Armaan: Yes dats like Shilpa Malhotra.

Shilpa: Thanx Armaan.

Armaan: for wat?

Shilpa: For Considering me such an important part of ur life. Nd nnw don’t say any Senti line again otherwise I’ll again cry.

Armaan: ok I’ll not say but I was not knowing that u r so Emotional.

Shilpa: no I m not.

Armaan: Den y did u cry?

Shilpa: I don’t know y but ur pain Ached me nd nw dnt ask me y because I myself dnt know d Answer.

Armaan: its ok Shilpa u take ur time to find out d answer nd den tell me.

Shilpa was about to say something wen Warden of Orphanage has called her so she left from dere.

Armaan(To himself): Shilpa I think I know d reason behind dis because u had also started feeling d same way like I feel for u. But I’ll give u time to accept ur Feelings for me.

By saying dis he also left from dere.


In Geet’s Room Maan was still standing with Geet’s Diary. He tries to hide it wen Geet came inside d room.

Geet: Maan…. tell me wat r u doing? Nd wat r u hiding?

Maan: ummm…… Nothing Geet

Geet: No u r hiding Something. Show me.

Maan: No geet there’s nothing.

Geet knews dat Maan will not agree like dis. She kept the tray aside nd rushed towards him.

Geet: Maan show me wats dat?

Maan: Geet…… Geet its nothing.

Suddenly geet notices d part of her Diary.

Geet: Maan u were having my Diary na.

Maan: No not at all.

Geet: dnt try to act Maan. I have seen give it back.

Maan: but y Geet? Aisa kya hai isme?

Geet: Maan pls its personal. U cant read anyone’s Personal Diary.

Maan: So wen m I saying dat I m reading Someone else’ diary. It of my friend.

Geet: Whatever, but u’ll not read it.

Maan: I m going to read it.

Geet saw that he was about to open it.

Geet: tum aise nahi manoge.

She tries to snatch it from him.

Maan: Geet Kya kar rahi ho?

Geet: taking my diary Back from u.

They both for it for few minutes none of dem were ready to give up but still dey fight like Fourth graders. Suddenly Geet lost her Balance nd she fell on bed nd Maan above her. Geet skipped a heartbeat by being so close to him nd Maan couldn’t able to take his eyes off from her face. They both have an eyelock for some moments den maan came back to his senses nd broke d gaze nd get up from dere. Geet also get up from bed. She saw that Maan is feeling uncomfortable she decided to take d Benefit of it. She quickly snatched d Diary from him nd Maan looked at her Surprisingly.

Maan: Geet, give it to me.

Geet: Pls Maan. I cant do that.

Maan (annoyingly): ok fine u dnt consider me as ur friend. Ok I m going.

Geet: But Breakfast?

Maan: u have it.

He was about to go wen she hold his hand to stop.

Geet: Pls Maan try to understand. I dnt let anyone to read it. Not even Vindhya Di. Pls dnt get angry.

Maan who was enjoying her teasing her smiles nd den looks at her angrily.

Geet: I m sorry Maan. But atleast have d breakfast.

She was about to cry den maan realizes that he has teased her a lot den needed.

Maan: Geet….. Geet rona nahi. I was just kidding. Ok I’ll have breakfast nd will not read ur Diary but on one Condition.

Geet: Wat?

Maan: u have to show me all dose albums lying over dere (he pointed towards d table).

Geet: ya sure. Nw have d breakfast.

She brings d tray nd Maan was surprised to see Pasta in it.

Maan: Geet Pasta?

Geet: ya u like it na.

Maan: ya but u dnt like Italian? Infact u cant stand anyone eating Italian in front of u. not even Shilpa.

Geet: Maan wen u can take me to an Indian Restaurant nd have Indian for me den atleast I can cook Italian for u. nd dnt worry I dnt like Italian but I know how to cook Pasta.

Maan: But Geet, y u had so much issues in eating Italian.

Geet: bas aise hi. I don’t like it. Acha nw have it fast.

Maan: ok.

He had his breakfast but notices that geet is not having her breakfast.

Maan: Geet y u r not eating?

Geet: I already had.

Maan: Jhooth! U haven’t eaten anything yet.

Geet: Hw do u know?

Maan: because I m here with u from last 45 mins. Nd before dat I can bet dat u were busy wid ur laptop problem. Rite.

She nodded in yes.

Maan: nw common u also take something. Pasta to tum khayogi nahi have some fruit atleast. (he said while Offering Fruit chat to her)

She takes it nd start having. After sometime wen dey both were finished wid their Breakfast. Maan asked her to show d albums. Geet showed him d album wen she was at school.

Maan: geet inme se tum kaun si ho?

Geet: D one at d corner.

Maan: Dnt tell me. Dis? (he asked in disbelief)

Geet: ya y?

Maan: nothing. Waise u r looking very Cute in ur school dress.

Geet (blushing): Shut up Maan.

Maan: no I m serious. Acha who’s dis handsome guy standing next to u?

Geet gets serious to his question.

Geet: just a classmate.

Maan: really but it doesn’t seem so. In dis pic it seems dat u both share a very warm friendship. See (he shows d photo to her)

Geet: no Maan its nothing like dat. He’s only a classmate.

Maan (not fully Conveinced): ok fine. Acha Geet. Wens ur B’day.

Geet: 25th oct. y?

Maan: nothing just asking like dat only. Not so far.

Geet: ya. But y u r asking it?

Maan: arey I m ur friend na. I must know everything about u..

Geet: ya I knw.

Maan: Acha nw let me concentrate on albums.

Geet: haan to concentrate wen did I stop u.

Maan smiles at dis nd get busy in watching albums.

Maan (to himself): Geet u wont understand y m I asking ur B’day because I wanted to do Something Special on ur b’day. Just wait nd watch.

He smiles nd again started watching albums. suddenly he reminds of something.

Maan: Acha Geet! wat kind of novel is dat. wats it title…. ya ” I Too had a love story”

Geet: oh dat! dats d best novel i have ever read. u know its on topmost in my list of Favourites.

Maan: y wats so unusual in dat novel. that is also a romantic novel.

Geet: i cant explain it to u. u have to read it.

She get up to take d novel nd handed over to him.

Geet: u know i cried for 6 hrs. after reading dis.

Maan: C’mon Geet dis can’t be true u were crying after reading dis. it was just a Fiction Novel.

Geet: no its d writer’s love for his Girlfriend.

Maan: Geet…. that was a publicity stunt.

Geet: watever u say Maan but for me its d true love of Writer for his Girlfriend. but u wont understand it.

Maan: y?

Geet: because u havent fall in love wid anyone yet. u r better wid ur Business magazines.

Geet’s words hurts somewhere in his heart. hw can she say dat he havent fall in love wid anyone yet. but den he thought dat geet knows nothing about his feelings. So he made himself relaxed.

Maan: ok baba fine i’ll read it.

Geet: one more thing i want to say to u?

Maan: wat?

Geet: dnt read it using ur mind. read it using ur heart. It’ll definately bring tears in ur eyes. i can bet dat.

Maan: lets See.

He has taken novel from her. den he looked at his watch. it was about to be 11.30.

Maan: Geet, i have to go nw. Dadimaa must be worrying about me. i havent told her anything where m i going.

Geet: ok bye.

he had started headed towards door den stops nd looked at Geet.

Maan: nd dnt worry about ur laptop. it’ll be fine soon. nd about dis novel i’ll let u know whether i like it or not.


By saying dis he left from dere. geet watched him going smilingly.

Geet (to Herself): thanx Maan! for coming into my life.


Maan comes back to Mansion wid a smile on his Face. The novel is still in his hand but he was Lost in Geet’s Thoughts. Savitri Devi was walking restlessly in d Living Room

Waiting for Maan to come as he has gone out without even taking d Breakfast but wen she saw him smiling she understands from where is he coming.


Savitri Devi: Wat happen Maan? Aaj aap kafi muskura rahe hai?

Maan (tries to hide his smile): hmmm…. nahi to Dadimaa.

Savitri Devi: Dnt hide it from me Maan. Hum aapko bachpan se jaante hai. Waise aap ye Shatabdi Express ki speed se gaye kahan the.

Maan: wo Dadimaa, Geet ek problem me thi aur main…..

Savitri Devi: bas.. ab aage kuch bhi kehne ki zarurat nahi hai. hum samajh gaye .

Maan: Dadi….

Savitri Devi: Maan I m really happy for u. finally u knw hw to live ur life. (den looks at his hand) wats dat in ur hand?

Maan: oh dis? It’s a novel geet has given me to read.

Savitri Devi took d novel from him nd looks at its title den looks at maan nd gives a mischeivious smile.

Savitri Devi: So since wen Maan Singh Khurana has started reading romantic novels.

Maan: Dadimaa, u r getting wrong. I brought dis Novel because Geet has insisted me to read it thatsy

Savitri Devi: its ok maan. I haven’t ask for any clarifications. U carry on.

Maan: Nahin Dadimaa…….

Savitri devi smiles nd headed towards her room. Maan looks at d novel nd den smiles too.




At nite Geet as usual reading her novel wen her cell phone rang. She saw Maan’s name flashing over dere.


Geet(to herself): So Mr. Maan Singh Khurana finally u read d novel.

She picks up d call.

Geet: Hello!

No reply from dat side.

Geet: Hello maan u dere?

Maan: ya….. Geet

Geet: wats wrong maan? R u fine? (she could sense dat maan’s voice was normal. It sounds depressed)

Maan: ya geet everything is fine.

Geet: No maan something is wrong…… Wait! U read d novel rite?

Maan kept silence on dis

Geet: Maan, its not bad if u cry after reading dis nd u can share wid me. Tumhare Share prices gir nahin jayenge.

Maan: Hw do u know that I was crying?

Geet: Maan I can tell by ur breath dat in wat mood u r?

Maan: really?

Geet realizes wat did she just said.

Geet: ya Maan, afterall I knw u from such a long time.

Maan: ya, waise u r rite the writer truly loves his love.

Geet: I told u.

Maan: Waise Geet u haven’t been in love before?

Geet: yes I m.

Maan was not expecting dis answer. He thought that there was no one else except him in her lyf.

Maan: oh! Who’s it?

Geet: Hai koi? Secret hai

Maan: Geet pls tell na.

Geet: Maan bolo na secret hai.

Maan (irritated): pls tell me geet or I’ll not talk to u.

Geet: ok if u r insisting I m going to tell his name to u. his name is Parth.

Maan(getting serious): Parth! From hw long u both were in relationship

Geet: uummm…. From 4 years.

Maan: nd u haven’t told me yet.

Geet: u haven’t asked me yet.

Maan: where is he nw?

Geet: he’s in US.

Maan (nw getting almost shattered): What does he doing over dere?

Geet: Completing his studies

Maan: wat kind of studies? Is he also doing Architecture?

Geet: No no, he’s in Nursery.

Maan: oh ok! (Wait wat did she said just). Wat? Wat did u said just nw?

Geet: ya he’s in nursery.

Maan: Nursery? Geet of whom u r talking about?

Geet: parth, my nephew nd Vindhya Di’s Son (den she broke into laughter)

Maan: Geeeetttttt……

Geet: kyun Maan? Tumhe kya laga?

Maan: Geet, u have almost killed me. For a moment I thought that u r really in love wid someone.

Geet: Maan relax! U r behaving like a typical fiance. I was only kidding. U only think if I would have been in love wid someone else then Y should I get engaged wid u?

Maan said nothing. He thought that Geet is rite if she was in love then their relationship will never be at d stage where it is nw. Geet is not in love wid anyone has brought Smile nd Relief in his Face.

Geet: maan u dere?

Maan: ya. By d way y did u tease me.

Geet: it’s a revenge! Remember that day at office u played a prank on me.

Maan: oh! U have to pay for this Ms. Geet Malhotra.

Geet: We’ll see mr. Maan Singh Khurana.

Maan: Acha Geet, its very late nw. u should sleep nw otherwise again tomorrow u’ll get infection.

Geet: Maan, u care so much for me?

Maan: I have to Geet. Afterall I m ur Fiance (he chuckled)

Geet: ya ya I knw mr. Fiance.

Maan: good nite. Sweet dreams.

Geet: good nite maan. Aur haan Ab rona mat warna tomorrow it’ll be d front page Headlines of every newspaper.

Maan: I knw dnt worry I’ll nt cry nd I was nt crying also. Wo to I just got a bit emotional.

Geet: Maan, u knw wat? U cant say lie so dnt try it ok.

Maan: ok baba, waise bhi tumse baton me kabhi jeet paya hoon.

Geet: ya aur jeetoge bhi nahi. Chalo good nite.

Maan: Good nite.

She hang up. For d first time Geet didn’t mind Maan Calling himself as her fiance. She dnt know why but she likes his Company. She likes to get dependant on him, talking to him endlessly. She likes wen he care for her so much.

“Is he getting more den a friend to me” She thought but den she didn’t find any answer for his question.

Geet(looking upwards): Babaji! Yeh sab kya ho raha hai? mujhe to kuch samajh nahi aa raha, aap hi kuch batao.

Saying dis she went to sleep



1 week has been passed Since Shilpa returned from Lonavala nd since she returned she is not d same as she was before. She has changed. Since d day Armaan has told her about his past she felt an unknown attraction towards him not as a friend but something more den that. She dnt know what to called it but there is something unusual feeling den friendship nd Geet is nw at d same stage where once Maan was, in d diallema about her relationship wid maan. This much she was sure dat Maan is becoming more den a friend to him but still she is not ready to accept dat she can Actually fall for anyone.



Its been 2:00 pm nd Geet is in Maan’s Cabin. They were discussing about the Chopra’s Project but Geet is hardly listening to anything. She is lost somewhere. She didn’t concentrate on any word wat Maan says.

Maan: Geet, Mr. Chopra has called dis morning. He says dat he’ll be going to London after 2 weeks so in his Absence his Nephew will handle dis Project. So I was thinking that…….

Den he looks up at geet who seems to be lost somewhere. Sadness can easily be noticeable from her face. Maan couldn’t understand wats d reason is.

Maan: Geet

She still didn’t respond.

Maan(raises his Voice): Geet….. R u listening?

She came back into senses.

Geet: ya Maan……. Sorry wat were u saying?

Maan: wats wrong Geet? R u feeling fine?

Geet: ya Maan. I m fine (she tried to smile Fakely)

Maan gets up from his chair nd came closer to her. She was looking downwards. He raises up her face through chin nd notices d tears in her eyes.

Maan: Geet…… Wat happen? Y these tears?

Geet: oh! Nothing Maan. I guess something has gone in my eyes.

Maan: dnt lie Geet. I knw u. tell me wats wrong?

Geet: trust me Maan. Nothing is wrong. I just go nd wash my eyes ok den catch u in Discussion.

By saying dis she left from dere nd rushed to Washroom where she cried a lot. On d other hand Maan in his Cabin was getting worried wats wrong wid her. As far as he know her laptop is nw working nd he cant think of any other problem also. Den wats wrong. Did she had a Fight wid Shilpa? Then he thought that its not possible as they both love each other so much.


“May be Shilpa knows d reason” He muttered. He started dialing Shilpa’s No. but it continuously comes Switched Off. So he decided to call Armaan.


Armaan: Hey Buddy! Wats up?

Maan: Nothing much Armaan. Is shilpa over dere?

Armaan: Oye hoye. Today asking about ur Sister-in-law. Nice!

Maan: Armaan pls be serious. I m not in a mood of joke.

Armaan: wats wrong Maan. U sound worried.

Maan: ya Armaan (den he narrates d whole incident to him). I m not able to understand Armaan wats wrong wid her. Datsy I tried to call Shilpa but her Cell is been switched off so I called u.

Armaan: Dude! The thing u were telling to me d same I noticed wid Shilpa also. She was also lost somewhere since Morning. Didn’t able to concentrate neither on briefing nor on any patients. Infact she got Scolded by Dr. Kirti Also. I tried to talk to her but she didn’t said anything.

Maan: I don’t understand wats wrong with these Sisters. Chalo Armaan I m hanging up nw. Geet is coming. If u comes to anything den do let me know.

Armaan: Sure dude.

Maan hangs up as he saw Geet coming inside his cabin.

Geet: Ya Maan tell me wat r u saying?

Maan notices dat Geet eyes were red. She must have cried a lot in washroom but he have to be normal wid her until he knows d reason behind dis. He knows very well that Geet will not tell herself. He has to find it out by some other way.

Maan: huh….. nothing important Geet we’ll discuss it later. Y don’t u just go to ur cabin nd rest for sometime by d tym I’ll finish wid one of my important Call (he said while looking at his cell phone).

Geet: ok, inform me wen u’ll be free.

Maan: ya sure.

Geet left from dere nd maan started walking restlessly in his cabin. He don’t know how to figure out Geet’s Problem. Suddenly he reminds of Something.

“Vindhya Di” He muttered nd started dialing her no.

Vindhya: Hello!

Maan: Di! Its me Maan.

Vindhya: Maan! Wat a pleasant Surprise! Hw come u called me today?

Maan: Di I need to talk something imp. To u

Vindhya: is Everything ok Maan? Is Geet fine?

Maan: ya Di Geet is perfectly Fine. Actually its related to her only (den he tells her everything happened in Cabin) Di I couldn’t understand wats wrong.

Vindhya: I knw Maan, Why is she sad today

Maan: Y di?

Vindhya: Actually Maan today is Geet’s Dad Death Anniversary. She considers dis day as d worst day of her life. She was so much Attached to her Dad nd dats d reason y is she sad today.

Maan looks through d glass at Geet who was struggling hard to wipe away her tears nd tries to concentrate on her work.

Vindhya: Maan…. u dere na?

Maan: ya Di! I’ll talk to u later. Thanx for telling.

Vindhya: ur welcome Maan. Take care.

Maan hangs up. Now he understands y geet was upset since morning. He has to do something to cheer her up. Suddenly he thought of a plan. He headed towards Geet’s cabin. Geet got surprised to see Maan in his cabin.

Geet: Maan, y did u came here? Anything imp.

Maan: ya Geet, actually dere’s an urgent meeting wid Mr. Chopra so we have to leave Rite nw. I m waiting for u in d car. Come fast ok.

By saying dis he started heading outside d office. Geet tooks her bag nd started following him. On d way to Downstairs Maan informed Armaan wat he came to know From Vindhya. Nw Armaan also thinking some way to cheer up Shilpa. As soon as Geet sits in d Car Maan started driving. Dey didn’t share a word during journey. Suddenly Maan Stops d car near a park. Geet couldn’t understand y Maan stops here.

Maan: Wo… Actually Mr. Chopra will be late so I thought instead of waiting somewhere else y not spend sometime in d Park.

Geet Agreed to it nd gets down from d car. Dey both headed towards Park nd sat on d bench. Maan doesn’t know from where to start d conversation. Suddenly he saw an Ice-cream Stall.

Maan: ice cream?

Geet: ok. But….

Maan: I know Butter Scotch flavour

Geet: ya.

Maan goes to take d Ice-cream nd Geet was still sitting on d bench. Suddenly she saws a Kid Playing wid his Father nd she remembers her time wen she use to go out wid her Dad. This again brings Tears in her eyes. She was still crying wen Maan came to her. He looked towards d direction where Geet is looking nd he realizes what makes her cry once again.


Maan(to himself): Park me aane ka idea hi bura tha. Ab kya karoon?

Maan: Geet…..

Geet wipes her tears nd looked at him.

Geet: Maan lets go from here. I mean Mr. Chopra must have arrived.

Maan: ya sure.

Dey Both again headed towards car. Nw Maan dnt know where to take her where she feels better suddenly one more place came into his Mind so he started driving towards it.




In Sanjeevani Shilpa is standing on terrace alone. She needs sometime to be alone to cry so that no one can see her pain but she didn’t know that someone is their who cant see her in pain. It was Armaan who was searching her in whole Hospital finally he came to know from a nurse that she has gone towards terrace. He reached their nd saw Shilpa standing over dere. He could feel her pain. He started walking towards her. Shilpa didn’t realize dat Armaan is standing behind her.

Armaan: Shilpa……

As soon as Shilpa heard his Voice he quickly wipes away her tears nd brought a smile on her face nd turned towards him.

Shilpa: Armaan! Tum kuch kaam tha. O ha there must be an emergency. Lets go!

Armaan: Shilpa! U were crying?

Shilpa: nahin to. Who said?

Armaan: den wat r u doing at terrace?

Shilpa: oh dat! Actually I was in a bad mood. I m habitual na getting scolded by anyone except Di. Thatswhy. Nw I m fine. Lets Go!

She was about to go towards Door wen Armaan stops her by holding her hand. Shilpa didn’t turned back to look at him because she knows that she couldn’t able to hide her pain from him. Armaan started walking towards her nd turned her face towards him.

Armaan: Shilpa! U consider me as ur friend?

Shilpa: ya Armaan wat a stupid Question?

Armaan: den y r u trying to hide ur tears nd pain from me?

Shilpa looks at Armaan. She was surprised to know that Armaan can read her pain.

Shilpa: Because I m used to of it Armaan. Hiding my pain from Di, From Mom, from everyone. Because I know if I cry in front of Di then She’ll  be shattered. After Dad’s death she has never let me feel his absence nd if I let her know about my pain to her then she’ll blame to herself for it. Nd that I cant see.

Armaan: Shilpa, u can share ur tears nd pain wid me. I’ll always be there for u.

As Armaan completes his sentence Shilpa couldn’t control herself from stop Crying. She broke into tears. She didn’t realize wen she hugs Armaan. Armaan too hugs her to assure her that he’ll be always be there for her. They hugged each other for sometime den Shilpa realizes what is she doing. She broke d Hug nd looked at Armaan. Armaan wipes her tears nd asked if she was feeling fine den shall dey go back for their Duties. Shilpa agrees to it nd dey both headed towards their Duties.



Geet watches Maan Driving towards d Beach. She didn’t understand Maan’s Behaviour Today so she decided to ask him.

Geet: Maan where were we Going?

Maan: Geet I talked to Mr. Chopra. He’ll take some more time to come so I thought to spend some time at Beach. Waise bhi its near to the Venue of meeting.

Geet: ok.

Maan stops d Car nd dey both get down to car nd started heading towards beach nd get themselves Seated on d rock. Geet was looking endlessly to the sea waves. She didntsaid a word nd Maan cant tolerate dis. He gets used of her nonsense Bak-Bak.

Maan: u know Geet….. Wenever I feel low I use to come over here nd watch these waves like u r watching rite nw nd it relaxed me very much.

Geet looked at him.

Geet: so today u r feeling Low?

Maan: wen did I said dat?

Geet: den y u came here?

Maan: Because today u r feeling low nd nw dnt start ur mellowdramatic Dialogues ” Nahi Maan aisa nahi hai. bas kaam ka pressure hai isiliye” because I knw whats wrong wid u.

Geet: Maan tumhe kaise pata….

Maan: Geet imp ye nahi hai ki mujhe kaise pata imp yeh hai ki tumne mujhe nahin bataya. Kyun Geet? Cant I stand anywhere in ur life?

Geet: no maan its not like dat.

Maan: den wat?

Geet: Maan actually I didn’t want to share my pain wid anyone. After dad’s death I had made myself stronger enough to control myself. I was 8 years old wen Dad has passed away nd after dat I never realized what my childhood is. All I know is my responsibilities towards my Family nd dat makes me even more stronger nd I never shared my pain wid anyone nt even wid Vindhya Di to whom I share everything.

Maan: den hw come u sharing it wid me?

Geet (looking towards him): i dont know Maan, but i felt like sharing it wid u.

Maan was listening to her quietly. He cant imagine that geet can talk so maturely. The girl who always use to talk useless is actually a mature girl. She’s really different from other girls of her age who just use to talk about fashions, boy friends nd all dat stuff. He wanted to take all her pain away from her.

Maan: Geet, u can share ur pain wid me. Aur waise bhi its not bad if u cry in front of me. Tumhara bak-bak karne ka Stamina kam nahin ho jayega (den looks at her)

Geet reminds of something nd started smiling nd den again started crying. Maan didn’t stop her this tym from crying. He wanted her to wipe away all her pain which she has hidden in her heart from so many years so that she’ll feel light. He wrapped his arms around her. She hid her face in his chest nd cried. Maan closed her eyes nd holding close to her. He wanted to tell her that she’s never be alone. He’ll always be there wid her but not a single word came out from his mouth. He knews that his Gesture said everything to her. At that tym it seems dat if dey were the only two peoples that exists. Slowly d sun starts to set but Maan didn’t want to let her go from his Embrace. This is d first time wen Geet has shared something close to her heart from him nd he cant let this moment go.

Maan(slowly): Geet, u r not alone. I m wid u always.


The sun has setted nd it was getting dark wen Geet realizes dat she was in Maan’s Embrace from so long the moment she realized it she backed out from his Embrace. She was feeling Awkward to hug him so long but wen she looked at him He assured her through Gesture that she has done nothing wrong.

Geet: I think we should go nw.

Maan: ok. But r u feeling fine.

Geet: ya very much.

Maan: ok.

Maan stood up nd lent his hand to help her get up. Geet reached for his hand nd get up. After dat dey both headed towards Car nd as soon as dey got in Maan started Driving. On d way Geet reminded of Something.

Geet: Maan, we have Meeting wid Mr. Chopra na?

Maan: No Geet.

Geet: But u said dat…..

Maan (looking at her): I lied.

Geet: But y maan?

Maan: Because if I told u d actual Reason for coming out den u’ll never get Agreed. So dats d only way to getting u out from d office.

Geet looks at him. Day by Day he’s making her Feel dat she’s Special for him. And as he’s doing dat there’s a new Feelings arising in Geet’s Heart for him. The Feelings that she never wanted to be arise. So why is she thinking all dis nd y is he doing all dis for her? Dis is the Second tym he left his office for her. Y? he could get 100 times better girls den her den y is he doing all dis for her? She looked at Maan who is constantly concentrating on his Driving. She closed her eyes to get away from all her thoughts wen Maan notices her discomfort.

Maan: Geet, wats Wrong?

Geet: huh…. Nothing Maan. Just feeling tired.

Maan: hhhmmmm… I can sense dat. Y not have some Coffee? There is a Coffee Shop in a way nd I really like Coffee of dat shop.

Geet: ya sure

Geet agreed to it because she wanted to get away from all thoughts that were arising in her mind. She thought dat this will be d best way to get rid out from all dis weird thoughts. Maan started heading towards Coffee Shop.




In Sanjeevani Shilpa was in the Locker Room taking her Belongings to Go home wen Armaan reached to her.

Armaan: So going Home?

Shilpa: ya.

Armaan: u Feeling fine nw.

Shilpa: ya Armaan. Thanx

Armaan: For wat?

Shilpa: For being there wid me nd Assuring me that I can share my pain wid u.

Armaan: Shilpa, stop dis Thank u Speech. I told u before also dat u r an important part of my life. Nd wen u cant see me in pain den hw come I see u in such a pain. There was an eyelocking between both of dem for few seconds den Armaan broke d gaze.

Armaan: Chalo bahut hui ye Emotional Baatein. Come I’ll take u somewhere.

Shilpa: where?

Armaan: Dnt Worry Shilpa. I’ll nt kidnap u. we’ll just go nd have some Coffee at my Fav. Coffee Shop. After dat I’ll drop u home.

Shilpa: ok.

Dey both headed towards outside nd den towards Cafe.



Maan parked d Car outside d Cafe nd dey both get down d Car nd headed inside d Caf. As they entered Inside d Cafe Dey saw Armaan nd Shilpa over dere. They Both were surprised to see dem over dere. They headed towards d Seat where they were seated.

Maan: Hi Armaan! Hi Shilpa!

Shilpa: Di! Jiju!

Maan: Wat r u guys Doing over here?

Armaan: Playing Cricket. U want to play? (den looks at Shilpa which reminds her of something)

Maan: Sorry I asked.

Armaan: dnt be Dude! By the way what r u guys Doing over here?

Maan: Just felt like having some Coffee so me nd Geet just come over here.

Armaan: den y dnt u guys Join us?

Maan: ya sure.

Maan get himself seated.

Geet: I need to go to washroom. I’ll join u guys later.

Shilpa: Di, I’ll also come wid u.

Geet: ok.

Dey Both headed towards Washroom. Wen dey both have gone den Maan started his Conversation wid Armaan.

Maan: So what r u doing over here wid Shilpa?

Armaan: D same wat u doing wid Geet?

Maan: Wat Rubbish?

Armaan: Relax Maan. Shilpa was feeling Sad nd u know d reason for dis so I just wanted to cheer her up. Dats it. Nd m sure u have also came for d same reason only.

Maan: Ya. So finally u confessed ur Feeling Towards her?

Armaan: Not yet. I wanted to know her Perception first. By d way wat About u?

Maan (smiles): D same as u.

Armaan: these Both sisters will really drive us crazy.

Maan: ya. Acha Armaan there’s something imp I need to talk to u.

Armaan: ya dude tell me.

Maan: see next Week its Geet’s B’day nd I wanted to make it special for her. But I m confused what to do.

Armaan: Dude u love her rite?

Maan: No doubt.

Armaan: Den no need to ask me. Just ask urself nd u’ll get ur Answer.

Maan: I think u r rite. I have to find d answer on my own.

“Which Answer u r going to find Maan”

They Both looked towards d direction where Voice is coming nd Saw Geet standing over dere. She headed towards dem nd gets herself seated. Maan nd Armaan both got tensed. Wat if she listened everything.

Geet: wat r u guys talking about?

Dey both sighed of relief. Thank god she didn’t listen anything.

Maan: wo Actually I was thinking about a project. So we are just discussing dat only.

Geet: C’mon Maan. Atleast leave ur Work here.

Armaan: ya I m also saying d same to him but he never listens to me

Maan: Armaan…..

Shilpa: Stop it both of u nw. y not do the work for which we all were here. I mean to have coffee.

Armaan: Wow Shilpa! Sometimes u really talk so intelligent.

Everyone laughs at it.

Shilpa: Very Funny Armaan.

Everyone have their Coffee nd den left for their respective places.



In d Outhouse Geet nd Shilpa has changed to their Night dresses nd were trying to Sleep. But it seems dat sleep r miles away from dem. Both are not able to forget that happened today. Dey have shared something close to their hearts to the persons to whom dey hardly know 6 months Before. The thing dat dey didn’t even shared wid each other. Hw come they have developed so much trust on dem. Finally Shilpa Got up from her bed nd looked at Geet who was also trying hard to sleep.

Shilpa: Di! U r still awake?

Geet: ya Shilpa. Couldn’t able to sleep. But y were u still awake?

Shilpa: Same here Di. Couldn’t able to Sleep.

Geet: Y? is everything Fine Shilpa?

Shilpa: ya Di everything is Fine. Di can I ask u something?

Geet: ya Shilpa. Tumhe kabse permission ki zarurat pad gayi?

Shilpa: di wat is love?

Geet didn’t understand y shilpa is asking dis Question. She was always away from dis Lovey-Dovey talks. Den y today? She goes nd sits next to her. Den touches her Forehead wid her hands.

Shilpa: Wat r u doing di?

Geet: Checking ur temp.? Everything fine na.

Shilpa(irritated): o Pls Di! I m talking so seriously to u nd u r making fun of me.

Geet: dats y m worrying so much. Shilpa Malhotra d ultimate pranker is Serious.

Shilpa: U know wat Di? Forget it.i m going to sleep.

Geet: Acha baba Sorry. Tell me wats wrong. Y r u asking about love?

Shilpa: I don’t know Di. I just felt like asking.

Geet: Shilpa, I m noticing a change in u from couple of days since u return from Lonavala. Is something happened over dere? Wait u have gone wid Armaan rite. Did he……

Shilpa: no di armaan has not done anything. He didn’t propose me. Dnt blame him. He’s very nice.

Geet: Shilpa, wen I said dat Armaan Proposes u? nd m not blaming him also but by Seeing ur concern I m sure dat its related to him only. Tell me wat happen?


Shilpa told her everything dat Armaan told her dat day nd den wat she did after dat nd happened today. She was always comfortable to talk wid Geet.


Shilpa: Di I dnt know y but since Armaan told me about his Past I was feeling restless. I don’t know y his Pain ached me. At dat Moment I wanted to take all his pain away. Trust me Di I dnt want to hug him but I couldn’t help dat tym. I don’t know wats happening to me nd today also wen I was feeling lonely den it was only he who make me feel Comfortable nd I dnt know y I trusted him so much nd I told those things to him that I even haven’t told to u yet.


Geet listened very quietly to her. Shilpa thought dat she feels hurted as she has never shared her pain wid geet.


Shilpa: Di I m sorry I dnt wanna hurt u nd trust me I dnt want to share it wid him also but I dnt know y I shared it wid him.


Geet put her hands on her Cheeks to make her relax.


Geet: Shilpa Relax! Wen did I said dat I feel hurted. Infact I m happy dat atleast u shared it wid Someone. Nd as far as ur Feelings r concerned I thing u r falling for him.

Shilpa: wat rubbish Di! Hw can it be possible?

Geet: y not Shilpa?

Shilpa: Di I dnt know hw it feels to be in love. All i knw dat i like his Company. i want to make him happy so that he forget all his pain dat he got from his past

Geet: u need not to be know d Meaning feeling of love to fall in love. Acha tell me wat made u trust him so much dat u shared ur pain wid him.

Shilpa: I don’t know di may be he shared his pain to me.

Geet: nd y did he do that?

Shilpa: Because he says that I m important to him nd he wanted to share all his Joys nd Sorrows wid me. Forever.

Geet: bus u got ur Answer. He make u feel important in his life nd dat gives u happiness dat he’s considering u such an important part of his life. U like dis fact dat u r important to him. U like to be wid him more so that u understand him more. U wanted to give all d happiness to him that were taken away by his past datsy u hugged him dat day.

Shilpa: So do u want to say dat I m in love wid him.

Geet: May be.

Shilpa: But Di I dnt know whether he also feels d same for me or not. Wat if I left heart broken?

Geet: Shilpa, dnt think too much. I told u all dis just to clear ur Doubt between Attraction nd Love. U take ur own time to realize his as well as ur Feelings nd den only tell him nd may be he was also doing d same. I mean he too wanted to make u realize ur Feeling for him.

Shilpa: I think u r rite di.

Geet: I m always rite my sweet sis.

Shilpa hugs geet.

Shilpa: thank u so much di. Nw I know what I have to do. I need to analyze myself to know my feelings nd to know his as well.

Geet: ur most welcome dear.

Shilpa: Di jiju is very Lucky that he had u in his life. No actually u r lucky to have him. No actually u both r lucky to have each other.

Geet: Shilpa wat r u talking about?

Shilpa: Di the things dat u have told me all I noticed in d relationship of both of u. Like Armaan jiju also cant see u in pain. Whether it is mentally or Physically. U know dat day wen u were suffering from Infection. Jiju was so worried that he has to call me nd d way he was asking about u I could feel hw restless he was seeing u in pain nd even u also was awake whole nite to complete his project because it was important to him nd u want to see him happy nd dere r many more things dat I have observed.

Geet: Shilpa wo……

Shilpa: Di u both really love so much each other na.

Geet: Shilpa suno……

Shilpa: yes or no?

Geet said nothing but smile faintly

Shilpa: yes I knew it! Tumhari Smile ka matlab haan. Oh Di I m so Happy for u.

She hugged again Geet. Geet too hugs back. But she wanted to cut off d topic

Geet: Acha bahut ho gyi ye loveology ki class. Nw go to sleep ok. Rest we’ll talk tomorrow.

Shilpa: ok Di Good nite.


After dat Shilpa went to sleep. Geet can see hw Comfortably is she sleeping. Afterall she has got answers of all her questions but wat about the Questions running in her own mind. She walks towards d Window nd started watching at d Sky nd started thinking Hw easily she has given answers of all d questions running in Shilpa’s Mind no actually she was answering Questions dat Running in her own mind. The things dat she has told to shilpa were actually she was saying to herself.


Geet (to herself): y Maan? Y r u affecting me so much? Shilpa was rite. D things dat I was telling to her all were their in our relationship. U were always their for me wenever I need u nd even today I shared d thing dat was really close to my heart. D thing dat I never ever shared wid anyone not even Vindhya Di. Y Maan y I shared this wid u?

Then she closes her eyes


“Because he has made a special place in ur heart” A voice came from her mind.


She quickly opens her eyes. Den she remembers everything dat happens so far. He agreed to help her wen she didn’t wanted to get married, the moment wen he takes her to an Indian restaurant because she was missing her mom though he don’t like Indian food much, nd den taking care of her wen she was suffering from infection nd even she also helped him for dat Project which she has decided to leave. Geet Malhotra who has never broken her stubbornness for anyone except her Di nd Bhaiya has leaved it because of Maan nd stayed awake whole nite. Maan came running over wen he heard dat she’s in Problem nd she too made Pasta for him. She cant even stand anyone in front of her eating Italian nd she actually made Italian for him. What makes her change so much. Maan or she herself?  Den all dat words of her own echoed in her mind dat she has told to shilpa just now.


She again closes her eyes nd dis tym a Drop of tear rolled from her eyes. that tear is not due to Sadness but due to this new Feeling dat she realized just nw. y she couldn’t able to figure it out from so many days. Everytime wen Maan came closer to her she feels uncomfortable. She didn’t mind wen Maan lifts her up to his Arms, nd dat dey at phone wen he calls her as his Fiance. She didn’t mind dat too.


Geet(to herself): Yes! Maan is nt just my friend anymore. I m falling for him nd I cant deny this fact nw. But Do Maan also feels d same? Wat if he only consider me as his friend only. First I need to know his Feelings before I tell mine.


Saying dis she has also gone to sleep.




1 week has been passed by nd finally d day of Geet’s B’day has arrived. In this One Week Geet tried many things to know Maan’s Feeling towards her but poor girl didn’t able to figure out afterall she’s trying to Find Maan Singh Khurana’s Feeling nd dats not an easy Task. But She’s also Geet Malhotra afterall nd she loves to do things dat r tough so she’s not going to give in so easily. Nd Maan he spend all d week thinking how to make Geet’s B’day Special. Wat to do in her B’day which makes her happy nd finally he came know what he have to do. O yes Hw can I Forget our Dearest Armaan nd Shilpa well both were giving each other tym to realize their feelings for each other frankly say it was only Shilpa who needs tym to understand d Difference Between Attraction or Love towards Armaan. Armaan already knew that he loves Shilpa nd he was quite sure that Shilpa too had started loving him but rite nw quite confused with her feelings so he decided to give her some more time.


Nd now Finally D day of Geet’s B’day. But she’s Angry on her own B’day. Y? Arey if no one wishes u on ur B’day den gussa to aayega na. yes u all got it rite geet has not been wished by anyone not even by her Di nd Bhaiya. It was Sunday so there was no office also so dat she can kept herself busy in work. So she angrily working in kitchen. Shilpa was sitting on couch watching her working angrily. She smiles nd den turned to work on geet’s laptop.


Geet: Shilpa! Last tym I m telling u. mere laptop ko kuch hona nahi chahiye.

Shilpa: Relax di! U were saying like dat its d first tym I m working on ur Laptop. I dnt know y u r getting so much irritated today. (den she again started working)


The attitude of Shilpa has made her more angry.

Geet(to herself): Very Good she’s asking me wats Wrong? Stupid girl didn’t even realize that today is her Di’s B’day so she has to wish her but no she didn’t care. But y to blame her wen my own mom who has given me birth she didn’t even remembers my b’day. Very good. Amritsar kya choda yeh sab to mujhe Bhool hi gaye. Thank God I have not been married. Friends se to waise hi koi umeed nahi thi. Nd I wonder hw come Di has not wished me. Vansh bhaiya is having d nature of forgetting everything, infact I use to remind him of my B’day but di hw can she forget. (den she reminded something) nd Maan has also not wished. He knew dat today is my B’day den also.


She was murmuring to herself while cooking lunch wen Maan entered d Outhouse. He noticed dat Geet is in disturbed mood. He can easily figure it out that this tym it is dangerous to talk to her. Till nw he thinks that it was only he who has so much anger but nw he knows that Geet too can give him Tough Competition to him. He smiles nd headed towards Shilpa. As soon as Shilpa notices him she smiles at him nd closes d laptop.

Shilpa (slowly): Hi jiju!

Maan: Hi!

He gets himself seated on d Couch beside Shilpa.

Maan (whispers) : Wat happen?

Shilpa: di is Angry.

Maan: y?

Shilpa: Nobody has wished her.

Maan: oh!

Shilpa: Jiju I had done whatever u said. I informed everyone not to wish her till evening nd also Diverted all her calls to my Phone. But do u think ur plan will work?

Maan: U r having any Doubt on me Shilpa.

Shilpa: Jiju I dnt have any Doubt on u. I m having doubt on di’s Anger. Because as d tym will pass Her anger will cross all d limits aur fir na to main aapko yahan Dikhoongi aur na hi aapka yeh outhouse.

Suddenly dey heard some noise from kitchen dey turned to look over dere nd saw a Pan has been fallen down as geet is working angrily so she didn’t noticed it nd her hand hit to it.

Maan: omg! Itna Gussa!

Shilpa: I told u. this is just the trailer. U have to do something jiju.

Maan: Hhmmm…. dnt worry I know what to do. Just wait nd Watch.


Dey were talking only wen Geet arrived to dem. Till nw she didn’t notice dat Maan has arrived. She was happy to see him. She thought that he has came to wish her.

Geet: Maan wen did u came?

Maan: Just nw Geet.

Geet: But dis Tym?

Maan: Geet wat do u think? Will I forget such an imp thing.

Geet(to herself): I knew it Maan that u’ll never forget my B’day.

Maan: u said something.

Geet: huh… no Actually yes. U remembered it Maan.

Maan: Ofcourse I remember Geet. Hw can I forget that. Afterall its so important.

Geet: ya Maan but I thought dat…..

Maan: wat have u thought Geet that I’ll forget that we have to work on Project Report of Chopra’s before he leaves to London.

Geet: ya u r rite (wait! did he just said) Project report?

Shilpa laughs nd den stop nd looks at dem.

Maan: ya Geet Project report. Afterall dis project is so important for both of us. U had worked so hard on it nd u expect me to forget about dis.

Nw its enough to make Geet angry but she controls herself.


Geet (to herself): Babaji! Is insaan ko kaam k alawa kuch aur Soojhta hi nahi. ise kaun samjhaye ki kaam k alawa bhi kuch imp hota hai. Oh! Hw can I forget I m expecting something from a Robot. Dusht Daanav.

Maan: u said something?

Geet(angrily) : no! nothing!

Maan: Good so get ready fast we have to go to Office.

Geet: Office? today also?

Maan: ya I knw today is Sunday but Mr. Chopra is leaving day after Tomorrow before dat we have to complete Project report nd dere’s lots of work in it.

Geet (tauntly): ya u r rite. Its really very important.

Maan: yes Geet I knw nd I m happy that u realize it. Nw go nd get ready fast. I m waiting here.

Geet: Sure Boss!

By saying dis she angrily move upstairs to her Room nd Closes d Door wid Bang. As she left Maan winks at Shilpa.


Shilpa: not bad Jiju! But nw I m getting worried for u. u r going to be wid her Whole day. Nw only God will save u.

Maan: dnt worry my sweet Sis-in-law. I’ll manage. By the way as soon as we leave from here u go to mansion nd Help Armaan over dere. He has already reached over dere.

Shilpa (happily): Armaan aa gaya! Usne mujhe batauya bhi nahin ki wo aa chuka hai. Armaan bhi na.

Den she looks at Maan who was watching her talking so excitedly. She realizes that she has said a lot. He raised his eyebrows to gesture wats wrong. To which she only smiles Nervousy. Suddenly dey notices Geet coming downstairs.


Geet(angry but try to be normal): Chale? Boss

Maan: ya sure nd pls stop calling me Boss. I dnt know wat makes u so much irritated today.

By saying dis he smiles nd headed towards outside.

Geet(to herself): nw he’s asking me d reason. Very Good.

Den she gives a disgusted look to shilpa nd headed towards outside too leaving shilpa behind laughing.

Shilpa (to herself): oh di! U dnt have any idea wat jiju is doing for u. ok nw I also have to rush towards Mansion. Armaan must be waiting.

Nd she also headed towards mansion.


Both Maan nd Geet reached Office. Geet was so angry dat she didn’t even share a word with him during their whole journey. She cant expect dis from Maan atleast. Everytime he used to make her feel hw important she was nd today wen she really wants to know her importance in his life den he didn’t did anything. Oh How can she Forget that for Maan Singh Khurana his work is more important den anyone else nd shilpa says that he loves me She thought to herself. While Geet is lost in her thoughts Maan looks at her. He knows dat Geet must be really mad at him but she’ll be fine wen she’ll come to know wat all he has planned for her. As soon as dey reaches office geet quickly opens d door nd get down from d Car. She didn’t even wait for Maan to open d door. She headed inside d office angrily.


Maan (to himself): Pagal! Itna Gussa? U r rite Shilpa nw only God will save me.


By saying dis he too headed inside d Office nd both were in Maan’s Cabin now. Maan was sitting on his Chair nd Geet on the chair across his table.


Maan: ummm Geet pls pass me dat Design File.

Geet Furiously picks up d file nd passes to him nd get herself busy on d Budget file prepare by Adi. While checking d File she looked up at Maan who was busy looking at Design file.


Geet (to herself): Kaisa insaan hai ye? Kaam ke alawa kuch aur yaad hi nahi rehta. Babaji I m falling for dis Person, the Person who didn’t even remember her Fiance’s B’day. Sachmuch Dusht Daanav hai.


Maan could sense her restlessness nd he’s actually enjoying it.


Maan: u said something?

Geet: hhmmm.. no nothing.

Maan: ok.

Den he again started checking d file nd Geet felt so humiliated


Geet (to herself): See again he got back to work like nothing has happened. (but then she thought of something) But this project is very important for him may be he has forgetten due to this. Hai na haan. I’ll try to make him remember ya.

She den again looked at maan


Geet: Maan!

Maan smiles a bit like he knows wat Geet was going to say.

Maan: ya Geet.

Geet: wats d Date Today?

Maan: its 25th oct. y?

Geet: Maan its 25th oct? remember?

Maan: ya Geet so?

Geet(hopelessly): Maan tumhe sach me nahi yaad hai ki aaj kya hai?

Maan acts to reminds something.

Maan: oh shit! Hw can I forget dis

Geet was happy to see that Maan finally remembers it.

Maan: I m so sorry Geet. Hw can I forget such an imp thing.

Geet: its k Maan I understand. Afterall its such a big project nd……

Maan (intervenes): No Geet, its completely my fault. Hw can I be so careless. Thanx for reminding me.

Geet: its ok Maan I completely understand.

Maan gets up from his chair nd comes to Geet. Geet’s heart seems to skip a beat.


Maan: Geet, I dnt know what should I have been done without u. if u didn’t remind me today then I’ll completely forgot that I have to do Arrangements for Mr. Chopra’s Nephew for his stay at Mumbai.

Geet: its ok Maan I told u na…. (Wait wat did he just said) Arrangements?

Maan: ya Geet Arrangements. Today is 25th oct nd acc. To Mr. Chopra his nephew will take his flight tonight nd will reach to Bombay day after tomorrow. Since he is new to this City so Mr. Chopra has asked us to take care of him.

Geet: oh! u r talking about it?

Maan: ya Geet, wat else den?

Geet (dishearted): Nothing!

She gets up from d chair nd started heading towards d Cabin door to go to outside.

Maan: Geet, where r u going?

Geet (angrily): To die!

Though Geet has said dis in anger nd she didn’t mean it but it has passed a fear in Maan’s Mind. Fear of losing her.

Maan (yelled): Geet!!!!

Geet stopped dere nd look at Maan. She can see d expression of fear on his face den she realized wat did she just said. In d meanwhile Maan came to her. He held her by her Shoulders.

Maan: Wat did u just said? Don’t u ever dare to say dat again. Got it!

Geet could see d intensity in his eyes. she could easily sense d scareness dat Maan has got wen she said dat she’s going to Die.

Geet: Maan, I was only kidding. I mean…..

She couldn’t able to complete her sentence as Maan put his Fingers on her lips to make her quiet.

Maan: Chup! Bilkul Chup! Never ever dare to say dis again. Not even in a joke. I cant even think of losing u. Samjhi tum!

Geet said nothing but looked into his eyes. Maan too looked into her Deep eyes nd dey have an eyelock Session for some moments.



At khurana’s Mansion d preparation for Geet’s surprise B’day party were going on but Shilpa was searching someone. She is moving restlessly in d whole Mansion but couldn’t able to find dat person to whom she’s searching. Suddenly someone came near to her nd whispers in her ears

“Are u searching someone”

Shilpa (didn’t realize who it was): ya


Shilpa: Armaan. I don’t know where he is. Jiju has said dat he’s in mansion but I have searched everywhere but he’s nowhere.

“Did u searched in ur Heart?”

Shilpa came into senses by hearing dis Question. She realizes dat dis Voice is familiar. Hw can she forget dis Voice. Its none other den Armaan. She turned to look at him who was looking at her Smilingly. For a moment she gets lost in his Smile, in his smile, she was so happy to see him like she was seeing him ages later though dey use to met everyday. Dey share an eyelock for a moment. Den Shilpa gains her senses but for d first tym she finds short of words to talk.

Armaan: Shilpa! Where were u lost?

Shilpa: huh…. nothing. Actually I was searching u.

Armaan: ya I can see dat hw desperately u were searching me.

Shilpa (blushes): ya actually jiju has said dat u need my help in preparations. So I came here to help u.

Armaan: oh! So dats only d reason for u to come here?

Shilpa: ya…. Actually no…. I mean…..

Armaan: Relax shilpa! Y r u getting so much nervous like I m interrogating u in Court.

Shilpa: no actually…..

Armaan: Shilpa, r u okay?

Shilpa: ya.

Armaan: ok den lets go!

Shilpa: where?

Armaan: on Date

Shilpa: wat?

Armaan: arey baba for preparations. We dnt have much tym left nd their r lots of things to do.

Shilpa: oh ya! Sorry lets go.

Shilpa leaves from dere nd headed towards the place where everyone is doing preparations. Armaan watched her go nd a huge Smile was their across his face. He knew it very well y Shilpa was so nervous to talk but he decided to let her speak on her own. Till den let d things to happen like its happening till nw by thinking dis he also headed towards d place where Shilpa is.



In Khurana’s Construction maan nd geet were still lost in each other’s eyes wen Maan came into senses nd realizes that he was holding Geet so close to him. He looses his grip nd let Geet go. Geet too come back to her senses. She notices dat Maan is feeling uncomfortable. Maan too felt her uncomfortableness


Maan: Sorry! I just got scared

Geet: No maan! I m sorry. I should not say it like dis. Actually I was going to have Coffee for myself.

Maan wanted to light d atmosphere nd for dat he knows dat wat he have to do. He came back to his Original Angry Young Man avatar.

Maan: oh! To ye baat seedhe se nahi keh sakti thi? Lekin nahi tumhe to aadat hai har baat ko mellow drama ke sath kehne ki.

Nw geet also came back to her original avatar.

Geet: Oh! Again my mistake? Main to hamesha se hi aise baat karti hoon aur itna to tumhe itne tym me pata chal jana chahiye tha. Lekin nahi tumhe kaam se fursat mile tab na. Dusht Daanav.(said slowly)

Maan: kya kaha tumne?

Geet (humbles): Maine… kuch nahin…. haan wo main keh rahi thi ki main apne liye coffee lene ja rahi thi. Tumhe peeni hai.

Maan: ya thanx.

Geet: u r not welcome!

Nd By saying dis she left d cabin angrily nd maan sees her Going wid a smile.


Maan (to himself): Pagal! Just few more hours Geet nd den all ur Complaints will be gone.


He den shakes his head nd den get back again to his chair.


On the Other hand Geet is at Panitry murmuring to herself. She has done every possible thing to make Maan remember her B’day. For d moment she has forgetten that no one has wished her yet. All she remembers is dat Maan has not wished her.


Geet (murmuring): Good! Almost half of d day has been passed but still he didn’t remembered y dis day is special. And above all shouting at me that too on my B’day. he didn’t even care for me (den she reminded d moment that has been just passed by, nd she calmes herself), No Geet he really cares for u. haven’t u seen d fear in his eyes, fear of losing u. yes he cares for me (but den suddenly her anger wins over her emotions) To kya hua? Dat doesn’t less his mistake. Hw can he forget my B’day? Does it mean dat it was only me who is falling for him nd he doesn’t feel d same. Babaji! Poori Duniya me mujhe ek yahi insaan mila tha?


Poor girl in d situation of diallema didn’t understand what to do? Whom to listen her heart or her mind? Her heart is saying dat maan too feels d same but Mind is going in just opposite direction. Finally she shrugged all of her thoughts.


Geet(to herself): Ugggghhhhh! Geet forget about all dis. Wo insaan nahi robot hai aur wahi rahega. U cant change him. Maan! u have really making me totally mad.


Wen she was busy in all these Thoughts she notices a beep sound from her Cell phone. She picked up d Phone nd saw a SMS over dere. She opens it to read.


“Happy B’day Dear. I m sorry I couldn’t be d first one to wish u but atleast I m able to convey my wishes to u nd dats more important for me. Anyways. Happy B’day once again. May u get All d Happiness in ur life.


Someone who haven’t stop thinking about u”


Geet was surprised to see dis SMS. She couldn’t recognize who could it be. As far as she remembers she had d numbers of all her friends from Amritsar moreover it could not be her Vansh Bhaiya nd Di as dey’ll never msg her from Private Number den who could it be? But den she decided not to give much importance to it may be it can be any old friend of hers.


Geet (to Himself): let it be Geet! Whoever he or she was atleast he or she remembers ur B’day (den looks at d msg again) Dnt worry u r still d first one to wish me.


She smiles nd den takes d Coffee mugs nd headed towards d Cabin.



Preparations were almost about to finish at Mansion. Maan has called almost more den 100 times to Armaan to confirm dat everything is going fine or not nd about d SMSs well there is no limit. Nd everytime Armaan makes him sure dat everything is going by wat he said nothing to worry. Nd dis tym also Armaan doing d same ensuring Maan to not to worry wen he notices Shilpa standing on d Stool trying to adjust d frills.


Armaan: “Dude I’ll call u back”

He cuts d call nd stared staring Shilpa. He got so mesmerized at her innocent beauty. The way she was trying to arrange d frills can easily tell dat she wants her di’s day to be best. He was watching her silently wen suddenly he noticed dat Shilpa leg has been tripped nd she was about to fall due to loss of balance. Armaan quickly rans towards her nd before Shilpa could understand anything he was in Armaan’s Arms. Safe nd Sound. Dey share an another eyelock for few moments. Their Gaze were broken by d arrival of Savitri Devi over dere.


Savitri Devi: Arey Shilpa Beta! Aap theek to hai na?

Shilpa realizes that she’s in Armaan’s Arms. She got Embarresed in front of Savitri Devi. She gestures Armaan to get her down.

Shilpa: Ji Dadimaa wo main…..

Savitri Devi: its ok Beta! Thank god Armaan has came on time. Otherwise u may got hurt. Thanx Armaan Beta.

Armaan: Oh C’mon Dadi. Dnt be so formal. Afterall Shilpa is my….. (den looks at her) Friend.

Savitri Devi: oh ya! Hw can I forget dat.

Shilpa was still feeling uncomfortable.

Shilpa: excuse me! I just come.

She left from dere nd Savitri Devi comes to Armaan

Savitri Devi: hhmmm… wats all dis?

Armaan: wat Dadi Darling?

Savitri Devi: Armaan m not blind. U may have got big enough but for me u r still like a kid. U really like her na. or should I say love her.

Armaan: well dadi Darling wat to say. U know everything.

Savitri Devi: So I m rite. I m so happy for u. did u tell her?

Armaan: Not yet.

Savitri Devi: y beta?

Armaan: Dadi I wanted her to realize her feelings for me den only I’ll tell her.

Savitri Devi: But Beta….

Armaan: Dnt worry Dadi Darling u’ll see d marriage of both of ur Grandsons in front of u nd u never know may be on same day nd same place.

Savitri Devi: I wish dis may cum true.

Armaan was about to say something wen his cell began to ring nd to no surprise it was Maan.

Armaan: Dekha Dadi! Ur grandson is not letting me to even breath

Savitri Devi said nothing but smiled. Armaan answers d call nd again began to assure maan dat everything is fine. Savitri Devi watched him nd den left from dere.




Back in Maan’s Cabin geet handed him d Coffee nd started working on d file. She knew dat its useless to expect something from him den y she spoils her B’day due to her anger. Its better to concentrate on work. Maan watched her working nd it makes him smile. He kept on looking at her. He could spend his whole life while looking at her. Suddenly Geet raises her head up from d file nd notices Maan staring at her.

Geet: Wat?

Maan(come backs to reality): huh.. wat?

Geet: Maan, do u need something?

Maan(fumbles): hhmmm ya, just pass me dat budget file.

Geet handed over d file to him nd den again gets back to her work.


2 hrs have been passed nd its been about 6 pm wen Geet notices her watch.


Geet (murmers): very good! What a great B’day of my life. Its my B’day nd m working over here. (den looks at maan) Nd d person whose wish is most important for me he didnt even remember dis day. Happy B’day Geet.

Maan Listens her murmers

Maan: U said something Geet?

Geet: no!

Maan: Geet I couldn’t understand what happiness did u get by talking to urself.

Geet: wat to Do Maan? Tum to kuch bolte nahi ho. Bas jab dekho tab in files me doobe rehte ho.

Maan: Geeeettttt

Geet: haan aur jab files se fursat mil jaye den u start chanting my name.


Maan knows that its useless to argue wid her nd dat too dis tym wen she can burst her anger at any moment so he decided to be quite. Geet was feeling so humiliated. She finally gets up nd started walking towards cabin door again wen she realizes dat someone has hold her Dupatta. Her heart skipped a beat to think that it was Maan. She has started breathing heavily. Its been difficult for her to speak.

Geet (nervously): Maan! Leave my Dupatta.

Maan didn’t notice anything yet. He looked at her puzzled.

Maan: Wat?

Geet: I said leave my Dupatta.

Nw Maan notices dat her Dupatta is actually got stuck at chair. He sees it nd smiles nd started walking towards her. Geet’s heart started beating fast as she realizes Maan moving towards her. She clenches her Fist to get control on herself. She was breathing heavily nd maan could sense dat. Till nw he was not sure whether Geet feels d same way what he feels for her but today seeing her like dis he was sure dat Geet too had not remained unaffected by his presence dat too closer to her. He stood just beside her. Geet closes her eyes as she feels him beside her. it has became difficult for her to say anything as she Feels his warm Breath on her neck

Geet: Maan…….. Pls mera Dupatta chodo….

He bent a little on her shoulder nd whispers nudging her ears by his nose.

Maan(whispers): Geet, Maine tumhara Dupatta nahin pakda.


Geet opens her eyes in a jerk nd turned around to look nd Found dat Maan is so close to her. He was smiling while looking at her. he notices her hair strands Coming on her Face. He extended his Hand nd tucked dem Behind her ears caressing her soft skin wid his hand. Geet Found herself Lost wid his touch but suddenly she came into her senses nd stepped backwards. By seeing her awkwardness Maan too slowly backed out. Geet notices dat her Dupatta is stuck at chair nd Maan is moving towards it. Maan slowly takes her Dupatta from dere nd watches her. Geet feels her mistake nd started adjusting her Dupatta. Dey again share an eyelock for a moment. Their Gaze was broken wen Maan’s cell began to ring. He came back into senses nd saw Armaan’s name flashing over dere. Maan’s answers d call nd pretends like he’s talking to some client.

Armaan: Dude everything has been done. U can nw bring Geet home.

Maan: Nw?

Armaan: Dude wats wrong wid u? its going to be 7 nd guests will start to arrive by 8. u both have to get ready also by den.

Maan was so lost in Geet dat he didn’t notices d tym. He looks at his watch.

Maan: ok. Thanx

Maan hangs up d phone nd looks at geet who was watching her puzzled.

Maan: Geet Lets Go!

Geet: but where?

Maan: Home

Geet: Home? but maan work has not yet completed

Maan: never mind. It can be completed later also. Rite nw. lets move.

Geet: But Maan…..

Maan: Geet no more questions.

He held her wrist nd started moving towards outside. He wants to get home as soon as possible. Geet is surprised to see his behaviour.


Geet(to herself): I really don’t understand him. Till nw his work has been important to him nd now he’s rushing towards home like dis Office is going to be on fire. Babaji kya karoon main is Insaan ka?


Den she find no answer so she decided its better to do wat he says.


Maan quickly opens d Door of Passenger seat nd Asked Geet to get in fast nd he moved towards d Driver’s seat nd started driving. Geet still didn’t understand that suddenly wat has gone wrong wid him. She’s just looking at him puzzled.


Geet: Maan will u tell me wats wrong?

Maan: Nothing Geet.

Geet: oh really? Den will u pls Tell me y r u driving in F1 Racer’s Speed?

Maan: We need to go home fast.

Geet: dats only I wanted to know y? nd whose call was dat after which u have became so restless.

Maan: u’ll come to know soon Geet.

Geet cant take dis anymore she didn’t understand y there is so much coldness in his Voice.

Geet: Enough Maan, wats wrong wid u today? Nd wat d hell do u think about me? I m not a puppet dat whatever u’ll say I’ll do. From morning u were acting so weird. First u have dragged me to the office that too on Sunday saying dat dis Project is necessary to complete today only nd nw u were dragging me towards home without telling me d reason nd nw u didn’t care about ur Work also. Wat happen maan?


Maan stopped his car at a halt nd gave an angry look to her which makes Geet quiet. Maan doesn’t wanted to shout on her nd dat too today wen he knows dat her Anger is rite. Since morning she was doing whatever he says to her nd he didn’t even tell d reason. Wen he saw dat Geet has been quiet nw he again started driving again.


After dat dey didn’t shared a word during their whole Journey nd after 30 mins of driving finally dey reached to the outhouse. Maan dropped her over dere nd headed towards Mansion. On his way to home he has already informed Shilpa to go back to outhouse nd convience Geet to come to mansion. Shilpa did d same way. Wen Geet came inside she saw shilpa pacing in d living Room. She wonders nw wat else has left to See  today. First it was Maan nd nw Shilpa

Geet: wats wrong shilpa? Y r u pacing around?

Shilpa: thank god Di u came. Come get ready fast.

Geet: Ready? For wat?

Shilpa: Di we have to go to mansion.

Geet: will u guys pls tell me wats happening over here.

Shilpa: Di u will get all ur answers but first get ready nd ya wear dis.

Shilpa handed over her a packet. Geet opens d packet nd saw a Saree in it.


Geet: Nw y dis? Didn’t I had my own cloths?

Shilpa: di no doubt u have ur own clothes but Dadimaa has asked me to give u dis. Actually today a old friend of hers is coming for Dinner nd she wanted u to introduce to her. Thatsy she has given dis Saree to u so u can wear it. Wont u do this for Dadimaa.


Shilpa knews it very well that dis trick will work. Geet will not refuse anything related Dadimaa nd it actually worked nd Geet is trapped in shilpa’s Plan

Geet: ok fine I’ll wear it.

Shilpa: dats like my di. Nw get ready fast.

Geet: u’ll not get ready?

Shilpa: ofcourse Di. But first u go nd get ready I’ll just come it wont take me much tym to get ready nd afterall its ur day.

Geet: wat?

Shilpa (realizes wat did she just said): I mean dey r coming to meet u not me.

Geet: oh ok!

Geet has headed towards her room to get ready. As soon as she has gone inside her Room Shilpa quickly takes out her cell nd send Text to Both Maan nd Armaan


“Mission accomplished. Di has gone to get ready. I’ll inform u wen we were about to reach Mansion”


After dat she has also gone to get ready.



It takes Geet almost 20 mins. To get ready. After her farewell she’s wearing Saree nw. she didn’t like to do much Make-up. So she remained Simple. She was happy to See Dadi’s Choice of colour for her saree nd jewellery. As soon as she got ready shilpa came to her


Shilpa: wow di! U are Stunning today.

Geet: thanx

Shilpa: Acha c’mon lets go nw. Dadimaa has called me to inform dat her friend has arrived.

Geet: ok lets go.

Nd dey both headed towards d mansion. On d way shilpa has text Armaan to get ready. Dey were coming. As soon as dey reached to the main Door den As per plan shilpa Excuses herself from Geet by saying dat dere’s a call from one of her friend. Geet tried to stop her but she says that its important so she suggests her to go inside nd she’ll join later.


Geet found no choice so started moving inside. As she came inside she found d darkness in d house. She wonders where everyone has gone nd y there is so much darkness over dere. Shilpa has said dat Dadimaa has invited one of her friend. Den y there is so much darkness. She was lost in dese thoughts wen she notices a spot light above her Nd before she could understand anything she saw d white lights twinkling slowly in front of her. It seems like Stars r slowly twinkling in d sky nd slowly all d lights in d room was on nd to her shock see saw everyone standing in front of her.


“Happy Birthday” a chorus voice came loudly


It makes Geet both happy nd stunned. She Didn’t even thought of dis surprise. Nw she understands why everyone is avoiding her from morning nd y she didn’t get a wish from anyone.


She looks around d Hall nd got stunned again. The whole hall was so beautifully decorated….. More beautifull den her engagement ceremony….. It looks like heaven. It was carefully garnished with Purple Orchids nd White roses. White nd purple Ballons were adorning d pillars…. Purple nd white big curtains blowing in d wind coming from d big windows creating a magic of charm in d light of dusk coming from d windows. The light of d candles from d Corners were giving a magical look in d hall. D curtains were wrapped in d pillars too. Nd on d Ground Purple nd White Balloons were laid nd wen she looks downwards she saw a carpet of Flower petals below her feets. She didn’t know how to react nd nw her eyes were searching only one person. The person who has made her life beautiful, the person who was always their for her. She slowly walk ahead with her eyes searching for Maan. She thought may be Maan is angry wid her for her Misbehaviour at car.


Geet(to herself): Geet tu bhi na. bolne se pehle sochti nahi hai. itna naraaz hone ki kya zarurat thi. I m sure he must be angry on me nw.


With these thoughts she reached to Savitri Devi who was waiting for her wid smile.

Geet goes to her nd Touches her feet to take d blessings.

Savitri Devi: God Bless u beta! Many many happy returns of d day. I hope hum logon ne aapko zyada pareshan nahi kiya.

Geet (smiles): no Dadi nothing like dat (den she again starting searching for maan)

Savitri Devi: Geet beta! R u searching someone?

Geet: No Dadi! Nothing like dat. Actually I was seeing d decorations.

Savitri Devi: Beta! The person u are searching is Coming rite dere (she pointed towards d stairs)


Geet looks at d direction Savitri Devi pointing nd Finds Maan coming downstairs. He was smiling nd looking at Geet. Seeing his Smile has automatically made Geet smile. She was both happy nd relieved to know that maan is not angry on her due to her behaviour. As maan coming towards Geet d lights were again off nd there were only two spotlights that followed dem wen dey both started moving towards each other nd d moment came wen dey stand so close to each other unaware of sorroundings around dem lost in each others eyes. Maan was mesmerized by seeing Geet’s Beauty that was blooming in d White Saree which he has chosen for her.


He knows dat no other colour will suit d Geet Best den white as its Pure nd flawless just like her heart nd he was right Geet was looking just like an angel from heaven



Dey were lost in each others eyes wen lights in d hall were again on. Dey both came into senses nd realizes wat dey were doing.

Maan(slowly): Happy B’day.

Geet: thanx! U remember it?

Maan: u think I can forget dis day?

Geet: But that project…..

Maan (intervenes): that’s not important den u Geet

Geet gets touched by his words nd again gone lost in his eyes wen Armaan nd shilpa came to dem.

Shilpa: agar Love Birds ki baatein khatam ho gayi ho to shall we cut d cake.

Geet: Shilpa! U were also involved in dis?

Shilpa: I m so sorry Di! But hw can I refuse jiju (den she hugs Geet) Happy B’day Di

Geet: thanx Shilpa.

Armaan: I guess u both sisters can hug later also first cut d cake.

Geet: ya sure

Maan: nt Now. One thing is still left.

Geet Wonders nd look at Maan nd den at shilpa who shrugged her shoulders gesturing dat she don’t know anything about dis. Den she looked at d direction where maan is pointing nd she saw d person no the most important person of her life, who has sacrificed all her happiness for her nd shilpa, the person who never let her nd Shilpa sense her loneliness coming downstairs. Yes it was her mother Malini.


Geet eyes gets teary wen she saw her mother after 4 months. She looked at maan


Maan: Everytime u were missing aunty na. so I thought dat she should be wid u today to make ur B’day Complete.

Geet: thanx Maan.


She quickly headed towards her mom nd hugs her tight. She wanted to tell her hw much she misses her in these 4 months. But she didn’t have to say anything her emotions said everything. Maan  stood their watching her. he knows wat Geet’s Mother meant to her so he had requested malini to come on Geet’s B’day. Malini wanted to join but she was not getting off from her Office in such a short notice den it was Maan who has arranged her off in d office making sure of it dat it doesn’t affect her salary nd today he was happy to see Geet happy.


Savitri Devi too get emotional but den she decided to bring geet back from her Pool of emotions. So she goes to her.

Savitri Devi: Geet beta! Ab to aapki mom bhi aa gayi hai. Ab chale

Geet: Ji Dadimaa.

Dey all headed towards d place where Armaan has arranged d Cake for her nd to her surprise it was Butter scotch cake.


“So maan remembers my taste nd I was so stupid to think dat he didn’t care for me” thought Geet nd looked at Maan who was standing beside her smiling. She slowly blows off d candles nd about to cut d cake wen armaan stops her.

Armaan: Stop!

Maan: Wat happen Armaan?

Armaan: Dude! U were asking me? Arey u both r engaged nw y dnt u cut d cake together.

Savitri Devi: Armaan is rite. Maan beta do what he say


Maan has got no choice so she hold Geet’s hand while cutting d cake. The touch of his hand has ran a chill in Geet’s spine. She smiled nd cut d cake. As soon as she passes d piece of cake towards her mother’s mouth, she gestures her to give it to maan first as he deserves it. Geet shyly passes towards Maan nd make him Eat. Maan doesn’t understand what makes d cake so sweet? Sugar or due to touch of Geet’s hand? It is d first tym wen Geet is feeding something to him from her hand. He too reciprocate d same nd after dat the cake session goes on wid everyone.


Maan couldn’t able to take her eyes away from her. its d first tym she was wearing Saree in front of him nd she’s looking stunning. He was lost in her wen Geet came to him.

Geet: thanx maan

Maan: for wat Geet?

Geet: for dis surprise.

Maan: Geet u dnt need to say thanx for dis. Infact I need to say Sorry to u for irritating u whole day.

Geet remembers her outburst on him at car

Geet: I m sorry maan. Actually I thought dat u forget my B’day so I became mad on u.

Maan: Geet, my not wishing u affects u so much?

Geet realizes what did she just said but she didn’t find any words to say

Maan: bolo na Geet! Itna fark padta hai tumhe?

Geet: Maan, wo main…..

Maan: Haan geet Bolo.

She was about to say something wen Shilpa nd Armaan again comes to dem.

Armaan: yar tum logon ko to bas mauka chahiye baat karne ka.

Maan: Wat do u mean?

Armaan: Maan, if u remember den Geet is just not only ur Fiance. She’s my friend nd Shilpa’s sis too. So can we get any chance to talk to her.

Maan: ya go ahead (he’s cursing d timing of Armaan who has came wen Geet was about to say something. May be she was going to tell what she was feeling)

Armaan: thank u so much.

Maan left from dere

Armaan: So geet hw did u like d arrangements.

Geet: Superb as always.

Armaan: thanx I knw.

Shilpa hits Armaan wid her albow.

Shilpa: Shut up Armaan (den turns to Geet) Actually di he’s just taking Credit. All these arrangements has been done by jiju.

Geet: Maan? But he was wid me in d office.

Shilpa: I know Di. Actually we both have just arranged it. Everything has been planned by jiju. Rite from decor to the music nd everything. Nd u know what di. He’s doing dis from last one week. Infact ur Saree has also been selected by him only. It tooks him 4 hrs to select dis. Nd we both were just going According to his plan. In short the Mastermind was Jiju. We both just following him.

Armaan: Shilpa is rite Geet. It was Maan who has done all dis. Not me.

Geet Couldn’t believe on her ears. She never imagined dat Maan can do all dis for her nd she was so wrong about him. He’s planning from last 1 week nd she thought that he forgets her B’day.


Geet(to herself): hhhmmm… to Dusht Daanav hamesha Dusht Daanav hi rahega. Itna sab kuch plan kar liya aur mujhe pata bhi nahi lagne diya. Nw to I m sure that wo msg bhi isi ne bheja hoga. I was so wrong Maan. I m special to u.

She quickly headed towards Maan

Armaan: Geet…. Suno to (den turned to Shilpa), y did u told her? remember wat Maan has said to us?

Shilpa: Armaan, I remember everything but still I told to Di.

Armaan: that’s wat I wanna know y?

Shilpa: Because it necessary for her to know what she meant to jiju. Armaan, if we love someone, then we should make realize dat person that how special he or she is to us. Den only that person came to know the Feelings of ur heart. (den she looks at Armaan)

Armaan understands what she wanted to say but before he could say anything to her she has been called by her mother nd she left from dere.

Armaan (to himself): I know Shilpa wat u wanted to say nd don’t worry soon u’ll come to know what u meant to me.


Geet saw Maan standing aside. She quickly goes to him

Geet: Maan!

Maan: Geet, wat happen?

Geet was so happy that she just wanted to hug him but she decided to control her emotions.

Geet: thanx Maan.

Maan: for wat Geet?

Geet: Nw don’t act smart. I came to know Everything. Shilpa nd Armaan has told me everything.

Maan: Dey Both just cant stay Quiet. I told dem to not to tell anything.

Geet: y? o let me guess! It doesn’t suits ur image rite?

Maan: Geet, not nw pls. we already had so much argument since morning.

Geet: But Maan y did u done all dis?

Maan: Because u r special to me.

These words touched Geet’s heart. Den Something happened dat she didn’t imagined, infact no one has imagined.


Maan bent on his Knees in front of her nd held his right hand in front of her like he’s going to propose her. Geet felt herself Sinking in his Brown Almond Eyes. She didn’t understand wat Maan is upto but still she enjoyed d moment. She saw a mesmerizing smile was hovering in his deep shining eyes…. his cupid Bow’s lips. Everyone in d hall looked at dem nd was shocked to see d Maan in dat position. MSK is kneeling down in front of a girl.


“May I have d pleasure to Dance wid d Lady” Said Maan.

He has so much intensity in his Voice dat Geet didn’t realize wen she extended her hand to him.nd as soon as she extended her hand towards him the music began to start nd she found both of dem under a spot light again.

[P.s. play d song before u read dis part nd forgive me for my weird Imagination]



As d music starts maan takes Geet to d dance Floor nd dey didn’t realize wen dey have started moving their Body Acc. to music


Tu hi meri hai saari zameen
Chahe kahin se chalun
Tujh mein hi aake ruku


Maan held Geet Close nd Twirled her Around nd Geet unknowinlgly encircled her hand Around his neck while he grasping her waist tight


Tere siva Main jaun kahan
Koi bhi raah chunu
Tujh mein hi aake ruku


Geet’s one hand is in Maan’s strong hand while another around his Neck. Both were lost in each others eyes. Maan held Geet closed nd twirled her Around


Tum Mile To Lamhein Tham gaye
Tum mile to Saare gum gaye
Tum mile to muskhurana aa gaya

Tum mile to jadoo chaa gaya
Tum mile to jeena aa gaya
Tum mile to maine paya hai khuda



Gripping her hand maan made her swirl around him with the music..pushed her away keeping the grip fixed on her hand..And pulled her back…. nd bent her like a flower



Geet was staring into his eyes which were filled with intense Fire. Their steps going according to the rythms of music. Dey both remembers each nd every moment that dey spend together till nw.

Tujh mein kinara dikhe
Dil ko sahara dikhe
Aa meri dhadkan tham le

Teri taraf hi mude
Yeh saas tujhse jude
Har pal yeh tera naam le


Geet Forgot the whole world Around nd he sees his silent eyes spoke his heart out. The words that he couldn’t say himself. Maan wanted her to know what she meant to her. he’s trying to feel her the same as said in d music. Both wanted to stay in d moment foreover, wishing d tym would freeze then nd there.


Tum mile to abb kya hai kami
Tum mile to duniya mil gai
Tum mile to mil gaya asra

Tum mile to jadoo chaa gaya
Tum mile to jeena aa gaya
Tum mile to maine paya hai khuda


Maan squirmed her in d Air holding her waist tight. Geet closed her eyes to feel d intensity of his Dance. She felt his Breath on her face while drooping down. Den again dey hold both of their hands nd started to swirl around





During d music we found Armaan Shilpa too stealing glances of each other like dey both wanted to say each other wat it says in d music.


Din mere tujhse chale
Raatein bhi tujhse dhale
Hai waqt tere haath mein

hooo Tu hi shehar hai mera
Tujh mein hi ghar hai mera
Rehta hai tere saath mein


Maan was very closed to Geet. She could sense his Breath falling on her neck. Den again he made her swirl around nd placed his hand behind her neck touching her silky hairs nd dey both started grooving according to the music.

Tum mile to mil gaya humsafar
Tum mile to khud ki hai khabar
Tum mile to ristha sa ban gaya

Tum mile to jadoo chaa gaya
Tum mile to jeena aa gaya
Tum mile to maine paya hai khuda


Den he made her twirl around again. Their steps wre going with d rhythm of music while their mind raced ahead of time. Den he bend down on his Knees making her leaning on him.



Nd once agaim he squirmed her in d air holding her waist tight. She made her Grip tight around his neck wished to make d moment never ending nd slowly droops her down.


The song stopped as well as they but still dey stand over their rooted lost in each other unaware of d sorroundings. Everything had subsided into nothingness. The only thing that mattered was the love which had wrapped both of them in a magical feeling. His hands were still on her waist nd her hands were still resting on his shoulders. She was lost in his Arms nd he was lost in her eyes. like dey both were trying to read each others mind. The Feelings dat were unspoken by words for each other. The love dat were their in their hearts for each other. Dey wanted to confess through each others eyes wat dey meant to each other


The huge round of Applause them back to their sensesClap nd dey slowly get parted from each other but only by their Bodies, their minds, their souls were still attached to each other.Day DreamingDay Dreaming


But dey get Parted too wen everyone came to dem appreciate their Couple.

Shilpa: omg Di! Jiju! U both were just Burning d Dance Floor. Isn’t it Armaan.

Armaan: yes Rite. Moreover I didn’t See Maan dancing before like dis. Thanx to Geet because of who we were able to see this side of Maan too.

Geet gets Blushed from his Compliment nd leaves from dere nd goes to her mother nd shilpa accompany her too.


Maan: Armaan u wont change na

Armaan: Now what did I have done. Ah! Let me Guess I separated two love Birds rite?

Maan: shut up Armaan.

Armaan: u know wat dude till nw I was thinking dat I was d only one who knows how to impress d girl but today I realize that I  nothing in front of u. infact from today u became my teacher nd I ur student. Sir Ji! Can u pls give some tips to me also so that I can impress Shilpa (he said teasing him)

Maan: Shut up Armaan. Its not about tips. Its only about love.

Armaan: oye hoye! I wish Geet could be here to listen to u.

Maan: ya but thanx to u she’s not here nw.

Armaan: oh! So u r getting restless without her? By the way wen r u going to tell her that u love him. Nd nw don’t say that first u want to know her perception. Dude it can be easily noticeable that she has d same feelings for u that u have for her.

Maan: Hw do u know? Has it got telecasted in news.

Armaan: no not in news but in her eyes nd nw tell me dat u didn’t noticed it yet. Because I know that u too notices it

Maan: u r rite Maan. Geet too had started feeling d same for me what I feels for her.

Armaan: So Dude wat r u waiting For?

Maan: For the right tym.

Armaan: oh C’mon dude! Today is d day, just go nd tell her. this will be the biggest Gift for her B’day.

Maan: No Armaan, I guess she already had too many Surprises in dis nite.

Armaan: ok fine Den do whatever u want nd dnt say afterwards that I didn’t told u before.

By saying dis he lefts from dere


Maan (To himself): I’ll tell her Armaan nd that too very soon nd it would Maan Singh Khurana’s date afterall so it had to be special. U have to wait Geet because I wanted to make dat moment special for both of us.


Rest of d Function went well. This was d best B’day of Geet so far. She never felt so special before. Nt because this was a grand celebration but because it has done by Maan. Geet’s mom has to leave next morning. She wanted her mom to stay wid dem dis nite but she refuses to it by saying that it’ll be difficult for her to leave dem if she stays over dere wid dem so its better for her to go to Padma’s place nd will leave for Amritsar from there. Geet had no choice left so she has to agree wid her mother. After sometime everyone has left nd geet too left for mansion. Though she wanted to spend some tym wid Savitri Devi but Maan asked her to go as there is office next day nd dey have to complete their project report also so Geet agreed to it nd she left from mansion.


About 1 Hr. has been passed after the party gets Finish nd Geet is standing near d window holding d Saree that Maan has brought for her. she was smilig nd looking outside. She was just physically over dere but her mind is still lost in d thoughts of today’s evening. The evening she spend wid Maan. She has never thought dat she could feel anything like dis for someone. The flashes of d moments dey spend together were coming in front of her. 6 months before he was completely a stranger to her to whom she decided nt to even meet nd den he helped her wen she didn’t want to get married nd dey got engaged nd everything has started to change wen she comes to Mumbai. Their Basket ball match, their cute fights, his taking care of her nd now today’s evening everything is flashing in front of her.


Geet (to Himself): oye Geet ye sab tu kya soch rahi hai? tu theek to hai na? shayad nahi. Maan’s thought always makes me smile. Wen did he became my dream? (den looks at d saree) kitni pyaari saree hai aur kyun na ho Maan ne jo pasand ki hai. I don’t know how he came to know that White is my Fav. Colour nd wat I saw today in his eyes that I never saw before or I didn’t want to see it. So was it mean Maan too feels d same. But wo to kuch kehta hi nahi hai. Ab kaise pata karoon ki uske dil me kya hai?


She was so lost in her thoughts that she didn’t notice that her cell phone is continuously ringing. It was her Vindhya di who was calling her but geet is lost in her own world. Few mins later shilpa came to her Room having her cell phone in one hand


Shilpa: Di tumhare liye phone…….

She couldn’t complete herself wen she saw Geet like dat. Actually wen Geet’s cell didn’t answered then Vindhya had called at Shilpa’s Cell to know is Everything is ok wid Geet because its d First tym wen Geet didn’t answered her call. Shilpa has came to her room for dat purpose only so that Vindhya could talk to her but seeing Geet like dat she stops in between. She has never seen her Happy so much. She has forget everything around her. shilpa knews dat Geet loves Maan but this much that she’ll forget everything around her that she didn’t know. She didn’t want to disturb her as today for the first tym she is happy for herself.


Shilpa (to vindhya): Sorry di, I dnt think today u’ll able to talk to ur sweety.

Vindhya: y is everything fine.

Shilpa: hai bhi aur nahin bhi.

Vindhya: wat do u mean shilpa?

Shilpa: Di! Ur sweety is only physically present here but mentally she’s still wid Jiju (den she narrates everything to her wat she saw)

Vindhya: Its ok shilpa. I’ll talk to her tomorrow. Just leave her with her thoughts for sometym.

Shilpa: ok Di bye!

She hangs up nd goes back to living room. Poor Geet didn’t realize yet what has just happened behind her back. All she’s doing was just reliving d moments that has been just passed by.


On the other hand Maan too thinking about her. he was lying in his bed with eyes closed nd smile on his lips remembering the moments that have been just passed by. He wished to hold her foreover in his arms. Nd today what he saw in her eyes that Confirms him that Geet too feels d same.


Maan(to himself): Geet, I know that u have started feeling for me. I can read dat in ur eyes. I too wanted u to know wat u mean to me but for dat u have to wait for d rite moment.


His Thoughts were distracted wen he heards his cell phone ringing nd he knows who could it be. He answers d call.

Maan: Hello!

No voice from d other side

Maan: Geet

Geet: Tumhe kaise pata ki main hoon?

Maan: Because I know u by ur breath.

Geet hearts skipped a bit wen she heard dis. Thousand Butterflies were flying in her stomach.

Geet: Maan….

Maan: arey baba! I know u by ur No. it is saved in my cell remember

Geet smiles at her foolishness. She taps her head wid her hand.

Geet: oh! To Maan singh Khurana mere sath Flirt kar rahe the. Ye hoonar kahan se sikha?

Maan: ab tumhari Sangat ka kuch to asar padega na?

Geet: Wat do u mean? Main tumhare sath flirt karti hoon?

Maan: Wen did I said dat?

Geet: So den wat?

Maan: arey baba by staying in ur company I too started watching Romantic movies so just stolen a dialogue from dere.

Geet: Very Funny Maan

Maan: well leave it! Tell me y did u called that too dis tym? Kuch kehna tha?

Geet: haan…. who main kehna chahti thi ki…..

Maan: Wait! Wait! If u r going to say that thank u speech again den pls stop it. Already u have said numerous tym Thank u to me in d party. Nw no more.

Geet: nahin thank u nahin….. wo main kehna chahti thi….. nahin actually poochna chahti thi ki…..

Maan: Geet, tum theek to ho na?

Geet: haan Kyun?

Maan: nahin for d first tym I found u having lost of words. Warna Geet Malhotra, the Amritsar express is stammering while talking? who’ll believe dis Fact?

Geet: No its nothing like dat?

Maan: Really den wats it? Ah! To itni raat me tumne mujhse tym poochne ke liye call kiya hai rite?

Geet: No! Actually…. (Den to herself ” C’mon Geet jaldi se kuch Soch”. Den she looked at her Saree), ya! I just want to ask that how do u know dat White is my Fav. Colour.

Maan smiled after hearing her question. He knows dat Geet is lying nd he’s actually enjoying her nervousness.

Maan: ok dats wat u want to ask?

Geet: ya.

Maan: ok Well I just guessed it because White colour is Pure, divine nd flawless just like u nd ur heart nd I was rite u were looking just like an angle tonight.

Geet heart skipped a beat wen maan said dis. For the first tym in her life she don’t know how to answer him back.

Maan: Geet u dere na?

Geet: ya.

Maan: anything else u want to ask?

Geet: No.

Maan: ok So now just go to sleep Geet. U must be tired nd moreover its getting late nw.

Geet: ya u r rite. Gud nite

Maan: gud nite Geet nd sweet dreams.

Geet: Same to u bye.

She hangs up though she didn’t wanted to end their conversation but She guessed Maan is rite. So she goes to her bed put her Blanket on nd sleeps.


On the other hand Maan too couldn’t help himself Smiling after talking to her


Maan (to Himself): Geet, I know why did u called me nd wat do u actually want to ask. But u have to wait nd before dat u have to tell me urself wat I mean to u.


Nd he also goes to sleep.


Next morning doesn’t seems to be usual for Geet. She still couldn’t able to get out from d magic of last nit end dis can be easily figured out from her behaviour since morning. She woke up smiling infact she was smiling during her Sleep too. She didn’t even concentratewhat shilpa is saying to her. infact in d dining table during breakfast also she’s not able to concentrate.

Shilpa: Di, pls Give me a toast nd ya put jam on it (she said while looking in d newspaper)

Geet hardly listened to her nd inspite of putting d bread she took paratha nd started spreading jam on it shilpa lifts her head up to see nd she was shocked to what she was seeing.ShockedShocked

Shilpa (yelled): Di!!

Geet came back into senses

Geet: Wat? Y did u shout? R u fine?

Shilpa: Di I m fine but I guess u r not fine.

Geet: y wats wrong wid me?

Shilpa: di do u have any idea wat u r doing?

Geet: Wat? Just spreading jam.

Shilpa: oh really? On wat?

Geet: ofcourse on bread.

Shilpa: o ya! (den she tooks paratha from her) So According to u dis is Bread rite. I was not knowing that Paratha nd bread has exchanged their names with each other.LOLLOLLOL

Geet looked at the her nd smiled nervously

Geet: I know that its paratha. Nd its not for u. ye to maine apne liye lagaya hai.

Shilpa: nd since wen u have started eating paratha by putting jam on it.

Geet: u know that I use to discover new tastes everyday.

Shilpa: ya I know (den she puts her hand on Geet’s hand). Di! I think u are still very tired nd u need some rest. Y don’t u take leave from office for today.

Geet: shilpa, I m perfectly fine. I need to go to office today nd complete the project report.

She gets up takes her bag nd started moving.

Shilpa: di kahan ja rahi ho?

Geet: office

Shilpa: Office, nw wen did office has been shifted to upstairs?

Geet saw nd noticed dat she’s actually moving wrong.

Geet: oh! Wo tum subah se itne sawaal kar rahi ho ki mujhe dhyan nahi raha. Bye! I m going.

She quickly headed towards outside leaving Shilpa behind puzzled.


Shilpa(To herself): Pata nahi aaj di ko kya ho gaya hai? yahan ye haal hai pata nahi office me kya karengi? Babaji! inki madad karna.



After reaching office geet tries to calm herself down. She didn’t wanted to do any kind of a blunders due to her behaviour like she’s doing since morning.


Geet (to herself): Geet, control urself. Wat r u doing since morning? Well leave it nw concentrate on ur Work. This Project is important for Maan nd u cant do any mistakes. So just Chill ok


Geet entered into her cabin wishing that everything would go fine. As soon as she entered her cabin she saw Maan standing wid a smile on his face. Lost in his smile she started moving towards him nd as she raises her hand to touch him he disappear. Geet realizes that she’s hallucinating. She hits her head hard with her hand nd moves towards her chair. As she was about to sit she found someone has hold her hand nd pulled her towards him. It was Maan nd she found herself Drowning in his honeyed eyes which were showing love for her. he was coming close to her to kiss her. She closed her eyes nd after few moments she realized that nothing has happened, she opened her eyes nd saw no one around. She realizes that she’s again hallucinating. She sits on d chair nd hides her face by her hands.


Geet (to herself): Geet, u have completely lost it. C’mon girl focus! Focus on ur work. Pls for heaven sake just forget about everything.


“Agar khud se baatein karne se fursat mil gayi ho to kuch kaam kar le” a voice came


She lifted her head upwards nd saw Maan standing in front of her with his Arms crossed in front of his chest.


Geet: Oh no! Not again! (den to maan) Tum Fir se aa gaye?

Maan couldn’t able to understand wat is she talking.

Maan: Geet, fir se aa gaya matlab?

Geet: aur kya? Kabse dekh rahi hoon. Kabhi yahan Kabhi wahan aur fir achanak gayab

Maan: Geet, r u in ur senses?

Geet: yes I was in my senses, but u ruin my senses

Maan was about to say something, suddenly he realizes what Geet was trying to say.

Maan (To himself): Oh! So Ms. Geet Malhotra is going through d same phase which I already suffered. Interesting!

Geet looked at him nd saw that he’s still standing over there smiling.

Geet: tum abhi tak gaye nahi. Mujhe pata hai jaise hi tumhare paas aaoongi tum fir se gayab ho jaoge.

Maan: No, I’ll not get Disappeared (he says while moving towards her)

Geet: U’ll

Maan: I’ll not

Geet: I told na u’ll

Maan: nd I also told that I’ll not

Geet didn’t realize that he has came so close to her nd was continuously doing her non sense. Just den she realizes that Maan has held her hand in his hand.

Maan: Chaho to Choo ke dekh lo

He raised her hands towards his face nd make her touch it to make her realize that he’s actually their. She unknowingly touched his face, his cheeks nd slowly moving her hands downwards nd rested on his chest while thousands Butterflies were running in her stomach.

Maan: Dekha! Gayab nahin hua na?

She said nothing but smiled lost in his eyes nd dey have an eyelock session for few moments. It was geet who first came back to her senses nd realizes what she was doing. She quickly removes her hand from his chest nd snaps back. Maan too came back to his senses. Both didn’t know what to say at that moment. It was Maan who decided to break d Silence

Maan: Wo…. Main…. Actually I came to ask u…. that if u r free den can we complete the Report.

Geet has completely forgot about the report then she thought that its d best Idea to get away from these abnormal thoughts.

Geet: ya lets Go.

They both headed towards Maan’s Cabin.



In Sanjivani, it was 11 am nd shilpa is in Locker Room. She’s Still getting Worried for Geet’s weird Behaviour since Morning but den she thought dat her Di is Big enough to tackle dis Situation. So she decided to concentrate on her work. As soon as she opens her Locker. She Found a gift With a Greeting card Attached to it. She knews who could it be but still she had a curiousity to open d Gift. She quickly unwrapped d gift nd opens d velvet Box. She Founds a Beautiful diamond pendant with White Gold chain. It was simple yet beautiful. She smiled nd den opens d Greeting Card in which there was a msg Written by Armaan


“I don’t know what to Do, How to express, How to make u Feel that u r Special to me. U r the person who came as a guiding light in my Darken life. May be this Present will tell u everything. Hope u’ll like it.”




Shilpa smiled again after reading d message nd looked at the pendant.

Shilpa: I loved it Armaan but still I cant take dis. Not until u told me urself wat u feels for me.

She keeps d pendant back in d Box nd placed it back to Armaan’s Locker but keep the Greeting Card with her nd den she has gone for Briefing. Armaan who was Watching all dis From Change Room came out with a smile nd Thought that Shilpa is really different she is not like other Girls who love expensive Gifts nd dis gesture of her has again made him fall in love wid her.


Armaan (to himself): so Dr. Shilpa wants something else to let her feel special. Dnt worry I wont give up so soon. Nd as far as dis Pendant is concerned I promise u that one day u’ll definitely wear it.

Nd den he also left from dere.



In Khurana’s Construction it was about 12:45 pm nd their work was almost completed. They both tried their best to concentrate only on work so dey didn’t share any glances while working. Suddenly Geet reminds of Something.

Geet: Maan! Mr. Chopra’s Nephew is arriving Tomorrow rite?

Maan: ya.

Geet: nd We r having our meeting at evening?

Maan: ya Geet. But y r u asking dis?

Geet: Maan u said that he’s very young nd it’s the first tym that he’s Handling any project.

Maan: ya So?

Geet: I have an Idea.

Maan: nd wats dat?

Geet: nt nw. First u have to come with me somewhere?

Maan: but where Geet?

Geet: I’ll tell u in d way. Nd waise bhi its lunch time nw so it wouldn’t affect our work also.

Maan: But Geet…..

Geet: Maan No more Question. Lets go pls.

Maan couldn’t able to refuse her so he decided to do what she says.

Maan: ok lets go!

Dey Both headed outside d cabin. Sasha watched both of dem going. She didn’t feel good watching dem together. Since she was working in Khurana’s she didn’t let anyone to go closer to Maan nd dis Behenji (acc to Sasha) is going out with him. She has already consider Geet as her enemy wen Maan gives Geet to take the responsibility of the project nd nw wen she’s going out wid Maan dis made her even more jealous of her.

Tasha: Sasha…. Mera matlab hai Ma’am. Did u saw hw she’s going Close to MK sir.

Sasha: Dekh rahi hoon Tasha. Is Behenji ka kuch to karna hi padega. I m just waiting for d right moment.



Maan nd Geet were in d Shopping Mall at Gifts section. Maan still didn’t understand Y Geet brought him here.

Maan: Geet will u pls tell me what we r doing over here?

Geet: Relax Maan! U’ll come to know soon

Maan(raised his voice): Enough now! Geet I’ve been asking d same thing from office. U haven’t told me anything in the way also nd brought me over here. Nw atleast tell me wat r we doing over here?

Geet: Nw u realizes hw much irritated I was yesterday wen u behaved like dis well leave it well u wanted to know d purpose of coming over here.

Maan: Hhmm

Geet: well Maan its very simple I have came here to buy a Gift.

Maan: Oh Really! I didn’t know that I thought we have came here to play Cricket. How unusual na that we have came to gift Shop to buy a Gift.

Geet gave him a look while crossing her arms in front of her chest waiting for him to finish.

Geet: Bol diya! Ab main Bolu? If u permit?

Maan: ya

Geet: so I was saying that I have came here to buy a Gift for Mr. Chopra’s Nephew.

Maan: For Him? Why?

Geet: See Maan. He was very young moreover new to dis Business nd its his First Deal of his life. So I thought with dis Kind of a warm Gesture he’ll Feel Comfortable wid us nd can easily share his Views nd problems if he had regarding dis Project. He wont hesitate with us if he gets friendly with us.

Maan smiled after hearing her. he knew that Geet always thinks about others but she’ll think dis much that too for d person of whom she didn’t even know d name.

Geet: nw where have u lost?

Maan: Nowhere Geet. Just thinking k mere dimaag me yeh idea kyun nahi aaya?

Geet: isiliye kehti hoon ki kabhi kabhi mere dimaag se bhi kaam kar liya karo.

Maan: Geeeeetttttt….

Geet: Not again Maan. For God Sake! we are at public Place.

Maan: Ok Fine. So wat have u decided to Gift him.

Geet(excitedly): Teddy Bear!!!

Maan was shocked wen he hears dis. “Has Geet gone out of her Mind” He thought

Maan: Wat? Teddy Bear? Geet, I knw that he’s very young but that Doesn’t mean that we should give him Teddy Bear.

Geet Rolled over her Eyes. “wat to Do wid dis Man?” she thought

Geet: Maan, mujhe pata tha ki tum bewakoof samajhte ho, par itna bewakoof samajhte ho ye aaj pata chala

Maan: Matlab

Geet: Matlab ye Maan, I know that we cant gift him Teddy Bear nd wen did I said that we r going to Gift him Teddy Bear?

Maan: just nw wen I asked wat have u decided then u said Teddy Bear.

Geet: oh God Maan! I didn’t mean that. Look over dere (she pointed her Finger at the corner)

Maan looked at the Direction where she was showing nd Found a Teddy Bear over dere.

Geet: I mean to say dat that Teddy Bear over dere is very Cute na. I just loved it.

Maan: oh! So u loved it?

Geet: Ya. Well leave it nw. Lets select gift.

Maan: uummm.. Geet tum Gift Select karo. I’ll be right back.

Maan wanted to buy that Teddy Bear as Geet loved it nd whatever Geet loves it has to be wid her.

Geet: but Maan where r u going?

Maan: I’ll tell u later. Ok I’ll be right back.

He lefts from dere

Geet: Maan suno to…..(den she noticed that he’s far away from her to listen) Dusht Daanav (she whispered with smile)


Then she again started to select gift. But she didn’t know that someone is heading towards her from Behind wen she was lost in Maan’s Thoughts. That person was standing just beside her but she still didn’t realize it.


“Kaddu” A voice came from behind which has actually put Geet in a shock wen she heard a Familiar name from a Familiar Voice


No this cant be him. After so many years? That too at Mumbai nd now wen she has left everything behind her nd started living a new life in which he’s nowhere. She thought. She’s afraid to turn back. Just praying to God that it could be someone else. She slowly turns back nd Found him standing in Front of him. Her eyes were open wide wen she saw him.


Geet: Vridant. Tum?

Vridant: thank god u atleast remember my name.

Geet: ofcourse! Hw can I forget u? The biggest mistake of my life.

Vridant: C’mon Geet. Our friendship was not mistake.

Geet: ofcourse it is. But the fact is that I realize it wen its too late.

Vridant: Kaddu I….

Geet: Don’t u dare to call me wid dat name. u have no right nw.

Vridant: But Geet…..

Their Conversation gets interrupted wen Maan cames to them.

Maan: so Geet Did u find anything (den he looks at Geet who eyes were fuming in Anger) wat happen Geet? (nd den at the person in front of her). wait! I have saw u somewhere. But where? (den he remembers) ya Geet he’s d Same person na who was their wid u in d photograph.

Geet nodded in yes.

Vridant: Geet introduce nahin karaogi?

Geet looked at him angrily but decided to keep quiet at dis moment.

Geet: Maan he’s Vridant. My classmate (she puts pressure at dis word) during school. Nd Vridant he’s…..

She was about to say something wen Vridant intervenes

Vridant: Maan Singh Khurana. The MD of Khurana’s Constructions.

Geet nd Maan both looked at him surprise.

Maan: Hey! U know me?

Vridant: ofcourse! But I think I should Give my Proper Introduction rather den wat Geet has given to u. Hi Mr. Khurana. I m Vridant Chopra, the Nephew of ur Client Mr. Chopra.


Nw its d second Shock For Geet. Vridant is dat Guy for whom she was selecting Gift. Mr. Chopra’s Nephew was Vridant. Nd nw she has to work wid him during Project. The person whom she hates. The person of whom she didn’t even wished to see the Face again will be their in front of her. nd Maan (she looked at him) y all dis Happening nw? wen she was happily seeing d dreams of her Future wid Maan.


Geet (to Herself): Babaji! Kya marzi hai aapki? Y Vridant has come back to my life again? No I’ll not let him Affect my life once again. He cant ruin my happiness nw. yes He can’t


Geet Still couldn’t able to recover from d Shock. Hw could it be possible? Why didn’t ahe asked the name from Maan till yet? If She knows that this will be going to happen then she’ll never Agree to dis Project. All dese Thoughts were running in her minds wen she was distracted by Maan’s Voice.


Maan: Oh Hello Mr. Vridant! Nice to meet u. but u were suppose to come tomorrow, hw come ur Plan has been Preponed?

Vridant: Oh I m sorry Mr. Khurana, I couldn’t able to inform u earlier. Actually I had some important things to Sort Out before handling dis Project (He says while Looking at Geet)

Maan: Oh! So any kind of a help u need Mr. Chopra

Vridant: No Mr. Khurana I’ll handle it. Its personal nd ya By the Way pls dnt call me Mr. Chopra it feels like I m a old man. U can Call me Vridant. Nd I hope u dnt mind if I call u Maan.

Maan: Ya Ofcourse not Vridant.

Geet was listening all dis Conversations. She cant Stand Vridant in front of her anymore.

Geet: Maan, I think we should leave now. It getting late

Maan: But Geet, wat about the Gift?

Geet: I don’t think we need it nw Maan. Since Vridant is very much Comfortable wid u in d first meeting only (she said while looking at Vridant)

Maan: R u sure?

Geet: Ya Maan.

Maan: ok Den (den turns to Vridant) ok Mr. Vridant. It was nice meeting u. See u tomorrow Evening for our meeting.

Vridant: Same here Mr. Maan. Bye Geet see u tomorrow.

Geet: Bye. (she said coldly) Maan I’ll be waiting for u at Parking.

She said nd left from dere. Maan couldn’t understand her behaviour. Few minutes before she was happily selecting gift nd nw wen she knows dat Client is none other den her own friend den y she Behaved so strangely. He decided to talk to Geet about that. He takes Vridant leave nd headed towards d Parking lot.


In Sanjeevani, Shilpa is in checking some children nd were smiling at Armaan’s Gesture. Wen she notices a Kid tapping her from Behind. She turned to look at him nd saw that he’s holding a Bunch of Flowers.

Kid: This is for u

Shilpa: But who gave u these?

He didn’t answer nd gone from there. Shilpa tried to call him but he didn’t listen. Den she smiles because she knews who have given these flowers to her. she looked at bouquet nd found so many beautiful Flowers in it. Lilies, tulips, Roses, Orchids, Freesia, pink Carnations nd so many flowers it seems that there’s every variety of flowers present in it. She wont mind it calling d Most beautiful Bouquet in d world. Then she notices a note Stuck to it. She pluck it to see it.


“U haven’t take d Pendant nd somewhere I was knewing it as u r different from others. So I thought of Giving u flowers. Waise who herself is a like A flower doesn’t need any Flowers but these flowers were dying to See u who have been more beautiful than them. Hope dis u’ll not refuse to take. Otherwise inka Dil Toot jayega.”




She both Blushes nd smiles after reading dis Message.

“Armaan” The only word came from her mouth with a smile. Hw can she refuse it to take it wen there is such a emotional feelings attached to it. She headed towards d locker Room taking flowers wid her to keep it safe over dere.


Armaan was watching her from D Corner of d Room leaning against d Wall. He loved wen he saw her smiling.


Armaan (to Himself): Oye Hoye! Ye smile. It has already taken my Heart away. Nw I wonder wat else have left nw



Maan nd Geet were inside d car nd were heading towards d office. Geet has Leaned herself against d Seat wid her eyes closed. She still didn’t able to forget the incident that has happened just now. She wanted to take off all her thoughts from dat but couldn’t able to take it off. Maan was watching Geet’s restlessness nd he was curious to know that what Suddenly has gone wrong wid Geet. She was so happy few hours before nd Nw sitting like Something very bad has happened. He decided to ask to her.

Maan: Geet

Geet came out from her thoughts wen she heard his voice.

Geet: Ya

Maan: Wats Wrong?

Geet: Nothing Maan.

Maan: Geet u dnt know how to lie so dnt try it ok.

Geet: Maan, I m not lyieng trust me.

Maan: O ya! Geet, I m observing u from last few minutes u were sitting so quietly. U never use to do that.

Geet: So u r missing my Bak-Bak. (she laughed)

Maan: geet pls I m not joking.

Geet: ok Baba! Carry on

Maan: Geet I know something has gone wrong wid u. u seems to be upset in d Mall too. Wat happen Geet? Is everything ok? Is there any Problem? (he asked her wid a concern)

Geet(seriously): Ya Maan, there is a problem.

Maan: Den wat r u waiting for Geet. (he stops d car) Tell me wats wrong?

Geet: Wo actually Maan….. I don’t know how to say it u…… But Actually baat ye hai ki.

Maan: Ya geet tell me. Kya Baat Hai?

Geet: Wo Maan…. Actually Baat ye hai ki…. kaise kahoon?

Maan(getting restless): Geet pls u can tell me

Geet: ya. Actually Baat ye hai ki…. that I m…..

Maan: I m…. wat geet?

Geet: I m…. (she says while looking into his eyes)

Maan: yes I m….. (he too looks into her Eyes)

Geet: I m……

Maan: Bolo Geet. I m…. wat?

Geet: I m feeling very Hungry. Can we go somewhere for lunch.

Maan was shocked wen he heard dis. He didn’t expect her to say dis.

Maan: Wat?

Geet: ya I m feeling Hungry.

Maan: Geet, that’s wat u want to say from so long.

Geet: ya, wat else u thought?

Maan: Geet, I was thinking that u were in some kind of a problem nd dis is ur Problem?

Geet: Maan if u remember that we have left from Office during Lunch Tym so I didn’t had anything till nw. I know u r a Robot so u may not need any Food but I  a Human Being nd I need to have Food for energy.

Maan: Geeettttt

Geet: Dekha! Isiliye nahi bata rahi thi. First u were saying “Tell me Geet tell me” nd nw wen I told u u were yelling at me (she said while Turning her face towards d window)

Maan looked at her nd shakes her head.

Maan (to Himself): Wat to do with dis Girl. She’s Driving me crazy day by day nd one day she’ll definitely make me mad.

Maan: Acha Baba Sorry! But y didn’t u tell me at Mall. There were so many Indian Restaurants over dere.

Geet: Because I dnt want to go to any restaurants.

Maan: Den wat r u expecting? I cook Food for u in d Middle of d Road.

Geet (murmers): I wish u would

Maan: u said something?

Geet: huh.. No. I m not saying u to Cook Food for me in d middle of d Road. Take me to some Dhaba.

Maan: Dhaba?

Geet: Ya I heard that there r so many Dhabas in Mumbai. Nd ya dnt take me to any Hi-Fi Dhaba where I could get those Restaurant Feeling. Take me to the Dhaba where I can Actually Feel my Punjab.

Maan: Geet, r u really serious?

Geet: M I laughing while saying it. Dat means dat I m serious.

Maan: But hw can we go to Dhaba?

Geet: y r we Aliens? Ah wait! Wait! It wouldn’t Suits ur personality rite?

Maan: its nothing like dat?

Geet: o ya! Den y r u hesitating?

Maan: I m not hesitating

Geet: it doesn’t seems so.

Maan: Ok Fine we’ll go to dhaba no actually to the Dhaba where u can actually feel ur Punjab. Fine. Nd ya dis misunderstanding of urs will also be vanished.

Geet: lets see

Maan: ya. Lets See

He said nd started Driving d Car nd headed towards d dhaba. Only Geet knows how hard it was for her to lie to him. To hide from him wat actually bothers her. She looked at Maan who was concentrating on Driving. She knews dat Maan will always be there for her but rite nw she cant tell the truth to him.


Geet(to Herself): I m sorry Maan. I don’t want to lie to u. I wanted to tell u everything but before I tell u anything its necessaty for me to know the True Intentions behind Vridant coming back to my life.


After 30 Mins of Driving Maan finally takes her to the Dhaba. Though he didn’t wanted to go over dere but as its Geet’s Wish he couldn’t Refuse her either too. Hw can he refuse her but still he didn’t feel comfortable over dere. For the first tym he has came to any such place like dis. Thanx to Geet because of whom he always do the thing which he haven’t done before. On the other side Geet felt exactly opposite to Maan. She felt so homly over dere. The Furnitures, the greenaries everything reminds her of Amritsar. She noticed Maan not feeling Comfortable over dere.

Geet: Wats Wrong Maan? R u fine?

Maan: ya. Y?

Geet: No it doesn’t seems like.

Maan: its nothing like dat. Wat a nice place (he said Sarcastically)

Geet: Maine to pehle hi kaha tha ki tumse nahi hoga. Abhi bhi tym hai lets go back. Don’t worry I’ll manage in Restaurant.

Maan: Listen Geet. Don’t u dare to challenge Maan Singh Khurana. I said I don’t have any problem then I mean it.

Geet: ok Den lets go.

Maan headed inside d Dhaba leaving Geet behind smiling.

Geet (To Herself): This Man nd His Attitude will never change. Dekhte hai Mr. Maan Singh Khurana for hw long u’ll feel Comfortable over here

She also headed inside d Dhaba. As soon as she entered she saw that Maan is going to sit on d Bench which is Actually their for Keeping Food.

Geet(yelled): Arey Maan, kya kar rahe ho?

Maan: Wat? Just sitting.

Geet: omg! Maan that is not for sitting it was there for keeping food.

Maan: so where shall I sit?

Geet: there (she pointed towards d Cot)

Maan: there? R u sure?

Geet: ya. Nw come.

She goes nd sits on the Cot. Maan follows her nd sits Across her cot. Just den a pleasant looking Sardar came to dem to take their order.

Geet: Papaji! Tussi ek kaam karo garama garam Makke di Roti te Sarson da Saag le aao, dono k liye.

Maan: ek minute Geet. Ek baar mujhse pooch to lo. Aur ye sab maine pehle kabhi nahi khaya.

Geet: to ab kha lena (den turns to Sardar) Papaji tussi abhi tak yahi ho. Jaldi lekar aao (den turns to Maan) Lassi hum baad me mangwa lenge.

Sardar goes from dere. Maan shakes his head in disbelief nd Geet notices it.

Geet: Wat happen?

Maan: kuch nahi just thinking that u were taking my Decisions like u r my Wife!!

Geet’s heart skipped a beat wen she heard word Wife from his mouth. Maan too realizes wat did he just said but Geet Decided to handle the situation.

Geet: To kya hua? Fiance to hoon na? Officially hi sahi nd moreover if u have forgetten then let me remind u that I m ur Friend Also nd as a friend I have full right to take ur Decisions.

Maan smiled at her. he knows that Geet is trying to cover up nd she actually likes wen he called her as his Wife. In the mean while sardar brings their Order nd Maan got shocked to see it.

Maan: wat the hell is dis?

Geet: Food.

Maan: Food. Ye Ghaas Phoos aur ye papad jaisi cheez ko tum khana kehti ho?

Geet: Maan ye ghaas phoos nahi hai ise Sarson ka Saag kehte hai aur jise tum papad bol rahe ho use Makke ki roti kaha jata hai. aur ye itna bhi bura nahi hota hai jitna tum ise dekh ke Face bana rahe ho.

Maan: Watever!!!! I cant eat this! (he makes a disguist face)

Geet: o ya tumhe to wo tumhari italian Dish Lasagana, pasta nd all dat yahi sab pasand hoga na. sometimes I wonder r u really a Punjabi.

Maan: Geet, har insaan ka apna Taste hota hai. Ab isme mere Punjabi hone ya na hone ki baat kahan se aa gayi.

Geet: whatever Maan! U don’t have any other Choice. I m not going to order any other thing nw. Tumhe Khana hai to yahi khana hai aur nahin khana hai to bhi yahi khana hai. because I dnt like wastage of food.

Maan: wat? Tum Maan Singh Khurana ko Order de rahi ho? And waise bhi I don’t understand wat u r saying?

Geet: leave it Maan. U wont be able to. Den let me enjoy mine.

She said nd started having her food. She’s Actually enjoying it. After so many months she was having it. Maan was watching her. hw innocently she is having her food like a small kid enjoying Chocolate. But still he couldn’t able to make up his mind to have that food. Suddenly Geet’s Phone began to rang. She noticed that it was Shilpa so she Excused herself nd gone aside.


After she has gone Maan noticed her plate. Half of her food is finished. He hesitantly take a bite of Roti from her plate to taste it nd he actually likes it. He don’t know wat makes it so delicious, D Dish Itself or he was tasting it From Geet’s plate. He was about to take another bite wen he heard Geet’s Voice


“Khana hi hai to apni plate se khao, meri plate se kyun shuru ho gaye” She said smilingly crossing her hands across her chest.


Maan saw her nd got fumbled he actually don’t know wat to say he was caught Red Handed.

Maan: Nahin…. woh main…… Main to aise hi taste kar raha tha. Its not that Good like u were saying?

Geet: o ya! That’s y u were going to have another bite rite? (she said while sitting on d cot)

Maan: No…. Actually…..

Geet: Leave it Maan. U cant lie nd u know dat. But y u r having it from my plate. Doosro ka jhootha nahi khana chahiye.

Maan: aur apno ka? Apno ka to Jhootha kha sakte hai na.

He said with so much Affection that Geet Couldn’t help herself looking into his eyes. She could see the love nd Affection over dere. They have an eyelock session for few seconds.

Geet (slowly): Apno Ka…..

Maan: ya. Abhi abhi to tumne kaha that u r my Fiance Officially nd moreover u r my Friend too.  So as a Friend I had full right to have Food from ur plate.

Geet (came into senses): Oh ya! But have it from ur plate nw. because I m hungry.

Maan couldn’t stop himself smiling. He knows wat was running in her Mind. He can read her eyes. but he didn’t said anything to her at that tym nd started having food from his plate.



In Khurana’s Construction it was about 7 pm nd both Geet nd Maan have completed d report nd faxed it to Mr. Chopra. Geet has almost forgetted about his Meeting wid Vridant. Basically she forgets everything wen She’s Wid Maan nd she loves dat.

Geet: Phew! Finally everything is Done.

Maan: ya. Nw I can relax.

Geet: Dat would be unusual (she said seriously)

Maan: y?

Geet: Because I haven’t watched Robots getting relaxed (den she Laughs)

Maan: Geeetttttt

Geet: Acha Baba Sorry. I was only kidding

Maan: its ok. By the way u remember tomorrow evening we have meeting with Vridant.

Geet (frowned): ya.

Maan can see her change in expression.

Maan: Geet u okay?

Geet: ya Maan just feeling Tired. Can we go home.

Maan: ya ofcourse! I should have understand it. Lets Go!

They both headed towards home.


In Sanjeevani, Shilpa was about to leave home, wen she remembered something. She goes to her locker to take out the Flowers. As soon as She opens d Locker She Found one more Gift Wrapped in a paper. She very well knews who has kept it over dere. She opens it nd Found a Box of Chocolates in it nd a note attached to it.


“Thanx For Accepting Flowers nd dis I was saying on Behalf of dem nw I m sure that u’ll accept it too. Inhe bhi to pata chale ki zyada Sweet hai ya tum or they will become sweet wen u’ll have it. Dnt worry u wouldn’t gain any calories after having it nd by chance if u gained it den also u’ll be as Beautiful as u r nw.”




Shilpa is totally blushed nw. She didn’t know how to react.


Shilpa (murmurs): Armaan kahan ho tum? Since morning u were playing Hide nd Seek With me. U were giving so many gifts to me nd I still couldn’t able to see u.”


She was murmuring wen she heard a voice from behind.


“so u were missing me?”

She turned to look nd saw Armaan standing so close to her that she can actually feel his breath on her face. She gets lost in his eyes for a moment, den lowered her gaze.

Armaan: Bolo na Shilpa! U were missing me?

Shilpa: Ya. Actually I wanted to say thank u to u.

Armaan: For wat?

Shilpa: For these gifts. But in sabki kya zarurat thi?

Armaan: U have only said na that if we have someone in pur Heart den we should make him or her to realize that hw special that person is for us. So m just doing d same.

Shilpa: M I special to u?

Armaan: U don’t think d same?

Shilpa snaps back slowly from him. She dnt know wat to say to him. Armaan understands her state of mind so he decided to change d topic.

Armaan: umm.. shilpa Hw about dinner tonight?

Shilpa: No Armaan. I need to go home. Di has to talk something imp to me. Someother tym.

Armaan: ok. Den atleast let me drop u home. Pls

Shilpa (smiles): ok. Lets go!

Dey both headed towards home


Next evening was going to be the Toughest evening for Geet as she has to face that person to whom she hates d most but she agrees herself by saying that she’s doing dis For Maan so she decided to be just professional over dere. Both Maan nd Geet reached d Ocean Blues Restaurant nd Found Vridant already over dere.

Maan: Hello Mr. Vridant!

Vridant: Hello Mr. Maan. Hi Geet.

Geet: Hi!

Maan: I hope we have not kept u waiting?

Vridant: Not at all. Actually I heard dat u are very punctual so I decided to come 10 mins. Before. Pls have a seat.

Maan: ya sure.

All of dem has taken their Seat nd Geet has started discussing d Project wid Vridant. She was trying her best to keep herself Calm while Maan was lost in Geet. He always likes her Voice. Though he always teased her for her Non Stop Bak-Bak but he couldn’t deny the fact that he actually loved it. He can stay Forever watching her like dis. Nd today the way she as discussing d project no one would say that she’s just the same girl who use to Do Nonsense things to irritate him.


Maan (to Himself): Not bad! Would be Mrs. Khurana it seems that u r getting spoiled in my Company like I m getting in yours.


His thoughts were distracted wen he heard his cell phone ringing. It was one of his client. He cursed his timing but couldn’t disconnect it also so he excused him from there. Nw Geet nd Vridant were alone at table. Geet finds dis tym rite to talk to Vridant.

Vridant: thanx for coming here…. I was thinking that……

Geet(intervenes): Why Did u came here?

Vridant: Ofcourse For Meeting.

Geet: I m not talking about that. Y did u came back to my life? Wat else u want now?

Vridant: Geet, I just wanted to apologise to u?

Geet: oh Really! After 4 years u remembers that u have to aplogise to me. Nd wat about that Girlfriend of urs? Oh no no the love of ur Life, Ria.

Vridant: Ria?

Geet: ya Ria. Does she knows that u have came to aplogise to me. Let me guess she has send u over here to say sorry to me. Rite? Because basically u do wat she says u to do. She says Vridant Stand up, u stand; She says Vridant Sit Down so u sits; She says Vridant leave ur friends, u does d same; she says Vridant Break ur Friend’s heart, betrays her trust, u have done dat also without any second thought. So today also she has only told u to come over here rite?

Vridant: Geet, I left Ria?

Geet: y did u find Someone else or did she find any other obedient lover den u?

Vridant: Kaddu, pls Listen to me

Geet(angrily): Last tym…. My name is Geet, Geet Malhotra. Better remember dis. Nd nw as I m ur client so I want u to address me only Geet or Ms. Malhotra

Vridant: itna gussa? My kaddu was not like dat

Geet: yes u r rite. I have changed. Nw I m not dat Geet who has easily Fooled by anyone.

Vridant: Geet ur anger is rite. Wat I did to u was really very wrong. I didn’t believe u nd has done wat done wat Ria told me to do. But trust me Geet the day I realized my mistake I realized what I have done. Den only I realize that how wrong Ria was. Nd how pure ur Friendship was or should I say Love.

Geet: wat?

Vridant: ya Geet I know that u were in love wid me but u never expressed because our Friendship was stronger den ur love nd u didn’t wanted our friendship to get affected because of ur love so u never let ur heart to go beyond friendship.

Geet: Love, Friendship dis words doesn’t sounds Good from ur mouth Vridant.

Vridant: I knw Geet, I hurted u a lot, I have broken ur trust nd by the tym I realized its been too late. I don’t know how to face u but finally 3 months before I have gone to ur place to apologise to u but I found dat u have shifted to Mumbai. I agreed it as my destiny but den suddenly I heard ur name from Uncle so I decided to know from him den I came to know that it was u, who were handling dis Project. I felt that destiny has given me another chance so I asked him to let me handle dis Project in his Absence nd he Agreed.


Geet was listening all dis Quietly. So Vridant knews it that she’s handling dis Project nd like dis he planned to come back to her lyf she thought

Vridant: Do u Remember that B’day Msg. from Private number on ur B’day

Geet (surprised): Hw do u know about that

Vridant: Because it was me only who has send that msg.

Geet was shocked to hear that. “that was Vridant nd I thought that Maan has send me that msg.” She thought

Vridant: Geet, I m really very Sorry for wat I did to u. cant we start a fresh Beginning.

Geet: No Vridant. Because dat Geet is Dead who use to believes u blindly. Everything has been changed nw. even me.


“Wat has been changed Geet”


Both Geet nd Vridant looked towards d direction of voice nd Saw Maan coming to dem. He walks towards dem nd gets himself seated.

Maan: What r u guys talking about.

Geet: nothing much Maan. Since Vridant met me after so many years so I was just telling him that hw the things has been changed. Nw I m not that Geet whom he has left at Amritsar. I mean who was single. Very Soon I m going to be Mrs. Khurana (she said sarcastically)

Both Maan nd Vridant looked at her surprised. Maan couldn’t able to believe on his ears.


Maan(to Himself): Wat is she saying? She herself stops me from telling anyone about dis Engagement nd nw she herself telling him.

Geet too realize that she has said something which she don’t have to say but she didn’t regret it because she knows that she’s not saying anything wrong.

Vridant: Mrs. Khurana?

Geet: Ya Vridant. I m engaged to Maan. Its been about 4 months now nd very soon we’ll get married as soon as I finish my internship. Rite Maan?

Maan: But geet……

Geet: c’mon maan y to hide it from Vridant. Afterall he was my friend nd nw urs too. Rite Vridant?

Vridant (meekly): ya.

He still didn’t believe wat he was listening. Geet is engaged nd soon going to be married. Hw can this be possible? He has came here for Geet. He thought that she loves him but the truth he was listening nw was unbearable to him.


Geet has actually turned d table. Last day it was Vridant who has given her shock nd Today it was Geet who has left her stunned. She dnt know hw she’ll answer Maan wen he’ll ask about it because till nw she don’t knows wat he actually feels for her but she didn’t care at that tym. All she cares is to get Vridant away from her life. Nd nw by seeing his Expression she was sure that her Arrow hits at the right place.


Geet: Wat Happen Vridant? Seems u couldn’t able to digest this Good News.

Vridant: No its nothing like dat. Actually……

Geet: its ok Vridant. I can understand. Afterall its such a Big news. Wont u congratulate us. Afterall u was my classmate.

Vridant: Ya ofcourse! Congrats to both of u (He says while shaking hand wid Maan)

Maan: Thanx.

Vridant: Congrats Geet!

Geet: thanx Vridant. (den looked at Maan) Maan I think we should go nw. Dadimaa must be waiting for us.

Maan: ya Sure. Ok Mr. Vridant See u.

Vridant: Ya Mr. Maan. Bye.

Geet nd Maan headed towards d Parking Lot Leaving Vridant behind Stunned. Maan still couldn’t understand d reason Behind Geet’s Behaviour. Y did she said dat? He thought. On the other Hand Geet was thinking wat she’ll say to Maan because she knews dat Maan will definitely ask her about it. In these thoughts dey had reached to their car.


Geet (to herself): ok Fine. I’ll tell him the truth whatever I feels for him. No matter hw will he react.


Maan (to himself): Geet has to answer me today. Why did she said dat?


“Maan” “Geet” dey both said together nd den looked at each other nd den started laughing.

Maan: ok u tell First

Geet: No Maan. U tell

Maan: its ok Geet. U can say first.

Geet: Maan, u say first.

Maan: Geet, I told na that u say it first.

Geet: nd I also told that u say it first. Warna tum kahoge ki maine tumhe bolne ka mauka nahi diya aur Amritsar Express ki tarah shuru ho gayi.

Maan: Sach me bahut ziddi ho

Geet: tumhari sangat ka asar hai. khair leave it. Wat u want to say?

Maan: Geet why did u told to Vridant about our Engagement?

Geet was knowing somewhere that Maan will ask this to her

Geet: Because I want to.

Maan: But y Geet?

Geet: y u didn’t like it?

Maan: no its nothing like dat. But I was surprised because it was u only who wanted to keep dis engagement secret nd nw u urself told him.

Geet: Wo actually Maan, Vridant was asking me that hw we both r so Comfortable wid each other. U know I m calling u by name nd nt sir nd moreover thanx to ur image of staying away from girls but u r so comfortable in my Company so he was suspecting something Fishy so before he could understand anything wrong about us, I said that we are engaged.

Maan: R u sure, dat this is d only reason.

Geet: ya Maan. (den murmurs) Kya Bolna tha aur kya Bol rahi hoon?

Maan: Kuch kaha

Geet: huh Nahin.

Maan: So soon u’ll be going Mrs. Khurana rite? (he says while walking towards her)

Geet takes her steps backwards as he moves towards her

Maan: or should I say Mrs. Maan Singh Khurana?

Geet was getting restless. His Gaze was burning her. She continued moving backwards as she saw him coming towards her. Maan pulls Geet closer towards him nd looked into her eyes. Geet found himself Lost in his Eyes. Her Heartbeats were racing millions of miles a second. Their faces were just few inches away from each other They both have an eyelock Session

Maan (whispers): Or Mrs. Geet Maan Singh Khurana?

Geet couldn’t say anything. Her heart was leaping in her chest. Maan noticed her Hair hair strand caressing her cheeks. He extended his one hand nd tucked dem behind her hairs caressing her soft skin while his one hand is still on her waist. Geet found it difficult to breathe. She dnt know how long she remained lost in his eyes


Vridant came to parking lot to go back to his home wen he saw both of dem in dat Condition. He couldn’t bear the situation nd left from dere as soon as he could.


Geet was still lost in Maan wen his laugh brought her back into senses. She gets Annoyed nd pulled him back nd move few steps ahead. Maan realizes wat has he done.


Maan: Hey Geet I m sorry.

Geet: shut up Maan. Its not funny.

Maan: Acha tum jo bhi karo wo theek hai. aur maine thoda sa mazaak kya kar diya to tumhe bura lag gaya.

Geet: ye thoda sa mazaak tha? Nd by the way maine aisa kya kar diya?

Maan: Acha! U were asking me?

Geet: ya Because aur to yahan koi hai nahi

Maan: ok! Tum zabardasti mujhe dhaba le gayi aur mere liye khana bhi order kar diya without even asking me like u r my Wife.

Geet: But u liked dat Food

Maan: Watever! Nd wat about dat which u have done inside?

Geet: I told u the reason for dat.

Maan: o ya! To agar tum would be Mrs. Khurana ho sakti ho to main tumhara Would be husband hone ke naate thoda sa flirt nahi kar sakta (he says while winking at her)

Geet: Very Funny Maan but unfortunately tumhare is joke pe mujhe hansi nahi aayi.

Maan: Acha Baba Sorry once again! Hey tumhe bhi to kuch kehna tha na

Geet has completely forgot that she has to tell her Feelings to him.

Geet: ya.

Maan: So tell? Wat r u waiting for?

Geet: Actually Maan….. I need to tell u something important……. Actually

Maan(intervenes): wat u r hungry again?

Geet: Maan pls stop interrupting me

Maan: ok Baba! Carry on

Geet: Wo actually baat ye hai ki…… I dnt know how to start……. Actually from few days…… shit! (den she looked at maan who was staring at her) Aise mat dekho main nervous ho jaoongi

Maan: C’mon Geet neither u r giving any kind of a Viva nor I m ur examiner that u’ll get nervous.

Geet: Giving answers to the examiner would be more simpler den saying dis.

Maan: oh really?

Geet: ya. Acha nw u stop staring at me.

Maan: So wat do u want me to do. Should I close my Eyes

Geet: No, Don’t close, just look away that side.

Maan: o gosh! Fine (he turns away) nw say.

Geet: Maan…… Actually I wanted to say dat…….. I……. (Den to herself ” Dnt worry Geet , Bol de jo bhi bolna hai”) Maan I…… I like….. I like……. ur phone

Maan who was smiling wen he was listening to Geet has became shocked. He turned to Geet

Maan: Wat? U like my Phone?

Geet: no I mean ur phone is ringing. Someday I’ll definitely throw it away

Maan realizes that his phone is ringing. But didn’t care to answer it

Maan: oh! Nw wat problem u had wid my phone?

Geet: aur kya? Beech me interrupt kar diya

Maan: listen Geet that’s not my Phone fault ok. It was u who was taking tym to say. Nd by the way y r u sweating so much? Its not hot over here

Geet: Leave it u wont understand (she says while wiping her sweat)

Maan: den make me understand.

Geet: ya I’ll but first answer d call. Its ringing second tym.

Maan: let it be.

Geet: pls Maan! It may be an important call.

Maan: ok Fine (he takes out his cell phone nd saw Dadimaa’s name flashing over dere.) Dadimaa.

He answers d call nd started talking to Savitri Devi while Geet started cursing herself


Geet (to herself): Gadhi, ullu ki patthi, ekdum paagal hai tu? It was such a Golden chance u can tell him about ur Feelings. But no u make it all blunder. (den she notices her Sweat) nd y m I sweating dis much like he’s a monster nd will eat me if I told him. Dnt worry Geet tell him wen he finishes with his call. Ya!

She waited for maan to finished with his call. As soon as Maan finishes with his call he turns to geet.

Geet: Maan Wo main tumhe…… Main tumse….. I mean I lo…..

Maan: Geet, wait! We can talk later Rite nw Dadimaa has called us in mansion. She is waiting for us for Dinner.

Geet: But Maan……

Maan: Geet afterwards till den u too practice for wat u r going to say so that u wont stammer again ok.

Geet nodded innocently.

Maan: good! nw lets go

As soon as Maan turned towards his Car. Geet hits herself hard on her head nd den goes to sit wid him


At Khurana’s Mansion Maan was in his Room, changing after taking the Shower wen he reminds dat Geet wants to say something but at that tym he couldn t able to listen to her as he has to come home nd afterwards he has forgot to ask her. den he reminds dat Parking lot incident nd Geet’s nervousness nd it brought Grin to his face.


Maan(to himself): I know Geet wat u want to say to me? Ur nervousness has said everything. Ye ladki sach mein paagal hai. itni si baat nahi keh payi


On the other hand Geet is also in her Room Cursing herself for not saying it yet


Geet(to herself): Ye lo! Itna acha mauka tha fir bhi nahi bola? Agar aisa hi chalta raha to ho chuka pyar ka izhaar.


Maan’s Room:

Maan: But Geet y didn’t u said anything?

Geet’s Room:

Geet: Kaise kehti, ye koi Film ki story thodi na hai that I can narrate in one breath.

Maan’s Room:

Maan: u never thought of anything wen u started to speak. So wat happened today?

Geet’s Room:

Geet: waise to i use to say everything even before thinking nd today y d hell did i stammer?

Maan’s Room:

Maan: Bol Do Geet! Bol do jo bhi tumhare dil mein hai

Geet’s Room:

Geet: Bolna to chahti hoon but jab bhi wo saamne aata hai, I couldn’t able to say anything

Maan’s Room:

Maan: itna bhi difficult nahi hai Geet.

Geet’s Room:

Geet: haan why don’t I use any other communication. Hw about letter? Nahin agar wo TV serials ki tarah tym pe nahi mila to? Ya main use mail kar deti hoon? But he hardly checks his mail that too the important one what if he doesn’t notices mine? Bad Idea. Wat else SMS? Ya SMS will be rite option. But hw could I be able to write so many things in dat Short SMS. (Den she hides her face wid her hand.) Babaji! Kya karoon main?

Maan’s Room:

Maan: u have to do something Geet to tell ur feelings.

Geet’s Room:

Geet: But wait a sec. y Should I tell him first? Who bhi to mujhe bata sakta hai? I m sure he too feels d same for me. (den she reminds d parking lot incident nd d feelings dat she saw in his eyes) Yes he too feels

Maan’s Room:

Maan: No Geet, bolna to pehle tumhe hi padega

Geet’s Room:

Geet: these guys can never understand hw difficult it would be for a girl to confess their feelings first. Nd I tried it also but he has many other important things to Do. No I m nt saying about Dadimaa. Ofcourse she’s Important. But baad me to meri Baat sun sakta tha na. but no he has straight away walked to his Room. I Don’t care he has to say me first.

Maan’s Room:

Maan: I promise u Geet, it would be u who’ll confess ur Feeling for me.

Geet’s Room:

Geet: Bilkul nahi! Ab to use hi pehle bolna padega. Den I’ll also See that hw easily he can tell his feelings.

Maan’s Room:

Maan: Dekhte hai Geet, Kab tak tum apni Feelings ko chupaogi?

Geet’s Room:

Geet: yes Dekhti hoon, kab tak nahi kehte ho, dat u too likes me, I haven’t misread ur eyes Maan.


Dey both headed towards d Window (ofcourse of their respective Rooms) nd looked at d moon who was silently being the witness of their unspoken love that dey Couldn’t able to Confess to each other till nw.


Geet was checking her some msgs in her cell phone wen she noticed d B’day Msg. From Vridant. The same Msg which she thought that Maan has send to her. She Deletes it from d Cell without even seeing it again. She den Comes to her Bed, rested her head at d edge nd closes her eyes. As soon as she closes her eyes she has gone back to the memories of 8 years ago.


She was in Class 9th nd 3 months has been passed since d session begins wen she met Vridant First tym. It was his first day in d School nd being d Brilliant Student of d Class her Teacher Asked her to help him in Covering d Course that he has left so far. Infact his seat has also been arranged with Geet only which makes every girl of her Class jealous of her as no Doubt Vridant can be considered as the Smartest nd handsome guy of d class. But geet was unaffected by his Charm as her only Priority was her career nd not the Boyfriends nd all dat which makes her Different from every other Girl of her class. Nd dis quality of Geet has attracted Vridant towards her nd he wanted her to be as his friend. Geet helped him in Covering his left syllabus nd also given him the Important notes which can help him in his Examinations. Her Conversation with Vridant has remained till studies only. 1 month has been passed by Vridant was still his classmate. Finally on Friendship day Vridant decided to ask Geet to be his Friend.


Vridant: Geet.

Geet: ya Vridant! Anything important.

Vridant: ya Actually

Geet: Tell me. U need any kinds of notes or any other help in studies.

Vridant: No its not about studies. Its something else. But I m afraid of asking u.

Geet: C’mon Vridant u can ask me frankly.

Vridant: umm.. we both studies in same class moreover sits at same seat but we never made any other Conversation except studies like friends do.

Geet: Because we r not friends yet Vridant.

Vridant: Ya I knw. So I was thinking hw about being Friends. See we have to spend atleast 4 more years in dis school so we cant remain just classmates. Nd today is Friendship day so y not we start our Friendship from today. Wat say?

Geet: But Vridant……

Vridant: Relax Geet! I assure u dat u’ll not regret my Friendship afterwards.

Geet: ok. Lets be friends.

They Shook their hands nd like dat their friendship started. Both of dem didn’t realize that wen dey Become best friends from only friends. As the tym passes by their Friendship gets Stronger day by day. Vridant use to call Geet “Kaddu” as she always do nonsense things. Initially Geet gets irritated from dis but later on she stops getting irritated from dis as she knows dat Vridant will never change. But no one else in the class has got the Permission to call her Kaddu. Only Vridant can call her dat. She still remembers d day wen Vridant came first tym to her House to take some notes nd hw much hesitated he was as he doesn’t know how her mother will react to it. But Geet’s mom has always warm bonding with their children nd their friends so very soon Vridant finds himself Comfortable to her Home nd wenever he feels low, lonely, happy or even hungry he use to go to Geet’s place nd wen Geet gets irritated to it den he says that he has came to meet his mother y is she getting jealous. Geet gets speechless wen he says dis.


As d tym passes by their Friendship gets more stronger. So strong that if someone sees them then can think that they r in some kind of Affair nd all dat but only both of dem knows the true meaning of their relationship so didn’t care to give anyone any kind of clarifications to any of dem. Geet can blindly trust on him nd he knows dat Geet will always be there for him. Many times Geet has saved him from teacher’s scoldings by completing his notes with hers, infact there was a tym wen he was about to Resticate from the School due to false blame, den it was Geet only who brings the truth in front of everyone nd saved him. That day first tym Vridant realizes that hw strong their friendship is.

Vridant: Geet thanx.

Geet: Vridant, thappad khayega. Y r u saying thanx?

Vridant: Geet, because of u only I was able to save from restication.

Geet: o God Vridant Stop it. Tu mera dost hai nahi bestest dost hai tere liye itna nahi kar sakti. Acha ek baat bata agar teri jagah main hoti to tu meri madad karta ki nahi.

Vridant: ya.

Geet: So, I also did d same. So nw don’t be formal by saying thank u to me.

Vridant: ok Baba! I’ll not say thank u to u but today I make a promise to u that I’ll always be there for u wenever u need me.

Geet smiled at this because she knews that Vridant will never left her alone.


But it seems destiny has something else stored for dem. It was class 11th first day. Geet as usual has scored highest marks in class 10th in the whole board. Vridant too got passed not wid as highest as Geet but not lowest also. He was satisfy wid his performance as he knows later on he has to handle his Family Business only. Geet was scolding Vridant wen she notices a new Girl entering d class. Her name was Ria nd Vridant has fallen in love wid her at first sight only. Poor guy has got slapped on her first day only by her wen he asked her for Coffee. Geet couldn’t help herself laughing while Vridant gives her an Angry Look.

Vridant: I don’t believe dis? U r laughing

Geet: So wat else u expect? C’mon Vridant it was her first day only nd inspite of saying Hi or Hello u asked her for date. Any girl will slap u.

Vridant: So u only tell me wat to do?

Geet: Just be her friend first, den ask her for date.

Vridant: r u sure?

Geet: ya baba.

Vridant: u have to help me den. Pls dnt say no. pls.

Geet: ok baba fine.


Geet has started her mission in making Vridant nd Ria friends. Nd she was getting succeded also. During her mission she realized that she’s getting some feelings for Vridant which is more den a friend but she suppressed dem as she knews dat Vridant was in Deeply love wid Ria so its better to be just his friend. Infact she was happy in being his friend den his lover because she has many things to do in life. She was happy because Vridant was happy. But there is someone who is not happy. It was Ria who didn’t like the friendship of Vridant nd Geet. She always feels jealous of her as Vridant was more close to Geet den to her nd day by day she’s getting possessive about him. She asked Vridant to maintain Distance from Geet. Vridant didn’t agreed to it first but den Ria said that if he wanted to keep relationship wid Geet den he should forget Ria. Vridant couldn’t afford to lose Ria so he did wat she says. Geet realizes that Vridant is avoiding her from Couple of days but still she didn’t stop caring about him nd continues her friendship as she was doing till nw. But Ria was not agreed to it. She wanted to get rid from her Forever. So she plotted a plan against her. She told Vridant that Someone is Harrasing her by giving calls nd Msgs nd saying her to leave vridant or else he’ll harm him. Dis Drama of her continues for many days until Vridant finds that guy who was Harrasing Ria.  It was the last day of their session 12th


Nd As per planned that Guy has Pointed towards Geet. He says that Geet has said him to do all dat so that she can have Vridant. Geet was shocked to listen his Accuse. Not in her wildest Dream she has thought of it. But she was sure that Vridant wouldn’t believe all dis but to her Shock Vridant has believed to wat dat guy has said.

Geet: Vridant, hw can u Believe him?

Vridant: there’s nothing like it for not believing it Geet. All the proofs were against u.

Geet: Nw these proofs only matter to u Vridant. Not our Friendship. The trust which u had on me.

Vridant: Trust! U broke dat Trust Geet. Nd for a tym if I believe u also den will u pls tell me dat wat r u doing with him in Dis Photograph.

Geet: Vridant I dnt know about all dis. He’s Trapping me.

Vridant: Nd y would he trap u Geet? Wat problem did he had wid u? or u want to say that Ria has done all dis?

Geet: I don’t know Vridant who has done all dis all I know is that I had not done all dis nd one day u’ll come to know the Truth.

She said nd leaves from the School. Dat day for the first tym she felt helpless. She don’t know where to go, whom to ask for help but still she Didn’t let herself Broke Down. She decided to find the truth. In d meanwhile this News has spread in d School like Fire nd everyone who use to like Her has started suspecting her even her other friends has also maintained distance from her. She was left all alone. Her Mom couldn’t able to See her Daughter’s cond. She decided to talk to Vridant about dis. She goes to Vridant’s place without Geet’s Knowledge. Shilpa told Geet about all dis. Geet knows that this tym it was useless to talk to him so she quickly goes to his place to stop her mom. But wen she reaches there the scene she saw was unbearable to her. Her Mom is getting insulted by Ria nd Vridant didn’t utter a word infact he told her to go away from dere or else he have to call the securities.

Geet (yelled): Vridant!!

Vridant looked at the direction nd saw geet standing over dere. Her anger has no limit nw.

Geet: Hw dare u to talk to my Mom like dat.

Vridant: den ask ur Mom to go way from here.

Geet: oh really? Nw she’s my mom. But u remember it was u only who use to say that Geet she is my mother too, so talk to ur mother also like dis. Rite?

Vridant: Geet!!!

Geet: Don’t u dare to shout at me Vridant. I can bear everything but if someone insults my mom dat I cant bear. Nd today u crossed every limit.

Ria: oh really Geet. But it was only u because of whom ur Mom is suffering. Neither u have done all dat nor she has to gone through all dis.

Geet: its better for u to shut up Ria. U urself know what the truth is. Nd dnt think that I have given up very soon the truth will be in front of both of u. nd Vridant its better u open ur eyes nw otherwise it’ll be too late wen u realize ur mistake like I m realizing mine nw.

Vridant: Listen……

Geet: No u listen to me Mr. Vridant Chopra doing friendship wid u was the biggest mistake of my life aur usse bhi badi mistake thi that I trust u blindly. But thanx for realizing my mistake. Lets Go Mom.


Her Mom wants to change the city as she thought that it’ll be good for Geet but geet didn’t wanted to run away like a coward so she has decided to stay there only nd finds d truth. It was her Vansh Bhaiya with the help of whom she started to find out the truth. Vansh knows her Sister very well so he decided to support her. Wen Ria came to know about all dis, she got scared den she tried her another plan of hers. She tried to trap Geet in a false Drug Case so that geet’s Reputation get so worse that no one could believe her. she has Convienced Vridant also nt telling wats d true intentions behind dat. She said dat she wants to teach Geet a good lesson nd she also threatens to kill herself if Vridant didn’t support her so vridant had to support nd Ria has got almost Successful in her plans. But this tym things has nt happened like she actually wanted to because before Geet could get arrested Vansh has saved her by Giving all the proofs which proves her innocence. He also exposes Ria in front of everyone nd told hw she has trapped Geet before also. Everyone was feeling Ashamed for misunderstanding geet. For the first tym Geet has slapped someone hard nd it was Ria. But she was shocked wen Ria told her that Vridant has supported her in all dis. She couldn’t believe that Vridant can go to such extent.


She still remembers her last meeting wid Vridant. Last tym she has gone to his House. Vridant was feeling Guilty for misunderstanding her so he was delighted to see her over dere.

Vridant: Geet, I knew it u’ll forgive me. (he started moving towards her)

Geet: Just stop over dere Vridant.

Vridant: Geet……

Geet: Dnt take my name from ur dirty mouth.

Vridant: Geet, wat r u saying about?

Geet: u was knowing na that Ria has planned dis false drug case against me.

Vridant: Geet listen…….

Geet: Yes or No.

Vridant: Geet we can talk…..

Geet: Yes or No.

Vridant: Geet I’ll make u understand everything.

Geet (yelled): Yes or No Vridant!!!!!

Vridant: yes! But…..

Geet showed her hand indicating him to stop.

Geet: Enough Vridant! Today u crossed every limit. Wat have u said wen u did friendship to me that Geet u’ll regret our Friendship nd nw because of ur Friendship my Dignity was about to go. My mom has to face so many things because of u. Wow Vridant wat a friendship? Nd nw make one thing very clear in ur mind don’t u dare to come back to my life again because nw there’s nothing between u nd me. I’ll forget that I had met anyone named like u.

By saying dis she left from dere nd wished dat she’ll never meet him again.


Geet opens her eyes nd came back to present. After so many years she has reminded her past. A drop of tear has fallen from her eyes. She wiped it off. Since d day she last met Vridant she has buried all those memories that were related to him nd started the fresh beginning of her life in which she has decided that she’ll never remembers her past. She was not hurted because Vridant didn’t love her because she knows that her friendship is more stronger den her love, She’s not hurted because Vridant didn’t trust her because he was so in love wid Ria that he couldn’t afford to lose her, She was hurted because Vridant knows that Ria is doing Wrong wid her, she’s Conspiring against her nd still he didn’t stopped her, infact supported her in dat due to which she has to face many things nd moreover her mom has faced so many things due to that nd dis she cant tolerate moreover she herself has listened so many false blames nd curses. Her every friend has maintained distances from her. the teachers of whom she was favourite student has no faith on her anymore. Her Reputation, her dignity would come to an end if Vansh Bhaiya wouldn’t able to come on tym den may be she would have ended landing up in jail due to false accusation of involvement in Drug case because of Vridant nd his so called love. Those 5 months were the toughest months of her whole life nd today after 4 years he has came back to her life but dis tym she wont give him any chance to ruin her life. Den she looked at d pic of her nd Maan clicked during d engagement.


Geet (to Herself): U were wrong Vridant. I never loved u. Love is not I felt for u it was just an infactuation that has happened due to my Teenage but my Friendship was true nd u didn’t care for dat also. Love is wat I feel For Maan, the feeling that I never felt for anyone. After meeting him only I came to know the true meaning of love. Maan whom I met just 6 months before but he was always there for me in my Small nd Big Problems. Who was with me in my Stupid nd non Stupid things. U have just used me Vridant but Maan has loved me which forces me to love him back. Yes I love him nd I don’t deny this fact.


She smiled as she finally accepts her Feeling, den looks at Maan’s photo nd kept it aside.


Geet (to herself): I know that Maan has full right to know about dis part of my life but I cant tell him anything rite nw because I know if I told him about dis den he may cancel dis Deal, as he don’t wanted me to work wid dat person who has given me so much pain nd I dnt want it because dis project is important for him. Nd for him I m ready to bear u also.



Next Morning Geet went to Mansion to meet to Savitri Devi. She wanted to talk to her.

Geet: Good Morning Dadimaa.

Savitri Devi: Good Morning beta.

Geet: Dadimaa u said u have to talk something important to me.

Savitri Devi: Geet ab aap bhi ek dum Maan jaise baat kar rahi hai. kya hum aise hi aapko nahi bula sakte?

Geet: Kya karoon Dadimaa ab aapke pote ka asar hi kuch aisa hai.

Geet realizes wat she said just nw nd notices dat Savitri Devi is looking at her with mischivious smile.

Geet: ummmm…… Mera matlab hai ki Dadimaa wo aapne kahavat suni hai na ki “Kharbuze ko dekh kar Kharbuza rang badalta hai”

Savitri Devi: Haan beta humne suni bhi hai aur apne saamne uska live example bhi dekh rahe hai.

Geet smiled nervously knows that she has been caught.

Savitri Devi: Well leave it, I called u to ask that hw much tym is left for completing ur internship

Geet: Dadimaa I guess 3 more months

Savitri Devi: Good. So will there be any problem if u get married to Maan after that?

Geet: Dadimaa Marriage? But i…..

Savitri Devi: Hum jaante hai Geet, maan ne hume bata diya hai ki aap pehle apni padhai poori karna chahti hai nd I appreciate it. To hum Soch rahe the ki aapki internship khatam hone ke baad hi aap dono ki shaadi karayi jaye. Aapko koi problem to nahi hai na.

Geet: Dadimaa, y don’t u talk to Maan first about dis.

Savitri Devi: Dnt worry About him, I’ll talk to him. U tell urs?

Geet smiled to it nd Savitri Devi has considered it as her consent.

Savitri Devi: Hum jaante the ki aap mana nahi karengi. Nw go nd wake up Maan. I don’t hw he’s been sleeping for so long today.

Geet didn’t had courage to break Dadi’s Heart. Its true that she loves Maan but she still didn’t know that whether Maan loves her or not. Nd if he don’t loves her den wat will be the use of dis marriage. She didn’t wanted to force herself on him.


Geet (to herself): I need to talk to Maan today itself. I need to know whether he feels d same for me or not. Ya


In her thoughts she didn’t realized wen she reached to his Room. she hesitates to go inside first as who wants to enter the Lion’s Den especially den wen u dnt know in what Mood he was.


Geet (to herself): Dnt worry Geet, agar wo Mumbai ka Sher hai to tu bhi Punjabi Sherni hai. just go in.


Nd without any second Thought she entered inside his Room. nd as soon as she entered his Room the sight she saw has made her lose her senses. She saw Maan Shirtless coming out from d Shower just had his jeans on his body. For D First Tym she was seeing him bare body. He was looking Extremely Hot with his Six Packs nd tan Skin. The Wet hair falling on his Forehead were making him look irresistible. She wanted to Shrug off all her Thoughts but couldn’t able to do so. Inspite she was looking at him without even blinking. Maan noticed Geet standing over dere nd he saw the Expression of her face. He knews that she was checking him.  While she was staring him, he started walking towards her. Geet came back into her senses wen she saw Maan standing so close to her.


Geet: Wo……. Sorry….. Main wo……. I’ll come later.

She was about to leave wen Maan held her wrist nd pulled her towards him which makes Geet Breathing heavily. Maan looked at her Deep ocean eyes nd wat he saw was d only Love for him. He wanted to drown at dem. Geet was getting nervous by being so close to him. His closeness was tickling her senses.


Maan: Kuch Kaam tha?

Geet: Nahin…. I mean Yes…… Wo Dadimaa is calling u.

Maan smiled at Geet’s Nervousness nd he was actually enjoying it but he didn’t wanted to get her even more nervous otherwise she wont tell him wat she was about to say last nite. He slowly let go her hand nd turned around.

Maan: Tell Dadimaa that I’ll come after 10 mins.


Geet was about to leave wen she noticed Maan irritation

Maan: Shit!!!!!

She turned to look at him

Geet: Wat happen?

Maan: This Button. Ise bhi abhi tootna tha.

Geet: So wats d big Deal? Just wear some other shirt.

Maan: No I’ll wear dis only.

Geet: But y? its not written in a Schedule that today u’ll wear dis Shirt only.

Maan: Watever. But I’ll wear dis only

Geet: Maan. Y r u behaving like a kid?

Maan said nothing nd started his struggle with Sewing d Button. Geet watched it for few minutes den goes to him nd Snatches d needle from him.

Maan: Wat r u Doing?

Geet: Just keep ur Mouth Shut nw.


Geet started to sew his Button trying her best to not to look at her bare chest again. She tries her best to Focus on d button. On the Other hand maan was trying her best to not to kiss her. She was looking so innocently while Sewing it. She’s d only girl after his Dadimaa who can actually rule upon him nd made him do what she want. Wen she was Done she came closer to him to cut the thread with his teeth. He felt her warm breath on his chest making him to loose self control. He wanted to hold her in his arms tight where she could stay forever. He has raises his arms also wen her scream brought him back into senses.


Geet: Aaaaahhhhh!!!!

Maan(worried): Geet! Wat happen?

He noticed that her Finger is pierced by Needle. Though not much Blood was oozing out but it was enough for Maan to get restless afterall his Geet was hurt. Without any second thought he puts her finger in his Mouth. Geet was taken aback by this act but didn’t wanted to stop him.


Maan (anxiously): tum koi kaam theek se nahi kar sakti? Dekho lag gayi na chot.

Geet: Maan relax.!!!! choti si chot hai.

Maan: shut up Geet. Tumhe pata hai na agar tumhe chot lagti hai to mujhe dard…….

He couldn’t complete the sentence wen he saw Geet looking into his Eyes. he too looked at her. both were looking at each other eyes. nd there was an eyelock moment between each other. She saw the care, the Love for her in his eyes. hw it pains him wen he saw her in pain.


May be the answer of the question which she has came to ask him was Given by his eyes itself


Wen it took too late for coming downstairs to both Geet nd Maan, Savitri Devi has decided to go to herself to Maan. She goes upstairs to his room nd was about to call him wen she saw both of dem lost in each others eyes like dey have forgot the rest of d world. It was only their eyes who was speaking. Savitri Devi didn’t wanted to disturb their beautiful moment so she decided to left from dere.


Savitri Devi (to herself): Its ok Maan! Hum Aapse baad me baat kar lenge nd today u both make me believe that I was not wrong by choosing Geet as ur Life partner.

She smiled nd left from dere


Geet came back to her Senses after a while. She slowly drews her finger back to her self nd turned away to leave. Maan can easily notice dat she’s blushing wen she turned away.  She was about to leave wen Maan called her.

Maan: Suno’..

Geet stood over their rooted without turning back

Maan: Thank u! would be Mrs. Khurana

Calling maan would be Mrs. Khurana to her make her even more blush. She smiled nd quickly ran away from dere. Maan brushed his Hairs from his fingers nd smiled.


“Pagal” He said then he touched his Shirt’s Button nd smiled.



2 weeks has been passed by since Vridant came nd he didn’t miss any chance to face Geet. That nite wen he saw Geet nd Maan together he couldn’t able to bear it. He knows that he has done mistake but he also knows dat sooner or later Geet will forgive him like she did always but still he cant stand Geet with someone else. He has came here for Geet nd will go den only wen he gets her. He knows that he’s Becoming insane but he’s helpless nw. All he want is Geet. So everyday with a new Excuse he comes to Khurana’s Construction. Sometimes he says he wants to clear some doubts nd sometimes he says that he too wanted to coordinate with bankers. Geet has sensed all his Intentions. She knews that Coming of Vridant to the office everyday is not more den a excuse but she tries her best to keep herself calm nd avoids to face him. Geet’s Restlessness was not hidden from Maan. He knews that something is wrong wid Geet wen Vridant cames around her because every time wen she was with him she’s normal like always but wenever Vridant cameshe use to get restless. Many tym she has avoided to attend the meeting wid Vridant. But he couldn’t able to understand d reason behind dis.


He then remembers the anger in Geet’s Eyes wen she saw Vridant at the shopping Mall, the way of talking to him at Restaurant nd many others things.


“So is there something related to him?” he thought nd decided to ask Vridant itself.


That evening he has gone to his place. Vridant was surprised to see him.

Vridant: Maan! U here?

Maan: Wont u tell me to come inside?

Vridant: oh ya! Ofcourse

Maan came inside nd looks around d room nd get seated at the couch.

Vridant: So Maan! Anything important?

Maan: ya something very important.

Vridant: About Project I guess?

Maan: No its about u nd Geet.

Vridant face wents blank wen he heards geet’s name.


“Did Geet told him everything that has happened between him nd Geet. If that would be true then Maan will definitely kick him out of dis Project nd his dream of getting Geet would be over” He thought.


Vridant: Me nd Geet.

Maan: ya u heard me rite. Nd dnt tell me the same thing that I already knows i.e. u both were classmates because I know that somewhere something is wrong. I haven’t asked Geet about it because I dnt want to bother her. So its better u tell urself.


Vridant sighed a breath of relief. So geet haven’t told Maan yet anything. He thought. Nw he knows hw to handle d situation.


Vridant:u r rite Maan me nd Geet were nt just classmates infact we use to be best buddies in d college. We have shared so many good times together. No one can break our friendship. Nd soon we both have realized that we both have fallen in love wid each other but none of us have courage to confess to each other. Finally we decided that we’ll cinfess each other at the last day of our Session.


Maan couldn’t believe wat he was listening Geet nd Vridant was in love. But hws that possible. He thought to himself


Maan: Do u have any idea wat u r talking Vridant?

Vridant: I know it would be difficult for u to believe it Maan but that’s the truth me nd Geet were in love.

Maan(still not believing) : But if u both were in love then y Geet says that u r just her classmate.

Vridant: Because she’s angry with me. Actually there was a misunderstanding created between us by our classmate Ria. Ria had a huge crush on me nd she cant stand the relationship of mine with Geet so she created a huge rift between me nd Geet due to which Geet nd me were parted.


By saying dis Vridant Looked at Maan who was looking shattered which make Vridant Sure that his Arrow hits at the target.


Vridant: I knw Maan its not easy for u but that’s only the truth. Geet loves me nd nt u.

The words of Vridant made maan felt like thousands knives piercing his heart. He still couldn’t believe that the Girl to whom he loves so much was actually in love with someone else. Vridant continues saying.


Vridant: Maan, geet must have engaged to u but still in her heart its only me who lives. Otherwise u only tell y would she hides this fact from u. that made clear that she still loves me. I know thoda naaraz hai mujhse nd kyun na ho the way everything has been putted in front of her was enough to make her believe the fact. But I knw that she wont be angry with me for long. I just need a chance to clear all the misunderstandings between us.


Maan didn’t concentrate on any words wat he says. Every moment he spend with Geet were running in his mind. He still couldn’t believe d fact that Geet was in love wid someone else. He slowly moves out of his House. Vridant tried to stop him but he was lost in his own thoughts.


Vridant (to Himself): I know Maan, I have done wrong. I didn’t told u wat actually happened, y geet hates me so much? I know I had not done right by hiding the truth but I m helpless. I cant let go Geet so easily from my life nd everything is fair in love nd war.


Maan has still didn’t recovered from wat Vridant Said. He has came here to know the reason behind Geet’s Restlessness nd the truth which is in front of him was unbearable. He quickly get into his Car nd started Driving. He had never drive so fast in his whole life. While Driving every flashes of Geet were coming in his mind. Her smile, her talks, her anger everything. Then he remembers hw Geet’s face has got Frowned wen he asked about d guy in d Photograph. He stops his car at a halt nd closes his eyes nd leaned against his seat. He wished that it would not be more den a nightmare but it’s the truth. His heart nd Mind were running in two Opposite Directions nd for the first tym in his life he dont know of Whom to listen. his heart says that Geet loves him but his mind is believing on wat Vridant has said


Maan: y Geet? Y? y did u hide dis From me? So it means wat I read in ur eyes were wrong? U don’t love me? U have to answer all my questions Geet. U have to answer.


By saying dis he turns his car nd started driving towards Outhouse.



On the other Hand Geet decided to tell everything about Vridant to Maan before Vridant plays any of his Game. But before that she wants to dispose every thing every memory of him. Though she already has thrown him out of her life nd no memories of him was left in her heart but she didn’t wanted to keep any of those things with her which makes her think about him. She quickly opens her cupboard nd brings out her album from it. She tooks out the picture in which she was with Vridant nd other students. She looked at the photograph for a while just den Maan came to her room he was about to call her wen he saw Geet looking at the photograph. He misunderstands that Geet was remembering Vridant nd he left from there disheartened. Just wen Maan left Geet tore d picture into Pieces nd throws it in d Dustbin.


Geet (to herself): I don’t want any kind of ur presence in my life Vridant whether it was a photograph or u urself. Nd nw I’ll tell everything to Maan.



Maan came back to mansion. He was in no mood to talk to anyone so he straight away goes to his Room nd locked d door from inside still couldn’t able to recover from d shock. He was thinking that Geet loves him though she has never said anything but her eyes have told him everything. Everytime she use to get restless wen he was around her, depending on him, her nervousness from past few days has made him realize that Geet too loves him. But today everything seems to be false. Her eyes, her smile, her talks everything. The world around him has been totally shattered. He don’t know what to do.


He closes his eyes nd sits on his rest chair but after closing his eyes also it was Geet’s face that comes in front of him.

Maan: y? geet y? y didn’t u tell me this before? Even I asked u also wen I first met u that u r in love with someone else then also u didn’t told me. If u have told me den I would never feel this for u. nw tell me what should I do?


He opens his eyes nd move towards his Drawer nd took out the Geet’s bracelet from it which has been fallen wen geet has gone to drop maan nd after dat he notices d teddy bear in his Room, the same teddy bear which he has brought for Geet because she loved it at the shop. He thought that he’ll give this to her wen he’ll propose her but nw its of no use. But suddenly he got his answer


Maan: I had brought dis Because Geet loves it, nd everything which Geet loves should be with her. if Geet loves Vridant then I have no right to come between them.


By saying dis He tooks out his phone nd started dialing Vridant No.


Maan: Hello Vridant! Maan here. U wanted to apologise Geet n and wanted to get her back to ur life. I’ll help u. tomorrow Geet will be urs. U clear all her misunderstandings nd start a new Beginning.

Vridant: But Maan geet is ur fiance

Maan: that engagement was nt real Vridant. It was fake. I’ll tell u everything wen we meet.


By saying dis he disconnects d call nd decided wat he has to do.



Next morning Wen Geet reaches to office she found that Maan has still didn’t reached over dere.


Geet (to herself): Wat a wonder! Mr. Timepiece is late today?

She decided to ask someone.

Geet: oye Pinki! Ye Maan……. I mean Maan sir abhi tak kyun nahi aaye? Mera matlab hai itna late to kabhi nahi hote na

Pinki: wo Geet, Sir ka phone aaya tha. He said that he’ll not come today. He had some important work.

Geet: ok thanx.

She headed towards her cabin while thinking.


Geet (to herself): Wat kind of important work it is that he didn’t even tell me? Kal raat ko bhi koi call nahi kiya.

Lost in her thoughts she didn’t realize wen she reached to her cabin. As soon as she entered her cabin she saw a bunch of Orchids lying on her table. She smiled nd goes to her table nd found a note attached to it.


“These Flowers doesn’t know how lucky they r as they r in ur hands nd today I too want to be as lucky as dem. I wanted to tell u wat I feel for u nd for dat I want to meet u alone. Hope u’ll not break my heart. See u at 8”.


There was no name mention over dere but Geet knows who could it be.


Geet (to herself): To ye hai Maan Singh Khurana ka important work. He’s planning a date for me. So finally he decided to tell me about his feelings. Nw I cant wait till 8.

By saying this she smiles nd put the flowers wid her. She only knows hw difficult it would be for her to wait till 8.




It was 6 in d evening nd Maan is helping Vridant to plan his date. Only he knows hw difficult it is for him to do that but he’s still doing for Geet’s happiness. On the other hand Geet is getting ready For Maan she has called Shilpa from her hospital early today for her help. Shilpa is so happy for her Di.


Preparations were going both sides. One person is preparing to give away his life to someone else nd another is preparing for her life.


Vridant: Maan, I think Red colour curtains would be best, u know it signifies love

Maan: No white. White colour is d best. Its Geet’s Favourite


“Black” Said Geet wen Shilpa asks her about d colour of her dress.

Geet: I’ll wear Black dress today.

Shilpa: But Di! U like white.

Geet: ya But Maan likes Black.


Vridant: ok, nd about the flowers, I think roses. Wat say?

Maan: No! not roses. Orchids that too the purple one. Geet loves it


Shilpa: Di! y u have ordered Bouquet of white roses?

Geet: Because white roses r Maan’s Favourite

Shilpa: nd hw u know that?

Geet: in my b’day party if u have noticed he has decorated white roses with Orchids. Remember.


Vridant: okay but dnt u think that Decor is quite simple. I mean I m going to propose her today. So there would be something more needed. Like some more lights

Maan: No Vridant. Geet loves simple things. She didn’t believe in artificiality. So candles will be best.


Geet: Maan, loves my simplicity therefore I dnt need this Artificial things. (she said while keeping down d fake eye lashes)

Shilpa: ok Di! As u wish


Vridant: ok nw wat else left. Ya Cake. I had ordered the Chocolate cake.

Maan: no! make it Butter scotch. Geet didn’t like any other flavour (he smiles remembering their first ice cream together)


Geet: Maan knows very well wat I like nd wat I dnt like nd I know about his likes nd dislikes so dis Date will not go wrong from any side.

Shilpa: ya I know! Afterall the Gr8 MSK is planning for it.

Geet: Shilpa! He’s ur jiju. Dnt call him MSK.

Shilpa: ok baba Jiju!


Vridant: u know wat Maan wen Geet will forgive me nd accepts me den i’ll take her to a Long drive nd we’ll talk whole nite to clear all our griefs.

Maan: No Dont Do that. I mean Geet cant stay awake whole nite otherwise next day she’ll catch throat Infection.


Shilpa: Di dnt forget, dnt stay awake late at nite otherwise u know wat will happen?

Geet: Shilpa u dont have to worry wen ur Jiju is with me. Do u think that he’ll allow me to stay awake late at nite?

Shilpa: No! Finally After Vindhya Di there is someone whom u cant refuse.


Vridant: Gr8 yaar! U know everything about her. I mean u both were together from just 6 months nd I was with her for 4 years but still I didn’t know about her likes nd dislikes.

Maan: Kya fark padta hai Vridant. Nw she’s going to be wid u forever so u’ll come to know every small things about her. (he said wid pain)

Vridant: ya rite.

Vridant has sensed d pain in his voice nd he felt guilty also for doing dis to him but in d next moment he has again started thinking about himself.

Vridant (to himself): Sorry Maan, I know its tough for u as u love Geet so much but I too love her nd dis tym I cant let her go.


It was 7:30 pm wen Geet has finally got ready nd nw she’s waiting for Maan’s call wen she gets d SMS from Maan’s cell.


“I had send d Driver to pick u up nd he’ll bring u at the venue”



Maan: Vridant, I had texed to Geet. Nd she’ll be here within half an hour.

By saying dis he started to move outside.

Vridant: Where r u going Maan?

Maan: My work is over Vridant. Nw from here u have to do everything alone.

He said nd left from dere


Geet smiled after looking the msg. She hugged Shilpa nd said her Bye. Nd left for d venue.

Shilpa (to herself): I m so happy for u Di! Finally today u r getting the happiness of ur part.


Driver drops Geet at the Venue. Geet was really very happy that Finally she nd Maan both were going to tell each other about their feelings. Though they both already know about it as their eyes has already confessed to each other but today they both themselves going to confess each other. This feeling is bringing tickling to her senses. She’s smiling unknowingly.


Lost in her thoughts she didn’t realized wen did she entered inside. As she entered inside she looked at d dcor. She smiled because she knows who had done all dis. Only Maan knows what she likes nd everything has been done according to dat also. Her eyes were searching only Maan.


Geet (To herself): where r u Maan? Nw dnt make me wait so much. Pls Come soon.


As she thought dis she felt someone coming coming from her right side. She smiled nd turned to look at her love. Initially she couldn’t able to see his face due to darkness but as he comes near d light geet can easily see his face nd she was stunned to see what she is seeing in front of her eyes. it was not Maan, it was Vridant.


Geet: Wat d hell r u doing over here?

Vridant: Geet, wat kind of question is dis? U have came here to meet me only?

Geet: Dnt try to act smart Vridant. I have came here to meet Maan.

Vridant: But Geet Maan�..

Geet(restless): Where is Maan? Tell me damn it what u have done wid him? (she says while clutching his collar) Tell me where is he?

Vridant: Geet relax! Maan is all right. I haven’t done anything wid him. Only dis much u know me?

Geet: Who knows u better then me Vridant. Before dis also u tried to ruin my life but dis tym I wont give u a single chance.

Vridant: Geet trust me I had not came back to ruin ur life. I have came back to apologize u.

Geet: Apologize me?

Vridant: Yes Geet. I knw I have done wrong wid u? but at that tym I couldn’t understand anything. Ria has threatened me to kill herself if I wouldn’t support her. I was not knowing that she’s doing all dis so that u can never prove urself innocent. She told me that she wants to teach u lesson nd��.

Geet: nd u agreed to it. Hw could u Vridant? I know u love Ria but u were my Best Friend for god Sake hw can u let this happen. Nd nw u r asking for forgiveness. Do u have any idea that hw From hw much worst did I had gone through. Hw much humilations, hw much blames did I faced. I got the punishment of dat sin which I had not even committed.  Anyways I dnt care for it nw because i had completely forgotten those tym which I spend with u.

Vridant: No Geet. U cant do this to me (he said while holding her hand)

Geet: Dnt u dare to touch me. U have no right to touch me.

Vridant was taken a back at geet’s behaviour

Geet: Wat do u think. M I a world’s biggest Fool or some kind of a god that u’ll do mistakes nd I’ll forgive u. No, I m a normal human being for god sake

Vridant: I knw Geet nd dis quality of urs has forced me to fall in love wid u.

Geet’s eyes were open wide wen she listens dat

Vridant: Yes Geet, I love u. after u left me den I understand the Difference between u nd Ria. Ria only thinks about herself but u, u think about others nd dis quality of urs has made me fall in love wid u. nd I know that u also love me as����..

He couldn’t able to complete his sentence wen Geet slapped him tight on his cheeks. She has never thought that she’ll slap someone after Ria but today she cant help it.

Geet: Ek thappad kafi tha sapne se jagane ke liye ya ek aur Doon.

Vridant (hurted): Geet��

Geet: Hw dare u to say that I love u. For god sake I m engaged. I m engaged to Maan.

Vridant: Which engagement Geet? Which is fake to both of u?

Geet: wat do u mean?

Vridant: I know Geet, that dis Engagement is fake to both of u. u both have done dis for ur families. U don’t love each other because u love me thatsy u dnt want to get married to anyone because u still love me. Hai na Geet? U still love me na? tell me Geet

As soon as he finished his sentence Geet Slapped him once again dis tym even more hard

Geet: This is ur answer. Nd hw can u say that we both don’t love each other. Who d hell r u to decide dis what I nd Maan feels for each other

Vridant: But Geet, I m telling u d same wat Maan has told me.

Geet(amuzed): Maan has told u?

Vridant: Yes Geet, yesterday maan has called me, he came to know everything about us nd he said that he’ll help me in meeting u so that I can apologise to u nd propose to u. den only he told me that dis Engagement is fake nd u both dnt love each other also

Geet could believe on her ears. She didn’t concentrate on any words wat he says.

Geet: Maan has said all dis (Dis is all she could say)

Vridant: Yes Geet. Geet, I know I have done wrong wid u. but pls give me one chance. I promise this tym u’ll not regret. Geet, I love u. Geet tum sun rahi ho na. Geet

But geet is not in her senses. She was badly hurted to know dis that Maan has said all dis.

Geet: Maan has said dis.

She slowly turned nd started moving outside. Her whole world has started to shattered. Seems like no one is there around her nd she’s lonely in this whole world. Vridant noticed d pain in her Voice nd Eyes. he has never thought that Geet can love someone else to this extent. He knows that Geet hates him but still she had some Feelings left for him but today wat he saw in her eyes was enough for him to show the reality.


Vridant (to himself): u was wrong Vridant. Geet doesn’t loves u infact she didn’t even hates u. u had no place left in her heart anymore. Nw there’s only Maan who is there in her heart.


Geet reaches towards car nd asked d Driver to drive towards home. Ahe quietly sat inside d car nd driver started driving. She was unaware from d whole world. Tears were flowing continuously from her eyes. The words of Vridant were echoing in her ears. She closes her eyes nd all she could think of is Maan nd d moments she has spend with him.


Geet (to herself): Maan says dat we dnt love each other. How could u say dat Maan? So does it means, the care, the Love, the concern that I saw in ur eyes was my mistake? I misread ur emotions nd eyes? No Maan, I was not wrong. U love me. Den y u did dis to me? U have to answer me Maan, u have to.


Maan was at Basketball Court. He was trying his best to get his mind away from Geet. But couldn’t able to succeed


Maan(to himself): Wats Wrong wid u Maan? Forget about geet. Just forget her. She’s not urs. She loves Vridant nd u only promised that u’ll give her all happiness of dis world nd she deserves to be with the one whom she loves.


The Trail of his thoughts were broken wen he heard a clap sound behind him. He turned to look nd saw Geet standing behind him. Her eyes were fuming in both anger nd pain. She has started moving towards him.

Geet: I was not knowing that Besides playing Basket ball Maan Singh Khurana can play with someone’s emotions also

Maan: Wat r u talking about Geet?

Geet: Y? u dnt know about wat I m talking?

Maan says nothing

Geet: Will u tell me who has given u right to take d decisions of my life nd wat d hell do u think I m? A kind of a Doll or puppet that u’ll make me move according to u. wat both of u think of me? Wenever u both want u can come to my life nd wenever u want u both can walk out

Maan: Geet listen……..

Geet: Wat will u say Maan that u have done this for my happiness. U think I’ll be happy wid Vridant. hw can u say that I’ll be happy wid him. Can u give me the guarantee that he’ll not break my trust again? Tell me


Maan turned around avoiding to give the answer of her question. Geet goes to him nd turned him towards herself.

Geet: dnt try to avoid my Questions Maan. Hw could u think that I’ll be happy wid Vridant. Maan Vridant was not there to take me to the Indian Restaurant wen I was missing mom, he was not there to take care for me wen I was suffering from infection. It was not him who has came running wen my Laptop was out of order, it was not him who has ease my pain wen I m feeling Low on Dad’s death anniversary. It was not him who knows every small nd big things about me. It was u Damn it! It was u. cant u understand dis simple thing (she says while clutching his collar)

Maan: but u dnt love me Geet nd moreover our engagement is fake nd one day everyone will come to know the truth. Den y we both live such kind of a relation which is not true.

Maan tries his best to brought enough coldness in his voice but only he knows hw much it ached to his heart wen he says all dis. He looked at Geet who was standing stunned over dere. She slowly leaves his collar.

Geet(hurted): Wat did u said? Our engagement is fake? Ok I agree so does it mean everything is fake between us rite? Our Friendship, our care for each other, our emotions for each other, our trust on each other, our Lo…….(she was about to say love but stops) According to u everything is false.

Maan noticed d tears in her eyes. he saw that her voice is shaking in pain.

Maan: Geet……….

Geet: U r rite Maan. It was me who was wrong. I was so stupid na that I was thinking that this engagement may be fake but the relationship that has been developed between us in these 6 months was true, Our Emotions that we have seen in each others eyes was true. But thanx for reminding me about dis. Nw I’ll not do any mistake.

Maan: Geet its not like dat……….

Geet: No, Maan u r rite. Nd if this engagement is fake nd it doesn’t mean to any of us den y, y am I wearing d Symbol of dis False relationship? (she said while showing her ring to him) I should have not wear dis na (she removes her Ring nd hand it over to Maan) Its over Maan nw u dnt have to carry dis false relationship. I’ll tell everything to Mom. I’ll tell her that I was not able to co-ordinate wid u, though u have tried ur best den also. Kya Karoon, I cant see anyone pointing fingers towards u. But I Don’t have courage to tell dis to Dadimaa, so u tell this to her that Geet cant marry Maan because she has many other dreams to fulfill.

Maan stood there numb. Geet looked around her.

Geet: U remember Maan, dis is d same place where we have started our journey of new relationship, our friendship nd here only I m ending every relationship because I dnt want u to carry any false relationship.


By saying dis she turned to leave. Maan tried to stop her but she stopped him by showing her hand nd ran away from there as fast as she can hiding her tears in her eyes. Maan sits over dere on his Knees, closes his eyes in pain nd put both of his hand on his head. Drop of tears have fallen from his eyes.



Geet came to outhouse running. Shilpa was in Living Room she got worried by seeing Geet in dat Condition because she has left from dere she was extremely happy nd wen she returned she was crying. She didn’t understand wat happened all of a sudden. She tried to ask her but Geet ran away straight away to her Room. Shilpa follows her.


As soon as Geet reached to her Room, She opened her cupboard nd took out the Saree that maan has given, she throws it away nd started throwing everything which was their in her Room to the Floor. Her heart was filled with the mixed emotion of anger nd pain.


Geet (murmurs): Everything is fake na. then y, y I keep his gift wid me? y I keep any memory of him wid me? I dnt want anything.

She noticed the Photograph of her nd Maan she took it nd was about to throw but couldn’t able to throw it on floor. She broke down nd sits on the floor by resting her head at the edge of d Bed.


Geet(cries): y? y I m always hurted by the person to whom I trust the most. First it was Vridant nd nw Maan. Y Maan? Y did u came to my life? Y?

Saying dis she broke down in tears nd started crying. Shilpa couldn’t see her Di’s Condition. She quickly came to her.

Shilpa(anxiously): Di! Di wat happen. Tell me Di. Tum to jiju se milne gayi thi na. then wat happened?

Geet said nothing but hugged Shilpa tight nd cried. Shilpa tries consoling her by patting her back



Maan on the other hand was still at Basket ball court. Watching at the ring that Geet gives him back. This is the same place where they both have became friends nd after dat more den dat but today everything was over here only.


Maan (to himself): Hw can I hurt u Geet wen I love u so much. U didn’t realize that it ached me more den it ached u wen I said dis. Nothing is fake Geet, nothing is fake. Our relationship, our friendship, our emotions everything was true. But it was necessary for u to say dis then only u’ll accept Vridant. The first love of ur life.


He slowly gets up nd stared moving towards his Room. but the words of Geet were still echoing in his mind.



Geet cried a lot nd told everything to Shilpa. For the first tym Geet has shared anything wid her, for the first tym Geet has cried in front of her. Shilpa slowly made her seat at d bed nd asked her to lay down as her face was getting pale. She was afraid that Geet will get ill if she cries like dis only. She asked her to close her eyes. Geet closed her eyes but tears were still flowing from her eyes nd her grip on the photograph was still very tight. Shilpa decided not to take it away from her. She asked her to rest nd said dat she’ll come back after a moment.


She quickly came out from her room so that Geet couldn’t see her tears. She has never Seen Geet like dis. She was completely shattered. Shilpa knows hw much Geet loves Maan nd she was sure dat Maan also loves her but couldn’t able to understand that from where the thing has gone wrong. Den she reminded Vridant. She remembers what geet has told her.


Shilpa (to herself): Di! I’ll not let anyone to come between u nd jiju. U both r made for each other nd no one can part u.

By saying dis she started dialing Vridant’s number.

Vridant: Hello!

Shilpa: Shilpa over here

Vridant: Shilpa! Hws u?

Shilpa: I haven’t called u to discuss how I m?

Vridant: Shilpa! Wats wrong?

Shilpa: u r asking me? By the way u must be very Happy today. Afterall ur plan has been succeeded rite?

Vridant: Shilpa I m really not getting wat u r saying?

Shilpa: oh really! R u that much stupid? Dnt try to act smart Vridant

Vridant: Shilpa Listen to me………..

Shilpa: No u listen to me Mr. Vridant Chopra dnt u ever try to come between my Di nd jiju. Before dis also u have done many things that has affected my Di’s life but I was not able to do anything that tym as I was not big enough but dis tym if u tries to come between the happiness of my Di nd Jiju den I swear I wont spare u nd I mean it. So make dis thing clear to ur mind. Got it.


Shilpa didn’t given him any chance to speak nd cuts d call nd goes to Geet’s room to check her




Vridant (to himself): omg! What I had done? Hw can I be so selfish? I wanted to see Geet happy nd I myself has became responsible for her condition again. Geet I was going away from ur life forever but I guess before I go there’s still one thing left for me to do.


He takes out his cell nd called Maan. Maan who was in his Room lost in Geet’s thoughts have came into senses after hearing his cell phone ringing

Maan: Hello!

Vridant: Maan

Maan: Vridant! Wat happen?

Vridant: Maan I m going back. I had my flight in next 2 hrs. but before I go back I need to meet u. pls.

Maan: but Vridant………

Vridant: ok den see u at airport. Reach there within half an hour

Maan: ok.


Maan couldn’t understand y Vridant is going back. Because of Geet’s behaviour but he didn’t even know wat has happened between both of dem at date. He needs to ask to Vridant. He quickly got up from his chair, took out his car keys nd drives towards airport. He was there within half an hour nd saw that Vridant is already waiting for him.

Maan: Vridant, y r u going back? See I know Geet may be angry on u, but u cant give up like dis.

Vridant: its over Maan. I accept my Defeat nd its better that I go back from her life forever.

Maan: but Vridant, u love Geet nd she loves u too so y……

Vridant: Maan, u know only that truth which I told u. but today I m going to tell u whole truth (den he tells wat actually has happened nd wat happened today at date) yes Maan, its true that me nd Geet r best buddies but she doesn’t loves me

Maan: wat r u saying? Vridant dnt tell lie

Vridant: its not a lie Maan. Jhooth to wo tha jo maine pehle kaha tha.

Maan eyes were filled with anger, he clutches his collar

Maan: Hw could u? Hw could u do this to my Geet? Nd nw also u came back to get her. so cheap of u.

Vridant (calmly): I know Maan, I have done wrong nd ur anger is also rite at ur place nd for dat u can give me any punishment i really dnt care for it but nw i cant hide this Truth from u. I didn’t realize my mistake at that tym may be due to my Teenage affect. I was not mature enough to know the difference between right nd Wrong.

Maan leaves his collar as he can see the realization of his mistake. If he wants he can go away quietly from here without telling him anything but he decided to tell him the truth without caring for its circumstances.


Maan: But Vridant, y didn’t u tell me dis before?

Vridant: Because I dnt want to lose Geet. I thought if u came to know the truth then u’ll definitely throw me out from dis project nd den every door will be closed for me which takes me towards geet. And as far as Geet is concerned nw I knw y she didn’t told u yet about dis. She haven’t told u because she knews that if u’ll come to know about dis den u’ll definitely leave dis project nd she knews hw important dis project is for ur Company so she decided to bear me den to tell u

Maan: nd y r u telling dis me nw?

Vridant: Because today I realize that I was wrong. I always thought that Geet loves me, but I was wrong she never loved me, but her friendship was always true to me nd I didn’t care for dat also. U know she was always there for me wenever i need her, but i was not there for her wen She needed me the most

Maan: Vridant, hw can u say that geet doesn’t love u. may be she’s upset nw. but I’ll talk to her. everything will be fine.

Vridant (smiles): Maan, I knw that u knows every small nd big things about geet, but still there r some things about her which only I know about her. like I know d Difference between Geet’s anger nd hatred.

Maan was quietly listening to him

Vridant: If geet was angry from me then sooner or later she has forgiven me because she knows that I always use to realize my mistake late but wen I apologize to her den after some tym she forgive me. But she didn’t do that this tym that means she is not angry on me. She didn’t even hate me also, because no matter hw much she hate me den also she can never slap me but today she slapped me twice (he said while keeping his hand on his cheeks) that means she didn’t even hates me. Nd dis means dat I had left no place left in her heart anymore because If I had any then my Words would somewhere affects her but it didn’t all dat affects her is dat u helped me in dis. U told me that your relationship is fake. Dude she loves u not me.

Maan: Geet loves me but y didn’t she told me dis?

Vridant: Because she was quite slow in expressing her feelings. U know wat I use to call her “Kaddu” not because she was fat but because of her nature, her innocence. Maan I never understand her importance in my life wen she was with me, nd nw wen I wanted my Kaddu back den I had no place left in her life. I m nothing more den a stranger to her. pls u dnt do the same mistake dat I had done, dnt let her go from ur life. U r really very lucky that u had her in ur life, I could also be lucky if I had came back some tym before but I got late nd by that tym u came to her life. I m not saying that u have taken my place but u had made ur own place in her life nd heart. May be this is only wat I deserve. That’s the punishment that god has given me.

Maan: but wat about u Vridant? U love her rite?

Vridant: ya I love her, nd I always love her but that doesn’t mean that I snatch her away from the person whom she loves. Already she has faced many things because of me nd nw I dnt want to be the reason for ruining her happiness again. Maan I came here to claim dat love which was never mine nd today I realized it so I m going back. But if I would have gone back without telling u everything nd without giving Geet’s happiness to her den I can never stay peacefully. But nw I can stay happy nd can get free from my guilt as I know My Kaddu will be at safe hands forever who’ll always protect her in every difficulties nd who’ll not leave her at any circumstances.


Just den d Announcement was made for d passengers who have to board flight for London.

Vridant: So tym for me to go. Or I should have gone earlier only.

Maan hugged him tight. He didn’t know wat to say to him, few moments back he was angry on him as he lied to him, he has given so much pain to Geet, but nw he was greatful to him as because of him only he came to know wat he(maan) means to Geet.

Maan: Dude! I dnt know wat to say to u.

Vridant: Dnt say anything Maan, I haven’t done anything for u rather I had done it for myself. I just tried to light the burden of my mistakes. Just always keep Geet happy. She deserves to be happy.

Maan: Ofcourse nd I’ll wish that u’ll also find a Geet for u Soon

Vridant: dat may be quite impossible as God Didn’t made any other antique piece like her after he made her.

Dey both laugh at dis.

Maan: u r rite. She’s d original one which I had.

Vridant: u know Maan I came here to apologize Geet but nw I m going by having such a nice friend like u nd I wish that someday my Kaddu will also forgive me nd I can have chance for being her friend again.

Maan smiled at dis nd Vridant takes his leave. Maan saw him leaving nd wen he got disappeared from his eyes he came back to his car. The words of geet were echoing in his ears. He remembers hw Geet was yelling at him at the Basket ball court telling him wat he means to her but he couldn’t able to understand that tym


Maan (to himself): Geet I m Sorry. I m sorry for misreading ur eyes. I m sorry for not able to understand ur love. U love me so much nd I thought that I was not more den a friend to u. but nw I m coming back. I’ll never let u go from my life. Never.

He smiled nd Drives towards mansion.


Next morning Maan was sitting at Dining table waiting for Geet to come as his Dadimaa has called both Shilpa nd Geet for breakfast. But he was surprised to see Shilpa coming alone.

Shilpa: Good Morning Dadimaa.

Savitri Sevi: good morning beta. Where’s Geet. I told both of u to come together.

Shilpa: Wo…….. Dadimaa di is not feeling well.

Savitri Devi (worried): Y? Wat happened to her? is everything is fine.

Shilpa: ya Dadimaa. Everything is fine. Wo actually she was having a slight fever from last nite. She was insisting to come here but I only said her to take rest until she feels fine. So I have given her medicine nd she’s sleeping rite nw (she said while looking at Maan) I m sorry if I had done anything wrong

Savitri Devi: u haven’t done anything wrong Shilpa. Maan ke sath rehte rehte Geet bhi unke jaisi ho gayi hai. ab atleast wo thoda aaram to karengi.

Shilpa smiled faintly. Maan knews y Geet has not came for breakfast nt just because of fever but she was hurted badly by him.

Shilpa: Jiju! Wo di has said dat she’ll join d office after half day.

Maan: ya no problem.

Savitri Devi: Bilkul bhi nahi. Geet will not go to office today. She’ll take complete rest until she gets fit. Nd I’ll visit to her after sometime.

Shilpa: ji dadimaa.

Suddenly Savitri Devi has got call so she has to excuse herself leaving Shilpa nd Maan alone.

Maan: hws Geet?

Shilpa: She’s still sleeping.

Maan: did she had anything since night?

Shilpa: No. I tried to gave her food but she refused to eat nd u know hw much stubborn she is. She just cried nd didn’t realize wen she slept.

Maan: hhhmmmmm

He gets up nd started moving outside.

Shilpa: Jiju where r u going?

Maan: to rectify my mistake.

He said nd leaves from dere. Wen Savitri Devi came back she found dat Maan is not there.

Savitri Devi: Shilpa, Maan kahan hai?

Maan: Wo jiju, Di se milne……….

Savitri Devi: ok ok I understand. He cant even see her suffering from slight fever



Maan reaches to outhouse nd goes to Geet’s room. he saw that she has not even changed her dress. He goes near to her nd sat on his knees at the floor to face her. he saw the marks of tears on her cheeks. Her eyes were still wet nd her hairs were just disturbed nd their strands were coming on her face. He slowly removes the strands from her face nd tucked it behind her ears. He tries to wipe away her tear marks. She was looking so innocent while sleeping just like a kid nd he had hurted her so much. Suddenly he noticed that she’s holding something in her hands nd has  hold it tight to keep it near her heart. He slowly take it out from her grip to see nd was both surprised nd happy to see. It was their engagement pic. She loves him so much that she dnt want to let him go away from her nt even just a photograph. He smiles nd keep d photograph at the side table.


Maan: Itna pyaar karti ho mujhse Geet, dat u cant even want my photograph away from u. I m sorry Geet. I m sorry for hurting u. I had promised u that I’ll never let u cry nd today because of me only u cried so much. But tumne bhi to mujhse kabhi kuch nahi kaha, kaha to maine bhi nahin kabhi tumse kuch. We both have lost so much in our Egos dat we have forget that its not necessary in love who’ll confess first all is necessary that we confess at the right tym. Nw I realize my mistake nd nw I’ll bring my old Geet back. My Geet who use to argue wid me, who use to irritate me wid her nonsense things, who use to care for me. Now I’ll never let u cry. nd i know hw to manofy My Drama Queen.


By saying dis he moves closer to her nd slowly kissed her forehead. For the first tym he was kissing his angle. He smiled nd puts d blanket on her nd leaves from dere



As soon as he came outside he saw Driver coming towards outhouse holding a bouquet of White roses.

Maan: What’s Dis?

Driver: Sir, Ma’am has forgetten dis in Car last nite. I called her also but she didn’t listen.

Maan looks at d roses. He knows for whom Geet has brought dis. He smiles.

Maan: Ok. I’ll give it back to her. u can go.

Driver: Ok sir


Maan takes d roses nd goes to the Mansion.


It was 11:30 am wen Geet finally wakes up. Her head is still heavy nd she still didn’t forget the last nite events. She slowly gets up nd was surprised to see Savitri Devi Sitting in front of her.

Geet: Dadimaa Aap?

Savitri Devi: Ya Geet. I need to talk to u.

Geet: Yes Dadimaa.

Savitri Devi: Geet I Didn’t expect dis from u. u haven’t tell me about dis?

“Seems Maan has told everything to Dadimaa” she thought

Geet: No Dadimaa. Actually…….

Savitri Devi: u know wat Geet I think u had never consider me as ur own Dadi, otherwise u never hide this from me.

Geet: No Dadimaa, its not like dat. I always consider u as my own Dadi.

Savitri Devi: Let it be Geet, if u have considered me as ur own Dadi den u must have told me at nite only dat u r having Fever.

Geet: Fever?

Savitri Devi: ya u r suffering from fever na from last nite. Thank god that Shilpa has told me in d morning otherwise u wont bother to tell me.

“So Maan has not told anything yet” She thought

Geet: Sorry Dadimaa. I don’t want to bother u.

Savitri Devi: Beta, hw can u think that u will bother me. U r like my own child.

Geet couldn’t able to control her emotions. She hugged Savitri Devi. She’s feeling guilty as Dadimaa still didn’t know wat has happened between her nd Maan nd she still consider her as her Daughter-in-law. Savitri Devi thought dat Geet is missing her mom.

Savitri Devi: Arey aap to rone lagi. Hum to aapse jhooth ka naraaz hue the. C’mon nw stop crying.

Geet: Sorry Dadimaa

Savitri Devi: its ok Beta.

Suddenly geet looked at watch nd it shows 12 of noon.

Geet: omg. Its 12! I need to go to office also.

Savitri Devi: No Geet. U r not going anywhere. U r goimg to take full rest today. See ur eyes r still red.

Geet touches her eyes. She knews y her eyes r red.

Geet: Dadimaa. I m perfectly fine nw. trust me. Pls let me go office today. Its really important. I need to complete some incomplete tasks. Pls.

Savitri Devi: But beta……

Geet: Dadimaa I promise that I’ll not take much stress nd will come home early. Pls let me go.

Savitri Devi: Hhmmmm. Aapse aur Maan se hum aaj tak kabhi jeet paye hai. ok fine but remember ur promise.

Geet(smiles): yes Dadimaa.

Dadimaa caress her hands on Geet’s forehead nd leaves.


Geet (To herself): sorry Dadimaa but I dnt have courage to tell u truth. Pls forgive me for hurting u.



Its been 1:00 pm wen Geet finally reaches to office. She wanted to avoid any confontration wid Maan so she straight away moved to her cabin. As soon as she entered her cabin she saw a teddy bear at her seat. It was d same Teddy Bear that she has saw that day at the Mall. She goes near to it nd Found a greeting attached to it. She takes d greeting nd opens it found a Sorry Card with a note written by Maan.


“I m sorry For hurting u, but I didn’t mean it nd it is a famous saying na that sometimes we hurt the person who r very close to us. May be I had also done the same thing. Nothing was false Geet, it was me who was wrong not u. Pls forgive me. Pls.”




“So Dadimaa has told maan that I m coming to office” She thought nd looked at the Maan’s cabin through the glass nd saw that he’s standing near d glass waiting for her reaction nd as soon as she turned to look at him he holds both of his ears to say Sorry. Geet has never seen Maan like dis. She moves towards d glass nd looked at Maan for a while nd den close d Blinds. Maan initially got stunned at her behaviour but den calms himself because he knows that Geet’s anger was rite at her place.

Maan(To himself): Its not so easy Maan but I’ll also not stop trying. Lets See Ms. Geet Malhotra hw long will u stay angry wid me. I’ll not give up so easily. U have to talk to me.


On the other hand Geet puts d teddy from her seat nd was about to throw den stops herself from throwing it. She looks at it nd keep it on another chair nd get seated. Den she hides her face with both of her hands


Geet(to herself): Wat does he think about himself. Wenever he wants he can hurt me nd den says Sorry like I don’t have any feelings of mine. No dis tym I’ll not give up on his efforts. I came here just to complete dis incomplete project nd will focus on dat only.


Saying dis she wiped her tears nd started concentrate on her work. After 15 mins. She noticed Nakul, servant of Khurana’s coming inside her cabin with Tiffin.

Geet: Wats it Nakul?

Nakul: Ma’am Lunch for u.

Geet: Who ask u to bring my Lunch over here? Well whoever has asked u tell him that I don’t need his concern. I can take care of myself. He don’t have to bother for me.


Just den she recd. A SMS on her cell phone. She saw that it was of Maan.


“Khane se kaisi Naraazagi nd waise bhi kisi ne kaha hai ki hume apna Breakfast skip nahi karna chahiye nd u have skipped not only ur Breakfast but ur dinner also nd if u r thinking that I asked Nakul to bring Lunch for u den u r wrong its been sent by Dadimaa, she has send it for me also nd if u dnt believe me den u can enquire from Dadi itself. M sure u’ll not break her heart”


She read the SMS nd looked at Nakul

Geet: Nakul, sach sach bataiye, ye lunch kisne bheja hai?

Nakul: Ma’am ye lunch Dadimaa ne bheja hai. she said that u r not well so u should take ur meal at tym.

Geet (conveinced): ok. Keep it here. I’ll have it later.

Nakul: No Ma’am first u have it.

Geet: Nakul, I told na I’ll have it. Nw don’t stand on my head otherwise I’ll complaint to Dadimaa.

Nakul: Aapko jo karma hai kar lo. Job to waise bhi jani hai

Geet: Matlab?

Nakul: Matlab Dadimaa ne kaha hai ki jab tak aap lunch na khatam kar le main yahaan se jaoon na warna meri job chali jayegi aur aap keh rahi hai ki agar main yahaan se nahi gaya to aap meri complaint kar dengi aur meri job chali jayegi. So in both cases my job is in danger so its better that I follow Dadimaa’s order.

Geet shakes her head in disbelief. She knows that it is useless to argue wid him so she closes her file nd started having her lunch. After she finished she handed over the Tiffin to Nakul nd asks him to leave. As soon as Nakul leaves she gets herself involved in work again. Maan was watching all dis from outside.

Maan(to himself): thank god! Atleast she had something.

He smiles nd move towards his cabin.


Nakul goes to Maan’s cabin to inform him that Geet has taken her lunch.

Nakul: Sir Ma’am has taken her lunch.

Maan: Hhhmmm. Use pata to nahi chala ki maine tumse kaha tha.

Nakul: No sir. I had done exactly wat u said. Ab to meri Job nahi jayegi na.

Maan(smiles): No,don’t worry ur job is not going anywhere.

Nakul: Thank u sir. Nw u also have ur lunch. U also havent taken anything since nite.

Maan(looking at the close blinds of Geet’s Cabin): My lunch is finished already.

Nakul: Wat sir?

Maan: huh….. nothing. Dnt worry I’ll take.

Nakul leaves from dere

Maan knews Geet has not taken anything since nit end she was so much upset that she’ll skip her lunch also. So he asked Nakul to bring her lunch at the office nd given him Strict instructions that he’ll not say that Maan has asked him to bring lunch. He’ll say that Dadimaa has send dis. Maan knews dat if Geet will come to know that he has send dis then she’ll never had it so he had to take the help of Dadimaa’s name nd it actually worked.


Maan (to himself): Ms. Geet Malhotra u may be very Stubborn but u had no competition wid Maan Singh Khurana.



In Sanjeevani Shilpa was sitting at Cafeteria thinking about Geet. Though she has talked wid her few mins. Back nd geet assured her that she’s fine but still she couldn’t able to take her mind away from Geet. Just den Armaan came to her. Shilpa was so lost in her thoughts that she didn’t realize Armaan’s presence over dere

Armaan: Hey Shilpa!

Shilpa said nothing Armaan patted on her shoulders

Armaan: Shilpa!

Shilpa(came back into senses): Armaan? Wen did u came?

Armaan: Few Mins. Back wen u r lost somewhere. Who’s it? Boyfriend? (he winks)

Shilpa: Armaan Pls. I m not in a mood of joke.

Armaan: Wats Wrong Shilpa? Is everything ok?

Shilpa: No Armaan (den she tells her whole incident) nw Di is not talking to Jiju. I don’t know what to do Armaan?

Armaan: Shilpa! Itna sab kuch ho gay and u didn’t even bother to tell me

Shilpa: Armaan at that tym I was not knowing wat to do. For the first tym I saw Di like dis. I m really worried nw.

Armaan: Dnt worry Shilpa (he says while keeping his hand on hers) Everything will be fine. Ye problem Maan aur Geet ki hai nd dey will definitely sort it out. Just give both of dem some tym.

Shilpa: But Armaan…….

Armaan: Trust me. Everything will be fine.

Shilpa: I always trust u Armaan

Armaan says nothing but smiles nd shilpa also knows dat she don’t have to worry if Armaan is wid her.


In Khurana’s Construction its been 4:30 pm nd Maan’s Efforts haven’t stopped yet. Sometimes he sends Coffee to Geet with a sorry note so sometimes he sends Bouquet of flowers with Sorry Card. Geet didn’t know wat to do. It doesnt suits his Image u know doing all dis. it suits to the Person Like Armaan, moreover she was afraid. She was afraid that if Maan continues to do like dis then Office Staff will think wrong about him nd her. She was thinking about all dis wen Peon came to her cabin with a file. She asked him about dis to which he said that its d construction file of Noida’s Project.


As soon as she opens d file she again finds a Sorry note in it, she gets irritated nw so she crushed d note nd throw it in the dustbin. Maan watched all dis nd gets hurted by her behaviour. His Patience was getting over nw but he decided to be quiet until Office staff is dere. Geet again gets herself busy with work nd didn’t realize of tym. Finally she looked at clock nd saw that its been 6:30 pm nd whole office has gone. She picked up her Bag nd was about to leave wen he saw Maan standing in front of her. Geet looked at him nd den walks towards d Door. As soon as she reaches dere Maan stops her by holding her Wrist.

Geet: Maan Pls Leave me.

Maan: Not until u listen to me.

Geet: I don’t want to listen anything.

Maan: u have to Geet.

Den he pulls her towards himself. Dere faces were just mere inches away. Geet can feel his Heartbeats racing against his minds. She found herself lost in his eyes once again but quickly regains herself nd frees her hand from him. As soon as she turned to leave Maan again holds her nd pinned her against d wall. Geet has started breathing heavily. She can see the intensity, the Passion in his eyes. His Gaze was burning her. She tries to free herself from him but his Grip was too strong that she cant able to free herself. Maan held his grip even more tight on her Shoulders. He can see that her eyes were pleading him to leave her but he didn’t wanted to leave her not until he say wat he wants to say.

Maan: Geet I m sorry. I m sorry for hurting u. I didn’t mean it Geet. U mean a lot to me. I was a jerk that I was losing u to someone else. Nothing is fake between us Geet. everything is true. our Relationship, our emotions everything. Pls Forgive me.

Geet’s eyes began to get watery. She closes her eyes not believing wat she was seeing. The Love, the care, the pain in his eyes. Drop of tears have started falling from her eyes. Maan notices her tears. He moves his face more closer to her. Geet can feel his warm breath on her face but still she didn’t opened her eyes. Maan slowly kissed away her tears from one eye den moved to another. Geet clenthes her fist tight to get control on herself. Maan drews his face back nd looked at Geet. Get slowly opens her eyes nd looked at him. Maan cups her face between his hands

Maan(softly): Geet, Pls don’t cry. u r angry from me na den give me any punishment. U yell at me, u take me to dat tacky dhaba again, u irritate me with ur nonsense talks I promise I wont complaint for any of dem but pls dnt cry like dis. I cant see u in tears. It hurts me Geet

Geet: y?

Maan: Because I love u Geet. I love u so much that I cant tell u. if u suffer from any kind of a pain den it ached me Geet.


Geet looked straight to his eyes. she didn’t believe wat she was listening. The words that she was waiting to listen dis from him so long nd today he finally confessed it but is it enough to cover up wat he said last nite?


Geet was still looking into his eyes not knowing wat to say. Today Maan has said wat he feels for her nd she too feels d same. She wanted to tell him that she loves him Too. She wanted to hug him tight wen he said dis. but couldn’t able to do that as she was still not able to come out from d last nite incidence.

Geet: If u love me so much den hw can u let me go wid someone else so easily. Only dis much trust u had on ur Love Maan.

Maan was taken aback wen Geet said dis. he didn’t expect to listen dis from Geet. He thought that geet too will confess her feelings to him today but he was stunned to hear dis from Geet.

Maan: Geet………

Geet said nothing nd quickly rushes towards door leaving Maan behind Clueless.


Maan(to himself): U cant run away from me like dis Geet. U have to tell me today about ur feelings.




It was 7:30 pm wen Maan reaches to outhouse. He cant let go geet away from him so easily.


Maan(yells): Geet, Geet where r u?

Shilpa was at living Room as soon as she saw Maan, she goes to him.

Shilpa: Jiju?

Maan: Shilpa, where is Geet? I want to talk to her.

Shilpa: Jiju, Di……

Maan: Shilpa tell me where is she?

Shilpa: Di chali gayi jiju. Amritsar.

Maan backs away wen he listens dis

Maan: Amritsar. Y didn’t u stopped her?

Shilpa: I tried Jiju but usne mujhe apni kasam de di. She has given dis letter for u.

Maan quickly takes letter from her nd opens it to read.



By the tym u’ll get dis letter I’ll be on my way to Amritsar. I knw u must be shocked at dis kind of behaviour of mine. But u only tell me Maan wat should I do. Yesterday u said dat everything was fake between us nd today u says that u love me. Nw tell me to which I should Believe? U had only said na that u can read my eyes then y u didn’t read that I feel nothing for Vridant. Ek baar to mujhse poocha hota Maan I would tell u the whole truth but u didn’t even ask me nd straight away gone to conclusion. Maan, I knw I have hurted u by going like dis nd more den u it hurts me, especially after knowing wat u feels for me but its necessary for both of us. We both need some time so that u can understand urs as well as my feelings so that there will be no other complications in our relationship in future.



Maan sat on d couch after reading d letter still not believing dat Geet has left. He closes his eyes in pain. Shilpa Tries to console him but he stopped her nd moved towards mansion slowly.




On the other hand Geet is at bus with her eyes closed thinking about the moment that has been just passed. The moment for which she has been waited for so long. Maan confesses his feelings towards her. She touches her cheeks with her fingers where she can still feel the lips of Maan over dere but still she has to take dis harsh decision because it was good for both Maan nd Geet. She knows that Maan will not let her go so easily so inspite of going to mansion she has gone straight away to Bus Station nd asked Shilpa to bring her luggage over dere only nd wen Shilpa reaches over dere she handed her the Letter she has written for Maan. Shilpa tried to stop her but she didn’t listened.


Geet(to herself): I m Sorry Maan. I don’t want to hurt u especially after knowing that u love me. But its necessary. I m not giving u any Punishment infact I m punishing myself by keeping myself away from u but until nd unless I wont do that u’ll never understand my feelings.




Back to Khurana’s Mansion, Maan in his Room thinking about Geet with the letter in his hand.


Kuch Kum Roshan hai roshani
Kuch kum gili hai barishien

Kuch Kum Lehrati hai hawa
Kuch Kum hai dil mein khawishein

Tham sa gaya hai yeh waqt aise
Tere liye hi thehra ho jaiisee

hmmmmm hmmmm hmmmmmmmmm hhmmmmmmm

hmmmmm hmmmm hmmmmmmmmm hhmmmmmmm


Maan could still feel Geet’s presence in d room. He had never feel so lonely in his life. He looked outside nd saw that it was Raining nd remembers hw much Geet loves rains but today even d rain couldn’t able to ease his pain as it makes him Miss Geet even more. Everything seems to be meaningless without her. he remembers everytime wen he was wid Geet nd hw she use to find Happines in small small things.


Kuch Kum Roshan hai roshani
Kuch kum gili hai barishien

Kuch Kum Lehrati hai hawa
Kuch Kum hai dil mein khawishein

Tham sa gaya hai yeh waqt aise
Tere liye hi thehra ho jaiisee

hmmmmm hmmmm hmmmmmmmmm hhmmmmmmm

hmmmmm hmmmm hmmmmmmmmm hhmmmmmmm


On the other hand Geet too missing Maan wen she saw raining outside she remembers d nite wen she was with Maan nd hw Maan has saved her from an Accident nd she hugs him tight. She has never thought that she has to leave Maan like dis. the world around her seems to be still without him. Then she Remembers every moment she spend with Maan.



Geet remembers wat Maan has said to her last nite at the basket ball court nd wat he said today at office nd Maan remembers hw Geet has yelled at her last nite to tell him wat he means to her nd today she left him by leaving a Letter to him.


Kyun meri saaans bhi kuch feeki si hai
Duriyon se hui nazdiki si hai


Office has not been d same without her. Maan was in his cabin looking at Geet’s cabin which was empty.



For a moment he feels Geet’s presence over dere but soon he realizes that Geet is not there


Kyun meri saaans bhi kuch feeki si hai
Duriyon se hui nazdiki si hai


He looked around his cabin nd saw the glimpses of his nd Geet over dere fighting for the project or discussing on it. A faint smile has came on his lips.


Jaane kya Yeh baat hai
Har subah Abb raat hai


Geet was at her home but only physically mentally she was still with Maan. Maan sits back to his chair nd closes his eyes.


Kuch Kum Roshan hai roshani
Kuch kum gili hai barishien

Kuch Kum Lehrati hai hawa
Kuch Kum hai dil mein khawishein

Tham sa gaya hai yeh waqt aise
Tere liye hi thehra ho jaiisee

hmmmmm hmmmm hmmmmmmmmm hhmmmmmmm

hmmmmm hmmmm hmmmmmmmmm hhmmmmmmm


Geet was so lost in his thoughts that she didn’t realize wen she cuts her finger with knife while cutting vegetables. She cried with pain nd Maan opens his Eyes with jerk as he had a feeling that Geet is in pain.

“Geet” this is d only word that has came from his mouth wen he opens his eyes. he looked around him but found no one but his heart is saying that geet is hurt somewhere.

Geet looked at her injured finger nd remembers wen she was injured while sewing bitton of Maan’s shirt nd hw much Maan got restless wen he saw her finger bleeding.



Both thinks about each other nd moments dey spend with each other so far. Their first Dance, their First hug everything


Phool meheke nahi kuch gumsum say hai
Jaise roothe hue kuch yeh tumse hai


Geet took out the flower from her novel which she thought that Maan has send to her nd looked at it nd closes her eyes.



A drop of tear fell from her eyes


Phool meheke nahi kuch gumsum say hai
Jaise roothe hue kuch yeh tumse hai


Maan is at his room nd looks at the bouquet that Geet has brought for him but couldn’t able to give him. He came out from his room nd goes to outhouse to geet’s Room.


Khushbuyen Dhal gai

saath tum Abb jo nahi

He looks around her room nd every small things over dere reminds him of her. he caress everything over there, her Wardrobe, her table nd Finally he goes to her Book rack.


He was about to turn wen he notices Geet’s Diary still over dere. He picked it up nd remembers hw dey both had fight for it like fourth graders. He opens it nd coincidently goes to the Page in which Geet has written something about him. He looked at the Heading


“My Feelings For The Special Person of my Life”

He smiles nd looked at the matter written under it.


“Dear Diary. U have been my best Friend after Di since Childhood. There r many things which only u know nd d thing which I m going to tell u today is in one of those things. Guess Wat? I m in love. Yes I m in love. U also couldn’t believe it na. even me couldn’t able to believe it first. Imagine me Geet Malhotra has actually fallen in Love. Well u wanted to know who it is rite? Well u know him. Yes he’s d same person from whom I saved u that day. Yes u r rite he’s none other den Maan.(Maan smiled wen he reads his name). U have also got shocked na after hearing dis even me too get Shocked wen I realize my feelings towards him. Imagine I m have fallen in love wid someone like Maan Singh Khurana. But its true. Maan, the person to whom I met six months before nd at dat tym I didn’t know that someday he’ll become my life, my everything. Wo thoda sa akdoo hai, nahin Dusht Daanav hai. Ego don’t ask hamesha uske Naak pe rehta hai. Baat baat pe Maan Singh Khurana ye hai, Maan Singh Khurana wo hai, Maan Singh Khurana is baat se nahi darta, Maan Singh Khurana ye kar sakta hai, bas har baat me khud ki tareef. (“Geeetttttt” as usual came out from his mouth wen he reads this) But there is Another Maan beside dis egoestic Maan Singh Khurana to which only I knows Who was always there for me wenever I need him. Whether it was my stupid Laptop problem or at My Dad’s Death anniversary. He always made me feel that hw special I m to him. His Care, his emotions has forced me to love him nd I don’t regret it also. If I try den also I cant run away from dis Feeling. If 6 months back anyone would Ask me who is Maan, then I would say MD of Khurana’s Construction. Then after meeting him if anyone would Ask me about him den I would say my best friend but nw if Anyone ask me Who is Maan? Then my Answer will be an Integral part of Geet’s World. The Essence of Geet’s Life. Yes, I love u Maan. I love u. But problem is that I don’t know whether he loves me or not but I had seen in his eyes, the same feelings which I had for him but still I couldn’t able to tell him. Its not easy for a girl to confess her feelings first. But ye baat us Stupid ko kaun samjhaye. But my heart says that soon he’s going to confess his feelings for me nd I have to wait till den nd I’ll wait. By the tym I say it over here only.


I love u Maan. I love u”



Kuch Kum Roshan hai roshani
Kuch kum gili hai barishien
Tham sa gaya hai yeh waqt aise
Tere liye hi thehra ho jaiisee

hmmmmm hmmmm hmmmmmmmmm hhmmmmmmm

hmmmmm hmmmm hmmmmmmmmm hhmmmmmmm

hmmm hmmmmmmm hmmmmm hmmmm
hmmmm hmmmmm hmmmm hmmmm



Maan smiled after reading d last line nd holds d diary close to his heart nd sits on the bed. “I love u too geet. Pls come back” He says nd closes his eyes but dis tym not in pain but in happiness dat finally he came to know about her feelings. Geet loves him though she didn’t tell herself but nw wen he knows he cant stay away from her even a second. Geet on the other hand is having a strange Feeling like somewhere something has happened, like Maan is calling her. she goes to the Window nd looked at the Moon who has always been d evidence of their relationship.


Geet(To herself): Y m I feeling dat Maan is calling me, like he needs me. I had been here from 6 days but I never felt like dis before. Babaji! R u trying to say something which I m not able to understand? Is Maan missing me?


She too closes her eyes to find the Answers of the questions running in her mind.




Its been 8:30 PM nd Maan is in his Room. He cant stay away from Geet especially after knowing her feelings. Shilpa nd Armaan were too present over dere. Everyone is thinking that hw to bring Geet back. But none of dem getting any idea. For the First tym Armaan too was clueless

Armaan: Koi Faayda nahi hai Dude! Geet tujhse naraaz hoke gayi hai. itni asaani se nahi manegi.

Maan: I knw Armaan but I cant sit like dis especially after knowing that she loves me too.

Armaan: that’s wat I want to say Yaar. Geet loves u so much nd dis is wat hurted her so badly that she has been hurted by the person she loves.

Shilpa: Armaan is rite jiju. Waise to Di ka gussa zyada din nahi rehta but is Baar even I dnt know that wen her Anger will over.

Maan: I know Shilpa. But I have to do something. I cant let her go like dis.

Shilpa: Ye Di bhi na! kabhi kabhi kuch zyada hi gussa karti hai

Armaan who was thinking of a plan nw has to speak in between.

Armaan: acha! Shilpa geet is not wrong anywhere. Her Anger is rite at her place. Nd u being her sister not taking her side.

Shilpa: Armaan she’s my sister nd I know her since childhood. Di ko kabhi kabhi Over react karne ki aadat hai.

Armaan: nd For ur Kind Information I also know Maan since Childhood aur use har baat pe over react karne ki aadat hai.

Shilpa: Armaan, I don’t believe dis. inspite of taking Jiju’s side u r taking Di’s side.

Armaan: Yes Because she’s Rite. Nd u also wat Maan has done.

Shilpa: Ya I agree ki jiju se galti hui hai. but Baad me unhone Sorry bhi to bola.

Armaan: o ya! Pehle Murder karo aur fir bolo Sorry.

Shilpa: Armaan, Galti Di ki bhi hai. if she tells Jiju Before only about her Feelings den these Complications would never occur.

Armaan: o Really! Maan bhi to pehle bol sakta tha na.

Shilpa: Jiju ne baad me bola na.

Armaan: Haan! Kab bola sab kuch gadbad kar dene ke baad. Nd u expect that Geet takes him to her Arms nd says “yes Maan I love u too”

Shilpa: So wat do u want to say, Its jiju’s fault?

Armaan: nd wat u want to say, its Geet’s Fault?

Shilpa: Armaan….

Armaan: Shilpa…..

Shilpa: u know wat? Just shut up

Armaan: u also Shut up


Maan who was listening to their cat-Dog Fight from so long has now got Irritated.

Maan(shouts): Both of u Shut up

Both Armaan nd Shilpa got scared wen dey Suddenly listens his voice nd become quiet.

Maan: Tum Dono yaha meri Problem ka Soln. Nikalne ke liye Aaye the ya Aapas me jhagadne. Here I m not able to understand hw to bring Geet back Home nd u both inspite of helping me r arguing among urselves.

Shilpa: But Jiju…..

Maan: Enough Shilpa. Nw no more Discussions nd Armaan u too.


Both Armaan nd Shilpa gives an Angry look to each other

Maan(taunts): Thanx to both of u for ur wonderful Help. But nw I’ll find the way of bringing Geet Back by my own. Infact I had found it also.


By saying dis he opens his wardrobe nd started packing some clothes. Both Shilpa nd Armaan looked at him den to each other but both of dem were not getting any idea of wat Maan is upto. Maan packed his belongings nd started heading towards d Door.

Armaan: Dude! Where r u going?

Maan: Amritsar.

“Amritsar” Both Armaan nd Shilpa said together

Maan: ya to get Geet back. Geet I m coming (he said slowly)

By saying dis he started moving outwards leaving Armaan nd Shilpa behind puzzled.


It was 9 am of the morning nd Geet is at Dining Table waiting for her Breakfast but lost somewhere. She still didn’t understand why she was feeling so strange since last nite. She was here from 1 week nd no doubt she Misses Maan every single second but the feling she had since last nite she never had in this 1 week.


Geet(to herself): Is Maan allrite? I havent even talked to him in this 1 week neither I responded of any of his calls. I left from their without even meeting him. I wish he was fine over dere, yes he is fine over dere otherwise I wont be Fine over here but den y m I getting dis strange feeling in me, like Maan is somewhere around me.


Her thoughts were distracted by her Mother’s voice

Malini: Geet… where r u lost beta

Geet: No Mom nothing like dat

Malini: Oh really! Den y r u not having ur Breakfast. It there in front of u since last 15 mins.

Geet: Oh sorry Mom, I didn’t noticed

Malini(concerned): Geet, is everything ok?

Geet: ya Mom

Malini: does something happened between u nd Maan

Geet: No mom Nothing has happened. Everything is fine between us. Y u said dis?

Malini: Beta u r here from 1 week nd u havent given any prior Notice for coming here also. U came suddenly thatsy I was bothering

Geet: Oh! So nw I have to give a prior Notice before coming to my own home?

Malini: Wen did I said dat Bachha. U r taking me wrong. I was just concerned about u

Geet: Don’t worry Mom everything is fine. I was just Missing u badly so I came over here (she said while hugging her mom)

Malini: R u sure?

Geet: ya Mom. Acha nw Leave all dis c’mon lets have breakfast I m damn hungry.

Malini: ya sure. Acha Geet Tumhari Frnd. Krati ka Call aaya tha.

Geet: Krati? Oh Shit! I have to go to meet her today. Actually Mom do u remember our Designing Teacher Mrs. Roy?

Malini: Ya Ofcourse. Who always consider u as ur Fav. Student.

Geet: Ya She’s getting Retired today. So all of us has planned to meet her today. Krati has reminded me yesterday also but I forgot.

Malini: Dnt worry. Its not much late nw also. U can go nw. infact Krati has called to inform dat only that Mrs Roy’s Farewell Party will Start at 11:30 so u have enough tym to reach over dere.

Geet: ya. Ok I should go nd get ready for party.

Malini: ya sure.

Geet left for her Room nd Malini was sitting there worried

Malini(To herself): There’s something which she’s not telling me. But I’ll not force her also because I know she’ll tell me wenever she feel rite tym to tell.




Geet was in her Room getting ready for d Party but her Mind has still didn’t came out From Maan’s Thought. She shrugged of all her thoughts nd goes to her Wardrobe to take out a Dress. After 10 mins. Of searching she finally Took out a Red Colour Dress. As soon as she was taking it out from d Wardrobe she Felt that someone has stopped her from taking dat Dress by Keeping his hand on hers. She looked around nd saw that Maan was standing over dere smiling. Is he really here or she’s Dreaming, she thought


Maan: Not Dis?

He said nd placed it back to the wardrobe nd started looking for another dress while Geet was standing quietly just looking at him. Finally Maan Take out a white clour dress.

Maan: U’ll wear dis. U remember I told u that no other colour will suit u best then white because it is as pure as u. u look like an angel. (den came close to her) My Angel!!!


Geet smiled wen she hears dis from him. She wanted to hug him tight but as soon as she moves closer to him he disappeared. Geet came back into reality nd noticed that no one is over dere. She looked around whole Room but there was no one except her. she closed her eyes to recover from his thoughts.


Geet(To herself): Y am I not able to recover from his Thoughts? Y Maan Y? Y had u became so engrained in my Life Dat nw I m Feeling so incomplete without u? Y I m missing u so much today? Y I m missing ur Anger, ur Irritation, ur smile? I m missing u Maan. Y did u hurt me so much Maan that I had to take d Decision to stay away from u which is nw Getting difficult for me.


She opens her eyes unable to find the answers. She looked at her hand nd saw that she’s still holding the Red Dress in her hand. She placed it back nd took out the White one. She goes to the Washroom nd changed her clothes. She came out after 10 mins. Nd goes straight away to her Dresser Nd started brushing her hair. She saw her Reflection in the mirror but suddenly she saw someone else’ reflection also in d mirror behind her. It was Maan. She turned back to face him. Her heart beats started getting faster wen she notices him coming closer to her. her breaths were getting faster wen he stand just a mere inches away from her. She kept looking for a moment in his Deep Eyes den noticed dat he was picking something from d dresser. It was her Earings. He extended his Hand nd tucked her loose hairs behind her ears sending a jolt of current in Geet’s Body due to his touch. She closed her eyes as she feels his touch. He slowly placed Earing on her one Ear.

Maan: So Missing me?

Geet: No.

Maan: Jhooth! (he said nd moved to her another ear) few mins back u were saying that u were missing me. Geet u cant even say a lie properly. Den y u try to say so.

Geet: I m not lying Maan (she said struggling hard to control herself)

Maan: Really! (he says by placing another Earing). But ur eyes r saying something else.

Geet: since wen u started understand wat my eyes says?

Maan: Since I met u.

Geet: really! Then hw could u misread it dat day?

Maan: My mistake. but U only said na that we r not gods. We r humans nd humans can do mistakes.

Geet: Maan Pls. (she said nd walked to the other side of the Room) I don’t want to talk about all dat.

Maan: Hw long will u run away from me Geet?

Geet: I m not running away from anyone.

Maan: Yes Geet u r running away. For the First tym I m seeing Geet Malhotra running away. Nd from Whom r u running away Geet? From me or from urself? (he says by coming closer to her)

Geet: Wat do u mean?

Maan: Geet, u r not so stupid that u didn’t understand wat I mean? U came to Amritsar because u wanted to escape from me because I hurted u. u run away from me without even telling me. But Geet I live over here (he said pointing towards her Heart) At ur Heart, hw will u escape from ur own heart, hw will u run away from me wen I m melted in u. Hw will u run away from urself?

Geet: its not true

Maan: oh really! (he came closer to her nd held her by her shoulders) so u r not running away from anyone?

Geet: yes (she said while looking other side)

Maan: Den look into my eyes nd say dat u r not running away from me, say dat u feel nothing for me, say dat u dnt feel anything wen I come so close to u, say that u were not missing me wen u are alone over here, say dat u dnt wanted to be in my Arms wen I said I love u to u. (he said by lifting her face through her chin)


Geet looked into his eyes in which she find only Immense Love for her. he was rite, she was running away from him, from herself. Its true that she has came to Amritsar because she was angry on him but this is also true that d day since she came over here she couldn’t able to stay Peacefully even for a second.


Maan: Bolo Geet! Kuch fark nahi padta?

Geet: Fark padta hai Maan. Bahut fark padta hai wen u r around me, wen u touch me, wen u come close to me, u think it was easy for me by staying away from u, from d person to whom I love so much nd I know that he loves me too. ofcourse not. I wanted to be wid u, I wanted to stay in ur Arms Forever, I…..

She wanted to say more but Maan put his fingers on her lips to make her quiet.

Maan: Ssshhh… don’t say anything nw. I understand everything even if u dnt say it. Ur eyes says everything Geet.


Geet looked into his eyes. she can see his heart through it. She can see the Deep nd intense love in his Eyes which was only for her. Suddenly she noticed that Maan is coming close to her, to kiss her. she didn’t protest nd closed her eyes in consent.


But Soon she realizes that there was no one around wen she heard her Mother’s Voice. She opened her eyes in jerk nd looked around her Room. so she was Dreaming? Maan was not there. She thought wen she again heard her Mother’s Voice


Malini: Geet, wat r u doing Beta? U’ll get late. Should I come to help u?

Geet: No mom. I m coming outside.

She quickly regains her senses nd moved outside d Room.

Malini: Geet, Bachha r u feeling fine?

Geet: ya Mom. Y?

Malini: Den y r u sweating so much? Nd ur face too doesn’t look d same as it looks wen u go to meet ur Friends before.

Geet: Mom u worry too much for me. I m perfectly fine. Acha I m going nw.

Malini: acha Listen one thing. Go to Golden Temple Today. U’ll feel better.

Geet: ok. Bye

She said nd moved outside d house. She knows y her mom has adviced her to go to Temple as she has felt her restlessness. She too didn’t refuse because she wanted to get rid from all that’s happening with her since morning. She started her Scooty nd started driving towards temple.


Back at Mumbai, in sanjeevani. It was 10:30 am nd Shilpa was in Locker Room wen Armaan came to her. she turned her face aside wen she sees her.

Armaan (to himself): Nw wats Wrong with her?

Armaan: Hey shilpa!

Shilpa(faintly): Hi!

Armaan: R u angry?

Shilpa: Ofcourse not, y should I? afterall u didn’t fight wid me last nite?

Armaan: omg shilpa! U r still taking dat Seriously. For god Sake it was just an argument

Shilpa: o ya! Nd Because of dat Argument Jiju shouts on me.

Armaan: If u remember he shouts on me also. Nd By the way y r  we fighting? I mean we both should think about Maan nd Geet rite nw inspite of Fighting

Shilpa: ya rite. So stupid of me

Armaan: I know.

Shilpa: Wat?

Armaan: Nothing! By the way any news from Maan. Did he meet Geet yet.

Shilpa: I don’t think so. Because I talked to Di just few minutes back nd everuything seems to be normal. I havent told her yet that jiju is in Amritsar.

Armaan: good Finally u use ur Brain.

Shilpa: Armaan….

Armaan: sorry Baba! Nw only god knows wats running in Maan’s Mind.

Shilpa said nothing but tries to guess wat will happen next.


It was 11 am in d morning wen Geet reached To Golden Temple. She went inside placing her Dupatta on her head. She was really feeling better inside d Temple. She closed her eyes in prayer but suddenly opens her eyes as she felt a something strange in air. She felt his presence around her like he was standing somewhere close to her. She looked around her restlessly but found no one over dere. She closed her eyes in Irritation.


Geet(to Herself): Babaji! Wats happening to me today? Y m I feeling that Maan is somewhere around me. I myself left him nd came over here den y m I missing him so much today? Y I m having d feeling that I m going to meet him today. Y?


As she was praying Maan crossed from her behind (Somewhat like shown in d episode). Geet quickly turned back as she felt maan behind her but again found no one. She tried to shrug off all her thoughts nd goes outside d Temple. She started her Scooty nd started Driving towards her College.


It was 6:00 PM wen d function gets over. Geet was feeling better with her Friends as she was meeting everyone of dem after 4 months. She really had a good tym over dere nd forgots all her feelings that she was having since morning.

Krati: Hey Guys! Lets go to our Fav. Coffee Shop. Afterall we all r meeting after such a long tym.

Geet: No Krati. I m really tired. I need to go home.

Preeti: C’mon Geet don’t be a spoil sport. Phir kahan sabka saath hota hai.

Her other two friends Gunjan nd Deepali too insisted her to stay so she couldn’t refuse dem. They all headed towards d Coffee Shop. It was d same Coffee Shop where she has gone to met Maan. Their First unofficial Date. As soon as she entered inside she had d memories of the tym they spend in d Coffee Shop together in her mind. All of dem has taken their seats nd ordered for d Coffee.

Krati: So Geet tell me Hws ur Life in Mumbai.

Geet: Preety Cool

Deepali: Preety cool? I think u r working for Khurana’s?

Geet: ya So?

Deepali: So working with person like MSK is a gr8 achievement nd u says just Preety Cool. Yaar it should be Rocking.

Geet: its not like dat Deeps working with him is not easy.

Gunjan: Ya I heard that he always stay away from girls. I wonder hw will he get married.

Preeti: Dnt worry he’ll?

Krati: y did he Propose u?

Preeti: No, actually section 377 has been legalized nw. u know wat I mean (she winks)

Everyone laughs except Geet. Hw can she see anyone making fun of him.

Geet: Shut up Guys! Is tarah kisi ka Mazaak nahi banana chahiye.

Deepali: oho! Kisi ko bura lag raha hai. wats wrong? Is there something between u two?

Geet: its not like dat Deeps. Afterall he’s my boss. Hw can I listen anything against him.

Gunjan: Geet, if I remember u use to make fun of our Maths Teacher also. Afterall he was also our teacher.

Geet: ya that was different thing.

Krati: try to understand Gunjan. He was not as Handsome as MSK. Rite Geet?

Geet: Guys Enough! Dnt u have any other topic den MSK? (she said irritated)

Preeti: Relax Geet! We all r kidding. Wats wrong wid u? really u have changed a lot after going to Mumbai. MSK effect.

Geet looks at her angrily so Preeti decided to be quiet nw. they changed d Topic nd started discussing about their jobs nd bosses nd their respective lives.




It was 7:30 PM wen Geet finally came to her Home. She was feeling so Fresh after chit-chat wid her friends. After such a long tym they all were together so its really feel great to her. She was smiling at their talks especially at the Preeti’s Words “Sec 377”. She wondered wat will happen if Maan would hear it. He would definitely kill Preeti for dis. Poor Guys didn’t know that MSK has actually fallen for someone who is a girl.


Geet(to herself): Geet wats wrong? again u r thinking about him? Remember u r angry with him. Dnt smile too much.


She said nd started pressing d Doorbell. She pressed it two-three tymes but Door didn’t opened. She wondered wats taking her Mom so long in opening d Door. She never do that. Is She allrite? She thought nd again pressed d Bell. This tym Door was opened. She had a sigh of relief.


“Kitni Der Laga Di. Pata hai hum log Kabse wait kar rahe hai” a voice came as soon as d door was opened.

Geet(while Coming inside): Haan, wo traffic mein”’..

Den suddenly she stops. She realize d voice is familiar. Hw can she forget this Voice. She turned back quickly nd Found Maan standing in front of her smiling while crossing his Arms acrossed his chest.


Geet couldn’t believe in her eyes. was she Dreaming again or Maan is actually over dere. May be she’s again hallucinating. Hw can he be over here? She was lost in dese thoughts wen she again hear his Voice


Maan: Wat Happen? U have been so Shocked like u saw any Ghost in front of u Ms. Amritsar Express.


Nw this was enough to make her sure that she was not dreaming. Maan is actually over dere.


Geet(Shocked): Tum?!!!! Yahan?

Maan: Tum jahan Main Wahan.


He said with a mischievios smile which irritates Geet. She was not knowing wat to do nd even able to understand y is he over here?


Geet(To herself): Babaji! Nw wat is he doing over here? Did he told everything to Mom? What should I do now?


Geet still couldn’t believe in her eyes. Maan is actually over dere. She was feeling Happy wen she first saw him afterall she was seeing him after 1 week nd she only knows hw hard dis 1 week for her nd today he’s here in front of her. Just den she heard her Mother’s Voice.

Malini: Geet, Bachha u came?

Geet: ya Mom, but Maan (she said while pointing towards him)

Malini: oh Maan! He came just 2 hrs before only.

Geet: 2 hrs Before?

Maan: yes Sweetheart (he said while coming closer to her nd puts his Arm around her shoulders) Afterall I was missing u so much so I thought of giving u a Surprise. Hope u like it

Geet(with a fake smile): ya Ofcourse (she was hell irritated wen Maan calls her sweetheart but somewhere was happy also)

Malini: awww u both make such a good couple. Geet u must be tired na. I’ll go nd make a Coffee for u.

Maan: Mom y r u bothering so much.

“mom” an amuzed expression came on Geet’s face

Maan: I mean, I’ll make coffee for my Sweetheart. May I?

Geet(with irritation): No thanx (den changed her tone) I mean Maan tum thak gaye hoge. Mom coffee bana dengi.

Maan: Not at all sweetheart hw can I get tired for u.

Malini: Geet, Maan itna keh raha hai to bana lene do coffee. Maan u make me remind of Geet’s Dad. He was also like u.

Geet: Mom pls Nw don’t get emotional.

Maan: Wats d Problem in getting emotional Geet. Well leave it I’ll go nd make coffee for u nd for Mom also.

Geet: But………

Maan: I know Mom doesn’t like black Coffee nd she takes 2 cubes of sugar in it.

Malini: that was really so sweet of u Maan.

Maan: anytime Mom.

By saying dis he left for Kitchen

Malini: u knw wat Geet? I was so worried till morning about both of u but nw Seeing of u like dis I m relieved. U both really love each other so much.

Geet smiled faintly to this.

Malini: Acha u go nd help Maan in d kitchen he may need u. I m going to ur Nanimaa’s Room.

Geet: But Mom…………

Malini didn’t listened nd goes to another Room. geet has no choice but to go to the Kitchen nd she found it rite also as she can easily talk to Maan over dere nd ask him about all dis. she too headed towards d Kitchen


At the kitchen Maan was making Coffee for her. he knews that Geet must be very much irritated at his dis kind of Behaviour but he didn’t care for it nw as he knows that Geet’s anger will not last for long because she too has missed him badly like he did. Suddenly Geet came to the Kitchen furiously. She looked at Maan who was quietly making d Coffee. His behaviour was so cool like nothing has happened.

Geet(irritated): Tum yahan kya kar rahe ho?

Maan: Geet, I know that u have missed me so much but dis much dat I dnt know

Geet: Means?

Maan: I mean tumne mujhe itna miss kiya that u had lost ur sense of hearing nd Seeing. I mean I told outside that I m going to make Coffee nd wat else do u expect me while standing at the kitchen. I’ll not do swimming over here

Geet: Very Funny Maan but unfortunately it didn’t make me laugh.

Maan: I can see dat.

Geet: I mean to say tum mere ghar me kya kar rahe ho?

Maan: Y? cant a son-in-law come to meet his Mother-in-law?

Geet: Son-in-law?

Maan: Ya. See wen we’ll get Married then I’ll become her son-in-law only na.

Geet: o really! R we? Because our engagement was fake na as u put it dat day. To fir kyun kar rahe ho yeh nautanki

Maan stopped for a while but den decided to handle it in a cool manner.

Maan: Geet, main Nautanki kaise kar sakta hai wo department to tumhara hai na. sweetheart (he winks)

Geet: Wat? Sweetheart? Nw wats dis? y r u calling me sweetheart? U have called in front of mom also

Maan: y? u didn’t like it wen I called u Sweetheart

He said while looking into her eyes which makes Geet lost into his eyes once again. Ofcourse she likes it wen he called her sweetheart but den she regains herself nd looked at the other side.

Geet: Maan Pls. its no use of talking like dis nw. I really dnt care. Nt after wat u said……….

She was about to say further wen she heard a scream from Maan.

Maan: Aaaahhhh!!!!

Geet: Maan Wat happen?

She noticed dat Maan is shaking both of her hands in air as He has got burnt by the utensil he used for making Coffee as he tried to hold it with his hand instead of holding it with some cloth.

Geet: Maan kya hua? Dikhao mujhe

Maan: Geet Relax! Nothing as Happened.

Geet: O ya? I can see dat (she said while holding his hands)

Maan: Geet. Trust me I m fine

Geet: Will u just Shut up nw. let me do my work.

She quickly take out an Ice cube from the Fridge nd started rubbing it in his Hand where he has got burnt to avoid any Bristle. Maan looked at her face, he saw the restlessness in her eyes. the way she was rubbing ice on his Hand has showed hw much she loved him. Her eyes has reflected her love for him.


“And she says dat she didn’t care about me” He thought in his mind

Geet: Just wait I’ll bring d ointment. Dnt u dare to move from here. (she warned like Maan was a kid)

She quickly get the ointment nd comes back to Maan. She took his hand nd started applying the ointment on it. Maan closes his eyes as d ointment was causing a burning sensation over his hand. Geet noticed Maan’s pain so she started blowing softly over dere so that he couldn’t feel day burning sensation. Maan opens his eyes nd saw Geet’s concern. It seems that she’ll cry at any moment. His wounds were paining her more den it pains him. He smiled at her care

Geet: Akal naam ki cheez hai ki nahi tumhare ander. Waise to har kaam soch samajh k karte ho, to itni akal nahi aayi ki garam bartan ko aise hath se nahi uthana chahiye. Ab jal gaye na. Maan,Hw can u be so immature?

She said nd lifts up her head to look at him nd saw him smiling

Geet: Nw wats so funny in dat which makes u smile. Do u think that I m a cracking a Joke over here?  Do U have any idea hw much it ached me wen I see u in pain. I……….

Den she stopped realizing wat did he said

Maan: Ruk kyun gayi Geet?Bolo na

Geet: Main dawa rakh ke aati hoon

She was about to leave wen Maan grabbed her wrist nd pulled her close to him. His one hand was on her waist while other hand is holding her hand. Geet tries to free herself from him but failed. She looked into his Deep, intense eyes full of love nd Passion. She can feel his warm breath on her face. Their lips were just mere inches apart. Geet found herself melting in him.

Maan(Slowly): Bolo Geet? Y it ached u wen I m in pain wen u say u dnt care for anything? Den y ur eyes were in tears wen u were applying ointment at my wounds? Bolo Geet kyun?

Geet slowly frees herself from him nd turned her back to him nd closes her eyes. she don’t know how to answer Maan. She has d answer of all his questions but something in her is stoping her.

Geet: chale jao yahan se Maan. U’ll get nothing from here. Pls go.

Maan was stunned to listen dis but he decided not to give up. He turned her towards him

Maan: Chala jaoo? Kyun? Because I have hurted u that day or because u cant control urself in my presence?

Geet: wat?

Maan: Yes Geet admit it, admit it that u loose ur self control wen I m around u. thatsy u ran away from me na.

Geet: that’s not true nothing happened to me wen u r around me.

Both of dem knows that wat Geet has just said was not true but still geet said dat she don’t know y? Even Maan couldn’t understand y Geet has said dat wen he knows that She loves him too but den he thinks wat Armaan has said to him that she has been hurted by the person to whom she loved d Most so deciced to handle the matter calmly

Maan: oh really? Den y did u run away dat day wen I confessed my feelings for u. u straight away came to Amritsar. Didn’t even care for telling me. Just left a letter nd came over here. Do u have any idea hw much it hurts to me?

Geet: Do u have any idea hw much would it hurt to me wen u did all dat. Wen u said dat everything was fake. Maan the moment u said dat, everything was finished then nd there only.

Maan held her by her shoulders nd pulled her closer to her

Maan: I admit I have done a mistake nd I regret it, I should not have said dat. I know I have hurted u but do u realize hw much u r hurting me nw by staying away from me, by running away from me like dis?

Geet was standing speechless she knows that she’s hurting Maan. Maan left her shoulders nd looked at her

Maan: Geet it didn’t took u 24 secs. To leave me but one thing I promise u nw nd here dat u’ll be going wid me to Mumbai within next 24 Hrs.

Geet who was standing speechless has came into senses wen she heard Maan

Geet: Wat did u just said?

Maan(smiling proudly): Yes u heard me rite. 24 Hrs. just within 24 Hrs. u’ll be going to Mumbai wid me

Geet: oh really? Aur tumhe lagta hai ki main tumhari baat manoongi?

Maan: ofcourse Manoongi

Geet: Nice Dream Maan. But unfortunately dis will never come true. Because main kahin bhi nahi jaoongi.

Maan: Tum zaroor chalogi Geet. It’s a challenge. MSK’s Challenge

Geet: den listen Mr. Maan singh Khurana u r going to lose dis challenge because Geet Malhotra never loses any challenge.

Maan: Wo to waqt batayega Geet. Dekhte hai kisme  zyada dum hai. tumhari naraazgi me ya mere pyaar mein?

Geet: We’ll see.

By saying dis she left the kitchen leaving Maan behind Smiling.


Maan(to himself): Kitni bhi koshish kar lo Geet but is Baar yeh Dilwala aoni dulhaniya lekar hi yaha se jayega. Wow! I m speaking like any romantic hero. Good going Maan.(den he tooks out d ring from his Pocket) I promise u Geet I’ll make u wear dis Ring once again. Dats a promise



In Sanjeevani Armaan was at locker Room nd Shilpa came running to him nd hugged him tight. She was so Happy that she didn’t realize wat she is doing. Armaan felt amuzed at her dis kind of Behaviour but den hugged her back.

Shilpa(still hugging him): omg Armaan I m so happy today?

Armaan: I can see dat. But wats make u so happy dat u r hugging me?

Shilpa realizes wat she has done she quickly backed out with embarrassment. Armaan cursed himself for saying dis.

Shilpa: Sorry Actually I was so happy that I didn’t realize.

Armaan: I can see dat. Wat Happen? Did India Won d Match?

Shilpa: uggggghhhh Armaan cant u guys anything other den Cricket?

Armaan: ok Baba Tell

Shilpa: Guess wat? I talked to jiju rite nw nd u wont believe where is he rite nw?

Armaan: where?

Shilpa: At my home. U knw wat jiju was telling dat Di as hell irritated with his behaviour nd he challenged her also that he’ll bring her back within 24 hrs.

Armaan: Really?

Shilpa: ya. I don’t know who’s going to win, because both of dem were equally stubborn.

Armaan: definitely Maan. U know Power of Love

Shilpa: ya I wish d same too. U know wat Armaan I learnt one thing from all dis

Armaan: Wat?

Shilpa: dat we its not necessary who confess first all is necessary we confess it before things go wrong. We should not wait for telling our feelings.

Armaan: ya rite.

Shilpa(to herself): Dhakkan! Itni hint di fir bhi nahi bola aur kal jiju ko blame kar raha tha. Stupid

Armaan(to himself): I know wat u r trying to say nd I’ll confess it as soon as Maan’s problem is solved.

Shilpa: u said something

Armaan: no. u said something

Shilpa: Ofcourse not. Acha I need to go. Bye

Armaan: Wait I’ll drop u.

Shilpa: ok.

Suddenly Armaan’s cell phone rang so he asked Shilpa to wait for him in d parking. Shilpa nodded nd left from dere

Armaan: Hello……….. oh its u. wats up?…………… u r coming? Wen….. but suddenly………. ok will come to Pick u from Airport……………. But y?………….. o ya i forgot u r big Enough to manage urself……… will wait for u. bye

Armaan(to himself): nothing special going to happen these days then y such a sudden Visit. Well will come to know Soon.


Back to Amritsar, it was 9 PM nd every1 was at dining table for Dinner. Malini has specially made Italian for Maan. Maan was happy to see dat.

Maan: Wow Mom hw did u know that I love Italian.

Malini: Geet has told me.

Maan: ok.

Geet too comes to dining table nd was going to herself seated at d chair in front of Maan wen Malini stops her.

Malini: Arey Geet wahan nahi, Maan ke sath baitho.

Geet: Wat? But mom

Malini: C’mon Geet u were shying like u r meeting him first tym.

Maan was smiling slowly. He was not knowing that God will also help him like dis. Geet leaves d chair nd sits beside him

Maan(Whispers): Dekha Sachha Pyar ho to bhagwaan bhi sath dete hai

Geet gives him an angry look but she didn’t want to create any scene over here so she remained quiet. She served her plate nd going to have it wen she realized that someone has caught her Right hand. She looked at Maan who was behaving like nothing had Happened nd having his Dinner calmly while talking to Geet’s Nanimaa. She tries to frees her hand but Maan’s Grip was so strong that she couldn’t do that. Finally she have to gave up nd started having her Dinner with her left hand. Geet is a Right hander so its being difficult for her to have food with her left hand but she’s managing somehow. Suddenly Malini noticed that Maan is having his food with his Right hand.

Malini: Maan Beta, y r u using ur rught hand? I mean I heard that u r Left hander

Maan: U heard rite Mom. Actually I got burnt at my left hand in d kitchen so couldn’t able to use dat hand.

Malini: oh! Y didn’t u tell me before. I should apply some ointment on it.

Maan: Dnt worry mom Geet has already Applied it. Rite Sweetheart?

Geet(smiled faintly): ya Rite.

Malini: den its ok. But Geet y r u using ur left hand? U always use to use ur right hand

Geet has got almost choked with her Food wen her Mom say dis.

Maan: ya Geet. Y r u using ur Right hand?

Geet gives Maan a “I’ll tell u later” Look but rite nw she’s thinking hw to answer her Mom. Her hand is still in Maan’s hand who made his grip more strong.

Geet: Wo….. Mom….. actually….. I also got hurt while cutting vegetables in the kitchen today.

Maan: Really? Wen? I was with u all the tym. Mere saamne to tumhe chot nahi lagi

Geet(irritated): I got hurt in d morning. U were not with me in d morning.

Maan: oh! Sweetheart dhyan rakha karo apna.

Malini: Maan is rite beta. U should take care of urself.

Geet: yes mom

Den she looked at Maan who raises his eyebrows with a mischivious smile Gesturing hows dat. Geet said nothing but somewhere she was liking it that Maan is holding her hand.


It was 10:30 PM nd Geet is going to her for Sleeping as it has been a tiring day for her moreover she wanted to sleep as soon as possible before she has to face Maan again. Only she knews hw hard is it for her Sitting next to him at the Dining table. As soon as she entered her Room she saw Maan sitting at her Bed. She was shocked to see him over dere.

Geet: Wat r u doing over here?

Maan: Generally people sleeps in the bedroom so I m also doing dat.

Geet: I know it Maan but I’ll sleep over here.

Maan: Geet (he said nd came to her) Dheere bolo Koi sunega to kya sochega?

Geet: Matlab?

Maan(naughtily): Matlab mujhe tumhare saath Room share karne me koi problem nahi hai but shaadi se Pehle is tarah se humara ek room me rehna Acha nahi lagega. hai na?Wink

Geet: Shut up Maan.(little embarrased) I didn’t mean that. Moreover dis is my Room nd I’ll sleep over here.

Maan: wen did I denied dat. But today I’ll sleep over here. So u go outside.

Geet:Excuse me!  Maan, this was my Room since childhood to is Room se Main nahi tum bahar jaoge.

Maan: Very Good. Jab tum mere outhouse me rehne aayi thi to kya maine tumhe bahar nikala tha? Nahin na. to tum mujhe room se kaise bahar nikal sakti ho.

Geet: outhouse me rehne ke liye mujhe Dadimaa ne permission do hai.

Maan: Aur Yahan rehne ke liye mujhe Mom ne permission di hai.

Geet: Wat Mom ne?

Maan: yep!!

Geet(shouts): Mom!! Mom!!

Malini came inside d room running wen she heard Geet calling her.

Malini: Wat happen Geet? Y r u shouting like dis?

Geet: mom did u asked Maan to stay at dis room

Malini: ya. Y?

Geet: but mom u know I don’t share my Room with anyone except Shilpa.

Malini: Who r saying u to share ur Room with him. U can shift to my Room for tonight.

Geet: No thanx. U stay awake late at nite with lights on nd I couldn’t able to sleep. Ask Maan to shift at Guest Room

Malini: Hw can he shift to Guest Room. nanimaa is over dere.

Geet: oh ya. I forgot.

Malini: Geet, come to my Room Bachha.

Maan: Geet if u want u can stay at dis room with me. I hope Mom wont mind as she trust me.

Geet: no thanx. I m going to living room

Malini: But Geet hw will u sleep at Couch. U’ll not feel comfortable.

Geet: I’ll manage.

Malini: ok as u wish.

She left from dere. Geet looks at Maan who had a victorious smile on his face. She takes her pillow goes to living Room


Maan (to himself): Pagal!!! Gusse mein aur bhi achi lagti hai.



Geet cames to living Room murmuring to herself

Geet(To herself): ye acha hai! mujhe mere hi Room se bahar nikal diya. Dusht daanav. Koi nahi Geet. Bas kuch ghante ki baat hai den he’ll go back to Mumbai (Den she reminds Kitchen Incident) M I really hurting him? Yes I m. he has came from Mumbai To Amritsar just because of me nd I havent talked to him properly till nw. main bhi to wahi kar rahi hoon jo usne kiya tha. Poori baat sune bagair react kar rahi hoon. I should talk to him. I’ll talk to him in d morning nd will try make him understand to leave dis Challenge of his. Ya.


She said nd laid on d Sofa nd within few mins she was asleep


2 Hrs has been passed. Maan slowly came out from d Room nd goes towards d Couch. A smile of Fulfillment came across his Face wen he looked at her. She is cuddling herself like a Ball as she was feeling cold. She was so upset at that tym that she havent taken her Blanket. He walked up to her nd sat at the corner. He could see her Face due to Moonlight coming in d Room. She was looking so innocent just like a small child. Who can say that its d same Geet who was fighting wid him few Hrs Back. Maan slowly tucked her loose strands behind her ears that was coming to her face. Nd caress her cheeks. His lips curved in a smile wen he saw her sleeping so peacefully.


Maan: I know Geet u r very much angry on me but I also know dat u love me from d Core of ur heart. It has been shown even in ur anger also. That’s y u didn’t protest much wen I hold ur hand at the dining table, u didn’t argued much for d Room, the way u r taking care of my Wounds. I know Behind dis Anger of urs there is immense love for me nd u have to admit it.


Saying dis he gets up nd leaned on her. den he slide his one hand around her waist nd one around her knees nd scooped her up in his arms nd started heading towards her Room without taking his eyes away from her once. He didn’t even blink for a once as he didn’t want to miss to watch her beautiful face even a sec. as soon as he reached to her room, he kept her on her nd cover her with her blanket. For a few Mins. He checked her beautiful face nd den leaves d room nd goes to the couch taking his pillow nd blanket.


Before he goes to sleep he reminds of something. He quickly opens his Laptop nd sign in to MSN nd found someone Online waiting for him.

Maan: Hi

Other side: Hi. Wat took u so long?

Maan: nthing much

Other side: I knw dnt hide it now.

Maan: Anyways wen r u coming? I had tried my best till nw but from here I need ur Help.

Other side: Dnt worry Dude. I’ll be there soon to help u.

Maan: thanx yaar

Other Side: Dnt be so Formal dude. Nw go to sleep because m also feeling tired nw.

Maan: ok Good nite.

Other side: Gud nite and see u soon.


Maan had a smile of satisfaction on his face nw. he knews that Thing will be under control soon.He signs off from MSN, closes his Laptop nd goes to sleep with a thought that Tomorrow Geet has to come with him.


Next Morning it was 8:00 AM wen Geet woke up. She rubbed her eues to get out from her Dream World, then she noticed that she was not at Couch infact she is on her Bed. She looked around d Whole Room. yes it was her Room


Geet(To Herself): Main yahaan kaise aayi? Main to Couch pe soyi thi to fir? Kahin mujhe Neend me chalne ki Bimaari to nahi ho gayi? Shut up Geet wat r u thinking? But then hw I came over here?


She closed her eyes to remember wat has happened then opens her eyes because she realized who brought her over here. None other den Maan. Only he’s d one who can think so much about her. no matter hw he irritated her last day but the fact is dat he loves her thatsy he cant see her in any kind of Difficulty ns she loves him too thatsy last nite she didn’t argue much for room. though she has shown lots of anger to him but only she knews that it was all fake. She smiled wen she thinks hw Maan has brought her over here


Geet (to herself): He cares so much about me nd I was so rude to him yesterday. Dnt worry Geet just talk to him today. I’ll ask him to leave for Mumbai but I wont go so soon I’ll come later hope dat’ll conveince him. But where is he? Did he already left? No she has to check out.


She quickly gets up from her Bed nd moved outside d Room. She saw that there was no one in d Couch, she looked at the Kitchen nd saw her Mom alone over dere, her Nanimaa is still sleeping in her Room. She quickly goes to the Balcony thought that May be Maan would be there but found no one over dere also. She wondered where he could be. Did he left without even telling her? Her face was started frowning with the Thought that Maan has left from dere. As soon as she was about to turn she bumped into someone which makes her lose her balance. She was about to Fall wen someone catches her through Waist. Geet’s eyes were shut in fear dat she was about to fall in ground soon she realizes d grip of strong hand around her waist. She knows of whom dat Grip is. It was none other den Maan. She slowly opens her eyes to look at him nd she was right. She was safe in Maan’s Arms. There was an eyelock moment between both of dem for few minutes, den slowly Maan raise her up nd geet settles herself. They looked each other for some moments den Maan decides to break d Silence.

Maan: Y u r always in a hurry? Mana ki I use to call u Amritsar Express but that doesn’t mean that u behave like dat only.

Geet: Actually I was worried. I thought u left without telling me so I was searching for u nd……

Den she stops wen she saw Maan Looking at her with smile.

Maan: So u thought that I had left huh?

Geet: No, I mean yes……

Maan: Geet relax! I completely understand wat u want to say. Ur eyes has told me everything. Actually I had gone for a Jog.

Geet: Oh I thought that u left

Maan: Geet, u know MSK he never backs out from any Challenge

Geet: Challenge?

Maan: ya challenge. Remember last evening at kitchen?

Geet: O ya I need to talk about that only. i……..

Maan: So u agree to come wid me

Geet: Maan pls let me complete.

Maan: ok go on

Geet: Maan I cant come wid u. pls Try to understand its not easy for me not after all happened dat day. Pls dnt make dis Stupid Challenges. Its of no use. Just forget about all dis nd go to Mumbai. Dadimaa is alone over dere nd u know that she use to have Palputations Problems still u r behaving like a Kid. Pls Maan.

Maan Listened to her quietly. He loves dat Geet cares for everyone so much

Maan: If u really Care for Dadimaa So much den y r u not coming with me. Ok I’ll go without u but tell me wat Answer I’ll Give to Dadi wen she’ll ask me about u. u think that she’ll be in good health after knowing about the truth.

Geet: Maan, dnt try to blackmail me emotionally. U know very well hw much I love her. but pls Maan u r clever enough to give her any excuse

Maan: I wont give her any excuse Geet because u r coming with me.

Geet: that’s not Possible Maan

Maan: don’t decide too early Geet because 24 Hrs. r not over yet. There’s still 11 Hrs. left. Nd life can change in a minute then 11 hrs r enough to change ur Decision.

Geet: But Maan……

Maan: See u at Dining table for Breakfast

Saying dis he left from dere leaving Geet Puzzled. She knows that it was not easy to win from him but she’ll also wont give up.


Geet(To herself): Fine Mr. Maan Singh Khurana. I have came here to make u understand Politely but I guess it will not work as u consider it to be war. Ok 11 Hrs. r left na. let see Who’ll win.

Saying dis she also left from dere.


It was 10 AM in d morning nd everyone has almost finished their Breakfast. Wen dey heard d Door Bell. Malini was going to open d Door wen Geet stops her.

Geet: Mom u finish ur Breakfast. I’ll go nd check.

Malini: ok


Geet goes to the Main Door nd as soon as she opens it she saw A girl standing facing her back towards her.

Geet: Excuse Me!!!

As soon as d Girl hears d Voice she quickly turns back cheerfully to face Geet. She was in her early Twenties nd wearing Blue Halter Top dress dat came acroo just above her knees.

Girl: Hi! Umm Let me Guess. Geet Rite?

Geet: Ya. But u…..

Before she completes d Girl hugs her tightly

Girl(excitly): Hi!!! Finally I met u. it was so good to meet u.

Geet hugged her in amuzed away den parted herself

Geet: umm Excuse me dnt mind but Have we met before?

Girl: Oh! So stupid of me I havent introduced myself to u. Hi I m Savera. Savera Malik


[Enter Savera Malik. A young, Cheerful nd lively girl from London. Twin sister of Armaan who is just 5 mins. younger from him nd Maan’s Good Friend. fond to be called as Savy A fashion Designer by Profession nd having a Good Bonding with his Bro. Will act as a Cupid for our Maaneet]

Geet(confused): Savera Malik.

Savera: Hey, tum Savy ko nahi jaanti. Kaise janogi I havent able to come for ur engagement. U know Armaan Maan’s Friend?

Geet: ya

Savera: I m his Sister. Just 5 mins. Younger from him.

Geet: oh ok.

Savera: Will u mind if I come inside?

Geet: oh ya Sorry. Ya sure pls come.

Savera: thanx.


Wen it took Geet so long to come den Maan decided to go to check himself. As soon as he goes to living Room Area he saw Savera over dere. He felt Both Happy nd Excited to look her over dere.

Maan: Savera!!!!

Savera(excited): Maan!!!!

As soon as Savera saw Maan he ran towards him nd hugged him tight. Geet saw dis nd her Face become to frown. Before dis she has not Seen any other girl being so close To Maan except her. Maan noticed d change in Geet’s Expression so he Hugged her back nd it has been a warm hug. Geet didn’t feel good wen she saw Maan hugged her so tightly. Finally Maan Broke d Hug nd looked at Savera.

Maan: Hey! Savy, it was so good to see u. but wen did u came back from London

Savera: yesterday only nd after Landing to Mumbai I had gone straight away to ur Home to meet u, pata chala ki tum to yaha Amritsar me ho. Fir kyat ha Savy ne apna Bag uthaya nd straight away came to Amritsar. I hope I havent done anything wrong. Did I Geet?

Geet(came into senses): Umm no Ofcourse not. Its good to see u.

In the Meanwhile Geet’s Mother too came in d Room.

Maan: Mom, she’s Savera Armaan’s Sis.

Savera: Hello Aunty.

Malini: Hello Beta! Hw r u?

Savera: I m fine Aunty. Hws u?

Malini: I m fine too. (den turned to Geet) Geet y dnt u arrange breakfast for her. She must be both tired nd Hungry.

Geet: Sure Mom.

By saying dis She leaves for Kitchen.

Malini: Savera Beta I would love to talk to u but I need to go to Office rite nw but I’ll be back today soon.

Savera: No problem Aunty. Carry on. Bye

Malini: Bye!

After Malini has left Both Saver and Maan sat on the Couch nd started Talking.

Maan: Thanx Savy for coming here that too in such a short notice.

Savera: dnt say thanx Maan I m ur Friend afterall. Moreover I was curious to know too that who’s dat Girl who had made MSK’s night restless.

Maan blushes

Savera: omg did I saw MSK blushing. Bro. was rite u have really changed a lot

Maan: Pls Savy change the topic.

Savera: ok Fine nw tell me everything from start.

Maan told her everything hw they met, their engagement, hw he falls for her, hw he got misunderstanding due to which Geet yells at him nd came over here.

Maan: So now u understand wats d Problem is. thats y i asked u last nite for ur help

Savera: Dude its really a big problem

Maan: Wen did I denied from it? Datsy I need ur help

Savera: Maan tumhari help ke liye hi to Savy London se yaha tak aayi hai aur ab Waapas tabhi jayegi jab tumhari Love story ko track pe le aayegi. Waise u know u r a big Idiot?

Maan: y?

Savera: Aur Kya? Achi khaasi love story chal rahi thi tumhari. Ab tak tumhari Love story ki train ka Destination Platform bhi aa gaya hota but thanx to u Tumne Vridant naam ka ye jo Back gear lagaya hai isse tumhari Train waapas usi Platform pe chali gyi jahan se Shuru hui thi ya Shayad usse bhi pehle.

Maan: Ab galti ho gyi na

Savera: Dats at I wanna say ki tumse Galti kaise ho gyi? I mean After Aamir Khan if Mr. Perfectionist title suits to anyone den its MSK. Den hw can he do any mistake?

Maan: Savy, I m not a god ok

Savera: Dnt get Irritate Maan. Actually dis is d Problem of u guys. U Guys never understand wat a Girl Feels in her heart nd dats d main cause of complication.(she said seriously)

Maan: Hey, wat makes Savera Malik so serious nd by the way u were saying like u have confessed for ur Luv to ur Mr. Rite many times.

Savera: No, I havent nd waise bhi agar Savy ka koi Mr. Rite hota to savy is waqt tumhari problem nahi solve kar rahi hoti but I m D younger Sis of the Gr8 Love Guru Remember.

Maan: ya hw can I forget that. Anyways nw tell me wat I do nw. only 9 hrs r left.

Savera: Hhmmm. Acha tell me Did Geet saw u with any other girl before dis

Maan: No. y

Savera: ok Den I have a plan. Its quiet ols but always works But before dat there is something that I want to tell u before only.

Maan: wats dat

Savera: See may be in this Period Geet will feel hurted because u r going to ignore her, may be that bothers u too but u have to do this. U have to be strong

Maan: But is it necessary? I mean I already hurted her a lot

Savera: Yes Maan it is necessary. See Geet has not seen u with any other girl before dis so she thinks that she’s d only girl in ur Life in other Words she’s taking u For granted. So wat would be her reaction if she sees ur interest in someone else?

Maan: Hhhmmm Sounds interesting. But r u sure it’ll work

Savera: Ofcourse it will afterall Savy the Great ka plan hai.

Maan: But Savy……

Savera: Trust me Maan. Nothing will go wrong.

Maan: ok lets see.


While dey were chatting in d living Room Geet was in kitchen. She is really not having a Good Feeling wen she saw Savera with Maan. She has never saw Any girl so close to Maan. Nd to her surprise Maan too responded for her hug dat too a warm one. An unknown Fear has started to overcome in her mind. Fear of losing Maan. Then she shrugged off all her thoughts.


Geet(To Herself): Wat d hell wrong with u Geet. She’s just a friend of Maan. That’s it. Moreoevr she is Armaan’s Sis who is d Best Friend of Maan as well as ur Friend too den hw can u think like that about his Sis. But the way they were hugging…. so wat dey were friends nd meeting after long tym. Wats d big Deal. But wat if Maan shows his interest towards her. Afterall I m being so rude to him. Shut up Geet!!!!! Wat r u thinking. Just chill ok.



In d Living Room:

Savera: Relax Maan! I told na everything will be fine nd Geet will go with u Mumbai today

Maan: U know wat Savy. I don’t know what should I have been done if u were not there. Thanx

By saying dis he again hugs her. As soon as he hugs her Geet came out from d kitchen nd saw dem Hugging. She acted like she was about to faint. Den she controls herself.

Geet: ummmm sorry to disturb u guys. But savy y don’t u get fresh

Both Savy nd Maan broke d Hug nd looked at each other with a smile

Savy: ya Sure. Shona I’ll be rite back.

Maan(smiles): ya sure

Geet opened her jaw as soon as she heard word shona from Savera’s Mouth. Her innerself was burning wid anger. But she decided to control it rite nw. Geet showed Savy the way for her room nd as soon as she lefts from dere she turned to Maan.

Geet(angrily): Wat was dat?

Maan: Wat?

Geet: Dnt act like u dnt understand anything

Maan: Geet, I really didn’t understand wat r u saying?

Geet: y is she calling u Shona?

Maan: Well, she love to call me Shona

Geet: dats wat I wanna ask, y?

Maan: well she’s my friend nd a friend can call by any name

Geet: oh really. As far as I know u said u never had any Friendship with a Girl.

Maan: Wen did I said dat? I said dat I stay away from girls. But Savy is Diferent u know. But Wait a Sec. y r u getting so restless if she’s calling me shona? R u jealous?

Geet(muffled): Who me? Ofcourse not. Y should I care if she calls u shona?

Maan: But ur tone is saying something else

Geet: whatever I just wanted to tell u that only 8 Hrs. r left nw so better go nd pack ur Bag instead of talking wid ur Savy

Saying dis she left from dere angrily. Maan looks at Savera who was hiding behind d door listening to them smiling. She shows him Thumbs Up to which Maan responded with a smile.



It was 1:30 PM nd everyone is going to have lunch. Geet’s mom has taken half day off because of Savy. She really liked her because of her sweetness. Geet was going to Sit wid Maan wen suddenly Savy takes her seat nd sits over dere.

Savy: sorry, its reserved for nw. I hope u dnt mind

Before Geet could say anything her mom Intervenes

Malini: ofcourse not Beta. Y would she mind? Afterall u both met after so many years. Geet, u come nd sit with me.

For the First tym Geet is getting irritated on her Mom. Last nite she was d only who make her sit Beside maan nd today wen she really wanted to sit she asked Savera to sit beside him. But she controls herself nd sits beside her mom. She notices Maan nd Savy talking with each other like there was no one around. She was hardly able to have her lunch.

Malini: Geet, wat happen?

Geet: Nothing Mom

Malini: Den y r u not having ur Lunch?

Maan notices nd about to say something wen Savy stops him by holding his Hand. Maan looks at her nd she gestures from her eyes to be quiet.

Geet: Wo Mom’. I don’t feel like having.

Malini: y? r u feeling fine?

Geet: ya mom I m fine.

Malini: Den have ur lunch. Dnt skip it. Ok

Geet: k Mom

Malini(turning to Maan): So Maan, at wat tym u guys will leave for Mumbai

Maan: Mom, somewhere around 5 of d evening because Savy has some work at Mumbai so we both will leave by 5.

Malini: No, I mean to say U nd Geet

Maan: oh! Sorry Mom I thought u were talking about me nd Savy. Actually Mom Geet wants to stay with u for few more days so I wont force her she can stay over here as long as she want.

Geet(To himself): Ya nw y would he care that I’ll go with him or not? Savy jo aa gayi hai. Ab to usiki fikr hogi.

Maan: u said something.

Geet: uumm.. no. Excuse me I need to go.

Maan: But lunch?

Geet: I m done.

Saying dis she left for her Room. Maan looked at Savera who assured her to relax. Geet closed d Door nd sat on d Bed thinking about the closeness that she was seeing between Maan nd Savy.


Geet(To Herself): Wats wrong wid u Geet? Tu khud hi to chahti thi ki Maan yaha se chala jay end nw wen he’s going den y m I not feeling Fine. Because he’s going wid Savy nd not wid me M I getting Jealous of her. ofcourse not. Den y I m having dis strange Feeling. I don’t want to hate her she is too sweet but still I couldn’t able to Accept their Friendship. Babaji! Wat should I do nw?



Its about 4:50 nd Maan nd Savy were in d Living Room with their Luggages. Maan looked Worried as Geet has not yet came out from her Room. He fears that whether this trick of dem will work or not.

Savy: Wat Happen Maan? U look Worried

Maan: Savy, only 10 mins. R left for us to go nd Geet has still not came out.

Savy: Relax Maan! do not fear wen Savy is here. We still have 10 mins. She’ll definitely come.

Maan: hw can u be so sure?

Savy: Maan, I m girl if u remember nd I know the mentality of girls so just chill ok.

Maan: ok

Suddenly Malini cames in d living Room.

Malini: so u both r ready to go.

Maan: ya Mom.

Malini: ok its really feels great to spend tym wid u Maan. Nd Savera I couldn’t able to spend tym wid u properly. U should have stay with us for few days.

Savy: I m sorry Aunty but if d Work was not important den I would definitely stay wid u. but dnt worry I’ll visit u before I go back to London.

Malini: Anytime Beta.

Maan: Mom where’s Geet?

Malini: Beta she’s still at her Room. I guess she’s not feeling well nd sleeping. Should I call her?

Maan(hopelessly): No mom let her sleep. (den turned to savy) lets go Savy. Otherwise we’ll get late.

Savy: ok.

Savy hugged Malini nd both Maan nd Savy turned to leave. Maan closes his eyes to accept the fact that Geet is not coming wid him even Savy couldn’t believe that her Plan didn’t work dis tym. She don’t know how to console Maan.


Maan(To himself): I don’t believe dis Geet that Mygoing wid Savy doesn’t affect u but y do I still feel that u’ll come with me wen I know that every hope is over nw.

He  started moving towards outside wen stopped by Geet’s Voice

Geet: Wait!!

Geet’s Voice brings smile back on Maan’s Face. He quickly turned to look Back. He saw Geet standing over their with her Bag.

Geet: I’ll also Come wid u.

Maan: But u say u want to stay over here.

Geet: Ya…. But…… Pinki has called me to tell that Mr. Chopra is Arriving tomorrow nd he demands for meeting day after tomorrow so I felt necessary for me to present over dere.

Maan: oh! R u sure? (Maan knows dat Geet is lyieng because he talked to Mr. Chopra a few hrs. before nd he had no plan to coming back)

Geet: ya. Just wait I need to meet Nanimaa before I go.

Maan: sure

Geet left from dere. Maan looked at Savy who was smiling.

Maan: Hey! its Working.

Savy: I told u.

Both of dem smiles nd waits for Geet to come

Geet bid a good bye to her Nanimaa nd Mom nd came outside d House where Maan waiting for her outside d Car. She wondered where Savy has gone den she thought may be she already gets herself seated. Maan moves forward to taker her Luggage nd placed it at the back bonnet of car. As soon as Geet opened d door of Passenger Seat she saw Savy sitting over dere smiling at her. Initially Geet felt irritated as it was her place nd Hw could maan let her sit over dere. She looked at Maan who knows wat to do nw

Maan: wo….. Savy likes d front seat of car so I thought…..

Geet: its ok. I don’t mind (she said with a smile)

Maan(amuzed): Really?

Geet(smiles): Ya! I mean Savy has came after so many years nd she’s ur Good Friend afterall. Hai na Savy

Savy(amuzed too): Ya ofcourse.

She gets herself seated at d back seat. Both Maan nd Savy looked at each other. Both were confused at her sudden change of behaviour. Maan gets himself seated at d driver’s seat nd started Driving. He looked through d Mirror at Geet who was sitting Quietly watching outside d window.

During d Whole journey it was only Savy who was talking to both Maan nd Geet nd dey were giving their Answers. Till nw Maan has a misconception dat only Geet can talk so much but no Its d Habbit of every girl. He smiled at his thought. After 6 Hrs of Journey All of dem finally reached to Mumbai. Maan Drops savy at her Home.

Savy: Thanx Maan

Maan: Anytime Princess.

Savy: Awww So sweet of u. Bye Shona!

Maan: Bye Princess

Geet made an irritating face wen she heard their Convo.

Savy: Bye Geet.

Geet: Bye Savy (she said with a fake smile)

Maan couldn’t help himself Laughing but tries to control himself. After Savy left Maan notices dat Geet is still sitting at the Back.

Maan: Waise u can come at front.

Geet: its Ok, I m fine over here (she said while looking outside d Window)

Maan: No I dont have any problem if u sit over dere but agar tum aisi hi peeche baithi rahi to sabko lagega ki main tumhara Driver hoon. So if u pls come in front.

Geet(murmurs): Dusht Daanav Chain se baithne bhi nahi deta.

Maan: U said Something?

Geet: No.

Maan: so r u coming or should I send an invitation to u?

Geet gets out from d car nd gets herself seated at the passenger’s seat. Maan looked at her anger nd smiles nd started driving.

Maan: Waise Geet, Savy tumhe kaisi lagi?

Geet(to herself): Nw Y is he asking this from me? (den To Maan) She’s good

Maan(teases her): Good or Excellent?

Geet: Both.

Maan: Really?

Geet: Ya.

Maan realized that Geet is not in d mood of  talking so he decided to do something else.

Maan: ummm Geet

Geet: Nw wat?

Maan: Well I just want to ask that will u mind if I listen to some music?

Geet(To herself): MSK nd Music? Wats wrong with him?

Maan: wat r u thinking?

Geet: Nothing.

Maan: So will u mind If I…….

Geet: Its ur Car na?

Maan: ya

Geet: Den do whatever u want?

Maan: ok.

By saying dis he switched on d FM wishing that somewhere in some channel Kishore Kumar’s Songs would be playing so that Geet’s mood gets better but to his luck none of d channel is playing Kishore Kumar’s Song but luckily in one channel an old song is playing. He thought that may be she like it. He increases d Volume of d song. Nd d song was


Pyar hua, Ikrar Hua hai, Pyar se fir kyun darta hai dil. Kehta hai dil Rasta Mushkil maloom nahi hai Kahan Manzil.


As soon as Geet listens d Song she started feeling uncomfortable as dis Song was completely Suiting to their Present situations. Maan’s noticed Geet’s Restlessness but he didn’t interrupt nd continues listening to song because he was loving her restlessness. As d song is going on It was getting difficult for Geet to sit comfortably. She finally switches off  d Radio. Maan looked at her surprisingly

Geet: Wat?

Maan: Y did u switched it off? I mean I thought u love old Songs nd dis one is d most beautiful one.

Geet(muffled): Ya. But I dnt feel like listening to song right now. U have any Problem?

Maan: no I don’t have any problem.

By saying dis he started concentrating on road. Geet thanked her stars that Maan Didn’t Argued dis tym from her to listen dis Song as dis Song is almost pouring out their Feelings. But then to her utter surprise she heard someone Humming d same song. She looked at her side nd saw Maan was humming

Maan(Humming): Pyar hua, Ikrar hua hai Pyar se fir kyun Darta hai Dil (he humms while looking at Geet)

It was getting difficult for Geet to bear his Gaze. She looked at the other side nd Maan continues Humming. Geet didn’t know that Maan can actually sing also that too so well. She wonders wat other Avatars of him r left for her to see. She smiles listening to him making sure that he didn’t notices it but he notices her smiling.

Maan(to himself): Chalo, kum se kum smile to kiya. (den to Geet), thanx

Geet(amuzed): Wat?

Maan: I mean ab tum itna smile kar rahi ho mera Song sun ke so definitely u r going to praise my Voice so I said Thanx in Advance.

Geet(almost caught): ummm.. wen did I said dat I m smiling?

Maan: So u were not smiling? (he said while looking into her eyes)

Geet said nothing but turned her face again towards d Window. Maan knows that Geet is not angry anymore so he concentrate on his Driving again. Geet is lost on her own trails of Thoughts. She wondered Y has she came back to Mumbai with him? Y did she told him d Lie that Mr. Chopra is arriving next day? Wen she knows that its not true. Was it because he was going with Saver and she cant See him with someone else? Wats going wrong with her? She should not be Jealous of Savera. Afterall she’s such a sweet girl. She even talked to her properly. No she should not do this.


Her trail of thoughts were Broken wen Car stops at a sudden halt.

Geet: Wat Happen? Y did u stop?

Maan: No I don’t mind taking u on Long Drive but we have reached to Home (he said while pointing finger towards Outhouse)

Geet smiled as she heard a familiar line from him. She has also said d Same wen she has dropped Maan home. Maan knows y Geet is smiling he remembers that incident too. Maan get out from the car nd opened d Door for Geet. Geet gets down quietly nd started moving towards outhouse.

Maan: Geet…..

Geet Stopped nd looked at Maan. Maan came closer to her nd stand in front of her.

Maan: Geet, maine kaha than a MSK se jeetna itna aasan nahi hai. Look u r here, in Mumbai that too in 24 Hrs.

In her Jealousy Geet didn’t realize that she has lose d Challenge. But she can bent down in front of him.

Geet: Maan, I came over here because of dis Project as Mr. Chopra is coming tomorrow nd datsy I ………

She couldn’t complete her sentence as Maan puts his Finger on her lips to make her Quiet.

Maan: Chup! Bilkul Chup! Y u always try to say Lie wen u dnt know hw to say it.

Geet: I m not saying lie. Its true.

Maan: Really? (he said while moving towards her)

Geet: Yes. (she said while moving backwards)

Maan: So Mr. Chopra is coming tomorrow?

Geet: Ya

Maan: at wat tym?

Geet has no idea of d Flight schedule but still she tried her hard

Geet: ummm…. somewhere around 5 in d evening.

Maan: but there’s no flight which comes from London at 5.

Geet: Wo….. Actually

Saying dis Geet realizes that her back hits d door of d Car nd she was stuck between Maan nd Car. Maan puts his Hand on either sides of her so that she cant run away.  Geet looked at Maan’s eyes who has made an intense eye contact with her. they looked at each other’s eyes. Geet didn’t know wat to say. Her mind has stopped Working wen she saw Maan standing so close to him. For a moment she has forgetten that she was Angry From Maan. All she could remember that she was in front of the person whom she loves d most nd who loves her even more den her. A hair strand comes in front of her eyes. Maan looked at it nd slowly tucked it behind her ears, caressing her soft cheeks.

Maan(whispers): Geet, I knw u r lyieng because Mr. chopra is coming next week not tomorrow. U did all dis because u cant see me nd Savy Going alone rite?

Geet: No its not like dat (she said while broking d eye contact)

Maan: Really den looked into my eyes nd say dis dat my closeness wid savy didn’t affect u.

Geet said nothing. Maan continues

Maan: it has affected u Geet

Geet nodded her head in No.

Maan: No?

Geet couldn’t say anything nd Maan continues to move closer to her. He felt her Breathing heavily nd his eyes looked for her lips. Geet lowered her gaze to look at his lips. She closed her eyes as she felt him coming closer to her. She could feel his Warm breath on her face. Her breathing heavied nd parted her lips. Maan looked at her rosy Lips. He moves closer to dem seems going to kiss dem. Geet’s eyes were still closed. Maan looked at her face nd moving his face more closer to her he was almost touching her lips den stops nd instead Kissing on her lip he kisses at her cheeks beneath her eyes nd slowly draws back. Geet opened her eyes as she felt his lips on her cheeks. He looked at Maan who was seeing her smiling.


Was she dreaming or Maan has really Kissed her? She thought nd looked at Maan

Maan: Geet, still u have not been affected?

Geet looked at other side, she noticed that Maan’s Hand r not on her either side anymore. She takes d Opportunity nd quickly runs from dere to the outhouse. Before entering d Outhouse, she turned Back to give a look at Maan who was still standing dere nd watching her. She couldn’t bear his gaze so she Quickly rushed inside d House nd closed d door. Maan watched her nd shakes his Head with smiling.


Maan: Pagal! Loves me so much but still denying from it. Ego Problem huh!!! Kyun na ho? Afterall she is MSK’s love. Ego to hoga hi. But dnt worry Soon dis Ego of urs will be out from between us.


By saying dis He tooks out his cell phone nd Text to Savy.

“Plan is Working. Nw wat will be the next step?”


Within 5 mins. He got a Reply

“U’ll come to know Soon”


Maan smiles nd Puts his cell back nd Drove towards d Mansion



As soon as Geet reaches d Outhouse Shilpa hugs her tight. She was so happy to see her sis back.

Shilpa: Oh Di! Finally u r back. I cant tell u hw much happy I m.

Geet: I can see dat Shilpa.

Shilpa: Well, I think u must be very tired nw. y dnt u just take some rest, while I’ll prepare dinner for u?

Geet: U’ll prepare? Shilpa I don’t have medical insurance yet?

Shilpa: Di….

Geet: ok Baba I m sorry. Ok go ahead. Call me if u need any help.

Shilpa: Sure

By saying dis Shilpa headed towards d Kitchen nd Geet towards her Room. but she didn’t take rest instead she goes to the Window nd looked at the Sky remembering the moment that has just passed by. She touches her cheeks with her hand


Geet(To herself): Geet wats Wrong wid u? remember u r angry on him. Focus!! But still I came with him back. Completely forget about tha challenge. I lose to him but still I m happy to lose dis challenge. Is it because I didn’t let him come alone wid Savy or I couldn’t able to stay from him anymore. Geet, wake up come out from ur dreams. He has hurted u. but after that he had done so many things to manofy her. So wat that doesn’t less his mistake. But he has done for my happiness. So wat he should have talked to u before doing any such kind of thing. Uurgghhhhhhhh….. I’ll definitely go mad. Y do I love him so much? That it gets difficult for me to hate him. Geet, u should go to sleep nw. u really need some rest. Ya.


Saying dis she goes to her Bed nd sleeps. Poor girl not able to choose between her heart nd Mind. Her Heart diverted her towards Maan but Mind tells her to stay away from him. Nd she don’t know of whom to listen.


Next Morning it was 11 am at Khurana’s Constructions. Get was at Maan’s Cabin discussing some designs. She decided to stay Professionally with Maan nd wont bring their Personal Issues in between Work. Maan was loving d moment wen Geet is with him. He knows that Geet is still angry but on d same tym he knows that very soon her anger will over infact it had been over also but it was Geet who was not ready to accept it.

Geet: Maan, I think dis would be perfect. Wat do u think?

Maan didn’t answered. Geet shoved her hand in front of his eyes

Geet: Maan, r u listening to me?

Maan(coming into senses): ummm….. Ya. Sorry I was thinking about something?

Geet: u nd thinking about anything else except Work? That too at office? Sounds strange. Anyways wat makes u distract ur thoughts from work to somewhere else.

Maan: Savera!

Geet(Shocked): Savera?

Maan: ummm I mean Savy is Here. See.

He pointed towards d door. Geet turned back to look at the Direction where he has showing nd saw Savera coming towards the Cabin. She looked back at Maan. She hated d glow that came at Maan’s Face wen he saw Savy.

Geet: oh I thought…….

Maan: wat u thought?

Geet: nothing

Meanwhile Savy entered in d Cabin.

Savera: Hey Geet! Hey Shona

Maan: Hey Princess wats up? (Maan says while getting up from his chair nd hugging her)

Geet gets irritated wen she saw all dis. she don’t know wat bothering her more, Maan addressing Savera Princess or Savera Addressing Maan Shona or Maan hugged her . her thoughts were distracted by Savy’s voice

Savy: Geet, I said Hi to u too

Geet: oh� I m sorry I was thinking something else. Hi Savy hws u?

Savy: Well I am Fine, but I guess u r not fine or should I say u too having MSK affect on u (she winks while saying it)

Geet(blushes): umm No nothing like dat

Savy: so u want to say that u r not having Maan’s effect in ur life?

Geet(Muffled): no� I mean�..

Maan(intervenes): Let it be Savy u r scaring Geet nw

Savy: Did I? I m so sorry Geet

Geet: No its ok I m fine.

Maan: Anyways! By the way Savy wat makes u come so early in d morning that too at my Office.

Savy: Early? Maan! Its 11:30 nw. u r calling it early

Maan: I knw its 11:30 but for u its early na. I mean ur morning starts at 12 o clock

Savy: Very Funny Maan. But for ur Kind information I m a fashion designer nw so I have to get up early nd now my Morning starts at 7 not 12.

Maan: Ok Ms. Fashion Designer wat makes u to come at my office today

Savy: Actually I need ur help?

Maan: Regarding wat?

Savy: Maan, u knw that my Fashion show is there within few days but still I m not having enough organizers for it. So I thought that may be u can help me.

Maan: ofcourse Savy anything for u. I knw many people nd dey will definitely organize ur Show.

Savy(happily): thanx Maan I knw only u can get me out of dis Situation. So we r meeting at coffee ok

Maan(amuzed): coffee?

Savy: ya I need to give u some details of my show which will help u.

Maan: ok

Savy: so hw about 4 in d evening at ur Fav coffee Shop?

Maan: ya sure I’ll be there

Geet(intervenes): But Maan u had ur meeting with Mr. sharma at 4. u cant miss dat

Maan: oh that’s not a big deal Geet. Ask Tasha to postpone that meeting.

Geet: But Maan……. Hws that

Savy(intervenes): Ummm…… Maan I think u should not postpone ur meeting because of me.

Maan: Don’t be Silly Savy. Meeting is not much important den my Princess.

Savy: but Maan………..

Maan: anything for u Princess.

Savy: Aww that’s really so sweet of u

Den both looks at geet who was standing restless but tries her best to control her emotions nd den dey smiled at each other indicating that their plan is working.

Savy: ok Den. See u at 4. Bye Geet! Bye shona

Maan: Bye Princess

Geet(faintly): bye Savy!

After Savy left Geet gives an angry look to Maan

Maan: What?

Geet: Princess?

Maan: ya So?

Geet: u calling her Princess? Y?

Maan: Well I dnt think that u need any reason to know that y am I calling her princess?

Geet: Maan Stop talking in Riddles

Maan: ok Well she’s beautiful, lovable, innocent nd sweet (he said while adding a dreamy look into his eyes) so she is Princess na

Geet felt irritated to the core as she heards someone else’ praise from Maan who usually use to praise her

Geet: Lovable? Nd wat u said beautiful? Remember Maan I m ur Fiance (she said while pointing her finger towards herself) hw can u praise any other girl in front of ur Fiance. No one can take my place got it. Don’t u dare to look any other girl

Maan: so u r admitting that u r my fianc (he said with a smile nd coming closer to her)

Geet got freezed. She realizes wat did she just said. She has outbursted all her emotions in front of him. She started moving backwards nd soon stuck between Table nd Maan. She looked deep into his eyes which were questioning her.

Maan(softly): bolo na Geet, u accepts that u r my fianc? But u said I mean nothing to u den y my closeness to Savy affects u? y don’t u like me calling her Princess? Y don’t u like wen I praise her infront of u? Bolo?

Geet looked into his eyes. She don’t know wat she has to do now? How to reply him back? She has been trapped in her own words. She looked away from his eyes nd slowly moves away from him.

Maan: u didn’t answer me Geet?

Geet: Wo…….. I mean to say that officially I m ur fiance (it took her lot of courage to control herself) nd wen Dadimaa come to know about ur looking towards any other girl she’ll not like it.

Maan smiles after hearing her nd thought that she’ll not give up so easily nd now using dadimaa’s name to cover her insecurities.

Maan: Wat did u said Officially? But Geet it was u only na who has break this Engagement remember?

Geet could say nothing as she remembered her fight wid Maan

Maan: nd Dadimaa ki chinta tum mat karo unhe koi problem nahi hogi.

Geet: Matlab?

Maan: ab dekho tum to mujhse Shaadi karogi nahi I mean tumhi ne to mana kiya tha na nd u don’t love me also so ek na ek din to dadimaa ko sab batana hi hai den again she’ll start looking another girl for me So y not Savy?

Geet: Savy?

Maan(teasing): ya. She’s smart, intelligent, beautiful.

Geet: but Dadimaa will not select her (believing on Maan’s lie)

Maan: ofcourse she’ll select her she knows her from childhood nd has always consider as her own Grand daughter. To unhe koi problem nahi hogi.

Geet(anxiously): So u mean to say u r going to Marry Savy?

Maan: Wen did I said dat?

Geet: Abhi abhi to tumne kaha ki Dadimaa ko koi problem nahi hogi

Geet’s answer brought a grin on Maan’s Face. He knew that his Arrow has hit at the right place. Geet had started feeling of Fear of losing him.

Maan: oh That! Wo to tumne jaise kaha maine uske answer de diya. Waise I m getting a smell of burning.

Geet(amuzed): Burning? (den she looked around) But Maan everything is fine. There is no fire anywhere.

Maan(smiles): but I m getting smell. (Den leaned towards her) From ur Heart

Geet (try to cover up her jealousy): wat Rubbish?

Maan: its not Rubbish. Its true u r getting jealous of Savy

Geet: ofcourse not. Y should I get jealous of her?

Maan: u know she’s smart, beautiful nd stunning too so may be u want to be like her but u cant so u feel jealous.

Geet: Listen Mr. Maan Singh Khurana Just because she wears small dresses that doesn’t mean that she’s stunning nd as far as my jealousy is concerned well neither I m jealous of her nor I want to be like her. I m happy in d way I m. nd I can be like her wenever I want but she cant be like me if she wants, got it (she said while pointing her finger towards him)

Maan: dnt talk Rubbish Geet, u cant

Geet: I can

Maan: no u cant

Geet: yes I can

Their conversation has been interrupted by the knock at the cabin. It was Tasha

Maan: wats it Tasha

Tasha: Wo MK…….. oh silly me……. I mean sir I have came to remind u about ur meeting wid sharma’s

Maan: ya Tasha I need to tell u about that only. Postpone that meeting. I have something important to do today (he said while looking at Geet who was making faces)

Tasha: But sir…..

Maan: u may leave

Tasha: ok sir

She left. After Tasha left Geet was also about to move outside but coudnt as her wrist has been hold By Maan. He pulls her towards him. Their faces were mere inches. Maan’s touch was giving Goosebumps to Geet. She closed her eyes as she felt him coming closer to her. slowly Maan whispered

Maan: u cant geet

Geet(coming back to senses): I can Maan

She said nd left d Cabin Angrily leaving Maan Behind Smiling.

Maan(to himself): Sorry Geet, but this is important so that u can pour out ur inner feelings. Lets see hw long will u hide it.



In Sanjeevani Shilpa was in Locker room smiling a lot wen Armaan came to her. he loved d smile on her face.

Armaan: Kya Baat hai? aaj kafi smile kar rahi ho?

Shilpa: yes I m very Happy today

Armaan: Y?

Shilpa: Armaan, di is back after 1 week. Oh I m so happy that I cant tell u. my half life is back

Den she looked at Armaan who was staring at her. she felt nervous

Shilpa: wat r u seeing?

Armaan: u. u look so good wen Smile nd Today I m seeing my old Shilpa Back whom I m missing from so many days.

The Word “my Shilpa” has given goosebumps to Shilpa. She looked straight to his eyes which were looking hers nd dere was an eyelock session between dem. But it was interrupted by someone’s voice


“Ahem Ahem! M I disturbing u Dr. Armaan” A girl said

Both looked at the direction of d Voice nd Saw Savy standing over dere. Shilpa dnt know who was she. She thought her as Armaan’s Girlfriend nd dis thought made him even more uncomfortable wen she hugged him.

Armaan: Wat r u doing over here?

Savy: Bus tumse milne ka mann kiya to chali aayi. Kuch galat kiya?

Armaan: nahi tum kuch galat karti kaha ho

Savy: I know dat. Tell me something which I don’t know.

Armaan: Whatever (den looked at shilpa who was standing confused) Ah! Sorry I didn’t introduced u both. Umm Savera she’s………

Savy(intervenes): Shilpa rite?

Shilpa: umm ya.

Savy: hi! Savera Armaan’s Sweet younger sis. But u can call me Savy

Shilpa: Sis (den she smiled of relief) but hw u came to know that my name is Shilpa

Savy: well Good Question. Actually Bro use to talk a lot about u wenever I speak to him nd today seeing u both together I m confirmed that u r Shilpa.

Shilpa Blushes wen she heard dat Armaan use to talk about her.

Shilpa: umm u Guys carry on I need to go for an emergency. Catch u later Savy

Savy: ok Bye.

Shilpa left from dere

Savy: Hhmm nice choice Bro.

Armaan: Wat was all dat?

Savy: wat?

Armaan: y u told her that I use to talk about her?

Savy: I think I didn’t said a lie?

Armaan: ya. But y u told her?

Savy: Bro it was her right to know about ur feelings. Nd I wonder y didn’t u told her yet? Did u still feel anything for Riddhima?

Armaan: Ofcourse not Savy. U know Riddhima is my past nd Shilpa is my present nd Future too nd I had really stopped thinking about Riddhima anymore

Savy: den wats d Problem Bro. see u told her everything about ur past nd u have also said that she likes u too den were’s d Problem

Armaan: I don’t know but I m Afraid

Savy: Wait! Wait! Wat m I Listening? Armaan Malik no The Great Armaan Malik is afraid that too from proposing a girl. Wats wrong wid u?

Armaan: leave it u wont understand

Savy: y?

Armaan: because u have never been in love before

Savy(seriously): Bro. may be I havent been in love before but that doesn’t mean I don’t know how it feels wen u love someone, hw it feels wen u wait for the person to whom u love to say those 3 special words to u. (den looks at Armaan who was looking at her confused. She quickly changed her mood) I mean to say u know ur sis rite. I had solved many love problems u know so i know he it feels.

Armaan: oh I thought something else

Savy: don’t think too much for me bro just go nd propose her before its too late.

Armaan: ok baba I’ll try to do it soon

Savy(roles her eyes): tumse kuch nahi hoga. Maan ke sath rahe rahe tum bhi usi ke jaise ho gaye ho. Mujhe hi kuch karma padega

Armaan: wat r u planning to do?

Savy: u’ll come to know soon

Armaan: Savy, dnt do any mischief

Savy: dnt worry Bro. I wont do any mischief

Armaan: better nd ya next tym wen u come to hospital dnt wear these Short dresses

Savy: y? these r so cool.

Armaan: whatever! But I don’t like guys looking at u like dey have seen something from museam

Savy(laughs): Oh my Possesive Bro! wat should I do with u. Bro. I m big enough to handle all dis

Armaan: I knw dat but still dnt come like dis. nd i m ur Elder Brother nd u have to listen to me

Savy: ya Just 5 mins. Elder.

Armaan: Watever! but still i m elder nd i know wat is right or wrong for u. ok

Savy: Acha baba fine. I wont.

Armaan: Good. Ok I have to go for rounds catch u at home bye

Savy: Bye!

Armaan left nd savy smiles at her

Savy(To himself): omg My Sweet bro! lagta hai Maan ke sath sath mujhe tumhari love story bhi set karke jana padega. Chal Savy Lag ja Kaam pe. Tere Friend aur tere Bro dono ko teri zaroorat hai.



At Khurana’s constructions it was about 3:15 of d afternoon nd geet was sitting restless in her cabin. Maan is going to meet Savy that too during office hours. She was looking at tym again nd again nd watching At Maan’s cabin through d glass who was completing his work as soon as possible.


On the other hand Maan too noticing Geet from his Cabin from d corner of his Eyes. he loves d way Geet getting restless. It indicates that geet will soon confess her feelings to him but for nw he should not stop. He quickly get up from his chair.


As soon as he gets up from her chair Geet saw him nd thought that he’s going to meet Savy she too comes out from her cabin nd headed towards his cabin. As soon as she entered in his cabin She bumped into him as he was also coming towards door. Bumping wid him make her lose her balance nd she was about to Fall wen She felt a grip of Strong hands around her waist. She looked at his face nd once again lost in his Brown almond eyes which was full of love nd care. Hw can she believe that Maan is having interest in any other girl wen all she could she in his eyes was only her nd no one else. Maan too lost in her deep eyes. Both don’t know that for how long they were lost in each other. After some moment they both came back to their Senses nd broke d Gaze. Maan pulls her upwards nd Geet adjusted herself

Maan: tumne kya Girne me PhD kari hui hai? jab dekho tab girti rehti ho.

Geet: Wo…….. Sorry. Actually main……..

Maan: Its ok Geet, but y r u in so much hurry?

Geet: Wo……. Actually I thought that u were leaving

Maan: Ya So?

Geet: So I thought can I also come with u.

Maan: u? y?

Geet: I too wanted to meet Savy

Maan: but Geet u met her in d Morning only. Den y again?

Geet: but u r also going to meet her na. if u can go to meet her den y cant i?

Maan looked at her with a smirk on his face. Geet realizes that wat did she just said

Geet: I mean may be I can help. Moreover I don’t have much work also So I thought to accompany u. Do u have any problem?

Maan: I don’t have any problem. Afterall u r going to help me only not for any other reason rite?

Geet(Trapped): ya Rite.

Maan: So c’mon lets Go. Otherwise Savy has to wait for us.

Geet: ya sure. Hw should u make Savy wait (she said irritatedly)

Maan: ya. Afterall she’s my Princess (Maan said pretended like he didn’t notice Geet’s Irritation)

Geet: ya Ofcourse

She said nd headed outside d cabin furiously. Nd Maan was still standing there smiling.


Maan(To himself): Ms. Geet Malhotra did is just d beginning. Nd dis game continues until u wont come out from ur own shell. Nd I promise that day is not Far away.


He smiles nd headed towards outside.


Whole ride was went silent. Maan looked at Geet from d corner of his eyes who was sitting restless. He decided not to disturb her. after 30 mins. Of journey dey both reaches to Coffee Shop. Maan parks d Car nd dey both headed inside d cafe where Savy is already waiting. She was happy to See Maan nd Geet together. It indicates that her plan is working. Geet who was running away from him is nw accompanying him. Meanwhile they both reaches to her.

Savy: Hey Maan!

Maan: Hey Princess! Not bad. Time ki Puntual ho gyi ho.

Savy: Hhhmmm Ab MSK ke sath meeting thi to punctual to hona hi tha. Infact main to 15 min pehle hi aa gayi thi (den turned to Geet) Oh! hi Geet. Sorry I didn’t notice u

Geet: Its OK Savy.

Savy: Anyways y don’t we sit first

Geet: ya Sure.

Suddenly Waiter brings two mugs of Coffee which surprises both Geet nd Maan.

Savy: wo, I know that MSK doesn’t like to waste his tym so maine pehle hi order kar diya tha. But Geet mujhe nahi pata tha kit um bhi aa rahi ho (she said pretending that she doesn’t know about Geet’s arrival nd was surprised to see her here) warna main tumhare liye bhi order kar deti.

Maan: Actually Savy Geet yaha meri help karne aayi hai. Rite Geet?

Geet: ya.

Suddenly Geet Notices that the Coffee that waiter has brought was cappuccino

Maan: wat happen Geet? U look so surprised

Geet: Wo… Coffee…..

Maan: ya

Geet: I mean its Cappuccino

Savy: oh dat. Wo I had ordered for me nd Maan. Should I order the same for u also?

Geet: But Maan use to have Black coffee.

Savy: oh! I didn’t know dat?

Maan: its ok Savy. No problem I can have it.

Geet: but Maan. U like Black coffee

Maan: Geet, ab Savy ne itne pyaar se order kiya hai so hw could I refuse to her (den turned to waiter) pls get a black coffee for d lady

Geet: No…… I mean I too like to have cappuccino

Maan(amuzed): R u sure?

Geet: ya y?

Maan: Because its quiet bitter in taste. U may not like it

Geet: hw can u say that I’ll not like it

Maan: because u only drink black Coffee so dat means u wont like any other flavour

Geet: I don’t drink any other flavour because I don’t want to. That doesn’t mean that I don’t like it

Both Waiter nd Savy were looking at their Arguments confused

Maan: So u want to say that today u want to have dis flavour

Geet: Maan, if u can Drink Cappuccino with her den y cant I Drink dat wid u?

Maan has a smirk on his face nd Geet too realizes wat did she just said

Geet(trying to cover up): I mean I too can have cappuccino

Maan(with fake anger): fine. Baad me mat kehna dat I didn’t warned u (den turned to waiter) Cappuccino for d lady

Waiter: R u sure Sir?

Maan: yes

Waiter nods nd goes from dere. Meanwhile Savy nd Maan discuss about the show nd Maan has given her few contacts which can help her. Geet too suggests her few ideas for her Show which Savy likes. She gestures Maan for his Gr8 choice to which Maan only smiles. In d meanwhile Waiter brings d Coffee for Geet. Maan knows dat Geet will not like its taste so he tried one last tym

Maan: Geet think once again

Geet: Maan I m confirmed

Saying dis Geet sipped d Coffee nd as expected she spits it out at first Sip only nd started Coughing as it was Bitter in taste. Maan got so worried wen he looks Geet in dat Cond. He quickly rubs her back to make her calm.

Maan(anxiously): Geet!! Geet, r u fine? I told u that u cant able to drink it, but u never listened to me. Nw See wat has happened?

Geet looked at his Face which was full of Worries nd concern about her. he has forgetten d World Around him. He has even forget that he has came here to met Savy.

Geet: Maan, I m fine nw.

Maan: R u sure?

Geet(with a smile): ya.

Saying Dis she was again going to sip d Coffee wen Maan stopped her by holding her hand. She looked at him

Maan: Not again Pls.

Geet: I m not feeling well. I need to go home.

Saying dis she gets up from d chair nd Rushes outside.

Savy: umm.. Maan I guess Geet is really not Feeling Fine. Nd u should be with her this tym. I guess kuch zyada hi ho gaya. Just take her Home

Maan: R u sure? I mean wat about meeting?

Savy: Let it be Maan, it can be done afterwards also nd moreover she needs u rite nw.

Maan: Savy u r saying dis? u have only said na that I have to be strong during dis whole Mission as its important

Savy: Ya I told u nd I m only saying to u to go to her rite nw. Maan today wat I saw in her eyes was just not only Jealousy, but the Pain, the Fear of Losing u to any other girl. Thasy I m saying go to her. we can carry forward our plan afterwards also.

Maan: I guess u r rite. Thanx Savy.

Savy: Anytime Maan.

Maan smiles nd left from dere leaving Savy behind Smiling


Geet was in Parking Lot standing next to Maan’s car. Trying to recollect wat she has done inside. She couldn’t believe that she has gone so much Insane in her jealousy.


Geet(To herself): wats Wrong wid u Geet? U knw it very well that u wont like its taste den also u tried it. Maan was stopping u but u Argued wid him nd didn’t listen to him. Y m I doing all dis? Wat I wanna to Prove? Does I want to Prove dat I m better then Savy? Y m I feeling so much insecure from her wen I know that Maan was not going anywhere Far from me.


Her trail of Thoughts have been Broken wen she felt someone tapped her Shoulders. She turned to look back nd saw Maan standing in front of her.

Geet: Maan! Tum yahan?

Maan: ya Geet hw r u feeling nw?

Geet: much better

Maan: u were going home na den y r u standing over here alone?

Geet: ummm….. Wo,…… I was going only.

Maan: C’mon I’ll Drop u.

Geet: its ok Maan. I can Go

Maan: Geet, kabhi bina zid kare meri koi baat maan sakti ho?

Geet nodded her head innocently in yes

Maan: hhmmm Good. Nw lets go

Geet: but ur Meeting?

Maan: Geet, it can be done afterwards also. Nw c’mon sit in d car.

She nodded nd sits in d car nd Maan started driving.


It was about 6:30 PM wen dey both reaches to the outhouse. Maan opens d Door for Geet nd Geet slowly comes out. She was still lost in her thoughts. She wants to get out from all dis. She wants to get out from her insecurities, from her weird Behaviour, from her Anger. She is realizing that she has punished enough Maan infact more den it needed. Enough of listening to her mind, nw its tym to listen to her Heart which always say to Forgive Maan. Maan was about to go back to his car wen Geet calls him

Geet: Maan!!!

Maan turned around nd Looked at geet

Maan: Wat happen Geet? Is everything ok?

Geet: ya…… Wo……… I want to say something to u

Maan: yes Geet (he said while coming to her) Wat happen?

Geet: wo…. Coffee Shop me jo hua uske liye………..

Maan: wait a Sec Geet, agar tum uske liye Sorry bolne wali ho to rehne do because ye tumhari Aadat hai ki pehle galti karo aur fir Bolo Sorry

Geet (furiously): Tum kabhi meri Poori baat sun ke react kar sakte ho. Jab dekho tab aadhi Adhoori baat pe React karte ho.

Maan: Ab tum har baat bolne me itna tym logi to main kya karoonga?

Geet: Tumse to baat karna hi bekaar hai.

Maan: To mat karo, waise bhi tumne mujhe bulaya tha, maine nahi

Geet: Galti ho gyi, jo maine aapko bula liya. Pls Go

She said while making a Face nd turned her back towards Maan angrily, maan too was furious at her behaviour. He also started to move towards his car. Suddenly Both of Dem realizes that dey were again Arguing instead of talking peacefully.


Geet(To herself): Paagal ho gayi hai Geet, tune use baat karne ke liye roka than d u have started fighting wid him. C’mon Girl Grow up


Maan(To Himself): ye kya kar raha hai Maan? Itni mushkil se to kuch bolna chahati thi aur tu usse lad raha hai. Wats Wrong wid u

Dey both turned around Together to look at each other.


“Sorry” Dey both said Together nd den smiles

Maan: Ajeeb Baat hai na Geet, hum jab bhi baat karne ki sochte hai to ladne lagte hai

Geet: Maan, I m tired of fighting wid u. I guess I had overreacted for d whole Situation nd was punishing u more den it needed.

Maan: Geet, dnt blame urself. If I was at ur place den may be I should have also done the same thing.

Geet: No Maan, mujhe bhi sochna chahiye tha, afterall u have done all dis for me

Maan: Its ok Geet. Lets Forget about everything ok.

He said dis nd about to leave wen Stopped by Geet’s Voice

Geet: Kya hum Fir Se Dost nahi ban sakte?

Maan freezed at d spot we he hear dis. he couldn’t believe on his ears. Does Geet just said him to be her friend again? Does she wanted to give their Relationship another chance. He quickly turned back to face her.

Maan: Wat did u just said Geet?

Geet(under her breath): Ye lo itni Zor se bola fir bhi nahi suna, Abhi Savy ne bola hota chahe Dheere se hi sahi turant sun liya hota. Dusht Daanav (Den to him) I said Cant we Be friends again?

Maan(tapping on his ears): No I was checking was my ears r working or not. Geet Malhotra has asked me to be his Friend again. Wow!

Geet: Maan. Stop irritating me.

Maan: Geet, it was not me who has broken dis friendship. That was u, so hw can I decide for our friendship? U have to decide for it.

Geet thought for a While nd den extends her hand towards him

Geet(innocently): Friends?

Maan Smiles nd meet his hand to hers

Maan: Friends. Nd is baar hamesha k liye.

Geet said nothing but smiles. Somewhere in her heart she was feeling light.

Maan: Nw yaha khade khade smile karti rahogi ya Coffee bhi Pilaogi

Geet(amuzed): Coffee?

Maan: ya nw we have became friends so For Celebration atleast a coffee is must. Hai na. moreover I didn’t have it at caf also. Thanx to u.

Geet: Wat? Did I said u not to Drink. No na. den y u didn’t have it over dere

Maan: Ah! Rite y didn’t I have it over dere? Let me remember. Ab yaad aaya? U were not fine over dere nd u expect me to enjoy my Coffee over dere rite?

Geet: u Left because of me? (she said wid both surprised nd touched)

Maan(realizes wat he said): Ofcourse. I mean ab tum to apna khayal rakhogi nahi to kisi na kisi ko to hona chahiye na warna tumhari wajah se Dadimaa mujhe daatengi.

Geet: So u have done dis for Dadimaa?

Maan: ya ofcourse. Wat else did u thought?

Geet (frowns): Nothing

She said dis nd About to leave wen Maan Stops her by holding her hand nd comes closer to her. Geet’s Heart skipped a Bit wen she felt Maan so close to her.

Geet (To herself): Damn! Dis Person crashes whole my System nd Drives me Insane nd After dat Skips away happily leaving his Effect of Proximity on me.

In d Mean Tym Maan turned her towards him

Maan: Bura Laga?

Geet didn’t said a word nd looked at the other side. Maan raises her face through her chin to face him.

Maan: Bolo na Geet, tumhe Bura laga?

Geet looked straight in his eyes like wanted him to read her eyes which were confessing her love, her Insecureness to him. But den she quickly looked away. Maan too smiles nd looked away.

Maan: Acha baba Sorry! Geet hum abhi abhi Dost bane hai to fir lad kyun rahe hai.

Geet gave him a look.

Maan: ok Baba nw I’ll not irritate u anymore.

Geet: Promise?

Maan: yup Promise

Geet smiles at dis. Maan was so happy to see her smiling after so many days

Maan(to himself): uff I can do anything to make her smile

Geet: u said something

Maan: umm…. ya I need Coffee. So shall we

Geet: ya sure

Both headed towards d Outhouse


Both stepped inside d house. But the whole house was dark

Geet: y its so Dark over here (she said while trying to Switch on d lights)

Maan: wat happen?

Geet: I don’t know but lights on nahi ho rahi

Maan: hhmmm nothing to surprise

Geet: wat do u mean?

Maan: jaha tum ho waha koi problem na ho aisa to ho nahi sakta. Tumhare sath life life nahi balki ek Roller coaster ride lagti hai

Geet: Maan not again. Nd if u have so much proud on urself den y don’t u do something to bring d lights back

Maan: hw can I? I m not an electrician

Geet: Dekha Suggestions dena Aasan hota hai. kar ke dikhao tab pata chale

Maan: o Really! Nw see wat MSK can do

He takes out his cell nd started dialing d no. of d Securities

Maan(shouts): Hello! Wat d hell is happening? The Lights of Outhouse was not coming since long nd u guys were just sitting………. I don’t care if d Lights were not here within 10 mins. Den just u all have to start find new Job. Got it

He said nd cuts d call. Even in d Dark Geet could Feel hw much angry he was. She decided to make him calm

Geet: ummm….. wat happen?

Maan: nothing d lights will be here in few mins.

Geet: oh! But hw will we able to manage till den. I cant see anything in Dark

Maan(sarcastically): Acha! Is it? I was not knowing it. Geet, no one could able to see in d dark. Its not unusual

Geet(make a puppy face): I know. But u knw na that I had a phobia from Darkness.

Maan: Ah! Yes I remember, Geet Malhotra is scared of Darkness

Geet: I m not scared ok. Bas ghabra jati hoon

Maan: kyun? (he said while coming closer to her)

Geet:Aise hi (she said while moving backwards)

Maan: u think that some kind of Ghost will cum

Geet (scared): Maan Please! U know dat I m scared of ghosts

Maan: but just nw u said dat u r not scared of anything

Geet: ummm…. ya but…..

She couldn’t complete her sentence wen she felt Maan’s Arms Around ger waist which were giving her goosebumps. Maan Pulled her closer to him. She didn’t realize that dey were standing near d window nd d Moonlight was Falling on dem. All she could Sense is Maan’s Presence around her, holding her. the whole World around her seems to stop. Unknowingly she placed her hands on Maan’s Bare chest which was visible through his Shirt where his heart was pounding hard which has made a chill ran down her spine. Maan too was mesmerized seeing her in moonlight. He didn’t wanted to let her go away from me. He makes his Grip Tighter on her waist as she tries to withdrew herself. The wind that was coming through the Window was making her hairs blow to her face. He gently removes her hair from her face behind her ears caressing her soft Skin. She closed her eyes to his soft touch. At that moment she didn’t cared of anything, she didn’t cared that she was angry with him, She didn’t cared that her relationship with him has again changed from love to friendship, all she knows is that she was melting, she was melting in Maan’s Arms. Both stayed their in d same posture not willing to move wen Maan has started coming closer to her. Geet closed her eyes as she felt his breath on her face wen he whispered

Maan(Whispers): u don’t need to get scared Geet wen I m wid u

Geet opens her eyes nd sees Maan so close to her. there was only a inch difference between their lips. Geet came into Senses nd tries to withdrew herself again but didn’t realize dat Maan’s Grip was too Strong on her Waist nd dis made her Lose her as well as Maan’s Balance nd Geet ended up falling on Maan. Together they hit d floor. Geet’s  hands were still on his chest while Maan’s Hands were tight around her waist not wanting to break d Hug. Everything happened so quick nd unexpectedly that Geet couldn’t realize not even Maan but both were enjoying d moment wen dey were so close to each other. Both were waiting for dis moment. At dat Moment Maan wanted to kiss her, to feel her Rosy Lips, but something in her mind stopped him from Doing so.


Geet struggles to get up once again but Maan tightened his Grip again which loses her balance again nd fall back on Maan’s Chest wid a jerk nd Geet  Unexpectdly kissed his bare chest. Maan closed his eyes d moment he feels Geet’s Lips on his skin. He hugged her even more tighter not wanting her to go. Geet too gives in nd rested her head on his chest. Dey Didn’t realize for hw Long dey were in dat Position or dey didn’t wanted to realize. Dey just wanted to be with each other. Suddenly the light in d outhouse came bringing Geet back to her senses. She looked at Maan who was still holding her in his Arms.


Geet(softly): Maan!

Maan: hhmmm

Geet: Lights have came

Maan: So?

Geet: R u going to stay like dis Whole nite?

Maan(mischievously): Well I don’t have any Problem Geet

Geet(Blushes): Maan Pls Leave me nw

Maan noticed her uneasiness. Nd dey both get up

Both looked away from each other to regain their senses den looked back to each other nd lost in d Eye lock wen it was broken by Shilpa’s Voice

Shilpa: Ahem Ahem! I hope I m not Disturbing d love Birds

Both looked at Shilpa nd gets a bit Embarresed, geet more.

Geet: ummm Shilpa its nothing like dat. Maan was here for Coffee nd i……

Shilpa: nd u were serving him rite?

Geet: ya…… No…. I mean…..

Shilpa: Relax di! I was only Kidding, u were getting Nervous like I caught u both Red Handed (Den turned to Maan) So Jiju did u had ur Coffee?

Maan: umm No Shilpa! U know ur Di is very Slow

Shilpa Giggles nd Geet irritates before she could say something she  notices d Lipstick Mark on Maan’s Chest nd gets worried. She didn’t want Shilpa to see it. She tries to signal her from her eyes about the mark but he didn’t able to understand wat is she trying to say


Geet (To herself): ye Lo! Babaji kya karoon main is Insaan ka? Maan For God sake cover ur Chest.


In d mean tym Shilpa notices d Mark. She smiled Mischeviously nd was Happy that the things r getting Better between Both of dem


Shilpa: ummm Jiju I guess Di has Served u many other things then Coffee

Geet gets Nervous nd Maan Confused

Maan: wat?

Shilpa: I mean Snacks. Did u know di really makes Snacks very Well

Ok Geet Cant take ot anymore she knows very well wat Shilpa is trying to say.

Geet(intervenes): umm Maan….. whom r u listening? U know she’s so stupid. C’mon lets have coffee

Maan was abpout to Say Something wen her Cell phone rings. His face was lite up wen he Saw Savy’s name over dere

Maan: hey Princess wats up?

By Hearing word Princess Geet understands who could it be but she tries to control her jealousy

Savy: Where r u Maan?

Maan: I m at outhouse? Anything Serious?

Savy: ya I wanted to meet u. remember we have to go to the organizer

Maan: oh Ya! Dnt worry Princess I’ll be there in few mins. Sorry to kept u waiting.

Savy: ok Bye

Maan: Bye See u.

Geet was listening impatiently to their Converstaions nd was waiting for him to finish.

Maan: umm Geet I need to go rite nw

Geet: But Coffee………….

Maan: Some other tym Geet. Rite nw Princess needs me

Geet: but atleast have a cup of Coffee den go

Maan: Geet u know, I cant make savy wait. She’s so important to me. Ok I need to go nw. Bye. Bye Shilpa

Shilpa(smiles): bye Jiju

Geet(frowning): Bye

Maan left nd Geet has again got Fear in her heart

Shilpa: Hhmmm Seems Savy is very close to jiju

Geet: wat do u mean?

Shilpa: See jiju has left everything for her

Geet: shut up shilpa. Its nothing like dat. She was just his Good Friend nd Maan was only helping her. There’s nothing between dem.

Shilpa: Relax Di! Y u r so much over Reacting. I was only Kidding

Geet herself Didn’t know d reason for her Behaviour. Not evern she able to understand Maan’s Behaviour. One tym She feels that Maan was only hers but another moment his Concern Towards Savera makes her think Twice.

Shilpa: Di! Kaha kho gayi

Geet: ummm Nothing Shilpa Sorry.

Shilpa: its ok Di. Acha can u prepare a cup of Coffee for me pls.

Geet ya sure! U get Fresh I’ll make it

Shilpa: thanx Di

Shilpa left nd Geet too lefts for kitchen to prepare Coffee


In D mansion Maan was getting ready wen he notices d Lipstick Mark on his chest. Den he recollects d moment in which Both of dem were so close to each other. Den he remembers hw Geet was guiding him about the mark but he didn’t understand at dat tym. He smiles at his stupidness nd Geet’s Innocence


Maan(To himself): Hhmmm So Dis is wat Geet trying to say. But Geet u can hide dis mark but hw will nd how long u’ll hide ur love for me. I know very soon u r going to Confess about ur Love.

He said nd start getting ready again


In D outhouse Geet has Prepared Coffee for Shilpa nd dey both were Having it wen Something Struck at Geet’s Mind

Geet: umm Shilpa

Shilpa(watching TV nd having coffee): Hw can we gain a guy’s Attention Towards us

Shilpa has almost spits out her Coffee wen she heard Wat Geet is saying she looked at her Shocked

Geet: I mean. Wen did Guys Seek interest to any other girl

Shilpa: Di! U r asking me dis? I mean u didn’t have any interest in all dis

Geet: ya I was asking generally

Shilpa: really? Well anyways Di A guy gets interest to any other girl den only wen D Girl with whom he was doesn’t Shows her Interest towards him

Geet: Matlab?

Shilpa: See di. Its very Simple if we cant give tym or interest to our Love den defunately he’ll look somewhere else where he can get d same Love wat he wanted. For instance Take u nd Jiju. I know u Both r Perfect wid each other but if u didn’t give any interest to Jiju or u didn’t Respond to his feelings den definitely A Girl like Savera or any other girl will gain his Attention towards her nd he’ll like to spend more tymn wid her den u

Geet: So Wat should a girl do in dat?

Shilpa: Well she has to give tym to her love moreover she has to tell her love that she didn’t love him less than he did. As simple as dat

Geet: ok

Shilpa: But wait a sec. y u r asking me dis? I mean is everything ok between u nd Jiju

Geet: ya Everything is Fine. Wo…….. Preeti was asking me

Shilpa: Preeti Di? R u sure?

Geet: ya y?

Shilpa: no I mean since wen she needs to know hw to gain Guys Attention towards her. afterall Every guy was dying for her

Geet: So cant She asked for dis?

Shilpa: ok baba Fine. Nw dnt get irritate again.

She said nd again started watchoing TV. Geet gets up from dere nd moved towards d Window

Geet(To herself): Can it be true wat Shilpa has just said? May be? But y d hell I m thinking all Dis? maine to Maan se dosti kar li hai na. den y I m still getting insecure from Savy? Because wat I feel for Maan is more den a friendship. Den y m I stopping myself from not telling him. Is dis is d Reason y Maan is getting too much involved wid Savy? O God! Maan ye tumne mujhe kaha Fasa Diya. Na to main tumse Door reh sakti hoon aur na hi kisi aur ko tumhare paas dekh sakti hoon. Nw only God will know wat will happen Next


It was 10 pm of nite nd Geet was still feeling uncomfortable wid d Thought of Maan spending his tym wid Savera moreover Shilpa’s Words were echoing in her ears. Somewhere she felt wat Shilpa has said was rite but den she shrugged of all her thoughts


Geet: Geet Tu bhi na! Shilpa ki baat pe dhyan de rahi hai. wo to kuch bhi bolti hai. ye sach nahi ho sakta. But agar sach hua to. Main ek baar Vindhya di se baat kar leti hoon. Haan


She said while Grabbing her cell phone nd started dialing Vindhya’s No. She knews it very well dat d Problem of her Soln. is only wid Vindhya

Vindhya: Hey Sweety! Wats up? Hw did u called me today?

Geet: Wo Di, I wanted to talk to u something important actually I need an advice from u

Vindhya: Geet wats wrong? U seems to be tensed. Is everything ok between u nd Maan?

Geet: I don’t know Di. I wanted to talk to u regarding dis only

Vindhya: Go on I m Listening

Geet told her d whole thing right from their fight till d entry of Saver and after dat hw Maan spends tym wid her nd today also he left as Soon as Savy called him

Geet: Di! I don’t know wat to do?

Vindhya: First tell me Geet, wats bothering u more? Maan not having coffee wid u or Maan going out wid Savera leaving u

Geet: aren’t dey both r d same things?

Vindhya: not at all Sweety. U r jealous of Savy don’t u?

Geet: No Di u r taking it wrong its not…..

Vindhya: geet I know u since childhood. U r jealous of Savy because she was spending tym wid Maan nd Maan too giving attention to her rather den u

Geet: But Di…….

Vindhya: Geet, cant u notice that from last few months it was only Maan who was in ur talks, in ur thoughts. Today Maan has said dis, today Maan has said dat, today u both had fight, Today Maan has take u out for Dinner. Maan, Maan nd only Maan nothing else nd nw u says that it doesn’t effect u wen u see him wid Savy. Sweety u love him don’t u

Geet: yes Di I love Him but………

Vindhya: See Geet its good that u think about ur Family before u but u had ur own life too nd u have to live for urself

Geet: no Di m not denying my love because of my family

Vindhya: Den wats d reason? U know very well dat he loves u nd u love him too den wats d problem

Geet: Di if he really loves me den y did he done all dat? Hw can he lose me to someone else?

Vindhya: Geet u had seen only side of d coin. U were only seeing wat he did but not y he did. I agree that Maan has done mistake. He must ask u before doing any such thing but u cant deny that he has done it for ur Happiness only. He wanted to see u happy forever, not from nw but from d day since he met u.

Geet: But Di…….

Vindhya: Geet, dnt let ur stupid Ego come between ur happiness. It will ruin ur relationship wid Maan. U were not like dis Geet. Since wen u have started Putting ur Ego in front of ur Relationship. Just forget about everything nd start a new beginning wid Maan. Go nd tell him wat u feels for him

Geet: r u sure everything will be ok after I do dis

Vindhya: u trust me na Sweety

Geet: more den myself Di

Vindhya: den do wat I say to u

Geet: ok Di bye!

Vindhya: Bye nd take care always

Geet hang up d Phone nd Started thinking over d conversation she had with Vindhya


Geet(To herself): Di is rite. I was never like dis. hw can I let my Ego ruin my relationship. i only remember of d tym wen Maan hurt me but hw can I forget d tym wen he was with me always. I m punishing him more den needed nd besides him I m punishing myself from not telling him abt my feelings. But nw I wont stop myself anymore. I wont Punish me nd Maan anymore. (A smile formed on her face) I m Sorry Maan for hurting u till nw, but nw I wont hurt u anymore. U r mine nd only mine nd I wont let u go away from me. Tomorrow I’ll tell u everything.


She said nd went to sleep wid d Satisfaction dat tomorrow Maan will be with her again.



A whole week has been passed by nd Geet couldn’t able to tell Maan about her feelings. Both Maan nd Savy were noticing change in Geet’s behaviour nd seeing hw desperate she was to tell about her feelings but dey were still testing her patience wid their plans. Maan as usual continues to spend her tym wid Savy only difference is dat nw Geet also use to accompany him most of d tymes wen he goes to meet her. On d Other hand Savera has Given Armaan one week tym to tell Shilpa about his feelings or else she will told her Armaan tried a lot but couldn’t able to tell Shilpa so Savera decided to do something for both of d couples nd she thought of a plan. Though Armaan didn’t like it nd both Savy nd Armaan r nw Arguing with each other


Armaan: Wats all dat? Y r we going to our Farm House at Alibagh?

Savy: because u have to Propose Shilpa over dere (she said while packing her clothes) ah! By d way I had packed ur bag. Check it once if I left something den tell me

Armaan: wait wait wait! U had packed my bag? with whose permission?

Savy: Do u think Savera Malik needs anyones permission for doing anything?

Armaan: listen Savy…..

Savy: Look Bro I gave u one week Tym to propose Shilpa otherwise I have to handle dis matter on my own but u thought dat I was joking so nw just see wat I do

Armaan shooks his head in disbelief nd sits on d bed. Savy comes nd sits beside his bro. She keeps her hand on his shoulder


Savy: Bro I know m Getting Pushy in dis matter of urs but I cant see u like dis. Already I had seen u going through tough tymes a lot nd nw I want u to be happy wid Shilpa once again. Nd trust me She loves u so much bro nd waiting for u to confess. Dnt u think that u r being unfair to her?


Armaan looked at her sis. He never thought that Savera could think so sensible. He always thought that his Sis is still a kid but today the way she talked that made him realize that she has grown up nw


Savy: nw y r u looking at me like dis?

Armaan: nothing just seeing dat my Sis is grown up nw

Savy: o Hello! Who spread dis rumour (she said looking around) pls I hate to be grown up

Armaan: ya ya I know. But Savy is it necessary

Savy: yes Bro. moreover Maan nd Geet too need our help. U know hw their relationship is going on? Even shilpa is helping me

She said nd den closes her eyes as she has done a blunder

Armaan: Wat? Wat did u just said

Savy: no nothing

Armaan: Savy tell me

Savy: Wo Bro me nd Shilpa has became good friends in dis past 1 week nd we talked a lot about u Geet nd Maan. Nd even she knows abt my plan

Armaan: wat she knows dat I m going to propose her in alibagh?

Savy: ofcourse not m I that Stupid? I had only discussed her about d plan for Geet nd Maan.

Armaan: ok

Savy (looking at her watch): omg! See hw much tym is wasted nd I have to do my packing also. Bro u talk a lot nw stop talking nd let me do my packing

Armaan: o ya! I m talking too much. It was u who was continuously talking

Savy: o Really! Bro u’ll never change. Always blaming me

Armaan: because u always do blunders

Savy: Enough!

She said nd picked up d pillow nd throws it towards Armaan to which Armaan also throws a pillow back to her nd Soon both Bro nd Sis starts having pillow fight wid each other just like small kids


Next day all five of dem were set to go to Alibagh. Geet thought that dis moment is right to tell Maan about her feelings though she didn’t like d idea of cuming Savy wid her as it would be difficult for her to spend tym wid Maan alone but she cant help it As Everyone wants her to cum but she has made sure that Maan would spend most of his tym wid her (geet) only.


At afternoon all of dem Reached at farm House. Armaan nd Maan were sharing d same room while Shilpa, Geet nd Savera were sharing another Room. before lunch Geet tried to catch up wid Maan but suddenly Savy came nd excuses Maan from Geet as she wanted to discuss her plan with Maan. Geet’s blood was boiling wid anger but she couldn’t say much as she felt that it is not d right tym to react moreover she thought that may be Savy needs to talk something important regarding her Fashion Show. So she left from dere though she was still feeling restless but she know that she has to control till d right tym come. Savy nd Maan were discussing over plan


Savy: See Maan till nw everything has gone acc to our plan nd we have seen d result of it. Geet’s attitude is changing towards u nd u know wat I think she’s dyeing to confess her feelings towards u

Maan: yes u r rite. I too noticed it. I think I should go to her nd tell her everything. (he said nd about to leave wen Savy stopped him by holding his hand)

Savy: bas yahi problem hoti hai tum ladko ki. Ladki ne zara sa signal diya nahi k bas excited ho jate ho

Maan: wat Do u mean?

Savy: Maan I said that she’s dyeing to tell her feelings towards u but that doesn’t mean that u go to her nd tell her everything

Maan: Savy, m really not getting wat u r trying to say.

Savy: See Maan we r going to stay over here for 2 days nd Geet will confess in these 2 days only but not like u wanted.

Maan: So?

Savy: So today in d evening I m going to play a game over here which would help my Bro also nd in dat game m going to ask u few questions regarding Geet

Maan: nd I have to answer dem Correct. I know

Savy: no u r going to answer all d questions Wrong

Maan(shocked): wat? U r kidding rite?

Savy: m I seem like Laughing? No na. u heard me rite. U r going to give to give wrong answers

Maan: Savy, u seriously wanted to unite me nd Geet na

Savy: Do u have any doubt in dat?

Maan: yes Because d way u r telling me it seems that I m going to have Break up with Geet Completely in dese two days

Savy: uurggh Maan y u always over react?

Maan: because u r speaking nonsense Savy. Already we have irritated her a lot in this 1 week nd nw I cant do it anymore

Savy: but Maan we r getting result of it nd dat too positive. See I want Geet to be frustrated so much that no one can stop her from telling her feelings towards u.

Maan: but Savy………

Savy: Maan, we r on d last stage of our plan. Pls don’t ruin it nw. (den she placed

Her hand on his) Trust me Maan nothing will go wrong

Maan: I trust u Savy.

He said nd places his hand on hers nd smiled just den Geet came over dere searching Maan nd seeing both of dem like dat she felt restless. She quickly goes away from dere to her Room nd closes d door behind her nd rushes towards her bed. She was badly in tears


Geet(sobs): I lost u Maan. I lost u. Di was rite I had ruined our relationship with my own hands because of my stupid Ego nd after dat I couldn’t able to convey my feelings in dis 1 week nd nw u r wid Savy. May be dis is wat I deserve. Wen u confess ur feelings towards me I ran away nd after dat also I didn’t listened to u nd now wen I wanted to tell u about my feelings u r far away from me. But I wont come between ur happiness. U deserve to be happy Maan.


She was sobbing wen she heard her cell phone ringing she looked at d number nd found Vindhya’s no. flashing over dere. She quickly wiped away her tears nd tries to calm herself so that Vindhya wont able to know that she’s crying

Geet: hey Di! Wats up?

Vindhya: Geet, I m fine hws u sweety?

Geet: I m fine too Di.

Vindhya: Really is it?

Geet: ya Di y should I lie?

Vindhya: Because Vridant is calling u from last half an hour nd u r not picking his call moreover ur Voice doesn’t seem that u r fine

Geet: oh Di! My cell was on silent thatsy I didn’t noticed it nd about my voice I had catch cold datsy

Vindhya: Geet, u know u cant say a lie not in front of me atleast. Nw tell me wats wrong?

Nw geet couldn’t able to hide her emotions for long. She started crying nd told everything to Vindhya

Vindhya: Geet wat r u saying?

Geet: this is true Di. I lost Maan

Vindhya: Geet calm down. I think there is some misconception. This cant be true. I’ll talk to Maan

Geet: No Di u’ll not

Vindhya: But Geet…….

Geet: Di Pls. tumhe meri kasam

Vindhya: Geet!!!!

Geet: Di, Maan is happy wid Savy nd I dnt want to ruin his happiness already I had punished him a lot nd nw its tym for me to get d punishment. Di in dese 2 days I’ll have d best memories of mine wid mine which is going to be wid me for rest of my life

Vindhya: Geet do u have any idea wat u r saying?

Geet: yes Di

Vindhya: Geet nw if u have decided then I wont interfere but still I’ll say that talk to Maan once before u do any such thing

Geet: hhmmm kk Di. Acha Di I need to go nw talk to u later. Bye

Vindhya: ok Bye dear.

Dey both hang up nd both were worried. One side it was Vindhya who was worried over Geet’s Decision because she knew that Maan can never do that Geet is surely in misconception but she couldn’t talk to Maan either Because of Geet so the thing only left is dat she can only pray for both of dem. On d other hand it was Geet who was both worried nd sad. Sad because she has lost Maan because of her insensitiveness nd worried that hw will she tell everyone about dis. But for nw she has decided dat she wont tell anyone nd will gather as much memories as she can wid Maan.



At evening Everyone is gathered at d Garden near Bonfire. Savy has many plans to follow bt d Thing which is disturbing her is Geet’s Behaviour since Noon. She is Behaving differently nd Savy has noticed it but she didn’t said anything regarding it to Maan because she knows that once their Plan will complete then Geet will definitely Forgive her. so she gave up all her thoughts nd started concentrating on her plan


Savy: Ok Guys! Lets Play a Very Common but an interesting game “Truth nd Dare”.

Armaan: No Savy its very boring game.

Savy: Bro! I havent asked ur opinion I m telling u that we r going to play dis game.

Everyone laughs nd Armaan looks at Savy irritately

Savy: ok lets Spin d Bottle.

Savy spins d Bottle nd it stopped between Maan nd Shilpa with d open end pointing towards Shilpa.

Maan: So Shilpa, Truth or Dare, waise I Guess I guess u must take truth, Dare lena tumhare bas ki baat nahi hai

Shilpa: Jiju, Shilpa Malhotra is not scared of anything, I’ll take Dare only.

Maan: R u sure?

Shilpa: yep!

Maan: k So Kya karaya jaye tumse?

Savy: Maan, can I Suggest

Maan: ya Savy sure

Savy: Shilpa, I have heard kit um Mimickry kaafi achi karti ho, so Y Don’t u act Like Maan nd even better act like Maan wen he manofies Geet. Wat say?

Shilpa looks at Maan nd den Geet she don’t know wat to do

Shilpa: Ummm Savy……….

Savy: No Shilpa nw u cant back out. C’mon be a Sport yaar. Chalo For ur Help I’ll act like Geet ok.

Shilpa: ok

Dey both started Acting like Maan nd Geet to which both Maan nd Geet couldn’t stop themselves Smiling wen dey saw dis especially Shilpa acting like Maan. Soon their Drama come to an end nd Shilpa cutely says Sorry to Maan for acting like him.


Once Again Shilpa Spins d Bottle nd dis tym it stops between Geet nd Armaan with d open end facing Geet

Armaan: So Geet Truth or Dare?

Geet: Dare

Armaan: ok, So Geet I heard that u write Beautiful Poems nd if dis is trueden dis should also be true dat u must have written something for Maan also I mean some kind of a Poem So u have to Share dis Poem wid all of us

Geet was numb after hearing dis. nw wat kind of a Dare is dis. Maan Senses her uncomfortableness so he intervenes

Maan: Hey Armaan! Stop it yaar, hw can u ask Geet to share something Personal

Armaan: o C’mon dude it’s a Dare nd Geet have to complete dis. haan if she’s scared of doing so den its ok

Geet: No Armaan m not at all scared

Maan: But Geet……….

Geet: its ok Maan. I can share it. (nd She started narrating her poem which she has written for Maan)

My Life was an open Book,

with Empty pages

No Avenues to discover,

Only desolate images……

Now those days are vanished & transformed,

Success is all around,

The Credit goes to a bonafied Person

Who is my Hidden Possession….

He exist in my heart & Soul

& ofcourse my ultimate Goal.

My Strength & weakness all he is

The one & only whom I Miss……

I Feel his fragnance in my breath

I’ll love him until my death.

Without him,

My Life is like a Rose Lacking Smell

Like a Candle without Flame………..

At Every Dawn nd Dust,

His glimpse is Must……….

His memeories are treasure

That no one can steal

His separation ia a Wound

That nothing can Heal����.

Now I pray to God,

Every Day and night

That he stays in my Life forever,

To make it beautiful nd Bright…….

I Don’t know what will I Do without Him

All I Know that I Don’t want to be without him……..


As d Poem comes to an end Geet notices everyone looking at her. she was so lost while saying her Poem that she didn’t realize that everyone is sitting around her. She felt only Maan nd she is together nd she’s telling her feelings to him. She didn’t even notice a drop of tear came from her eyes while narrating Poem. She looks at Maan who is looking at her lovingly. There was a unique Silence between dem like dey wanted to share some unspoken words forgetting the World around dem. Finally Armaan breaks d Silence


Armaan: Amazing Geet!!! (He said while clapping which brought both Geet nd Maan to their senses) I mean it was so beautifully written.

Geet: Thanx Armaan

Armaan: Maan, I must say yaar u r very lucky Dude that u had Geet wid u, I mean hw beautifully she has expressed wat u mean to her

Maan: I know Maan. I m really very lucky (He said while looking at Geet)

Shilpa: Acha nw enough of dis emotional talks nw lets see who’s next

Armaan: Sure, let me spin it dis tym

Armaan spins d Bottle nd dis tym it Stops Between Maan nd Savy with an open end towards Maan

Savy: So Maan, Truth or Dare

Maan: I can do both Savy, u know m not scared of anything

Savy: ya ya I know, ok I’ll give the task which covers both Truth nd Dare

Maan: nd Wats Dat?

Savy: m going to ask some questions to u regarding Geet. Lets see hw well u know her, nd if u give any answer Wrong den Geet will decide wat punishment should be given to u. Agree?

Maan understands dat its tym to follow d plan

Maan: ok Agreed

Savy: ok Den Maan, my first Question: Who is Geet’s Fav. Romantic Couple a) Sharukh-Kajol b) Raj kapoor Nargis c) Saif-Kareena or d) Abhi-Aish

Maan: None of Dem because Geet don’t believe in Filmy Romantic Couples she believes in reality So her Fav. Romantic Couple is Her Di nd Jiju. i.e Vindhya Di nd her Husband

Savy (to Geet): is he rite Geet?

Geet nods in yes

Savy: ok Maan, nw next question. Which of dem Geet likes a Lot, Beaches or Mountains

Maan: Beaches, because in its calmness Geet buries all her Sorrows nd Loneliness

Geet again nods in yes with a surprise dat Maan understands her so much

Savy: ok Maan nw next question, wen Geet is upset den wat r those things dat cheers up her mood

Maan: Rains nd Kishore Kumar’s Songs (he said while remembering d moments wen geet has a bad mood)

Savy (To herself): ye to sab gadbad kar raha hai. isi tarah karta raha to plan to gaya tel lene. (Den to Maan): ok Maan next question, Which Fast Food does Geet likes d most

Maan (smiles): Paanipuri nd dat too of roadside stall not from any reputed Restaurent

Savy: ok! Nd which Season is fav of Geet?

Maan: Rainy nd Winter nd to addition of it if she gets her fav. Butterscotch Ice cream in d coldest day of season

Savy: Ok nw My Last nd Final Question, I m sure dis will be gonna tough for u: we all know that Geet is Stubborn but sometimes she leaves her stubbornness also so who r those people who makes her leave her stubbornness

Maan: there r 3 peoples nd those are: Her Vindhya Di, Her Vansh Bhai nd third is Geet Herself.

It was obvious from Geet’s Expression dat Maan’s every answer was correct. Savy, slaps her forehead with her hand nd Gives an Angry look to Maan who has messed up all her Plan. Geet gets surprised to see dat that Maan notices every small things about her dis shows hw much he love her on the Other hand Maan too is shocked to give right answers it was his nd Savy’s Plan to give all d answers wrong den wat happens he don’t know. All he knows dat everything was happened automatically. He was giving answers while Looking at Geet nd was not able to give wrong answers.


Shilpa: Guys! I am Hungry. Lets get some snacks

Savy: ya Sure Shilpa. Bro Pls get some snacks from Kitchen nd Remember game is not over yet. U nd me r still left

Armaan: ya I know

Geet: Armaan, I Too come wid u for ur help

Armaan: Sure Geet, Shilpa u also want to cum

Shilpa: ya Sure


All three of dem headed inside d house so Savy got d chance to talk wid Maan. She pulls him aside


Savy: Wat the Hell u think u have done? R u Mad? I told u na u don’t have to give d right answers den y did u done dat? Itni mushkil se plan banaya tha but thanx to u everything has been messed up. Nw wat we’ll do?

Maan: Relax Savy, I havent done anything wrong

Savy: O really! How so?

Maan: Savy, havent u seen d expressions on Geet’s Face wen she was sharing her poem with us, the intensity of her love was clearly seen in her eyes. nd d Happiness which was dere on her face wen I have given right answers I cant forget dat. Savy, I know that u want me nd Geet to Re-unite nd I too want it but nt like dis. Geet has already suffered a lot due to dis plan but nw I dnt want her to suffer. So dis Plan is over here only. I want Geet to confess her love for me but not by giving her pain nd actually she has already told me about her feelings through that Poem. Nd as far as saying by herself is concerned I’ll wait. I’ll wait for whole of my life but from now on will not do anything which will hurt her.


By saying dis he goes from dere Leaving Savy alone.


Savy(To herself): O God! Both love each other so much den y these problems. (Den looking upwards) Geet k Babaji ab Aap hi kuch kar sakte ho. Pls inki Love story track pe le Aao Wo bhi inhi 2 dino mein.


After having some snacks every1 has resumed d Game nd dis tym Geet spins d Bottle which stops between Armaan nd Savy with d open end towards Armaan.


Savy: Yes! This is wat I want. So Bro Truth or Dare?

Armaan: Dare

Savy: ok Bro! I dare u to confess ur Feelings for the Person u love. The Person who has became ur life in front of all of us

Armaan: But Savy’.

Savy: Y? if u can Ask Geet to share her Poem she has written for Maan then u should not get scared for confessing ur Feelings

Armaan: ok F9. u have to pay for dis in future

Savy: whatever. First complete ur dare


Armaan gets up from his place nd goes where Shilpa was sitting. Every1 was watching dem smiling. Every1 over dere knew swat they both r Feeling for each other but the fact is dat that neither Armaan nor Shilpa is ready to confess their feeling. But now Armaan has to confess his feelings. Armaan helps Shilpa to stand up nd brought her aside. Everone gets up from their places to see their confession. Shilpa’s Heartbeats r getiing Faster nd Faster by each nd Every moment. Finally Armaan is going to propose her. the day for which she was waiting for so long. Armaan sit on his Knees holding Shilpa’s one hand nd started Confessing her Feelings


Armaan: Shilpa, I don’t know how to Say, from where to start. I m good in poems like Geet if I was den I would definitely express it through dat nor I know those Filmy lines like Savy. All I know is dat my Heart Beats for u. u came to my Dark life nd has spread d light of Happiness nd once again given me courage to live, to Laugh nd most importantly to Love Again. Usually Guys have Ring or some kind of Flowers at the moment of confessing their feelings but I dnt have either of these rite nw but still I m going to confess. I LOVE U SHILPA I REALLY DO ND WILL LOVE U FOREVER. U R MY LIFE SHILPA ND I CANT LIVE WITHOUT U. DO U LOVE ME? WILL U BE MINE FOR FOREVER?


Everyone was looking at both of dem mesmerized. A drop of tear fell from Shilpa’s eyes. She smiles nd let Armaan to Stand up.


Shilpa: Armaan, I LOVE YOU TOO. I Don’t know since wen but I feel nice wen u r around me. U made me believe to those stupid Love stories which Di use to watch or read nd den cries. I cant imagine my Life without u. I want to be yours forever. But dere is one problem


Everyone including Armaan got tensed wen Shilpa said d word Problem


Armaan: wats dat Shilpa?

Shilpa: I don’t know hw to Cook neither I can do those household works which ladies use to do after marriage


Everyone including Armaan laughs at Shilpa’s Innocence.


Armaan: Its ok. I’ll manage with Burn Foods nd messed up Home nd moreover I’ll never let my Princess to do any work. I can cook for u for whole of my life neither I would mind being “Joru Ka Ghulam”

Shilpa: Really?

Armaan: yes

As soon as Armaan said Dis Shilpa Hugs him Tightly to which Armaan responded back. The Gang clapped nd smiles at the Happy Couple. Every1 is Happy for dem Specially Geet wen she sees her Sister has got a Perfect Match.


Geet(To Herself): Thank God! Atleast Someone’s Love has got its Destination.


But Armaan nd Shilpa seems to forget their Sorroundings so someone has to bring dem back


Savy: Ahem! Ahem! Guys I think u both have forgetten that u r not alone we all r also over here.


They broke d Hug nd looks at every1. Everyone congratulated Armaan nd Shilpa on their Happiness with lots of Hugs.


Maan: Guys! I Think we should Leave both of Dem Alone nw.

Savy: No but game is still incomplete.

Maan: Stop Behaving like a Kid Savy. Leave dem alone. Dey needed sometime for themselves.

Armaan: Thanx Maan for being so understanding

Maan: Anytime Dude.


Everyone except Armaan nd Shilpa headed inside d House giving some Privacy to the couple.




Geet was standing at the terrace thinking about Armaan nd Shilpa nd their Confession. Hw happy they looked with each other. She and Maan can also be Happy in d same way if she havent behave so immature but nw nothing can be done. She has to live without Maan because nw Maan’s Happiness is wid Savera. All these thoughts were running in her Mind wen Savera joins her.


Savy: Hey Geet! Wat r u doing at the terrace that too in dis much cold

Geet: nothing Savy just thinking about Armaan nd Shilpa. Dey were so Happy wid Each other na.

Savy: Ya dats rite. Both Look so Good Together. I wish they always be like dat only. But Geet y I feel that there is something else also which is bothering u.

Geet: No Savy, nothing like dat.

Savy: C’mon Geet Don’t hide it from me. Tell me Pls.

Geet: Actually I was thinking about u and Maan

Savy(confused): Me nd Maan?

Geet: ya. U both look so Good together. Actually u both Deserve each other. Dekho na maine apni bewakoofi mein Maan ko Kho Diya but I m happy that he’s Happy wid u. Actually……

Savy(intervenes): Wait wait wat r u saying Geet? Me and Maan? R u crazy? Wat made u think like dat?

Geet: u mean to say u nd Maan r not seeing each other.

Savy: God No. not at all

Geet: But everytym u both were together. U calling him Shona nd he calling u Princess nd today at Noon u both were……

Savy: o God Geet. Its nothing like dat. Maan nd Me were just making u jealous so that u can express ur love to him. Nd during Noon I was discussing my Plan wid Maan for the evening nd making him Assure that u’ll definitely confess ur feelings in dis 2 days.

Geet: Really?

Savy: yes. Geet me nd Maan were just Good friends nothing else. I never realized hw hurt u would be due to our plan But u know wat today after d game wen u, Armaan nd Shilpa Went inside den Maan told me to stop dis Plan because he don’t want to hurt u more. He said that he can wait till whole of his lyf for ur confession but he’ll not hurt u anymore nw due to dis plan.

Geet: Maan said dis

Savy: Yes Geet, he really loves u a lot nd I was just helping him dats it. Geet just go nd confess ur love to him. He’s waiting for u from so long


Geet hugs Savy a warm hug. She was so wrong about Savy. Savy was trying to re-unite dem nd she thought that she’s snatching Maan from him.


Geet: thanx Savy. For making me realize my mistake

Savy: My pleasure Geet. Nw don’t waste tym Geet. Just Go and tell him

Geet: yes! I m going


Saying dis she quickly goes from dere in search of Maan. All her moments wid Maan were running in her mind. She has decided that Today she’s gonna tell everything to Maan. There will be no Boundations nw neither her Stupid Ego will cum between dem. She searched at his Room he was not dere den she has looked at d hall but he was not there too. then where he could be. then suddenly something struck her mind. Nw only one place left to find “Garden”.




Maan was standing at Garden looking at Moon nd thinking about Geet. He know that by stopping Savy to follow d plan is not good to him may be nw Geet will never confess her feelings but its ok he can wait but nw he’ll not let Geet suffer anymore. He was lost in his thoughts wen he felt someone behind him. He turned around nd saw Geet standing over dere. She has tears in her eyes wid smile on her face. Maan couldn’t understand her expression. Suddenly Geet came running nd Hugged Maan tight like he will be vanished in a moment. Maan couldn’t understand d Situation. Did Geet just Hugged him or is he dreaming. No its not a Dream. Geet is in his Arms. He too hugged her back. Dey were in each other Arms for some moment wen Maan spoke


Maan: Geet, wat happen? Is Everything ok? R u ok?

Geet: Pls Maan dnt say anything. Let me be in ur Arms for some moment

Maan: Geet, wat happen? (he said while caressing her Back)


Geet Broke the hug nd looked at Maan’s Eyes. hw much love was their for her in his eyes den y she couldn’t read it till nw. Hw can she think of Maan being wid Savy. She thought. Den she places her one hand on Maan’s Cheek nd started confessing her feelings


Geet: Maan, I LOVE YOU. I LOVE U A LOT. Maan I have been stupid during all dese Period to think that u Love Saver and not me. That I had lost u. that I can never be wid u now. But today wen Savy told me everything den I ralized that hw wrong I was nd den I couldn’t stop myself from telling u. MAAN I REALLY REALLY LOVE YOU.

Maan(cupped her face in his hands): Geet, I LOVE YOU TOO. U know I was waiting for dis moment from so long. Nd Geet it was not ur mistake if u have thought like dis like d thing were presented in front of u ur thinking was obvious. Don’t Blame urself for anything.

Geet: Tum itne Acche kyun ho Maan? U quietly suffered all ur Pain without any complaint nd wen it came to my suffering u stopped dis plan so that I dnt get Suffered anymore inspite of knowing that u r taking a pain for ur Lifetym. I always thought of my pain, my sorrows but have never seen urs that hw much u r suffering. Really bahut Buri hoon main……

Maan(puts his Finger on her lips to make her quiet): Sshhhh! Geet no. dnt say like dis. u r not at all bad. Geet u r my Angel nd hw can be an Angel be Bad. Geet I cant even tell u how much I love you all I know is dat I cant live without u not in my Worst Nightmare I wanted to be without u. U changed my Life Geet. U told me hw to live Life, hw can we find Happiness in Small things. Wen a Person can leave such a excellent Impact in someone’s Life den hw can that Person be Bad.

Geet: But Maan……

Maan: No Geet! Just forget Everything. Just Forget that we ever had a fight. Forget that we were ever got Separated. Lets Start a New Beginning from Today. Our Journey of Love which will Last Forever. No Matter Hw much we’ll Fight but That Fight will never Change our Love. Just feel dis Moment which has brought u nd me Closer which has broken every Walls between us

Geet: But u have to make one more Promise

Maan: wats Dat?

Geet: That u’ll not do that again u know dat Jealousy Plan nd all dat u calling Savy Princess etc etc. I cant share u with Anyone u r mine only Mine

Maan: I promise Geet even I cant share u wid Anymine u r also just Mine but u have to promise one thing to me.

Geet: wats dat?

Maan: That from Now if any of us will have any kind of confusion or Misunderstanding then we’ll first clear it wid each other before going into any Decisions

Geet: I promise Maan. Acha By d way Tell me one thing y did u gave Rite Answers Today?

Maan: y? u don’t wanted me to give Right Answers

Geet: No, nothing like dat but if u have given Wrong Answers then I had a chance to punish u but u have given every answer Right except one

Maan(Confused): Which one?

Geet: the Last one, in which u have to tell d names of d Persons because of whom I can leave my Stubborness.

Maan: No Geet I have given rite Answer

Geet: No u have not. Its not 3 People its 4. Vindhya Di, Vansh Bhai, Me Myself nd 4th one is U Maan.

Maan(amazed): Me?

Geet: yes Maan, Even I don’t know wen I have given u dis Right but for u I can leave everything. I can Do anything for u.

Maan: den y didn’t u tell dis there?

Geet: Because I don’t wanted to Prove u wrong in front of Everyone

Maan: Geet, tum sach mein Paagal ho. But Still Rules are Rules u should punish me

Geet: No Maan I wont punish u.

Maan: U have to or else I’ll punish u

Geet: o Really How?

Maan: u’ll Cum to know Soon

By saying dis he came closer to her. Geet didn’t moved an inch. He slowly places his Hand around her waist nd Pulled her towards himself. Geet’s Geart has started beating fast but she didn’t Protest him. He caressed her face with his hand nd den cupped it between his hands. He leaned in towards her nd tenderly kissed her forehead. Geet Closes her eyes. she was melting in his Arms. Then he kissed both of her eyes. then he Leaned in to Kiss her soft lips, the Lips which he was dying to kiss. Both r Loving d Affect they had on each other. Finally he kissed her soft Lips, feel its softness. Geet Circled her Arms around his neck, brushing his hairs with her hand. Maan felt a Shiver through his Spine due to her Touch. Finally he was kissing his Angle nd she too responding him back. Every Boundation, every Hurdles r over nw. Nw there is only Love present between dem. They seemed nowhere to stop but before their kiss can be turned into a Passionate one both hear a voice addressing Geet which make dem came back to their Senses. It was Shilpa calling Geet.

Shilpa: Di! Where r u? its so late

Geet (To Maan): Shilpa is coming I have to go

Maan: Wat if I didn’t let u go (he said holding her Wrist)

Geet(Trying to free herself): Maan Pls. Let me go

Maan: on one condition.

Geet: Wat?

Maan: u have to meet me tomorrow wherever I say where there is only u nd Me

Geet: Ok I’ll come but nw let me go. Shilpa will come

Maan: ye Saali bhi na

Geet(angrily): Maan

Maan(humbles): Arey I mean that Sister-in-Law wala Saali. Not dat one

Geet: Better. Acha nw I m going

Maan: ok Go but don’t forget ur Promise

Geet: ok I’ll come. Bye Maan.

She said nd Kissed his cheeks nd quickly Ran away from dere. After Sometime Maan Too got inside d House. Both lost in each other’s Dream nd waiting for d Next day eagerly.


Geet couldn’t able to sleep whole night. Sleep seems to be miles away from her. Everytime she closed her Eyes she Remembers her Confession to Maan then their First Kiss which makes her Blush more nd More. She smiles while thinking of the moment she spend with Maan. She picks out her cellphone nd was about to dial Maan’s Number she heard d Opening of Knob of the Door which brings her back to her senses.


Geet: I think Shilpa nd Savy has came nd if they see me like dis dey would definitely make fun of me. I Better Pretend to sleep. When dey both will see me like dis they will also go to sleep nd den I’ll talk to Maan.


She said nd quickly puts d Blanket over her nd closes her eyes pretending to sleep but her cellphone is still in her hand she just prays to God dat it wouldn’t Ring. Meanwhile Savy ns Shilpa Enters d Room. Both Saw Geet Sleeping nd gets confused as Geet never sleeps before talking to Shilpa.


Shilpa: Hw come Di Sleeps so early Today. I mean she slept without talking to me. She didn’t even asked me about my Date with Armaan.

Savy: Really?

Shilpa: ya she never did that

Savy: that’s Really very unusual


In d meantime Geet puts her cellphone on Vibrating Mode so that if in case it rings den nobody could hear it. While she was doing This Savy notices some moves in d Blanket. She smirks as she came to know that Geet was just Pretending to be in sleep. She whispers something in Shilpa’s Ears to which Shilpa gives a surprising look. Dey both smirks nd decided to tease Geet. Both sat on Geet’s bed nd started talking to each other.

Savy: Shilpa, Do u know today Geet confesses her Feelings towards Maan.

Shilpa: Really? How do u know? Did Di told u?

Savy(makes a Face): No Yaar, Actually I met Maan while I m cuming towards our Room. He was very Happy nd wen I asked about d reason den he told me dis.

Shilpa: Wow! M so happy for both of dem.

Geet (under her breath): Ye Maan Bhi na, kya zarurat thi abhi batane ki kal subah tak ka wait nahi kar sakta tha.

Both Shilpa nd Savy notices it nmd dey continued their plan.

Savy: nd u knw wat Shilpa, Maan is telling dat he knews dat dis will happen very soon

Shilpa: Really? how?

Savy(quiet loudly): I too asked d same, to which he was saying dat charm of MSK always work. No girl can resist herself for longer

Shilpa: hhhmmm dats true

While Geet opened her Jaw in frustration like she always do in d show

Geet: oh! To ye baat hai. Milne do aisi khabar loongi ki sari akal thikane aa jayegi. Dusht Daanav

Savy: nd u knw wat, he was also saying dat wen no girl in dis world can resist herself in front of his Charm den hw can Geet? Sooner or Later Geet had to give in. Afterall he is MSK nd MSK gets wat he wants

Shilpa: Ooo! Did Jiju said all dis?

Savy: Ya u think I m lyieng. Nd u knw wat else he was saying, he was saying dat…

Geet couldn’t take it anymore nw, she didn’t let Savera complete her sentence nd quickly gets out from d blanket, both Savy nd Shilpa notices d frustating expression on her face

Geet: Aur kya bola usne? Aur kitna boast kiya usne apne aap ko

Savy(Pretends to get surprised): Are Geet! Tum to so rahi thi na? to achanak kaise uth gayi?

Geet: Bhaad me gayi meri neend, tum pehle mujhe yeh batao ki maan mere bare me aur kya bol raha tha?

Shilpa: Di wo…

Savy (intervenes): no Shilpa, its ok we should tell geet d whole truth she should knw dat wat Maan thinks about her. (den to Geet) Geet Maan was saying… That he loves u a lot nd no other girl in dis world can take ur place in his heart

Geet got all her anger vanished nd she smiles sweetly

Geet: Really?

Both Shilpa nd Savy nodes in yes. Geet felt Happy nd blushed den she notices both Savy nd Shilpa’s faces who were looking at her nd den she realized that it was dere plan to trap her. She smiled nervously to dem

Shilpa: but Di u haven’t told us yet? U were sleeping na den hw come u r able to listen our conversation?

Geet: Wo… main… Actually…

Savy: Ya geet we r listening

Geet: Wo actually… main… haan… Wo I got disturbed in sleep wid ur conversations nd datsy listened wat u were saying

Shilpa: Really Di? Bt we r talking so Softly. Aren’t we Savy?

Savy: Ya ofcourse.

Geet make a poor face not able to think any strong reason wen savy throws pillow on her nd Shilpa too accompanied her.

Savy(Laughing): u lier u weren’t sleeping u were jst pretending so dat we cannot ask u about ur meeting wid maan isn’t it?

Geet: no Guys… u were all thinking wrong

Shilpa: nw stop it Di, we saw u ok

Geet: so u guys were saying dis intentionally?

Savy: Yup!!!!

Geet: I wont leave u both

She said nd started throwing pillows on both of dem in defence of which dey both started running nd throwing cushions on her. It seems like all 3 were student of 1st standard fighting nd messing all things

Savy (all of a sudden): Arey Maan! U are here?

Geet stops in her tracks nd looks towards d door nd found it closed she den gives an angry look to both of dem nd started laughing nd den hug each other. It seems like dey were seeing each other after so many years. Just den Shilpa notices somethinmg flashing on bed. It was Geet’s cell.

Shilpa: Di ur cell

Geet quickly picks it up nd saw Maan’s name flashing over dere, nd she quickly answers d call.

Geet: Hello!

Maan: Hello Geet! Where were u? I have been calling u from last 15 minutes

Geet: wo.. my cell was at silent mode

Maan: ok… So thinking of me?

Geet couldn’t talk freely to maan because of Savy nd Shilpa she just says yes nd no

Geet: no

Maan: lier!

Geet: m not lyieng

Maan: Geet, I can catch ur lie even if m nt wid u ok so stp lyieng.

Geet just smiles

Maan: nw tell me u were thinking of me na?

Geet: ya

Maan: even I was thinking of u. u knw wenevr I close my eyes ur face comes in front of my eyes nd moment we spend together. Geet I really cant tell wat I m feeling rite nw. Do u feel d same?

Geet: ya

Maan: u knw wat m missing u badly.

Geet: hhmmm me too.


Geet: same here

Maan nw gets irritate wid her yes, no, hhmmm

Maan: Geet wats wrong wid u? u are talking to me like its d first tym u r talking to me. U dnt want to talk?

Geet: no nothing like dat.

Maan: Den?

Geet: ya Shilpa nd savy r here only

Maan: oh! So dis is d reason

Geet: Hhmmm

Maan: ye dono kabab me haddiyan saara romance kharab kar deti hai. Bt dnt worry kal ye dono haddiyan humara romance kharab nahi karengi. Bcoz tomorrow dere will be only u nd me? U remember na

Geet(Blushes): ya, I do

Maan: chalo! Nw I m hanging up otherwise dey will tease u more. Bye gud nite nd I LOVE U.

Geet: bye nd same to u.

She cuts d call nd quickly texts him “I LOVE U MY MAANU JAANU GUD NITE”. To which Maan replies wid a smiley SmileEmbarrassed.



Next morning wen Geet came out from d  Shower she notices Savy packing her bags. She gets confused nd decided to ask her

Geet: Savy, wats all dis? Y r u packing ur bags?

Savy: oh Geet, m leaving in 2 hrs for Mumbai nd from dere back to London

Geet frowned nd thinks dat she might feel bad due to her rude behaviour towards savy from last few days

Geet: Savy, I m so sorry, I knw I was very rude to u frm last few days, but I…

Savy: Geet Geet Geet relax! Who says that m going because of u? Geet it was all planned I had to go to London nd it was nt because of u

Geet: but Savy we all were going to Mumbai tomorrow den y r u going today?

Savy: Geet I have to go, aur waise bhi jis Kaam ke liye main aayi thi wo poora ho gaya to mujhe to ab jaana hoga na. u nd maan r together nw.

Geet gets confused

Savy: Geet Maan has told me wat has happened between u two nd derefore I decided to cum to India to unite u both nd see I have done my Job Perfectly. Aur dekho na main to ek Love Story set karne aayi thi aur Do Luv stories ko track pe laake ja rahi hoon.Ek tumhari aur Maan ki aur Doosri Apni bewakoof Bhai ki. Kisi ko uska Pyaar mil jaye isse zyada khushi ki baat aur kya ho sakti hai.

Geet: Savy, can I ask u sumthing?

Savy: ofcourse Geet

Geet: u were in luv wid Maan na?

Savy (smiles): ya I was bt nt nw. Geet, Maan nd Bro were childhood friends nd Maan has always treat me as Armaan’s Sis. He had never ver thought of me beyond friends nd I realize dat he can never ever think of me in dat way. Nd nw I too realize dat it was just an infactuation. Nd m happy dat he’s my very gud friend.

A drop of tear fell from Geet’s eye

Savy: u knw wat Geet, wenever I talk to Maan he always mention u. Geet is like dis, Geet is like dat, today she fights wid me, today we have gone to beach. Geet Geet nd only Geet. Den I realize hw madly he’s in luv wid u so wen he told me abt d problem between u two den I couldn’t resist myself from helping u both. Main to yahan us ladki se milne aayi thi Jisne Maan ko itna badal diya. I have never seen Maan talking about any girl nt even in college therefore wen he told abt u den I was curious to see u. nd so m here.


Geet quickly hugs Savy nd dey both share a warm hug. After few minutes dey broke from hug


Geet: u knw wat Savy, u r too sweet. U were a blessing as a friend. Maan is really Lucky to have u as a friend.

Savy: no m lucky to have him as a friend.Dey both laugh

Geet: Wo to hain but dnt worry u too will get ur Maan Soon

Savy(sadly): I doubt that Geet

Geet: but y?

Savy: Geet, m going to tell u sumthing but promise dat u wont tell it to anyone

Geet: I Promise

Savy: Geet m suffering from Brain Tumor

Geet gets shocked she don’t know wat to say hw to react she was just speechless. Savy notices it nd tries to lighten d atmosphere

Savy: Relax its on it initial stage.

Geet: but Savy… Dis… r u going thru any treatment?

Savy: ya Geet nd Doc. Says dat it is cureable I just have to go thru an operation but my operation is risky. It could result into memory loss or maybe brain hamerage

Geet: Did Armaan know abt it?

Savy: No, only Mom nd Dad knows abt it. I haven’t told bro yet

Geet: but y Savy? U shld tell him. He’s nt only ur brither but also a Doctor. U should not hide it from him.

Savy: Geet I know dis. But I knw bro also. Geet, he cant bear dis. He loves me a lot. He cant see me in dis state. Geet, I had already seen him going thru a very bad phase. Den Shilpa came to his lyf nd I again saw him smiling, living his life. Nd nw if I told dis to him he wont b able to tolerate dis. Moreover he’ll lost his happiness wid shilpa nd dis I dnt want

Geet: but Savera…

Savt: Geet, I said na its at initial stage, may be nothing can happen nd I’ll get long lyf after dat. Geet promise me u wont tell dis to anyone.

Geet(in tears): I wont. But I’ll really pray to Babaji dat u become fit nd fine aur dekhna u’ll attend my marriage.

Savy: For sure. Acha nw let me pack

Geet: Savy, meri ek baat manogi

Savy: ofcourse Geet

Geet: pls dnt go today. I need u is my date wid Maan nd I want to look best 4 him. I m very nervous nd I need my best friend wid me. Pls for me stay today

Savy: nw u said me best friend den hw can I refuse. I’ll be dere 4 u today nd u’ll look perfect. I promise Maan will definitely blown away after seeing u.

Geet: thanx Savy


Savy said nothing but smiles.



In d evening Savy nd Shilpa r helping Geet to get ready. Geet wanted to be a surprise package for Maan today therefore she choses d Dress in which she look breathtaking. Shilpa nd Savy helped Geet in Make-up nd other accessories. Finally by 7 PM Geet is ready. Maan nd Armaan both has set Maan’s date at Maan’s Beach house. Maan knws dat hw much Geet loves Beach. Therefore he decided to set up his date over dere. All d arrangements were Geet’s Favourite. Nd after dat he too goes to get ready.


At 7:30 a Car cumes to pick Geet. As soon as Geet enters d car she saw a Bouquet of flowers. It was her fav. Orchids. A note was written over dere




She both smiled nd blushed reading dat. She didn’t realize she reaches to the Beach house until driver told her. She steps out checks herself nd slowly moves towards house. She was conscious as she dnt knw hw Maan will react to her new look. But she tried to keep herself calm. She takes a Deep Breath nd steps in. As soon as she enters her eyes gets wide after seeing d arrangement. She couldn’t believe dat Maan has done dis. Everything was so perfect nd amazing. She adores everything curtains, flowers, candles everything. She knew dat Maan can go to any extent to make dis date perfect. But where is Maan? She looked around herself everywhere but couldn’t able to locate him.


Geet: Maan where r u?


She said nd notices a spot light at d distance. She smiles knowing who it was.


Geet: Maan where r u?


She said nd notices a spot light at d distance. She smiles knowing who it was. He was none other den Maan who was approaching slowly to her. Her heartbeats started increasing as she saw him cuming near her. She looked at him unblinkly.



“He was looking extremely handsome , no not handsome, hot. He was looking HOT!!!! ” She thought nd den shrugged off her thoughts. What was she thinking but she can think afterall he was her Love nd her Would be husband so she can think of him in dis way. She smiled at the thought of considering Maan as his Husband.


In d mean tym Maan came close to Geet both Looking at each other’s eyes intensely. Geet gets conscious wen she felt him near her. Maan looked at Geet intensely nd noticed her new look. She was not wearing suit instead she was wearing a black Halter Neck Dress which was covering just above her knees.[SORRY GUYS COULDNT ABLE TO FIND ANY SUITABLE DRESS SUITING DIS DESCRIPTION SO I LEAVE IT UP TO UR IMAGINATIONS] Maan’s heart skipped several Beats wen he saw Geet in dat dress. The dress is fitting to her slim Figure perfectly. He never imagined Geet in such a Attire. He looked her from top to Bottom. He could easily observe her curves. It was perfectly fitting dem. He noticed her hair was open instead of plaits through which she tried to cover her bare shoulders. She looks very Sexy, he dared to thought that. Maan suddenly felt a urge of  Kissing her, Kissing every exposed Part of her body. Geet was feeling shy nd uncomfortable by d way Maan staring at her. Her breathing gets heavied nd her Heart started racing at super sonic speed. Same is d condition wid Maan’s Heart. He couldn’t resist himself from not kissing her. He comes more closer to her.


Geet felt conscious in d sudden closeness. She tries pulling her dress downwards so that it actually covers her knees but it was of no use. She quickly turns facing her Back towards Maan. Maan noticed her Bare Back due to her Backless dress which drives him more Insane.


Geet Felt his body heat against her as he stepped close to her. He slipped his hands around her waist nd pulled her closer. She placed her hands on his. He sank his face in her hairs nd inhaled deep. He was loving d Aroma of hers nd den nuzzled on her ear. Geet closed her eyes asshe felt his warm breath falling on her neck. Den he moves all her hairs to one side of her sholders nd ran his index finger on her one hand nd den on her bare back. Geet was feeling hard to breath wen she felt his touch. Den slowly he placed a kiss on her shoulders… Den he Proceeds towards her neck nd kissed her dere… den slowly placed a kiss on her ears. Geet was lost in his touch, she quickly turned nd hugged him Tight. Maan too hugged him wid same passion nd dey both have a Passionate hug. His lips brushing her bare shoulders. Dey both caressing each other’s Back. Both dnt knw how long dey were in each other’s embrace feeling each other. After some tym dey came out of d hug but haven’t broke dere intense Eye lock. Maan moves d Lock of her hair falling on her face nd tucked dem behind her ears caressing her soft skin. Nd den cups her face between his hands nd started giving her kisses on her face. First he kiss her Forehead, den both her eyes, den her cheeks nd den he finally came to her Rosy Lips. He looked at dem nd caress his Finger over dere To nd Fro. Geet Closed her Eyes in anticipation. Her Breathing gets more heavied. Maan Looked at her face nd realizes dat may be was Going Too Far rite nw. its dere Firdt date nd he should not make her Feel uncomfortable. He Slowly brushed his Lips against her nd backs out. Geet opens her eyes only to see dat Maan is Looking at her intensely nd Lovingly. Geet feel blushed nd casted her eyes down in shyness. Maan lifted her chin up so dat she can meet up his eyes. He notices her shyness nd saw dat her cheeks turned red due to blushing which makes her look cute. He always loves her innocence infact dis was d only thing which makes him fall in love wid her again nd again.


“Geet” he said in a deep husky voice which makes Geet looked at him


Maan: Geet, kya hai ye?

Geet(Confused): wat Maan?

Maan (Looking her top to bottom): dis, ur Attire?

Geet(Frowned, thinking Maan didn’t like her dress): Y? u don’t like it? I thought u’ll like me in dis dress

Maan: Geet, aisi baat nahi hai, infact u are looking very beautiful, but y u wore it wen u r not feeling comfortable in it


Geet (To herself): do I need to tell d reason for it?


Maan understands y she dressed up like dis jst because he mentioned dat he liked girls wid short dresses. He smirks thinking  of it


Maan: Bolo na Geet… y?

Geet: Wo Maan… Actually…

Maan: just because I said dat I like girls in short dresses datsy u dressed up like dis. Rite?


Geet said nothing but nods innocently in yes which makes Maan smiles


Maan: Geet tum sach me paagal ho.

Geet: Maan I can do anything for ur happiness

Maan: Anything?

Geet: yes Anything

Maan: ok den, cum I’ll take u sumwhere


Saying dis He said lifted her up in his arms nd started moving upwards towards d room. Geet couldn’t undersatand Maan’s action. She couldn’t understand wat was going in his mind. But she didn’t asked him. Both were lost in each other’s gaze. None of dem break d eyelock. Geet didn’t realize dat wen he reached to d room. She only realizes it wen Maan put her down. She looked around her nd notices dat it was a Bedroom. She felt conscious thinking y he had brought her here but den she calm herself.


Geet (To herself): Geet relax! Just trust Maan he wont do anything. He loves u not lusts u


Maan notices d changes of expression on her face. He understands wat Geet is thinking at dis moment. Any girl would think like dis only at dis situation. He cups her face between his hands nd looked straight into her eyes


Maan: Geet, I know wat u r thinking rite nw nd its obvious to think at dis situation but I also seen d trust for me in ur eyes nd for dat I m really thankful to u. Geet, I knw d limits of our relationship nd I would never ever cross dem. Geet our Love is pure, our relationship is pure just like ur heart nd I’ll not do anything dat would insult our pure love. Trust me

Geet: I Trust u Maan

Maan: I know Geet nd I was also having intuition dat u’ll do sumthing like dis only

Geet: but Maan how do you…

Maan: Geet I know ur heart better den urself nd I knw dat dis thing was in ur mind since d day I told u abt dis nd somewhere I had d intuition dat u’ll do dis on our first date to impress me nd make it perfect. Isn’t it?


Geet nodes in yes


Maan: Geet, u dnt have to impress me bcoz m already impressed wid u from ur innocence, simplicity, loving nd caring nature. Geet, this is not u, this is not my Geet. My Geet doesn’t need to impress me by doing Things which doesn’t make her feel comfortable. I want My Geet on our first date. Datsy I brought u here. Geet I had bring a dress for u which I want u to wear today. Will u wear it?


Geet nodes in yes nd hugged Maan. She felt touched wid his words. He’s so understanding, so loving, so caring. She’s lucky to have him. Maan too hugs him wid utmost affection nd kissed on top of her head.


Maan: Geet, nw go nd get changed otherwise I couldn’t resist my temptation (He said naughtily)


Geet smiles nd hits him on his chest mischeviously.


Maan: Ouch! Geeettt (den smiles), dress is in d wardrobe. Go nd get change. I’ll wait outside ok.


Geet nodes nd walks towards d wardrobe nd Maan walks outside d Room. He closes d Door nd waited for her outside. Geet moves towards d wardrobe. As soon as she opens it she found a green Dress hanging over dere. It was beautiful, she always loves Maan’s taste. She took out nd nd moves her hand over it. It was beautiful she thought.. she found all d matching accessories found at d dressing table. She quickly dressed herself nd looked herself at d mirror.





For once she felt dat Maan is standing behind staring at her.






She felt blushed nd looked down but wen she gazed upwards she found no one.


Geet(to herself): Tu bhi na Geet ekdum Baawri ho gayi hai. Maan to bahar hai.


Suddenly she listened Maan’s Voice from outside


Maan: Geet, wat taking u so long? Cum fast

Geet: ya Maan just cuming


She said nd came outside d Room. Maan couldn’t remove his gaze from her as soon as he saw her. She was looking Breathtaking. He was totally blown away wid her beauty wid simplicity. He came close to her nd cups her face


Maan: Nw dats My Geet, Sweet, Simple nd Innocent.


He said nd again hugged her. Dey were in each other’s Arm for few moments den dey broke out from dere hug.


Maan: Cum, I need to show u sumthing?

Geet: wat?

Maan: not like dis


He said nd blindfolded her. Geet felt darkness in front of her eyes.


Geet: Maan…

Maan: Geet, Dnt worry m wid u.


Geet said nothing but just smiles. Maan holds her hand nd takes her towards d Terrace making sure dat she didn’t trip. Geet was getting impatient wid every passing minute


Geet: Maan tell me na where r we going?

Maan: Geet, cant u be quiet for few minutes. We r almost dere

Geet: ok (She said making a face)

Maan: Paagal (he said under his breath.)


Finally dey reaches d terrace. As soon as she reaches over dere Maan removes d cloth in front of her eyes nd asks her to open d eyes nw. As soon as Geet opens her eyes she cpouldnt believe on what she was seeing in front of her. Though d whole house was decorated beautifully but dis place was specially decorated for her.


She noticed dat d whole terrace was beautifully decorated wid candels nd Flowers both Orchids nd White Roses. Heart Shaped Balloons were Lyieng on d Floor, A dinner Table for two has been Arranged over dere for both of dem. A Soft Instrumental is playing in D BG. Nd d Moon light cuming over dere was creating a Magic to dat Place nd extending its beauty even more. Den she notices sumthing which actually makes her Feel Special. It Was a Big Picture of Her nd Maan’ Pic which has been taken on her B’day on a Screen at d Left nd a Title was Written over dere



“Mr. & Mrs. Maan Singh Khurana”

[once again sorry guys i knw its not dat pic but d pic i arranged for dis scene was nt uploading i dnt knw y, so pls bear wid dis pic 4 nw]

She got so much touched wen she reads it. She looked at Maan who was looking at her smiling.She really dnt know wat to say him rite nw. everytime he makes her feel so special. She has never imagined dat her lyf will take such a beautiful turn someday nd she’ll get someone to love her like Maan. A drop of tear fell from her eyes, a tear of happiness, a tear of love. Maan wipes it wid his thumb


Maan(softly): Geet, wat happen?

Geet: u did all dis

Maan nodes in yes. She hugs him again nd Maan too hugs her back, caressing her back. After sumtym Geet broke d hug nd looked into his eyes in which she has always seen immense love for her.


Geet: Maan, y do u luv me so much?


Maan cups her face nd looked back wid same intensity


Maan: Geet, dnt ask me ask urself becoz even I dnt knw d answer y I love u so much. I was attracted to u d day I first saw u nd wend is attraction became luv I dnt knw. Geet I cant see u in pain, I cant see u get hurted. I want to give u all d happiness of dis world. Geet u r my lyf, my everything. Without u Maan is incomplete. Maan is nothing widout Geet. Its u Geet who makes me complete.


As soon as Maan finishes himself Geet again hugs him


Geet: don’t luv me dis much Maan otherwise I’ll start getting  jealous of myself only

Maan: Geet, I’ll also luv u like dis only nd dnt worry I knw my Geet she’ll never get jealous of anyone not even of herself.


Geet said nothing but just smiled. After sumtym Maan broke d hug nd tooks out sumthing from his Pocket. Geet notices dat it was her Engagement Ring, the same ring dat she has handed over to Maan wen dey had fight dat day. Maan kneels down on his knees nd nd extends his right hand in front of her. Geet found herself drowning in his deep honeyed eyes. Nd finally Maan says wats in his heart




Geet smiles in happiness, d day for which she has been waiting from so long has finally came. Hw could she refuse him wen she too wants d same




By saying dis she gives her hand to his nd Maan places d ring in his ring finger nd kissed over dere nd den dey both hug each other. After so many ups nd downs dere love finally win. Dey confessed each other wat was dere in dere heart from so long








He said smilingly nd  hug her more tight kissing on top of her head. Nd dere loving nd special moment has been witnessed by Moon who was always been d witness of dere Pure Love



Suddenly Maan broke d hugs nd Looked at her eyes


Maan: Geet, Can I Kiss u?…


He said nd Looked deep into his eyes for answer


Geet: Maan since wen did u need my permission? M all yours?

Maan: No Geet, I don’t want to Force myself on u. I wont do anything which was against ur wish.


Geet said nothing but blushed nd Looked downwards which was enough for Maan to understand her Answer. He lifted her chin up to make an eye contact. He raised his hand and cradled her face with his palm and slowly very slowly leaned forward and brushed his lips gently against hers, The Touch of her lips sents a current down her spine. Geet slowly encircled her Arms around his Neck brushing his Hairs wid her hand. Maan holds her by her waist nd Pulled her towards him more close so that he could Deepened d Kiss. They both seems nowhere to stop. As d Kisses gets deepened d desire of having each other grows. He sucked her Lower Lip, Nibbling Gently on dem. Geet’s Lips get parted nd Maan couldn’t hesitate d invitation. His toungue gained entry in her mouth nd tentavily met hers exploring each nd every corner. They both have a Passionate Kiss. They were lost, they were lost in d moment. Dey both have waited for dis moment for so long nd wen dis moment came den dey dnt want to end dis. dey both seemed nowhere to stop. Dey were enjoying dat moment, enjoying their presence, enjoying each other in embrace.


They freed each other after so long to take breath. He touched his forehead wid hers. He could see her blushing. He loved to see her blush. Dis adds more glow to her beauty. She looked down blushing, smiling wen she felt his intense gaze on her. Maan lifts her chin up to meet her eyes nd adjusted d Locks of her hairs behind her ears



Geet(placing her hand on his Cheeks): I LOVE YOU TOO MAAN.


Suddenly Geet’s Reminds of sumthing nd she removes her hand from his cheeks nd goes to d table where she kept her Handbag nd started searching sumthing in it. Maan stood dere confused nt knowing what is she upto

Maan: Geet wats wrong? Wat r u searching?

Geet: Just a sec Maan

Maan: But tell me na wat r u searching?

Geet: Oho! Maan cant u wait for a second

Maan(making a face): ok!

Geet smiled at his expression nd again start searching. A wide smile spread on her face as soon as she finds it.

Geet: Got it!

Maan: Thank God! Nw tell me wats it?

Geet: this!

She said nd showed him the thing which she has found in her handbag. Maan noticed dat it was a beautiful heart shaped pendant.

Maan: Geet, Is dis d Thing dat u r searching in ur Bag?

Geet: ya Maan. Nd its not an ordinary pendant

Maan: really? Wats special in dis

Geet: I’ll show u


She said nd press d Pendant nd it has been turned into two pieces of half hearts nd den she put it in two separate chains.


Maan: Wow!

Geet: See I told u na. Actually wen I saw this at shop den it make me reminds of us

Maan: Really how?

Geet: See we 2 were individuals like dese two half hearts nd den we meet nd so wenever we cum close den due to attraction of love nd Feelings we both get together like dis (She said while bringing d pieces together so that it again become one single piece) nd den we were no more 2 individuals but 2 bodies nd 1 sole

Maan: Geet, it was�.. it was really good

Geet: nd from now on 1 piece of dis heart will b wid u nd another 1 will be wid me. So may I?

Maan: ofcourse Geet, u dnt have to ask for it


He said nd leans down his head in front of her so dat she can make him wear dat pendant. Geet smiles nd puts it in his neck. Nw it was Maan’s turn so he turns Geet so dat her Back faces to him den he brings all her hairs to one side of her shoulder nd put dat in her neck nd den turns her back to face him.


Maan: We’ll always be 1 like dis heart. But Geet wen did u buyed it?

Geet: At Mumbai wen u arranged a date for me nd Vridant nd I thought dat it was for us but unfortunately it was not since den I always keeps it wid me nd yesterday wen I had misunderstanding dat u nd Savera loves each other so I decided to hand dis over to her but den Savy clear all my misunderstandings so I brought it today nd I guess it is d right tym for giving it to u datsy all dis hurdles have came in between

Maan (hugging her): Geet, now no more hurdles will cum in our way. I’ll not let any hurdle to cum in our relationship. We’ll always be happy like dis in each other’s arms.

Geet: I trust u Maan.


Dey hugged for few moment nd den Maan came out from d hug nd looked at her


Maan: Wanna Dance?

Geet nodes in yes. Nd Maan places both of his Hands at her waist nd she encircled her Arms around his neck nd dey began to sway according to d music lost in each other’s Eyes. Dey didn’t realize which Music was on but yet dey r performing in Rythms like dey were dancing at d sound of dere own Heartbeats. Dey danced for a while den dey both have dere romantic Candle Light Dinner.


Both wanted to spend sum more tym wid each other so dey get seated in d seat nearby. Maan hugs geet by placing his one arm behind her back nd from other he holds her hand. Geet puts her head on his shoulder nd dey both watches Moon.


Geet: U knw Maan, Maine ye sab sirf Romantic novels me padha than d movies me dekha tha. I have never ever imagined dat sumday dis will happen wid me also. I mean me Geet Malhotra, who never wants to fall in love wid anyone has actually Fallen for u.

Maan(mischieviously): Ab Geet ye to hona hi tha na. Ab MSK k charm se aaj tak koi kaha bach paya hai jot um bach jati. Its obvious u knw


Geet opened her jaw in frustration nd comes out from his embrace


Geet: Bas! Tum ladko ko thoda bhaav kya de do tum log to saantve Aasmaan pe chale jate ho. Especiallty tum

Maan: Acha Maine kya kiya?

Geet: Kya kiya? Jab dekho tab MSK ye, MSK wo thakte nahi ho khud ki tarif karte karte

Maan (teasing her): Ab Geet jab tarif karne layak hoon to karunga hi na. ab tumme aisa kuch nahi hai to jealous feel kyun kar rahi ho?

Geet: Wat? Main jealous feel kar rahi hoon nd wat did u said k mujhme tarif karne layak kuch nahi to thodi der pehle kya MSK ka bhoot meri tarif kar raha tha

Maan: Ab wo tumhe bura na lage isliye keh raha tha


Geet gets irritated nd gets up from d seat


Geet: Fine to fir yahi raho aur enjoy karo apni Date. Akele! M going


She said nd turned to leave wen Maan hold her wrist nd pulled her towards him nd she ends up falling in his lap nd her head hits his chest. She slowly lifts her head off his chest. Maan removed her hairs from her face which was blocking his view. Geet placed her hands on his shoulders first nd den encircled dem around his neck. Both had a eye lock for sum moment den Maan started leaning towards her. Geet closes her eyes in anticipation nd her lips started trembling. Maan smiles nd gives a soft peck on her lips nd draws back. Geet opens her eyes nd looked at him blushing.


Maan (caressing her face): Meri Mishti ko bura laga?

Geet: Mishti? Kaun mishti?

Maan: tum Mishti. Ab itne pyaar se bologi to mishti hi lagogi na

Geet: Acha! To fir abhi kyun pareshan kar rahe the?

Maan: wo to isliye kyunki tumhe irritate karma acha lagta hai.

Geet: acha!

Maan: Hhmmm! Pata hai gusse me tumhare cheeks na ekdum red ho jate hai. Nd u look very cute den.


He said nd pulled her cheeks which surprises Geet.


Geet: hhmmm I was not knowing dat MSK is dis much romantic

Maan: Arey spend sum more tym wid me nd u’ll cum to know every secret.


Geet said nothing but smiles


Maan: Geet I was just kidding. U r d most beautiful girl I have ever met. I haven’t seen such a beautiful girl like u. Bas kabhi moti mat hona warna��..


Geet opened her jaw nd hits him playfully

Geet: Warna kya? Warna mujhse pyar nahi karoge?

Maan: Ab iske bare me to sochna padega

Geet: Maan�.. (she again hits him)

Maan: Geet, Geet I was just kidding pls stop it. Aur waise bhi tum jitni bhi moti ho jayo I’ll luv u like dis only.


Geet hugs him instantly smiling


Maan (whispers in her ears): nd u knw wat u r looking very hot nd sexy in dat black dress. Only I knw hw I resist myself


Geet hugs him more tight nd blushes more. Maan could sense dis nd he hugged her even tight. Den suddenly Geet reminds of sumthing nd she came out of d hug


Geet: Maan tell me sumthing

Maan: ya Ask Geet

Geet: y had u selected dis Green dress for me?

Maan: y? u haven’t liked it?

Geet: no Maan I loved it but it was u only u always says dat u like White colour on me

Maan: ya Geet u r rite but dere is a reason behind dis

Geet: wat?

Maan: because 1st tym wen I saw u, u were wearing Green Dress.


Geet gets confused wid his statement


Geet: but Maan I had wore Red dress wen u saw me first tym

Maan: no Geet it was Green

Geet: No Maan, I remember it was Red because I had a fight wid Shilpa also for matching Earrings.

Maan: Geet it was Green

Geet: but hw can it be Possible First tym wen u saw me at my home den I was wearing Red colour

Maan: No Geet u were wearing Green nd first tym I haven’t saw u in ur home infact sumwhere else.

Geet(confused): where

Maan: Amritsar Old Age home

Geet: old Age home?


Ya actually Dadimaa is trustee over dere nd she donates a sum of money every month over dere but that day she couldn’t able to go over dere dat day due to sum health problems so that day on her behalf I have gone over dere.



*****~~~~~~~ FLASHBACK~~~~~~~******


Manager: that was really so great of Savitri ji that she thinks so much for our old age. Nd thanx to u too Mr. Khurana dat u had take out sum tym from ur busy schedule for us

Maan: dats completely fine Mrs. Sharma. Dadimaa is trustee over here nd she wants to make sure dat every person should get best facility over here nd its my duty to fulfill her wants. Nd moreover I���


He couldn’t complete himself wen he heard noise behind him which attracts both Mrs. Sharma’s nd Maan’s attention. Maan couldn’t able to see her face as she was standing wid her back facing him. She was wearing Green salwar suit nd her hairs were tied in plaits. Dere is one more girl standing wid her


Maan: Mrs. Sharma wats going on over dere?

Mrs. Sharma: I have no idea Mr. Khurana. Let me see


She says nd started going towards her Maan too follows her nd stand at d distance where he could listen to her.


Girl: How Dare u? how dare u to do dis wid ur Mother?

Man: listen dis is our family matter

Girl: o really is it? Den y don’t u solve it at ur home

Man: I don’t want to give any explanation to u

Girl: ok Den Give it to ur Mother. I guess she has full right to owe u an explanation. Isn’t it she’s d same mother who has looked after u for so many years. Has cried for u wenever u were in trouble, was happy for u wenevr u achieved success, has prayed for u wenever u were in tough phases for life. Nd nw wen u r married den dis mother has became burden on u nd ur wife. Wat a shame!

Man: listen miss�..

Girl: no, u listen to me Mr. sons like u r a big shame for our society. Nd u wanted to leave ur mother over here na. fine leave her. Dere r many other People who can take care of her over here nd better den u but make one thing clear in ur mind dat tomorrow wen she dies den u have no right to claim ur Fake rights for her nd I’ll make sure dat u wont get any advantage of her death. Nd I m sure dat if u get d news dat ur mother is having sum kind of policy which has been matured den u’ll cum forward to take dat amount also by showing fake love isn’t it?


Man says nothing but stood dere numb

Girl: Just pray one thing from nw on dat wat u had done wid ur mother ur Son doesn’t do d same wid u nd 1 more thing I dnt want u to be near her from nw on.


Mrs. Sharma, who was watching all dis from so long Calms down d girl nd asks a volunteer to take d lady inside


Girl( to d Lady): Aunty, dnt worry abt anything. We all are here for u ok.


The old lady smiled at her nd caress her hand on her head.


Lady: God bless u beta!


She said nd goes inside. Dis is wen d girl turned nd Maan saw her. Though she’s in anger but still she’s looking beautiful.


“Not only her Heart but she herself is also very beautiful” he thought in his mind den shrugs it off. Wat he was thinking? He don’t know even her name nd was thinking all dis about her.


The girl passes beside him without even noticing him but Maan felt a sudden attraction towards her. For d first tym he felt complete.


” I should ask her name atleast” he thought nd runs behind ger to stop her but by d tym he stops her she has gone nd Maan stood dere watching her going wen Mrs. Sharma came to her.


Mrs. Sharma: m sorry Mr. Khurana, but dere was sum Problem but it was sorted out nw.

Maan: its ok Mrs. Sharma. By d Way! Who’s dat girl, d one who’s shouting

Mrs. Oh dat! She’s Geet, Geet Malhotra nd d other one is her sister. She seldom cumes over here to spend sumtym wid d elders. Actually her mom nd me r best friends.


But Maan couldn’t able to concentrate on any of her words as soon as he listens her name.


“Geet” he slowly whispered nd a smile came across his face.


****~~~~~~ Back To Present~~~~~~*******


Maan: nd dat was d first day wen I saw u.

Geet: OMG Maan! I didn’t even noticed u over dere. So u know me before u came to my home

Maan: ya, but only ur name. den I came back to Mumbai nd life goes on like before only but only d change is u seldom cumes into my mind. Den one day Padma Aunty came to our house nd u knw Dadimaa she’s always worried for my Marriage so Padma Aunty suggested ur name nd she mailed me ur photograph nd wen I saw dat I cant tell u hw much happy I was to know dat finally I was going to meet u. Dadimaa likes ur photo nd we came to ur house to see u.

Geet: Nd u haven’t told me even yet. Always pretends dat u met me first tym in my home.

Maan: dere’s lots more thing which u dnt know yet

Geet: nw wat r dey?

Maan: u remember our first unofficial Date (Geet nodes in yes), I told u dat I dnt want to get married etc etc

Geet: ya

Maan: actually I said all dis to convience u for dis proposal

Geet: Means

Maan: Geet wen we r alone at ur Room I was about to say about dat day wen u said dat u dnt want to get married. I felt dishearted as I dnt knw y but I dnt want to lose u nd if not wife but I want u as my friend derefore I called u next day at coffee shop nd makes dis deal so that atleast we become friends nd see nw we r more den friends.

Geet: OMG Maan! Tum construction business me kaise aaye? Tumhe to actor hona chahiye. Itne dino se itni saari baatein chupa rakhi thi.

Maan: waise Geet ek aur baat hai. U remember ur brecelate dat u were wearing dat day

Geet: Ya it was lost sumwhere wen I dropped u home

Maan: it was not lost u dropped it on road dat dey nd since den it was wid me nd nw dnt ask me to return it to u. wen u r nt wid me den its ur bracelet only which makes me feel ur presence.

Geet: Maan I really cant believe dis. hhmmm! SO Mr. Maan Singh Khurana itne ache Actor hai.

Maan: Ab kya karu tumhari sangat ka kuch to asar padega na.

Geet: Acha! Ye baat hai?

Maan: hhmmm

Geet: Maan, tum to bilkul mere jaise ho gaye ho. Ekdum Nautanki

Maan: But Geet I like dis change which u brought in me. From u only I learned dat hw true feelings between two can bring them together always. I LOVE YOU GEET. PLS NEVER EVER GO AWAY FROM ME.



She said nd hugged him tight to return of which he also hugged her


Maan: thanx Geet! Thanx for making dis Date special for me

Geet: For US!!!!


She said nd smiled nd dey remain in each other embrace silently promising dat dey’ll never leave each other no matter hw hard circumstances cum but dey’ll always remain together


After having d lovely Dinner date both Maan nd Geet return back to Farm House. It was quiet Late nd next morning all of dem has to leave for Mumbai so it seems dat everyone has gone to sleep. Maan accompanies Geet till d Door of her Room. She wass about to enter d Door wen Maan hold her wrist nd Pulled her towards himself. His one arm was wrapped tightly around her waist nd his other Hand was holding her wrist tight. Both have an intense Eye lock for few moments.


Geet: Maan, wats wrong?

Maan: R u not Forgetting sumthing?

Geet (confused): Wat?

Maan: Dnt u knw?

Geet: no Maan. Nd I dnt think dat m forgetting sumthing

Maan: Really? R u sure?

Geet: ya. Acha u tell me wat I m forgetting?

Maan: u forgot to give me my Good night Kiss!!


Geet blushed at Maan’s statement


Geet: Maan!!!

Maan: Wat Maan? C’mon give me

Geet (blushes even more): Maan stop it na. pls.

Maan: no, until u give me my Gud night Kiss.


Geet Struggles hard to get away from his Grip but he was too strong for her.


Geet: Maan Pls.! koi Aa jayega?

Maan: So? First of all everyone is sleeping nd secondly if by chance anyone comes also den I dnt think he or she would mind. Afterall I m wid my Would be Wife nd everyone over here knows about our relationship so think of any other reason ok.

Geet: So u wont give up.

Maan: u think I’ll?


Geet (to herself): hhmmm So Mr. Maan Singh Khurana is stubborn! But m not less stubborn den u. lets see wat I do (den to Maan) Fine I just give u ur Good night kiss

Maan(surprised): Really?

Geet: ya. But close ur eyes first.

Maan: ok.


He said nd closes his eyes nd Geet started moving closer to him. He could Feel her breath falling on his Face. He smirks nd wishes he could see her face at dat tym. Geet first kisses his Forehead, den his Cheeks, den she came to his Lips. Maan started to lose himself wen he felt Geet near his lips. Geet could sense dis through his expression nd she knew dat it was d right tym. She was about to kiss his Lips wen she stops.

Geet (shocked): Armaan!!!!


Maan too instantly opens her eyes wen he listens Armaan’s name he turned to look at d direction where Geet is Looking nd found no one. Geet find dis opportunity right she quickly pushes him away nd Ran towards her Room. Maan got confused in d sudden happening of incidents nd wen he realizes he saw Geet getting inside d Room.


Maan: Geeettt!!!!


Geet smiles holds her Ears, makes an innocent face to him nd gives him a Flying Kiss before she gets inside d Room which was enough for Maan to melt. Geet smiles once again nd shuts d Door of her Room leaving Maan behind smiling.


Maan: Pagal! But I Love her very much.


He said nd goes towards her Room.




At the Room Geet quickly Changes into night Dress nd was about to go for Sleep wen she decides to check her mobile for any SMSs from Maan as she knew dat Maan will definitely Texts her after dis. nd she was rite there was a text from Maan.


“Today u got Escaped but not Next tym Mrs. Maan Singh Khurana because next tym I wont cum in ur tricks.”


She both smiles nd blushes after reading his Msg. Maan addressing her Mrs. Maan singh Khurana always makes her feel special. She quickly texts him back


“Try Me Mr. Maan Singh Khurana. Gud Nite nd Luv u a Loads”


Then she notices dat dere are few missed calls also nd it was from her Vindhya Di.


Geet (To herself): Oh Shit! Geet hw can u be so stupid. U haven’t told Vindhya Di About it yet. She must be worried for u. idiot, stupid, Fool. Well its not late yet. Call her nw.


She said nd started dialing her number. After two-Three Rings  Vindhya finally picks up d Call.

Geet: Hello Di!!!

Vindhya: Geet! Thank god u called. Y were u not picking up ur Phone? U knw hw much worried I was? Where was u in d evening?

Geet: Wo Di I was Wid Maan

Vindhya: Wid Maan? Nd wat u r doing wid him?

Geet: Wo… we had a date today.

Vindhya: wat date? Geet u really confusing me now? Yesterday u said dat everything is over between u two nd Maan Loves Savera nd all dat Crap nd nw u r saying dat u had a date wid Maan. Would u bother to explain me wats actually going on over dere?

Geet: oh I m sorry Di! I couldn’t able to catch u after dat actually the thing is…(nd she explained everything to her which was happened till nw) nd at last it was only me who was stupid to think that Maan Loves someone else but it was just a part of their Plan nd he loves me.

Vindhya: Geet u knw wat, u r stupid no idiot to think that Maan could do such a thing. I told u also that Maan is not like dat but still u came to d conclusion.

Geet: Ab SORRY bola na Di. Ho gayi Galti.

Vindhya: u better be nd from next tym dnt go straight to the conclusion. First clear d confusion wid him den only decide sumthing.

Geet: I promise Di.

Vindhya: Good. Acha Tell me sumthing?

Geet: ya wat?

Vindhya(naughtily): Did Maan kissed u at date?

Geet (blushes): Wat? Di wat kind of question is dis?

Vindhya: y cant I ask dis? c’mon u never hides anything from me. Tell na

Geet: Di its Too late I think I should go to sleep now.

Vindhya: hey Geet, tell na?

Geet: Dats it Di, m putting d Phone down. Gud nite nd sweet Dreams nd Give my Love to Parth.

Vindhya: Arey Geet suno to… (she said but den notices dat she cuts d call)


Vindhya (to Herself): Jhalli! But thank god everything is fine nw. Babaji Pls Keep her always Happy like dis only.




Next Day every1 left for Mumbai nd in d evening Savera has gone Back to London. She agains takes d Promise from Geet dat she wont tell anything about her disease to any1 not even Maan. Geet Promised her but only in d condition dat she’ll go thru every possible treatment to save her life. At d terminal Geet nd Savera were hugging each other. It was weird but true dat dey met just a few days Before nd nw just created a sisterly bond between dem.


Geet: Savera, Promise me that u’ll take care of urself nd will get well soon.

Savy: I promise Geet, I’ll take care of myself. Nd dnt worry I’ll attend urs nd Maan’s Marriage nd not to Forget my stupid Bro’s Marriage too. Arey nothing would Happen to Savy so soon. So relax!


Geet said nothing but smiled


Savy: U knw wat Geet, I had came here to help my friend nd nw wen m going I got two more d ever cutest best buddies i.e. u nd Shilpa. M sure she’s perfect to become my Bhabhi. Acha by d way can I ask u sumthing?

Geet: ya Sure

Savy: do u have Vridant’s no or any Idea where he resides at London

Geet (confused): Vridant but y?

Savy: u knw we both lives at London nd we both r heart-Broken so m thinking that we two will have a perfect Match. Wat say?

Geet: Savy, u cant be serious

Savy: m Damn Serious yaar. It would be best. SAVERA nd VRIDANT!!! Sounds PERFECT!!!!

Geet: Shut up Savy. U deserve a 100 tymes better guy den Vridant.

Savy: ok ok ms. Geet cool down I was just kidding

Geet: better be.


Suddenly dey heard d security Check announcement

Savy: ok tym for me to go

Geet: But where is Armaan nd everyone else?

Savy: who knows my Brother better den me he must be at Parking Lot weeping because m going nd Maan nd Shilpa were consoling him


Geet laughs at her statement.


Savy: ok nw I really have to go so u just take care of urself nd of others 3 too.

Geet: ofcourse.


She said nd hugged her again nd watches her until she get disappeared.



Next Day everything has became Back to Normal. Armaan nd Shilpa gets busy in d Sanjeevani nd Maan nd Geet at KC. But d only difference is dat they always seeks chances to glance at each other nd finds excuses to meet alone. Geet nd Maan both were  working at their respective Cabins stealing glances of each other wen Pinki came to her.


Pinki: Hey Geet!

Geet: Hey Pinki! Hws u?

Pinki: I m fine as always. But wats wrong wid u?

Geet: Means?

Pinki: arey means from last few days u r acting so weird. I mean u suddenly Gone for 1 week without even telling us nd den wen u came back u were very much disturbed nd den again no contact of u for 2 days nd now today also u didn’t even meet me in d morning. U knw hw much I missed u but it seems u didn’t missed me a bit


She said while making face


Geet: Aww my sweet Pinki m so Sorry dear. But trust me I missed u a lot but really got stuck up in sum Personal Stuffs but nw everything is fine

Pinki: Pakka

Geet: haan Baba Pakka.


Suddenly Pinki notices d Pendant at Geet’s neck.


Pinki: Wow Geet its so Preety. But ye pehle to tere paas nahi tha.

Geet: haan Wo… Actually…

Pinki: ok ok I understand ye tumhare Fiance ne di na tumhe? Aur wo bhi inhi Do dino me? Hai na?


Geet blushes remembering all d moments nd den looked at Maan’s Cabin where he was working. Pinki waved her hand in front of her


Pinki: Oye Geet, kaha kho gayi bata na?

Geet: Haan, he gave me.

Pinki: Wow Geet, u r really very lucky yaar. He really loves u a lot

Geet (smiles): I knw

Pinki: To bata kab milwa rahi hai mujhe Jiju se


Geet broke into laughter as soon as she hear word Jiju from Pinki’s mouth. She laughed thinking dat Pinki everyday meets her “Jiju” but still curious to know. She wonders wat happens wen she came to know who is her Jiju


Pinki: Geet I haven’t cracked a joke over here dat u r laughing like hell

Geet (controls her laughter): I m Sorry Pinki, wo mujhe kuch Yaad aa gaya tha. Dnt worry very soon u’ll meet ur Jiju.

Pinki: Promise?

Geet: Promise


Dere talks were interrupted by Peon who came there to inform Geet dat Maan is calling her to discuss some designs. Geet smirks as she knew dat which design he was going to Discuss. Pinki takes her leave as soon as she heard dis nd Geet goes towards Maan’s Cabin.



On d other Hand Sasha was pacing furiously in her Room its been almost 5 months since Geet ahs joined d Office nd she still cant find a way to get rid from her, moreover she noticed d closeness between Her nd Maan which was unbearable to her. She had to think some way to get rid of her. She was thinking about some plan wen she noticed dat Geet is going towards Maan’s Cabin. She smirks as she know dat she’ll definitely get something which will help her in her plan. By thinking dat she quietly Follows her without getting noticed.



On d way of going towards Maan’s Cabin Geet as usual blabbering wid herself


Geet (To herself): Ye Maan bhi na, har waqt koi na koi bahana chahiye milne ka aur kuch nahi to designs ka hi bahane milne bula liya. Agar office me kisi ko shak ho gaya to, par nahi ye baat inhe kaun samjhaye. Inhe to romance se hi fursat nahi milti. Koi nahi Geet abhi aaram se baith k use samjha dena. Hai na! haan.


Saying dis she slowly knocks at d Door of his cabin. Maan very well knew dat it was Geet. He quickly get himself seated on his chair nd opens d file in front of him to show dat he’s actually working.


“Come in” He said.


Geet enetered inside d cabin nd saw him concentrating in his file she knews dat it was all fake. She quickly goes to him nd poked him on his shoulder. Maan acts like he didn’t noticed it, she again poked him


Geet: Maan!

Maan gives no response

Geet (raises her voice): Maan!!

Maan raises his head nd saw her standing in front of him.

Maan: Arey Geet tum? Tum kab aayi?

Geet: Good Question. Well is duniya mein 22 Saal 2 mahine 10 Din 11 ghante 25 minutes aur 56 seconds pehle aur tumhare cabin mein 5 min pehle

Maan: Geet I m not getting a word of u.

Geet: O really! Maan stop acting nw. I knw dat u r just finding excuse to meet me alone.

Maan: wen did I said dat?

Geet: Maan, dnt be innocent ok.

Maan (gets up from chair): ok in case u dnt like Innocent people so… (he pulled geet closer to him nd wrapped his Arms around her waist tight) I’ll be naughty den.

Geet (tries to free herself): Maan wat r u doing? We r in Office.

Maan (leaning closer to her): So?

Geet (looking staright into his eyes): anyone can come?

Maan (still getting closer): So?

Geet: dey will see us like dis?

Maan: So?

Geet: dey will… talk about… Us (her voice trailed off as she felt Maan’s Warm breath on her neck.)

Maan: So?


Geet couldn’t say anymore as Maan dipped his head in her hair forming almost a hug. Geet closes her eyes. This is not d first tym he touched her but everytym he touches her she felt Thousand butterflies running in her stomach. His touch was truly Magical.


“Geet” He slowly whispered in her ears. His warm breath falling on her ears make her tremble.


” I told u na next tym u wont be able to escape” he whispered in her ears nd Geet opens her eyes nd looked at his Dark Brown eyes which was looking at her intensely. She quickly gains her sesnses nd tries to Push him again but he was too quick nd he caught her by holding her wrists nd crashed her against him by making his grip tight on her waists. Geet eventually gave up nd looked at him with her big hazel eyes.


Geet: Maan! Wats dis?

Maan: Wat? M just loving my Lady Love

Geet: o really? Here in d office?

Maan: y? its not written in any book dat we should love our Partner only particular places we can love dem anywhere all wat important is the feelings should be true

Geet: Not bad Mr. Maan Singh Khurana (she said while encirciling her arms around his neck) u r getting Romantic Day by Day

Maan: Wat to do wen I had such a beautiful girl in front of me


He said nd again started to lean closer to kiss her wen geet pushes him a bit


Geet: Chaddo Maan! Har waqt lafanga giri.

Maan: Lafanga giri?

Geet: aur Kya? Office hours me yeh Sab? Mr. Maan Singh Khurana aap shayad bhool rahe hai k aap is company k MD hai aur aapki kuch responsibilities hai aur agar aap isi tarah se karte rahe to office me Taale lag jayenge

Maan: To kya hua Geet? Tum to fir bhi mere saath rahogi na

Geet: Maan! Enough now. U remember na u had meeting with Mr. Mehta after 1 hr. so first concentrate in dat.

Maan: ok but in 1 condition

Geet: Wat?

Maan: u’ll wish me ALL D BEST.

Geet: ok, ALL D BEST.

Maan: not like dis

Geet: Den?


In reply he again started leaning closer to her. She understands his intentions she quickly pushes him away nd gets herself freed from him.


Geet: Fir Masti? Chup chap concentrate on ur work? (she warned showing her index finger to him)

Maan (murmurs): isne to abhi se Wifes wali harkate shuru kar di

Geet: kya bola tumne?

Maan: nahi Geet I was saying dat if u say ALL D BEST in my way den my Meeting will be successful

Geet: Very Good logic Mr. MSK but it doesn’t work on me


Maan (looked away in anger): Fine den I’ll go without taking ur wishes only.

Geet: Good for u

Maan (murmurs): Good for u


he notices dat geet is moving towards d Door so now no chance of Good luck in his way. Den suddenly he feels her lips on hus cheeks. She quickly came to him Kiss him on his cheeks nd said ” ALL D BEST” nd before Maan could react she ran out of d cabin leaving Maan dumb founded. Maan touches his cheek nd smiles at her


“Pagal” he said nd den again get back to work. He wished to God dat dey will become as happy as they r nw always nd no one can ruin it. But d least he knew dat someone is watching them nd planning to do something which can separate dem. It was SASHA who gets furious first wen she saw both of dem dis much close but den smirks as nw she knows wat to do.



In Sanjeevani Shilpa was going to OPD for rounds. Suddenly she felt a strong hand at her wrist nd before she could understand she get pulled by him towards d Fire Escape. She was about to scream wen he shuts her mouth wid his palm. Only den she watches the face of dat Person who pulled her nd it was none other den ARMAAN.


Armaan Slowly removes her Hand from her mouth nd looks at her eyes Deep. He notices d starnds on her face which was due to d sudden pull. He tucked dem behind her ears nd dey had an Eye lock Session for few minutes wen Shilap decided to break d silence.


Shilpa: Armaan!

Armaan: hhmmm

Shilpa: y did u pulled me over here?

Armaan: y? r u afraid of me being alone

Shilpa: no Armaan nothing like dat

Armaan: its ok Shilpa, I was just kidding. Actually I want to give sumthing to u

Shilpa: Wat?

Armaan: first close ur eyes.


Shilpa did d same Armaan took out a ring from his Pocket nd slips in her Finger. It perfectly fits her like meant for her only. She felt something slipping in her finger nd she was curious to see it.


Shilpa: Armaan! Can I open nw?

Armaan: no Shilpa m nt done yet


By saying dis he turned her so dat she her back faces him. He slides her hairs to one side on d shoulder gently caressing her back nd den puts a chain around her neck nd den turned her towards him so dat she can face him.


Armaan: nw open


Shilpa instantly opens her eyes nd saw a Beautiful ring on her finger. She smiles nd den she looked down nd sees dat a Beautiful Pendant hanging on her neck. It was d same pendant which Armaan tries to gift her dat day but she didn’t take it as she was not sure about his feelings yet nd Armaan promised dat very soon she’ll accept dis gift nd nw its d rite tym to gift.

Shilpa: Armaan dis…

Armaan: u like it?

Shilpa: Like it? I loved it Armaan. Thank u so much


She said nd hugged him tight nd he too responded nd hugs her tight.


Armaan: just be wid me like dis only Always nd I promise dat I’ll fulfill all ur wishes

Shilpa: I don’t want to wish for anything else as long as u r wid me. I just wish dat we always be together like dis only.

Armaan: We will be


He said nd hugs her more tight nd kisses a soft kiss on d top of her head.




In KC, it was 3 PM nd every1 is working. Maan was out of office due to meeting nd Geet was in her Cabin working on sum project wen she realizes dat she needs to go thru d Account file of dis Project before she works further on it. She came out from her cabin nd started moving towards Adi’s Cabin wen she notices dat every1 was looking at her suspiciously. She didn’t understand y every1 is looking at her strangely today. She scanned herself from Top to Bottom. She was perfectly fine den y every1 is looking at her so strangely. Den she decided to shrug all her thoughts nd again started moving towards Adi’s Cabin wen she was stopped in her tracks by Sasha.


Geet: Wats it Sasha Mam?

Sasha: u were asking me

Geet: I don’t think anyone else has stopped my way

Sasha: Well Geet u r not so innocent dat u dnt knw anything. By d way from where did u get these tricks from?

Geet: I m really not getting wat r u trying to say Sasha Mam.

Sasha: Aww Poor Baby. She’s is so innocent. Dnt try to act smart Geet I know all ur intentions

Geet: listen Sasha Mam I really dnt knw wat u r saying nd I dnt want to waste my tym in ur silly talks so let me go.


She said nd about to go wen Sasha held her Arms to stop


Sasha: dnt try to avoid my questions geet. I know very well d Girls like u.

Geet: Maine aisa kiya kya hai Sasha Mam.

Sasha: u are asking me. Hw shameless u r.

Geet(yelled): SHUT UP! JUST SHUT UP! U have no rite to say anything about me without any reason

Sasha: So u want reason. Ok I’ll give u. will u bother to tell me about dis?


She said nd showed sumthing in to Geet after seeing which Geet widens her eyes. She haven’t thought day sumday she has to gone thru dis Phase nd She very well knew dat it was done by SASHA but at dat moment she was not in d state of clarify herself or answer her back.


Sasha: So ms. Geet Malhotra m waiting. Would u bother to tell me dat wat u r doing in dis Pic wid ur Boss dat too so close to him.


Tears started forming in her eyes she don’t know wat to do? Hw to answer her back? Becoz at dat moment her brain has stopped working nd she was really praying dat sum miracle could happen nd she gets out from all dis.


Tears started forming in her eyes she don’t know wat to do? Hw to answer her back? Becoz at dat moment her brain has stopped working nd she was really praying dat sum miracle could happen nd she gets out from all dis. it was not lyk dat she couldn’t answer her back, she can answer her back wid d enough reasons which could shut her mouth but d fact is she felt weak at dat moment. Weak because all d flashes of her past has started coming in front of her wen Ria is blaming her for creating a Rift between her nd Vridant.


But dat was different day, she cant be weak nw, she thought nd once again looked at Sasha who was enjoying her helplessness.



Wen Maan nd Geet were sharing dere close nd special moment den Sasha witnessed it from outside. She couldn’t believe on her eyes wat was she seeing. She gets furious at Geet nd wanted to kill her right dere. She’s wid Maan from last 5 yrs nd yet couldn’t able to come close to him forget about close she was not even able to talk to him anything apart from work nd here dis girl she’s just in d office from almost 5 months only nd she came so close to his MK even after being engaged to someone else. She quickly takes d Pic of dem in her mobile wen dey were lost in each other eyes. Nd after Geet leaves d cabin she too gets out from dere. She knew Maan has meeting wid Mr. Mehta for which he had to go out so she waited paitently for him to leave nd as soon as Maan Leaves she makes her move. She quickly send d Pic which has taken to every staff member as a MMS nd also take our its print out nd attached it to d notice board. Geet was clueless about wat is happening behind her back nd wen she came out from d cabin she gets d strange looks from every1 nd nw dis accusement.




Sasha: So Geet, m waiting

Geet: I dnt owe u any explanation Sasha Mam. U r not my friend dat I give u any sort of explanation

Sasha (fuming wid anger): ok! so m nt ur friend. but wat abt dem who is ur friend (she smirks nd call Pinki nd Adi who came over dere nd looks at Geet) these 2 are ur friends rite so dnt u owe an explanation to ur friends.

Geet: No! because if dey r really my friends den dey dnt ask me for any explanation as dey trust me (she den looks at both of dem who gives her an assuring look) but u wont understand d meaning of trust. D girl who smeaks into her Boss’ cabin nd doing d things which she was not supposed to do can never understand d meaning of trust. Poor u Sasha Mam.


Her statement made Sasha furious. She haven’t thought dis kind of behaviour from her. She thought dat Geet might felt weak, she felt helpless, she’ll feel humilated but here she’s answering her back which was unbearable to her. But she’s not going to lose it so easily.


Sasha: oh! So I m doing d things which I m not supposed to do nd wat about u Geet? Wat d hell u think u were doing over dere? In MK’s Cabin, in his Arms chi-chi I cant even say dat. If I m not wrong den u r engaged rite? Wow! Hw loyal u r towards ur Fiance. Poor guy I feel pity on him. He must be thinking dat his fianc loves her but least he knows dat hw she’s betraying him behind his back.

Geet (yelled): Sasha Mam

Sasha: Chillane se sach nahi badal jayega Geet. Nd d truth is dat u small town girls r of same mentality. U came here, traps d rich person wid ur antics nd beauty nd gets close to dem or dere money. Just like u did wid MK that too after being engaged wid some1 else. Really, hw cheap nd Characterless u r


Tears started forming in Geet’s eyes again but she knws dat she cant felt weak. She was about to answer her wen 1 voice attracts her attention including every1 else. It was Maan whose eyes r nw filled wid Anger


Maan (yelled): SASHA!!!!!!



Maan has returned soon as d meeting which he had wid Mr. Mehta has been postponed becoz he had to leave for Bangalore urgently for sum personal reasons. He was entering in his office wen he saw Sasha accusing Geet. He looked at Geet who got tears in her eyes nd was standing dere clueless. His hands turned into fists wen he saw tears in her eyes nd his blood started boiling wid Anger. He knows dat Geet can answer Sasha back but he also knows d reason behind Geet’s helplessness as dis was not d first tym wen she gets blamed for sumthing she has gone thru all dis Trials before also due to which she’s not able to take a stand for herself nw. he was about to speak wen he heard Geet speaking nd giving answer to Sasha. Seeing her taking stand for herself he stood dere only but his Anger was nowhere to vanish but wen Again Sasha accuses her nd called her Characterless nd d tears agsin started froming in Geet’s eyes den he couldn’t control himself anymore, he needs to be there for her. No one can point any finger on her as long as he’s wid her nd den he lost all his control nd didn’t even let Geet speak nd he yelled at Sasha.




Geet looked at Maan who was nw standing beside her. Hw could she think dat she has to handle dis situation alone wen her Maan is wid her, wen her Saviour is wid her. Hw could she felt weak wen her strength is always wid her. Maan looked at Geet’s teary eyes nd den looked at Sasha who was d reason for her tears



Sasha: MK I knw, I knw y u r getting so much hyper. Dis Girl has Trapped u in her antics. Its not your fault MK. Dis girl is very smart

Maan: Enough Sasha, one more word nd u’ll be paying heavily for it

Sasha: but Y MK? Y r u supporting dis girl so much? Just because u had fallen for her Beauty. MK she’s taking advantage of dat only. She’ll after u just for ur money inspite of being Engaged to someone else she’s trapping u nd u fell for her trap. U dnt knw dese type of girls MK. She is………..


Nd d rest of d words left unspoken as Maan  shouts “SASHA ” nd raised her hand to slap her but stop in d mid-air as he cant hit a girl its beyond his morals


Maan: Enough Sasha! U said a lot. wat d hell do u know about Geet nd our relationship u know nothing. Wat did u said dat dat Geet is engaged to someone else nd is trying to trap me den tell me one thing Sasha dat hw can she trap a person whom she’s engaged herself


Every1 in d office got stunned including Adi nd Pinki.


Maan: yes u all heard me rite. GEET IS MY FIANCE. I M D PERSON WHOM SHE’S ENGAGED TO.

Sasha: dats not possible MK. U were saying dis to protect her

Maan: no Sasha! Dis is d truth me nd Geet r engaged even before she joined d office. Nd if she wants to trap me as u put it sasha den she can easily takes d advantage of dis engagement but she didn’t. infact she has gone thru all d interviews nd formalities without any recommendation. she asked me to not to tell any1 about dis so dat wo aap logo k beech, aap logo k jaise aur aap logon ki tarah kaam kar sake. She didn’t want any kind of special treatment from u all. Nd nw u guys tell me dat in dese 5 months did anything happened like dis due to which u all think dat she has taken advantage of dis Engagement. She has done d same amount of hard work dat u all had done.


Den he looked at everyone’s stunned faces. Pinki got almost fainted wen she heard dat her DD is engaged to Geet nd d Jiju whom she was so excited to meet was none other den her DD itself. Adi has to support her to make her stand properly nd den he remembers his very first conversation with Geet wen he nd pinki are warning her about Sasha nd she takes it lightly. He remembers dat Geet had never shown neither in her attitude nor in anything else dat she’s actually Maan’s Fiance. She has been normal to every1 like all other employees.


Maan: I think nw all u got all d answers of ur Questions Sasha So its better if u leave my Office. Ur termination leeter will reach to ur home by tomorrow.  Nd 1 thing I want to say to all of u. GEET IS MY FIANCE. MAAN SINGH KHURANA’S FIANCE ND IF ANY1 TRIES TO DO ANYTHING WRONG WID HER OR PLOT AGAINST HER THEN THAT WOULD BE D LAST DAY OF DIS PERSON ON DIS EARTH.


By saying dis he took Geet’s Hand in his nd storms out of d office leaving every1 behind puzzled.



They reached to the Patrking Lot. Geet was quiet in all dese moments as soon as she heard Maan accepting her as his fianc in front of whole office. She was lost in dat moment nd realized only wen She felt Maan taking her out of d office. Maan opened d Passenger seat for her nd she quietly get seated on it without even saying a word. D whole journey was silent. Geet looked at Maan nd noticed dat he’s Hell Angry rite nw. she has never seen dis side of Maan. She knows dat Maan gets angry easily nd she has seen it also but dis is d first tym she has seen dis side of his Anger. If possible den he could probably kill Sasha dat tym over dere only. He never questioned on Sasha’s capability or her loyality towards company. There was a day when because of Sasha only dey had an argument wen Geet saw a flaw in Sasha’s design but Maan was not ready to accept it as Sasha was talented in her work nd today d same Sasha has humiliated her in front of Maan den his Anger must be obvious. She noticed his eyes were red in anger therefore she decided to keep quiet at d moment. She didn’t realize wen she reached home until Maan hits d break. She slowly gets out nd looked at Maan who as still quiet. As soon as she gets out of d car Maan drove to d Mansion leaving her behind puzzled.


Maan knows dat Geet must be worried nd infact confused too wid his dis kind of behaviour nd at dis moment he should be wid her as she needed him d most but he cant help it rite nw. his inside was burning wid Anger nd he needs to be alone to comfort himself before he could comfort Geet.




Shilpa: But Di! Tumne us Crueilla ko koi jawab Kyun nahi diya?

Geet: Crueilla?

Shilpa: arey wahi Sasha. Tumne usey kuch kaha kyun nahi jab wo tumhe ulta-seedha bol rahi thi

Geet: Main bolna chahti thi shilpa, but all d flashes of my past has started cuming in front of me but still I manged to speak but wen she called me characterless nd cheap I got numb once again

Shilpa: nd tab jiju ne ek romantic hero ki tarah entry maari. Wow! Hw dreamy?

Geet: Shut up Shilpa! Tumhe andaza bhi nahi hai k Maan kitna zyada gusse me tha aur shayad ab bhi hai

Shilpa: Ab bhi hain kyun?

Geet: pata nahi but usne poore raastein kuch nahi kaha aur mujhe yaha drop karke chup chap mansion chala gaya

Shilpa: Ae Lo! Itni si baat Di iska matlab ye thodi na hai ki jiju tumse naraz hai wo to us Crueilla pe upset honge. Tum ek Kaam karo na tum ek baar jiju se jake mil aao dono log better feel karoge

Geet: I think u r ritte I should go nd meet him.


She said nd goes to meet Maan




As soon as she reached Mansion she saw Savitri Devi sitting worried at d Living room


Geet: Dadimaa! Wat happen? U r looking tensed

Savitri Devi: Yes Geet I m tensed

Geet: Bataiye na Dadimaa kya baat hai

Savitri Devi: Geet m really bery sorry for all dat happened in office. i………

Geet: Dadimaa y u r saying Sorry. Its not ur fault nd anyways hw u came to knw about all dis? Maan ne bataya?

Savitri Devi: Nahi Maan ne hume kuch nahi bataya but I saw him in angry mood wen he came home nd den I called at office nd den Adi told me everything

Geet: Dadimaa Maan………..

Savitri Devi: Jabse aaye hai tabse neeche nahi aaye aur hume pata hai is waqt wo kaha honge. Jab wo bahut zyada gusse me hote hain to ek hi hote hai


She said nd looked at Geet who was nw looking surprised




Maan was in his Gym Room practicing Tai-chi. Its been 1 hr. since he was doing dis yet his anger is out of control. His gestures nd postures could clearly tell that hw much angry he is. He still couldn’t able to take his mind out of d picture he saw in office. His Geet was in tears nd Dat Sasha accusing her. He should not waited for Geet to take a stand first he should have go to her d very moment he saw her getting blamed so that she wont be able to go too far nd pointing at d character of her


He threw punches in d air, kicks in d air. The words of Sasha was ringing in his ears. He found it all his mistake. He should have been careful about his surroundings. He has noticed many tymes Sasha trying to feel Geet low specially after d Project which Mr. Chopra has asked Geet to handel but Geet Everytym handled it confidently nd he too thinks dat its just because of d competitive feelings between d employees but no it was d Rage which was building inside Sasha nd he couldn’t able to understand


His kicks nd Punches gets more aggressive. He picked up d nanchaks nd started practicing wid it. It was only his mistake dat today Geet has been accused in front of d whole office, she felt humiliated because of him only. He should have taken action against it. He should have not ignored. Hw could he be so careless, hw could anyone blame his Geet.


His whole body, every muscle was aching in pain yet he was nowhere to stop. He keep practicing taking out all his anger, All his frustration.


Maan (To himself): it was all because of me. It was my mistake only. How could I ignored d behaviour of Sasha towards Geet. She was planning against Geet in front of me nd yet I couldn’t able to understand it.Y? Y I COULDN’T ABLE TO SENSE HER INTENTIONS?


Geet was watching all dis from a side. She couldn’t see him lyk dis. she knew he was punishing himself, she knew dat he feels dat it was all his fault but she dnt knw hw to make him understand dat it was not his fault. She cant see him punishing himself for d thing in which he was nowhere at fault. Nd den she saw d sight which was unbearable to her

She saw him slamming d ice wid one hit. which broke into pieces making his hand bleed.

“MAAN” she screamed. She couldn’t take it any more nw


He turned around nd saw Geet standing at d corner nd her eyes were widened in shock. She quickly came running near him nd wid no second thought she hugged him tightly. Maan could feel her warm tears on his chest. But he couldn’t reciprocate to her gesture at dat tym. He was too frustrated on himself.


Geet pulled out from d hug nd looked straight to his eyes. Same eyes in which few hrs back dere was Love, Passion, intensity nd nw dere was Rage, anger, Hatred for Sasha nd more den her for himself for not able to sensing her intentions.

Geet: Wat d hell u think u r doing? Y r u punishing urself?

He looked away nd Geet places her hand on his cheek nd make him look towards her.

Geet: Look at me Maan. It was not ur mistake for god sake stop punishing urself.

Maan: it was my mistake Geet. I should have been careful towards u. she was accusing u because of me. U were crying because of me. Y couldn’t I able to sense her intentions on d very first day wen she tried to put u low in front of me

Geet: Maan, look into my eyes, nw still u think dat whatever has happened over dere for dat u r responsible? Maan I cant see u like dis. u r not responsible for anything Maan. No one can ever think dat Sasha could stoop so low. Stop blaming urself.

But Maan was no where to stop.

Maan: No Geet, its my mistake only. Hw could she talk so low about u, hw could she say u characterless, nd y shouldn’t I stepped forward at dat tym only wen she accused u first, y did I wait dere wen I saw u taking stand. Y…………

Nd rest of d words remain unspoken as she sealed her lips wid his. this will definitely shut his mouth, she thought. Dis is d first tym wen she had taken an initiative like dis but she knew she did it right. He needed it. He needed to know hw much she loves her, he needed to know dat wat place she had in her heart for him, she needed him to know dat not in her worst nightmare she could think Maan responsible for anything which goes wrong wid her.

Maan first got shocked wid her behaviour. He don’t know wat to say, hw to react but den he gave in he wraps his arms around her waist nd pressed her more against him to make it a passionate one. She broke away to take breath but his lips again catches hers. Dis kiss was different, no doubt it was full of love but more den Love it was full of pain. Pain dat dey both have suffered mentally. Dere was a pleasure but more den pleasure dere was trying of comforting each other. He moves his lips towards her neck nd started kiising over dere nd den again came back to her lips. He bites her lower nd blood came out. He licks it lightly nd den sucking it passionately. Geet closed her eyes. Her love is giving her both pain nd pleasure at d same tym but she didn’t stopped him. She just went in rhythm wid him. She wanted him to take out all his frustration all his anger dat he had for himself nd if it was lyk dis den she would prefer dis rather d one he was doing before. Wid every passing minute their desire wanting more nd more of each other.

After so long Dey both free each other to take breath. If Few more moments dey would be like dat den dey would defo land up doing something which dey r not supposed to do. Geet again looked at his deep almond eyes which were nw calm. She smiled seeing d love back in those eyes. Maan looked at her lips which were nw swollen due to d aggressiveness of his kiss. He himself don’t know hw far he has gone in his aggressiveness. He looked at d scar which was dere beside her lip. he slowly cupped her face nd started blowing over dere. Geet closed her eyes wen she felt his breath fanning on her lips. It was soothing her. Maan looked at her angelic face nd he was again started to lose himself but den stops himself from being insane. He slowly draws back nd she opened her eyes to meet his which was speaking in volumes feeling sorry for d act.

She could understand d change of expression on his face. She quickly placed her hand on his cheeks to assure him dat she didn’t mind

Maan: Mishti, I m sorry for dis . I……

Geet: Ssshhh..! (she places her hand on his mouth) dnt say anything Maan. I dnt regret it.

Maan: But Geet, dis. it must be paining.

Geet: Maan dis pain is nothing in front of d pain which I had suffered wen I saw u punishing urself. Maan whatever happen u r nowhere responsible for it. Promise me Maan dat from nw on u’ll never punish urself for anything for which u r nt responsible. Ur Mishti cant see u lyk dis. Mishti wants to see her Dusht Daanav happy forever.

Nd he smiled on her last statement nd instantly hugged her. she was happy to see him smiling nd he was happy to see her happy.





Geet came back outhouse smiling thinking about her moment wid Maan wen Shilpa noticed d blush on her cheeks.


Shilpa: ahem! Ahem! Someone is blushing

Geet (coming into senses): Ofcourse not! Y would I blush?

Shilpa: ya ofcourse! Afterall tum jiju se mil k thodi na aa rahi ho (nd she giggled)

Geet: Shilpa! Shut up!


Suddenly Shilpa noticed d mark on her lips.


Shilpa: Di! wat happen to ur lips? y its so swollen nd hw dis scar has formed in ur lip. u were perfectly fine wen u had gone from dere

Geet (baffled): Wo…… Actually………… Haan wo I as cuming to outhouse nd got tripped so got hurt


Shilpa smirked as she knews wat Geet was saying was just an excuse but she didn’t want her to feel embarrassed in front of her so she didn’t said anything


Shilpa: oho Di! Dekh k chala karo na. Jiju theek kehte hai, tumne na Girne me PhD kari hui hai Ek kaam karo tum upar Room me jao main dawa leke aati hoon.

Geet: ya ok.


Geet said nd goes towards her room upstairs nd as soon as she goes Shilpa laughs after thinking Geet’s excuse but den she reminds dat she has to apply medicine on her scar so she takes d ointment nd was about to go wen she heard d knock at d Door. She goes to open d Door but found no one over dere she came out nd looked around but still dere was no one. She thought dat it may be just her illusion. She closed d Door nd as soon as she turned she gets both surprised nd shocked. She saw Armaan standing over dere in front of her. She was about to scream wid his sudden presence wen Armaan shuts her mouth wid his hand.


Armaan: y r u screaming?

Shilpa: umm ummm

Armaan (not able to understand): Wat?


Shilpa gestured him wid his hand to telling her to remove his hand from her mouth nd Armaan realizes wat he was doing. He quickly removes his Hand from her mouth


Shilpa: Tum yaha kya kar rahe ho? (den she speaks slowly) Tum yaha kya kar rahe ho? Aur tum ander kaise aaye?

Armaan: Darwaze se

Shilpa: hw funny. But tum aaye kyun?

Armaan: I was missing u

Shilpa: o really! Armaan just we just met 1 hr back in d hospital only

Armaan: ya. But wat to do. Its difficult for me to live without u even a second (he said nd pulled her closer)

Shilpa: Armaan…….

Armaan: Ssshhh………. nt nw


He said nd dey both lost in each other’s eyes



Geet was waiting for Shilpa but wen it took her so long to cum she decided to check herself. She was about to go wen she heard a noise of Thud! From d Balcony. She first got scared thinking dat it might be thief but den calms herself. She slowly move towards Balcony without making noise. She opens d Door of balcony nd go outside looked around her but found no one. She was sweating due to fear but still trying to keep herself calm. She checked thouroughly but found no one. She takes a Deep breath thinking dat it might be her Illusion. She turned to leave but got frightened by seeing d figure standing in front of her nd instantly she screamed aloud nd wen a strong hand covered her mouth to stop her from screaming nd dis is wen she saw d Figure standing in front of her was none other den MAAN!!!


Maan looked into her eyes which was first scared nd nw calm. Everytym he looks at dem he found himself drowning in it. He forgets all his surroundings wenever he was wid her. Nd after today’s incidence, he found himself more close to her. Geet too lost in his eyes but she’s getting difficult to breathe dis is wen Maan realizes that he has his hand on her mouth. He instantly removes it nd looks at Geet who was looking at him questioningly

Geet: Maan! Tum? Tum yaha kya kar rahe ho? Aur Wo bhi is tarah Choro ki tarah aane ki kya zarurat thi? Pata hai main kitna Dar gayi thi. Aur ye aaj tum Door ke bajay Balcony se kyun aaye? Agar Shilpa ne tumhe yaha dekh liya to? Already wo��..

Rest of d word left unsaid as Maan Puts his Finger on her lips.

Maan: Sshhh! Bahut bolti ho tum

He said nd dey both gets lost in each other eyes once again


Geet’s Scream brings back both Armaan nd Shilpa to reality. He instantly frees her nd dey both looks upwards.

Shilpa: Ye to Di ki Awaaz hai?

Armaan: Ya. But y is she screaming?

Shilpa: Ab hw do I knw it From here? I should go nd check upstairs

Armaan: I’ll also cum wid u

Shilpa: R u mad? Wat if Di Sees u that too at dis tym

Armaan: Dnt worry I’ll not make Noise.

Shilpa: Sure

Armaan: Sure

Shilpa: ok den cum wid me. But dnt make any noise



Dey both goes upstairs nd shilpa knocks d Door which brings back both Maan nd Geet from dere lala world. Geet started to panic as she don’t knw wat she’ll say to Shilpa wen she asks her about Maan

Geet: I guess Shilpa is here. Ab kya hoga?

Maan: So wat? Our relationship is not hidden from anyone. Let me open d Door


Geet stops him by hoding his wrist


Geet: Pagal ho gaye ho kya? Already she teases me Everytym by taking ur name nd if she saw saw u here den she wont excuse me even in my sleep.

Maan: So wat u r going to do

Geet: I don’t know


In d meantym Shilpa again knocks d Door


Shilpa: Di! Di u dere?

Geet: ya Shilpa. M here only

Shilpa: den y were u not responding? Nd y did u scream? Everything ok?

Geet: ya Shilpa everything is fine. Wo actually………. wo I screamed because……… (she looked at Maan for sum excuse but he stands dere enjoying her helplessness) I screamed because………… haan I saw a Cockroach


Maan (muttered): Cockroach (nd den narrowed his eyes at Geet to which she made a baby face)

Shilpa: Cockroach but Di Jiju ne to last week hi pest control karaya hai

Geet: So………… kya Cockroach uske baad nahi aa sakta.


Armaan has to bite his hand to control his laugh wen he listens d conversation of both d sisters.


Shilpa: ok Di Chill! But y had u closed d Door?

Geet: Wo because……….. Because I was doing Yoga


“Yoga” Both Armaan nd Shilpa says at d same tym obviously Armaan says it slowly. Shilpa looks at him nd he shrugs his shoulders gesturing dnt knw wats going on.


On d other hand Geet nd Maan too gets confused on Geet’s reasoning


Shilpa: But Di y r u doing Yoga? Dat too at dis tym?

Geet: Wo Because Shilpa….. I………..


Maan found it right tym to take his revenge of calling him Cockroach nd he whispers sumthing in her eyes


Maan (whispers): Because main moti ho rahi hoon

Geet: haan kyunki main moti ho rahi hoon (den realizes wat she has said nd looks at Maan) Main tumhe moti dikhti hoon? (To which Maan makes a baby face)


Shilpa(confused): Di maine kab kaha ki tum moti ho rahi ho? Tumhi ne to abhi khud hi kaha


Armaan is finding it hard to control his laughter. One more minute nd he’ll definitely burst into laughter.


Maan(hugging her from back): I LOVE YOUEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Geet (irritated): I HATE YOUAngryAngry

Shilpa: Arey nw wat had I done that u hate me? Di tumhe kya ho gaya hai?ConfusedConfused

Maan (Whispers): I knw sweetheart. I LOVE U TOO.

Geet: Shut up! U dnt knw anything

Shilpa (totally confused): Di! R u alright?Confused

Geet: ya m fine (Den to Maan) Tum jao yaha se mujhe tumse koi Baat nahi karni

Shilpa: But maine kya kiya?

Maan: But mujhe to karni hai. Dher saari Lovey-Dovey talks.

Geet: m warning u just go from here otherwise I’ll nt talk to u in future also

Shilpa: Di! U knw wat? Tum pagal ho gayi ho. Raho isi room me aur karo apna Yoga. M going downstairs


She said nd storms downstairs followed by Armaan who was laughing.


Geet: Shilpa……….. Listen……… Wo main………


But Shilpa was not dere to listen nd she realizes dat she has gone. She gives an angry look to Maan who was smirking.


Geet: Wat do u think u were Doing?

Maan(acting innocent): Wat had I done Geet?

Geet: Maan Dnt act Innocent. Tumhari wajah se Shilpa mujhe Pagal samajh rahi hai

Maan: Ab Geet tum baat hi aisi karogi to koi bhi tumhe pagal samjhega.

Geet: To tumhara matlab hain main pagal hoon aur tumne� Tumne mujhe mota bhi kaha tha. Main tumhe moti dikhti hoon

Maan: Ab tumne abhi khud hi to Shilpa se kaha

Geet: Maan dnt act smart ok

Maan: Acha maine tumhe mota kaha to tumhe bura lag gaya aur tumne jab mujhe Cockroach bulaya tha

Geet: Dat I had made an excuse to Shilpa

Maan: O really

Geet: Ya! Otherwise wat would u expect me to say to her dat Shilpa ur Darling Jiju is has came here unexpectedly datsy I had screamed

Maan: well I haven’t stopped u from dat

Geet: Maan……….

Maan: Geet……..

Geet: u knw wat I dnt want to talk to u


She said nd turned her face. Maan looks lovingly at her kiddish behaviour. He snakes his arms to her waist making Geet shiver from his touch but yet she acts dat it didn’t effect her. He slowly whispers in her ears




Geet tries hard to control her senses wen she feels his hot breath on her ears but she said nothing. Maan smirks seeing his effect on her. He strokes his index finger from her shoulders till d back of her palm sending a current of 1000 volts down at her spine. She closed her eyes trying hard to control herself. He brings her hand to his lips nd kiss at her fingers.





He Smirks nd kisses on her Arms





He den places a kiss on her shoulders



Geet started to breathing harder yet she managed to speak



He places a kiss on her neck nuzzling over dere making Geet lose her senses completely


Maan (whispers): I LOVE YOU

Geet (voice trailing off): I�.. I HATE�� YOU

Finally he places a kiss on her earlobe nd turned her to face him nd saw her eyes closed

Maan (huskily): Geet


She opens her eyes to meet his. he looks straight into her Big hazel eyes wid intensity. Dere was an eyelock session for some moment wen Maan finally spoke


Maan: Geet………… Nw still u hate me


She said nothing but hugs him tight. He too hugs her wid same intensity


Geet: Yes I HATE YOU. I HATE TO LOVE YOU dis much dat I cant even remain angry wid u for long

Maan: But I LOVE TO LOVE YOU dis much dat no matter hw much u get angry wid me but at d end u came into my Arms like dis only.


She smiles nd hugs him tight nd he kisses at top of his head.



In d living Room Shilpa was pacing furiously nd Armaan watches her sitting on d couch. She was still confused at Geet’s behaviour. Armaan loves d expression of her face nd decides to have some fun


Armaan: umm Shilpa………. Can I have some Popcorns please

Shilpa (confused): Popcorns but y?

Armaan: Ab such an interesting movie is going on in front of me. U knw upstairs Geet nd here u. I think it would be nice if I watch it wid Popcorn

Shilpa: Shut up Armaan here m so worried nd Tumhe Mazak soojh raha hai. Ek to Di itna weird behave kar rahi hai pata nahi use kya ho gaya hai. Lagta us Sasha ki wajah se use sadma lag gaya hai aur yaha tum mera mazak bana rahe ho………


She cant say further as Armaan pulled her towards him nd places his finger on her lips.


Armaan: Ssshhh�.. Forget about everything, ur every worries wen u r wid me.


Shilpa looked down wen Armaan cups her face nd make her look at him nd kisses on her forehead


Armaan: Shilpa, had I ever said dat u had a beautiful eyes?


Shilpa nods in No


Armaan: u had a very beautiful eyes


He said nd kisses on her both of d eyes


Armaan: had I ever said dat ur cheeks look very beautiful wen u blush?


Shilpa blushes nd again nods in No.


Armaan: Ur cheeks look very beautiful wen u blush


He said nd kisses her cheeks.


Armaan: had I ever said dat ur Lips r very beautiful


Shilpa closes her eyes wen she feels Armaan coming close to her. She can feel his warm breath on her lips. Her lips get parted nd Armaan accepts d invitation nd finally seals his lips wid hers, feeling its softness. Shilpa encircled her arms around his neck nd he felt shiver through his spine wid her touch. Nd soon dere kiss turned into a passionate one.


Dey free each other after sumtym to take breath. Shilpa looks down at d floor, blushing while Armaan looks at her lovingly.


Armaan: U ok na?

Shilpa nodes in yes.


Armaan: I hope I haven’t did sumthing wrong which makes u uncomfortable


Shilpa nodes in No nd hugs him tight nd he too responds wid same passion.




Geet brokes d hug nd looked at Maan.


Geet: But Maan, y had u came liked dis? I mean u can cum from d door also na den y had u came from balcony?

Maan: Because I wanted to spend sum moment wid u only nd if I had cum by d Door den first I would have encounter wid Shilpa den I would able to meet u nd dat too if she stops Buzzing us.

Geet: Excuse Maan, u r talking about my sister ok.

Maan: ok but dnt Forget she’s my Sister-in-law too nd atleast dis much right I had to tease her.

Geet: ya but not too much

Maan: Sure my Future Wifey. Ah! By d way have u thought about our lyf after Marriage

Geet: wat to think in dat. We’ll love each other lyk dis only nd not to forget also fight like kids like dis only

Maan: ok nd wat about our kids?

Geet (confused): Means

Maan: I mean I was thinking hw many children we should have.

Geet (blushes): Maan………..

Maan: No, m serious. I think 12 will be good

Geet (surprised): 12!!!!!???ShockedShockedShocked

Maan: kam hai? Acha 20?

Geet: Maan, r u out of ur mind. U want 20 children. U want children or whole cricket team?

Maan: y? wats d problem in dat? I mean it would be so nice na. our children voices would Echo all over d Mansion. From some corner it would say “Mom”, from other “Dad”, far from some corner it would say “Grandmom”. Wow Geet it would be so fun na.

Geet: Maan…….

Maan: arey geet y r u getting scared? Oh! U r thinking dat u have to handle dem alone. Dnt worry I too help u in handling dem

Geet: Maan, u knw wat u have became mad. So many Kids? Main to mar hi jayungi (she said while blushing)

Maan:hey! Main tumhe Marne nahi doonga Afterall tumhi to meri lyf ho. Nd dnt worry I was just kidding. U urself is not less den a kid. tumhe sambhal loon wahi kaafi hai, after dat I can handle my rest of my 20 kids.

Geet (blushes): Maan ( nd she hits playfully on his chest)


Suddenly Geet notices his hand in which dere is a small cut which was due to breaking d ice


Geet: Maan, ye u haven’t applied anything on it yet

Maan (looks at his hand): oh! Let it be Geet. It will heal soon

Geet: shut up Maan! U knw hw dangerous it is to leave a wound like dis. wait I’ll bring u an ointment


She said nd about to go wen Maan stops her holding her wrist nd pulled her towards him


Maan: where r u going?

Geet: dwnstairs. First Aid Box was over dere only

Maan: oh Really! Nd wat will u tell to Shilpa wen she sees u over dere. Already u had given her ur World’s best excuse of Yoga

Geet: ya u r rite. Wat to do nw?

Maan (naughtily): well dere’s an another option also?

Geet (innocently): wats dat

Maan (huskily): well, just make dem feel ur Lips once nd dey would heal automatically

Geet: Maan…….


Nd she couldn’t able to say anything wen she looked at his eyes which was speaking in volumes. Nd she takes his hand nd brings it near her lips nd Kisses at d place where dere is Wound.


Geet: ok now.


Maan nodes in no nd puts his finger on his forehead gesturing to kiss dere also as he got hurt over dere also. She smiles nd kiss his forehead. He den point towards his cheek nd she kiss his cheeks. Maan has nw become in naughty mood so he pointed towards his lips. Geet understands his intentions. But she cant refuse him so


Geet: Chaddo Maan, poore lafange ban gaye ho

Maan (a bit angry): Lafanga? Ok Geet if u dnt want me to love u or touch u den let it be. I’ll not cum near u from now on (he said looking other side)

Geet (To herself): Hey Babaji, yeh maine kya kar diya? I was just kidding aur Maan bura maan gaya. O God nw wat should I Do


She looked at Maan who was looking other side


Geet: Maan


Maan slowly smirks but pretends dat he’s angry.


Geet: Maan, m sorry. I was just kidding.


He still didn’t said anything but enjoying Geet’s pleading


Geet: Maan, m really very sorry. I dnt have any intention to hurt u. Pls



Geet: Acha See nw m holding my ears (she said nd holds her ears) Ab to Maan jao

Maan: No need to do dis Geet becoz it wont help ok. M going rite nw nd nw wont cum near u until our Marriage.


He said nd was about to leave wen Geet’s voice stopped him


Geet (sobs): Maan,,,,,. M Sorry


He quickly turned nd look at Geet. He saw a Drop of tear in her eyes. He realizes dat he had gone too far in teasing her nd nw he only had to make-up. He quickly goes to her nd cupped her face


Maan: Geet� Geet m Sorry. I was just teasing u. pls dnt cry. I was not angry from u Acha m sorry. Pls Mishti

Geet (innocently): Pakka

Maan: Pakka

Geet: Maan pls never ever say dis thing. Never ever say dat u r going away from me. Not even in joke. I cant stay away from u


She said nd hugged him.


Maan: m sorry Geet. I promise I’ll never ever do like dis. not even in joke


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Hey every1 thanx a ton for ur Lovely Response in d previous part though it was not very happening but still thanx for motivating me. nw here’s d Part 39 of my FF hope u all will like it too . nd ya Feel free to criticise if u all dnt like it

Part 39:

Maan: m sorry Geet. I promise I’ll never ever do like dis. not even in joke


Den suddenly he reminds of sumthing. He brokes d hug nd looked at her


Maan: Dekho in sab me main jis kaam k liye aaya tha wo bhool hi gaya.

Geet: wat?

Maan: Dadimaa has called panditji today to fix our marriage date

Geet: Marriage date?

Maan: ya nd its due on 10th Jan. dat is 1 month from nw. I knw u must be thinking its bit early but Dadimaa has talked to mom nd she said dat she has no problem in it.

Geet: My Mom?

Maan: No, our Mom.

She looked at him in Awe at his statement.

Maan: after 1 month u’ll officially become Mrs. Maan Singh Khurana nd den we dnt have to meet like dis as we’ll get official licence to meet each other freely.


Geet makes a sad face nd Looks at other side making Maan worried


Maan: Wat Happen Geet? R u not Happy?


Geet still didn’t said anything which makes Maan more worried. He quickly goes to her nd held her by her shoulders


Maan: Geet, tell me wat happen? Are’nt u happy? Geet pls say sumthing. Ur silence is killing me

Geet (maintaining straight face): Maan, Marriage date thoda aur pehle ki nahi ho sakti?


Maan first could’nt able to understand wat she just said but den Geet giggles hard nd he realizes wat she just said


Maan: Geeettt


Geet makes a baby face nd den Giggles making Maan smiles


Geet: Maan main jald se jald Mrs. Maan Singh Khurana banna chahti hoon

Maan: oh Geet! U r priceless.


He said nd kissed her forehead





Armaan nd Shilpa were sitting in d living Area. Both were quiet, dnt knw wat to say to each other. It was weird dey never sit quiet specially wen dey r together but now dey both dnt knw wat to say. Nd after d moment dey shared just now it was getting more difficult to speak.


It was too early to speak about marriage or kids nd it would be weird if dey talk about their sorroundings nd not about demselves. But dey had to talk about sumthing so finally Shilpa decided to break d silence.


Shilpa: umm Armaan

Armaan: ya

Shilpa: u remember wat u said while proposing me

Armaan: Ya I said I LOVE YOU

Shilpa: nahi Buddhu after dat.

Armaan (not understanding): wat?

Shilpa: Duffer, u said dat u’ll not let me do any work nd would love to be my “Joru ka Ghulam”

Armaan: ya so? Abhi ye baat beech me kaha se aa gayi

Shilpa: ye baat isliye aa gayi because I m hungry

Armaan: Wat?

Shilpa: ya

Armaan: So uska is baat se kya matlab hai?

Shilpa: Seriously Savy sahi bolti hai u r really a big Duffer

Armaan: Shilpa…

Shilpa: aur nahi to kya. I said m hungry nd u knw very well dat I dnt knw hw to cook

Armaan: so u expecting me to cook for u?

Shilpa: Well samajhdaar ko ishaara hi kaafi hai. But m talking about intelligents


Armaan gave her a look to which she giggles


Armaan: so u think dat I couldn’t stuck up to my words


She shrugged her shoulders


Armaan: Fine den lets go to d kitchen

Shilpa (amazed): u’ll really cook

Armaan: No we’ll cook.


She smiled nd dey left for d Kitchen




Maan: So itni achi Good news sunayi tumhe. Wont you delight me wid some sweet dish

Geet: But Ice-cream is at d fridge downstairs nd Shilpa is over dere


Maan rolled over his eyes at her innocence “Wat should I do wid dis girl” he thought


Maan: dnt worry Geet. U have something in dis Room also from which u can make my mouth sweet

Geet (looking around): Where?

Maan: here


He said while caressing her lips wid his thumb making Geet missing heart beats nd started leaning forward. Geet who initially couldn’t understand now understands wat he was upto she closed her eyes nd he takes it as her permission. he cupps her cheek wid one hand nd started leaning more closer. She could feel his breath fanning her lips which were tickling her senses nw. He leaned more forward nd just gave a soft peck on her lips nd den slowly draws his face back. Geet opens her eyes nd looked at him who was looking at her lovingly.


She still couldn’t understand y he did like dat. He slowly pointed towards her lower lip which was still swollen nd wound was still dere. She noticed nd looked at him in awe nd den blushed nd looked downwards. He came closer to her nd slowly whispered to hers


Maan: Dnt be so happy Mrs. MSK it is before marriage only. After Marriage I really wont excuse u.


She blushed more nd hugged him


Maan (smiles): nw go

Geet: where?

Maan: to get my Ice-cream

Geet: But…

Maan: I dare u ms. Geet Malhotra bring ice-cream for us that too in front of Shilpa

Geet: Fine Mr. Maan Singh Khurana. Just wait nd watch


She said nd stormed out of d Room leaving Maan behind smiling




Armaan nd Shilpa were sharing dere cute romantic moments in Kitchen while preparing Pasta. Nd finally it gets ready. Shilpa was happily putting it in two plates wen dey both listen d Noise of door getting shut. Dey looked at each other in shock knowing who it was


Shilpa: Armaan, I guess Di is coming dwnstairs. Nw wat to do

Armaan: Shilpa, Relax!  Dnt panic

Shilpa: arey hw couldnt I dnt Panic. U just do one thing just go to d Study fast

Armaan: But wat if she saw me going over dere

Shilpa: dats wat m saying dnt stay over here nd go fast. I too will join u over dere


She said while pushing him nd he goes nd hides in d study in d meanwhile Geet comes to d kitchen




Geet was blabbering to herself all d way down to kitchen


Geet (To herself): Babaji, kaisa insaan bheja hai aapne meri lyf me. Baat kam aur challenges zyada deta hai. Nw hw would I take d ice-creams in front of Shilpa dat too 2 Bowls. Wat if she questions me? Thanx to my world’s best excuse dat m doing Yoga nd nw wen she’ll ask me y m having Ice-creams after Yoga wat answer should I give? Maan tumhe to main dekh loongi


She said nd in d mean tym she finds herself in d kitchen where Shilpa was standing wid a nervous face


Geet: Shilpa. Wats wrong wid u? y r u standing over here?

Shilpa: Wo Di… Aise hi I like to stand over here in d kitchen

Geet: wat?


“Ye to mujhse bhi zyada weird behave kar rahi hai” She thought to herself


Shilpa: Wo di… actually haan… after ur Marriage u’ll go to jiju’s house I mean ur house too so it would be only me na who had to handle dis kitchen stuff nd all so datsy m trying to spend my tym at kitchen

Geet: ok (den looked at d plates) nd wats dis u cooked Pasta?


Shilpa looked at d plate nd realized dat she has forgot to remove dem over dere. She felt nervous nd couldn’t able to think of any excuse wen Geet again called her


Geet: Shilpa, where r u lost? M asking sumthing from u?

Shilpa: Wo Di… ya I cooked it. I was hungry na

Geet: ok, but u served it in two plates?


“Nothing could be more worse nw” Shilpa thought


Shilpa: Wo… Di I was very much hungry na so I made it in more quantity nd served it in two plates so dat I wont feel dat I ate too much

Geety (amuzed): Wat?


Nw d situation was really ironic, few moments back it was Geet who was giving shocks to Shilpa nd nw its Shilpa who’s Surprising Geet


Geet: Wat r u saying?

Shilpa: Nothing Di… leave it. BTW wat r u doing over here? Tum to yoga kar rahi thi na

Geet: wo… Main… haan I came here to drink water. Wo yoga k beech me Pani pee lena chahiye. Its gud for d body

(me wondering in which book is it writtenErmm)

Shilpa: oh ok.


Both d sisters were really nervous not sure hw to escape from d situation especially wen their Boyfriends r waiting for dem in d respective rooms. But dey had to.


Shilpa: Di chalo u drink water nd after dat we’ll have pasta Made by me in ur Room


She said nd crossed her fingers wishing dat Geet couldn’t get Agreed to it. Geet got scared at d mention of her Room. She cant let Shilpa go over dere. She has to stop her


Geet: NAHI!!!!! Mera matlab hai ki u knw na I don’t eat Pasta so u eat alone ok.

Shilpa (sigh in relief): R u sure?

Geet: ya

Shilpa: ok den


She said nd takes d tray from dere wen Geet again stops her


Geet: Shilpa! Y r u going towards d Study?


Shilpa stops in her tracks nd closes her eyes in fear of being caught


Shilpa: Wo Di… Actually… Ya wo I m doing research on a disease actually dere is a patient at Sanjeevani having a typical disease so m doing research on dat so datsy going towards study.

Geet: ok, den go.

Shilpa: bye Di. ALL D BEST wid ur Yoga

Geet: Bye nd same to u for ur research.


Wen Geet was sure dat Shilpa has gone inside d Room she quickly takes out two Bowls nd puts Ice-cream in it nd takes it towards her Room. Shilpa saws it before entering d Room nd gets confused dat y Geet has lied to her dat she was here to take water nd was taking Ice-cream dat too in two bowls but den she didn’t find it important so she goes towards d Study




Geet steps inside d Room only to find it empty. She wonders where Maan has gone. She looks around her but couldn’t able to find him. Her eyes was searching for him wen he tapps her shoulders. She turns nd found him standing in front of her. she was about to say sumthing wen he puts d finger on her lips nd takes her towards d Balcony. She couldn’t understand his actions nd she looked at him questioningly


Maan: I wanted to make our celebration memorable so thought of celebrating it under Moonlight. Derefore…

She smiled at his gesture nd looked at him lovingly. Wen she first met him den she had never ever thought dat he can be dis much Romantic. She really don’t know wat Good works she has done dat she is dis much Lucky to have him in her lyf




Wen Shilpa steps inside d study she saw dat Armaan has decorated d table wid candles nd d lights of d study were Dim making d atmosphere Romantic. She looks at Armaan in awe nd Armaan understands wats going in her mind.


Armaan: dis would be our First Dinner together so hw could I let it be a Simple one?


She smiled nd looked at him






hey hey hey hey hey eh he…

hey hey hey hey hey eh he…

hey hey hey hey hey eh he…

hey hey hey hey hey eh he…


Maan nd Geet gets seated on d Swing completely lost in each other forgetting dat dey were here to have dere Ice-cream. She rests her head on his shoulders nd he puts his arm around her lovingly


Armaan pulls out a chair for Shilpand gets seated across her seat. He slowly puts his hand on hers nd looks at her lovingly


Tumhein pata to hoga

Tumhi pe mein fida hoon

Tumhi hai jabse hai chaha

Hawaon mein udta hoon


Maan cups Geet’s face from one side nd kisses her forehead looking into her eyes only to find immense Love for him.


Tumhi mere har pal mein

Tum aaj mein tum kal mein

Hey shona hey shona


Armaan nd Shilpa were lost in each other’s eyes silently expressing dere Feelings to each other


Hey shona hey shona


Geet feels shy as his gaze was burning her nd she quickly rans into his embrace


Tumhein pata to hoga

Ki mere dil mein kya hai

Chalo kahe deti woh

Kabhi nahi jo kaha ha


Shilpa gets up from her chair nd moves towards d Window feeling slowly humming to herself wen Armaan came to her from behind nd hugs her


Tumhi mere har pal mein
Tum aaj mein tum kal mein
Hey shona hey shona


Geet places her one hand on Maan’s Cheek singing along expressing him her feelings nd touches her forehead wid his


Hey shona hey shona


Shilpa closes her eyes nd rests her head on Armaan’s Shoulders




Maan nd Geet were Feeding each other Ice-cream. Maan cames in naughty mood nd in next bite he instead of feeding her puts d mouth in his mouth. Geet gives him a complaining look to which he makes a baby face nd again puts spoon in front of her mouth nd wen she opens her mouth he agains puts it in his mouth. Geet gets annoyed nd move away from him. Maan goes to her to manofy her but she didn’t looked at him. He says sorry to her by holding his ears


Tum jo gussa bhi karo
To mujhe Pyaar lagta hai jane kyon


she didn’t said anything nd started going other side wen Maan holds her wrist to stop her nd goes close to her


Main to jo bhi kahun
Tumhein iqkaar lagta hai jaane kyon


Geet smirks slowly but didn’t face him maintaining her angry posture crossing her Arms in front of her chest while singing


Chodo bhi yeh ada paas aake zara
Baat dil ki koi kehdo naa

Hey Shona Hey shona


He slowly hugs her from behind, kisses her ears nd rests his head wid hers.


Hey Shona Hey shona

She too melts in his arms nd finally gave in his love




Armaan nd Shilpa were enjoying dere romantic candle light dinner nd after dat dey do a small romantic Dance. He places his hands on her waist while her hands were around his neck nd dey were lost in each others eyes


Sari duniya ko chod ke mene
Chaha hai ek tumhein


She rests her head on his chest nd closes her eyes while singing. A drop of tear came out from her eyes
Mene zindagi se manga hai to
Sirf manga hai ek tumhein


He slowly wipes away her tear nd kisses on d top of her forehead
Abb ise chah mein
Abb ise raah mein
Zindagi bhar mere
Tum ho na
Hey shona hey shona

Hey shona hey shona


She draws back from d hug nd looks into his eyes. Den she raises on her toes nd kisses his forehead nd den again hugs him. He smiles nd hugs her even more tight

Tumhein pata to hoga
Tumhi pe mein fida hoon

Maan slowly tucks away d lock of hair dat falls on Geets face behind her ears nd touches his forehead wid hers

Tumhi hai jabse hai chaha
Hawaon mein udta hoon


Armaan slowly cups Shilpa’s face nd kisses on her forehead
Tumhi mere har pal mein


Geet goes into Maan’s embrace resting her hand on his cheek
Tum aaj mein tum kal mein

Hey shona hey shona

Hey shona hey shona

Shilpa looks in Armaan’s Eyes nd blushes nd Armaan looks at her lovingly nd slowly hits his forehead wid hers
shooona hey shona
Hey shona hey shona

Geet pulls Maan’s nose in loving Manner to which Maan too pulls her cheeks to respond back his love



(hey hey hey)


Maan nd Geet nd Armaan nd Shilpa hugs each other nd gets lost in d moment of dere love which dey will cherish forever.


Both the couples were lost in each other embrace wen all of a sudden light went off bringing both d couples back from dere la la land. Geet instantly pulls out of hug nd looked around herself nd found it all dark, d only light which was visible is d Moonlight. She then looked at Maan nd Maan saw d fear in her eyes nd instantly understand her phobia of Darkness. He instantly takes her in his embrace nd hold her close to himself. Geet to cling on him nd hold him tightly as if her lyf dependent on him. Maan gently rubbed her back to calm her down. After a while wen she calmed a bit den he pulled her out from d hug gently nd cupped her face between his palms nd looked into her eyes


“Darr Lag raha hai” he asked while looking into her eyes. she slowly nodded in yes without uttering a word.


“Mere hote hue bhi” he asked as if doubting d warmth of his Love nd Geet instantly nodded in head in denial not wanting him to even think of it. she remembers wat happened few hrs back in d gym. How much pain  he had gone through just because he thinks dat he was not able to save her from Sasha’s accusations. She cant repeat d same thing again. She places her hand on his cheeks nd looked into his eyes.


“No Maan pls never ever think of dat. until u r wid me I dnt fear of anything because I knw dat I m safe in ur arms.” She said nd hugged him again while Maan just places a soft kiss on top of her head.


Maan: Geet, will u tell me sumthing?


She slowly nodded in yes nd he continued


Maan: y r u so much scared from Darkness? I mean initially I use to thought dat u use to get scared just like other girls but today I saw some unknown fear in ur eyes. Wat is it Geet? if u want u can tell me?


Geet instantly pull out from hug nd looked at him who was expecting an answer from her not because he dnt trust her but he just wanted to know d reason of her fear. Geet looked down not sure hw to tell him y she was so much scared from Dark. Maan lifted her face through chin to make her look at him


Maan: Mishty, do u trust me?

Geet: More den myself Maan.

Maan: Den tell me the reason of ur fear?


Geet sighed knowing dat he’ll not let her go until she tell him everything. But will he undertand wat she was going to tell him? will he believe on wat she was going to say?


“Cmon Geet wat r u thinking? U r doubting his trust on u; who trust u more den anything else? He had never leave ur side den y wont he not believe u today? Trust on his Love Geet nd tell him everything” She thought nd after lots of questioning nd answering from her inner self she decided to tell him d reason of her fear. At dat tym she even forgot that Shilpa is also present in dis house nd she may come anytym to check on her as she knows very well hw much she feared from darkness. All she knows is dat she’s wid d Man who loves her beyond limits nd wid who she’s all safe.


“Geet” Maan called her softly making breaking her reverie. Geet looked at him nd goes towards Swing nd stands near ir. Maan came from behind nd turned her towards himself from her shoulders nd makes her sit on d swing while sitting beside her. he puts her arm around her Lovingly nd protectively nd rests her head on his shoulders.


Both didn’t speak anything for long. Maan too dnt want to do any kind of hurry. He wanted to give her emough tym to open up herself. He knows she had never hide anything from him till nw nd will tell him dis too. All she needs to have courage to tell him. he just caress her arm lovingly without saying anything to let her enough believe on his Love to tell her fears.


“I was never scared from dark before but one incident has changed it all. I was 14 years old wen dat incident took place” Geet spoke out finally breaking d silence between dem. Maan looked at her slightly but didn’t said anything nd waited for her to speak further.


“it was a kind of school picnic. All students of our class along wid two teachers had gone to a farm house to enjoy. Dat farm house belongs to one of teacher so Principal Ma’am do not have any problem in it. We all were very excited as it was d first tym our school has arranged for any kind of Picnic. We all were enjoying ourselves over dere. dere was a group of gals who always envied me due to my popularity among teachers so dey try to take a revenge from me. Dey came to me nd asked me to play Hide nd Seek wid dem. I couldn’t understand her intentions nd agreed to it. though my friends stopped me a lot but I thought dat dere r genuinely Sorry so I just asked em to give dese girls a chance nd went wid dem. my friends didn’t accompany me as dey were still not sure of dere intentions but dey made sure to keep an eye on dem. wen dose girls felt dat my froends were distacted in other activities dey took d benefit of opportunity nd asked me to play inside d house as dere r many places to hide over dere. I was reluctant at first but den dey told me dat asked from d teacher nd she didn’t have any problem. So I just get trapped in dere plot nd went inside.” She said nd hugged Maan even more tight as she remembered dat dreadful incidence. Maan increased his grip around her to ensure her dat he was still dere wid her.


“Fir kya hua Geet?” he asked softly removing d tressesfrom her face.


“Wen I went inside one of dose girls asked me to hide in a room which was indded a dark as no one will able to find me easily over dere. Wen I was reluctant to do wat she was saying den she assured me dat she is just nearby room. I agreed nd hide mear d corner unknown to dere intentions. Dat girl locked me from outside nd went to her group celebrating her victory. Wen my friend asked dem about me den dey said dat Vansh bhai has came nd took me wid him as dere was an emergency at home. Dey told d same things to teacher too nd Ma’am didn’t did further interrogation as she felt dat dere must be an emergency. At evening everyone went back leaving me behind. I didn’t realize wen I dozed off over dere while sitting at d corner waiting for dem nd wen I woke up I found all dark around me. I looked outside d window nd realize dat sun had already set nd it was all dark outside. Den I noticed dat door was locked from outside. I cried a lot for help, banged door many tymes but no one was dere to listen me. As d tym was passing I was feeling all helpless nd alone. Tears were just not stopping from my eyes. I tried again nd again yelling for help but to my luck no one came to rescue me from dat darkness.


Here wen I didn’t reached home on tym my Mom gets worried as I had never been late. She immediately called Di nd Bhai nd tld dem d whole situation. In no tym dey both were set to find me. Vansh bhai called my teacher to enquire about me nd gets d biggest shock of his lyf wen he comes to knw dat dey were knowing dat he took me from dere due to emergency. Bhai sensed sumthing is fishy but he decided to figure it out later. He aks teacher to give d address of Farm house nd inform someone over dere about me. Teacher called d security guard of d house to let him know d situation nd den accompanied bhai along wid some other School’s teachers to farm house.” She completed nd Maan felt her crying. He instantly pulls her out from hug nd cupped her face between his hands nd wiped away her tears nd nodded his head in denial gesturing “Dnt Cry”. Geet hugged him again as she was fearing for his reaction about wat she was going to say now.


“Maan, I dnt know hw will u react on wat m going to say nw but pls Maan dnt mistrust me. Pls dnt leave me.” She said rather in a pleading way making Maan worried


“Geet, wat�..” he asked in concern only to be interrupted by her


“No Maan Pls let me say or else I wont be able to have dis much courage to say it again in future” she said pressing herself closer to him. Maan just nodded nd waied for her to continue


“Here in d farm house I was getting scared by every passing minute. I dnt knw wat to do, hw to escape from here. I was just sitting over dere crying wen I heard d sound of opening of door knob. My face instantly lights up thinking dat nw I’ll be escaped from dere but d biggest shock was yet to cum. I noticed someone entering inside d room. I asked him to show me d way for outside or suggest any means of communication so dat I can inform my family but he didn’t said anything nd I felt him approaching near me. I smell of alcohol from him nd in not tym I understand dat he dont have right intentions but before I do anything I found him pulling me towards him. I was all shocked nd scared not knowing wat to do. I tried to free myself from him but he was way too strong for me. I pushed him wid all my might nd tried to run away but he grabbed my leg nd I just fell on floor nd in no tym he was on top of me touching my body wid his filthy hands. I tried to push him again nd he just slapped me hard on my face making me bleed. I cried out for help but no one was dere. Hid hands were lustfully roaming over my body over my clothes nd I was just helpless to do anything nd den I felt him opening d buttons of my shirt nd den it alarmed me dat I cant just lay dere helpless I had to do sumthing before he disgraces me. Nd out of blue I just hit him hard from my legs between his legs making him wincing in pain. Finding d opportunity I pushed him aside nd nd hits d very next thing dat came in my hand on his head nd ran away from dere without looking back.


I was running on d road as fast as I can without looking forward wen I felt a car approaching me nd I closed my eyes in fear nd all could I see in front of my eyes was darkness. Wen I opened my eyes I found myself on hospital Bed wid my family around me. Vansh Bhai nd Di was sitting on either side of me caressing my head. As soon as I opened my eyes Vansh bhai hugged me tight nd I started crying nd told him everything dat happened over dere. later I come to know dat d man was none other den d guard of d house nd wen he comes to know of me being alone over dere he decided to take d benefit of situation. U knw wat Maan he was of my Dad’s age or even more den dat but still he tried to do such thing wid me. Police had arrested dat guard nd dose girls were rusticated from school for making me stuck up in dis situation. After somedays everything went to normal like it was before except me. I have been in trauma for soi many days. I cant sleep for many days. Wenever I close my eyes I found him looking at me wid lust full eyes. I felt him touching me all over my body wenevr I was alone. Nd if by chance dere was a power cut in d house I use to scream nd shout for help as I felt him near me again. Dis happened for many days nd den Di helped me to overcum from dis situation nd as tym passed dis incident started fading form my memory but wenever I found darkness around me everything comes in front of my eyes like a film nd I just feel like him standing near me nd roaming his hand on my body again nd again nd I just got scared. Datsy no one leaves me alone wenever it was dark nd make sure dat someone is always present wid me dat tym” she said nd sighed in relief as she felt a burden has been lighten from her heart after so long. She looked at Maan who was just sitting over dere looking ahead wid no expressions on his face. Geet felt like he didnt believe on wat she was saying. She felt like he was feeling dat she couldn’t save herself from him. she pulls out from d hug nd cupped his face between her hands to make him look at her


“Maan� y r u not saying anything? Trust me Maan, he didn’t do anything wid me dat day. I didn’t let him do anything wid me. Trust me Maan, I m just yours. I m not impure Maan. trust me I���.” she couldn’t say further as Maan sealed her lips wid his stopping her in mid. Hw can she even think of him mistrusting her. for once he can doubt himself but not Geet nd wid dat kiss he just wanted to tell her dat only wid dat kiss.


He took her lower lip nd sucked it, gently nibbling. He pulled her more closer to himself leaving no gap between dem. his fingers threaded in her hairs bringing her face close to him to deepen d kiss. It didn’t took Long to Geet to kiss him back nd soon she was kissing him wid equal fervour. She rested her hands on his shoulders nd slowly places it around his nape making way for his hairs nd clutching dem in her tiny fist. Maan groaned within his throat nd kissed her hard. His toungue gained entry on her mouth exporing each nd every secret of it. as d tym passes d kiss become more passionate nd demanding one as both of dem were lost in d moment.


Dey freed each other after so long to take breath. Maan rests his forehead wid hers nd Geet could feel him panting heavily. Her own heartbeats were not in control, it felt as if she had run a marathon. Dey just stayed over dere for so long nd wen dey calmed out a bit Maan cupped her face between his hands nd gives a soft peck on her lips before withdrawing himself. He looked at her nd finally spoke


Maan: Geet, look into my eyes. do u find any kind of doubt in dem?


She just nodded in no nd he continued


Maan: Geet, I Love you nd I trust u more den anything else in dis world. For once I may be wrong but not in my wildest dream I can mistrust u. I know my Mishty nd I believe on each nd every word she says. If she says dat God doesn’t exist den I’ll believe on dat also. so never ever think dat I can ever mistrust u. u r my lyf Mishty nd hw can I mistrust my own Lyf.


“Den y u didn’t said anything wen I told u everything.” She asked innocently making Maan smiled a bit.


Maan: its because I just couldn’t imagine ur situation at dat tym. My heart was bleeding while listening to u. u had gone through so much dat too at just a mere age of 14. I felt like kill dat bas***d right den nd dere. hw badly I wanted to be there wid u at dat tym wen u were facing all dat just to take his lyf out of him.


He said while clenching his jaws nd Geet felt d tension in his body. she immediately places her hand on his cheek to calm him down. Maan took a deep breath nd continued further.


Maan: Geet u r mine, only mine nd it didn’t matter to me wat happened in ur past because I knw m ur present nd future too. U cant live ur whole lyf in fear of dat lunatic who had no connection wid ur lyf. infact he must have bee died also by nw. But Geet u r letting him win by getting scared like dis. nd y r u getting scared Mishty wen I m wid u. u said to me few hrs back dat u cant see me in dat condition in which u saw me dat tym nd nw m saying dat I cant see my Mishty by getting scared like dis. I Love my sherni Geet not dis scared Geet.

Geet: But Maan wenever I see darkness around me I ���

Maan: Geet, u remember only dat incident but had u forgot dat moment wen we were alone in dis same outhouse in d same darkness so close to each other, hhhmmm.


He said while boaring his eyes into her making Geet remember dat moment. She blushed thinking of dat moment wen dey were so close to each other. she was lyieng on top of him nd he was huggng her securely. Hw beautiful dat moment was wid him around. At dat tym all her fear vanished nd she realizes dat he was d person wid whom she’ll always be safe. Maan looked at her blushing nd realized her smiling remembering d moment. He too cant forget dat moent wen she unexpectedly kissed him. though it was by mistake but yet dere was Love in it.


Maan: u did remember right?


She nodded in yes nd he continues


Maan: den just take it like dis way dat in dat darkness we came closer to each other which we cant do in d brightness of lights. Dat darkness had actually helped us to see each other’s Love. we should be thankful of dat darkness. so from nw on wenever u see darkness around u just remember our moment of Love, our closeness nd dekhna darr yun gayab ho jayega.


He said while snapping his fingers making Geet smile. She hugged him tight thanking God million tymes to send him in her lyf. she was really blessed to have him in her lyf. d fear from which she as fighting from so many years he had just vanished it by just blink of her eyes.


Geet: I m really lucky Maan to have u in my lyf. y u r so nice Maan dat u never find any fault in me. If dere was someone else in ur place den he wont even believe dat I was able to escape from him but u didn’t even question me once nd keeps on listening to me nd later also u just believed me. Y Maan?

Maan: Answer is simple Mishty. Because I LOVE YOU. Nd I trust u.

Geet: I LOVE YOU TOO Maan.


She said nd Maan hugged her tight to himself letting all her fears out from her heart so dat dere’s only one thing in her heart nd dat is her Love for him. after a while Geet broke out rom hug nd gets up from swing. She was about to go sumwhere wen Maan held her hand nd slowly came behind her holding her wrist.


“Where r u going hhmmm” he whispered slowly in her ears while resting his face on her shoulders maing her shiver due to their proximity.


Geet: I m going downstairs… wo� just need to check on Shilpa�. She�.. she can come upstairs anytym.


She spoke wid great difficulty due as he started nuzzling in her neck placing soft kiss over dere.


“Maan” she moaned as he keep on kissing her slowly moving towards her shoulder. She immediately freed herself from his grip nd ran forward wen he caught her again by her waist nd jerked her towards him to make her look at him.


“Maan, pls let me go” she said while trying to free herself from his grip but instead of leaving her he increased his grip on her not letting him go away from him.


“Maan, Pls Shilpa can be here anytym. I dnt want her to see us like dis” she tried to explain her situation


“Are we doing sumthing wrong Geet” he said while tucking her curls behind her ears.


Geet: No, but�.

Maan: But Wat Geet?

Geet: Maan Please.


She said making a baby face nd Maan decided to not to tease her further so he just leave her nd takes out sumthing from his pocket. Geet knotted her brows wen she saw him taking out a lighter. Maan sensed her confusion nd immediately spoke before she makes her own assumptions


Maan: Geet, I keep lighter wid me but dat doesn’t mean I smoke so just relax ok.


Geet whacked herself mentally for even thinking like dis nd looked at Maan. Maan handed her d lighter nd spoke


Maan: its dark over dere so u’ll be needing sum light so use dis until u find a candle hhmmm. nd ya u can immediately call me if u feel any kind of fear


She nodded nd left from dere. Wen Maan notices dat she left he takes out his cell nd immediately dialed a number.


Maan: Hello Di! Its done. Nw ur Geet will never be scared in darkness nd if she even does den I’ll be dere for her. I promise!

Vindhya: thanx Maan! I knw only u can do dis. I had tried a lot to bring her out from dis fear but wat I couldn’t do in dese years u had just done in few mins. well I guess dats wat we called d power of true Love.

Maan: no need to thank me Di. I promised u nd myself that I’ll always take care of her nd will never leave her alone. I had done all dis for myself becoz I cant see my Geet getting scared of anything.

Vindhya: Geet is really lucky Maan to have u in her lyf.


“Correction, I m lucky to have her in my lyf Di” he said wid a smile nd vindhya just rolled over her eyes over dere


Vindhya: o god! U both can never stop praising each other. but anyways m happy dat u both love each other so much. Nd I’ll pray dat u both will always remain happy like dis only

Maan: thanx Di.

Vindhya: chalo Maan, m hanging up nw. I had an emergency to handel. Talk to u later ok.

Maan: ok di Bye


He said nd cuts d call. He came towards railing nd looked at Moon above. He closed his eyes in contentment as he was able to remove dat fear from her heart which she was carrying since d tender age of 14. since Vindhya told him about dat incident he was finding any way to remove dat fear from her heart nd today as if God too helped him nd disd power cut happens nd he was successful in his mission.


he dnt even want to think wat could have happened to her at such a small age If she didn’t freed herself from him but nw everything is fine nd he’ll make sure dat Geet will ever remind of dat incident even in future also. he’ll fill her heart wid so much Love dat she’ll never ever get scared of anything in future.




Geet was slowly descending d stairs in darkness. It was not easy to remove d fear of so many years in just a matter of few mins but she cant let Maan down. It was a tym of test for her. she closed her eyes only to see d lust filled eyes of dat guard nd she started sweating nd panting heavily but den all of a sudden Maan’s word rang into her mind


“from nw on wenever u see darkness around u just remember our moment of Love, our closeness nd dekhna darr yun gayab ho jayega.”


Nd she snapped her eyes open. A new courage filled in her heart nd she descended d stairs while smiling nd remembering d moment of their togetherness. Nw she knows dat nothing could happen to her until her Maan is dere wid her. no fear can touch her even in her dreams as all d fears have been replaced by his Love nw. today she was his in every sense.


Lost in her thoughts she didn’t realize wen she reached near d study nd den it struck her for wat she came here. but d thought which was buzzing her is dat hw come Shilpa didn’t came to check on her yet. She always be dere by her by d very next minute if dere was any power cut den hw cum she didn’t came today.


She sighed nd went inside d study to check on her. she was searching her inside wen she bumped into something or rather someone causing her to loose her balance. She somehow managed to balance herself but nw got scared due to presence of an unknown person in house. She knows it cant be Maan as he was upstairs moreover she can feel him even in darkness. Den who could it be.


(Offo Geet!  Maan ne lighter diya tha na. can u see his face in its lightConfused)


D first thing dat came in her mind to scream out loud.


Geet: Chor! Chor! Help! Help!

Person: Geet, Geet just be quiet.

Geet: haye Babaji, he even knows my name. Dekho main tumse darne wali nahi hoon. Samjhe tum. Amritsar ki sherni hoon main.

Person: Geet meri baat to suno.


But instead of listening Geet started to scream but before she could he covered her mouth wid his hand stopping her from screaming. Geet’s eyes widen in fear. Just nw she was able to overcum her fear nd once again dere’s sumthing like dat going to happen. No she was no more dat 14 yrs old Geet anymore. She hits his foot hard from hers making him wincing in pain.


“Ouch Geet! wat r u doing?” He said while limping nd Geet hit him hard on his other foot too making him wince even louder


“OUCH!!!! Geet r u out of ur mind. Y r u hell bend in making a disabled person” he said while suppressing his pain. But Geet is nowhere to listen


“I knw very well hw to deal wid people like u. dnt think I m alone, I had red chilli powder in my pocket nd I know even karate too. So dnt try to do anything wrong” she said while trying her best to show confidence in her voice becoz she knows dat whatever she was saying was all lie.


“Geet y d hell I’ll try to do anything wrong? Will u listen to me once” he said while getting irritated.


“U wont believe me? Wait” she said nd took d first thing in her hand dat she could find him to him hard but before she could hit him he hold her hand to prevent from getting hurt by her.


“Leave Me u thief. Agar Maan ko pata chala den he’ll kill u.” she said while wriggling .dis is wen he saw her clutching Lighter in her other hand. He almost snatched it from her while she was still trying to free herself from him. just den he lighted d Lighter nd Geet saw his face in d light of it. her eyes widen in both surprised nd shocked to see d person in front of her


“Armaan tum?” she was able to say dis only wid surprise wen she saw him in front of her.




At the Same tym:


Maan waited for Geet in d terrace to cum back but wen she didn’t returned for long he decided to check himself as it was still nt safe to leave her alone in d darkness. Thinking dis he came downwards. As soon as he reached at d hall area he saw her standing near d window facing her back to him.


“Oh! So Madam yahan hai. Nd I was getting worried for her. get ready Mrs. Khurana for a sweet revenge” he smirks evily as dis thought came into his mind nd goes towards her.


she was still oblivious of his presence nd looking outside. Just den she felt two arms encircling her waist hugging her from behind. She got both surprised nd shocked wid d sudden act nd tried to free herself but instead he increased his grip on her.


“So u r here ha. Nd I was waiting for u upstairs. Nd here u r trying to trick MSK. Not fair” he said while whispering in her ears. She opened her mouth to say sumthing but he just stopped her


“Ssshhh! Dnt say anything. U really speak a lot but today I just wanted u to feel dis silence between us” he said in a husky voice while still hugging her.




“Armaan tum? Tum yaha kya kar rahe ho?” she asked as he release her from his grip


“Thank God atleast u remember my name or else I thought dat today I’ll go to hospital rather den going home.” He said sarcastically while still shifting his weight from one to another making her feel guilty.


Geet: So sorry, kafi zor se lagi kya?

Armaan: nahi bilkul bhi nahi. It’s just feeling like a soft feather fell on me

Geet: tab theek hai, I thought zyada zor se lagi.


She said while sighing in relief nd Armaan felt like banging his head sumwhere. He wonders hw Maan handles her nd more den dat he got worried wat if Shilpa is also like dat.


“Armaan, u haven’t told me wat r u doing over here?” she said while bringing her back from his reverie


Armaan: wo�. Actually�.. I came here to meet Shilpa.


He said while ruffling his hairs nd giving a sly smile to Geet. Geet mouth fell open due to surprise. He had came here to meet Shilpa nd dat too without anyone’s knowledge, just like Maan. no wonder dey both r best friends, she thought but den it struck her. Shilpa’s weird behaviour was due to Armaan.


“To wo Pasta tumhare liye tha” she asked in surprise


“Well, yes” he said while slightly smiling while Geet just looked at him


Geet: but where is Shilpa? She’s not here wid u?

Armaan: wo she has gone upstairs to check on u. actually dere was a sudden powercut nd she told me dat u r scared from darkness so she has gone to ur Room.


“WAT???” She gasped out loud at d sudden revealation from him.


Geet (to herself): haye Babaji! Room me to Maan hai. If Shilpa sees him over dere den she’ll cum to knw dat all d tym I was wid Maan. ab main kya karoon?


She thought nd looked at Armaan who was standing dere looking at her confused due to her sudden gasp




In d hall:


Maan was still hugging her while she was trying to say sumthing to him. but Everytym she opens her mouth to say sumthing he just stopped her to do so


“I told u na just to feel dis silence. Den y r u trying to speak again nd again. If u do it again den I knw other ways also to keep u shut.” He said mischeviously making her shut her mouth instantly. Nw she can even speak. Wat mess has god had stuck her into, she thought looking upwards


(Well I guess by nw u all knw who she is?Wink)


“u knw wat u r really very beautiful not only from face but from ur heart too. No wonder Maan Singh Khurana is head over heels in Love wid u. nd wen u get angry nd pout ur face I just feel like kissing u hard” he said in a husky tone expressing his love to her while she was getting scared by every passing minute. She has to do sumthing before everything went wrong


Just den she felt him turning her towards himself by her shoulders making her face him. she shivered in fear for his next move nd decided to speak before he goes ahead. She was about to say sumthing wen she felt his hands on her cheeks. Just den d Lights came back nd she sighed in relief while Maan just looked at her in shocked nd surprised.


“SHILPA!!!!!” He said while still not believeing dat who is in front of him


“Jiju!!” Shilpa said while making a baby face embarrassed wid d situation.


“Tum? Tum yahan kya kar rahi ho?” he asked all surprised wid d situation


“Wo�. I was standing over here near d window nd den u came nd��” she left her words unsaid feeling embarrassed wid d situation


“Look Shilpa, I m sorry. I thought dat its Geet, I �.”


“Maan!!!” He couldn’t complete he heard a voice behind him making both of dem to look at d source of voice nd both were shocked to see Geet nd Armaan standing over dere




Wen Shilpa has gone to check Geet on her room she found d door of d room open. She wondered hw cum Geet haven’t called her till nw as she always calls somebody to be beside her wenever dere’s a darkness around her. but den she thought dat may be she was sleeping. Thinking dis she stepped inside only to find d whole room empty. She knotted her brows in confusion as here can she go nw dat too in darkness. She cursed hersef for being late. She knows it very well wat impacy dat incident had on her mind.


She decided to check at balcony before calling someone for help. As soon as she stepped outside d sight in front of her stunned her. she saw Maan nd Geet kissing each other madly. She instantly turned not wanting to witness dere private moment


“Jiju is here? but hw nd wen? I was downstairs all d tym nd I didn’t noticed him” she thought while getting surprised den it struck her.


“So Di’s behaviour was weird due to dis. nd datsy she has taken two ice-creams” she thought nd smiled widely remembering her excuse. Geet’s condition was no less den hers


“ye to hona hi tha. Sagi behene hai, khoon ka rishta hai humara.” She said nd smiled at her own statement.


(Dialogue courtesy: Ek hazaro mein meri behna hai on Star Plus)


She decided to go from dere not wanting to be an intruder between dere Loving moments. She turned one last tym to look at dem nd found Maan saying sumthing to Geet. all she could catch is dat he was talking about some ‘fear’ nd it took no tym for her to understand which fear he was talking about. She smiled nd left from dere before anyone could notice her over dere.


Coming from d room she stands near d window for d sumtym recalling d moment between her Di nd jiju. She is really happy today. She had always wished dat her Di gets all d happiness of dis world nd god has fulfilled her wish in d form of sending Maan in her Di’s Lyf who was always dere for her in every cond. She was seeing Geet’s fear since childhood nd always feel helpless as she was not able to do anything to remove dat fear but nw she dnt have to worry for anything. She was lost in dese thoughts wen she felt a pair of arms around her waist nd she stiffened realizing dat it was not Armaan. Before she could do anything she heard Maan’s voice. She tried to free herself from his grip wen the next set of words by him scared her nd she decided to keep quiet silently praying dat he wont do anything wid her which he was supposed to do wid Geet.




“Maan!!!!!” He couldn’t complete wen he heard a voice behind him making both of dem to look at d source of voice nd both were shocked to see Geet nd Armaan standing over dere wid dere eyes wide open trying to understand d situation nd d reason of d presence of each other at d same place without getting noticed by anyone










All said one after another trying to figure out d whole situation dat had created such a chaos wen a voice behind dem shocked dem


“Ye sab yahan kya ho raha hai?” dey all turned to look at d source of d voice only to find Dadimaa standing over dere looking all of dem surprisingly.


All 4 of dem stood rooted at dere place not sure of her reaction nd more den dat not sure hw to escape from d situation especially den wen dey dnt know wat dere respective partners are thinking


“Dadimaa” all 4 said in unison nd den looked at each other faces. Dadimaa looked at everyone’s shocked faces nd sensed something is fishy.


“Hum kuch pooch rahe hai? Yaha ye sab kya ho raha hai?” she asked again dis tym in a bit stern voice


“Wo Mujhe Maan ke sath project discuss karna tha” “Geet ki tabiyat kharab thi so I came for her check-up” “Mujhe Armaan ki ek case me help chahiye thi” “Main Geet ko kal hone wali business party ke bare me batane aaya tha” [” i need to discuss one project wid Maan” “Geet was not feeling well so i came for her check-up” “i need Armaan’s help in one of my case” “i had came here to inform Geet about the business party dat is going to be tomorrow”]


All four said at d same tym nd den again looks at each other knowing dey made a blunder


“What?” Dadimaa asked in confusion listening to 4 different answers


“Geet ki tabiyat kharab thi so I came for her check-up”  “Main Geet ko kal hone wali business party ke bare me batane aaya tha” Dis tym Armaan nd Maan spoke at d same tym nd den gives each other a glare [“Geet was not feeling well so i came for her check-up” ” “i had came here to inform Geet about the business party dat is going to be tomorrow”]


Dey again tried to spoke nd dis tym Shilpa nd Geet spoke at d same tym. Den after dat Maan nd Geet spoke at d same tym.


“Enough!!!!!” Dadimaa said a bit loud tired from dere chorus answers dat too which dnt match wid each other. everyone instantly keeps dere mouth shut knowing dat Dadimaa is getting irritated nw.


“first of all stop speaking in chorus nd Nw only one person will speak nd dat is me. Maan bete aap to kisi important meeting ke liye urgently gaye the na nd Armaan u said dat u had an emergency in d hospital wen I called u. den hw come u both land up over here” [Maan beta u had gone urgently for ur important Meeting na] Dadimaa asked by raising her eyebrow nd all 4 of dem nw clearly know dat now dere’s no escape. Dey looked at each other for some help knowing very well dat all are helpless.




A fit of laughter broke in d room as everyone shared dere respective stories of hiding from each other ofcourse editing d part of dere Little romance. Dadimaa couldn’t believe dat Maan had actually came from balcony to meet Geet. her grandson had really changed a lot in Love. she has came here to inform Geet about d finalisation of marriage date nd to congratulate her personally by giving her a surprise but after coming here she herself got surprised


“So dis was d urgent meeting for which u had rushed all of a sudden Maan, hhmmm?” Dadimaa asked smiling mischeviously at Maan


“Nd Armaan wen I asked u whether is dere something between u nd Shilpa wen u all returned from Lonavala den u just avoid my question nd here u came to meet her dat too by hiding from everyone, ha?” she asked while knotting her brows


“Dadimaa woh actually…” Armaan fumbled wid words not knowing hw to defend himself.


“Its ok Armaan for once I can spare you becoz u r like dis only but Maan wat happened to u? since wen did u started using balconies nd windows to reach anyone’s room. I mean its Armaan’s Department right” She asked looking at Maan


Maan: Woh Dadimaa…


“Let it be Maan. dere’s no need of u to fumble wid ur words. I understand who brought dis change in you” Dadimaa said while eyeing mischeviously at Geet who was sitting wid her head down blushing hard.


All of a sudden she gets up from d couch nd turned to leave while maintaining a straight face


“Dadimaa where are u going” Shilpa asked getting worried by seeing her straight face


Dadimaa: Mansion. I need to talk to Malini right now.


The color from d faces of Shilpa nd Geet faded away as dey listened dat Dadimaa is going to call dere Mom. Dey looked at each other nd den back at Dadimaa. For once Geet can be spared as she is engaged to Maan but wat will Shilpa say to her Mom. Maan nd Armaan too get tensed nd tries to stop her


“Dadimaa, pls dnt call mom. I mean…” Maan couldn’t complete as Dadimaa intervened in between


“Nahi mujhe abhi Malini se baat karni hai. Warna pata nahi tum log aur kya kya karo” she said while trying her best to control her laughter seeing d pale faces in front of her [no i need to talk to Malini right now or else god knows wat else u all will do]


“Dadi Darling listen to me. See Maan can come to meet Geet right, I mean dey are engaged nd as far as I m conceerned I promise I’ll never come to meet Shilpa by hiding from everyone” Armaan tried his best to convience Savitri Devi who was just standing over dere maintaining a straight face


“Dadimaa pls. We are sorry. Babaji ki kasam we’ll never do anything like dat again” Geet said while holding her hands. Savitri Devi couldn’t hold back her laughter anymore nw seeing d plight of her kids nd she burst out in laughter


All 4 of dem looked at her nd den at each other nd den again looked at her like she was an alien.


“Bechari Dadimaa! Lagta hai unhe sadma lag gaya hai. Babaji! Aap humesha ache logon ke saath aisa kyun karte ho” she thought while looking upwards nd den again looked at Savitri Devi. [Poor Dadimaa i guess she got a shock due to all dis. babaji y u always do dis wid nice peoples]


“Arey y u all are getting do much scared. I m going to call Malini because I wanted her to know dat her younger daughter has found perfect match for her nd she should nw start preparing for her engagement too along wid d marriage of Geet nd Maan” Savitri Devi said while controlling his laughter.


It took sometym to all of dem to register wat she had actually said nd as soon as dey understand everyone takes a sigh of relief. Shilpa blushes nd hugged Geet while Armaan hugged Savitri Devi tight expressing his happiness


“O Dadi Darling! U r d best. I Love you” he said while hugging her.


“Bas bas, nw say dis line to someone else. Because nw I m ur ex-girlfriend, right?” she said while winking nd looking at Shilpa


Armaan: oh c’mon Dadi Darling u’ll always be my first Love.


He said while hugging Savitri Devi sideways while she just whacked on his hand.


Dadimaa: Now enough of ur buttering. Its getting late now nd I think u should go back to ur home nd Maan u too come back to mansion fast.


“Dadimaa 10 more mins. Pls” Maan said wid a pleading face nd Savitri Devi just couldn’t ignore his  plight


Dadimaa: ok but come soon nd no mischieves ok


She said while eyeing both Maan nd Armaan nd den left for mansion. After a while Armaan nd Shilpa goes to garden to spend sum more tym leaving Maan nd Geet alone in d room


After Armaan nd Shilpa gone Maan turned to look at Geet while she just turned her face to other side annoyingly. Maan knotted his brows in confusion seeing her antics but den he thought dat may be she’s annoyed because he had mistaken Shilpa as Geet in d darkness nd has got close to her. he sighed nd goes near her


“Mishty, wat happen? Y u r angry nw?” he asked as he gently turned her towards him while she just removes his hand nd moves to other side making Maan more confused


“Geet, atleast tell me y u r angry? Pls Mishty ur silence is killing me” he said rather in a pleading way while Geet was just enjoying his plight nd decided to play a little more


“I dnt want to talk to u Maan, pls go from here” she said while trying hard to suppress her laugh


“Mishty listen I know y u r angry but trust me its not my fault” Maan tried his best to convience her


“ofcourse its ur fault Maan. hw can u do dis?” she said wid a faking anger


“But Geet main to…” he tried once again only to be interrupted by her again


“Kya main to… tumhe pata hai tumhari wajah se mujhe Dadimaa ke saamne kitna embarrass hona pada. Kya zarurat thi tumhe is tarah chup chup ke milne ki” she said while making a baby face [wat i… u knw hw much i had embarrased in front of Dadimaa because of u. who told u to come to meet me like dis by hiding from everyone]


“Par Geet wo main…(Wait wat did she just said) u r angry becoz I came over here to meet u like dis” Maan asked in order to clear his doubt


“Aur nahi to kya? Pata nahi Dadimaa mere bare me kya soch rahi hongi. Aur sab tumhari wajah se” Geet said while pouting [obviously. god knows wat Dadimaa must be thinking of me nd all becasue of u]


“o god Mishty tumne to meri jaan hi nikal di thi, I thought dat u are angry on me becoz I had mistaken Shilpa as u due to darkness” Maan said unbelieveingly[o god mishty u scared d hell out of me]


“y should I be angry on u for dat, mujhe mere pyaar aur behen dono pe trust hai, I knw dat dey cant do anything like dat intentionally, haan but agar tumhara shaadi ke baad Post-marital affair ka plan hai wo bhi meri hi behen k saath den its different” Geet said while teasing him but Maan didn’t find it as a joke.[y should i be angry on u for dat, i had full trust on my Love nd sister. i knw dey cant do anything like dat intentionally. ya but if u r planning to do post-marital affair after marriage dat too wid my sister den its different]


He instantly came closer nd closed her mouth wid his sealingit into breathtaking kiss. Geet was startled wid his sudden action but soon started kissing him back. he freed her after long to take breath nd touches her forehead wid his nd takes a deep breath.


Maan: Mishty Pls. never say anything like dat again

Geet: Maan Relax Main mazak kar rahi thi [Maan relax i was just kidding]

Maan: Mazak mein bhi aisa mat bolna Geet. u r mine, only mine nd i m only urs nd I cant give ur place to anyone else not even in joke. Pls aisa mazak dobara mat karna [dnt even say dis in joke Geet. u r mine, only mine nd i m only urs nd I cant give ur place to anyone else not even in joke. pls dnt joke like dis again]


Geet’s eyes welled up seeing d intensity of his Love. she still cant believe dat she’s dis much lucky enough to have such a Loving person in her lyf, who cant give her place to anyone even in joke. A lone tear escaped from her eyesdue to happiness nd Maan kissed it away before it touches d ground. Geet instantly hugged him hiding her face in d crook of his neck. Maan too hugged her back bringing her more close to him. dey remained in each other embrace for a while wen Maan finally spoke


“Mishty if u keep on holding me like dis only den I wont be able to control myself” he said while nuzzling in her hairs teasing her.


Geet immediately broke out from hug but still in his embrace blushing in d darkest shade of red. Maan looked at his Lady Love adoringly nd couldn’t help himself falling again nd again for her. he gently cradled her face from one side nd softly kissed on her forehead.


“Just one more month Mishty after dat we dnt have to meet like dis by hiding from everyone” he said while adjusting her locks.


“I cant tell u Maan hw much impatient I m right now for our marriage” she said while looking Deep into his eyes.


“hhmmm impatient huh… Waise I m too equally impatient for our marriage nd life after dat u knw wat I mean” he said nd winks at her nd Geet understands d hidden meaning behind his words. She blushed even more nd hit him playfully on his chest.


Geet: sach me bahut besharam ho tum [ u r really very shameless]

Maan: jaisa bhi hu, hu to tumhara hi na jaan. [ watever i m but i m urs na Love]

Geet: hhmmm mere sirf aur sirf mere. [hhhmm Mine nd only mine]


She said nd den tip toed nd gave a soft peck on his cheek. Maan couldn’t do anything but just admire d innocent act of his mishty whose always shows her Love in dese innocent ways. He just wished time to freeze nd dey stay in each other embrace like dis forever. But at d back of his mind he knew dat he needs to go now before Dadimaa comes to call him again.


“Mishty its very late nd I should go nw” he told her half-heartedly but Geet was just not ready to let him go so soon


“but I dnt want u to leave so soon Maan. I want to be in ur arms like dis only.” She said while placing her head on his chest.


“I too dnt want to go Geet but its really late nw. nd just wait for 1 more month den we’ll be in each other’s embrace like dis only for forever. Nd den dere’ll be no one to stop us” he said while gently caressing her hairs. Geet broke d hug half-heartedly nd looked at him by making baby face. Maan did nothing but just smiled seeing her antics


“I Love you Mishty. Good night nd ya Sweet nd sexy dreams but sirf mere saath allowed hai aise dreams dekhna” he said gave a soft peck on her lips nd left from dere winking before Geet could understand anything he had gone [I Love you Mishty. Good night nd ya Sweet nd sexy dreams but u r allowed to see such dreams wid me only]


Geet touched her lips nd blushed hard wen she registered wat he had just said to him. she blushed hard nd quickly ran to her room trying to control her rapid heart beats. Isn’t it strange dat few months she’s not even ready to meet him nd nw she cant even think of a second without him. she herself don’t know wen nd where he evoked dese feelings in her which has made her lyf a blissful one.


Maan was standing near d door watching her. he smiled widely wen he saw Geet blushing hard as she registered d meaning of his words nd den running towards her room. He shakes his head nd looked at her running form until she was disappeared from his eyes. its strange isn’t it dat Maan Singh Khurana who never had any interaction wid any girl ever is now head over heels in Love wid dis girl. The feelings dat he had for her in his heart was getting stronger by every passing day nd nw he cant even think of his lyf without her. the feelings dat dey had between dere heart had made dere lives and relationship a blissful one. He looked at d closed door of her room once again nd den left from dere smiling.




Next morning everyone was gathered at KM for breakfast. Savitri Devi had especially called everyone for having breakfast together. Geet nd Maan were sitting across to each other nd Shilpa was sitting next to Geet while Savitri Devi was sitting at d chair of d head of the family. Geet all d while was looking down at her plate like it was d most fascinating thing nd Maan was just looking at Geet waiting for her to look at him but Geet was just not able to look into his eyes or at Dadimaa due to yesterday’s event.


Finally Maan’s patience gave up nd he decided to use another trick. He slowly brings his foot near Geet’s nd started rubbing it over dere. Geet gasped at his sudden action nd immediately looked at him wid his eyes wide open but Maan pretended like nothing had happened nd continued eating his pasta. Geet pleaded him wid her eyes to stop but he just bring his foot more upwards nd started caressing her ankle.


It was getting difficult for Geet to concentrate on breakfast due to havoc created by Maan in her body. she looked at him angrily while he just gave her a mischievous smirk. Just den she felt his leg going more upwards almost reaching to her calf. She wanted to stop him but somewhere she was feeling pleasure wid his touch. She clutched her duppatta tight preventing herself to not moan his name in pleasure.


Just den Savitri Devi’s gaze felt on Geet who was not at all eating her breakfast nd just playing wid her food.


“Arey Geet beta, y u r so quiet today nd u r not eating properly too. Aapki tabiyat to theek hai na beta” She asked in concern seeing Geet so much quiet nd lost.[“Arey Geet beta, y u r so quiet today nd u r not eating properly too. R u feeling fine?]”


“Arey haan Geet, tum kuch kha kyun nahi rahi. Sab theek hai na?” Maan asked by making d most innocent face in dis world while Geet just looked at him angrily. Geet immediately puts her foot back nd calmed down her beating fast before answering back [ya Geet y u r not eating anything. everything is fine na?]


“yes Dadimaa everything is fine. Wo I was just thinking something datsy but nw I m fine” she said while trying her best to show d calmness in her voice


“R u sure Di” Shilpa asked in concern.


“ya Shilpa I m fine. See I m eating also” she said while taking a bite of paratha not before giving a meaningful look to Maan.


She started having her breakfast nd looked at Maan’s eyes who was showing mischief. Geet insdtantly understand d emotions in his eyes nd places her legs a bot more back before he could start his another round of footsie. Maan looked at Geet nd decided to play along a little more so he brought his leg once again towards her nd started caressing it but dis tym he approached d wrong Leg as it was Dadimaa’s foot which came in his way nd he started caressing over dere.


Savitri Devi almost chocked wid her juice wen she felt someone caressing her foot. She instantly looked at Maan who was looking at Geet intently. she knotted her brows nd den smiled mischieviously. But oblivious to all dis Geet was having her breakfast peacefully. Maan noticed it nd knotted his brows in confusion as y she is not getting affected wid his touch.


“ise kuch asar kyun nahi ho raha? Abhi thodi der pehle tak to sab sahi tha. Lagta hai madam ne control karna seekh liya hai. Not to worry abhi batata hu” he thought nd raises his foot towards her ankle nd again started caressing it but it still didn’t affect Geet which makes Maan more confused. but now Dadimaa was not able to control her laughter seeing her grandson like dis. She needs to stop her grandson before he goes further. Just den an idea popped in her mind. [y isnt it affecting her? few mins. back everything was fine. i guess she learned hw to control. not to worry just wait nd watch]


“Geet beta humne Nakul ko bol ke ek special dish banwayi hai Armaan ke liye aap pls Kitchen se wo le aayengi before Armaan comes” She said while making calmness in her voice but inside she was smiling evily [Geet beta i asked nakul to prepare dish especially for Armaan can u pls bring it from kitchen before Armaan comes]


“ji Dadimaa” Geet said nd gets up from chair nd headed towards kitchen.


Dis is wen Maan realizes dat it was not Geet’s foot wid whom he was playing footsie as she has just got up from dere nd he still had his foolt on her leg. Hws that possible, he thought nd bend down to look under the table only to find dat he was caressing his Dadimaa’s foot till nw. he immediately pulls his foot back nd straightened himself nd looked at his Dadimaa who raises her brows gesturing wats wrong? Maan looked everywhere but her. Finally she leaned towards him nd whispered in his ears


“beta dis is my leg nd dere’s a difference between Geet’s foot nd mine so next tym look before u play footsie” she whispered nd smiled mischieviously while Maan just smiled nervously. Just den Geet came over dere nd looked at Maan’s flushed face nd Dadimaa’s giggling. She couldn’t understand wats wrong but before she could ask anything from him she heard Armaan’s voice


“hey Everyone Good morning” he entered cheerfully nd Maan thanked his tyming as nw everyone’s attention has diverted towards him. Geet nudged her elbow to Shilpa teasingly while she just blushed.


Dadimaa: Good Morning Armaan Beta. U r late again

Armaan: wat to do Dadimaa? Raat bhar khushi ke mare neend hi nahi aayi [wat to do Dadimaa? i was not able to sleep whole night due to happiness]


He said nd winked at Shilpa who just looked other side feeling shy


Dadimaa: hhmmm but nw u need to change ur habbit as soon u r going to engaged. M thinking of talking to Malini today regarding dis nd m sure she wont refuse dis.

Armaan: really Dadimaa is baat pe to ek sweet dish banti hai, kyun Maan? [really Dadimaa nw dis calls for a sweet dish. right Maan?]

Maan: hhmmm

Armaan: oye tujhe kya hua? Kal tak to itna cheerful tha. [oye wat happened to u? u were very much cheerful till last night]

Dadimaa: kuch nahi Armaan beta wo Maan ko pasta me thodi mirchi lag gayi, hai na Maan. [nothing Armaan beta wo Maan founds pasta a bit chilly datsy, right Maan]


She said nd winked at him while Maan just gave her I’ll-Deal-wid-u-later look which she just ignored. Geet immediately served everyone Kheer which Dadimaa had specially prepared for Armaan to celebrate dere happiness. She shivered a bit wen she came near Maan to serve him who was just looking at her Lovingly talking to her wid his eyes. but soon dere Loving moment came to a halt wen Nakul informed dem about someone’s arrival which made everyone tensed over dere. it was none other den Sasha who had came to meet everyone especially Geet.


Maan cleched his jaws nd fist in anger nd was about to ask Nakul to throw her back wen Geet put her hand on his asking him to alm down nd asked Nakul to let her come. After a while Shasha came over dere wid her head dipped down. Maan just looked other side to control his anger not wanting to face her. Armaan nd Shilpa were trying dere best to not to burst out in anger while Savitri Devi was just sitting over dere wid a calm face.


Sasha: Gud Morning MK! Gud Morning Geet I mean ma’am


Maan didn’t replied back but Geet came forward to greet her


“Gud morning Sasha Ma’am nd pls u dnt call me Ma’am I m still ur junior.” She said wid a smile


“Pls Geet dnt make me feel more guilty. Already I m repenting a lot of my mistakes. Geet since d day I had started working at KC I had always seen MK relying on me for every work nd dis made me possessive about him nd I cant bear any other employee to be so near him nd even I don’t know wen he became my obsession. But wen u joined everything started to change nd I noticed d closeness between u nd MK which was increasing day by day nd I just cant stand it. nd besides dat wen he started appreciating u more den me den I just cant tolerate. I used every possible way to make u fall in his eyes but failed Everytym nd yesterday wen I saw both of u so close den I just cant bear it nd done all dat. I really don’t have slightest idea dat u r MK’s fiance. Pls forgive me Geet.” Sasha completed wid tears in her eyes. Maan who was listening everything quietly till nw has got up in rage to give her a piece of mind wen Geet held her hand nd squeeze it to calm him down


“its ok Sasha Ma’am u dnt have to clarify dis much. Adi nd Pinky had already told me about ur nature so I was prepared for every move of urs but ya I was not at all prepared for d thing dat u did last day but I m happy dat Babaji has send Maan as my saviour. I knew it from d first day hw much obsessive u were towards Maan but I never mind it as I had trust on him. I trust him from d day wen I dnt have any feeling for him in my heart. wen he was nothing but a stranger for me nd I knw as long as he’s wid me no evil thought can even touch me den forget about harming me. Nd as far as ur apology is concerned Sasha Ma’am den I had forgiven u den only wen u realized ur mistake. Nw dnt keep any burden in ur heart nd be happy” Geet completed wid a smile while Maan just looked at her in awe seeing d amount of her trust. She never fails to surprise him by expressing her Love wid her small gestures.


Sasha: thanx Geet, u really had a big heart if I was dere at ur place den I cant forgive d person who had tried to harm me. I was so wrong to think evil for u. anyways its useless to cry over spilt milk I just came over here to say a final goodbye to u all


Maan knotted his brows in confusion wen he heard goodbye from her nd Sasha instantly understands his confusion


“yes MK I m leaving dis city. I m not big – hearted like Geet. after wat I did to both of u last day I cant work wid u nd Geet in d same office as I m totally fallen in my eyes so its better if I leave. I’ll try to be like Geet wherever I go may be den I m able to forgive myself. here’s my resignation letter.” She said while handling her resignation letter to Maan nd Maan just took it without showing any emotions on his face. Sasha said a final goodbye to all nd left from dere giving a last glance to Maan.


“why d hell did u forgiven her Geet? I want her to suffer every seond for hurting u” Maan said in anger as soon as Sasha stepped out. Armaan nd Shilpa too supported Maan at dis point


“Geet had not done anything wrong.” Dadimaa said before Geet could say anything


Maan: Dadimaa Aap bhi [Dadimaa even u]

Dadimaa: Maan I understand ur emotions nd u r right at ur place too but Sasha is repenting on her mistakes nd Geet had done a wise thing in forgiving her because dere’s nothing worse punishment den forgiving d person who had hurted you

Maan: do whatever u both want. Afterall wen u both had listened to me.


He said nd storms out in his room angrily. Geet tried to stop him but he was too angry to listen anything. Savitri Devi gestured Geet to go to him as right ne ot was only she who can make him calm.




Maan came into his Room Angrily nd throwed away d files kept on d table nearby. Geet slowly came inside his room but seeing his anger she don’t know hw to calm him. by gathering much courage she goes near him nd hugged him tighlty from back to calm him down. Maan instantly recognize her touch nd turned around in swift motion nd held her by her shoulders pulling her more close towards him.


“Kyun Geet, Kyun maaf kiya tumne use?” he said while increasing his grip on her shoulders making her wincing in pain. his eyes were red due to anger making Geet scared [y Geet? y had u forgiven him?]


“Aah! Maan” she hissed in pain as his grip was hurting her. Maan instantly understands nd his expressions softened as he loosened his grip on her shoulders


“I m so sorry Mishty! Did I hurt u?” he asked while cupping her face.


“u can never hurt me Maan. Trust me!” she said while placing her hand on his cheeks while Maan just looked other side feeling guilty of hurting her in his frustration. Geet understands his turmoil nd makes him look at her


Geet: Maan look at me. Trust me I m fine

Maan: but Geet y did u forgiven her. have u forget wat she did wid u

Geet: I haven’t forgotten anything Maan but u only tell is dere any use of dragging things further. Maan whatever has to happen has happened nw its no use to drag things further. May be Babaji wanted our relation to reveal like dis way only nd until nd unless we are together nothing matter to me anymore so I forgiven her.

Maan:Geet u r really naive nd innocent but not everyone in dis world is as naive nd innocent like u. not everyone had such a kind heart like u. Dis world is full of evil peoples nd Sasha is from one of dem nd i just dnt want her to harm u again

Geet: Maan u think any evil thing can harm me until u r wid me. trust me Maan no evil thought can even touch me as long as u r dere wid me


“But I dnt trust her Geet. wat if she again tries to harm u? wat if it was just another act of hers? I cant lose u Geet. I m afraid to lose u” Maan said wid a fear of losing her in his voice nd Geet senses his insecurity. She held his hand in hers nd laced his fingers wid hers


“then trust me Maan. trust me Maan she can never harm me until u r wid me. No one can harm me until we both are together. Sasha to kya khud Babaji bhi mujhe chot nahi pahucha sakte until u r dere wid me so pls dnt be scared for anything nd just enjoy the moments of our togetherness.” She said nd hugged him tight placing her head on his pounding heart assuring him dat she’s always safe wid him nd no evil thing in this world can harm her until he’s dere wid her. Maan too hugged her back cocooning her in his embrace silently promising her to safeguard her from every harm. He’ll not let any person to even come near her who wanted to harm her let alone touch her. Lost in each other’s arms dey promised each other to be wid each other like dis only nd fight against all odds which can harm dere blissful relationship


After sometym dey pull out from the hug nd Maan softly placed a kiss on her forehead while playing with the locks of her hairs


“Only you know how to make Maan Singh Khurana change his decisions” he said while looking into her eyes


“Ofcourse because I m would be Mrs. Maan Singh Khurana. Don’t forget that” she said wid a naughty smile nd Maan just chuckled


“oh!! So would be mrs. Maan Singh Khurana would u mind if we do some rehersal before wedding” he said with a naughty glint in his eyes nd Geet instantly understands his intentions. She quickly whacked on his arms playfully nd gets away from his embrace


Geet: Mr. Maan Singh Khurana sach me bahut besharam ho gaye ho [Mr. Maan Singh Khurana really u had became very shameless]

Maan: Kya karu Jaan, jab tum mere saamne hoti ho den I lost all my senses [Wat to do Love wen u r in front of me den i Lost all my senses]

Geet: oh is it? but Mr. Maan Singh Khurana if u r forgotten den let me remind u dat dere’s a thing called office too nd we are getting late for that. Moreover we should go to downstairs nw. everyone is so tensed due to ur temper


“mmm, I don’t feel like going anywhere today” he said while snuggling her close to him.


“Maan, u are really becoming naughty day by day. Nw c’mon stop it nd come wid me” she said while pushing him away slightly while Maan just sighed.


Geet turned to leave but before she can leave Maan pulled her towards him nd kissed her breathlessly. Dey freed each other after wat seems an eternity to take breath nd Maan touched his forehead wid hers panting heavily. He noticed the blush on Geet’s cheeks nd smiled inwardly seeing his effect on her.


“u know wat I really like wen u blush like dis” he said nd soflty kissed her cheeks along wid the trail of kisses on her jaw line while Geet just gasped wid his touch..


“Maan… Everyone is waiting for us downstairs” she half said half moaned as he proceed towards her neck nd shoulders. Maan stopped listening to her plead nd touched his forehead wid hers.


“Mishty we really need to get married soon or ekse I don’t know hw long will I be able to control myself” he almost whispered nd Geet couldn’t help herself from not blushing on his statement. Maan smiled seeing her like dat nd gave a soft peck on her lips before leaving.


“nw C’mon lets go nw” he said nd dey moved outside by Geet tugging her arms wid his as dey made dere way downstairs towards the hall looking in each other’s eyes where everyone was tensed due to Maan’s anger but seeing both of dem like dat a smile crept up on everyone’s face silently praying dat dey remain happy like dis for rest of dere lives nd nothing can go wrong wid dem




Days went by nd whole Khurana Family got busy in the marriage preparations of Maan nd Geet including Adi nd Pinky too. After the revealation of Geet as Maan’s fianc dey were first hesitant to talk to her like before but wen Geet requested them to treat her like before as she don’t want to loose such a gud friends like dem due to this fact den dere respect for Geet increases even more nd dey become comfortable wid her more den dey were before. Geet’s mother came from Amritsar to help in the preparations but she stayed at her Sister’s place only as she don’t feel right to stay at Khurana’s outhouse before the marriage. She wanted to take Geet with her too but Savitri Devi asked her to leave her over here as she wanted Geet to be in front of her eyes Everytym so she cant refuse nd Maan thanked his Dadimaa mentally for fulfilling his heart’s wish.


Since all the functions are going to take place from KM so Dadimaa was hell busy in arranging Wedding Planner, Decorations etc. Dere was no news of Sasha. She haven’t came back after that neither she did anything which can make anyone suspect of her so Maan too got relaxed thinking that she had really changed now. Even in the hustle ns bustle of preparation Maan always got tym to romance wid his Mishty. Dey shopped together for the dresses of dere Marriage functions making sure dat dey matched wid each other. he use to hold her hands while dey shop or had Lunch outside making sure no one noticed dem. dey steal hugs nd kisses while hiding from everyone. Both Maan nd Geet had chosen dress for each other according to their taste nd everyone was happy to see the Love between them.


Maan never failed to show his Love for Geet nd so did she. Through their small gestures dey always express dere Love for each other. Shilpa nd Armaan had left no stones unturned to make dere Marriage special nd were busy in dere respective chaos. Geet’s internship too come to an end so she is free now from office. Only 2 weeks were left for dere marriage nd everyone pulled dere socks up to complete all the preparations before Marriage. As the tym passes The Love between Maan nd Geet keeps on increasing nd Maan always makes sure that Geet don’t neglect herself in the loads of dese preparations derefore he always instructed her to go to bed early so that she wont catch infection. Geet too wanted to do something special for Maan but was not having any idea hw she’ll do dat. just den an idea strucked in her mind nd she started preparing for the surprise dat she wanted to give Maan. on the other hand Maan too try his best to finish all the pending work before their Marriage as after dat he wants to take a Long break from work so that he can spend more tym wid Geet. but in the workload too he never fails to spend some tym wid Geet.


Its one fine day wen Maan came back from office late at night. He looked at the watch which shows 10.30 of nite. He knows dat Geet must be waiting for him to talk to her. derefore he quickly takes his shower nd calls Geet as he knows dat dat she wont sleep until he talks to her. derefore without wasting tym he calls Geet nd it seems Geet too was waiting for his call as she picked it up in the first ring


“Hey Mishty! Hw are you Love? u knw I missed u a lot today” he said while lyieng on bed holding her pic in one hand


“I m fine Maan. how was ur day” she sobbed a bit nd replied. Maan froned listening to her voice. she’s not talking in her usual tone today. It seems she cried a lot.


“Geet, wat happen? are u fine?” He asked in a worry


“ya Maan I m fine” she said while trying her best to control her cry but wen did she was able to hide anything from Maan


“Mishty don’t lie to me. Wat happen? U were crying right? wat happen Mishty pls tell me” he asked in a panic not able to understand the reason of her pain


“Nothing Maan. I m fine. Acha I’ll talk to you later. M feeling very sleepy. Bye” she said nd cuts the call before Maan could say anything to her.


Maan didn’t understand wats wrong wid her. she was fine till yesterday den wat happen today. Was she sad because he was not able to give her tym now-a-days. He cursed himself for being the reason of her tears. but somewhere he felt that there’s something else that’s bothering her. was she sad because she thinks that after marriage she have to leave her mother nd sister. May be Afterall she’s a girl nd every girl feels sad to leave her home where she had spend her lyf till nw. if this is the reason den he had to be with her at this tym as she really needs his support. He wont let her feel sad for any reason. Nd for dat if he had to request to her mother to shift at Mumbai itself den he’ll do that also.


He looked at the watch it shows 11.30 of nite. It was really odd tym to go to her at dis tym but wen it comes to Geet Maan had never thought twice. He quickly wore his shirt nd headed outside making sure that nobody notices him. As soon as he reached outhouse he quickly climbed the balcony outside her room to reach over dere.


As soon as he stepped inside his heart wrenched seeing her condition. She was lyieng on her stomach on bed nd was crying silently hiding her face in the pillow. He dint watse a minute nd quickly goes near her nd sat beside her. Geet was too lost to notice his presence until he softly caressed her hairs. She immediately gets up nd saw Maan in front of her. without any second thought she quickly hugged him tight as if he’ll vanish in thin air if she’ll love him. now Maan got even more confused. He really don’t understand wats bothering her but he cocooned her in his arms to tell her dat she don’t have to worry for anything until he’s wid her. after sometym wen he felt dat her cries died into sobs he slowly pulled her out of hug nd cupped her face between his hands. it was looking so pale nd her eyes were red due to crying from long. He slowly wiped away the tears from her face nd kissed her eyes one by one.


“Wat happen Geet? y were u crying?” he whispered ever so softly while tucking the hair strands behind her ears.


“Geet, Papa ki yaad aa rahi hai” he asked again wen she didn’t replied. She just nodded slowly at his question. [Geet, r u missing Papa?]


“Geet I know hw u must be feling right now because I m also missing my parents a lot. Dadimaa told me dat dey had seen lots of dream regarding my marriage nd today wen the tym has come den dey are not wid me. But Geet, I knw wherever dey are dey must be happy seeing me happy. Actually dey had never gone far away from me as dey are always here in my heart. U knw I always feel dere presence around me. I always feel dat dey are happy seeing me happy, dat dey are sad seeing me worried nd even nw I knw dat dey must be equally excited for my marriage just like me. Trust me Geet, ur Dad must be happy too wherever he is seeing her daughter getting married. Ur Dad has never gone far away from you. He’s always in ur heart nd is living each nd every emotions of urs. But if u keep on crying like dis den he wont be happy as he’ll think that u r not happy wid dis marriage. Do u want him to be unhappy?” he asked to which she slowly nodded in No.


“so now stop crying because like ur Dad I too cant see u in tears” he said while wiping away the fresh tears dat has been welled up in her eyes. Though Geet has stopped crying but still Maan feels dat dere’s sumthing else too that’s bothering her.


“Wat happen Geet? is dere anything else dats bothering u?” he asked wid concern in his eyes while Geet just looked at him surprisingly


She dnt know hw come he Everytym reads her mind. Yes she was remembering her father nd as crying due to that but that was from one of the reasons in her list. Dere’s something else which made her cry dis much but she was not sure hw should she tell dis to Maan


“Geet, wat happen?” his voice bring her back from her thoughts nd she looked at him.


“Maan, everything will be fine between us na. Nothing go wrong between us na” she asked while looking into his eyes letting out her fear. Maan didn’t understand y is she asking dis question to him but he could easily sense her fear


“Mishty y are u asking like dis? is everything fine? Kisi ne kuch kaha tumse? Koi problem hai tumhe? Tell me Geet.” he asked not understanding the reason of her fear. [Mishty y are u asking like dis? is everything fine? Did someone said anything to you? is there any problem? Tell me Geet.]


She said nothing but handed over something to him. Maan looked at it nd realizes dat it was a novel infact the same novel which she had given to him once to read; “I Too Had a Love Story”. He didn’t understand wat connection dis novel nd her tears had.


“Maan, dey are also very much happy nd excited for their Engagement nd Marriage just like us. Dey had seen so many dreams together just like us. Dey too were waiting for dere special day excitingly just like us. But everything changed, Khushi met wid an accident before the day of her engagement nd later she died nd all dere dreams were shattered. Destiny separated dem in a brutal way nd she has gone for never to come back. Maan, I m scared wat if something like dis happened wid us? Wat if such thing would happen to either of us? Wat if our dreams too get shattered like dem? Wat if our Love Story too end in the same way? I cant bear it Maan. I dnt want to go away from you. I dnt want our dreams to be shattered. I want us to spend the rest of our life together. I don’t want d same thing to happen wid us” she said nd hugged him tight again nd cried bitterly pouring out her biggest fear.


Maan hugged her close to himself soothing her fear. He knows that her fear is baseless as nothing will go wrong wid dem because he wont let anything go wrong wid dem but He don’t know how will he comfort her now. he could feel her body trembling in his embrace as she cried bitterly nd dis is something he cant bear. He slowly keeps on patting her back nd caressing her hairs to calm her down but she was nowhere to stop


“Ssshhh! Geet dnt cry Pls Mishty I cant see u like dis. Pls stop crying” he said while gently careesing her back. After sometym wen Maan felt her stopped crying he gently pulled out from hug nd kissed away her tears nd cupped her face between his hands


“Geet Pls never ever think of any such thing. Geet it was just a novel ok I agree that it’s Writer’s true Love story but that doesn’t mean dat every Love story ends in d same way. Geet nothing will go wrong wid us trust me. Everything will be fine nd we’ll get happily married without any hurdle nd will spend rest of all our lives together. Whatever happen wid Khushi its her fate but our fate is not like dat. nothing will be happen like dat, neither wid u nor wid me. Nd if in case any such thing happen to you den I promise Geet I’ll snatch u away from that God. No one can separate you from me, not even God. I’ll not let anyone to do that nd if I failed in that den I too wont be able to live. I’.” he couldn’t complete his sentence as Geet puts her hand on his mouth nd nodden in no stopping him to say further. Maan gently kissed her palm nd removed her hand from his mouth.


“Mishty, don’t fear for anything until I m wid u. Our Love story is different from theirs so its end would also be different nd it’ll be a happy ending nd not a tragic ending. Infact dere’ll be no ending at all because Maan nd Geet’s Love Story are meant to cherish forever nd the things dat are meant to cherish forever never come to an end. Trust me, we’ll spend a blissful life ahead together wid our 12 no 20 children nd den dere children.” He said nd chuckled at his last sentence making Geet too smile through her tears.


“Maan we’ll always be together na” she asked innocently


“Forever Geet” he replied lovingly removing d slightest doubt that has left in her heart.


He slowly wipes away the tear marks away from her face nd hugged her tight in a comforting hug assuring her dat dere’s no need to fear for anything until he’s wid her. after a while he gently pulled her away from the hug nd kissed her forehead nd den gently laid her on the bed tucking the blanket on her while gently caressing her head.


“So jao Geet, its really late. Good night” he said nd turned to leave wen he felt a tug on his hand. He turned around only to see Geet holding her hand tight stopping him to go.


“Pls stay wid me tonight. Pls.” she said while making a baby face nd Maan just couldn’t ignore her plight. He knows that its odd if he stays here wid her at dis tym of nite nd dat too before Marriage but nothing is more important for him den his Mishty nd right now she needs him so he kept all the thought aside nd went to sit next to her.


Geet gets up from her lyieng position nd uts d blanket on both of dem. Maan straightens his legs on d bed nd rests his head on the bed post because he knows dat if he’ll be lay beside her den he cant control himself nd he don’t want to do anything which insults dere pure relationship so its better if he stays like dis whole night. Geet gently wraps her hands sround him hugging him like a teddy bear nd lays her head on his chest while Maan places his one hand around her shoulders nd wid other he gently caressed her head nd hairs to make her sleep. after sometym he felt her even breathing on his chest making him realize dat she had finally drifted to sleep. he smiles seeing her sleeping like a child nd kissed her on top of head nd soon drifted to sleep too.




As the morning rays hit the sky Maan slowly opens her eyes as the morning rays coming through the windows hits on his eyes. he looked at Geet who was still sleeping wid a small smile spread on her face.


“Probably she’s dreaming about us only” he thought nd chuckled on his own thought.


He keeps on looking at her angelic face for a while. Dere’s no doubt that its d most beautiful face he had ever seen. He gently tugged the hair strands behind her ears which were blocking his view nd gently caressed her face wid his fingers feeling her soft skin. He just wished tym to stood still at that moment while he just keep her looking like dat only. He could spend his whole lyf by just looking at her like dis but right now he needs to go away from her because if Dadimaa will come to know that he’s not in the mansion den she’ll get worried. He cant wait for the day wen she’ll be by her side like dis only without any boundation nd restrictions. Not that Dadimaa would mind of him staying whole night wid Geet before marriage if he tell her the whole situation but yet he don’t want to take any chance.


Thinking dis he slowly release her from his embrace nd places her head on the pillow making sure that her sleep didn’t get disturbed nd gets up from the bed. He don’t have heart to leave her sleeping like dis but he has to go before anyone wakes up at KM. he knows dat she’ll be a bit disappointed wen she’ll not find him after waking up so he quickly takes a paper from the side table nd writes a note on it nd keeps it beside her pillow. He kissed her forehead before leaving nd turned to leave not before giving her a last glance to her sleeping figure nd goes out from her room through balcony.


After a while Geet got up wen she felt the comfort missing from her sleep. she gets up nd looked at the other side of bed only to find it empty. she clearly remembers that last nite she had slept in Maan’s embrace den where is he? Was she dreaming? No it was not a dream Maan as dere wid her whole night comforting her den where he had gone now. she scanned her eyes around whole room to look for him. just den her gaze falls on the piece of paper beside her pillow. She immediately picked it up nd opens it to read it.


“Good Morning Mishty! I knw u’ll be a bit disappointed wen u’ll not see me wid you wen u’ll wake up but Geet I don’t want anyone to question our pure relationship wen dey’ll cum to know dat we were together whole night before marriage. Though I don’t care about the wat people thinks but I care about you nd I don’t want you to face any nonsense questions of the peoples so I m leaving before anyone gets up in KM will see u at the breakfast table.


Remember one thing Mishty that I Love you nd will always Love you so u dnt have to fear for anything becoz I’ll not let any of ur fears cum true.


Urs Maan


P.S. Pls don’t read that novel ever again no matter hw much its ur Fav. I swear if I’ll see u reading that novel or any novel of such type den I’ll burn it right den nd dere nd u know I never back out from my promise. Love you nd ya nw don’t start crying after reading dis letter or else I’ll not talk to you”


And as expected Geet’s eyes welled up wid tears after reading the whole letter. Hw much he loves her, how much he cares for her dat he was here wid her throughout whole night nd had left in the morning before anyone can wake up so that no one can question her. girls dreams for such a Loving nd caring Partner nd she’s indeed Lucky to get such partner without even dreaming. God knows wat good things she has done that Maan had came to her lyf.


A Drop of tear fell on the letter nd Geet realizes nd unknown to herself tears had started to flow from her eyes. she quickly wiped it away as Maan don’t like to see her in tears. Geet thanked Babaji umpteenth tym for giving Maan to her nd prays for their Lovely future ahead.


“I Love you Too Maan” She said nd kissed the Letter where his name was written nd keeps it safely at the drawer before getting up from the bed nd starting her daily routine.




Few more days passed nd Maaneet’s marriage is just a week away. Everyone is busy with the last minute preparations which are nowhere to end. Armaan was taking care about accommodation of guests while Shilpa was busy with Geet’s appointment at Parlour nd all. Guests are likely to be arrived after 2 days so Savitri Devi wanted to make sure that they wont get trouble for anything. She had strictly ordered Maan to take leave from office now as his marriage is just a week away nd after lots of arguments Maan finally agreed to it.


In the amidst of all the preparations if Savitri Devi was missing something den it was the presence of her younger Grandson whom Maan still don’t want to forgive. She knows that Maan too must be missing him badly but he’ll not show dis to anyone. She had seen his eyes getting moist on the eve of his engagement wen he had seen Geet wid her siblings but like always he had hide his emotions like he was doing now. she sighed nd just wished any miracle to happen nd dere separated family gets re-united once again.


Everyone was at the dining table having dere Lunch with Maan nd Geet stealing glances of each other wen dey heard someone screaming at the hall.


“Maan Bhai! Dadimaa! Armaan Bhai! Nakul! Arey sab kaha hai? is it really KM where marriage is going to take place within a week? y dere is so much silence over here like marriage is an ages away” dey all heard a girl screaming nd knows very well who’s here. [Maan Bhai! Dadimaa! Armaan Bhai! Nakul! where are u all? is it really KM where marriage is going to take place within a week? y dere is so much silence over here like marriage is an ages away]


Maan, Dadimaa nd Armaan gave each other She’s-finally-here look while Geet nd Shilpa looked at each other confused. Maan assured Geet by blinking his eyes nd dey all goes towards the hall where she was standing while facing her back towards dem while continuously cribbing.


“Annie now stop ur Mellow Drama we all are here only” Maan said nd Annie turned towards dem nd quickly rushes towards Maan giving him a bone cracking hug.


“Oh Maan Bhai I missed u so much.” She said while pulling out from his embrace nd looked at Geet nd Shilpa who was standing dere all confused.


“Ok to aap dono me se koi ek meri Bhabhi hai right? ok den let me guess” she said while eyeing both of dem. nd finally hugs Geet. [ok so one of u from both of u is my Geet Bhabhi Right? ok let me guess]


“u are my Geet Bhabhi who had taken away my Maan Bhai’s heart right.” she said while pulling out from the hug nd Geet just nodded in yes.


Annie: Hi! I m Anvesha Khurana Maan Bhai’s Loving cousin sister. But u can call me Annie


“Geet, she’s Daughter of younger brother of Maan’s dad. U don’t know about her because she was in Canada completing her studies datsy she couldn’t attend ur Engagement” Dadimaa said while introducing Annie to Geet nd Shilpa.


“But now I am finally here to attend ur marriage. I just cant miss d chance to enjoy my Fav Brother’s wedding.” She said cheerfully to which everyone smiled


“So Ms. Annie u r finally here. now only God will save our neighbours as in whole KM only ur Voice will echo.” Maan teases her to which she just made a pout face.


“Did u saw Geet Bhabhi hw is he teasing me. But Nw I dnt have to worry because I got a partner now, my Geet Bhabhi. Right Bhabhi?”


“ofcourse I m wid u Annie. Nw finally I found someone wid whom I can gossip about Maan” Geet said nd gave a high five to Annie to which Maan gave a grumpy face


Maan: not fair Annie Bhabhi mili to bhai ko bhool gayi. Dnt forget dat u’ll get ur reward from me only. [not fair Annie u got ur Bhabhi den u’ll forget ur Bhai. Dnt forget dat u’ll get ur reward from me only.]


He said in a complaining way to which Annie just gives I-Don’t-care Look.


“Ok I agree dat u’ll deny me but will u be able to deny Geet Bhabhi too.” She said mischeviously nd Maan just become speechless.


Annie OMG! finally I did it. I had finally made the great Maan Singh Khurana speechless.

Maan: ok enough now Annie. U must be tired nw. y don’t u get freshen up first.

Annie: not now Bhai because dere’s still one surprise left.


Maan knotted his brows in confusion nd Annie look towards Door while shouting “Surprise come inside” nd Maan nd others follows her gaze nd wat dey saw at door just made everyone surprised nd shocked. The person whom Annie has referred as Surprise was standing at the door wid hesitation as if don’t know how to come inside. It was none other den Maan’s younger brother Dev!!!!!!


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Part 43:

Maan: ok enough now Annie. U must be tired nw. y don’t u get freshen up first.

Annie: not now Bhai because dere’s still one surprise left.


Maan knotted his brows in confusion nd Annie look towards Door while shouting “Surprise come inside” nd Maan nd others follows her gaze nd wat dey saw at door just made everyone surprised nd shocked. The person whom Annie has referred as Surprise was standing at the door wid hesitation as if don’t know how to come inside. It was none other den Maan’s younger brother Dev!!!!!!




Everyone looked at Dev nd den back at Maan who was seething in anger. Savitri Devi wanted to calm her down but at dis moment even she don’t know wat should she say to Maan. she knows it very well the anger Maan had for Dev nd dee’s definitely no chance he was going to forgive him no matter how much he had missed him in dese years yet Maan will never forget wat circumstances they had faced due to Dev. She looked at Armaan for some kind of help but he was too standing over dere helpless.


On the other hand Maan was just trying hard to not to punch him right on his face. Its true that he had missed him like hell in dese years. Only he knows how badly he wanted to talk to him, to be wid him in dis Mansion, to be wid him wen he was getting engaged, to be wid him doing all the marriage preparations but Everytym Dev’s deed came into his mind nd his affection replaced by anger nd he found it impossible in himself to forgive. Wat he don’t understand is that what is he doing over here now nd where’s that selfish wife of his Nayantara who was the sole reason of Dev’s deed nd Annie hw come she can bring him over here. had she forgot wat all she had faced due to him. with every passing minute Maan was loosing his control on himself. Geet looked at him nd guess wats going in his heart nd mind. She knows dis was cuming. It wont be easy to bridge dis gap between dese two brothers.


“Arey app log Dev Bhai ko aise kyun dekh rahe ho jaise app logo ne koi Bhoot dekh liya ho? Arey ye apne Dev bhai hai koi bhoot nahi” Annie said chirpily bringing everyone back from their thoughts.[Arey y u are all looking Dev Bhai like u all had seen some ghost? arey he’s our Dev Bhai not some ghost?]


“Nd Dev bhai y r u standing on the door? arey apna hi ghar hai bhai. Come inside” annie said while looking at Dev. Hesitantly Dev takes a step inside only to be stopped by Maan


“Wahi ruk jao Dev” Maan said in a threatening voice nd Dev just stopped in his tracks. [Stay right over dere Dev]


“Bro Main…” Dev tried to talk to Maan only to be interrupted by him again


“not a word Dev. U had lost all the rights to say anything long back. nd wat are you doing over here. wasn’t all that enough that u had done before that now u are here again to ruin everything.” He said angrily making everyone shiver


“but Maan Bhai Dev Bhai to…” Annie tried to protest his brother only to be interrupted by Maan


“Not a word Annie. I don’t want to listen anything for his favour. Nd I don’t belive dis u brought him over here. have u forget wat u had faced because of him” Maan looked at Annie disbelievingly nd she just dipped her head down not knowing wat should she reply to him.


“anyways I m not going to buy any crap of you now Dev so its better if u get out of my sight right now or else I have to call security” Maan said threatingly nd it was enough for Dev to understand that there was no place left for him in thios house anymore. He gave a last look at all before turning to leave wen someone stopped him


“Ruk jao Dev. U’ll not go anywhere” Geet said hile coming forward nd Maan looked at her disbelievingly.


“Geet let him go. U don’t know anything” Maan tried to stop Geet but all went in vain


“Maan I know everything nd Dev had came over here due to my insistence only. I had called him over here” Geet said while giving Maan another shock of his lyf. he cant believe that Geet called Dev. Nd wat did she just said she knows everything yet she called him over here.


“Geet u had called him?’ he asked again hoping somewhere that Geet will refuse.


“yes Maan I had called him. because I wanted my whole family under one roof wen I come to this house nd Dev is definitely a part of my family just like Dadimaa, Annie, Armaan, Shilpa nd you” she said determinely nd Maan felt like someone betrayed him. he thought that Geet understands him better den anyone but it seems that he was wrong


“I didn’t expected dis from you Geet” he said rather painfully nd storms off from dere leaving everyone behind baffled. Geet knows he was hell angry on her nd though unknowingly she had hurted him but wat she wa doing right now is also not wrong. she looked at Dev nd gestured him to come inside.


Hesitantly he came inside nd Savitri Devi hugged him tight expressing her longing for his grandson. Armaan nd Shilpa gave an umcomfortable smile to him while Annie just wished that soon her Maan Bhai too give one chance to Dev. After all the re-union episode Dev finally turned towards Geet who was looking at the direction where Maan had left


“I told you it wont be easy. Bro will never forgive me. now see he’s angry from you too just because of me. it would be better if I would have never came back.” Dev said wid a feeling of guilt for unknowingly creating tension between his bro nd the only Love of his lyf who is not less den an angle


“dnt say like dat Dev. It was not ur Fault. U know Maan right, his temper is always bad but u don’t worry I’ll handle him.” Geet said assuringly trying to less the burden of his guilt.


“But Geet Maan is really angry from you. U shouldn’t have hide dis fact from him” Armaan spoke in between realzieng the gravity of the situation


“I know Armaan but I want it to be a surprise for him. don’t worry I know how to pacify him.” she said nd moves towards the direction where Maan had gone while everyone looked at her retreating figure silently praying that she succeed to pacify Maan.




Geet looked around whole house for Maan nd as expected he was at his gym practicing Tai-chi to take out all his frustration on poor Wooden planks nd ice. She remembers clearly wat happened a month ago wen Sasha had accused her nd he was as frustrated as he was dis tym but she needs to stop him beore he went too far in his anger. Thinking dis she went near him nd stands behind him.


Maan senses her presence behind him. actually he had sensed it the moment she stepped in his gym but he decided to ignore it continued his tai-chi. he was very much hurted right now nd the worst part is that the reason is Geet. if she knows everything den y did she brought Dev back home. All dese thoughts were frustrating him even more. Geet looked at him nd clearly understands that he was trying to ignore her but she was also Geet Malhotra no cut that she’s would be Mrs. Maan Singh Khurana nd no one can deny her not even Maan himself.


She poked on his one shoulder but he completely ignore her nd moved to other side nd pick up nanchalks nd started practicing wid it. Geet’s mouth feel open seeing him ignoring her like dis. she pouted nd immediately goes near him nd poked him on his other shoulder but he didn’t budge at all. But Geet is also stubborn. She continues to poke him until he gets irritated nd swiftly turned towards her nd pulled her closer to himself by helding her shoulders.


Everything happened so sudden that Geet didn’t got a chance to register wat exactly had happened nd wen she realized she found herself close to Maan. so close that his breath is fanning her lips. Geet was completely dazed wid his nearness nd was in the state to say anything. The sweat from his body along wid hid manly cologne was not letting her think anything straight nd his proximity was not helping either. She had long back forgotten for wat she had came here for the moment she looked into his deep eyes which were expressing numerous emotions.


“Pls don’t do all dis Geet u know I cant resist you.” Maan said bringing his face closer to hers almost touching his lips wid hers nd Geet could sense hw badly he was stopping himself


“Den don’t resist Maan” she said softly trying to calm his tensed muscles. Maan instantly pulled back nd Looked at Geet who had her eyes closed waiting for him to proceed but wen he don’t she opened her eyes nd look at him. Mana instantly turned so that his back was facing her


“Pls Go from here Geet. Leave me Alone. Just Go” Maan said rather in a harsh voice but Geet didn’t flinched a bit instead she came closer to him nd turned him towards herself.


Hw could I Leave you alone Maan? had u left me alone ever wen I was sad, angry, hurt or frustrated.” Geet asked questioningly looking deep into his eyes nd Maan just looked other side avoiding her gaze


“Geet Pls go from here I don’t want to say anything which can inturn hurt you.” Maan said pleadingly but that just increased Geet’s confidence.


“say whatever u want Maan take out all your frustration on me I swear I wont get hurt a bit because my heart is so full from ur Love that dere’s no place of any other emotion in it.” she said determinely nd Maan knows its useless to argue wid her further. She was as stubborn as him


“Geet why are you doing all this? What do u want?” he said helplessly finally surrending in front of her


“I want you to be happy Maan, always.” Geet said while lovingly placing her hand on his cheek


“Den y did u brought Dev back Geet?” he finally voiced out wat was dere in his heart from long nd Geet felt relieved that finally he was talking to her about dis.


“because I know that u’ll be happy wen all ur siblings will be here wid u. wat do you think I haven’t noticed the longing in ur eyes for ur own brother, the sadness on ur face wenever I talk about my Vindhya Di nd Vansh Bhai? Wat do you think that I haven’t noticed hw badly are missing that warmth in ur relationship between u nd Dev wen u see me wid Di nd Bhai. I noticed everything Maan but I was quiet till now because I was not able to convience Dev to come back till now.” she said answering all his questions nd Maan just looked at her amuzed as hw much deep she knows him but again the question was same how should he forgive Dev?


“I am happy Geet that u thought so much about me. I m happy that u love me dis much that u are able to understand my untold Emotions but Geet I m sorry I cant forgive Dev u don’t know wat he did” Maan said feeling frustrated on himself that for the first tym he was refusing something to his Mishty


“I know everything Maan. I know why u hate Dev. I know wat Dev had done in the influence of Nayantara. In the Nayantara influence he had taken loads of Money from the market in pretext of starting his own business. Nayantara was always threaten to see ur Power nd control over Business so she always pester Dev to start his own business which was suggested by Nayantara but due to lack of experience Dev failed to succeed nd in order to return the Loan that he had taken from Market he had sold huge share ok KC’s shares due to which KC stake was at risk. Competitors tried dere best to overtake KC. Investors were backing out nd KC was on verge of closing. Khurana’s Pride, dere dignity was at risk. If it was not u nd Dadimaa who had stood on the way of all the hurdles without bending in front of circumstances den today KC would be a lost name in the history.


Dadimaa told me everything Maan. She told me how broken u was on those initial days wen u get betrayed by none other den ur own brother who on th influence of his wife had forgotten the relation he had shared wid you since childhood. I can understand Maan how it feels wen u get betrayed by the person who was once so close to your heart nd in the influence of others he just breaks ur trust without thinking even for a second” she said in pain remembering wat her best Friend Vridant had done with her in influence of his GF Ria. How ironic is it that both of dem had got betrayed once in their lives by the person whom dey trust the most. Maan looked at the change of her facial expression nd it took him no tym to register wat she was thinking.


“But still u didn’t let your courage down. U worked hard Day nd night nd once again brought KC back to its position nd after that u had paid Dev all debts nd asked him to leave dis house nd shift to Canada. Nayantara nd Dev left the house but not before Nayantara accusing you of a selfish brother who cant see her Brother getting rise in his lyf. she called u a heartless brother because u cant forget the simple mistake of ur brother. She said that u wanted to maintain ur Power nd control over businees nd KM datsy u are sending dem away to struggle wid dere lives but wat no one knows that u had already done a branch of KC over dere under Dev’s name where he was sole incharge so that he don’t have to struggle to make his identity nd after that u too left the Mansion nd shifted in outhouse because u don’t want anyone else to accuse u the same that Nayantara accused you. Because no one had seen the state in which you were wen u asked Dev to leave dis house. U were burning from inside but had maintained a tough exterior outside.


Maan Dadimaa had told me everything on the day of our engagement. Remember wen she asked me to stay back here nd after my reluctance she asked me to stay at outhouse. Den only she told me everything nd the reason behind stopping me back” As Geet finished herself Maan looked at her wid an utmost amuzed expressions as if she doesn’t belong of earth. She knows everything from so long yet she never showed dis to him nd behaved normally wid him nd wat touched his heart most was she had understand his each nd every emotions that he had went through at that phase. He thought no one could ever understand wat he went through at that tym apart from his Dadimaa but Boy was he Wrong? Oh how can he forget she’s his Mishty Afterall, always unpredictable. But tale doesn’t end over here


“Geet if it was just because of wat Harm Dev caused to business nd Khurana’s dignity den I would have forgiven him also but wat Annie has to face due to him I just cant forget that. U know Geet Annie’s Parents died along wid mine in the same car accident. Annie was just 4 years old den. For months she don’t even know where her parents had gone all of a sudden. She use to sit in ront of dere photos nd talked to them for hours asking dem to come back soon as she was missing dem a lot. she use to ask me but I had no answers of any of her questions. I had made myself strong after my Parents’ demise but wat answer I can give to the child who don’t even know the meaning of death. Since den I was not just Annie’s Maan Bhai but also her father nd Mother. Annie was just not my sister Geet I had brought her up as a daughter. I had promised myself that I’ll never let Annie to be in any kind of trouble. But I failed Geet, I failed. My Annie had stuck up in the biggest trouble nd u know who was responsible for that. My own Brother Dev was responsible for that.


Do u know Annie had been kidnapped by one of the local Gangster from whom Dev had taken Money nd was unable to return it to him on tym. So as a revenge dey had kidnapped Annie. Annie was just 18 years old Geet nd dey kidnapped her. dey use to torcher my Annie because it gave dem satisfaction. Geet, I heard the pleading voice of Annie wenever they use to call us to show the extent of their inhumanity. Nd as if that was not enough they had… they had tried to force demselves on Annie” Maan said nd closed his eyes in pain of remembering those dreadful days while Geet gasped in horror.


Dis side of story was really unknown to her. Dadimaa told her each nd everything but she didn’t told her this. Now she understands y it was difficult for Maan to forgive Dev. No brother could forgive that person due to whom his sister has been in dis much mess. But wasn’t Dev was Annie’s Brother too. Had he Loved Annie less then Maan? hell No!!!! He too must have gone through the worst during those days specially den wen he knows that his sister was facing all this due to his deeds. She was lost in her thoughts wen Maan next set of words brought her back into reality


“Geet, if that day Armaan wouldn’t had reached on tym then Annie” I don’t want to even think wat could have happened wid her. dose men were arrested but my Annie was never the same. u knw she’s been in trauma for months. Geet who could understand Annie’s condition better den you. You urself had faced all dis once. now tell me how should I forgive Dev, how should I give him one chance. I knw he didn’t Love Annie less den me but because of him wat all she had faced I cant forget that. Its not in my will to forgive him Geet. Tell Me Geet if you were in my place nd in place of Annie Shilpa would be dere den would u have forgiven Dev? Tell me Geet would u have forget wat Shilpa had faced because of him? tell Me Geet would you have still given Dev another chance? Answer me Geet at you should have done if you were in my place? C’mon answer me?” Maan said while shaking her shoulders nd Geet just don’t know wat should she say further. Maan was not wrong at his place. If she was dere in lace of Maan she should have also done the same. now how can she say Maan to forgive Dev, how can she ask Maan to give him one more chance. No she cant, she couldn’t. but what should she do now. on one hand dere was Maan who was not wrong in not forgiving Dev nd on the other hand it was Dev who was not wrong either, who was just the prey of the circumstances. Here she was trying to bridge the gap between two brothers nd nw she herself is stuck somewhere in between from where she is not seeing any way.


“Geet, u shouldn’t have brought him over here. and u had hide dis fact from me too. Y Geet? atleast just asked me once. was dere anything till now that I had hide from you? Was dere anything till now that I had not told you? Den how can you think that I would have not told u dis if u had asked me” Maan said rather in a painful way bringing Geet out of from her thoughts


“But Maan I just wanted to…” she tried to say that she had not told dis to him because she wanted to give him surprise but Maan just cut her in between


“Enough Geet I don’t want to listen anything. U had hurted me Geet. u had hurted me a lot. first by hiding dis fact from me nd den Bringing Dev here nd den supporting him outside. I haven’t expected dis from you Geet. I really haven’t.” Maan interrupted in between nd Geet just stood dere shocked. Dis is for the first tym wen he’s blaming her for something. Since the tym they both were together he had never ever blamed her for anything not even den wen she had told him about wat happened wid her wen she was 14 yrs old but today he was blaming her. she understands his turmoil,. She understands that he did it unintentionally yet it pinched somewhere deep in her heart .


“Maan I…” she tried to put her point but before she could say something Maan storms off out of the gym leaving her behind. The tears that she had been holding on till now had started making its way as soon as Maan stepped out of the gym. Geet just thumped on the floor crying silently.


She had never thought that things will turned out in dis way. She knows that Maan was angry on Dev but was not knowing that the reason was much more bigger den she thought to be. Unintentionally she had hurted Maan nd dis thought was killing her even more. She closed her eyes as tears made dere way only praying silently to God that some miracle to be happen nd everything turned out to be the same as it was before. Just den she was praying she felt a hand on her shoulders comforting her. she instantly opened her eyes to look at the erson nd was both shocked nd surprised to see her here


“Annie” she muttered as she saw her standing over dere wid tears in her eyes. her facial expressions clearly said that she had listened each nd every part of her conversation wid Maan. ok so now she had hurted yet another person by opening that chapter of her lyf though unknowingly whioch she mught has been forgetten, she thought to herself nd looked at Annie who assured her through her eyes dat everything will be fine


Maan came to his office after he had a conversation wid Geet. he just cant sit in home even for a minute after wat happened few hrs back. As soon as Maan stepped in office the staff members who were relaxed till now as dere Boss will not be here in the office for whole 1 week were now terrorized seeing his cranky nd annoyed mood. Whole office was rushing here nd dere bringing dis nd dat fle to save from their Boss’ wrath who was unnecessarily yelling at dem for dere carelessness. But least anyone knows was that it was the frustration that Maan was taking out in dis way.


He was frustrated to see Dev over here. he was frustrated to refuse something to his Mishty. He was frustrated to blame her for bringing Dev over here wen he knows that she had done this for his happiness, he was frustrated for hurting her in vain, he was frustrated for being angry on her so the best way to take out all his frustration is to take it out on anyone else.


Finally he sat back on his chair after giving a huge speech to Adi for not preparing Budget file of next project was not much important for now. he leaned back his head on his chair nd closed his eyes only to see the image of Geet in front of his eyes. how much she tried to talk to him after his leaving Gym but he just avoids her nd came here to office inspite of lot of reluctance of Savitri Devi. Its been 5 hours since dere Gym conversation nd he had not talked to her. she had called him numerous tymes, send him numerous msgs to atleast listen to her once wat she wanted to say but he simply ignored it all nd he knows she must have felt hurted nd as dis thought crossed his mind he snapped open his eyes nd throws the file on the tables on floor in anger.


Everything was going smooth till now but wid the entry of Dev everything just turned upside down. Only if he can turn back the tym den he would have never let Geet taken that step which she has taken now due to which he had not talked to her from whole 5 hrs which seems to him an eternity now to him. he came back from his thoughts wen he heard his cellphone ringing. He looked at the caller nd found ‘Mishty’ flashing on it. he at once cuts the call nd throws his cell away somewhere at the corner of his cabin in frustration.




With every passing minute Geet patience was giving up now. from last 5 hours she’s been calling him, trying to talk to him but Everytym he just cuts her call. she was pacing to nd Fro in Annie’s room with Shilpa nd Annie present over dere who were following Geet’s moment through their eyes nd den sighed knowing that both were equally stubborn. Neither he would take the call nor she’ll stop calling again.


Finally Geet’s patience gave up nd she throws away the cell in frustration making Annie nd Shilpa jump due to sudden reaction.


“Idiot, Stupid, Duffer, Nonsense. Kabse call kar rahi hoon but no he don’t bother to take the call. I even msgd him also but u see wo to APJ Abdul Kalam Azaad hai na jiske paas reply back karne ka tym nahi hai” she said while seething in anger [Idiot, Stupid, Duffer, Nonsense. I m calling him from so long but no he don’t bother to take the call. I even msgd him also but u see he’s not less den APJ Abdul Kalam Azaad who didn’t had tym to reply back]


“Di its Abul Kalam Azaad” Shilpa tries to correct her only to get an angry glare from her nd she instantly shuts up her mouth.


“Kabse keh rahi hoon ki kuch imp baat hai. atleast ek baar sun to lo but nahi use to apne aage kisi ki kuch sunni hi nahi hai na. bas humesha wahi karta hai jo use sahi lagta hai. chaddo main bhi nahi karti call, nahi baat karni mujhe usse.” She said while thumping on the couch wid a pouting face. Annie nd Shilpa looked at each other nd den goes near her nd sit by either side of hers. [I m saying him from long that I wanted to talk something imp. Atleast listen to me once but no he don’t want to listen anyone in front of himself. Always do the thing whoch he seems is right. Leave it even I wont call him nw, I’ll also not talk to him now]


“Bhabhi ek baat bolu” Annie said nervously fearing her temper. Geet just nodded so she continues [Bhabhi should I say something]


“Bhabhi we both know that wen Bro gets angry hen no one can speak in front of him den forget about pacifying him. but this also I know that there’s only one person after Dadimaa from whom Bro cant remain angry for Long”


“nd who’s that person?” Geet asked out of curiousity


“oho! Its u Bhabhi” Annie said as a matter of fact


“but how can u be so sure?”


“Savy told me. she had observed u both wen she had came to India last tym” Annie said nonchalantly but Geet got alarmed wen Annie mentioned Savera’s name.


“Annie u met Savy? Hws she? Is she fine? Nd wen did u speak to her last?” Geet bombarded annie with loads of question while Annie looked at her confusingly


“Relax Bhabhi pls One question at a tym. Ok so first of all I haven’t met her recently but I talked to her on call. Nd she’s absolutely fine. I speak to her before leaving for India but I m sad that she’s not cuming in the marriage because she said that she had to go out of London due to some mergency nd it’ll take her atleast 2 weeks to finish that work” Annie replied each of the question patiently but Geet knows she had not gone anywhere outside London. She had her operation due in 1-2 days so she had excused annie by saying that she had an urgent work due to which she cant attend wedding


“Bhabhi where are u Lost?” Annie sadi bringing her out of reverie


“nowhere Annie u were saying sumthing?’ Geet said in order to drop the topic or else all will get suspected


“o ya so I m saying that its only you after Dadi from whom Bro cant remain angry for Long. Nd Bhabhi no matter hw much dese men are strong but we girls have one such power in front of which dey always gets weak. Nd Bro is not an exception especially den wen he’s head over heels in Love wid you” she said with a mischevious glint in her eyes


“nd wat was dat Power?” Geet asked curiously knowing somewhere in the back of her mind where Annie is referring to


Annie smiled meaningfully at Geet’s question which was enough fir Geet to realize where she;s referring to nd as realization hits her, her eyes gets widens due to surprise wat Annie had just suggested to her.




1 hour later Geet was standing in front of the mirror wearing a Saree revealing her perfect curvacious figure. She was too shy to see herself in the mirror den forget about going in front of Maan like dis.


“Perfect” she heard Annie saying while looking at her to which Geet instantly turned around nd sat on the couch nearby


“Mujhse ye nahi hoga. Here I m not able to see myself in the mirror hw the hell I m going to face Maan. Hum kuch aur nahi try kar sakte” she said nervously while Shilpa just slapped her forehead [I cant do dis. Here I m not able to see myself in the mirror hw the hell I m going to face Maan. Cant we try something else?]


“Bhabhi Climax pe aake Play ko spoil mat karo. Maan Bhai ko manane ke liye aapko ye karna hi padega” Annie said in a authorative tone to which Geet just looks at her wid baby face [Bhabhi don’t spoil the play after bringing it to climax. U have to do dis if u want to pacify Maan Bhai]


“humare paas koi aur option nahi hai” Geet asked cutely hoping that she wont have to go in front of Maan Like dis [Don’t we have any other option]


“no, u have to do dis only” Annie said sternly nd Geet sighed knowing now there’s no escape


“Good. Shilpa u knw na wat u have to do now” Annie said looking at Shilpa nd She gave her a thumbs up nd started dialing Maan’s No.




Maan came outhouse running to meet Geet. The moment Shilpa called him nd told him that Geet is nowhere at KM neither she’s taking her call he was restless. She told him further that she had seen Geet to go towards outhouse nd after that she haven’t came back. nd wen Shilpa nd Annie goes over dere they found that Geet had locked herself in her room nd was crying badly. She didn’t even had anything to eat.


Without sparing a minute he instantly rush out of his office nd straightaway drove towards outhouse. All the way he was cursing himself for being the reason of her dis condition. Had he not been behaved so indifferently wid her she haven’t taken dis big step. Wat if she do something stupid wid her. the thought itself send him chills down his spine. She’s really sensitive nd wen it comes to their relationship she’s double sensitive. No, he cant let anything happen to her. he curses himself umpteenth tym for not listening to her once. if he had listened to her just once then she haven’t taken dis step.


As soon as he reached to outhouse he ran inside to search Geet but she was nowhere to be seen in the Living Room


“Geet!!!!! Geet!!!!! Where are you?” he called her out numerous tymes but she didn’t answered. Panic started making home in his heart by the thought of Geet being in Danger nd he searched her madly at Kitchen, study, Living Room


Here Geet was sitting in her Room wen she heard Maan’s voice filled wid Panic. She knows that now the tym had came to get into an action but hw should she go in front of him like dis


“hey Babaji! he’s here now nd I have to go infront of him. Pls Apni Bacchi ki Raksha karna nd mera saath dena” she send a quick prayer to god nd took a deep breath to muster some courage nd goes towards the door to open it


Maan was about to open the door of her room to check on her over dere wen Geet opened the door nd he just stood dere dumbfounded seeing the sight in front of him. there she was standing in front of him clad in a sexy revealing Saree fitting perfectly to her body. each nd every curve of her body was clearly prominent thru her off shoulder Blouse nd the sight was not less den the treat to his eyes. he looked at her from bottom to top slowly nd intently while Geet as just feeling shy wid every passing minute due to his piercing gaze. This was much more difficult den she thought but if she had to fulfill in her mission she needs to be little bold nd anyways he’s not a stranger Afterall, he’s her Maan den why to shy in front of him


On the other hand it was getting difficult for Maan to control his temptation for her especially den wen she was standing so boldly in front of him. the Seductress that was standing in front of him was totally new to him. where does his Shy nd innocent Geet gone. As his gaze falls on her midriff he almost forget to breathe. He immediately removed his gaze nd as it travely upwards only to meet her Big Hazel eyes Maan saw the emotions in dem which were dere never before. Along with innocence dere was mischief nd naughtiness present in her eyes today clearly showing him her intentions. Never ever in his wildest Dreams Maan had imagined his Mishty to be turned out in such a seductress.


Unknown to himself he closed the door behind him nd started taking calculative steps towards. Not even for once he blinked for he fear that she may just vanish. With every step of his towards her Geet’s heartbeat just rises. The way he was looking at her it seems he was undressing her through his eyes. “Focus, Focus” she kept on ranting in her mind as she was here to make him lose his senses but don’t know till how long she’ll able to keep her senses intact if he keeps on looking at her like dis


For Maan it was not in his will to stop himself from going near her. the reason for what he was here has gone long back fron his mind. All he could see nd think is that his seductress is standing in front of him nd he was getting pulled towards her as moth is attracted towards flame nd he don’t mind in burning in that flame. As he reached near her Geet felt her knees getting weak nd she’ll faint any moment seeing his proximity. Maan slowly raises his hand towards his face nd tucked the stramds of her haors behind her ears softly caressing her cheek nd skin behind her ear sending tremors down her spine. Maan gently traced the features of her face with his index finger stopping near her Lips which were quivering due to his sweet torcher. He gently rubbed his thumb on her lower lip before roceeding towards her neck nd further down. Geet’s whole body was on fire as closed her eyes in the anticipation of his next as his finger made its way towards her cleavage.


“Maan” she moaned his name bringing him back to reality. Maan instantly move back realizing where it all was leading to nd for what he was actually here.


Geet opened her eyes wen she felt him getting away. She was lost in some other world wen he was caressing her sensuously but wen she felt the warmth of his finger missing she snapped open her eyes only to find Maan looking into other side. She realize what had just been happen transpired between them nd wat he was thinking now. Afterall they had tricked him to come over here that too by taking Geet’s name which was enough to add fuel to the fire. She tooks a deep breath to calm down her beating heart nd goes towards his side only to find him angry yet again


“Maan” she called ever so softly nd Maan instantly whipped nd held her by her shoulders pulling her closer to himself


“u guys Tricked me? how could u all do that? You know na Geet hw much possessive I m for you? You know na wat goes through me wen I see you even in a slightest pain yet u guys did that?” he said angrily but Geet found Pain nd restlessness in his voice more den just anger


“Maan, u were not listening to me so…” She tried to say something only to be interrupted by Maan again


So you guys will trick me in this way? I really don’t believe dis Geet that u are also involved in all dis knowing very well what must have gone through me wen Shilpa called me telling me about your condition. U hurted me yet again Geet.” he said painfully nd turned to leave.


He was abput to reach near the door wen Geet realizes that he was going yet again without listening to her. and as the realization hits her the resolve that she had taken earlier gets strong nd now she knows what she have to do


“Ok So Mr. Maan Singh Khurana. U’ll not listen to me like dis way. Fine I know other ways too. Wat Annie had said that no matter how much dese men are strong but we girls have one power in front of which dey always gets weak. Hhmmm so tym for some action now Mrs. Geet Maan Singh Khurana” she thought to herself nd an mischievious smile crept on her face.


Maan was about to open the door wen the lights of the room went off nd he heard the sweet enchanting voice of his seductress.


Bahon me chale Aao…

Bahon me chale Aao

ho hamse sanam kya parda,
ho hamse sanam kya parda


Geet slowly whispered from behind tickling Maan’s senses. Maan’s hand froze on the door knob as he felt her so close to him.


“Oh! Sweet Lord now wat is she going to Do” Maan thought as Geet Sensously traced her finger from his neck slowly moving downward towards his spine. He closed his eyes as her soft breath falls on his skin arousing the desires in him.


Ye Aaj ka…

nahi Milan

yeh sang hai umar bhar kaa



Geet came in front nd traced his jaw line from her finger finally stopping at his lower lip slightly pressing it sending Maan off edge. Maan opens his eyes eyes only to find her more tempting nd alluring in that dim light.


Maan instantly turned his face not knowing for how long he’ll able to control himself if she keeps on doing like dis. Geet turned his face towards him nd bit his earlobe as she sing the last line. Unable to take her torcher anymore Maan pulled her away alightly from him silencing her by keeping finger on her lips.


Bahon me chale Aao…

ho hamse sanam kya parda,
ho hamse sanam kya parda

As he was again turned to Leave Geet places herhand on his chest to stop him nd den gradually trcing it with her palm from the opening of his shirt resting near his heart. Maan groaned inwardly in pleasure as his seductress continues his assault on him


Music (mm oh)…


He instantly holds her hand wen he felt her hand going downwards towards his abs while unbuttoning his shirt with one button at a tym. He gently removes her hand nd moves towards the door wen Geet Block his way by standing in front of him. he tried to go from right side but she instantly stand in front of him dere too.


chale hee jana hai
najar churake yun
phir thami thi sajan tumne
meri kalayi kyun hmm


Geet took calculative steps towards him making him move backwards. Maan instantly turned his back towards her wen he felt her palm caressing his back over the cloth just like a spider on its web. Did she had any idea wat she was doing? Here he was trying his best to keep the check on his sanity nd she’s making diffult for him by every passing minute. She hugged him from behind rubbing her cheeks on his back softly placing kisses over the cloth


chale hee jana hai
najar churake yun
phir thami thi sajan tumne
meri kalayi kyun


Geet move in front nd wrapped her hand around his neck gently biting his neck nd den nibbled over dere giving him the ecstatic pleasure. Maan held his breath forgetting all his rationality. Was she less irresistible in that Saree that now she’s doing all dis to test his patience.


kisi ko apna
banake chhod de,
aisa koyi nahee karta



Maan instantly realize the gravity of the situation wen he felt her removing his shirt over his shoulders. He tries once again a futile attempt to leave but Geet just held him back placing wet kisses over his chest nd shoulders nd Maan found himself drawning into Lust which emanated from her. in order to control his enraging harmones once more he pulled her back nd shuts her mouth by keeping his finger over lips.




Geet made a baby face seeing him not budging a bit from his resolve nd hold her ears to say sorry cutely melting Maan wid her cute antics. She’s indeed his innocent seductress. He smiled a bit seeing her attemot but den immediately concealed it pretending to be still angry


kabhi kabhi kuch toh
kaho piya hamse
ke kam se kam aaj toh khulke
milo jara hamse, hm


Geet turned her back towards him glueing it wid his chest. the feel of her bare back against his bare chest made Maan lose all his rationality nd he completely surrendered to her will. Geet wrapped his hands around her waist while Maan just nuzzled in her neck. The heat emerging from her body was just blowing the desires in him which he was unable to control. He moved her hairs to one side nd kissed her bare back sending her goosebumps


kabhi kabhi kuch toh
kaho piya hamse
ke kam se kam aaj toh khulke
milo jara hamse

He spunned her around as she continues to sing the lyrics. He slowly places butterfly kisses all over her face nd shoulders. He gently bites over her shoulders nd den licks it over dere to reduce the pain sending her off the edge.


hai rat apne,
jo tum ho apne,
kisi kaa phir hame darr kya



Geet sensed his surrender nd it did a summersault in her heart. she slid down his shirt completely from his shoulders baring his torso nd tossed it away. His hands moved around her waist bringing her closer nd closer if its possible. Maan held her hand in mid as they started to stroked his ni***es nd saw mischievious glint in her eyes. she smirked nd bit on his neck nd Maan groaned in pleasure as he pulled her gently nd placed his palm on her mouth indicating her to stop her assault.


baho me chale aao
ho hamse sanam kya parda
ho hamse sanam kya parda

yeh aaj kaa nahee milan,
yeh sang hai umar bhar kaa
baho me chale aao,
ho hamse sanam kya parda
oh hamse sanam kya parda


Maan sccoped her up in his arms nd placed her on the bed nd leaned over her while she just laid on her back, not even once breaking the eye contact. He removed the hairs rom her face that were blocking his view as he places kisses on her forehead den her both eyes nd den finally stopping an inch away from her lips.


He searched in her eyes for seeking permission nd as if understanding his request Geet closed her eyes nd tilted her head placing her lips on his indicating him to continue. This is all Maan wanted as as he gets her permission he slammed his lips on hers kissing her fervously taking her moans inside her lips. Geet kissed him back matching his passion making Maan groan in passion. Maan devour, bite nd tease her lips sending her beyond the edge of insanity while Geet’s hands finds uits way towards his hairs clutching dem in her fists bringing him even closer if possible.


Maan’s toungue finally found an entrance inside her mouth exploring each nd every corner of it while Geet roams her hand over his back nd shoulders feeling his skin under her hands. Dey finally broke apart after wat seems to be an eternity to take breath. He rubbed his toe on her soft nd smooth legs caressing her calf while Geet just closed her eyes in pleasure.


Maan bend down nd kissed her neck slowly making her way downwards while his hands were caressing the soft skin of her bare waist. Geet’s breathing gets fastened as she felt Maan’s burning lips on her neck. She move her head aside giving him more access. Maan gently nibbled on the soft skin of her neck nd Geet just dig her nails on his shoulders nd back. he started placing kisses on her throat moving towards her cleavage kissing nd biting over dere while Geet just archs upwards giving him more access. He slowly slides away her pallu over her shoulders nd kissed the bare skin over dere nd den biting it hard


“Maan” Geet moaned his name bringing him back in reality nd he realizes what he was doing. He was going way too far in his passion. He looked at Geet who had her eyes closed nd was dazed in his passion.


No he cant do that thing which dey both regret later. Although he knows that Geet will not regret if he proceeds further nd fulfill all his desires that he had for her but he himself cant spoil the beauty of their relationship. Thinking dis he instantly gots up from her nd ran his hand on his hairs. Geet opens her eyes wen she felt the warmth of his body missing only to find him lost in deep thoughts. She instantly gets up adjusting her pallu nd gently hugged him from side telling him that she didn’t regretted wat had just transpired between dem.


Maan closed his eyes nd gently frees her from his embrace. Geet looked at him questioningly while Maan can clearly see the hurt nd disaapointment written on her face


“Maan…” She tried to say something only to be interrupted by him


“Geet Pls. Stop. I wont be able to control myself if u’ll remain near me like dis.” he said indicating the proximity between dem. Geet lowers her gaze as she realize wat he wanted to say. Maan understands wats going in her heart. he instantly cupped her face nd looked into her eyes


“Mishty I didn’t regret wat had just happened between us. I stopped myself because I wanted to make it special on our special night not just by flowing in the desires nd Passion. Pls don’t feel anything bad Mishty. I Love you nd I never regret any moment that I spend wid you.” He said nd kissed her forehead while Geet just hide herself in his embrace seeing the intensity of his Love.


“Waise Mishty mujhe nahi pata tha ki meri Sweet, innocent Mishty itni badi seductress hai” he said teasingly while Geet hides herself more close in his chest. [BTW Mishty I did not know that my Sweet, innocent Mishty is such a big seductress.]


“Acha ab Sharam aa rahi thodi der pehle to,,,,.” He teased her further but Geet just placed her palm over her mouth stopping him saying further [oh! So now u r feeling shy, but a few moments back…]


Maan pulled her back in his embrace while gently stroking her arm placing his head above hers savouring the moment.


“Waise Mishty who had given you this world best idea of seduction?” Maan asked out of curiousity


“it was all Annie’s Plan” she said nd bites her toungue realizing what she had blurted out. Maan tilted his head to look at her but she just looked other side


“hhmmm I knew it. I knew that it was not ur idea because my Mishty is too innocent to think such plans.” He said nd Geet pouted listening to him


“What do you mean I cant think of any plans.” She said nd Maan realizes he had done a blunder.


“Arey I didn’t mean that. I mean to say that my Mishty is too sweet. Anyways leave that, but tell me did u do all dis because I was not talking to you” he said while diverting her attention nd he was succeeded to it as Geet nodded her head gently


“oh Mishty! U r really priceless. U know na dat I cant remain angry from you for long yet u did dis?”


“because u r not listening to me. u are not even taking my call. U know I had to tell you something very important” she said while making a baby face nd Maan couldn’t help himself from smiling


“ok baba I m sorry now tell me wat u wanted to say to me.” he asked as he looked at her to continue further nd Geet just bit her lower lip not knowing hw to say wat she wanted to say


“Maan its about Dev” she said slowly fearing his temper nd as expected Maan’s jaws tightened on the mention of Dev’s name. he instantly gets up from bed nd turned to leave wen Geet hold his hands stopping him to leave


“Maan please atleast listen to me once.” she said while holding his wrst nd Maan just stopped indicating her to continue further. Geet looked at him for a while nd den continues


“Maan Dev was not at fault behind Annie’s Kidnapping. He did not know that the person from whom he’s taking loan is a local gangster. Nayantara had introduced him to Dev as one of the investors nd it was Nayantara’s hands only behind Annie’s kidnapping. Dev didn’t have the slightest idea about what Nayantara was planning” Geet revealed the fact in front of Maan he just sttod over dere shocked.


Nayantara was behind the kidnapping of Annie. But y did she did that? Wat harm Annie had caused to her? nd how did Geet came to know about it? Did Dev told her all dis? aal dese questions were running in his mind as he looked at Geet expectantly in order to seek his answers.



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Part 45:

“Maan its about Dev” she said slowly fearing his temper nd as expected Maan’s jaws tightened on the mention of Dev’s name. he instantly gets up from bed nd turned to leave wen Geet hold his hands stopping him to leave


“Maan please atleast listen to me once.” she said while holding his wrst nd Maan just stopped indicating her to continue further. Geet looked at him for a while nd den continues


“Maan Dev was not at fault behind Annie’s Kidnapping. He did not know that the person from whom he’s taking loan is a local gangster. Nayantara had introduced him to Dev as one of the investors nd it was Nayantara’s hands only behind Annie’s kidnapping. Dev didn’t have the slightest idea about what Nayantara was planning” Geet revealed the fact in front of Maan he just sttod over dere shocked.


Nayantara was behind the kidnapping of Annie. But y did she did that? Wat harm Annie had caused to her? nd how did Geet came to know about it? Did Dev told her all dis? aal dese questions were running in his mind as he looked at Geet expectantly in order to seek his answers.




“what are you saying Geet? Nayantara was behind all this? But why did she do that? What harm my Annie had caused to her nd how come u know all this? Tell me Geet.” Maan asked impatiently while holding her by her shoulders


“Maan Annie told me all dis. she had listened our conversation wen we were at Gym nd she don’t want any rift between us so she told me the thing that she’s been hiding from all dese years” She told nd Maan looked at her more confusingly


“What are you trying to say Geet. tell me clearly” he said not understanding the head nd tail of what she was trying to say.


“Maan, as I told you before Dev didn’t know that from the person he’s taking loan is a Local Gangster. Nayantara had introduced him to Dev as one of the investors nd wen Dev’s business failed den that Person started demanding money from Nayantara. One day Annie listened to her conversation with that Man on phone nd wen she has gone to meet that person annie followe her too. U were too much tensed due to KC’s fall down derefore Annie didn’t told you anything. After reaching the spot Annie listened that that Gangster ois planning to murder Dev if she didn’t payback his money on tym to which NT said that she didn’t care about whatever he do with Dev nd Annie just gasped in horror nd that grabbed their Attention towards her. To avoid getting exposed in front of you nd Dev NT had made Annie kidnapped by him nd that gangster too get chance to recover his money from you all. Wen Armaan came to know where Annie is through some of his sources he reached over dere without wasting a minute nd Luckily he reached on tym as dey were forcing demselves on her. Annie couldn’t tell you or anyone else all dis because she was in trauma for months nd wen She recovered Dev nd Nayantara had already left the house nd wen she tried to talk to you about Dev you were not ready to listen anything regarding him. den after reaching to Canada she somehow managed to tell Dev everything nd he was hell shocked. but he knows dat annie cant lie about all dis so after collecting enough proofs Dev had made NT arrested nd also given her divorce. Maan, NT is in jail right now nd Dev is living his lyf all alone from past 1 nd a half years. He didn’t tell you all dis because he knew that how muich you are hating his mere sight nd thinks that he deserves it to stay away from his family for commiting a mistake named Nayantara.


Maan he was not even ready to come over here even of my continuously pestering him to comeover here atleast once. Maan I had given up all my hopes but it seems that God wants something else as wen Annie come to know about our wedding then she had brought Dev over here even after his lots of reluctance. Maan Annie told me all dis after our heating conversation at the gym. She thought that u’ll forgive Dev nd dis matter will never come up but wen she saw a rift creating between us den she had come forward nd tell me all dis.” Geet said nd looked at Maan who went thoughtful trying to absorb whatever Geet was telling. Seeing Maan not uttering a word Geet continued further


“Maan I m not saying that Dev is all innocent. I know he did a mistake by cuming in NT’s influence but Maan u only Think which brother will want his sister to land up in such situation knowingly. Maan Annie is Dev’s sister too nd he had not Love her les den you. U think he’ll support NT in all dis if he would have slightest idea about what NT was planning? Maan Annie had Forgiven Dev long back because she knows that Dev was not completely at fault. Maan just leave all your grudges nd forgive him. he needs us Maan. he has been alone all dese years nd now he needs the support of his family, he needs support of us. Just forgive him Maan nd include him in our family.” Geet said while placing her hand on his cheek making him look at her.


Maan look into her eyes only to find hope in it that he will forgive Dev. He was blessed for having a girl like Geet in his lyf who had never considered her family less den hers. Who was here trying to Prove Dev innocent in his eyes. but he was still not come up in the decision of Forgiving Dev. He knows that Geet is expecting him to forgive Dev but he just cant forget all the things by just a blink of eye. He needs tym to think about all dis, to make sure that everything is all fine now den only he can forgive him.


“Maan” Geet called out soft;y to gain his attention nd Maan turned to look at her


“Geet I believe on whatever u said but Geet I m just not able to Forgive him.” he said helplessly


“Even after hearing whatever I said” Geet looked at him questioningly


“Mishty, I said it before also that I believe on each nd every Word u uttered but Geet just think from my P.O.V. its not easy for me to forget everything so easily. I told you before also for once I can forget wat loss KC has faced due to Dev buit I can never forgive Annie’s traumatic condition nd though indirectly Dev is responsible for it. had he not so much adamnant in marrying Nt den all dis can be avoided. Annie may forgive him because she loves me nd Dev a lot but I cant forgive him so easily. I need tym.” Maan said wid a tone of finality nd Geet knows that its useless to argue further yet she tries one last tym.


“But Maan…” She tried to protes wen Maan interrupted her yet again.


“Geet had u forgive Vridant for wat he had done?” Maan said out of blue nd Geet frowned on his sudden question.


“now from where Vridant came in the discussion? He had no connection wid dis conversation?” She asked looking at him confusingly even Maan knows that he don’t have to bring Vridant in the conversation knowing how terribly Geet fell hurted reminding wat he did to her but he just blurted it out in order to prove his point nd by the tym he realize its too late.


“Maan I am asking you something?” Geet said yet again to know the reason of his sudden question


“Geet Vridant too had committed the same mistake that Dev had committed.”


“Maan dere’s a big difference between wat Vridant had done nd wat Dev had done. u cant compare both of dem” Geet retorted back.


“not really Geet. Just like Dev Vridant too came in the influence of the person he loved nd Geet now he’s realizing his mistake also. ok I knw that he did try to play dirty wen he realizes ur value but Geet if that day he wont tell me wat actually the truth was den dat misunderstanding would always be between us. Just like Dev Vridant too needs his best friend, his kaddu because he’s too spending a lonely lyf.” Maan reasoned himself nd dis tym Geet went thoughtful.


“Geet I knw its hard for you to forgive him but atleast think of it.” he said seeing no reaction from him.


“Watever Maan, I cant forget everything so easily.” She said after lots of thinking


“in the same way Geet I too cant forget everything so easily.”


“But Maan…”


“Geet I’ll forgive Dev the day u’ll forgive Vridant.” Maan said sternly. He knows that Geet wont forgive Vridant so easily nd it’ll give him enough time to contemplate on everything. Apart from dis he himself want Geet to give a chance to Vridant’s friendship as he knows wat dis friendship was meant to both of dem.


“Maan that’s really not making any sense.” Geet said irritatingly


“I don’t know Geet. but that’s my condition.”  Maan said stubbornly.


“Maan…” she tried to protest only to be interrupted by him


“Geet pls now no more discussion nd I don’t want u to hurry u can take your own tym for contemplating everything nd I promise you Geet that I wont be harsh on Dev by the tym he’ll be here. I’ll treat him as the other family member of dis house but don’t exect me to forgive him so easily pls.” Maan said wid the tone of finality nd Geet understands him. she knows that Maan will not brong out Vridant issue like dis without any reason. He too wants to see her happy like she wants nd as for now dey both need sometym to consider each nd every fact nd as for now its good if dey don’t ruin dere blissful moments on being so much stubborn in their views


“ok Maan I’ll consider about forgiving Vridant only if you consider forgiving Dev.”


“As you say Mishty. I’ll do whatever you say. Nd as for now lets compensate for the tym dat we had spend in arguing wid each other.” he said in order to divert her mind from all the tensions.


And before Geet could understand anything he pulled her in a deep nd passionate kiss nd unknown to herself Geet too started responding him back. after wat seems like eternity dey broke apart to take breath.


“Geet I am sorry for the way I behaved wid u in the morning. I just carried away in frustration nd anger.” Maan said while touching his forehead wid hers panting heavily.


“u don’t have to clarify anything Maan. I understand in wat situation u were in” Geet told him assuringly.


“Promise me one thing Geet dat no matter how much we face the tensions around us for any matter we’ll never spoil our blissful relationship in the amidst of dese.”


“I Promise Maan no matter wat happens but our relationship will not be the prey of all dat.” She said nd hugged him tight assuring him for each nd every word she said.


“BTW Geet, I really like the trailor of the film dat u showed me few minutes back now I cant wait to watch full film.” He said naughtily in his baritone voice making Geet blush hard nd he just hids her face more to his chest.


Maan smiles sensing her blushing nd held her closer in his arms which was his only solace. Both remained in each other arms silently promising that dey’ll never let anything to disturb the blissful relationship dey share.




2 days went by nd guests had started gathering as the marriage is just 5 days ago. Vansh nd Vindhya were supposed to arrive next day nd so dis Gee’s friends from Amritsar. Armaan had very well arranged for guests accommodation. Even Dev was participating in all the activities. Though Maan had still not forgiven him yet but he makes sure that he doesn’t behaves rude wid him. so to avoid it he decided to maintain a safe distance wid him until he comes up in any decision. Dev too dodnt want to trouble Maan due to his presence wen he was entering in another stage of his happy lyf so he too avoid cuming in front of him.


It was one fine day nd all Armaan, Maan, Dev, Adi nd other male members of dere friends nd family were gathered in Maan’s study nd it seems that dey were discussing on some serious matter. All the female members were strictly prohibited to disturb dem by the tym dey all will be in study which makes each one of dem curious especially Annie who had no idea wat her favourite brothers are discussing.


“Armaan just think about it once again” Maan said still not convienced by his Idea.


“O C’mon Dude! Stop being a spoilt sport. I mean its our right yaar. Wat say guys” Armaan said while beckoning others nd everyone agreed to wat he says.


“I am not being a spoilt sport but Bachelor Party that too without telling anyone is not a gud option.” Maan tried to reason himself.


“o God! Wen I m saying that we’ll not tell anyone. We’ll tell but only half truth. We’ll just say that we all are going for partying dats it. wats the use of telling everything to girls.” Armaan said as a matter of fact.


“but wat if dey come to know by any other means.” Maan said in a doubt.


“no one will cum to know anything. Until and unless u wont tell anything to Geet.” Maan said while eyeing him mischeviously


“Wat do you mean I cant keep a secret from Geet.” he said while narrowing his eyes.


“Well I haven’t said that but if u want to admit it den I don’t have any problem.”


“its nothing like dat ok. I can keep a secret form her. nd we all are going for a bachelor Party by just telling half truth to everyone. MSK never gets scared from anything.” Maan said with his full MSK attitude nd Armaan laughed inwardly at his victory.


“Great so 8 PM at xyz club. Ok.” Armaan said nd everyone gives dere approval nd started getting dispersed from dere to get ready.


But unknown to all of dem someone had witnessed theor so called plan. It was annie who had listened to their conversations nd nw her mischivious mind is preparing a devious plan to gate crash dere party but she cant do it alone she needs someone’s company nd who would be better den Shilpa nd Geet. she thought nd smiled naughtily nd headed to meet Geet nd Shilpa.




“Wat???????” both Shilpa nd Geet said in unison while others just gaping at annie.


“yes its true Armaan Bhai, Dev Bhai, Maan Bhai, Adi nd all other boys are going for Bachelor Party.” Annie said while sitting comfortably at couch.


“But Annie wats harm in that. I mean dey had already told us that dey all are partying before marriage.” Geet said don’t know whom is she conviencing.


“Bhabhi dere’s no harm in partying but did they told you wat all dey are going to do over dere? dey had just told you the half truth.” Annie said nd everyone knotted dere brows in confusion.


“Half Truth?” Shilpa said confusingly.


“yup. Nd the full truth is that along with partying dey all were booze nd their will be a girl’s item number nd not to mention the girl will be indeed hot nd Sexy!!!!!” Annie said while giving stress on last two words.


“No Annie dis cant be true. Maan cant hide such thing from me.” Geet said still not believing her.


“Bhabhi mujhpe vishwas nahi hai aapko, Main jhooth bolungi aapse.” Annie said all innocently nd Geet realizes that she’s saying true. [Bhabhi u don’t believe me, will I say lie to you]


“Hawww wen I asked Maan he just told me dat dere will be only guys nd dey were just drink a bot nd will play pool he haven’t told me about dis girl thing.” Geet said while pouting


“Ab Bhabhi Bachelor Party hain to girl’s item number to waha hoga hi. or elae wats the use of bachelor Party?” Annie said innocently only to enrage Geet further. [Ab Bhabhi since it is bachelor party then obviously dere would be Girl’s item number]


“So cant he tell me all dis?”


“As if u’ll allow him if he told you dis? BTW Bhabhi u know wat I heard that the girls which use to come in dese parties are hell bent in gaining guys attention nd guys wanted to touch dem in anyway but decent” Annie added while adding more fule in the fire.


“Nahi nahi My Armaan is not like that.” Shilpa said all of a sudden after listening to Annie.


“Armaan Bhai? Do you know he’s the master mind behind all dis. everything is arranged by him only including that item girl too.” Annie said while giving Shilpa another shock.


“Wat? You are saying the truth Annie?” Shilpa asked in hope that it wont be true.


“unfortunately yes.”


“Fine dese guys think that dey all are very smart now its tym to clear dis misunderstanding of dem.” Geet said finally standing up from couch.


“Wat do you mean Di?” Shilpa said suspectingly.


“I mean lets Gate Crash dere parties nd tell dem that its not easy to hide the things from us.” Geet said nd Annie smiled inwardly on the success of her plan.


“Rite Bhabhi. I am wid you. We’ll teach dem a good lesson” Annie said while joining hands wid her


“even I m wid you Di” Shilpa added nd everyone nodded in the room.


Annie did a victory dance mentally imagining the condition of her brothers wen dey will see the girls over dere. “Oh it’ll be so much fun” she thought as she tried to suppress her evil laugh from the girls.




Here at the club everyone is busy enjoying demselves while Maan was just sitting at the corner at bar sipping his drink. He didn’t want to hide it from Geet about the item girl’s performance but Armaan had challenged him to keep it as a secret from Geet nd MSK never backs out from any challenge. Yet he don’t feel like hiding it from her.


but he also knows the nature of his Possesive sherni. If she got the slightest idea of wat the boys have planned den she’ll not hesitate in coming here nd strangle that poor girl’s hair so its better if she don’t know anything. Nd anyways its good if we hides something from our Love, he thought. But den the thought of Geet had made him forget all his other thoughts so he decided that he’ll tell Geet everything after the party. He was lost in dese thoughts wen Armaan came nd sits beside him.


“hey Dude! Its ur Bachelor Party nd u urself is sitting over here at the corner, not fair.” He said while ordering a drink for himself.


“stop it Armaan. U knw I dnt like partying nd all.” Maan replied while sipping his drink.


“o yeah den let me remind you the MSK who had arranged best Party for his would be wife’s B’day then whats wrong wid him in own Bachelor Party dude.”


“that was a different Thing Armaan nd dis is different.”


“C’mon yaar Maan. after 5 days u’ll be no more the most eligible bachelor of town so a party is must to celebrate these last days of ur Bachlerhood.” Armaan said nd winked while Maan just rolled over his eyes.


“Ya but if you are getting afraid from Geet den its different thing.” Armaan said intentionally nd dat did it. the facial expression of Maan’s face told Armaan that now Maan wont back out from Partying


“Armaan, MSK don’t get scared from anyone. I was not partying till now because I don’t feel like but u know what after having a couple of Drink new energy rejuvenated in me so I am in for it.” Maan said in full MSK attitude nd Armaan smirks seeing the success of his plan.


“Great that’s like a Great MSK. U don’t know dude what ur best friend has planned for you tonight. U are definitely gonna enjoy it.” Armaan said while patting Maan’s shoulders nd Maan knotted his brows in confusion.


Armaan just winked at him nd den signalled someone nd lights of the hall went dim nd everyone’s gaze including Maan shifted to the middle of stage to see the object of attraction who is all set to take everyone’s breath away


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Part 46:

“Ya but if you are getting afraid from Geet den its different thing.” Armaan said intentionally nd dat did it. the facial expression of Maan’s face told Armaan that now Maan wont back out from Partying


“Armaan, MSK don’t get scared from anyone. I was not partying till now because I don’t feel like but u know what after having a couple of Drink new energy rejuvenated in me so I am in for it.” Maan said in full MSK attitude nd Armaan smirks seeing the success of his plan.


“Great that’s like a Great MSK. U don’t know dude what ur best friend has planned for you tonight. U are definitely gonna enjoy it.” Armaan said while patting Maan’s shoulders nd Maan knotted his brows in confusion.


Armaan just winked at him nd den signalled someone nd lights of the hall went dim nd everyone’s gaze including Maan shifted to the middle of stage to see the object of attraction who is all set to take everyone’s breath away.







Maan looked at the direction where everyone is looking only to find group of dancers facing dere backs to them swaying on the tune seductively


Lehraake(Music) Balkhaake(Music)


And as she turned on the lyrics a super sexy girl with splendid eye-catching beauty was seen in the middle of the hall dancing to the tune of the appealing song…





Lehraake Balkhaake Balkhaake Lehraake
aag Laga Ke

Dilo Ko Jala Ke

Karoon Main Ishaara


And as usual all guys started gawking at her with all their mouths in a big opened “O” shape including Armaan Dev and Adi as she strated dancing seductively catching everyone’s attention


sharara Sharara Sharara Sharara Sharara Sharara

Main Hoon Ek Sharara
sharara Sharara Sharara Sharara Sharara Sharara

Main Hoon Ek Sharara


Maan was however least interested but because it was the question of his male ego he too was cooperating them to hide his inner fear of his Punjab di sherni who surely gonna kill him…




And here is the entry of the trio smart stalkers… Geet Shilpa and Annie… As soon as they entered the hall, they saw their gentleman loves ogling at the dancer who was dancing in between with the best possible besharmi they could have ever seen…


shola Hai Yeh Tan Mera

Are Dehko Tum Paas Na Aana

Both Geet nd Shilpa looked at Annie and she gave “Look what I said” types looks…


shama Ke Jo Pass Aaya

Are Jalta Hai Wohi parwana

Unknown of the presence of his future wife Armaan went straight to the dancer along with Dev and Adi and started enjoying himself’.


oh Mere Deewano Baat Ko Samjho

Door Se Dekho Mera Yeh Nazara

Shilpa, who was watching the guy claiming her to be the most beautiful girl in the world dancing with some another chudail was boiling


sharara Sharara Sharara Sharara Sharara Sharara

Main Hoon Ek Sharara
sharara Sharara Sharara Sharara Sharara Sharara

Main Hoon Ek Sharara


Geet, who saw the girl going again and again to Maan but Maan sitting at the corner and only watching poked her sister and gestured her to look at her jiju who was quietly sitting at the corner and watching and then showed her the Armaan’s direction and said with her expressions “Look at Your so called “My Armaan ” My Maan is not cheating me.. he is so sweet” Shilpa got furious…

She was about to leave in order to strangle her so called future hubby when Geet and Annie stopped her…



Salamaa yue salaama yue salamaa yue e e e…


Meanwhile Armaan saw Maan sitting quietly and sipping his drink again…


Armaan went to him and started dragging him to dance floor… although he was denying but his denial was hidden from Geet as Armaan was stopping the look…


“C’mon yaar Maan stop being a spoilt sport. Wat do you want that everyone call you a Looser”  said Armaan. this was it Maan got infuriated enough with his comment that he himself got up and went to the dancers…


Geet saw him moving towards the dancer with “I am gonna rock” expressions and she was stunned…

He held the main dancers with her waist and Geet’s fire got ignited now…


bijli Banke Girti Hoon


All the girls surrounding the hot handsome hunk who has just joined them and started touching him here and there while dancing… He seems to be least interested continued dancing …


“Isko to electric shock mai dungi”



Main Nagin Banke Dasti Hoon

Making the hand in the shape of a cobra she started moving towards them when Shilpa and Annie stopped her…


cheene Hosh Jo Sab Ke

Main Hi To Aisi Masti Hoon


Maan who was lost in his dancing didn’t yet discern her presence and continued showing all his bachelor power…


rang Jalka Doon Saas Mehka Doon

Pal Mein Dhadka Doon Main Yeh Dil Tumhara


Now it was Shilpa’s turn… she patted her shoulder and said “What now di?? See your so called sweet Maan in the arms of a chudail…”


sharara Sharara Sharara Sharara Sharara Sharara

Main Hoon Ek Sharara
sharara Sharara Sharara Sharara Sharara Sharara

Main Hoon Ek Sharara

Armaan, Maan, Dev and Adi all were dancing with the babes and the two girls were steaming with anger and J affect and Annie was laughing at the present as well as the future condition of her two brothers by her two bhabhis….


“Sharara sharara ki bacchi mai abhi tujhme aisi sparking karti hu kit u aage se saare sharare bhool jaayegi aur ye jo Mr Maan Singh Khurana hai na inhe maine 440 watt ka jhatka nahi diya na to mera naam bhi hone waali Geet Singh Khurana nahi”


Saying so she went towards the flock of laughing Boys surrounded by the girls of course…




Just wen the girls thought that was wat came next surprised dem out of nowhere Maan started singing out of nowhere giving Geet another shock of lyf.




The Girl smiled seductively nd sing along wid it.




Maan came near the girl nd pulled her closer by encirciling his arm around her waist. Geet’s jaw dropped open seeing his audacity while the boys just hooted




The girl enjoying Maan’s touch just sing along wid him


laharaake balkhaake balkhaake laharaake


Maan held her by her waist and picked her for an hot looking lift by her waist and her hands on his shoulders…


aag lagaake dilon ko jalaake karen tu ishaaraa


Armaan and Maan were on both the sides of the girl and were moving their waist along with her on the beats…


sharara Sharara Sharara Sharara Sharara Sharara

tu hai ek sharaara…


All the girls came nd stood near the stage watching the boys dance freely wid the girls totally oblvious of the girls around. It was Armaan first whose gaze falls on the girls fuming in anger. He instantly stopped Dancing nd tried to signal Maan but he was too lost in Dancing.


Maan picks up the girl in his arms nd spun her around singing while Armaan just Slaps his forehead


sharara Sharara Sharara Sharara Sharara Sharara


Maan had just taken a turn wen his gaze falls on Geet who was standing over dere wid her arms crossed over her chest. if looks could kill den Maan would definitely be dead by now


main huun ek sharaara


Oblivious of the trouble Maan had got himself into the Dancer in his arms seductively caress his cheek wid her finger completing the last line.


This was the final blow to Geet’s anger as she looked at Maan nd his hand around the girl’s waist nd this was enough for Maan wat she wanted to say nd he instantly left the girl nd looked other side as if nothing had happened. Geet poked his shoulder to get his attention. Maan turned to look at Geet nd smiled sheepishly. Geet stomped her foot in anger nd left the place followed by Maan.



Armaan tried to escaoe away from there only to be stopped by Shilpa who was standing over dere wid her hands crossed across her chest nd anger written over on her face. He tried to smile to manofy her but seeing her stern expression he instantly shuts her smile nd before he could say anything Shilpa too storms off from dere




“Geet, Geet meri Baat to suno” Maan called out as he matches the her steps while following her. [Geet, Geet listen to me]


“Maan I don’t want to listen anything” She said as she continues to walk.


“Geet, listen to me na Mishty. I haven’t done anything?” He said as he held her wrist nd make her turn towards himself. Geet tried to free herself from his grip but he just tightened his grip around her waist.


“Ya ofcourse you haven’t done anything it was ur ghost that was dancing like a despo wid that girl Hai na? Maan I said na I don’t want to listen anything. Just leave me. nd by the way wat are you doing here go nd dance wid that girl whom you are holding few mins back so close” Geet said as she turned her face to other side. Maan cradled her face from one side nd make her look at him.


“So my Mishty is angry on me. I am so sorry Mishty wo actually”.” He tried to protest himself only to be interrupted by Geet


“Sorry for what? For lyieng to me dat there will be only drinking nd pool in the party or for Dancing wid that girl that too so close” Geet said as she pushed his hand away nd looked other side.


“Geet, trust me I dnt want to Dance wid that girl wo to Armaan forced me to do this. He said…” he tried yet again but again interrupted by Geet.


“Maan don’t defend yourself by taking the name of Armaan. No one can force you for anything until you urself don’t want to do that thing. Aur ye Armaan use to main baad me dekhoongi” Geet said while seething her teeth in anger while Maan just smiled seeing his jealous Mishty. Geet turned to look at Maan only to find him smiling


“now for wat you are smiling? Did I cracked a joke over here” she asked irritatingly as she saw Maan smiling


“No Geet I am not at all smiling.” Maan said as he tried to suppress his smile but its of no use


“No u were smiling, I saw you.”


“No Geet, I was not”


“So now you wanted to say that I am lyieng. First you say lie to me nd then were dancing here so happily wid that girl nd wen I caught you red-handed then you are trying to defend yourself.”


“Geet, Jaan atleast listen to me” Maan tried yet again but its of no use.


“Chaddo Maan, I don’t want to listen anything. I am going nd you don’t try to talk to me. got it.” Geet said as she points her finger at him nd storms out off dere


“Geet, Geet suno to” he tried to call her out but she had already gone.


“Shilpa, Shilpa listen to me” Maan heard Armaan’s voice nd den saw Shilpa walking past him furiously while Armaan was running behind her stopping her.


Finally he too stopped near Maan as he watched her going. Both Armaan nd Maan looked at each other nd gave “You Too” look nd den again at the direction where the girls have left. They both sighed at the situation they had stuck up themselves into. It wont be easy to pacify their Lady Love so easily especially den wen dey both are caught red-handed


“I told you Armaan that it was not a good idea but u didn’t listen to me. now see wat had happened” Maan chided Armaan as he sensed the gravity of the situation.


“you were saying as if I was knowing that girls are going to gate crash our party. But to think how dey had known about our plan. It was between us boys right? den how come dey get to know that we are planning all dis” Armaan said nd Maan went thoughtful as he registers Armaan’s words


“Annie” dey both said in unison as the reality struck dem.


“I should have known it den only dat only Annie can plan something devilish like dis.” Maan said nd as he said he heard Annie’s laugh behind him


“instead of blaming me you both should think of the plan to pacify my future Bhabhis.” Annie said as she came nd stand near Armaan nd Maan smiling mischieviously


“Annie ki Bacchi, I am not gonna leave you” Maan said as he advanced towards her but she just pushed him away.


“Bhai I said na that instead of getting mad at me think hpw will you pacify Geet Bhabhi. Waise Bhai this is not right. u both had said lie to Geet Bhabhi nd Shilpa very bad. I haven’t expect this from you” Annie said as she makes a disapproving face.


“Annie stop acting smart. Now since you had made us stuck up in this situation so only you have to bring us out of all dis” Maan said as he narrowed his eyes.


“Sorry Bhai but Anwesha Singh Khurana don’t support liers. Wo kya hai na my Elder Brother Maan Singh Khurana has taught me not to support liers So I am really very Sorry.” Annie said nd giggled nd before Maan nd Armaan could do anything she just ran away from dere laughing.


“Dude forget about any kind of help from Annie. We have to think ourselves now wat to do next.” Armaan said nd Maan nodded his head in understanding thinking the way to pacify his mishty.




Its been 3 hours since Geet, Shilpa nd Annie came back from the party. All were sitting at Geet’s room in the outhouse wid Geet nd Shilpa making a grumpy face nd Annie consoling dem. Maan had called Geet thousand tymes but Everytym she just rejected the call. Same is the case wid Shilpa infact she had just switched off her cell after getting continous call from Armaan while Annie was just enjoying the plight of her brothers but she maintained a sad face in front of Geet nd Shilpa.


“I don’t believe dis that these guys can go to this extent that they can lie to us.” Shilpa said furiously


“Shilpa, u are saying like as if they would have told you then you would have allowed them” Annie said while suppressing her laugh


“Watever yet they shouldn’t have lie to us. Nd did u both saw how shamelessly dey were dancing wid that girl. I just wanted to strangle the neck of that girl at that moment.” Geet said as she reminded the way Maan was holding that girl.


“Ab Bhabhi aapke is tarah naraaz hone se sab Badal thodi na jayega. Reality to yahi rahegi na ki Maan Bhai nd Armaan Bhai were dancing over dere wid that girl” Annie said innocently

[Ab Bhabhi ur irking like dis will not change all dis. Reality will remain the same only that Maan Bhai nd Armaan Bhai were dancing over dere wid that girl]


“She’s Right Di. We just cant sit over here nd spoil our mood like dis.” Shilpa said nd Geet knotted her brows in confusion


“Wat do you mean Shilpa?” Geet asked confusingly


“Means its tym for us to teach these guys a lesson” Shilpa said nd Annie’s evil mind immediately started working


“Yes she’s right. Bhabhi we need to teach them a lesson nd guess what I had perfect plan ready for dis.” Annie said excitedly as she thought of some more fun.


“Wat Plan?” Both Shilpa nd Geet said together


“It simple Bhabhi. Since these guys can have there night out cant we girls have our night out too.” Annie said while looking at both of dem expectantly


“You mean to say one more party.” Geet said as she got the hint of Annie’s plan.


“yup nd just like they had called that item girl over dere we too will call male escorts nd…” Before Annie could say further Geet interrupted


“No no we are not going to call any male escorts. No matter wat dese guys did but yet I cant do something which Maan wont like.” Geet said in between while Annie shakes her head unbelievingly


“Bhabhi let me complete first. I mean to say that we’ll pretend to call male escorts but in real we’ll not”


“you mean to say that we have to spread the rumour that there will be male escorts in our party” Shilpa said


“BINGO!!!! Nd once these guys will come to know about it they too will feel the way we felt” Annie said while rubbing her hands


“But wat if they come to know that we haven’t call any male escorts or if dey too gate crash our party” Geet said doubtly


“Bhabhi I’ll make sure of that that neither of dese happens until we want nd if they will gate crash our party also den I have a back up plan for that don’t worry.” Annie said


“Annie are you sure. I mean its Maan Singh Khurana we are talking about u knw there;s nothing difficult for him” Geet said yet again doubtly


“Bhabhi just trust me. if he’s Maan Singh Khurana then I am also Anwesha singh Khurana. Don’t worry nothing will go wrong nd you know like this they too will realize that hw you guys have felt wen they both had planned something like dis” Annie said assuringly nd Geet took a sigh of relief.


“Perfect! but now the question is that how dese guys will come to know that we are going to have a girls night out.” Shilpa asked confusingly.


“Well I have a person who can do dis work” Annie said nd looked at Shilpa meaningfully.


“No Way!!!!!” Shilpa said as soon as she realized wat Annie was trying to say


“Yes Way!!!! U have to do this.” Annie said


“Yes Shilpa. U have to somehow reached these words to Armaan’s ears nd once Armaan get to know about this den definitely Maan will come to know” Geet said while supporting Annie.


“Do I have any choice?” Shilpa asked expectantly


“No!!!!!” Both Annie nd Geet said in unison in a stern voice nd Shilpa sighed knowing now dere’s no escape


“Good!! So boys get ready because its tym for payback now.” Geet said while rubbing her hands while Annie just danced mentally seeing the success of her plan.


“Damn! Whats the problem of these gals? Y cant they listen to us just once.” Maan said as he throws away his cell in frustration. He’s been calling Geet from last 2 hours but she’s not picking up her call indicating that she’s hell mad on him.


“if they would listen to us den they cant be called as gals.” Armaan came from beside patting Maan’s shoulder. He too is being trying to call Shilpa since they came back from their so called Bachelor Party but like Geet she too was not picking up her cell.


“yaar I don’t understand that what sin we had committed that these gals are giving this punishment to us. I mean we just had organized bachelor Party only na nd just danced a bit. That’s it. den y dey are behaving as we are the biggest sinners.” Maan said as he throws his hand in air.


“Forget it Maan. these girls can never understand us. Actually its our fault only. we had pampered them this much that now they are showing us so much tantrums.” Armaan said in resigning tone as he plopped in bed beside Maan.


“Watever Armaan. But right nowwe have to think a way to get out of this. I need to pacify Geet that too soon. To cry out loud its my marriage after 5 days nd here my own bride is not talking to me even worst that she don’t even want to see my face.” Maan said as he throws away the cushion in frustration.


“Maan, by showing ur anger on these cushions like this wont give you any solution. We have to think of any way with a cool mind. Lets wait for tonight nd I am sure that by tomorrow’s morning their temper would be down nd den it’ll be easy for us to pacify them. Nd anyways they loves us nd they can never be remain angry on us for a long tym. So just chillax.” Armaan said as he comfortably lied on bed nd soon dozed off. Maan sit over dere for a while thinking wat to do next to pacify his Sherni Mishty but then thinking on Armaan’s words he too decided to wait till next morning. Who knows may be what Maan was saying is true, he thought as he lied comfortably on his bed nd dozed off thinking about Geet.




Next Morning all Geet, Shilpa, Armaan, Maan nd Annie were present at breakfast table along with Dadimaa. Dev has been gone to check if the arrangements for the guest has been done properly or not. Shilpa nd Geet were still showing their cold behaviour to Armaan nd Maan while Annie was enjoying seeing her brothers plight. She wonders what will happen wen they will come to know what the girlsd have planned. Their face would be worth watching den.


Maan tried hard to gain Geet’s attention towards him but Geet just looked other way nd started talking to Dadimaa. Shilpa too engrossed in talks with Annie in order to avoid Armaan. Annie winked at Dadimaa who just stifled her laugh seeing the condition of their grandsons. Ofcourse she knew about what happen in the bachelor’s party last night nd she was the one who gave the idea of gals night out to Annie. She loves to be a partner in crime but she had to maintain her image also in front of her grandsons so she acted as if she knew nothing.


“Arey Maan beta, y are you not having anything? Aapki tabiyat to theek hai na.” Dadimma’s voice broke Maan’s thought who was till now was busy staring at Geet.


“ya Dadimaa I am fine.” Maan said as he removed his gaze from Geet nd started feeding his pasta.


“ok. By The way y dere’s so much calmness today in the breakfast table. I mean neither I hear Armaan Shilpa’s bickering nor did I listen arguing Maan nd Geet today. Aap sab log theek to hai na.” Dadimaa said while suppressing her laugh nd Maan choked with the pasta which he was having.


“ya Dadimaa. Everything is fine. wo actually Armaan nd Maan are really tired due to party last nite na so we thought of giving dem a break for a change.” Geet said sarcastically while looking at Maan with her enraged eyes to whoich Maan just looked away very well knowing where she was hinting.


“o ya hum to poochna hi bhool gaye. Maan beta kal raat app logon ki party kaisi thi. Aap logon ne enjoy to kiya na.” Dadimaa said acting all innocent.


[o ya I forgot to ask. Maan beta how was ur party last nite. I hope you all have enjoyed urself]


“Ji Dadimaa bahut enjoy kiya in logon ne. itna enjoy kiya ki ye yaad hi nahi raha ki in logon ko ghar bhi lautna hai.” Geet said with her gritted teeth. If looks could kill then Maan definitely would have been turned into ashes by now.


[yes Dadimaa they really enjoyes a lot. they enjoyes this much that they both have even forgotten also that they have to return home also.]


“o wow! That’s nice otherwise Maan was never a party person. I wonder what brings such a drastic change in him.” Dadimaa said which only adds more fuel in the fire as the image of Maan dancing woth that Dancer came in front of her eyes only to enrage her further.


“Let it be Dadimaa. Main point is that ‘Maan enjoyed’.” Geet said while stressing on the last two words shooting daggers at Maan.


“ummm Leave it na Dadimaa. y to talk about the thing that already happened. we must think about present only na.” Maan said while looking at Geet nd Geet instantly understood what he was trying to say


“Dadimaa ur past only makes your present. If you have done any mistake in your past then u’ll get its punishment in present.” Geet retorted back crashing Maan’s hope.


“But if a person is truly sorry for what mistake he did in past then he should be forgiven in present.”


“o ya even if the mistake is to lie to the person you claim to Love the most.”


“it wont call a lie its just called hiding the truth.”


“both are same only. don’t try to separate the former with the latter.”


“u are unnecessarily creating a fuss of simple thing”


“o ya you will find it as a fuss only becoz u haven’t bear it. the one who bear it all can only understand how it feels.


“ENOUGH!!!!!” Dadimaa said out loud halting Maan nd Geet as she sensed the atmosphere getting heated


“Just now I said that there’s no argument between Maan nd Geet but that doesn’t mean that you guys started arguing. Its ur marriage after 4 days nd here u r still fighting like kids.” Dadimaa chided both of them to whoch both Maan nd Geet looked other way making a grumpy face.


“Now stop all this fights nd get ready fast. Soon the guests will strated arriving at KM for all the rituals. Nd Geet beta today Vansh nd Vindhya are also coming na.”


“Ji Dadimaa.”


“so you just check that every arrangement has done properly or not before they come ok. i had really insisted them to stay at KM only” Dadimaa said with an authorative voice to which Geet just nodded. Annie signaled Shilpa for something nd she understood that the tym has came.


“ummm Dadimaa if you don’t mind then can I go to Sanjeevani for some tym.” Shilpa asked hesitantly nd Armaan’s head instantly shots up hearing this. Maan raised his brows looking at Armaan asking whats up to which Armaan just shrugged his shoulders.


“Sanjeevani? But Shilpa I thought that you are on leave till Geet nd Maan’s wedding.” Dadimaa asked suspiciously.


“Jee Dadimaa nd I am still on leave. Wo actually I need to invite my female coulleagues for the party tonight.” Shilpa finally dropped the bomb nd Armaan nd Maan instantly looked at each other confused.


“Party? Which Party?” Dadimaa asked acting all innocent.


“I’ll tell you Dadimaa. since only 4 days are left for Bhai’s nd Bhabhi’s marriage so we gals had decided to have a night out. U know a kind of party just like Maan Bhai nd other had their Bachelor Party last night. Can we Dadimaa?” Annie said in place of Shilpa nd Dadimaa smirked knowing what conditions of boys are going to have wen girls will play their final card.


“ya sure. I don’t have any problem in that. Afterall you too can enjoy. But Shilpa beta come soon as your family will be here by afternoon ok.” Dadimaa said nd Shilpa just nodded. She quickly had her breakfast nd left for Sanjeevani.


A moment later Geet too left from the table to check the arrangements along woth Annie leaving Dadimaa alone with Maan nd Armaan. Maan decided to ask Dadimaa wats going on but before he could ask anything Dadimaa gets a call nd she excused herself to attend the call.


“Party? All of a sudden? Till last day they don’t have any plan like that? Isn’t it?” Maan said as soon as Dadimaa left.


“that’s what I am thinking. How come overnite they decided to have a girls night out.” Armaan said equally confused


“Dere’s definitely something fishy. Dese girls are definitely upto something nd we need to find out that too soon. Armaan you do one thing you go to Sanjeevani nd try to know from Shilpa what exactly are they planning for the party nd here I’ll also try to know the same from Geet. nd who came to know first will inform the other. got it.” Maan said as he thought of a plan.


“Fine. I’ll just go to Sanjeevani nd try to find out every detail. You also try your best nd ya beware of Annie.” Armaan said as they both got up from the dining table with determination. But unknown to both of them Annie nd Geet were listening to their conversation nd smirked seeing the success of their plan. They both hi-fived each other before calling to Shilpa to get ready for next step.




“Shilpa Listen to me.” Armaan said while following Shilpa as she came out from Dr. Kirti’s cabin


“Listen Armaan I told you last nite only that I don’t want to talk to you. So stop wasting yours as well as my tym.” Shilpa said while making her way towards locker room.


“But Shilpa what crime I had done yaar that you are making such a big issue of it.” Armaan said as they both ebtered inside the locker room.


“Ya you did nothing. You were just dancing in the arms of that despo gal.” Shilpa said in enraged voice nd Armaan gulped down his saliva.


“Anyways I don’t have tym for all this so just leave me I had to inform my friends for the party tonight.” Shilpa said nd before Armaan could say something Shilpa’s coullegue Dr. Naina entered inside the locker room nd Armaan instantly distance himself a bit from Shilpa nd goes towards his locker.


“Hi Naina! I was searching you only. Actually I wanted to invite you for the party tonight.” Shilpa said out loud making sure that Armaan heard each nd every word.


“Party?” Naina asked confusingly.


“ya u know my di is getting married in 4 days so we gals have decided to have a kind of Gals night out tonight. So you are cordially invited. Afterall y should boys have all the fun. Nd ya I forgot to mention the special attraction of the party. We are calling male escorts.” Shilpa whispered last line in her ears to which Naina gasped out loud.


“Male escorts? You mean strippers?” Naina said out loud nd Armaan’s ears instantly catches the word “Male Escorts”


“Ssshhh Naina. Say slowly. It’s a secret don’t said it loud.” Shilpa said nd winked to which Naina just nodded.


“ok den see you today in the party at xyz hall ok. Nd ya inform others to but don’t forget special attraction.” Shilpa said nd winked nd left after muttering her quick bye.


Shilpa instantly messaged Annie nd Geet for the success of their plan as she saw Armaan rushing out from the locker room nd calling Maan. now this guys will get a taste of theor own medicine, she thought as she smirked evily nd left for KM.




“What? Are you saying true?” Maan asked unbelievingly after listening to the piece of information Armaan gave.


“I heard it from my own ears dude. They are really calling male escorts in their party. I tell you these girls are really hell bent on taking revenge on us.”Armaan said frustatingly while Maan pushed back his hair unbelievingly.


“this is truly unbelievable. I cant believe this that Geet agreed to it. anyways u come home soon nd I’ll try to talk to Geet.” Maan said before disconnecting the call nd went in search of Geet.


By now Guest had started arriving in the KM for the rituals. Soon Geet’s family too came nd Geet instantly rushed towards them. Vindhya nd Vansh had yet to come. Mana was trying to talk to Geet from long but she was just giving him attitude. By every passing minute Maan’s patience was decreasing nd after the information he got from Armaan it was getting difficult for him to wait even for a minute. Nd to add to his misery Geet was surrounded by the guests all the while nd if by any chance he goes near her also then he would become the victim of the teasings of his nd her relatives.


Soon Vindhya nd Vansh along with their family came nd Geet’s face instantly lits up seeing her two most fav person. Maan didn’t unnoticed the glow on Geet’s face nd he was happy to see her all happy. He soon joins Geet for the welcome of Vansh nd Vindhya but Geet just ignores him nd continues talking to her siblings. The strain between Maan nd Geet didn’t got unnoticed by Vindhya. She gestured Maan while raising her brows “Whats wrong” to whoch Maan just chuckled nd shakes his head nd Vindhya instantly understand that her little sis again had a stupid fight with Maan.


Geet took Vindhya nd Vansh to guest rooms so that they could freshen up as per Dadimaa’s order. On the way Vindhya asked Geet about whats wrong to which Geet just started ranting how Maan was dancing with that gal nd all. Vindhya tried to make her understand that it was all normal in such parties but Geet was not at all ready to give up soon so finally Vindhya just gave up leaving Maan nd Geet tackle all this by themselves




Geet was returning from Vindhya’s room after making sure that she nd Jiju are comnfortable wen she felt a sudden pull nd before she could understand anything she found herself pinned at a wall at a deserted corner of the house. She tried to scream wen someone covered her mouth preventing her from screaming. Geet instantly recognize whose touch is it. only one person could touch her like this nd she can never fail to recognize this touch. It was none other den Maan nd her doubts gets confirmed wen she saw Maan’s face in dim light.


She shivered as she saw Maan’s intense gaze boring into hers which were clearly telling that he got to know about the party. Thatsy she was avoiding him since morning because she knows that no matter how much angry she’s from him but she cant lie to him at any cost but now he was here standing in front of her looking at her with his piercing gaze whoch seems to read her soul nd could easily see through her lie. She tried to free herself but Maan just pressed himself closer to her blocking her between his hard body nd wall. Geet tried to push him away with her hands but Maan just held her hands tight nd pinned them in the wall stopping her struggle. He had enough of her tantrums since last night moreover the information he got from Armaan was just enraging him further. Not in his wildest dreams he could think anyone else touching his mishty nd here she’s calling that so called Male escorts.


“I want to talk to you.” Maan said in a hporse voice sending shivers down Geet’s spine. No matter how much sherni she is yet she had no competition in front of his anger.


“but I don’t want to talk to you. Leave me.” Geet said with a weak attempt to get herself free.


“Enough of your denial Geet. don’t force me to do something which you dont like.” Maan said while coming dangerously close to her so that their bodies were almost glued to each other.


“Are you threatning me.” Geet tried her best to say confidently but it just came out as a mere whisper.


“Try me.” Maan whispered back looking intently in her eyes.


And Once Geet looked into her eyes like always she forgets everything. His eyes always seems to captivate her just like now. somewhere at the back of her mind she knows that she’s angry from him yet she lost herself in the depth of his eyes whoch just oozes Love for her. nd somewhere she was happy also seeing him all possessive for her. it just made her feel more special. Maan extends his hand nd gently pushed back the curls that were kissing her cheeks. Geet closed her eyes as soon as she felt his gentle yet loving touch. He had touched her many tymes that too intently yet Everytym he touches her she felt a new sensation in her body. they were going to get married in 4 days nd here she’s all behaving like he had touched her for the first tym.


Geet gulped down her saliva as Maan traced his finger from the sensitive spot behind her ear to her neck down at her cleavage removing her duppatta in the process. Soon his fingers gets replaced by his Lips nd he started kissing her sensuously. He gave open mouth kisses at her neck nd unknowingly Geet tilted her head giving him more room.


“Maan” Geet moaned as he bites at her neck nd den licks over dere soothing the pain.


He moved towards her shoulder kissing nd biting in between leaving his marks. By every passing minute Geet was loosing all her resolutions. She had even forget that she was angry on him also for she was so lost in the world of his passion. She felt her knees turning into jelly nd she was afraid that she may fall down nd she would have fallen down also if Maan haven’t hold her tightly by her waist. His one hand was busy caressing the bare skin of her waist through the cuts of her kurti while his other hand untied the dori of her kurti at the back. Maan pushed the sleeves of her kurti down as he relishes the milky skin of her body that he had just exposed. Man didn’t intented to do what he was doing. He just wanted to tease her semses to make her realize that she cant stay away from him but he himself didn’t realize wen he himself got drown in her. Geet herself didn’t realize wen she encircled her arm around Maan’s neck pressing him closer as he kissed on the upper part of her cleavage biting nd licking in between making him groan in pleasure. Geet could feel him getting hard down as his arousal poked her lower abdomen which was just making her more insane


A sudden noise near the corridor broke Geet’s trance nd she instantly opens her eyes. she looked at Maan who was busy devouring her lost in the moment. Geet instantly stiffened as she realize in what compromising position they were in nd anyone could see them like this wen the house his so full of guests. She tried to push Maan a bit away but he was too lost in her to understand anything. Its not like that she was not liking his touch but she don’t want anyone to see them like this nd den becoming the hot topic for their gossip. Maan came back to his senses wen he felt Geet stiffening a bit. He comes upward nd rests his forehead with hers panting heavily. She really had no idea what effect she had on him, he thought as he took deep breaths calming himself


“Maan Let me go. Someone can see us like this.” Geet said after a while catching her breath making Maan to look at her. He put the sleeves of her kurti back at its place nd tied the dori back before moving a bit away from her. Maan looked around only to find her duppatta being abandoned somewhere at the corner. he picked it up nd gently draped it around her neck hiding her modesty.


Geet instantly tried to run away from there but before she could go from there she felt a tug at her wrist nd soon she felt herself crashing down to Maan’s chest as he pulled her towards him hoding her protectively by her waist. Geet was still dazed due to the little moment of intimacy transpired between them nd his proximity was not helping either.


“You are not going to call male escorts in your party.” It was rather an order den a statement nd Geet looked at him surprised.


“come again.” She asked in order to confirm her doubts.


“I said you are not going to call male escorts in your party.” Maan said while giving stress on each nd every word making her clear what he means to say. Geet smirked mentally as she got the perfect reaction from Maan the way she expected to be.


“Nd y should I listen to you? Did you asked me before calling that dancer in your party?” Geet asked with anger clearly evident in her voice.


“Listen Geet that was a different thing. Nd it was all Armaan’s idea to brought that dancer. But that doesn’t mean that you’ll call male escorts in your party.” Maan said while trying his best to keep his anger in check which was rising every passing minute just by the thought of strippers in girls party.


“its not at all different Maan. nd even if Armaan had also called that dancer then you were also enjoying with her. you are not able to bear just the mention of male escorts in our party, have you thought how I must have felt wen I saw you with that dancer whom you are carrying in your arms.” Geet said nd dis is wen Maan realized how much Geet had felt due to this act of his


“Geet, I am sorry for all that nd u can give me any punishment for that. Anything, but not this. I cant even see you near the 10 cm vicinity of guys like that.” Maan’s voice softens a bit but his hold on Geet’s waist was still firm.


“sorry Maan but you too have to go through the same which I had gone through. You too have to feel the same way that I had felt that tym. Like I saw you dancing with that Bimbo in the same way you also have to see wen that guy dance…” Geet’s words died in her mouth as Maan slammed his lips to hers eating all her words that she was going to say further.


Geet was not at all ready for this sudden act of his. it was true that she said those words just to make him jealous like she was but she haven’t expected this from him. soon she found herself pinning against the wall once again with Maan’s lips moving pver hers while his hand are sqeezing her waist. She tried to push him away but he was way too strong for her. Maan was angry, jealous, possessive all at the same tym nd the same thing was evident in his kiss. It was not gentle but a passionate one oozing out all the emotions that he was feeling right now. he bits her lower lips harshly earning a gasp from Geet nd soon his toungue found an entry on the crevices of her mouth exploring each nd everty corner. His one hand went inside the kurti caressing nd squeezing the smooth skin of her waist nd belly while other was hoding her face firmly in order to deepen the kiss.


It didn’t took Geet much tym to gets lost in his world of passion once again as no matter how much angry she was on him but at the end of the day she loves him insanely nd his one single touch is enough to melt her in his arms. And as a result Geet’s hand moves all the way from his back to his hairs holding them firmly in her tight fist just tp earn a throaty groan from him as he deepens the kiss. She herself didn’t realize wen she started responding the kiss nd kissed him back with equal fervour. They both broke the kiss wen they were completely out of breath nd Maan rested his forehead with hers panting heavily. He could feel Geet’s chest heaving up nd down against his as she was trying to catch her breath. Both had their eyes close as they tried to calm their erratic heartbeats. Maan opened his eyes after a while only to find Geet’s eyes still closed while her hairs were all messed up due to that little making out acts of theirs. She was not looking less then a seductress at that moment nd it took Maan’s all self control to not take her right den nd dere. he just moves a bit away from her to calm all his erotic thoughts due to his Mishty. Geet opened her eyes after a while wen she found the warmth of his body missing only to find him looking at her intently standing a bit away from her.


“Mishty Mark my words I wont let any such man to be near you let alone dance with you nd that’s my promise nd you know that MSK never makes any false promises.” Maan said with a final tone nd Geet didtn had in her to argue further for she was too much exhausted due to their little making out act so she just runs away from there to her room catching her erratic heartbeats while Maan just stood dere smirking seeing his effect on her.


He stood over dere for a while thinking what he have to do next to stop this thing called “male escorts” wen he got a call from someone. He picks up the call nd listens carefully what the other person was saying nd a evil smirk crept on his face as he gets the piece of information. He cuts the call nd smirked as he finally know what he had to do now.




Finally it was the tym nd as planned all the gals were present at the venue for the party tonight. Annie nd Shila were eagerly waiting for guys’ next move as they were sure that they will not sit quietly nd will definitely do something nd they were just waiting for that move only. but oblivious to all this Geet was lost in her own world. She was still in the daze of the moment passed between her nd Maan few hours back moreover she haven’t forgotten Maan’s warning nd she was just trying to comprehend what he was going to do but nothing was coming in her mind. Annie shrugged her shoulders breaking the trail of her thoughts nd asked if she’s ok to which she just smiled weakly nd nodded in yes. Before Annie could say anything else her cell phone started ringing nd she excused herself.


“Wat hows that possible?” Geet heard Annie’s voice full of panic nd she frowned as she tries to comprehend wat must have happened.


“What are you saying…I haven’t hired anyone from your agency… But… they can be here any moment… but we haven’t called anyone… hello… Hello…” Nd the call went dead nd so the color of Annie’s face.


“Wat happen Annie? Y are you panicking dis much? Nd whose call was that?” Geet asked baffled Annie who was still in shock nd soon Shilpa too joined the conversation.


“Bhabhi it was from some xyz agency nd they were saying that the male escorts we have hired can be here at any moment.” Annie revealed nd both Geet nd Shilpa went numb at her revealation.


“Wat? Are you serious?” Shilpa asked panickly


“yes I am. They were saying that they can be here shortly as they were stuck up in traffic.” Annie said as she wiped the sweat that formed in the month of January.


“Annie I told you that we are not going to call any male escorts then also you hired them. I thought we had decided it to be just as rumour.” Geet said as fear started to cloud over her heart dreading Maan’s reaction.


“Bhabhi I swear I haven’t called any of the strippers. Arey I don’t have to die with Bhai’s hands. I seriously had no idea about it.” Annie said in order to defend herself.


“so if u haven’t call them den y dey were saying that their escorts can be here at any moment.” Geet asked nd Annie just shrugged her shoulders being clueless.


“Maan… if Maan will cme to know that we had actually called the escorts then not even Babaji can save us from his wrath. He had already warned me nd now…”  Geet stopped in mid as she heard the loud voice of hooting from inside the hall.


She looked at Shilpa nd Annie who were equally clueless. They immediately went inside only to find the lights of the hall was dim nd all the girls were hooting nd screaming as their attention was at the centre of the hall enjoying the object of attraction in front of them that had hold everyone’s gaze including theirs too..


(P.S. Listen to this Song)



Make some noise for the desi boyz


The boyz, (Music) the boyz

All 3 heard music from background nd all the girls were screaming nd shouting going gaga over someone at the centre of the stage. Geet craned her neck aside to look who’s there an the dance floor but couldn’t see it clearly as there was so much crowd of girls who were hooting nd screaming excitedly. Shilpa nudged her to go ahead nd see who’s there to which she just nodded nd moved ahead followed by Shilpa nd Annie




Geet goes ahead nd stood beside Vindhya who gave her a smile to which she return with a faint smile nd looked at front. That’s wen she noticed two well built guys wearing sleeveless jackets were getting down on the dance floor woth the harness attached to their body as the music proceeds. she looked at Shilpa who stood beside her nd den back at the floor. She couldn’t see their faces as they were facing theior backs to her but their body appearance seems very familiar to her.


Let’s go c’mon


Her jaws dropped open wen those guys turned saying those three words nd she saw that they both were none other then Maan nd Armaan. Both Shilpa nd Geet looked at each other shocked nd den back at Armaan nd Maan who are now free from their harness nd now singing the lyrics


Kudiyan de dil utte rule karange,

ehi bazaaran vich phaili hai hawa


It was Maan who came first nd wlked past Geet to another girl beside her singing the lyrics nd Geet looked at him jaws dropped open seeing his audacity which he least care
Todange Romeo de love da record vi,

likhange ishqe da paath nawa


then it was Armaan’s turn who just extended his hand towards a girl nd twirled her towards him singing the lyrics as he looked at Shilpa who just looked other way
Hum yaaron bigde hain,

dil apna hai shareef bada


Both Maan nd Armaan came back on the stage nd gave high five to each other making the most innocent face as if depicting the lyrics by keeping their hands on their hearts showing how innocent they are


Both of them started approaching the side where both the sisters were standing. As soon as they came close both of them started to lose control on their breath. They came near to them but for their surprise both took the hands of vindhya di and took her away in front of the two extremely surprised ladies..



Make some noise for the desi boyz

One, two, three Go

Both Cheered out loud truly like a rockstar making the crowd go crazy with their appearance


English thumke, dil ki rhythm pe
Maare jamm jamm ke, desi boyz

Sohne mohne bannke, chhaati dole tann ke
Naache jamm jamm ke, desi boyz
English thumke, dil ki rhythm pe
Maare jamm jamm ke, desi boyz
Sohne mohne bannke, chhaati dole tann ke
Naache jamm jamm ke, desi boyz

Just wen Geet thought that there’s nothing else left she saw Maan nd Armaan performing signature step of the song gracefully. Gete had pinched herself hard to believe that she’s not dreaming. At one hand where she was angry on him on the other hand she was actually loving this side of MSK who is performing nd making the girls go gaga for him. she smiled slyly making sure that she don’t fail to maintain the demanour of her angry self as she don’t want to make it oblivious to him.





Geet blinked her eyes couple of tymes as she saw Maan swaying his body perfectly acc to the music. She never saw this side of Maan nd for once she thought that she was hallucinating but hearing loud cheers of girls she realize no she’s not hallucinating at all. Maan is actually here nd dancing on the beats. She looked at him as he goes around girls along with armaan while dancing with the tunes singing the lyrics


Ho hum toh yaaron henge pyaar de vyapaari,

soniya maange saade ghar da pata

Both of them started approaching the side where both the sisters were standing. As soon as they came close both Shilpa nd Geet started to lose control on their breath. They came near to them as if going to pull them for dance.


Kehnde hai Lady Gaga fan hamari,

usse kaho kade mil ja zara


But to their surprise both took the hands of Vindhya and took her away in front of the two extremely surprised ladies who just stood over dere woth their mouths wide open seeing their audacity



Oh kudiyon ko khush rakhna,

apna toh hai asool sada


Both Armaan nd Maan sat on their knees on either side of Vindhya as they reached the dance floor nd kissed her hands simultaneously making her awe with their cute gesture while Geet nd Shilps just pouted seeing their makhanbazi with their Di.

(Make some noise for the desi boyz
Un, dos, tres, go)

English thumke, dil ki rhythm pe
Maare jamm jamm ke, desi boyz
Sohne mohne bannke, chhaati dole tann ke
Naache jamm jamm ke, desi boyz

Maan nd Armaan stood up nd All three of them danced to the tunes of the song doing the signature step while Geet and Shilpa were both smiling watching their love with their lovely di.




Just wen they thought that there’s nothing left now both Armaan nd Maan came with Electric guitar playing it perfectly. Geet’s nd Shilpa’s jaws dropped open seeing this side of them. ofcourse Shilpa was not that surprised seeing Armaan like that like Geet was seeing Maan like that. Boy! How many colors did this man had in him, she thought as she looked at Maan nd Armaan who were now splashing electric sparks with their guitars


Although both the sisters were trying to avoid but the charms of these two so called male escorts has overpowered their anger and one by one both started to drool on their respective life partners..
Jisko kehte hain badmashi,

kar lete hain achhi khaasi
Apni toh hai zimmedari,

jahaan bhi dekhi kudi kawari
Usko ghar tak chhodne jaana,

aadhi raat ko laut ke aana
Balle ni aaja thalle


Armaan came to Shilpa singing the lyrics who was standing with fake anger on her face. He pulled her towards himself nd started swaying with her acc to the lyrics. though she tried to resist but she cant resist the effect of his on her which was clearly evident on her face


Hum kudiyon ki hain kamzori,

hum pe khali kare tijori
Apne peeche maara maari,

karti hai yeh duniya saari
Hum mein dekhi hai kya khoobi,

aaja inn se poochh le tu bhi
Balle ni aaja thalle


Now it was Maan’s turn nd he too came where Geet is standing trying her best to control her smile seeing Maan like that. Maan make a turn around her nd den pulled her towards himself nd started swaying acc to the music. Geet couldn’t contro;l herself anymore as she was dyeing to be in his arms yet she tried to maintain her nager but wen did she able to hide anything from Maan. he had clearly seen the glow on her face wen she was dancing with him. Geet felt lyrics too perfect for Maan as they both swayed their body doing a little bhangra at the end.

Hum yaaron bigde hain,

dil apna hai shareef bada
(Make some noise for the desi boyz
One, two, three sing it)


both the girls were totally swayed away by the charm of their heroes and both the boys were now dying to take their princesses in their arms. Both Shilpa nd Geet ran to their respective partners and took their hands and started dancing woth them. while Annie looked at nboth of them surprised. Arent they were angry on her brothers, she thought as she looked at both couples in front of her
English thumke,

dil ki rhythm pe
Maare jamm jamm ke,

desi boyz
Sohne mohne bannke,

chhaati dole tann ke
Naache jamm jamm ke,

desi boyz
Duniya ke kone,

dekhe aune paune
Sabse hai sohne desi boyz

Raise your voice make some noise
Tere liye aaye desi boyz


Both Shilpa and Geet whose anger has calmed down by now started grooving woth Maan nd Armaan doing the signature step. Annie felt like a left out so she too joined them in the league dragging Vindhya nd others with her nd Thus whole family started dancing together moving their waist and hands shouting the lyrics of the song.. …




Taking the advantage of the crowd Maan slightly hugged Geet who was smiling brightly on her so called Male escort who can go to any extent to manofy her be it coming to their party like a male escort or anything else but he’ll not leave any chance to manofy his Mishty. She slightly coiled her hands around his neck as they danced to the finishing music along woth the others on the floor.




“That’s not fair Bhai! you cant gate crash our party like this” Annie whined in anger as she saw her plan failing in front of her own eyes as all 5 of them stand outside the hall leaving everyone else inside to enjoy.


“Aah look who’s talking? Aren’t you guys are the first one to gate crash our party?” Armaan said nd All girls fumed in anger.


“So that doesnt mean that you guys will do the same nd anyways we gate crash your party because you guys lied to us about it atkeast we were honest enough to tell you about the party.” Shilpa replied frustratringly nd Armaan rolled over his eyes seeing their so called honesty.


“ya that honesty we just saw. There were actually no male escorts coming still you all spread the rumour of that so we did the same by spreading the rumours amongst you gals of male escorts coming. We guys have just given you all the taste of your own medicine. Instead you guys need a thank you to us that atleast you guys didn’t got embarrassed inside in front of everyone due to your so called rumours” Maan said instead of Armaan nd both high fived each other while annie nd Shilpa looked at them with their jaws dropped down.


“Hawww Bhai! That means you spied on us nd that call was made by you. Ridiculous.” Annie said looking other way in disgust while the guys just chuckled


“Everything is fair in Love nd War my sweet sis. This will always remind you that dnt try to fool Maan Singh Khurana.” Maan said with a smirk to which Annie just twisted her lips


“You are so mean Bhai. I am not going to talk any of you?” Annie retorted back irritatingly nd Maan nd Armaan just chuckled seeing the Nautanki of their sister.


It was then Maan’s gaze fell on Geet who was standing unusually quiet as if hardly listening to anything. It was strange as till now she must have uttered umpteenth profanities to him for first scaring them nd then Gate crashing their party but here she was standing all quiet lost in some thoughts while Shilpa, Armaan nd Annie were busy in their bickering but Geet just stood over dere as if no world exist around her. Maan frowned seeing her in that state nd tried hard to make her look at him so that he could see whats bothering her ut she had her gaze fixed at ground as if hiding everything behind her eyes


“Hai na Di.” Shilpa said as she nudged Geet breaking her trance nd that’s wen Maan noticed her teary eyes which she was hiding from everyone.


“Di what happen are you fine.” Shilpa asked in concern as she noticed Geet’s pale face nd so did others


“I am fine. I am just bit tired so wanna go home.” Geet said nd immediately moved out from there before anyone could say or do anything.


“Shilpa let me talk to her.” Maan said as he saw Shilpa going behind her to which she just gave an understanding nod allowing Maan to go behind Geet.




Geet was standing at the garden wen Maan came in search of her nd found her standing over dere facing her back to him. he was damn sure that something is bothering her nd he don’t know what. Few mins back inside the hall she was dancing with him happily nd now she’s here woth the gloomy face. He didn’t understand what went wrong all of a sudden. He immediately rushed towards her nd stood behind her. Geet sensed his presence but she didn’t turned instead she kept looking ahead. Now it was worrying Maan even more nd immediately hugged her from behind snaking his arms around her waist


“you should have told me that you wanted us to spend sometym alone I would have agreed to it without any argue. Dere’s no need to make everyone worry for you like this.” Maan whispered huskily in her ears as he rested his chin on her shoulders but soon he felt a drop of tear on his hand nd his heart seems to stop beating finding her in tears. He immediately turned her around nd saw her teary eyes which was enough for him to die 100 deaths.


“Mishty, Jaan what happen? why are you crying? Did anyone said anything to you? is something bothering you? talk to me Mishty but dnt cry like this please.” Maan said as he cupped her face nd wiped away those tears from her beautiful eyes nd in response Geet just hugged him tight nd sobbed like a child making Maan even worry more.


“I hate You. Did you listen that. I hate you. I hate you I hate you I hate you” Geet said as she continued hitting his chest with her small fist sobbing in his embrace.


“Mishty” Maan muttered in shock wen he heard her ranting. He tried to say something to calm her down but nothing came into his mind. Hell! He don’t even know why she was saying that she hates him nd still was in his embrace. He gently rubs her back to calm her down nd soon he felt her sobs getting subsided


“yes I hate you. you scared the hell out of me.” Geet said as she pulled out from his embrace nd looked at him with accusing eyes.


“you know how much scared I was wen Annie told me that male escorts are coming for real. The first thing that came into my mind was you nd your reaction. I don’t know how will you react to it especially wen you literally warned me to stay away from them. I thought that I’ll lose your trust on me as you’ll not believe me that we didn’t called him intentionally nd will hate me but at the end wat I see that it was all yours nd Armaan’s plan.” Geet said between her sobs nd Maan sighed in relief that she’s worried for this nd not for anything else.


“But mishty I did all this because you are angry on me nd was not talking to me.” Maan tried to explain as he tried to cup her face but she just snapped his hand away


“Don’t talk to me. it may be all a prank for you but not for me. ya I am angry but still I didn’t even think of calling those escorts in our party. I just wanted you to have taste of your own medicine by spreading these rumours. But what you did was really not acceptable. You know na how much I love you nd I cant bear to lose you. I cant bear to see a tinge of mistrust in ur eyes for me nd in those few minutes I had died thousand deaths by thinking that wat if you’ll not trust me that I didn’t called them nd den won’t talk to me like I did. I was scared Maan I was really scared.” Geet said as she again started crying nd Maan immediately crushed her in his embrace hugging her tight while rubbing her back.


He seriously didn’t realize the intensity of his prank then wen he had planned it with Armaan. He just wanted girls to get worry for a few moments for spreading these rumours nd scaring them for a while. But he didn’t realize how much effect will it have on Geet. wen he saw Geet dancing with him happily inside he thought that she had took it in a sporting way but now he realize that this fear was lurking inside her nd as she got tym to process her thoughts her fear started overcoming her. Damn! He cursed himself umpteenth tym for scaring his Mishty like this. he didn’t want to, he just wanted to play along with them but didn’t know that Geet will get this much hurted.


He knows that Geet is very sensitive towards him nd their relationship nd thanx to the little threatning session of his in the noon nd then that prank call she got scared like this. O god! Y didn’t it came into his mind then. But nevertheless now he knows the impact of his act on his Mishty so now he’ll do everything to cheer up his Mishty nd for that even if he had to bend on his knees also then he’ll do that too. Afterall nothing is more important for him then her.


Maan gently pulled out sobbing Geet from his hug nd cupped her face making her look at him. he lowered his face towards her nd kissed away those tears one by one nd den kissed those complaining eyes. Geet closed her eyes as soon as she feels his touch nd as always just found herself lost in that feathery touch of his. he placed feathery kisses all over her face nd stopped just millimeter away from her lips looking intently at her flushed face nd closed eyes. her quivering lips were just provoking him to go ahead nd he couldn’t deny the urge of his heart nd finally closed the distance between them. Before Geet could understand or do anything she found Maan’s lips moving over her slowly nd lovingly. it was not rough like the one in the afternoon infact he was gentle this tym as if taking all her complaints nd insecurities with that kiss. And soon Geet find herself lost in his world of passion nd she encircled her hands around his neck pulling him more close as she respond to his kiss with equal fervour. Maan’s toungue gained entry in her mouth exploring each nd every crevices of it tasting her sweet nectar. By each passing minute their soft nd gentle kiss turned into passionate one unknown to both of them. they freed each other after so long to take breath nd Maan touched his forehead with hers trying to calm his erratic breathings. After few mins wen he found his heartbeat calm enough he cupped her face nbd kissed her forehead.


“I am sorry Mishty. I am really sorry. But trust me Jaan I don’t want to hurt you. it was just we decided to play along with you all so we decided to play this prank. If I would have slightest idea that it’ll scare you this much then I wouldn’t have done that. Please dnt cry like this Mishty.” Maan said huskily looking dep into her eyes nd Geet could clearly see the genuiness in his eyes.


“Mishty never ever think that ur Maan will not trust you ever. I told you before also nd again saying that for once I cannot believe on what God say to me but ur each nd every word is as true for me as that God sitting upwards. I knew it from start only that these are all just rumors.” He said nd Geet looked at him with her wide eyes not believing what he just revealed. Maan chucled seeing her shocked expression knowing ver well whats going in her mind.


“yes I knew it. I could never believe on these rumors because I trust my Mishty like anything. I know how much angry she’s on me but she’ll never do anything like that which I don’t like. I haven’t believed on that rumours for once but ya decided to play long with you all by acting that I believe you so that it gives you satisfaction nd happiness that your plan is successful but I really didn’t knew that this prank callabout escorts will scare you this much or else I wouldn’t have done that. Trust me. Mishty I Love you nd I could never doubt on you even if you were wrong. you know wat if today you had called those escorts also den also I wouldn’t have belived that you had called them because I know that my Mishty can never do such thing. Don’t hold any kind of fear on insecurity in your heart now. ur Maan had is nd will always trust you no mater what.” Maan said nd as soon as he completes himself Geet hugged him tight to herself seeing his pure love nd trust towards her.


She just cant thank god enough for sending him in her lyf who loves her so much. She was angry on him yet he didn’t believe on all those rumors which probably she cant do. yes she was hurted wen she found that it was all Maan’s prank but listening to his words nd seeing his immense Love nd care towards her had wiped away all those fears nd insecurities in her heart. yes she agrees that she’s really very much towards him nd their relationship that’s why she got scared of his reaction wen that call came nd wen she got to knw that it was all his prank then she was hurted but now she was no more angry or hurt because he had taken away all those feelings with his love nd trust for her, just for her. Maan hugged her tight in his Loving folds assuring her that he’s always there for her nd she don’t have to worry for anything. He smiled on his nave nd innocent Mishty who Loves him so much. He softly placed akiss on top of hr head while gently rubbing hre back.


“Waise Mishty till now I just had doubts but now it’s all confirmed.” Maan said after a while nd Geet pulled out from hug looking at him confused.


“What doubts?” she asked while scrunching her nose


“yahi that you are a tubelight.” Maan said nd chuckled nd Geet’s jaw dropped open listening his remark


“Tubelight?” she whined in anger placing her hands on her waist


“aur nahi to kya. I mean you were allright wen we were dancing inside as if you took it in a sporting way but after coming outside what I see is that you are sulking over it. I mean if you were angry on me den you shouldn’t have danced with me inside. Thatsy I called you tubelight because your pea-size brain really process very slow.” Maan teased nd chuckled nd Geet pouted in anger seeing his teasing.


“Hawww Maan till now you were so sweet nd caring nd wen I forgiven you then you are back at you devil mode. I hate you.” Geet said as she looked away in nager nd Maan shakes his head seeing her antics


“but I Love you Jaan. Nd I know that you love me too hai na.” Maan said as he hugged her from behind nd like always Geet just melts in his touch nd she turned nd hides herself in his embrace.


“but I still hate you.” She said nd Maan rolled over his eyes seeing her childishness


“I know.” He said as he chuckled hugging her even more close.


“Ahem Ahem” they both heard someone coughing behind them breaking their blissful moment nd as they turned they saw Armaan, Shilpa, Vindhya nd Annie standing over dere with their arms crossed across their chests.


“di I guess you were feeling tired nd wanted to go home. Isn’t it Annie?” Shilpa asked with her eyebrows raised


“Yes Shipa you are right but Bhabhi what were you doing woth Bhai over here.” Annie asked innocently nd Geet looked everywhere but them


“I hope we haven’t disturbed you two Love birds.” Armaan teased nd Maan just glared at him.


“just wait nd watch until your tym come den I’ll tell you what disturbance actually is.” Maan said irritatingly nd all of them laughed.


“Acha now stop all of you. now no one will tease my little sister.” Vindhya said as she came near Geet nd geet hugged her like a child while everyone just shaled their heads.


“Nd Maan nd Geet if you both have forgetten then let me remind you that its your marriage after 3 days nd tomorrow is Sangeet. So now lets get back to home as its past midnight. Nd I am sure you both too needs some rest as from tomorrow morning all rituals will start.” Vindhya said nd both Maan nd Geet looked at each other making a baby face. Obviously they don’t want to leave each other soon.


“Maan Geet its just matter of 3 days after that you both can have each other all for yourself as much tym as you want. Abhi lets go c’mon.” Vindhya’s stern voice broke their trance nd they realize that they have been caught while everyone else laugh on their plight.


Very reluctantly they leave each other nd left for home but not before Maan signaling that he’ll call her once they’ll reach home. Geet just blinked her eyes accepting his request nd move ahead with others soon followed by Maan nd all of them headed towards home waiting for the new day to arrive..


As the morning rays hits the sky Geet Lazily opened her eyes welcoming the new day in her life. A sweet smile adorned her face as she slowly get up nd sits on the bed. Today was her Sangeet nd after 3 days just after 3 days its her marriage nd den she’ll become Mrs. Geet Maan Singh Khurana from Geet Malhotra nd her every morning will start nd her every night will end in the arms of the person she Loves the most, her Maan. The thought itself made her blush nd her cheeks turned into the shade of deep red as all the wild nd shameless thoughts of her nights with Maan crossed in her mind. The thought itself was making her all wet. She hits her head playfully on her own erotic thoughts but guess that its all the impact of her marriage that she’s having all these erotic thoughts. She hide her face in her palms feeling shy of her own thoughts nd den folded her hand giving her ususal prayer to her Babaji thanking him umpteenth tym for sending Maan in her life who always treats her as her princess. After praying to her Babaji for her nd Maan’s happy future she got down from her bed but stopped in mid before keeping her foot on floor.


Her eyes widens in surprise as she saw the whole floor covered Rose Petals. Not a single inch was left where there are no petals scattered. She blinked her eyes couple of tymes to make sure that she’s not dreaming. Nd as the realization hits her a bright smile adorned her face seeing the efforts her Maan had done for her. Yes she knew that no other person can pamper her to this extent that he would cover whole floor with Rose petals. Her eyes got misty nd her Love for Maan increases ten folds with this Loving gesture of his. but surprises are not over yet. As she looked around herself she found whole room adorned with the bouquets of her favourite Orchids but what caught her attention was a Big Teddy Bear placed on the table at the centre holding a card.


“That Teddy Bear over dere is very Cute na. I just loved it.”


“oh! So u loved it?”


“Ya, I really love Teddies a lot.”


A Feeling of nostalgia occurred in her heart as the realization dawns upon her that Maan had buyed Teddy bear for her that means he remembers that she loves Teddies though she said it casually yet Maan remembers it nd the realization made her so overwhelmed that she cant express in words. Though she already had one which he had only brought for her but at that tym she was too angry on him to feel her heart doing summersault . She couldn’t stop falling for this man again nd again who takes care of her each nd every small wish even without letting her know. She knows that Maan is not good in buying such lovey-dovey stuffs yet he had brought this for her because she loves teddy.  As she neared the teddy bear with baby steps she saw that Teddy Bear holding a card nd a letter in his hands. She smiled nd picks up the card nd opens the envelope only to find it a beautiful “I Love You Card”. She smiled as she opens the card nd her heart swelled in Love wen she found a quotation written on Maan’s handwriting


Before I met you,

I never knew that Love could be so beautiful nd sweet,

That Love could make my life so complete…

And now everything feels “perfect”

As we are always there for each other…

You are the best part of my life,

And I Love you so very much.


My Heart Belongs to You…




A tear escaped her eyes as she read that quotation. He had confessed his Love for her in so simple yet heart touching words. She never knew this side of Maan’s who could actually take an effort to try his hand on writing something just for her. she smile amidst her tears as she caress each nd every words written by him. She kissed his name on the card nd put it close to her heart nd close her heart feeling contented. Gosh! She’s head over heels in Love with this man who never failed to make her feel special with his small yet Loving gesture. She felt as if she was living a dream nd everything is like a fairy tale. Never in her dreams she had thought that someday someone like him will come into her life nd make it more beautiful den before. She opened her eyes only to notice a letter on another hand. She immediately opened trhe letter nd smiled even more widely reading the very first word


My Beloved Mishty,


I know by now you must have got my gift nd card. I hope you like my small surprise for you which I know you had otherwise you wont be blushing like this now nd you know what I just love this blush on ur cheeks as it’ll make you look even preetier then ever. (Geet immediately closes the letter nd looked around herself to see if he’s actually there but then again resumed after making sure that he’s not there) Wat? Now why you are looking here nd there? Searching for me? Mishty you don’t have to look for me anywhere. just look in your heart nd you’ll always find me over dere only (Geet smiled nd blushed even more reading this line). By the way you must be thinking that how come your Maan had become such a romantic lover that he had written those lines for you nd had brought yet another Teddy Bear right? then Mishty its all the magic of your Love who had changed your Maan this much.


Mishty this is just the beginning. I promise that I’ll fill your life with the fragrance of our love nd your everyday will not be less den a dream. This is just a small token of Love in front of what you had done for me, how you had entered in my lyf nd made it perfect then before, how you had scented my lyf with the fragrance of your Love. I promise Mishty that just like these flowers are spreading their aroma in your room, My Love will spread their diving aroma in ur life. Just like these flower petals laid in your path I promise that I’ll never let any Thorn to be laid in the path of your lyf nd if there would be any then before you I would step on it.  (a lone tear of happiness escaped from Geet’s eyes as she sa the intensity of his Love)


Ok I am sure that till now you must have started dropping those precious pearls from your eyes isn’t it? Mishty wipe that tear right now or else I wont talk to you nd I mean it Mishty… now c’mon wipe that away (nd Geet instantly wiped the tear that just escaped her eye) that’s like my Mishty… I cant tell you Mishty how restlessly I am counting days of our marriage nd these 3 days are like 300 years for me. but I’ll wait for each nd every second Mishty because after this you’ll be there in my arms for forever. Nd for this I am sure that you too must be dyieng to be in my arms so till the tym we wont get married consider this Teddy as your Maan nd spend your nights holding it in your arms but ya don’t do anything naughty with him considering me. (Geet’s cheeks turned into deepest shade of red as she realized what Maan is trying to say. “Shameless” she muttered with a wide smile nd continued reading further.) ok there are lots if things that I wanted to say but somethings don’t need words nd I know that My Mishty will read it wen she’ll meet me at puja. Will wait for you at Puja Mishty. Come soon nd ya there;s something in your dresser. Wear that only. I am dyeing to see my Mishty in that.


Yours nd only Yours




Geet re-read his letter umpteenth tym caressing his name again nd again. She cant stop herself from falling for him more nd more with his these loving gestures. She poicked up the Teddy nd higgd him tight imagining to be as Maan nd just twirled around in happiness like a kid got his favourite candy.


Gosh! Maan’s love had really made her crazy.  She just cant express in words how deeply she’s in Love with him. He came into her lyf as a stranger nd without her own knowledge he had embedded in her lyf so much that now she cant even think of a day without him forget about a day even a second without him is not less then a punishment for her. He had became as essential as breath to her without which she would probably die. He says that she had change his lyf so much but in real it was his presence who had changed her so much that a girl who was just running away from marriage few months before is now cant wait to get married to the person she’s deeply in Love with.


“I Love you Maan” Geet whispered as she touched her half-heart pendant that they made to wear each other on their first official date nd she was sure that right now Maan is also doing the same.


Oh! She just cant wait for these two half-heart joining as one pon their first night. She blushed profusely at her own thought nd it is then it struck her that Maan had kept something at the dresser for her nd she literally ran towards the dresser only to find a gift wrapped box kept over dere. Like a kid Geet excitedly opened the packing paper nd throw it somewhere at the floor nd as she opened the box she was spell bound seeing a Beautiful Red-colour net Saree in it. it was simple with just a minimal work of embroidery yet it looks so elegant just like the way she likes, just like the way she loves.


Geet was totally dazed seeing the beauty of the saari as her mind travelled back the tym When Maan had buyed Saree for her for the first tym on the occasion of her B’day. This man never leaves any hance to make her feel special with his simple yet loving gestures, she thought as she ran her hands over the fabric of Saree nd blushed hard as she imagined Maan’s reaction when he’ll see her in this Saree. But it was just not the beauty of the Saree that made her happy it was the fact that Maan loves her this much that he himself has selected Saree for her for Puja had made her fall for him more nd more. She was completely lost in thoughts of Maan nd her loving gesture when a loud knowck on her door break her trance bringing her out from her dream land.


“Geet. Geet haven’t you got up yet. Open the door. You’ll get late for Puja.” She heard Vindhya’s voice nd it was then she realized that from how long she was lost in her thoughts. She immediately puts the Saree aside nd went to open the door before her Di started getting worried.


“What is this Geet? I’ve been knowcking from so long nd you were still sleeping. Don’t you know that…” Vindhya ranted as she stepped in but stopped in mid as she caught the sight in front of her. she looked around herself unblinkingly not believing her eyes nd den looked at Geet who was looking down Blushing hard.


“wo Di…” Geet tried to say something but the teasing gaze of Vindhya was not helping her to form any words.


“Maan did this.” it was rather a statement to which Geet just nodded shyly nd hugged her Di tight not able to bear her teasing gaze. Vindhya smiled at her nave sister nd hugged her back.


“You are happy na Geet?” Vindhya asked pulling out from hug which was not needed actually because the blush on Geet’s face was clearly telling that she’s more then happy with Maan to which Geet just nodded positively removing the tiny miny doubt of her Di.


“I am so happy for you Geet. I knew it since the first day that Maan will always keep you happy nd he’s the one for you.” Vindhya said kissing her forehead nd Geet looked at her surprised. Great! Even her Di knew that Maan is the person made for her it was only she who was fool all that while for not recognizing it then, she thought as she mentally whacked herself.


“Acha now if your dreaming of Maan session is over then go nd get ready fast or else you’ll get late for Puja. I just talked to Chachi nd she said that she’ll be here within half an hour nd guess what Dadimaa had finally made her agree to stay here at outhouse nd complete rest of the arrangements from here itself as the rituals will take place from KM” Vindhya revealed nd Geet was on cloud none wen she listened that her mother finally agreed to stay here with her till her marriage. She haven’t voiced it out yet but she really don’t feel like her mom staying at her Maasi’s place nd doing arrangements over there but seeing her Mom’s hesitation she just cant do anything but it seems that this day had brought lots of surprises for her nd all were so good.


“Geet where are you lost? Go nd get ready fast.” Vindhya’s voice broke her trance nd she immediately left for washroom taking the saree that Maan had brought for her but not before the another round of teasing from her sister.




Maan was waiting impatiently for Geet to arrive in the living room of his mansion. He was surrounded with so many relatives who waas continuously budging him by asking this nd that question but his mind was just thinking of his Mishty while his eyes were searching for her but it seems that his Mishty is taking her own sweet tym to get ready making him crave for her one look. He sighed as he listened to the talks of one of her aunt who was just irritating him with her nonsense talks but he cant be rude to her as he got strict instructions from Dadimaa to be nioce with guests no matter how much irritating they are.


He was listening to her nonsense only wen he felt a sudden gush of wind nd her aroma hits his nostril indicating she’s here. he instantly turned his head towards the door only to find her enering with her mother, her Vindhya Di, her Bhabhi nd some other relatives with her eyes casted down nd a sweet smile adorning her face. Maan hardly listened to what his aunt was saying as his legs automatically moved towards her direction. He was totally mesmerized seeing the beauty clad in red Saree in front of him looking not less the a angel. She was looking much more beautiful then what he ahd imagined her to be in this Saree. He knows that this Saree is perfect for her but didn’t know  that she’ll look so scintillating in it.


Geet even with her eyes casted down felt his burning gaze on her as each nd every fiber of her body were burning nd she knew that he’s watching her with his alluring eyes. she’s scared to raise her head nd look into his eyes for she knew that she’ll just get lost in the depth of his eyes nd will definitely do some stupidity. Maan smirked seeing his effect on her wen he saw her purposely avoiding his gaze nd just stood near a pillar drinking her beauty with his eyes. Gosh! These 3 days is like a hell to him as he felt like taking her away from here right now to somewhere where there is just him nd her nd he could love her endlessly. If it would be in his hand then he would have marry her right then nd there nd den mark her his forever but then somehow he controlled his urges nd just keeps on looking at his Mishty who was now looking at him blushing hard.


It was Dadimaa who came in between him nd Geet to welcome her breaking his trance nd he literally pouted at the disturbance nd craned his head to other side only to find her smiling nd then giggling when Annie has whispered something in her ears. Every eye in the living room was on Geet only appreciating her simple yet scintillating beauty nd Maan felt proud realizing that this priceless possession belongs to him only. As Dadimaa introduced her with guests some were really impressed with her simple beauty nd down to earth nature while some were feeling envy of her as it was their daughter whom they thought to be at Geet’s place. But it hardly had any effect on Maan as he knows that its just a tale of one or two days nd after that his Mishty will be his for forever. He was dyeing to be near her nd talk to her but these guests were just not leaving her. Shilpa nd Geet’s cousin Meera giggled at his plight to which he just looked other way wen he felt caught off-guard.


Finally after what seems like an eternity Maan’s wait got over they were finally called for puja. The puja is to invite the gods residing in heaven so that they could bless the couple for theor lovely nd happy future after which both the families can start the rituals. Both were seated beside each other nd it was then Maan was able to observe her closely only to find her looking much more beautiful then what he saw wen she was at a distance away from him. the glow on her face was clearly telling that how much drown she is in his Love. Geet turned her head to look at him when she felt his piercing gaze on her nd like always just lost in his dark orbs while he was lost in her hazels. He’s looking smoking hot in his white Sherwani which was complimenting her Saree. Geet don’t need any words from him to know how is she looking as admiration is clearly evident in his eyes telling her that she’s looking more then beautiful or in Maan’s words just like his angel.


Both were lost in each other’s eyes forgetting the word around them while others were just looking at them adoringly seeing them so lost in each other. It was the voice of Pandit Ji who had finally broke theor trance nd they looked ahead blushing with the teasings of the relatives. Both performed the puja from all their heart while stealing glances of each other meaning each nd every word nd vows of all the mantras promising to be by each other side always. It was just not a ritual for both of them but something that had brought them closer tyieng them in an unbreakable bond. Finally the Puja ended nd Pandit Ji tied a thread in both of their wrists telling them that they had to open this from each others wrist after their marriage by just using one hand which was again followed by teasing nd suggestions from all the relatives while Maan nd Geet were just lost in some other words looking at each others eyes having theor own silent conversation.




Its been half an hour since the Puja is ended nd all the guests nd Maan’s cousins were literally gathered around Geet teasing, asking this thing or other which soon to be joined by Shilpa, Meera nd Geet’s friends who was still not able to believe that theor friend is really marrying the great MSK nd has hidden this fact from them so long but ine baby face expression from Geet had melted everyone’s heart nd they forgives her for hiding this fact from him.. The most shocked one was Preeti who had once considers Maan as Gay nd wen Geet introduced Maan to her as fiance she literally wanted the earth to consume her right then nd there before she had to face any embarrassment due to her silly talks. But nevertheless Geet haven’t told about it to Maan as something should be just between friends.


Anyways here Maan was trying hard to get just few moments with his Mishty alone but these guest were hell bent in testing his patience. Armaan giggled nd teased seeing the plight of his best friend but then immediately went away in pretext of some work wen he saw the murderous glare of his friend. Enough is Enough now he cant take it anymore. To Cry out loud she’s going to be his wife in just 3 days cant these guests understand such a simple thing nd leave her alone for sometym. Finally his patience gave nd he marched towards her only to find her going somewhere with Meera nd Shilpa while he just tood over there helpless seeing her going away.




Geet was walking through the corridor after showing Meera guest room as she was not feeling well due to her migraine Problem leaving Shilpa with her to take care of her when she felt a sudden pull nd next moment she found herself pinned at the wall at the deserted corner of corridor. Same place where she was pinned a day before nd once again the person is none other then Maan. Geet didn’t panic as she knew that no one had this much courage other then Maan to show his right like this but when she saw his dark eyes a shiver ran down her spine reading his intentions.


“Maan” she whispered which was barely audible when she saw his face leaning towards her.


“Ssshhh! Mishty don’t say anything. Let me just feel you for sometym.” Maan silenced her placing his finger on her supple lips nuzzling his face in her neck inhaling her aroma.


Geet closed her eyes when she felt his warm breath on her neck while Maan encircled his one hand around her waist plastering her to his hard body leaving no gap between them. unknown to herself Geet encirlcle her one hand around his neck nd woth other she held his shoulder tight in order to not to fall as she could feel her knees turning into jelly. Maan tightened his hold around her as he felt her responding nd sensuously caressed her bare waist with his fingers while brushing his lips on her neck making her crave for more nd more.


Geet arched her back when Maan made his way towards the hollow of her neck giving open mouth wet kisses sucking, licking nd biting in between. He just cant get enough of her. God knows how is he going to control himself till marriage. Geet moved her head aside giving him more access while he feasted on the creamy skin of her neck licking nd biting leaving his mark while his hands were busy playing with the bare skin of her belly nd waist giving her multiple pleasure. He just brushed his hands above her curves nd Geet felt like she’ll faint any moment seeing her body burning in desires.  Maan pulled back his head nd looked at her angelic face only to find it all flushed with her eyes closed nd lips quivering. He just couldn’t control his urge to feel those petals against his whioch was tormenting him snce the tym she came for puja.


Geet opened her eyes when she felt him eyiening her lips even woth her closed eyes only to find his eyes darken with desires nd next moment she closed her eyes nd leaned her head towards him giving him permission nd this is all Maan needed. And next moment he sealed his lips with hers taking them into a soul-searing kiss nd Geet just gave in in his demands nd kissed him back with equal fervour. She could claerly understand his longingness nd desire to meet hr alone in that kiss of his as she herself was craving for him since the morning but these rituals were just not letting her be alone for a moment. Maan sucked, nibbled, bites those petals of hers savouroing its taste confessing his vulnerable condition without her.


Geet gasped out loud when he squeeze her one curve giving chance to Maan  to gain entry in her mouth nd his tiungue entered her mouth exploring each nd every corner of her mouth drining her sweet nectar. He pulled her more closer by her waist if possible positioning her head to deepen the kiss while Geet just clutched his hair tight in her fist making him groan in pleasure. None of them wanted to break the kiss as They kissed each other like there was no tomorrow as if their life dependent on that one kiss. Maan’s mouth moved softly yet passionately over hers while Geet clutched his back tight when she felt his arousal poking her lower abdomen making her all aroused for him. Finally after what seems like eternity they both break the kiss feeling short of air nd Maan placed his forehead with hers after giving a last peck on her lips before licking them, panting heavily.


“You really make me insane Mishty with your simple yet sexy look.” Maan said after a while catching his breath while Geet just looked down blushing hard.


“you know how much you had tormented me by making me crave for your one look.” He said looking at her lovingly as he pushed back her curls playing with them.


“You were saying as if I love to do like this. you know I too wanted to have sometym with you alone but those guests were just not leaving me alone.” Geet said making a cute pout nd Maan just felt like taking those lips once again in the crevices of his mouth but somehow he controlled his urges.


“Acha” he asked acting ignorant seeing his nave Mishty


“Aur kya? You know its so difficult to styay away from you when you were looking so…” Geet stopped in mid as she realized what all she was blabbering nd looked at Maan who was looking at her mischieviously


“I am looking so… what Mishty?” he asked with a naughty glint in his eyes nd Geet just hides her face in his chest feeling shy. Maan shaked his head seeing her all shy side nd hugged her back affectionally feeling contended of having her in his arms.


“Waise Mishty you haven’t told me how did you like my Surprise?” Maan said after a while nd Geet smirked as a mischievious idea came into her mind.


“it was ok-ok types. I had expected much more then this from you” Geet said pulling out from hug making a disappointed face while Maan frowned in confusion.


“ok-ok types? Geet, you didn’t like it?” Maan asked knotting his brows in confusion nd Geet found it hard to control his laugh seeng that confused face of his.


“Nahi I liked it but as I said that I had expected much more then this from you.” Geet said making an innocent face so that Maan won’t suspect her.


“Geet, I really don’t understand what exactly you didn’t liked about my surprise that you find it ok-ok types. I hope you don’t want me to bring stars nd Moon from the sky” Maan asked all confused with a tinge of sarcasm while Geet is having the best tym of her lyf seeing his like that. Awww he’s looking so adorable with that confused face, she thought as she looked at him


“I wish I could ask that but anyways its so common. Ummm Maan your surprise was good but you see it lacks MSK effect in it?” Geet said as she move ahead so that Maan wont catch her lie.


“MSK Effect?” maan asked squinting his eyes his eyes to which Geet nodded in Yes innocently.


“ya i mean is tarah akele me to koi bhi apna Pyaar ka izhaar kar deta hai but baat to tab hai jab wo poori duniya ke saamne apne pyar ko bayaan kare. Aur mujhe to laga tha ki yeh courage sirf tumme hai but you really disappoint me.” Geet said suppressing her laugh which was so desperate to escape her throat.


[Ya I mean anyone can confess his love wen they are alone but the big deal is when he does the same thing in front of whole of the world. Nd I thought that only you had this courage but you really disappointed me.]


“Oh! So you wanted to see MSK effect, isn’t it?” Maan said with an evil smirk nd Geet’s smile instantly faded seeing the change of expression on his face nd she could just nod his head in positive.


“Fine if this is what you want then let it be like this way only. I’ll confess my Love to you tonight at Sangeet in front of everyone nd until I wont do any arrangement to do so I wont even show you my face. That’s a promise; MSK’s promise.” Maan said nd Geet looked at him in disbelief


“But I also have a condition?” Maan said with a sly smile nd Geet looked at him innocently as if she’s a rabbit nd he’s a lion who is going to hunt her. Maan smirked seeing his Mishty all scared but fun has just started


“And my condition is that if I’ll be successful in my challenge then you have to kiss me in front of everyone along with your confession.” Maan said nd Geet’s eyes widens in shock. What the hell did he asked her to do. she has to kiss him that too in front of everyone. Initially she thought that it was a joke but the expression on Maan’s face nd that naughty glint in her eyes confirmed all her doubts that he’s really serious.



“K… Ki…Kiss?” she asked meekly making a baby face while Maan just chuckled seeing that expression of hers. Oh! it would be so much fun.


“yes Mishty Kiss. Nd I don’t think you must be having any problem in that I mean you only said na ki akele me to koi bhi Pyaar jata leta hai but baat to tab hai jab wo poori duniya ke saamne apne pyar ko bayaan kare. Nd even I think that you had this much courage to show your love in front of whole world.” Maan said with a cunning smirk nd Geet felt trapped in her own words.


[yes Mishty Kiss. Nd I don’t think you must be having any problem in that I mean you only said na that anyone can show him love wen they are alone but the big deal is when he does the same thing in front of whole of the world. Nd even I think that you had this much courage to show your love in front of whole world]


She knew Maan very well therefore she knew if he says something then even God cant change it nd here she has unleashed his Devil side. God knows whats cooking in his mind. Nd if he’ll be successful in his plan which she knows that he’ll then she has to kiss him in front of everyone. O god the thought itself was making her blush.  but what was making her worry was that he said that he wont show his face to him until he does something to confess his Love for her. she thought just to tease him for sometym but here he had took ger teasing as a challenge nd when he takes any challenge then he can go to any extent to fulfill it. Hell! Why does she need to have such an uncanny nd big mouth that her own words are now seems to be punishment for her own, she thought as she looked at Maan walking away with a smirk on his face.


“Maan Listen…” Geet called out to him instantly nd he just stopped in his tracks nd just half turned smirking


“See you in the Sangeet Geet. Be ready” Maan said before walking away leaving bewildered Geet behind.


Whole noon Geet had passed with restlessness. After their confontration at the corridor Geet haven’t saw even a glimpse of Maan neither did he took her calls or respond her msgs. Geet now feel like slapping herself hard for unleashing the demon side of her Dusht Daanav. She knows it very well that Maan is a man of his words. If he says something then no one can budge him from his words nd he expect the same from the other side. But strangely it was not kissing him in front of everyone bothering her nd making her restless. She is restless because she was not able to see Maan even for a second after their meeting in corridor. Hell! She curse the tym when this idea of teasing him came into her mind which he took as a challenge nd now here she’s restless on her own Sangeet.


She could hear her friends, Meera, Shilpa nd Vindhya Di were continuously saying something nd teasing her while they were helping her to get ready but she’s hardly paying any attention to what they are saying for her mind nd heart was just wandering around Maan’s words. She could have been in peace for a while if she was just able to get a glimpse of him but gosh! He always sticks to his words, she thought as she looked up pouting as if complaining to her Babaji for giving her such a big mouth that she cant think before saying something.


As the tym of Sangeet is nearing Geet felt her heartbeat raising by every passing second in the anticipation of what coming next. she was not this much nervous at that tym also when Maan had threatened her about the male escorts in girls party last day like she was feeling now. if only she could be able to meet him oir even talk to him then she could have get an idea whats running in his mind but what all she got is defeat. She had even asked Armaan also about where Maan is or is he planning something but like her Armaan was equally clueless or may be pretending to be as these 2 best friends are equally devils. Anyways she haven’t done PhD in brain mapping that she could read Armaan’s brain. The only exception is Maan who too seems to be impossible at times.


She didn’t even realize wen her mom nd Vindhya Di along with others had took her to KM for Sangeet function for she was too lost in Maan nd now here she’s standing in the hall of KM at her Sangeet ceremony Passing a faint smile to every guest. But her eyes were just searching for one person who is her sole existence but he was nowhere to be seen. She was contemplating in her thoughts only when she felt someone’s heated gaze nd she don’t have to guess whose gaze is it. only one person can make her feel this way nd that one person is Maan. A sweet smile crept on her lips as this thought crosses her mind nd she immediately looked around herself to see him but to her luck he was nowhere to be seen. She frowned as she scanned each nd every corner of the hall but he was nowhere. She knows that it was just not a fragment of her imagination nd he is watching her from somewhere nd must be smirking at her condition nd here she’s tadapofying for his one look.


“Dusht Daanav” she muttered under her breath seeing his behaviour while twisting her lips


Maan was really having a great tym of his lyf seeing his Mishty’s vulnerable condition. He was watching her since the tym she had entered the party while hiding behind the curtains. Yes he had promised her that he wont come in front of her until he do something to fulfill his challenge but that doesn’t mean that he cant see her right. he still have to wait for few minutes till he was sure of his every arrangements so here he’s now watching his Mishty from behind the curtains having a good tym of his lyf in tadapofying her for his one look. He saw her cribbing something nd then pouting nd twisting her lips nd all these were making her look so desirable that he felt like eating those petals of hers.


Already he was having a hard tym in controlling himself to not to devour her right then nd there when he saw her entering in Dark Blue Lehenga perfectly complimenting with her milky white skin looking as stunning as always. She was again dressed up in a simple yet elegant way nd he just couldn’t take his gaze away from her nd when his eyes caught the sight of her bare skin through her low waist Lehenga nd Deep back cut Blouse he felt his throat went dry seeing such a sexy Avatar of his Mishty. Gosh! She had really planned to kill him today nd just then he felt more nd more possessive for her as he realized that every men in the party would be eyeing his possession nd he was not wrong either as all the eyes in the party were stuck at the her only. he was waiting impatiently for the tym to pass so that he could go to her nd claim her as his possession in front of the whole world so that they couldn’t their lay their eyes on her wen his cellphone beeped nd he smirked wen he read the text before making his way towards the hall.



P.S. Pls Do listen to this song




The Sangeet ceremony had already started as per Dadimaa’s orders as she said that Maan will join a bit late so they should carry on with the ceremony nd everyone started dancing nd grooving on the tunes but Geet was all the while restless first about Maan’s absence nd then that Kiss that she has to give him.


“Geet What happen? You seems to be lost in your own Sangeet? Is everything fine?” Malini asked when she saw her daughter all lost in some thoughts breaking her trance.


“Wo Mom Actually�. Maan��” she couldn’t complete himself wen she noticed that the music has been stopped as everyone’s attention draws towards the person entering from the door  nd a wide smile crept on Geet’s face seeing Maan entering in the party looking so hot nd sexy in his Black Sherwani nd so the halt was the impact of his look on girls who literally fainted seeing the greek god in front of her


Mere dil mein

aaj kya hai

tuu kahe to main

bataa doon


Geet looked at Maan unblinkingly as he sang those lines looking straight in her eyes reminding her of her own challenge while Geet just looked down blushing knowing very well where he’s hinting at.




Na chaahoon sona chaandi

Na chaahoon heera moti

ye mere kis kaam ke


Nd before Geet could understand anything Maan had already started dancing along with Adi nd his other relatives while looking at Geet meaning each nd every word while Geet just stood over there gawking at him


Na maangoon bangla baadi,

na maangoon ghoda gaadi

Yeh to hain bas naam ke


He further performed as he throws the fake car keys nd model of a bunglow given by the fellow dancers while shrugging his shoulders telling Geet that they all had no worth in his eyes like she’s having in his eyes. Geet’s breath hitched in her throat when she saw him advancing towards her sexily while singing the lyrics nd she was sure that next moment she’ll be pulled by him on the dance floor


Deti hai dil de,

badle mein dil ke
Deti hai dil de,

badle mein dil ke


But to her surprise Maan walks past her nd hold Preeti’s hand, Geet’s friend nd pulled her along with him to the Dance floor shocking both Preeti nd Geet. Preeti was almost fainted seeing the Greek god himself pulling her for dance. Geet’s jaws dropped open seeing his audacity whole Maan left from there smirking holding Preeti’s hands as they danced together on the lyrics


Ghe ghe ghe ghe ghe, ghere sahiba

pyaar mein sauda nahin

Ghe ghe ghe ghe ghe, ghere sahiba

pyaar mein sauda nahin


Preeti came out from her dreamland when she realize that she is on the middle of the dance floor nd started dancing along with Maan as she enacted the lyrics with a dreamy look on her face moving her index finger to nd fro as to refuse him for the deal. Geet was burning in jealousy as she watch bith of them dancing so comfortably as if Maan cared, infact he was loving the jealous side of his Mishty. Geet goes from there while stomping her foot in irritation making Maan confused for her next move as he found her nowhere


Jhoot boleee,


Nd there come his Mishty with her full Sherni Mood as she came alomng woith other female dancers looking at him angrily


arre jhoot bole kaunwa kaate,

kaale kaunwe se darriyo


She came near Maan with full attitude still maintaining a liitle dance making faces to him while performing the dance steps nd Maan just looked other side muffling her laugh still holding Preeti close to him


Main maike chali jaaoongi,

tum dekhte rahiyo

Main maike chali jaaoongi,

tum dekhte rahiyo


She came in front of him nd pointed towards her back where her family was present telling him that she means the lyrics if he wont stop irritating her like this while he wont be able to do anything to which Maan just raised his brows gesturing ‘Really?’ which soon replaced by a smirk making Geet’s jaw to drop open seeing no effect on him as he still dodnt left Preeti


Jhoot bole,

arre jhoot bole kaunwa kaate,

kaale kaunwe se darriyo


Nd next moment she pushed Preeti aside almost making her fall down nd stand in front of him with her head high while mocking at him by referring him to as Black Crow nd then faked a scared expression when Maan looked at him while narrowing his brown nd hits his foot with her sandel nd run away from there before Maan could run behind her to catch her


Main maike chali jaaoongi,

tum dekhte rahiyo

Main maike chali jaaoongi,

tum dekhte rahiyo


She hids behind her mother lovingly showing Maan her toungue who came behind to catch her while Geet was having a gala tym giving him a tough tym to catch her nd she just showed her thumb down to him showing her victory.


Le jaayenge le jaayenge,

dilwaale dulhaniya le jayenge



Maan smirked as he sung those lyrics while spreading his arms challenging her that he’s Maan Singh Khurana nd is capable of anything nd soon was joined by Annie, Adi nd others whpo came to support


Le jaayenge le jaayenge,

dilwaale dulhaniya le jayenge


(Le jaayenge le jaayenge,

dilwaale dulhaniya le jayenge)


Maan once again came near Geet putting his hand on his chest where his heart his meaning each nd every lyrics who was standing behind her mother nd Vindhya blowing air on her nails nd checking her nail polish as if she was paying least attention to his talks while Annie nd others played the role of perfect chorus challeniging Geet along with Maan to which Geet just made a fake amazed face nd then once again smirkled victoriously as she was confined nd safe by standing behind her family


Arre reh jaayenge reh jaayenge,

ghar waale dekhte reh jayenge


(reh jaayenge reh jaayenge,

ghar waale dekhte reh jayenge)


Nd next moment Geet felt a sudden pull nd before she could understand anything she found Maan dragging her towards the Dance floor while eyeing towards her family who was just standing over there watching at both of them nd winked at her naughtily telling her that he had won this challenge like always while Geet just pouted cutely as she saw all the others were making fun of her situation while singing the same lyrics in chorus.


Arre Le jaayenge le jaayenge,

dilwaale dulhaniya le jayenge


Nd after lots of struggle she freed herself from him nd goes towards a corner hiding her blushing self while smiling leaving Maan behind to shake his head on her antics.




Maan’s eyes as searching for Geet when he found the change in music nd there stood his Mishty moving her waist according to the music along with other Dancers


Yeh galiyaan yeh chaubaara

yahan aana na dobaara


Yeh galiyaan yeh chaubaara

yahan aana na dobaara


She came towards her family nd especially her sisters while singing the lyrics nd caressed their faces lovingly while making a most serious face as if telling them the depth pof the lyrics


Ab hum to bhaye pardesi,

ke tera yahan koi nahin

ke tera yahan koi nahin


Nd then she pointed towards Maan nd his family telling them that now she belonged to him nd they all are now strangers for her as now Maan nd his family is her everything. Maan could easily guess how emotional has everyone had become nd especially how emotional is Geet must be feeling right now as they all tried to hide away their tears behind their smiles while Geet sung those lyrics.


Le jaa rang birangi yaadein,

hasne rone ki buniyaadein

Shilpa came forward nd hugged the over emotional Geet while sunging those lyrics as she herself was feeling nostalgic remembering all those sweet nd sour moment that she had spent with her Di realizing that her Di will not be with them anymore to create new memories ndwiped away the tears from the corner of her eyes as she pulled out from the hug while nodding her head in denial gesturing Geet to ‘Don’t Cry’ while wiping away her tears with her hands.


Ab hum to bhaye pardesi,

ke tera yahan koi nahin

ke tera yahan koi nahin


They were soon joined by Vindhya who too was in the same condition as she came beside them nd hugged Geet sideways from the left side crying silently while Shilpa was hugging Geet sidweways from the right side feeling all emotional soon to be joined by Meera nd Geet’s friend. Everyone in the hall was looking at them adoringly as they saw the bonding of Geet with her sisters nd friends. Maan could feel what everyone is going through right now as he himself had a sister nd therefore he knows how it’ll feel when she’ll go away from them nd sighed heavily at the fate of the girls.




And then to remove the heavy emotional tension from the Air comes Armaan nd everyone’s attention on the hall falls on his as he made a terrific entry


Bachna ae Haseeno,

lo main aa gaya


Shilpa just looked other side while twisting her lips as she was angry from him for not picking up her calls whole day as Armaan came from the door while grooing sexily


Arre Bachna ae Haseeno,

lo main aa gaya


He holds a fainting girl through her waist as she was about to fall down seeing the two charismatic persons in front of her eyes at the same tym while that Girl’s boyfriend just pulled her aside giving an annoying look to Armaan who just made his way towards Maan carelessly


Husn ka aashiq,

husn ka dushman


He picked up the rose from the near by Vase nd gave it to a random gal while giving his killer smile nd Girl was over the moon with his this gesture nd everyone in the hall just shaked their heard seeing him flirting.


Apni ada hai yaaron se judaa

Hey ho


He performed the lyrics along with Maan as he came to the Dance floor as they both Groove sexily flaunting their sexy moves to their Lady loves nd Shilpa just gave “I-least-care” look when Maan nd Armaan gave high-five to each other.


Bachna ae Haseeno,

lo main aa gaya


Armaan moved towards Shilpa while Dancing nd singing the lyrics who was facing other side nd Geet nd others encouraged him to go ahead nd he took out a rose which was there inside his Jacket nd extends in front of her while bending on his knees with his Killer attitude in order to pacify his angry Love.


Aap yahan aaye kis liye


Shilpa sung with an Attitude as she took the rose from him nd hits it on his head lightly showing her Jhoota Gussa


Aap ne bulaaya, is liye


Armaan got up while scratching his head as if remembering the reason of his arrival nd then smiled widely while bowing down in front of her gesturing that her wish is his command


Aaye hain to kaam bhi bataaiye


But it had no effect on Shilpa as she moved forward wih an attitude shrugging her shoulders while singing the lyrics nd smirked seeing him following her


Na na na, pehle zara aap muskuraaiye


Armaan came in front of her thus Halting her step nd made a cute face while spreading her lips with his fingers to a smile giving her a flying kiss puckering his lips making Shilpa’s mouth to wide open seeing his attitude.


Aap yahan aaye kis liye


Nd then she just pushed him slightly away from herself while hitting his foot with hers nd runs away from there leaving a limping Armaan behind.


Main nikla o gaddi leke ,




This tym the centre of Attraction was not Maan or Armaan but it was Padma’s husband Jeet I.e. Geet’s mausaji who seems to be totally lost in the mood as he made his entry in a typical Sunny Deol way making everyone shocked with his sudden change of mood as till now he was considered as the most serious person


Main nikla o gaddi leke

o raste par o sadak mein

Ek mod aaya,

main utthe dil chhod aaya

Ek mod aaya,

main utthe dil chhod aaya


But unknown to the state his family members is Jeet was busy in dancing the Sunny Deol way while dragging Shilpa nd Armaan along with him nd Geet nd others hooted loudly as the trio performed the moves perfectly nd according to the lyrics with full Masti nd happiness making Padma to shake her head on her Husband’s Nautanki.


Rab jaane kab guzra Amritsar,


Now it was Maan’s turn as Jeet came near him singing the lyrics nd Maan faked a I-Don’t-Know” Expression as while Joining his hand together for a prayer as a Dance step as they both Danced together acc to the lyrics.


o kab jaane Lahore aaya


Nd then he turned toward Geet doing Salaam along with her as yet another Dance Step depicting the Tehzeeb of Lahore people


Main utthe dil chhod aaya,

ek mod aaya

main utthe dil chhod aaya


Nd then the Trio Perfoemed together the signature step while cheerfully hooted by others enojying the joyful ceremony of the Sangeet forgetting each nd everyone behind.




Dev nd Meera who was watching the Sangeet ceremony in front of them while standing aside as they both had their own reasons to not join them in dancing for Meera was a quiet shy nd Dev don’t want to upset his brother on his Sangeet ceremony by going in front of him. they didn’t realize that they were standing next to each other nd when they realize they looked at each other nd smiled faintly before again looking back in the front unknown of the two pairs of eyes watching them.


Chup chup khade ho

zaroor koi baat hai

Pehli mulaaqaat hai

yeh pehli mulaaqaat hai

Pehli mulaaqaat hai

yeh pehli mulaaqaat hai


First one was Annie who came near them while teasingly singing the lyrics as she puts her arm on Dev’s shoulder casually pretending to be in deep thinking while pointing her finger at Dev nd Dev gestured her to be quiet as there was nothing of that sort what she’s thinking but Annie keeps on singing the lyrics non chalantly as she does a little Bhangra paying least care to what Dev is saying while Meera was feeling embarrassed as she could easily understand what Annie was trying to say nd she just turned to move from there in order to hide her shy self.


Chup chup khade ho

zaroor koi baat hai

Pehli mulaaqaat hai

yeh pehli mulaaqaat hai

Pehli mulaaqaat hai

yeh pehli mulaaqaat hai



But to her Luck Geet came from aside nd stood in front of her while singing the lyrics mischeviously eyeing at Dev nd Meera instantly shakes her head in No while looking other side to which Geet just hits her shoulders with hers playfully as she extends Meera’s hand nd Annie Dev’s hand as they both of them forcefully made them to shake hand nd Both M